KimiKatsu: It had only been a few days since the rebuilding process started. So far, all of the walls were fixed and the doors as well. Donnie’s system was left alone due to Kirei’s specific orders not to tamper with it. She knew he wanted her safe and didn’t want anyone touching his things in general unless he was doing it or gave them permission. While the workers were back at home, resting for when they had to come back and get right back to work, Kirei was in her club, sweeping and doing whatever she could to make the process go by faster. She already had some of the newer furniture in place. She was still waiting on a few poles, chairs, and couches along with a few tables and paintings as well as some new light fixtures. After pushing her new desk into the right spot in the back corner of the VIP section, Kirei straightened and placed her left hand on her hip while she lightly placed the back of her right hand against her upper lip and then her forehead softly. She hated sweating, even if it wasn’t much. Her deep hazel eyes moved from the desk to the flooring. Some spots were still scuffed and cracked. She’d have to tell the workers about it tomorrow. The average sized woman turned on her heel slowly to glance at the busted fountain that still sat in its original spot. It was still waiting on its memorialized replacement. Purple…the bastard. Kirei was glad she got to kill him herself. She dedicated that violent ownage to Delilah; the red head that Purple savagely raped and killed. Kirei remembered how crumpled the poor girl looked, even under the cloth. She could guess the poor woman was badly bruised. They told her that Purple had beat her so mercilessly during the rape and it was at the point where showing people her unsalvageable face would just make people distraught or faint. They had to identify her by use of DNA testing of the hair follicles, blood, and finger prints along with the pieces of jewelry found on her, which were being molded into the large glass bows for the fountains. Kirei crossed the room to inspect a dark splotch on one of the rocks to the fountain in the VIP room. Once she was close enough to inspect, it didn’t take her long to identify it. Blood. As Kirei stared at the dried mark, the thought that she’d better lock the doors, including the back door that led into the VIP section, had completely been forgotten. The woman bent down some to look at it closer. Her now long, brunette hair which was in a ponytail, draped over her shoulder and hung in front of her chest as the memories were thrown violently back into her mind, throwing off her train of thought.

RacutioEnvarius: Several hours earlier, Matsuo would wake up slowly from his nap on his bike, and yawn, rubbing his eyes slightly before rubbing the back of his head through his long dark brown shimmering hair. His head would be unkempt, but naturally look good with his hazel eyes that seem to change heavily with his emotions and personal thoughts. He’d rub his chin for a moment, and look around, checking what time it is by the sky above him before pulling his phone out of his right pants pocket and looking at the time. “Well, seems my break is over.” He’d check his messages quickly, adjusting his black protective vest that sits comfortably over his crimson red hooded sweater. He’d be wearing a pair of black jeans with white stripes on them, with his studded belt tilted a little to the side. On his feet would be a pair of expensive skate runners, and he’d be strapped with just about anything he might need. A deployable jetpack hooked to his belt for any moment he’ll need it, his Platinum chrome Desert Eagle holstered at his right hip in it’s black holster, his Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle hooked to his back by it’s weapon strap around his chest, and sheathed on his back is his Digi-struct katana. He’d start his Ferrari Raptor motorcycle, and rev it, before looking over to a sidewalk to see a few cosplay cuties walking down the street from a convention that’s been going on in the District 2 Convention Center. He’d smirk, before removing his glasses, placing them in his pocket, and pulling out his shades from a slot on his bike, sliding them on, and pulling up his red facemask, accelerating the bike as much as possible, making the bike bullet past the girls, shooting their skirts up all in sequence, played out perfectly. They’d shout at him, and he’d just chuckle, long out of earshot of the complaining girls. The bike would hum viciously like a tiger down the street. He’d begin to slow down as he comes to the checkpoint leading into District 1. He’d drive past it, shooting through the KPD checkpoint and past it, accelerating again only a little until he gets a call. He’d press a button on the side of his glasses. “Speak to me. What you got?” He’d ask, clearly knowing it was a call from dispatch. The man on the other side would speak, informing Matsuo of a nearby case. “Major, we just recently got word of a sensitive case. Seems someone you know personally is involved. We want you to investigate this one and handle it personally. Location is being patched through as we speak to your shades heads-up display.” And as the dispatcher said it, it happened. Matsuo would see details on Kirei and her club come up on his shades, and he’d sigh. “Really? Kirei, a possible murder suspect? You guys need to get your facts straight.” Matsuo would laugh, but in truth, his false expressions and laughter are a cover for his friend. Though, a dispatcher would never even come close to seeing through him. He was a Major, after all. And in truth, he had a bad feeling about this case. A really bad feeling. He’d make his way to Kirei’s Cuties Club, the hum of his bike pulling in not happening, as he pulls in to the front. He’d get off his bike, lowering his facemask, but keeping his shades on. Turn the bike off with the press of a button on his shades, and he’d look to the club, seeing that it’s clearly been remodeled, he’d simply sigh. Not a good sign for any cop on a murder case. He’d step inside, not bothering to place his hand on his gun’s grip. It would be overkill to pull his gun on Kirei. A Desert Eagle versus the Chairwoman of the “Pretty Girls Club” of the Yakuza. Yeah, definitely overkill. Matsuo and Kirei had known each other since they were kids through their parents. Matsuo’s father was the Chairman of the KPD at the time, and her mother was the Chairwoman of the Yakuza’s “Beauty” clan, Utsukushii. They were bound to meet at some point or another. And just like his father, Matsuo had a respect for their clan. They weren’t to be underestimated. Their beauty, renown, and intelligence made them the ultimate information brokers. And if you know how to treat a girl right, it’s the greatest place to be to learn a thing or two. He’d walk up to the front doors, and attempt to open it, and it would. Which surprised him a little. He’d make his way inside, shutting the door, only before locking it behind him quietly. He’d make his way over to the balcony, only before hearing the sound of a desk being screeched into a spot in the VIP room on the other side of the wall, below him. He’d turn, and quickly unholster his Desert Eagle, flicking the safety off, and holding his gun up, jumping over the balcony swiftly and landing with his gun drawn up. He’d see it was just Kirei, and he’d sigh in relief, glad it wasn’t somebody with an assault weapon behind the desk ready to have a gunfight. After his sigh of relief, he’d holster his magnum and walk up to her slowly. “Do me a favor, and don’t do that again.” He’d say in his usual joking manner with a playful smirk, wondering how surprised she’d be by his entrance into her club. He’d stop next to her, seeing the bloodstain. “Well, seems you missed a spot. I’m sure you already know why I’m here, so let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? I’m guessing he deserved it. Am I right, like I normally am?”

