DarkKeyome: (( A light snore could be heard as the young boy sat in his Taxi Cab. The KPD let Keyth out on Survaliance watch, a program like house arrest but they allow the criminal to do as they please at the expense of getting set with a job that they have to stay in for 6 months. A sorry excuse to keep the teenager out of trouble. Keyth was sound asleep untill a light tapping on the window could be heard startling the boy waking him up. He turned his head annoyed at the person making the noise. " Um.. Excuse me!... Your a taxi Driver right?!" Said the man on the outside of his car. "...Gah.. im on break.." Keyth said turning his head to the right ignoring the man. The man grew angry and tapped harder. " I dont care! I have a meeting to be in, and i only have 30 minutes to get to Left mark, on the OTHER SIDE OF DISTRICT FUCKING 2! So get your shit together kid!."Keyth groaned and turned his head to the right to the man to look him dead in the eye with a sick grin on his face. "..." If Keyth had his blade, he would have silenced the man, not to mention he's constantly being watched. " Ok sir.." Keyth said turining his hand over to crank on the car. The Taxi car hummed with the engine as he leaned back. Funny thing was, no other job would take Keyth due to his excessive violent behavior. And.. he just the KPD had to make him get his liscense the same week that he became one. The man got into the car barking orders the moment he was in the cab. " Alright, now go!" He shouted out to Keyth. The teenage boy smirked and took off going a full 95 mph down the free way as he skated through trafic like a bat out of hell. " SL-SLOW DOWN! ARE YOU INSANE!!?!" Keyth looked back at the man, starting to drive on the wrong side of the road dodging traffic like a mad man. " You like music?!" He said turning the radio up to the highest nog, the music blasting the CD that he mixed together the night before (( Getting to the destination within 6 minutes ( which... pretty fucking insane). The man opened the door gasping for air running for his life after throwing the money at Keyth. " Have a nicee dayyyy" He said to the man as he ran up the stairs of his office having a heart attack on his way up as Keyth drove off.

Vexxen: yeah -- My right foot was the first part of me that had stepped out of a the worn out brick apartment that I had just spent a hour or two in. I took a look around at my surroundings to see the pale orange sky that was reflecting off every surface of where I was, somewhere in district 1. despite the obvious signs of wear and tear the glow of the orange sun set had given this place a charming quality that I couldnt exactly put my finger on. I placed my left hand on my right shoulder gently giving it a slight squeeze as I felt a small knot in my muscles loosen up.. perhaps I was simply just spoiled, I never ever had a full reason to venture far from my home, and this was the first time I had made such a thing commonly refered to as "house calls". The house I had just stepped out of belonged to an elderly woman who had been a client of mine for years, the loyalty of the elderly patron was perhaps my only reason that had persuaded me on leaving my house. As the old woman had slowly been growing weaker and ill simply due to age it seemed that she couldnt find enough strength to come seek me out as she has done for many years before. She was definately the type of person I did not mind sharing my knowledge with, not just for the reasons that she had supported me for years but more due to the fact that she did not fall into the "Type A" category of clients. The elderly woman, who I have grown to refer to her as Ms Mio, was interested in both the good and the bad that had come with readings. I had always found readings to be lacking for myself and the client when they simply want one over the other.. and usually most people always prefered hearing nothing but the good, claiming that they simply wish to remain ignorant towards the negatives.. My hand brushed against the white collar of my shirt accidently flipping it over. As I held the collar of my shirt in between two of my fingers, I walked towards the end of the block standing on the corner by a slightly rusted and dented street sign. I leaned my body forward just a bit looking for any signs of a taxi.. I pursed my lip slightly in disappointment, Perhaps my visit to this area was meant to knock out two birds with one stone. I crossed my arms in front of my chest.. It was time to play the waiting game. I knew that my encounter would definately be.... "interesting" - )

Murder she wroteEdit

NekoKitKat: Marissa hummed as she walked down the back allies of D1, her gate casual and her posture relaxed for what she had just done. Instead of hanging out with the twins like she had wanted too on such a nice day her parents had given her another hit to take care of. It had frustrated her to the point of seething anger as the three of them had planned to go to a water park today, which she had never done before. Instead she has to take out another anti-Yakuza that was just getting a little too close for comfort. So not only did she have to lie to the boys about a family issue coming up but now she had to kill someone once again. Yes, it didn’t bug her as it once did but she had been pretty excited to have a normal fun day with friends. Marissa shook her head and pushed the thoughts out of her mind as she ran over the scene she had left a few more allies back. The man would be dead, seeming of suicide after getting into a bar fight the night before, which would explain the bruises she had to put on him to knock him out, and thankfully he had already smelled like beer so all it took was a few bottles from the trashcans nearby to make it a little more convincing. She had never staged an actual suicide before but if and when the cops found him he would look like a drunken man driven to depressive ends. And from the background of him losing his family not too long ago she assumed it would fit the bill and nothing would be thought more of it. It wasn’t like any of her finger prints would have been left on him though, she always wore gloves that made her hands larger and would distort any of the bruises for them to believe the killer was larger than a small female. If they believed it was murder though the cops around here were pretty stupid… Marissa sighed and went back to humming as she moved back onto the streets, the absent thought of why she had chosen black for today running through her mind as it was rather hot… She shrugged her shoulders and continued to just lazily walk around the streets of D1, wondering if anything interesting would catch her eye but seriously doubting it.

Sezomaru: Ginsei glanced up at the sky, sighing to himself. He slid his hands into his pants pockets as he began walking down Ryoku street in District one. A few guys walking down the street who were dressed like the typical street thug gave him a nod. They knew exactly who he was which he was used to by now. The thugs in District One knew him as the Dark Lion of Ryoku, the guy who ruled Ryoku Street with his sword and his fists. He thought back to the fight he had a few days ago with the guy with the shaggy head. He wondered if he was in jail right now. He wanted to find the guy again to have another battle with him. That guy was up to par with him in swordsmanship for the most part despite his weird and wild style. There was a loud squealing noise then a loud crashing noise. He glanced behind him to see a crash between two cars that looked pretty bad. He shook his head some, continuing his way down the street. He suddenly heard a few voices as well as laughing coming from an alley way to his left. A few guys ran out of the alley way, surrounding him wielding metal poles and chains. They grinned as they walked around him, jeering and snickering. “What’s wrong Dark Lion? Don’t have any boys with you? Looks like today isn’t your lucky day.” He sighed, lowering his head. “Really guys?” He released another sigh just as one of the guys charged him, swinging his metal pole towards his stomach. His left hand was immediately at the base of his sheath as his thumb flicked against his guard, sending his sword sliding half way out of his sheath which caused the guy to stop his swing just as it touched the hilt, pushing the blade back into it’s sheath. His hesitation caused Ginsei to grin. “Coward. If you’re gonna come at me, have some courage and blood lust .” ( A guy behind him began to charge, swinging chains that were wrapped around his hand. Ginsei slid to the left, reaching his right hand over to his sword’s hilt. He gripped the hilt tightly, waiting for the next attack. A guy to his left came charging in, this one holding a crude looking crowbar. Ginsei released his blade from it’s sheath, slicing upwards as he did so, sending the blade ripping vertically through the guy’s torso the guy was in mid swing. Ginsei felt chains slam against his back which made him grunt though he just jumped forward, taking the gap left by the now dead thug. He turned to face his attackers, grinning. ( He lowered his sword down to his side, waiting as he glanced through his bangs. The next attacker came, swinging his metal pole wildly. “Time to taste some more blood Yuuyaiba..” Ginsei was speaking to his blade at this point. He ducked back, dodging the guy’s swing and in response he thrust his right arm forward, sending his blade right through the guy’s stomach. He swung his arm to the right, ripping his blade right through the stomach to burst out of his victim’s side and right into the next attacker’s side. He dug his sword right into the next guy’s stomach before he pulled his blade from the lifeless body. There were only two guy’s left but they looked a little hesitant to attack. “Come on…” Ginsei charged forward, slashing diagonally, sending his blade tearing through the first of the last two’s torso from the left shoulder to the right hip, sending him falling to the cement. Ginsei then turned, not giving the next guy a chance to attack as he swiftly tilted his blade to the side as he swung his arm, sending his blade right into the guy’s neck. He stopped mid swing, slowly sliding his blade from the half connected throat. He swung his sword, causing the blood to splatter onto the ground. He wiped the remaining bits of blood on one of the bodies before he sheathed his sword. He turned, walking down the sidewalk and away from the bloody scene.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos has been working for a few days now, but today he took, off, for reasons unknown. So while he's off he disides to take another strole to another district, But he feels a bit lazy, so he looks around for a moment... "Oh, now would you look at that." He was looking at a mint condition yamaha croch rocket.. Solid flat black with a chrome finish. "That will do just fine.." He then hops on. "Well would you look at that, the keys." He turns the keys and flips it on, putting on the black helmet. "Times to get outa her!" He spins the tires and loops around, doing a weely down the street and then both tires hit the ground. He wears a black leather outfit, with a black leather trench coat, but still has his same weapons on. Two katanas on his back, with two custom silver pistols, one under his arm and the other on his hip on the other side. His tench coat flaps in the wind as he speeds down the road. Looking around for anything to do, as well as ditch this bike somewhere, for surly it will be reported stolen.. He goes down the rode untill the bike starts to act funny and then he realizes.. Its run out of gass already. As it starts to putt and finaly dies and starts to roll. He parks off to the side walk and takes his helmet off and looks around.. This place looks worse than the other, he had better be carfull around here. Ayperos gets off the bike and lays the helmet on the back and then starts walking through the streets. He looked at a sign. "District two eh? I wonder if theres anything interesting here?" He walks down the sidewalk with his hands in his pocket. Normal enough, besides everyone was going the other way. But he didn't bump into a single one, for at first glance he looked as though he was a member of a mob, so every one parted from him like the red sea. He didn't mind it, least he would have to dodge everyone or have to go across the street. So he keeps walking untill the end of the side walk where a woman stood and then looked around, waiting to cross~

