Meanwhile, last night during the opening of a new resteraunt in Kasaihana city. A Large explosion occured causing many peoples death, and then a majority of peoples escapes. An unknown assassian... was the cause.

“A restruant?....not exactly…typical. But Targets lie any and everywhere. I suppose.” The man in his orange and black costume stood above the opposite building. It was a restruant.  A nice looking one at that. It was also where the girl resided…the psychic. Looking down on the people inside of it. Looming. Watching. Waiting. It was a windy evening. “Time to work..” The orange armored man, silently leaped off of the building and then proceeded to cling to the wall and slide down with grace. He would then stealthly traverse the road and sneak behind the building itself. He reached up and clicked a button his his helm. It then turned  his visioin to X-ray vison. He could see all bodies walking around. “My my….a crowded area…..I’d better be careful.” Deathstroke activated his cloaking device he’d thought to bring with him for this mission specific target. He was now complete invisible with a feint outline. The armored man waitied until a chef came out with some trash. The armored man then proceeded to clench the man in a sleeper hold. “MMF! MFF!” the chef screamed, until “snap” The chef was dead. The armored man then opening the back door slowly and proceeded to walk slowly into the kitchen. He saw the chefs walking about. He needed a quick way to kill them all without displacing himself and alerting all. So he played it safe. He reached in his utility belt and threw a flash bang. The kitchen was luckily cut off from the main part of the building so no one would see the flash but the people in the kitchen. Once this was done, before anyone even had time to scream the armored man would quickly draw his blade as silently as his movements and proceed to slash at the staff one by one, until their corpses collapsed on the floor. The flash then ceased…..and the bodies of the staff were dead. All except the waiters on the floor, which means the armored man didn’t have much time. He then palced 5 explosives on the corners of the kitchen and the very center of it making sure to place it on the stove. He heard someone coming and proceeded to pull out his detonator. A waiter walked in and yelled. “H-HEY WHO ARE YOU?!” The armored man looked at him and said. “Close your eyes…” the man then clicked the button and all of a sudden “BOOM!!!!”  The back half of the resutruant exploded in a blaze of flames. It was opposite direction of the dinning room, but debrees would be flying in multiple directions including towards that way. The fire alarms would sound, and water would begin raining down from the ceiling. Utter blood and destructive evidence would be eliminated and the back half of the building would erupt in smoke. But even after this…the stoves were getting ready to ignite not long after. The amored man would emerge from the flames hearing the roars of the fire alarms blair towards his way. He’d then smirk. “hmph…I’m always a step ahead.” The armored man began to make a whirring noise from boots and he began to levitate. He then pressed the switch once more, with well timed bombs he’d placed on both ends of the street that the restruant was on. Once the fire trucks were in range the bombs would activate and more booms could be heard. Loud ones if one was outside. The fire trucks would then flip in mid air, collapsing and crashing into the ground. It was a scene of utter panic. Cops began to make their way there as the scene was escalating and would get catashophic for anyone who didn’t move their ass out of there. The armored man would then cloak himself once more…and begin to fly away into the evening. The flames around the area burn violently at his arrival and his departure….

The Aftermath..Edit

YuiKiara: Complete silence filled the air of the street with the newly opened restaurant, which, was now also newly demolished. Not to mention a crime scene. The silence was disturbed however as a black Mercedes drove down the street and stopped right in front of the restaurant in ruins. The engine stopped as door of the black beauty slid open, Nora stepping out silently, gazing at the mess before her. The bodies have been cleaned up this morning and taken to labs to determine cause of deaths. Several funerals being scheduled for the next month and a half. Nora's expression looked somber, her heart heavy. Another tragedy she failed to stop from happening. At times, she felt as if she was alone in a world filled with nothing but demons. Keeping the peace was near to impossible if she was  alone. The breeze of the evening day hit her already cold skin, making her white hair wisp wildly as her eye stared only in front. She stepped foreword in to the rubble to where her sear was, or..presumed to have been her seat, her gaze turning to the one that was behind her. Flashes of the night before rushing through her mind. The conversation of the two men, images of herself shattering the bottle making the wine go everywhere like a river of crimson, her rage getting the better of her as she nearly attached Michael's 'murderer'. Nora's gloved hands clenched in to fists, her jaw clenching along with them. What would she give for another chance like that. How was she to find him now...she did not even see his face. He could be anywhere in this city.

Pallas: -After the explosion, Deucalion really hadn’t had much time to think about the proposal that Mr. Toriyama had given him. He also hadn’t been to his own home for a few days now. He still hadn’t found a proper transportation to get back to the first district. Being broke is never a good thing to be when you are trying to get home. As he walks the streets of the second district, he thinks to himself-“Sheiit, I might just have to walk back to the first district if I ever want to see my house again.”- Deucalion stuck his hands in his pockets and found himself a small amount of the drugs he sells; a dime back of weed and an entire cylinder of Ecstasy.-“Score!”- He finally might have found a way for him to earn some money to get back home. So with the sun shining bright over him, he decided to get on the job. Wearing his black hoodie, he keeps the hood over his long black Mohawk. With the sunlight over him, he continues to wear his black welding goggles to make sure his sight isn’t affected by the light. Now he had to try and find a place suitable to sell these drugs without being noticed. But being in the city he is in at the moment, it didn’t look like that was going to happen. He walked to a nearby corner and observed the people as they walked past him. His black welding goggles kept his eyes hidden so no one was catching onto where he was looking. But soon after that, a black man began to walk towards him. ( Wearing a red beanie and a broken down cheap looking suit, his lips were white covered with powder and he said to Deucalion-“Hey man, you got some rock?”-Deucalion raised a brow at the man and laughed a bit.-“Nah man, I ain’t got no rock.”-In hearing that response, the black man began to scratch his neck and say to him-“Come on now, don’t be playin Tyrone like dat. Now I know you got something on you.”-Deucalion couldn’t help but laugh as he adjusted his goggles a bit on his face.-“Yeah man.”-Deucalion then went on to show Tyrone what he had. Tyrone then reacted rather excitedly by saying-“ooooooooo baby! That’s what I’m talkin bout, son.”-Tyrone then went on to actually buy the stash that Deucalion was carrying, giving Deucalion a good little profit for it. Deucalion then went on to walk down the street now. Tyrone decided that it would be a funny idea to stay with Deucalion and talk with him a bit. As they were walking, Deucalion looked to the left of him and saw the restaurant that blew up yesterday. That’s when he saw the woman that sat next to him at the restaurant. The one who tried to attack him. At the time he was more focused on an exploding building rather than a crazed woman who wanted to go on a terror. But now, he felt like the situation should be addressed. He began to walk over in that direction and he told Tyrone-“Aye man I’ll hitchu up later.”-In which Tyrone nodded and went on with his day. Deucalion walked to the rubble, a god ten feet behind the woman, and spoke in a deep calm tone-“You shouldv’e went for the sweet spot. It’s  just to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down; the abdominal aorta; it’s a metallic taste… human blood… Copperish. But if you cut it with peppermint snapps that goes away quick.”-He then crossed his arms and with a small smirk on his face, he waited to see what the woman was going to do next.-

KimiKatsu: The night of the explosion, Tsuyo led Sekushi all the way back to her Bugatti where the two sat for a few moments until Sekushi was able to clear her mind enough to drive back home. She was shaking the whole way back. After pulling up into her driveway and parking her Bugatti in the garage, Sekushi sat in the living room of her home on the first floor for a few hours trying to watch T.V. to make herself feel better. When that didn’t work, she called her mother, whom was trying to sleep. Kirei seemed a bit caught off guard by the sudden phone call so late at night, but after hearing the incident, she calmly told her daughter to get some sleep. When the two hung up, Sekushi pulled herself up off of the couch and headed up to her room for bed with Tsuyo following right on her heels. Meanwhile, back at Kirei’s new home far away from KasaiHana, Kirei was already back on the phone, making sure that the man she had chosen to be a body guard for her daughter had met up with her. She knew Tsuyo was a great guard dog, but KasaiHana could get rough. She knew that from experience. The man on the other end of the phone confirmed that he had met with Sekushi about the body guard position the night prior while she was still in her office at the club. Kirei sighed softly into the phone, but didn’t bother to ask where he was during the explosion. She knew her daughter probably gave him some time to get himself squared around and in the mind set of being her body guard, but she was still a little upset about the whole thing. The next morning, Sekushi stayed home for a little while to sleep in and relax. She had even called her girls and had them spread the word to the others that today would be a ‘kick back and relax’ day; a day where they could stay home and relax. When Sekushi flicked on the T.V., the news about the explosion was everywhere. The young woman let out a gentle sigh. It wasn’t too much longer before she decided to go out for a run with Tsuyo. It was the only thing she could think of to help her get the explosion off of her mind. The 21 year old stepped out of her home wearing low cut and tight booty shorts designed for working out and running along with a tight, low cut half shirt – the shorts were black and the shirt was white with her name scrolled across the back in cute pink letters. Tsuyo’s tail wagged wildly as he started pulling her don the front steps and out onto the street. Her grip on his leash tightened and a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Being outside was already making her feel better.

