DarkKeyome: I looked over the people who sat in here.... most of them sound asleep.. the reserves in here were all sat in a dispenser near the old desk. It had a computer in here as well so we can keep track of how the storm was... I don’t know what got me to rig this place up with so much stuff maybe it was the simple fact that I was one of those end of the world weirdos who always thought it end in a fucked up way.... maybe this was the end of the world? I sat in a chair smoking a cigarette... unloading a gun and a loading it back. A  Beretta Px4 Storm is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Beretta of Italy and intended for personal defense and law enforcement use. The Px4 uses the same short-recoil, rotating barrel action as the Beretta 8000 Models and uses the same trigger and safety system as the M9/92/96 series, while being completely different in design from either. Light-weight polymer construction with steel inserts, a modular trigger group, fully enclosing slide, Picatinny rail, and changeable backstrap options for the grip are a radical departure from previous Beretta designs. I think I got into Guns after plain Metal gear solid. Solid snake's my hero actually. I was never into superheroes that flew... I like the guys who were the Average everyday guys with the odds tottally stacked against em who always find a way out of situations. But then again my heroes were also gangsters... murders who only cared for death, sex, money and power.... only because my dad was into that kind of stuff. Well... i assumed he was.  I resembled the weapon and pointed it up into the air and then turned it back around to look down the barrel. “.... Take care of Kaori... and Anna...” I said to myself dropping the weapon down from my face simply letting it hand in the frail grasp of my fingers. “....  Why's everyone throwing there responsiblites on me...” I was referring to the Kagemaru clan. And now this. I knew my men were all locked up in my building in D-2.... Alex wouldn’t allow them to get hurt I think she loved those Yakuza more than her own family sometimes. I sighed and shook my head. “.... You better not be dead... Yun. “ I said leaning back into the chair and placing the head-phones back into my ear listening to the cool hip-hop music trying to calm my nerves.

IzzyDaPadaIzzyDaPada Whisper: I had been looking at the ceiling but I had given up….how long had we all been in here? I had slide down the door and made myself comfortable, or attempted to I let out a sigh. The people were sleeping. Keyome was unloading and reloading a gun, every time it seemed to click the echo got louder in my head. Maybe because I was waiting for the knock at the door…silently waiting for the yell of someone saying *Would someone open this damn door haha* Something Donnie Yun would say. *God I’m a wreck!* I finally pushed myself up from the door, if I willed myself to death, he would be dead…if I gave myself hope he was alive..I would find my hopes gone. I rubbed at the back of my neck, where the faded tattoo was. It served a reminder, haha, of what? I never knew where I got it, it was just THERE. I walked over to Keyome seeing as he couldn’t hear my footsteps with his head-phones in. I walked up and took the cigarette from his lips with a small smile on my face taking a drag off of it and blowing it out of my mouth. The many things with being a Geisha were offered many things as a geisha from drinks to even a smoke. You had every right to say no, but to be the perfect hostess; you were required to accept what the client wanted. “Up for a little company…two nervous minds can get easily distracted when they are not focused on one thing.” I took another drag off the cigarette and handed it back to him with a smile. What still was fresh in my mind was the wave crashing…it seemed I couldn’t get it out of my head. Yet I again, went back to willing the knock on the door, and that small voice inside of me that I tried not to listen to whispered every so softly *H e could have died…you never know..saving yours and everyone else’s life. Someone else that saved you that ended up dying you just drag them in with your pretty little face.* Nagging voices, voices that needed to stop voicing the self doubt I held inside of me.

Guest_ATrueKiller: -Today was training day hell yes he was physicked like a mother fucker but he tried not to show it he was planning on becoming a chairman and he knew training would do that for him but he had to train if he died doing it he would he was in a way a berserker in training because he never wanted to stop once he started and he was hoping he could train with Donnie but to be honest he really didn’t care who he fought as long as they tried to kill him he was fine, he also didn’t know where Donnie was, see…he want his opponents in training to face him like a foe or enemies so he could get the most out of training as he could he loved it every second of it and he was not going easy not to day or any other day. He walked into the cellar in his suit still he was trying to be formal as he stood and waited to hear who he would train with though it was obvious he wanted to get started for his left hand was on the sheath of his katana already using his thumb to trace the markings on it as he waited in the bunker. It was not really training day but he was going to ask to start a session in a few minutes he wanted to get better to be better for the clan he wished that it was possible , really all he wanted was to make the clan prod he never had made anybody prod though he mostly killed them before he got the chances but this was different he belonged here are so he felt though he was not sure of how well he would get along with the people in the clan but he knew he had to and he hoped he would as he leaned against the wall. “lokeon (the name of his blade, he often talks to his blade scence it’s the only real friend he ever had it seemed as it was always at his side)we will show them what we can do and it time we did” -he mumbled the blade was cold but seemed to grow warmer with the prospect of battle he flicked the blade with his thumb slightly releasing it from its sheath slightly though only an inch was out, he grinned he was to exited and wondered to himself what will happen if the shun me it has happened he tried to push it out of his mind such thoughts where for the weak he thought to himself. He pushed of the wall with his shoulder and looked to him feet keeping the blade out still slightly despite what he felt he just had to ask and it would be out his mind so not careing what the theirs where doing he yelled-“Hey want to get some training done while we are down here?-He said drawing his blade and put it to his side walking over to them to see who would say yes but decided it was not the best time to ask when he saw a imprint of an man on the cellar” Never mind he said shaking his head he never had any good luck these days .-

DarkKeyome: When the cigeratte was removed from my face I blinked and looked up at the culprit.” Isabel..? * pulls out head-phones* hm... why arent you sleep like everyone else?” I said looking up at her. My eyes too wondered over to the imprint of the male on the door that appeared with a hard crash about 3 hours ago... and it sent chills up my spine. “....” I stared for a moment and shook my head and took the cigeratte back as she handed it to me... my eyes scanning over her body as she smiled at me with that cheerfull smile of hers. How can she smile... at a time like this? I looked up at her and when she smiled... I dont know. I couldnt but help but do the same. “ Ah... well... I mean sure... Oh and. I got your text message...” I said reminding her again ( first time he mentioned it was during the illusion.) “ we can get some drinks... hahah after all this is said and done. Im so sorry.... you got dragged into this... “ Im sure she proabbly didnt have the slightest idea as to what was going on. “.... Why'd he have to play Hero... I mean...why? Its not like im not thankful... but. Playing hero? Tch... why's everyone have to be that guy.... why go out your way. I understand... but then I dont.” I think I was... more so...” Jealous. Im Jealous...” I said closing my eyes. “ That should have been me out there... He has people who care about him. I should have been out there... I couldnt have done much... but I could have done something!.” I said looking up at her... I sighed and shook my head.” look at me.... rambling about myself. Is  there anything I can get you right now?” As I asked her that a young guy came into the sleeping are shouting about a training match. In here? With all these people that'd be risky... my Kagemaru bones ached at the thought of a fight... “....Hey guy. Give me a minute.... ill take you up on that offer.” I said looking past Isabel for a moment before giving her my 100% attention  a again.

