Odd Discovery...

DarkKeyome: After a long talk with Hideo... he seemed to know a small bit of the enemies at hand here... Thomas Flint he said. Was a powerful man... and that I was going to need all the help I was going to get to stop the man from commiting his international tottal erridaction genocide.I had managed to get into an old builing...deep within Old new-York. Hideo told me that within this Ruined lab... that it was the area that Mr.Hiro.. the founder and creator of Kasaihana city had once lived... builiding. Constructing these for the city. Odily enough it's now the dump place that Kasaihana uses to throw scraps... old rejected Cydroid models etc etc. I went in... two Machetes on my waist. Two pistols.. and the weapon that Hideo gave me years ago. The Light machine gun that shot 50 calibur bullets. I climbed up the scrapping metal mountains.. I had been at this for a two days now... a fucking wild goose chase. What the hell could be in this moutain of shit... im running out of food... and the Danz.( Zombie like creatures in Old new york. See the Kasaihana city page on the wiki.) After another gruling day of searching... I came across a area deep within old science facilty... connected... to a large instrument... that seemed to still have power. I rubbed my eyes... my skin bleeding in certain areas due to getting myself cut etc etc. I approached the generator... and what was in it... would more than likely change my life forever. Connected to the massive generator... was a pod.. that had... that had a female inside of it..”...Wha.. what the hell...” I said as I placed my hands on the glass.... scratch marks... gun shots on the protective glass I wasnt the first one to try to break into this... the discarded skeletons on the ground around the pod clearly make that obvious... one skeleton had his hands wrapped around the control module. …. he had died trying to get into it.. I pushed the boney creature away... and rubbed the dust off of the control manual. I pressed the Enter button... and thats when the code shot back out to me on a screen connected to the module.. it was asking me a question. It said. ' What... makes the egale fly' I ponder over at the question... it didnt make since... but I dont know. Something drew me to opening this thing... I couldnt put my finger on it though. I sighed.. and it took me an additional four days trying my best to figure it out. I was munching on my last sandwich and im sure right about now I looked like a mad man due to being cooped up in this creepy place for so long. “.... Alright.. the Kasaihana city animal... is an egale.....” I slid my fingers through my hair.. “....What does Kasaihana mean in english anyways....” I said looking at the module thinking to myself. “....Fire flower...FIRE FLOWER!” I rushed to the module running over and punching the numbers in. I waited.. for the regualr 'ACCESS DENIDED' but... no. I heard the loud mechanics of the pods air pressures releasing. A loud TISSSSSSSSS... echoed throughout the room... as the smoke cleared around me from the pod I took a few steps back pulling the pistol from my back pocket aiming it out at the pod... ready... and terrified.

MelianMay: She heard noises again, her dreams were odd. It was like when He first put her to sleep, there was lots of banging then and things chasing her in her dreams. Weird monster like creatures and screams of rage and anger had filled her endless dreaming for a long time. And then things had grown peaceful, beautiful and almost serene like but now there were disruptions. Not loud and scary like at first but just creatures moving and stirring around, they would stay back for a while though and just kind of watched her… It was odd. Suddenly though they would all get up and charge at her and… BAM! She was awake and falling out of her pod, landing on her hands and knees in front of it. Her chest heaving as she started to really breathe again and her whole body shook as it started to wake up. The girl was small and looked much like a child. Her hair was long and a rich chocolate brown going down to her waist and making her already pale skin look like a porcelain doll’s skin. She was dressed in the normal beginner cydriod gear, a black body suit that covered her completely all the way up to her neck, down her fingers and over her feet but the accents on it were a violet purple color and as she fully booted up they started to glow a little. The accent lines running along the sides of her body, marking her fingers and thumbs, and going down the center of her chest, right between her flat chest and all the way down the middle of her body before branching off and going down to her thighs. She blinked a few times after hearing someone else move and instantly looked up, fear in her striking violet eyes especially when she saw the gun in the man’s hand. The little girl scooted back as far as she could against the pod, curling into a ball as she started to shake with her fear. She didn’t know what was going on or where she was, she was so confused and suddenly she wished she was back asleep. Her nightmare monsters were better than this. A small whimper escaped her petal pink lips as she stared back at the man, petrified with fear to the point she couldn’t even talk.