XxDensukexX: “TUYAAAAA” Densuke would  throw a punch with his enhanced muscle massed arm, which was 3 times bigger than its usual size, thanks to his chi control. His fist collided with a wall and blew a hole straight through it. Danny however…had already dodged the punch and, proceed to tag Densuke in the abdomen with a quick one two punch combination which cuased some stumble. But not before, Densuke grabed danny and pulled him in for the  headbutt, and then proceeded to Spartan kick danny into the wall with a loud ‘THUD!” Danny would then look up and smile “HA! You’ve gotten better since yesterday…we’ve been fighting for about 6  hours…” Densuke would lean over and then stand back up. He’d then look at his hand. “I’m…..okay. I could actually go another round if you were up for it.” Danny raised an eyebrow and think to himself. “I’m not that much of a fighter at heart but….somethings odd. I was handing it to him yesterday, but today it’s like he’s changed. The same tricks aren’t as effective…and why is  he not tired…geez.” Danny would stand up and pant. “If your game for it lets go” Danny would flurrish his body with chi to ease the feeling of fatigue…though it didn’t help much at all. “He doesn’t’ even have to use chi at the moment…strange guy.” Danny would rush in and cut a front flip over densuke, only to land, and begin preforming spinning low kicks twords densuke’s feet. Densuke would take the defensive, and proceed to cartwheel over Danny, using his shoulders as a form of leverage and landing a few feet away. Dennsuke and Danny would rush each other. Danny and Densuke would leap into the air, and throw a kick at one another. What happened next would seem impossible for normal human beings. Densuke would “appear” to be hit however, he simply moved his own head back, to appear to have taken damage. He actually pivoted his body backwards once his kick actually connected with danny’s face, he would curl up into a backflip, and land on the ground, only to jump as quickly as he landed and tackle his shoulder into Danny’s backside, poping his back on impact. Once that was done, Densuke would grab Danny with both arms, in a wrestling like slam (danny’s facing up btw) and would bring him down only to slam Danny solely on his upperback, slightly cracking the tile under neath the mat. “GAH!” Danny would cough as Densuke landed his maneuver, and then cut a double handed backflip away from danny expecting a come back. “HA! I beat dat ass Danny Chan!” Danny would lay there winded and exhausted. “G-good job bruh.” Densuke’s maid would rush over to Danny and begin tending to him. “OH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!”  Densuke would sigh and then head to the shower. He took a brief one as Danny sliped on sommore of Densuke’s clothes and headed to the couch to watch some t.v. He never got to so it was weird. “Hey I’m going out. Make yourself at home alright? I’m late for school…..” Densuke would slip on a white tee and some jeans, and leap out of his window, only to parkur his way down the fire espcape and land on the ground swiftly. He’d then pull a string on the lever outside his door, only for a new pair of black and white roller blades to fall down from  his window. Densuke dawned them on and began skatting his way to Kasihana high. He was already late, but his classes were so fucking easy it really didn’t matter. Unlike his father however he actually wanted a high school degree….even though he was striving to become a polymath.

AlessandraSkar: Heavy metal blared from the headphones lodged in Shira's ears, the perfect soundtrack for the boring day she was having. She'd left home around 8:00 that morning and to her guardian's understanding, she was headed to school, but obviously the near 34-year-old woman was not fully aware of  Shira's rebellious tendencies. Instead of going to school like she was supposed to, the 16-year-old hardhead decided to just take her skateboard and peruse around the city, perhaps wander about the outskirts a little. The air felt cool against her creamy skin, causing her long, platinum blonde hair to billow behind her in straightened tendrils. A few stray locks blew across her face, tickling her forehead as her sapphire blew eyes squinted against the sharp winds. Her youthful features were illuminated by the sunlight that now hung high above the city of Kasaihana, her cheekbones, small pointed chin and narrow, button nose radiant above her slender figure. A black crop top fit tightly around her upper body, decorated in two big red hearts that sat right above her breasts for teasing purposes. Beneath that, her small, exposed waist dipped down into a pair of denim shorts which hugged her hips rather tightly. They were torn and distressed for the typical rebellious teenager touch, held up by a black leather belt. She wore a pair of red sneakers to top it off. Then again, she was in sneakers every day, unlike her guardian who always wore tight dresses and heels like she was something fancy. Designer dresses and heels for that matter. Just the thought of dressing like that made Shira shudder, preferring her casual wardrobe over all the sophisticated fashion. The wheels of her skateboard roared down the sidewalk as she zigged and zaggd through civilians walking to and fro. Occasionally some old rich couple in suits and ritzy fur coats would yell at her for being the only public nuisance in District 2, but the blonde couldn't care less about the others around her. The only thing that mattered to her was not winding up in the damn street, because she knew for a fact that no one in their fancy cars were going to stop themselves from running her little ass over......and then go on about their day. She stooped down a bit and grabbed the front of the board, pulling on it as she made a short jump over an overturned shopping cart lying in the middle of the sidewalk. 'Who the fuck leaves a shopping cart right there?' She couldn't help but think to herself as she landed smoothly, glancing back over her shoulder at the object. 'See?' She sighed deeply. 'This is exactly why I hate people.' She straightened her posture as the skateboard now casually rolled through the less occupied side of the block, reaching into the front pocket of her denim shorts to pull out her cellphone. She dialed a number, waited for a moment, then assumed a more balanced stance as a male's voice spoke from the other side of the line. “Shira! What up, girl! Long time no see.” It was the guy who worked at the local music shop and he sounded a bit too excited for Shira's liking. “I saw you two days ago, dipshit.” Shira rolled her eyes, then cracked a smirk. “So, are we going to continue what we were doing the other night?” The boy chuckled. “Of course. In fact, I just changed the strings on my new guitar so now when I'm teaching you to play, I won't have to worry about you busting a chord like a little clutz.” Shira giggled at that. “Oh, shut up. No one told you to keep your rusted ass strings in the first place. By the way, I'm on my way now so be ready for when I show up.” The boy nodded from where he was although Shira couldn't see him just yet, replying with a, “Hurry up before the store get's busy, okay?” “Yeah sure.” Shira hung up the phone with that and shoved it back into her pocket, making a sharp turn around a younger couple who were walking up the side walk in her path.
Vexxen: -The previous night had proven to be an unexpectedly rough one for a good handful of citizens of Kasaihana. It was moments like this where I wondered what my parents had seen in such a vicious city like this. Perhaps it was similar to glass. as long as it was intact it provided multiple uses and is possible of being very attractive, but once something goes wrong it would become dangerous...similar to the glass that had cut and scraped me during the explosion leaving me with a shallow cut running though my left cheek and one down my right leg. After the explosion the police and medics had flocked to the scene in a matter of a few minutes to help aid the injured and clean out the rubble. As soon as the EMTs had arrived, I had felt one grab me by the shoulders and guide me to one of the abulances along with a few of the other injured people despite my chattering on how it wasnt a big deal. Just like i had said, my cuts werent as bad compared to the others who have either had worse injuries or were even dead. All i required was the cut to be cleaned , gauze, and some medical tape slapped on my cuts.. in all honesty i havent exactly thought too much about the explosion incident that had happened at the resturant. It was a pity though.. people had simply come out of their houses for a good time during dinner and it had resulted like this. I was at home now a thick square pad of gauze on my cheek and a second to match on my leg, flipping through the channels of my TV only to see the same news being broadcasted. It appeared that one of the nearby cameras from a store had caught a glimpse of the explosion as it happened. what was worse was that investigators couldnt seem to find anything as of yet. I sat up on my couch and turned the TV off, I sat there compeltely surrounded by silence in my own home After i had gotten back home from the incident, I had wondered if Sekushi and Tsuyo were alright, the last time I had seen them they didnt appear to have any notciable fatal injuries and due to the insanity swarm of the injured, dead, and medics I had gotten separated from her, It wasnt until the next day, this morning infact that I knew the two were alright.  I felt my taste buds craving for something sweet with caffiene.. it was time to hit the cafe again.  As i exited my apartment I saw that the sun was at the highest point in the sky, an easy indication that it was around noon.fixing the collar to my black dress I stood outside by a stop sign waiting for a cab, since it was during the middle of the day, i would probably only have to wait maybe 4 minutes max before an empty car came my way. -