DarkKeyome: Smirking Keyth began to pull off after seeing the man have a heart attack. " Serves you right. Asshole.." He said riding off untill he saw a female with bright hair... and a intresting figure. "... Bingo.." He said whipping the car around swiftly  making an illegal U-turn and then taking off down the road his car swiftly ducking, dipping, and diving through the traffic untill he drifted between two incoming cars, making his car do a full 360 spin before he stopped RIGHT. In front of the female, letting the driver seat window down where she'd be able to see his face. Keyth was wearing a pair of beat up, sweat pants and a very Dingy tank top that said ' Bad boy' on the back. " Hey beautiful." He said winking at the female. " Hop in, ill take ya where you wanna go." He said with one hand on the driver wheel. He had a dark grin on his face. The kind that said " DONT TRUST HIM." He waited for her response people who he drifted through had made a chain reaction of beeping horns as he had fled through them all.

Vexxen: --My eyes widened a bit seeing the reckless driving coming closer to where i stood only to stop right in front of me, my eyes shifted downwards just a bit to meet the highly supicious face of the stranger in the car. . the driver, a bit of a scragly mess of a teenager about my age.. If I hadnt seen this coming I would have probably ran as fast as he was driving that death mobile just to get away from such a person like him, This idiot is the person I have to meet? I wondered. to myself .. I turned my head slightly seeing all the passing cars with their drivers angrily blaring their horns at this suspicious taxi driver before I reached down for the door's handle pulling it towards me to open the door. I stepped into the car kicking away a bit of garbage that was on the floors before sitting down and closeing the car door . I looked forward to the rear view mirror attempting to make eye contact with the young driver before throwing a offer "This is kind of out of place for you dont you agree?" I took a look at the car's interior feeling not too impressed with its messy run down state. " Drive like a normal law abiding pedestrian.. and ill throw in a generous tip" -

NekoKitKat: Marissa would keep walking down the streets though as she walked down one of the more silent streets the metallic smell of blood would hit her nose and draw her in curiously. There was only one other person on this street and they seemed to be walking the other way from her so she would continue down until she hit one of the allies and saw the bloody massacre of bodies. She would look over them for a moment and realize that the damage was done with a blade, and it was good work from what she assumed. Though it wasn’t close up damage, or as neat as she was used to doing herself. “Well… And I thought you only had to worry when the sun went down.” She chuckled to herself and shook her head, running her fingers through her long red hair. She would give a shrug to the scene, looking at it once more before turning on her heel and continuing down the street. The cops would be wondering what was going on with all of the death today, and that was going to make watching the news story more interesting tonight. She wondered what they would come up with to explain all of this death. Would they hide it or talk it up? Marissa was lost in thought and dazed out as she continued to walk down the street, still trying to think about how those men had been cut up and if she could learn to kill like that, but then she started to wonder if she even wanted to bring pain like that…

Sezomaru: Ginsei sighed, sucking at his teeth, making a loud “Tch” noise. Five guys during the day? What were they thinking? It was idiotic to try to find someone in broad daylight. He guessed it didn’t matter though, they were dead now and the flies were probably starting to hang around. He kicked a loose piece of cement down the sidewalk, shaking his head still. He was surprised that they actually tried attacking him during the day. It was like… “Thug 101”, you didn’t pull any serious shit during the day. He needed a drink and there was only one place where he could easily do that. He headed down the street, going to a place called Club Lahana. He knew one of the bartenders who was a workaholic so she worked every day till close. It was easier for him to drink because he mostly passed as an older guy, despite being sixteen. His father told him that he was the drinker of the family due to him not being fond of smoking and his high tolerance to alcohol. His mother used to say that his father was the smoke stack and he was the keg. He only shook his head when she said things like this. He thought back to his father and the life of a Yakuza which his father shared stories about. He always heard about the Kagemaru Zaibatsu and Keyome Tasanagi who he had met a few times considering his father was his Aniki and best friend until lately. His father had risen to the position of Chairman though a name for the clan was lacking at the moment the last he heard. He continued down the street, getting close to Club Lahana considering it was in District One. The day seemed to be going sort of slow which wasn’t that great of a thing. He hated slow days almost as much as he hated people like shag head.

YuiKiara: Nora was down the street, gazing as traffic went by. She had her arms crossed and her right leg over the other, her back against the door of her own black mercedes car. Today she was to meet up with Keyth to get his weekly report. This kid, since he was brought in, has been driving her insane. His sarcastic remarks and hardheaded behavior was sometimes gnawing at her patience. But she kept her cool. After all, she had in her possession something he seemed to hold quite dear to. Nora was not pro kidnappings, but holding hostage a weapon...did that count? She sighed, moving her gloved hand through her bangs and glancing at the street for any familiar looking taxi.

IzzyDaPada: Walking down the streets of District 1, I had my earbuds stuck in my ears, the cored snaked down infront of me as it lead its way into my pocket that was connected to the old generation ipod that rested in my pocket. The song playing seemed sad..and erry. A few of the lines I knew well as I sang them out in a soft voice, not meaning to be heard, but to just sing along with the song out of habit of hearing the song a few dozen times. " Underneath this fragile frame...Lives a battle between pride and shame...but I've misplaced that sense of fright...This crown of throne is perched atop my spine..But listen closely as I testify..Dependency has been a theift at night..theif at night, theif at night..." My eyes locked straight ahead as I seemed to walk aimlessly down the empty streets. Few times there were kids that ran by with their skatboards in their hands then throwing them down and riding them down the street with the *cluck cluck cluck* as they rode over the spaces between the concreate sidewalk squares. I had my hands shoved in my pocket as my eyes began to wonder to the windows that were still opened, it was more of a fancier resturant that seemed to be missplaced for district one. When I walked up to one and peered in, I saw a group of geishas and their customers sitting around a large table with food and saki with smiles and laughs. I gave a smile and gently knocked on the window. When the knock on the window was emmited into the resturant the group turned to look at who knocked on the window, when the girls saw who it was, they all smiled really big and began to wave. I waved back then headed my way towards my desired destination. Reaching into my pocket of my jeans I pulled out my phone to quickly pull up Roy's number and flip the phone sideways to bring up the text capabilities in the phone and began to write out a text.. "Meet me at Club Lahana. Its one of those days, the dojo is closed... Sparrow is soaring.. ~Say~" (Pronounsed as Sai) Sending off the text I clicked the phone off and shoved it back into my pocket then made my way to Club Lahana..over hearing the stories about what had happened and the was amazing that the club had made such a come back from back then..specially after the shooting years before that that had crippled the Kagemaru..that was decades ago but Dad still honored his friends. Taking a sharp left to weave past some cars, I looked to my left and to my right to make sure that no cars were coming and quickly jogged across the stree to make my way down the block. Walking the steets in District 1 had become a was new, always seemed to change where you turned..It wasn't like district two that I happened to always be living in..the change was nice..better then living in the same..

