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Fun time at the officeEdit

Tasanagi:(( "Aghh! Kid, No you cant just storm in here like thi-GAHHHBBAAHHH!!!!!!!!!" A KPD officer would be kicked through a glass door by a teenage boy as he shouted at the top of his lungs. All of the other KPD officers attempted to hold the young boy back from entering the Detectives room. " C'mon get off me pigs! Yo-Your gonna make me late for my meetinngg, AGghhhh!!" Keyth thrusted his arm up knocking back 6 KPD officers in a over exhaurated and Anime like way as they all flew into the wall. But where he got rid of those others returned attempting to hold him back. " GET... OFF... ME!" He said slinging all of them off him at once with his sheer un-natural strength. Looking back he'd see all the KPD officers in a Daze as they layed on the ground with swirls in there eyes, indicating that they were dizzy and out of it. " Yeah serves you right!" Keyth said as he kicked the air and made his way down the hall to the detectives office. " Sheesh.. im 3 minutes late... she's gonna kick my ass again, that fuckin Sadist.. or is it a Machoist..? I dont fuckin know the differnce... i swear that lady just gets pure kicks, out of kicking my ass, she's almost borderline criminal excutioner just for that." Keyth said shaking his head as he continued to walk down the hall. with a light knock on the door Keyth waited for the PO to answer, he sighed shaking his head during the wait.

YuiKiara: Nora was in her office, hearing all the ruckus outside as she tried to concentrate on the paperwork in front of her. A pen clutched between her fingers and her other hand through her hair. Her brow twitched in annoyance, a little groan escaping her lips before hearing the knock at the door. With that, she called out. "Come in!" In almost a growl as she waited for the person behind it to step in, knowing exactly whom it was.

KimiKatsu: Sekushi woke up that morning still thinking about the previous night. That feeling she had and the psychic woman that showed up at just about the right time asking those strange questions. Tsuyo followed behind her as she pulled on her dark bikini top, making sure it was tight enough so that her breasts wouldn’t slip out while she moved or anything, though she knew it probably wouldn’t be too much of a big deal for any of the onlookers. The large dog tilted his head to the right slightly as he watched her hop around the room as she pulled her light blue skinny jeans up to button them and zip them up. Once she was dressed with her new little boots on, she moved over to her bed and grabbed her small leather back pack off of her bed. As she threw it over her shoulder while holding onto one of the straps, she walked out of her room and started moving down the stairs to the front door. Tsuyo was practically right on her heels. The two had spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon at the club. Her club was still ‘off limits’ to guests, though she allowed her girls to take their breaks there while she did some searching. Apparently there was a detective’s office nearby somewhere. Sekushi fumbled for a pencil and tore a small corner off of one of the experimental advertisement posters so she could scribble the address and the detective’s name on something. The paper crumpled a bit when her hand closed over it as she rose from her seat. Tsuyo, who was resting behind the desk near her office chair scrambled to stand and move out of the sliding chair’s way as she pushed it out to move out from behind her desk. “It’s better to be safe than sorry, Tsuyo.” She’d say as she grabbed her bag and pulled and arm through one of the straps. The large dog followed behind her, his dark, floppy ears folded back a bit while his eyes were on her. “Miss. Yuri, where are you going?” The voice caused Sekushi to look over at the small group of half-naked females that stood over by the memorial water fountain that was placed exactly where her mother wanted it to be before she left; Sekushi brought it up out of storage and put it up herself shortly after coming to KasaiHana. Their bright eyes, enhanced by makeup, were on her as she slowed her walk to a stop. “I need to talk to someone about my day yesterday. Everything is fine. You all know how things go here, if I’m needed, call me. My cell is in my bag and the ringer is all of the way up.” She’d say before heading out the back door with Tsuyo trailing behind her. Once outside, she locked the back door to the club and hurried through the rain to the 1945 Volkswagen Bugatti Veyron her father had won at an auction and left to her before he passed. It was its original light blue color with everything in nearly perfect condition. Her father knew a thing or two about cars. . .or. . .at least that’s what she heard. Growing up, Sekushi didn’t see much of her father before he passed. He was thrown from a bridge after is car hit one of those concrete barriers; he flew right through the windshield of his truck. Sekushi tried not to let her mind linger on him for too long, but whenever she slipped into that driver’s seat of her very, very old but surprisingly well taken care of gift it was always in the back of her mind. Tsuyo sat in the passenger seat beside Sekushi as she started the car, though it was extremely old, it ran like it was brand new. She didn’t normally drive everywhere, but she figured walking was getting a little too dangerous to do. Before driving off, she wiped a few rain drops from her pale, lightly freckled cheeks and pushed her platinum locks aside and tucked them behind her ears. As she drove out from behind her club, she glanced down at the paper that was still crumpled up in her hand. It was a little damp, but the writing was still visible. She quickly un crumpled it and held in between her thumb and pointer fingers so she could glance over and still be able to see it. The drive from her club to the office located in District 2 didn’t take as long as it would have without the car. She pulled into a parking spot close to the front doors and pulled her key from the ignition. Tsuyo tried to climb over the seats to hop out of the driver side door, but Sekushi stopped him and pointed to the passenger side door. The dog flopped his hind end down and huffed as she closed her door and rounded the car to open his. Seeming to forget about having to wait, he hopped out, his tail wagging happily as they began to move up to the front doors.

Tasanagi: Keyth opened the door and to Noras suprise she'd more than likely see a highly improved dressing Keyth. Though his hair still looked like a ship wreck. " Yo yo yo! hOW YOU BEEN!" He said walking up to a chair and turning it around so he could sit on it backwards. ( Stop being a perv.) He smirked at her and rested his arms on the back of the chair. " Havent seen you in a few days lady. Hey, i havent had any luck with the pony tailed guy, but i think i might have an idea for this though so dont you get your pretty panties in a bunch." He said smirking at her. " Hey.. what color are your panties anyways?"

YuiKiara: Nora watched him walk inside, an irritated look in her eye. She did take notice in his attire change and approved. However his hair...still looked like a bird's nest. She was about to let go of the ruckus that he had caused outside until he began to speak of her panties. Her eye closed, her brow twitching in annoyance and before he could react, she took a hardcover book and threw it straight forward his head, which would leave a visible red mark when making contact with his face. "You ass hole you come late and even dare make such comments? this can be considered sexual harassment!" She yelled which made a few of the officers pop their heads in at the word "sexual harassment." Knowing quite well how their Officer reacted to such things. She was still a V-card holder, so her reactions were considered amusing to them. Noticing this, a clear anger passed through Nora's eye, and before they even knew it, several hard covered book were tossed in their general direction, making them all scramble about and dash out. "What the hell do you think you are doing get back to work you bastards?!!!" Nora slumped back in her leather chair, clear frustration shown on her face. So many cases were on her head right now it was driving her insane. First an idiot with too much money suing pizzerias for money, the owners complaining about being harassed by this maniac, then a robbery, and now kidnappings of white haired girls. The fuck was going on with the world?!! Did everyone just decide to make her life miserable? "On keep working on that.." She spoke leaning foreword with her elbow on the table, placing her chin on top of her hands. "I might just need to bleach my hair and actually try and get kidnapped to see who the hell these guys are....what if they are connected with he robbers...damn it!"

