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Discordia: Sirens filled the air as Yukina Saito threw the window open letting the paint fumes escape from the small studio apartment. It wasn’t the nicest place but hell it was District 1 and rent was cheap and the landlord could care less what she did with the place as long as he got his money on time. All that she had brought with her was two small boxes of clothes and a few mementos. They sat shoved into a corner inches from the freshly painted dry wall. On the outside of the building, it looked crumbled and decaying, like a cancer had crawled through it and sucked the life out of the building. However, Yukina had done what she could to tidy the inside up. She would have to get furniture and the likes over the the next few weeks, but for now she was satisfied. She had lived the life of a princess, spoiled by her mother and adopted father, and now she was ready to shed that lifestyle and step out on her own two feet. It had been like borrowing someone else’s life. The life she was supposed to have, had been stolen from her by greed and lust, and she wanted nothing to do with the life that had replaced it. In truth, her parents wanted her out of their lives just as much as she wanted out of theirs. Yukina was a constant reminder of their sins. They paid her a shit ton of hush money, which she divided into investments of various natures, checking, savings and a year rent on the flat. Normally, Yukina wouldn’t have taken anything from them, however she felt like she deserved it. Her leaving made their lives easier… why shouldn’t her life be easier too?

Tasanagi: Keyth stood in the middle of his room in the hideout. " Almost got it on Boss." Amy said as she pulled the heavy chest piece over his body. it sat over the top of his shoulders where a loud clamp could be heard as it connected to the rest of the suit. " I hope you and Densuke like what me and Claymore Designed boss, we made em just for you guys! Claymores a really big metal gear fan, and we based them off that one guy solid cock!" Claymore errupted with anger as he Karate chopped a table in half with vigirous strength. " HIS NAME IS SOLID SNAKEEE!!!!!" He said making the girl go skidding across the room all cartoonish as he shouted his monstrous shout. Sighing he'd pull his flak Jacket down. " Tch, stupid kid. Solid Snake is the most Iconic character of the 21st century kid. " Claymore pressed a button on his suit that would send a small needle pinching into Keyths body. " Ow man! What was that!?" " Relax kid, it's just the enzynes we placed in you. Densuke didnt get em, this is gonna chill you out. Your two hot headed sometimes and we need you as cool as possible for this one." Keyth blinked, feeling the enzymes take affect quite quickly as he held his head. His pupils growing wide as he seemed to be able to well... focus on something for once. He shook his head again and Claymore burst out in laughter. " Alright now we know this thing wont go wrong. Alright Keyth i already broke this down to Densuke but we made those suit designs after a very famous person but there the real thing man. Solid snake is the reason why i got into the Military back when i was a kid anyways.Alright, but back to busniess." He said walking to the blue prints on the wall. " I call em 'Slick suits'. But There really sneaking suits. Sneaking Suits are special military wear created with electronic weaving technology using optical fibers. By clinging tightly to the wearer's body, the suit provides protection and boosts strength. Recent models also come with a variety of sensors, shield the body from toxins, and interface with nanomachines, which are what you guys have. I made sure to get you guys the latest gear possible. With the money we've been coping out from the bank jobs, man getting this thing made was easy. I gave you the one with the armour coating Keyth because i know how you are kid. And sometimes your stupider than a log. No offense." The more... 'focused' Keyth blinked as he listened to the insult and any other time he would have went ape shit over something like that. " D'ahh alright Clay, that's all cool and all but did you guys get the Driver? I havent met em yet.." Claymore smirked. " Yeah, Densuke picked em up. He seems legit. If he fails we have back up plans. The Helicarrier choppers we bought last week are worth every penny. Beamed down with bullet proof armour coatings and all. Only thing taking us out are missles, but we have chaffing systems for that. We'll have em stealth out, they wont come on any form of RAdar, nor will they be seen in the air so you dont have anything to worry about." Keyth nodded. " I say we just go in guns a blazing, that's a good idea right?" " No.. not really.. lets uh.. here Densukes Idea first.." He said walking out to the middle of the hang out where all the Arasumaru were and where Densuke was waiting to go over the plan.

