Wiinters: A sad fleeting melody drifting from the darkness that surrounded her. She was here again. Her small hand grasped onto the emerald necklace as she peered down into the grave, the grave with an empty coffin. A woman stood across the grave, peering down into the 6 foot hole just as she did. The woman held identical features as herself; in fact the only difference was that she was matured into a full grown woman, whereas the girl remained just ripe of puberty. The girl couldn’t help but draw her eyes up towards the woman, her innocent green eyes soaking in the image of this mysterious and yet familiar woman. The woman’s eyes slowly rose to meet her own, she carried the look of a cruelty, half determined and half tentative- all trouble. Rising up to her fine, elegant brow, inches from the snowy cascade of hair, her rose lips began to spread into a sly smirk. Awaiting for her prey to finally acknowledge her presence, to watch the growing fear immerge into her young features. Her eyes flew open immediately, finding herself in the same cold sweat she experienced each night. She had the same dream again. The recurring dream was so consistent; she could remember each fine detail of the woman, her presence haunting her long after she woke. It wasn’t only a dream, it was a memory. The small room was dimmed with the soft light of dawn; Arya was up long before the sun peeked over the shadowy mountains. She was always up just before the sun, though it seemed to always be the working of her subconscious, like clock-work, it woke her before the rising run. Just moments before to witness it's vast and triumphant and glorious gold rays paint across the blue canvas of the sky. The morning sun peeked at the horizon of the small town, surrounded by large flourishing mountains and forests. Tall homes towered over the paved roads like giants, their silhouettes casting long shadows over the neighboring buildings and so forth. Glowing warmth shone through her small golden casement window, it warmed her cheeks as though trying to cradle and calm her, though with no avail. She wasn’t able to shake the uncanny feeling, even as she made her way through her daily routine. She often found comfort in the thought that each day would be the same as any other, no surprises or inconveniences. That she could get up, shower, get ready for school and within an hour and a half she would be out the door on her way to school. The girl refused to budge from her bed, pulling her knees towards her chest as she was captured by imageries of her recurring nightmare. They were becoming too vivid, “I thought you were supposed to forget dreams after you’ve woken” she mumbled under her breath. Her thin brows furrowed slightly, as she slowly made her way out of bed. BAM. The door swung open, “Get your ass outta bed alrea- Oh. You’re up.” Grams stood in the door way with her wooden spoon raised. The woman straightened herself, eventually lowering the spoon. “You’re going to miss your flight at this rate.” She leaned against the frame of the door. The girl managed to tear herself from her blankets and stretched her arms high above her head “Yeah, yeah.” She answered absent mindedly as she shuffled through her uniforms. “I really don’t get why you have me studying plants. It’s boring. I can’t become a CEO with that crap.” Before she could finish her sentence she felt the quick lash of the spoon against her crown. “Grams!” “Learning about the world around us is not boring! It is our history!” she yelled towards her granddaughter. “It’s our heritage, while man may try to dominate the world-“ “We inherit the earth..” Arya finished her sentence as she rolled her eyes, “I got it grams I know! But I don’t get why I have to know which plants cleanse and which poison, or where they come from even. How does any of THAT have to do with our heritage.” She sighed, irritated with the entire conversation. “You’re a Winters.” Grams said bluntly, which always the indication of the conversation ending. “you’re drunk Grams, or hung over.” She said casually as she made her way into the bathroom.

Tasanagi: (("..." The wind blew by the broken window as the young male stood in the middle of the room. His right hand wrapped around a chain that was hooked to the cellining, while his other hand was wrapped around a large weight that sat around his wrist. His long dreaded hair draping over his face he continued his vigirous work out. He'd cringe a bit, the pain was unbarebale but he needed to get stronger. His chi fluxating around his body rapidly, trying to make it create shapes around his body in attempts to work it out. After use the right hand over 50 times he'd switch, and do 50 with that one as well. Then transitioning to push ups, curl ups, and chinese push ups. After about an hour or so he'd whips his face off with a towel looking across the room at the large money back he had stole from that one Gang leader some months back. Living off of that was hard but nothing he couldnt handle. Standing up he'd walk over to it pulling out about 250 dollars and placing it in his back pocket. Walking to the top of his apartment complexs building he'd look out at the sky, pulling the black Jacket over his body and lacing his boots and starting his walk through the District 2 area. His hands sitting tightly within his pockets he'd close his eyes. "...Only a matter of time now.." He said walking to the edge of the building and staring out at the Kagemaru Zaibatsu building. Looking right at the office from thousands of meters away. He could almost sine his fathers presences from a distant, he could almost feel him... looking at him. IN fact, he was. Keyome Tasanagi, stood in the Kagemaru Zaibatsu building looking down at his son from thousands of meters away. Both of his hands behind his back as looked down at him. Keyth tilted his head up turning his back and walking in a diffrent direction while his father continued to stand there. ((" Mr.Tasanagi... it seems we've found the remnants.." The Maru Jeitai solider as he rushed into the room bowing to his chairmen before he stood back up. " Good, good. Now, get things prepaired... we dont have much time anymore." Keyome began to cough into a hankerchief, pulling back he'd look at the red substance he had left behind. His eyes sqwented down at, looking upon it as if it were his greatest threat. "... We dont have much time anymore..." He said putting both of his hands behind his back holding the cloth in his right hand. Lightning surging from his hand as he stared down at the city. "Tasanagi..." The wind blew suddenly in his office once his name was spoken. Keyome turned, eyeing a white male in a all white suit. (( Who the mystery man was. " Seems as though, your going to be tampering with things you shouldnt again, Havent you learned with what you did to Donnie Yun yet?" Keyome kept his eyes focused out on the city. " Leave this place." He said with his powerful and booming voice. The male in the white suit, known as Agent Angel stood there, placing both hands into his pockets as he began to drift into the air untill he landed right next to Keyome, looking out at the city. " With The Grimiore seeking the same thing as you... Do you honestly think it's wise to make there jobs easier by going there?" Keyome remained silent. " What your doing, is giving yourself an earlier grave..." Agent Angel said as he slid his hands back into his pockets. " Maybe i am..." Keyome said, gripping even tighter to the rag. " But my fate has already been sealed, there is no turning back now..." Keyome said quickly pulling out a gun and firing it Agent Angel who had suddenly.... vanished. The Barrol of the Desert egale was smoking. Keyomes right arm extended out still, simply standing there as his hand dropped, placing the gun on his desk behind him he'd cross his arms staring out at the mourning sun. "...There is no... Turning back now..."

