Ep95 4


Welcome to the GMAF'sEdit

DeliriousAres: (( stepped off of the bus. A backpack slung over his shoulders. It was finally here. The GMAF's. Keyth walked through the lobbby wearing a black jacket with a white shirt under it. His eeys shot from left to right as he eyed the competetion. Seeing all of the partcipants made his blood boil... he was getting overly excited. A grin broke across his face as he walked through the crowds and stands. Peope were sparring left and right. Kids getting autographs and women flocking over the fighters. All of them aiming for the big money prize. But Keyth and Densuke seemed to be the only ones with alternative motives. Cutting his hair, Keyths mane was no more. Short and spikey he needed to cut it for the fights to come. His hands reached into his pockets as he made his way to the large roster sheet. It had information on all of the figheters that had entered the tournament. "..." He kept his eyes focused on the pictures that flew by as he kept his arms crossed. "... No one in paticular i should be worried about but D&D... and Densuke..." He said closing his eyes. " And whatever this grim fucker has up his sleeve." Keyth turned his attention to the right, seeing Mr.Hanz and evn Ralpheal standing together with the dragon sisters. Keyth spat at the ground when he caught sight of them. When a crowd rushed by... they were gone. " They need us dead. Everyone from that took that field trip to the Shinto realm can not die... if we die. It allows them to get inside. Within our genetic codes holds the key to entering now... All thanks to my dad. He forced us to what he couldnt. Forcing us to be the protectors of this shit hole." Keyth said talking to himself. " That's alright though... im gonna enjoy kicking everyones ass..." He said pulling his hood on his head walking further into the crowds.

Discordia: Kyoko stepped onto the tournament grounds and her eyes shifted from the left to the right. On her face, was a look of solemnity as her chest rose and fell in a sigh. She had never been in a tournament before and was a bit wary of the process; however she had been training for the past few years and was far from the fickle little girl who was raised in the shrine. This was the first chance she had to really prove herself, ever. The idea was somewhat foreign to her but highly stimulating, to measure what she had learned against others and to demonstrate the abilities of those who had trained her. It was the Shinto way to have gratitude for those who had come before one and chose to pass on their abilities and Kyoko wanted nothing more than to make Keyome, Tsukuyomi and Xiao proud that she was able to use what they had passed on to her and their time and effort with her was not in vain. She had a sacred duty to do her very best, she had promised Tsukuyomi when he had told her about the tournament and that she was entering. There was a huge crowd around the front flocking to the fighters. Based on her size and appearance, they did not take her to be a fighter so she could easily maneuver through it without attracting much attention. As she entered, she got a sickening knot in the pit of her stomach, pausing for a moment before she looked around for someplace to register.

Impresssed: Rina looked outside of the taxi window calmly, her reddish brown eyes following each tree she passed by and each person. She was not nervous, nor was she excited. She felt numb mostly. Maybe this tournament will finally give her some type of feeling for once. Finally the taxi stopped in front of the arena entrance, she glanced over at the driver handing him his money, without a word the whole ride the Taxi driver seemed somewhat scared of her. He almost looked relieved when she handed him his money. “Have a wonderful day ma’am.” He spoke finally with a nervous smile. She’d look at him blankly staring at him for a while, then she turned towards the door opening it and closing it behind her. The taxi driver was speechless as he was somewhat creeped out but he just turned forward and drove off. She walked inside slowly analyzing all the people in the crowds. She’d keep her emotionless face as she passed by people, everyone noticing her dull yet creepy aura as she passed by, along with stares. She kept her eyes looking forward as she walked, out of know where she’d feel a nudge while a girl was running to catch someone they wanted to say hi to. The girl looked back at her about to say ‘sorry’ but instead Rina turned her head quickly to look at her. The girl paused from her running and just stared back nervously trying to get out her apology swallowing her every word as she stared at this short black haired girl. “You gonna say sorry?” Rina asked in a dull tone. The girl swallowed hard and mumbled. “S-Sorry..” Rina just looked forward now and kept walking. The girl watched her walk away as she didn’t even accept the apology. Rina glanced over at a soda machine and walked up to it slowly, she placed in coins and got herself a water pulling it out of the machine. “This is going to be a long day huh?” She’d ask herself opening up her water looking around the area. She took a long sip and wiped her mouth. Still, she felt nothing. Not even a thing.

HollowJak: \-Jason slowly pulled his motorcycle up to the arena entrance and slid his helmet off a bright smile on his face he had been prepping for the tournament and couldnt believe the day had finally come. he killed the engine on his bike and sat there for a moment simply enjoying the feeling before he set his helmet on the right handle bar and stood up- ah this is gonna be a hell of alotta fun -Jason wore his suit as usual though around his neck he worre a wreath of floors around his neck like one would wear on a trip to hawaii if they were really touristy. he stretched his arms high above his head before pulling his katanas from the back of his bike and strapping them on izanagi strapped across his back so that the hilt stuck out over his right shoulder and izanami strapped to his right hip though he had these he also wore his regular set of weapons beneath his suit which include two colt .45 single action army revolvers , a combat knife whose blade was as long as the bottom of his palm to the tip of his middle finger, and spare ammunition. he haad a small knife hidden in his shoe and he had replaced his usual grenades with non lethal variants replacing the drag grenade with two stinger rubber ball grenades and the incindeary with two flash bang all of which he had under his suit strapped to the well straps on his revolvers holsters though he still kept an E.M.P grenade in each pocket. he reached over to his bike and pulled off a duffel bag which had his gun cleaning kit, spare ammo, a carton of ciggaretes, and a half dozen lighters though the other half of the bag was exclusively filled with snacks and junk food. he turned and with a final breath pushed through the main doors into the lobby and though he looked like a fool doing so he did a little dance in his excitement before charging through the crowd- woohooo yes its finally here

Gusman101: "Hey BUDDY!" -The cabby poked Gus with the butt of the shotgun that he kept with him.- I'm up I'm up, stop fucking poking me. God I need a new bike. -Gus scowled and waved him off, looking outside to see that he had reached his destination. A tournament, Gus needed the money and he was really thinking of Catherine. Ok he didn't NEED the 50 Million, but a large chunk of it would help him a lot. He turned and looked at the cabby's monitor.- Uh yea know way its that much man, I'll give you what I know is the correct amount and maybe next time you get a fare who wants to take a nap, you won't drive around the block a couple times. -The cabby scowled and pointed the barrel of the gun towards Gus- "You give me the money, or you'll be dead before you can get killed by the punks in that tourney." -Gus chuckled as the looked down at the gun, using his auto mail to grab the barrel and squeeze it shut, shrugging a kind of "tough luck" look at the cabby as Gus got out of the car and looked around.- Geezum Christ this place looks like hell. -He sighed as he adjusted his two swords on his back. He had brought Mooncutter and the newly named Quick Shimmer, the katana he had held with him for some time, with him to the tournament. Gus didn't know if he was going to need them, but he wasn't going to let the training he had received from Danny and also Densuke to go to waste. He winced as he rolled his arm a couple times, the wounds from the two's training still hurting. It was weird, Danny being a couple years younger than Gus and still fully able to kick his ass. Gus sighed as he continued walking, the kid was incredible, and was able (Strangely) to help Gus master the art of using a sword, and also began teaching Gus how to wield two swords, Mooncutter in his auto mail hand, and Quick Shimmer in his human hand. Gus had learned quite a lot. Hand to hand combat, sword play, defense, things such as that. Gus hadn't even thought of using his arm to block blades, and in very extreme cases, bullets. But Gus was getting distracted as he found himself at the entry way to the building. He looked around, lot of punks. He scoffed, seemed the cabby was right about at least one thing. As he looked he say some things that seemed out of place, but weren't really that surprising in this city. Several people were looking at him as he walked up to the desk and gave his name, then was told to wait until the fighters were called into their rooms.- Thank you Ma'am….fuckin' mother fucker….doesn't know what she's sending us into….-Gus sighed as he walked off and sat down, pulling out both swords as he began cleaning and sharpening them, seeing who he thought was Jason, but he seemed to be having fun so Gus left him alone.-

