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PART 1==

DarkKeyome: My eyes were low as I scanned the club. I watched the new's on my cell phone... I watch it everyday. Never know when one of your friends you grew up with was gonna end up dead around here. I sighed shaking my head. “... Yo, Haji.” I said leaning forward. “ Take a look at this bullshit...” I frowned as I showed him my phone, a holographic projection came out of it as I held it out to him. The New's guy Donatello began to recite his new's report for today. It usually comes on at 10, today it did too. I was just having a off day and didn’t catch it until this late. The New's reporter mentioned my fight yesterday with that guy... that.. that got'damn demon. And he also mentioned the kidnapping and that guy who was killing people off within the 2nd district. I leaned back after showing Haji the full report shaking my head. I placed my phone within my right pocket sighing. “ Yo Asami, I need you to do me a favor...” I dragged on the tobacco product in my mouth, exhaling the smoke out of my nose. Asami Takahashi was one of the newer members of the group. Smart girl, she was a nurse so if I get fucked up hopefully I can trust my life to her. She's cute, I cant wait to see the guys flocking around here. The shades on my face hung over the tip of my nose as I eyed her from a distance. “..I know your new, but could you work the bar tonight? It's easy all you gotta do is make sure everyone gets there drinks. I also have an assignment for you later on but that’s important at the moment.” I sighed shaking my head. “Man... Kidnapping kids, the fuck is the world coming too man? That's sick... fucking disgusting. Some sick bastards out here. The KPD cant do there fucking job right or something?! For Fuck's sake... I have half the mind to go out, and go get the kid my damn self... Haji, what would you do if it were your kid? I know you'd go in there Gun a blazing... I can imagine how the family probably feels right now...” I dragged on the cigarette again and pushed my shades up on my face. Leaning back on my seat listening to the loud blasting music as contemplated thoughts in my head. Fuckin A... Look at all those bastards on the dance floor... dancing, sinning. This hell... this hell when someone attacks a child and kidnaps them.

HatakeHajime: As the aniki looked at the holographic image expel from the cell phone, he motioned over to his boss, Keyome. “You’re right, Bossu.” Hajime began. “If that was my daughter, I’d move heaven and earth to get her back. No foolin’.” Hajime looked closer at the hologram. “Oye, Bossu.” Hajime said as he held the phone from his chairman. “No kid deserves to be put in this situation. To be perfectly honest, I hope the people engaging in this activity aren’t Yakuza.” Hajime said in continuance. The aniki ranked member of the Kagemaru family was raised to be a Yakuza, and in fact believed that the Jingi—or Yakuza Code of Ethics—should be followed at all times by all Yakuza. Looking upon this news story was a travesty. Listening to the news on the phone proved to light a fire inside Hajime that would cause him to say something in retort to his boss’s earlier suggestion. He whispered as softly as possible inside of his boss’s ear. “We’re going to get that kid back. The family is probably watching the news right now crying, and that takes away their personal justice.” At that moment, Hajime brought up personal justice—a firm belief expressed in the Jingi. Due to his devotion and idolization of the Yakuza Code of Ethics, Hajime would of course say, “And when we’re done getting’ that kid back, we’re killin’ all the offenders. Can’t have those scum bags defiling our sacred code.” Hajime was irritated. He was angry. He was ready to spring into action. “However, I don’t want us getting caught by the police.” Hajime said in whisper to Keyome. “If we do this, it’s covert. Masks, black outfits, the whole shebang. I want these mothafuckas not able to know what hit them. I want them to believe in karma and ethical conduct by the time we blow their freakin’ heads off.” After Hajime’s suggestion, he pulled away from Keyome’s ear, hoping that his point had been made. With that, Hajime walked away from the couches upon which he and his boss were seated, and took a trip up the stairs to the back room—which would in turn hide the office of the Kagemaru. Hajime was planning, and it would not work out well for anyone who he deemed as ‘dishonorable’ that night.

KimiKatsu: Sadly, the Durango was still in the shop. This was one of the first times in months she actually had to use a taxi cab. Kirei's club, Kirei's Cuties, was closed for the night. The girls were on the streets with their friends, raking in extra cash for themselves and the club as well as completing certain tasks assigned to them. This was the perfect opportunity for Kirei to go to Club Lahana. She mostly wanted to see if the fighters from last night were there. THough the fight hadn't lasted long, there were some pretty good blows delt and moves put into play. They were quite impressive. The both of them. Even if the younger one recieved a pretty heavy blow. "That'll be $25.86." The cabbysaid as he pulled up in front of the club. Kirei grabbed the purse that sat at her side and opened it. She pulled out a 20 dollar bill, a 5, and two 1's. She didn't expect change back. The man thanked her and hopped out of the car to move around to her side. As she saw him reach her side of the car, she reached down and pulled her squirming german shepard pup out from under the passenger seat and nto her arms with her purse dangling from her arm. When he opened the door, she scooted towards the door and climbed out slowly. The cabbie went to help her out, but she shook her head. "I don't need help, Love. But thanks." Her stride was smooth and graceful and her pace was calm as she approached the club. With every step she took, her hips swayed sensually. This sensual looking walk came natural to her now a days. A gentle wind tossled her short, light pink hair lightly. It wasn't long before she was inside of the club. There were people packed close together on the dance floor as music played. Kirei's deep hazel eyes scanned the club slowly in search for at least one of the two fighters. If they weren't here, she'd probably just hang out for a bit and drink some. Not too much, of course. She had Beavis, her pup, to look after. After a quick scan of her surrounding, Kirei moved towards the bar. She didn't want to dance. Not unless she found someone to dance with. Sitting at the bar also made access to the alcohol easier.