KimiKatsu: The light thud of rubber soles against the hardwood floor caused Kirei to whirl around in surprise. Her heart was pounding. Her deep hazel eyes were wide. Several thoughts flowed through her mind and bounced around in her skull. Who could be here now? When the club is closed for maintenance? Was someone really going to fuck with her again? Was she in danger? The hair on the back of her neck rose as she saw a man approaching her. Her slim, well-toned body tensed as he got closer. His facial features looked familiar, though right now, her mind was too clouded to remember. His voice pierced her ears. For some reason…it calmed her. The familiarity of the voice made her feel somewhat better. Her gaze shot down at his hand as he holstered his gun. ‘Wait…he had a gun ready?!’ After a few brief moments racking her brain she remembered. ‘Matsuo…’ An old childhood friend.  “Do what?” She asked lightly, masking her surprise with curiosity. She forced her entire body to slowly relax as she brought her gaze back up to his. Now as he stood by her, she allowed a smile to play across her lips lightly. The smile was short-lived. The corners of her lips lowered some, allowing the smile to fade considerably. “Where have you been, Matt…?” She asked, her eyes glistening in the dim light of the room they stood in.

RacutioEnvarius: Matsuo would laugh, and snap his fingers in front of her face to wake her up a little. He could see she wasn’t all her, and figured that was the post-trauma running it’s course. “Yup, you definitely killed a guy recently. You’re never this distant. As for where I’ve been I’ve been in District 2 on break for a good long while only to get a dispatch report to deal with a murder that happened her last night. You’re the primary suspect, so I wanted to hear the story from you. I know you didn’t do it without a reason or a purpose, so start giving me details. Like why THAT is still there on the floor.” He’d say, pointing at the blood stain, that’s still in the floor. He’d rub the bridge of his nose a little past his shades, wondering why she chose just recently to kill a guy. “Probably wasn’t the smartest idea. Especially what with the KPD looking for reasons to put you all away for the good of the city. I can only cover up so much as a Major in the KPD, Kirei-chan. I’m still not Chairman like my father was yet. I can’t always fix things, is what I’m trying to say.” He’d say to her with a meaningful and serious look before placing his strong right hand on her left shoulder comfortingly. “You okay? I hope killing whoever you killed didn’t make one of the gears in your brain run a little short. Would be a bummer if the sexiest mind in the Yakuza decided to lose it’s touch now of all times.” He’d say with a cheerful grin, that’d light up anyone’s spirit. He’d hear the back door creak open, and turn his head quickly, realizing the door wasn’t locked. He’d unholster his Desert Eagle again, the silent swipe of the magnum’s metal barrel leaving the holster being the only sound ringing out through the renovated club as soon as the man who was trying to pass himself off as a drunkard would step out of the back. Matsuo, all the while, having his Desert Eagle aimed at his head in both hands, the gun firmly in his right hand, with his left palm cupped around the bottom of the magnum over the magazine, which carries a total of twelve rounds total thanks to it’s extended magazine. He was currently saving up for a Nano-Magazine for his Desert Eagle, that way he never runs out of ammo. Instead the magazine would be fed just by removing the magazine and replacing it back in the gun back as fast, feeding the magazine with kinetic energy, and that energy would feed the nanites, forcing them to rapidly make the gun’s .50 caliber ammunition. He’d have the gun pointed at him, speaking clearly. “This is a crime scene. Not your apartment.” He’d notice the whiskey stain on his top, and realize it’s too old to be recent. “You haven’t drank anything, you ass. That stain is long dry. Get your story straight before I shoot you in the foot for wasting my time. I really hate having my time wasted.” He’d say, all the while his gun trained on him, his hazel eyes glimmering as they always do when he was calculating someone or something.

