Rainy daysEdit

YuiKiara: Her eye went wide when he tackled her to the floor and started to press his fingers in to her sides and in to the most sensitive spots, giving her the ticklish sensation that sent her in to a unsettles state. She could not help as her voice came out with both laughs and yells for him to quit i, turning on her side then the other, holding her hands out then grabbing hold of his wrists to stop him. She laughed so loud, the whole neighborhood must have heard her, and that seemed to triggered Keyth to laugh along with her. Laughter...such a thing to do. It was as if they were kids again. Once he stopped, Nora had tears in her eyes by now from laughing so hard. Also quite breathless. "You...asshole.." She spoke between a few more chuckles and deep breaths. Moving an arm over her face to cover her eyes as she kept the smile on her lips. She chuckled a third time when he spoke of himself being a boar. He leaned down to kiss her, but seemed to stop. She felt saddened by that. When he sat up she also got up with his help. But just when he least expected, got on her tiptoes and kissed him, her arms wrapping around his neck and tilting her head to deepen the kiss. After a few moments in to the kiss, she pulled away ever so slowly from him and smiled. "No a pretty persistent master. I will tame both the rogue puppy, and the wild boar." She whispered against his lips before letting go of him and turning around, cupping her hands behind her back she began to walk towards the stairs leading back up on the top ledge and to the door. Halfway up, she looked down at him and shrugged her shoulders ever so lightly. "After a bit wild myself." The wind of the night blew against her frame, making her hair wisp around wildly before she tilted her head up. "I guess the two of us connect that way, dont you think?"

Tasanagi: Keyths eyes were wide open when she kissed him back, his eyes fluttering before he fell into the kiss. She pulled away, her very taste leaving him in a daze as he blinked. He pulled himself back to reality when she began to speak to him. His eyes low he could feel his stomach turn ever so lightly as he gripped at it, butterflies. " Your about as wild as a pack of soap Nora.." His eyes watched as her mysterious figure looked so graceful. He said chuckling following behind her.  He'd hold her hands as they passed down the hall to get back to his apartment together. Once they made there way back would have gotten into the shower, still getting used to the mechanics of the shower room he'd hop in and out of the water untill it fit his bodies right feel. The warm water drenched his body completely as he stood there, allowing the memories of those from the past cloud his mind, flooding his thoughts with images of his family, and assumptions on who his father was. Keyth pressed his head against the cold shower wall, allowing his dark hair to hang over his face as he drifted further into a sea of thought. His  mind raced... he missed his mother though he never truly spoke of her around others he figured that'd be the best thing to do. His overly toned body shinned with a bright gloss as he stood out of the shower. Keyth was always way to comfterble with himself, and way to naive about city life. Stepping out of the shower he'd walk his wet body right over to where ever Nora was, his hair hanging over his face. His... uh, male part hanging and swinging around quite obnxiously. " How do you get the water to turn off Nora... it's not working." He said scratching his head, standing over to look at her with a clueless look on his face.

YuiKiara: Nora went in to the master bedroom and plopped down on the bed, taking out her phone and looking through messages from the office and browsing the net for the latest cases that were assigned to her office. Keyth went to take a shower and she still had to finish those cookies. After she got herself updated on all the cases, she was about to go and put the dough up and finish it up tomorrow. However, just as she was about to get off the bed Keyth walked out of the shower butt naked. Her eye went wide then as she caught a glimpse of his full naked form before turning around covering her face while yelling. "Oh my lord!!" He asked her how to turn off the shower and she could feel herself turn as red as probably a full ripened tomato. "J..Just push down the knob, push down the knob." She quickly answered, her eye wide and desperately trying to fight the image of him that constantly popped within her mind. She knew this was probably nothing to him, but she could not help her reaction.

Tasanagi: He blinked in confusion as she yelled out towards him. " Just... turn the knob..?" He said looking back the shower that was now over flowing with water, splashing all onto the floor. "... Well. ok?" He said turning around and walking towards the bathroom attempting to turn it off. Coming out of the bathroom he was wearing a White tank top and shorts, his eyes were low he almost seemed tired. "...You didnt have to yell at me youknow..." I said walking over and sitting on the bed with her. Closing my eyes.

