Hungry for cake...Edit

DarkKeyome: (( His hands deep within the long trench coat pockets he kept his head down as he strided his way through town. He'd cough shaking his head. "...I need a job or something.. FUUUUCCKKK!!!" He said tilting his head back yelling at the top of his lungs as he continued his way down the street. People would give him odd stares as he continued his way down. He gripped his stomach as it growled. "Tch.." He said shaking his head. He turned a corner as he eyed a bakery... It was about to close and he could tell how the old lady was shutting down shop. "..." His mouth watered as his hands pressed against the glass. "... Just one thing of bread... or maybe some cake... something good... i dont care." He said as he watched her clean up shop. Pulling his blade out he'd eye the elderly lady, swiftly pulling his hood over his head he'd elbow the door in ( which was glass) As he bursted his way in slicing up random things to startle the lady. " OH MY!" " SHUT THE FUCK UP LADY.." He said as he put the blade to her neck. " GIMMIE ALL YOUR BREAD, YOUR PASTERIES, YOUR SANDWITCH MEAT PUT IT IN A BAG NOW!" " ... BUT DONT YOu wanna steal my money?!" Keyth blinked. "... NO YOU OLD BITCH, NOw GIMMIE YOUR FOOD I WANT IT ALL C'MON HURRY THE FUCK UP." She began to bag the food in a plastic bag and she quickly handed it to Keyth who snatched it out of her hand and took off out of the store. The elderly lady hit the alarm before he could even get out and everyone in the area would be alerted to the loud siren of the store and the male dashing out with his bag of goodies.

YuiKiara: Nora was in a shop near by with a co-worker. Having a bowl of hot soup to warm themselves against the chilly night. She stirred it with her spoon for a bit before she picked up the bowl and brought it to her lips, only to yell out "OUCH!" when the hot liquid touched her lips. "Hahaha oh god Nora this is the third time you do this...dont you learn you're lesson?" Her partner for the night laughed at her. Nora's brow twitched in return, annoyed. "Shut hungry and this damn soup is taking too long to cool." The male shrugged in return and went back to eating some of his bread.That is when an alarm in a shop near by went off. Both of them dropped whatever they had stood. Nora grabbed her jacket and pulled it on as she ran out of the shop, pushing aside anyone that was in the way. "Which way?" Nora asked in almost a whisper as her partner quickly pointed to a male in the distance, Blade visible in hand while carrying a bag over his shoulder. He also seemed to be in a hurry. " bold of him. You chase after him, i will cut him off halfway, distract him as much as you can." Nora instructed the male before she dashed across the street and in to an ally. Her partner sighed as he took out his gun and fired a shot in a the air, dashing towards the running male. "Stop!! Police!"

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos has spent months walking through the streets of the city looking for work. But he can't find anything at the moment. So he wonders around looking for some regular work to earn some more money, he has some, but he wants a way to be able to get around faster, like a car or bike. so he goes in a few places and asks if they are hireing at all,but sadly no luck so far. As he walk out one store and saw man robbing an laidy of her food and slightly shook his head. Mast places were closed at this time so he would use the last of his money to try and find a place to stay. He than looked around as he could hear gunshots and jumped grabbing his gon on his hip, his black gair shifting in the wind as he looked around, but the shots seemed to be far off so he then lowered his gaurd and continue on, walking directly past the man that was robbing the lady of her food. paying no mind his simply walked past with his hands in his pocket, honestly hoping that it wouldn't start anything~

Vexxen: -The tall grandfather clock that stood in my house rang loudly alerting anyone who heard its deep chiming that it was now 10 at night, I looked at the clock before turning my attention back to the woman who sat in front of me across the coffee table "Thatll be all for tonight im afraid" the woman smiled and nodded before standing up. "Ill escort you out" the woman placed a small thick envelope on the etched glass counter of my coffee table before heading towards the door. I glanced at the envelope before heading towards my door as well. Once the two of us were out, I pulled the heavy doors closed behind me and locked it with a brass key as I waved goodbye to the woman. It was time for me to resume living my life now that "work" was over. I blinked a couple of times thinking while staring at the key in my hand, that was still stuck on the keyhole of the door. The woman who had just left an enevelope of money on my table was one of those customers who simply only wanted to hear what she wanted to hear, not someone who wanted to hear everything I had to offer. The typical run of the mill questions that would easily be found in magazines, Though I couldnt understand why people would spend so much money paying me when they could simply get a similar answer paying considerably less for a magazine, i shrugged my shoulders. Perhaps hearing it from another humann being provided with some sort of comfort. I heard the loud locking sound of the lock as I turned the key before i yanked the key out. As I began heading downstairs I let my mind roam, It was 10 at night.. What could possibly be open at this time? As I opened the door to the entrance of my apartment building I took a large breath of fresh air, the street lights were dimmly lit, and all the lights reflecting off against the mirror like blue tinted buildings gave the entire place a eerie blue-green glow. Despite its eerieness, this was what I called home. I started walking down the block with my footsteps clacking against the cement pavement until i got to the crossroads.. -