Withengar: ::Kenji Tadashi woke up in his appartment in District 2, he got up and went straight for the shower and after that he went back to his room to get dressed. He put on his black suit pants and shoes before then staring at himself in the mirror, watching his tattoos which were tattoo'd on his body over the few years that he was in District 2, he then put on his blazer before then making his way towards the door which led to the hallway where the elevator was located, once there he took the elevator to the ground floor where 2 members of The Tsukiyo Clan were waiting on him.:: "Goodmorning Boss!" ::They both shouted it at the same time and Kenji just replied with a nod, they then walked out of the building together with Kenji, leading him to the car. One of the clan members got behind the steering wheel and the other one opened the back door for Kenji who then took a seat. The clan member then closed the door before taking place beside the driver.:: "Where to, Boss?" ::One of the members said, to which Kenji then replied:: "To the HQ." ::The driver nodded and then started driving towards the HQ of The Tsukiyo Clan.::

Wiinters: There it was, eight O’clock and she was out the door making her way to school. She let out a sigh of relief, finally the haunting feeling began to creep away as she spotted her friends walking towards school. Rin and Kumiko were arguing over some trivial matters as she expected they would, “Hey! Arya!” kumiko’s shrill voice squealed as she made her way towards her friends. “Rin doesn’t think Adam is cute, can you believe that? He’s on the football team and he has those cute dimples!” Rinr olled her eyes as Kumiko went on, about the boys qualities. “He’s a player, and he does that weird nostril thing everytime he thinks he’s being smooth.” Rin stuck her nose in the air and marched to Arya’s side. The girl couldn’t help but smile, kumiko was just arguing yesterday about another boy. “Well, I think he’s a buffed up asshole.” Arya said bluntly, catching kumiko’s exaggerated gasp, “You think that about everyone I like!” She gave a shrug, and a small smirk, “You have a type.” The bell went off in the distance, causing the girls to jump abit before scurrying down the sidewalk towards the two story school. The group of girls scurried up the large steps towards the double wide doors. Barely making it past the incredible hawk-eyed hall monitor. “That kid irritates me.” She mumbled towards her friends, and he did. He was the classic brown noser who felt entitled to scream at people because he wore a badge. She felt the urge to smack him upside the head, and then some. The nameless boy always seemed to have it out for her, but she just smirked as his beady eyes focused on her and turned swiftly without a second glance. “Don’t get into a fight today Arya” Rin said calmly, stuffing her hands into her blazer pockets. “I need you at lunch.” Rin ran her fingers through her silky black hair as two males walked past, it was painfully obvious she was giving them her notorious gestures. Arya simply nodded and turned towards her the looming hallway, filled with people, who’s thoughts constantly shouted her way, judging and worrying about the days events. A strand of her long snowy white hair fell over her wide green orbs, she easily tilted her head and gave a small nudge to cast away the strand from her vision. For a flickering moment, she felt off, causing her to second guess her very movements. She slowly made her way to the window , peering into the faint reflection as she tried to groom herself. The bell went off as she watched herself for a moment, and slowly, the ringing began to fade away like distant sirens. There were no sounds of shuffling students or dictative teachers yelling to hurry their pace. Nothing. Her eyes widened as she focused on the reflection, she saw herself. The 5’8 average girl with wild green eyes and snow white hair, alone in an abandoned hallway. “It’s happening” she whispered to herself. Her eyes shifted to the darkened janitorial closet behind her. “No. No. No.” She chanted several times in her head. She couldn’t tear her ways from the black abyss. She knew it was there. A small hand slowly reached from the corners of the frame, digging into the surround walls as they hauled the rest of their body forth from the darkness. The sound of silence never felt so heavy as it left her paralyzed. She could see the shimmer her hair carried through the darkness, the glimmer of her eyes peering through. It wasn’t her though. She kept her back to the approaching creature, watching her through the reflection. “Not today.” She closed her eyes just before the creature imerged from the darkness, not wanting to see what it looked like. “Arya” the chilling whisper was distant, “arya” it was growing closer. “Arya” she felt it’s icy breath upon her skin, sending a chill through her core. “Arya!!” she spun around wildly to catch a lanky young teacher standing in the doorway. His black hair hung in a messy fashion; he wore his usual tacky vest over a t-shirt. “Get to class!” She blinked a few times as she noticed the halls were scarce with students disappearing into their classes. She quickly nodded. “Sorry Mister Peterson.” She said ducking under his arm as she entered his classroom. “Yeah yeah,” he said quietly as he followed her.

