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Sezomaru: (( Ginsei stood at the top of his building which was on the border between District One and District Two. "With Soramaru being a company... No one owns District Two.. My uncle may own District One, and the KPD with District three.. But District Two.." He grinned, slowly sliding his right hand onto his face, his fingers covering his right eye until he parted his fingers. He grinned, chuckling in a rather strange manner. "District Two.. Will be MINE." He laughed before lowering his hand, dropping back into his calm manner. He stared out across the city, staring at District Two as if he already owned in. It would be his, he would take District Two into his grasp. "I wonder what my uncle is up to.. That devil of a man.." Ginsei was now standing at the edge of the building, feeling the breeze that flowed across his skin, causing his bangs to move. He slid his hands behind his back, his face now blank. His eyes were filled with a fiery ambition like they always were when he was thinking of the future. He reached his right hand out as if he were about to take a hold of District Two. He slowly clenched his reaching fingers into a fist. His eyes looked over his knuckles at the city. "You will be mine.." He slowly lowered his hand, sliding both of them into his pants pockets. He knew Fumiko was still here somewhere. The last time he saw her she had been in his room, relaxing. Leo came walking up behind Ginsei, he had this sort of seventh sense, the sense to know when Ginsei needed him for something. "I can always count on you Leo.. Stay by my side and we'll take this city.. All of it.." Leo nodded, smiling. "Yes boss.." Ginsei glanced over his shoulder at Leo. "Go get Fumiko for me. Tell her I want to see her, and hold her in my arms." He then looked back out over the city, an erie darkness seemed to be around him though it could only be felt. The air seemed cooler around him that it should have. As Leo walked way, Ginsei smiled, thinking of Fumiko. He never thought he'd feel this way about a woman, or feel this way about anything. Even after just one night, he knew she made him happy. This was happiness, and nothing was going to mess with it. He'd have her as his, he'd make sure she stayed by his side for the rest of his life. His wild and head strong ambition seemed to flare again when he thought about it. "She'll stand with me above KasaiHana.." He mumbled to himself as he closed his eyes, his face becoming blank once more.

InukaAnite: (( )) Fumiko had slipped out of the building this morning. She hadn't seen Ginsei at all after she had fallen back asleep. She didn't even think about the effects of her just up and leaving. There was nothing to even say to him. Surprisingly, she didn't even want to see him. Her heart kept a fast pace as she kept thinking about him. What the hell was she thinking? She didn't even take his money! This guy was just in it for the quick night, like all guys were. But the thought of Ginsei using her like that made her upset and saddened. Fumiko stopped on the corner of the street and looked up. She could still see his house; she wasn’t really trying to get away. She wanted to be picked up again. She put on her jacket, and wiped her face with her sleeve, her make-up leaving red and black marks on her sleeve. Fumiko pulled out her compact and then, laughed when she saw the broken mirror. Her first time ever getting so emotional over a customer. She looked back down at the pavement and put her compact back in her purse. She turned away from Ginsei's house and started to walk back to her apartment. She was not allowed to falter in her work. She could not ever see or think of Ginsei again; no matter how much she wanted to. This job was about lying and deceit. When Fumiko got to her apartment, she changed and threw her clothes from the night before into the fireplace. She got into some nicer clothes and then walked out of her apartment again. She was going to forget Ginsei, just like she had forgotten all of the customers before. That was her job. If she didn't do that, she could no longer earn the money she needed to live, and she would never be able to survive in this harsh reality. Ginsei would understand... wouldn’t he? She hoped he would.