ChairmanRyoji:Densuke would be suiting up accordingly. He’d fit on the last part of the sneaking suit, while in the bathroom of the hideout. He’d speak silently outloud. “Very nice. It’s about as protective as the Red Dawn suit, all be it a bit of a downgrade, but material is material. And this as far as it goes is pretty impressive.” Densuke would strap on his weapons. He didn’t want any sort of nessecary prep time before the mission started, as such he’d placed on his gun on his thigh, packed and straped his AK, and his combat knife at his side. He’d also went as far as to use his old utility belt he’d been using from the Red Dawn outfit, as an added bonus. He’d tie a black headband around his forehead, and strap it tightly. “Felicity said she’d be here..guessing I’ll just have to trust her on this one.” Densuke would think back to the kiss they shared…before shaking his head and slaping his face. “I have to focus for gods sakes….Mission first. Tch…hate taking my pops advice. Fuck em.” Densuke would emerge from the changing room, and look around, to see the gang going over the instructions. “Yeah C, these are very well designed!” Densuke would hop around. “They’re not nutter huggers either hahaha!”. Densuke would stick his hand up and signal their dirver to come on. Should he enter on cue, Densuke would introduce him. “Every one this is our driver, Kamuza. He’ll be the on getting us away, so we can trust him don’t worry about it.” Densuke would nod. “Now that the introductions are done, it’s time we get down to the plan I’ve established. Keyth, pay extra attention, we…really can’t have you jepridizing this with your brash ways…I’m sure C injected you with the enzyme by now, custom to my idea prior.” Densuke  would clear his throat, and open his watch’s holographic interface, revealing a series of statistics ands numbers. “Alllllright folks! Lets go over this once again.” Densuke’s strategic colors were shining through very vigorously…like his father before him of course. “We’re going in quiet. That’s the number one goal here. If we’re even spotted in one moment we are fucked. F-U-C-K-E-D fucked. We’re going to go in from the roof, using helicopters from the drop, at least Team A is. Team A consist of Myself, Danny if he shows up, and two other men, Carl and James. We’ll be the quiet ones. Team B which is the demolition squad, will consist Keyth, Amy, Hayate, and Hakaru. You guys are the run and gun squad, and you’ll enter from the front door, so do. Not. Die. Your primary objective is to distract and meet up with us. Now then time for a area facts.” Densuke would move his fingers across the holoscreen and reveal the whole building. “This is the 'Kasaihana Union Depository of national Clearance. The biggest Bank in Kasihana, which the big shots keep their money in, including the mayor. This is 30 stories of money just ripe for the picking. But we’re going for the gold people.” Densuke would zoom into the basement area. “Gold folks. That’s our target. 10,000 bricks of it is our limit but hey get what you can. We won’t be using transport for it though. No we’ll be using something I spcially picked up for us.” Densuke would point to a briefcase. “in there, are A.G.F or Anti Gravity Field gloves. They’ll cast a small electro magnetic field around your hands, and transfer it to the gold your lifting. With these babies, 5 tons, is no heavier than 5 pounds.” Some of the memebers oo’d and ahh’d at the technology being presented. Amy sighed and smiled, hugging Densuke’s leg. “MMMMMMM my Den Den so smart! And handsome…” She’d begin licking his boot, and Densuke would shake his head as she stayed paitently. “Anywho this jobs is worth about 13 million tanz. Theres enough of a cut for all of use to ball for a bit, but that doesn’t mean we get lazy got that? Any questions” Claymore would drop his shades for a minute. “I would ask where you got this kinda stuff from but I’m not even bothered, I’m just happy you got it Roll Bounce.” Densuke would fist bump Claymore and smirk. “Anyone with concerns? You keyth? You got it? If so, then lets roll out-“ “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!” Danny would fall through the roof, with a body shaped hole being left through it. He’d stand up and slaute the group. “I’m ready for action!” Danny had arrived in his boxer shorts which had images of Courage The Cowardly Dog on them. “….Danny got put some god damn clothes on! The suit I gave you is in the….ugh dammit boy.” Danny would rush to the room and retrun in a black Kevlar suit like instructed. “Good. Everyone squad up, Kamuza, drive team B to the location, gps is already in you ride. James start the copter.”

Sezomaru: Kamuza was standing in a secluded space of the hangout, suiting up in a black, tight, sleek suit that looked as if it were made of scales. He slid on pants that were tight on the waist, loose around the legs, and tight around his calves. He slowly slid on a pair of black boots, clasping each clasp, feeling the boots tighten snuggly around his ankles and feet. He strapped a holster around his torso which was fitted with a pistol and extra ammo clips. He grabbed his pistol which contained engravings on the side which read “Rest in Peace” in Italian and on the other side read “Rest in peace” in Egyptian. He holstered the pistol in a holster that he strapped around his waist. He raised his left hand to his left cheek, feeling a scar that ran down its length. He remembered how he had gotten that scar when he was little, back in Egypt… It was before his family escaped. Kamuza shook his head some, snapping out of his thoughts. He turned, walking towards the meeting area just as Densuke was introducing him. He nodded to the group, giving a confident smile when Densuke told the others not to worry about trusting him. He crossed his arms in front of his chest loosely, listening to the plan that was to take place. Kamuza was to drive Team B to the front of the building so they were able to run in with guns blazing as a distraction for the stealth team which was Team A. After they got in, got the gold, and got out, Kamuza was supposed to aid in their escape. It was simple enough for him though he was prepared to help out with his own guns blazing if it was necessary. Kamuza nodded as he listened. He was ready to leave just as Danny fell through the roof wearing nothing but Courage the Cowardly Dog boxers. Kamuza chuckled, shaking his head. He nodded as Densuke told him that a GPS was already prepared in his ride. He turned, heading towards the vehicle he was to be driving which was an all-black bulky SUV that seemed like it could take some gun fire. He got into the driver’s seat, glancing around. He pressed the “Engine Start” button, hearing it roar to life. He waited for Team B to enter the vehicle and for Densuke’s signal to head out.

Discordia: Careful not to touch the walls, she climbed out the window which led to a rusted fire escape that clung to the side of the brick. As her red leather pump landed on the metal, the whole structure buckled and creaked as it objected to her very presence. She paid it no mind and slid a Newport 100 from its box and quickly lit it, cupping her hand to break the wind from the struggling flame of the banged up zippo in her hand. Yukina took a long drag, the cherry glowed bright against the darkness of the sky and she exhaled slowly. The smoke billowed from between her lips and she straightened and stretched, her tee shirt rising slightly to expose a small strip of the smooth skin on her stomach. After a moment, her body relaxed and she rested her hand on her hip as she felt the familiar shape of the butterfly knife concealed in the waist of her black skinny jeans. That was far from the only blade on her, but it was her favorite. Something about the smooth cold metal of the blade and the ease in which she could flip it open and how the handle seemed like it was made for the palm of her hand. It was an odd comfort knowing it was always within reach. Her pale green eyes scanned the horizon of buildings and houses and the ally below. It was rather quiet except for a few thugs leaning against the door frame of a less than kosher looking establishment that didn’t seem to have any signs clearly marking its purpose. Yukina’s eyes finally made their way to the fire escape. “I wonder where this leads,” she asked to no one in particular before wrapping her hands around the railing and giving it a hefty shake. “Seems sturdy enough,” she added before making her way up the seven flights of steps towards the roof. It seemed she wasn’t the only person to find the roof. Muffled voices filled the air as she took a few steps away from the ledge and further on to the roof. It was kind of nice up there, a cool breeze drifted through the air and the landscape of the city lights painted a pretty picture. Yes, this was definitely going to be her new spot. She was already planning where to put her garden, and maybe a nice little table and some chairs. Her planning was rudely interrupted as a tall guy stepped from the shadows. He wore a lose fitting black tank top and his arms were corded with lean muscle and a few jagged scars. He slouched as he crossed his booted ankles and sunk his hands deep into the pocket of his dingy and ripped up jeans. His dark brown eyes had a bit of a glazed over look as he looked her up and down. Yukina could feel the way his eyes trailed over her features and a shiver coursed down her spine. Her hand extinctively went to her blade. “You lost little girl?” He asked, his voice low and gruff. She scanned over him quickly and gave a little shrug, “Nope, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. You sure you aren’t the lost one?” She responded, her lips curving into a smirk. As she answered, another man appeared. He was a little shorter and a lot wider than the first and dressed in a similar manner.