DarkKeyome: I eyed the creature that fell from the pod... my hands steady and aimed up high. “...The hell..?” I said aiming the gun high enough... I was ready to fire it... But when the smoke cleared I saw the small creature that had fallen out of the pod. Trembleing in fear... I couldnt help but feel remorse... she appeared to be a child. But how could a child had lived down here for so long...? Without decaying... or dying? “...Cyborg?” As of recently... Cydroids were made by that asshole Thomas flint. This... no doubt had to be one of the Cyborgs that belonged to the first batch... or first generation Cyborgs. The battle units. But she was a child... harmless to say the least. I pulled my weapon away. The cold air wisped by through the cracks of the establishment as I eyed the female from a distance. “.... It's alright... im.. not going to hurt you..” I pulled my shirt off of my body. Seeing that she was trembling I assumed she was cold... “... Here..” I said walking over to female as slowly as possible. I didnt want to scare her away... “... My name is... Keyome... Keyome Tasanagi... whats your name?” I said after walking to her until I was close enough to squat down and hand her the shirt.

" Im not going to hurt you..."

MelianMay: Her head tilted slightly when he said cyborg something about that was odd and she shook her head after a few moments. When he started to speak again and take off his shirt she watched him closely, not sure what he was going to do. She didn’t know if she could trust his word of not going to hurt her but… She had too? There was no one else around and… He was gone? She wondered where He was but that didn’t seem to be the major worry on her mind at the moment. Her eyes followed him the closer her came as she shrank back against the cold metal behind her which didn’t help her shivers even though they were mostly of fear… She wasn’t cold per say but she wasn’t at a comfortable temperature either, her body suit not being as high tech as it looked. She heard his name and slowly started to repeat it. “Ke… Keyo.. Keyome..” Her voice was soft and somewhat high but nothing out of the range of a normal little girl’s voice. “My… name…” She blinked a few times and closed her eyes, long, dark lashes pressing against her now rosy cheeks as she tried to remember. “Anna… Quin…?” Anna said back to him in a question of its self like she didn’t even know but after a moment she nodded her head and her face became more confident. “I am Anna.” She repeated and now her attention shifted to his shirt… Reaching out her hand slowly she would gently take it though her eyes never left him, he would be able to see the fear in them as she came closer to him but eventually she would pull the shirt from his hand if he let her. She scrambled to get it on so that he wasn’t out of her view for long and once she got it on it looked like she was wearing a dress or a night shirt way too big for her as the sleeves went down to below her elbows and the bottom of the shirt reached to her knees. She was short for a child to begin with and the shirt only showed that off. “Where are we…?” She asked suddenly, hoping he would know. She was so confused, barely having any memories besides the dreams.

DarkKeyome: I smiled when she spoke my name. She seemed so young... “.. Im not even sure exactly as to where we are. Were in something that used to be some kind of... research facility of some sort?” Keyome said finally standing up and looking around at his surroundings. “... What are you... doing all the way out here Anna...? Who left you here?” I said looking the female in the eyes. Her body seemed to be in good shape dispite proabbly being down here for years... was that pod keeping her perseved...? Perserved for what exactly? These questions ran through my mind at a million miles a minute. And why would Hideo send me out here? What exactly does that old turd know that I clearly do not. Somethings going to have to give. I nodded my head deciding to take her to him. Before she could even speak out next I stood reaching my right hand out to the female. “...c'mon lets get outta can tell me on the way out. “ I said smiling at her to reassure her.