Tasanagi: (( The policewalked up and down the crime scene investgatin the explosion picking up any random piece of evidence that they could find. " Sir, looks like the culprit used C4 charges, heres some of the clay like material. " Said one of the officers as he squatted down to get a sample for himself. " Take it back to the office... we'll check on it later. Might have something we can pull from it back with the foresincs tea-.." The lead investator turned his head the moment when he heard the sounds of grunting. The sound of rubble shifting and moving could be heard and then suddenly.. BOOM..A hand broke through and start to scratch is way to the surface. " Ugghhhnn.." It groaned as it dug its way out. His skin was a bit dark but... oddly enough... the young teen hadnt died from the explosion. His bright golden eyes looked from officer to officer as he lay in the debree. "...well.. one of you assholes... GONNA HELP ME OUTTA HERE OR WHAT!!" He said shaking his bloody fist. " H-How are you even alive kid!?!?" " beats me! Just fucking help me out here before i make you dead!!!" The shouting of the officers could be heard as they responded with there own curse words towards the Teen. It was quite intresting to watch. Or so i thought anyways... I sat on a building 20 meters away, squatting down over a corpse of a dead FBI agent. A tooth pick in my mouth as my red hair blew itself in the wind. I stood to my full height and brushed my armored plate down. " heh... well seeing that the girl isnt in that rubble, that means my collague didnt... finish the job." I said speaking into the microphone. "...Yeah, i know. We'll more than likely have to put the city into lockdown..." I said walking with my hands in my pockets. I bursted out laughing. " HAHAHAH.. Of course... dont worry, we'll find her, hey can i ask a question..? Well you know of my hobby right and do you mind if i um... y'know?!" The other on the person speaking on the communication device could be heard screaming and shouting at me. " TCH!? SO WHAT!? I CANT RAPE HER!?!?!? HAVE YOU SEEN HER!????! YOU WOULD TOO IF YOU SAW HER!!!" I said flaing my arms around and then pressing my hands to my forehead. " but Rapes the only way i know how to express my love..." I said with tears streaming down my face like an Anime character. "... I just.. i just.. " I put my hand into the air, pointing at the reader. " YOU UNDER STAND ME DONT YOU!? MY NEED.. MY WANT... FOR... RAPE! " The other person on the communication device had chirped out. "...Well.. guess he doesnt understand, but you understand me dont you. And your going to help me find that little Pyschic bitch arent you? You will! THATS GREAT! But first, we have to ask the Map! Say Map, Say Map!...... LOUDER!  Gooooooooodddd!!!" a Map would come from my pants all modly and crusted. As it began to sing." IF THERS A BITCH YOU GOTTA RAPE, IM THE ONE YOU NEED TO TO TAKE, IM THE MAP, IM THE MAP IM THE MAP, IM THE FUCKING MAP IM THE MAP, IM THE MAP IM THE MUTHAFUCKIN MAAAAAAAAAAPPP!!" I began to shred it up as soon as it was done, placing my hands on my hips and laughing hysterically. "HA HA HA HAAAAA I DONT NEED THAT FUCKING MAP THERE ARE WOMEN TO RAPE, THINGS TO DOOO!!" I said as i flipped off of the top of the building into the shadows.

YuiKiara: Nora was unmoving as she heard the footsteps of someone approaching her from behind. Dismissing it as a passing by pedestrian morning the dead. However, when he spoke to her, she went in to full alert mode. She glanced over her shoulder and was surprised to find a tall male as tall as a horse, a hood over his head and dark goggles covering his eyes. Nora listened to him speak, and slowly it began to sink in as to whom this man was. Her eye widened in pure amazement that the one she wanted to shred to pieces actually came before her, without having to chase him down. His tone irritated her beyond belief however as he spoke to her as if she was less than a worry to him. Pointing out his weak spot to her even. Clarey this bastard was clueless. Nora cleared her shocked expression and changed to complete monotone. Her eye darkening as her body turned to face him. The breeze of the evening blowing some dust from the rubble and on to her black clothes, her white hair catching some of it also. Oh how badly she wanted to rip that smirk right off of his face. Closing her eye for a moment, Nora lowered her head and tilted it sideways as she reached in to her back pocket taking out her wallet. Holding it up at his eye level, she allowed it to fall open to reveal her KPD badge. Her head lifting to gaze back up at this man's face. Noting every aspect of his appearance, burning it in her mind. "I am an officer of the KPD task force...A few days back, you nearly murdered my partner when you crashed his helicopter in building 32 of this district. Leaving him in critical condition and in a comma. Legally, you are not a wanted man yet, but in my eyes, you are a bastard that i desire nothing more than to send to hell by blowing his brains out." The last part came out in a near growl. Her brows arcing in a death glare as she gazed at him with clear desire for him to fall dead on the spot. She jumped lightly when a scream came from the other side of the rubble where the officers were doing the investigation. The cursing made it clear it was Keyth. She was puzzled as to what he was doing here. She released a sigh and shook her head lightly before placing her wallet back in its place. She would have to investigate that later..for now...there were more personal matters to deal with.

Pallas: -Deucalion stood there listening and watching the woman as she went on about herself being an officer of the Kasaihana Police Department. But his tone or entire perspective on the situation wasn’t changed or hindered by the fact that she was a cop. As she talked about her fiend being in the helicopter, he initially believed it to be the man that he saved after that whole scene had taken place. He even raised his right brow at the thought of it. He lifted his right arm and adjusted his goggles a bit and said to the officer in a sarcastic and condescending tone-“Yeah, I could see you were pretty affected by that helicopter crash. I could tell by the glass you wanted to put into by back, or the words you spoke with your buddy at the table last night. But when a helicopter shoots .50 caliber bullets at you while flying closer and closer to you…I try not to get hit. But hey, shit happens I guess haha.”-Deucalion looked over to the dark skinned guy who was coming out of the rubble but to him, it meant nothing. His attentions were brought back to the woman as he said to her with the smirk still on his face-“Tell your friend..Michael was it…that I said hello. Ya see before you go on as superhero hunt for lil ole me, you should ask him…when he wakes up…the origins of how he was able to even make it out of the helicopter. You know, for an officer…you sure weren’t putting together that the entire crew of that chopper died but he somehow lived. Almost…as if someone helped him out of the wreckage? Hm. Maybe I should’ve been a detective.”-Deucalion laughed a bit after saying that and began to walk back to the sidewalk where he was with Tyrone before he had walked over to talk to her. As he was walking away from her, he kept his senses up in case she was to try something and he said to her-“You have a pleasant evening officer. And be safe, there’s all kinds of crazy people out here in this city. Hahaha.”-And like that, he was gone, going back to what his main goal was today…getting back home.-

KimiKatsu: The longer she ran, the more worn out she got and the less she thought about the explosion. Her run slowed to a light job for a block or two until she spotted a familiar wreckage in the distance. The young woman slowed further into a stop, a fair distance away. An aggravated sigh escaped her as she lowered her hand into her left palm and shook her head a little. ‘I try to get away from the damn stress and I find a way to bring it right back’ she’d think to herself as she stepped to the side and leaned up against a light pole. Tsuyo was panting beside her, his tongue hanging from his mouth and drool dripping from the tip to the warm ground beneath his large paws. Sekushi watched the police as they investigated the scene. They seemed to have found something. There was shouting and yelling as a few police rushed to one area. The voice sounded familiar. Sekushi tried to look around the people, but couldn’t exactly see who or what they found. Sekushi tipped her head back a bit and closed her eyes, though just as she tipped her head back and right before she shut her eyes, she saw a figure. . .and a speck of red. She lowered her chin and opened her eyes again, catching another peek. Was that someone on the roof? She shook her head. Even if it was, they probably meant nothing. Sekushi pushed herself away from the pole slowly and placed her petite hands on her smooth, well-shaped hips, keeping her grip on Tsuyo’s leash, as she moved closer to the police.