KimiKatsu: Tsuyo panted heavily as the two came up to the dark alley from the other morning. Drool oozed down his pink tongue and dripped off of the tip of his tongue as he lowered his rump to the ground to sit. Sekushi let out a gentle sigh. They had been out all day, though she didn’t really feel tired and there wasn’t a drop of sweat on her. She figured Tsuyo was tired because he burned all of his energy chasing stray cats every time she let him off the leash. They were like his weakness. He was still young, so she didn’t scold him too bad. Ever since that morning, she starting walking this route more with Tsuyo. She seemed to get a decent adrenaline rush whenever she got near it. “So many years here and I finally hear the sound of gun fire. . . From what Mom said, there was never a day without it.” Tsuyo turned his head to look over his shoulder at her as she watched the dark spot that defined that was the entrance of the alley. Though she thought about the alley and the sounds of guns going off, she had never thought to venture into it until now. Sekushi stepped past Tsuyo to get closer to the alley. The dog snorted and stood abruptly, as if forbidding her from stepping into the darkness. She glanced back at him, her bright blue eyes shimmering below the street light. “You’re not the boss of me.” She’d say with a playful tone in her voice. With that, she began to lightly tug on his leash. “Come on. . .” He pulled back in protest. “Either come with me or I’m just going without you.” She masked the playfulness with a stern, serious voice. Tsuyo’s ears twitched. She only ever used that tone when she was being serious with him. The dog lowered his head and huffed, then began to slowly follow behind her as she stepped through the alley. The alley was a bit dirtier and disorganized than she thought it would be. She passed by several boxes and other things that were thrown in there or just gathered together by the alley’s ‘inhabitants’. Sekushi didn’t expect to be stepping out of the alley into District 2 and when she did, she paused in her tracks. “Wow. . .what a short cut.” She’d say as she glanced around. The buildings were all lit up and people were doing their shopping and such. A wide smile spread across her face as she moved forward. In the distance she heard police sirens wailing wildly. It sounded like they were getting closer, maybe. The hair on Tsuyo’s back raised. He didn’t like where this could be going. Sekushi looked down at him, her platinum locks falling over her shoulder and in her face a bit. “Let’s go shopping a bit. I’ll buy us some treats.” She’d say lightly. Treats. . .oh that magical word. Tsuyo seemed to perk right up as he heard the word. Oh what a word! The two began to venture across a street quickly so they wouldn’t be hit. Sekushi could feel eyes on her. It happened a lot. Especially with the clothes she wore. Tonight she was wearing dark blue skinnies and a light pink bra-like tank top. Her hair was down, again.

Swift chase in the Red Light DistrictEdit

YuiKiara: The male chasing the thief buckled over and fell on his side when the obstacle was thrown his way. He cursed loudly and lifted his gun to shoot towards the bastard, but too many civilians were around. One wrong shot and he might kill someone else. "Fuck!" He cursed struggling to stand to his feet, limping lightly at a twisted ankle but still trying to pursue. Taking his phone out of his pocket, he flipped it open before dialing Nora's number. It was not long that Nora's voice came across through the other end. "Report." She spoke in a monotone voice, but her breathing made it clear that she was on the run. "He got me by surprise. You better watch it kid this guy is not kidding around." "Who the fuck are you calling a kid?!" The guy's ear was almost blown off at Nora's angry voice. *Yaiks..forgot that was a touchy subject..* He quickly changed the topics, trying to pinpoint her in the direction the thief ran in. "He went down another street, towards the red light district, try to cut him off somewhere around there." Nora went silent for a moment, and he knew she was probably not liking the news, then, as he expected, she blew. "Out of all the places fucking bastard!" And the line was cut. "She hung up on me again..." The middle aged copper sighed heavily and hung his head. Nora was seriously pissed now, this guy knew the town well, better than her. So he knew where to hide. As she ran through the red light district she tried to keep focused. This place made her so very uncomfortable. She was about to turn another corner when she saw her target slam the head of the other against a car. She pulled out her out her gun about to yell out when he went running again. Clenching her jaw, Nora dashed after him, loading her gun and taking aim. Her dark hair flowing lightly across her face as the wing changed direction, but she did not let that stop her. Lifting the gun up at the angle of her good eye, she took a shot towards the male's legs.

Sezomaru: “A boring night as usual” was the thought going through Ginsei’s head. He sighed as he slid his hands into his pockets. He was walking down a sidewalk in what you could call “Downtown” of District two. It was one of the lower parts of the city and one of the… Dirtier parts of the city you could say. He yawned, stretching his arms up towards the dark night sky. “Damn it got dark…” He glanced around, sighing. He had a slightly distant look in his eyes as he walked and soon… He found himself in the Red Light district. “How the fuck?...” He looked around, noticing the prostitutes standing and working on their corners and other’s trying to seduce men into coming into their apartment buildings. He shook his head a bit as he glanced at the overly sexually frustrated men who were walking down the sidewalks as well as the ones slowly rolling in their cars trying to figure out which girl to pick up. He shook his head as he walked, his ponytail bouncing slightly. Suddenly he felt a tug on his hair causing him to be pulled to the side. He glanced up at the woman wearing nothing but a lacey see through bra and a pair of short shorts that could hardly count as a thong. She was holding his ponytail which made him grimace. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties but she looked pretty… Warn out especially for this business. The smell coming from her wasn’t nice either. It was pretty fishy to say the least. “Hey handsome, wanna come inside and make my dreams come true?” He glanced up at her with a slight glare in his eyes. “I’m only sixteen lady, fuck off of my hair.” He raised his right foot, shoving it to his right causing it to connected with her hip with enough force to send her falling back into the doorway. The surprise made her let go of his hair which he then fixed by pulling at the base of his ponytail. “Fucking whores.” He sighed as he started walking down the sidewalk once more when out of nowhere he felt a force slam against his left shoulder sending him stumbling to the right. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” He had caught himself well… It was more like the brick wall had caught him. He looked up to see some shaggy headed guy running with a bag of… Was that bread? The prostitute had set him off by pulling his hair and now he was getting shoved by some prick with bread? Ginsei wasn’t going to have it. ( This was one of the rare times Ginsei was actually set off. “HEY!” He grabbed the base of his sheath with his left hand to keep it from moving around as he started sprinting after the guy that had bumped into him. He heard a gunshot but that didn’t make him stop running, he kept sprinting after this shag head, determined to catch and beat the shit out of him.

