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Bad News...

DarkKeyome: In a massive Dojo Keyome Tasanagi was infront of 50-maybe-70 men. All of them dressed down in Black Gi's. “ HUYAAH!” He threw out his right fist, and then followed up his left. The men behind him were doing the same thing all of them following his correlation with the martial arts moves as he continued to do the daily routine. After about 15 or so minuets keyome would turn to the men and place his hands on hips as he nodded his head to all of them. “ Alright, good job today guys.” He said bowing. “ Sensei arigatogozaimasu!! “ they all said at once and picked up there bags making there way out of the Dojo. (( “ Keyome haha, I see your back in your daily routine of training the District 1 kids again hahah, I remember when you came to my Dojo..” Keyome turned his head to see, a man in a white Gi standing on the right side of the Dojo walking up to him. Keyome blinked a few times... “ Nat..?” The man laughed. “ Hahah, hey Keyome.... remember when me you and Alex all went out to go see a movie.. and all you said was how you hated green foods? Then we went to the Arcade and play video games all day.. Haha, just like how it was when you were in highschool right? Hey... but you never answered my question..” Keyomes eyes began to water as he eyed the 'man' infront of him. “..Ask.. Ask away Nat..” Nat smiled and placed both hands behind his back. “...Did you? Want to be a Chairmen so young?” Keyome looked down, and then looked back up at his dead friend. “...I wanted to be... a Musical Engineer...” He said clenching his fist. “ Ah... Haha, well. Thats all I wanted.” Nat's body began to disperse into thin shreds of light. “ I mean... you never... answered my question is all... I think... you would have made a awsome Engineer...... Keyo....” His body had dispersed completely before keyomes very eyes, his hands quickly reaching out to grasp the shreds of light desperately.. Yet... nothing was there. “....” His hands dropped, dangling from his waist before they formed a closed fist and he looked back up with a look of determination. “...I haven’t forgetten Nat... about the plans..”((  One of the Kagemaru men rushed in, It was one of the younger guys.(( How he looked -> “ M-Mr. Tasanagi Sir!?” He said busrsting through the doors gasping for air. Keyome turned to the boy, his hair had grown back out like it had during the GMAF's orginally, he didnt say a thing he just eyed him through the strands of his air as he lifted his head up. “ ONE... ONE OF OUR HIGHER UPS HAVE BEEN CAPTURED!!!”... Keyomes eyes narrowed at the male. “..Who was it..” Keyome said with a cold a strong voice... he sounded hoarse almost pissed off. “ BILL SIR!..” Keyomes fist tightened. “ That fucking Idoit....” Keyome pulled himself to the side of the room and picked up his long black trench coat still being shirtless, picking up his Katana's. He'd whistle as he made his way to the door. “ You...Come with me..” he said to the boy who had told him what just happened. The male nodded enthustasticlly as he hopped into the car. Keyome kicked his feet up, listening to the music of the limbo. All 35 of his Kagemaru men got into there cars as well the long line up of 15 Expedetion jeeps, chrome black with the Kasaihana egale on the side of them rode down the city. Keyome pulled out a thing of cigars, rolling it up in his hands together as before lightning it and putting it to his lips. “... So, was what that explosion was about last night huh?” The young boy nodded. “ Yes sir... they destoryed one of your faclites as well. “ This caused keyome to chuckle. “ that's Childs play..” Keyome would start to blantaly talk big, just in case his car was bugged. “ Whoever did this... can have that shit stain Bill, who cares if he talks... i've done nothing wrong... yet..” He blew the smoke out of his nose as he smirked looking out the window. “ I want you to send a message out. Go out, to the main KPD Buliding and look for a Tetsu Ryoji... looks like. We have a terrorist around here... Also, get them to file a missing persons report on Bill.” the car stopped. “ The KPD station from here... is only a 10 mintue walk.” Keyome would hand the boy a card contaning the number to Alex, who could connect her phone to keyomes phone. Also this made it impossible to bug his phone. “ When your done. Gimmie a call.. If Ryoji's there... tell him... Mayor Tasanagi wants to see him.” Keyome said as his window rolled up. The young boy bowed and ran down the street, to do what was told of him.