Tasanagi: (( (( stepped out, heading into his limo sitting down with his arms crossed as the car drove off into the city. " You know..." Agent Angel appeared once more in the car across from keyome with his arms crossed. " You doing this, will open gates that even we wont be able to stop Tasanagi." Keyome lit his cigar. " I dont care." He said blowing the smoke out of his nose. " Does your hunger for power... know not any end?" Keyome looked up at the man clenched his fist. " Regardless, my hunger power isnt all that has no end. You and your lovely 'Government.' Run this place with an Iron claud. It's time i gave people something to fight back with. It's time a king, is named over this world. It's time someone took these wastelands and turned them into what this beautiful planet used to be once more..." Agent Angel continued to eye Keyome from the other side of the car. " so you will ignore our plea?" Keyome smiled. " Yes." Agent Angel went silent as he leaned back in his seat. " So.. be it.." The white suited man would disperse into nothing and as soon as he did. The Limo Keyome was in would suddenly stop. By now they were outside of Kasaihana city, on the outskirts in the middle of some deseret, even far beyond Old new york. (( What it looked like from there point of view.))Keyome stepped out of the car with his eyes focused out on the army before him... The U.S. Army... " (( Taking a step forward he'd fix his tie as the commander of the unit stood in the front eyeing the man. Keyomes driver got out of the car, he was terrifyed but the look of his proud bosses face made his facial expression change. Just from the look of this man, he gained the charisma to fight by his side. " Sir... i'll fight with you sir..." He said pulling out a blade from the passenager side of the car. Keyome laid his hand onto the man's left shoulder. " No, you live. And you carry on the Kagemaru legacy. If i survive. You will be rewarded." He said to the young man. " But sir!" Keyome simply shook his head and smiled. The Young man's eyes were filled with tears as he bowed to his chairmen. " Thank your Mr.Tasanagi Sama! Thank you!" He said rising to his feet and then running back towards the direction of the city. Keyome turned facing over what seemed like 300 or so men. Standing infront of them all he'd take his jacket top off. " I dont, have much time to live anymore.." He said as his eyes turned into a solid red. " Keyome Tasanagi, you have violated laws involving the U.S. Government, indangering the country and are now labled a terriorist." Keyome smiled. " Wont be the first time..." He said lauhing to himself a bit as he shook hishead. " Seems as though everyone seperates me from my army when i need them the most... no matter." Keyome said as he eyed the lot of them all. " I am.. KEYOME... TASANAGI... 2ND SON TO KEYKEN TASANAGI, BORN AND BREED, FROM THE KAGEMARU CLAN... AND I WILL NOT... BE DEFEATED BY THE LIKES OF ANYONE! I HAVE ROSE.. AND FOUGHT MANY LIKE YOU ALL! YOUR PITIFUL GOVERNEMENT HA!" (( " THE GOVERNMENT FOR THIS COUNTRY DIED YEARS AGO!" He said raising his hand into the air. His nose started to bleed.. blood leaking from his lips as he channled his chi into the sky. The red aura seaped from his body flying off into the air as the clouds began to turn into a black like color. The soliders looked up at the sky as the black clouds surrounded them over there heads. Lightning began to blast and clap from the sky as Keyome kept his hands held high. Black surges flying from his body. This Techinque... is whats causing his death right now. The Black Lightning Technique, due to it's mystic nature and properties, it ignores the limitations and weaknesses of normal lightning. Black lightning not only discharges energy, it shocks and destroys everything it touches, including regular and white lightning. Keyome began to becan the powerful surges of lightning from the sky as he stood before the soliders. In general, electricity is present wherever we find plasma, and since 99.999% of the visible universe is in the plasma state, magnetic field and electric currents are nearly everywhere. Almost all cosmic plasmas that have been studied in detail seem to be penetrated by magnetic fields. The presence of the magnetic fields implies that considerable electric currents must exist in the cosmic plasmas. Examples of this are found in the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth. Also in more distant plasmas like the chromosphere and corona of the sun, the solar wind, and the interstellar medium we find thin structures in the form of filaments and sheets. These narrow structures are subject to the pinching action of electric currents. SImply pulling the energy from space he'd manipulate it with his chi. This was the last bit of remaning power he had left from the demon that lived within him, using the last bit of so he'd never have anymore after this. He had used this almost 18 years ago and it had built up so much collateral damage that this time, it was catastrphic. CLapping both of his hands together 100's of Black lightning would explode from the sky, blasting down on the men, every time the dark essences would hit there bodies, they'd explode into dust, death every blood splattering across the desert before there were litterally none left. Keyome kept his hands locked together after it was all said and done dropping down on one knee panting he'd couch blood, litterally puking it up before he droped to his right side holding his heart. " Do you feel it Tasanagi... Still trying to play god eh...? Ha ha ha.. You'll never be me, Oni... Okami..." The voice said in his head as he lay there in his filth his eyes dazing in and out before he suddenly blacked out...:::::::: BACK TO KEYTH:::::::::::: It now Being 8'Oclock he eyed the school doors sighing as he made his way back in. Just a few more semeters and he was done, the school didnt know about his now 'Deleted' Identiy, they just knew him as the child of the Tasanagi man. Keyth stepped into the class room, late as usual. The Same class that the girl known as Arya had been escorted into. (( With his hands in his pockets he'd tilt his head up. The Teacher of the class was waving his hands, his navy blue hair hanging over his face as he called out to them all. " Now.. now.. children... quiet down, or.. you all will turn into dust..." He said rubbing the back of his neck. Stocky man, quite attractive too. He looked Mysterious and contemplated, collected eve. (( What he looked like. He'd quickly turn to see Keyth in the door way, with both of his hands in his pockets. The class went dead silent at the arrival of the boy."...." He'd look at all of them some of the girls blinking and the guys looking like they wanted to beat his face in. " You must be... Keyth Tasanagi..." The Teacher said bringing his hands up to shake hands with the young man. " Hey now... it's good to shake hands, if you dont... we'll all turn into dust.." He said holding his hand out, Keyth shook his hand remaining silent. " Why dont you take a seat back there behind uh.. Arya. That girl right there." Keyth turned his attention to where she sat, his cold golden eyes glaring over at the seat before he slid his hands into his pockets and slowly made his way over to her, slumping down in his seat with his arms crossed, sitting right behind the female where it is that she sat. The kids whispearing around the room about him being 'That crazy kid.' Or 'That killer guy' Or even ' The Arasaumaru gangs boss.' Keyth ignored there whispears, closing his eyes and crossing his arms.