KimiKatsu: Sekushi grabbed one of the door handles and pulled firmly before holding the door for Tsuyo to trot through. The young chairwoman slipped in after him and let the door slowly close behind her. Her bright eyes widened as she paused mid-step. KPD were scattered somewhat, some still lying on the floor and others getting up to help their comrades. “Oh. . I. .” She’d start before taking a peek at the small piece of paper in her hand, then back up at the small sign on the wall that pointed to different offices. The office number and name she was looking for seemed to be the closest to all of the mess. Sekushi nibbled on her lower lip softly, starting to feel a little iffy, but she continued to walk on. A few officers, still in a bit of a daze, attempted to stop her from proceeding towards the office, but Tsuyo snarled and snapped his strong jaws at them when they reached for her arm. They men jumped back a bit and she laughed nervously, an anime-like sweat drop forming on the side of her head as she brought her arm back to rub at the back of her head. “Sorry about that. He’s pretty protective. I’ll be out of your hair in a second.” She’d say as she dropped her arm and sent a wink their way. The KPD officers that were trying to stop her seemed to blush and tense as she turned away from them. As they watched her walk to the office door, their eyes dropped to view her well rounded hind end that was complimented by the tight skinnies she wore. The men nudged each other with their elbows, about to comment on her body, but froze when they felt a pair of eyes on them. Tsuyo’s dark eyes narrowed as he watched the men slurp up their drool and whistle nonchalantly as if they hadn’t been staring at all. A low growl built up within him as the men glanced back at him. The way Tsuyo was seated blocked Sekushi’s rear from their view in a way that they’d have to look him dead in the eyes. The large dog brought a dark paw up to his face and pointed his toes in towards his eyes, then back out to the men in a rather cartoonish manner while Sekushi pushed past the few officers that were peering into the office. ‘That’s strange. .’ she’d think as she peeked in as well. Before she knew it, books were flying left and right. “Eep!” She ducked under one of the books, but as she rose again, one nailed her right in the throat. Her eyes instantly began to water as she began to choke and her face reddened. Tsuyo was on his back on the floor, his arms and legs were sprawled out and there was an open book covering part of his head. His left back leg twitched softly as he laid there.

Tasanagi: The book would smack him dead on the face with a sick thunderous quake. The strike itself had made him fall backwards out of the chair. Keyth slowly came back up from the floor holding his nose which was now bleeding. "...Lady.. i swear.. as soon as im done with this Parol.." He said tilting his head back to stop the bleeding. " Geez! You need a man in your life so maybe you can take this aggression out during some sex rather than beating on me all the time! And its not even the good kind of beating its the bad kind!" " Now, ive been trying to tell you that im progressing with this stupid mission you've gotten me on, but i think ill keep all those details to myself since your being a dirty dick hole right now!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. The moment he was about to go in about the womans breast size he turned to see the female who had helped and nursed him back to health just the other day when he had that run in with those mysterious men on the roof tops. " Huh, heyyy what are you doing here!" He said letting go of his nose, the blood trickling down from his nostrails as he smiled at her the blood swimming down his face like a waterfall.

YuiKiara: Nora instantly came alert when he spoke of more details on the case, but when he spoke of her sex life she turned a deep red, eyes wide in disbelief that he just went there. "My personal life does not concern you!" Standing from her chair she was just about to hit him with another hard cover book when she noticed someone on the floor that did not look like one of her officers. She blinked a few times, seeing it was a woman and...a dog, equally passed out. Her eyes went wide in terror as she thought she had killed the girl. Rushing from behind her desk she keeled down at her side and checked for a pulse, then the dog's too. When she felt one, she released a sigh. "Oi! Get some water here!" She looked up at Keyth pointing at him with a glare. Clearly stating that this was his fault. He knew well enough how she got when he pushed her buttons.

Later on that evening..Edit

Tasanagi: ((  The music was blaring as the crowd watched the two brutes duke it out. Atleast 35 people or more surrounding a cardboard matt where the two men were duking it out on. The larger man choke slammed the other man into the concrete ground with a sick thud. They moved like animals these fighters did... maybe they were. The young boy known as Keyth had just made his way from his parol officers office. His hands deep within his pockets and his hood over his head as he travled down the dark alley. He was headed to one place, the hole.. For what? Well... this was were all the rough necks resided. If he was trying to build a gang. THis is where he was gonna go. No doubt about it. Keyth walked up to thecrowd squeezing his way in to watch the fight.The large man stood with his massive body buldging with physical prowess. (( how he looked))" YEAHHHH Who wants a taste of me huh!!!" Said the large man as he pointed out to random indisuals. " You, You!? How about you!?" He said laughing. Keyth had a smirk on his face, if someone saw him all they'd see was a hooded teen with his hair over his face. " Ay douche bag.. ill go a round with ya. (( " Keyth said pulling his shirt off as he walked to the front of the crowd. His spikey hair blowing lightly in the night air. "(( how keyth looked.)) Keyth began to dance around with his hands up, a dark smirk on his face. The man cocked his arm back and laughed at the top of his lungs. " HA HA HA HA! ALRIGHT SMALL FRY.." Keyth took a unorthodox stance. He knew no styles but.." HAHAHA ILL CRUSH YOUUUU!!" The large man was about 6'8 and all muscle. towering over the young Keyth. The large man swung his right arm out for a straight jab, Keyth blocked it his body skidding back into the crowd. Which in return they tossed him back into the fighting ring. As he was pushed into the man, the large man sent a right uppercut into his jaw knocking keyth airbourne about 2 feet where the large man sent a 4 piece combo to keyths torso and then gripping the  young boy by his neck, he'd choke slam him into the ground. Once keyths body hit the ground the large man sent his right leg up, and then back down to stomp the small males stomach in. Keyth coughed as his body collided to the earth. Gritting his teeth he caught the large man foot before it smashed into his body. He pulled his body to the right along with the large mans foot pushing it away long enough so he could get back up to his feet. Wobbling left to right, keyth put his hands back up. The large man was just now recovering from the leg push where he then retaileated with a spin kick to the top of Keyths head. Keyth took the advantage of this by leaning down and sending a punch to the males nuts with his right arm as he ducked in. This caused the giant to scream in pain as he fell down with a hard CRASH. Keyth mounted himself over the males chest and sent a barrage of punches into the giants head over and over again screaming out with each punch untill the cocked his arm back one more time and sent it right into the large giants nose knocking him out cold. Keyth pulled himself up whipping the blood from his lips. Looking down at the knocked out man he put his hands out. " WHO... ELSE!" 4 guys rushed in at once at the male. Keyth got down in a ready stance screaming as he charged back at the males. After a few moments Keyth had took them all out. All striking them with hard punches and kicks all 5 of the men before him all knocked out. The crowd blinked at the teenage before them all staring in silence. His body banged up yet he still had all of his endurance. Keyth put his hand up silently not saying a word when they broke out into a cheer and began rooting and screaming in praise.