Crazy TaxiEdit

DarkKeyome: " Yeah, sure sure. I gotcha." Keyth said cranking the car back up and then lightly pressing on the gass. He'd start to drive 'properly' yet he was still going  a bit fast. " So, where we going pretty lady." He said smirking. His Parol officer had given him a cell phone to use on his way out and about, and so she could call in on his activites at all times. " Say, if i drive well. Can i get your number with that tip?" He said occasionally looking back at her through the rear-view mirror. He smirked keeping his eyes on the road, making to drive on his best behavior. "... For the most part. You dont even seem like your from around here." he said looking back at her once more and then taking a right turn. Driving down the road a bit further. Looking at his phone. He noticed the time. "... That re-opening of Club lahana is happening tonight.." He said to himself looking at his phone and was swerving left to right almost hitting cars as he drove untill someones loud horn snapped him out of his daze and he began to drive like he had common since. ".. Sorry about that lady. Hey.. i didnt catch your name.." He said turning another corner.His mind raced. Constantly thinking about his sword. What his PO is doing with it... he felt uneasy. The Doctors labled him with Bipolar. Though he'd never guess it.. they gave him medication. But of course, he doesnt take it. For what? He knows he's not crazy. Or so he assumes anyways. Looking back at the clock he gasped. " SHIT!" He said. " Im gonna be late! I cant go back to Jail lady im sorry. Your gonna have to get out!" Keyth turned his eyes over to the CLub lahana area that he was getting ready to pass. Well.. actually he did pass it due to him quickly hitting 105 on the road he spun around doing a U-turn and took off down the road again and hit the breakshard almost flipping the car over. " Here lady. Ask some guy if you can get a ride from them in there. Ill catch you around. " He said dropping her off and then taking off further down further. Heading to the destination of where his Parol officer would be. Oh.. How he deared going to see her, but he didnt want to goto prison... he knew that much. He'd pull around infront of her. And if she eyed his Taxi, it was a bright golden yellow a week ago. Now it was a beat up,  brown yellow with scratches, and dents all over it. And the back head light was out. He'd park next to her own car, almost hitting it as he stepped out brushing himself down. " Yo... Pig. Keyth is here." He said hopping onto her beauty black cars hood with a loud 'THUMMMM'.

Vexxen: --I had been sitting in the car with a overly chatty driver who had been making a few too many misses on me. As soon as he had asked a question, without giving me the time or chance to response he would fire another question.. and then another. I had intitially opened my mouth to tell him my address before he had asked me about getting my number, name....only to find myself back on the curb again of a different street ...lost. the entire car ride was as if he was talking to himself, both acknoledging and ignoring my presence... something about not going to jail... I rubbed the side of my head as I had bumped my head a few too many times from his sudden turns I groaned a bit. "If i lose my job because of him.. im going to hunt him down.." i muttered to myself. Once the bump on my head seemed to have calmed down a bit with the pain slowly dulling on its own. I looked around, the sun was on its path of setting faster as the orange glow that i had admired earlier was dulling and growing darker. I looked around and saw a small group of people forming at the front of a building,.. some sort of club? I walked towards the place, with the intention to take his advice, maybe someone would be willing to drop me off at home. or maybe not.... my head hurt..-

NekoKitKat: Marissa was bored out of her mind by this point in time and after having walked the streets a few blocks away from the last murder seen she needed something new to do. She wanted to text up the boys but she had already told them she wouldn’t be able to hang out today so… She pulled out her phone and started to look for anything interesting to do in this ratty part of the city. No she wasn’t being a priss, just taking in her surroundings for what they were. Beaten. Worn. In need of a make-over and a new paint job. She wished she had her bike right now but that was in the shop after last month’s crash. She would see that there were a few clubs in the area… Alright, that she could work with. And maybe catch a ride to her District with a stranger. Yeah, totally sounds like a good night. The redhead sighed and rubbed at her temples before taking off towards some club called Lahana or something like that. When she got to the building she would just stare at it for a moment before stepping inside, she idly wondered if the party would even be started at this early a time but then again she was coming at this time. Marissa would look around the club for a few moments and after deciding it best to take a break she would slide into one of the booths and just watch what was going on for now. After all, she wasn’t Naomi.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos stood on the edge of the building. Looking out apon the city, He then reaches in pocket and pulls out a silver pocket watch with two letters on it the said S.Z. And looks at the time. It was still so early, and nothing to do.So he puts the watch back in his pocket and sits on the edge of the building. He then looks down where than men were fighting and there they lay all dead. "Damn. Now why didn't i get in on that?" He then jumps down and walks over to the bodys and starts to check them. He checks every single one, all of them dead. "Damn. From the looks of their wounds the man who did this is a very good swordsman. Well, better start checking wallets before the police get here.." He starts checking their pockets getting any money he could find. But after all the searching he only had a total of a hundred dollors," Damn these guys were broke..But atleast I have some money in my pocket." He gets up and puts the money in his pocket. He looks around. "I'd very much like to meet this swordsman." He looks on the ground and sees wet foot prints heading out off the ally and down the street to a place called Club Lahana. "This must be where he is." He walks in through the door and looks around for anyone with a sword.. seeing that most wouldn't be carrying one and choose a gun over a sword. he spots a seemingly a young man with long black hair in a pony tail with a sword beside him sitting down. Ayperos smiles for a moment and walks up and sits beside him. "So your the one that cut down all those people in the ally. Very fine swordsmanship if I do say so myself." Though he looked straight ahead, though he still speaks to him, watching the boy out of the corner of his eye. "Your very young to be able to use a sword in such a way." He smiles and looks down." Don't bother drawing your sword, There are to many people here. Such a nice club, wouldn't want to ruin that. I just wanted to see who else knew such and honorable art." He looks over at him. "You got a name?"

Sezomaru: Ginsei had made it inside of Club Lahana despite his young age. His slightly older appearance caused the bouncers, who weren’t very vigilant at this point, to let him pass through without any problems. He shook his head, smirking some. “They never ask about the sword…” He mumbled to himself as he walked up to the bar. He saw the bartender that worked like a mad woman and seemed to be addicted to working. She noticed him and quickly walked over. “What can I get ya?” “You know how I like my scotch.” She nodded some and walked off to get his drink. He turned his head, looking over his shoulder at the people who were already in the club. It was still pretty early for people to be piling in but today was the re-opening day of the club and it seemed to be pretty big with people. She came over, passing him the glass of scotch which he took in his left hand. He glanced at it for a few minutes, swirling the liquid a bit before raising it to his lips for a small sip. He looked up at the large selection of drinks that the club had stocked up in advance for their reopening. He raised his glass, taking another sip just as someone stepped up beside him, taking a seat on the bar stool beside him. He glanced to his side, looking at the person. A guy with black hair that seemed to fall over his eyes a bit. He glanced down a bit, realizing the guy was carrying swords himself. He heard the words “Cut down in the alley” which told him that this guy had seen the victimized attackers that he had cut down. The guy called him young for knowing how to use a sword as he did and asked for his name. Ginsei sighed, downing the rest of the glass before setting it down. “Ginsei Yanazuka.” He glanced at the guy again, expectant for him to share his name as well after he finished speaking. “I may be young, but that doesn’t mean I can’t know how to use a sword. I learned from a very young age.” He then addressed the next comment that had been made. “I only draw my sword on those I mean to kill or those that attack me. You don’t fall into either of those positions right?” He continued looking at the man, waiting on his response.
IzzyDaPada: When I had made my way towards the club, which was having its grand opening this vary evening, and it was starting to get a good crowed outside the door. I had to make a frown this is going to be a long wait outside. "Hey you. What's going on?" I turned around to see where the voice was coming from, and saw as Roy came from a direction of a underground parking lot as he swung his keys around on his finger then slipped them in his keys. "Hey Roy..I just needed to get out." He had one of thoes charming smiles any girl could be charmed by. But his charm didn't work for me, it probably did the first day back in sophomore year but past that. It didn't work. He was just one of those good looking best friend guys you had. "So for your next adventure. Clubbing huh Say?" (Pronounsed Sai for those who haven't read bio yet) I had to make a face at him and shove at his arm. "No. You asshole. Lets go. I don't have the dojo. I just need to find another outlit." Roy smirked against as we both turned towards the club and walked towards the long line. "You and needing outlits. Why can't you just be like a normal girl and cry?" I had to let out a laugh and shake my head. "Have you seen me cry?" "No Ma'am." "Then crying isn't going to be the asnwer to outlits.." "It should be. You fighting, and being who you are. It's scary to know that you know your way around a fighting ring, or whatever you do with your grandfather and Crazy physo uncle." I shook my head as we were standing in line as they let people in. "Who said he was the crazy physo uncle? Maybe you don't know him and he's just very missunderstood?" "Very missunderstood if he tells your friends can't visit while your training." "Its because I need to focus." Roy put up his hands with a smile on his face as we entered the club finally after a few minutes of waiting in a line. As we entered the club it seemed like it was packed. People had to weave sideways to get passed one another to get to where they wanted to go. When I shifted myself to get past a large man, Roy came up and did the same thing to get past the large man. "Its packed..why did you want to go to this place when its just now opening? Your crazy." I smirked up at him. "Always. Come on, stop complaining." I took ahold of his wrist and dragged him towards the large dance floor that had people dancing, singles dancing with other singles, and couples well....griding on one another to the songs that played. When I finally dragged Roy to a spot that felt comfortable I started to dance to get lost within the music. "Say.." "Hmmm?" I opened up my eyes to look at him and blinked a few times. "Whats wrong?" "Thats the most peacefull I have seen you since that night you came over to my house a few months ago..What happened that night you aren't telling me.." I looked up at him and waved it off. I didn't really want to talk about that. There was a click in my mind then, and other times now that I wanted to talk to someone about it. But I wouldn't go into it. "It was just a fight between my parents Roy. You know how it can go sometimes with them.." Roy had arched an eyebrow at him. "I've never seen ,nor heard your parents get into a fight before." "Excatly." I looked up at him and smiled. He gave me a stern look, as I returned the stern look as he finally gave in and started to dance along with me.