KimiKatsu: She let her gaze fall away from his for a moment, and then lifted it again to look back into his eyes. “I had to kill him, Matsuo-kun… He took all of them. He was going to force them into the illegal sex trade. They are *my* girls. *I* watch over them. *I* promised to keep them safe and *I* had to rescue them…” She trailed off. Telling him that she had help from Donnie and his teammate Zero wasn’t an option. Donnie had kept the fact that she was the one that murdered Purple from the strange man who visited shortly after the kill to protect her, now it was her turn to keep him safe. Her eyes had lowered again, lingering on the blood stain. “It was just…missed. And I’m not upset about killing that fucker…I’m upset about not getting there in time, for the most part. I promised every single one of them I’d be there, Matsuo-kun…” Hearing his comment about her sexy mind made her cheeks flush lightly. Her gaze lifted as she felt his hand on her shoulder. It was warm…comforting…she was starting to feel much better. “I’m fine…and I know you can’t hide everything, yet. Why do you think renovations started so soon? The murder wasn’t actually here anyways…it was next door to Club Lahana. That isn’t too far from here, either.” Kirei sighed gently, and forced a smile back onto her face. “Do you want anything to drink? The mini fridge they put in for temporary use has some stuff in it. We’d probably have to sit on the floor…or share a chair if our legs got tired.” She glanced around the VIP section. It was still pretty empty looking.

RhageIscariot: Having cruised around the city for a few hours, Hishigi suddenly found himself in District 1, a rare thing for the Soramaru Red fighter. He had drifted off into his own thoughts, listening to the constant roar from the V8 engine, the loud bass from the Rap music his speakers blew out as if their lives depended on it, and the flashing of passing street lights. He looked down at the speed counter, 200 MpH. *Better let the gass go a little before I…* Before he could finish the thought the engine started spitting before shutting down and bringing the car to a holt. “God damn it..” he hissed trough his teeth before he opened the door and got out of the car. Just as he was about to go to the back of the car to get the box of extra gass he had, he noticed something. By some freaking miracle he had run out of gass right in front of a strip club “What are the chances?” he said to himself with a smile as he smacked the trunk closed and walked to the front door. “Closed for reconstruction” was writing on a sign hanging on the door. “Muther..!” but he wasn’t giving up that easily. Finding the keys to his car, he locked the 2011 metalic black Ford Mustang and started walking around the building, trying to find another entrance that might say “Open” While moving around the building he started thinking *Wait a second, I know this building don’t I?* Thinking back, he remembered hearing rumors about a shoot out in a strip club a little while ago in the 1st district. Meaning, some kind of gang activity was going on in here, if not by the owner then the customers. Why not check it out? After all knowing your enemy’s were a pretty fucking good idea. He kept circling until he reached an open door. “What the..?” he mumbled to himself as he moved up to the door and slowly opened it and peaked inside. Darkness, looked like a small hallway maybe a storage room. Moving a hand down to his right leg, he slowly pulled the 9mm baretta from it’s holster and moved further inside. Fumbling around in there, he somehow found a door. On the other side of the door he heard voices, two of them, one female one male. Alright, so he wasn’t the only one here. He holstered the gun again, thinking that there was no reason to scare who ever was in there before he simply opened the door and walked in with casual steps while lighting his cigarette, looking down at the floor. When he looked up again he looked confused around saying out loud “What the… Aww man, this ain’t my apartment!” This of cause was just a bad excuse, luckily for him, the whiskey he spilled down himself at work the night before was still reeking from his clothing, meaning if he played his cards right, they might think he was just a drunk who got lost.