Akali: + Kana sped down the highway on her newest motorcycle,  her hair flailing widly in the wind as she rushed through the streets, accelerating her speed as she twisted the handle on her right. Her small black jacket flapped behind her as she arrived at the GMAFs. She hopped off of the motor cycle, twisting the knob to turn it off and pulling the keys out of the ignition. She pulled off her helmet, tossing her head back, her obisidian coloured hair falling effortlessly down past her shoulders. It had grown even longer, the ends almost reaching the small of her back. She wore thigh-high boots and white jeans with a small white crop-top and black vest. She used her middle finger, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose as some eyes stared directly to her. Her skin was flawless, a blemish in no sight. She placed the helmet on her seat of her Harley and took outa small disk, shoving it inside of the wheel. if anyone tried to take her bike, they'd be electrocuted just by this little thing. As she made her way into the arena, some of the men that stood at the door winked and made kissy faces at her. In reply, she simply brushed them off and headed elsewhere. There was a mix of everything in the current room. Colors, auras, characters, et cetera, et cetera. She pushed through the crowd when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into them. She cocked her fist back and thrusted it forward with such for, everyone could hear a loud smack that echoed when her fist collided with a... a hand? She looked up at the person that held her fist in her hand and she was mroe annoyed than angry now. With no warning, Uwasa lifted Kana up into the air and laughed while Kana screamed and kicked. "Uwasa! Put me down!" He did as she said, setting her down and pulling her in for a  close hug. She returned it, ehr arms coming around his waist. "What're you doing here anyway?" Uwasa chuckled and rubbed kana's hair, making her grimace and swat his hand away. "I came to see my little Lady of the Night go head to head with the big dogs. You're not scared are you?" Kana sighed and brushed her hair back with her hand. "I'm not scared. A little excited though." Uwasa laughed and pinched Kana's cheeks. "That's my girl. Go rough up some guys and come back home to Uwasa. I'll be here for you all the way. " How glad she was to have a friend like him... +

Guest_Vincent902: 180mph driving fast in his Bentley was seventeen year old Kakubo Tsukuyomi. “Fucking A, my family signs me up for this shit” He says to himself. Turning on the radio he listens to a broadcast about the tournament and hearing it was like a fight to the death. Kakubo face turned from a normal expression to this (-_-) “Ah fuck that’s great to hear” He sighed as he kept driving to the stadium and then his eyes widened and the thought of his family vanished when he heard about the prize money. “Holy shit, that could help me with so much” again with the face (-_-) “But that’s if I survive” now making this face (Q_Q) “Curse you all, home” He said with a sigh and then bucked up as he saw the stadium. Seeing as he had to not sign any damn papers was a joy to him. He found the parking lot after slowly his car down to pull into it. He sighed once more to calm himself down and stepped out of the car. Kakubo had little of hand to hand experience but with guns and swords he had a slight advantage knowing he did not know do much sword or any training what so ever but maybe he could get some fighting. Kakubo had his hair dyed once again now it in a purple-like updo. Kakubo wore his goggles above his head like always and his contacts a silvery blue color. Kakubo wore a black tube top to cover his chest and black jacket that was a zipper up to cover his entire upper body around the inner part of the jacket was lined with a black fur too keep the inside of the jacket insolated with warmth. This fur lined the cuffs and the hoody. Around the boys waist was a second shirt as it was plaid some kind of fashion statement that he wanted to try, wearing black pants which were cut all the way down to his ankles. For footwear he wore custom made steel toe boots with a slight arch and heel of 4 inches high. The heel was thick but it felt odd to him. Kakubo opened the door from the inside of his car and got out after popping the trunk. Inside was the Tsukuyomi family sword the Ketsueki hasu a very long katana sword which the blade could be as long as the boy himself was never measured in length but in all in all it was just a big fucking sword. Kakubo wrapped the sash around his back and over one arm and then under the other tying it around his chest so the sword was on his back. He heard in the rules that no real ammo could be used he unloaded both the twin desert eagles which were now a custom black. “They will give me ammo for these I hope….” He said to himself as he closed the trunk to his car and door to his car pressing a button on his keychain the car went //beep beep// for the auto lock and alarm. Kakubo made his way to the front gates and hears some whistle blowers only to be stopped as they then knew it was the Tsukuyomi boy. Kakubo soon entered the front doors of the arena not knowing what laid ahead for him.

Pick your number!Edit

DeliriousAres: A Massive line up of fighters began to accumilate all throughout the GMAF lobby.All 600 of the starter fighters were there, watching and listening to the man speak on the GMAF's. Even more people were on the way.A Man by the name of Matthew forrest began to speak amongst them all." Welcome all. I am Matthew forrest, and I introduce you all to this year's annual Grand Martial Arts Federation tournament. Are you all ready to fight for the 50 million dollar prize money!?" The man said fixing his tie. " Everyone will be issued there own room in the large estate only a mile from the tournament arena." The man said pacing back and forth on the stage infront of the participants." First, we'll go with the Prelems. And then out of those winners. Will be the ones that are brought in to the last matches. The prelem matches will be held with eventful tasks through the tournament for the fans. Each of the prelem matches hold large battle royales that all of you will be entering that will result in a last man standing match. The last one standing in his battle royale match will then proceed to the prelems. Do i make myself clear?" The man said pacing the stage. " Once the prelems are over... then the real tournament will be under way." He hit a button on his watch showing the arena and the set up." What you see here, is the I.O.B.A. Or Ioba stage. It's an intellegent Optimizer, Battle Arena, that allows the fighters to set up battle terrians and even weapons before the fighting starts. If one were to want weapons and the like for there match. Then they have to put the placment order into the computer on the platform there. Doing so, will allow the battle arena to Optimize any weapon and digitally transport it there so you may use it as you wish. These matches can be to the death, it's tottally up to the fighters. Not even the viewers choice. Now, be warned. If you die, then you die... It's not our fault. You know what you signed up for before you stepped in here." The man said still pacing."When you all get onto the platforms, it will guide you down the scanner hall. The Ioba then checks your vitals and determines if your qualified for combat. So dont get sick. If your sick, it's an automatic disqualifaction. The neat part is, you can have a theme song when you get out there." He said crossing his arms."Now for the Arena itself." Coughing he put both hands behind his back. " The Ioba allows the users to either use the natural standard tournament arena. Placed with electric currents that shock the body with 100 watts of electric energy every time they come in contact with the ground, or a wall surface. Or it allows multiple sections: mountain, jungle, plains, desert, destroyed city, and lake landscapes. Created completely from the optimizer. These different types of terrain were designed to give the combatants the chance to take the fight to an area most suited to their fighting style and abilities. The one who wins the coin toss will be the one who gets to pick the terrian in combat. And yes, the Optimizer has these terrians already set up and into place. With that being said these areas are very real. But once the match is over. The Ioba will discard the arena terrian to get ready for the next match. Any more questions?" He said stopping finally and smiling at all of them. " The sponsors and host of this tournament will be made unknown untill further notice. Although this is held by the Kagemaru clan, it is only held by the GMAF Kagemaru repersentative this year. Meaning none of you will get to fight the chairmen of that clan in the end this year." The man said, sounding a bit dissapointed. " Without further ado. Please make your way to the specific areas of your stay in the estate. Rest up.. you have alot of fighting ahead of you." Keyth listened intentively. His arms crossed he seemed to be in deep thought as looked out finally raising his hands. " There are 600 fighters here correct?" Micheal nodded his head. " Correct. And we need a final countdown of 20 memebers for the tournament to function properly." Keyth nodded. " I see, so how will this works?" Micheal paced back and forth. " There are 600 of you. We need 20. Simple math. There will be a series of battle royale matches set up with a fragmenation of all of the fighters. Out of those matches, the last one standing will get to proceed to the actual tournament. People will be seperated from groups. Groups 1-20 You'll get your tickets soon. And you'll know when to proceed to the prelem rounds. Where the rest will be explained." Keyth would receive a group ticket. " Group four huh..." He said looking up at the person who handed him his raffel. Walking off to further examine it.