xXAyperosXx: ~yperos walks past the cops and keeps on, going ahead and going into a few more stores as well. One asking if they are hiring and to asking directions to the nearest hotel. One store, a little general store was hireing and the best part was that the hotel was right behind it, just go through the ally and boom your there. The manager tells him to be there in the morning and start. Ayperos then walks out and starts down the ally way. Over half way through some people come in through the entrance and the exit of the ally, holding bats, chains and a few blaes. "Give use all the money you got, or we will beat you and take it." All Ayperos does is put his head slightly dow, his hands still in his pockets. "Did you hear me?" It was silent for a moment as a skinnyer man, well boy, he looked as though he would still be in high school. "Just beat him man. He's obviously stupid." The man started walking towords him and Ayperos Spoke, his voice harsh and war torn, and seemed as though he didn't talk very often. "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." He paused a moment. "If you know whats good fpor you, you will turn around and walk away.. For if you don't.. I don't know if you will survive." He then looks up, some of his hair moveing from his face and nothing but a crazed look in his eyes.. It looked as though he was but a wild animal waiting to be set loose. The sight even scared away some of the people infront of him, but the others stayed. Now there are onely five. Three in front two behind him. He then smiles wickedly. "Go ahead. Try an touch me. It will be the last thing you feel with that hand. They guy huffed behind him and came up and grabbed his shoulded and almost like a flash of lighting Ayperos grabs his hand twisting it till it snaps and the flips the man over his shoulder on the ground and puts his foot on his shoulder blade and twists as well as pulls, anly the sounds of screaming and bones poping and breaking being heard. He then kicks the man out of the way and looks at the rest of then. "Anyone else?" The rest of them flenched and then ran at him, and the only thing that was heard was the sounds of men screaming and bones being broken from the ally way~

Vexxen: -I heard the sound of police sirens nearby, the shrill sound pierced through the normal mellow sounds of the city, the street light across the street I was attempting to cross had finally given me the right sign allowing pedestrials to cross. As my mind was still hooked on those commecialized vague magazine horoscopes I had made up my mind on where my destination would be, a 24 hour convenient store that was located a few blocks away.. a small cup of warm coffee while pessimistcally browsing through the bullshit in magazines sounded fantastic right now.. I took one step off the curb just as soon as I saw some limping thug run past the street across from me. Though the lighting was dim it was enough for me to see his rather.. untidy state. especially since he seemed distracted bumping into other late night pedestrians..oh.. would you look at that, typical street thug up to no good. I shook my head in annoyance As the messy thug disappeared running too far to be seen, I grimaced slightly as I realized I had to head the same direction he ran off to. I casually walked across the street before id lose my chance with the light switching back . I walked past the couple, the male still knocked out cold on the floor, There was no need to help him, I knew he was going to be fine, plus its not like anyone around here ever made an attempt to help out others anyways. Just by minding my own business and not negatively affecting others, i was a saint in a city like this I shoved my bare hands into the two small pockets that were attacked onto the front of my dress as I continued walking in the direction the vicious thug had ran off to, our speeds were different, he, was obviously running from someone or something, and I was minding my own business, I shifted my path off to the side in advance fully knowing that there would be people running this way with the intent to catch him, like i had thought earlier, no need to get involved. -

KimiKatsu: After a few minutes in a cute little corner restaurant, the two walked out with full bellies and satisfied smiles. Tsuyo was even carrying a plastic bag of leftovers and a bit of dessert in his mouth by the handles. “We should go there more often, Tsuyo. They make great pasta.” She’d say as she glanced down at him. His tail was wagging wildly. Sometimes he was just so easy to please. Sekushi giggled a little and turned to head down the side walk with the crowd so they could look around for things they might want. It wasn’t often that they came into District 2, but when they did there were usually a few good things they pined for. They also ventured into this part of D2 to check up on her girls, the ones that worked at the club and the ones that worked t the club AND on the street. She waved to a group of shapely prostitutes and they waved back with big smiles on their faces. They seemed to be taking a smoke break. .or just waiting for a John to pick them up. Sekushi’s club was even in D2. Close by, in fact. There were girls in there getting things ready to reopen the club since the brief construction period was done. They had new security systems put in and a few other cool things done to it. As the two melded into the crowd, they heard a bit of a commotion nearby. Angry voices. . .male voices. She slowed her walk to a stop and looked around. It didn’t take long for those bright hues of hers to lock on the two men and a woman across the street that looked like they were upset about something. The man closest to the woman looked more upset than the other, from what she could tell. “Huh. . .a fight over a woman on the street. . .I’m so used to seeing it in my club. .” She tilted her head subtly, watching curiously as people pushed past her lightly and crossed in front of her. Tsuyo went from looking up at Sekushi’s angelic, lightly freckled face to the dispute across the street and back. His tail slowed somewhat. Oh how he hoped she didn’t cross the street to get a closer look. Protecting her was a tough job when she seemed to be more curious than scared in most situations. The dispute, however, didn’t last long. After a blow to the head, using a car, the male closest to the female seemed unable to fight and the other ran off. Her dark lashes fluttered as she watched the man run into yet another man. She laughed a little. It was kind of funny that the guy didn’t seem to know how to avoid hitting people with his body.