XxDensukexX: Densuke would be skating along. He was off for the night but to keep his cardio in check he had to skate at least 5 miles within a day. Good for his shape. He wasn’t listening to any music at the moment. Quite frankly he was parionoid of running into another girl like he had done with Vex. Densuke pondered to himself. “I wonder if I’ll ever see her again sometime. And that dog was so adorable.” Densuke closed his eyes and swirled around for a second. He continued to ride the streets looking around the alley ways. He glanced at a crowd in the alley way. There was a large amount of riff raff going on. Densuke stoped on a dime, like some micheal Jackson reject who’d just finished preforming the moonwalk landing perfectly on the skates brakes located on his toes. Densuke smirked. “Ah man this must be another one of those fight meets! Count me in!” Densuke quickly skates over slowly not to draw attention when he see’s a familer face step up. “Hm? Samurai boy eh? Lets see what he’s got up his lil bushido bag of tricks.” Densuke watched from afar as his mouth droped ever so slightly gleaming at the samurai kids skill. “That’s some made hand to hand. I recognize those hand techniques though….that’s KPD training…or at least something similar.” Densuke moved his head as the samurai kid whooped ass and then proceeded to take out four more men afterwards. The crowd was going nuts. There were about 30…35 people here tops. Densuke raised his eye brow and very blantatnly stated. “Your technquie sucks ass.” The crowd’s roar slowly began to die as they turned to the young brown haired male, and the crowd opened up slightly. People had confused looks on their faces. A rather buff male apart of the charade looked at Densuke and remarked. “Hey why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, and step in there yourself tough kid”. “Why don’t you put ya mouth where my dick is and stop talking.” Densuke quickly remarked. “Oh you son of-a!” The random street clothed male approached Densuke with a right hey maker, only to be stoped and met with densuke’s right fist in his solar plexus cuasing him to stop in place. “Simple shit, people. Stun. Then what? Jab, Jab, pressure point, Jab.” As densuke narrated his attack, he literally hit the man in his nose, gut, throat, which cuase the man to let out a loud “GASP” and then another jab to the forehead, cuasing the man to fall backwards and tumble slightly. “You fight like Kasihana city mental down syndrome patient who watched a bruce lee movie HAHAHAHAHA! Stick to the sword Samurai kid. By the way do you get off to pain or what, cuase you must loooooove bleeding often.” Densuke walked forward slightly in his black v neck and grey cargo pants, with his skates. He stoped in place, and looked around. “Oh don’t mind me fellas. Continue please, I’m bored as a muthafucka.” Densuke would wave his hand out towards samurai boy, awaiting any responses he may or may not get.

The Animal...Edit

Pallas: -Deucalion stands under a nearby metro railway as a subway car drives on by; the sounds of the wheels on the metal echo through the neighborhood like music to his ears. He was working his usual corner selling all kinds of drugs he could get his hands on. He was the kind of dealer that would sell you anything. Having that kind of product comes with a lot of heat. He is on the constant look out for possible competitors or cops. He is wearing a black hoodie jacket revealing only the bottom half of his face and black gym pants. He is leaning against the iron-steel foundation that holds up the metro rails just simply waiting. The job of a drug dealer is not a very exciting life for the most part. Most of it is just constantly waiting for others to come to him, which can range from every minute to one buyer for three hours. At least it was a good thing that he had nothing important to get back to at home. As he waits, Deucalion puts his Dre Beats over his ears and begins to listen to his music. ( As the music played, he swayed his body along with the beat and even mouthed the words that the artist was saying. *MOVIE MONTAGE MOMENT* Over the next few hours Deucalion was able to get a good amount of buyers to come to him. Most of them were looking for the usual weed and pills. But he did get a couple of buyers for some Cocaine. The junkies in this time always come faithful to the dealers. Being a dealer in the ghetto is like a fly on shit. It’s not the best looking job but there is always going to be a good supply of people willing to buy. Deucalion now feels pretty good about the money he has made today. He was almost ready to call it a night and head home until a new man was walking in his direction. His left hand was shaking a bit while he tried to keep his head hidden. The man then said in a sketchy voice-“H-h-hey man…You got some blow?”-Deucalion listened to the man’s heartbeat as he spoke and it didn’t match the way the man was acting and Deucalion didn’t like the feel of this man. Deucalion sighed a bit and lowered his head a bit and said-“Sorry man, don’t know what you are talking about…”-and began to walk off. Deucalion began to walk into the direction away from his house. The last thing he needs is taking a narc coming down to his house. Soon after he refused to sell that man the drugs, a few men came out from a corner of a building. They stopped Deucalion from walking forward and one of them said-“May we have a word with you?”-and flashed their badges. Deucalion smirked and said in his surprisingly accurate Scottish accent-“Sure thing brotha.”-( Deucalion then slowly raised his head up to look at the officers. The upper portion of his face is hidden under the shadow of the city but his teeth are clearly seen. His fangs grew out in clear view of the officers. His eyes then began to glow a bright golden color as one of the officers said in fear-“What the fuck is that!?”-Deucalion quickly then thrusts his right leg forward, kicking one officer back into the alley that he had just came from. His back slammed into a trash bin and was buried in by bags of trash. Deucalion then struck his head forward and bit into the other cops neck. Blood instantly shot out into the air as the man screamed out in agonizing pain. After a second or two, Deucalion thrusts his head back and completely rips the throat out of the cop’s neck, killing him instantly. Deucalion dropped the body on the floor and began to make his way over to the cop that he had kicked into the trash bin. As he made his way over to the officer, he reached over his back and drew his baseball bat. Deucalion called this bat “The Penetrator” because it is a metal bat covered in a giant purple dildo. The officer finally began to stand up when Deucalion was walking towards him. The officer began to reach for his weapon when Deucalion swung The Penetrator from his feet into the sky. Making that motion caused the “head” of the dildo to smack straight into the jaw of the officer. The sound of cracking and breaking bone echoed through the alleyway. The impact was so hard that teeth shot out of the cops mouth from sheer pressure. The officer was raised into the air from the impact and landed on his back with blood pouring from his mouth. Deucalion stood over the officer while putting his penetrator back to its holder. That’s when he heard sirens of nearby police vehicles coming towards his direction. He quickly left the area trying to find a place to hide out for the moment. That is when he came across a gathering not too far from his corner. There seemed to be a fight going on. Deucalion made his way to the font of the people watching and began to observe what was going on. Blood was covering the lower portion of his jaw but by now, the fangs were retracted back into his mouth. As he watched the fights go on, he crossed his arms and laughed a bit to himself. The man seemed to be making quick work of the people who had come in to challenge him. It’s at that time, he notices the police sirens pass right on by without stopping at this small gathering. He thought to himself-“They must have found the bodies…hahaha…”- His attentions where then drawn back to the fighting as another fighter was making a strong presence known here tonight. He had some words to exchange with the gentleman who was already in the center circle and now it looked like a whole new brawl was going to begin. Deucalion smiled with the blood on his face and said-“Well this just got interesting.”-