IzzyDaPada: I shrugged lightly a bit. “Couldn’t sleep…To many things on my mind.” Like everyone, the imprint of the body was a chilling reminder. It didn’t help with my mind at all. I blinked a bit when he reminded me of the text message and I nodded my head. Which, I wasn’t going to admit out loud it brought some light to this darken time, to know he accepted my request for drinks. But, him apologizing for dragging me into what? “I will look forward to us having some drinks after all of this is said and done Keyome. I truly don’t understand what’s going on.. But Keyome dragged me into what?” When he started to mention *Him*I had to think a bit, but then I realized who he talked about, Donnie. The sacrifice he risked by saving us. But what saddened me was he said it should have been him out there. I took in a deep breath then reached out a hand and touched his hand, a rare gesture coming from me…but for any other person, it seemed normal. “Because, people have that calling in themselves, and they answer to it, when it’s their time, to be the savior in the time of great need.. They do what they must to protect what they love and cherish…” He seemed to continue to continue on with this thought…*He has people who care about him. I should have been out there..* But you also have people that care about you too…Keyome I..” I was cut off with what I was about to say when someone came in a room full of sleeping people? How rude….. He asked about training with someone, which I couldn’t think if the man was blind, or not thinking. But a room of sleeping people wasn’t the best decision. I turned my attention back to Keyome when he said that he would take him up on the man’s offer. Which made me smile inwardly, Always going heads in wherever he was, in whatever it was. Apparently I was more focused on the thought that I didn’t realize that he had given me his attention again. Which caused me suddenly feel smaller then I really was…*Was the room getting smaller? Nakayama… I got nothing.* I looked Keyome in the eyes, I never noticed the change in them, was I that blind to see it? haha, I probably was, to focused on myself, to focused on the disappearance of Hajime to notice. “Keyome, I care…about you. If it was you out there..*Looks at Kaori* I would be where she is… But in some ray of hope I hold hope that Donnie is alive. Because even in the darkest of days. I try to hold the hope of a bright light.” I would look back at Keyome. I felt a tight grip in my chest that I admitted to how I held hope, and how I admitted I cared. *Kiss, your ass goodbye Nakayama.*

Guest_ATrueKiller: -He smiled and nodded walking over to the man, with an idea in his head, he sheathed his sword and begun to perfect the plan he could get rid of the water outside but risk sucking in Donnie but Donnie he was sure would survive Donnie didn’t strike him as a dyeing type from what he herd but his plan was to just suck In half of the water around the cellar and use the power he gained from that he could blast away the any incoming water but he wanted to get his plan approved first and so he walked over to the guy who accepted his training offer and spoke what what he had come up with and voiced his concerns and waited to hear his response to his plans crossing his arms and looking at the roof trying to think of if his plan was approved where he would target it was not the best plan but he had heard no others and he figured a bad suggestion is better than none at all he sighed not sure if he and made the best plan at all so he sat down to wait and played with the marking on his sword once again it was a habit of his in fact he had so many habits he could make a habit counting them he thought. Oh well what’s the most that could happen if it was not a good idea? He thought he could get punched he thought he could handle that but he forgot to tell the man that everyone would need to be behind him in order for him to have a chance at it working at all but he could say that once the first half was accepted he though it most likely would but it was risky if he failed the people within would drown to him it was a simple matter stay down here and starve or get crushed by water he thought he would rather get crushed short and less pain full he quickly removed the thought from his mind. ”So when did this hurricane start I am sorry I don’t watch the news unless I am on it”. He said wondering how long it could last or if it was over already he imagined a man fishing and catching a shark and getting eaten he almost smirked at the thought it wasn’t funny he knew but it was ridicules that a shark would be swimming around up there with a theme song playing dun dun dun dun dun dun.-

AlessandraSkar: 'How long have we been down here? Hours...days? Or simply minutes that my mind confuses for long periods of time...' Kaori's inner voice was having a personal monologue as her darkened eyes stared straight down at the ground beneath her. She was sitting against the wall, holding her knees up to her chest and for some reason her body was shaking. Hard. Then again, it wasn't just for SOME reason. She knew full and well why she was shaking. It was because he was gone....Donnie. She didn't know what happened. One moment they were sitting together enjoying laughs and conversation, kind of like...a family. Then the next moment, it seemed that she'd awakened into an entirely different reality that was ten times worse than what she was seeing before. All she saw was much water...and with barely minutes to escape before the entire club flooded like someone had broken a dam, she witnessed the horror of Donnie risking it all to save her and everyone else in the club. It was like time had slowed down just for that moment that the water broke in and he vanished, but by then, she and the others were already on their way down to this bunker that looked more like a fucking dungeon in her eyes. She could only imagine how much water was floating above them, the same water that had probably crushed Donnie like a can of Coke. Just that thought alone made her breath hitch and she shut her eyes tight in order to fight back the tears swelling in them, but before she knew it they were streaming down her face, down the sides of her cheeks, down to her neck. She dropped her head quickly, her now unruly sea green hair falling over her face in time to hide her fear and sorrow. She felt like she could just...just roll over and suffocate in these feelings. 'Please....please be okay, Donnie.' She said in her mind, and even her inner voice was choked with tears. 'You can't leave me just can't.' She swiped the back of her arm across her eyes in an attempt to dry her tears, but she only smeared them across her face. A huge majority of her mind truly believed that Donnie was dead, the other part held a small ounce of faith that he was alive, perhaps helplessly floating along somewhere. 'He's gone, Kaori.' Her inner voice again. 'He's gone....he's not coming back...he probably drowned...the pressure probably crushed his lungs and killed him...' Tears came flooding back to her eyes again and she only allowed them to fall for a second before she swallowed them back. She knew exactly what Donnie would have wanted for her to do in this situation. He would have wanted her to be strong. He would have wanted her to take good care of herself and Anna. If Donnie was really gone, Anna would have no one to go to but her and she'd grown exceptionally fond of the child, so now she felt more than responsible. She didn't even see herself as a mother figure, but if things had to be that way from now on, she was willing to accept change. She was willing to watch over Anna as if she was her own flesh and blood. “Promise me…that if I don’t come out of here…you will take care of Kaori and Anna…” Those words had been ringing in her head over and over and over again like echoes in a cave, but he didn't say them to just any man. He'd said them to Keyome. 'No hard feelings...' She thought to herself, remembering when Keyome had dropped by Yun Manor with news of Thomas Flint's arrival and asked basically wanted to make sure that she didn't hate him after the tournament. Well, shit...he did put her in a hospital for three days, but...that was in the past. What if she could find it in her heart to move past that? Her dark, bloodshot eyes moved over in his direction where she saw him speaking to that Isa woman she'd met days ago. It was funny how they had all ended up coming together like this. Funny how fate and destiny worked. 'What if we die here?' She asked herself in her mind, watching the man whom Donnie apparently trusted to take care of her and if that was even going to happen. 'Will I see Donnie in heaven....or will I go straight to hell?' She tried to wipe her tears again, but suddenly froze. That was when all of the emotions that she had been trying to hold back for the sake of keeping away watchful eyes, came flooding to her like the waters that flooded the club, hitting her hard. She dropped forward onto her knees, no longer feeling sorrow, but anger. Hot boiling anger that sent hot tears pouring from her eyes as she slammed her balled fists into the floor in front of her. 'Why did he do that?' She asked herself, staring down at the floor as her bottom lip trembled and her entire body shook with her rising anger. 'Why did he sacrifice himself like that? No one asked him to do that! He knows I wouldn't have wanted him to do that! And look at all these ungrateful animals who aren't even showing a lick of gratitude! It's not fair! It's not fucking fair!' She didn't realize that she was digging her nails into the floor until they began to ache all the way to her cuticles, slowly lifting her head to the ceiling as if she would somehow see through the reinforced metal between the bunker and the floor of the club, as if she would be able to see exactly where Donnie was. 'Donnie...' A whisper in the recesses of her mind. 'I think...I think...I'm broken...'