Tasanagi: the other soliders. By this time, Keyth and his team had stormed through the bank as well, having a full scale gun fight with the gaurds. They were highly trained and Hayate was shot in the face as soon as he entered. " Shit! Hayate!" Keyth said as he pulled himself againt the wall to hide from gun fire. Back at the Safehouse. CLaymore shook his head, seeing that Hayate got killed right away. " Dammit.." He said while he slid his fingers over his bald scalp. The quick sounds of beeping echoed throughout the room. Indicating that someones heart rate was increasing heavily. " Is that.... no way! The Enzynes... There supposed to keep his blood lust down! How can he be pushing the effects away!?" Claymore said slamming his hands on the desk. " Yo, D. This isnt good... the Enzymes arent working, Keyth is litterally over-riding the effects, he's breaking through them and his blood lust is returning. If this doesnt get done, and done fast. He's gonna fuckin kill all those gaurds and this is gonna turn into a massacure instead of a robbery." (( Keyth's heart began to beat faster and faster. His once wide eyed pupils turned into a slit as his breathing increased, looking at his dead comrade. " Aghh... Aggh... HAAA!!!!!" He said quickly loading his M-16 and pulling from the wall firing off at any solider than he could. Boom, Boom, Boom! They began to drop like flies. " Boss has lost it again!" Said Hakaru to Amy as he pressed against the wall to Avoid gun fire. One of the gaurds had attempted to radio in the police but Claymore would intercept any and all the call outs. And due to the Concerct they'd all be staioned there to prevent any mosh pitts or rioiting from the Kasaihana youth. " Keyth! Keyth are you listening to me!? Clam down! You'll kill them all!!" He'd Ignore Claymore as he pulled the gernade from his waist and tossed it at a group of them causing them to go flying across the room with the explosion. Pulling his body from the wall again he'd roll dodging gun fire and tripping the man up, making him drop his rifel. As it fell in the air Keyth stopped himself after the roll, pulling his body back in a back flip, catching the gun and firing it off at the man on the ground below him at the same time. Killing him instantly. The Driver would more than likely notice the warzone in the inside. 10 Gaurds from the building began to sneak there way around there vechile as they were closing in on him. The leader of the squad put his hand up stopping the rest of them, as he approached the driver sides car window with his gun aimed high. Meanwhile, at Nora's Door a light Knock could be heard. A Blonde haired male stood at the door with his both of his hands in his pockets. He seemed well... almost too beautiful for a boy. His bright blue eyes staring at the door as he waited paitnetly. (( who the guy was.))

ChairmanRyoji:Densuke would be in the helicopter with his lead leaned back against the seat, lost deep in thought. He doesn’t’ know why, but he’s had his mind on his father for the longest of times now. In a sense..he missed him. He missed having someone to come to. To scold him. Teach him. Congradulate him. He missed having a parent. He’d sigh to himself. “You alright dude? You look down…is it cause Felicity’s not around? Eh? Eeeeeh?”  Danny would nudge Densuke on the shoulder and Densuke would run a hand through his hair. “No no no it’s not that at all heh. I’m just trying to be sure this plan will go according. I don’t know what kind of security they’re packing….then theres the KPD to deal with. It’s to much at once….but I think we have a shot. Keyth and the guys should cause a heavy enough distraction.” The copter would arrive a rooftop away from the building itself. Densuke, Danny, and  Carl, would decend and land on the rooftops. “Danny are you loaded?” Carl would speak to Danny. “Loaded? With what, I have no weapons.” Densuke would face slam the floor. “Fuck danny! This is the shit we talked about! What were you doing for 2 hours!?” Danny would think back, and in his head all he could renember was the girl he was messing round with. ::Flashback:: ( )“NGH! DON’T STOP, IM ALMOST THERE DANNY!” “HEH HEH HEH, SAY IT AGAIN!” Danny would have a very innocent looking woman pinned against the fall face first, plowing her guts out from behind with his pants around his ankles. “your so FUCKING CHANTASTIC!” Danny would smirk as he was about to make the final push…until the womans father stepped in the room with a loud bang of the door being opened. Danny would turn around and look at him and so would the girl, both with frightened looks on their faces. “WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU!?” Danny would have his hands shaking in the air, with his hardned pecker still emerged while talking. “It’s uh, JAKE! JAKE FROM STATE FARM!” The girl would facepalm herself, as her dad would grab danny by the hair and throw him out the window. Danny would fall 4 stories before landing on a car roof and laying there for about…and hour and 45 minutes.::Flashback end:: “Ahh. Lost in the ways of life.” Danny would nod. Densuke would simply signal for them to follow, and they would make their way to the ventilation system. Just like Densuke had timed, their air ducts would be off at this specific moment interval for about 10 minutes. Densuke would nod keeping it silent, as he attached some bunggie cable with hooks to the end of the building, and the three of them systematically shimmed between the blades of of vents fan, and started descending their way downward ( ) The three of them would proceed to shimmy down to the 25th floor vent. “Alright guys” Densuke would stop them. “We should hit the ground here. If we shimmy to long the suction from the air will suck us back up and we’ll be shreaded.” Danny and Carl nodded. Densuke would release the rope with his hands and grip the rope with his feet hanging upside down. He’d then signal the other guys to aid him by them all simultainiously swinging their weight back and forth. Densuke would attempt to reach the opening vent shaft, and after 3 swings he’d grip it. “Alright climb!” Danny would shimmy down softly and land on densuke’s chest. “oooo such a strong young man.” Danny would murmer in a femmine voice, as he’d take out the screw driver carl handed him and unscrew the vent, pushing it out yet, and laying down with a gentle thud. Densuke would flip danny off as he dismounted him and carl would snicker softly as he’d climbed over Densuke. Densuke using his enhanced dexterity, would let his body fall, gripping the vent opening and hanging in a vertical like flagpole position he’d pull himself up and fold his body into the opening.  