KimiKatsu: It had been a surprisingly long day. After meeting with that detective, Sekushi made sure to rush back to her club so she could get changed and entertain some. She had promised her guests a special night where she would take the spotlight for a few songs or so. The long sleeved, open, dark jacket she wore had fluff around each wrist and on the edge of the hood that hung behind her. Her long, platinum locks were straightened and lightly sprayed down to keep the frizz away while she was working. ( When the music from her playlist began, she counted off in her head. Just as the singing started, she stepped out onto the stage and began to move down the short cat walk-like counter to the tall, shiny pole that twinkled lightly in the bright light. Her hips swayed from left to right sensually with each and every step she took. Men were already begging her to remove the dark tights she wore over her thin, black thong, but she walked past them, sending a wink their way, let her jacket drop to the stage, and stepped up to the pole. She reached out with her right hand and wrapped her thin, nimble fingers around it firmly. It was cool against her palm. A gentle smile fixed itself upon her glossy lips as she slowly let herself fall to the right a bit. As she dropped, her hand quickly switched positions so that her thumb now faced down towards the stage. Doing this as she dropped and adding a strong flick of her wrist as she held onto the pole caused her body to lift. She instantly tightened her abdominal muscles and began to lift her legs so they were parallel with the pole itself. To help keep her stable, she grabbed the pole with her free hand as well. As the music continued calmly, the way it always started, she slowly spread her legs. With the way she was holding herself in the front of the pole, this would give the men a pretty good look at her well-toned hind end. Her legs slowly closed before the tempo picked up and soon her ankles were hooked around the pole and she was quickly spinning back down it head first. Before she could hit the ground, she pushed off of the pole with her petite hands hard(timed with the bass drop). This caused her upper body to push out so that her chest was now parallel to the floor for a brief moment. She used the added momentum of throwing her head back to almost bend her body perfectly in half. Her hands were able to grab at a section of pole just above her head and between her ankles so she could safely loosen her ankles and let her legs kick out. As they kicked out in front of her, she kept them spread wide for all to see the slightly hidden twinkle of a pink diamond clit ring. Cheering could be heard just under the music as she brought her legs together and slid down the pole again, this time right side up and facing her guests. The flashback, however was brief. It was late and Sekushi was now wondering D2 with Tsuyo right by her in the passenger seat of her 1945 Volkswagen Bugatti Veyron. The radio was playing some Borgore as she drove the speed limit, taking in all of the lights from the safety of her car. She hadn’t gotten a chance to change back into her regular clothes, but she didn’t mind. The revealing clothes and open jacket she wore right now were just fine, in her opinion, and she felt a lot safer behind the wheel rather than walking while that creep was still out. Tsuyo’s window was open just enough for him to poke his big nose through. He looked as if he was smiling as the wind made his jowls flop around loudly. Sekushi merely laughed as she slowly passed by a large crowd of people. She could hear them yelling and cheering. Curiosity sparked and she pulled off to the side of the road in an unoccupied parking spot. She wasted no time slipping out of her seat. Tsuyo almost tried to cross over again, but he remembered what happened last time and sat and waited for her to open his door. With the Bugatti all locked up tight and the multiple security systems on, Sekushi and Tsuyo made their way up to the crowd. Their eyes were wide as they listened and watched. They didn’t seem to be noticed at first. Sekushi shrugged her slim shoulders and tugged Tsuyo along by his long leash until they were almost right up on the crowd. The closer they got, the more they found out. “I didn’t think they still street fought these days. . .It’s like their keeping a bit of old time culture alive.” She’d murmur to the dog. His ears merely perked and his head tilted lightly to the side. A familiar voice made Sekushi check her surroundings. It sounded very much like the male she helped. The same one that was at the detective’s office. Sekushi raised a thin brow and moved in closer until she was very lightly pushing through the crowd. Men tried to fondle her and hit on her, but Tsuyo’s growling and death glares told them she was off limits. There was a lot of cheering before she reached the front, she wasn’t too sure why until she finally broke through,

Dirty BrawlsEdit

Tasanagi: (( Keyth quickly turned around with his head titled up high as he eyed the brown haired male that he had met the other day. "...Well.. if isnt roll bounce.." He said clenching his fist with a dark smirk on his face. He listened to his insults and then noticed how the male had taken out the man who attacked him with ease. "...Heh, fancy moves. But they dont mean shit in a real fight.." Keyth spit the ground. " HEY FIGHT EM WILD BOY!" " YEAH SHOW EM HOW ITS DONE WILD BOY!" Keyth cocked his eyebrow. "..Wild boy..?" He said looking around at the group. Soon turning his attention back over to the brown haired male. "..Well.. you heard what the people said. Show me what the fuck your about... pussy.." The crowd 'OOOOOOO'd' at that remark as he took a few steps away from the male. He got down in a Jeet kun do looking style as he danced around gracefully then simply dropping down so that his right shoulder was down. He kept his eyes focused forward at the male. Keyths blood began to rise with excitment. " Hey want me to show you a trick that we use back at home where im from!?" He said with a sinster smile on his face. " Its called, the duster.." He said as he cocked his left leg back, and with a powerful soccer type motion he slung his feet right into the large pile of built up dirt before him, kicking a dust cloud of dirt right at the male that would surround the both of them in a 5 foot radius all around. Keyth had side stepped to the right with a roll picking up a lead pipe at the same time, as he got back to his feet he would have sprung himself forward with the lead pipe cocked back to hit the male in the ribs with a powerful force to send microfractures throughout his right side. With that strike he had both hands on the leadpipe to give it the extra power that it needed. (( If the strike connected or not keyth would have swung the pipe in a horzontal motion towards the males kneecaps and if that move connected it would have caused the male to drop on that same knee thats when Keyth would send a powerful uppercut with his right hand towards the males jaw line with enough force to knock him RIGHT back onto his feet. Ending the swift combo off by dropping to his arms and spinning himself around in a swift break dance type motion that would indeed knock the male right off of his feet just so that when Keyth recovered and was back on his feet, he would send a boot into the gut of the already falling ( if connected.) Densukes gut. Sending him right into some tin trash cans.