XxDensukexX: An hour had passed and Densuke went to all of his classes and completed every assignment that was given to him. “Mr.Ryoj-“ “Mifunae.” Densuke cut the teacher off. “ahem yes. Mifunae. We’d like you to go talk to the principal please.” Densuke raised an eyebrow. “oooooooooh kay.” Densuke would leave the room and head to the principal’s office. The principal was a mean mugging looking man, who reaked of smoke and ham. “Mr.Ryoj-“  “Mifunae.” Densuke cut the man off. “Densuke and the principal looked at each other for a second. “Any way. Your grades are phenomenal. Too phenomenal. We’re kicking you out….well….more so “Advancing” your education. From now on you will be homeschooled by the finest and most presteigous college in the city. Your books will be sent o you, and so will lesson plans, materials, etc, etc. You may still attend school should you wish to finish your year out or even just to hang. You’ve done not much wrong, besides a few fights, but your intelegence speaks for itself of your ability to comprehend. Good day Mr.Mifunae.” Densuke smiled and exclaimed “OH HELL YEAH! THANKS PRINCIPAL! YOUR NOT SUCH AN ASSHOLE AFTER ALL!” Densuke then runs down the hallways screaming as loud as he can “WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! IM OUT THIS MUDDYFUCKA FOREALS! SYONARA BITCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! HAHA!” Densuke would open the door to the school and then see a long black limo appear infront of him. Densuke was now cautious of vheicles appearing to him and it made him slightly paroniod…and excited. Densuke would hike his pants up a bit. “And what do we have here?! You Maru-Jitai bastards wanna corner me all the damn time huh? Well get out and fight me then!” Densuke flicked his wrist and his anti sword guantlets took hold of his arms. Their long jet black shinnienss gleamed in the sunlight, and the 3 bent prongs on each end extended like they were destined to be there. The limo door opened, and Densuke shifted his position, when the person steped out….cuased densuke’s heart to pop. (Bleach_oc_amelie_dupont_by_rtenzo-d5cgkwz.jpg ) A female with long blonde hair and a smooth cream complexition emerged. She had curves that were godly, and a rack that would put any pornstar to shame. And a butt that was no ordinary butt. No no. This was a “Booty.” Round and thick, but tight and alluring. Her thighs looked like leanly toned legs that recived a fair work out, but also had the softness of a pillow. She emereged and looked at Densuke. “Ahh the son of Tetsu Ryoji. I’d only watched you as a child, but I’d never gotten to see you grow. How I hated it. We were close when you were younger.” Densuke’s only reply was. “Dat ass….” He said it quite loudly while Sheeva shook her head. “You differ from Tetsu that’s for sure. Anyway let me properly introduce myself. I am Sheeva. Sheeva Nightengale. Head of acting KPD in district 2.” Densuke shook his head and spoke. “Well that’s nice n all, but what do you want from me? I mean don’t get me wrong it’s great to see you again…beilive me. But what do I owe the sudden visit? You’ve never come before.” Sheeva nodded. “Ever since Tetsu was called in by the president…things have been different. Someones had to kee the KPD in line so they won’t fall back to how they used to be. Lazy pigs. But the real reason I came by was to talk to you personally. About some issues.” Densuke cocked his head to the side. “Let me take you on a date, and I’ll think about it. “Densuke winked, pulling a move from danny. Sheeva smirked. “You may be cute, but your like a second son to me. Also I’ve been charged with your protection so that’s a no hotshot. However, I’ll give you something if you come along.” Densuke smiled childishly. “Lets go.” Densuke hoped into the seat in the back and so did sheeva. Sheeva nodded to the dirver, and he began to mobilize. “We can talk in here. Now then Densuke, your eighteen correct?” Densuke nodded. “Yep. “ Sheeva spoke again. “You know I’ve heard that’s around the same time your father began his traninig as well. He’s an urban legend amongst criminals and cops alike. Half of the people don’t even know how powerful he really was, but some people leave it to fair tales ment to intimidate.” Densuke scoffed. “It’s not like I’d ever really know. I mean I’ve seen him do some high callibur stuff. Lift somethings that normal folks can’t ya know. Nothing special.” Sheeva had a concerned look. “Tetsu must have hidden it from you or was waiting to tell you. I’m not surprised. He was quite simple minded at times for his brilliance. Do you want to hear a story? About your father?” Densuke laxed up a bit. “This oughta be good.” ::Flashback story:: It was a Sunday and Tetsu had just got done with antoher shift of work and decided to take the day off. He was walking around in his usual military attire, all black. It’s at least a hundred degrees outside but he never really seemed to care about that kind of thing. He wiped some sweat from his forehead, being careful not to touch his watch. Even though it was water proof, that doesn’t excuse poor taking care of methods. “Man I hope Asami cooked this evening. I’m starving my but off.” Tetsu rubbed his stomach as it growled profusely. Tetsu’s ears then perked up as he heard a noise from afar with his advanced senses. “SKREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” An eighteen wheeler was running rampid. Some armed thugs just histed two, no…three banks and had a truck load of diamonds, jewlry and loads of cash. “HAHA! WE’RE GONNA BE SET FOR LIFE BOYS!” One of the three armed men said. “Hey don’t you think we should be careful? That supercop guy could come out at any second now…” “Ahh what the hell ever! Look I’ll distract him and you just shoot him! He’s still human so theres no real difficulty in taking the big guy down.”  Testu got a call in on his watch. “Ryoji, we’ve got armed robbers coming down your street, can you take em til back up gets there?!” Tetsu spoke. “Afermitive. I’ll intercept and incapacitate.” Tetsu would then go in the street. “EVERYONE! GET OFF OF THIS STREET! THERES GOING TO BE A SCENE, I NEED YOU TO EVACUATE THE AREA ASAP!” Tetsu guided the cars in the right direction and made sure everone evacuated in the houses and left. People by now respected him enough to listen. The street was clear and Tetsu stood in the street. The truck was now in view. “Alrighty then here we- huh?”  A little boy ran up to Tetsu.” Mr.cop! you need ta leave, those bad men will kill you! Go away hurry!” Tetsu looked at him and and patted his head. “No worries little fella. Just head on outta here okay?” Tetsu pushed the boy to the side walk. “HEY! Theres the cop! W-what do we do?!” one of the guys said. The driver of the truck said. “We accelerate!” The driver pushed the pedal down to the floor. He was moving the eighteen wheeler at 120 miles per hour. Tetsu focused his chi into his entire being. And just stood there and raised his right hand. “I’LL GIVE YOU ONE CHANCE TO STOP!” Tetsu screamed out. The driver stuck his head out the window and yelled. “THE HELL ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO NOW HUH LITTLE MAN?!” Testu would shake his head. “I pray you survive this….” The truck zoomed towards tetsu and the little boy’s face grew wide with fear when suddenly……….the truck came into contact with Tetsu’s hand. In slow motion, tetsu’s body should be mangaled and mased..however the front of the truck started to crinkle….creak…and collapse in on itself. The very head of the truck was crumbling and forming around Tetsu’s body, and the sudden stoped momentum cuased the bed of the truck to ripple the same effect. The sudden stopped momentum cuased the truck to flip at least 4 stories in the air…and flipped on it’s back. There was a loud “THOOM!!!” Cracks were left in the wake of the sliding truck as it slid a few feet and then stoped. “Lesson in physics boys. Kenitic energy. The energy of motion. If said energy is absorbed, or diffused, said object moving will be robbed of all things momentum and movement, including it’s structures composition.” Tetsu walked towards the truck and pulled his gun from his holster. “Come out with your hands up one by one on the same side of the truck.  If you try to to run I will pursue and-“ “Please! Just!...stop……we quit…just stop! Please!” The three crooks crawled out and held their hands up and then squatted on the ground. Tetsu smiled.” Glad you guys are okay. “ The police showed up and the scene quickly dyed down.”

AlessandraSkar: The iPod switched to a new song and Shira began to bob her head up and down as the blaring guitar notes and heavy drum beats hammered into her ears and swirled about in her head like a storm. She felt the sudden urge to just break out into a headbanging frenzy in front of everyone on the block, but managed to keep herself calm and unaffected by the tempting music. She was drawing enough attention as it was. Keeping her eyes focused on the pathway ahead, she began to whistle along with the guitar solo playing from her iPod and just as she had begun to do so, a rather odd smell slowly wafted into her nostrils. At first, she didn't realize that she was actually smelling something until the stench completely ripped at her senses. It was the smell of something burned. Worse than a dead body cooked in an oven for three days. Worse than road kill roasting on the concrete in the sun. Worse than synthetic marijuana. The stench was absolutely revolting, causing Shira to frown deeply as her nose wrinkled a bit. From the corner of her vision, she could spot colors across the streets, her head eventually giving in to the call of attention. Her eyebrows lifted in curiosity when she first saw that the colors were the warning lights on top of several police cars along with several feet of caution tape stretched around a building. The sight of the building caused her eyes to widen. The entire thing looked as if a few terrorists had thrown a party in there; it was charred and scattered to the point where it was practically unrecognizable. Shira had no idea what it was before it ended up looking like someone's bad cooking, but she was sure the person who owned the place was probably pissed like a mad man about it. But now she had to wonder just what in the hell happened over there? The platinum blonde teenager was so caught up in what was happening all the way across the street that she didn't even realize that she'd momentarily lost focus on what was directly ahead of her.  So it was more than a surprise when the front end of her skateboard struck something lying in the middle of the sidewalk, so hard that the entire back end shot straight up into the air. She shrieked as she was thrown forward quicker than she could even blink, quicker than she could realize what'd happened. Her arms flailed on either side of her, as if that would somehow save her from the fact that she was just seconds away from crashing into hardpacked concrete. And that was exactly what happened after things stopped flowing in slow motion. She grunted loudly as she hit the ground, momentum causing her to roll violently across the concrete. Her skateboard capsized after her like dice, eventually hitting her in the ribcage once she came to a sharp halt on her back. She winced in pain as her entire body throbbed, only able to imagine just how many cuts and bruises she'd probably suffered from her fall. She groaned softly as she rolled over onto her side to face what her skateboard had crashed into, narrowing her eyes when she saw a huge chunk of debris sitting on the it ran the damn place! “Son of a bitch.” She practically growled, pushing herself to her feet and limping toward the object. The second she approached the object, she grabbed it and lifted it in front of her face, observing it closely. Yep, it was a nice-sized, charred chunk of brick and cement. Had to have come from nowhere else but the destroyed building across the street. 'Honestly?' Shira thought to herself with an annoyed huff of breath. “Hey troglodytes!” She shouted across the street. “You mind keeping your evidence on your side of the goddamn street!” On the last word, she hurled the chunk of debris as hard as she could across the street, watching as it sailed above the cars passing back and forth and then descended straight down toward one of the police cars parked near the burned building. “Oh, shit.” Was all she could say before the sound of something shattering echoed in response. A few heads snapped up, policemen squinting behind their shades to see who was responsible for shattering one of the windows. It didn't take long for one to spot her. He was creepy looking in his aviators and thick mustache, causing Shira to swallow when she realized that she'd been spotted. “HEY KID!” His deep, authoritative voice roared past moving traffic. “YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE, LITTLE GIRL!”

