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NPC played by MelianMay


Ita, Aki









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Akita loves people dearly and is extremely comfortable around any kind of person. She can find the good in anyone and enjoy having some kind of company. Animals as well. Akita just like her element is always changing and most of the time it is her hair or style. She especially loves to design and change other peoples houses. She believes change is a good thing because it is constant and unexpecting. She may seem extremely open and casual but Akita gaurds herself closely and no one has seen her with a man ever. 

Clan & RankEdit

Teiden, Master of Hydrokinesis.

What district do you live in?Edit

Distrcit 2




Personal Stylist, and Interior Designer.

Fighting StlyeEdit

Akita was trained in Ninjustu from her start in her clan the, Teidens. She is very intuned with her body and most of the people who have sparred with her have said she seems to Dance while fighting. That her body moves with some soundless beat whenever she fights. Akita herself can't really explain it but whenever she's using her element there is just a strong connection and it makes her body flow. 

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

Other than her Element, Akita loves to use daggers.


Akita really doesn't get along with the Electrokinesis Master but she likes the rest of the Masters.


Akita was one of the many EM's running around the city and wishing to have a place to belong. She like the four other Master's decided to create this place and ended up being a gang called Teiden. They started to cause trouble together as just give but eventually other Elementals joined up with them, except for some Electrokinetics that seem to hate them for some reason. Akita has two younger brothers who she adores deeply. 

Statbook/Rap SheetEdit

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StatBook Driving Skills Renown Speed Combat Stamina Intellegence Total
Ark-4 1 1 2 3 4 3 14
- - - - - - - -

Roleplay SelectionEdit

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