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Help when its needed...

DarkKeyome: My eyes fluttered at the sound of the insects of the night time. “....Ha...” I said smirking.. I had. Never seen all the stars in the sky before... living in the city and all what if I told you this was the first time ever I had saw them. I managed to pull myself up...crawling over to a rock and propping my head onto the stone as I laid back listening to the river. Shit im a fucking sitting duck out here... she had hid me in leaves and had attempted to treat the wound that she had made but the damage was done. There goes my pride again. Letting me get into things that I shouldnt... I could feel the broken bones in my body almost shift and rattle around. How the fuck am I supposed to fight like this. I gripped the stick I had in my hand when I heard some people talking coming out of the bushes... shit. The group that I met when I first got here.... I couldnt move... and the bastards saw me. All 12 of them... I gripped my stick... and waited for my fate. So for about an hour... I got my ass stomped the fuck out. Luckily they didnt break anything but It didnt feel good. I coughed and laid there as long as I could. Oh but dont feel bad for me I managed to hit one of em in the balls with the stick. They took the last medallion I had which I had noticed that the shinobi I fought had already took my 12. back at square one. Once they left and I was done playing dead. My pride was now completely shot to hell. “....Fu-Fuck...” A camera crew in a helicopter had flown off.... they had watched me get stomped.... assumed I was dead as well. Society was ok with that. Ok with someone dying for nothing. I laid on the ground and simply stared at the water fall. Sometimes.... I wish I would have taken that offer from danchou. Sometimes..... I wish I wasn’t limited... I mean.. I wish I wasnt human...

iPayce: Sitting alone with just her thoughts, Alex looks at the tracker. He hasn't moved for almost 24 hours. She closes her eyes. <Stop worrying you stupid girl.> Venge's voice says loudly in her head. "Shut up.." Alex whispers back. She knows something's wrong. She stands up, decision already made. She calls up the pilot to the helicopter. "Listen, I know it's late, but I need you to fly me somewhere." The pilot sighs and agrees. Alex drives over to the landing and hops in the already running helicopter. "Okay," she mumbles. "Lets go." After a while of tracking, they finally land. Alex gets out, her boots crunching on leaves and sticks. It was dark and she couldnt see a thing but the light from the tracker screen and the stars. She follows the direction of the little blip, frusterated. Finally it says that she's close. Alex stops and listens. Somewhere she hears bugs, hears the wind shaking the leaves. But most importantly, she hears a slight breathing. She rushes towards the direction of the sound and steps on something, that gives a little protest. She kneels down and brushes away the leaves to find Keyome, bruised and bloody. "Oh..." She sighs, looking down at him. Guilt pierces her. She souldn't have left him. She calls over the pilot to help her get him up. "Come on," she says softly. "We're going to get you fixed up."

DarkKeyome: I was lifted up. My head dangling as her and the pilot assisted me up. “ N-No... I ant leave... I have to stay and fight...” I said the blood leaking and leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I felt my right knee start to give out but most importantly the painful shifts of the broken bones on my right side. “ If I leave... I wont be able to stop them...” I said as my vision began to blur. I wasn’t expecting Alex to return... how did she know? It was like she had a 6th sense when I was in some shit... kinda reminded me of my mom haha. Sad thing is she was the same age as me... so for her to go out of her way to help me was you know different. I coughed again... I wasn’t going to be weak. I needed to keep moving... I was stubborn. I know this... and Alex knew. And as as much I would protest on my stay. I kinda had a feeling she wouldn’t allow it. “ Please... I cant go..” My pride had been tampered with. And when my pride has been altered, damaged or toyed with. Then I cant lay down about.... Im tired of everyone coming to my rescue. Coming to save Keyo.... First.. it was Asami... which I know she's more than likely sick of doing. Then Isabelle saved me. And now Alex.... gah. I'd be happier if people just killed me instead of letting me live.

iPayce: As they helped carry him to the helicopter, Alex couldn't help but feel horrible. She remained silent as they trudged through the dark. Why couldn't she be as stubborn as him? Why did she let him go in the first place? He was completely wreckless. She knew that. But here they were, and it was too late to go back and change anything. She helped the pilot get Keyome into the helicopter. She assessed him as they took off, taking in all the brusises and the blood trickling down his face. Her eyebrows pulled together as she tenderly dabbed him with a clean, damp rag. "You know, I'm not trying to control you or anything..but you've kinda got to learn your limits. I know you're strong and all, but seriously. This is bad." she said quietly, not looking him in the eye, afraid he'd see past the mask covering her guilt. She bandaged him as carefully as she could without hurting him. Which was almost impossible. "Hurry up, please." she called to the pilot. "He's pretty injured. And a lot of stuff is broken," she said giving Keyo a look. Venge murmered quietly, <Even with him all broken and shit, he's cute.> Alex almost slapped herself for letting Venge say that. The entire ride back, she couldn't look at Keyome, thanks to Venge.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal">DarkKeyome: She managed to sucessed... my body to weak right now to fight her and tell her no. I passed out again on the way there... quickly waking back up.. all I saw were doctors put a mask on my face... I was out again. I woke up again... and I was in a car with Alex... was I in the city...? Dammit Alex... I passed out again... and woke up being carried into my apartment... the new one. Shit... no.. no! I cant... be here... no not now... after being pulled in woke up.. to another sunset...? Shit... the sun was going down again only meant that I slept through another day... or what I assumed was a day. My hair hang over my face... I winced in pain when I sat up and looked down at the bandages on my waist as I sighed pulling myself up to sit up. “....Fucking A...” My Gi pants that I had from the tournament was on the floor next to the bed... had Alex dressed me in my pants? I reached down.. taking the flash drive with all of the information that I had gotten with the Leader of the Chitori clan.. pulling my laptop from under my pillow I opened it and quickly printed out the copies of the rigged tournament and the information and plans that the Armada had... I looked out of my window and sighed.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal">iPayce: Alex sat on the couch thinking. She was tired. She tucked a stray piece of long blue hair behind her ear and closed her eyes. She heard movement in the other room and sat up looking around. She saw Keyo sitting up and she stood and walked to the door frame. She leaned against the frame and knocked on the wall next to her. "So, you finally woke up long enough to do something." She paused, mentally trying to count how many times he woke up and fell unconcious again. "How are you feeling?" She asked, leaning her head tiredly against the frame.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal">DarkKeyome: I didnt bother to look at her simply looking out the window. “ Like shit Stone... like shit..” I said turning to face her. She was beautiful and one day I know she'll make someone happy. Though me and her had a tough relation not really seeing things eye to eye all the times. Which made us fight a lot but I know she cared. After attempting to stand I stumbbled and walked over grabbing my trench coat pulling it over my person. “...Stone... have my helicopter ready im going back..” I said slowly trying to pull the jacket on my body and fight the pain.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal">iPayce: Alex's jaw dropped. She tried to speak but only a sound of protest came out. She was tired and didnt like the idea of him leaving again only to get hurt. "What?!" she finally spat out. "You just got fixed up! Why would you want to go back?" she crossed her arms, knowing he would go ahead with it anyways. "Fine. Whatever." She whipped out her phone and made the call. When she was finished she put the phone in her pocket and just looked at him, her eyes were heavy and she wanted to sleep but she fought it. "Just..." her voice trailed off, not knowing what she wanted to say. He was stubborn and she knew that. She the pain on his face as he moved and she pulled out a bottle of pills. "Here," she said softly, holding one out in her hand. "Take this. It'll help the pain..." she paused. "Just..try not to break everything again. That really know, seeing that."</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal">DarkKeyome: I took the pills. Eying the date.. two days since they were given. Great i've been out for 3 days. The doctors had placed me on the enhanced healing processes that the Kasaihana city had made years back. They force the human forward in age a bit with this medicene. With injuries like mine more than likely it pushed my body a full 8 months... which explains the light muscle mass and the soreness... my ribs werent fully healed... but they seemed stable enough for me to move around. I eyed Alex and pulled 2,000 Tanz out of my pocket. “...Thanks a lot Alex...” I said handing her the money... weather she took it or not i'd hug her with the strongest hug that my body would allow. I could see that she was out of it... giving her a light kiss on the ear. “ Hey.... go rest alright? Order a movie... take a nap.. You look so tired. I know we have our differences. But... no Secretary of mine is going to sit around and be miserable...” I smiled at her sliding my right hand through her hair before I kissed her on her forehead once more.“ When I get back..... lets get something to eat...” I said to her smiling holding my side. They had sent out the Jet instead which was convenient. “....Hey...Alex... I need you to Keep me on high alert. “ Showing her my cell phone. “ I picked this up a few minutes ago. Call the number if you need me text 666-555-3413. I'll be in touch I just have a feeling shit's gonna go down... And I need you to do me another favor... I need you to get in touch with an Officer Gringo... if you can that would be awsome. If not it's ok...” I got into the jet. Placing the helmet on my head. “.... Dont forget... were going out to eat when I get back alright! My treat!” The powerful aircraft began to go down the long run way on the top of our building. And within seconds it bursted off into the air with a loud sonic boom.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in; font-style: normal">iPayce: Alex stood there, money in hand, overwhelmed with exaustion. She nodded, a late reaction in agreement. She turned around and with everyone gone, she went back inside and flung herself on the couch, and fumbled to get the phone out of her back pocket. "Ohh Keyome..." she mumbled. "I swear you will be the death of me...." her voice faltered and she closed her eyes. She turned around on the couch, trying to get comfortable. Alex dug her face into the pillow and sighed. <Why don't you just go to sleep. Don't fight it. You can call that Gringo guy when you wake up.> "God, Venge, why can't you just let me do what I need to without giving in your input? It gets old." Alex said, clearly annoyed. "Im calling him anyways. Doing my job." Alex dials his number and talks to the officer for a bit. When she finished, she dropped the phone on the ground and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When limits are broken...