Densuke would get a call in his radio. All he could hear was claymore saying something about keyth loosing his mind. “Ah I figured. No worries.” Densuke would push a button on the side of his watch. He’d planned ahead and had been studying keyth for quite sometime now, and figured out the key to keeping the enzyme working. The trick was to counter act the things that made keyth, “keyth” i.e accelerated heart rate, and adrenaline rushes. The increase of enzymes will keep him in his focused state. The room is clear by now according to the timing of everything. I heard about Hyatates death however…” Densuke would take a moment to breathe, remembering the psycololgical training he’d recived from his father about loosing close friends. Car face went white as he let his head sink down in sadness. Danny would have a somber look on his face. “Common guys….we have to carry on. We can’t let this prevent us from advancing…he knew the risk..that doesn’t make it easy….” Densuke would push the switch, increasing keyth’s enzyme control. “lets continue!” Densuke would squat and begin walking silently down the hallway. He already knew of the stealth techniques claymore had tought them, but Danny and Carl should make good use of it. Densuke would draw his pistol  and his knife, holding them in a CQC like fashion as they traversed the corridor.

YuiKiara: Nora was about to turn and head to the kitchen to make coffee when the sound of a knock came at her door. She looked back at Naomy, which in turn shrugged her shoulders and nodded, getting up and going to answer it while Nora went to make their coffee. She really had changed...for the past few months when she would dash to the door every moment a single knock was heard. And now, simply disregarding it. Naomy grabbed the handle and turned it then, pulling on it to open the door before she was met by a large frame, which she had to lift her gaze upwards to find the eyes of this individual. He was a blond man. If that..he looked to be more of a doll than a human. An android..maybe? It was possible. "Hello..May i help you?" Naomy asked, tilting her head lightly as she greeted the man with a blank expression.

Sezomaru: Kamuza sat in the SUV, watching as they headed into the building. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, all hell utterly broke loose. Kamuza blinked as if he had missed something. “What… In… Hell?..” He stared as gunshots were heard one after the other in rapid succession. “How did that even happen?” Kamuza rolled the driver side window down, spitting out of it. He pulled his engraved pistol from his holster, examining it before he released the clip, glancing at it, seeing that it was fully loaded as it had been before they left. He pushed the clip back into the pistol, cocking it before returning it to its holster. He sighed to himself before he caught something out of the corner of his eye. He glanced at the driver side mirror, thinking he had seen something. He shook his head, grabbing the door handle, getting out of the SUV. He looked to his right towards the front of the SUV. He didn’t see anything though he noticed something black moving behind him. He quickly planted his left foot, leaning his body forward slightly. He got the feeling that something passed over his head as he thrust his right foot backwards, kicking behind him. He felt his foot connected with something… A body. He heard a small grunt before feeling an arm wrap around his ankle. He placed his right hand against the SUV before feeling his leg being pulled backwards. He pushed the against the van, helping his assailant pull him backwards. He used the momentum to pull his left leg up and twist. The shock of his movement caused the grip on his ankle to loosen slightly, giving him the opportunity to twist his ankle in the grip. He pulled his body around, swinging his left leg around, his body twisting in a clockwise motion horizontally. He slammed his left foot against the face of his attacker, causing the body to fall from his kick. He hit the ground, quickly jumping up to his feet. (( He looked to his left, seeing nine other men in front of him, all ready to take him done. “Well fuck…” He grinned, taking up a Muay Thai type standing, raising his arms up to chest level, bending his elbows so that his forearms covered his face slightly. He kept his hands slightly loose as he grinned at his opponents. He bent his right knee slightly, placing the tip of his foot against the road. He kept his left leg straight, slightly bouncing on his heel. “Let’s go.” The men charged him, coming at him one after another. Kamuza was fully prepared to take them all down. The first one came to him, swinging his right fist towards Kamuza’s face. Kamuza moved his head to the right, letting his left arm hang there so that when the fist reached where his face was supposed to be he could move his left hand to the inside, grabbing the inside of the main’s elbow. He pulled the man close, shoving his palm against the man’s jaw as he continued to pull the main’s arm towards his body, causing the hit to push the man’s head back even farther than it should have. He reared back with his right hand as the man tried to recover from the first hit. He released the man’s arm, shoving his palm back against his jaw, sending his face smashing against the SUV. He tumbled to the ground as the next man ran forward. Kamuza twisted counter clockwise on his left foot, twirling his body. He raised his right foot in mid turn so that when he did a full 360, the tip of his foot would slam against the jaw of the next attacker, sending his face into the SUV as well. The third man was quick on his feet and charged Kamuza, swinging his left fist in an uppercut, causing it to slam against Kamuza’s chin. He stumbled backwards though regained his ground, letting the man charge forward again. This time the man swung his left fist in a hook. Kamuza raised his left arm, blocking the strike before reaching out with his right hand, grabbing the back of the man’s head. He pulled down forcefully, causing the man’s head to lean down. Kamuza pushed the man’s head down as he thrust his right knee up, slamming it against