The Counter Attack

XxDensukexX: A car starts up outside the council house building. It had been a day since tetsu gave the orders for the plans to come together, and the very next day his plans were coming to fruitioin. After a few more days, things changed. He contacted his father and made sure to tell him the news of the release of his charges. He was now a free man, but choose to keep the under ground facility a secret. He was also….quite unwilling to reveal Ragnite to the world, but tetsu quickly explained they’d be revealing a falsified verson of the metal or reienforced titanium one could say. Tetsu revealed this before hand so his father could get to work on the new material tetsu had discussed his first day there. The send for more men was answerd as well, and District 3 willingly donated to tetsu a massive number of men, to start building on the New Gen KPD tower, and also to release the martial law against the city. Tetsu made clear that they were not to start a war, but only patrol the maru jitai and make sure they don’t abuse their power or athourity and that these people are still free to do what they would. However it wouldn’t be suprising to see a private fighting with a maru-jitai. Cops and robers after all. A long line of black cars would’ve arrived into the city. They were actually all black cadiliacs, that looked incredibly thick to be just regular cadilacs. There 30 cars in total. 15 cadilacs and 15 armored trucks The lead car had two flags poking out of the trunk area that said “NGKPD” on both of them. A man dressed in black was driving the lead car, looked like something out of a men and black movie the way this guy was dressed. He had a bald head, with an ear piece I his ear, and black sunglasses on. Black leather gloves too boot. Made a cool nosie when he moved his hands. “sir we’ve arrived at the District 2 gate. What are your oders Chairmen Ryoji?” Tetsu would raise his head up sitting in the back of the car. He was wearing a rather spiffy suit this evening. Having been gone from District 2, he began to speak into his watch really quickly before addressing the driver. “hey dad, hows the amror going?” A voice which was his dads would come back out of the watch and speak to him. “Going great! We’re at the old KPD station in the lab. We remodled a room for construction using the Ragnite and the A.G.F for modling purposes. We’ve found a way to divide the core, and speed up production of the chain mail and the armored plates. I’ve got at least 100 men in here. I don’t know what you did, but it feels good to be on team again son, I’ll tell ya. Did you get the shipment I sent there?” Tetsu would smile to himself. “No problem pops. District 3 works pretty quick. Anywho I’m returning to the D2 now. See you In a few.” Tetsu hung up and then addressed the man who spoken to him earlier. “Well the moment every car enters the city, have the men scour outwards and secure all perimiters that is D2, minus the select sectors we talked about. For every Kagemaru, I want an officer at his side monitoring not only that person but the area.” “Sir yes sir, I’ll get right on it.” The driver began to give instructions, as they enterd into D2 of course. “so you sure it’s okay to just let them loose like that? Surely the Kagemaru militia will be suspicious” Sheeva’s rather seductive voice beemed out. She was looking rather spiffy in her suit outfit complete a nice length skirt, and her hair in a bun. “Of course. Keyome knows better than to open fire on a District 3 unit. He’s no ametur strategist.” Tetsu nodded “Besides, I gave order of no conflict. Unless provoked or in self defense. All in all this will also put a stop to some of the petty crimes within the city, as well as cracking down on operations. The maru’s are just soilders but Yakuza the same. It’s still up to the police to prevent crimes perod.” The cars all lined up in the middle of D2. A siren was released as it echoed throughout the city, and the armored trucks and other cadilacs opened up only for what seemed like a swarm of men in flak jackets and combat gear to all pour out of them. The all fell in single file lines, and made quite the scene in the city. They’re entire radious took up 8 or 9 and a half mile’s as far as the eye could see anyway. This is mostly due to them being in one area. Should they scatter they scene would return to normal. Tetsu steped out of the car, and as he did the men all saluted him accordingly, with a loud “SIR!”. Together their voices made such a loud roar of sorts. Amazing. Tetsu stood as sheeva fixed up his tie, and would grab the radio in an spoke through an intercom. “Soilders. Scatter serve and protect. Make sure nothing goes unwatched by anyone of Kagemaru affliation, and continue to serve and protect your city accordingly. Make any arrest as nessecary. I want 100 men right now in the upper left line to head down the local KPD station and await there orders. Thanks to pre planning, there are 5 buildings 5 miles away from the KPD station in a pentagon shape. This will be your quarters where you can rest up, get gear as needed, and bunk until the new tower is finished. With effort we’ll keep this city safe. Understood?” “SIR YES SIR!!” the loud roar would echo throughout the area. “Now..” Tetsu thrust his hand out to the side. “Scatter!” In what seemed like less that a millesecond after tetsu spoke the men began marching off and preforming their jobs accordingly. The cars all took off down different routes within the city, staring their patrols in conjunction with already exsisting KPD. “Now that that’s been addressed, what will you do now?” “Well I have to explain to Asami and write up a report, about-“ “Excuse me!!!” A young man started running twords tetsu’s dirction, but would be stoped when 6 soilders emerged form the shaodows of the buildings, all with pistols pointed at the boy. Followed behind them were maru soilders pointing pistols behind the KPD soilders. Sheeva steped forward, as she noticed the boy was scared shitless. “At east men. You too Yakuza. Go on back to your lives, this doesn’t concern you.” Both units put there weapons down, and backed off, giving each other dirty looks of the sort. Tetsu approached they boy, “Whats up?” Tetsu was surprisingly urban for a now Chairmen of KPD. Still kept that Ryoji family charm as always. “I-I have a message from Mayor Tasangi. He wants to see you.” Tetsu furrowed his brow a bit. “Mayor Tasanagi? Looks like you wernt kiddng…” Sheeva would utter as she shook her head. “Alright. Sounds important. Thank you.” Tetsu would nod and tip the boy with 500 tanz. “have fun.” Tetsu smiled and leaned back against the car. Sheeva did the same. Tetsu began diling the number on his watch and listened to it ring. Should Tasanagi pick up or it get sent to voicemail tetsu would speak “Hey it’s Ryoji. Meet me at Dolphin Doughnuts in District 1 if you want to talk. I’ll be there shortly myself, so make it quick.” Tetsu pushed a button and hung up. “Alright Sheeva heres le plan. I’m going to go meet Keyome alone, as to avoid any suspicion. Just in case, make sure the men make their way into District 1 as wel-“ just recived word, they’ve reached the edge of D1 and are making progress acccoridngly.” Tetsu raised an eyebrow. “Damn…so this is how Keyome lives” Tetsu was still at ease with being considered a Chairmen of any sorts, but was going to have to manage. “Shall we go sir?” Sheeva smiled at tetsu and opend his door. Tetsu shook his head. “Don’t call me sir. Comon now you of all people?” Tetsu hoped back into the car, and the driver who’d heard the topic discussed put himself on route to District 2. Tetsu would lean his head back and think to himself. “Man…this life is gonna be a boring one. Nessecary, yet boring.”