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would roll over on the stone floor of the bunker. He was starting to awaken from the ordeal that had taken place about 4-5 hours previously. His eyes sheepishly opened in the dim lit bunker and he scaned the room slowly. Ryuzakii immediately jumped up to his feet startled by the sudden change of location yelling out. "Where the fuck am I? And where the Hell is Tetsu..?" His mind still trying to peice together the last bits of him having a conversation with Tetsu and waking up here. All he could remember was purchasing some cigarettes at Club Lahana and talking with Tetsu before waking up in this hole. "Why am I down here... in this hole..?" He scanned the room looking at the people around some staring at him due to the comotion and other plain faced as they seem to be in a tramatic state from this experience. " Someone better start explaining all of this to me! I don't like being made a fool of! Ryuzakii stared at the many blank faces around the room waiting for someone to fill him in. If they were to speak up that is.-

XxDensukexX: “MAMA LOOK! TULIPS MAMA! LOOK AT THE TULIPS!” A young boy with brown hair would say as he rushed over to a field of flowers. He was in a garden, a vast one at that. There were four sections to this garden, and each one of them had a certain color. Orange flowers, Yellow flowers, blue flowers, and green flowers. The young brown haired boy would pick up a tulip from the yellow flowers, and hand it to his mom. “Aw, thank you sweetie. Here place it in my hair.” The brown haired boy placed in right behind his mothers brown hair, right between her temple and her ear. She then leaned down and kissed the little brown haired boy on the forehead. “Ew mama! I saw you and daddy kissing, that’s nasty!” The young boy would excliaim wiping his forehead off, of her mouth wetness. The mother sighed and shook her head. “Tetsu, you can’t go around rejecting kisses from every girl who offers them. Unless they have aids. To which we don’t have anymore, but you never know with some of these fast ass little-“ “Hun….thats enough hahaha!” A male voice would appear behind Tetsu and his mom, and it would appear to be his dad, Ochigi, looking rather young one would add. “We don’t want to teach tetsu anything to early on hun, unless you want him to be manish when he gets older.” The mother smiled, for she knew it was true. Ochigi then took tetsu to the yellow flowers that had been planted. “Come here son, let me show you something.”Ochigi and tetsu squatted down infront of the yellow flowers. “This is a very favorite flower of mine. Tulips to me are actually more romantic than roses, to be honest. They’re the color of the sun. You know what the sun is?” Tetsu noded. “It’s more than earts energy source. It’sthe bright illuminescent light that lights the entire world. It lights our past, our todays, and our tommorows. It’s always here. It’s never going anywhere. Just like a well preserved tulip, with today’s soil, can last far longer than what roses can. Did you know that?” Tetsu shook his head no. “Well I want you to renember, when you do find a girl you like a lot, give her tulips. And let her know, that you’ll always promise to be her today, her yesterday, and her tomorrow Same for your friends. You don’t have to give them tulips but do be dependable. It’s the people you care about that can make or break you ya know.” The mother laughed a little and hugged Ochigi from behind. “That’s the line he came up with before we got married.” “hey give me some credit it worked didn’t it?” Ochigi and the mother laughed. “I wanna hug too!” Tetsu ran to his parents to join in on the hug but just as he did the image of his parents cracked, and broke into glass pieces which started shattering……and falling into a deep black void…..Tetsu would be in his older body hearing voices. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS! STOP! G-GET OFF OF ME! TETSUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” Tetsu’s eyes were lowered as if trying to under stand…what was going on….”heh heh heh, she’s a live one boys isn’t she!?” the sound of someone making a terrible accent of sorts….the voice….the voice hurting his mom then took another tone..”Such a rare beauty…..tis a shame you’re only a hinderence to my goals for the future…..tsk tsk. Well boys, when your done here clean up your mess, and be quick about it would you? There is a coldplay concert coming up and we don’t want to miss “Fix You” when it’s preformed. Carry on gentlemen.”……..”that voice……” Tetsu thought to himself,fading more into the darkness. “that voice………..THAT VOICE..” his eyes widen in his mind and as they did his real body began to glow a bright blue, and emit a fierce wind upon his awakening, enough of a stir to blow away usless furniture, and all loose laying items in the room. As tetsu woke up, and the wind raged he would go from laying down to sitting up and screaming out “THOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!- huh?!” In his violent awakening rgae, reflexes seem to have gotten the better of tetsu, as he’d already had one of his Adamantium trench blades in hand, and his modified pistol in the other, pointing around the room. Tetsu’s violently raging chi would start to calm down as he regained consciousness and looked around the room panting, in a deep cold sweat. He’d eventually see that no one harmful was in there and start to let his guard down for a bit. He’d then see keyo, looking lost in thought and a woman, beside him. And a few others.“Keyome?.” still panting a bit he’d start to slow his breath. “Wheres Thomas? I heard his voice..And….where are we? I had a drink in my hand and..” Tetsu looks over and sees ryu awake, and a woman shedding tears, along with several others. Some he recognized and some he did not. “……..what..what did Thomas do! And..”he scanned the room once more, just to be sure. “Wheres Donnie? He was here to in the club..”Tetsu would look around, and give his attention to whomever would answer his question.

MelianMay: Anna body would by lying where ever she had been set down when she was carried in from upstairs. She had been under the allusion like everyone else but instead of waking up like the rest she couldn’t fight it off because she had no clue that she was a cydriod. To her it would feel like she was sleeping again in the data pod and the thought chilled her mind to the bones. She wanted to wake up but her body just wasn’t reacting as it had shut off when it realized something was hacking her system per say. Her body suit that was normally flashing with her ‘life’ would be completely black even where the usual violet lines would be. This would alert anyone who knew she was a cydriod to something being off but at the moment only two other people in the room seemed to know that about her.

Guest_Keizumai: He wakes up holding his head wondering what the hell just happened he looks up and his vision blured at first but a second or two later it clear's up he notice's he's in some type of cellar and there people in there with traumatized look's on their faces he notices one women beating the floor ahead of him and a young man playing with a blade smirking. Then he notices the man he came in the club to see all along Keyome Tasanagi The chairmen of the shadow dogs. he been looking for the man so that he can join them but right now he trying to figure out what happened. He think's back to when he was on the way to the club. He met with a shady looking man that gave him a tip on how to make some cash and the man told him to find Keyome he told he where he would find him and he also told him to bewary because he might not like someone randomly asking to join so he brought his Dessert Eagle's and his blade just in case things got ugly. When he walk into the club he remembers seeing drunken people dancing and having a good time he also remember the young lady that walked pass him. he sat at the end of the bar and order some shot and after that everything goes blank. he stands up still holding his head as he still was recovering from the headache he approaches the young man playing with the blade and asks him -what the fuck happened-

Bad Dreams...

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had been woken from her trance when Keyome decided to play punching bag with her. "Ah no bad Orc!!" She yelped as the first thing she said when woken up.. Her trance dream had been of her video game, but except being behind a keyboard and screen she was inside the game.. Ironically she was a gnome, one of the small species available, and wondering around carrying a weapon that might be a size too big for her. She was gathering allies for a quest, first Isa the centaur unicorn maiden, then Donnie more ironic than her being a gnome, he was a paladian in her fantasy dream, a good aligned class. Unusually though, her recruitment mission came to Keyome, the orc in her dream..She had never before seen Keyome as a orc, so it was strange that he was one in her fantasy. Then, gathering up fictional people from tv shows and movies for the rest of the recruitment she had set out to do the mission..Find the holy Lolipop.. Well after she told everyone what the misison was most had left, leaving her and Keyome while she was riding Isa the centaur unicorn. The trance was fledding though, but the last thing she remembered was Keyome and Isa punching her for some reason, while Isa had the holy lolipop in her mouth!! Now that she was awake, she was glaring over at Isabel, not really sure where they were or what was happening..But knowing she should watch out for Isabel.. "These are my lolipops!!" She shouted across the room randomly holding her packets of lolipops to her little chest, though not saying any names, she was talking to Isabel. "You bad unicorn.." She sat down then and decided to count her lolipops, to make sure none had been lost in the commotion. After that she tried recalling the events that lead them here, the last thing she remembered was Keyome forcing himself on her to drink some booze that she didn't really like. She had no idea the party had been crashed by some dude named Flint. "Oh god i hope the club wasn't shot up again.."