Yule: Her head turned in the direction of Chairman Tasanagi. His request seemed easy. “Alrighty Tasanagi I’m on it and sounds like a plan.” She was referring to the information about the mission later tonight. She was excited, with being a new member she was still getting used to the environment and the new people. She headed over to the bar and put her hands on the counter and jumped over the bar. She had pretty good strength in her arms and smiled a little. She looked around and then started taking orders from the people sitting at the bar. She did this with ease as she knew her drinks well. She smiled at all the costumers that she served.

Pallas: -He grabs his Ipod and puts it in his ears as his favoirte kind of music was beginning to play. His head was moving with the music as he decided to have some fun in this place. He jumps out of his seat and walks over to the bar. Then when gets close to the bar he jumps up and slides across the counter top to get into the back area. With his msic on blast he grabs four shot glasses and places them one by one on the countertop. Then he grabs the bottle of tequila and swirls it on the tip of his index finger lie it was a basketbal and then tosses it up into the air. As it spins in the air he turns around and catches it behind his back with his other hand and then spins around pouring tequila in all four of the glasses. After the shots were poured he spins the bottle across the palm of his hand and spin-places it back where he originally grabbed it. Soon after he slides one shot to the girl who was already behind the bar and left three to himself. He quickly downs all three, one by one, and slamming the glass on the counter top after each one.-"WOOO! Gotta love Tequila."-He then looks around in the back for any harder alcohol to make shots with not really giving a shit to see if he was allowed to do it or not. And with his earphones in he couldn't hear if people were saying things to him or not anyways.-

HyonekoHyuuga: -Neko's hair wipped with the wind as she rode to the club on her Ninja 1000, sure it was a relic in style but with her modifications, she purred louder and went faster than most on the market. Her engine roared as she pulled up to Lahana's, placing her hand on the scanner the ingine turned off, no one was going to steal her baby, walking in i pulled my helmet off and checked the blah...but reading the next bit pissed me the fick off, i threw my helmet at the nearest dumbass that looked at my curvy body, i couldn't blame them i was a goddess in my own right. but somthing did make me laugh- "Haha! nothng on me in the news? but..but i painted the scene with a beutiful red!" -punching a number into my phone i called one of my girls- " Yuki dear tap the usual channels and see if anyone sings...we're finding that kid. When you you find something send the crows. No i don't want any dead....yet...they'll learn the hard way not to disturb momma bird's nest..." -i hung up and put my cell in my pocket shoving my way to the dance floor, it was a club after all, a place for me to have fun and the men to drool-

YmmuriStalker: -Danchou was going over his revenues for the day inside of his office above his club when the tv on his wall switched to the news. His yellow eyes flickered upward and watched it. His lip curled as he took in the news. The part about the little girl did stir something within him, the huge club owner did have a soft spot for children. He rolled his eyes as Donnie was mentioned on the news. He slammed his hands on the desk in front of him and stood straight up. Someone knocked on the door to his office and Danchou spoke.- Come in, Kairi. -His aide opened the door and skipped in, tossing some reports on his desk. She opened her mouth and prepared to speak, but Danchou raised his hand.- This can wait. Prep a limo for me and take four of our guys along. We are going to pay a visit to that club in the slums, Lahana. -He walked to his tv and gripped its side. It swung outward, revealing a thick steel safe behind it. It opened on retinal scanner. Danchou leaned close and let the scanner run over his eye. Kairi nodded.- But, what about... -Danchou raised a hand again to cut her off as the safe opened. He walked to his desk, reached under it, and drew a black suitcase.- The reports can wait Kairi. Do what I ask. -His aide bowed slightly- Right away, sir. -She dashed out of his office while Danchou walked back to the safe and began to load up the suitcase with stacks of tanz. He put exactly 400,000 tanz in it, and closed both the suitcase, and the safe. He swung the tv back in place, picked up the suitcase, straightened his tie, and walked out of the office, his polished boots clapping upon the marble of his office floor loudly. Seconds later, he exited his own lavish club. A black limo was waiting out front with one of the nameless faces that were under Danchou's employ as the driver. Kairi was outside waiting on him. She opened the door for him and he got inside. She followed suit, stepping in as soon as he was all the way in. He set the suitcase infront of his feet and looked about him, at the four bodyguards and at Kairi.- Where is Donnie? -He asked. They exchanged nervous glances before Kairi rolled her eyes and spoke up.- He's already at Lahara, sir. -Danchou rested his chin upon his fist as Kairi opened a minifridge that was directly to her left and withdrew a bottle of champagne and two glasses. She poured both of them, not spilling a drop as the limo got moving. Danchou took one of the glasses from her and began to sip it as Kairi put the bottle back. The limo soon crossed over into District 1 and rolled in front of the club Lahara. The bodyguards got out first, holding the door for Danchou and Kairi as they stepped out. Danchou left his now empty glass in the limo and held his hands out expectantly. One of the bodyguards handed him the suitcase of money, and a long, silver katana. The rest removed Uzis from their own suits and followed Danchou as he made his way into the club.- Who watched the news? -He growled as he walked in, his armed guards and aide following suit. His gaze fell on Donnie.- Be careful about what kind of attention you bring upon us. -He said simply.-