Sezomaru: Ginsei stood there, waiting for Fumiko to walk out onto the roof. He heard the door open but it.. It wasn't Fumiko. Ginsei slowly turned around, a look of rage in his eyes. Leo walked up hesitantly, his hands behind his back. "She's.. Uhm.. She's gone sir.." (( Leo had a look of fear in his eyes as Ginsei's face went blank, his eyes taking on their cold look once more. He slowly strode up to Leo, raising his right hand. Leo wanted to step back but he knew that if he did, it would only come out worse for him. Ginsei wrapped his hand around Leo's throat, gripping his neck, causing Leo to gag and gasp for air. "She's gone is she?.." Leo tried to nod but he was losing air quickly, unable to gain anymore from the tight grasp that Ginsei had. Ginsei kept a hold of Leo's throat, listening to him gasp and gag, struggling to get air. The sound sort of.. Soothed him. He suddenly shoved Leo with his right hand, causing Leo to stumble backwards and fall to the ground, choking and gasping, taking it all the air he could. "I- I'm sorry boss.." Ginsei slid his hands into his pockets, walking past Leo, leaving him to regain his breath. Ginsei walked into his room, walking over to the bed where just a couple hours ago he had been laying with Fumiko. He reached out with his right hand, taking a hold of the base of Yuuyaiba's sheath. He slid it into his belt loop, tying the rope to his belt, making sure it didn't move. He walked down the stairs slowly, exiting the building. He began making his way down the sidewalk, deeper into District One. People who saw him on the street got out of his way, the look on his face was cold.. Dark.. and malicious. A guy walked out in front of him, smiling. The guy tried to hand him a poster that said "Be Happy! Come listen to my band at the skate park!" Ginsei without a second thought extended his fingers, pressing them together as a dark smokey like aura covered them. He reared back before thrusting his hand forward, sending it through the man's stomach like a blade. The guy gasped, blood starting to leak from his mouth. Ginsei slowly pulled his hand from the man's stomach, letting him fall to the ground, dead. (( Ginsei glanced down an alleyway, seeing a group of thugs. He turned, slowly walking down the alleyway. The thugs looked at him, their eyes wide as they slowly stood up, trying to run but the alleyway was closed. Ginsei picked up a metal pole, the dark smokey aura beginning to flow around it before solidifying, making the entire pole above his hand black. He walked up to the thugs and with three swift swings, one horizontal through a throat, one diagonal through a torso, and another horizontal through a stomach, Ginsei had cut the guy's down. Their bodies fell, blood pooling around their bodies as he dropped the pole, walking out of the alleyway, still free of blood. "Where.. Is.. She?" He thought to himself, looking around. He was going to find her and bring her back, no matter what. He had to have her, she had to be his. She was the only woman who had ever made him happy.. Besides his own mother. He needed her, he needed the happiness she brought him. He was going to have it, no matter what.

InukaAnite: (( )) Fumiko sighed as she stood on the corner of the street up from Club Lahana. She tapped her foot and took out her phone, checking the time. It was way too early for any sort of clients to be looking for a good time. She strolled along the sidewalk, trying to waste time somewhere. She stayed away from alley ways at this time because that’s when all the sluts of the night would be waking up and grumpy. She wanted none of that. She had left her jacket at home, and regretted it once she got far enough away. Her shirt was bright blue, and only covered about 3/4ths of her chest, which didn’t even cover any of the back. She sighed again, kicking a stone into a nearby park entrance with her shoes that were ironically not heels. Fumiko wasn’t in the mood to care how she dressed; she didn’t even put make-up on before she left. What a sight she must have been. She walked into the park, glancing to make sure no one was around, and sat on a wooden bench near a large oak tree. She kicked her feet and stared at the ground, hoping someone would just come pick her up and beat her senseless until she couldn’t feel anymore. Fumiko wasn’t one to care, she didn’t even like the idea of becoming overly attached to things, but Ginsei she couldn’t get out of her head. (( )) She got up, giving up and started to walk towards a famous alley way. The alley way was famous for one reason, territorial prostitutes. She went into the alley way and almost twelve girls looked her way with glaring eyes. The battle was set in motion and about ten minutes later, Fumiko was thrown back into the street, her face beaten and bruised, her flesh cut at and clawed at. She wasn’t fatally injured, but her entire body hurt. She still wasn’t alright. This didn’t even compare to her pain.