MelianMay: Anna seemed to take that as an acceptable answer and watched him get up. She had to think about his question and it took her awhile. What /was/ she doing down here? She… couldn’t remember, it was all hazy like… She knew she was brought here but she couldn’t remember how except that it was by Him. She wondered where He had gone afterwards, after she went to sleep. Her face was mixed with confusion and thought that by the time he reached his hand out to take her own she was even more confused and just stared at it for a bit. Timidly she lifted her hand and took his, accepting his help up. When their hands touched the violet coloring on her body suit’s glove would pulse a purple glow for a moment before fading away. She would smile back up at him and nod her head, for some odd reason she trusted this random stranger. He was nice and the weird ink on his face was interesting and pretty swirls… She wanted to know more about it… “What’s on your face?”

DarkKeyome: Whats on my face...? The hell did she mean by that? “ What's on my face...? you mean the tattoo's?” I placed my right hand to the right side of my face as my fingers slowly went down the Chinese symbols that went down my face. “... I got these when I was 16. It says 'Dog, Egale, and Shark' Me and my friends used to uh. Go by those names. Before the.. died a few years back. “ I turned my back on the small female and squatted down. My back completely out. “ Hop... it's faster that way.” I said looking over my shoulder at the young girl well... the girl that appeared young for the most part. Way she was locked up in this dump she could be older than me.

MelianMay: Anna nodded slowly as he spoke and when he said his friends had died her eyes went wide and her lips opened in a small ‘o’. “I’m sorry! I just thought they were really pretty swirls…” She murmured and looked down, feeling bad for bringing up those memories for him. She heard him moving and when he turned and squatted for her to get on his back she would carefully climb onto him. Her arms wrapped lightly around his neck and she hooked her ankles together around his waist while her chin rested on his shoulder so she could see where they were going. Her small body could just fit around his as she was almost too short to get her legs around. “I don’t know why I’m out here, Keyome… I don’t remember a lot of things… And I can’t remember His name either… I just know he brought me here to sleep…” She murmured softly into his ear, not wanting to talk to loud since she was right next to it. It puzzled Anna and she wanted to remember but she just couldn’t. It was frustrating and the more she thought about it the darker her face grew with concentration but eventually she sighed and gave up, a small pout on her lips.

Battles with the unknowns...