Yule: Asami looked over at the guy that had jumped behind the counter. She stopped the shot he slid down to her and then threw it back. She moved over to the guy behind the bar and walked in front of him. Her hands moved to his headphones and yanked them down so he would hear what she had to say. “You aren’t supposed to be back here and you need to get back on the other side. I will get you what you want if you just wait patiently like a good little boy.” Her hands moved to her hips and she stood there staring up at him since that’s what she did to everyone. Her small stature made her look up to everyone. Being five foot one inch was a terrible burden. Asami prepared to get rough if that’s what the guy made happen. But she wanted to prove to everyone around though she was small she would not get pushed around.

Pallas: -He smirked to the woman who took the earphones out of his ears. He chuckles to himself while she talks and waits until she is finishe before doing anthing else. And after everything she said alls he replied was with a sarcastic and calm tone-"Thanks for that, I hated that song."-He really payed no mind to her and her little act of toughness as he completely blew of what she was telling him to do. He took orders from no one but his leader and she was not him. So he goes around the bar as if she was never there to begin with and finds the bottle he was looking for-"ahhh here we are. Wild Turkey."-He loved wild turkey because of the fact that it was almost all alcohol and not any of that childrens drink. He walks back to where he was at with the shot glasses and if she was still standing there he leaned his body up to hers and grabbed the glass. Then leaned back and poured himself another shot. At which he would knock back and then look to her and ask in that sarcastic tone of voice again-"Do you want one dollface?"-He would then chuckle a bit again as he really didn't care if she did not want him back there.-

Yule: Asami’s temper now flared a little. She hated when people disrespected her. She walked over to the guy and grabbed the bottle from his hand forcefully. “One, unless you are paying for all these, I suggest you stop. Two, I am not “dollface” so don’t think you can call me that unless you have a wish to get beaten.” Her hand found its way into the fabric of the front of his shirt and she yanked downwards. “Now get out from behind my bar or I will force you out. I don’t like it when people disrespect me and that is exactly what you have done.” She let go of his shirt, walking over to the shelves putting the Wild Turkey back. She turned back to him and crossed her arms over her chest. “What’s your choice? You want to get on the other side and keep your manly pride and ego. Or do you want me to force you on the other side and have all your little buddies laugh at you because you just got your ass handed to you by a girl half your size?” She popped her hip out and tossed her hair over her shoulder.

Pallas: -He smiles to himself again as he hears this girl try and tell him what to do. Then when she talks about beating him down he almost bursts out laughing. When she tries to ull the bottle away he keeps his grip on it and pulls it away from her saying-"I think I'll just takt this with me. Getting drunk with a bitchy nag talking my ear off is never a good deal..."-He then jups over the counter and walks back to the seat he was at before he went to make drinks. While he sat down he took the filter off of the top and began to drink it straight out of the bottle. Then he finlly releases that Danchou walked in, he looks up to him and says-"Hey there Danchou sorry about putting us on the news. My ways of klling are usually full proof....for them to even thinnk it was one of us...someone snitched. So I think I'll just have to find out who it was. But I guess my killings will have to be under the radar for awhile. No worries boss man."-He then takes another swig of the bottle and hopes that Danchou isn't going to give him hell for the two cops he killed. I mean they were just cops anyways who gives a shit. He then looks to the girl who was talking his ear off and laughs again-"Gotta love a sense og humor in this city hahaha"- And then he takes another swig of the Wild Turkey as he was having a fun time messing with her.-

HyonekoHyuuga: -My body flowed with the music as i danced. My eyes floated to the little skirmish between the joker behinnd the bar and the bitch he was rather hilarously trying to over power. i mean honestly, don't men get it's more impressive to talk your way in? any fool can go in guns blazing but it took alot more than a big gun to talk your way in and out ot of situations...and beds. though she could see it was being handled so she continued to dance her skin glistening in the club lights and her breasts a blentiful E cup jiggled...and like always drawing more and more attension. i smiled they can have as big as they want in their pants this was my night-

KimiKatsu: By the time Kirei had reached the bar, it looked as if one female was having trouble with a male that was pouring his own drinks. The pink haired woman rolled her eyes a bit. The whole altercation was rather annoying to even look at. A business like this shouldn't have this kind of trouble going on. Kirei flipped her hair, though it was short, and approached the bar just as the man jumped over the counter. She ignored him completly. Beavis squirmed a bit in her arms, but she kept her grip on the pup tight. When she reached the bar itself, she lowered herself into one of the stools and crossed her left leg over her right. She was wearing her trademark light pink dress made from the finest silk. This dress, though it was short, had a slit going up past her right hip and exposed quite a bit of her cleavage and left most of her tattoos very visable. Her eyes located the frustrated looking female behind the counter and she flashed her a bright grin. She wasn't ready to order a drink just yet, so she slowly turned away from the counter in the stool to look out at the crowd that continued dancing on the dancefloor.