Unintended PartyEdit

DarkKeyome: (( He continued his run seeing that he had another male on his tail. " Is that a FUcking Yakuza?!" He said seeing the cop and now this man chasing him had him at a bad turn. He closed his eyes feeling desperate... scared even. Which Only pushed his adrenaline he opened his eyes and they began to glow a bright red as his speed increased drastically. " GAHHHHHHH" He said pushing himself as hard as he could. His feet stomping on the ground as he run. As he ran he made his way over to a bar looking area where a band was playing for a large group he stopped to see it quickly getting an idea. He bursted into the large club/bar getting lost in the crowd. Im sure his pursuers would run inside after him where they'd possibly lose track of him. Keyth made his way to the back of the stage area and watched the band for a moment and another idea struck him. Which made him smirk taking off his trench coat to reveal his tank top. The band stopped playing and the lead singer was about to speak when Keyth ran up to him whispearing something in his ear. The crowd eyed Keyth and so did the singer. "...What the fuck are you talking about dude.." The singer said to Keyth. Keyth whispeared somemore and the lead singer said. " Radddd dude, alright. Im down for your cause." Keyth did a fist pump and walked to the standing mic where he gripped onto it looking down at the crowd. The lead singer was talking to his group as he was reading his own guitar for the suprise guest. Keyth Frantically looked around the room for his pursuers seeing none of them only meant they were either hiding... or waiting to see what he'd do next. " Yo Everyone! Im Keyth! I gotta question!" The crowd began to eye him with an awkward. " Who in here likes the fucking Police!??!" The Crowd began boo. " " Alright, alright, alright! But i got another question. Does anyone in here like.. PUSSSYYYYY!?!!?"(( PLease click the link its the only way you'll get it hahah)) The Crowd Cheered. Keyth would then say. " SOMEBODY SAYYYY WE WANT SOME PUSSSYYYYYY!!!" The Crowd would scream it out back at him as he began to rap the lyrics to the ancient song. The Band began to go along with his song cheerfully laughing to themselves. He knew the cop couldnt shoot him on stage nor get him.

YuiKiara: Nora had to stop for a moment, kneeling down on one knee to catch her breath. That ass...who the hell was he and how could he run at such a speed. There was another angry citizen pursuing him now, which was not making her job any easier. Her bullet missed the target and simply hit a wall as he passed by. After taking in a few more quick breaths, Nora raised back up and dashed towards his direction. "Shit dont go in here!" She cursed under her breath seeing him enter a club which almost made her growl. She knew now that it just made things ten times worse. Stopping at the entrance. Nora placed her gun away not to stir any panic in the people. Descending the steps in to the club, she began to look around, pushing through the sweaty and grinding bodies. That is when she saw the bastard come on stage, finally taking a good look at his face. He began to scream on stage, and when the people booed at the police statement, she began to feel a great discomfort. Then he went in to singing a ridiculous song that seemed to only irritate Nora more. Her expression darkened and slowly she began to step back, allowing herself to be engulfed by the shadows of a near by corner. Clenching her jaw, she took her gun out and aimed at the bastard's head. Slowly, her gloved fingers started to pull on the trigger. However, a hand suddenly placed itself on top of her gun and slowly lowered it. It was her partner, a gentle smile on his lips as he shook his head at her. Her brows furrowed, confused as to how fast he got here and disappointed at herself. For a moment there, she almost left her feelings take over reason. "Its ok Nora...we will file a wanted report...let the guy enjoy his freedom for now." Nora clenched her jaw angrily, placing her gun away and lowering her head, a shadow coasted over her eye.

Sezomaru: Ginsei chased the shag headed guy all the way to some sort of bar where a live band was playing. He walked inside as he bent his thumb, pressing the tip of it against his sheath. He used his right hand to shove people to the side so he was able to make his way through the crowd. He heard the words that were being yelled into the mic. He agreed with the cop part but the part about wanting pussy which made him shake his head. He shoved his way past the crowd until he was at the base of the stage. He jumped onto one of the ground speakers. He then used his right hand to propel himself onto the stage. The second he stood up straight he pushed his bent thumb outward, causing his Wakizashi to pop from it’s sheath. The base of the blade could be seen as he stared across the stage at the shag headed guy. He tilted his head to the left, letting his bangs hang over the majority of his face. His eyes could barely be seen through his bangs though there was a sadistic sort of blank face as he reached towards the hilt of his sword. He gripped the hilt with his right hand as he took a step towards the guy. “You bumped into the wrong guy on the wrong day…” He began to slowly unsheathe his sword so that there was a rather eerie grinding noise of metal on metal. As the tip of his blade reached the end of the sheath he whipped his arm to the right, slicing the air with his razor sharp single edged blade. He stepped slowly towards the shag head two steps before he launched forward, sprinting towards him. He raised his right arm slightly rearing back in a sense as he prepared an attack. Right as he reached three feet from the shag head he swung his right arm with swift precision, the blade if connected would cause a deep gash going across his torso from left hip to his right shoulder. Regardless of connection from the point he stopped his arm in the air he would slash horizontally, causing his blade to slice through the air to the right which without any sort of movement his blade would slice and rip through the shag head’s neck, severing it from his shoulder’s completely.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos smiles as there are only two oth them left and the rest on the ground with their arms broken. "Two left eh? Lets see what you can do." The kid then drops his switch blade and runs off. "One now... You going to take my advice and run, or are you gonna be like the rest of these maggots?" He smiles as he knew the mans respons and without a word the man ran at him with a baseball bat and swings at him. Ayperos dodgeing every single swing of the man, as his attacks are easaly read. But sadly he as very fast and ayperos couldn't get a good hit nor a grab in. so he keeps dodgeing his swings. "Be still you fucking ass-hole!" He yells as he keeps swinging. Ayperos dodgeing a few more and then catches the bat with his hand and holds on. "LET GO YOU FUCK HEAD!" The man yanks a few times and then Ayperos lets go and he falls on his ass. "Why you little!" The man jolt up and runs at him, Ayperos then pulls Fire and Ice lube out of his pocket and squirts it in his face. The warm andcold componets being very bad for the eyes. "Ahhh!!" The lube goes right on the mark and the man goes to his knees and drops the bat. "What the fuck was that!?" Ayperos simply smikes. "Fire and Ice lube." The man tryed to open his eyes but it burns to bad for him to. "What? Why do you have that?!" Ayperos goes really serious. "Well you never know when you'l run into a tight situation." The man yells and goes to get up but is met with a swift kick to the face and he was out cold. Ayperos looks at the empty lube tube and sighs. "Great, now I have to by more.." He shruggs and walks out of the ally towards the hotel, throwing the emty tube of lube behind him and goes inside~