Vexxen: -I found myself face to face with the entrance to the club, it had some sort of a fancy name too.. Club Lahana. It sounded pretty exotic.. and the glimpse i could see from where i stood it seemed like the decor was very well thought out and nice. I saw a small line of people quickly increasing in size.. the darker it seemed the more people seemed to show up. I observed the people getting in line.. they were all older than me in age.. and looked the part as well.. The bouncer was guarding the entrance making sure that each person who entered the club was old enough to do so. I looked curiously to the entrance.. I had read in a couple of those fashion related magazines that when you were lacking in something.. you would have to pull it off with convincible acting. Standing taller in place, Id dust off my black dress before walking towards the entrance. just as I was about to flash the bouncer a "im really sixteen but im trying to pass as eighteen" smile, I had heard some loud arguing off on the side in the line.. two guys fighing about something.. who knew. I noticed that the bouncer was steadily walking off towards the arguing guys.. as I used this chance to sneak into the club. Once i had entered everything was much darker , a group of people on the dance floor with bright coloured lights rotating on them, a handful of people off on the sides and a handful at the bar. Indeed my inevitable encounter with the.. "interesting" taxi driver had left me quite stranded in an "interesting" place. It was quite intriguing to see that the dingy worn out gray and rust red coloured city of district 1 harboured such a colourful and lively place, the scene of the club reminded me of the tourist section of District 2. "focus" i quietly instructed myself, oddly i was here to see if someone would be able to drop me off at home.. not get distracted by colourful lights and such. but at the same time.. for a house-hermit like me.. i felt eager to explore the club and see what it had to offer.. i mean.. i snuck in here anyways, right? I was hit with a stroke of luck, it would almost be a shame to take it for granted.. I looked around before smiling the slightest bit. Today was turning out to be quite a eventful day. so many encounters ahead of me... it was quite interesting.. the domino effect of change, it only takes one, to trigger it. -

NekoKitKat: Marissa would sit and order simple water for a while, watching the people dance and disappearing into her own mind. She was still on alert but her attention just wasn’t on any one thing, her eyes glazed over as she stared passed everything. The music started to pump through her body and she could feel the beat inside of her but the sound only hit the hollow ping inside of her body. The memories started to flash back and instantly Marissa stood up, knocking over her water and heading to the floor. She wasn’t going to let the thoughts consume her this time, she forced them out of her mind and thought about the fresh murder she had committed today. The short red head would stay to the outer edge of the circle and start to sway her hips to the beat. Her eyes closing to the flashing world around her so she could just focus on the music and beat. Her body fell into the rhythm and she lost herself into it, all of the thoughts and memories disappearing now as she just went blank and fell into the default of dance.

TakeoShunazari: Same shit, different day -Kyren said as he looked at himself in the mirror. There was a cut just over his left eyebrow, but it was nothing. He cleaned it with a bottle of alcohol that rested by the sink he was perched out. Once done, he exited the bathroom he was in a looked around. His crummy apartment was messy and he didn’t care. He was just glad that it was HIS. However, he wanted more. He always wanted more. There was a short knock on his door just as he sat down on a worn and slightly ragged sofa. He growled, literally GROWLED, and leapt to his feet- Piss off! -He called. A voice, sharp and authoritative, responded- Tanika, its Shingaki. -Kyren cursed and stumbled to the door. He opened it just a crack and peered out. His manager, Iu Shingaki, was a short, fat man, with balding hair and thin glasses. He wore a suit, always wore a suit. Kyren fixed him with a scowl- I finished my fight today. Remember? You bet me that decapitation couldn’t be done with bare hands and you had ta give me an extra 50 tanz. -Shingaki shook his head- No, no, no, not that. I need you to accompany me to a club. Club Lahana -Kyren lifted an eyebrow, then grinned wolfishly- That club that just opened up three blocks away? Ah, you’re fuckin with me. Good joke, though I can’t see why you’d drive all da way here ta tell it to me. -Shingaki sighed- No joke. We need to get you publicity. You could go professional, Tanika. Show you to the right people, it could happen. -Kyren considered this. More fame ultimately meant more power and that was almost all that mattered to the fighter. He clicked his tongue- Alright. I’ll go along, But nobody better fuckin lay their hands on me or that club will be a murder scene. And. -He said, holding up a finger- I go as I am. -Kyren was wearing denim jeans and black boots, with a red tank top bearing two black straps. Shingaki looked him up and down- Wear a jacket at least and come to the car outside. -Kyren shut the door on his and turned. He bent to grab a grey hoodie from a pile of clothes and thrust it on. Shortly afterward, he was getting in Shingaki’s car- Hope ya don’t think I’m gonna dance. -He said. Shingaki snorted- No. We will make introductions to certain people and then be on our way. -Nothing more was said as the two rode to the club. Kyren was irritated to find it packed, but he expected as much. Shingaki parked in the street and the two got out. After waiting in line and a brief argument with a bouncer (who luckily didn’t turn his gaze to Kyren) about Kyren’s appearance, they were inside. Kyren felt and looked out of place with his more haggard look. Someone bumped into Kyren. He reflexively reached out and grabbed the man’s upper arm, nails digging into nerves there. The man turned and winced in pain.- What the hell, man! -Kyren let go of him and said nothing. The man backed away, cursed- The hell is that guy’s problem... -Shingaki looked at Kyren furiously and Kyren shrugged his shoulders. Shingaki motioned him over to a middle-aged man sitting at the bar area. The man looked every bit like a mob member and he and Kyren looked at each other with disdain. He looked familiar to Kyren. Kyren stared at him hard while Shingaki made introductions- Tanika, this is Yotibu..... -Kyren heard little after that. The other man suddenly exclaimed.- You’re that kid! -He leapt up and pulled a knife, but Kyren was faster. With knife strike to the wrist, he disarmed the man. His other hand came up in a palm strike directly to the man’s chest. The man was struck backward onto the dance floor, knocking over a number of people. Kyren was growling and moving toward the man. Shingaki was yelling after him.- Kyren, no! He’s from the Kagemaru clan! They’ll kill you! -Kyren heard none of this. The killing rage had taken him.-

