Kobe Crystal Tower (2006.10.22)

Akiyama Industries Building

Akiyama industries was built by Ayperos Akiyama and managed by him as well. Akiyama Industries looks as though it is any other paper plant, but in all actuality the real money comes from what happen underground. Haveing voice activated recagnition the elevater will take one down where there, weapons are being built and tested, being small or even large, seeing that the undergound part of the building has three different levels, and each level stretching a good football feild across. Have thick walls and sound proof so even in the building nothing can be heard. With Ayperos and many different briliant mind working together they produce enough weapond to supply an army and once done, they sell to the highest bidder.Most of their equipment is sold to mobs and the riches population in the city. Using forgery and cunning to by pass the main weapons organization Akiyama Industries is a thriving buisness and is able to stay under the raidar. Over the last two years it has been the main sourse of buiers of weapons, due to their products being just a bit cheaper than others. And still to this day able to stay that way undetected.

Perks/ RecoursesEdit

  • First Dibs on any and all Weapons created.
  • Due to being under the raidar all money made by their products goes straight to them, no taxes.
  • Ayperos is able to take equipment for his own reasons, no questions asked
  • Through trial and error since the last sorce of knowng how to create Adamantium, Ayperos and the rest of the brilliant minds have finally come up with the right formula to make it after an entire year of trying, and or use it as weapons and armor.

Personal Income Weekly: $1325

Personal Income Monthly: $39,750

Personal Income now in bank:$953,200

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