Emotions make you weak...

IzzyDaPada: I watched him talk, it all hit me pretty hard. Flattering? If he truly wanted flattery. It would have been with a mask, as I always wore when I was a geisha. The person standing in front of him was me. He turned to eye me fully, but I didn’t hesitate at his glance, he took a step towards me, and he turned to me fully. All the while he talked. He hardly knew me, and my life. It truly showed how icolated the geisha community truly is. He attempted to walk away, but nothing settled right with me. So I turned and walked up to him and started to talk. “Your right Keyome Tasanagi. Relationships will render you weak. You don’t know how weak it left me open when Hajime left. That man that came in that night when I was at your apartment…Snow White…?” I quickly stepped in front of him and took a stand. “He could have killed me. I know love, all emotions for that fact are weak from my geisha upbringing. We were raised to be this perfect hostess. When to laugh, when to smile, when to comfort. When to not get in their personal life. Hajime was a fluk in that perfect system that has existed for many centuries.” My breath hitched in the mention of Hajime. I wanted to stop but I willed myself to continue. “I was taught to not fall in love, AT ALL. But I will never find out if I ever loved him at all. He’s gone.” I stared Keyome in the eyes. What is going on with me? I pressed further in my crusade. “I have nothing but my geisha training to rely on. The time to smile, the time to laugh. I’ve never truly cared about anyone in my life. You are the first. I could show you flattery Mr. Tasanagi. I could flatter you by your suits. Your speech, how you walk it makes you stand 10ft tall. But I don’t. “ I waved my arms to our surrounds, to those around us. “There is a difference between what is said from my heart. And the correct time to give kind words. The simple gestures, get to know me. You will learn something Mr. Tasanagi. And stay away from you Mr. Tasanagi? Keyome…I’m already in it. I entered it the moment I entered the yakuza world. The moment I saw you in that subway station, that moment I looked past Hajime and wished you were the one that talked to me first instead of Hajime. But everyone sits there thinking I’m so high above them, when truly, I wish they would just get to know me, before simple judging me on what I have inherited. I never wanted this. But it’s all I have Keyome. I was pushed into this life…I took it by the reigns. I wish for help every single day.” I stared him in the eyes more….I laid it out there. He probably would just simply look at it, and do what he normally did. Or…I hope he wouldn’t walk away. But…..its a fools dream.

DarkKeyome: I listened to her speak and I sighed. For the most part... I could understand what she meant. Mostly when she spoke about how she was basiccly forced into this life. Much like I was. But what threw me off  is when she said that she wished that I was the one who had reached out to her instead of Haji... but when she said he was gone... it kind of. Hit me like a sack of bricks... While my back was turned to her I began to speak again. “...As Humans we like to cling to the these that we want to happen the most despite the fact that they more than likely wont ever come true.  Wishful thinking my mom used to call it. Hope others call it but i'd like to think that it was ignornace that causes the emotions. Naivety trying to ignore the fact that the cold hard facts are sitting in your face. And you try your best to ignore them. “ I looked up at the ceiling and closed my eyes. “...I kind of had a feeling... that Haji had been gone. For awhile now....” I said opening my eyes and turning to her. “... But anyways... you want to stick around. Fine... but. Im no hero. I cant be your... superman. “ thats when I heard Nami shout about her Lolipops... my eyes bore onto her. Poor Nami proabbly didnt have the slightest clue as to what was going on. Yet her ranting about candy calmed me... just like the same night when the club was shot. Attempting to walk away again I turned but was stopped again when I looked over at Ryoji... “ Thomas Is gone. He came here... and put us all... under an illusion. To kill us in one shot. He must have planned the hurricane perfectly... to my surprise... I dont even know when he placed under the trance that he did... but I know for a fact that it wont be easy. And about Donnie Yun...“ My eyes scanned over at Kaori... she was in tears... I felt some kind of way... but it wasnt sympathy... anger maybe. “...He's...dead. He sacrafised himself to save us... to save us all.” I turned my back spinning myself swiftly smashing my fist into the wall causing the wall to crumble around my fist... I pulled my hand back and sighed. “...We... have no time for weakness. Were all targets... pawns in his plan for his FUCKING sick... ride to Genocide... so... stop the tears... suck up this fear!” I said shouting to the people within the bunker. “.... Feel nothing.... fuel your hate... and your anger... thats the only thing...  you should be feeling... We must...stand strong... and fight... so no more fucking crying...” I said pressing my back against the wall, sitting on my but as I pulled out a cigeratte and placed it within my mouth lighting it. I put my Beretta infront of me and pulled my Guitar from my back strumming the line of one of my Favorite animes when I was a kid... The imprinted image of Donnie  getting hit by that wave... echoed throughout my mind.... causing me to play a bit more intensely as the rift drifted into the room. ( Click if you wanna hear what it sounds like. Clearly its only the beginning part with the rift.

IzzyDaPada: His back was turned to me when he spoke this time, He voiced back what I said about Hajime being gone. But he said he had a feeling, he had been gone. What he didn’t know was he was running away… I didn’t dare speak that part, the images of how he was murdered flickered in my head, I tried my best to shut them away, but they continued to flicker in and out. He now looked at me this time. He said he was no hero, no superman; it made me smile a bit…because I never asked him to be that, as he tried to walk away. I shifted my body at the direction he was heading and left it at. “Just be you Keyo…I favored that. Not the superman aspect.” After he had walked away, I watched him punch into the wall and shout at it. *Shouting at inanimate objects must be a healthy habit of exerting frustration…* I had to think to myself a bit on that. I never tried punching a wall. It looked like it would hurt. *“.... Feel nothing.... fuel your hate... and your anger... thats the only thing... you should be feeling... We must...stand strong... and fight... so no more fucking crying..* Well that is one way to get the peoples morals up..I suppose. I looked to Kaori, Anna, and Nami. The people within the room to see how they would react to his words. That moment you feel useless to the aid of those around you, is greater. But you know the greatest point is, to get everyone safely out of a possible death hole. I kept my opinion to myself though….. what if Donnie isn’t dead? What then? But, this is true, what if he was dead..? Live his life in memory to be strong, fight for your life. Something Donnie would do? Laughing in the wake of danger? *Inner laugh* Don’t know Donnie that well, but I’d assume he’d laugh..right? (PRAISE KAKAROTTTT!)

" The only one i hate right now is YOU!"