Sezomaru: (( Ginsei slowly walked down the street, his hands in his pockets. He was close to calling his men to have them search the streets for her until he saw her being tossed out of an alleyway toward the street. Getting close he saw that she was beaten up, bruised, scratched, and cut him. His eyes widened as he slowly walked up to her. He looked her up and down, speaking slowly. "You left..." He slowly turned his head, looking down into the alleyway, seeing the twelve prostitutes that had obviously done this to her. He pulled his hands from his pockets, his eyes filled with a cold hatred as he glared at the whores in front of him. "You.. All..." He slowly walked into the alleyway, a dark and smokey aura beginning to swirl around him, visible to the women. (( "You sluts.. Aren't even worth.. Yuuyaiba's blade.. I'll.. Kill you.. With my own.. Hands.." He poke as the black smokey aura began to swirl around and cover his hands. He walked towards the women, slowly, watching as they tried to back up though there was a wall at the end of the alleyway. They screamed, screaming and pleading for help. It was too late for them, and anyone who even thought about helping them. Ginsei walked up to him and as he reached each one, he swung his hand, causing it to rip through their throats like a blade. Blood poured from their wounds as one by one they dropped, blood beginning to pool around their bodies. The last prostitute slid down the wall, landing on her butt. He raised her hands in front of her face, crying and pleading for her life. "PLEASE! I'll do anything!" She screamed and whimpered, choking out her words between tears and snot. "I'll do absolutely anything! Don't, don't kill me!" Ginsei's eyes went wide at the disgrace he saw before him. "Disgusting.. Filth.." He reached down with his left hand, the aura disappearing as he grabbed her throat. She gasped as he lifted her to her feet, the tips of his fingers digging into her neck, causing her to quickly loose air. "You're.. Trash.." He moved his right hand to the left, glaring into the slut's eyes as tears streamed down her face. "I'll kill you.. In disgrace and disgust.." As he finished his sentence he slashed his right hand horizontally to the right, ripping his fingers right through her stomach, cutting it open as if he were committing sepuku on her. The cut was so deep that her organs would slowly begin to spill out as he dropped her to the ground. He slowly turned back to face Fumiko, the dark aura fading away, out of site. (( He stepped on the bodies to keep his feet out of the blood that was now soaking the ground of the alleyway. He stepped out of the alleyway, walking until he stood in front of her. Despite the bloodshed he had caused, his body was completely void of blood, besides a small droplet of blood that had splashed his right cheek. He held his right hand out to Fumiko, looking into her eyes. "Don't ever leave my side... Ever.. Again.."

InukaAnite: (( )) Fumiko couldn’t believe her ears. The screams, the terrible screams emitting from the alley way she had just emerged from. She sat up, and without batting an eye, she watched as Ginsei tore at the girl’s, their blood caking the walls. As soon as it began it was over and Ginsei walked back to her. She placed a hand over a cut on her opposite arm and looked away. “I challenged them… But if they’re as disgusting as you say they are… I must be worse… I’m one of them, Ginsei. I am as filthy as they are,” she said, her voice pleading. Fumiko leaned her head down, facing the pavement. “Yet I do not think what you did was wrong.” She looked up at him and for once in her life, smiled with warmth that seemed to wipe away the evil deed Ginsei had just committed. She took his hand, her tears stinging her cut and bruises on her cheeks. Fumiko stood up, wobbling a bit and wiped away the blood on his cheek, keeping her hand on that same cheek. She smiled at him. She was not unhappy to see him. Her heart was hot inside her chest and beating so loud he could’ve heard it. She cleared her throat, looking down at her body length.

Sezomaru: Ginsei stared at her as she rose to her feet. He slowly pulled her against him, not caring if it was her blood that got on him. A car rolled up, Leo in the driver seat. Ginsei slowly and gently slid his arms around her waist, holding her close. "No.. You're no longer one of them. You're coming home with me and you're staying by my side.." He leaned down a little, pressing his lips to the top of her head before releasing her. He reached out, taking her left hand in his right, holding it as if it were going to break. Leo opened the back car door as GInsei led her to the car. He waited for her to get in before he shut the door behind her, walking to the otherside of the car if she were to actually get in. He got into the car and Leo would pull off, driving back to the Osoremaru building. He looked at her, seeing the cuts and bruises on her body. He shook his head some, sighing. "This is why you're never to leave my side again.."