Withengar: (( ))::Kenji had arrived at the HQ, it was a 16 story building and his office was located on the top floor, and on the two floors below that, it was swelling of armed Tsukiyo Clan Members, most of them were carrying Uzi's or 9mm's. He got out of the car before then slowly walking into the building and while doing so all the clan members he passed bowed and greeted him with respect, afterall he was their Chairmen. He got to the elevator and pressed on the button for the elevator to come down, after a few seconds the elevator arrived and when the doors opened, Kenji noticed his Advisor "Hiroshi" standing there, Kenji nodded and stepped into the elevator while Hiroshi bowed.:: "How are you today boss!?" ::Hiroshi said while pressing the button to the office, Kenji then replied.:: "I'm alright..Did I miss anything while I was not around?", "Hirosi :Not really Sir, there was a bit of a fight between two of the clan members..One had slept with the other man's girlfriend or something." ::Kenji chuckled softly while shaking his head as the elevator then arrived on the top floor. The doors opened and the 8 body guards bowed to him, he nodded and then walked straight towards the door which led to his office, with Hiroshi following him and asking him whether he has any plans for the day. Kenji got to the door of his office which he then opened while looking over his shoulder and gently smiling at Hiroshi before saying.:: "I shall be working on my book after lunchtime, but first I wish to see the two punks that were fighting!" ::He slammed the door shut behind him and walked to his desk before then sitting down on his chair and turning on his computer. After a few minutes of reading his emails, someone knocked on the door, Kenji looked up at the door as he spoke in a calm voice.:: "Enter.." ::The door opened and Hiroshi walked in, followed by two clan members one wearing a red bandana around his forehead.:: "Here they are Boss." ::Hiroshi said while walking behind the desk and taking his place behind Kenji. The two men stood beside eachother infront of the desk, both their faces bruised and scared.:: "So..You two were fighting..Which one slept with the others wife or girlfriend?" (( )) ::The one with the red bandana pointed at the other man, the other man his eyes opened up more as Kenji slammed his fist down onto the desk before then getting up and walking towards the man, he stopped infront of the man before bringing his face inches away from the man's face before then starting to shout at him.:: "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE PUNK!! Do you have any fucking respect!?" ::Kenji suddenly brings his hand around the man's head before then grabbing the hair on the back of his head and pulling his head a bit back before then headbutting him and breaking his nose instantly. Kenji let go of the man and the man then went straight onto his knees before shouting and starting to cry as the blood from his nose started dripping onto the floor.:: "Please Sir!! Forgive me!!! How can I make it right!?" ::Kenji looked down at the man before then slowly walking towards his desk while remaining quiet, once at his desk, he opened one of the drawers before reaching in it and taking out a piece of string and a rusty carving knife, he laid both these items on desk and looked at the man before speaking.:: (( )) "Yubizume!..Perform yubizume and you shall be forgiven." ::He looks at the man with the bandana who then nodded, agreeing with his chairmen. The other man slowly got up from the floor and with a frightened look he was staring at the string and knife on the desk. He slowly made his way towards the desk and picked up the string before starting to wrap it around his lower pinky.:: "Yes..Boss.." ::Tears were running down his face but he managed to put a knot in the string, he then picked up the carving knife before placing his pinky on the table and then starting to cut it off slowly and gently because he was afraid to push it hard. Kenji slammed his fist on the desk again and the man got such a fright he pushed the knife down completely, cutting off the last joint of the little finger like asked. He did not realise he did it for the first few seconds and once he realised he started screaming to which Kenji shouted:: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" ::While shouting, Kenji picked up the .357 Colt Python with 8" Barrel and 6 armour piercing rounds in the cylinder, of the desk before then aiming it at the man's head and then pulling the trigger. Beeing this close to the man, the bullet went straight through his head and within seconds the man hit the floor. Kenji laid the gun back on the desk before speaking.:: "Hiroshi..Get this mess cleaned up..I'm going to grab myself lunch in town..And you." ::He looked at the man with the bandana.:: "You should find yourself a wife which is loyal, now go." Hiroshi had already left the office to get the cleaning crew and the man with the bandana nodded and started walking out while saying "Thank you Boss!" ::Kenji sighed before then walking out of his office again and making his way towards the elevator.::