KimiKatsu: As the man and the people pursuing him dashed into a building that looked packed with people, Sekushi looked down at Tsuyo. “Let’s go check it out.” She’d say, curiosity in her gaze. The dog’s eyes narrowed and he turned his head away; he wasn’t going to risk Sekushi getting hurt just to see if some hood rats were duking it out in the middle of a large crowd. No way. He felt a tug on his leash and looked back over. Sekushi was stepping into the street and pulling on her end of the leash hard. “Come on!” She’d say excitedly. “I promise if we don’t see them we can leave and go to the other stores like we do every Saturday.” It sounded like Tsuyo was grumbling a bit while he kept the bag between his jaws as he reluctantly followed her across the street. She was nearly running to see. Sekushi had never seen these types of things up close and personal like this. She usually watched them on T.V. and the internet. Something about witnessing a possible fight sent adrenaline coursing through her veins. As she passed through the double doors that were propped open by signs saying “Live Band!”, Tsuyo’s body tensed up and the hair rose on his back again. There were so many people. Sekushi came in right as the man on stage was finishing his song. ‘A classic.’ She’d think to herself while she stifled a giggle. Then, in the blink of an eye, the man that chased him was climbing up onto a speaker to get closer to the man. ‘Let the fight begin.’ Tsuyo began to move around as if he was trying to pace but there wasn’t enough room. He looked uncomfortable. .on edge. So many people. . .so many potential threats to Sekushi. The dog whined softly as his ears remained perked. The hair on his back seemed stuck in the up position as he moved around, showing his great discomfort, but Sekushi didn’t seem to notice.

IzzyDaPada: "Yo everyone! I'm Keyth! I gotta question!" I didn't pay attention as I carried a tray back to the bar area and layed it down and gave a smile to the bartender who gave a rise of his eyebrow. The look on his face was cute, for someone in his mid maybe late 20's. "Are you over 21?" I gave him a smile. "If I saiddd I was given the job, and it's just a job to make money to get me by. Would you believe me?" The bartender gave a smirk to me as he reached down to grab the bottles on the list that was laying on the tray. "No wonder you got the job. You're to cute to be 21. Maybe 22. How old are you?" I had to be witty with but with a mischivious smile on my face. I took the bottles from him as he took the empty bottles. "If I told you, I'd have to kill you..I wouldn't want to make your girlfriend upset.".."I don't have a girlfriend." "Love interests then." With that, I picked up the tray and left. "Who in here likes the fucking Police!??!" When this Keyth guy asked them the question the crowed didn't hesitate the question, they quickly replied to his question. "BOOOOO!" I turned around to see who was talking on the stage, I didn't catch the name of the band that was supposed to be on the venue tonight, but there was someone else on stage. "Alright, alright, alright! But I got another question. Does anyone in here like.. PUSSSYYYYY!?!!?" The crowed began to cheer to his comment about /pussy/ as I made my way back to the VIP section to serve the up the men and woman drinks who were watching him begin to sing a song, I may have heard, but, I was exposed to all sides of music. But I remined focus at serving drinks, until apparently a scene started to unfold when a man seemed to rush into the bar and launched at the Keyth guy on stage with a sword.. All those around were gasping in shock. Standing up and running to the barred edge to attempt to get a better look. This caused me to be caught in the rush as I held the now empty tray close to me as I was pushed up against the rail. Turning around I watched what was about to unfold.

DarkKeyome:The crowd began to clear out when a fight was evidently about to occur the bar flooded out completly as soon as the man drew his blade even the band and the managers. Keyth stood there eying the guy with a sick And annoyed look on his face. "... Do you even know who your fucking with guy? So what i bumped you. Get the fuck over it pretty boy..." He said to him but the male had drew his blade and this caught Keyth's attention. (( " Ooohh.. your just trying to make my day... Dont get pissed off at me if i fucking kill you. PUSSY..." He said slowly unsheathing his blade. " Yamisuki, looks like we got ourselves a dumbass..." He said smirking. Getting into no style in paticular he simply pointed his blade at the male gripping the handle of his blade tightly. He leaned his body back swiftly enough so that he dodged the males first strike attempt, using his his own blade to deflect the 2nd slash with a Horzontial strike of his own all at the same time of backing up. Once there blades met for the parry he would push forward spinning off his right leg so he did some strange 360 like motion, kind of like a beyblade spinning top.  doing 2 swift slashes in a diagonal motion with enough force to slice 5 inches deep through his stomach. Due to him spinning twice is the reason why 2 slashes were evident all the while he was spinning he had his left leg out in attempts to trip the male up and off of his feet by making his legs connect with the males leg. He called this move the 'Spinning top'. if the trip hit connected then the pony tailed boy would hit the ground back first where Keyth would attempt to mount him so he could start stab him burtally over and over again in the chest.