YuiKiara: She heard him come in the the room and sound a bit hurt for having yelled at him. She was shocked, her voice probably raised a bit too much. Turning to face him once more, she lowered her gaze guiltily and slowly reached up to remove her eye patch, revealing to him her silver eye. "Sorry surprised me is all...that's the first time seeing you nude and..all." She blushed deeper when she actually said those words, covering her mouth lightly and turning her head away. "Im usually use to surprise but...i was not expecting that...and.." Her voice trailed off with her apology to him.

Tasanagi: He'd turn his attention to her fully, looking at her eye gazing at it. Could have been noted as a stare. "..And how'd your eye get like that?" He said running his fingers across her eyebrow lightly as he looked at her with a light smile on his face. " Hey, it's kind of cool. Like a wolfs eye, the really wise one. Who lost there eye in a fight." He said pulling his hand back as he waited for to tell him the story behind her eye if she chose too.

YuiKiara: She gazed down at him, feeling his finger move over her brow and complimenting her eye. She had never really thought of that. She always saw it as something ugly, sometimes even disgusting, a diss-formation on her body. Unattractive...But at this words she felt herself blush deeper and lean in to hi touch, closing her eyes. "The story...huh...such...a bad story. But probably not as sad as your own." She opened her eyes again to gaze at him, a smile spreading over her lips."I'll keep it simple though. My family got attacked one day. Parents were murdered by the bandits, and as my sister was about to take a blow, i jumped in front and took it instead right across the face. I lost my sight in this eye." She spoke brushing her fingers over her own eye. "All for the sake of money...people would kill, rob, destroy...everything that can damage anther's life. But thats why i became what i did now. Im hoping to create a new world where people dont have to look over their shoulders. Or get scared of being attacked in their own homes."

Tasanagi: (( (( the rain goes with it goto 7 minutes with the other link too, put em together ;D))He'd look at her out of the corner of his eye yawning a bit as he shook his head. " Trying to save everyone arent cha." He said giving her a light smirk. Looking outside rain began to pour down from the sky in a heavy stream as it began to lightly spread across the city. Keyth rubbed the back of his neck as he watched the rainfall for himself. "..." He stood up and looked out the window (( what keyth would have been looking out of, minus the girl haha.)) " You cant.. save everyone though. I hope you.. do know that right.." He said as lightning flashed lightly, causing his body to light up, and then be subbcumed to the darkness of the storm. "..Being a hero, isnt easy, nor is worth it to be honest but. If thats your dream...then go for it you know.." Keyth kept his hands against the glass, simply listening as he closed his eyes turning his head to look at her out of the corner of his eye. "... Im getting kind of out of it now..." He said rubbing his eyes as he turned to look at her. Slowly her sluggishly made his way over to her. Then, lazily, he'd flop ontop of her laying right across her lightly, in a way to force her to lay down in the bed with him. His head rested on her chest, his right arm around her stomach, holding tightly, his muscles ripping through his shirt as he kept hold of her. His hair was down,it was long, and shaggy due to him not cutting it, or tending to it for some time. His head snuggled against her breast though he didnt mean to be peverted. He called them his pillows, which he wasnt sure how she felt about that really. "... Thanks for staying over... Nora..I hope your meeting tomorrow goes well.." He said closing his eyes, listening to the rain slowly as he began to drift off.

YuiKiara: Nora watched him get up and walk towards the window which now was splattered with raindrops. The lights of the city becoming a bit fuzzy due to the heavy rain but still beautiful. As he spoke, she knew quite well that it was all true. She knew from the start. She smiled at him, lowering her eyelids lightly over her black and grey eye. "I know...but i will at least try...if i dont, i will regret it in the afterlife." She replied back to him silently, suddenly having the desire to get up and wrap her arms around him in an embrace, as to comfort him. He seemed to be a bit down tonight, or possibly just tired. She did not get the chance to do so however as he came back to the bed and let him large frame fall on top of her. Her eyes widened as she fell back against the bed, glancing down at him curiously. "Keyth.." She whispered his name, but when she felt his head rub against her breast she jolted lightly and raised her legs up his sides, her eyes closing tightly and her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. He did not seem to realize this but, with every touch he offered, every whisper in her ear and every kiss, she was becoming so very sensitive to him. An inexperienced virgin, she was getting aroused by such small things. Nora always cursed herself mentally, not believing that she could tolerate a several bullets being shot in her body but to fall so sensitive to this man's simple touch. Her hands moved on his head as her fingers slid through his messy hair, gently untangling the strands with her fingers. Lowering her legs back on the bed she took in soft breaths to calm herself, closing her eyes slowly as she held him to her. "Whenever you need me, simply call and i will be here. As i am sure you will for me."