AlessandraSkar: 'Stop it, Kaori. Stop it. Pull yourself together, bitch!' Her mind screamed, feeling as though it were spinning for a second. All of these emotions were giving her a massive headache and she lifted both of her hands up to massage her temples with the tips of her fingers. Her eyes were shut tightly while she did this, images flashing through her mind, images of what had happened hours ago. 'Donnie would want me to be strong...but...its hard. Maybe....maybe I'm not the strongest woman in Kasaihana. Wait...' Her eyes opened suddenly as if remembering something, lifting her head a bit to get a better view of the room. 'Anna....where is Anna?' Quickly standing to her feet, her head turned left and right as she scanned the room in search of the child, growing worried when she didn't see her within the first couple of seconds. Then, she spotted her laying on the floor in a corner of the room, gasping loudly. She was motionless and her peculiar bodysuit wasn't flashing colors like it usually did. Odd, but scary. “Anna?” Kaori immediately began toward her, shoving people out of her way and jumping over those who were asleep on the floor while keeping her eyes on the child. “I'm supposed to be watching the child and this is what happens.” She muttered to herself under her breath as she shoved a man out of her way with her shoulder. “Out of my way, dipshit.” She growled at him, then finally reached the motionless child and dropped to her knees beside her. “Anna?” She said her name softly, scooping the girl up and laying her across her lap, elevating her upperbody so that she could look closely at her face. Her eyes were shut....not good. “Anna, can you hear me?” She looked up toward the ceiling, thinking to herself: 'Oh, my God, I'm in deep shit if this girl is dead.' She looked back down at her and gave her a light shake, gently touching the side of her face as she called her name again. “Anna, please wake up. I can't lose you too!” She held the child closer like a mother would, more tears streaming down her face as her eyes fell shut once again. 'I....I know I must be bad at this...because my mother never stuck around to take care of me.' She thought to herself, only causing her chest to grow tighter with her emotions. 'But...I promise that won't be my excuse. I promise I will take care of you...if you would just wake up.' The sound of something being smashed and crumbled reached her ears, interrupting her train of thought. She lifted her head to look across the room, her vision blurred by her tears and spotted Keyome. He looked...angry. Furious even. Obviously he'd punched a hole in the wall and was now sitting down strumming his little guitar. 'That fucking bastard.' She thought to herself as her brows furrowed into a frown, glaring at him from across the room. She almost couldn't believe what he'd said to everyone. Suck up the tears, be strong and fight? She'd just lost the only man she loved, cared for, and trusted with all of her stone cold heart...and now this prick was demanding her – and everyone else – to just suck it up and move on? Oh, she was going to do more than just fight. She was going to KILL whoever had done this. Even getting revenge was going to kill her, too. She didn't care. It would be for Donnie... Then again, who was going to watch over Anna? Kaori looked back down at the child, clenching her jaws shut tightly. She could feel her anger building...and building...until finally, she rose to her feet, carrying little Anna in her arms bridal style and walked over to Keyome. She stopped directly in front of him, simply staring down at him with eyes that were practically boring holes into him. “You know who's responsible for this.” She stated in a low tone, her voice shaking with anger and pain. “You know why we're all here...trapped....and slowly going insane. So now you're going to tell me....who is he?” She slowly knelt down in front of him, still holding Anna to her chest. “Is it Flint? Well, is it!? Because if it soon as we get the fuck out of here....I don't want any of these people in any danger...ever again! If its that son of a bitch...I'm going after fucking self! And you know what you're gonna do? You're gonna do what you should've been doing all this time and watch over Anna...with your fucking life! Do you understand? kill him. Not you...or anybody else in here. It's going to be me.” Her bottom lip was shaking while tears continued to pour down her face, her gaze so sharp and fiery with uncontrollable anger that Keyome could probably feel it burning right through him. And even though her words may have seemed to be spoken well out of pure rage, she meant every damn syllable. “If it's the last thing I do...I will FUCKING KILL HIM!” Her chest heaving up and down with heavy breaths, she just stared at him, holding Anna tightly, almost angrily, and waited to see what he had to say to that.

LightFang: -Ryuzakii had overheard as the man that was addressed as Keyo spoke out to Tetsu and shook his head. The man spoke of Donnie dieing and then brushed it away so briefly it started to stir up Ryuzakii. He sat forward and gripped his hands tight into fists. He looked down at his hands and his memories started to fade back. His vision started to fade to a white color as he went back to those days. Then, before his eyes, he saw the white fade quickly like a blinding flash then he could see his father falling in front of him blood quickly pooling around his body. His mother grabbed him immediately and covered his eyes. After a few seconds of his vision fading again it came back in the form of a door opening in front of him. In his mind he knew what door this was and what would be behind it but he couldn't stop himself from opening it. It was the front door to his old home... All he saw when the door flew open was his mother across the room her neck strung up to the ceiling fan and her body dangling a foot off the floor. To the others Ryuzakii's eyes would be in a dead stare at the wall in front of him, not blinking and his body would be shaking slightly as if a cold chill came over him. A single tear would find a crease to follow down his face and drop off onto the floor. This tear was from Keyo's words as Ryuzakii jerked back. "It can't be true..." was the only thing echoing in his mind now as the visions of his parents faded. "Your Lieing!" He suddenly shouted out. Ryuzakii stood up on his feet his back would be to the one addressed as Keyo. "I refuse to believe that, just cause you say it." He would now be turned toward the man taking a step forward as tears would be running from both eyes now. He saw a woman standing near Keyo yelling at him probably feeling the same anger Ryuzakii was. However, his eyes would still be locked on Keyo with a wicked look to them. "You say we need to feel nothing but hate, and fuel our anger? Well keep talking like that and you'll be throwing kerosene on my anger!" He was about five steps away from Keyo, standing beside The woman who he could see was holding someone, when he stopped."I don’t know who this Thomas guy is or what he has don’t but the only one im starting to hate right now is YOU!" Ryuzakii's arm would be outstretched holding a finger towards Keyo as he was leaned against the wall. "And back to this Thomas fellow for a second," his hand fell back to his side still clench in fists,"If you say he is planning a genocide against all of us and we need to fight, then why are we sitting here in this hole! We should be out there actually doing something..." He looked around the room at the others. His mind pieced together the words that the woman yelled at Keyo, particularly the threat to kill Thomas."I am with her on that, I'm not gonna sit by and let some guy play terrorist in this city just cause he wants too." He mumbled softly"Especially not now that there is reason for me to live here..."The tears were stopped but his face still wet with them as he turned back to Keyo. " AM I WRONG?" His eyes were staring coldly at Keyo. There was anger in his eyes but also a slight hint of hope under that, hope that Keyo knew some way to get out of this and help against this Thomas guy.-

The Voice of reason...