InukaAnite: Fumiko nodded and held onto him, digging her nails into her shirt. She stepped gently into the car and gently touched at her bruises, cringing when she touched them. She had never been beaten so badly before. She was typically not the person to fight, and when she did, she usually left the fight with little to no wounds. Fumiko deserved the beating she got today. She needed some sense knocked into her about Ginsei and about her life choices. She decided that she was going to do exactly what Ginsei wanted and stay with him. Not that she had a problem, she was just going to have a hard time getting used to the idea of being with someone. Fumiko turned to him in the car, “What about my apartment?” She asked, frowning a bit, “My clothes and precious things are there.” She said, pointing to her tattered clothing. She placed a hand over his, then removing it, afraid to get blood on his clean hands. They got to the building and she got out, waiting outside the car for Ginsei.

Sezomaru: Ginsei looked at her before looking out of the window, not answering her until they pulled up to the Osoremaru building. He watched her get out of the car before getting out himself. A woman walked up to him before bowing, her black hair flowing down towards the ground before she raised up, her hands at her sides. "Welcome home boss." The woman smiled before looking at Fumiko, still smiling. "Welcome home my lady." She bowed to Fumiko before facing Ginsei again. Ginsei nodded before looking to Fumiko. "This is Mayzumi. Give her your key and the location to your apartment and she'll get your stuff." Mayzumi smiled at Fumiko again, nodding. "Mayzumi, take Kyuzen and Rinzo. Come upstairs after you give her your key, one of my other female subordinates will get you cleaned up, then come see me in my room." Ginsei slid his hands behind his back, walking towards the door to his home. Leo was already out of the car and in front of the door, waiting for Ginsei. As Ginsei approached the door, Leo opened it, smiling before giving a slight bow. "It's time Leo.." Ginsei said, Leo grinning. "TIme for Osoremaru to rise up boss?" Ginsei nodded before heading inside to a set of stairs, heading up to his room.

InukaAnite: (( ))Fumiko nodded to the female and then Ginsei was gone. She reached into her pocket and told the woman her address. After the woman left, Fumiko looked around for Ginsei, not exactly used to being on unfamiliar territory. She did as she was told though, going upstairs and being taken to a room. She was bandaged and her cuts and bruises were medicated. The sting from the alcohol didn’t feel anything like the sting from her tears from before. The subordinates kept telling her how Ginsei was so angry when she left and that she should obey him more often. As if she didn’t know that already. Fumiko was put into some sort of clothing that resembled a nightgown but shorter. She was pushed into a room shortly after, which, taking a good look around was the room she and Ginsei occupied the night before. Fumiko slowly walked over to the bed , the sheets still unmade, and sat on the edge, touching the sheets. She looked around and then grabbed one of the pillows, smiling to herself. She clutched the pillow, her throat catching. A part of her died at that moment. The ambitious, rebellious prostitute inside her was gone. She wanted to stay with him. She wanted to smell him in the sheets, wake up to his face, be in his reach at all times. It almost felt like a dream. Fumiko was in deep water, and Ginsei was anchoring her on the sea floor with him. She laid back on the bed and wrapped herself in the sheets, smiling to herself, the images of the night before playing through her mind; how both of them were like children fighting over who got to swing first on the swing set while the other pushed them. This kind of emotion felt good. When the door to the room opened, she didn’t look up, her back on the headboards, her legs wrapped up in the sheets, her arms still wound tightly around the pillow, “Let me stay with Ginsei… I’m no longer standing on my own, you must take responsibility.”

Sezomaru: Ginsei slowly walked into the room, seeing her leaning against the headboard, clutching a pillow with her legs wrapped up in the sheets. He smiled when he saw her, walking over to the bed. He moved up to the window, looking out at the city. "You and I are going to stand above this city one day.. I'll become it's leader with you at my side.." He glanced over his shoulder at her, feeling a warm sensation in his chest. He sat down on the side of the bed, looking at her with a smile on his face. There was a knock on the door but Ginsei spoke, making sure his voice was raised enough so that it could be heard on the other side of the door. "Not now." Leo's voice came from the other side of the door. "My apologies boss." Ginsei looked out at the city, his back to her slightly though his right hand was reached back towards her slightly.