Gusman101: -Gus's head jerked up when he heard a man begin speaking. He looked back down and listened to the suited man speak. Gus continued cleaning and sharpening his swords as the man continued speaking about the tournament and how it would proceed. While he was sitting there, two people who seemed to be in the wrong place, walked by and dropped several coins onto Gus. He scowled but kept his cool as he looked and picked up one of the coins, putting the rest into his pocket. He held his sword so the edge was vertical and dropped the coin onto the sword's edge, smiling softly as the coin was cut in two. Gus proceeded to do the same to his other sword, testing its cut as a woman passed by, whistling as she looked down at him.- Miss please go away I'm trying to listen to the man on the screen. "Yea I can see that, here's the number of the group you're in." -She handed Gus a slip of paper with the number 9 written on it- "Don't die Mister." Yea I'll try my best. -She winked as she walked away. Then Gus saw she was also handed a slip of paper by a more….formally dressed man. He got up and walked over to him, asking if the number on his slip of paper was correct.- "Oh yes sir it is, if you could just head over to that group over there that is group 9." Yea thanks I will, thanks again. -He raised an eyebrow at the woman as she walked away. Gus quickly pushed any ideas of conspiracies or shadow groups out of his head and quickly checked over his gear.- Ok so let's see. Swords? Check. Auto mail? -Gus gently kissed the back of his auto mail fist, looking down as he did so.- What else? Uh….-Gus checked through his pockets.- Ok wallet, loose change, keys, phone…..-he kept looking, finding a picture of himself and Catherine. Smiling and putting the picture back into his pocket he walked over to the group.- Oh I know…..hilarious jokes that I'm gonna use to playfully disarm my opponents? Check. Ok now time to meet my competitors. -He walked up to the group, looking around. He saw some tough looking people, and he was the only one with auto mail. As soon as Gus noticed this one of the men turned and saw his arm, and as a result the man yelled out- "HEY THIS GUY'S A FREAK! HE CAN'T FIGHT!" -A member of the, what seemed to be, workforce came out and looked at me and then the man who had yelled.- "Sir all participants, augments -the worker's eyes flashed at Gus and his auto mail.- or otherwise are able to fight. If you have a problem with this I am able to take you to my supervisor if you wish to discuss it with him further." -The man who yelled became pale and quickly shook his head. As the worker walked off to answer another question the man scowled at Gus, making a "I'm gonna kill you" look. Gus only chuckled and smiled, then whispered in the man's ear- Good luck, and now…..I'm gonna be the one to take you done. -Gus went back to where he was standing and waited for the next instructions.-

HollowJak: -Jason smiled as he stood there leaning against the wall while the man explained the tournament rules before walking forward and getting his group ticket  with a smile he looked it over- huh group three not bad at all -he walked back from the crowd and sat down on the floor next to the wall unzipping his duffel bag and taking out a pack of ciggaretes and packing it on the ground humming before he ripped it open and put a ciggarete between his lips- lets see here it has some directions but they said that they would call us so no reason to rush too much -he reached into his open duffel bag which was laying next to him and scrabbled his hand through it for a bit before it eventualyl closed over what he wasnted. he pulled out a small package of twinkies and ripped it open pullin one of them out and taking a bite chewing thoughfully there were alot of people and since they intended to make it huge battle royales he wondered exactly how they would set it up but he simply shrugged the though away he would find out when they called upon him. he took another bite of the twinky the  ciggarete held in the corner of his mouth. he took out his lighter and swallowed the bite he had taken before lighting it and taking a long slow drag. a man slowly raised his hand next to him but Jason simply pointed up at the sign that said smoking area and the man walked off with Jason chuckling-

Akali: + As she and Uwasa made their way towards the lobby, Kana sighed, hating that she was short when Uwasa lifted her up onto his shoulders and she smiled down out him and it turned into an annoyed look when she felt his hands rub up against her ass, she smacked him in the face from above and growled lowly, listening to the announcer and then hopping off of Uwasa's shoulders, rocking back and forth when she reached into the box and pulled out the number "13". Her face lightened up and she watched several others reach into the box and pull out different numbers. 13 was her lucky number and she twisted around, facing Uwasa and hugging him tightly, about to say goodbye when he reached into the box himself, pulling out the number "13" too... So much for  a lucky number. "Uwasa..? YOU STUPID DICK!" She punched him in the chest and he stood there will nothing but a smile plastered on his face. He wrapped his arms around her, keeping her arms locked in between them, ignoring her screams. "I get it that you're made, Kana, but I was taking a precaution. If you didn't win, I knew you'd be a little broken, especially if you didn't make it past the preliminary round, so I decided to join too, to try and win for my Lady of the Night so she can be happy." Kana stared at him in disbelief and shook out of his grip. "But you got group 13, and so did I! It's not fair... I don't want to fight you..." She sighed, clenching and unclenching her hands, her glasses sliding down the bridge of her nose as she looked down to the floor. As Uwasa's hand reached out towards hers, she pulled away and turned off, stuffing the ticket in her pocket and walking off, making her way through the crowd and occasionally bumping into a few people. She crossed her arms, feeling Uwasa's eyes on her as she left him standing there when she bumped into an unexpecting Keyth, not even looking up as she took off her glasses and dropped the to the ground, making her way towards Group 13, her stance unwavering as she stood there, arms crossed over her chest. She could feel the eyes of the other men on her and the whispers were loud enough to here. "The hell is  a little girl like that doin' here?" one asked. "Yeah. This is a tournament for fighters, and there's no way she's one." One of the tall, masculine men hovered over, his deep throaty laughter almost echoing when he opened his mouth. he took a lock of kana's hair and rubbed it in between his thumb and forefinger. "Well, well, pretty lady. What brings you here? You should be at home, cookin' for your boyfriend." A couple of others joined him, surrounding her. She looked up at him and with such quick movement, her elbow was implanted in his gut, sending him toppling over another competitor. 3 mroe men, probably the guy's friends, raced at Kana. She dropped down into a full split, right as the three men came close enough that she could smell the strong cologne on them it made her sick. Raising her right arm, she grabbed the shortest of the men's wrist, twisting it and then hauling him over her, sending him flying into the other, leaving only one of them left. Placing her hands on the ground and lifting herself off the ground, glaring at the last man standing as she flipped onto her feet, taking a step forward, causing him to falter and stumble back onto his ass. She launched herself into the ari and as she was about to strike down, Uwasa snatched her from the air and she kicked and screamed. "LET ME FUCKING GO DAMN IT! DON'T TOUCH ME!" Kana couldn't break out of Uwasa's hold and she calmed down, growling at the men as they went to the farthest corner of the Group 13's corner from her. "Pussies..." She glared at Uwasa as he still held onto her, pushing him off and going back to her place, everyone taking a few steps away from her, some afraid to even tick her off. +

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo sighed hearing what was on the radio be confirmed by the male that was talking “So this really is a battle to the death.” Kakubo said lowly to himself as he looked around seeing all the other competitors who looked more experience and trained, looking down he saw his fragile and petite frame and thought to himself (Fuck me I might be screwed) Kakubo sighed for the moment and was tapped on the back of his shoulder. He looked up seeing a tall six foot five male look down to the small boy only to see some sadness being shown in his eyes as if pity. It pissed Kakubo off but then he was given a piece of paper with the number 9 on it “Try not to get killed kid. If you can just injure yourself and you can forfeit, your still young to give your life up” Kakubo took the paper and had too much to lose if he died and maybe the guy was right but he did not want to turn back “Thanks for the info, but I’ll do as I see fit. Where in the hell is this group anyways.” Kakubo said as the man pointed over to the group, Kakubo sighed walking over towards it seeing some men looking to him and whistling as they thought he was a she one man in particular looked and blinked “Oi, guys that’s not a girl. And for someone as weak as you. You should go back home to mommy where you belong. You have no place here.” Kakubo blinked and looked to the male “I have every right to be here shit head. Got a prob with it take it up with someone who gives a damn” Kakubo said as he then looked towards someone that looked familiar and blinked he walked closer and he could not believe it “Gus, is that you” Kakubo said as he blinked and confirmed it. “Holy shit dude I never thought you would be here. Thought this might not be for you?” Kakubo said as he wanted to hear the male only to have his eye twitch as he felt someone from the group pinch his ass. The boy’s face looked dark and upset “You” It was a tall male that grinned “You die” Kakubo said and the man said “Eh it was worth it guy or not it’s still a hot piece of ass.” Kakubo blushed a little and turned to say nothing now but looked back at Gus.