DarkKeyome: I was in the lower pod of the Jet. The pilot pressed a button punching into me. “ Alright Mr. Tasanagi... ready to shoot you down to Ground Zero.” I had my headphones in my head. “...Yeah I hear ya... lets do this.” I pulled my helmet on and took a cigarette out putting it in my mouth. “ Sir I dont think it's safe to smoke at these altitudes...” I continued to smoke like I hadn’t heard him. “Alright reaching our highest peak... Heaven drop sir in 5....4.....3.....2.....1...” KA-DUFF! The pod I was bursted from its current position the Jet soon took off heightening it's highest mach as the pod was released. Like a bullet the pod began to spin and spiral as it traveled down to the earth. I punched the button in the inside of after counting 30 like I was told the pod released my body out of an escape chair so my body extended out even higher than it currently was. As I was shot up while in my the chair I unhooked the straps making it realse me from the leather restrictions that it had on my body. As I departed from the chair the back I had on could have easily been seen. I travled quickly spinning in a rapid 360 motion as I soared down from the ground. My body moving left..... then right. I made myself do a 360 spin to the right, then the left again. I even did a few back flips when I was able to see the tree's fully I released the parachute.The black parachute exploded out from its holding place a large dog in white seeming to be barking was on the top of the air safety material with the word 'Kagemaru' on it. Once my body hit the gorund I rolled twice landed on my right knee. Un strapping the parachute from body I left it there. I took a deep breathe and cracked my neck as I got adjusted to the ground again. Wearing a leather sleevelees jacket... I had a red headband on. And some Shinobi pants and shoes. On my automailed arms that appeared human I had metal gauntlets over them. If someone was close enough all they'd from my ear phones were ' LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLO-” And so on as I took them out of my ear. “.....” I was in a different part... Oddily enough it seemed like people were around here already. I could tell due to the prints in the ground as I squatted down to examine it further. “...Tch... Anyways... now its time to get these Medallions back...” I said sliding my fingers through my hair as I pulled out my pack of cigerattes again putting one of the cancer sticks into my mouth as I lit it with my favoirite zippo taking it in and exhaling out of my mouth.

Pallas: -He'd lean his head against the wood of the broken tree as he watched her slowly wake up. Her body moving so effortlessly that he thinks to himself-"Good god her body is so perfect"-As she crawls over to him, the memories of how amazing the night before come through his mind again. His body gros gosebumps at the thought and his wanting mature of course wanting more of her. His body shot with exstacy as she placed her lips against his again. He loved the taste of her sweet and full lips. He softly placed his hands on her soft and juicy ass while she does this. He playfully squeezes her asscheeks in each hand as each cheek is more than a handful for Donnie. Then he released his grip on her ass as she stood up infront of him. Her pussy being only a foot or so away from his mouth. He licked his lips at the thought of a round 2 passed through his mind. He then looked up at her and said with a smile-"If amaing sex is what I get to revenge for hitting me with a can go ahead and hit me as many times as you want hahaha"- He then slowly begin to stand up as she would get a good look at his fully nude body. He had no shame in his body and would flaunt it around as much as he wanted to. Then he laughs a bit at her klling another woman comment and says in a sarcastic voice-"Oh I love it when you talk dirty hahaha."-Afer saying this he slowly bent down to pick his pants up and return them to their proper position. He slowly tied the lace that holds the pants up as he looked at her with only a shirt on. After putting his clothes back on, he slowly begins to strech out and get ready for the day. While he looked at her he said-"You know after this tournament we should make a rule for when we have nights like have to just wear a shirt haha no bottoms. haha"-He thought he was fun and continues to laugh while getting his stretching done. He did hope that she would find some clothes, the jealousy is always on Donnie's sleeve. So people staring at the girl he had sex with last night and checking her out would easily piss him off. But that's just who he is. At this time Donnie began to sniff through the air to see if there are any nearby enemies or anything of spceial interest for

AlessandraSkar: Kaori looked around at her surroundings, listening out for anyone who could have been passing by or approaching. It was day time now and that meant that several opponents would be on the move. The worst thing that could happen would be for someone to see her with her bare assets exposed, especially since she'd already earned a murderous reputation that stated: DO NOT FUCK WITH KAORI. That could easily be tarnished by a nosy pair of eyes. She heard the shuffling of movement while her head was turned saw Donnie's large frame rising in her peripheral vision. Her gaze flickered over in his direction, once again trailing that god-like body up and down, especially lingering on his 11-inch third leg. There was no forgetting what that demon could do to her and it was actually a surprise to her that she was even able to walk after such an invigorating session. He laughed at the fact that she planned to kill a bitch and take her clothes then said, “You know after this tournament, we should make a rule for when we have nights like have to just wear a shirt. No bottoms.” And while she laughed at that, she had other thoughts running through her mind. 'It sounds like he plans to see me after this thing is over. That's good. Maybe we CAN take this back to the city.' Another devious smirk played at her lips as she traced her hand up his body while he was getting dressed, so warm and solid beneath her touch. “And you're not allowed to wear anything at all.” She laughed softly. “It'll only be a matter of time before you get to see these amazing tits.” She bit down on her bottom lip teasingly, stopping to turn her head when she suddenly remembered that Kaito was asleep nearby. “Shit. I'll be back. I need to find replacement Pjs before this little troublemaker wakes up.” She went around Donnie and placed one hand on top of the log, using it to push herself up and over it and soon after, she vanished into the woods.