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would’ve listened to keyome’s words about Donnie. As his mouth dropped In disbelief..Tetsu wanted to speak. He wanted to yell, and shout. He had just grown closer to Donnie. The man understood his problems dealing with real world superheroes….he understood the pain that came with protecting the ones you care for. He understood tetsu in general…Tetsu’s mouth quickly closed as his jaw tensed for a moment, a noticeable gesture. He then sat down, and crossed his legs as Keyome kept talking about what to do, and how we should handle it. All the while tetsu pulled off his utility belt, and unfolded it completely, not caring who really saw what he was doing, for a this point no one was focused on him…only Donnie. “Donnie Yun…..” Tetsu thought to himself, as he sorted through each pocket of the belt, making sure everything was according, and counted for. Smoke pellets, cryopellets, shuriken, trench blades, force grenades. Force gloves….all accounted for. Tetsu would then listen as the woman he remembered as Kaori started to motion and spoke her own peace. She must have had it the worst, being so close to this man. The man she says she loved so dearly. And tetsu believed it. Not because of how she took the dick, which tetsu saw on the internet. But those were not the tears of a groupie. They were the tears of a woman, who had lost someone dear…the same tears tetsu himself cried at his mothers hidden funeral. The pain of loss…is never esilly healed. Tetsu pulled out his gun, and released the clip. It was full with his tranquilizer set of rounds. He then checked his socks, to see If his usual reserves were still there, and they were. Tetsu would continue sitting, with is belt spread on the ground, pants held up due to being fitted, as the young one known as Ryu also spoke his peace. They were all right. And yet they were all wrong. Their hearts were in the right place….but this rage. This rage was not going to get us where we needed to be. Once everyone was silent, tetsu sighed loudly and spoke. “Everyone. Please”. Tetsu stood up, and began placing his belt back around his waist, and once it was done, he began speaking again. “I’d like to address Donnie. If it peases everyone or not….I know no one wants to hear this but..I do not believe Mr. Yun has left this world.” Tetsu would pause, for fear of an outburst or a couple looks, but his hear would will him to continue. “I do not believe it because I believe in him. And the cause he stood for. The people. The ungrateful. Kasihana city in general. Lets be honest people…” Tetsu would look up as if lost in thought. “No one in this city deserves to be saved…Some would think Donnie’s death was pointless…he wouldn’t think so however, and I think we should keep in mind…what he wanted instead of us being selfish. Yes. Selfish. I said it.” Tetsu would not be shocked if someone were to attack him at any point and would keep calm to keep his composure up. “We’re crying and grieving over a man, who died doing something he’d dedicated himself to do. He didn’t die because he was trying to die a “hero”. He died because he felt that everyone there was worth saving.” Tetsu would look down for a second, holding in some heartfelt tears. He wouldn’t let it show, but the trained eye would catch on. By now they should be listening intensively. “Donnie did what he had to do, because he believed in a cause, that no one, not even myself, could hope to live up to. We need to respect that by focusing on what he would’ve wanted, not what we would’ve wanted, and that means, staying alive, and figuring out why this all took place In the first place. I do not believe he is dead….but should he be, lets all try out best to get out alive. Not a single person here has to like me, or what I’m saying or about to say. But if you even have a sherd of care for Donnie Yun, then at least hear me out.” Tetsu would look around at everyone in the room and continue, as he began taking off his hoodie, to reveal a white wife beater, and he tossed his jacket to the side. “For one…Tasanagi. As right and as sinical as you are, we cannot turn everything we have into rage. As valiant as it is, we must focus and not blindly lash out. Not to be a prick, but you of people should know where that leads…I do not know you, so it’s true I have no right to speak like I know you, but instead of lashing out at an object that can’t even hit back, you should take your own advice. Put down the guitar, and began planning an escape. You had something to do with this building right? Then surely you know of a route to lead us out. If I seem rude, I’m sorry but please, no more moping. Nice guitar rift by the by..” Tetsu would clear his throat and continue talking. “Listen everyone. I’m sure that with all of our heads combined, we don’t have to be stuck here. We can get out, and complete what Donnie would’ve finished concerning this Thomas character…” Tetsu thought about the mans face for a second, his cold senical eyes…”We’ll take care of him when we get there..Everyone will have the chance to fight over his carcass when that. Time. Comes. Like it or not, no ones gonna do anything while we’re trapped in this celler type area. It’s time to stop crying and fight for…” Tetsu looked over at Kaori, and then pointed softly at the little girl in her arms. “Time to start fighting…for the things Donnie cared for. The things we care for. Weather big or small. The time for words has left. The time for talk is over.” Tetsu pulled up his watch, and began trying to reach a gps satellite, luckily the governments signal can pierce through even the thickest of structures. “I’ve got a map here, it says we’re not that far from the tunnels of Kasaihana city, in the sewers. If we can get there, we can navigate our way out, and maybe formulate a plan between now and then.” Tetsu would then walk over, and stand a few feet away from Keyome. “You know this place better than I do, but I’m sure with my map, we can make an even more accurate escape. Yakuza, cop regulations aside, down here we’re just ordinary people…I’ve got the map, and you’ve got the knowledge.” Tetsu would look around. “If all is well or somewhat well between us, I’d like for everyone to gather anything useful as a weapon or for support. I only have so much medical equipment, so make sure preparations are made. I’d like to leave as a group, but…Well in about 10 minutes I’ll be ready to go. If your ready, please stand up and say so.” Tetsu would look around the room, hoping his words rang thru to somebody…anybody…..tetsu didn’t care if they didn’t like him but. Could they all pull thorugh, for a man who held no grudges…even after his supposed death.

" I Work Alone..."

DarkKeyome: The moment that the women squatted down in-front of me with Anna's body in her arms. I looked over the child and looked back at her. Hearing her rant... it reminded me of myself. When... All of my friends were killed by Danchou 3 almost 4 years ago. But... she demanded me to watch the child... stating it as my responsibility. I stopped in mid strum and simply eyed the female. The younger male who approached... seeing him Scream at me. Claiming to hate me. The expression on my face stayed pale.  “.....Your weak. Crying those tears.... your less of a man... And if you talk to me like that again...” My eyes shot up to the boy, the cold golden color in my eyes glaring back at him. “ Ill rip your spine from your back...” Though he was right taking action is what we needed to do...  and its what I did do. After a cold 5 seconds pause... I looked up at the female the taking in everything that she said to me. Her emotion so fueled with hate and anger towards Thomas. It's what she needed. This world has no place for weaklings... yet... it humored me in a sick kind of way. ”haaha...HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA!” I titled my head back laughing in her face the cigarette I had in my mouth hit my leg and bounced onto the stone floor. “.... Ask yourself... what the hell are you going to do huh? You cant do anything... not right now. Haha... you think your special... because Donnie Died? Your no different than any of us... Listen to me. And listen to me well... “ I stood to my feet and looked down at the women. “Fight... your own battles.” The room went dead silent after I said the words from my mouth. “..As for the Child. She ran away from me. And the man who told me to obtain her lied. Stating that she would help me... that she'd play some key role... hmph.” I titled my head up and clenched my fist. “...She's nothing but a piece of scrap metal that I should have left in the fucking pods in the Old New York ruins...”  There words all struck me... Specially when Ryoji spoke... I wont lie. He spoke the truth. The Naive truth. But the right truth. Donnie Yun was hard to kill...after all. I've tried. “....Hmph.” I said turning my back on them all as I walked forward. “ Maybe he is alive.... but Thomas is too. And while you all were sleep... what do you think.... I have been doing.... I've been trying to get in contact. With very important people.“  I said to him as I looked up at the ceiling, pulling my watch up to look at the time. A smirk on my face., by now he had approached with his Map of some sorts.... How Trivial. ( Clearly all of the events that have happened to Keyome are finally starting to mess with his Psyche)“Besides....” I said walking taking a few steps ahead of them pointing to a wall on the other side of the room... My finger stayed pointed to the other side as my smirk faded. “I always... have a Plan... “for a few minutes. “......” the silence went on and then BOOMMM!!! the wall would explode and flooding into the room would be a line of men rushing in ( Tekken_force.png What the soliders look like) All of the soliders lined up infront of me about 120 in all. “ About... time...” In front of the soldiers one female walked in front of the squad and approached me... I smirked. “ Sorry about the wait Mr. Tasnagi... We had trouble moving through the sewers undetected. Seems as though Titan Force Soldiers are all within the sewers... for what im not sure...” ( What she looked like.) I smiled “....Alex, you... dyed your hair.” I said crossing my arms. The woman smirked and did a dancer spin showing off her new look. “ You like?” I shook my head crossing my arms which made her get back into her serious expression. “ D-aah... I mean Sir!” I nodded my head. “... So. I need you to get these Civilians to the shelter in the Heat ball arena. I looked on the computer news reports and saw that this is where everyone was heading. I’m sure that if you take a 5 man team to guide these people you can make it there easy.  Do you have a man on Inventory...?” She nodded and whistled. Soon a large robot box came forward rolling like a little R2D2. It stopped in-front of me and I placed the bar-code on my wrist onto the box as it reacted with a “ Hello Mr. Tasanagi.” The box opened to a 6 feet expansion showing a series of weapons, Futuristic Assault rifles, Pistols of all kind. ( If you get one just your imagination and whatever gun you want is what they had.) Pulling the Light machine gun over my shoulder I’d take the two Desert eagles putting them behind my back and turning around to eye all of the civilians and the others who were eyeing me now. “ Alex... c'mon. Why would I wear that Flak...” She snickered. “...Because it's a bullet prof vest stupid now put it on.” I shook my head and pulled the Flak onto my person. On the back of it said. 'Shinobi'. I nodded to the men who all came in and shouted out more orders to them. One by one they began to help the civillians onto a cargo platform. And then punching a code that took them down to the Area dome where everyone was placed. 5 men on each cargo platform as they drifted back down into the sewers. I turned again to Ryoji and the rest of them. “.... Down these sewers. Is where we have to go. Well... where you have to go. Take the route to the right where the Heat ball Dome is. I checked and this is where theyhave placed everyone while the storm is blowing over. “ Alex stood next to me “ Sir. We have to move.” I nodded. “...Oh and Ryoji.” I said eyeing him through my blades of hair. “ I told you... I work alone...” I said pulling the Shades onto my face. I gripped my Light Machine gun and began to run with my squad as we ran to the left Route.... Right into the Heart of the Kasaihana city Draingage system... And... The heart of the Titan forces hide out.