The Sit Down

DarkKeyome: (( Mayor Keyomes theme song hahah ? Keyome had already made it there atleast 5 minutes before Ryoji did. The building seemed like it was deserted. Even the workers were gone. Keyome sat down in the middle of the store infront of a table, with a chair on the opposite side of the table. All of the other chairs and tables were pushed back to the sides of the room. All Kagemaru men were scattered out. Although when Tetsu got there he would be able to see 10 Maru Jeitai soliders standing infront of the door. 5 on the right, 5 on the left. All armed with high calibur Assualt Rifles that were modifed, gernade launchers on the bottom of the first barrol, meaning they had two.  Now in a suit a full one, Keyome had been smoking out of his cigar letting the smoke fume out of his nose as he waited. His eyes focusing out on the district 1 area infront of him ? ((Places%2Ccity%2Cillustration%2Cmanga%2Curban%2Canime-d5672fe10152c38a41a7f86d9e748045_h.jpg)) “...All Is well Alex, just make sure to have men waiting around, not far from a 4 block radius.” “ Any snipers needed?” “ Nah... I doubt Ryoji's going to try to kill me... that'd be stupid even for him..I'll call you back a bit later Alex. Keep me monitored.” “ Yes Sir Mr.Tasanagi.” Keyome hung up, crossing his arms. He looked over his shoulder and through the window he could see the 4 Maru Jietai men at the back door. He shook his head, following up with a sigh. “....”