Vexxen: -I sat on the thin white vine-like designed chair and its matching table of the cafe, my left elbow rested on the smooth table top whiel my head rested on my left hand as I nonchalantly skimmed through this morning's newspaper article. Ofcourse as expected, the press was always ready to jump at big events.. luckily for them big events such as kidnapping cases, murders, and bombings were sadly somewhat common in KasaiHana city. I recieved a few looks from other people at the cafe from the oddly protruding blocks of gauze strapped on my face and leg probably looked quite ridiculous.. but as soon as I had paid and recieved my iced hazelnut latte, I found a seat near one of the corners of the cafe near a small bin of newsapers which I had pulled my reading material out of.  Wrapping my glossy lips around the thin straw, i would sit in my seat in bliss sipping the cool sweet beverage while reading the incident that i had experienced through the newspaper. I sighed lowly as i read that the death count may still be counting as clearing the rubble is only discovering new bodies to add to the count, feeling one of my pale purple curls fall towards my face, I took out two silver barrettes and pinned the front side of my hair back with the pins formed in a slight "x" shape. A small white cupcake on a tiny porcelain plate appeared before me, I looked up to see the plate held by a young waitress with a short blonde bob, I looked into her green eyes with a puzzled expression on my face, "i didn't order this" I said. In a peppy voice the waitress smiled "Oh i know, the gentleman over there asked me to send it over to you" as the Waitress slowly pointed, I craned my neck over slightly to see a young male with a familiar middle aged woman sitting together at a table. I immediately recognized the woman as one of my customers who had seeked out my readings because she had wanted to make sure that her son wasnt wasting his time with a tramp. I easily assumed that young male that sat with her was the son she was always so concerned about. I smiled at the two of them and gently bowed my head as a thank you. I turned my attention back to the newspaper in front of me as the two went back to conversing with one another , the second I had laid eyes on the black and white image of the resturant in rubbles, It had seemed like a truck had just hit me, My eyes stung a bit and I felt a huge drop in my stomach, I lifted my head up and looked around and out the window of the cafe to see that nothing was wrong, everyone seemed to be living their life, the only big thing being from yesterday's event. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as if something was about to go wrong. I couldnt tell what it was. I stared back at the newspaper trying to not seem like a paranoia crazed individual with a rehearsed speech of conspiracy,  I sure didnt look like one of those types, or i thought. but I did know something, I dont feel that the explosion last night was pulled by rebellious juveniles, but more like the start of a chain of misfortunate events. I picked up the tiny fork that was placed on the plate before poking at the cupcake that was brought to me moments ago and began taking small bites of it as my mind was racing on what to do. I let out a deep sigh,, perhaps the first step was to do what i was secretly dreading.. going to the cops. I felt a bit stuck.. more precisely a feeling of agony. "What else are you gong to do?" i quietly muttered to myself as I stood up from my chair with the newspaper in my hand. I left my cup and plate on the table as a waittress had already begun cleaning the table up for the next customer as began walking towards the exit. On my way towards the exit I had noticed that the woman and her son who had sent me the small cupcake had already left, left with my chance to verbally thank them. Oh well.. I pressed my hand against the glass door of the cafe swinging the door open as I heard the tiny brass bell hanging from the corner of the door frame make a cute jingle, and stepped out onto the street.. Time to brave up.. I may come across as a 16 year old psycho.. but it had to be done..and now to find my way to the resturant.. -

Tasanagi: It didnt take me long to track her down. I sat perched ontop of a gargole watching her from a far my scarff flowing in the night sky as i watched down like a hawk. "... Heh.. Kinda hot.." I said standing to my full height and then clenching my fist. I pulled out 2 Kunai's tossing them around the permietter of the cafe, both of the kunai began to ring and blink as they then sent out a reading of everyones vitals, the scan went over the females body and then a blue screen from my mask would appear before me as it showed me the females readings. "... Yup, thats her. Down to her heart beat.." I pressed the button on my mask as it closed and then sent my body into a camolfague mode. Leaping down from the gargole my body sailed high in the air untill i landed on the top of the cafe. Opening up a air vent i crept inside and began to crawl through not making the slightest bit of noise. How do you sneak up on a person who can see into the future you ask? Well in order for her to do that... the person who's future she can see into... clearly must have a future to begin with. Which.. I, and her clearly do not. My body shifted through the air vent system as i managed to open the vent into a vacant room. Before i had leaped off of the building. I placed a Drone aiming towards her head. It looked like a normal suit case but in actuality it had the firepower of a 50 calibur sniper rifle. I opened the door of the vacant room only to see her exiting out. " Tch!" The Drone on the builiding had her locked on. The Mask on my face showed me so. " Not letting you out of my site.."((  I said with a light smirk on my face as i manuevered my way out of the building. Still in my invisble camoflague mode. I ran around a corner in an attempt to cut her off. Quickly pushing my body as quickly as it would allow as i ran up the side of a building. Once reaching the roof i pulled the large 50 calibur off of my back, getting down low and aiming my weapon down to make a clean shot to the heart. I pressed the buttons on my helmet making sure the drone would aim for her leg once i commanded it too. " Aim.." I said with a devlish smirk on my face. " Hold it..." I said said as my fingers glided over the trigger continously over and over again. " Yeahh.. wait for it... wait.. for itt..." I cringed in pleasure.. " Her pretty little body... all banged up.. in RED.. HAHAHAAHAHAH! I LOVE IT!" I said as braced myself. " AND... FIR---" ****EXITING FIRST PERSON**** A Large kick was sent into the back of the head of the assassian as his body rolled 10 feet away. Holding his head he turned around quickly to eye a blonde haired male in a black and gold jump suit. "....Well well, got ourselves here a little trouble maker..." Said the blonde. His bright blue eyes focused on the invisble male. The Assassians invisble cloak wore off as he held onto the back of his head. " SON OF A BISCUIT EATING CUNT FUCKER!"(( Said the redheaded Assassian as he rolled onto his feet. His long black scarf flowing in the wind as he got into a fighting stance. The blonde would do the same. " Your under arrest." Said the blonde as he got down into a Power fist stance. His long blone hair flowing in the wind as he smirked at the assassian. The Red headed male took off in a hard sprint as he charged out at the blonde with a right hook. The blonde blocked with his left forearm where he then sent a swift kick with his right leg, one kick in the stomach and another in the right side of his head, making the assassian go skidding off to the right with a roll untill he was back onto his feet. The blonde had wasted no time and was already on his way with an elbow from above with his right arm. The redhead had side stepped and sent a thrusting uppercut into the blondes chin knocking him further into the air, only to end the assualt with a back flip knocking the blonde even FURTHER into the air. As the blonde went airbourne the Redhead had pulled his dual deseret egale from his holsters and let out 4 rounds at the blonde. " Tch!" The blonde put both of his hands up in attempt to shield himself from the bullets. And they both hit his forearm ripping through his... Cybernetic skin? The impact of the bullets hit him so hard that he was sent into a trash can 4 feet away. The Red headed assassian pulled the Katana from his back as he walked over to finish the job. " Im gonna fucking kill you! I was this close to raping that bitch silly! If i were into guys i'd rape you instead! You know what... IM GONNA DO IT ANYWAYS! I Hope your buttholes ready buddy because im gonna show you.. THE JAIL.. HOUSE.. ROCK!" (( " YOU.. talk.. to much.." The blonde said crawling out from the trash cans that he had fell into. He got down into his stance again and the Assassian took a Samurai bushido like stance. " HAHAHAAH LETS PLAYYYY!!!" The Assassian charged, the blonde weaved >
Tasanagi: the right, dodging a strike to his face, then the left, then the right again, finally he ducked forward under the blade and came up with a swift backhand, spinning on his right foot where he then sent out a quick left jab and then a swift left uppercut ending it with a double backhand with both of his hands into the mans jaw line knocking him back. The Assassian staggered, the blonde got down into a Shaolin like stance. " You were trying to kill someone with that sniper rifle huh..? No wonder.. you cant fucking fight!" The Assassian rubbed his jaw and shook his head. " Not like i can feel any of this shit anyways!" " The fucks that supposed to mean!?" " HAHAHA SHUT UP AND FIGHT!" The Assassian charged again and The blonde stayed on his ground. The Assassian swung his blade out in attempt to decapate the male but this last strike would end it all. The blonde ducked under the blow thinking that he was in the clear when the assassian had kicked out forward with his right boot. His boot springing a blade from the tip of its toe stabbing the male right in the stomach. The blonde couched blood and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he hit the ground. The assassian pulled the blade from his stomach and took a step back. " Now... to rape y-" His eyes sprung open when he ran to the edge of the building. His eyes shooting left to right. " WHERE... WHERE IS SHEE!! FUCK FUCK FUUUCKKK!" During the fight. He had lost sight of the female. "...Ah... looks like. I fucked up too.." The assassian turned to the blonde and shook his head. " Ah well..." He said putting his hands behind his head. " Guess ill... let this one slide... This city... is about to see hell" He said whistling and walking down the building untill he leaped down the alleyway. The blonde finally woke up.. his synthetic flesh bleeding its artifcial blood. He came to his feet and shaking his head. " Fuck... he got away...who.. who was that guy.."