Wiinters: She quickly shuffled past grumpy Mister Peterson and took her seat, dead center of the classroom. It wasn’t long after that bruiting young man came in, the classroom ignited with whispers and the irritating wave of thoughts. She pinched the bridge of her nose, as her eyes followed the male with a slight glare. ‘How intolerable.’ She thought quietly, though it was more so the fact he caused such a disturbance. Mister Peterson eventually began with his lesson after shushing the vast majority of students. The final bell echoed through the school, the day was finally over. She felt school was the most tiring portion of her routine, though not because of the work. But because of the constant nose she faced when in the institution. Students flooded from their classrooms and pushed through the hallways to get to their lockers or busses. She managed to get through the packed hallways to the front corridor. She spotted the familiar raven haired girl, ‘I hope I look okay in the uniform, I swear I gained two and a half pounds last week.’ Arya rolled her eyes, Rin. “You’ll look fine.” Arya said as she came up beside her locker. Rin frowned almost disappointed. “I mean smoking hot.” Arya quickly corrected herself. “It’s weird how you always know what to say, but can never say it right.” Rin joked, her plump pink lips spreading into a smirk. “You and Kumiko have cheerleading right? Will you be stopping by Disco’s?” She asked, she always looked forward to their visit during work, it was usually incredibly vacant. Rin peeked past Arya to see an approaching male, the one who caught sight of earlier this morning. She perked up, smoothing the edges of her uniform as the tall well built male joined them. “Hey.” He said casually, looking between Arya and Rin. Arya glanced over at him, “Yo.” Was all she said in reply. “Hey Haru” she said, her eyes shining with interest. Arya felt herself smirk, as in chanted in her mind. “I wanted to thank you for helping me with chemistry.” The boy said, slowly turning his attention back to Arya. ‘Oh, that’s right.. I’m his partner. No wonder he looked familiar.’ Arya thought to herself as he readjusted the collar of his shirt. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Cineplex, All my circuits is playing..” Arya glanced over at Rin who seemed ultimately destroyed. “You know, me and rin were supposed to see that and I have to work. So, why don’t you guys go together?” She said, with friendly smile. He stared at her quietly for a moment then looked towards Rin and smiled. “Sure, that’d be great, text me” He said as he parted from the two. Rin turned towards Arya “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She squealed aloud. Arya laughed quietly, “You owe me.” She glanced over at the main clock, “Shit. I’m gonna be late. See ya tomorrow” She said throwing her friend a wave before bursting through the large front doors and down the steps. She pulled the pair of headphones that hung around her neck up to her ears, pressing the small play button on the left side of the headphones. [1] The music blared as to her ears, her head tilted back as though she had been injected with purest methamphetamine. This was her drug, her euphoria of peace and solace from the world. She stood at ease in the large parking lot, inhaling and exhaling. The world around her no longer existed. " A tulë asenyë” Take flight with me. She spoke aloud in her mother language, the familiar clunk of of machinery sounded. She found love in her hoverboard and music. The hoverboard she designed and constantly worked on through the years was perfect for her. It came in several compact sizes and camouflage, and despite it’s high technology it weighed no more then five pounds. Designed specifically for her voice recognition and body movements. She took a step forward and the board swept under her, locking her boots in place. She opened he eyes with a smirk, as she reved forward, sweeping across the plains. On her way out she startled several students, their yelling drowned from the blare of her music. She took to the skies with immense speed maneuvering past buildings, the white cascade flowing gracefully through the wind. Freedom.

Tasanagi: With his hands resting in his pockets he'd step out of the school, a tooth pick in his mouth he'd eye the girl that he sat behind in class together, Seeing her kick off and take off into the skies on her stylish hover board. Keyth had always wanted one, though never had the money to afford it. With both of his hands into his pockets he watched her fly off. She seemed so gracefull... flying off like that. "...Ahh.." He tilted his head back sliding his fingers through his hair as he turned around to see a gang of guys staring at him. He turned to eye the lot of them, sliding his hands into his pockets. Young Kagemaru men all 10 of them. Keyths eyes locked onto the lot of them holding his back pack in his right hand. "....." The wind blew as they stood in the front of the school. Arya friends stood there as watching as Keyth had been surrounded by all of them. " Look, im really... not in the mood for any shit today..." Keyth said rubbing the back of his neck. " Im tired of fighting..." He said looking up at all of them with clenched fist. " We dont care, you are our enemy... Where is Keyome Tasanagi..." Keyth tilted his head up. " Why the fuck would i know where that asshole is..." He said sliding his hands into his pockets. " Liar... you have to have some form of an idea. AND YOUR GOING TO TELL US!"(( Start at 4:10 They all rushed Keyth at the same time. Flicking his tooth pick in the air with a jerk of his head. Closing his eyes he simply stood there... the moment they came into distance with him he'd send out a punch to 4 of them, wailing them all with right and left hooks, taking the rest out with swift kicks. Kicking the last one into the water fountainn. He'd land back first into the water system before Keyth turned back around sliding his hands into his pockets. " NEW KID..." Said an Enromous jock. " Why is it... that there always the big assholes like you that i have to fight this is getting repatative... " He said as the large jock charged forward with both of his arms open wide. Keyth stood there hands in his pockets. In slow motion it seemed he'd launch his body up sending a knee into the Jocks head making his head jerk up, landing while bending down at the same time he'd sweep kick under him, spinning up and grabbing the jock by the neck he'd use his falling momentum to slam his head into the broken water fountain all in one move. (( (( a few steps back, he'd tilt his head to the right catching the tooth pick in his mouth, pulling the backpack over his shoulder as he began to walk off campus, the students watching in dead silence awe as he walked away. The two teachers known as Mr.Obvious and Mrs.Cosmic were standing ontop of the school watching it all go down from afar. "...That one is different isnt he.." Mrs.Cosmic said. The blue haired teacher put his hands behind his head. " Yes, but all that vigor will most definately... turn him into dust.." (( Who both teachers are ->, They'd watch as the boy walked off. The rest of the strange teachers of the school all walked up to the ledge with them watching the boy. " Let us, keep an eye on that one..." They said walking away.

