Pallas: -After some hours of flying through the skies, DOnnie has crossed state lies and no longer in the Yakuza grounds. He had made it to the heart of Texas and looks to have no clue where he is exactly. Alfreds voice appeared through the noise saying-"Sir, you are almost out of power. Where are you going?"-The Thrusters spewing out how Plasma energy, the suit feeling the heat as the metal around the thrusters have warped a bit. After a few more minutes of flying at 15,000 feet in the air, the suit begins to short circiut and the thrusters begin to flutter. Then Alfred's voice appears again saying-"Sir! The Suit has lost it's power, you are going down! What on Earth are you-"Then his voic clicks out as the suit loses all power. He begins to fall from the sky and down to the desert area of Texas. As he falls the thoughts of the fight with Keyo pass through his mind. The energy blast he used to send Keyo flying out of the penthouse after he destroyed it with an Apache Helicopter. Then of course the worst part....Kirei yelling out in saddness thinking that Keyo died. And the tears that were shed because of Donnie's actions. Then Donnie's eyes begin to glow a bright neon green as he is just about to hit the ground. As quickly forms a fist in his right hand and throws his arm down with his body weight as he crashes into the ground. The ground quakes as he hits it and a ripple effect occurs on the floor. This causing the floor to crack and lift up fom its original place on the crust of the planet. The sound of the Outer Shell Vibranium echoes through the barren wasteland. Donnie then slowly stands up as the heat is felt. It was 105 degrees when Donnie crashed, and the Suit wasn't helping. He looked down at his Arm Brace to see he had just enough power to retract the suit into the Arm Brace. As it returns back to its original position, Donnie's body is revealed to be shirtless and only wearing pants and shoes. He then begins to walk. It may seem as though he was lost, but he has a destination to reach. He had to look around for signs to see where he is so that way he can reach his destination. As he walks down a hill of sand, he sees a local gas station not to far from where he is. It takes him a few minutes but he reaches the Gas station with a drop of sweat falling from his forehead. He walks into the gas station as a bell rings fom the door. A man behind the counter greets Donnie by saying-"Well howdy stranger. Welcome to this hear 76 station. Feel free to look around."-Donnie looks around the shop and sees a black leather jacket he likes. He quickly grabs it and puts it on. It may have been hundred degrees, but Donnie never cared about the formalities. After putting the jacket on, he slowly walks over to the counter and says in a low and deep tone of voice-"Hey got any smokes?"-The worker then turns around and grabs a local brand of cigarette's, nothing to fancy. He then says to Donnie in a weird tone almost curious-"What...What's up with your eyes?"-Donnie slowly raise his face as the bright greeen eyes begin to glow. The worker stands behind a glass that is suppost to protect him but not when a Super Soldier walks into your shop. Donnie quickly sends his right hand through the glass and grabs the worker by the throat and pulls him out of the other side. He then turns the man over to where he laid on his back on the counter. Donnie then says in a deep and angry tone-" wrong with...YOUR FACE!?"-He then lifts his hand off the workers throat and smashes his fist into the nose of the worker. The workers face completely caves in and blood squirts everywhere as his body lifts up like a teeter-totter. Donnie then wipes the blood off his glove using the workers shirt and leaves the gas station; leaving a bloody mess behind him. He then looks to see that the worker was driving a beat up 72' Camaro. Donnie smiled and broke into the car. He knew that older cars did not have the best alarm systems, and this one did not have one at all. He then hot wires the car as the radio quickly turns on. It is playing "Short Change Hero" by The Heavy and the song seemed to be fitting for the situation he is in. Finally he puts the car in Drive and heads off to his destination.-

KimiKatsu: It’s been three days… There were two nurses ordered to stay at the house day and night to monitor Beavis as he rested in his doggy bed. So far…he was pulling through like a champ. They had to put pins in his shoulder to hold the cracked bone together. They said that the bullet had lodged itself into his shoulder, which was good and bad news; good because it didn’t get to do any horrible damage bad because if she wanted to bring him on any plane trips, they would have to wait for him to be checked and whatnot. Kirei sighed lightly. It was weird having to move into a new home within the span of two days. She had to hire a great deal of help, but it was done and the house was even upgraded with bullet proof glass and voice recognition security system that could put the entire house on lockdown in a matter of seconds. The man that was going to set up the back-up security system hadn’t been over yet. Kirei pulled her hair up into a high ponytail, though it was fashionably loose and somewhat messy. She had applied a small amount of make-up and pulled on a loose, blue and black kimono that showed off quite a bit of her bra. They had put one of those plastic cone thing around Beavis’s neck to keep him from chewing at his stitches. It was a silly looking thing, but he needed it and Beavis seemed a little upset lately, so, Kirei was going to do something for him…and Nami; who was sleeping up in her bed. It was quite early, so she decided to get maybe doughnuts or something for breakfast and a few things for Beavis to cheer him up while he was on bed rest. She also had to meet with the vet to discuss a bit of business involving Beavis’s injuries and whatnot. Kirei slipped a note onto her pillow next to Nami as she slept, stating she’d be back and that if she needed anything to call her cell. She also added that the nurses would be awake and monitoring Beavis again today. Kirei stepped out of her new home and slipped into the driver’s seat of a deep purple Volvo. This new car was very capable of keeping her safe from bullets and all of that. It had to be. Kirei’s new home was in District 1 like the rest of her homes, but was a full 15 minutes in the other direction of her club and other homes, but Kirei wasn’t going to any of the stores in District 1. All of the better gifts and stuff Beavis drooled over were in District 2. Kirei seat belted herself in at the first stoplight then headed for District 2.