YuiKiara: All thought out his explanation, all that went through Nora's mind was "Die". It was a miracle that Michael made it out alive wile the others in the chopper died on the spot. It made no difference to her, he could have been one of the dead men. Having him in critical condition and in a coma reminded her of that every day. Her jaw clenched as she almost growled through her teeth. "You shouldn't have ran would have avoided the trouble. But when bastards like you come around taking lives like they are meaningless, not giving a thought on how it might affect someone else out there...maybe i should take yours." He even hard the nerve to mention Michael so lightly, making her blood boil within her veins. He was walking away from her, his back turned to her. Her eye was fixated on him, wide and a look of pure hatred for this man. Unconsciously, she took the gun from her pocket and began to walk foreword, her mind going in to a complete blanked state. As he was getting further away, her pace quickened, the gun held at her side as she took in quick breaths. She wanted to kill him...she wanted to kill him! Her walk was about to turn in to a run almost catching up to him as she raised her gun up to shoot the asshole right in the head, when suddenly her gun was thrown out of her hand with brute force, making her yell out in shock and step back. She looked at the gun that now laid a few feet away from her, a throwing star implanted right in it. She stared at it in pure shock before turning her gaze towards the direction she felt the attack coming from. She surveyed the area quickly before lifting it up towards the rooftop of the building closest to her. On top, she saw a woman. Black hair pulled up in two tails, two wooden stacked against her back that seemed to be larger than her small frame. She was dressed in what looked like a short colorful kimono, her expression monotone as she meet her dark eyes. As soon as she saw this woman, Nora's eye widened, her voice coming out in a tremble. "B..Big sister..." The woman's expression did not change as she shared a few more moments gazing at her younger sister before turning her back and walking away, vanishing behind the building's ledge. "Naomy!" Nora yelled as she took a step foreword, but soon realized her intentions and rushed to grab her gun, taking the metallic star and placing it in her pocket before garbing her gun. She turned and rushed in the direction she had seen him go, turning a corner to look down the street only to see him gone. Nora was panting heavily now as she screamed smashing her gloved fist in to the wall of the building. "Damn it all!!!" Why....why did her sister appear now after all these years and why did she get in her way like this?! She trembled as the pain from her punch began to rush through her arm and through her body. Lowering her hand which now dripped with her own blood from her bruised knuckles. - "Chief!!" Came Andrew's frantic yell as he got out of his own red corvette, seeing her stand there staring in to space as he drove by towards the crime scene. Getting out he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back, worried. "Chief whats going on, are you ok?" His eyes dropped to her bloodied hand and his eyes went instantly wide. "What the hell happened?!" He reached down and took her hand, which in turn Nora jerked it away and placed it in her pocket. "Park your car and lets get going.." Nora spoke in a silent and calmer tone, her long bangs covering most of her eye not wishing for any of her co-workers to see her like this. Plus...Keyth..the hell was he doing here? - Once they arrived there she saw him try to fight some of her officers, them backing away, then trying to restrain him, throwing shouts and curses at one another. Such a comedic scene. Reaching for her other gun, she lifted it up and fired a shot to calm them down. "Thats enough!" She yelled with a clear pissed off look on her face. Andrew behind her smiling like an idiot, a nervous look on his face.

YuiKiara: Nora's eyes turned towards her smashing sound when she saw the window of her black mercedes shatter. Surveying the area, one of her men started to yell at a kid. Spotting her across the street, she walked foreword and placed a hand against the officer's chest to calm him. "Get back...she's just a child..." She spoke before glancing back at Keyth whom was still getting out of the rubble. "Keep that crazed dog here in the mean time..." The officer gulped looking back at Keyth, Nora continuing to walk towards the female with her skateboard. "Throwing rocks is not a polite way of greeting..." Nora spoke as she smiled at the girl.

Pallas: -After his encounter with the cop, Deucalion went on to try and find ways on getting back home. He turned one last time to face the cop as she was now dealing with her own stuff with the African kid. The smirk was still on his face as she talked about him “taking life as if it were meaningless.” And as evil as that sounded, to Deucalion, it was a meaningless sentiment. To Deucalion “life” is survival of the fittest. Hence why he calls himself a survivalist. To him, no one is innocent. This is why he feels no remorse in his kills. Like his encounter with the cop. She is angry that Deucalion almost killed her friend, but to Deucalion, her friend was not as innocent as she portrays. Yes he is a cop, but in the laws of the jungle, only the strong hold authority. And in the situation, Deucalion was getting shot at by Michael and his crew. A demonstration of power, and Deucalion did what he needed…to survive. Now he needed to try and find a quick buck of some sort to get back to District One. Hell, his home might as well be an entire world away now. When he reached the corner of the street again, he slowly cracked his neck on each side. The sounds of his bones cracking startled some of the people around him. He adjusted his goggles a bit and said to himself-“Fucking hell I hate the sunlight…When is going to be night time?”-He didn’t even have a watch to give him the appropriate time. Deucalion is so broke, homeless people would probably give him their change. Since most of his life was surviving on the fruit of the streets so to speak, he embraced the fact that he may be stuck in these streets for some time. He took in a big deep breath of air as the light turned green for him to walk across the street. As he walked across he put his hands in his jacket pockets and began to whistle a little tune to himself. No matter how crazy his brain makes him, he always finds a way to enjoy the little things that would bother most people.-

XxDensukexX: Densuke’s mouth droped. He’d never known just how powerful his father eally was, and the sheer realization of this made Densuke surprised. His father never told him his true potential. Densuke would look down at the floor as the buildings passed by in the window. “Now do you see? Your father was called away for a real reason. His talents. His prowess. His intel. Everything about him screams perfect human being. He was the peniicle of what a human being could become with hardwork and effort. You are his son. His one and only begotten son. If anything would happen to him, you would be expected to pick up the mantle.” Densuke paused for a moment and spoke softly. “I….can’t. I mean don’t get me wrong…if I could I would but I’m not my father…and I don’t want to be…Do you know what it’s like? To have to only be known as the “son of supercop?” Densuke shook his head. “I want to be known for my own person, not for a genetic reputation. I really just don’t want to follow in his footsteps.” Sheeva’s tone got slightly serious. “The Ryoji family name only lies with three people. You, your father, and your grandfather…if something happened to them, your going to be the only one left. All their accomplishments will be presented to you. You have to honor that and-“ “No I don’t….they’re not dead yet. Which means I’ve got X amount of time. Til then I have time to carve my own name in history. Make a new path. I will be known for who I am not who I’m BORN from.” Sheeva shook her head. “I just can’t beilive you’d throw away the name your family has worked hard to keep in this world for such a simple purpose…something so selfish. You’re nothing like your father was at your age.” Densuke quickly retorted. “Kiss my ass. If this is all you wanted, let me out the car. I’ll walk from here.” Sheeva replied “We’re almost to the station. I have something for you regardless.” They arrive at the station and theres something special parked outside. Densuke steps out the car and Sheeva walks over to the special looking bike. ( ) “This is for you. For your special educational promotion.” Densuke’s eyebrows raised up as he walked over to the bike and slide his hand down it. Feeling it up. Examening it. “You know..this won’t make me join you…and if it’s an offer i-“ “It’s not’ Sheeva interrupted. “It’s a gift from me to you. Keep you off those roller skates for a while. It’s the latest model, with an enlonged wind shield that allows you to travel at the max speed of 300mph. It’s got brakes that can stop on a dime even at max, and the handling is just as accurate as the design.” Densuke smirked. “Give it try…Mifunae.” Sheeva winked as she walked off into the station. Densuke hoped on the bike and studied the controls. After a brief second he reved the bike up. The roar was beautiful. Densuke began to levitate off the ground into the traffic space…he had no drivers liscence, but on this thing, he could probably outrun the cops. Densuke waited and bolted off into air traffic. The bike was so sleek he could lean between cars easily. The bike handled like a dream as Densuke vroomed in and out of traffic. He then shoot his altitude upwards,  flying stirght up into the sky, only to nose dive descent back into traffic and then continue on zooming around the city at a high speed, not his max though. He didn’t want a high speed chase on him. Densuke thought about the words spoken to him…and knew he didn’t want to go thorugh with it..but he would give it some thought.