RacutioEnvarius: Matsuo would hear her out all the way, and nod once she was finished and had asked him if he wanted a drink. “Some of your best sake, if you still have any.” He knew what it was like to have duties and to go through such hardships. He did it every day in the KPD as a Major. He knew he wasn’t going to always see every face he saw in the force every single day, and knew full well that you can’t save them all. “If you don’t want to stay in here, we could always drink outside out front by my bike. Finally got that Ferrari Raptor I wanted.” He’d say with a grin before nudging her a little bit with his right knuckles on her shoulder playfully. “Wanna see it Kirei-chan? I got it in black, too, so I doubt anyone is gonna see me coming in the city anymore. Haha!” He’d laugh, his laugh echoing a little in the nearly empty building. “And who knows, maybe if you get me nice and drunk, I’ll do all the heavy lifting and moving of furniture for you. How does that sound, hmm?” He’d say with a grin. He’d hear the back door creak open, and turn his head quickly, realizing the door wasn’t locked. He’d unholster his Desert Eagle again, the silent swipe of the magnum’s metal barrel leaving the holster being the only sound ringing out through the renovated club as soon as the man who was trying to pass himself off as a drunkard would step out of the back. Matsuo, all the while, having his Desert Eagle aimed at his head in both hands, the gun firmly in his right hand, with his left palm cupped around the bottom of the magnum over the magazine, which carries a total of twelve rounds total thanks to it’s extended magazine. He was currently saving up for a Nano-Magazine for his Desert Eagle, that way he never runs out of ammo. Instead the magazine would be fed just by removing the magazine and replacing it back in the gun back as fast, feeding the magazine with kinetic energy, and that energy would feed the nanites, forcing them to rapidly make the gun’s .50 caliber ammunition. He’d have the gun pointed at him, speaking clearly. “This is a crime scene. Not your apartment.” He’d notice the whiskey stain on his top, and realize it’s too old to be recent. “You haven’t drank anything, you ass. That stain is long dry. Get your story straight before I shoot you in the foot for wasting my time. I really hate having my time wasted.” He’d say, all the while his gun trained on him, his hazel eyes glimmering as they always do when he was calculating someone or something.

KimiKatsu: She laughed with him. He was always making her laugh and smile. There was no way for her to stay in a sour mood around him; especially because she’s known him for so long. “I would hope I wouldn’t have to get you drunk in order for you to help me with such a simple task. I thought you loved helping me. Plus, if you help me, you would be able to stick around longer.” She waggled her thin eyebrows at him, giggling once more before she turned to make her way over to the mini-fridge near her new desk. Just as she had taken a few steps, she heard the gentle creak of a door. The sound was close, very close. Kirei’s deep hazel eyes darted to the left and locked on the back door as it slowly swung open to reveal….some guy she’d never seen before. The woman blinked, and then her eyes narrowed. ‘What kind of lame…’ She groaned lightly, and then brought her right hand up to gently pinch the bridge of her nose as Matsuo held his gun up at the man. He was always ready for the unthinkable. That was one of the things Kirei liked about him. “I don’t care if he is or isn’t drunk. He’s trespassing.” Her own deep hazel orbs were locked on the strange new man as he lit up a cigarette.

RhageIscariot: The second a gun was pointed at him, the 9mm on his leg was drawn and pointed at the mans chest, directly at the heart. His face expression was cold, yet carried a smile as he inhaled from the cigarette, causing a cloud of smoke to leave his mouth when he spoke “Bad idea bub.” Ice cold eye’s were seatled on him as he was standing there. In a quick motion he tossed the gun up in the air with his right hand, caught it with his left and aimed it at the same place again, now standing sideways towards the man. “If this is a crime scene what are you doing here?” his eye’s drifted shortly from the man to the women then back to the man. “Door said closed after all.” The hatch was pulled back on his gun, loading it so that he would barely have to touch the trigger for it to go off. His eye’s then slowly drifted to the female as his smile grew wider for a second “You were the broad I saw talking to D last night, aren’t you? Is this your place ore something? Ore are you guys cops?” a second gun was drawn with his right hand and pointed at her head “If that’s the case, this could turn out one of two ways. Which one it’ll be is yours” His eye’s narrowed and his smile vanished and his eye’s narrowed to two thin lines, watching the two carefully

RacutioEnvarius: Racutio would quickly aim at the hand with the gun pointed at himself, and shoot at his hand with full intent to blow his hand off, then quickly toss his gun to his other hand with incredible speed and dexterity, with enough time to spare, he’d fire another loud and incredibly powerful shot at the other hand, aimed full well at his gun to knock it out of his hand and protect her. “Worst mistake of your life you miserable fuck!” He’d reach into his bag after quickly firing off two shots, quickly running and moving to grab Kirei under one arm, quickly moving behind her desk, and kicking it over on it’s side quickly to use it as cover, quickly going behind it with her shielded by him and his armor, all merely precaution incase this future corpse tried anything further if his hands yet remained after his unhesitating responses. “You aren’t leaving this building alive after drawing a gun on Kirei-chan you pathetic sack of shit!” He’d keep his eyes on the intruder, speaking to Kirei. “You alright?”