Pallas: -As he drove he felt the air flow through his hair and it was a great feeling for him. No one to bother him out here in these places. No Yakuza trying to come after him. No Russians making a scene over something stupid. And best of one to lie to him. Lucky for him he crashed the suit close to his destination. He is in the middle of the desert as he comes up to a small house with a garage on the side of it. It was a weird place to put a house but I guess that is the only way Donnie's life would have it. He slowly stops the car infront of the house and turns the car off. He doesnt get out....not yet. He sits there and takes everything in, like as if the place was a memory. Then an old white man would walk out of the house. He looked at Donnie and Donnie looked back, nothing being said. Then the white man goes back into his house. Now Donnie gets out of the car and begins to walk towards the house. As he walks in he sees the old man sitting in a lazyboy chair and holding onto a cane. Donnie looks around to see pictures of a happy white family and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Then the white man speaks out to Donnie-"Well well....I never thought I'd see that face of yours again. Not gunna've seen better days....Deadshot..."-He then turns his head to look out the window and he continues talking-"Or do you still go by The Dragon?...God you have the worse choice of names. And now Donnie Yun is your name. God Son, you sure do have no creativity."-He then looks to the picture next to his chair that is of his family. The room then goes silent. The old man then stands up chest to chest with Donnie and asks-"What the hell are you fucking doing here? You here to finish what you started? Couldn't just let me rot here could you..."-Donnie looks down to him as his eyes remain Neon Green. He then says in a sad tone, you can here the remorse in his voice as he talks-"I came...I came here because I need your help."-The old man huffs and begins to walk into the kitchen. Donnie does not move at all. The old man then says in an angry voice-"You need my help!? Why the fuck would I ever help you? Help the man who ruined my life....HA!"-Donnie looks at the man and replies to him by saying-"I know...what I did was wrong....It was an eye for an eye Richard..."-The old man then presses his hands against the counter he has in the kitchen and then says in a broken tone of voice-"Yeah...I guess I deserved it for what I did to you...Shitty word we lived in kid..."-The old man huffs again and then looks at him-"The past is the past....Whatever you need from me...must be big...otherwise you wouldnt be here. What can I help you with?"-Donnie then goes on to tell the entire story of his year. The ups and the downs. All the way from the first fight between Keyome and Danchou to the fight he personally had with Keyome. The old man had to go back to sitting down from all the things he heard. He then looks up at Donnie with a disappointed face.-"Times have long past and changed....yet you remain the same. And the one change you have to a normal let go."-Donnie doesn't say much back, only look out the window. Donnie then says to the old man-"Richard, I need this. I did not want to even fight him...he came to me....And I was happy...finally being in a normal life...but life never lets me be happy."-The old man then stands up and places his hand on Donnie's shoulder and says in a polite and actually caring tone-"Son, this is the part when I say you can have a normal life if you just keep trying at it. But you are not a person who will EVER have a normal life. Your life was and is meant to be out of the ordinary. You have seen to mch death and to much sorrow. Your nothing but pain and suffering. But the old Donnie or Deadshot as we used to call you...just simply enjoyed it. Now this Keyome fellow...he sounds like someone I would have been sent to kill. I can't say I like him much either hahaha. But the question is...what do you want from me?"-Donnie slowly raises his head and turns to the old man and says-"All my life, I held on to what you did. Held onto it with all the hate in my heart. You took my parents from life from me...and in turn I took your family....Now this man....Keyome...has done the same to me."-He balls a fist and looks directly into the old mans eyes and says in a determined tone-"I need the blades you used to kill my parents..."-The old mans eyes widened and quickly replied saying-"No! No, no, no, no. This is un-acceptable. Those blades have been put away for years. They have never been used after the situation we had. Donnie, you beat me with your own blades....why do you need these ones?"-Donnie looks at him gain and replies-"I did not beat the blades...I beat the man holding them. I know what those blades are Richard...Please...give them to me."-The old mans face turns pale as he walks into the other room. After a few minutes he comes back own as he holds two katanas in his right hand. His eyes watery from what is about to happen, but he understands how Donnie feels. Sadly, even though they were onc enemies...they came together for this one time. The old man hands Donnie the blades unhappy about it and says-"I hope you have learned from the first time something like this happened....Im afaid history has once again repeated itself."-After saying this he quickly walks into the next room and slams the door behind him. Donnie then looks down at the katanas and does not even open them to check if they are the right blades. He just knew that they were. Finally, he latches them both to his back as they create the X formation and he begins to leave the house. But before he leaves he stops at the doorway and says-"Thank you..Captain Richard Hacktavish."-And then walks back to the car. After getting back into the car, he knows what he must do now. It was time to shake things up. The next few days....were going to be a New Life.-