XxDensukexX: Densuke would stand and nod at the comments he heard. The taunting he found amusing as he listened to the crowd. Especially when the male called pussy. Densuke was quick to anger but it usually always turned into this cocky sort of conceded rage. Densuke smacked his lips twice and replied with a Jamaican accent. “Alrighty then Muddy’fucka. Lets jam to da music mon.” Densuke would kick off his skates wearing nothing but his skates, and oblige samurai kids stance, with his own blanced fighting post. It was a basic boxer stance, except his feet were spread apart more so, and evened out. Instead of bent legs, his legs were straight, but not locked in place for quick back steps and forward shuffles. He had his hands even with his chin, as proper posture would suffice. He noticed the sinister look on samurai boy’s face, and then listened to his announcement about the duster. Densuke replied about his attack. “The duster? You really do think your in an anime don’t y-“ Not a few seconds after, densuke was sourrounded by dust, and so was his opponent. “-_-“ was the look his face. This maneuver would’ve worked if the opponent was silent. The steping maneuver was clearly heard, along with the roll, and the scraping of the pipe against the ground. Densuke was perfectly aware a weapon was drawned, and judging by the sound made it was a blunt weapon…since there was no shing. Densuke wasn’t a super intelligent but common sense was his friend. He simply waited in place, until suddenly……a pain struck in his right side. A dastardly one that cuased densuke’s mouth to fill with blood as he doubled over slightly to the side that was hit. “oof!” was the noise made as the pipe connected. Densuke’s ribs felt funny..possible microfracturing must have occurred. It’s pain ful. But addreniline is your best friend. Samurai boy was now in full visibility and Densuke’s opportunity struck. Samurai boy went for a horizontal strike towards Densuke’s knees. This would’ve worked if densuke wasn’t a pro athelete. Densuke would leap, his body now horizontal in the air with his arms now over samurai boy’s head, and his graceful body appearing to float in mid air but it was really just a quick uprsising. Densuke would then in a swift motion spit the blood that swelled in his mouth directly at samurai boys eyes. Should this spit connect it would only aid in densukes next pattern of attack but even if it didn’t it would serve as a distraction purpose (counts as an attack). Once this was done, Densuke would instead of griping his side, attempt to reach for sam boys hair, and slam him face first into the cardboard mat, causing his noose to bleed, while densuke being the gymnast he is would land with little recoil and a tingling feilng in his ribs. Whilst it wasn’t smart, the real pain wouldn’t kick in until his adrenaline was down (keep in mind, this action was preformed in the midst of samurai boys swing twords the knees). Once landed, weather attempted or miss, densuke would’ve cleared the pipe and then preformed a coperia break dancing kick. Should sam boy be face first on the ground this hit would rock sam boy on the left side of his head and cuase him to roll to the side and stumble to the wall of the alley. If sam boy was standing (assuming the grab missed) he would aim for his feet, to trip him up cuasing him to fall on his left side, and cuase brusing on his left arm. Densuke would recoil and back spring a few feet away from sam boy and then step forward and throw a punch, ah but this was a feint. Densuke would arrive a foot away from sam boy, only to actually kick his skate in the direction of sam boys gut. This would cuase sam boy to attempt to avoid it (or take it to each his own), and move in any direction. Should he attempt to dodge, Densuke would close in with his right elbow aimed at sam boy’s solar plexus, which would knock the breath out of said opponent, and stun him cuasing him to stumble backwards a few feet onto his back. Numbing and throbbing in pain his back would be. Densuke would then stand poised in the stance he started in (assuming a counter wasn’t made) holding his right side for he would then begin to feel the pain…

KimiKatsu: Though she had been living here in KasaiHana for a little over three years, she hadn’t seen a fight get so. . violent. Her mother always mentioned how it was to be expected and that it was a popular thing to do, blah, blah. Just watching this fight made her take a single step back, but as she stepped down, her small shoe pressed down on Tsuyo’s tail, causing him to yelp out and jump to his feet, alert. Sekushi squeaked lightly, caught off guard by the dog’s outcry. When she realized what had happened, she quickly reached down to put a hand on his head and tussle his ears a bit. “Sorry, Boy. . .” She’d murmur in her softest voice. The dog nodded at her. A few people were looking at her. “Did she just talk to that dog?” “Who cares, she’s fuckin’ smokin’!” Replied another. Sekushi didn’t seem to hear. Her eyes were locked on the two males fighting. She knew both of them - Keyth and that pizza boy, whose name slipped her mind. She’d have to ask him again later if he was still conscious. As the fight dragged on, Sekushi’s bright gaze slowly moved off of the young males to scan the crowd slowly. Did she know anyone else here? Her dark, glittery lashed fluttered as she looked from one rugged face to the next. Some looked freshly beaten, others looked like they had just healed. Tsuyo’s gaze was all over the place. He was on constant high alert right now. There were so many men around. So many potential threats. The hair rose up on his back slowly as he let out a gentle growl and shifted uncomfortable in his spot.

Pallas: -He watched the two men go back and forth in their fighting styles. Both men proved to be skilled fighters. A scent caught his attention as a woman with a dog showed up at the venue. She seemed pretty enough; she had all the guys staring at her. Eyes were either on the two men fighting or the woman with the dog in hand. Deucalion soon grew bored of the street fighting and began to make his way to the back of the crowd. As he made his way through the men of the crowd, some of them catch eye of the blood dripping from his chin. They’d probably think he was just one of the fighters but for anyone with an IQ over 80 can see that this man did something else to get the blood on his face. As he was walking out of the venue, the man he refused to sell drugs too was at the exit. Deucalion felt like it would be a trap for him to leave that way. He began to look around for others ways of exiting the place, without making much of a scene of it. Over his left shoulder are the bathrooms and Deucalion quickly made his way to them. Using the sink, he cleaned all the blood from his face, hoping to help him keep himself under the radar now that the narc’s may be on his tail again. After a minute’s thinking, Deucalion looked at himself in the mirror and said-“Fuck it.”-Afterword’s he made a B-line straight towards the man who is at the exit waiting for him. As he was walking over to him, Deucalion grabs his “Penetrator.” The man is facing the other direction so he doesn’t see Deucalion coming. Deucalion takes a huge swing and whacks the man in-between the legs with the giant head portion of the weapon. The man falls to his knees in pain, and Deucalion gets into a baseball stance. The purple dildo on the bat jiggles around as he gets into the stance when he says-“Batter up.”-And then Deucalion sings for the fences and the dildo-bat smacks the man right on the side of the face. The sound of bones shattering in the man’s head echo throughout the area. The impact so strong that it causes one of the eyeballs of this man to fly out of its socket. Deucalion looks down at his kill and says to himself-“Guess that gives new meaning to the phase getting some head hahaha.”-And meer seconds after that, a bright white light is shined on his body from above. Police sirens begin to fill the area as cops flood into the venue. Deucalion put The Penetrator back in its holder and drew the two sub-machine guns that were attached on his hip. In his perfect Australian accent, he says to himself-“Looks like the party’s over chumps.”-And began running back through the crowd to try and mix in with the people and get lost in the chaos. The police would surround the place in a matter of seconds; if people don’t react quick enough, they can be taken by the police.-