KimiKatsu: Before Kirei could protest or argue that she wasn’t a cop, a single gunshot rung out. Her slightly parted lips closed as did her eyes as she brought her hands up over onto her head. Then, there was another shot. She was about to peek and see the outcome of the fired off rounds, but she was greeted by a strong arm wrapping around her and pulling her off of her petite feet quickly. A light squeak left her lips as she was carried around to her desk. The heavy, wooden desk made a loud ‘BAM’ as it hit the hard wood floor. Kirei stayed ducked low behind it, though her eyes were on Matsuo. “I’m ok, Matsuo-kun.” Her voice was hushed. She didn’t understand why this man was here, nor did she understand why he had aimed his weapon at her. She had nothing to fight back with, in the first place. Bringing fists to a gun fight only worked in movies, after all.

RhageIscariot: Well here was a hot head of a cop. First shoot was for his hand directly, which was twisted so the bullet hit the gun instead. Well, now the 9mm was useless, the barrel was all fucked up. Second shot also hit a gun, but the one in his other hand, so his second 9mm was useless as well. As the two moved to hide behind the table, Hishigi dropped the guns and made five quick steps back, swinging in behind the wall trough the door opening he had come in trough shortly before all this happened. This guy was heavily armed, not to mention even heavier armored. So he’d have to pull something out of his ass if he was going to get out of there alive. The car was useless, and trying to kill the fucker who had ruined his guns was insanity. But then again, he had never been known to be the cautious one. Reaching in behind his back, he pulled the two desert eagles from their holsters and leaned back against the wall. Well, the cops armor was heavy, meaning it’d slow him down, but if he was who he said he was, that probably wasn’t the case, and this wall wasn’t going to hold for long against those bullets of his. A quick thought crossed his mind as he moved one pistol to the door opening and fired three shots while sheeting the other one. Blindfire, it would probably make them duck under the table until he stopped shooting which would buy him a few seconds. He started moving for the back door while firing the last 4 shots in the mag trough the door opening before he was at his goal. Once outside he holstered the gun on his back, jumped up the nearest wall and crawled over it, jumping down in an ally on the other side. From here he ran out on the street, and guess what? People everywhere. Perfect, that meant that the cop wouldn’t fire at him because he could hit civilians by accident. Quickly moving down the street to a clothing shop a few blocks down he ran in, picked the nearest suit and moved to a changing booth.

RacutioEnvarius: Matsuo would hear Kirei’s response, and quickly nod. “Good. Alright, stay behind here.” He’d see his tactic coming, placing his hand on top of her hand and lowering his own behind the desk enough to avoid gunfire and still see him out of the corner of his eye. “Stay down!” He’d watch him fire off the last of the clip in the Eagle, and grin as he runs, the serum in his body kicking in with his adrenaline. “Looks like we have a runner, Kirei!” He’d unhook his deployable jetpack from his belt, handing it to her. “Use this to get to safety or to grab your weapon wherever it may be quickly! I’m gonna go after that asshole and put an end to his shit! Otherwise he’s going to end up getting someone hurt. Last thing I wanted was for that person to be you, Kirei-chan!” He’d throw himself over the desk, unsheathing his Digi-struct katana from his back, the sword’s blade coming to live and building itself rapidly digitally, the energy of the blade glowing red like the blood of all enemies of the law in KasaiHana City. His muscles would loosen up and he’d fly out the back door after him like a bullet, kicking the door that’s swinging rapidly his way as he shot and knocking it clean off it’s hinges, turning it to splinters. “Sorry about the door! I’ll buy a new one!” He’d shout back to Kirei. He’d keep running, his footsteps like resounding thunder, getting larger and larger as the super soldier serum in his veins takes effect, turning him steadily into a walking weapon. He’d simply pick up and toss civilians out of his way harmlessly, now standing at a height of 6’2” from the serum, he’s already picked him out in the crowd, as he runs into a clothing shop, he’d be not far behind. He’d grin. “Got you, bastard! You can’t hide from me!” He’d quickly smack a guy who just robbed a woman of her purse, sending him flying on his back, laying before the woman he stole from, knocked out with a single overwhelming punch. He’d surge through the people effortlessly, and aim at the changing stalls, swiping his sword rapidly, making strikes fly through the air, cutting the doors to all of them in half. He’d then lift his gun, ready to shoot at him when he sees him and end this before things get out of hand. His gun would be at the ready, as well as his sword in the other hand. His whole body now a walking weapon, with only one target. Matsuo can’t help but keep thinking how much it must suck to be this guy right now. No matter how fast, smart, or power, eventually, Matsuo was going to get this guy and deal with him as he did any other. He was going to kill him, if he doesn’t wise up fast.