KimiKatsu: Kirei’s drive into District 2 came out to a total of one hour and some change. She hated driving so far, but it would be worth it. She pulled up in front of a store that was run by a young Yakuza and turned the key. The Volvo shut off immediately and she pulled the key out and shoved it into her bra. After opening her door, she slipped out slowly and then stepped back to close her door. After smoothing out her kimono with her hands, she moved around her car and up to the door of the store. She grabbed the door handle and pulled it open wide before stepping in. Once fully inside, she let the door close on its own as she waved her hand at the cashier and moved towards the art supplies in the back. Her deep hazel eyes scanned all of the markers and crayons and paint that lined the shelves in the back. There was so much to pick from. Kirei sighed and grabbed a packet of paint brushes, then pulled a four pound box of paints off of a shelf. She held the box under her left arm and the brushes in the right. Then, she grabbed a package of large paper and hauled everything to the front of the store. The female cashier blinked and eyed her curiously before ringing up her total, $38.96. Kirei set the paper and brushes on the counter and fished a fifty out of her bra. “Keep it all…” She murmured lightly as she grabbed her paper and brushes to leave. Once out of the store, she heard the door behind her. When she turned, the cashier was asking if she could help her with her groceries. Kirei let out a gentle giggle and nodded. “I left it unlocked.” The woman raised an eyebrow at her. “I trust this city a little too much…” She laughed a bit and the woman did as well. After the woman helped Kirei slip her groceries into the trunk, she waved and stepped into the store once again. Kirei was on her way to the doughnut shop in no time.

Pallas: : -Three days have past since the meeting he had with an old nemesis. By now he was making his way back to the Big City. Some miner diferences have been done to Donnie's look. He dyed his hair black and changed the style to make sure he did not look like his old self. His eye color remained Neon Green from the full completion of the Super Soldier Serum. He kept the Visor though to use the Yun Corp Technology secretly without anyone knowing. His new threads still having the black jacket and new pants. And the newest addition of it all is a black and red mask that he wears to hide his identity. Although the scars on his body could give him away, he highly doubted that anyone would actually recognize him. Only one person had seen his scarred body and she was not exactly in the picture anymore. But with the mask, hopefully even she would not know who he is. He reaches the outskirts of District two at midnight on a friday. A perfect day to raise some hell. He is now driving a 07' Escalade as the windows were Limo Tinted. He slowly comes to a stop right outside the main party areas of District 2. Then two other Escalade's roll up next to him. Zero's voice would speak through the earpieces as he says-"Team Zero is ready to rock."-Then in the second car, a new member of Unit Bad Blood is Codename: Hunter.-"Team Hunter is locked and ready to rock. Let's make an entrance."-Donnie smirks under his mask and then spoke. His voice no longer the same as the mask changed his voice into a english sounding voice with nothing but pain and evilness-"Good...From the intel the Predator Drones and Sector teams have brought us....I think I am going to give our friend Kirei a visit."-Then a womans voice would come up and say-"Sir, we have her spotted leaving the house and going into a car. We have had her tailed since she moved into a new plac in District 1. Codename: FlyBird out."-Donnie then says in the same evil voice-"Perfect...time to send a message to everyone. Team Zero I want you to go to any active clubs, wether they are filled with Russians who think they own this city or Yakuza who are just plain stupid. And keep a count. Team Hunter, I want you to attack the Russians head on. Hit the docks of the City and blast anything that is helping the Russians."-Both of them accept the mission that is given to them and drive off into the night. A few minutes pass and Alfred's voice would say-"And where will you be going Sir?"-Donnie says nothing for a few seconds then replys-"I am sending a message."-Then he drives off heading into District 1. He drives for a few minutes and reaches the street that had Kirei's new house. He slowly walks up to the doorway and sees the new security system that is on the house. He smirked under the mask again and thought to himself-"Still using shitty security."-He then reaches into a pouch that had some tools and grabbed a square that attached to the voice recognition machine. Then as he attached it to the seurity system numbers would begin to flow across the screen then the numbers would stop and Donnie would say-"Open"- The machine he pulled out changes the voice reognition code to Donnie's new found voice and overrides the new security system. Though it may be a trap as well, Donnie is not worried. He slowly walks into the room as his boots make that pounding sound against the floor. He draws one blade as the smooth sound of the metal shings throughout the entire house like music. He then uses his great sense of smell to ring out the K-9 in the house. He smirks under the mask and begins to walk in the direction of the puppy.-"Come puppy. I have a treat for you."-He then walks into the room of the injured puppy who is practically helpless in this situation. Donnie gets to where the dog is lying and bends down to pet it. While he does this he says-"Oh this is no way to treat a dog. This cone is just terrible."-He then tkes the cone off of the dogs head and puts the blade on his lap. He then says-"You know this is a happy release. There is nothing sweeter...than death."-Donnie then puts his hand behind the dogs head, lifting it up slightly and slashes his blade down at the dogs throat. The sound of blood splattering on the floor and walls would be the only thing heard. He then walks to the main room while holding the head of the dog. He looks for a blank wall or at least an open space and walks over to it. He then uses the raw side of the dogs head to write out-"DeadShot"-into the wall. Deadshot is a name that was given to him by Captain Richard who was the man responsible for killing DOnnie's parents. A name that is only know to one person. The peoplw ho did know it never got the chance to speak of it as they met their ends to Donnie's old Oil Blades. After writing the Name into the wall he drops the head on the floor and walks out of the house. He then heads back to the car and drives off into the night. As he drives away from the scene he calls into both Teams and asks-"How are we doing Zero, Hunter?"-Hunter is the first to reply by saying-"So far so good Sir. We have taken control of one of the Russian Supply ships and am currectly looking over the datalog for intel."-Then Zero comes in saying-"The clubs are pretty empty tonight. Only a few Russians and maybe ten Yakuza. It seems everyone is still flustered over the Russian Takeover. But our presence was felt. A lot of screams haha."-DOnnie confirms this with them and continues on driving away from District 1.-

