Getting strong now...Edit

Tasanagi: (( Keyth would bounce around. Claymore behind him in his corner. " OK KEYTH, THIS IS YOUR SHOT, SHOW EM WHAT ARASUMARU MEANS! GO!" Keyth nodded bouncing around in the ring with his opponent. He swung his right hand, rocking him hard, the opponent launched a punch out at Keyths nose, hitting him so hard that he hit his corner. He turned to the right looking at Claymore. " YOU CAN DO IT KEYYYTH SHOW THEM YOUR POOOOWWEER!!!" Keyth roared and shouted at the top of his lungs. " MYYY POWWWWWERR!!!!" The crowd of thirsty blood lusted citizens roared as the two went out at. Keyth was figting, trying to get his name in the underground world to gain respect. Keyth took off sending a quick uppercut into his advirsaries face knocking him into the air. He'd grip the man by his waist, and then slam him into the ring after catching him in mid air. The crowd roared, all of them flooding the ring after Keyth had knocked the man out. " KEYTH, KEYTH, KEYTH, KEYTH!" The shouted as they crowd surfed the boy in the small arena like area. Claymore had him on his massive shoulders. Keyth threw his hands into the hair, shouting at the top of his lungs. " YEAAAAAAAAAH IM THE BEST AROOOUNNDDD!!!!!!!" The crowd cheered, shouting at the top of there lungs. It all... seemed so great. All so awsome.. untill.. " AGGGGG AGGGG AGGGGG AGGGG!" Keyths eyes slightly opened up.. eyeing his alarm clock with great detest. " Ughn..." He'd shut it off. Pulling himself out of bed with an angry look on his face. He'd pull his half naked body up to look out of his window at Kasaihana's night sky. ".... Kinda wish i never woke up.." He said pulling on some pants, and his sweater, making his way out into the streets to get something to eat.

Sezomaru: Ginsei slowly made his way down a street in District Two, heading back towards his apartment in District One. He had just gone on a walk and somehow ended up in the middle of District Two, having gotten lost in his thoughts. He had been thinking about the dream he had.. The experience he had in that world, completely sure that it was real. He glanced down towards his left hip, his eyes looking over the hilt of Yuuyaiba which he had decided to carry. He glanced up towards the dark sky, pushing his hands deep into his jean pockets. He felt strange tonight as if something was flowing through his body, slithering around his bones and his organs as well as through his veins. "Heba..." He mumbled to himself, remembering the pain he went through over and over.

Tasanagi: " AY MAN! CHECK IT OUT, ITS THE PUSSYY ARASSUUU BOOYYYY." A crowd of teenagers surrounded Keyth as they walked around him with chains and lead pipes. Keyth nodded his head when he saw that he was discovered by some Tenchimaru lackies. " You guys better get the fuck out of my face... or im gonna show you.... MY POWER!" He said roaring at the top of his lungs. " AHAHAHA YOU AINT NO LION MAN... YOUR NO GINSEI..." Keyths eyes turned into a dark black as he eyed the 6 of them. Hearing his rivals name. " Hmph. You guys are about to get done in.." He'd pick up a lead pipe of his own, holding it like his blade. " YOUR RIGHT... BECAUSE IM BETTER THEN THE LION..." He said clenching tightly to the leadpipe. " IM THE DRAGON OF ARASUMARU!!" The boys bursted out laughing. " Your a joke! Your clan isnt even real." Keyth held the pipe like a baseball bat. " This ass whoopen is gonna be real..." The boys burst out into laughter again. (( Keyth dashed over, swinging his leadpipe into one of the boys heads knocking him straight out. He'd spin kick, knocking one into the air and following up with a back flip kick that latched into a leg grab in mid air. He twisted his body, plannting the pole into the ground and smashing the dudes head in the ground as his legs drifted down to the ground. He'd kick off the guys body doing a back flip landing on a trash can. he was patting the pipe in his hand over and over again in attempts to scare the boys. " REMEMBER THE NAME... KEYTH TASANAGI.. DRAGON OF THE ARASUMARU CLAN!" He said leaping into the air and slamming his right foot into one guys head booting him into barrols of trash cans. keyth landed on his right knee and then rolled, forward, forcing the pipe up in a diagonal motion, slamming it right into the guys nuts. He'd cough, and cringe. Keyth began to laugh, transitioning up with a hard choke slam into a dumpster with the boys body. He turned to the last remaining ones. " So.. who's feeling jumpy now.." The rest of the Yakuza teens of the Tenchimaru clan began to run off. Keyth crossed his arms, dropping the lead pipe. The group of teens would haul ass out of the alley brushing past Ginsei, one of them bummping him in the shoulder and screaming sorry as they ran in terror down the street.