KimiKatsu: One minute he was looking over the desk, the next he was handing her some type of jet pack and running off. She heard the loud snapping of wood as he kicked the door off of it's hinges. Kirei didn't really seem to care. What was going through her head now was that Matsuo-kun was out there and could possibly get hurt. After a brief second had passed since Matsuo-kun had crashed through the door and after the man, Kirei jumped up. She had put on the jet pack belt and tightened it to her body so it would fit. Her eyes quickly looked over the object. She'd never used on before...ever. Kirei pressed a button and, to her amazement, she was lifted. Kirei blinked...then she rose a bit higher. She let out a shakey yelp as she clenched her legs together from the knees up, letting her shins down spread out to the side a few inches as she grabbed at the fabric of her teal dress and held it down. The thought of her going to high up and allowing everyone to see up her dress at once...made her cheeks burn and redden for some reason. Kirei shook the thoughts from her head. She had to go find Matsuo-kun. She wanted to help. Kirei leaned forward, and to her surprise, began to move forward. She leaned forward a bit more...and went faster. As she zipped out of the beat up doorway to the back alley-way, she couldn't help but feel like one of those heros in the movies. Though...Yakuza weren't considered heros. Kirei was high enough to see the two in the crowd as they ran into a building up ahead. Kirei swallowed hard. It was her job to show off her panties anyways...may as well tell everyone she was advertising if asked. She zipped over the crowd lightly. Her perfum caught many's attention. She heard a few gasps, a few compliments, and even wolf whistles as she passed over them and reached the building they had entered. She looked back down at the belt and pressed the same button, but hadn't been expecting how quickly the object shut off. It was like turning off a light. Immediate. Sudden. Taken by surprise, she fell a short fall onto her rump and groaned out as bone colided with concrete. "Fuck me! Ahhh-ooowww!" She'd say as she leaned forward and began rubbing at her tailbone and part of her ass cheeks. A few men that had been nearby looked at her and began making passes, asking if she liked car sex or sex in hot tubs. Kirei brought her right hand up and placed her pinkened face into the palm lightly while muttering. Then, she slowly brought herself up to her feet and stepped into the store, while rubbing at her tailbone. "Matsuo-kuunn..." Her voice was low.

RhageIscariot: Just as he thought he had the fucker where he wanted him ,the fucking door was split in two and part of it fell down on him. Luckily for him, it wasn’t the long side of the door that been cut, meaning he could still crouch under the two door pieces and still be invisible. He had to think of something, and fast. Then he got an idea. Pulling out a smoke grenade he’d stolen from a cop earlier that night, he pulled the pin out, but before throwing it he also pulled out a few loos bullets he had in his pocket. Now ore never… He threw the grenade over the door, waited for it to activate, then shot three times with the last 9mm he had on him, which he hoped would make the dude look for cover as he couldn’t see anything trough the smoke. Once done this he quickly moved over the booths to his left and hit the door out to the back ally, breaking it open. Once outside again he dropped a new smoke grenade and jumped over the back wall. Once on the other side he quickly moved to the nearest car, grabbed the person behind the wheel by the neck, threw the fucker out of the car, jumped in, put the car in gear and raced down the street. No closing the door nore putting on seatbelts, that could wait. Having already covered a good part of the road ahead of him he put his seatbelt on and mumbled to himself “The fuck was up with that guy, how the fuck did he grow taller? Wait a minnut… I just got an idea” he hit the break hard, causing the car to stop almost instantly, got out of it, pulled every single gun belt he hand on him off and held it out in a hand while holding both hands up with his back turned in the direction he knew the cop was coming from. “This has better fucking work ore I’m dead…” he mumbled to himself, waiting for the sound of that huge guys foot steps.