KimiKatsu: Kirei had the box of doughnuts sitting in the front seat so she could make sure they didn’t fall over or get smashed when she began her drive home, but she wasn’t headed home just yet. Kirei pulled up to a coffee shop that had places to sit outside. She figured she’d grab a cup and relax a bit before the drive, so she pulled into the nearest parking spot and hopped out of her car. After slipping the key into her bra, she moved up to the outside counter and ordered a mocha latte for herself. After paying, they handed her the cup of coffee and she moved to a small table meant for two and lowered herself into the chair facing towards her car. She brought the cup to her lips and lightly sipped at the hot beverage. Meanwhile, at home, Beavis’s ears perked to a light noise. It could’ve been nothing, but he lifted his head from his paws out of curiosity. A familiar scent drifted towards his nose. He used to always smell it on Kirei when she came home. The dogs tail wagged, despite the injury he had received he was somehow still able to. When Donnie came in, Beavis licked his lips a little and made an attempt to get up, but it failed. He huffed lightly and waited for Donnie to come closer. His deep brown eyes locked on the man as he neared. His tail gently thumped against the ground. He could hear everything the man said. Understand it, even. At the word ‘death’ Beavis tried to pull away, but the man’s hand behind his head prevented it. The glint of a blade and the mask was the last thing he saw before he felt the quick sting of the blade through his flesh….then…nothing.

Pallas: -DOnnie drives out of District 1 and enters into District 2 and he calls into the two other cars and says-"Meet up at Station two and we will begin process A."-The other two confirmed this and began to drive to the specific location. In a few minutes all three cars would arrive next to eachother infront of a huge building. The building for the Cities News. All the news comes from here and this is where Donnie will make his new found presence felt to everyone. All three of them step out of the vehicles and DOnnie says-"It will take no more than the three of us to do this mission. See you both when this is over, Bad Blood."-After saying this all three men would walk inside of the News Station. Donnie quickly draws both blades and slashes the security guard into three pieces. The blades are made out of a special metal (That will remain nameless until reaveled IC) and it slashes through anything like butter. Blood splatters on the walls as he walks inside. Two more security guards came out and said-"Freeze!"-At which Zero would dive into the room with two Custom M1911's and fires two shots from a supressed gun and hit both men in the middle of the eyes. Blood flies out of their heads as Zero lands on the ground. They are all wearing the same kind of mask Black and white with razor sharp teeth on the mouth area. After they enter the building Hunter walks in behind them as he carries an AA-12 shotgun with duel drum mags, red dot sight, grip, and a shoulder strap to ease the weight of the weapon. The gun weighed around fifty pounds with one mad and seventy pounds with a dual mag. He was there backup and watched behind them incase someone opped out with a sneak attack. The alarms were not activated because of the guards being dead. DOnnie walks into the security office and completley cuts the security power to the building and continues on with the mission. He gets to the elevator and presses the fifth floor, the News Room. When they got to the door of the News Room, Donnie looked to them both and then kicked open the door. They all entered together with their guns and swords pointed at all the people inside of the News Room. The session was live and they had to completely stop the broadcast. So the people at home were watching silence for the first few seconds. What could they have planned?-

KimiKatsu: Kirei sipped at her coffee again before setting the cup down onto the colorful table's surface. The day seemed to be starting off well. She reached into her bra with her right hand and fished out her phone. She hadn't watched the news yet and figured she could catch the live feed at about this time. So, she unlocked her phone and pressed on the icon that would open up the website for the news where they streamed their afternoon news live. It all started out pretty normal. Weather reports and all that, but there was a loud noise in the background. Then more. It obviously wasn't part of the script because the news anchors had stopped their report to look around and then back at the camera with confusion. Kirei raised a brow as she became confused, too. "What the hell?" Then, the broadcast stopped. She blinked. "That was...wierd.." Part of her told her to just turn it off and finish enjoying the coffee so she could get home...the other part was compelled to keep watching.

Pallas: : -After they take control of the News station Donnie puts his swords back into their holders and looks at all the people there. He then says in a polite english tone-"Please, do not worry. We are here to deliver a message and then we shall be on our way. If you cooperate with us, you shall live."-He then walks over to the Anchorman chair and ositions himself infront of the Camera. The broadcast is still running and all the people are continueing with their jobs to keep the show running for them. The fear of dying was more than enough to control them. He then speaks to the people of the City.-"Hello ladies and gentleman. I am Deadshot, here to spread some freedom to our City. The Yakuza and KPD have taken control of OUR City! We the PEOPLE will cast these Corrupted people out of the City. The Yakuza shall BURN down to the RUBBLE at which they first were grown. The KPD shall DIE and be cast out from the city! The RICH and POWERFUL will be sent to the depths of HELL before they have anymore corruption in this City. This was once a City of hope and light. We shall have it return! So please, stay glued to the news as I, Deadshot, will be bringing HELL itself to the gates of this City to restore it to it's natural order.....Bad Blood...."-Zero then shoots the camera and sends the channel into a white and black fuzz. Donnie gets up and walks back to the others and looks to the workers and says-"Thank you for your cooperation. The People...shall rule this City. Not the Yakuza or KPD. Join our Army and together we can win."-He then exits the area with the two other soldiers and exits the News Room. As they walked out of the building and back to their cars, Donnie looked at the two of them and said-"Meet at Hideout A."-They nodded and began to drive to the designated area.-