Yule: She sighed a little and then ran her hand through her hair a couple times. She just wanted to show people that she didn’t want to take shit from anyone. She fixed her tie that she was wearing. She loved the outfit she was wearing right now. It was possibly one of her favorites. After she was done doing that, she turned to the woman who sat at the bar. Her back was to Asami so she spoke loudly and clearly so the woman would hear her. “Is there anything I can help you with ma’am?” Her hands found a towel as she started to wipe down the bar, seeing as it got some spilt drinks on it while she was arguing with the man. She was still a little flustered by that and decided right there and then a different way to get what she wanted. She waited for the woman’s response and while she did some other things. She poured herself a shot while placing money for it under the bar. She threw the shot back and slammed the shot glass down on the counter, shaking her head a bit.

HyonekoHyuuga: -I stopped dancig as one of the usual street thugs came up to me. 'Hey sweet thing, this place is boring wanna follow me to somewhere funner, maybe abit more private? The again a top dollar like you doesn't mind where' -he flashed a wad off cash....i smiled- "I get paid up front though" -i pressed my boobs together with an innocent smile as the dumbass handed me the was light, probably 2 hundreds, swollen up by a bunch of ones so the usual girls he bought thought they got what they charged - "but one thing baby you have to guess my favorite it black or is it white?" 'It's white dollface, now let me taste some of that' -i giggled cutely as i slipped his pants off and pressed myself against him as i slid down...down... *click* i grabbed his cock wth one hand as my other hand in a 4 peice motion drew my ninjato,cut his cock off, wipped off the blood and sheathed it. He screamed and dropped to the floor his hands over where his man hood used to be, i quieted him by stuffing his mouth with his cock- "Shhh baby everyone will hear but your right dancing is getting boring i need a drink." - i giggled more as i walked over to the bar and took a seat, crossing my legs looking at the selection-

KimiKatsu: Beavis had settled down in Kirei's lap...until the woman behind the bar counter called out to her. Then, he bagan wiggling and nibbling on her forearm. Kirei scolded him quietly, but he continued. After sighing, she glanced over her shoulder at the woman and smiled again at her. "I'm actually quite indecisive. Do you have any recomendations for a woman like myself?" She asked. Her tone was pure and sweet. Beavis panted over exageratedly as he squirmed more, but her grip on the restless pup didn't loosen. "Beavis, no." She glared down at the small pup and his dark eyes met hers. Knowing that she only used his full name when she was being serious or introucing him, he huffed and laid still in her lap again tough his little tail continued to wag happily. "Good boy.." Kirei's gaze shifted from the pup to the woman again as she turned her stool a bit so she could have a better view of the woman. She was young. Cute. Would probably bring in some cash. While she waited for a response or suggestion, she looked back out at the crowd. Her hazel eyes caught a very..amusing sight. The younger fighter from the other night. Had he just? He did! Kirei couldn't help but chuckle as the boy fell. His cheeks seemed to pinken instantly. Oh the joys of being that young again! Now a days, Kirei hardly ever got embarassed. She merely acted bashful around the johns she took care of so they wouldn't know the real her. She even wore wigs. In this day and age, men got crazy. She wasn't ready for a true relationship. Atleast not one that most of the men she cared for wanted after she milked them dry. "Oh look at that.." She glanced back at the female behind the bar. "He looks like he's about to burst any second. And not an angry burst, if you know what I mean." She winked at the woman and chuckled again. Beavis could sense the playful tone Kirei's voice had taken on and began to squirm again. Her grip on him tightened again and she shook her head slowly. "Beavis, please calm down. Mommy doesn't want to have to get those little tennis balls between your legs chopped off and I know you wouldn't like it either." The pup whimpered gently as his pointed ears flattened against his skull.

HatakeHajime: As Hajime entered the office, he closed the door behind him in hopes that his boss would follow him inside. While inside of the confines of the office, Hajime looked through various cabinets until he found his Samurai garb. As he waited for his boss, Hajime would adorn himself in this garb. After removing his suit, Hajime would put this on. “Beautiful.” Hajime said as he looked into a mirror in the office. With that, Hajime messed his hair up—which changed his trademark messy spikes into a medium length shaggy look. After messing with his hair, Hajime would put on his mask, and his boots, and go to the gun case. Upon looking inside, Hajime found exactly what he wanted: a sniper rifle. “Perfect.” Hajime said as he gripped the gun firmly. He took it off the shelf and strapped it onto his back. Hearing the commotion outside of the office, Hajime locked the door immediately. He hopped onto the desk and popped open one of the ceiling tiles. He took the gun off of his back and began climbing through the ceiling. Upon reaching the inner ceiling of the bar, Hajime would slowly remove the tile—out of site and mind from anyone of course—as no one would be able to see him do it; due to him being dressed in dark clothes, in a dark club, and in the ceiling slightly behind the bar. Hajime pointed the sniper rifle out of the opening ever so slightly—as to still not be seen. He stared through the scope and noticed the bad bitch with the dick in her hand. Hajime whispered into his tactical visor’s mic with hopes his boss could hear him on the ear piece. “Oye, Bossu.” Hajime opened with his signature greeting. “I’mma blow this fuckin’ bitch’s head away.” Hajime said in the smallest of whispers. As the music in the club was bumpin’ and the commotion was still going on, Hajime would go about this message undetected and unheard. Hajime continued to whisper into the ear piece knowing that his boss would hear him. “Get her to stand still.” Hajime smiled as he lined up his shot. “This bitch ain’t gonna ruin my club with her ho shit.”