the bridge of the guy’s nose, breaking it on contact. Kamuza shoved the man’s face against the black SUV before leaping towards the other six men. He raised his left foot, pushing off of the side of the SUV, sending him higher and farther. As he came down towards the fourth man he reared back with his left hand, clenching it into a fist. He swung, slamming his fist right between the eyes, causing the man’s head to snap back, allowing Kamuza to shove his palm against the man’s throat forcefully, making his chin slam against Kamuza’s hand. He gripped the man’s throat, swinging his body towards left, towards the ground while at the same time, twisting his body counterclockwise, slamming the heel of his left foot against the fifth man’s face, sending him to the floor. Kamuza felt a fist connect with his stomach though the suit that he was wearing took most of the blow. Kamuza swung his right fist in a hard jab, punching the sixth man in the face. The man s : stumbled backwards, allowing Kamuza to rush forward and leap into the air. He placed both hands onto the man’s head, giving him the leverage he needed to raise his left knee, slamming it harshly against the man’s face, just under his nose so that the bone in the bridge of the nose was shoved upwards towards the man’s brain. Kamuza shoved the man against the ground, using his body like a pillow to land on. The last three stood there, looking at what Kamuza had done to their comrades. They growled, reaching for their guns, ready to shoot Kamuza. Kamuza saw this acting and reached towards his pistol, grabbing it. He pulled it up, aiming towards them with the pistol. He pulled the trigger three times, changing the position of his aim each time, shooting each man in the face. The men dropped as Kamuza turned, seeing the first man who had grabbed his leg. The man was up and just about to shoot him. Kamuza raised his pistol, quickly pulling the trigger, sending a bullet into the man’s head. Kamuza slowly holstered his pistol, looking at the downed men.

Discordia: “It seems you two are intruding on my territory.” She said to the men, her back straightening as she bore into them with her eyes, the fierceness in them only magnified by the smoky shadow that lined them. “Sugar tits, there is one of you and two of us and you don’t seem like…” She would never learn what exactly she didn’t seem like because as soon as the tall one had called her “sugar tits,” she had brought her knee up, and in a fluid motion her body rotated and she swiftly straightened her leg into a perfectly placed kick to his chest. With the weight of years of practice and hundreds of past kicks, her foot drove into his chest like a hammer. His body instantly buckled as the wind escaped his lungs. Wasting no time at all, Yukina pulled back with her foot. She let it only kiss the ground for a moment before bringing it up and then dropping it so that her heel connected with the base of his neck. The kick connected with a loud thud and he dropped. It would be a few moments before he would be able to pick himself up again. “Just enough time to handle tubby,” she thought. She pivoted slightly so she faced him and brought her fists up, staggering them in front of her. Her left fist shot into a hook that connected with his jaw and before he had a chance to even react, her right fist exploded into a jab that landed dead center of his throat. He gripped at his throat and gasped for air. By this time, the tall one was struggling to rise to all fours and the other still clinging to his throat. Yukina stepped back for a moment and rested her hands on her hips as she appreciated the scene before her. The shine of metal glinted in the moon light as she whipped out the butterfly knife and swung it open. With sure steps, she approached the taller one on the floor. Her fingers entangled in his hair and she yanked his head up as she dropped to a knee next to him. The cool blade slid against his throat, not enough to break the skin, but he would definitely feel its presence. Her lips, a hair’s breath from his ear, she whispered “Listen carefully. Don’t worry, I will speak slow so you don’t miss anything. There is a new girl in town. This here, is my territory now, and I don’t want you infecting it. You two can clear out. And I am sure right now it is going through your head to find someone bigger, stronger and badder than you to remove me from my nice new spot. Let me tell you how that will play out. You will show back up here with whoever you can round up and rush back up here. Sure, your little group might hurt me eventually. They might do really bad things to me, but, not at first. I wonder how many times I can stick my little knife into you before they stop me? And, that is exactly what I will do. I will love every second of my knife piercing your skin and sinking into your flesh as rivers of blood spill forth.” Her green eyes glinted “So you have a choice to make.” Yukina released her grip letting his head droop. He looked up at her for a moment, not seeing any weakness or doubt in her gaze and gave a little nod of submission. She turned her head to the side and looked over at tubby. “You may want to pull yourself together and get your friend out of here.” It took a few minutes before they picked themselves up and made their way down the fire escape. Yukina let a sigh escape and her shoulders slouched a bit. She began to explore a little more and found that there was already a little table and two chairs off to the side, in the shadows where the two had come from. She plopped into the chair and pulled out a small baggie and a little rectangular pack. As she opened the bag, she inhaled and a smile crossed her lips. She set it out and pulled out a couple pinches, setting them onto the table. With a careful eye she picked through them flicking the stems to the side and leaving the seeds in a small pile to the side for her garden. Once she was satisfied with the pile of green, she pulled out a paper and filled it with the pile, quickly rolling it into a joint. She admired how perfectly shaped it was before she put one end in her mouth and lit the other. The scent of it filled the air as she inhaled deeply and filled her lungs. It burned her throat and lungs and she coughed, expelling a puff of smoke into the night sky. She kicked her legs up on the table and leaned back into the chair, her head drooping back as she stared up at the stars.