Wiinters: She swerved and maneuvered through the sky, crossing over the traffic below. Her board was reinforced with the strongest metals on the market, equipped with a solar energy convertor and an ark converter for lift. She was proud of her work and one of the few who were capable of building her own. She took a deep dive to Queen street, where Disco’s disc sat in the middle of downtown. As she came within jumping height she spoke “Tullen” go. The board folded beneath her and she dropped to the ground gracefully. The board had folded and disappeared into a small compartment of her right foot. She opened the front door of the small music shop, the little bell rang indicating someone had arrived. A pudgy man sat behind the front counter. “You’re late!” he spewed. Arya pointed up towards the clock. “I’m five minutes early.” She walked past him towards the back of the store, a bright blue module sat on the wall. She placed her hand on the scanner, the light buzzed across her palm to her finger tips and the little screen read ‘welcome Arya’ Fancy technology just to check into work. “I’ll be restocking.” She called heading into the back of the store. She hummed along with the music that still blared from her headphones.

Withengar: (( ::Kenji walked out of the building after washing his hands and face in the restroom on the ground floor. While walking out, two clan members followed him, once he got outside he turned left and started walking down the street, once at the corner of the street he looked behind him and stood still while speaking to the clan members.:: "Stop following me..I'm just going to get lunch..Instead do something usefull like go make sure my office is clean." ::He chuckled as the two guys nodded and then made their way back to the office. Kenji then started walking again, taking a left on the corner and walking down the street before crossing it and then entering the local restaurant, upon entery the waitor behind the counter shouted at him.:: "Mr.Tadashi!! Welcome! Please take a seat wherever you want and I will be with you in just a second." ::Kenji nodded at the man, a smile appearing on his face before then walking to his favourite table in the corner beside the counter, he took a seat and looked at the waitor as he walked over, he was about to place a menu book on the table but before he had the chance, Kenji said.:: "Just give me four ham and cheese sandwich and a bowl of chicken soup, please." ::The waitor smiled and nodded before saying.:: "Want anything to drink while waiting?" ::Kenji took the menu book out of the waitor his hand before opening it and looking at the available drinks, he then handed the book back before saying.:: "Just a glass of water for now will do." ::The waitor nodded again and walked back to the counter where he placed the book onto, he then walked into the kitchen and gave through the order, saying it was for Mr.Tadashi so they would make it extra fast, he then brought over a glass of water and placed it on the table infront of Kenji before then going back to his own bussiness. Kenji came to this restaurant daily for his lunch, he enjoyed their style, the restaurant had a yakuza style look and the waitors were friendly because they knew what Kenji was cappable of doing, after a few minutes of waiting and after finishing his glass of water, Kenji his food arrived and after eating for a few more minutes he had finished the food, he then got up from his seat and walked over to the counter before asking how much he owed him, the waitor said "8.50Tanz." and Kenji gave him 10 before nodding at him and walking out of the restaurant, once outside (( he takes a deep breath before then starting to walk back towards the HQ, once infront of the HQ he leans against one of the statues before reaching into his left pocket and taking out a packet of cigarets which he then opened to see there was only one left, he took the one cigaret out of the packet and put it between his lips before then throwing the packet into the gutter, he then reached into his pocket again before taking out a Zippo lighter with a dragon and "Tadashi" engraved on its side, he opens the Zippo before then stroking his thumb over the round wheel which then set of the spark which ignited the flame, he brought the flame to the cigaret in his mouth before taking a good drag and lighting it, once lit, he closes the zippo and puts it back in his pocket before then starting to smoke from the cigaret while drifting away in thoughts.::

Tasanagi: (( With his hands in his pockets he'd tilt his head back his long dreaded hair hanging back. He looked up at the sky with his head tilted high. He had changed ditching his school uniform as he made his way down the street. Late evening now. He'd pass by a large Headquaters. Turning his head to read the name of it. "T-Tsukiyo? .." He'd blink reading the name before he turned to see a guy at the end of the street smoking a cigeratte. He noticed the suit first hand, looking down at his own clothese he'd look back up at him. Forowing a bit. Keyth had the tattoo's but that suit... last time he saw Ginsei, even he was in a suit. " Tch.." He'd pull on his backpack moving forward walking past the guy who was smoking his cigeratte, his head up high trying to act tough as he passed by him. Making his way down the sidewalk he'd see a van parked white infront of it. Kind of odd.. the liscneses plate had been stiched out. Which was the strangest part about. No one ventured around these parts often due to the Yakuza clan that owned most of this territory, they were afraid. Keyth stopped as he saw about 6, no 7 guys flood the music store. All wearing black Ski masks. Armed with high tech looking Ak-47's and other types of weaponry. (( These guys were blacked out big time.. Keyth walked around the corner opening his hand as he closed his eyes. VWOSSHH! His blade appeared in his hand, the red crimison color shining brightly as it sat in his hand vibrating. " Yeah i know.. i've been using to much Chi lately i get that, but i need your help with this one." The sword vibrated again. " I know i know, tell you what after this, i wont fight for a week... shit man. You act like my mom.." The sword began to vibrate violentely this time. " Ok ok ok!" He said shaking his head hugging against the wall of the back door of the store. By now the armed robbers had stormed in with there guns aimed up high. " ALRIGHT GIVES US AAAAALLLLLL THE MONEEYY." He said to whomever was working at the cash register. The other men were filling there bags up with CD's and whatever else they could. Keyth opened the door just a bit slipping inside of it and then rolling to another wall hugging agaisnt it. Looking around the corner to see the events going down. " I know it's not my busniess.. but what would nora do.." He said looking down at the blade, a serious expression broke on his face once he mentioned her name.