Pallas: -He finished the bottle he had been drinking and was upset that it did nothing for him-"Wild Turkey...why have you failed me so?"-He then stands up and begins to walk over back to the counter. He sees what Keyome was doing on the dance floor and laughed saying-"And thats the kid that is the head of that clan...I think I'm older than him...hahaha"-After saying this to himself he puts the empty bottle on the countertop and looks over to the woman he was messing with earlier.-"Thanks for the drink Love."-He then turns around and walks back to his seat and pull out another cigarette. Digging into his other pocket to grab his lighter and then lights his cigarette and releases a cloud of smoke into the air.-"I want to go kill something tonight..."-He jumps back up and looks around the club for anyone to take out-"No....I can't kill in here. Cause to much of a scene."-Then plops back down on the chair now bored as hell-"There is never anything fun to do in these places....I hate to dance...Something better pop up soon...."-He looks around and was dying of boredom. He was ready to just go outside and find anyone to fight or kill or just god damned do something rather than to just sit there and wait for something to happen.-

Yule: She smiled at the woman. She liked her and she barely knew her. Asami racked her brain for good drinks. “There’s always the good stuff like straight shots. I would suggest the Jammin’ Juice. It sounds really kiddish but it’s so good. But you should only drink it if you like fruity drinks. If you don’t I would suggest Jack or Brandy on the rocks, always classics in my mind.” She thought about some other things and then laughed at her comment on Tasanagi’s little fall. “Oh I understand.” She smiled and laughed a little. She was actually surprised that he would blush and be shy about it. He seemed like he would have been bold and unexpected. But to her surprise he was just like all younger guys. She smiled some more. She knew what it was like to be like that. Asami herself was still shy and she was twenty one. But she also looked like she was still sixteen to most people. She was taken out of her thoughts when she heard the woman talking to the dog in her lap. She laughed at the little comment about getting his nuts chopped off. Asami glanced over at the guy from before as he set the empty bottle on the bar. “If you were really thankful you’d pay for it you spoiled brat. I bet you think you can get away with anything.” She rolled her eyes as he walked away.

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DarkKeyome: My eyes widened, I bumped into the woman. And as I did I had saw her do something.... something that... it was just plain fucked up. OK the guy was sleazy... but to cut his dick off... In my friends club, in Haji's club... on Kagemaru clan turf.... How disrespectful... This area had been held as a scared place for Yakuza for 20 years to come and party without fighting. Course that’s be fucked up by some fucking knuckle head. As she walked off... I crouched next to the guy. Look at this pathetic world we live in. Most people were too fucking high to even see.... that were dancing in some mans blood. This... this is hell. We.. live in hell. I closed the man's eyes. And I looked to my right. Two of our bodyguards stained at the door I called them over. “ Yo... take this guy... drop him off at the hospital, get this shit cleaned up for me guys.” They nodded... they knew me...they knew I wasn’t a hot head... and I never disrespected anyone’s turf I was taught better. So... for someone to do it to us... Not acceptable. I watched the woman sit. And I pulled out my cell phone dialing Haji's number. “ Hajime...” I said looking at the office window to see my friend more than likely posted with his weapon on the woman. Haji saw everything... couldn’t get a damn thing past that guy. “.... I would handle her doing this. But she's too comfortable. I don’t care if you have to shoot the whole got damn club up. If she does this, other clans will think that its allowed. I say... don’t kill her, kick her ass a little...” I turned to the woman.“ Hit her leg, or her arm. “ He said as he closed his phone. Keyome pulled his right pistol out of his hollister and shot at four bootles surrounding more than likely one of the bullets would graze her cheeks on the right side.

Pallas: -He smiles as he hears her talk and then returns back to the bar and places his elbows on the counter top and then puts the amount of money needed to pay for that bottle. Then stands back up saying-"Cant get away with you there hun."-He then turns around walking away. Yes, he coud've just not paid and went on with his day but then what kind of asshole would he be. He didn't wanna be to mean to the girl on her fist day back there. He has a cocky smile on his face as he walks away and back to his chair as he pulls out his phone and begins to read emails he has and every so often look through his glasses up to the woman behind the bar and then back down to his phone. Still smoking on the cigarette he releases another cloud of smoke into the air. Then after a few minutes he puts his phone back in his pocket and kicks his feet up on the table and just relaxes for a moment.-"I wonder where Donchou is..."-He looks around to see where he went with his breifcase full of money but didn't bother to get up and look for the guy.-

HyonekoHyuuga: -Neko turned to the dance floor in her seat to face the dance floor wondering who the fuck bumped into her. I looked around seeing if i could spot a new dancer....hmmm the fighter boy from list night was here and he was looking at me..i rolled my eyes this was ironic...see him yesterday and bump into him today, he was a chairmen so i waved at him. My eyes widened as he fired at me, or rather around her..apparently i had pissed someone off ..instict told me somewhere there was a gun trained at my head i winced as i felt my right cheek bleed- " Nice shot, who's toes did i step on?" -talkng to the boy that held the pistol-