YuiKiara: Gazing at the fight was a young looking girl. White hair, a matching white dress that reached down to her thighs which had a corset like top that wrapped around the waist and flair like bottom. A matching black jacket. Her legs were crossed as she was leaning up against the far wall her right boot positioned on its tip against the pavement, her arms also crossed. However in one of her hands was a black cellphone, the front glowing a bright blue which gave her pale face a ghostly effect. She glanced around through the crowd, making small mental notes in her mind of every individual until she saw a male walk by her with blood dripping from his lips. This raised a few flags since she saw no injury on him other than that. Her hand reached foreword, pressing gently against the eye patch over her eye to fixate it, o better yet, make sure it was in place as people brushed against her from all sides to get to another spot. Irritating not to say the least, but she put up with it. Her thumb moved quickly over the keypad of the phone. Her eye widened however when she noticed the male she saw walk in to the restroom come back out and attack another, killing him. "You have got to be kidding.." She muttered under her breath before pressing the send button in a moment, sending a text. Just moments later a helicopter and cops flooded the place, shining a spotlight on the male that just committed the murder. The woman brought the phone to her ear and spoke. "Im leaving this to you Michael..." Nora's voice came out as she turned and headed in to the crowd, blending in as she went through an alleyway. On the other end came her partner's very angry voice. "Nora are you fucking insane?! to dress up like one of those kids, in hopes of finding the kidnapers is just madness. It puts you in danger just as equally!...i dont like this..i dont like it at all!" Nora sighed at this and moved her gloved fingers through her now white bangs. "I really dont wanna go through this again Michael..arrest that kid, split up the fight, and get me more info as best as you counting on you. Plus..i am well equipped to care for myself." As soon as he was about to yell some more, Nora pressed the end button, ending the call before vanishing deeper in to the alley.

Vex the best!Edit

Vexxen: -I brushed strands of my long hair away from my face as I slowly climbed down from the a vacant rooftop of a old crummy building, Gripping onto the rough texture of the peeling rusted metal emergency exits that were welded onto the side of the brick building, I cautiously, but swiftly carried most of my weight onto my upper body before gently landing my feet on the flat caged surface below me, The last thing I had wanted to do was catch the attention of someone .. or anyone who i didnt want to see me. I felt the bottom of my boots touch against a sturdy surface as I gently lowered myself down, being as light as a feather. Suddenly hearing the sound of the window closing, my head automatically whipped towards where the sound came from as I quickly leaned in against the ladder trying to blend in and not stick out. A small sigh of relief escaped my lips as someone in the next buildng over was simply shutting their open window and closing the blinds. "geeze..." i softly muttered to myself before I crouched down and crawled to the edge of the fire escape to visually measure how far or close I was to the ground below. I was up maybe.. 4-5 floors.. not exactly too close to the ground I firmly placed my hands onto the outer railing of the fire escape before climbing over the rail letting myself stand out on the railing, my left hand raised to my bangs as i brushed it messily.. hopefully hiding my face with my hair would help in case someone saw me., with both hands on the railing, i removed my feet from a lower one as I held myself up slightly dangling and lightly swinging myself back and forth until i would be able to let go and land on the lower level. The a few days ago I had heard two men in suits talking about a mob that hung around the alley somewhere in DIstrict 1, although my attempts to find this was a far cry from possibility due to the numerous possible alleyways that could be the redenvous point.. I had figured maybe my visit wouldnt be in complete vain. I had simply let curiousity get the better of me which had caused me to sneak out at night and do something a hermit like me would never do, go hunting for information. This was maybe the 5th alleyway ive walked around in.. I could already feel the rusted metal particles staining my hands from all contact I had with rusted railings... Continuing to climb off the railing and reach the solid ground below me, my ears had picked up the slightly muffled sounds of sirens and glimpses of the red and blue lights nearby. I let my hands go of the last railing as I felt the course texture of the rust scrape against my palms as I dropped maybe 4 feet to the ground, shifting my weight to the balls of my feet and keeping my knees relaxed, i dropped to the ground in a slight crouch with my right hand in palm down onto the ground to help me balance. I stood up and brushed my hands clean of any loose partiles of rust and rubble before i quietly walked towards where the sounds came from. A couple of short blocks away I a crowd of people became visible along with some cops, I silently crept towards and walked through the crowd as If i was trying to get through to the other side as I stole couple of glimpses to the scene "Yo watch it!" a male voice muttered, As i couldnt be bothered I didnt even turn to look at whos foot i may have stepped on as I saw a familiar face, not being all that well at remembering faces i continued pushing through the crowd as I saw the familiar face..of the dog. My mind clicked as i recalled running through District two on a rainy day just maybe one or two days ago due to a bad feeling i had where I had only met the girl and her dog. I had finally maneouvered my way through and look a look around, It was too dark to see anything especially with the flickering dim lights that provided no help. -

The getawayEdit

Tasanagi:((" AGGGHHH!!" He shouted as the red liquid got into his eyes. " Cheap shit you bit-!?!?" He was cut off as the Pizza guy had slammed Keyths face right into the ground, making his nose bleed indeed. Keyths vision went blurry for a moment. He shook his head and began to rise back up, trying to shake the feeling of pain that was shooting through his face right now. As he was rising up, he would notice the boy attempting some kinda of caperia type techinque towards the side of his head. With seconds to spare keyth used all of his strength to toss himself right over the kick in a 360 spin landing on one hand where he then flipped himself back onto his feet. Densuke would have landed, he had recoiled and then back sprung himself a few feet away from Keyth where he then had took a step forward and threw a punch, ah but this was a feint. Which Keyth had caught onto, but he still threw his left hand out to deflect the punch pushing it to the side, only to rise his right leg up and block the incoming skate that was meant to strike him in the gut. He used the force of his knee just right, timing it so the roller blade hit his knee and rolled right off into HIS gut with the same amount of force that he had attempted to strike Keyth with. If the Skate Hit Densuke in the stomach it would cause him to bend over forward, Where Keyth would then push forward and send a series of hammer like strikes from a diagonal striking point continously towards Densukes head with his right  arm, each strike having a powerful amount of force applied. If The strikes connected then Densuke would feel an exploding pain shoot through the back of his head. Keyth would continue the onslaught untill after the 4th strike that was made to the back of Densukes head where he would then attempt a ram at Densuke in the chest with his right shoulder and then pivoted up just enough so that he cocked his arm back and sent a thunderous uppercut towards the males jawline knocking him back by 5 feet into a pile of trashcans. But, if the male had managed to block or evade out of the way of Keyth's strikes he'd be forced to clash fist with him over and over in a high speed hand to hand, back and forth exchange that resulted in the two males speed and strength being on equal terms in all forms. Either way, The cops had arrived. (( " Shit! THIS IS NOT WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW!" The Highly trained KPD officers began to drop down from there Flying aircrafts landing down all around the crowd restraining people left and right. I looked at the Brown haired guy after the exchange was over and gave him a death stare. " WELL FINISH THIS LATER ROLL BOUNCE.." He said taking off picking up his Jacket at the same time as he hauled ass. Two KPD officers attempted to clotheseline the male but he did a matrix type baseball slide under the males and ran up a wall, leaping off the fire escape and then climbing up the building. Once on the roof he began to firecly run down the rooftops leaping from building. On his trail were 4 KPD officers. " GET HIM! THATS ONE OF THE ASSHOLES WHO WERE FIGHTING!" Keyth continud to haul ass to his best abilites. " FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" He leaped over a air conditioning unit on one of the buildings only to land on the ledge and then spring himself right off of the building and onto the next hitting the building with a roll as he continued his high speed run. Keyths eyes darted down the ground below him, the air crafts ( flying cars) Were dashing by below him on the ground, he pulled to the right after gaining a pretty insane idea. " HERE, GOES, FUCKING, NOOOTTHINNGGG!!!" He leaped off of the building his body tucking and spinning through the air untill he landed right ontop of one of the cars. The Driver blinked staring at the boy that he had just basically ran over. Keyths body rolled to the right where he was hanging on for dear life by the car door opner slot. " Ahhhhh FUUCCKKKKK!!" His body was moving at about 140 MPH right now in the sky. While he hung on he had flew right over the spot where the fighting had taken place. A flying air craft had caught up with him,flying right behind the vechile that he had been holding onto. " SHit!" He closed eye and let go, falling down to the ground where he landed on a shipment truck with a hard THUD, his body rolled and rolled untill he caught himself and finally stood to his feet. When the truck did a hard turn to the right he leaped off of the truck and rolled into a alleyway where the air craft had been chasing him fly right over his head. He panted, sitting on his butt and closing his eyes. " Heh... heh.. that.. that was a close call.."