Tasanagi: The Blonde haired male smiled at the girl as she opened the door for him. " Hello." He said bowing to her and then pulling himself back up. " Im Jet Frost, from the Detective Division. I came here to ask you a few questions. You see, im doing a survey on some of the people that had to fight within the War when the terrorist attacked the city some time back. It'll only be a matter of your time if you dont mind." He said waiting for her to let him in. If she did, he'd sit down on a chair and pull out some files that he had in a brief case he had brought along with him. " Nora... Nora... Haruko.. Hmm.. Ah! Here we are." He said pulling out some informational files on the female. " Says here, you were one of the ranking officers that helped alot of people during that time. It also states that you were to get a uh? Promotion? Ah anyways. Nora, how do you feel about that day. Do you ever have dreams of it? Or... do you ever feel like, well.. Watched?" He said putting her files out on the table as he spoke to her. " Some of the other officers are suffering from a high level case of PTSD. So, that's what im here surverying you about." He wore a suit, a brown one with a red tie. His blonde hair complimented his perfect tan skin and bright blonde hair. " You seem like you still got it together, though you have been a bit in active as of lately?" He said looking at her with a bright smile on his face. Tilting his head to the right a bit as he waited for her response to him. meanwhile Keyth was ontop of one of the soliders. Beating the mans head in witch such vigirous strength. His fist slamming into the soliders helmet over and over again as he savagely beat him to death. His fist crunching into his skull over and over again as he screamed out at the tops of his lungs. Amy, and the other Arasumaru stood in fear as there leader brutally beat the man to death with his bare hands. Turning his attention to the both of them in a low growl he stood, drool leaking from his lips like a beast. " This is been happening alot lately... Ever since his father died.." Claymore said watching it all from the survalnce room as he talked to Densuke. " His rages have gotten worse, his flips are worse, and they happen at any form of emotional distress now. I dont know what his problem is, but the Enzymes were a good idea D." He said to Densuke. Keyth had pulled one of his Blades from his back, and had knokced out the other Arasumaru. Hovering over Amys body with the blade. " AGGHHHH!!!" He said shouting at the top of his lungs as he pulled it up ready to impale her right through, lost in his rage untill... The Enzymes kicked in. The blade stopping right at the tip of her nose as his pupils went wide again and he simply blinked. She was staring right up at the blade as she watched it. "..K-Keyth.." She said tears streming from her eyes. "...Ahh.. what?" He said standing up and holding his head. " Yo, i just saw the new guy take out all those Gaurds on his own. He's a fucking Keeper." Claymore said as he smirked impressed by the young mans work. " Keyth... you ok?" " Yeah.. im, im alright..." He said holding his head. " Alright Keyth, i've held off as much cop signals as i could. But it wont be long before they storm the place. Get ready... Your gonna have to make sure none of those cops get into the building past you and Amy and the rest of the guys. " Claymore said to him via communicator. Keyth pressed the button on his suit. " Right.." He said shaking his head aferwards. " Amy..." She said still staring up at the ceiling. " ....Im sorry. Head back to the car..." He said walking out into the banks door way. Red and blue lights coating his body as the cops were on there way. " Now.." He said in a demanding voice as his eyes turned into slits again. Clenching his fist as all 10 cop cars were on there way. "... I'll Avenge you Hayate. For the Arasumaru.." (( " Shit D. He's going into another a Frenzy again... Dont worry i got it.." He said hitting the Enzymes on his side. Keyth gripped his head as his heart tried to calm itself but the more the sirens grew louder, the more his anger increased. By now Amy had fled over to the Driver, gripping him in a tight hug. " The boss is losing his shit over there!" She said gripping tightly to his body sobbinb lightly. " FREEZE!" They said shouting at the top of there lungs. Keyth leaned forward growling lightly as he tilted his head. " Fuck you all.." He said as he clenched his fist. Watching all the cops pour of of there cars.

CHairmenRyoji: ( ) Densuke would stop the team in their tracks. There were guards down the hallway. 8 of them. Densuke would simply use sign language to communicate with the team throwing up sign for. “Follow my lead, Danny throw a smoke bomb for cover. Carl. Get to the room opposite of the hallway and open the door for cover.” The two nodded, and Danny would take a smoke bomb from Carl, and toss it against the wall, and let it roll down the hallway, casuing massive confusion. The men in black suits drew their weapons and began shooting randomly. Carl acted according to plan and  took cover. Danny took  out his sling shot, and using the ifnra red scoope Densuke had prepped for him he would begin to head shot each and every one of the men, the steel marbles making a hard enough impact to knock the men off of their feet, and flat on their asses. Danny would tiger woods fist pump until he’d been shot in the shoulder by one of t he men who’d managed to gain their footing in the midst of the chaos.  Danny would bite his lip however….and not utter a hint of pain like a true soilder. Densuke would then make his move….the smoke cleared and the last man would look around, to see where they’d went. Densuke would be hanging from the water pipe over head, only to reach his feet down, haning on to the pipe course, and grip the mans neck between his thighs. After fifteen seconds, the man would go limp from air debridement and fall to the ground. Densuke would land in a squat, and signal the others to come out as well. “Good job guys” Densuke would nod at them as they headed for the elevator. Densuke would go ahead and throw a chaf grenade in the elevator before entering it, making sure the camera was disabled. The three men would step into the elevator now  having time to chat. “FWOOOO! This is some intense shit…” Danny would wipe his forehead and speak. “You’re telling me. I’ve never done this sort of thing before it’s pretty awesome!” Carl exclaimed. “Densuke when we get back you’ve gotta teach me how to vamp up my upper body strength like yours!” Densuke would  smirk. “Sure thing. You guys are my allies, my nakama. We’re all gonna get outta  here alive, just you wait.” Densuke would hit the button for the basement floor. The evelvator descended it’s