DarkKeyome: I’d pull myself up. Making sure to straddle the girl onto my back. The walk was slow… and the travel back wouldn’t be easy. As I walked to the edge of the drop off area that I had just climbed up I sighed. “… Man this isn’t going to be fun at all..” I looked through the cracks of the establishment. Seeing the sunlight breaking through the building only let me know that it was still safe outside. My eyes scanned down further at the drop… and that’s when I saw… I saw the creatures… and it made my skin Crawl… the Danz. They got the name from ‘Deteriorated Abmonious Nuisances’ It’s unclear… as to how a whole civilization of normal humans were morphed and transformed into these…demented zombie like creatures. Yet… here they were. War babies… one of the last remained effects of World War 3. The government had no intentions of getting rid of these things. If they did it would have done. “…So much for going that way…” I said looking down at the creatures as they looked up at me. I wonder… if they knew I was stranded out here…. I looked up at the ceiling. The walls were to dense to fly through… so the Oni approach is out of the picture entirely. “…. Her Anna… just give me a minute. I gotta figure out a way as to how were getting out of here.” I’d sit the ground down so she could stand on her own two feet. Reaching my hands into my pocket I’d pull out my cell phone. Ringing in to my main office…. No one picked up due to the reconstruction of that super hero wack job the Dark God going in there whipping everything out. “…Tch…” I said closing the phone and looked back up at the ceiling… I stared… and noticed something…. Something that just honestly…. Really fucked my day up by A LOT. “…Anna… I know you’ve been locked up in that…pod thing. But…. What exactly has been killing the people that’s came here.” I said getting the ominous feeling… like almost a warning as I stared up at the ceiling. “Maybe im just… losing my mind.” I said sighing and whipping the sweat from my forehead. Suddenly something quickly skittered across the ceiling like a rat or something! I pushed the young girl back making sure to get into a ready stance as I pulled both of the machetes from my side. It swooshed by again… then another time… and that’s when it dropped down from the ceiling…. It… was the most. Demonic… thing.. I have ever seen.. Tough skin… horrid eyes. Massive muscle structure… large hands… he looked… like something straight out of a comic book…( What it looks like ). I looked at it in awe… he leaped down infront of me… his wings stretched out high to show its dominance. “..What… the fu-… is this whats been killing everyone!?” I shouted as the creature screamed out at me after I spoke. It charged lashing out it’s long right claw at me. I ducked under it barely what I wasn’t counting on was the 2nd claw. It came up in a uppercut motion as I was coming down. His 2nd claw managed to stab me on my right side impaling me deep enough for me to cough blood as he slung me to the other side of the platform. I hit the ground wheezing… the blood trickling from my body. “… Got dammit… no fuck this!” I said managing to roll on my back just in time to see the beast getting ready to mount me to finish the job. I pressed the Machete in my right hand up at just the right time to impale it in the stomach. As I did this I twisted it. The beast screamed in agonizing pain. Swiftly my hand drew down gripping my pistol that I had holisterd on my left side. “ AAAGHHHH!!” I shouted allowing the bullets to dump themselves into the thick flesh of the creature. Yet… it wasn’t enough. The creature reached his head down and attempted to bite my neck.. a death blow. I moved my head to the left dodging it. But he tried again and I managed to move out of the way again. Using my strength I pushed the machete through the beast completely and forced myself up onto my feet lifing the creature above my head in the super man fashion. I slung the beast on the other side of the platform in attempts to throw him off. But it caught itself in mid air. Flying above our heads and screetching. Only 3 seconds I had thrown him I throw myself forward in a roll gripping the large light machine gun that sat on my back at the same time. So the moment he began to scretch I had landed on my right knee. Dumpping the 50 round clips all into the creatures body. “ Agghhhhhhh!!!!” I shouted as the bullets dump themselves into the monsterous creature yet it seemed not to phase it a lot. He fly right into me slashing his claw out at my shoulder which made my body do a full back flip hitting the pod behind me. I held my arm popping it back in place… but I didn’t have time to rest. The Mutant was on the move again as it soared right into me… the moment it attempted to the 2nd time. I moved out of the way dodging it but not before I gripped the creatures tail jerking it down to the ground with a slam. I backed up getting into a fighting stance. “ c’mon… get up…. You fucking sick sack of shit!” I said waiting as the thing slithered onto it’s feet. It stood to it’s tallest height… and.. it… it spoke? “ You come! Into my home… and threaten me!” It said… which honestly by now… I had pretty much lost my mind. Or so I thought I did. “…Did… did you just talk!? “ The creature screeched and began to lash his claws out at me. Left… right, upper cut slash. I waved to the right. Countered his right slash with my right arm which made a loud CLANG. Due to him hitting my Adamantium arm full on. My eyes looked into the beast but that was soon broken once he threw the uppercut like move towards my face. I weaved back again in a matrix bend pushing my upper body back up on the side in a spinning roll as I came back sending a hammering amount of punches into the beast chest stomach, head and neck. I seemed to be dazzling him due to him wobbling. “ HUyyaaa!!” I bent my fully and I used the technique that I came up with during the tournament using my elbows as some form of a rocket booster. I pressed my chi out of my right elbow as I was bent down. The force itself caused my body to shoot upwards which I simply guided the arm that had the burst of force that elevated me up RIGHT into the beast chin hitting him with a force so explosive… that it knocked him right through the ceiling and right out of the facility. The beast came back down crashing to the ground clearly still conscious but barely. As it looked up. I had one of machetes out aiming at its neck getting ready to end it's life. The beast got ready to speak again but it closed its eyes getting ready to taste his fate.