Sezomaru: Ginsei suddenly stopped walking as he heard a familiar voice yelling, screaming about being the "Dragon of Arasumaru". Ginsei shook his head some, knowing the monkey was near. He turned, glancing behind him down the street just as a few teens brushed past him, one of them bumping against his right shoulder as they ran. Ginsei sighed before turning back around, beginning to make his way down the street again, back towards District One. He was really in no mood to deal with this supposed "Dragon" right now. If he was a dragon.. Then he was a hairy one with strong primate like features. "A dragon.. Right." Ginsei shook his head once more, smirking some while continuing to walk. "Fucking monkey.." He raised his right hand, having pulled it from his pocket, sliding it through his bangs.

Dark greetingsEdit

Tasanagi: Keyth ran out of the alley chasing after them stopping. Putting both of his hands behind his back and bursting out laughing. " AHAAAHAHAH! AND REMEBER THE NAME, KEYTH TASANAGI, DRAGON OF THE ARASUMARU CLAAA-D'ahh.. its you.." He said finally taking notice to his pony tailed avorsary. " Why are you always whereever i am now!" Keyths head would be in chibi form yelling so hard, that Ginsei's hair would be blowing back. " No running today pretty boy! Today!" Keyth said throwing out punches and kicks and getting into the HHS stance. " YOU FIGHT ME, THE DRAGON OF ARASUMARU!" He said to him. The quiet street lights began to flicker as an ominous precense hovered above the boys heads on a street light. Shoruded in darkness so they both wouldnt be able to see him. As Keyth was getting ready to charge the dark force leaped down in between the two. " Well well.." He said standing in between the two, he looked cold... dead almost.(( " Seems as though... you two have an issue with one another.." He said tilting his head up, eying the both of them. " Young boys, should get along. And befriends in this... day and age." He said letting his arms dangle from his body. " AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. " ...Just your nightly provider..." He said walking between the two of them. " my Nanomachines... are hungry.." He said tilting his head up at the moon lit sky. " When there hungry... i have to feed them." He'd begin to float a bit, literally taking on a sort of flight. " Its indeed a nice night... to feed.." Keyth pointed his hand out at the male. " IF YOUR SO FUCKING HUNGRY OUT EAT A SANDWITCH! IM TRYING TO FIGHT THIS ASSHOLE HERE!" The mysterious man turned to the boy with a sick smirk. " Ahhh.. your the boy with the great amount of chi.." He said. " And he.. has quite alot himself. A tremendous amount actually..." He crossed his arms. " You both... will make great meals. " Keyths eyes lit up. " Your some kinda canniable!?" The Mysterious man smirked, clenching his fist. " Nothing... like that..." He said cocking his head to the right. With a blurring speed he would have hit both of the boys with a double palm attack, a powerful amount of force knocking the both of them into a vacant parking lot. No weapons they could use besides the ones they had on them. Keyths body rolled hard untill he made a stop. He looked up eyeing the powerful mysterious man. "..Wish i would brought my fucking sword..." He said holding his stomach and pulling his body up slowly.

Sezomaru: Ginsei stared blankly at Keyth as he went on and on as if he weren't listening to Keyth at all. "Are you done you dumbass monkey? You? A dragon?" Ginsei shook his head, almost smirking. He was about to turn and walk when a figure landed between the two of them. (( He stood there, listening as this strange man spoke about getting along in this day and age and as usual, Keyth gave a dumbass response, yelling around like an untrained ape. Ginsei stared at the guy, noticing how pale and.. Dead he looked. Ginsei slowly moved his right hand towards the hilt of Yuuyaiba, his Dark hadou seeming to come alive inside of him as he sensed a fight coming on. The man spoke about Ginsei's tremendous chi just as his Dark Hadou had started moving. Ginsei was just about to place his right hand onto Yuuyaiba's sheath when the man spoke again in response to Keyth's continued Idiocy. "Nothing... Like that..." He disappeared, slamming his palm against both of the boy's chests, sending them flying backwards into a vacant parking lot. Ginsei slammed against the concrete, rolling to a stop on his stomach. He slowly pulled himself up to his knees, using his arms to push himself up. "What the fuck?..." He reached down towards Yuuyaiba's hilt, grabbing the hilt backwards. He drew Yuuyaiba from it's sheath, holding it backwards as he rose to his feet, not leading that heavy hit mess with him. "Get up monkey... Gonna let this zombie fuck push you around? 'Dragon'?" Ginsei rushed forward, still holding Yuuyaiba backwards. A dark smokey aura began swirling around Yuuyaiba before it encased the edge of the blade, seeming to sharpen it.

