The doors creeked open... Keyths eyes sqwented open as he flopped out of the hole, physcially exhausted. Panting heavily he crawled out. He looked up at the warden who smiled at him. Densukes door latch was opened as well. Keyth looked up, the blaring sun beaming down at him blinding him from looking at the warden. " Did you boys enjoy your 1 week vacation. You both almost died a few times in there." Keyth twitched coughing heavily and shaking his body going through shock. " Drag him back to their cells. Well wait... take them both into seperate cells..." Keyth blinked as the soliders began to drag him through the prison. His head dangling left to right. He pulled him down to the cell and tossed the young boy inside of it. Keyths head hit the pavement, cold floors. His eyes shifting from left to right he began to pull himself up. "Ughn.." He said groaning. He looked up seeing a shrine of a room. Candles everywhere and a large man sitting infront of the shrine, seeming to be praying. Dispite his elderly looks he was extremly built for an old guy. Keyth coughed and began to stand on his feet. " Sit boy." Said the elderly man. Keyth continued to stand. " Fuck you old man.." The elderly man laughed. " You have no respect for your elders. Just like the rest of them." Keyths body would feel a force push down on him making him faceplant to the ground. " But when i tell you to sit boy, then you sit." Keyths body was planted to the ground. The powerful pressure he felt emitting from this man made Keyths body clench. "T-The Fuck is this old man!" The elderly man stood to his 6'7 height looking down at the boy. His bright wild golden eyes giving off a powerful glow of there own, him looking down at Keyth, made his golden eyes glow as well. (( Keyth laid there finally submitting. "..." The elderly man seemed to be in deep thought. "...Ha. So it is true." He pointed down to the boys face. " You bare the Tasanagi seal." He said pointing to his face. " What are you talking about old man..." Keyth said. " The golden eyes... That hair, even those lips. Are all Tasanagi." Keyth turned his head up, eyeballing the man with an angry expression on his face. " You are the son, of my son. I Am... your grand father."

Keyth finally made it back onto his feet. "...Then Grandpa..." He said tilting his head up. " I've read the Tasanagi files. Your supposed to be dead. Maybe if you were in your son's life. He wouldnt be running a muck." The elderly man laughed. " Keyome doesnt need me. He never has." He said walking around. "Hideo told me of my Son's corruption on the day of his birth. He wasnt all ways that way. But it was more than destined to happen." Keyth pulled his body up, coughing a bit as he eyed his grandfather. "...What are you doing here..." He said to the young boy. " Giving up.." Keyth said sitting down on the bunk. "Giving up? HA HA HA!" His grandfather said tilting his head back. " Tasanagi's dont give up! One day, even i will escape this place so i can see my son again." Keyth turned to loook at him. " Werent you a Kagemaru...?" " Yes, i was one of the orginals Gangsters. " " Then that makes you my enemy old man." Keyth said sitting up against the wall. The elderly man eyed his grandson with a look of disapointment. "...But Kagemaru is your blood." " In yours maybe, and maybe my Pychotic fathers. But not mine." He said sliding up and rubbing the back of his neck." My Father, is a monster, and a murduer." The elderly man shook his head laughing. "...Arent we all." He said crossing his arms. " ...." Keyth turned his back on the old man. "...You want to take your father down dont you." " He killed my mother old man, i dont know if tthat means anything to you, but that made him dead to me." The elderly men sighed shaking his head. "So the rumors are true, Keyome has grown beyond the limits of complete corruption." He said crossing his arms. " I tell you what, you do something for me, and ill give you something that will help you defeat your father." Keyth looked up at the elderly man. " And why would you help me take down your son..." " Because i think my died, the day i left." He said closing his eyes. "Go out there, and fight, show me your a Tasanagi with your strength." Keyth looked up at him with a serious expression. " And whats that gonna solve old man..." " Im going to show you something, that will help you remember... now go." The doors opened to the old mans cell and Keyth stood up. As he was walking out the elderly man would call out to him. " Oh... and Keyth. " He said to the young boy. " Call me grandpa Keyvin." Keyth shook his head. " Ok... Old man." He said making his way out, the elderly man shaking his head. " He acts like his grandmother..."