MelianMay: Anna made sure to move her weight with his movements so that she wouldn’t be a complete burden as he took her wherever he was planning to go. She wasn’t that heavy from what she knew but she didn’t know how strong the man was even if she could tell from the muscles she could see that he was most likely pretty strong. As they came to the edge where they would most likely have to climb down she noticed the creatures down there and instantly started to shake against his back, tremors running through her body. There was something wrong with them, they looked like people but were clearly not… They reminded her of the creatures in her nightmares and that wasn’t a pleasant thought or memory for her but it was the only major memories she had. When he squatted down she would slip off of his back easily and stand up for herself, she really could walk on her own two legs but she wasn’t about to complain, he was too nice for that. While Keyome pulled out his cellphone she would creep back to the edge and peer out over the weird creatures, studying them with soft violet eyes but when he asked her what had made the skeletons she had noticed around her pod she looked back up at him curiously. Walking over she would peer up with him and gave a small shrug of her shoulders. “I was asleep Keyome. I don’t know anything that happened until I woke up…” She murmured softly and looked a little disappointed that she couldn’t give him an answer but that was really all she knew. When she was suddenly pushed behind his body the small girl tripped and fell flat on her ass behind him. She couldn’t see whatever had caused him to push her away because he was blocking her view but when the creature charged and started to attack Keyome a loud shriek slipped from her pink lips as fear rammed through her body. It wasn’t exactly the creature that caused her to be so scared, yes it was hideous and scary in its own way but it was the blood coming out of Keyome that really freaked her out. Anna didn’t know what it was but the blood made her whole face go paler, which would shock some because she was already like porcelain. She wanted to help Keyome but she didn’t know how as the fight raged on, the small girl flinching and whimpering from time to time whenever Keyome was struck. When he pulled out the guns her hands instantly went to her ears and she covered the tightly the sound of the bullets firing off rocking her body with odd memories fighting that didn’t seem so dreamlike but they fleeting thoughts didn’t stay on and she didn’t try to latch onto them. What was going on in front of her was the most important thing. Anna tilted her head when the creature spoke though, her eyes widening a little at the oddness of that seeing it looked more animal than human… Some bat and rat combination. Slowly getting to her feet, making sure not to draw attention to herself as she did, Anna would start to scoot a little closer to the fighting especially as Keyome seemed to start winning. She would always stay on the outside of it though, keeping to the junk that littered the floor. Her eyes went wide as the creature was shot up through the ceiling and then landed back down on the ground in front of Keyome who pulled a knife to its neck and was about to kill it. Something in Anna’s mind snapped and she darted out towards Keyome and grabbed his arm. She wasn’t strong enough to stop him but she was fast enough to stall him. Where she touched him , her fingers would glow violet and flash violently with the contact. The rest of her body suit would glow softly but not as bright as where her skin was touching his and over her heart where there was an odd design pattern it would beat with her racing pulse which was now noticeable from whatever was making the suit glow. “Don’t! Don’t do it!” She yelled and looked up at him and then back to the creature that already seemed half dead. “This place is it’s home… You can’t. It can speak right? Just demand it to help us get out of here safely and leave us alone… It’s not like you’ll bring me back here… You won’t right?” Her eyes suddenly filled with tears, what if he did bring her back here and make her sleep again? Or worse left her some place where those creatures outside could get her… Or the thing in front of them. But the rat creature could talk couldn’t it? Didn’t that mean it understood them? And what if it was protecting her in an odd sense all this time? “Those people could’ve been bad people, Keyome… Maybe they wouldn’t have been like you…” She murmured softer now, looking up at him with pleading eyes. “At least try… Please..?” She murmured and let go of his arm before darting back to hide behind some of the junk heaps, her speed was amazing from one who had been asleep for so long. As Anna crouched down her long brown hair would touch the floor and she closed her eyes, tightly and covered her ears. She didn’t want to hear or see it if that creature had to die, it could talk and speak and had a mind that could communicate. Something about it made her sick at the thought of just killing it but she knew it wasn’t her choice and that if there wasn’t another option it would have to die. She wondered what kind of world she had woken up too, it wasn’t like her dreams at all…