KimiKatsu: : Kirei blinked as the news feed suddenly came on. There was a man.. A man wearing a mask. It was black and white with sharp teeth painted on. Kirei furrowed her brow a bit as she watched the news feed. He must've been the source of the loud noises... As the live feed came to a close, Kirei had slowly risen to her feet. A new threat... Someone wanting to kill all of the Yakuza AND the KPD. She gritted her teeth. This AND the Russians? Kirei had to get home. Right as the feed cut off, she got a phone call. She pressed her thumb against the green cube and slid it across the sceen to accept the call. She brought the phone up to her ear as she started heading for her car, leaving her coffee behind. There were frantic voices on the phone. Crying. Yelling. Kirei's eyes widened. They couldn't tell her what happened. They were too hysterical. But she knew it was either Beavis or Nami that was hurt. She pressed the end button on her phone to quickly end the call as she ran for her car. Once at the drivers side, she grabbed the handle and yanked on it. It didn't take her long to drive off. She hadn't even belted herself in. Kirei's foot was pressed all the way down on the gas pedle. The car was zipping through the streets. She flew through red lights and took the turns sharply. This cut her trip down by nearly a half an hour. She slammed her foot on the brake, screeching to a halt in front of her home. The nurses were outside sobbing hysterically. When they saw Kirei jumping out of her car and running up, they pointed to the house, but they still couldn't bear to form the words and tell her what they saw. Kirei didn't bother trying to ask and ran inside. The front door led into the living room. Kirei didn't bother to close the door behind her as she hurried inside. "Nami! Beavis!?" She shouted as she ran into the kitchen, not noticing the gift that was left on the wall just yet. As she ran into the kitchen, she saw it. The white tiles covered with blood spatter that led up to the pet bed. "B-Beavis!" She shouted. Her voice broke...and it felt like her heart did too. She tried to walk towards him as her face reddened and scrunched up some, but she suddenly felt weak in the knees. Kirei fell to the side and caught herself with the nearby counter, but slowly slid to the floor with her legs out and folded in off to the side and her side up against the counter so she faced the mess. Tears poured down her cheeks as she screamed out. Her arm lost it's grip on the counter and fell into her lap as her opposite hand came up in front of her mouth. She began to sob and cry, the hardest she had ever done. Her shoulders shook. Her body trembled. "Beavis!" She cried. It was full of pain and sorrow. "Beavis." She sobbed his name and closed her eyes tight, letting the tears flow as she sobbed hysterically and screamed again.

Pallas: : -As they drive to the hideout they get to the popular area of District 2. Within seconds of reaching the party district a convoy of four armored cars stop infront of them. The three escalades quickly hault and they wait. Then six men jump out of each car making a total of swenty four men in the lineup. They looked Russian and this only made the night fun. Donnie clicked his earpiece and then said-"Handle them boys."-At which Zero would go to the backseat where he had an RPG-7 in a box waiting to be used. He grabs it and sticks his body through the sunroof. He then quickly shoots a RPG round into one of the four vehicles as those six men are sent flying. The citizens in the clubs and stores all run and scream from the chaos. Hunter quickly grabs his AA-12 and uses his explosive rounds. These rounds are shotgun shells that create a small explosion on impact. He steps out of the car and says in a deep tone-"Eat shit you fucking Vodka drinking fuckjobs!"-Then the thundering sound of the Automatic Shotgun rings through everyones ears. The sound could be heard for miles as the shells explode on the cars causing them to explode one by one. Three huge explosions happen in a matter of seconds as Hunter mows down the line. Zero then draws his two Custom M1911's and picks off the few that were still even alive. Zero then yells out-"WOOOOOO! Thats what Im talking about. BAD BLOOD mothafuckas! ah ha."-He then slips back down into his drivers seat and is ready to leave. Hunter looks around to see all the people scatter before stepping back into his car. Donnie voics to the two of them saying-"Nicely done. That is a sent message to the Russians..that Bad Blood is not to be fucked with..."-The three cars then drove past the chaos they created and continued on to Hideout A. This is the begining of a new Super Power in this City. And with Yun Corp out of commision with the "disappearance" of Donnie, Bad Blood is taking control of the City.

KimiKatsu: : The nurses heard her yelling and only became more hysterical as they hugged each other and sunk into the grass, holding each other and cying. Kirei looked away from Beavis' body and continued to sob hysterically as she pulled her phone from her bra. She pressed the send button after finding Donnie's name and contact number and put the phone up to her ear. She knew no one had seen him days since...the fight... but she prayed he'd answer. She wanted him to pick up. To console her. She sobbed hard as the phone rang. While she waited, she glanced back over at the body. She cringed and turned away again. The pain hit her hard again and she closed her eyes, leaning against the counter. "P-Please...please..."