Yule: Asami smiled as she took the money for the bottle of Wild Turkey. She would have to start being more sarcastic more often. It seemed to get farther than being tough did. She put the money in the box behind the counter. Then she leaned back against the counter behind the bar. She was happy that she was here doing this whole thing. She always imagined being here but now that she finally was it was almost bittersweet. She’d glance around the club every so often and one of the times she did she saw that the guy was looking at her. She wondered if he was thinking of ways to bug her again or if he was just looking to be looking. She figured it didn’t matter and started to think of other things. She wondered what this mission was going to be that Tasanagi had talked to her about earlier. She hoped that she would be good enough to handle it. Absentmindedly she took one of her throwing knifes with the loops on the end and started twirling it around her finger. Her other arm went across her stomach as she semi-hugged herself.

HatakeHajime: “Iight, Bossu. However, if I miss and hit her face, we can get rid of day bitch later.” Hajime smiled as he continued to line up his shot. His shot was focused right on toppa dat bad bitch. “Ain’t no business like ho business, huh, bitch?” Hajime whispered to himself smiling. After Hajime cocked the locking mechanism on his rifle, he was set and ready to go. Hajime adjusted the silencer on the barrel, and kept his eye through his scope as he moved his hand away again to brace his weapon for the shot. At that very moment, Hajime fired his gun. The silencer would stop the sniper rifle from being heard above the music. Hajime’s stamina would prevent him from becoming unsteady due to blow back. Hajime smiled as he fired the shot, knowing that he couldn’t be seen and that the bullet was going way too fast for anyone to dodge. Even if her stamina was legendary, she couldn’t take a shot to the head. As his Bossu would say, ‘a head shot is a head shot.’


Pallas: -Even with the sound of a silencer being used he can still hear it with his training over the years he had been involved with crime. Looking around he knew there was a rifelman in here. He grabs his Baretta from his hip knowing that he could shoot down a rifleman with this gun being in a short space. But he did not want to be to quick to jump to conclusion. For all he knows this could be his own clans work so he gets up from the chair and walks behind the bar for him to remain unseen from anyone. He has his gun in his right hand ready to fire if something happens. He digs into his left jacket pocket and pulls out the supresser and twists it onto the barrell of his pistol.-"Best be quiet about it or I'll end up on the news again. Then he begins to head toward the office of the club, thinking that it would be the most logical place for a rifle shot. He leans on the outside of the door and tries to hear if there is anything inside. He did not know what was going on but he was ready to find out. But before he goes inside he pulls out his phone and texts Hajime. Yes, he does still want to knock Hajimes teeth in but this was his club and if shit pops off there then thats bad news for both clans. So he sends a text saying-"Who's the shooter?"-And puts the phone back in his pocket. He waits for a minute or two for the text to come through before he makes any more moves.-

==HyonekoHyuuga Left the chat after debate, singling her character forfiet to the gunfire.==

HatakeHajime: Hajime looked down at his now terminated target. “Applesauce, Bitch.” Hajime said. As her head was blown off her shoulders, Hajime felt a deep satisfaction knowing that he was able to honor the Yakuza’s Code of Ethics by invoking the rule of ‘a life for a life’. Hajime pulled his gun into the ceiling again, closing the tile beneath him. Hajime crawled back through the inside of the ceiling, making his way back to the office. Carrying his gun down through the ceiling of the office, Hajime would gently land on top of the desk, and hop off. As he landed on the floor on his toes, Hajime stood still and waited for his Bossu. As everyone ran out of the club in a panic, Hajime smiled as he stayed in the room unknown to everyone that he was the masked shooter.

DarkKeyome: * Keyome would slide his phone into his pockets shaking his head. " Good work..Someone....clean this shit up..." I walked over the body. Stepping into my office. After a few moments i came out with my clothing and my shot guns. " Yo.. Asami I'll be back. Keep it going in here...I got some shit to do. Tell Haji im borrowing the bike." I walked out of the club pulling the hood over my face as i hopped on the Ninja bike reving up and taking it off going into further town distrct 2.

Pallas: -As he sees the woman go down he loses interest in the whole situation and walks back downstairs. He sees everyone barge out of the club and he says to himself-"I hope the bar is still open after this..."-He then proceeds to walk in the direction of the bar and gets bumped by a person trying to run out.-"Motha fucka!"-He quickly turns around and raises his Baretta and shoots that man in the back as the silencer keeps everything hidden. He then walks over to the bar and sits down and slams his hand down on the counter top and yell out-"Is anyone still here serving drinks!?"-He then leans back in his chair until someone answers or long enough for him to figure out that no one is there anymore.-

Yule: Asami nodded as Tasanagi would talk to her. “I will Tasanagi.” Her voice was a bit quiet since she had just seen someone sitting at the bar get her head blown off. She would then put her throwing knife away and start to wipe blood off the bar. “Well this is most likely not appealing to anyone.” Her head turned when she heard the guy yelling and walked down the bar to where he sat and put her elbows on the bar. “What can I get ya?”