Give or takeEdit

Tasanagi: (( cigeratte sat in his mouth as he leaned against the old Mustang. It was jet black and it chromed on the edges, silver rims. His dark hair hung over his dark and pondering eyes. He'd turn his wrist, looking at his watch. And then looking around again. "...Women.." he said flicking the cigeratte. It'd hit the ground, rolling to the feet of some random thug. " Yo! Old man, give us your money, c'mon pops.... whatcha think your doing in this part of district 1, you got a fuckin death wish old guy!?" He said laughing with his friends. " Im waiting for a friend guys.. dont make this worse on yourselves..." His left foot tapped at a pole under the soles of his feet. "...Well.. it just got real bad old man..." The thug said as he pulled out a large combat knife. Qingting sighed and put both hands in his pockets, pulling out his box of cigerattes he'd place one in his mouth and light it. firing the smoke from his nose as he tilted his head back. The thugs charged, Qingting rolled his left foot, making the pole hop on the front of his foot, then he kicked it up, catching it with his right hand like a soccerball, all the while he flicked his cigeratte into the eye of one of the random thugs, spinning his body and using the pole to knock them all off there feet, where he then began to brutally beat them to death. The men screamed in pain as he dealt death blow after death blow. " Marshal! Law! Duplex!" Qingting said after dealing the last death blow. The Martial law duplex, a system that the Detectives of the Kasaihana Detective task force uses. The Martial law Duplex Is similar to its original definition,“Military government involving the suspension of ordinary law. “ But, in Kasaihana city, there is no Army simply the massive police unit the KPD. The average police officer is only meant to do so much and with the overwhelming force of the Yakuza clans and street gangs they need the extra help to actually succeeded. The Detectives in this point and time are much more than what they used to be. They are trained as soldiers similar to marine or special operative training. They are trained in many forms of powerful martial arts. Highly trained in Stamina and Driving tactics that are only trained by the best drivers that Kasaihana can offer. More than soldiers than cops the Martial law duplex wants the detective unit to be able to infiltrate the Yakuza ranks and bringing them down at all cost, and with any way possible, in lamens terms... a liscences to kill. Stretching Qingting yawned making his way to the hood of his car after fixing his suit. "...If she's any later.. im leaving her." He said sliding his fingers through his hair.

YuiKiara: Nora walked out of the complex building which Keyth's apartment was located in, pulling on her eye patch. She got a phone call from Qingting telling her he was already here. So giving Keyth one last kiss and leaving him a note telling him she had gone, she got dressed in her uniform and headed out. She straightened her black jaket, pulled her hair back in a ponytail and took out her black gloves from her back pocket. She was sliding them on as she was approaching Qingting's car, seeing him leaning back against it moving a hand through his hair and looking a bit frustrated, his clothes slightly messy which, usually, was not like him. Knowing how much pride he took in his looks. Her eye however wondered down the street to some body's laying on the stone pavement. Her eye widened then in shock as she turned her gaze back up at him. She knew they were dead from the lack of life in the man's eyes. "Was that really necessary Qingting?!" Nora raised her voice as her expression turned from calm to anger. This man had no self control and no care for people, she could not even comprehend how he became a KPD in the first place. His heart was a block of stone. Nothing more. Just stone. And she had to compete against such a person to keep her position? Bullcrap!