YuiKiara: At the sight of the other pursuer jumping on stage and threatening the thief with a blade, made Nora's body tense completely. "Shit...we are not in good luck tonight it seems." Her partner whispered, which in turn she wanted to yell *You think?!* "Damn it i should have shot him." Nora growled under her breath, which made Marcus, her partner, look at her a bit surprised. "And cause a ruckus? i dont think so." Nora sighed and shook her head before dashing through the crowd towards the stage, but not before yelling back. "Marcus call for backup!" "W..What..wait Nora don't go in there you idiot you're gonna get yourself killed!" However she was already far gone by the time he tried to grab on to her. "Damn that kid and her sens of reason.." Marcus sighed before flipping his phone open. Nora was nearing the stage when she suddenly started to hear whimpering. Looking down at her feet, she noticed a very distressed looking dog. This made the woman blink in confusion before her eyes fallowed the leash attached to it, soon finding the owner that held on to it. Nora reached over and gently pulled at the girl's shoulder so she would grab her attention. "Pardon miss, this does not seem to be a very safe spot to be in, you're pet seems to be quite startled also. If you are not careful people could trample all over him and kill him." Nora warned the young girl before moving past her and towards the stage. Going towards the back, she found the backstage and crouched down in a near by corner. She pulled er gun out for the third or fourth time now and aimed. All she had to do is take the stage light out. That would hopefully distract the two before she could cuff them both.

Hungry for bloodEdit

Sezomaru: “Tch…” The guy’s words didn’t seem to phase Ginsei’s sadistic look though in the heat of the beginning battle his face became blank, not revealing the tiniest hint of an expression. Seeing that this guy actually had some sort of skill with a sword caused Ginsei to think that he might actually have a challenge. ( His first slash was dodged and the second was blocked. His opponent began some sort of spinning top move which caused Ginsei to do a sort of quick step backwards, his torso swaying to the left then to the right as it bobbed backwards. He had easily dodged the first two slashes yet with the leg that was coming at him he raised his right leg, kicking towards the oncoming leg, letting it connect with his as to make it look like he had been kicked. He unpivoted his left foot, letting the kick spin him around. He used his left foot to help spin him in a full three sixty. ( He then turned to his left, sprinting around his opponent in a sort of half circle so that he would hopefully be lost to his opponent due to his spinning technique. He stomped down with his right foot, digging down as he leaned in, rearing his right arm to his left across his body so that he was able to release a swift and heavy slash towards his opponent’s lower torso area whether it ended up being his back or his stomach. The move would dig in about four inches into his opponents body if it connected. Were it to connected with his opponent’s back it would slam into the spine and into the spinal cord, causing his opponent severe damage and paralyzation if it didn’t completely sever the spine. After this swift slash he’d rear back, sending in a swift two stab combination towards the same lower torso area of his opponent which if connected would dig into the body by about seven inches which would pierce the stomach, a blow that would also cause severe damage to his opponent. Ginsei was vicious with a sword yet this guy’s strange style might end up giving him some sort of challenge.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos walks into the hotel and goes to the clerk. "Room please.." The clerk looked at him. "Sorry sir, but we don't have any rooms left." Ayperos expression firmed. "Look, I just went through five thugs just to get here. Surly you can do something.." Ther man shook his head and hands. "I'm sorry sir, but theres nothing I can do." Ayperos storms out oth the hotel, kicking the door out off the wall and walks out."What the hell! I'm calling the police!." Ayperos scoffed as he kept walking, looking for anywhere to stay the night. "Screw it... I'll sleep on the top of one of these buildings yet again.." ~hegoes down another ally and starts climbing up the fireescape and to the top of the building. Getting on the roof he then puts down his katanas from his back and puts the on each side of his waist in the black strap that he uses for a belt and takes off his jaket. His skin was smooth and pale, he looked as though he could be a model, until one would see his back. Scars frome when he used to get beat up when he was younger. He then starts to train, doing slow and fluint movements with his hands and legs. Anyone with training would se that this was ti-chi. But then his movements started to get faster and came with much greater force, slowly getting faster and faster, to the untrain eye his movement would seem to blur. He starts to get closer to a metal pipe and once he relizes it he then spins around a few times and then kicks the metal pipe right out of the roof and off into the ally below. He then looks down as a police care drives by and smirks. like lightning he now stands in a low bushido stance, his legs spread apart, one infront slightly and another behind him. He then puts his hand on the sheeth of the katana to his right and uses his thumb to pop the blade out a bit and then grabs the hilt with his other hand. Ayperos stays as still as a statue for a few moments and then he removes his blade from the sheath with a lighting quick swipe going straight up and then grabs it with his other hand and comes down in a cross motion. He then stops, holding the blade straight up and closes to his facce for a few moments and then letts off a flurry of dead on swips and stabs to whayt would seem to be bital areas of a human body. He then swipes with one hand and then pulls the other katana from the sheath with yet another swift strike and starts to spin and twirl, the sound off the blades wipe through the air as he flips and roles, his movements would even be read by a master, for as he fights, he just goes with the flow, using all of his fighting styles in one, not haveing a single constant combo. He keeps doing this for the next few minutes~

KimiKatsu: She was watching the fight as it escalated until she felt a hand on her shoulder pulling her back lightly. Sekushi allowed herself to be pulled a bit and turned around to look at the woman. Upon mention of Tsuyo and his behavior, she glanced down at him. He did look very on edge at the moment. He must have really wanted out. . .or he really wanted to bite someone. Sekushi nodded to the woman. “Alright. . .thanks.” She’d say before the woman moved on through the crowd that was bunched up near the stage. She looked back down at Tsuyo. He could feel her soft gaze on him and slowly looked up at her as he paced a bit. “Alright. . .we’ll head out and find a different place to check out.” She flashed him a reassuring smile and weaved through the people that chose to stay back and watch until she moved out of the building and onto the sidewalk. She was a little disappointed. She wanted to watch, but the woman was right. A stampeding crowd could have easily harmed Tsuyo. . .it could have even hurt her, as well. She wasn’t big enough to try and fight her way through such a big stampeding crowd. “Oh well.” She said lightly as she began to lead Tsuyo across the street and away from the commotion. The hair on his back was starting to smooth out again and he was acting a lot calmer now. As long as she was safe. Once they reached the other side of the street, they stopped. “Hey, Tsuyo, hand me that bag.” The dog lifted her head and she reached over to lightly take the bag from him. When she opened it, the sweet, delicious smell of doughnuts floated up to her cute, button nose. Her smile softened as she reached in and pulled out a special doughnut for Tsuyo; a sugary, blue jam filled glazed doughnut. It didn’t really look good for a dog to eat, but he loved them and he was pretty healthy. So she continued buying them for him as treats. Upon sight of his doughnut, the dog perked up again. His tail wagged so fast it was a bushy blur. Sekushi smiled and lowered it to him so he could take it in his mouth and start scarfing it down. While he ate his little treat, she pulled out her own; a regular doughnut with white frosting and colorful sprinkles. They always seemed to taste the best. As she bit into it, she began to walk again. Tsuyo was licking his chops and it looked like he could have been smiling a bit.