DarkKeyome: I stopped in mid-swing as I was getting ready to end the creatures life. “.....” I was panting... in a rather feral state. “... You... you are going to let me live..?” It said looking out at me. I stood sheathing the blade and simply pulling the pistol from my left side on the beast as I backed away. “... Yeah.. only because... I couldnt kill something with a mind of its own in-front of a child. “The creature rolled around. And stood up straight as if he were a human. “... Thank you...” he said standing at a full 7'8. His longs wings resting on his back as he eyed us. “... So.. what the hell are you. Why can you talk... and why the fuck do you look like something out of a horror movie. “ the creature eyed my tattoo's and said. “ Hmph...rude. Brash... and a Yakuza. That explains it. Things have not changed in the last 100 years I see. “ I blinked. “...100 years...? for fucks sakes... how old are you anyways..” The creature looked out at the sky. “... I do not remember...” he said as the horns on his head began to retract within his brain. “... I used to work here. With... a man named Mr.Hiro. I was a scientist... and a subject to over 20 experimentation on mixing the human body with animals. Though it always failed... I had over 20 animals genes within my body that were implanted... that never became dormant. Until... the slave revolt. This building. Was placed in old new york... and the slaves used to stay here during the construction of old new-york. Where we are.... is the laboratory area where we experimented on the slaves. During the revolt...a bomb was activated... a nuclear one. Though no one noticed due to being all the way out here in old new york. Majority of the scientist died. But I... survived the explosion... and with it... the radiation caused all the cells within my body to become alive. All showing at once.... turning me into... this thing....” he said lowering his head as he fell down onto his knees. “ I.... just... want to be able... to leave. And be amongst the world again...” he said staring up at the hole within the ceiling. “.... We need a way out of here.. I helped you by letting you live. So... help us get out of here.”

Making a Deal....

MelianMay: When Anna saw him start to back away from the creature and things seemed to be going the way she had hoped the small child would crawl back out from the space she had wedged herself into. As she walked over to the two her hair would dance around her glowing body suit and make odd shadows along the floor. She came to a stop a little behind Keyome but still insight of the creature. She couldn’t help but feel Keyome was being a little rude and she didn’t even know some of the words he was using. The girl would make sure to question him on those later but as for now she would continue to listen to the creature’s tale. Anna couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and what he had gone through, it sounded terrible. She would have hated to be tested on; she knew that much even if she didn’t know exactly what that entailed but if it could cause something like the distortions and changes to that man she didn’t want to find out. Once the story was done she would move out from behind Keyome and move towards the creature a little but she only stayed within an arm’s reach of Keyome. “What’s your name…? Will you help us?” She asked, her curiosity peaking up. She was kid after all and even with something so strange in front of her she couldn’t help but want to know about him and what he could do. Especially after seeing him fly… Which reminded her. If Keyome hadn’t pulled her away by now she would be looking at the skulls and bones around her pod. Some of the bones broken in the fight between the two. “Did you kill those people? If so why did you do it, Mister?” Anna had one to many questions for the both of them, especially about the world around them and what was going on outside of this building. How long had she been sleeping?