Going in..

IzzyDaPada: I watched everything unfold in front of me. Kaori, the loss of Donnie I didn’t know the woman personally, but when she walked to Keyo with Anna in her arms and made the treat to take revenge.. I took in a breath. I wanted to walk over and offer my assistance, but, I think my assistance would have been……to over baring? Take revenge, and kill Thomas Flint, you would need help to take him down..being he took everyone with just, whatever he did. I suppose that was a start right? I was about to make my way and approach her as another person, very young in age male practically shouted in anger of how could Keyo say that, then approached Keyo. Finger pointing, angry words coming out of his mouth, *I don’t know who this Thomas guy is or what he has but the only one I’m starting to hate right now is YOU!* I stared at the kid now…Something came to my mind as I looked at these two.. *Hearts and minds that are placed in hard circumstances do not think clearly..* I frowned wondering where I heard that from... When Keyome made his defense, I couldn’t help but wonder if the threat against the kid about tearing out his spine was truly necessary. It seemed everything was truly unfolding to the tenth degree. The walls were caving in metaphorically, but despite it all someone who knew Donnie spoke up, saying what I wanted to speak, but didn’t dare. I did have to agree with him.. We did need to get out of here, I did most certainly agree with that. He had his plan up thus far, it was upon us to contribute ideas. But it seemed we didn’t have to sit down in a circle to really put our heads together, as a loud *BOOMB, CRASH* came from one of the walls. A group of 120 armed men came through the wall with a woman. *Always came prepared Mr. Tasanagi* I had to smile, it seemed he was a step head of whatever it may have been. Everyone was choosing their paths and those that weren’t capable of battle, went to the Heat ball Arena. I walked up to the box and pulled out a shot gun. Looking back into the box, I spotted a version of an anti-tank riffle, it caused me to smile as the weapon did happen to remind me of the twins….*I wonder where they are right now* But I couldn’t take the weapon due to it weighing me down. So I weight with the shot gun and the boxes of its ammunition, that I stuffed into my pocket, a box in each. *This is going to be a mess…* But I mentally shrugged to myself as I then grabbed magazine rounds for the desert eagle that was strapped to my thigh and stuffed them into my pocket, I could store about three in each pocket. I took in a breath, and looked up at the opening with the shot gun in my hands and headed for my intended destination. The left, where Keyome went lone wolf, the right to safety. But safety meant the cowards way out of this. I couldn’t live with myself like this. I nodded my head and pivoted off my foot and took to the left with those and behind those who took to go left.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami was good at following people, Kirei long ago, Keyome not too long ago, briefly living with Isabel at one point and listening to her orders. She was probably like this because they were her replacement for never having parents to give her orders and make sure she was healthy, sure she had someone there giving her orders but never someone who also perhaps loved her. Kirei was her best example of a parent like person, even if she was a lover around the end of their time together, she was also motherly, protective, making sure she ate her veggies and took her baths. Now she was following the group leading out of the sewers, though she was taking up the rear and falling behind a little bit. She wondered how the storm was right now, maybe in the eye of the storm or it had passed over. She wondered what the destruction was like, hoping the candy factory had been alright. She apparently had not been paying too much attention to the other people in the group of the things they were doing and dealing with. She didn't realize that someone might have probably died back there, probably because of the hangover that was force onto her earlier in the day when they thought just partying and waiting out the storm was going to be their schdule for the next few hours. Hey maybe the school she pretends to be a student at had taken enough damage that they would not have to go back to for a few weeks. Although storms weren't stopping her from staying home all the same. "I hope these sewers don't lead to Old New York.." She said to no one in particuler with a shiver, recalling her enounter with those things when she was there before.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori was a bit caught off guard when the unknown young man walked up beside her with his own words toward the situation. She turned her head to look at him, her expression of anger melting into one of curiosity as she eyed him, listening to him speak. She knew automatically that he must have been quite close to Donnie, judging by the anger behind his words. And it was evident that he wanted to avenge the hero of Kasaihana just as badly as she did. But who was he? There was a silent pause after he was done addressing Keyome, rather sharp words but the situation pretty much called for it. And after that brief pause, another voice filled the room. A rather familiar voice, at that. Kaori looked around until she spotted him, blinking as she immediately recognized him as the other man she was up against during the tournament. Wiping her tears with the back of her hand, she slowly rose to her feet to get a better look at him. He was in much better shape since the last time she saw him, but by the look on his face, she could tell that he was quite hurt by all that had happened. She stared at him as he spoke. The way he was talking about Donnie...spelling out what he would have been doing had he been here...telling everyone in the bunker what needed to be was as if he knew him just as well as she did. He'd even set out a segment in his speech to address Keyome and despite adding the point of not trying to disrespect him, it was quite the wake up call for him. Her brows moved into a slight frown and sniffling, she turned her body to face his direction. And when he pointed in her and Anna's direction and said, “Time to start fighting for what Donnie cared for...” she knew he was right. Her eyes lowered for a second or two as she thought to herself, 'I have to fight...for Anna...for Alfred. Oh, Alfred. What's he gonna do when I tell him what happened to Donnie? If I even make it out of here...' She turned back around to face Keyome, noticing that he'd stopped playing his guitar and was looking between her and the angry male standing beside her with a blank expression. Then he spoke, insulting the man, even threatening him with words that were like venom. Kaori looked taken aback for a second...until he then addressed her. What he said caused her entire body to go stiff as a rock for a split second before her blood began to boil hot like molten lava. Had she heard correctly? Was this prick even serious? The second he stood and looked down at her, he would have probably noticed the redness of her face but not the red color that leaked into her vision as she just stood there staring at him. No....glaring daggers at him. She watched him turn his back on both of them, making a point at the back of his head where she wished she could pick up the heaviest object in the room and throw it dead at his skull. Hopefully it would shatter like a goddamn egg, but no. That wouldn't be the best choice. It wasn't about getting back at him right now, it was about getting back at that Thomas Flint prick for causing all of this...and for getting Donnie killed. 'Yeah...don't worry about this son of a bitch.' She told herself silently, trying to calm her inner rage. 'He's not even worth it. I have to save my strength and my energy for...for Flint.' But even if she wasn't going to fight him, she was still going to tell him off. “, arrogant, pompous, thick-headed piece of--” But before she could finish the on-coming tirade of insults, all she saw was Keyome point to a wall and the next thing she knew, the whole thing exploded. She instantly shifted her feet apart as if getting into a fighting stance when she saw figures moving through the darkness within the giant hole, but to her surprise, they were...soldiers? 'Who are these men?' She asked herself with a frown, watching as they all filed in one by one, armed and dangerous. Her question was answered when a woman whom apparently knew him appeared at the front of the line and to Kaori's surprise, they were loading him with guns. Big guns. 'No fucking fair.' Her eyes narrowed as she watched this, then widened when she saw him take off into the hole with the entire squad after everything was said and done. “Wait...where the fuck are you going, Keyome?!” She shouted after him, but he was well out of sight by then. ' what?' She remembered hearing him say something about taking a right passage through the sewers that would lead them to some dome. Thousands of other people who had survived the hurricane were probably down there. But then, there was the option of following Keyome to the heat of battle, which was the option that she wanted to take more than anything. She looked down at Anna and moved a lock of hair from in front of her face. “He says you're not human...but that doesn't change anything.” She whispered. “You'll still be well taken care of, Anna. I'm sending you to a safe place and as for me...?” She lifted her head to look in the direction that Keyome had gone, just in time to see Isa headed in the same direction. “Mama has business to take care of.” She bolted toward one of the men looking out for the cargo headed down the right path. “Excuse me?” She shouted after him and he turned to face her just as she approached. “I need you all to take her to the dome. Handle with extreme care or I will kill you. Understand?” The man looked surprised for a second, then nodded. “Yes, ma'am” He answered, gently taking the child from her. “Hey guys, we got an unconscious kid! Everyone careful with the goddamn cargo, alright!” He shouted to the others. Kaori watched them march off. '”I'll come back for you, Anna. I promise.” She whispered, taking a deep breath. “I have to do this...for Daddy.” She walked up to the box where all the guns were kept, finding an M-16 and two TMPs, strapping the TMPs to her legs while securing the M-16 to her back after loading all three weapons with ammo. “Better not die out there, Kaori.” She said to herself, took a deep breath, then ran after the squad that took the left path.