AlessandraSkar: Shira felt her gut wrench as the officer shouted at her, her sapphire blue eyes only able to focus on the child-molester mustache shaking around on his upper lip as his mouth shouted the words, “YOU'RE IN TROUBLE LITTLE GIRL.” She blinked once when she realized what was happening. She was feeling fear, intimidation. Her guardian had taught her better than that. She would tossed her sea green hair, bolted across the street, trucked straight through the passing vehicles, and slugged the cop dead in his stache. That would've been the only thing that could brighten the rather boring day Shira was having. If only she was like Kaori....Now thinking about how the iron lady would've reacted in this situation, Shira stood up straight, noticing that one of the other cops had stopped the angry officer from scolding her. She was a woman with long, snow white hair, her actions toward the officer making it clear that she was the one in charge of the investigation crew. Despite the status, Shira still wasn't going to show intimidation. After all, if they'd kept their evidence -which was the huge chunk of debris she'd crashed into- on their own side of the street, there wouldn't have been an issue. And who the fuck was that son of a bitch calling “little girl”? Folding her arms across her chest, Shira rested her left foot on her skateboard as she watched the white-haired woman walk toward her, not budging despite the possibilities of her getting into big trouble with the authorities. Perhaps shattering a car window had been a bit extreme, but the impulse had felt pretty right the moment she spotted the brick and got her hand around it. Sadly, it hadn't smashed somebody upside the skull. She simply stared at the woman as she made her brief statement, inwardly cringing when she saw the smile on her face. What the hell was she smiling for? Shira wasn't the most polite girl in town, so it was no surprise when she didn't return the smile, instead narrowing her eyes at the woman like SHE was the bad guy around here. “Case you didn't know, MADAM,” She began with strong emphasis on the last word. “I'm not the nicest girl around these parts. Especially after I spontaneously go flying off my skateboard during a leisurely ride down the sidewalk. Uh oh! How'd that happen, you seem to wonder? That 'rock' just so happened to be a piece of debris from that building over yonder and there's no telling how it ended up on this side of the street but it almost got me KILLED. You would've been adding a dead body to your case if I didn't know how to land, lady. You should be thankful, however. That might be a nice chunk of evidence sitting in your car now.” And with that, she faked a sarcastic smile and jumped up onto her skateboard, pushing off to continue her trip down the sidewalk. “Nice meetin' ya!” She called over her shoulder as she went whooshing past a few pedestrians, throwing a peace sign at the white-haired woman.

Vexxen: -It took about a fairly short 5 minute jog to get to the resturant... or the ruins of what used to be a resturant. just like the picture in the newspaper there was police tape stretced around the premesis, a crowd of people that had slowly formed throughout the day curious to what was going on despite having been filled with vague knowledge about the bombing through the TV, radio, newspaper, and possibly gossip. In my desire to arrive to my destination faster, I had taken a slight shortcut through some of the back alleys which instead of having me going all around the blocks, would allow me to cut through diagonally to the resturant. As i jogged through the short cut alley ways.. i felt my mind spinning with dread and slight hesitation. what was I going to say? what was I going to do? The chances of being taken for a psychotic girl was so high I couldnt help but feel doubtful that this would do any good... unless my aim was to get myself thrown into a cushioned room with a straitjacket . However im sure that other citizens of Kasaihana including myself were getting a bit tired of all these deaths and injuries occuring throughout the city. trouble was always lurking around the corner.. Throughout the years I had learned a great deal about myself.. more specifically my mind after the accident. .. One was that I was able to... for the lack of words get these "feelings" and thoughts regarding a person, place, or thing sometimes they were as vague as feeling worried about something, as they ranged from subtle to extreme, others I simply just was able to envision them in my head similar to my own memories. Two, despite the skeptics who existed alongside with me in this city.. I was yet to be wrong. and Thre- My thoughts were interrupted as my eyes had locked onto a pale haired woman dressed in a slight suit like attire. I wasnt sure who she was, nor did I know her name but i had felt a slight pull towards her. I took slow steps towards the woman before a man in a police uniform had outstretched his arm in front of me trying to block my path. "Please go around little girl" he said, I sensed a slight irritation in his voice I looked at him and just pushed his hand away beore running over towards the woman with the man yelling at me behind me. "I need to talk to you!" i yelled out to the woman.

YuiKiara: Her dark eyes watched him from afar. Silently walking along with him at his pace above on the rooftops. Having to walk a bit faster being smaller than him, her legs not quite as long. She noticed him about to cross the street and quickly she rushed at the other side of the buildings. Jumping across and landing in a crouched position with simple swiftness and elegance. Using the offered staircase on the side of the building, she used it to move down and turn the corner directly at the intersection. She stood there, watching him from across the street as he came in closer. Just as he came closer to shoulder with her, she spoke for him to hear her. "You look tired...." Her voice came out in a soft tone, her feminine voice seeming to break through the noise of the noisy cars driving by. Her posture not changing however. Waiting for his reaction at her. --------------------------Nora blinked for a moment seeing the girl's attitude towards her. Crossing her arms and cupping her chin between two fingers, she listened to the girl's explanation that simply made no sens. True...that brick was on this side of the street, but whom could control where rubble fell during an explosion?. It was not like they would come out with brooms and sweep it all on the other side of the street. And the fall would have simply gave her a escaped knee, not a death sentence. Unless she was someone with bones made of thin glass. To her, it sounded a lot like a child being overly dramatic. As she skated away, Nora sighed and moved a hand through her bangs. "Brats everywhere...making my life harder than it never having kids." She walked across back towards the officer, glancing at the car. "Find out whom that girl is and send her the bill fro my car repairs..." She stated before moving back to investigate and help with the search for more dead bodies. Unsympathetic little bastards everywhere...this city was going to hell. Just then, a woman's voice caught Nora's ears. Turning to face the running female her brows furrowed in confusion. Was she in danger? what was going on here today? She saw her officer rush after her, and for a moment Nora felt as if the woman had something quite serious to tell her. She held up her gloved hand at the officer and he understood, backing off and letting the woman approach her. Nora stood still in the middle of the rubble, waiting for the woman to come closer and speak.

Pallas: -As he was walking across the street, he kept an eye out on things in front of him. The goggles helped him keep his sight hidden from others. It comes in handy too when he is talking to women. He can stare at chests the whole time and they think he’s looking right at their eyes. Brilliant! :D But as he was walking, his eyes caught the sight of a smaller woman on the rooftops. A small smirk appeared on his face a bit while thinking to himself-“Well here we go.”- His animal instincts were always something that kept him alive. Without such advancements like them, he would probably have been killed by now. When he reached the next street and the woman spoke to him, he stopped a few feet in front of her and said in a deep and sarcastic tone-“I seem to be pretty popular these last few days haha.”-And he began to start walking again. But before he got out of easy hearing distance, he asked the woman-“Instead of the whole game of telling me you weren’t following me. Why don’t you tell me why you are following me?”-And while he asked that, whether she replied or not, he kept on walking as if he didn’t have a care in the world.-

AlessandraSkar: 'Well, that didn't go so bad.' Shira thought to herself with a deep breath, glancing back once more toward the scene she'd just left. She saw that the white-haired woman was now occupied with another youngster, one who looked somewhat frantic and was dressed in gym clothes like she was just enjoying a casual walk or something. Shira didn't pay attention for long, knowing that the pathway ahead was more important, her head turning in time to see that she would've run into a pedestrian if she didn't think to turn back around. Leaning back slightly, she rolled around behind the main in his cream-colored suit, then bent her knees and leaned forward slightly, causing the skateboard to pick up more speed. The wind hit her harder, causing her platinum blonde hair to billow vigorously behind her along with those few strands that tickled their way across her face. It wasn't long before she saw the music store coming up, a tiny smirking crawling onto her glossy lips as she sped up again. Once in front of the doors, she stomped the back of the skateboard and drove it into the concrete, causing it to slow to a quick halt. Bending over, the collected the skateboard from under her feet and tucked it under her right arm, pushing her way through the glass door of the music store. The smell of plastic and wood immediately wafted into her nostrils, bringing her the same sense of familiarity she felt every time she walked into the place. Just a few feet away, a tallish male who looked to be no older than 19 stood up behind a counter, carrying a small box of packaged records. He placed the box down on the counter and used a free hand to sweep his jet black hair out of his eye, smiling when he saw the blonde wandering into the shop. “Took you long enough.” He greeted. “I was starting to think you were gonna be a no-show.” Shira laughed at that as the glass door swung shut behind her, an annoying chime ringing from the top frame. “Yeah, right.” She said with a snort. “Coming here is way better than going to school any day.” The male tilted his head slightly. His name was Jeremy Dent and he'd been one of Shira's few acquaintances since she was 14. They were once school mates until Jeremy had decided to drop out, said that school wasn't exactly his thing and all he wanted was to work for a living. Shira wasn't very supportive of his decision, even though she did have a habit of skipping school at least three times a week, but she would never have the guts to just...drop all the way out. “Which one of those is mine?” She asked, motioning toward the box of albums with her chin. Jeremy smiled at her as he reached into the box and pulled out an album with a peculiar cover, still brand new and wrapped in clear plastic. “I wasn't going to forget. You can trust me, grasshopper.” He said humorously, tossing the album to her like a frisby. Shira caught it in one hand, examined it closely, then nodded with a chuckle. “You might be the only person I actually like in this city, Remy.” She said with a tone of approval, leaning forward onto the counter. “I gotta ask you something. Do you know what happened up the street?” Jeremy frowned at her. “What're you talking about?” He asked. “You know what I'm talking about, Jeremy. There's a building burned to rubble up there. It reeks and its a complete eye sore, but it draws my curiosity.” At that, Jeremy's eyebrows rose. “Where the fuck were you, kid?” He all but exclaimed. “Somebody blew that mother fucker up! It was epic! I can't believe you didn't know!” Shira frowned, heading back to the door of the shop to peer through the glass. She could still see part of the ruined building from where she stood, but it was quite distant. Her blue eyes narrowed on it, wondering who would have done such a thing and why.