XxDensukexX: (Tetsu’s serious police buisniness theme xD souds like some shit on the t.v cop shows xD) Tetsu would pull up, and the car would come to a slow stop. Tetsu steped out of the car, and sheeva went to step with him. Tetsu stoped her. “But Ryoji, I don’t trust Tasanagi. Also he’s got at least 10 men here…I think you should let me come with you.” Tetsu shook his head. “Just have the survailence team handy incase things do pop off. I guarantee the first two shots won’t kill me, so if a shot is noticed or heard,then be on red alert. I’d like to keep it professional, and I am still a cop. Besides, Tasanagi knows, he couldn’t kill me if tried. Which he has by the way.” Tetsu laughed for a second at what he considered a weird, rivalry of the sort. He steped out of the car, and looked at the soilders. “Gentelemen.” Tetsu nods, and proceeds to walk in. He was straped of course with his utility belt, and his modded glock obviously. As tetsu reached the table however, he took of his belt, along with his gun and set them on the table, keeping only his watch on. Tetsu would place his arms on the table, and cross them at his hands, and locking his fingers together. “Long time no see Keyome. Enjoying that freedom pretty well arnt we?” Tetsu would laugh a bit at the situation. Then speak again. “What can I do for you “Mayor” Tasangai?” There was a slight smart ass tone in his calling of Keyome “mayor” but it was only out of fun. Even so, tetsu still saw Keyome as an equal, and wouldn’t let a change in position change things between the pig and the wet dog.

DarkKeyome: “Tch... Whipe that stupid smile off your face...” Keyome watched as he placed his weapons down on the table. His eyes raising a bit at the belt. “...Is that a fucking Batman belt Ryoji..? Ah fuck it, forget I asked...” He sat up straight uncrossing his legs and doing the same that Ryoji did, crossing his fingers and eying the male before he leaned back. “ There... my weapons are on the table too..” He said with a cocky smirk. “... Heh, look at you. In a suit? The fucks gotten into you? How'd you like me and Ginsueki's little show the other day huh?” Keyome smirked again. “... Clean get away that was...” Keyome looked over his shoulder at the female at Ryoji's car. “ Ah.. you drop that bimbo Asami huh? Ha... She's a hottie...” He winked at the women from the inside of the building she smiled and proceeded in flipping him off. Keyome blinked. “ Tch..” He shook his head and then crossed his arms. “ Anyways... “ Keyome pulled the Cigar to his lips and then pulled out the rest of the ones he had. “ Want one..?” He said pushing the box of cigars his way, either Tetsu took them or not Keyome would began speaking. “... As you can See Ryoji... this town is mine now...” If Tetsu had a tape recorder or some kind of survalliance on keyome, keyomes first designed right arm would mess up any frequencies and keyome would be able to pinpoint it if he was being recorded his arm would vibrate but only slightly if so. Kind of Ironic, that Hideo a cop would place something that would keep him out of jail in his arm. Although keyome was  a different person back then. “... I see yourself have gotten yourself a flock of Pigs back with you from the OH SO GRAND... District 3. Those Stuck up assholes actually let you get some help huh... Wonders who's cock you had to suck for that..” Keyome would blow the smoke out of his nose as he eyed Tetsu. “ Im going to tell you what I want out of you... So we can be on our marry way. This is my City now Ryoji... I took it because no one was stepping up to the plate about the issues around here... sadily your efforts were too late...But. Seeing that I am the Mayor. That the KPD... kind of like my soliders too huh doesnt it haha?” Keyome smriked at him as he pulled back in his seat further. “ Someone, has taken it upon themselves to play 'Rebellious' Hero and attack one of my Faclities. Sadily my men arent pigs and arent good in these kind of things... but you are. Get your pigs on the case, find out who did it. And also i'd like to place a missing persons report on a guy known as Bill.. “ Keyome looked up at Tetsu through his blades of hair for a brief moment. “ He went missing two days ago. And I want to know where he is...Agree to doing what I ask. And we can talk further busniess. Oh and Ryoji... this is my city. If you disagree... I'll tell those District 3 pussies that I wont allow you to set up shop here with your fucking band of merry men... They'd have no choice but to listen to what I say... and they'd send your shit packing before you could say 'Supercop..' “ Keyomes sinister smile turned into a devious one..