Withengar: (( ::He watched the young male walk past him, studying him from top to bottom before then shrugging and bringing his attention back to his thoughts. He then finished his cigaret and threw it into the gutter before then walking back into the HQ, as he walked into the lobby the clan members that were around bowed again and he gave them a single nod back before then walking to the elevator and pushing the button, after a few seconds the elevator opened and he stepped into it before pressing the button that would bring the elevator to the top floor. He stood back against the wall of the elevator while resting his hands inside his pockets and thinking about the future of The Tsukiyo Clan, after about a minute the elevator arrived and the doors opened. Kenji walked out and nodded at the men that were bowing, there were 8 clan members who were assigned to protect the top floor, these 8 were the most elite and experienced members of the clan and each of them had a close relationship with Kenji. He walked to his office and before opening the door he said to one of the men.:: "Bring me Hiroshi." ::He then opened the door and walked into the office while the man went straight for a phone to contact Hiroshi, Kenji closed the door behind him and walked over to the window which partly gave view of District 2. From his office he had vision on the Gambling Hall and Host Club that he owned, he watched them for a few minutes as then a knock came from the door before it then opened and Hiroshi walked in. Kenji looked as Hiroshi walked in and closed the door behind him before then making his way towards the window aswell.:: "You asked for me Boss?" ::Kenji kept starring through the window before starting to talk.:: "Yes, I did indeed..Tell me, how are things running in the Gambling Hall and Host Club, are we making any money?" ::Hiroshi nodded and ran to the desk before picking up a piece of paper and then walking back to Kenji before handing him the paper.:: "We are making good money indeed Sir." ::Kenji took the paper from Hiroshi before then starting to look over it, Hiroshi was not lieing, both bussinesses were bringing in good money but it was not enough for Kenji.:: "Hiroshi...How much Tanz is there in the clan's bank?" ::Hiroshi took his high-tech phone out and looked at it before going through some stuff and then saying.:: "About 7.3million Tanz Boss." ::Kenji nodded and walked over to his desk before laying down the piece of paper and then taking a seat on his chair before bringing his attention to the computer.:: "I wish to be left alone for atleast an hour while I do some work on my book, only disturb me for emergencys." ::Hiroshi nods and walks out of the office, closing the door behind him and telling the men outside to not disturb Mr.Tadashi.::

Wiinters: The leader of the armed men broke into the front of his men, he was sporting a rather luxurious suit. No doubt he was trying to uphold the presence of the rich and prosperious. A sly smile broke across his lips “Oh calm down, we’re not only here for your money. Do you know how hard it was to find you? The only black market seller of dradonnic gem’s in district two?” The pudgy man stepped back quivering. How could they find him so fast? He used a vast system of underground contacts. “I-I” he stuttered. The leader threw the bag his way. “Fill it up, money and gems alike” the three men treaded past the counters, walking up and down the isle for any other. Only to find a small red hooded girl, sliding cd’s into the shelves. “Put your hands up!!” the man yelled, the girl didn’t respond. She continued to hum along with her music and restocking. “Put them up!” he was irritated with being ignored and shoved his gun against her left shoulder blade. Arya turned to see the masked stranger and pulled her headphones back. “Put up your hands.” Arya stared up at the man with neither shock or fright. “Are you robbing us?” She asked. “YES!” he shouted. Her rose lips pressed together in a small smile. “Oh.” From the outside of the store it seemed quiet, a scarce amount of cars and pedestrians. CLASH. The glass window at the front of the store was smashed through as an armed guard flew through it, not long followed was Arya on her hoverboard as she drug a man out by the back of his shirt and lifted him up fifty feet in the air and dopped him ontop of the armored van.

Tasanagi: Keyth stayed close to wall when he heard a series of gun fire and all leaping from around the corner with his hands on the hilt of his blade. He blinked seeing at the meen knocked out, one of them had a CD up his......"Ow.." Keyth said as he turned away. Seeing the female drop the last one on the van he'd walkout side blade in hand. " Call cops..." He said to the owner of the store. Turning his head back to the girl. " Yo, School girl.." He said stepping out, walking on broken glass as he approached her. " Nice work, thought you guys were gonna get it back then. You handle yourself well." If the girl could do things that revolved around seeing into ones mind she'd see a vision the moment he stepped out and spoke out to him. The City was in a blaze, and on a mountain of bones stood a long haired male with bright golden eyes looking like some kinda Savage beast as he turned around to eye the one in the vision. If the Vision went through she'd more than likely space out. Leaving him to snap his fingers abit. " Hey.. you there?" He said waving his hands in her direction.