Vexxen: -I gave the guy who was still blocking my way with his hand a slight glare in the snobbiest way almost as if saying "Look, she wants to talk to me, shoo" I heard the male officer growl a bit in irritation before walking away. Once his hand disappeared from in front of me, I walked closer to the white haired woman, I bowed slightly to both thank her for getting officer annoying off my back and to  greet her since afterall, i was meeting her for the first time. as soon as I lifted my head up to meet her dark eyes, I stared at them for a moment before lightly smiling. " Hello Nora, my name is Vexxen, I felt the need to talk to you about that. "  I pointed off to pile of rubble of what used to be the resturant before wipping my finger to the newspaper in my hand. "I dont think this was by just anyone, if anything the people who did this will show up again and do something worse as if they are out to get something" I looked at her trying to find the slightest hint of disbelief or other skeptical emotions. I couldnt help but feel a slight wave of dread as I suspected that any minute now id be getting shipped to jail for under the category of suspicious persons.. As i looked at  Nora i asked "do i sound suspicious? " i asked-

YuiKiara: Naomy turned on her heel as he passed her, hearing him speak back to her which meant he was not fully ignoring her. Her steps got quicker as she seemed to jog after him, reaching foreword and gabbing hold of the sleeve of his hoddie. Her brows furrowed as she stopped walking but kept a tight hold of him with both hands. She then lifted her head to gaze up at his tall frame, meeting his eyes through his dark goggles. "You are not going to kill my little sister...are you?" She asked in a voice that seemed to be near tears. ------------- Nora stared at the woman bewildered. Her eye studying her closely. When she spoke her name however it took her off guard. How...she jsut meet her but she knew her name?! Nora's brows furrowed at this and tilted her head lightly. What she spoke made sens. If there was one attack there was bound to be another. But still..she was surprised. She glanced around to see if anyone was listening, and all seemed to be focused on their own jobs. "Come with me." She spoke to the woman turning around and leading her towards damaged, mercedes. Andrew looked puzzled by this, but by Nora's body movements, she knew she did not want any others to get involved in this conversation. She got in her car and waited for the female to get in to the passager's seat.

Pallas: -When the woman came to tug on his arm sleeve, he was quick to look down at her with a raised brow. It was rather odd for a stranger to just out of nowhere grab him, but he wasn’t going to cause a scene for a small touch. Then as she talked about her sister, it became abundantly clear as to why she came to talk to him. He laughed a bit at the realization of it all and kept walking with her. He slowed down a bit so the girl wouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with his large steps. With the hand that she wasn’t holding onto, he adjusted his goggles and said to her-“Your sister I’m guessing is the Cop? Yeah, I bet it is…But to answer your question…No. Your sister isn’t on my To Do list. So there’s no need for the ‘sweet girl’ act. I have feeling this isn’t the first time you’ve used an act like this to weaken a man to do what you want. So let’s just skip the games haha.”- As he spoke, he kept his head forward, not looking down at her. His voice was still just as sarcastic as it was before, he wasn’t much a fan of playing the mind games with people and he didn’t like it when others tried to play them on him. So he continued walking, waiting to see how the girl would react to what he said.-

AlessandraSkar: “Y'know,” Shira took a breath, turning to face her friend on the other side of the counter. “For the side of town that's supposed to be so-called 'better', we sure do have all the idiots and psychos on our side. I can only imagine what kinds of rebellious college kids probably chucked some homemade cherry bombs into that place. Those poor folks.” She shook her head with a sigh. “Just a shame I didn't get to see it.” She snickered a bit, looking around the shop as her arms folded over her chest. She began to whistle the tune of the song she'd been listening to earlier then paused. “Hey, Jeremy. Text me when you get off. I'm gonna go ride around for a bit, okay?” Jeremy nodded once in her direction and just as she got her hands on the door, he shouted, “Hey! You're gonna pay for that right?” Shira looked down at the new album in her right hand, then back up at Jeremy. Her expression was blank, taken aback. She didn't respond. “Ha!” Jeremy suddenly burst into laughter. “I'm just kidding, bro! I promised you could take it for free.” Shira narrowed her eyes at him. “You're an ass hole. I hope you know that.” She sounded serious until she couldn't help but smile back. The fact that she'd even gotten a little scared by his question was silly to her. Pushing open the glass door, she walked back out into the sunlight, the wind catching her hair once again as she took a deep breath of the polluted urban atmosphere. She hopped back onto her skateboard, tucking her hands into the pockets of her denim shorts as she casually rolled down the sidewalk. Her sapphire blue orbs stared down at the pavement passing beneath her skateboard's tiny wheels, as if she was deep in thought. She rode in silence until she reached the end of the block, turning around the corner and allowing the decline of the sidewalk to take her.

Vexxen: -judging by Nora's change in facial expression, it was something that i had seen quite often, the look of surprise when I was able to come up with information that had not been verbally exchanged. The easiest way for me to know someone without a verbal exchange would require me to look at them. and almost as if I was sharing memories with them, I would be able to pull out small bites of information. I had watched as her expression had changed and her actions of moving towards her car before asking me to hop in as well. I nodded feeling relief that i wouldnt be ostracized or taken lightly about what i knew and what I am. I looked around a bit being unable to shake off the slight sense of paranoia before i opened the door to the car and sliding into the passenger seat. I looked straight forward as if watching the passing signs in a moving car. I felt a bit paranoid, and if someone was indeed watching me for whatever reason , I didnt want to give off the sense that I knew and was looking for them. I turned slightly, turning to my left, my left leg bent and resting against the seat with my right leg over it with both my hands placed on my lap , my teal eyes scanned the entire car simply examining the interior as I felt a little questioned on how to start the conversation. I broke my own silence by looking at Nora and saying " I was at the resturant last night when it happened" I lifted my right hand up and pointed at the gauze block on my face and wiggled my right foot to show both my injuries. "Luckily it was just a small scrape but as youve been seeing, not everyone has been as lucky, " my voice trailed off a bit as from the side mirror on my side, i saw a stretcher with a body bag pass by. I refocused my attention onto Nora "I know most people would never believe a kid who claims to know things, so feel free to tell me when you've had enough.. or if you need proof" I chuckled a little and pasued for a moment, as if giving her the chance to believe or become a skeptic. "Although it would be easier for everyone to consider this to be some juvenile prank, but I truly believe that this is only the beginning of a long series of events that will happen in Kasaihana city.. I don't know who they are and why they may be doing this but I believe that they are looking for something or someone"-

YuiKiara: Naomy could not help but smile at his answer. Releasing his sleeve as she walked besides him now at the same pace as he. She chuckled however when he spoke of games. "Its amusing...but even as you say cant seem to keep eye contact with me without looking through those goggles of yours." She allowed a small smirk to spread over her lips as her eyes were fixated on his face. However, after a while she glanced around, finding her location before taking hold of his arm and pulling him towards a close by building. "This seem to be melting under the sun not to mention you are very reluctant to take that hood off." She walked in to the building and up the steps, glancing back at him to see if he would fallow. Reaching the door of an apartment, she took out her hairpin and unlocked the door, opening it for him. ----- Nora got in to the diver's seat and buckled her belt. She turned on the engine and began driving down the street, thinking that this way it would be easier to avoid any peeping toms. She glanced at the woman from time to time as she began to speak, and slowly she was calming herself down from the shock also. "You got my attention as soon as you spoke my name kid." Nora replied with a nod. "My information is practically impossible to find, since my personal files are classified. It is mostly for safety reasons. Only those in my department know my name and no one else. And i dont believe you could have overheard it at the distance you were at." Nora explained to the girl as she kept driving. As she was explaining the situation, she could not help but grab hold of something in her voice. "You feel you are in danger?...or some how involved in this without your knowing.." She spoke with clear questioning.

Pallas: -He chuckled a bit at how the woman responded from his statement. Though her comment of the goggles was true, he wouldn’t admit it to her. His eyes were both a predatorily advantage but also a weakness. And at this time, this girl just happened to be around him when they are hindering him rather than helping him. But as she talked about the hood of the sweatshirt having meaning, she was wrong. He looked at her and said-“I can take the hood off anytime haha.”-He then used his hands to pull back on the hood and revealing all of his head. His long black Mohawk lifts up from its hiding place within his hood. When she began to walk towards her apartment, Deucalion was reluctant to follow. It wasn’t exactly the smartest of decisions and it could very easily been a trap. His eyes began to glow a bit under the pitch black goggles while he thought about what he should do. But after a few seconds, he released a breath of air and followed her up to her apartment. When she unlocked the door, he lifted his hand and politely said in his deep voice-“Ladies first.”-And with his hand up, the bone claw inside of his arm moved a bit. He then waited to see if she would lead the way in.-

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