Low Blows and Constitutions

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would laugh heartily at keyome’s reaction to his utility belt, and then calm down listen to keyome’s tuant to him and smirk. “Well things happen. You and your other rag tag gang of pups won’t have it so easy next time, I can assure good sir. Seeing as how you’re the big man up top, it’s not like I can’t handle the garbage your packing underneat, Mr.Mayor.” Tetsu, shift in his seat, slightly and replied to his next comment. “Nothing much, just trying out the spiffy look of suits. Not really mystyle, but..being the head of something means I have to “look” the part..” When Keyome mentioned Sheeva and proceeded to wink at her, tetsu smiled at her reaction and her action towards him. He then nodded a “good job” nod to her, and while still looking at her retorted. “Oh goodness no. she’s my right hand, along with a few other people soon to be transfred here. Special ops you know. I reckon she could even take all your men out there if she tried.” Tetsu would then look at Keyome once again as he too got back on subject. Tetsu’s watch let out a small pulse…meaing it was picking up an E.M.P signal. he watch can counter emp’s and chaff like frequencies by two means. It resist E.M.P’s by emeiting it’s own counter E.M.P frequency fields that forms a field around his body with a length of 3 cenimeters of his skin, thus allowing him and any equipment he may have on him electronic to resist shutting off, or being disabled. The same goes for Caff frequencies as it’ll emit a counter frequencie that will also prevent his tracking devices on the watch to be disabled or disarmed by all means. However if used when neither of the frequencies are being countered, it will act as a regular hand held e.m.p or chaff device. In short: the watch can invouluntarily counter or manually cause Chaff or E.M.P frequencies. Tasanagi was slick indeed, but not all knowing. Had tetsu been feeling froggy he could very well record the conversation but choose not to, out of mutual respect. Tetsu would hear his boast about how he ran the city which tetsu would just continue to look at Keyome with disbeilif and non chalontness. Tetsu in latence terms “ant trying to hear that”. Tetsu would reply to his retort about how he obtained help. “Oh those guys?’d be surprised how friendly they are when you kick in the front door. Gooooooood learning experience.” Tetsu would nod to himself. His cheery demeanor didn’t seem to change a bit, even with a suit, tie, and his new position. He seenmed like that same old 2-bit cop, Keyome fought a while ago. Tetsu would shrug off the comment about the KPD being his soilders, and what Keyome said about getting down to business. Apparantly someone else…is trying to play superhero now adays eh. “Hmph” Tetsu would smirk with a sick satisfaction. “Went missing? Oh? The big bad Kagemaru facilities solo’d by a single man eh? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Your slacking Tasanagi.” Tetsu would let Keyome finish, and then answer accordingly. “Well seeing as how people are people, I’ll get my newest private on the case immidiatly. I’ll personally look into it myself. Be nice to do something besides paper work around here. Oh and Tasanagi..” Tetsu would lean in over the table, looking at Keyome, and talking in a hushed whisper for a second. It was quite the stern tone, and a tone more serious than Ryoji was used to taking. “ You can tell those “District 3” pussies all you want, but you might want to call of the forces within the nextmmmm month or so? Let me give you a little history lesson. The martial law concept in the United States is closely tied with the right of habeas corpus, which is in essence the right to a hearing on lawful imprisonment, or more broadly, the supervision of law enforcement by the judiciary. The ability to suspend habeas corpus is often equated with martial law.[citation needed] Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it." In United States law, martial law is limited by several court decisions that were handed down between the American Civil War and World War II. In 1878, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval.” Tetsu laughed for a second. “You’re the mayor tasangai. Not congress. I put in a word at District 3, Head of Offices, and your in direct violation of the U.S congress so unless your soilders can fight the U.S I’d order your men to another location in 2 months or so before seal team six comes in and wrecks your crew of mutts. Just giving you some advice. “ Tetsu would smile brightly at Keyome ,having schooled him in knowledge somewhat. “Your smart Mr.Mayor but leave the books, to the law makers. Not Whiped Dogs.” Tetsu would lean back in his seat, and continue to speak. “Which brings me to my next question of business. Theres been a few things I’ve been looking at since I’ve been gone. One individual Donnie Yun…has been missing for sometime now it seems. Far fetched I know this, but Word around the city is that he’s not been making any moves, and that a new chairmen has been appointed to Yun Corperations.” Tetsu would shrug non chalontly. “Now I’m not one to make false acuzations but would you happen to know anything about this?” Tetsu would stare, still laughing a bit on the inside.