Tasanagi: Qingting shrugged and shook his head. " They were below human life." He said as he stepped into his car. " Come on, we have a big meeting today." He said smirking at the lady. Winking at her.(( If she entered the car with Qingting would have started it, and began to drive back into a large amount of rubblle rather quickly, his speed picking up faster and faster as he floored it into the rubble with the same amount of speed going faster and faster. Untill... the very last seconds the rubble opened up like doors and something latched onto the car. It made it turn around and face the right way. Sending them flying through some futuristic tunnel. " Right now... were going through Distrixt 1, and 2. In the time frame of 5 minutes. This type of tech wont be released into the city untill another 3 years, Us District 3 people use it all the time.." He said taking a drag from the cigeratte as he leaned back in his seat. Flashing lights could be seen as the travled faster and faster through some kind of self pushing tunnel that pushed his car on some platform all the way. " You smoke?" He said handing her a box of cigerattes. " You should let that fuckin pet of your go, there are real men here in District 3 you know, not boys playing bad boy.." He said placing both of his hands behind his head. He was old enough to be her father. After a few moments they had reached district 3, the tunnel opened up to show the beautiful city.(( how it looked.)) " Welcome.. to District 3..." He said as the platform fired his car into the air, the car would shift and turn into a flying vechile model as it began to soar through the air, Qingting piloting it the whole time as they flew past other flying cars and all. " Ever been ina  flying car? I know they dont have alot of these Back in D1, And two." He said with a cocky smirk. " Come live here... and you'll be able to get one."

YuiKiara: Nora clenched her jaw and entered the car. In there she texted the office about new bodies having been found but did not tell the cause of their deaths. It would be pointless to tell anyway since Qingting has a license for this. As she did but rarely did she use it. Only in extreme cases where she had no other choice. As the car went full speed, she held on to her seat belt and closed her eye tightly. This guy was a maniac!!!! However she was shocked when the car suddenly went through a tunnel. He explained to her how they were going through district one and two, the she once more saw the beauty of District 3. It was almost nostalgic seeing it again. This is where she did her training in to the KPD. Where she was taught the history of the city and the ways of an officer. She wanted to see if the old man, her trainer, was still alive and how he was fairing. She found herself smiling lightly as she pressed her hand against the window, gazing at the grand buildings. She was dispatched in to district one's office where she was promoted head officer. Both a curse and blessing. Now to return brought memories back from her when she was but a teenager. She glanced back at Qinting, her smile vanishing. "No thanks, i prefer to feel the road under my wheels."

Tasanagi:" Suit yourself.." He said he pulled into the District 3 KPD Head quaters. It looked like a futuristic fortress. He landed his car in a helipad and stepped out dusting his clothing off. " After you m'lady." He said placing both his hands behind his back as they entered into the building. Qingting pressed his hands on a pad, which opened up a sector for them to enter through. He'd pass through the hallways, his hands deep in his pockets. Reaching a room the name read " Stone-fist Jackson." Qingting smirked. " And this is far as i can take you, in there is our commander and chief simply open the door and he'll be waiting for you." He said as he began to walk down the hall further down whistling a tune to himself. " Now now, dont be scared. He wont bite, much. Ahhh i cant really tell with that guy." After hitting the corner Qingting pulled out his cell phone. " The birdies in the cage." He said, then hanging up the phone as he made his way down to his car whistling the tune still.

YuiKiara: Nora fallowed Qinting down the hall as he opened the door with a sensor. She glanced at her surroundings, taking not of every door, corner, and every noticeable crack on the wall. Kind of a defense reflex when entering unknown territory. As they stopped at a door, Nora read the words carefully before glancing at Qinting once more. He took his leave after that, telling her she would be on her own now. Assuring her that the boss was not a biter...or..not much of one. Then gave up saying he never even could tell with the guy. Nora placed a hand in her pocket then and released a sigh as he turned a corner and vanished from sight. She looked at the door once more. Raising her hand and turning it, she knocked at it with her end of her middle finger politely before turning the knob and going inside. "Pardon the intrusion, I am Nora head officer of district one. I was called here?" She spoke out peeking within the room before entering it fully.

Tasanagi:(( " Ahh.. good to  know... you made it.." Said the voice. " Please.. do take a seat..." Two heavily aromured men stood in the door way of the room. Maru Jeitai soliders... (( The chair which was faced towards a large sky window slowly turned to show... no one other than the Notorious Yakuza leader, Kagemaru clan Chairmen Keyome Tasanagi. His wild golden eyes piercing down at the female with a light smirk on his face. He kept his head tilted to the right as he eyed her, rubbing his chin hair he'd have a cigeratte in his mouth. " I bet your wondering... how i got in her.." He said ashing the cigeratte and putting both of his hands together. " Well my child, if you've been in the busniess for as long as i have... you learn alot of things, haha. Alooooott... of things. And you gain.. alot of good friends. If your looking for that Stone Jackson guy? Well... he's long gone now. Dead more than likely." Keyome slid his hands through his hair. " Young lady, you have something i want, and your going to give it to me." Keyome said looking her in the eye with a peachy smile on his face. His eyes flashing a bright red for a moment. "...?" He'd do it again... his eyes glowing a brighter red this time. "Just as i thought.. Haha, so you may have some form of Hadou within you as well..." He said making a refernces to the technique he just tried perform. " That would have typically had your mind boggled and i'd have you under my trance, you would have done whatever i asked. You have a strong will child. But... no matter. Where... is... my son." He said smiling at her once again.