Pallas: -( The day as come and the GMAF’s have come. Damian and Duke both begin to go towards the check in stand while wearing their new orange and blue dogi’s. Duke still wears his welding goggles over his eyes and he observes what everyone is doing. Damian is in his first transformation state with his golden hair and emerald color eyes. Suprisingly, Damian looks calm and no aura surrounds his body while in the form. ( Duke looks over at Damian and asks-“So how you feeling?”-Damian nods his head a bit and says-“I’m alright, still getting used to the feeling…I can feel the energy inside just wanting to burst out…It kind of hurts hahaha.”- Duke laughs a bit and they both walk to the check in stand. The woman working behind the counter asks-“Names?”-The two Super Soldiers both give her their names and they each get a small paper with a number on it. She then says to them-“We understand that you two are brothers and you understand that there can only be one winner. It may come down to you two fighting each other.”-They both smirk at each other at hearing the sound of that and they thank the woman before walking away. Damian looks down at his card-“12, I guess that isn’t so bad. What did you get?”-Duke then looks down at his card and says-“I got 6. Well it looks like we will have to wait to get that one on one then hahaha.”-Damian nods his head with a smile and then their conversation is interrupted as the voice of a woman comes through-“Hey Duke!”- Then the body of a pink haired girl comes running over to them. ( Damian raises his golden eyebrow and whispers to Duke-“Is that?”-And Duke quickly whispers back-“Yup.”- The girl quickly jumps at Duke and gives him a hug and to Damian’s surprise, Duke hugs her back! Damian rubs his eyes with his hands in disbelief and Duke begins to ask her-“What brings you down here, Milena?”-The girl then says to Duke-“I am to wish you good luck and to watch you beat all these weaklings! You’re gunna do great!”-Duke’s face turns red a bit and Damian covers his small laugh with a giggle. Milena then runs off towards where she is going to sit and watch the fights while waving bye to the two of them. Damian then whispers to Duke-“You know she is a-“- and before he can finish, Duke says-“Yeah…I know.”-Damian nods and then they say good luck to each other before they go off to their fight zones. They fist bump each other and Damian points to his right eye tattoo saying-“It’s always right there.”-And Duke places his hand over the matching tattoo he has over his right eye-“Kick some ass, brother. See you when we beat these chumps.”-The two then walk towards the direction they need to go. Duke walks towards fight zone 6 and Damian makes his presence known at fight zone 12!-

Into the Preliminaries!Edit

Discordia: The bright seven flashed above the entrance to the arena and Kyoko paused and looked up at it before adjusting her eyes to face the twenty-nine other fighters who had already assembled inside. As she passed the threshold, she cleared her mind of frivolous thoughts. Her green eyes narrowed and all softness left her face and instead, the look of a hardened fighter shaped her visage. Compared to the other fighters, Kyoko still looked out of place. Her red and white kimono was adorned with feathers and ribbons and the only weapon that could be seen was the katana that hung loosely at her side. She had far more weapons concealed amongst the obi and folds of the fabric. Five curved blades that were no longer than four inches long which were shaped like a tiger’s claw were hidden, as well as two kris and a golak. All of her weapons were coated in scorpion venom, which she had slowly been building up immunity to by ingesting amounts in the smallest of doses and slowly raising the dose. It seemed the other fighters paid little attention to her as she stood in the back corner of the ring. Why use more energy than she needed to when her opponents were so willingly ready to eliminate each other. Instead, she began to channel her chi. Her eyes closed as she relied on her hearing to pinpoint the location of the others as her aura began to grow and the chi built around her. She had an arsenal of abilities she could rely on; thunderous boxing, silat, her illusions and her inner strength. Finally, someone noticed her and her eyes flicked open in time to see the man charging at her. Five of the others had already been eliminated. Kyoko’s eyes easily tracked the movement of the charge and she wondered how foolish would he have to be to deliver and attack that if dodged would leave his back completely unexposed. Her lips curled into a smirk as she stepped to the side and unsheathed her katana. As the man passed her, she brought the pommel down on the back of his neck. The man dropped and began to twitch on the floor of the arena as the volts of electricity coursed through him and she merely used her heel to kick him off to the side. Kyoko took a relaxed, defensive stance as she waited for the next one who would attempt to attack her.

Winner Duke!Edit

Pallas: -When Duke gets to his arena the place is already filled with the designated amount of fighters they need to start the fight. The people gather all around him as the 6th announcers voice comes into clear-“LADIES AND GENTS! THIS IS THE PRELIM STATION NUMBER 6! WELCOME TO THE FIGHT ZONEEEE! WE ALL KNOW THE RULES! 30 FIGHTERS! ONE WINNER! LETS GET STARTEEEDDDDD! GOOD LUCK FIGHTERS!”-The area begins to re-model and they are morphed to a desert area and Duke growls a bit as the sun beams down on him. ( Duke sniffs around and can catch the scents of everyone around him. Duke’s jaw begins to break as his mouth opens up beyond what any human is capable of doing. Similar to how a snake breaks its own jaw to adjust for the meal it is eating, Duke’s fangs begin to grow out from his teeth as he begins to go on the prowl. Duke’s body disappears in a flash and appears before one of the other contestants. His largemouth bites into the throat of the contestant and Duke rips out the man’s neck bone between his teeth. Blood squirts everywhere around them as the body slowly fall to the ground. Duke munches on the bone as his mouth is covered in a crimson liquid. Duke hears the quiet whimpers of a girl now as he turns around to see a young woman holding one of the blades that are given by the GMAF technology. Her hands shake at the sight of Duke and he, with blood covering his face, he walks towards her. Out of fear she swings her blade at him and with little movement of his own he grabs the blade at the sharp end with his left hand. He then pulls on the blade to have her stagger forward towards her. As her body comes towards him, Duke thrusts his right fist into the gut of this girl and the sound of his bone claws piercing through her body echo through the area. Blood squirts out of her mouth now as Duke slowly looks at her. He then says to her-“You should have just stayed home, dahl.”- He then pulls his claws out of her and her body falls down next to the man missing a neck. Duke begins to walk towards the next victim as he says to himself-“This is just too easy.”- One by one Duke continues to decimate and destroy his fellow fighters. The numbers of fighters dwindle like flies as Duke finds them. With the aid of his welding goggles, the sun does not affect him. Within ten minutes the numbers dwindle down to a handful. Duke acting like the Apex Predator, sniffing out the weak and taking their lives. For the fans that are watching they would see the demented smile on Duke’s face as he enjoyed every second of making his victims suffer painfully. ( Duke soon gets to the final contestant and it is a man just as big as he, and he knows that he will not show fear like most of these other contenders have shown. The big man charges at Duke with all his might. Duke quickly slashes his claws at the man’s leg and the fighter falls to a knee while griping his leg. The claws pierce through the bone and practically leave his leg hanging on by a small fabric of skin. Duke then walks over to the man and grabs hold of his head. Duke then twists the head and pulls on it at the same time to rip the head off of the body. The neck bones snaps like a tree branch as Duke holds the man’s head in his right hand. Duke says to himself-“My Trophy…”- Once the fighting had ended, Duke was forced by law to give the head back to the family of the deceased and that made him upset. But what put a smile on his face was the idea of seeing Milena so he rushes himself to get to the stands. He made sure to clean the blood off of him which was a lot so it takes him a while to get out there. When he does, he sees Milena all alone and in tears. Duke jogs over to her and asks-“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?”-He tries to console her by placing his hand on the side of her head softly but she pushes him away.-“You’re a monster!”-she says and storms off with tears in her eyes. Duke lowers his arm down back to his side and his face is blank. He watches her run off and he stands there like a statue. He balls his hands into fists and he says to himself-“The Apex is always alone…”-Duke then turns around, walking towards the 12th fight zone.-