KimiKatsu: The morning had passed the same way it usually did; an early morning wake up followed by a long, relaxed walk. Tsuyo needed the fresh air and lack of excitement. He was still pretty riled up. It was nearly impossible to get the popcorn popping with him going nuts over the sound of the kernels popping. It took Sekushi an hour to calm him down so they could sit and watch a movie from the 20th century. ‘What a century. .’ She remembered thinking. The move they were watching was called ‘The Purge’. She considered it a thriller because of all of the murder and stuff. It was a pretty good movie from back then. It certainly got her thinking about how one day of violence and crime being legal for 12 hours could have changed things. Sekushi didn’t really like the idea. Just watching the opening for the movie tugged at her tender heart strings. After their much needed walk, Sekushi hurried up to her room with Tsuyo hot on her heels. As Sekushi stepped into her room, she flipped the light switch and her room was instantly bathed in bright light. “It’s about time to head over to the club. The girls can’t run it on their own, of course.” The right corner of her lips lifted slightly into a charming little half smile as she moved across the room to gather her outfit together; pink and white stripes, the design reminded her a of a little candy shop. Perfect for her club. The young chairwoman set her outfit off to the side and grabbed her tube of lotion. Coco Butter. . .her favorite lotion scent. Sekushi wasted no time wiggling out of her booty shorts and sports bra so she could take a quick shower. Steam rose slowly from behind the pearly-pink shower curtain and fogged up the large mirror a bit. As she showered, she ran her dainty hands down her smooth sides and well-shaped hips before slowly running her fingers up from her pubic bone to her chest just below her breasts. Her small hands groped at her breasts lightly and she let out a soft sigh. Though the groping felt incredibly good to her, she was really only doing it to check for lumps. Apparently women were still getting breast cancer. ‘There is no way in hell I’m going to lose a tit. .’ she always thought to herself. Shortly after her shower, Sekushi stepped out of the steamy bathroom with a short, tight towel wrapped around her torso. She was rubbing her pure platinum hair down with a separate towel to help it dry. After getting her hair as dry as possible with a towel, she tossed the damp towel into the clothes basket as if she was, as some people say, ‘shootin’ hoops’. When the bundled up towel fell into the basket flawlessly, she threw her arms up with a wide smile on her face and cheered out for herself. Tsuyo, whom was laying on the bed with his eyes on her, rolled his big brown eyes. Getting ready never took too long with Sekushi, though she was female and females did take a while at times. Slipping into those tight pink and white stripped leggings was the first thing she did after slipping on her ivory lace bra and matching thong. The matching pink and white striped top was long sleeved, but tied in the front between her breasts and left the rest of her torso bare. The very top edges of her pink nipples were just barely visible. With her outfit on, she quickly began to braid on side of her head so that the other half left out of the braid would just fall loosely over her shoulder after she teased it a bit. It was a hairstyle she picked up from watching her girls help one another in the back rooms. The last thing she had to do was slip on her pearl white heels. They had just been shipped to her from the states. Her mother knew exactly what she liked. The cream colored box sat on the bed next to a yawning Tsuyo. So, she grabbed them and plopped down on her bed. As she pulled the new shoes on, she glanced out of her window by the left side of her bed. The sun was sinking behind the horizon. Figuring it was time to leave, she grabbed her make up purse and flipped open her little portable mirror. Her lightly freckled and pale face was blemish and dark spot free. So all she really had to do was brush on some pink blush, do her eye liner and mascara, and put on some eye shadow. By then Tsuyo was off of her bed and heading downstairs for the front door. “Alright!” She smiled and dashed out of her room, flipping the switch to turn the lights out as she did. Her heels clicked and clacked loudly against the stairs as she hurried down them to the front door. Tsuyo was holding her pack in his mouth along with her end of the leash. Sekushi laughed a little and leaned down slowly to place a delicate kiss against the tip of his cold, wet nose before lightly taking her purse and the leash from him. They were outside in no time. The club wasn’t too far from her house and she loved to walk, so she was pretty content with more walking. One her way to her club, she passed by another. People were lined up outside. Some were declined entrance and others were allowed in. ‘Must be the whole age thing. .’ she thought to herself. Though she knew she had to get to her club, she slowed her walk to a stop. Her mother’s words echoed in her head as she glanced back at the club. “Club Lahana. . .” She’d mutter softly. The exact name her mother spoke when she talked about ‘the old days’. Sekushi pulled on Tsuyo’s leash and he turned slowly. His tail swished from right to left slowly as he looked up at her, his big eyes begging for her to continue the walk, but Sekushi just did what she always did and tugged him along with her as she crossed the street. It didn’t take much to get in. Just a flash of her I.D. and they waved her through. They didn’t seem to care that she had a dog. ‘Must be because my mother had one, too. .’ Sekushi shrugged and moved the rest of the way inside. As she stepped in, she lightly began to sing one of her favorite songs that popped in her head ( (Start at 0:58)) She lightly began to sing the chorus to herself as she paused near the entrance to glance around. Tsuyo stuck to her side like glue with the hair on his back raised slightly as he sniffed at the air a bit.

xXAyperosXx: ~"Ayperos.."The man chuckles at his question. "If I were here to attack you. I'd already have cut you down. But to your question. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. It all matters on my next question.." He pauses a moment. "How good are you?" He smirks as he looks straight ahead. "You see? Your morals are almost like mine. Besides the point that I don't draw my sword unless the opponet has one as well.. No need in waisting my time in unsheathing my blade on an opponet with no sword of their own. So truthfully, those you cut down went without honor and have surly discraced their ancestors." He smiles devilishy. "I would very much like to test another swordsmans skill. For you don't see many people with any." He looks at the bar tender. "Whisky, please." The bartender nods and puts a glass down and pours him some. He smiles and takes the glass downing it and sets it down. "So, what do you say? Willing to test that skill of your againt mine?" He waits for his reply as the bar tender pours him another and he picks it up, take a swig this time. Though he could drink almost anyoe under the table, he didn't want to drink to much. Not untill he heard his new "friends" reply to his offer. Ayperos was bored, and this in fact could be dangerous for a man of his skill and mental state. Though he seemed pretty sane, but what hes been though has put him into for lack of better words "Don't give a fuck" state of mind~

Sezomaru: Ginsei gave a small smirk as his glass was refilled with scotch. “You would have cut me down already? I guess so… I did have my back turned though that’s a really cowardly way to kill someone right?” He raised his glass, taking a swig of the scotch before swishing around the liquid. “Ayperos huh? No last name? I didn’t have to share mine.” He took a small sip of his scotch. “I cut them down because they decided to attack me so it was pointless to give them mercy.” He downed the rest of the scotch, watching silently as it was refilled. “I don’t boast my skills… I just simply am a swordsman who knows how to wield his blade. If you wish to have a small match, I guess we will see how well our skills match up though I wasn’t really expecting to find a serious battle at a club if you know what I mean.” After finishing speaking he downed the scotch, shaking his head at the female bartender who was about to refill it. He turned slightly to this new person who seemed to have high respect for swordsmanship as all swordsmen really should. He slowly got off of the bar stool, resting his left hand on the hilt of Yuuyaiba. “So… Where do you want to have our test of skill?”

IzzyDaPada: Hearing the screams that caught my attention, I turned my head so I could look past Roy when I saw probably half the dance floor fall to the ground. Guys falling onto girls, girls falling off to the sides, and just a domino affect as people were falling. I blinked a few times as the people that were around us would push us back. Roy caught my arm as we were pushed further back from our dancing spot. Roy being the tall person that he was, at about 6'3, he pulled us out of the circle of dancing people. Letting go of my arm Roy looked me over with a stern look, "Are you okay?" "Yeah perfectly fine. Seems we need to find a better spot.." "I agree with that smart choice.." With that, we walked away from the dancing platform area and the now getting to their feet people. We went into the direction of a private seating area that was partly away from the crowed of people. As I took a seat I let out a sigh rubbing at my forhead. Roy looking at me then looked at the now approaching waitress. "Hey, miss. Can we get two brandys please?" "Are you old enought to drink?" When I opened one of my eyes to look at him, I saw that he flashed her one of his charming take no prisonors smiles. "For that cute of a face. Alright. I will bring those two back." I leaned pu in the chair a bit to look at him and arch an eyebrow. "Are you old enough to drink Roy Evans?" Roy smirked at me, that smirk he knew I was picking fun at him. "Are you old enough to drink Saya Tasanagi?" I shook my head and smiled. "Start early. Die young they say." As I waved my hand idly at something giving an indication of talking about the future. "And what makes you think that?" I looked at him, as I rested my elbow on the arm of the chair then rested my chin on my knuckles. " kinda look like your dad when you look unentertained." I arched an eyebrow at him. "Do I now?" "Yes you do." "Fasinating! Tell me more." We both looked at each other and smiled then started to laugh.