IzzyDaPada: It seemed that this Keyth had brought company. "What did he do? He's gunna get killed!" "Who the fuck cares!?! Lets get outta here!" When the finally dressed people made for the door. I was left standing next to the rail with the tray in my hands. I was the only one left in the VIP section while watching the fight transpire. A dark figure loomed behind my shoulder then walked up. "Sparrow secured. Tell Mr. Tasanagi that she is safe." I turned my head to see where the voice was coming from, letting a frown cross my face. "Ms. Tasanagi lets go..its not safe for you here." I clutched tightly to the tray..just one good smack in the guys face..I couldn't beleive they were stationed here. Alex was part of the security department of the Kagemaru. He said he knows people in the Maru-Jietai, and he was one himself. But the mid-30's guy just seemed to be one of those hired hands and got stuck watching the daughter some days. "Alec...I'm sorry..but.." When I turned quickly I quickly picked up the tray and brought it up so it was equal to the man's height, he was probably 6'3. But with the quick action I brought the tray and then slammed it into his face. *CRACK!* With that, the shades he wore in the bar broke as he stumbled back holding at his face. "WHAT THE FUCK SAYA!" "I'm sorry Alec!" Dropping the tray I quickly hopped the tray and made my way through the crowed to get lost. Knowing Alex he was talking into the piece about me moving. But I took a place and lowered my vision, as all the security knew I had the same eyes as my father. Walking up to the bartender who was watching, I went and grabed the portion of my tips that had my name on it and rolled it up and slipped it into my jean pocket. "Thanks." The bartender looked at me and blinked, as I quickly made my way out of the building to avoid being seen. As much as I wanted to watch the fight, remembering that it was probably safer to not be in a closed craped space if it did start moving around. And with two already fighting, one with a sword. It was already croweded as it was. I slipped my hands into my pocket as I started to make my way across the street to be at a safe distance if anything started to trasnpire outside the bar. My hands brushed past the money that was in my packet, it was rolled up. It was a good chunk of change. Next step..putting it in a place that I only knew..I would have gotten probably bitched at if either the Kagemaru knew, or my mother knew where I hid most of my money I made. But you know. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to save her money, I put little into the bank.

DarkKeyome: (( The moment the male used Keyths attack to manuever himself away to gain space Keyth would stop his spin just as the male was getting ready to do his strike. WHen his spin ended he was back on his feet however the pony taILED male was already on the move with a strike of his own. Keyth would attempt to parry once more by swinging his blade around in a horzontal swing once again so that there strikes would connect again, but the strike proved to be too strong. once his blade made contact with the pretty boys sword he was knocked back into a stereo 6 feet away stoping the rest of his combo that would have flooded him out later. He coughed up a slight bit of blood, and apparently the moves aftermatch had actually struck him. The actually force... had pierced his skin. He was bleeding from his torso area gushing out actually (( Took that hit for the 3 dodge rule like a boss XDDD)). As he stood to his feet holding his blade up at the male. " Heh... you piece of shit.." he said with a grim and dirty smirk as the blood sat in the corner of his mouth. He spat it out. " I'll teach you not to fuck with ME!" He said readying himself again putting both hands on his blade this time. "...." He closed his eyes and then opened them back up. Moving slowly in a circle as he eyed the male from a distance. Keyth began to.. move left, to right swiftly. To the point he was creating blurring images it seems of himself untill they all focused in on one Keyth once more. He pulled the blade up a bit higher and took a deep breathe. He took 2 steps forward quickly, his body doing that thing again when it seemed like he was moving so fast that images of himself seemed to blurr out, this technique was called the 'Shadow step' It makes it difficult for opponents to read the moves of there target when they use this ancient technique. As he moved, 4 'after images' would disperse out from his body and then ver off into the other forms of 'keyth' Before he finally reached over to the pretty boy and his body soldified into one person again this technique, if Ginsei had encountered it before may throw him off tottally for the attack to come. launching out 3 swift slashes towards the males torso, and neck areas. Two of the slashes being Horzontial all aimed towards his torso In attempts to literally rake the flesh out of his chest, while the last strike was Diagonal going right down the middle attempting to smash his blade into his collar bone and snap it all the way through untill his blade would break free on the right side of Ginsei's body. If the blows were dodged or blocked in anyway then Keyth would take a solid step back and send 1 swift round house kick towards the males knee and then following the kick up while still in the spin motion, with swinging his blade around in attempts to slice him horzointally across the face in attempts to leave a scar if it was missed. If this continued one or the other of the males may poteintally kill one another.