DarkKeyome: I pulled the cigarette harder as I began to pace around. The medicine that Alex gave me I popped another one in my mouth as I began to walk around. It kicked in immediately my semi healed ribs began to come to a numb making me forget about the pain. Im sure mostly all of the other contestants were already in the tower by now. As I walked around the corner..... something struck my nose. The sound of burning wood.. or already burned wood. I sighed and made my way over to the area in hopes that who ever it was ready for a fight... “ Keyome...Tasanagi.... did you enjoy your quick trip home.” I stopped in my tracks... turning around slowly as I quickly pivoted off my feet doing one of those backwards soccer kicks sending a powerful burst of force at the voice... the force traveled to the target but quickly dispersed into air once it came in contact with a tall.... man in a army fatigue outfit... due to his attire alone I could tell that he had a high status in what ever army he was in. “I am... Tanaban... Dictator of Old China... and you are airborne my boy.” He was right... my body simply floating in the air... he had snow white hair and eyes that resembled stars. “ Here.. I am god. Tell me Tasanagi... do you believe in god? He does not exsit. Did you know that everytime you take a breathe... a child is being used for the sex trade. Getting sexually assaulted by some over grown loaf of useless human cells....” he began to manipulate my body with my his power.... what the fuck was this guy. “ The human life... is nothing. Meaning that society, humanity is equally useless. We are a stain on this beautiful planet....i shall clean this world... of its stench.” He smirked.. “ I could crush you... so easily...” I felt my bones start to tingle... had he... HAD HE TAKEN AWAY MY ABILITY TO SPEAK!? “ You... are different... I cant put my finger on it. But you are. You.... are a fight until you cant and believe honor is over death. You dont stop until your goal is reached kind of Similar to....Donnie Yun. Or as he likes to go by 'Dead-shot' hahaha. Such a silly name for a 'Hero' Hm? Tell me Keyome... do your self a equal to that man? I hope you do not...” He twitched his index finger making my body crash into a tree before he picked it back up. “ Everything about you is obsolete to this man.... even to the Ryuji boy. Haha... I did work back with his father when he first started. My did he have a beautiful mother. “ He looked in the direction of the camp site then back over at me. “ You.... are not equal to any of these men...” His emblem on his head turned into a bright blue as his words began.... to morph into my reality. “ These men... sky rocket in ability over you... in technique... in power. You think your silly Sensei Hideo... I worked with him as well.... would ever truly teach you anything... that would work against these men?! For god sakes Tasanagi... you were beaten by a 5'4 Shinobi... Your pathetic...” He began to laugh... “ Now I bet your wondering why... my emblem is blue right now. Well... I will tell you this one ability. And just this one... you see... with this technique... I can alter your mind to make you do whatever I please did you know that Tasanagi...? Im in your mind I know everything about you.... when im done talking I want you to kill your self... I want you to des-...” “You.... dont know everything about me clearly... wanna know why...” My eyes were red.... as I fought agaisnt his ability turning my head to eye him with a sick grin. Oni was speaking for me”....You forgot the most important detail about me.... that sets me about them....” He chuckled. “ Oh now you are different! No one has ever been able to fight back my mind control...” “ Yeah yeah you pope looking Petifile...” I said laughing...” Anyways... you forgot one thing...” I turned my head up as a black marking appeared on my forehead. “ You..forgot... that I dont... honestly... GIVE A FUCK... I dont give a fuck about YOU! I dont give a fuck about Donnie, who ever the fuck this Ryoji guy is! I dont give a fuck...ABOUT... anything.... I dont even give a fuck about myself! Hahaahahahahahah! You look like you eat little boy ass! Hey you got a spec of turn in your beard from eatting as-” he sent my body flying through the forrest as I crashed into a log in between a man... and a woman making it shatter to pieces as my body rebounded falling on the massive male as my body bounced back from the impact. “ Little fucker.... talks to much.” He said walking off into the forrest.

Pallas: -Donnie smiles at her comment of always having to be naked and her showing her breasts and says-"I like the sound of that haha."-He then watched as she jumped out of sight, half naked and all. He stopped and stared for a moment as he took it all in. Two days ago he was the Terror of KasaiHana and now he is just DOnnie. Just a guy who has found an amzing girl that he wants to take home. It's almost a complete 360 on what he came to this tournament to do. After she leaves his sight, Donnie goes to check on little Kaito. He had been almost dead asleep this whole night. It was a shock that he actually stayed asleep through him and Kaori's wild night. He slowly patted the kids head and said-"Come on Kaito. Time to wake up."- And the small child slowly began to rise up and rub his eyes with his little hands. Kaito:-"Why you wake me up Donnie?"-DOnnie laughs and says to the boy-"Because it's almost time for us to go to the tower hahaha."-Upon hearing these words, Kaito got excited and jumped to his feet. This day would look to be a great one until a few seconds later....everything changed. Like a missile hitting it's target, Kayome's body crashes into the tree that he had knocked over and cause it to explode all around them. Donnie quickly caught the scent of the "missile" that hit the dying tree. One that passed through his mind-"Keyome..."-His eyes would slow down the impact as the pieces of wood slowly fly past his face. Then out of the debris comes Keyome's flying body. Donnie quickly grows out his claws and his fangs as he raises his right hand up at Keyome, waiting. He then atempts to actually catch Keyome by the neck and slam his body into the ground. If successful, Donnie would grip Keyome's neck tightly as his back crashed into the hard ground. Donnie then raises his left hand as he prepares to slash the face of Keyome into little pieces. But something stops him. As he looked at Keyome, all he could see was a beaten and battered man. The smell of all the metal coming from his body was unbelieveable. It's like his body wasn't even his anymore. The whole reason Donnie created the "DeadShot" persona was because the revenge he wanted to dish out to Keyome for what he did to his relationship with Kirei. But for some reason...he felt like his mission was over. His love for Kirei gone from his heart and never to return. And he realizes now that he hadn't thought about her in months. He even called of CodeName: Flybird from making sure she was safe. And as to taking revenge on Keyome...he had done it. Publicly humiliating him in a One on One fight two months ago in the KPD Station. Beating him the first time in the Penthouse Suite...what was left to do to this man? Donnie looked into Keyome's eyes as if he were staring into his soul. The claws then slowly retract back into his fingertips as he slowly releases the grip he has on the neck.-"You have grown pathetic Keyome. You just aren't even worth the kill anymore..."-He then stands up and begins to walk back to where Kaito was. The ultimate insult to injury. The fact that Donnie felt like Keyome wasn't worth it to kill and to just walk away from him. Had Keyome Tasanagi fallen so far down from the top dog he used to be? It would seem so.-