Vexxen: -I had spent the last few minutes roaming around in the club semi in pain from such loud music and semi in awe I suddenly had an epiphamy.. perhaps i had done the right thing and had brouht my phone with me.. I pat my pockets reaching into them to make sure i wasnt missing it. To my disappointment i grumbled as the only thing in my pocket was a black hankercheif and the envelope that Ms Mio had given to me for my work. I pulled out the envelope and held it in front of me. "well at least.. the situation could be worse" I walked over towards the dance floor not with the intentions to dance.. but simply to ask if anyone would be willing to give me a ride home, I cursed the messy haired idiot cab driver who had literally abandoned me at this foreign club expecting me to get a ride somewhere. didnt he know how dangerous the world was? I saw a tall man near the edge of the dance floor, i approached him slowly with a very forced cheerful look on my face, tapping him on the shoulder, he turned around to face me "Excuse me sir, would you be kind enough to drop me off at home?" the stranger looked down at me with some eerie look on his face which had my skin crawling. somoene seemed too eager.. "never mind" i quickly shot out. I turned my heels and began walking as fast as I can, walking into the crowd of dancing people . a way to lose him probably. I fought and struggled my way through the dancing crowd as some had used my feeble attempts to get through what seemed to be a excuse to harass and dance at the same time. As i got through the crowd I i caught the glance of two people in front of me with swords, Curious at why they stood out amongst the crowd of everyone else, I shrugged it off. my mind was compeltely fixed on having to get home and resort back to my hermitting ways. Was it even safe to go around asking strangers i find in clubs to drop me home?? I groaned a bit in frustration before walking off to sit at the farthest seat at the bar. leaning my head on the glass counter of the bar I began silently thinking of my revenge on the bummish cab driver. -

NekoKitKat: Marissa had been fully in her trance of dancing when suddenly someone shoved up against her from behind and instantly her body reacted. Usually she was fine when she was dancing, bodies moving against each other wasn’t a problem for her, it was normal on the dance floor. But that was normal for Naomi. Not Marissa. She spun to the guy that had been thrown onto her for some reason or another and a needle slipped out from her sleeve and she plunged it into the guys shoulder so hard it would sink straight into his muscle and the tip would disappear into the wound. Her rich chocolate brown eyes were full of anger and in a frenzy as the paralyzing toxin would start to work on the man’s body. It would attack his nervous system and make his whole body lock up to the point that only his eyes would be able to move, he wouldn’t even be able to twitch after a minute of the needle being pressed into his body. When she looked up to see who the hell had pushed the guy towards the crowd she would see a man stalking towards him with a murderous look to his walk. Marissa was pissed in her own self and pushed the paralyzed man to the side of the ring of dancers and stand between the two. Her breath evened and she cocked her head back to look up at the man. “Take it outside if you’re going to have a fight. Not into a crowd of dancers. Have some respect for the club.” She growled at him, low in her throat though when she realized the guy was around a foot taller than her and built like a stack of muscle she knew her small… Slip up was going to cost her. Marissa thought fast on her feet and took another needle out, with a twitch of her hand she would send the needle flying straight for his neck. She didn’t plan on it even sinking more than half the way in but if it did nic his skin the paralyzing toxic would slip into his body and start to lock his muscles up, but not nearly as badly as the man on the floor who had a full dosage in him by now. If he didn’t grab her or stop her Marissa would take a step back and turn on her heel to disappear into the crowd, it was time to go home.

TakeoShunazari: -Kyren stepped down onto the dance floor, a roaring sound in his ears. He grit his teeth and strode forward, but his enemy was already dropping. For a moment, Kyren was perplexed. Who just stole his kill? The roaring in his ears quieted down just enough for him to hear a woman speaking to him. From the way she spoke, he guessed that she was the one who took down his kill. When she finished speaking, he snarled and said- Shut the fuck up, bitch. -His eyes turned to the fallen man now. He was still breathing. Kyren would have to fix that. And rectify it he would have... until he saw the glint of something flying through the air. His body reacted before he could think, his hand reached up and snatched the projectile out of the air before it could pierce his flesh. He looked at it. A needle? So that was how the bitch took that guy.... He looked up and saw the woman’s heel as it disappeared into the crowd. Kyren growled- No, you don’t get off that easy, bitch. -He rushed after her, stopping for a second to bring his heel down on the fallen man’s neck. He heard a satisfying SNAP, then went after the woman. She came in sight after a second of two and Kyren was intent on taking her too. Shingaki thrust his way through to the dance floor and looked at the body in horror- Not good... -He muttered. Sweat began to roll down his forehead-

KimiKatsu: The longer Sekushi stood near the door, the more her knees ached from standing. She needed to find a seat to rest her legs for a moment. Tsuyo seemed fine. Her was sitting on the floor by her side, though the hair was still up a bit on his back. Things seemed to be getting exciting as Sekushi moved over to place her round bottom in an empty chair that had been abandoned for a few minutes. Tsuyo scrambled to his paws as soon as she sat so he could seat himself right beside her again. His big, brown eyes shimmered in the light of the club the same way Sekushi’s bright blue hues did, though Tsuyo’s eyes were locked on the two men in the club that seemed to have swords with them. Sekushi hadn’t noticed until she followed the dog’s stare. “It’s not every day you run into a man who wields a sword, Tusyo.” She’d say, her voice holding an excited tune to it. Tsuyo instantly snapped his eyes and head to look at her. ‘Oh no. .oh no, no, no.’ he seemed to be saying through his twinkling gaze. Despite only sitting for a few moments, Sekushi slipped out of her chair and began to pull on the dog’s leash. “Come on! It’ll be fun.” She smiled widely, showing off her white teeth. Tsuyo huffed and took his time getting up, though it didn’t seem to be long enough because they were cutting through the crowd, which was packed pretty tight now, and approaching the men. As she pushed through the crowd, she heard a few words that sounded coated with venom. Rather curious, Sekushi changed course and started pushing towards the angry sounding voices. When she got close enough, her eyes were locked on a man and a woman. ‘Huh. . .maybe it’s an angry couple or something. .’ She’d think to herself. Her eyes slowly wondered to a man that looked. .pretty out of it. Either really drugged or passed out from alcohol consumption. Her dark lashes fluttered as she continued to watch. Tsuyo started to pace a little as they stood there. He was getting a bit uncomfortable and began to growl and whimper quietly to himself.

xXAyperosXx: ~Ayperos smiles. "Well, since I offered the challange its only respectfull to let you decide." he downs the last of his whisky and gets up looking at the boy. Ayperos was only a bit taller than the man." And no, I have no last name, for I was never given one." He smirks at him, waiting to see his next move. And of course wait for him to say were to fight. He looked as though he was calm, but in fact he was very excited.. Its been a very long time since he has faced another swordsman and the last one met his untimly death due to lack of skill. And he has been longing for a formatable match to him. Though he doesn't usually look for a fight, seeing the persision of the slashes on those bodys had to mean that he was very skilled, and this peaked Ayperos intrests. It was a warriors instinct to sence one anothers skill and if not that test them. Though it was dangerous, Ayperos has had many years of training, first with a master and the rest throught the years of his light. All in all, this was going to be very interesting~

DarkKeyome: (( The Helicopter flew over the club the load dubstep music blasting its way outside so loud that there was a crowd on the outside of the club. The large helicopter came drifting down from the sky like a dragon, it had the Japense Kanji marks for Kagemaru on the side of it, anyone in this area knew who this helicopter belong to. " Approaching the LZ Mr. Tasanagi." A large man with long black hair sat on the other side of the helicopter with a cigar in his hand, smoke protruding, emitting from the tip of the tobaccoo product. Two more helicopters flew next to that one, and below them were an array of black vans and men on motor cycles all of them lining up infront of the club getting off and out of there vechiles to create a perfect line before they all turned and marched themselves into the building. Keyome Tasanagi finally hit the LZ in his helicopter along with the other birds that made it to there landing spots as well. 15 men jumped out of the helicopters each. 15 times 3, you do the math. Not to mention the 45 men that flooded within the club itself. Keyome stepped down and began his walk down into the club so he could see the masses. He walked down his glowing golden eyes piercing down on the area below him to see the building conflict. His hands pressed deeply within his pockets as he stepped into the middle of the club everyone that had been dancing quickly spreaded out to make way for Mr.Tasanagi. He tilted his head up. Even though he was not the young boy that he once was, he was still verly lively in the face, a dark smirk on his face to complement his toned and manly features on his face. His bodies muscle mass has doubled over the years and he had even grown in height. His suit clearly scramed 'millionare'. His Maru Jeitai men stayed next to him the whole time like the presidesnts secrect service.(( -> He had only brought about 10 of those with him, those being his elite soliders the rest were just his Yakuza men. Snapping his fingers only, once... and all the music stopped. Paused even. All that was there would turn there heads to eye the man, his long dark hair shading parts of his face as he began to pace around. " Greetings... Beautiful citizens. Of Kasaihana city." Keyome said as he puffed on his Cigar. " I hope. You all are enjoying this club, and everything thats within in it." Keyome paced around picking up random things. " It's the first day, and i have to say i never thought that this generation. Would ever take a liking to this place on such a level and scale but none the less. I am.. impressed." His very aura seemed.. ominous, demonic almost. "... I hope you all... are having a great... time.." He said turning his head to those that were about to fight, able to sniff them out apart from the whole group. "... My very first clan members died in this very spot. Here, by a massacare years, and years ago. I am the only one to live, and tell the tale. I want you all to celebreate there passing with me, on this faithful day. by welcoming this club, and all of its festatives for many, many years to come. God, bless..." His eyes would have flashed a bright red for a moment. "... You young people." he said as he turned his back, the sound of a pen being dropped could be heard as he began to walk out. His eyes drifted over to his daughter where he stood strong in front of all of the masses. He gave her a wink, and a thumbs up when he knew no one could see him.