Vexxen: -My eyes had been rotating side to side as I scanned the shiny pages of the magazine observing the complete made up garbage, lame excuse of horoscopes i saw published in this magazine that was just one more excuse away of being considered visual literture trash. I tilted both my head and the coffee cup back wanting to sip more of the coffee but to my disappointment, the coffee was now gone as a couple of the now lukewarm drops of coffee touched my lips. Well now that the one thing that held me down was now gone.. i was no longer able to give myself an excuse to sit here and skim through the magazine, I stood up and grabbed my belongings and headed for the door I came through earlier. On my way out I placed the crap magazine back on the rack, though i had paid for it.. i felt generous, crap magazines such as this one probably didnt make much money trying to sell their garbage. ill let someone else buy it.. Tossing the empty coffee cup in the trash, I held onto the second magazine in my arm before opening the glass door to the convenient store and walking out. the store was much cooler than it was outside.. my body was used to the cool subtle breeze of the store, being introduced back to the warmer air outside, the warm air seemed almost sticky and humid against my pale skin. Closing the door behind me, I felt myself disconnecting from the cool air of the store. I stood in front of the store for a second as my head was turned to my left, the direction I was looking would take me back home however.. I had felt a wierd pull, something that felt like an invisible rope pulling me towards the opposite direction. I turned my head to the other side and stared at the direction to the right, I stared focusing on that direction at it as my mind began racing. "perhaps some paths are meant to be crossed' I muttered to no one in particular. I took a step towards my right..."However.. not with mine tonight" I smiled a bit looking forward to resting before turning around completely facing the left and walking, retracing my steps back home. -

Sezomaru: Ginsei’s face suddenly seemed to crack at the guy’s words, the right side of his lips curling into a half sot of grin. “Oh really?” He watched the guy’s movements just as shots rang out, causing the lights above them to shatter, blacking the room out. “Damn… Cops.” He already knew who it was. He guided his sword into his sheath before sprinting backstage just before the last light went out. He saw the red “Exit” sign, making it easy to escape. He heard a loud crash, figuring it was the set of lights that had been above the stage. He kicked open the exit door, sprinting off through the alley way. If being the leader of a gang for two years taught you anything, it was the alley system of the system and how to get away from cops. He sprinted through the maze of alley ways, taking lefts and rights before sprinting across a near empty back road street. The next alley he entered gave him a nice disappearing act as he slipped into an abandoned building that used to house crack heads until they had been busted last month. Ginsei grinned at the fact that he was sure he had escaped though he thought back to the guy he had just fought. “Shoulda asked the shag headed bitch his name.” Ginsei shook his head before walking through the building, finding a room to crash in.

KimiKatsu: As they were headed towards another store, gunshots rang out. Sekushi jumped at the loud ‘bang’ and the next few that followed. The screaming made her feel uneasy. She could only hope that if someone died, they went quickly. Tsuyo was barking and snarling as he looked back at the building they had just left. His tail was up and so was the fur on his back again. “Come on, come on. Let’s head into this store right here. . .if you want me to be safe, come on.” She’d say as she pulled on his leash. Curiosity was making her want to turn back and sneak a quick peek, but she knew that Tsuyo would only flip his lid more. As she forcefully pulled him closer to the store, she looked over her shoulder to watch the entrance of the building. Tsuyo was pulling back a bit as he barked and snapped in the direction of the gunfire, causing himself to choke a bit but it didn’t deter him from losing his mind over the threatening sounds. Sekushi managed to get Tsuyo inside the little knick knack store nearby and pulled him off to the side so she could quiet him. Though his loud barking stopped, her was still growling lowly, as if daring someone to try and harm Sekushi.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos keeps practicing his styles and stops, sitting down for a moment. He needed to sleep, but the night was still far to young. So he gets up and puts his coat on and all of his weapons to their right place. He then looks down and hops over the side of the building, grabing a light post and flips to his feet and then continues walking down the sidewalk, minding his environment as well as the people around him. These days you risk getting killed just by bumping into someone... So he watches his step, even if he can hold his own he didn't want any trouble at the moment. Though he wouldn't mind to watch a good bout. But where on earth would he be able to find one eveb wourth his time? He shuggs as if he was asked the question. But keeps walking looking around for anything to do and starts down to the docks and looks out to the ocean.. He wishes he could have remembered who he really was and maybe he wont ever, but he will die trying. And kill anyone who gets in his way. He has come to far to give up now, when he feel that he is so close.. So he stand on the end of the docks gazing at the the moon, deep in thought~

Blood and CakeEdit

DarkKeyome: In the mist of his attack the lights were shot out and the emergency lights had quickly turnd on the whole room was a red tint... The Pretty boy was gone. " Tch!?" Keyth said with a angry tone in his voice before he could even move one of the back up officers had tackled him down and began reading him his rights hand cuffing him and then hauling him up. As they pulled him up he eyed the female officer who was the cause of his capture. As they were pulling him away he began to laugh hysterically. " Yeeeahhh! hAHAHAH. i Hope i put on a good show for you!" He said making kissy noises at her and just being down right sick as they hauled him into a police car and down to the station.

YuYukira: Nora walked on to the stage putting her gun away as the male was tackled. Raising her hands up a bit, she fixed her black gloves back in to place since they slipped slightly from all the gun play. She caught his eye as he turned to study her. She studied him in return. However, when he stated to make all the sarcastic smartass remarcks, that is when her expression turned in to a glare, her brow twitching annoyed. "Why you bastard...!!" She was about to dash towards him and give him a good knee in the gut. However, Marcus grabbed her by the shoulders, the gentle smile he always wore on his lips as h shook his head. "Its over now Nora...he will be behind bars soon." Nora gazed up at him with furrowed brows before turning to gaze as the police car that was pulling now away with the thief in the car. "I dont know about that Marcus....something about that guy....i dont think this is the last time i will clash with him.." She clenched her fists at her sides, something telling her that this guy will be a world of trouble for her from now on.

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