way downwards. The numbers showing each floor slowly grew smaller and smaller until it finllay hit the “B” showing they’d arrived where they needed to be. A few men, more so 4 of them would be standing in the hallway, right outside of the safe. The elevator would open, and the men would turn their heads. But it was empty. One of the guards would lower their sunglasses and look concerned. A teddy bear would fall from the elevator and it would make a giggling noise. The guard who’d looked would walk in and pick it up, only to have the elevator then begin to shoot itself upwards, at a rapid speed, his scream would be heard echoing through the hall. The other guards would draw their guns, but before they could even level them out with their aim, Danny would hang upside down and shoot 3 metal marbles, all aimed at the centers of their foreheads, and with loud PINGS they would all fly backwards a bit and bleed slightly from their foreheads. Danny would then talk. “Good plan Densuke!” Densuke would nod, as he hung himself from the still remaining elevator cord, holding Carl by his ankles, and Carl would be holding Danny by his. Using the same fashion from before, Densuke would swing his body, and sling the two of them inside, also flping himself inside as well. “Alright C, we’re at the safe, hack it up for us realy quick my brotha.” Densuke woulds peak into his ear piece. “You’re a little late roll bounce, I already got I open for ya. Grab those gloves and take to heisting.” Densuke would shake his head and smile. “Mission accomplished. You got that get away route planned?” “You got the parts for the portable rocket?” claymore retored. “yes indeedly. “ Densuke would confirm as he’d open the door to the safe, and their it was. Drawers and drawers of gold bricks galore. “Gear up and take all you can carry, which should be an assload so to say the least.” The three would strap their gloves on, and begin loading brick , after brick, after brick! Of gold.  They now had huge piles of gold that should be heavy and unliftible, but thanks to Densuke’s tech, they only felt like a bedroom pillow to them. “We’ll carry the cargo Densuke, you just keep us from getting hurt.” Carl would exclaim. Densuke would give a thumbs up, and they would all take to the stiar way. Densuke would talk to them one last time. “We’re leaving through the front door on this one you guys. Keep in mind, the cops couldn’t be held off forever, so if we do get encountered it’s literally do or die.” Densuke would swallow hard on that one. “We got this.” Densuke would load up his AK, and allow the elevator to move. On arrival of the front entrance, Densuke would walk out pointing the Ak, Danny poitiing his sling, and Carl pointing his pistol they’d see that the officers in the room had been taken care of…they’d also see Hayate’s dead body. A terrible terrible sight. Densuke would press on and head outside to see the sight of chaos, which could only be brought on by the gang leader Keyth. He’d see nothing but dead…and unconscious cops. “Make your way to the car guy’s I’ll grab keyth…” “Be careful you know he’s in a raged state!” Carl warned. Densuke would sigh. “Yeah yeah…” he’d walk over behind keyth as silent as they come, and press a button on his watch. The enzymes would have another effect. Complete shutdown. Once the button was pressed keyth’s body would be flooded with the eyzme, slowing his heart so much so it would put him in a state of literall sleep. This effect would casue his body to go limp and fall back into densuke’s arms. More cops began to show up, and by the bunches. Cars everywhere. Some of the officers would step out and take cover behind their car doors. “HAND EM OVER! WE’VE GOT YOU SURROUNDED!” Densuke would smirk and put his right hand up with an open palm”Arasumar COVER YOU EARS!” Claymore would activate the ear plugs given to all memebers before departure, and Densuke…closed his palm, activating the sequence on his watch which would emit a loud sonic noise, of such a high decibel the full blast could be heard a mile away from the area. The cops would groan and drop their weapons in pain and headache, and some ears were even bleeding profusely. Densuke would use this time and run up to the suv, placing keyth in the a backseat, while Carl and Densuke would pile in as well in. “You’ve got to loose them Kamuzu! Whatever it takes, we’ve gotta jet!” Densuke would exclaim as he knew they had the loot, it was now up to the getaway.

Sezomaru: Kamuza watched as the chaos continued before everything seemed to get even worse. Keyth, his boss began raging about. The girl whose name was Amy if he remembered correctly came over to him, hugging onto him tightly. She was sobbing which made him slide his right arm around her waist, holding her gently. He was about to reach for his pistol when he heard “ARASUMARU, COVER YOUR EARS!” Suddenly, all sound disappeared, the earplugs he had been given had been activated and suddenly the cops dropped their weapons, some of their ears began bleeding intensely. Densuke came running up with the rest of the group, all of them piling into the SUV. Kamuza grabbed Amy and put her into the SUV before jumping into the driver side, starting the vehicle as Densuke was yelling they it was up to him to lose them. He nodded, a grin sliding across his face. “I got this!” He gripped the steering wheel, slamming his right foot onto the gas, causing the care to launch off. Sirens blared and roared behind them as Kamuza raced down the street with the cops racing right behind him. He steered to the right and the left, dodging cars that were trying to casually drive down the road. “GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE WAY!” Kamuza screamed out as he pressed down on the gas as hard as he could. He glanced up, seeing a red light, grimacing slightly. “Fuck you.” He said calmly, jerking the wheel to the right, causing the SUV to swerve slightly as he made a sharp turn to the right. He barely missed a small Honda that was trying to make its own turn. He glanced in the rear view mirror, seeing the cops swerving around the corner in hot pursuit. “Give me some cover someone!” He continued dodging car after car, glancing out of the right window, seeing a police chopper coming their way. “FREEZE! PULL OVER AND COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEADS!” (( “LIKE HELL!” Kamuza jerked the wheel to the left, sending the car into a slight drift as it screeched onto a road to the left. He was now utterly focused on the road as he continued to drive, an intense and determined look on his face. He jerked the wheel to the right, drifting around onto a road to the right. His driving would be slinging them around but it was all in the effort to escape the cops. He heard gunshots