Disagree to Agree

DarkKeyome: “ Son of a bitch.. The Constitution? Are you serious? You honestly thing the US government gives two damns and a cinder-block about this city... All the shits thats happened to this place, and they havent even came here to do anything about ha. The Constitution, and the government are the last things I need to worry about..” Keyome leaned back futher listening to Tetsu as he then asked him about Donnie Yun. Keyomes face never changed actually he seemed even calmer than before, smiling was a give away, and getting angry would also be a give away. “ I dont... have the slightest clue as to what happened to Donnie Yun..” He said looking Tetsu right in the eye, the stare down looked like it went down for 10000 hours before keyome turned to look at his phone. A Phone call from his Aniki. “ Ha, ah so our guest finally made it huh? Alright. Im on my home now to go see her, make sure she eats. She came a long way to come see me. Give her a kiss for me, tell her Keyo loves her. Alright Ginsueki... be there in about 15 minutes.” Keyome hung up and looked at Tetsu standing up. “ Looks like... that's the end of our talk. Tell you what, seeing that I doubt this is going to be a one time thing with this guy. Catch him... and ill get every Maru Jietai out of the city, but it has to be accomplished within a month. Nice doing business with you. Ryoji.” Keyome made his way to the door opening it and stepping into his car, a black expedition of sorts. Once in it 10 more cars that were hiding with some kind of Camoflagure technology appeared and drove behind keyome.Looks like he had more men then he let on. As the cars pulled down the street keyome eyed the man infront of him. “ Keep an eye on those Pigs. And tell every faclity we have to stay under complete lock down. “ “ Yes Sir Mr. Tasanagi! I deliver the messages.” “ Good...” Keyome said as he pulled back in the seat closing his eyes with a smile on his face. “ Things... are about to get intresting. All falling into place now... Muahaha... Haaa..”

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would spread his arms and shrug “Hey, talk to the higher ups about it. Maru-Jitai’s aren’t even a legal force, I’ve got plenty of ammunition for an investigation of sorts. Keep your testes clean pup.” The stare down would proceed, and Keyome would seem to get a phone call. He’d reply accordingly and Keyome would tell him about the deal and Tetsu would reply. “Deal. But even if I don’t get the couplet…your men leave in two months, or Armageddon will strike us all via the U.S.” Tetsu would watch as Keyome left. Tetsu would step outside and make a fist In the air and open his hand. The soilders that were servailencing, would then begin to stop, and go back en route to what they were doing. “Alright Sheeva lets roll, shall we?” Sheeva would open the door for Tetsu and he’d take his seat.” Where to now chairmen sir?” Tetsu took a deep breath. “to the station. I’ve got some business to take care of with the ramining men in the old KPD. Things are going to change for sure around here.” Tetsu nods, and they head off twords the KPD station.,

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