Pallas: -People began to scatter as the police flooded the area. It was like a scene right out of an action movie. Deucalion looked around and saw one of the guys who was fighting running up to the roofs of the buildings. The streets were being riddled with men and Deucalion saw an opening for something to be built off the incident. Deucalion began to run towards a buildings fire escape. His eyes began to glow a bright golden color as he leaped up and grabbed onto the metal. He then began to quickly run up floor for floor until he got to the rooftop of the building. When he got there, four KPD officers were there waiting for him.-“Put your hands up and you won’t get hurt!”-Deucalion began to slowly lift his hands until they got to his hips. When his hands reached his hip area, he quickly grabbed the two sub-machine guns that are attached to his body and sprays rounds of bullets across the rooftop. The guns were holding Inciderary bullets in the left SMG and Electric bullets in the right. The KPD Officers were lit up with both as they felt the pain of taking a bullet along with the special properties of what was inside of them. The four of them were shocked to no end and set on fire from the bullets they were riddled with. After he had killed the four officers, a bright light was once again shined on him. He looked up and saw an attack chopper tailing him.-“Shit! That looks like a problem.”-Deucalion then began to run across the rooftops with great speed. He clipped the SMG’s back to his hips and began to run on all fours. He was much faster when he ran like this. He leaped from building to building swiftly as the attack chopper was gaining ground on him. The chopper began to fire its .50 caliber gattling rifle. The bullets impacted close to his feet as it seemed like the chopper was going to catch him. That is when Deucalion noticed a longer jump from this building onto the next one. Deucalion leaped as high as he could and slowly turned in mid-air. As he turned to face the chopper, he drew his SMG’s once again. And while almost gliding in the air, he fired his SMG’s at the chopper. The inciderary bullets exploded on impact causing the helicopter to become engulfed in fire and the electric bullets messed up the components of the helicopter causing it to slowly come down. Deucalion landed on his back as he reached the next building, flipping a few times and sliding back on his feet. He landed in a football lineman stance and looked up to see the flaming attack chopper coming down where he was standing.-“Holy shit!”-The choppep then made impact with the roof of the building and began to barrel roll on the roof like a bouncing ball. Deucalion dove in front of him, hoping to avoid being hit by the aircraft. His body disappeared in the wreckage when the helicopter finally came to a crashing stop. Within seconds, the helicopter itself exploded on the rooftop of the building. A large explosion could be seen from anywhere in the close vicinity. After the initial explosion it would seem like all of the people didn’t make it. ( But then, Deucalion stands up yards away from the explosion. His jacket had been burnt off and smoke rose into the air off his body. His body was covered in sweat but by all means, he was okay. His large muscular body had a few scratches but nothing too lethal. He turned to face the fire of the crash and said to himself-“That was fun…”-And began to slowly walk off, down the building.-