Sick realityEdit

YuiKiara: Nora entered the room, but when she was told to take a seat, she decided to remain standing. Something in her gut was giving her waning signals. She glanced back at the men at the door before turning her gaze at the turned chair. She heard a man's voice speak, and felt her muscles tense lightly as it turned. The leader of the KPD. The chairman. Not many got to see his face, and now she would be one of the few to do. However, when he turned around, her eye widened as she stood up straight, her heart almost jumping within her throat. Keyome Tasanagi, a man that was at the top of the KPD threats list. How...w..why! Nora almost pulled out the gun she had hidden in her pocket, her hand rested firmly on it, but stopped herself as he began speaking. She had something he wanted? What the hell could she possibly have that was of his need? She saw his eyes flash and she released a light gasp as she felt a pressure within her head. She flinched and stepped back, pressing a hand against her head. But somehow managed to stay conscious. As he asked of his son. Nora's eye widened once more, looking at the man in pure disbelief. She was just now studying his features closely. His way..not possible. "Keyth' cant be you. Its not you!" Nora took another step back as she felt a shiver run through her body, her heart dropping.

Tasanagi: ((" Keyth... is that his name?" He said putting both of his hands together. "...Keyth, Tasanagi..Haha... Haaha... HAHAHAHAAH! My baby boy!.... is here..." He said leaning back in his seat a bit shaking his head as he soon stood up to look out at District 3. His whole person.. would give off a terrifying and demonic aura. " My son, who was takin from me.. by those tribual sluts. They tricked me, those whores.." He said as he put both of his hands together. "...I have no sons.. besides Keyth, all i have are daughters, and though i love my children..." He turned. "...I need my son.." He began to pace. " He must run the Kagemaru Zaibatsu.. my life will be drawing to an end pretty soon. I know he's been in this city for some time.. but he has... so much evil in him, so much darkness.. that i cant find him and sniff him out. He'll be much worse than I, Keyth, shall be the monster that plagues this land with an Iron fist, like he was designed... to be.." He said rasiing his fist into the air. " My child, my baby boy who was taken from me... they knew i would need him, so they tricked me, i was blined by greed and power. They offered that to me, and in exchange? My seed. So i did it, giving them all children they unlocked my darkness within to its FULL!" He clenched his fist and a random dent in the wall would appear. "...Potential.." He turned to the young lady. " So beautiful, i knew of your parents you know.. smart people." He said pacing. " They made beautiful children you know? You..... And your sister.." He said that with empahsies. "... Yes, your sister she is beautiful isnt she?" He'd turn on a small flat-screen in the room showing her tied up in some basement. "My Adopted daughter loves to experiment on people, she has a sick habit of doing such. Hahaha... Tell you what." He placed both of his hands together and smirked with a sick girn, a chester grin. " Bring me Keyth, by the end of this week, giving you 4 days... or your sister, will be taking a long... long vacation." He said laughing sinster like his eyes flashing a bright red as he chuckled that evil laugh.

YuiKiara: Nora trembled as she watched the man pace and rant, she tried her best to keep her cool. She was terrified by this man. She forced her body not to tremble and her blood not to run cold. She clenched her jaw as he spoke of Keyth becoming a monster. "No, Keyth is not a monster.." She spoke as her voice shook. "Hes loving, kind, he wants to become a KPD like me..he like you.." She felt herself shiver. But then as he began to speak of her parents and sister she tensed completely. Her eye widened in terror as the screen came on showing her sister tied up, belt foreword in a leather chair, sweat dripping down her brow as her expression looked pained. Her hair a mess and her clothes almost torn. Her eyes were clothes and her breathing heavy. Nora took a shaking step foreword. "Naomy..? Naomy!!!" She yelled out, but her sister could not hear. Naomy felt herself going weak in her knees as her options were given. Her eye turned back to the bastard as she took the gun out of her pocket and pointed at him, firing a shot that went right past his head. Her dark eye turned a lighter color, an almost silver like the other as her expression went completely blank. "Release her you son of a bitch!" She yelled out in pure furry.