DeliriousAres: Keyth clenched tightly to the small piece of paper as he made his way to the group of number four. He took a deep breathe. He walked over slowly his head low he seemed focused on something, his distressed look soon faded into a grin. He stoood amongst the other fighters. His hands in a tight clench as all 30 of the others looked at one another. Keyth smirked feeling his blood starting to rise.. He couldnt explain it. Like some kind of empowerment to danger. " ALL OF YOU WILL BE PUSHED TO THE PRELEM AREAS NOW. SO PLEASE GO TO YOUR STATIONS." Keyth heard them speak. He gripped onto his back pack. Watching the guys punch in some code, arguing on the terrian before someone finally picked a field. Keyth sook his head. Tugging a bit harder on his backpack as he tilted his head back.  " Looks like. Im in for another one pops." Keyth closed his eyes. "And Keyth, time would stop. A bright flash flared off infront of him. The image almost made Keyths jaw drop. (( " WHAT THE?!" Standing in a black suit with long flowing black hair and a goatee and bright red eyes. His hair was jet black, his suit shirt open and his dark blazer had golden print on it. Looking like strange lagugage symbols. " DAD!?" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. Keyome pulled a pair of black shades onto his face as he tilted his head up. Behind Keyome had been tons of Soliders from the shinto realm all wearing suits. Keyth blinked then face palmed. " What have... you done." Keyome bursted out lauhing. " What? Dont like how i changed some things there?" " Suits...Dad?!" Keyome rubbed the back of his neck. Similar to how Keyth always did. " Check it out." He said tilting his shades on his face. " Dont kill. Anyone in this tournament." Keyth blinked and shook his head. " What... why not?" Keyome then slid his hands into his pockets. " Because Keyth. Murder, is wrong. Dont do it. Not here, not anymore. Everytime you've killed someone... Mr.Grimm grows even stronger. Why do you think he just sits...feeding off Kasaihana?" Keyth shook his head. " Look Keyth, i cant tell you how to live your life. I was never in your life. But look son. Dont kill anyone at this tournament. You have to stop the killing. Tell your friends... not to kill. Also.. you should go check on Kyoko. She's in this tournament too."  Keyth eyes went wide. " KYOKO!? HERE!?" He reached out for his father. " But dad!?" Keyome's body began to fade back into the light. " Dont kill anyone... Son. You have to stop the killing. But you have to win!" The vision ended when Keyth had gotten bumped. IN slow motion he turned his head to See Kana. Walking past him with a fierce look in her eye. Keyth watched her walk by before he slipped his hands into his pockets soon closing his eyes. ' Dad..' He said shaking his head. " I dont know what you were getting at dad. But... I'll do as you say." He said to himself. He walked passed an area where Kyoko's group had been fighting. Stopping in the middle of the walk way he paused. "...Kyoko." He said to himself. He watched her from afar. (( Letting his hands dropped he watched her decimate through the guys. Crossing his arms he remained silent, though All in all he feared for her safety the most. The Dragon sisters both walked next to keyth as he stood there watching Kyoko fight from a distance. (( In Unison they began to speak. Putting there hands on there hips. "So you have feelings for her?" Keyth turned to eye them, his fist clenched tightly. " ...." They both looked at each other and smirked. Still talking in perfect unison. " Would be ashame if she were killed in this wouldnt it?" Keyth clenched his teeth. " she wont be..." Keyth said pointing at them. His fingers pointed at the both of them with a fierce loon his eyes. " I suggest you two get the fuck out of my face." Keyth said as his went into a slit. They saw the golden aura seap off his body momentarily before they both walked away. " As you wish, Tasanagi." Keyths hand dropped turning back down to watch Kyoko for a minute before he made his way down to his match.

Jason wins!Edit

HollowJak: -Jason made his way slowly into the ring along with the 39 other men and women he stood there his eyes roving among them they all looked like strong fighters so he would need to finish this quickly. he raised the revolvers of which he held one in each hand they were exact replicas he would have to say the only thing was that they fired rubber bullets rather than the regular kind oh well he would just have to figure out the best way to finish it with what he had . he had zoned out too much into his own thoughts as he heard someone shout figh and then all chaos broke out amongst those in the ring. Jason ducked below a punch and rising back up raised his revolver bashing it down into his attackers face with a grin. he stepped back and aimed his revolvers carefully tryin to calculate the angles on the fly after a moment he fired twice then moved his revolvers to aim towweards the edge of the ring the fired again the rubber bullets being rather helpful in this he stepped back jas the bullets beging to fly around bouncing from ring to preson then from person to person each on dropping to the ground from the force. when they finally lost momentum there were four people left in the ring other than him. he smiled and aimed his revolvers firing four quick shots at the confused survivors each of them dropping with a hard blow to the head from a rubber bullet. he smiled as he was announced as the winner and spun on his heel turning to head off the ring. well he had used more rounds than he thought he would but its not like it would give him all that much trouble later on.-

Damian wins!Edit

Pallas: -Damian walks into the 12th fighting zone and he sees the other 29 hopeful fighters surrounding him and he sees all kinds of different people. The announcer introduces the scenario the same as it was for the sixth fight group but he adds a little number of his own-“AND FIGHTING ALONG SIDE YOU ALL IS THE SON OF ONE OF THE GMAF’s MOST INTENSE AND POWERFUL FIGHTERS IN ITS HISTORY!!! THE SON OF DONNIE YUNNNN!!! LADIES AND GENTS, WELCOME DAMIAN YUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!”- Damian Yun hears his name being called and all eyes are now on him. He thinks to himself-“Well if I just didn’t become the biggest target here…”-The scene transforms into a destroyed city and Damian smirks to himself, waiting for people to come and attack him. The fighting begins and like dogs to its prey, almost all of the contenders jump towards Damian. ( As the bodies all fly through the air to try and catch Damian, he quickly releases all the pent up energy he has and a bright golden aura shoots out of his body and creates a large and powerful shockwave. The bodies that are around him and in the air instantly fly back as if they were being pushed by a hard wind and they all roll across the hard gravel in pain. All the contestants look up from the ground and see a bright golden aura surging around Damian’s body. Yet his eyes are shut and his body seems calm like an ocean. One of the contestants raises his hand over his face just to keep from the aura blinding him and asks-“What…What kind of power is this!?”- Damian slowly raises his forearms to be parallel with the floor below him and he says with a calm voice-“This is the end…”- Damian slowly places his hands together in front of his gut, forming a circle with his fingertips. At that moment, the contenders try to stand back on their feet but the winds created by the bright golden aura explosion continue to swirl around them at over 100mph; making it difficult to even stay in one place for so long. Damian’s aura then began to surge like a flame creating a strong force. The floor under Damian’s feet begins to crack around him from the pressure being exerted. The contestants all begin to grow fear and wonder what is happening around them. The skes above them begin to turn black as the darkest void imaginable. (Mr.Popo) Clouds begin to form high in the sky creating an “eye of the storm” around Damian’s body. Damian then yells out-“DRAGONS….OBLIVIONNNNN!”-As he yells that out the golden aura around him becomes a cylinder, shooting up into the sky. Like a giant energy beam the aura flows into the sky reaching the clouds around them. Then the beam begins to break off into 13 smaller beams of a golden light. The beams begin to fall back to the ground following the same pattern as some military missiles. Then, as they descend down to the ground if people look closely enough they can see that the 13 beams begin to form into bright golden dragon-snakes. (Golden_shenron.jpg) The participants all look in fear now as the sight of 13 golden dragons come flying down towards them. Within a matter of seconds the dragons make impact with the ground and create 13 large explosions all across the arena like an Air Strike. The explosions cause buildings to tumble down to the ground, crushing some of the participants that weren’t already obliterated by the explosions. Fire and black clouds begin to fill the entire area from the mass destruction caused by the air strike attack as the cries of people fill the city. It takes minutes for the smoke and the pieces of buildings to stop raining down from the skies. Once everything had been clear, Damian’s body can be seen standing in the same pose as he was when he initiated the attack. But around him is nothing but charred bodies, missing limbs, and the lucky people who were far enough to survive the blast but sustained injuries. The cries of people who lost limbs but are still clinging to life can be heard as this round came to a quick and screeching halt. Damian looks around to see the level of destruction he had caused and begins to head towards the exit. The announcer calls Damian the victor as there is no one left to fight him. Damian walks off the battle arena and when he reaches the area where the civilians sit, he sees Duke. Damian quickly asks-“Where’s Milena?”-Duke looks at Damian blankly and says-“She left because I…am a monster as she so puts it.”-Damian smiles at his brother and says-“Don’t worry about it. She’ll get over it hahaha. If not, we can just find some other girl for ya.”- The two then begin to walk towards the food stands as they finished their prelim fights.-