DarkKeyome: My body hit the ground with the powerful crash and I felt my ribs cringe to the hit. I coughed... my arms gripping the beast of a mans arm sruggling in my grip against him. I was ready to send my blades out when my eyes came to a calm.... Donnie Yun.. He let me go. And began to walk way from as I quickly brushed myself off of him landing on my knees coughing. “ Your pathetic..” his words stung like a blade... my broken pride. Why did everyone try to destroy me. Why.... why didn’t it stop.... just stop! Leave me alone!....” D'aaahhh!!!!” I hit the ground over and over out of rage... my fist smashing into the dirt as my anger grew beyond my control. Why! Why am I so weak... I couldnt stand it! Yet..... yet... It made me..... it made me laugh.... My fist dug in the dirt and I spoke out as soon as regained composure. “ Donnie.........Your wrong about me!” I struggled to my feet. “ Your wrong!.... You...Dont know anything about me!” My eyes began to turn into a hell red as I stared out at the man. I was a ant...facing off against a titans. And..... im sick of it. “ I SAID YOUR WRRONG!” I yelled out at the top of my lungs as a powerful explosion of chi erupted from my body knocking all the trees back in a 1 mile radius. The air from the force even caused some of the trees to rip from the roots as I screamed out my anger taking over. “ IM NOT WEAK!.... YOUR NOT BETTER..... THAN ME! YOUR.... NOT! BETTER THAN ME!!” my hair turned into a snow white as my eyes burned into a crimson red... sharp fangs began to appear within my mouth as I stood as if I didnt have broken ribs. ( Oni state 1.) Due to him not being a Chi user... he more than likely wouldn’t see the demonic figure that was hovering over my body. “You dont know... a got...damn thing... about me...” My voice had chilled itself out... “ No one does....” I said in a saddned tone. “ Im tired of trying to make people understand..... I say.....” I pulled my right fist back lazily. Building up chi that would usally take me a longer time period to do do. “ Fuck it all...” I thrusted the first forward and a powerful gust of force would erupt through the ground. All that a non-chi user would see the ground brust out in a 30 feet radius towards Donnie yun. His physical body was impressive enough to take the hit and survive but not without fracturing a few ribs due to the pressurized air smashing into his body like a wreaking ball. It reached him in a time frame of 1.2 seconds. After I punched with that one... I would have sent another one with equal the amount of power ripping the ground more causing a trench to start to be made. This one would move even faster a whole 1 seconds totally... if you blinked you would have missed it. “ …..Im done... with this shit...” I could feel oni laugh in my mind as I began to give in... this is me..... I... wont fight him anymore.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori landed feetfirst in the grass on the other side of the log with a soft thump, glancing once over her shoulder and giggling as she heard Donnie's voice one last time. Wait....did she just giggle? 'Dear God, I'm giving myself the heebie jeebies.' She headed into the trees standing at her full height of 5”5, figuring no one was anywhere nearby at the moment so she didn't have to be all that stealthy at the moment. But then, she stood in her tracks as a strange sound tickled her ear drum. It was a high-pitched keening noise that started off really small and nearly undetectable, then grew louder and louder until it became a high whistling. Kaori's instincts went off instantly as something in her head screamed at her to duck and that was exactly what she did. Just in time as a large object went sailing through the air just barely an inch above her, her head snapped around to peer over her shoulder in time to see it crash into the log she had just jumped over a few feet away and shatter it to a million pieces. It was like a bomb had gone off inside the trunk or something as millions of tiny wooden shards rained in all directions. She threw her arm up over her face to block anything from getting in her eyes and when she lowered it, she could see the little image of Donnie turning to attack whatever it was that landed nearby, obviously way too close for his comfort. 'What the in the flying fuck was that?' Her inner voice shrieked as she panted a bit from being startled. 'I'd better go check on those two to see if they're okay. Poor Kaito's probably having a heart attack right now. Wait....shit! My clothes.' She made a grumbling noise before slapping her palm to her forehead, turning back around to wander deeper into the woods. 'Looks like I'll have to make this trip quick as possible.' She soon found a little campsite where a couple of contestants were just waking up and leaving to head to the lake to bathe. 'Ha, that'd be nice right about now.' Kaori thought to herself as she waited until they were out of her sight to wander into the campsite. It wasn't much, really. Just a few makeshift pallets laid out in a circle around a stack of wood where a fire had been burning the previous night. The scent of cooked bacon was in the air, indicating what they had had for dinner before they slept. 'Wow, and all I had was a bite of an apple. Lucky bastards.' Kaori saw a bag sitting next to one of the pallets and got down into a low crouch as she snuck up to it and grabbed it, breaking off the zipper in the process of rushing to open it. She saw some clothes on the inside along with a pair of shoes and immediately knew the bag belonged to a female. “Perfect.” She whispered. She quickly threw on the clothes she had pulled out: a black halter top with a white skull and some white words written on it, a pair of bold red animal-print skinny jeans, and a pair of black combat boots that just happened to be the right size for her feet. “Wow.” She said, looking at how perky and bountiful the halter top made her chest look and how round and tempting the jeans made her ass look. “Not fucking bad.” Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, something exploded in the distance followed by a rush of force that sent trees ripping out of the ground and flying through the air. Kaori released a loud scream as this sudden blast of invisible force hit her like a Chinese bullet train and sent her flying over 15 feet off of the ground, flipping backwards through the air as rocks and trees sailed all around her. She hit the ground hard nearly 30 feet away from the campsite that was now completely ruined, panting from the pain shooting through her body. She wasn't even worried about the fact that she had a cut near her temple from where a branch had smacked her in the face and a tiny stream of blood was now running down the side of her head. The very first thing she thought when she slowly sat up on her backside was, 'Donnie...Kaito...'