XxDensukexX: Densuke wasn’t surprised his aerial maneuver worked. He was shocked samurai boy had such great agility in his timing and doges however. It was really something to see. “Not bad…” thought Densuke. His feint maneuver had indeed failed sadly, as he was met with a strike that combined the roller skate and samurai boys knee which cuased a loud “OOMPF!” to emit from Densuke’s lips as he doubled over in pain. The fact that his ribs were killing him didn’t nessecarily help him very much either at this point….doubled over Densuke did the first thing that comes to human reaction when in this situatin: he’d cover the back of his head with his arms, fully aware that he would be open for a back of the head strike, which can cuase concusssions and even be completely fatal. Densuke’s arms began to hurt as his opponenet let out a barrage of hammer styled fist on his arms. Densuke calmly kept count of how many were thrown, looking down and his opponents feet the entire time for any sign of momentum shifts or combat change, and wouldn’t you know his opponent went for a tackle kind of attack using his shoulder, to which densuke found the opportunity for a counter shoulder tackle only to clash his, with samurai boys own. Samurai boy was a quick thinker though and followed up with an uppercut shortly after, to which densuke countered (second dodge) by droping his right elbow upon the fist rising point to keep it from making connection. After this Densuke had not choice, but to trade vigerous blows with samurai boy. A counter for every punch, kick, elbow, knee, and even clashing headbutts were made. It looked like something out a Dragon Ball Z episode minus the rapid spead and repeated screaming. After a minute however the cops began to roll in, and roll deep indeed. Densuke looked back and said. “you’ve……GOT to be shitting me.” Densuke quickly ran towards the end of the alley way, only to arrive at a dead end. “HE’S ONE OF THE FIGHTERS! SHOOT TO STUN, HE’S TRAPED!” Densuke was running towards the wall when suddenly he surged his chi and his leg muscles once again seemed to expand, as he squatted, and then leapt 20 feat in the air, clearing the 2 storie building, and landing on it’s roof top. He didn’t stop there however. The cops had some pretty high tech ish of their own and manged to get up there themselves. “If I keep this leg technique up too long I could rip my muscles to shreads….dammit!” Densuke retracted his muscles only to expand them again and leap even higher into the air this time gaining even more momentum to land on a flying vhehicle. He then began to jump the vheicles one by one, as it was a four lane by pass. If not for his dexterity this feat would be completely impossible for one to achive. The cops began shooting rounds off trying to avoid the passengers and innocent drivers. Saddly one of the officers made their mark, shooting densuke right in his left shoulder blade. “GAAAAH!!! FUCK!” He then fell down off of the rooftop he was on, only to crash land through a wooden rooftop into an abandoned building werehouse. He’d crash and land in a pile of old lumber and groan, struggling to hold his shoulder and his rib cage, as he was in a great deal of pain. A stranger infront of a fire would then turn around and look at Densuke. He was wearing a leather jacket, some googles and riped up pants…he looked like a legit hobo. A young one at that. The mysterious youth looked at Densuke and said “Don’t you people knock? SHU-EESH! Hobo’s can’t get any privacy around here my god!” The young hobo finished roasting his fish and then proceeded to take a bit, as he held the stick out towards Densuke. “Wanna bit?” Densuke slowly turned his head to look at the bum youth and reply. “…….bruh are you fucking retarded? I’m obviously shot, and wounded how will a fish help me.!” Densuke stood up, thanks to realizing the stupidity of some people. He then riped his shirt of and wraped it around his arm, tieing it with his teeth, only to stumble a bit and fall back down on his ass. He’d slump over to where the young hobo had a fire going in the corner. “Hey, I know this isn’t your place so it shouldn’t be a problem if I crash here right?” The young hobo stroked his c hin and thought to himself. “I guess. Got any food or money? I’m not gonna rob ya. But uh. Don’t forget who’s a witness to the cops…heh heh heh.” Densuke laid down on his back, and used a piece of wood as a make shift prop for his head. “Look I’ll treat you to any meal you want tomorrow….just let me get some rest okay? And don’t bother picking my pockets. I left my wallet at home…..matter fact don’t even touch me, you like like your arch enimies with soap and water…..” After this retor Densuke would quickly murmer and then proceed to drift off into dream land. The hobo would shake his head. “and people say bums are rude. Geez.” The hobo takes a bit and the reaches over to pat densuke on his uninjured shoulder. “Names Danny Chan. Nice to meet ya kid.” Danny would finish off his fish, and then head to his old busted up materess on the other wall in the corner, and then shut his own eyes, and begin to get some rest. The night was over, but a new adventure was about to begin…with a slight turn.

Vexxen: -I wasnt entirely too sure of what was going on, but I didnt exactly want to interfere with something that i had no knowledge to.. I pulled up my sleeve of my right arm a bit, pushing the soft fabric upwards to expose a small silver watch with a white face attatched to a thin leather strap that was securely tied against my wrist. It was about 10 minutes to the time they so called mobsters had planned to meet.. I had purposely came almost two hours early to see if the extra time would have helped me find the two .. but as of now.. no such luck. District 1 was alot bigger than I had imagined.. I havent even covered a considerable amount of the district 10 minutes was much too close to nothing. I let out a sigh and dropped my arm back down to my side shaking it a bit to let the pulled sleeve fall back down over my wrist to conceal the watch. Maybe.. it was a bust. I closed my eyes for a moment trying to figure out the next plan, I couldnt help but feel a tinge of disappointment as all this seemed to have been for nothing. I sighed blowing my breath upwards as I watched a few pale strands flutter above my eyebrows. I blinked a couple of times rapidly as i realized i can easily find out what was going on in front of me. I slowly inched away from the crowd and towards an officer as I quietly muttered "hey, can I ask whats going on?"

Beautiful CombustionsEdit

YuiKiara: -Nora speed walked down the alleyway until she noticed the commotion happening above her head. "The fuck?" She mumbled under her breath before seeing a figure drop down and hide in to the alley. Her eyes narrowed, reaching inside her jacket and pulling out her gun. Slowly she walked foreword, but kept the gun at her side for now not wanting to raise any alarms. If this was one of the guys she was looking for it was probably going to get dangerous. "Freeze.." She spoke in a soft voice as she pressed the cold metal against the back of the man's head. Her dark eye narrowing as it had a dark glint in it, threatening to shoot if he moved. However, as a chopper flew by its lights searching the dark alley for suspects, it hit them only very lightly, but enough for her to see the man's face. Her eyes went wide when she recognized him as Keyth. "Why you.." Her jaw clenched tightly, with her other hand she reached foreword and grabbed his ear between her gloved fingers pulling harshly, enough for him to feel it. "You asshole what are you doing here?!!! I thought i told you to go back to the office after you used that fight as a distraction!" She yelled at him, a glare in her expression which...clearly showed her anger. However, she jumped when she saw one of her department's coppers smash in to a building and exploding, her eye widening as she turned her head to gaze at the flames, them reflecting in her dark eye.

Tasanagi: Keyth was jerked up and had the gun brought onto him which made him a bit uneasy. " JESUS CHRIST LADY! IVE TOLD YOU ABOUT THIS SHIT! I TRIED MY BEST, BESIDES I DIDNT SEE THE FUCKIN COPS COMING IN HERE OK SOMEBODY ELSE FUCKED IT UP AND RATTED THE EVENT OU-" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! Keyths eyes widned and instinctivly he pulled himself ontop of her at a sorry attempt at trying to sheild them from the crash that just happened right infront of them. On instinct almost he had gripped tightly onto the Detective in a protective manner. pulling his body into the direction of the explosion but once he realized that none had occured he opened his eyes and looked down to see himself ontop of the female. His eyes were locked into a gaze with her own, A light blush burning across his face as he stayed there for a moment and then pulled himself up brushing himself off and eying the firey explosion that had happened so close to where they were."...Todays just been a bunch of fun hasnt it.." He said attempting to not make eye contact with the female. " Hey.. is that a KPD chopper?" He said looking back at the female, he hadnt even bothered to help her up due to him being so embarassed.

YuiKiara: As the chopper was about to crash, she felt Keyth grab hold of her arm and jerk her to the ground, getting on her to shield her from the crash. She was frozen in place for a moment, things seemingly to go in slow motion. Her eye was wide in pure shock and her body completely tense, was not realizing what was happening until she felt herself unable to breathe. "" She barely mustered before he got off of her apologizing. Quickly avoiding eye contact as he asked her questions. She took in a breath, remaining sited on the ground for a moment as she looked up to him, noting the blush. She herself then could feel her own cheeks turning a light shade of pink, turning her gaze. However, when he asked if that was one of her choppers, her attention snapped back towards the helicopter that was now in flames. Her eye widened in terror when she saw on the side of the chopper the symbol for her department. With shaking hands, she took the phone out of her jacket's pocket and dialed Michael's number, knowing quite well that he never missed her calls. The number kept going off, the familiar female voice coming on the other end announcing to her that the number could not be reached. Standing to her feet, Nora was about to dash right towards the flames that engulfed the chopper, tears forming in her eye as they rolled down her cheek.

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