Kana Sweeps through the competion!Edit

Akali: + Kana had made her way and was qualified as she passed the scanning hall. She was healthy and clean. Ready for a battle. As she made her way through the preliminary doors, Kana glared at the others, especially Uwasa as they entered the area. The 4 men from before had their heads low, but she could see their lips moving. Probably conversing a plan. She stood at one end of the arena, while the rest stayed as far away as possible from her. If they thought she was just what they saw earlier, they were sorely wrong. "Welcome Participants in Group 13! The Last Man Standing battle is beginning in: 3! 2! 1!" and the air horn sounded. One by one, electrical streaks flashed as bodys fell to the floor, each one being taken out of the battle field by the assisstants. Kana merely stood there in the middle of the Lake battle ground scenery. A bit of blood splattered on her face and she glanced down, seeing a an being impaled through the throat by a small kunai, falling to the ground in front of her. She raised her left hand and swiped the blood off, the smell already filling her nostrils.  And then she heard the sound of a blade clicking from its sheath from behind her. She lifted her right leg up and twisted her body around and caught a woman in the jaw, knocking her to the ground and watching ehr body be electrocuted. She's not dead... Just stunned. In less that 20 minutes, there was only half of what the starting roster was for the participants. She could hear Uwasa, having no trouble taking people out... he seemed different now. Kana had only seen hi fight once, and that was when he protected her. It was when she was younger, about the first time they'd met. She'd been picked on by a couple of boys a year older than her for being abnormal than the rest of them, and when one struck her, Uwasa came out of nowhere, then in a flash, all 5 of them were down. She thanked Uwasa for savign her and something happened. This guy was her bestfriend. Her once lover. And will always be her savior. She finally moved from her spot and then the corners of her lips curled into a devious smile as her favorite song came into mind. ( She took a step forward, and leaped into the air, landing on some unsuspecting man's shoulder and gave him a strong blow to hsi head, knocking him out and onto the floor, and then a flash of light shone behind her as she took out 5 more the same way. "Nine more..." She grabbed an outlaying katana and ran straight towards a woman swinging around a kama, hoping to keep 3 other men away from her. Kana then slid down as if she were sliding for home base and took out all three of the men as she slid through their legs, cutting deep inside of their thighs and watching them fall. The woman was about to thank Kana, but Kana was already in front of her. She felt the warm red liquid rush from the womans mouth and onto her naked skin, sliding down from her neck, down in between her mounds, drenching her white shirt as she pulled her knee away from the woman's chest. "That's four." She spotted Uwasa take on the last remain 3 men. The same from before. As she neared, she could make out their words more clearly. "After we're done with you, we're taking care of that little bitch... She hasn't seen us at full power." She could feel Uwasa smile, even if she wasn't looking at him. "That goes for you too.Even if you were at full power, my little Lady of the Night could destroy you with no effort at all. And the time is goign to come very... very soon." With those words, Kana stepped out from her hiding place and  gave a swift flick of her wrist as she swung her arm around in the process, the blade impaling the largest man's knee, making him fall  to the ground and being burnt to a crisp. The other two men watched as their possible leader fell and they both held their hands up in surrender, but surrender and pleas for mercy always come by Kana. And she ignored them. Pulling the blade out of the leader's knee, she threw the blade into the air, causing a distraction as she pulled out two shurikens, swinging the both of her arms in fluid movement, both ended up sticking out from the remaining duos heads'. As they fell,s he turned to Uwasa. He was smiling, dropping his weapon and then nodded. Without hesistation, Kana cocked her arm back and flung it straight towards the centre of his chest. She heard the sickening crack as he fell and lay motionless on the ground. The announcement came on. "WE DECLARE THE WINNER OF GROUP 13, SHIZUKANA YORU! PLEASE EXIT AND MOVE TO YOUR NEXT DESIGNATED AREA!" As she exited, her theme song came to mind. That song fits perfectly... "I wish there would've been another way out for you, Uwasa.." +

The Uh... winner is Keyth?Edit

DeliriousAres: " BEGIN!" They had been placed in a field looking area for the Prilems. Keyth took off his jacket just wearing a tank top now. He pulled his bandaged wraps on his hands and tilted his head up in the air. "...Been awhile. Since i just let loose." He said taking a deep breathe. The Artfical air breezed by his face as he got down into a Fighters stance, just something a straight forward street fighter would do. His hands up he seemed to be relxed shadow boxing the air.(( a moment he let his hands drop to his sides. Everyone began to fight each other, fighting like animals... killing each otehr left and right. Keyth clenched his hands together and picked up a random lead pipe. "... This should do." He said looking around at the group. Keyth used his shadow sweep Technique gaining a full distance of 15 feet away from the fighting. Shadow sweep : An Advanced form of Keyths orginal Shadow step techinque. Its a move that can be used without chi. But is much more efficent if used with it. It is an important skill for most swordsmen, and is one of the four basic fighting styles techniques with a blade. The agility and speed of the Shadow sweep can be enhanced and improved through concentration, training, and mastery of it. It is the greatest expression of speed. Using it without chi requires that the user uses the nature around him to push there body in a since. Giving them a boosting head start which they simply push into. Causing there bodies to shift to whereever. This is NOT a teleportation. Using this techinuqe without using chi would be the best way to train it. "...Time to show em the Cleaver shot." Keyth pointed at the Camera's. "...Watch me world." He said aiming the pipe at the cameras. The TV stations would all tune into the Tasanagi. Hearing the shouts and screams of praise. Keyth gripped both hands to the pipe. ' Dont kill anyone son..' He'd hear his father say in his head. Taking great heed to his words. Keyth shouted at the top of his lungs and lunged forward. His body coated in a crimison gold aura as he shouted. " CLEAVER SHOT!" Keyth himself has an overly amount of CHi within his body, due to his heritage and reasoning of birth but he has barely any control over it. Many who train in martial arts often gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness Chi, which can be used in cases of extreme combat. With this ability, users are able to physically manifest all of their inner strength and unleash it to the fullest extent of its power through shear force of will. The user can achieve extraordinary strength, speed, durability, and reflexes once the skill has been mastered to some degree. After rigiours weeks of practice he came up with a technique that completely revolves around his stye, being head strong. He'd run, getting a great distance from his enemy as he charged forward. The more he ran, the more his chi would build up into his hand, or his blade. Depending on how fast and long Keyth runs, the stronger this move becomes in potency. Yet, due to chi He's able to accelerate himself to high speeds. And with this... the chi coats around his body in a bright aura, transforming his body, and his weapon, into a destructive projectile in the process.He's able to utilize his chi in the stupidest and barbaric ways, creating a aura's or his own power to form a projectile sphere, capable of smashing right through anything and anyone. He becomes a litteral walking tank. If using a blade, the Density would increase to such a level that he'd be able to slice through someone easily if he picked up enough speed.Keyth chi control has increased to some point but not enough to the point that he's a Ginsei, or Denuske. He's able to do one thing they more than likely havent picked up yet though. He can sniff out Chi Signatures. A Basic Chi control technique, where he can basiclly 'sense' someone after coming in contact with them once. Since his blade has its own form of CHi for some odd reason he's able to bring it to him no matter where he is by tracing the CHi Signature back to him, and summuning it to him. He may even be able to do this with people one day. He can also throw his blade before it manifestates for him, which is where he turly got the name 'Cleaver shot.' Keyth combined that with his shadow step, after building up the mometum after a 10 foot run. He took off using the shdaow step. As he appeared infront of all of his enemies. The moment he arrived a loud SONIC BOOM! Would errupt forcing some of the men to fall on there ass. "....Easy.. Should picked a differnt land scape." He said with a smirk. " NO KILLS!!!!"  he simply swung the pipe like a bat. and with one swing... the cleaver shot unleasehed itself a massive golden wave of chi would whipe forward with a massive radius hitting every enemy so hard that it broke the Optimizer and forced the ring to go back to normal. What Keyth had done, was simple Chi manipulation. Any chi user could so something of that calibur of pushed hard enough. All there bodies hit the ground getting electricuted and then knocked out. Keyth simply dropped the pipe and made his way ovet ot Mitch who had a dumbfounded look on his face. Keyth stopped in the middle of the crowd. " LOOK OUT... IM WINNING THIS TOURNAMENT!" He said pointing to the cameras before he made his way in.