Pallas: -As he walked awy he could hear the temper tantrum that Keyome was having in the backround. At first Donnie payed no attention to it. But then his scent began to change. Like it was for Tetsu it sems like Chi users are more than meets the eye. The scent coming off of Keyome seemed evil and Donnie was concerned. He slowly stands up and says to Kaito-"Get as far away from here as possible...."-He then slowly turns around to face Keyome and says-"As for Keyome...I will fight him alone."-The winds that pushed the trees back is very powerul. But DOnnie's strength and determination bring him to dig his feet within the Earth and slowly make his way over to Keyome. Kaito on the other hand was sent flying like a ragdoll into the bushes not to close to them. Honestly, it was a good thing. Because if there is one thing to come of a Donnie-Keyome was that places were going to get destroyed. They stood fifteen feet apart as it looked like the Final Showdown between a God and a Demon. Donnie looked at Keyome not being able to see the Oni that is infront of him and he says-"I never said you were weak....I said you have become pathetic. If you wiash to kill all means...try."-He then got looked at the ground to see it ripping apart suddently. Donnie thought to himself-"The fuck is this!?"-He puts both arms infront of his face in an X formation thinking that something was going to pop out of the Earth but instead takes the attack of force from Keyome. His body flips back ten feet as his backflips and lands on one knee. His right hand on the floor as his arms felt like fire. He said to Keyome-"Cute trick..."-Donnie then quickly had to find a way to counter such an attack. He can't even se where it is coming from or what it even is. The only hints he can work with is the ground that breaks apart as it comes closer....then he pieces it together-"Your punching aye....If you think that little move is going to be enough to defeat've got another thing coming bud."-After saying this, he put his hands together and activated Stage 1 of his Super Soldier forms.-"AHHH!"-His body erupted violently as a hurricane wind of his own shot out of his body. The winds took whatever was left standing after Keyome's first attack as the place lookeed more like a barren wasteland now. His fangs growing and his Claws coming out of his fingertips. His eyes beginning to glow that signature bright blue color. And of course, a blue flame like aura surrounding the hands and claws of Donnie.-"Let's see what cha got Keyome..."-As Keyome fired his second shot, Donnie would like to play the attack differently then before. He does not know what the attack even is, but he can see where it is going because of the breaking of the ground and where Keyome throws the punch. Donnie would get on all fours while a wolf like growl escaped his mouth, waiting for the right time to strike down on the opponent. As the punch is thrown, Donnie begins to move. His speed on all fours is almost doubled at what it would be with just two legs. He glides across the floor digging his claws intot he dirt as he made his way toward Keyome. He then waited for the right moment, trying to time it out as perfectly as possible and then does it...He leaps of his legs, jumping into the air. He would attempt to jump over the said attack, taking a huge risk of not knowing if there even is an "over." If he was actually in the clear of the attack, DOnnie speed would be put into it's proper action. He jumped with the aim of coming down from the sky, right where Keyome is. His speed was used to get to said target before he could throw another punch. If this plan is successful Donnie would thrust his right hand forward as he aimed to slash the face of Keyome. Not a lethal attack as Donnie looked to injure rather than kill at the moment. If the slash hits, the five claws would leave a huge gash on left side of Keyome's face. The claws tearing into the mans face and ripping the skin, tissue, and even bone out of it's proper place. This would also have the ability to send Keyome flying backwards from impact. As the slash attempt ended and Donnie lands on the floor, he gets into his animal claw stance and says-"You aren't the only one with some new toys Keyome..."-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu laid there unconscious. All he could see was black. Is this what death is? A deep endless black void ,that simply resonated with the being of Tetsu’s psyche. Tetsu thought to himself “Wow………I really did myself in with that one……damn.” Tetsu looked around in the void of mind, and started walking around. He was walking nowhere, or somewhere, or anywhere. He would keep walking and thinking aloud. “Well I did my thing, and I won the fight. Weather I’m dead or not, I really can’t tell………Maybe theres some kind of Brightside to this.”. Tetsu continued to walk in the black void, and then stoped when he came acrose another one of those feathers he’s always seeing. It glowed with an illuminescent white glow. It was a calming glow, that actually soothed Tetsu in a strange manor. “Tetsu……….” Tetsu looked around, for the femine voice that called to his name. “Helloooooooooo?” Tetsu called out. The feathers started raining yet again. Tetsu could hear different voices resonating from different fethers that started to rain down around him and his vision. “Tetsu! You know, I hate when you do that!” “Asami…” “I’m taking back my city….I work alone.” “Keyome?” “I accept your challenge kid……”. Tetsu clenched his fist together for a moment. “Deadshot…” and the final voice he heard was shakey, with sorrow and tears. “You’re the only son I have…….If I put you through this, and I loose you, what do I have left?! I lost your mother because of my own obssestion, I don’t wanna lose you too tetsu I can’t……I just……” Tetsu stoped walking away, and stood there for a moment. “Dad…………………….all these people. In some what way…have I bonded with them?” The room would shift from pitch black to a perfect white color,the feathers turning from white, to a light blue, making them visible in the midst of the white color. “Tetsu…I’ve waited for this day since I left this world.” Tetsu was turning in every different direction, looking for the familer voice. It was sweet. It was subtle. It was familer…….it sounded like..”M-….mom?” Tetsu stoped looking around, and looked up as a glowing blue light emulated from above, and a ball of light descended from it. The light was so white, and pretty as if the sky mixed colors and formed something new. The ball then took form. Started shaping it’self into something or someone. It took the form of a woman, with brown hair. The woman would be dressed in a white gown, flowing in the distance. The tail of the dress seemed to be endless in direction as tetsu looked upon her. Her eyes were closed, but they started to slowly open. When they fully opened tetsu let out a weird sound that was supposed to be talking. “Mom I…..i don’t….what is….” Tetsu shook his head, catcthing his grip on reality, or at least what was left of it. “Are you…..really here right now? I mean you can’t be I saw-“ “Hehe, little tetty tet, you always were a shy little one. All these years don’t tell me you’ve forgotton your mothers face and voice.” The spirit smiled. Tetsu spoke calmly “I just..don’t know how to handle this. Why’re you here? How are you here? Are you in heaven? Am I delusional?....Did Asami drug me” The look on Tetsu's face resembled this “-___-“. “ I told her not to test that stuff on me, I don’t care how perfect my body is, I hate toxins.” The spirit burst out into laughter and bent over holding it’s stomach. “It seems my son has become quite the little out funny man huh. It’s been so long since we’ve talked. You’ve grown so much tetty-tet. I wish I had been there to see it. To see you and your father.” The spirit looked sad for a moment. Tetsu spoke up “I know…but that’s why…that’s why me and dad have been working for years! To defeat the evil yakuza and ultimately stop whoever not only killed you but kill other people! I can use chi, and Ragnainium, and I can fight and stuff, and I beat people up and…..well…..thats definitely something to tell your mother..” Tetsu scratched the back of his head playfully as the spirit fell on the ground laughing her spiritual ass off. “HAHAHAHAAHA oh my god, what has Ochigi done to my boy!” She floated back up, and then took a serious tone once again. “but my son….What your doing is wrong.” Tetsu looked at the spirit in question. “Wrong? How? I beat those who take lives, who steal, who kill! I teach them justice, and to not treat others in the same manner. I am the Dark God mom. I use fear to try and create peace.” Tetsu’s words had resovle, but a shaky one. “Fear does NOT equal peace Tetsu Ryoji. It only brings about people who wish to resist it, which in turn creates more fear.” Tetsu would speak back, but seeing as how it was his mother, he felt obligated to listen. And to keep his mouth shut. “You have the right idea, but people respecting you out of fear? That’s the wrong way to go about it. People who fear you are doing so because they don’t know when you’ll turn on them and treat them the way you do the criminals. Surely you’ve thought that your no better than the very thing you combat on a daily”. Tetsu looked down, ashamed that his dead mother had nothing nice to say about what tetsu has been doing with his life. Was it all wrong? “I guess…I just wanted…revenge….the yakuza took you away..the government took you away….the world took you too soon..” The spirit lifted tetsu’s head, touching his check softly. It felt heavenly to tetsu, and caring. “Tetsu, your trying to do good, but your purpose is skewed. Don’t fight evil with evil. There’s nothing wrong with second chances. People are going to do good and bad. It balances the world. It keeps the karma in check, and keeps the righteous seprate form the courrupt. But tetsu, bringing more of one than the other is never going to solve anything. Your mission is to protect, not to hurt. Do what you must, but never more than what is nessecary.” Tetsu thought about the karate man, that he nearly killed, and a tear rolled down from his eye. He could’ve killed that man. He could’ve killed anyone he really fought before with exception.”I’ve been wrong all this time………I’m a failure…” Tetsu fell to his knees, with tears in his eyes. The spirit kneed and looked at him. “You’ve not failed. Your just starting. I want you to protect the city with your own hands. Protect the people. The people are what make or break the world. Enact the balance, not abuse it.” Tetsu wiped his eyes, and looked at his mom once again. “will I be able to see you again?” The spirit paused for a breif moment, and then whispered “your chi tetsu…..I shoud tell you that with that week of meditation you enacted, you’ve began to achive a higher sense of awareness. Your currently connecting with a higher plane than humans can even acces. Your objective to achive the balance between chi and body is close….The Chikara No Hadou is almost in your sights. Once you achive it, we can talk anytime…my son”. Tetsu’s eyes widen as the spirit hugged him in her embrace. Tetsu felt himself grow tired, as the spirit layed him back. Tetsu let his eyes close only to open them slowly. He was back in the forrest, with Asami. She was asleep. No….she’s unconscious?! And the forrest… gone?!?! No……It’s in the air…….WHAT?! Tetsu looked around to see that him, An unconscious Asami, and her bag were air borne, flying in a direction backwards from where they were. Tetsu’s reflexes, seemed even shaper than before, as he was headed for a tree. Instead of being banged against it, he channeled chi into his feet, and bounced off of the tree, beeliend for Asami and cought her. Tetsu then bounced off of another tree, and went for Asami’s bag, which contained his medals, he sucsessfully cought them. Then like sora from kingdom hearts, tetsu jumped from flying tree, to flying tree, in order to head back to the direction they were. In mid jumps he saw two beings and using his chi subtlely he enhanced his vision to see who it was. One would be deadshot, and the other would be…………….who was that. Tetsu would land on the ground, with pin point accuracy, almost as if he floated there. He put Asami down, and then closed his eyes, and decided to sense the chi signature of who it was…..Keyome. It was Keyome but….a much MUCH darker chi. Depressing actually…….Sorrowful. When looking at it in chi mode, tetsu saw nothing but a bright red ball from keyome’s being. He’d feel the tensity in the air, and shudder…..with excitement. Tetsu saw deadshot in some inhuman looking form. This was a battle of titans for gods sakes. Tetsu wouldn’t be as quiet as he was last time however, as he was already fuled with rage from Asami being somewhat hurt. Tetsu stepped not to far from where the two were, but not to close as to cuase confrontation. Tetsu had questions, that probably wernt going to get answered at this point, but his pride led him to ask. “Hey! Which one of you flying freak shows hurt, Asami!” Tetsu felt odd. He must have been talking on emotion rather than intellect. “I know you big ugly freaks can her me! Answer me dammit!” Tetsu wanted to talk but wasn’t afraid to put up an offense if need be….though he’d hope to avoid it.