Pallas : -As he drove to the hideout, the same woman from earlier comes up on the mic and says-"Sir, Kirei has returned home to see the message that you left her. Codename: Flybird out."-At frist for a few seconds, Donnie felt sad for what he did. For once there was a person better yet...a pet...who liked him and he killed it. Is that what his life is always going to be about? To him is was just a dog but in seeing how the dog welcomed him as a friend at first made him feel bad. Maybe he could have done something different? He then clinches his fists around the wheel of the car and says-"Hated that damned dog anyways.."-His bright Neon Green eyes peeking through the mask as he continued to drive to the hideout. As they reached the abandoned building they drive into an empty lot precisely next to eachother. Then the floor would lower down and enter a room below the floor. They would all drive off the platform and then it returned to its normal position. They all got out of the car laughing and Donnie says-"Guys, that was a great first day. We accomplished a lot. Let's get some rest and tomorrow is a new day for us."-They al laughed and nodded before heading off into their individual rooms. When Donnie got to his he felt his phone vibrating and he looked to see who had been calling. Seeing it was Kirei who was calling he was ready to pick it up instantly. But he knew what had to be done. He let it ring out to voicemail and it said in his regular tone-"Hi, you've reached Donnie please leave a message and I will get back to you."- He then crushed the phone in his hand as the pieces fall to the floor. He was no longer the man she knew to care for. That DOnnie....died the moment she yelled Keyo's name. He slowly takes the mask off and sets it on the table as he lays down in his bed. Instead of sleeping like the other men, he goes into a deep thought on what he is doing.-

KimiKatsu: When Kirei heard the voicemail pick up the phone, she broke down again. At the beep, she tried to speak, but the first few moments were just sobbing. “D-Donnie~ Donnie, I need you…Please… It’s Beavis…he’s…Oh Donnie!” She couldn’t stop crying. She had become so hysterical that her breathing became hyperventilating. She dropped her cell on the floor and leaned forward, hugging herself tightly. Tears streamed down her cheeks and dripped onto the floor. Kirei unwrapped her arms from around herself and began to slowly crawl towards the dogs body. As she got closer, realization hit her hard. Kirei screamed out a pain filled scream as she got close enough to see what was actually done. She instinctively reached down and pulled Beavis’ body into a tight embrace. Blood still poured from his wound, covering her chest before it ran down the whole front of her torso and stained her kimono. Kirei sobbed hard as she kept her embrace tight. Just as she sobbed into the dog’s fur, a police officer barged into the kitchen, his gun raised. Kirei paid him no mind. He lowered his weapon and sighed as his partners looked at the message on the wall. The nurses must’ve called someone finally. “He’s gone, ma’am…you’re going to have to come to the station with me…” As he neared her, she yelled for him to go away. Another wave of agony and sorrow washed over her and she began to sob again.

Pallas : -After a few minutes of sitting in the darkness, he sighs and gets up from his bed. He built this place like a fortress and knows that his defenseive is always top notch. He walks outside to where the hidden building overlooks the beautiful City. He sets his elbows on the railing of the balcony while he looks at the stars and the Moon that floats high in the sky. He thought about the plan he had built and if everything he is doing is worth it. But then he remembers the fight he had with Keyo. The day that everything changed. In only a few seconds...his life changed. Zero walks out of the building, him not being able to sleep either. He walks next to Donnie and asks-"You're thinking about her...aren't you?"-In which case Donnie would reply back-"Only thinkng about the plan Zero. I can care less about her now. She fucked it all up by being with Keyome. Now they all will burn for those actions."-Zero pulls out a cigarette and hands one to DOnnie. He lights them both up and continues the conversation by saying-"Hell is going to break loose over this. It won't be an easy job...but I am behind you 100% and I know Hunter is as well. But I gotta ask....where did you go tonight? What message was sent?"-Then DOnnie takes a big inhale of tobacco product and says to Zero while releasing the smoke-"I killed the most important thing in her life. That damned dog. And I left a message in it's blood. Bad Blood, we create it. We mold it. We kill it. Kirei will have her time but I want her to watch me kill Keyome. I want her to cry like she did after the fight. And this time Keyome will have no excuses. His arm...VS my Blades...The reason why I went to the Captain."-He continues smokeing the tobacco product and the conversation continues on. What exactly is DOnnie hiding with those Blades?-

KimiKatsu : The cop had to pry Kirei away from the body of her beloved dog for the coroners to pick it up after pictures of the crime scene were taken. She kicked and screamed, had even punched the officer dragging her, but he grabbed her anle and dragged her into the living room. The main room. When she got up to run into the kitchen, something caught her attention. Something on the wall that hadn't been there when she left. She turned her head to look, but a man stood in her way to take a picture. ANother man was walking out of the door with a white bag. There were blood stains all over it. Kirei's heart shattered fully and she slowly sunk to the ground. She felt so...defeated... The cop grabbed her arm as she fell and pulled her to her feet. "Come on." He said rather firmly. His eye was already swelling up as he pulled her out of the house. There were a few squad cars, an ambulance, a firetruck, a coroners van, a CSI vehicle, and reporters. Right as Kirei was taken outside, they rushed her and the police man. They questioned her vigorously, but she didn't speak... she couldn't. The cop only told them they'd have more details once the autopsy was done. There was no doubt this was streaming live on the news right now and would replay several times. The cop shoved her against the police car and she grunted lightly. There was a tightness in her ache in her throat as he cuffed her. "I don't care who you one punches me in the face, you stupid bitch." The cops voice was hushed in her ear as her leaned in against her. When her stepped back, he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her back, and shoved her in the car, playing off the fact that he had purposly hit her head on the car as an accident before shutting the door. The cameras had all caught it. Those would be played on the news as well. Kirei just laid in the back of the car with her legs over the edge of the seat and her torso turned so that her chest was against the seat. She kept her face against the seat as the cop hopped in his side and slammed his door. It wasn't long before they were headed to the precinct.