Guest_Keizumai: "tch get up you lazy shithead getup you got a job today some lady this time so hurry up and get dressed i get other things to take care of besides waking you up for work" Ry said as he kicked the bed kazuma was lying in.kazuma would slowly sit up in his bed holding his head"damn you nag like an old married bitch or something shut up for once would ya i got an hangover anyway how much is she paying". "whatever and it doesn't matter how much she's paying it's more than you got anyway so shut up go take the bitch out and meet me in district two some we can get some training in"Ry said as he walked out of the room, kazuma sighed as he got out of bed and got dressed putting on a black track jacket with whites strips comming down the arms, he didn't bother to zip the jacket up it was to hot, he then slips on a pair of jeans and some black shoe with white soles. when he got down stairs Ry had already left there was a packet of infomatoin on his target on the coffe table, he then sighed and began raiding his kitchen for food but couldn't fine much so he settle with a couple of peices of toast, he then walked over to the couch flipping the pillows up revealing and whole arsenal of weapons, he then grabbed a 6inch military grade combat knife, he then grabed his two dessert eagles with a custom dragon detail on them and placed them in a hoister on his legs he covered them with his jeans he then flipped the pillows back down and reached under the couch sliding a long black bag which his slung over his shoulder the bag contained a bolt action sniper rifle equipped with an extened clip and a silencer, he'd then grabbed the packet of the table placing it between his teeth while he grabbed another bag off the floor by the front door which contained some drugs, with that all thaken care of he'd walk out the door reading over the targets info as he walked, the target didn't live to far away infact she was only a 2 or 3 miles away, so he walked over to a near by rooftop and setup down the black bag and opened it taking out the peices of the rifle which he started putting together he'd then mount the gun on the roofs legde, and look down the scope,~the targets bedroom is on the thrid story and fifth window to the right~he thought reviewing the targets info in this mind as he aimed"woah so she gets down like that haha" the target was riding some guy he assumed was her boyfriend,he fired one shot off the bullet slattering her brain all over the place the guys reaction was priceless,he then quickly began packing up his equipment and run back down the stair of the building and walked down an alley throwing the gun in a dumpster,he then texted Ry saying"it's done" he replied saying the money should be transfering into his account now, with that he started making his way over to district two, he decide two go through"the hole", he started walking down the pathway or whatever when he heard a couple of guys getting up with what sounded like pipes dragging on the floor, he'd turn around and just as he did he'd see a guy in an all white suit"kazuma i missed you man it's be to long",he had forgoten that cash's guys ran through here alot"tyrone man it good to see you how's lady is she doing well"he smirked, he guy then laughed"that bitch is already dead i killed her the moment i found out she was cheating on me with you but don't worry you can ask her how she's doing yourself in hell"he then raised his right hand"WASTE HIS ASS" just as he said that three men came rushing at him a smile would appear on his face(( the first man would swing a pipe at him which he'd ducked and with his left hand he'd slid his gun fromhis leg hoister all in one motion he'd raise back up placing the gun right under the mans chin and he'd fire blowing the guys brains out, the other guy would then swing at him with a downwards motion kazuma would just lean to the side and toss his gun into his right hand at the same time and he then once agian place the guy under thew mans chin and fire his gun agian blowing brain out, four other guys would then pull out guns and fire at him, he army rolled to the side behind a dumpster one of the bullets hit him in the side"fuck" he then wait for them to have to reload and he 'd push the dumpster towards them and then jump on top of it while it was moving and he pull out his second gun a extend his arms out and began picking them off one by one, he then jumped off on the dumpster and walked toward the man in the suit"st-st-stay away from me"he pulled out a gun and started firing, kazuma laughed as he walked towards the man"your so scared you can't even aim anyway tell lady i said hey"he then emptyed a whole clips into the mans body,he closed his eyes for a second"FFUUUUUCCKKKKK"he said holding his shoulder as he continued to district two, he already knew where to met Ry. the rooftops when he got there they praticed some free running to improve his speed-

InukaAnite: Fumiko slid out of the bed, the sheets just falling off. She walked over to him, placing her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his forearm. She smiled and nuzzled him with her head, “What do you need me for? You could take over the city with your own hands if you truly desired,” she said, squeezing his arm. “I’m just the coating you and choose to put on the cake,” she mumbled, looking out into the city lights.