DarkKeyome: I stood in my one spot. And began to channel my chi into my body. But more so... around my feet. The first attack I sent out at him but even though it was possible to dodge something within 1 second. The attack was indeed dodged when the 2nd one came around. I wasn’t even looking at him... but my body was feeding off the darkness in his own heart.... in the hearts of those on this island. The pain.. all the death. We were all demons.... within a instant my right arm came up and caught the males hand due to him coming from the air. He hadn’t really stated the time.. so I saw him when he was only 3 feet from me... and he was simply seconds away. My normally slick automated arm had morphed into a deformed... and more demonic hand, it seemed disfigured like the demonic forces within my own body were attempting to push the arm off but failed instead and simply altered its appearance and strength. Once my hand caught the males wrist... the ground would exploded with yet another sonic boom. “....This attack.... was pointless.... life as we know it... is pointless...” I said as I had the man in my massive hands grip during the struggle of our bodies colliding in the impact. Every-time our muscles flexed in the hold the ground somewhere in the area would erupt in a explosion of some sort. The force was so strong that he was even able to stay airborne during the struggle the wind picking up into the ground itself was nothing but a pit beneath us... “Why do you fight Donnie.... I don’t even know why I fight anymore.... in the end. We all give in.... to the darkness. No matter the strength of the man... at the end of the day... we are all men. All specs of nothing... on humanity... Donnie Yun..”

AlessandraSkar: Kaori pushed herself up to her feet as quickly as she could, wincing as pain still shot through her entire body from the fall. She didn't even know what hit her, but she knew for a fact that whatever it was had probably seriously injured Donnie and Kaito....or worse...killed them. The second thought didn't fill her with sorrow. Anxiety and anger, however, were the exact emotions that rose from within the moment she began to imagine that whatever happened to her was probably ten times worse for them. She staggered sideways a bit, but quickly regained her footing, one foot stepping forward before the other followed. She was walking soon with angry strides, remembering the first time she thought Donnie had been killed. That was what this anger felt like, like waves of arcane energy pulsating through her hardened bones just waiting to be unleashed on one unlucky foe. Her own anger was like added strength and the second she started to hear her heart beat, she knew it was only a matter of time before she started to lose all mental stability – whatever she had left of a stable mind anyway. She continued to walk, passing by the ruined campsite and it wasn't long before she spotted the bodies of those contestants sprawled across fallen logs, broken and bloodied, their limbs twisted in awkward disturbing angles and the one female -who's clothes she had stolen- had her eyes wide open, staring at her with an empty expression as she walked by like they weren't even there. 'I won't let anyone take my only friend. I won't. I won't!' Just as the thought passed through her mind, another blast of force rushed through the area. This time, Kaori was able to pick up the low whooshing sound it made as it tore through the air, throwing her arms up in an X formation in front of her face to block any stones and branches from hitting her in the face. Unfortunately, that was not enough to protect her from the strength of the blast as she felt herself lift off into the air once again. “Gah!!!” She shrieked as the blast knocked her into a midair back-flip, her hands reaching for anything to grab onto, but all there was to grab were flying tree branches and such that were big enough to knock her completely unconscious. She braced herself to hit the ground, landing so hard on her back she bounced with a loud grunt. She was still for a second as objects rained from the sky all around her, lucky that none of them had fallen on her and crushed her. Determination kicked in quickly, forcing her to roll over onto her hands and knees and push herself up to her feet. She got another cut on her left shoulder, but it wasn't too major. In fact, her level of anger now wasn't allowing her to feel the pain of minor injuries. She focused her attention straight ahead where she could see the commotion taking place where her and Donnie had slept. “DONNIE!” She shouted and her back foot pushed her off into a 60mph dash, jumping over the muddle of fallen logs and boulders as she hurried back to the site as quickly as she could. But then something stopped her and she slammed both feet into the ground, lurching forward a bit as she beheld what appeared to be a boy with wild white hair attacking Donnie. His back was to her so she couldn't see his face, but she could feel the winds stirring all around the area and knew he was the cause. A second later, miniscule movement caught her eye and when she shifted her gaze a few feet over, she saw little Kaito struggling to crawl out of a bush a good distance behind Donnie. Her eyes narrowed as she took off toward him. Donnie was alive and fighting his hardest. That she could see, but it was Kaito who could wind up hurt the most. “Kaito, get back! Get outta here!” She shouted as she ran toward him. “NOW!”