Wiinters: The armored car indented with the body of male she just dropped, he was knocked and that put a small smile on her face. She maneuvered the board down to the front of the store where a boy had called her attention, she couldn’t completely argue with wht he had called her. She was after all a school girl. She stood infront of him on her board, they met eye to eye only because she stood hovering. “We get a few robberies every few mo-“ She trailed off as the image imerged through her mind, almost refusing to let go her. Her heart raced immiediately as the savage turned towards her, as if to lunge. Her lips parted in an almost gawking fashion, and was quickly drawn back to the male who stood infront of her. Her eyes darted from him for a moment, trying to collect herself. “I’m fine.” She stuttered, “I mean I’m here.” She turned to look at him once more. “Aren’t you that kid from school.Keyth Tasangi, related to Keyome Tasagni. Chairman of the Kagemaru Clan.” She blurted out, she involuntarily collected information at a constant rate, “Year three..” Her eyes wandered over ot he approaching male who insisted that it was his bystander who had taken care of the armored men. She rose a brow, “All this guy did was watch.” She said and turned towards the window. The pudgy man appeared infront of it, “This is coming out of your pay Arya!” She frowned, “I save your goddamn life and you charge me for it?!” She screamed back at him. “Maybe next time don’t break window!” He replied shaking his fist and disappeared back into the shop. “Cheap bastard” She muttered quietly.

Tasanagi: Keyths eyes darted to the right sheathing the blade on his back. "...Yeah, thats me.." He Resented his father everything about him. He wanted him dead, he wanted him to pay for the things hes done. But he also had resentment towards his mother for lying to him. To be honest he didnt know who truly cared for him... confused mostly. All he knew that his father was the cause for his mothers death.(( He'd look at her, watching as her and the elderly man went back and forth with each other. " Ahh.. well um, you seem like you take care of yourself well. Good to know your not the run of the mill damsel in the dist-" A little kid ran up to Keyth as fast as he could bummping right into him. He was short and chubby missing all of his teeth but one. Big bright eyes and dark brown hair. " Baws!" He said pulling at Keyth's pants leg. " Haha whats up Kumi? Everything good?" The chubby boy shook his head as he tugged on Keyths leg. " Yu's hav's ta cum's on's BAws! The gang's bweakin into a fight's wiff da's tank's in Disswick one!" He said with a sad look on his face. " What!? The Tanks!?" He said gritting his teeth. "... I'd even have some trouble with those guys..." He'd turn around facing the Head quaters behind where the man had walked into earlier. " Naw Screw that! No one messes with my boys though!" Keyth said swinging his hands out. His temper raising high you could see him grinding his teeth.(( Who the Tanks are. Keyth would pull up his sleeves. " Alright Kumi lets go!" The kid blinked. " But Baws! We's gonna get's beat up baws!" Keyth stopped in tracks. "...Kumi go home! I want you to come back to the hang out tomorrow alright! But as for right now it's not safe!" He said hauling ass down the street. A Stupid choice taking on Tanks in a full on confrontation was foolish for anyone...If the female took notice she'd see just how brash and idotic and hot-headed Keyth truly was.

Withengar: (( ::Kenji was sitting at his desk typing a page for the book he was writing, it was a book about the origin of the Yakuza and he just finished chapter 1. Suddenly the door of his office opens with force as Hiroshi walks into the office before shouting.:: "Something happened across the street, a robbery or something!" ::Kenji sighed and slowly got up, taking his .357 Colt Python from the desk and opening it before then also opening the top drawer of his desk, in the drawer there were a few weapons and ammunition for the .357 Colt Python. Since he had shot one bullet earlier he took a new bullet from the drawer and then placed it into the cylinder before clossing it and the putting the gun inside the shoulder holster that was hidding under his blazer, he then took brass knuckless with sharp sides on the knuckless before then placing it in his right pocket before then saying.:: "Alright..Let's go take a look." ::Hiroshi nodded and then followed Kenji as he started making his way out of the office, he got to the elevator and pressed the button and then when it arrived he took it to the ground floor before there getting out of the elevator and then walking towards the front door of the building. While opening it he points at Hiroshi.:: "You stay here, I'll just go check it out and I'll be back within a few minutes." ::Hiroshi nods while being annoyed because Kenji never wanted anyone to go with him for protection, but he had to obey his chairmen so he stayed put. Kenji walked out of the HQ before making his way towards the music store, he got to the point where he could see the front of the music store. He slowly crossed the street while staring at the young man he had seen earlier, once crossed, Kenji made his way to the young man while he was commanding the fat kid to go home, he waited till the fat kid ran off before speaking.:: "Hey you.. Kid..What happened here?"

Wiinters: She kicked up her heels and the board retracted back into the small compartment. She dropped to the ground with a light thud, brushing her white hair back from her face. She stood by as the boy and Keyth spoke, a brawl was going to occure. She felt curious with the situation. She heard that the tanks were ruthless men who preyed on shop keepers for protection money, typically protection from themselves. Though it was strange that the shop hadn’t been hit by tanks, or perhaps they had. She was never sure at this rate. “Nice meeting you too?” She said, though it came out more of a question as she had no idea who he was. She simply threw him a wave. From across the street a man in a suit immerged, he looked like a ceo. Someday she hoped to be in that position of power, for now she’ll settle as a sales clark. She opened the door to the store and disappeared inside. 

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