Ginsei glanced at her before looking back at the city in front of him. "No.. I need you by my side." He turned towards her, leaning in slowly, his eyes closed just as he used his left hand, placing his fingers under her chin. He turned her head to face him so he was able to fully lean in and press his lips softly against hers. He slowly slid his arms around her, pulling her close to him as he continued to kiss her softly. The warm feeling in his chest spread throughout his body as time seemed to stop. Everything was silent except for the sound of his heart beating in his ears.

InukaAnite: Fumiko smiled and then, her chin wad lifted to face him. She smiled and looked into his eyes. She closed her eyes as their lips were brought together, and she stayed there in that kiss, absorbing herself in it. Her heart wouldn’t stop beating fast and her ears began to turn red. She finally broke the kiss, due to the fact that she has out of breath. Fumiko wrapped her arms around his stomach and laid her head on his shoulder again, “Promise you won’t throw me away one day?”

Sezomaru: He smiled as he laid her head on his shoulder, asking him to promise that he wouldn't throw her away one day. "I promise.. I need you by my side." He slowly pulled out of her grasp, standing up. He slid his hands behind his back, beginning to walk towards the door. He stopped, glancing over his shoulder at her. "Promise me you won't leave me, ever again. Swear that you'll stay by my side." He waited for her to answer before walking out of the room, heading upstairs to his office. He had work to do concerning the beginning of the rise of Osoremaru. He needed more members, more subordinates. If the clan was going to grow then he needed to begin moving into District Two to take it over, it was going to be his no matter what.

Guest_Keizumai: -after going a it for what seemed like an endless amount of time they decided to called quits for the day, Ry offered him a ride back but kazuma decided to walk around for a little while'what about the bullet we stay need to get it out right", nah it pasted through don't worry i'll be fine" with that they split up each going about there bussiness, kazuma would then jump from one rooftop to another perfomaning a series of flips and spins he'd then jump to a fire escape and walked down the steps to ground level he'd be walking aroundwith his hands in his pockets his shoulder still hurt but it wasn't the first time he got shot and it won't be the last he had wrapped it up already so he really wasn't worried about it get infected or anything,he was passing by a music store when he noticed the place being robbed they were about 6 or 7 of them in all black he continued walking by~it not my problem~he thought as he continued walking but then he stopped"ahh what the heck"he turned back around towards the music store, but when he got there all of them was already knocked out he saw a young man and young women who seem like they couldn't have been much older than himself, he looked around at the store, he walked forward glass crunching underneath his feet he whistled and stuffed his hand into his pocket as he walked towards them"hey" he called out at them"you guys know who did this, im guessing it was you"he figured it was the male seeing that he had a blade in his hand and all"i was gonna take them out for myself but it looks like you beat me to it"he said flashing his combat knife abit-

InukaAnite: Fumiko started to protest when he walked away but she shook her head of the thought of keeping him from his work. Her eyes widened a bit at his answer and then at his question. There was no hesitation to her answer. She would most definitely stay with him. He had to care for her now, because she had nothing left. As he left, the woman from before came in, along with all of her things. She thanked her and the two others and then started to go through it all, scattering it around the room. She had a lot of clothes and eventually had piles upon mountains all around the room of clothes ranging from every kind of fabric and color. She was lost in it somewhere, trying to find her way through the door. Fumiko was moving through the river of clothes when she slipped on a silk piece and fell into the clothing pile, clothes flying up and down ontop of her. She paused for a second and then started laughing, her action almost comical.

Guest_Keizumai: -he looked a little confused"so iif he didn't do it th..."he sentance was cut off by the store owner rushing out the store yelling at the girl telling her that she'd have to pay for the window, he then turned back towards the girl"ahh so it was you who kick there ass huh not bad actually thats a little impressive" just then so fat chubby kid started pulling on the guyd leg calling him boss or baws appeartly this guy was the leader of some gang and his gang was fighting with the tanks,he face lite up when he heard that "no way in hell he im going to miss out of that" he then turned back to the girl "well it was nice meeting ya see you around"he yelled as he took off after the guy- 

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