DarkKeyome: The Creature turned around. “.... My name is... My name is...” He said looking around. “...I do not even remember... my name.” He said sighing and slumping over. He eyed the dead figures of the men who's body had decayed into bone. “... I did not.... I do not human flesh. I have no desire... I go out during the night. And hunt the mutated animals... drinking the blood of the creatures... it seems to keep my bodies mechanics on lock. If I dont... I lose my intelligence... and become like the rest of the monsters..” He said looking down. By now I was getting annoyed... “ Tch... c'mon man.. look... life sucks for a lot of people but if your trying to stay cooked up in here! Then who's fault is that! With all the technology you could easily get some real help...! dont you dare go crying and whyning in here being sad with the world! Get up and stand on your own two feet because this world promises you nothing but pain and your letting it win...” I said in a rage. I dont really ever feel sorry for anyone... and dont really have an attidude to do so after said person tried to kill me off. “ Now... get your shit together... and help us out of here..” I said frowning at the creature. “....Y-...your right. But... I wont leave... until you promise me to help me! I want to be a man again! Please!” “ Tch!? How the fuck am I supposed to help you!” “ Youuu! You I knowww you... on the radio stations! The Tasanagi boy! Your a billionare! You have the money to get me turned back to a man I know you dammit! Please! I cant stay here any longer! If-if-if you do! I'll tell you all about her... and get you both back to safety out of this place!” I eyed the creature... not really sure as to what to do.

MelianMay: Anna felt bad for asking after he said that and her face fell slightly, she seemed to be asking a lot of the wrong questions today. At least he wasn’t the one to kill those people though, she did believe that was a good sign. She wondered how they died but she guessed she wouldn’t ever find out. With a small sighs she walked back to Keyome’s side and leaned against him a little. She would flinch whenever he yelled or said an angry word she didn’t understand. She made sure to remember to ask him what those words meant later. Her eyes closed and she let out a small yawn as they continued to talk not really paying attention anymore but when it came down to the man begging them for something she looked up at Keyome. “Keyomeee.. It’s him or them…” She pointed at the broken down part of the wall he had climbed through. She didn’t want to mess with those things, they didn’t seem to have any life or intelligence and even she could see that. “Unless you have a better idea…” She grumbled a little but still leaned close to his side until she felt something sticky on her face. Seeing as she only came up to a little above his waist she was right were his wound had been blown. Her hand reached up and touched her cheek and came away red over the violet color and when she saw it her face went pale and she started to wobble. “Keyome… You’re still bleeding!” She whimpered and instantly sat down so that she wouldn’t faint. She felt so dizzy. “Uhnn..”

DarkKeyome: I looked over at the smaller female cocking an eyebrow at her for a brief moment. “...” I'd sigh and shake my head as eyed the creature. “ Fine.... but it'll take awhile. I'll agree to helping you but I dont promise anything. I watched the creature perk up and nod his head. “ Thank you! Thank you! I'll help you get out of here. Both of you... get onto my back.. I'll fly you both out to District 2 entrance! “ He said nodding his head. When she yelled out about my wound id simply turn back around to look at the smaller female. “.... ah... it's just a flesh wound..” I said holding the bleeding wound. I pulled my back around and got the ointment that I had within it placing it around the wound. But that was the easy part.... it stung like hell when I poured the alcohol... and then used the zippo lighter to burn the upper flesh of the wound into a hardned skin. I then wrapped the bandage around my waist and moved around a bit. This took atleast 5 mintues tops. The Creature had sat down... and began to speak out to us. “... I remember.... when she was first constructed. But my memory is still very vague. I cannot remember completely though I can try.... A man... that I cannot remember had her constructed... in attempts to have a daughter. She... was simply made for that purpose. And that's all I can remember.... he wanted a young girl as a child due to his first child dying... and remade her in his late daughters image. He... had her stored into that pod after his death... Claiming. That she would have a significance purpose years from now. And that was well before the Slave revolt... I dont know anything else after that. My memories gone...” he said sighing to himself. I took in what he said... and placed a lot of thought on it. I squatted down and looked over my shoulder at the female. “...Get on my back...” I said to her. And if she did then we'd be flown off near the entrance of district 2 where i'd use the code to get us back into the city. Me and The Creature made arrangements. And within 2 days time i'd return to tell him if I could help him at all... though im almost sure that it may be near impossible. Yet i'd still try. After our goodbyes were said. Me and Anna made our way into the city... heading back to my home so I can do a bit of research on the situation at hand.

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