RacutioEnvarius: Matsuo would notice he’s not there, wondering for a second where he might’ve gone. He’d look up quickly for vents above, then back down, just as his hand throws the smoke grenade out. KPD issue, as well. “The balls to pull a gun on a woman and a cop, AND to steal from one of my fellow officers?! Now I know you’re as good as dead, you ass!” The smoke would go off, and his shades would shield his eyes from the blast, the built-in magnetic optics turning on before the grenade even went off, sensing the weapon before it’s wearer had, and he’d quickly pick up Kirei as the violent and clearly insane man tries in vain to make a run for it again. He’d try desperately not to laugh at her fall on her butt, which cushioned her falls, and he’d pick her up by the collar of her shirt with his right hand and place her back down to help her to her feet as quickly as possible. “Do less movement, and more concentration. The jetpack focuses on mental patterns and follows all that you tell it to! Utilize that and quickly cut him off! With that thing, you’re as fast any gunship right now due to your size! Use that to your advantage!” He’d quickly see a nearby officer, and shout to him as he starts to run after him out the back. “Hand her your pistol, officer! This is a matter of the city’s protection!” And without a single qurstion, the officer would unbutton his holster and toss her his standard issue pistol and calling for backup, but they would only be cleanup for the Major right now. “I need backup officers in District 1 in the Markets ten minutes ago!” He’d shout into his headpiece, making his way back to his patrol car to get his riot shotgun. Good response, for a rookie. Throwing his entire tank-like body through the building’s wall, making nearly all of Kirei’s suitors thoroughly shit themselves as he does. Coming out through the rubble and woodwork on the other side, and sending a moving car flying out of his way as he tosses it aside like a hot wheel car into a nearby window. Thankfully, only giving the man in the car a minor concussion, and the store was closed as well. Fortune was smiling on him greatly.. He’d turn to look both ways, seeing which way he went by car, he’d charge, gun and sword in hand, keeping up with the car on foot! Whatever was in that serum they gave him, it was working wonders not seen on Earth in ages since the Age of the Samurai. His body a living, breathing beacon of legendary capabilities right now. He’d quickly yank up a stop sign as he flies past it, tossing it at the violent man’s stopped car like a javelin and sending it through the engine so he can’t use it again to get away, he’d aim a shot for the gas tank, making the car explode behind him, and hopefully send him flying at him from the concentrated and secluded blast. He’d surge forward, rapidly holstering his gun and placing his right hand in his pocket quickly, pulling out his hand that’s now gloved with a big black glove with static running through it, he’d throw his gloved palm forward, ready to grab him by his skull and electrocute the last of his fight out of him completely. This was now checkmate, and game over, if all went according to his own plan. “No surrender for you now, you fuck! I’m taking you in, or killing your ass dead now for your crimes against KasaiHana and her people!” He’d say out loud, as if he wants all of KasaiHana to hear his cry of leadership, valor, and heroism. “No piece of filth like you is gonna walk these streets so long as I continue to get stronger! Nothing will stop me from making this city a better place! And if that means taking your life, then so be it!”

KimiKatsu: As Matsuo helped her up and described how to better use the jet pack to her, Kirei blinked and nodded. She could feel her cheeks burning wildly from embarassment. 'Oh well...I tried, damnit.' She thought to herself as he led her outside. After he described to her what she should do, she nodded again and started the jet pack again, this time concentrating more on hovering for the moment. She heard him shout to a nearby officer to let her use his standard issue pistol. He didn't seem to have a problem with it and tossed it right into her open hands which gripped the weapon carefully. She adjusted it so she was holding it right, then she zipped up the road. It was like she was dreaming. The wind tosseling her long, thick ponytail around wildly and smacking her lightly in the face. As she got further down the road, because she was a little higher up than before it would be harder to see her unless he looked up, Kirei began to slow to a hover several feet above the strange man and to the right. She pointed the gun at him, though he looked like he may have been surrendering.

RhageIscariot: ”Taking my life my ass” he mumbled to himself just before the car blew up beside him, excatly like he planed it to, sending him sideways trough a shop window and trough the door in the back. Okay, that hurt more than he had planed, but hey his plan worked so far. Now to get the cop to seatle down and talk instead of going on a killing spree. He’d seen the peoples reaction to the mans violent behavior against the civilian car, and they were freaked the fuck out, scared shitless by him. This was all working out according to plan. If that cop wanted to uphold his title and keep face to the public, he couldn’t kill Hishigi now, he HAD to take him in, ore he’d be stamped as insane by everyone watching, and word spread quickly in this town. Pulling himself off the ground he walked out of the ally whit his hands up again, really putting on a show that made the cop look great “Alright, alright! You win!” He had somehow managed to keep a grip in his gun belts trough the blast, which he dropped on the road beside him, before kneeling on the ground and putting his hands on the back of his head. He then eye’d the cop, motioning words with his lips yet not saying them out loud, hoping to god that psyco cop could read lips -I’ve got info you might want. You want to bring the Yakuza down for good, I might be able to help. Take me in and I’ll tell you everything- *Now to see if he coops with me. What’s it going to be, dishonor in public, ore taking down the Yakuza from the inside..? Come on, COME ON! Make your choice already!!* The thoughts were screamed in his head. If the Yakuza found out about his plan, they would probably kill his ass in a sec, but if everything went according to plan, it’d just look like an arrest after a failed escape attempt.