Drake rips on through!Edit

SilithriasMorogroth: ‘’LET THE MATCH.. COMMENCE!’’ –Would be the screaming voice of the announcer over the battlefield, Jungle was the chosen scenery, vines and the like dangling from ancient gnarled tree’s, thirty men, one victor, this was the prelim match, a match that would decide who would progress to be the greatest fighter in the world, and that man.. You guessed it. Drake. Standing idly as the jungle would sound around him, he would begin to strip dropping his pants, boots, glasses, tanktop and all of his accessories until he was butt ass naked. Murmuring softly to himself he would hit his knees puking the symbiote from his body, ‘’Time to release the beast..’’ would be drakes words as the virulent parasite would begin to rapidly ooze from every poor, wrapping around the man’s muscle mass and oozing out of his nose and tear ducts as well as his ears, every open hole in his body oozed this black goo which had a resemblance to tar. It forms over his body in continues layers, increasing his size almost double, his musclemass massively increasing making him super strong. As proper definition would form over the monster known as Drake the head would shake violently back and forth and roughly where the mouth would the symbiote would tear open, revealing a mouth full of razor sharp, spine like teeth, and a long tongue that flicked out to ‘’taste’’ the air, this was a method used for tracking its prey. The creature excreted this strange slick, sticky poison on its outer skin as well as in its saliva and blood. The poison upon contact with the skin would absorb through the poor’s and then would cause mass hallucination as well as near instant paralysis of the contact area. The beast, roaring into the air would jump upward into the air, roughly twenty feet from the ground grabbing a hold of a tree limb and swinging itself onto it, seeing a nearby target struggling through the vinework of the jungle, this was going to be the first death of many this afternoon. And silently crawling limb to limb until he hung above the man, the monster would let its tongue slip out, dripping the saliva onto the man’s head, who stopping would slowly look up, only to scream as the creature would fall onto the man, as it would fall the chest of the creature would burst forth, small tentacles whipping out and pulling the man into the creature, whom crouching over it, would devour the man, nasty bone crunching noises and the sound of sloppy liquid would ooze from the scene, the beast turning to the camera’s after its meal and letting out a scream, throwing the severed head at the camera and running off into the jungle. Over the course of the next thirty minutes the creature would hunt down and kill each and every single other contest in the most brutal ways possible, from ripping limbs off and beating the victim with its own limb to tearing them from the inside out with the symbiote, all the way to forcing their mouth open and puking symbiote down their throat and watching them slowly die an agonizing death as the symbiote acted like an acid, eating them from the inside out. Until it was time.. The final prey, the only one that had managed to outlive the others, Drake took special interest in this prey a hunter by the name of Blake. Blake hunted big game, bears, lions, anything dangerous. But he had never hunted game like Drake. And Drake, prowling through the brush would hear him, just as he would hear Drake, and the man, turning and speaking in a british accent would scream to the jungle- ‘’I hear you beast, COME! Let us see who the real hunter is..’’ –And Drake, moving out of the brush would stand directly in front of the man, crouched in his symbiote suit, the beast coughing once would say in a screaming roar- ‘’YOUUUU ARE NO HUNTER.’’ –Before Drake would raise his arm, the hand melting and reforming into a razor edged blade, and dashing forward Drake would swing the sword, ripping the head from the man, and tentacles growing from the back of the creature would wrap around the waist of the now headless body, Drake tipping his head up would bathe in the blood of the fallen man, before he would focus his attention back to the body of the man, reaching down and gripping the torso with the Symbiotic’s powerful arms, and ripping the torso from the waist he would laugh, tossing it to the ground, before looking at the camera, and hearing the buzzer ring- ‘’WE HAVE A WINNER, DRAKE!’’ –Followed by a crowd’s bloodthirst fueled screams of applause, and Drake, the Symbiote sinking back into his skin, would raise his arms, laughing and tossing the head at the camera, naked, and covered in blood he would gather his clothing, leaving the arena-

That one guy noone likes wins!Edit

Densuke: ( ) Densuke would be standing in the middle of the ring, waiting. Other contestents began to fill in the arena, and rather quickly one might add. With a sigh Densuke would speak low to himself. “The GMAF’s….I remember my dad telling me aobut how intense these things usually are…but for some reason I’m not intimidated.” Densuke would look at  his own palm. “this isn’t going to be easy by any means…so why do I feel like I don’t even need to break a sweat?” Densuke would look at the ticket he’d received.  “5. Pah. Coulda just stuck me in some off wall even number, maybe then I’d feel better.” A big man would walk up behind Densuke and grin..he had little to any teeth at all….and he stunk.( ) “he he he. Little man in the prelims all alonoooooone.” Densuke would cover his mouth, as his eyes widened at the man’s terrifying breath. “Gat DAMN! This ALONE is enough to make me quit this damn tournament!” An on screen count down would appear, as all thirty men gathered into the ring. Densuke would eye them all as the count down began. “10…9….8…” Densuke’s mind went to work immediately, studying each participant’s overall position, physical stature, height, estimated weights based on body type and muscle mass. “…7….6….5…4..” Densuke began to murmur out calculations to himself, not missing a single number in his strategy. His eyes fluttered back and forth as he covered everyone’s foot work, using a combination of his sight, smell, and hearing, zeroing in each sense, and focusing on which ways to go, his yellow out line spreding through out the field helping him find the best possible route of attack.( ) “3…2….1….” Densuke would blink once, in what seemed like slow motion.” GO-!” “PEEEWN!!!” Densuke’s body was now gone in what seemed to be a stream of yellow light. Massive amounts of yelling, and the crunching of bone could be heard and echoed through the large arena. Densuke’s afterimage appearing in multiple places of the area, with flying knees, elbow drops, suplexes, leg trips, baseball slides, flying kicks, reverse upside down bicycle kicks, aerial split kicks, DDT’s, double leg take downs, flying arm bars, spinning dragon upper cuts, and Tusnami whirlwind kicks. The participants struggled to keep up , as well…none of them could touch Densuke. Densuke’s senses at work, as he didn’t even look at 15 of the opponents he’d defeated, merely relying on his keen martial arts intuition and his sense of smell and hearing. Also his sense of touch, to which without any shoes, he could feel the vibrations in the area, of where people were coming from and in which direction..All this happened in a manor of 1 minutes’ and 5  seconds. Densuke would now be standing in the center, facing the big stinky man. He’d literally just fallen to the floor a minute after Densuke started moving. Densuke would look up at the man, and raise his arm to his stomach, in a thumping motion. “Go take a bath you fucking createn…” Bursting into the Kussei for a moment, he’d thump the stinky man, but what would be a normal thump, had the oncoming accelerated pressure of a car going 80mph, and with that the man’s  body was sent flying into the big monitary screen in a series of flips. Densuke would kiss his fist, and then throw it in the air, looking away form the crowd as they began to cheer.  “May as well play to the people…” “DENSUKUE RYOJI MOVES ON TO THE NEXT ROUND!”