Sezomaru: Ginsei nodded slightly as he was told to pick the place. He slid his right hand into his pocket, keeping his left hand resting on the hilt of Yuuyaiba. He looked ahead of him and noticed a girl with a… Dog. “A dog?.. in a club?” He chuckled, shaking his head some. “Sounds a little hypocritical eh? We have swords and I’m questioning a dog in here.” He began walking towards one of the back exits of the club, figuring that it would lead to some sort of alley way. He then heard the sound of loud footsteps, multiple… Loud footsteps. He turned, glancing over his shoulder slightly to see the men dressed in black. “That long haired…” He turned fully, watching the men pile in. He even saw the Maru-Jietai come piling in though there were only about ten of them. He watched the man who was feared and loved by KasaiHana city walk in. This man had a burst of demonic energy about him, even to those who weren’t intact with any sort of chi. Ginsei was however, being the son of Ginsukei, he had gained a small amount of the devilish Dark Hadou that his father carried. He felt the demonic energy and it curled down his spine despite the fact that he was used to it. He turned, strolling up to the long haired man named Keyome Tasanagi. He walked straight up to him after he finished his small speech. “Well if it isn’t Uncle Tasanagi.” He gave the feared man that he saw as an uncle a nod and a smile. “I don’t think you really ever told me that story of those that died here did you?” He glanced to the man he was leaving waiting though he didn’t mind much. He wanted to speak to the uncle he rarely saw. The thoughts he had been having about crushing the remainder of his gang life and becoming a Yakuza began to flood through his mind though he didn’t want to go to his father about it due to the fact his father would want him to join his family. “How are you Uncle?”

IzzyDaPada: Hearing a familir face, ring out into the room, and noticing as the men lingered into the room, I had to smirk as I turned my attention to the center of the club. There standing on the dance floor, was Keyome Tasanagi. My father, of course he would visit the club. Leaning more so on one side of the chair I was in, I had to smile. He knew how to make an enterence, and a grand scle on that note. He spoke about how he was the only one that survived that day at this very club..and those here should enjoy it. That look in his eyes rang clear for me. When his eyes drifted over to me, he gave a wink and a thumbs up. I gave a smile and a wink back. Roy would smirk at me and shake his head. "Daddys girl." I quickly looked at him. "Am not you ass." "Are to." I shook my head and turned my head back to where my father was standing within the room. Even if he wasn't speaking. He just had that ability to appearence, presence that caught, demanded even. But also, the person I had noticed that stood next to my father, was my cousin Gensei..well..not like really cousin blood realted..His father was my father's Aniki for the many years. Then, took over the Kagemaru business. I had seen him a few times when I was little but aside from that..we lived seperate lives despite our parents buisness/personal relationship. I stood up from my chair as I kept my amber eyes on the two as I made my way around the rail. Roy sat back in the chair behind me as I made my way down the stairs to approach the two, pressing and shuffling my way past people who didn't hear the 'excuse me' meaning asking them to move. Idiots sometimes..couldn't take a polite excuse me now a days. As I approached I looked at the two. Gensi already into a conversation with Keyo.

NekoKitKat: Marissa didn’t wait to see if he was following her or not. She knew better than to take the moment to pause as she worked her way through the crowd. Her pace was fast and she was spinning in circles around the people to get to the other side of the room and the door. It didn’t take her long at all and she stumbled out of the crowd of grinding, sweaty bodies to end up near the door, thankfully. But that was the moment the whole club went quiet and her heart started to race, what the hell was going on? She stared at the man who was talking, apparently he was the founder of the club… He looked pretty interesting. When he was done with his speech Marissa would suddenly remember the reason she had possibly been running and tried to dash for the door. She really didn’t know if that guy would’ve been stopped by a speech but who knows. The adrenaline was taking over her body and it felt amazing, she should piss people off more often… She was a little too focused with running away and ran straight into the man who had just been talking, falling flat on her ass afterwards. “Ow…” She whined and rubbed her rump.

DarkKeyome: Keyome turned his attention over to Ginsei. Standing up straight he'd put his hands into his pockets. "..Im fairly well Ginsei, tired, just tired." he said looking around. " How's your mother and father doing..?" He said crossing his arms. He hadnt seen Ginsueki in some time and it had been awhile since he got to speak to Ginsei's mother as well. Thnking of his mother sadly brought memories of Alex Stone. Ginseuki's first love, and one of Keyomes best friends. She died so young... a beautiful woman she was, and so strong and iron willed. Keyome once believed that there wasnt a damn thing, that Alex couldnt do. He turned to see his beloved daughter, who looked more like her mother everyday though Keyome would argue and say she looked like him. She was his most treasured prize and he loved her so. As he turned to her a very small female ran right into him and keyome had saw her body drifting down, getting ready to hit the ground but to him... she was moving in slowl motion his hand quickly lashed out in attempts to grab her by her shirt and pull her swiftly on his feet, without looking at her, it was.... inhuman." Careful there.." He said finally turning to the girl. " You dont want to hurt your self.." he said smiling at the young girl. Finally him and his men left, just as quickly as they entered...

The HuntEdit

YuiKiara: Nora tried not to let her jaw drop at the sight of the brand new taxi she had assigned to him just a week ago. Which now looked as if he slammed it in to every tree and building he saw before bringing it back to her. She slowly closed her eye as he came out of, what she now considered a piece of junk, and jumped on her own car. The day's breeze making a few strands of her black hair whips over her face. He had also called her a pig....should he not nickname himself that? Although it did not seem to offend her in the least, she was use to worse name callings than that. Slowly Nora lifted her head and snapped her eye open, grabbing hold of her gun at the belt attached to her waist and pointed it right at his forehead, pressing it against his skin so he knew well she was not joking around. "Damage my property, and i swear, you're brain will fly across the street." Her black eye seemed to darken even more as she glared at him, pulling the hammer back to ready her bullet. "And don't tell me you forgot what i hold in my possession...i dont think getting on my bad side will give you what you want any time soon." 22:48, July 5, 2013 (UTC)~ The soft sound of clothes ruffling broke the silence in a dark apartment. It was located on the second floor of an old building, and not a very neat looking apartment either. Dirty clothes were scattered everywhere along with empty bottles and cans. As Naomy was slipping back on her kimono top, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist, a man's head resting against her lower back as she heard him release a soft grunt. He was nude also, covered up only by the white bed sheet. It was clear he had not shaved for a while, and the feel of his rough beard brushing against her chin made her tremble, furrowing her brows a bit in disgust. His hair was tangled up also and looked as if it had not been brushed in days. "Where you goin.." He asked her half asleep. Naomy put on her best 'sweetheart' voice and gently removed his arms away from her waist. "Just out for some fresh air." She replied to him sitting up and putting on her skirt, buttoning up her top before brushing her hair with a comb and putting it up. She picked up her large fans off the floor and closed them up before strapping them on her back. She glanced back at the sleeping male who turned and grunted, going back to sleep. Afterwards she headed out. Once back on the street, Naomy took out a tape recorder that had all the information needed for her client. She got the guy drunk well, made him think they had a good night, and got all of his secrets spilled on the table for her to pick and pocket. A grin spread over the woman's lips as she ticked the device back in her skirt's pocket.

DarkKeyome: ((" Lady..." He said feeling the cold steel on his head smiling a bit. " If you were gonna kill me. Then you would have done it already. Matter of fact.." Keyth placed his hands on her weapon his grin turning into a sick, distrubing one, his eyes wide, sickly looking almost as his hands swiftly clampsed around hers. " Its funny.. how quickly death comes doesnt it!?" He said smirking. "...Desperation... Try to breathe with no lungs. Thats a sick way of thinking isnt it!? Breathing, with the main component that you need to breathe with! It's insane isnt it?!?! Hahahaahah!" His smile quickly faded. "...Do it." he said demanding the woman. " Kill me, blow my brains out... i deserve it. What am i to you huh? Im just another criminal, why not do the world a favor huh, KILL ME?!?!!?!!!!" He said shouting at the top of his lungs, people would walk by as the scene went down. Keyth had a grin on his face as he stared death right in the face. A child was standing not even 10 feet away from them, watching the whole thing. He seemed almost afraid yet facniated. And it only took one pull of her gun to scar him for life. ".... Warriors. Embrace death...we look forward to it, the salvation of death. Its quite refreshing. To liberate ourselves of the demons of this world.... to be... truly..." His hands dropped from her weapon as he raised his hands high into the air. "...Free..." The wind blew by as he sat there, gun to his head, arms spread out wide and the wind blowing by in a smooth and gracefull breeze. How ironic of a scene.