Tasanagi: (( had actually moved his head to dodge the bullet. His right hand zipping up at an intesne speed. " Now now." He said showing her the bullet he just caught. " You cant save her here.. she cant hear you, and im the only one who knows where her location resides. Play nice, do as your told. And she wont die, nor get hurt. We'll take care of her... like a dog." He dropped the bullet. The gaurds men at the door had there rifles pointed at the females back. Locked and loaded. " Keyth... could never become a cop, and even if he did. The Yakuza, the KAGEMARU... runs in his veins. He will be what i want him to be, what he... is destined... to be.. " Keyomes eyes would glow a bright red  and she'd get a slight vision of a slightly older Keyth leading the Kagemaru, having the city full control, and around the world as well. Death and despair plagued the land, the sky looked like a hell red. The clouds a demonic black. The vision would soon fade as keyome appeared suddenly on the other side of the room. "... Now go, Men.. Escort Miss Haruko out of here please." He said waving his hands dimissevly. " Make Keyth goto the Kagemaru Zaibatus building, tell him who is father is. He shall come... he will want to meet me, he will have questions. And the moment he steps foot in that building. Your sister will be returned to you... Now go, before you make me angry.." He said crossing his arms, keeping his eyes focused on the ground. The two soliders would both reach out for one of her arms each and pull her along down the hall to where Qingting would be waiting with a bright smile if she allowed it.

YuiKiara: Nora was shocked to see the bullet between his fingers. Petrified momentarily. But as he spoke again she wanted nothing more than to push her fist through his mouth just to shut him up. She dropped her gun, knowing it would be useless now as her eye turned back to its original color. She bit back a growl. Her chest ached, her whole body ached and felt numb. She wanted this man dead, and never in her life did she desire death on anyone. He was the first, and the feeling was mutual. Keyth's father, why...why did it end up being this man? Her Keyth...becoming a monster. No...she wont let that happen. The future she envisioned with him. She loved him. She wont let him! As she was escorted out, she did not struggle, knowing quite well she would be outnumbered and preferred leaving without any broken bones. As they brought her back to Qinting, her glare raised to meet his eyes. And before he could say a word, she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and punched him as hard as she could right in the face. Her arm going back and coming down full force. "It was you...wasn't captured my sister and brought her here you fucking asshole." She spoke in almost a growl as she tried to kick him also as hard as she could. She knew no one else would have been able to catch Naomy. No one.

Tasanagi: Getting punched in the face he hit the ground hard, his face hitting the side of the car, then when he got kicked he wheezed air from his lungs. He held his stomach shaking his head. " Heh.. Heh.. Damn straight i did.." He said looking up at her whiping the blood from his lips. " I did what i had to do.. This city, is a tough place, and sometimes. A Dirty deal is the best investment of your life. Haha, im fucking rat.. i cant help that." He said slowly standing back up to his feet. Eying the female as he shook lightly getting back to his feet.

YuiKiara: Nora shook with rage as she listened to him speak, her fists clenching resisting the urge to just beat him to death right here. She turned her head and moved a hand over her eyes, a few tears streaming down her cheek as she kept seeing the image of her sister flash in her mind, the imaged of war and despair in the city. He dream of a safer world, crushed, and her only family near death. Her only way to save her was to give up the person she came to love so deeply, the man of her life. Whom might end up destroying the city and become like his father....NO Keyth was not like that!!!! He would never become a monster. He was not a monster. She knew his heart, he wont....She opened the car door then got in and slammed it shut. "Drive me back right now and dont say a word to me or i will blow your brains out.." Nora threatened as she blinked back more tears that wanted to escape her eyes, wiping away those already visible. She will get her revenge, if her big sister was going to be hurt anymore than promised, she swore to herself, she will kill him with her own hands, in the most painful way possible. Keyth's father or not...

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