Pallas : -Zero and DOnnie continued to talk and the conversation got lighter as they laughed and carried on as if the world wasn't in war. Then Hunter comes running out of the door and says-"We have a problem."-Hunter then showed DOnnie and Zero the news and what was happening to Kirei. Donnie's eyes glowed Neon Green from the anger building up as he watched the cop mistreat her. He then looked to his two right hand men and said-"Come on guys...our night ain't over yet."-Donnie then ran back to the room and saw that his glowing green eyes were very visable and probably a dead give away to anyone who knew about the Super Soldier Serum inside of him. He quickly puts on Blue Contacts to at least change the color of the glow. Afterword he puts his mask back on and got in the car. They all got into one Escalade for this mission and waited for the platform to drop. After they got to normal flooring, Donnie put the car in drive and began to drive to the precinct. Donnie looked at the two men and asked-"What do we have in here for you both to use?"-Zero looked around and found a gun case for a UMP45 with red dot sight, extended mag, laser and flashlight, with a foregrip. Zero looked at Donnie and said-"I got dibs on this badboy."-Then Hunter looked around the back to find a larger box and opened it up. Inside he found a Custom Golden M4A1 rifle with dual mag, laser and flashlight, ACOG scope, and foregrip. They were locked and loaded to bring the whole department down if they need too. As they arrived to the KPD station they saw that Kirei and the bastard cop had not arrived yet so they parked the car close to the Station but not to close to be spotted. They were now playing the waiting game for Kirei to arrive.-

KimiKatsu : As Kirei laid in the car with her face down in the seat, the cop spoke in a hushed voice to her. "Think you're so high and mighty because your a chairwoman...hmph... Punch me, I'll make sure to get you a lot of jail time. Especially after you threatened to kill me and my family." Kirei didn't respond. She only cried softly into the seat of the car. Beavis. Her dog. Her...her baby... She sniffled lightly and the cop chuckled. "Over a fucking dog...some people.." Her body convulsed as she swallowed back a sob and bit down lightly on her lower lip. It wasn't long before the cop pulled up to the station as he was radioing in. "Open a questioning room for our celebrity guest, please. I can handle her myself." He said lightly into the walkie talkie. There was a response. A woman's voice 'OK'ing the cop's orders. As he kicked open his car door, he went on about how he would ruin her and proceeded to stand and make his way to the back seat door. He grabbed the handle and pulled on it hard, flinging the door open. She didn't move. "Gonna play hard to get? Fine..." Her reached in and grabbed her by her hair again and pulled her out by it. He chuckled again as he pulled hard once and watched her fall out and onto the concrete. In the back of her mind...she prayed this new threat would kill all of the KPD, now. After a moment, the cop reached down and grabbed Kirei by her left elbow and yanked her up. When she was sitting up, he yanked harder. She reluctantly rose to her feet and he sighed. “Resisting arrest…the list keeps growing.” She didn’t look at him. The cop chuckled darkly and practically dragged her into the station with how fast he was walking. Once inside, he pulled her to the wing that consisted of interrogating rooms. A woman was just unlocking one as he came through. “This the room?” The woman nodded and moved out of his way. As he came into the room, he slammed the door shut. The cop threw Kirei into the chair. She stumbled and ended up tripping and falling into the chair. As her side hit the chair, it toppled over and she came up over the chair a bit, ending in a bent over position. The cop smirked. The act was being videotaped…though the small group of cops were some of the ones that abused their power…and liked seeing a woman being taught who was in charge.

Pallas : -As Donnie watched the cop man-handle her his eyes would begin to glor a birhg blue, brighter than ever before. His Anger was skyrocketing. Seeing another man touch her sent his anger through the roof. Even with his plan in mind, he was not going to let some man do that to her. Which is ironic because it is his actions that got her into this mess to begin with. A strange mind Donnie has...a strange mind indeed. Zero saw the care that Donnie has for her and sees how far he is willing to go to back up his friend. Even thought Zero is below DOnnie in ranks, Donnie never treated him as a subordinant. Zero was and is always a friend first and a soldier second. Zero puts his hand on Donnie's shoulder and says-"Calm down D. We need you focused and not a hot head who wants to blow things up. We need the Super Soldier...not the Super Angry Man."-DOnnie understood that his anger will only put his friends in danger and he controls it. The bright glow of Blue would slowly fade back to a smaller glow as he was not able to hold back all of his anger. Zero was happy with what he got beause with DOnnie...anything can happen. Donnie waits patiently for the cop to take Kirei inside before they continued with the plan. Zero quickly grabbed his UMP45 and put a suppressor on the edge of the barrell just to be stealthy for the first part of the mission. He aims down his sights to the cops that guard the outside as he picks them off one by one. The silent *Phew phew* ringing through the car as five cops lay dead on the floor. As they reached the frontdoor they walked in together at the same time and Donnie says-"Excuse me officers...I've got a complaint."-and immedietley after saying this, all hell breaks loose. Zero and Hunter begin to unload their clips into the KPD officers while Donnie draws his blades and goes to find Kirei. Donnie's Superhuman speed sends him dashing through the station. He slashed his blade at some cops and completely decapitates them like it was nothing. Blood flies everywhere from the bullets and blades. Donnie figures that if Kirei was going to be anywhere, it would be the Interigation rooms or the holding cells. Donnie would head into the direction of these areas as Zero and Hunter made their way deeper into the precinct; creating a blood bath of KPD officers.-