YuiKiara: Nora's eye narrowed at him as he gave out his speech. Anooyed. She was lmost tempted to pull the trigger only to shut him up. However, glancing down at a figure that caught her attention, her eye widened to see a child standing here gazing up at her, fear and curiosity in his eyes. Her jaw clenched. Nora lowered her gun before sighing. Stepping back, she closed her eye then suddenly turned her body, raising her leg up high and kicking him straight in the face and off the hood of her car. Once the deed was done, she straightened her top back up and released a soft breath, smiling down at the kid before she turned her gaze back to glare at the male. Her attention was pulled however when she got a call about a mass murder. Jumping in her car and grabbing her radio she spoke. "Report." "Six people Ma'am!! All dead! Two blocks down the intersection!" Nora grunted annoyed as she got back pout of the car nd walked towards Keyth. Grabbing him by the back of his collar she dragged him to her car, opening one of the back doors she pushed him in before closing it up. "Of all times! Damn it all!" She cranked up the engine and pulled the gear in to drive, afterwards she sped down the street as the sirens of her car went off.

DarkKeyome:The kick to his face rocked him rather quickly as he fell to the right of the car holding his jaw. "...Son of a bit-" he couldnt even get the words out as she yanked him up by his shirt ripping and damaging his shirt, ripping up his only tank top he had left. Once he was in the car looked around holding his jaw, listening to her police radio go off. " The hell are you brining me around for.." He said eying her out of the corner of his eye. He'd sigh eying his only piece of clothing now ruined he tore the rest of the shirt off and sat there with no top and his tank top and sandals. He missed his sword deeply. Eying the police scanner he looked back at her. "...Murders. 6?  Aw man.. and i missed out on that action.." he said crossing his arms a bit faustrated. " Hey, let me get a gun or something... since your dragging me into a situation where my life could be in danger. not doubting your skills, but i doubt your capable of protecting me from some lunatic when im un-armed. Now... if i had my swoorrdd..." He said smiling really big.

YuiKiara: "Who would be stupid enough to simply let a lunatic guy like yourself alone after seeing what you did to that poor taxi!" Nora yelled, clearly pissed off. Glancing in the rear view mirror when she heard cloth ripping, she could not help but become flustered. Being use to men properly dressed around her. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink as her brows furrowed, lowering her eyes from the mirror. "The hell you do that for, if you felt hot you could have just told me, not rip off you're top like an animal." She almost growled. Afterwards at his last remark she could not help but smirk. "Oh dont worry, you will simply be sitting in the car like a good boy and wait till i come back to get you're weekly report. I am not willing to take a psychopath on the front lines with me. I dont trust you with that, even with a pocket knife." As she reached the location, she parked her car before turning the key, shutting off the engine. Taking her key out she got out before locking her car up by a press of a button. Unlock-able from the inside. She grinned glancing over her right shoulder, but he would only be able to see her eye patch, and not her visible eye. Walking towards the crime scene she reached in her back pocket and pulled out a pair of white gloves, placing them on top of her black ones. An officer soon greeted her as she arrived. "Are they all casualties?" She asked, the office nodding to her after a salute. "Yes, all inflicted by a blade." "A blade..." Nora's eye narrowed as she glanced at the male from the corner of her eye. "Any evidence, or Has anyone seen whom it was?" Nora asked her second question as she went under the yellow tape and crouched down next to one of the victims. The officer moved under the yellow tape with her, grabbing a notepad one of the artists on the scenes and showed it to her. "Someone described seeing the person..however they only saw his back..." Nora's eye turned to the drawing of a male's back, sword raised above his head and it instantly went wide. A flashback from the night of the chase going through her mind, after another one appeared of the two males fighting on the stage." Which direction?!" "Nora stood abruptly, startling the officer. "S...Someone told us they saw a similar looking male going towards club Lahana." "Tch...another club...damn it!" Nora wanted to slam her fist against something to relieve her frustration, the officer noting this and stepping back carefully. Taking off the white gloves she threw them at him as he caught them clumsily, watching her storm off towards her car again.

DarkKeyome: Keyth sat in the backseat of her char with his arms behind his head. Despite his lack of eatting regularly since his stay in this city his body was well toned, shaped and molded like a Martial artist. A powerful animal almost. " Now now, is the cop mad?" Keyth said smirking by now watching as she re-entred the car. " Judging from the splatters on the wall, and how decimated... that guy is * He said as the covered a white blanket over the sliced up mans body.* " This is the handy work, of some really good swords man." He said yawning. " Another thing, a really good hint." He said yawning. "... This looks like gang -related bullshit. Look at it, in the middle of an alley, a mass murder of people? Thats no considence. This was an aimed on assulat. If there weapons along with the dead bodies, that only means there was a fight, and judging... * He sais sticking his head out the window*. " I see alot of bats and whatever else out there. This was gang related, Yakuza's are more secrative about this kinda crap y'know. Kinda low on how they do there busneiss, and something as messy as this? Only screams... unexperinced." Keyth said to the woman with his eyes closed. " But i aint no snitch. I dont know what the hell really happened here, im only giving you my assumption." He said picking his nose obnixously.

YuiKiara: Nora got in the car and closed the door, placing the key bag in to turn on the engine, however she didnt. She only gripped the wheel, listening to Keyth give her his own observation and thoughts on the matter. Everything he had told her, she knew already too well. However, what she was about to do next, even she could not really believe and wanted to smack herself for it. Her head was screaming at her to rethink possibilities and not jump the gun. However....this was probably the only way to do it and not cause anymore casualties! least..she hoped. Glancing over her left shoulder towards him in the back seat, she had a look of worry and distress in her eye, and clear on her expression. "Keyth...." She called his name for the first time now since their regular encounters. Up to this point having been nothing but insults thrown back and forth between the two. "If i give you a mission, can i trust you to accomplish it and not run away? I will even give back you're sword to accomplish it. All you have to do is give me you're word that you wont harm anyone, and that you wont try to escape."

DarkKeyome: Keyth crossed his arms at the female. "..Depends on what your asking for lady.." He said eying her through the blades of his hair. " Keyth said with a slightly hesitant tone in his voice. He didnt know if she was serious or not. 'what mission?' he thought. " He hadnt the slightest idea, he waited for her response, his curosity eating away at him as his antcipation began to overcome him over what exactly she may have wanted.

YuiKiara: Nora sighed deeply as she crossed her arms on top of her wheel and leaned foreword, pressing her forehead against it. "I cant believe i am doing this..i hope it wont back fire on me.." She mumbled under her breath before sitting back up straight and resting her head back against her seat. "The guy that killed all those guys is Ginsei Yanazuka. The guy that picked a fight with you on the night of you're arrest. He is almost as crazy as you are but only with a more cooled down personality. Unlike someone whom simply likes to scream his head off at the heavens while waving a sword around like a maniac." Nora spoke the last part in a sarcastic voice, looking back at him through her rearview mirror. However, her tone took a serious tone again. "After seeing what he did to those guys, if i send in my squad, he would probably hack half of them up...which i cannot risk a loss of that magnitude. Our group is already small enough. Which brings me to my request." She turned in her seat to look back now at him, looking him dead in the eye. "I want you to fight him, but not kill him. Take him out of the club and in to a secluded area. Bring him down with as little injuries as possible. I will give back you're sword and some handcuffs for this job, I will be in near proximity if my assistance is needed. Can i trust you with this?"

YuiKiara: Nora expected such an answer. Loyalty amongst street dogs was great, and the police could make even rival gangs come together just to make a quick escape. But as a cop, Nora had to pull out all stops. It was not a case of loyalty or keeping one's hands clean. It was to make a decision that would bring the least amount of damage. Both to people and property. That was the job of a cop. And it was made clear on her first day of training. 'Drop all that loyalty and honor crap. When lives are at stake, a police officer needs to do everything in their power to put it to a stop. Even if it means getting you're hands dirty in the process.' Nora recalled her Sergent's words with a shaky sigh. Getting out of the car, she pulled back her seat to reveal a hidden compartment under. There she slid the small door open and took the sword out of its hiding. Holding it up, she held it back to him. "It all depends. Bring him to me alive and with no missing limbs, as well as not run away right after, and we might have a deal."

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