(( crowd of angry of criminals surrounded a ring in the middle of the court yard. The ring had two fighters going toe to toe with one another. In the stands a bit higher, one could see spectators that looked like the rich of D2. Keyth made his way through the crowds. He heard these matches when he had been placed in the box. These were called the 'Out house rounds.' Matches sat up for the rich to make high bets. When ever someone wins over 50 fights, they win back there freedom in exchange for going into the fight ciruct under a manager in the real world. A boxer with flowing gold hair uppercuted a guy in the jaw knocking his head back to the right. It was a painful strike... so sick it made Keyths skin crawl. The boxer began to bounce around in praise. (( How he looked.)) Keyth walked to the ring, and watched as he challanged anyone and everyone. None of the other criminals would step up but Keyth took the ignitive himself to hop into the ring, he took off his top part of his jump suit tieing it around his waist so he just had his tank top on. He readied himself as he eyed the fighter from a distance. The boxer got into his stance, the crowd immedatily began to boo Keyth who got inso some self made fighting stance.  He put his hands up, the boxer charged, sending punch after punch at the boy. Keyth blocked a punch with his right forearm only to take a bounce back and send a punch into the males gut with sheer force. The strike missed as the boxer weaved and then came around with a shocking left hook that made Keyths body go air bourne. He landed on his back, only for the boxer to mount him and start to pummel his fist into the the boys arms as he blocked the hits. Keyth pulled his body up, making his legs grip the boxers head with his feet and with all of his force and might, he'd pull him up and sling the man into the air only so he could get up with a pulling leg over flip. jumping onto his feet with a loud thud, As the boxer was coming down Keyth booted him into the ropes of the ring. He hit the ground, Keyth was panting, blood leaking from his head. The inmate boxer got up and began to shout at Keyth. But this didnt make the male faulter. He kept his ground and waited. As the bouncer came in for an attack, Keyth threw his right hand up, blocking the hit with his arms in an X formation. The impact alone sent the young boy soaring to the ropes with dust flying up behind his feet. As the ropes threw him back into the roll he rolled only to get knee'd in the jaw as he came back up.

The elderly man was watching from afar as the boy fought his hardest. Keyth was slammed, thrown, tossed, smashed, and beaten all around the ring. During the last few moments he managed to pull himself up (( As his body hit the ground one more time his head was bleeding heavily. His eyes shifting left to right as the boxer shouted rallying up the praise. Keyths eyes shot up at the male his eyes going a solid white as he roared at the top of his lungs. All the inmates turned there attention to the boy as he stood to his feet. Chi users could see the heavy red aura wrapping around his body, but... it then turned blue. A Bright blue burning around his body as he crouched down low and took off towards the boxer. The boxer punched but keyth ducked under it, then the boxer sent a rally of punches, keyths body weaving through them all before he managed to send a knee into the mans stomach knocking him back by 10 feet. As the boxer hit the ropes his body would be propelled back over only so Keyth would flip over his body in a spin, kicking the boxer in the back so he'd be sent at the ropes with an even greater velocity. The boxer hit the other sides ropes and was shot out AGAIN, towards Keyth. Keyth still in the air caught the boxer by the back of the head and slammed his head into the ring with such a force that caused a pool of blood to splat under his head. He gronaed in pain and Keyth took no mercey. Still in a hand stand postion he'd slam his body down kneeing the male in the back and causing a shocking pain to shoot through the boxers head. Keyth  began to ground and pound the male in the back of the head over and over before he tapped out, keyth continued through... ultimately... killing the man.(( Keyth stood up roaring, beating his chest and growling at the inmates before he hopped down and walked through the crowd. They eyed him... all of them like they wanted to kill him. Keyth leaped and stood ontop of a basketball goal pointing down at the men. " LISTEN TO ME... AND LISTEN CLOSELY YOU SHITS..." He said as his eye color returned. " THIS IS MY PRISON... MINE. YOUR ALL MY BITCHES. AND YOU ALL WILL RESPECT ME, NOT FOR MY NAME. BUT FOR THE FACT... I AM YOUR KING..." He said breathing heavily. " All of you will either bow! Or be crushed... BY ME!" A large group of men led by a dark haired man with a scar over his right eye were approaching Keyth. " Who the fuck do you think you are kid..." He said with a tooth-pick in his mouth. " You want this Prison? You got some people to go through first, little bitch." Keyth turned to the men, and then the rest of the prisons other gangs approached even the Kagemaru gangs were staring up at the boy cliqued up. Keyth leaped down and landed on right knee. " Then i guess..." He said raising up slowly eying the whole lot of them. " Got alot of killing to do..." He said with a sick smirk on his face. The gangs began to charge but almost within an instant The elderly man appeared infront of the horde of gangs. They all stopped in there tracks staring up in fear. " He's with me..." Keyths grandfather said as he cracked his knuckles. The gangs all began to back up as the elderly man appeard. Keyvin smirked and then turned to his grandson. " You pass... since your picking fights with everyone you idoit. I got someone you need to meet... and ill tell you the things you need to know." Keyth kept his eyes on all of the gang leaders. " I dont need your protection old man." " You fool, these men will tear you up, and leave you out here to dry. If you want to have a better chance, i suggest you remain silent, and follow me." Keyth looked up as the elderly man walked off... he stayed and eyed the men who stood in there places like rabid beast untill Keyth fianlly walked off. Following his grandfather.

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