KimiKatsu : The cops behind the glass merely chuckled and talked amungst themselves as if they were together watching a football game. Kirei was bent over the table and being held down by the cop whose black eye darkened in color. He was eyeing her ass as she laid across the table. Her eyes were closed as her cheek was pressed against the metal table harder. The cop chuckled lightly and used his other hand to grab a handful of her ass. "All of those whores we catch...their your girls. They must've learned from the best." He said as he groped her again. "I've always liked my women with a little fight in 'em. Your girls never disappointed." He loosened his grip, then flattened his hand and pulled it back before bringing it forward to smack her hind end hard. Kirei winced and yelped lightly. The men behind the glass watched intently, as if the most important part of the movie was coming up. The cop quickly grabbed her by her shoulders, pulled her up, turned her around, and forced her down on the table. She tried to push against him, but he put his foot behind hers and pulled his foot back towards him. This caused her to trip and fall onto the table. The impact was hard enough to hurt her elbows and make her yell out a bit.

Pallas : -Donnie slashed his way through the halls of the Police Department as he was looking for Kirei. All of his senses were greatly hightened from the Super Soldier Serum, using it to locate Kirei. He sniffs the air just as he did when he entered Kirei's house to find her scent. He picks up on the perfume she is wearing and begins to walk towards that area. He also heard her yelling and he rushed over to the interigation room. He kicks down the door that leads to the watch room as he quickly slashes al of the cops inside of the room with his blades. Blood splatters everywhere and lands all over the room. One cop lay there dying and DOnnie send one blade through his eye. Then he turned to face the cop and Kirei that were on the otherside of the glass. His eyes began to burst bright blue like a flood light when he saw what was happening. Then he charged at the window. He jumped up and leaped through the window as it broke all around his body. Meanwhile Zero and Hunter are working their way through the Police station. Zero yells out-"Smells like bacon!"-as he continued to mow down lines of police officers. Hunter continues to blast his M4A1 at the cops as he had to reload. They were not Super Soldiers but they are the best of their kind. You can't ask for a better soldier than these two guys. Now back at the interrigation room, DOnnie leaps through the window with his right arm cocked back. When his feet plant into the ground he quickly wastes no time and thrusts his blade into the center chest of the cop. The blade is thrusted with so much force that the blade ierces into the wall and pins the man up there. DOnnie then leans in close and says-" a gift...Be happy I did not get to you thirty seconds sooner. Then his his other arm, he slashes his blade into the right ear and out the left. Blood slowly flows out of the cops body as DOnie pulls the blades out. The cops body then slowly falls to the ground lifeless and cold. Donnie turns to face Kirei and says nothing. What was there to say? After saving her, he quickly jumps back to the observation room and heads back to his team. WHile he runs back he slashes the remaining cops that had the pride to keep fighting. Zero and Hunter were at the front door waiting as they took out the entire precinct. Donnie quickly tells the two men-"Let's head out."-And they listened as they all went to the Escalade and started the car. Finally, Donnie punched the car into gear and sped off like a madman.-

KimiKatsu : The cop was trying to force Kirei's legs open when the glass seemed to explode. Kirei's body froze and she turned to the side and crumpled up into a ball as glass rained down on her. She heard the cop that was assaulting her yell out, then it got quiet. When she opened her eyes, the room eyes, the room was empty and there was the sound of quick, paced walking, but it faded into the distance. Moments later, she could hear people talking. Reporting bodies being everywhere. Something about a blood bath. Kirei stayed on the table. "We got two in the interrogation room. Another cop and a woman." came a voice. Kirei bit down on her lower lip and closed her eyes tighter. "Think they're alive?" Another voice. This one was female. "We have to check, anyways." answered the male voice. A few moments passed and there was a cop at her side. A woman. The cool touch against her warm neck made her flinch. "Hey we got a live one here!" She shouted. Themale cop raised a brow. "You gotta be kidding me, right?" The man walked over and checked her wrist for a pulse. Seconds passed and he was on his radio, requesting the EMT's to come and check on her. In an hour, she was taken to the hospital to be checked over by a nurse or doctor as a bruise formed over her temple from where the cop had slammed her head into the vehicle. More reports recorded her being escorted from the hospital. A reported looked into the camera, her face serious. "And nothing seems to be going right for the chairwoman of the Utsukushii clan. Word is she will now be placed in the custody of a different police department and held there for questioning. Authorities seem to think she called the attack on the police after murdering her own dog." At the hospital, Kirei was being looked over by a nurse. Her eyes were still bloodshot and red from crying and she was still covered in Beavis blood.