RacutioEnvarius: He’d walk up to the fugitive, his body shrinking back down to his normal size, his adrenaline dying down at long last, and only look at him with complete shame, holstering his gun and sheathing his sword, the blade of his katana digitally deconstructing back to being just the hilt as places it back behind his left shoulder again in it’s light, false sheath he could use to beat people with like a nightstick. He knew the people weren’t running from him. They were running from this poor excuse of a man who pulled a gun on someone who was completely unarmed and clearly not a fighter at heart, and no less a woman. It didn’t disgust Matsuo so much that he had pulled a gun on him so much as it did when he pulled a gun on his closest childhood friend, Kirei, and aimed for her head, no less! “Gah!” He’d shout with frustration. “I hate people like you! Do you even think for a moment what could have happened if I was on the Yakuza’s serum? You morons are killing yourselves with that drugged out shit that has you hopped up for hours. Do you think not a thing goes by in the city that the KPD doesn’t know about? Your fuckers are so niave! We see everything you do, watch everything you do, and the only reason you do any of it, is because we let you. It’s punk ass little shits like you that step out of line that I deal with. Do you have ANY idea who you pulleda fucking gun on today?! You pulled a gun on a Chairwoman, you RETARD!” With that, he’d lift his foot up next to man’s head, pull it back as high as he can, then brings it down twice as fast as he pulled it up, only to shoot his foot to the right side and smash the ground to pieces next to his face, making the concrete crack under his foot. He’d lean his head forward, a look of complete rage on his face, with a vicious looking grin on his face. “No, none of your info interests me. Instead, your going on a one way trip to a hole in prison, and it’s gonna get approved by the Chairs. Because Kirei is gonna tell all of them exactly what happened.” He’d poke him in the face each time he says a word for emphasis, hushing his tone down. “You…Pulled…A…Gun…On…Kirei…” He’d then reach back and grab his gravity cuffs, quickly turning him around and placing his arms behind his back, he’d quickly cuff his hands and they’d quickly go to work, suspending him in a floating state, using the same technology used originally for zero-gravity, it now forced fugitives to nothing. They could do nothing to run, or even think of get away. It just wasn’t easy for any person or being, no matter how strong, fast or smart, gravity is still greater when used right. He’d pull him by his cuffs in the air behind him, walking over to Kirei. He wasn’t wiped from that at all. Infact, he had hoped for more. He’d walk back to the man who’s car he tossed, and quickly assist him out of his car. He’d leave the apprehended fugitive at hands reach as he does. He’d pull a syrette with a dark red glow to it, the contents inside clearly being organic friendly. He’d press it to the side of the hurt man’s neck quickly, and it’d quickly go to work, healing his body with several regenerative medications at once, and healing his body and mind rapidly. His eyes would shoot open, and the older man’s face would fill with color, as if his youth just came back all at once. “Whoa! What’s this me you just gave me?! It feels like I’m 24 years younger again!” He’d feel his skin, realizing there’s no damage to it. “And I’m not hurt, too!” Matsuo would walk away, then turn back with a smile. “Just doing my job, sir. Sorry about your car. I didn’t expect you on the other side. I’ll have a new one bought and delivered to your residence out of my salary.” The man would shake his head, completely excited just to feel this alive, mostly due to the KPD issue health syrette that was only meant for people who could actually handle them. This guy was gonna definitely go home and have sex with his wife after all this. “Nonsense! Whatever you just gave me dealt with all my life’s worries completely! I’ve had the worst depression, and I hated my wife for no reason now it seems like! I can only thank you for saving everyone from…Whoever the hell that guy is.” He’d point at him, the fugitive clearly Yakuza to this Normal Joe of KasaiHana City. Matsuo would laugh. “Whoever he is, he’s not my problem anymore.” He’d walk back out to Kirei, and let go of the cuffs. “He’s all yours. Deal with him as you please, Kirei-chan. I needed to field test the Super Soldier serum the KPD developed to combat the unstable monsters that new drug one of the clans made recently. I needed to field test it on a small fish first to see how much time can be saved. I kept property damage to a minimum, as well, which is good. Not as high as it could’ve been against anything else, that’s for sure.” What he was referring to was possible upcoming clan riots. Gang wars are never easy to end. They keep going just like any real war, but they’re constantly fueled by hate, stupidity, and blind drive to kill the other dog first before it kills you. “I wasn’t going to kill this guy. I just wanted to see just what this is capable of, and practicing with a controlled field test operation was the perfect way to do it.” He’d say with a grin, having planned all of this from the beginning. “I want the clans to realize the KPD isn’t just some joke. We’re here for a reason, and some clans need to stop overstepping their boundaries.” He’d look over to his captured fugitive.