Tasanagi: (( Whatever form of attack Ginsei would have attempted at would have been cancled as the man had drifted away over there heads. He hovered over the two until his body drifted down to the earth. Keyth pulled himself up and dusted himself off. " Ill show you.. HOW TO HANDLE ASSHOLES LIKE THIS!" He said charging forward blindly. He'd send out a punch, the man weaved to the right and simply backhanded Keyth into a light pole. A loud DING! Could be heard as he crumbled around it. He coughed.. holding his back and slowly rose to his feet. "..T-Tch!" Keyth, now angry would have dashed back over to him. Brushing Ginsei by his shoulder, basiclly knocking into him on purpose. " SON OF A BITTCHHH!!". Left punch, right punch, drop kick, knee, right knee, jumping round house kick. All of his moves were useless as the man weaved through them all. He'd catch Keyth by his throat holding him high into the air. "...You dont even know of the ability you possess.. And that makes you.. a fool." He said clenching tighter to Keyths neck. He'd stab his claws into his skin, making Keyths body go numb. Lifeless, his eyes rolled to the back. He'd slam his hands into keyths stomach over and over with powerful punches, over and over again, beaten him into nothing. His eyes changed into a bright red. " Do you feel... the power that i have. I do not have Chi, i am dead, a lifeless vessel. You two could be like this, like me... dont you want power...? Dont you want to be strong.." Keyths weak body dangled in his grip. But with his remaning strength he'd mutter out with... " Go dildo yourself..." He said laughing. The Vampric male would slam his hand through Keyths apendage, blood exploding from the wound as he thrusted his hand into the teens body..Not enough to rupture the appendage, but enough pain to knock Keyth unconcious." Haha... now ill drain you dry..." He said bringing his body down slowly. He'd pull Keyths body down so that his unnaturly canines were sharping, getting ready to sink his teeth into the males body. If Ginsei didnt stop this, Keyth would get bitten and slowly drained.


Sezomaru: Ginsei watched as the figure moved above him, ignoring his advance completely. He watched as Keyth charged in before getting backhanded into a pole. Ginsei stood there, staring with a blank face before sliding his left hand through his bangs, trying to keep himself from laughing. He watched as Keyth got back up, charging the guy again though this time he bumped past Ginsei which made him glare slightly. Ginsei stood there, watching Keyth's failed combos. This figure seemed to be just easily dodging them as if it were no problem at all. Ginsei shook his head, beginning to awaken his Dark Hadou, causing it to violently swirl inside of him, beginning to flow around his body, causing his hair to slowly float into the air, ripping his hair tie to pieces. He shook his head slightly as it seemed as though Keyth had been killed by this dead man. He spoke about having power as well as trying to persuade them to want his power. Ginsei activated his Kusei form, the whites of his eyes turning black. (( Ginsei glared at the guy as the dark line like designs appeared under his eyes. He suddenly heard a voice in his head, laughing. The voice was too familiar as it spoke. "Yesss.. Darknessss.. Isss alwaysss yourss." Ginsei charged forward, flipping Yuuyaiba around so that it was being held upwards. He disappeared, his pure speed from Kusei taking effect as he appeared in front of the dead man, slashing his blade diagonally downwards, his slash starting at the left shoulder, dragging and ripping down towards the right hip. Regardless of the success or failure of this attack Ginsei would then slash two more times, one horizontal slash that went from the right side to the left, and then an upwards diagonal slash that went from the left side up towards the right shoulder. Each slash if connected would be deeper than they should have been due to the use of YamiMikaduki which made his slashes deeper and longer by one inch.