Pallas: -As his hand was caught by Kayome, he couldn't help but enjoy the fact that someone had finally been able to match Stage One of his Super Soldier forms. But then the enjoyment seemed to leave his mind as Keyome spoke. He depressed and broken. To Donnie, it wasn't even evil that he felt coming from Keyome. Donnie grits his teeth as the fangs reveal themselves out of his mouth. Donnie then says to Keyome-"I fight..because it's who I am!"-He then uses his amazing speed and attempt to Judo Flip Keyome. With Keyome holding onto Donnie's hand, this attack becomes almost instant. Donnie pulls his arm closer to hs chest and if Keyome held onto the arm, his own arm would come forawrd and straighten out. Then Donnie steps over with his left foot and thrusts his hips upward as Keyome's body flips over Donnie's back and crashes into the ground. If the attack was successful, Keyome would most likely let go of Donnie's arm from the impact. DOnnie would then jump ten feet back and says to Keyome.-"The real question is...Why do you care so much about what people think of you?"-Donnie's body still creating a gust around him as he actually seemed calm and collected. Even in the middle of this fight. He then continues on with what he is saying-"Oh sure you can tell people all you want, "I don't give a fuck." "I really don't give a fuck what happen."....When you know you do. You care more than anything else in this world. When Danchou first fought you way back got the taste of defeat and you have never been able to let it go since....I said you were pathetic not because you are weak. Hell compared to all these fighters you're the closest thing I have to a god damn challange around here....You're pathetic because you accept the fact that people call you weak. You give into your weakness and let them win....There was a time when you could wipe my face across the floor...and did I accept weakness? No...I became better for it. So don't stand there and complain about "Oh people don't understand me. They think I'm weak." Because sound like a bitch. Instead of complaining about it...why don't you go out and make yourself better. Become a better fighter so the next time you challange someone you can walk away with both your arms instead of one everytime....But if you can't take this and learn..."-He then raises his fists to his hips as he focuses his energy. The wind comes to an ery stop as the leaves stop shaking in the wind. The ground begins to rumble a bit,causeing pebbles on the ground to shake. Then Donnie releases the energy inside of him as a bright blue energy beam erupts into the Sky-"AHHHH!"-His muscle mass growing by three inches all around as his powerlevel skyrockets as he was activating his Stage Two of The Super Soldier forms. This was the first time that anyone had seen this form as the differences were noticable. The flame blue aura now flowed around the entire body of Donnie and the glow a lot brighter. Also the power of Stage Two created a static electricty to form around his body.-"If you can't learn from your mistakes...we can end it all right here...Your choice kKeyome..."-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu listened to Deadshot talk and Keyome talk to each other. He did hear Keyome call deadshot by the name of “Donnie”. Donnie? As in Donnie Yun form Yun Corp? He should’ve been dead from the events tetsu read up on and yet here he was. In the flesh and…….damn near stronger than ever. Tetsu thought about the catastrophic destruction that could be cuased as far as collateral damage had gone. Tetsu would keep his eyes on these two. He would then see a woman run into the area, he’d never met before. Stange, it seemed as though everything was coming to a climax so quickly, and it’s not even the finals yet. No where near them by any means. Tetsu looked back at Asami. She was now in a state of sleep, as she even snored a little bit. Tetsu smiled because he found it cute. Tch as usual. Even in the worse of situations he’d find something so strange to smile about. Tetsu walked over to two trees that had been knocked down. He then channeled chi into his foot, and kicked both of the logs a break neck speed twords Asami’s body. They landed infront of her dead center and stacked upon themselves. Once again tetus calculations on airborne travel, and force rate save the day. He didn’t want anything to happened to Asami, and was intent on keeping the force of things from hurting her. Tetsu then looked back at the battle ensuing. He was being ignored sadly, and then decided to step a little closer into the fray. Saddly tetsu was not one to flaunt his energie but to make his presscence known, he flooeded his physical body with chi, and emeited a forcefull wind of his own, clearing the area of grass, twigs leaves and sticks. Creating a good clean and even field around the the three men, or at least what was left of it. He’d simply stand watch but allowe his prescence to be known while he spoke. “It doesn’t have to be this way. Look it’s a tournament granted but the finale should be saved for an appropriate time and this is not one of them. Everyone could kill each other off sure, but here? Unforammly? What kind of men does that make us? True, I want to fight you both for different reasons….” Tetsu glanced over at Keyome watching him get flipped. As he saw it, Tetsu gathered chi into his bodys allowing it to pour into every fiber, cell, muscle, and tissue in his body. He awaited an answer, as he wanted to reserve all of this for later. Right now this isn’t the time or the place, and tetsu knew this for a fact. “Someone should start answering me relatively soon or we’re really not going anywhere.”. Tetsu didn’t want any innocents hurt. He wanted to fufill his mothers wish. To protect. Which is what he was intent on doing and sadly neither of the two men were in any condition to be “heroic” thought one would think himself to be and the other CLEARLY isn’t,

DarkKeyome: He had judo flipped me perfectly with a powerful force as my body collided with the ground. I laid flat staying still. Still doing what I was doing a few moments ago. I slowly stood back up and listened to his words. “....What you say Donnie Yun Is true...” my arm had morphed back to its original size. The synthetic skin returning as my auto-mailed arm did its thing by producing it on its on. “....But... in this world. In this world Donnie Yun.” my head low and my eyes low as I watched him from a distance. “This life.... means nothing. God does not exist in this world. We are the gods in this world Donnie Yun...... So ask yourself....” I said leaning my head back staring at the sky.... which had taken a reddish tint. “....which one of us.... is the Devil...” I said letting my head drop as I watched him once more. The words that he said had struck me hard now that it melts all in.... In my mind. I was battling Oni for control like that day when I was training Mr. Hideo. **** WITHIN KEYOMES MIND**** Oni attacked knocking keyome into the ground as his body smashed into the earth. Oni hovered over keyomes body laughing as he picked him up and began to stangle him “ Told Ya Keyome.... your about to be all mines....Im glad you decided to come on down and hang with the gang hahaahahahh!” Keyome was starting to black out as Oni's skin began to devour keyome... it had him by his neck down. Only his head was left showing that he was losing the battle within. “I WONT... BE A SLAVE... TO YOU!!” Keyome shouted.... still managing to fight. ****EXITING OUT OF KEYOMES MIND**** I never took my eyes off of Donnie as the other boy spoke out to me. “ You also...fight for a lost cause. You are a Police officer for Kasaihana city. A City that is literally hell in a modern form.... you might as well give up...”I had been ready for whatever came to me next as my arms were spread out wide. “.....Liberate me from this world then.... and banish me to hell....”

Pallas: -As the static surged around his body, he listened to Keyome. In the end, Keyome is just a boy. They all were. At this time he sees the Cop come into place in a situation that he should not be entering into. He smirked over at Keyome and answers the boy's question.-"Who is the devil?....I think you mistake what sence of Gods we actually represent. We are the Gods of this world...Will there be a time when we meet stronger foes...maybe. It was said that in Greek Mythology that Zeus betrayed his own Brother to become the King of Gods and leave Hades into the Underworld. How are we no different? Our battles have been waged on from the beginning of our time. We will forever be the Titans fighting Gods."-He then looked over to the boy and was unamused by his showing of his Chi. This was a one on one situation that holds a past and Donnie feels like this boys presence is not welcomed.-"And you boy. Do you think either of us care on who you want to fight? Or this tournament? Quit putting yourself into our conflict and ask "What kind of men does this make us?" You both are such children..."-His aggravation was beginning to rise at the both of them. One of them sounds like an emotional woman and the other is trying to be a know it all peace keeper. These were the people he competed with when it comes to power. He balled his hands into fists as he looked at the two of them and said-"You both deserve each other..."-He then turned around and began to walk where Kaito was. He remained in his Super Stage Two while walking away from the two of them. His patience grew weary and having to deal with two children was not on his to do list. As he walked away "The Other Guy" said to Donnie-"You should have just killed them both. I mean come on...Super Stage Two...No way they could have handled that Power man hahaha. I don't get why you keep letting them live."- Then Donnie said to "The Other Guy"-"Because one day I hope they learn..."-And after saying that, "The Other Guy" went silent and was speechless to it. Donnie is growing tired of the games.-

AlessandraSkar: The look on Kaito's face went from fear to anger when he saw what was happening and Kaori could see that from a mile away. She knew for a fact that she did crazy things when she got angry like attacking people who were much more powerful than herself. But right now, these two looked like something else entirely had gotten a hold of them. She'd never seen such power before that could blow trees out of the ground in a one mile radius of a chi user. Kaito's teeth were clenched tightly in anger and it looked like he was contemplating running out to help his buddy, Donnie. 'Oh no you don't.' Kaori's inner voice went off as she picked up speed and dove forward just as another blast of that invisible energy rushed through the area. “LET ME AT THE MOTHER FUCKER!!!” Kaito suddenly shouted as he leaped out of the bush and prepared to charge, but Kaori was already at him. In the midst of her dive, she wrapped her arms around him and tucked, rolling them both across the ground. Thank goodness there wasn't a lot scattered about that could cut their skin off. Once they eventually stopped rolling, Kaito was still trying to run at the commotion. Kaori quickly grabbed him by the back of his shirt and dragged him back down to the ground, flattening her hand on his spine while pushing downward as if to sink him into the grass and dirt. “Sit your HAPPY ASS DOWN!” She shouted angrily above the roaring winds and the chaotic noises filling the forest from the fight. “I know you want to help, but you're gonna get yourself FUCKED UP! You understand me?!” Kaito squirmed and struggled beneath her, his entire face was blood red with anger. “But that son of a bitch sent me FLYING THROUGH THE FUCKING SKY! LIKE A KITE!” Kaori lifted Kaito up and wrapped an arm around his neck, head-locking him so that he couldn't move, but not with enough pressure to cut off blood circulation to his head. She lifted her eyes to watch what was happening, noticing that a third man had appeared on the scene. 'Who are these fucking people!' Her mind screamed as her brows twisted into a deep brown. The scariest part was seeing that Donnie was now engulfed in bright blue lights and there were sparks of lightning dancing all over him like he truly was a god or something. 'How do they harness such power? No really....what the fuck is it? I want it.' Her teeth were clenched together as she tried to hold Kaito still, her chest and shoulders moving up and down with her heavy breathing. 'How? How can I possibly win the tournament without it?'