Pallas: -He looks at her and thinks for a moment and then says-"You know for a time like this...a glass of Scotch will do me just right. A fancy mans drink haha."-He then looks to the man he killed and asks to whoever was listening-"Should I set him on fire? Or is that a fire hazard?"-He laughs after he asks this and then turns his attentions to the lady serving him his drink.-

Yule: Asami laughed and got him a glass and poured him some Scotch. She then leaned back against the other counter and looked him over. He didn’t seem quiet annoying as he was earlier. But it was troublesome that he had shot someone. I’m sure someone would care. “There’s your Scotch.” She nodded in the direction of the cup.

PART 2...

HatakeHajime: Hajime laughed to himself noticing his Oyabun getting dressed and armed without noticing he was even there. “Nice.” Hajime smiled as he jumped out of the window in the back of the office. Hajime made sure to grab hold of the escape ladder. Hajime slowly climbed down the ladder in the alley way behind the club. Upon reaching the bottom, Hajime would hop off the ladder and on top of a black hummer parked in the alley. Hajime pulled out his keys, and clicked the buttons—which in turn would unlock the hummer. Hajime jumped onto the ground from the hummer and opened the car door. After getting inside, Hajime put on his belt and closed the door. Because of the darkness of the window’s tint, Hajime would not be seen as he would be hidden by the blackened tint—aside from being adorned in all black myself. Hajime put the car into drive, and kept a steady pace as he drove throughout the city. He kept to the speed limit, and did anything that any citizen would do normally. Before too long, Hajime would reach a building about 400 yards away from the action that was on the news. Hajime’s mission was to do whatever he could to help his Oyabun save that little girl. Hajime parked his hummer inside the shadowy darkness of an alley. His black hummer would be hidden by the night shadow. Hajime got out of his car and closed the door quietly behind him. Hajime—armed with his sniper rifle—began his ascension up the fire ladder to the roof of the distant building. Hajime set himself up with his sniper rifle, lining up to point out toward the building on the news. “Alright, now. Steady.” Hajime smiled as he lined up to the window of the building on one of the upper floors. He spoke into the mic on his visor in hopes that his Oyabun was wearing his. “Oye, Bossu. I’m lined up. I’m waiting on your order to blow someone away. We’re gonna bring that kid home.”

KimiKatsu: Because the club didn't have anything very interesting going on within it's walls, Kirei decided it was time to go. Beavis was also squirming around and whimpering to go outside. Shortly after stepping outside, Kirei set Beavis on the side walk next to her and ruffled the hair on his head a bit with her hand. "Stay right by my side. I know you're smart enough to do so. Otherwise you'll end up homeless again." The pup yipped at her. His tail was wagging wildly. Kirei straightened and stood to her full hieght of 5'6" before beginning her walk back home. Yeah, she could have hailed a cab, but she hadn't founf the time to walk in what felt like ages. As she walked, she hummed a gentle tune to herself and the pup that loyally followed by her side. That big breasted woman from before deserved to have her brains blown out. She was stupid for doing such a thing in the middle of a popular club. Kirei shook her head slowly. "I never understood women like that. They give other women such a bad name." Beavis looked up at her and opened his mouth slightly, letting his tongue roll out of the side of his mouth.

DarkKeyome: My black ninja bike ripped through the traffic dodging cars left to right as I flew down the high way. I was heading down to the hostage spot. I saw cops hiding around the area.... trying to get in close to the situation without there heads getting popped off by these lunatics. I saw the woman from earlier... hey i've seen her around a lot actually... she was just at the club, and I say her at my match the other night. I drifted hard my bike stopping right inront of her as I looked at her though my hood. “ Yo... up the street at the apartment complex... have you heard anything over there yet? I know that little kids over there... im just trying to see if she's gotten rescued yet... or.. if im too late.” I said eyeing the girl, eyeing her...well... her figure. I smirked.... but shook my head. Gotta stay focused... fuck.

KimiKatsu: "Eh?" Her eyes locked on the man as he pulled up in front of her on his bike. Her hazel eyes scanned him closely as he talked to her about something going on up the street. She was away of the kidnapping and of the little girl that was probably going to lose her life in a few hours. It was sad, but she honestly didn't think anyone would try to rescue the child. Some people were just cruel like that. "No...I haven't heard anything. Wait... you are trying to rescue her? A street fighter?" A slight smirk crossed her lips as her eyes locked on his own. She could tell that he was more focused on her full, hour glass figure. "Wow. You continue to amaze me. Do you mind if I tag along? Beavis won't be much trouble to you or the child. I can promise that." The pup sat next to her feet, his dark eyes on the man whom sat on the bike. The woman crossed her arms just beneathe her breasts and ushed up abit, increasing the size of her cleavage for him to gawk at. She just couldn't help herself sometimes.