Tasanagi: Each slash made there mark, bursting through his body. A dark ooze leaked from the new open wounds as the last strike got stuck into his flesh. (( " Impressive boy..." He said gripping Ginsei's blade tightly in his hand. He'd pull the blade down, licking his own blood off of it with an unusual tongue. " You show much... much promise.." He said gripping tightly to his weapon. " But you play all of your cards before the match has truly started. " He leaned forward. " Why so in a hurry to be rid of your opponent... are you... afraid.." he said hissing at the boy. His body would simply phase through the blade and he took a step back. Ripping Ginsei's weapon out from him with ease. He lifted his hands up. Sending a sonar like sound out from his ears as bats began to float around above his head. " Ha ha ha..." He looked down at Ginsei and simply pointed. As he did, the bats would start to flutter around him. Attempting to bite, and slash at his skin. " Do you like this power...? Let my pets feast upon you.. and you two shall have what i have." Keyth lay limp on the ground. His heart throbbing. By this time, Ginsei would more than likely have his hands full fighting off all 200 of the blood thirsty bats. Keyths body was numb. His eyes didnt even move, dead locked in a blank stare. "...." The Vampric male watched as the bats would do their jobs. His hands resting on his new wounds he'd close his eyes. They'd slowly start to heal, though they werent doing it right away like they normally would. " Impressive that one is. And your supposed to be the son of Tasanagi? Pathateic... ill make this boys death painless. But yours... shall be gruling.." He said kicking Keyths numb body in the ribs as he walked towards Ginsei who was batttling his pets.

Sezomaru: Ginsei was about to begin a flurry of slashes before the blade of Yuuyaiba was grabbed by this man. He slowly licked the blood from Yuuyaiba. Ginsei heard as Heba cracked up laughing at the fact that this man was asking if Ginsei was scared. Ginsei took a step back as this dead man raised his hand, a huge group of bats flying from the dark sky in response to some sort of sonar that this guy had released. The bats began swirlign around Ginsei, ripping, tearing, and biting at his flesh. Ginsei was slashing around, hitting bats left and right though they were too much for him. There were simply too many bats to take down. He heard the hissing voice of Heba in his mind. "Let me have control... I'll get you out of thisss.." Ginsei's eyes widened before everything went dark. Ginsei suddenly was able to see but everything around him was dark despite this strange light shining down. The darkness soon changed, the shrine appearing around him. The same scene from his dream that he had. He looked up, seeing Heba sitting in front of him on the broken throne. "Well.. Letting me have control.. Smart idea. Now.." He slowly rose from the throne, walking towards Ginsei. "I'll show you.. My true human form.." He slowly changed, his shape changing into a more curvacious body structure, his hair shortening slightly. ( The form of a woman soon stood before him and Ginsei's eyes widened slightly. "A woman?.." The woman nodded. "Yesss, I'm Heba. In other words... Your mother." She grinned as she stared at him over the rims of her glasses. Ginsei stared at her, his face blank. "My son.." She grinned devilishly. "Your foolish father.. He saw me and couldn't help his poor little soul. He just had to have me.. So I let him. Partially because I felt the darkness he had within him.. The potential a child could have.. The potential you have and are realising.." She threw her head back, laughing before she slowly walked up to him, sliding her right hand onto his cheek. Ginsei found that he couldn't move, he was frozen in place. "My dear.. Dear son.. I've given you power just by giving you life... Realize your potential.. Now that you know the truth.. What do you plan to do?" She leaned in, kissing her nose before slowly fading away into darkness. The scene disappeared, darkness surrounding him again. His eyes suddenly opened and the bats laid massacred on the ground. *OUTSIDE VIEW* Ginsei would have suddenly gone crazy, his arm slashing around like a madman, bats being taken down left and right, his arm and blade barely even a blur as it took out every bat. *END* Ginsei stared at the dead man before him, a blank and cold look on his face.

Tasanagi: The vampric male began to clap. " Yes, indeed you are impressive... but.." His body would literally disperse. To Ginsei he'd see 5 versions of the male but in actuality. He was just moving, that fast. By traveling at great speeds, he can acquire the relativistic mass of such speed to land blows which can hit with tremendous force. Using nothing but his hands. He'd send out 5 unreadable strikes of massive speed that with each strike. Would knock him into the next one. Basiclly Ginsei would be knocked around in a hexagon shape over 10 times over and over again. Each strike being different from punches, to kicks, to elbows and backhands. The Vampric males power was overwhelming, even for the trained Ginsei. He's truly capable of fighting at incredible speeds, striking his opponent in rapid succession that may even kill opponent's instantly. His attacks may cause more damage than normal due to gaining kinetic energy, and thus momentum, produced through the speed of each hit. While blasting himself around 5 times with tremendous power. He was using the power of his acceleration to create an even more powerful damage factor. to accelerate himself at high speeds, often transforming himself into destructive projectiles in the process. This 5 hit combonation was so fast, it literally happened in an instant. Doing the 5 hit combo literrally 10 times. The last strike would end with Ginsei being drop kicked into a SUV, crashing hard into the passenager sides car door. His foot would literally be smoking due to the friction build up.