DarkKeyome:*** WITHIN KEYOMES MIND*** Keyome had a hold on the situation as he forced the dark Hadou within his body consuming it within himself instead of it consuming him. “ TCH! How do you keep being able to do this! “ Keyome said nothing as his body was consuming Oni's form within him until it made his body glow. He had beaten him again. “Because......I’m stronger than you...” ***Exiting out of Keyomes mind*** Due to me had been holding my Ki within my body for so long ( 3 posts.) I pointed my arm to the west of the area and with all of the gathered chi I let go of the force that I had been holding... to the un trained eye in Chi all they would see is a powerful explosion erupt everything for a 3 mile radius the explosion was so loud... it caused a light earth quake. The tree ripping up in the air due to the impact. At more powerful levels, Ones Chi or Hadou has the ability to create a telekinetic impulse via the power put into it, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air-not unlike the blast of an archaic 'pipe bomb'-that would impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even (particularly in the case of fragile materials such as ceramics) shatter it into pieces. The greater the user's Chi ability control, the larger the pressure differential, and thus the stronger the effect and the heavier the target. With practice, a skilled Chi user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketed wave instead of a focused impulse. Truly gifted practitioners could generate a concussive blast that would radiate from them for dozens of meters in all directions, detonating with the Hadou of a conventional explosive. And thats what it did. The explosion erupted from almost nothing as a fiery tornado ripped in the air before dispersed. I watched it from a distance thinking to myself what that would have done if I let it go upon everyone in the area.... As my arm dropped. I had my body back under control as my dark raven hair draped back over my face. I took a deep breathe and turned to the two men. “....We have bigger things to worry about than fighting each other anyways.”

XxDensukexX: Tetsu looked at the explosion. It was indeed a huge one, but tetsu was only slightly disturbed. Being as his chi was active, he would power down and return his chi to regular levels of interaction. He’d sigh to himself, as the violence was avoided like it was supposed to be. Granted it could’ve been a lot worse but tetsu was completely confident in his own abilities and chi control to survival. It’d hurt but I’d survive. Tetsu didn’t underestimate anything, but he was confident in his own abilities in things. He’d look at Keyome for a minute, and then zoom his vision over to deadshot, who was walking away from him. After being called a child, Tetsu wasn’t offended. Not by a long shot. He was however ready to resolve the mysteries on this island, as he would turn to deadshots direction and speak. “Excuse me Deadshot, I put myself into the fray to prevent what shouldn’t be happening right now. You on the other hand seem to have the views of a psychopathic skitzophranic self righteous freak of nature, and whilst I don’t like judging people your character is quite an enigma, yet you reek of self glorification. It stinks quite sadly, and my urge to fight you has increased indefinitely, but of course you wouldn’t give the time of day to someone who you’ve never crossed egos with”. Tetsu brushed himself off, and kept an awareness about himself as he walked between the two in their divergent paths. Tetsu’s attitude may have been a piss of to some as he never considered him below anybody, only eaqual to, and it could definitely be shown in his demeanor and his speech. “What we have here is a hidden common goal that I’m sure we’ll need to call upon each other to defeat. That includes you two solo circus freaks.” Tetsu had to be smug for it was the only way to attract their attention. Tetsu could get his point across to ANYONE but these two knuckleheads, and it was quite annoying how violence was the only way. “Keyome, stop being a self centered jin kazama stunt double and look at the people who care and value your life. Surely you have someone. Deadshot……….” Tetsu had been waiting to say this for a while, as he was getting tied of exchanging words and witty banter with deadshot. He wanted his challenge and he wanted to at lest talk to this man one on one, but he was more stubborn than the material that mask was made of, what ever it may have been. Tetsu finished his pause by saying “Shut….up…..and we’ll exchange words in the ring. Until then unless it protains the matters at hand, I don’t want to hear a word form you.” Tetsu walked over to Asami’s body, and hiked her up with her bag, and his stuff, and proceeded to walk around. He even looked at the girl whom he’d never known, and eyed her for a second. He then kept walking, twords the tower, and before leaving off would say “I’ll see you all at the finals. No more words will be needed there, but hopefully we can talk business as men. As men with an equal in purpose.” And with that Tetsu pushed his chi into his feet and took off, parkuring from tree to tree to reached the branches and proceeded to jump from branch to branch, heading for the tower with resolve on his mind. He’d hope to work with these men and crush the armada, fight deadshot with honor, and address any further issues that needed to be resolved at this tournament. He needed something to report back to KPD, as they were the ones paying for this trip of his.

PallasPallas : -Donnie is trying to walk away when Keyome shows a burst of his power. And in the end, it only proved into Donnie's point.-"And after all I said...he still continues to try and show off..."- But he does see that Keyome gets out of whatever new form he was in and Donnie did the same. His eyes slowly began to dim and return to normal where as the blue fire like aura returns into his body. The static electricity slowly disappearing into the thin air and at the same time, his claws slowly recceed back into his fingertips. He notices that Kaori and Kaito are together and he begins to walk over to them. He kneels down at Kaito, putting his hand on his hair and asks the both of them-"Are you two alright?"-(Depending on what Skar posts I will react accordingly). After asking that and taking the time to listen to them he raises a brow at what Keyome says. He thought to himself-"Why do these two continue to put me in with their problems. They really overuse the words "Us" and "we"-He cracks his neck on both sides and lets out a deep breathe before turning around and walking back to the two other men. He thought to himself-"Today started so good and just fell to shit so fast."-Then he heard the boy talk. And hearing every word that the boy spoke of. "The Other Guy" says to DOnnie-"Who the fuck is Babynuts over here think he is!? Kill him! Kill this bitch right now!"-Donnie watched as the boy went over to where he was protecting Asami. Her scent had never left his nose since he went and healed the boy less than a day ago. Donnie bends down and picks up a four inch thick branch that had fallen off one of the trees that were blown away by Keyome and Donnie's power. As the boy went to grab Asami, Donnie launches the branch like a lightning bolt that would aim to land right next to Asami's body. Donnie then tok a few steps closer so the boy can hear what he is going to say.-"You speak like young man...nothing held back....Admirable....but mistaken."-His voice no longer calm and collected as it sounds more like a Hulk than anything else.-"You chose your words...and now you will have to live with the consequences....When the time finally comes...and you and I face off..."-He looks at Asami's body and says-"I will make her I rip the spine...from your body...And when your body lay in a pool of your own blood....Asami will have my permission to die with you..."-He then glared at the boy with his anger running through his veins. The respect he had for this boy no longer present. Donnie then turns around and returns to Kaito and Kaori, leaving the boy to whatever buisness he is to attend too.-

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