DarkKeyome: I watched as she spoke to me. None the less... I couldnt help but stare.Specially with the breast notion she was hinting at me. But you know me... playing hard to get I shook my head smirking. She looked some kind of model... my teenage mind wouldnt allow my mind to full wrap around the fact, that it was clear she was a Yakuza. I bit my bottom lip listening to her speak before I looked out to the builing. “ Wait... wait aminute. Somone like you.... You could get those fuckers easy!” I said cooking up a plan. Quickly my I ripped my cell from my pocket dialing Haji's number from. “ Yo... if your around which... I hope you are. Stat close. I got an idea. You'll know what to do when its time to do it.” I hung up the phone. Me and Haji have worked together so long we could almost read each others minds. “ Get on my bike..” I said to her. I knew what I was going to do next. I rev'd up the engine of my bike taking off to the destination. After speaking to her about a plan for about 15 minutes keyome nodded his head. “ Alright just go through here through the air vent. Your smaller then me... It's easy you can do it. “ I put my hand down so she could open could crawl through the vent once she got through far enough she'd see the opening to the room more than likely. Keyome had given her a false gernade. And ordered her to scream that she was the cops and to toss the dud gernade on the ground, he knew the men would run out in a panic.

KimiKatsu: Kirei grabbed up Beavis in her arms and climbed onto the bike quickly. She could tell he had some sort of plan involving her now that he actually thought about it. On the way to the building, she listened to him closely. The wind whipping past her ears didn't seem to mess with her hearing at all. Once they were at the building and he had opened the vent for her, she took the dummy grenade in her hand and set Beavis next to the bike. "Stay, or mommy will be very upset with you." She waggled her pointer finger in the pups face and he quickly laid down. When she looked back at the boy she smiled. "Watch him. Make sure nothing happens to him, or your ass is mine." She winked at him and turned to climb into the open air vent. Because of her smaller size, moving throughthe vent was fairly easy. As soon as she reached the opening that led down into the room where she was told the men were hiding. She breathed out slowly, then spoke loud. "This is the KPD! Get down! We have you surrounded!" Just as she finished speaking, she held the grenade close to her chest, pulled the pin, and threw the dummie into the opening. She scooted back and put her hands over her ears just before the explosion.

HatakeHajime: Hajime scoped out the area. Hajime had a visual on the girl inside of the building. “Oye, Bossu. I got her in my sights. I can also see the offenders. They’re running out. The grenade trick worked.” Hajime smiled as he kept the offenders in his sights. “Bossu, get the girl now. I got my shot.” Hajime lined up his shot once again and pulled the cocking mechanism. Hajime fired his rifle from the distant building, taking the heads off of both of the offenders who had taken the girl hostage. “Applesauce, Bitch.” Hajime whispered to himself after taking the shot. He was satisfied to once again abide by the code by killing a pair of men who kidnapped a young girl. “You’re Clear.” Hajime said into his mic, hoping his Oyabun was listening.

DarkKeyome: I watched as the men ran out of the apartment screaming out “ GERNADE GERNADE GERNADE!” Idiots... wait what... those aren’t Yakuza... there wearing.... KPD Uniforms. But there skin.... it was deformed... sick looking. There eyes pulsed and oozed out a yellow substance that seemed to be there eyes decomposing right in there eye sockets. Streaming light flies...BOOM, BOOM!! there heads popped like flies. I threw my hands up. Jesus Hajime... I ran up the stairs within a few seconds. My eyes bore down on the young girl who seemed to be sitting on the floor in a rocking position. She had her knee's up to her face. This little girl... she.. she had bar-codes all over her body. I began to walk towards her. “ Hey... Your OK now kid.... ready go home to your parents...?” The little girl never spoke. She had bar code marks all over the lower parts of her arm. What the fuck... did they do to this kid. I carried her down back to the ground running over and scooping up Kirei's stupid dog. I waited for her to exit out of the air-event when she did we both rode off before the cops arrived as we passed by the little girl on the bike she stopped us. And asked me what my name was I began to speak... Kirei interrupted me. Telling the girl that was my name 'Super Man.' Well that’s a load of shit. M no hero... I smiled at the little girl and we road off. Once we got down the street from Kirei's home... I called the cops 12 minutes after we saved the girl on a payphone. Telling the KPD that she was safe... and they should pick her up. I deiced... that’s I’d stay the night at Kirei's... where I crashed on the couch. I called Hija. Telling him where I was and to make it home safely before I passed out... going to sleep. But oh.. don’t worry... my hand gripped my pistol... which I slept with on my chest. Just encase... the oh so humble Kirei... attempted to do something she'd regret. With that... I went to bed.

HatakeHajime: Now that the mission was accomplished, Hajime placed his rifle back onto his back and proceeded on his way. The child was saved, and that’s all he cared for at that time. His Bossu was safe as well. Hajime stayed until the police picked up the girl that night. After receiving his call from Keyome and finding out that he was at Kirei’s, Hajime did not have too many worries. Hajime rode the ladder back down the side of the building and got himself into his hummer and discretely drove off into the distance. He went into his home, ready for sleep so that he could awaken the next day. Hajime fell fast asleep.


  • A headless body, seeming to be female was found 25 miles in Distrct 2 at 6AM No evidence, but it seems to be from a large gun wound.
  • Two "sick" cops, seeming to be dead. Found notes within the apartment which they had the child kidnap, men were writing things of conspiracires or plain out insnanity for notes.
  • A man found penis-less was laid down infront of the hospital around 10pm. He was dead before the paramedics could even attend to him. Finger prints around the males removed area. Were similar to the finger prints on the behaded woman.