Sezomaru: Ginsei's face remained blank as the man before him turned into five before disappearing, his speed was utterly incredible as the first hit smashed into Ginsei, thus beginning a hexagonal pinball machine, Ginsei being the ball. He was smatched around in that five hit combination all ten times, his Kusei helping him to sustain a bit of the damage though it took its toll, causing Ginsei's Kusei form to waver a bit, starting to fade before he quickly regained his form just as he was drop kicked, sent falling into the passenger side door, destroying it completely. Ginsei laid in the remains of the door on the passenger seat as the SUV flipped over from the sheer force of Ginsei's body connecting with it. Ginsei lay on what was now the roof of the SUV, cuts all over his face from the glass of the SUV. He coughed, blood falling from his mouth as he slowly tried to crawl out of the flipped SUV, his Kusei form having faded upon impact.

Sons of DarknessEdit

Tasanagi: (( Keyths fingers began to twitch. " GET UP KEYTH!" His heart thummped. He could hear... " GET UP KEYTH!" His fingers scratched at the gravel. " N-Nora..." he said barely. " I Have something to fight for now... because of you.." His grandfathers voice said in his head. " I love you Keyth.." He said hearing his mother. " You got some spunk kid." He heard claymore say. " Stupid monkey..." He heard Ginsei in his head. " Your weak..." He finally heard Keyome say. Those bright golden eyes staring down at him as they drifted into the shadows. His body drifted into an endless darkness as he heard the taunts. " YOUR WEAK, YOUR WEAK... YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A REAL CLAN." " Your not strong enough..." Keyth began to speak within the very depths of his mind. " Im not weak..." His lips starting to move in reality. " Im not... weak.." He said again, a bright blue and red light shinning over his body in his subconcious state. " IM NOT.... WEAKKK!!!!!!!!!!" He said as his muscles tensed up in reality. (( The ground errupted under keyth with a loud BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!!! He began to stand, his eyes a bright snow white no pupils, or iris. His hair flung up, blowing in the wind as he truned to face the vampric male. His hair was blowing wildy due to the chi flourshing, exploding from his body. " AGGGGGGGGGGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Keyth said shouting at the top of his lungs. The vampric male turned around. " WH- WHAT..." He said eying him from a distance. " He managed to stand.." He turned to look at Ginsei. " And he's... not dead.." He began to think to himself, shaking his head. " What... are these boys..." Keyth stood there in a barbaric stance. He'd grip a pole channling his chi into it... shapping it, suddenly Yamisuki appeared in his head in a bright red light. He roared again, it sounded like a lions roar. He had managed to call forth his blade. It was apart of who he was. He gripped the blade in his right hand as he stared down the male with those anger filled eyes. The Vampric male had travled over to Keyth firing a punch with so much speed that when it connected to Keyths face, all the windows in the area would explode with force. Glass littering the parking lot. But... Keyths body didnt even budge. He shifted his eyes onto the Vampric male and with an diagonal slash with the blade, the force would have knocked him high into the air by 10 feet. Keyth leaped into the air, gripping the Vampric male by the neck, And lunging his blade so hard into his stomach that it ripped through the back. He'd boot him off his blade, sending him further into the air. Keyth landed. Watching as the Vampric male had drifted down to the ground. Keyth literraly used his chi to blast him up.. yet.. with some kinda force he was holding him in place. " I-IMPOSSIBLE!"  said the vampric male, shouting at the top of his lungs. Keyth began to slash his blade out with an intangable speed. VWOOSH... VWOOSH.... VWOOSH.. VWOOSH,VWOOSH,VWOOSH,VWOOSH. The speed became so bluuring that the last strike was a back flip kick which knockd the male into a building literally 300M away. Keyth roared at the top of his lungs. The vampric male stood from his crash landing, holding his heavily wounded body. " well... so, you are.. the son of the Tasanagi man." Keyth simply stood there like a rabid beast. The Vampric male would tilt his head up. " Well... im kinda pissed off now..." He said leaping back down to the boys. Police sirens starting to go off in the background. He looked around, then back at the boys. Slowly taking a few steps back into the darkness of an alleyway as if he were never there.

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