Kyoko Finishes em off!Edit

Kyoko: The numbers dwindled quickly and soon there were only 7 fighters left, including Kyoko. She looked around at what was left standing amongst the crumbled bodies that moaned and twitched on the floor. Three out of the seven, had already seemed to exhaust most of their power and their movements had become slow and deliberate as their chests rose and fell in the struggle to breath, sweat pouring off them. The other three seemed to have more endurance and the weariness of the battle had little effect on them. And those were the ones Kyoko was watching. To her left, was a fighter in grey and red with a mask covering his face and his weapon of choice was a chain with a miniature scythe on each end. ( To her right, there stood an old man who was wielding seven swords. ( And across the ring, there was a cocky bastard who seemed to be wailing on everyone with his fists and enjoying every punch. ( The boxer just laid out one of the three fighters who had exhausted himself.  Then, like flies, the other two dropped. It was now a four way match. An eerie silence filled the air as the fighter’s eyes seemed to scan the area looking. It seemed almost simultaneous as their eyes landed on her and her emotionless face. It was time for her to actually enter the fight. She had done very little till that moment, so she was at full power. Time seemed to slow as the scythe came soring towards her left side, the street fighter charged with a right hook and the swordsman swung at her with two swords. As the scythe came near she reached out and grabbed it by the handle and she began to rotate using the same inertia of the scythe. As she did, she dragged the blade of it across the boxer’s midriff, slicing him open, before she came to a stop. She used the scythe to block the two swords in an X just above her head. With the force of ten kicks, she brought her knee up than extended so that the flat of her foot connected with the sword man’s sternum. Kyoko could feel the crack and crunch of the cartilage as it gave way, concaving his chest as he flew back across the ring. Those two were done for and now she and the ninja were left. He pulled on the chain and her body jerked back before she released the handle and spun to face him. He began to swing each end of the chain, forming a figure eight before him. It looked like an impossible defense as the blades crossed. As Kyoko watched, they followed a rhythm, a pattern, crossing in the center and then moving outward. It was only for the briefest of moments that he was exposed. She waited and watched and then in a move faster than the majority of the crowd could see, she rushed him. As she moved, her hands slipped into her obi and she concealed two of the small curved blades in her hands. She pressed her body close to the ninja’s and plunged the blades into the rib cage, completely catching him off guard with such a suicidal seeming charge. The blades continued to swirl, just missing her back. Scorpion venom was already coursing through the man and he may have punctured a lung. Kyoko reached down and grabbed his wrists, pressing on the pressure points that would cause him to release the chain. It clattered to the ground and Kyoko stepped back, the man dropping without her to lean on. Now that everyone but her had fallen, she simply spun on her heels and left the arena. The instant she passed under the exit her face completely shifted from emotionless to a soft, girlish expression as she headed for the showers.

Kakbuo wins!Edit

Kakubo: He looked at all thirty of the men and grinned on the inside as if another being was in him. (he has no oni just figure of speech) Kakubo looked to the men as the glared at him. “Where gonna have a field day with you kid.” One of the men said and the others agreed in the boy’s response. “I’m in the mood for a game. How about you guys” He said and the all said “No” in Kakubo’s response he grinned “This time we are you shits, it’s called demon chase. I’m the demon and you’re the prey kill me you live. Don’t and I slaughter you all with this sword on my back” Kakubo said pointing his thumb to his back with a grin. “But with the stuff I have you won’t make it say 40 feet from me” Kakubo said with a grin and all the males jaws dropped but grinned as it was a good challenge. The boy looked at each male seeing them carry swords, double edged axes and or some had a gun or two but remembering that the bullets were rubber and would still hurt like hell, but might only slow him down a bit. Kakubo would get excited. For their preliminary’s they all ended up in a decaying city ruin or something. He could smell and feel the decay in the air even a hint of blood for this virtual simulation felt ever so real but he did not care. He saw one of the men and only one seeing as the others were probably spawned in different areas of the city. The male looked towards his right and saw a figure about 20 feet away. Squinting his eyes he saw it was the boy. Kakubo drew his sword and the male started fiddling around trying to draw his pistol. He looked up to see the boy but he was no longer there. He looked to his left then his right then felt a bit scared. He soon yelled out as he looked down and saw a long black colored like blade piecing threw his chest. Kakubo was nowhere in front of the male but behind him thanks to his flashstep ability which with the short of distance to him made it no challenge nor made it stressful on the Kakubo’s body. The hilt of his sword pressing now to the males back the male was not entirely dead but kakubo walked up slowly to the male and giggled he was scared shitless “Wha-what are you.” He said coughing up blood from his mouth “I told you, this is a chase and I was the demon….. You did not listen” Kakubo took one of his desert eagles loaded with rubber bullets and aimed at close range to the males eye. Kakubo pulled the trigger and felt the recoil enter his arm. He wince a little as it hurt, bullet flew from the chamber of the gun and out the barrel. The rubber bullet was fast so penetration was a successful thing at this point as the male screamed the bullet flying threw his eye and then he stopped moving as the bullet had enough force to fly inches more into the males brain. Kakubo made a mushroom cloud sigh and saw blood on both his gun and his hand “Man if this is going to be that easy….. Why not they all come out and let me kill them so I can get going” Kakubo began walking around the virtual city. He saw a big opening in the center and heard screams war cries all and all. Kakubo looked seeing limbs fall people die it was a large massacre. “Guess they did not really want to play that game. Guess I can wait” He waited a couple minutes seeing men die and a woman who he did not notice before. Kakubo saw four men standing now they look exhausted but could still put up a fight which kakubo did not care about? Kakubo started to walk over to them all each of the four males head s turned to the boy and blinked. “You should have just hid or gave up kid” Kakubo said nothing and watched as one of the males ran at him with his swords kakubo only held his large katana in his left hand. He did not learn kendo or way of the sword so he only knew how to make slashes which was not good since it would eat up his strength fast Kakubo made the first move before the other males move The kid rose his arm above his head holding the sword the male only had time to block the attack or he would risk being sliced in half. Kakubo looked at the male and then hammered his sword down onto the male. The swords clashed but with kakubos strength enhancement the force of his attack would slice through the male sword and half way through his head only to stop at the neck line. Blood spattered and the other men were speechless. Kakubo had a problem yanking the sword out probably due to the male’s thick flesh. He saw the other four male running at the boy as if they were all going to simultaneously attack. Kakubo pressed his right foot to the dead male’s stomach in a kick like stretch the blade loosened and kakubo pulled out. The boy panted and then with a five steps his body pulsated and he vanished. He was out of the eye range of the males but he did not teleport he was past the vision of normal human eye sight could no longer see. Kakubo in this motion appeared behind one of the males fresh blood on his blade. The others blinked as they wondered where he went. One male fell to the floor with his head rolling on the ground a male was scared and the others looked like they shit themselves. “This kids a monster….. Where the fuck is he” Kakubo aimed his sword to the back of the third male who was the one who asked the question “Right behind you, love” his blade pierced the males back and stabbed threw the heart making it an instant kill. The last two came up to the boy running; Kakubo glanced and pulled out quickly. The boy panted as he was getting a bit tired. One came at him with an axe kakubo was not to use his flash step or he would be too weak to fight the last man. He stood it and saw the male raise his axe with both hands over his head a foolish move leaving his body wide open for attack. The boy’s sword was a good 5 to 6 feet long so it gave him a bit of an advantage. He pulled his arm to the side for a horizontal slash. The male was close enough and this time the boy put his other hand on the sword giving it a bit more power to the slash. He swung to the right with both his hands the blade lifted off the ground and in that moment a large gash sliced across the male’s stomach. His eyes widened and his axe dropped down his back he no longer moved but yelled in pain. The last male was out of kakubos eye sight. He looked to his left hearing footsteps and only to see the last male sword about to pierce the boy’s waistline. In a bit of shock kakubo took a run forward with a single step he pulsated and was gone. He was 5 feet out of the final males range. Blood was on the male’s sword and kakubo was bleeding. “You bastard you grazed my body” The boy was angry and had a very limited amount now but would use it to kill this bastard. “Lighten up kid it will be over soon, after I am done with you” Kakubo growled “You’re going to die now.” The male laughed “Oh I am so scared, what you are going to do abou….” The male was silenced and as the boy was gone in a single footstep the male looked everywhere to see where the brat had gone to. The boy appeared in front of the male and his sword threw his crouch. “You should be scared now” The boy said as he sliced off what was in his crouch now to hear a /thunk/ sound  as everything in his neither regions was now gone. The male fell to the ground covering his crouch to stop the bleeding. HE looked at the kid and was scared. “Please stop… I have a wife and kid” Kakubo did not care. He came to the male’s neck line and slit it before he could say another word. The match was over and now he sheathed his sword once again the virtual world simulation ending and all and all were gone except Kakubo who stood winniner.

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