LightFang: - Tetsu's words would ring a bit to Ryuzakii's ears as he realised Tetsu had the words that Ryuzakii wanted to say behind his raged exterior. It almost felt like he was standing at a funeral hearing the final words of the family and friends. Ryuzakii's face went blank as he started to try and calm himself down. He jumped at the words Keyo spoke to him though."Your weak...weak weak............ Less of a" These words would echo in his mind for a moment comeing back little by little. "Weak........." His head was ringing so much with these words that he almost didn't hear Keyo's threat to him. However, his gaze was met and Ryuzakii gained his composure returning his face to the stern look he had before. His eyes would stay locked to Keyo even as the horde of men crashed in through the wall and the woman, Alex she was called, interacted with Keyo. His eyes then drifted to this box of equipment Keyo opened then back up to him as he told everyone to go to the Heat Ball Dome. Like hell he'd go there Ryuzakii was going where ever this guy was he was through sitting on the side while others fought. Ryuzakii felt sure that This woman would go fight anyway and he wondered what Tetsu might do but he knew he himself would fight. As Keyo and his men left he noticed he left behind the opened box of weaponry. Ryuzakii moved fast shedding off his hoody and revealing a black muscle shirt he had on underneath it. He reached into the weaponry box finding another bullet proof flak jacket, this one white in color with a crossed design on the back, and two Glock 18 model pistols. The pistols were black in color all except for the grip. On the grip was a white skull, it was on both sides of the grip and on both guns. He then grabed out two holsters which he strapped to his thighs and put the Glocks in them. He then threw on the Flack and grabbed some extra ammo putting it in his pockets and a couple clips hooked to his holsters for easy access. He knew he wasn't very skilled with guns but hey, "Its all point and click right?" He muttered as he checked each gun for ammo pleased to see they both had a full clip. He looked over his shoulder at Tetsu hoping to see him preping too, that or just rushing off. Somewhere inside him he thought "If i can stick close to that guy i know i can make it, I mean two is better then one right?" He shook his head trying to force the though that he could make it even on his own if he had to. Still the thought of others to help back him was a comforting thought. Ryuzakii looked back in the box thinking if there was anything else he may need. He decided to grab out a sub machine gun that had a red dot sight and a couple clips for it. Never know right?Ryuzakii's mind started to fill with thoughts of when he was in school. How he always bullied for being freakishly smart. The ammount of fights he got in. The times he lost. Everything rushed him at once, then they turned. He began to think what if those were life or death? What if when he lost a fight that was it, game ove? What if? What if? His mind confused by all these thoughts now realising that its not a what if moment this is real, and if he was to fight he surely could die if he lost. That was NOT an option. Ryuzakii shook himself back calming his head and prepared for his first full on confrontation. He pulled the two glocks into his hands and readied his fingers on the safety so he could quickly react if suprised. He also had the rate of fire switched to semi-auto so he would have to pull the trigger each time to fire a bullet unless he swapped it back to full auto. He looked out to the opening in the wall. "Right or Left..." Right meant to go to the Heat Ball Dome and Left was to follow Keyo. He saw a woman from the crowd take a couple guns from the box as he did and walk out going left. He also noticed the woman that spoke out to Keyo just before he did was keeping true to her word and going left to fight as-well. "Good atleast i won't be going alone i guess.." He thought to himself. He stepped forward to the opening looking to the left. "Guess it's my turn to go now...", He said quietly to himself. He started walking down the sewers taking the left path. Every few steps he would look back to see if Tetsu would be following. If tetsu did follow Ryuzakii would try to hang closer to him, being the only person he knew. If tetsu was to sprint on past them all Ryuzakii would sprint off after Tetsu and try to keep up best he could. If Tetsu didn't follow them down the left path he would try to hang close to the other two women that lead the way infront of him.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would listen to Keyome, and everyone’s actions twords his words. The animosity in the air was staggering indeed but I looked like Tetsu’s words took effect on everyone, and really got everyone into the mood for things. Tetsu was about to open his mouth and address a formation for traversing the swerlines, until a loud BOOM noise caused the collapse of a wall near by an a militia of soldiers walked in all armed to the teeth of sorts. Then a very attractive secretary as well that caused tetsu eyes to perk up a good bit also. Tetsu heard Keyome talking of a battle plan but who knew he had something like this. It was as if he’d gathered millita of some kind. Impressive Tasanagi. The men would come in with guns. A barrel full of them. Tetsu then turned and heard Keyome mention something about working alone. People in the end started to follow keyome’s path rather than head to safety. “Well Donnie. Looks like your will can be carried on after on huh.” Tetsu looked at the barrel and grabbed a regular extra pistol and tucked it in the back of his pants and also grabbed rounds for his personal nine millimeter pistol modified of course. He now had 7 clips in each of his socks, so now he had 30 tranqs bullets and 90 regular bullets. For added effect, he twisted the front opening of the gun, to increase it’s psi, to that of an armor piercing round. Apparently Flints soldiers, are making their moves as well in these sewers. The Dark god pipelines are down here to, but tetsu was sure no none would question it unless it was presented honestly. Tetsu cocked his pistol and kept it in his right hand, and placed his fingers inside of his Adamntium trench blade with his left. He then kicked his heels together, and began to float above, and hover above keyome’s position, but lead behind twords the middle of the pack. The sewers were quit spacious and wide, thus allowing tetsu to alert of any suspicious on comings. Anyone could see him, and it wouldn’t be surprising to note he was up there, but by this point he was pretty sure everyone was used to things being out of the norm. Tetsu would hold his CQC like gun knife position even in the air, awaiting any action. He’d then mouth to himself, hoping no one would hear, but the acoustics wouldn’t help at all as he whispered. “You’re a dead man Thomas Flint. A dead man with a good taste in music…”

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