ringing out behind them as he drove, causing him to get an annoyed look on his face. He glanced in the rear view mirror again, seeing one of the cop cars slam into a turning car, a loud crashing noise sounding. “HAHA! FUUUCK YOU!” Kamuza yelled out, laughing at the crashed cop car. He swerved around a slow moving vehicle, flipping the driver off. He saw a large intersection coming up and got a rather insane idea. “HOLD ON!” He pulled the car over towards the right, keeping the gas pressed down all of the way. The cops weren’t able to get over to the right due to the traffic around. They all raced towards the huge intersection, watching as their lane’s light turned red. They were the cars in front, him and the cops. He gripped onto the wheel, jerking the car to the right, slamming on the breaks. If the cops faces could be seen, they would be full of shock as the front line of cop cars raced past, slamming into the cars in front of them who were now taking their turn to go. Kamuza slammed his foot back onto the gas, launching the car over the sidewalk and onto a road going to the right. He reached to his holster with his left hand, grabbing his pistol. He rolled slammed the butt of the gun onto the button to send the window sliding down. He aimed out of the window, shooting at the tires of cars in front of them in the oncoming lane. They swerved when hit, some of them pulling into their lane as they shot past. The cop cars would collide with these cars as if they were a wall, which was exactly what Kamuza was doing, making multiple barricades. He pulled off to the side into an alleyway near the Arasumaru building. He glanced around, seeing that they had lost the cops due to those barricades he had made. The chopper had apparently lost them somewhere in the string of turns they made and was most likely called back due to the mass of police casualties from the multiple crashes. “Damn..” Kamuza said as he turned the SUV off, glancing back at the others in the back.

Discordia: She inhaled again and holding the smoke in her chest until she no longer could. Her head was already feeling its effects and she looked over to the spot where the two guys had failed so miserably in protecting their territory. A small
giggle escaped her lips and she hit the joint again. With a stretch, she stood up and walked around the roof looking at the scene before her. The building was just tall enough that she could see a flock of flashing lights, shooting through the night sky. She dropped to the side of the building and sat on the edge, her feet dangling almost 150 feet above the road. Perhaps, with her mind already hazy, she should have been a bit more cautious. However, she was completely in control of her body and was at no risk in tumbling over. There was something freeing being so far above the world, like the smogginess that clings to life and suffocates you with unnecessary drama and strife was all down there. But up here, nothing could touch her, nothing that she couldn’t handle. She finished off the joint and nubbed it out on the side of the building, slipping the roach into her cigarette pack and sliding out a cigarette. She lit it and leaned back, not caring if the roof got her dirty. With hands behind her head she looked up and listened to the sirens. “It must be one hell of a fight going on down there,” she thought.

Tasanagi: " Keyth no... dont kill the cops, can you hear me?! No!" Claymore said to the young man though he seemed to be in a world of his own. " Well well.. look what we have here... No wonder this place seemed so quiet. we usually get a digital coding from this place every hour to know that securites alright. But, seems as though the code sending was 5 minutes late.." He said smirking. The Mysterious police officer sighed as he opened the palm of his hands, fire emerging from both palms of his hands as he shook his head. " Shame Shame. And you were so close too.." (( How he looked.)) Keyth watched as the male created flame with his bare hands. His teeth clenched tightly as he stood there watching him from there distance his eyes flaring from slits to being dialted over and over again.(( Rushing into the herd of cops Keyth leaped high into the air. Launching punches kicks left to right. " AGGHHH!" He said landing on the other side of the grouping of cop cars. As soon as he landed they began to take fire. He'd roll opening a car door up and then pulling himself over it one motion as he flipped over it avoiding gun fire. He pulled himself over that same car with a roll as he dodged even more gun fire. Landing on the street on the other side of the car his fingers went into the grooves of a sewer top. Spinning his legs around he'd pull the top out, moving his body in a break dancing motion with the top. Tossing it from hand to hand as he continued to momentum building spin before he simply launched the large stone top under the car. by this time the cops were on there way to see if they had got him when BOOM! All 6 of them would be knocked off there feet and into mid air. Floating high before they hit the ground the lot of them with snapped ankels or so. Keyths masked concealed his face compeltely meaning they wouldnt be able to I.D. him. He ran over to one cop, leaping into the air, hooking his legs around his head, twisting his body down in a Luchidor type slam as he smashed the guys body into the ground. Pulling himself up he'd dodge gun fire barely with a back flip pull up. Letting his body flip all the way over till he landed on his hands. A bullet would pop him in right rib causing him to go flying into a car, the bullet simply hit the armour with a hard DING. " Wh-What?!" Said the cop. Keyth rose up and simply leaned left to right. Drool leaking from his lips as he smirked and charged at the cop leaping into the air 4 inches from the cop, BOOM! He sent his shoulder and arm right into the male cops neck, breaking his neck with one clotheline. He then stopped on a dime, and spun kicked the cop into a car as he was drifted back down to the groud. After a few moments all of the cops were either dead or knocked out. The leader of the squad trembled in fear but shook his head. " YOU FUCKING HOODLUMMM!!" He said charging towards Keyth. Flames incoated his hands as he attempted to litterally burn the guys face of. Keyth used his sneaking suits advantages, throwing his forarms up to block the punches. BOOOM BOOM BOOM! The fire would flare off his arms every time he blocked a hit. The Lead officer attempted a down spin kick, which hit Keyth in the back of the knee. Forcing him to buckle forward. He then sent a powerful uppercut towards keyths jaw. Keyth simply used his own head to block the punch. Pushing his head back so hard that it caused the male to go flying back. " AGH! D-DID HE HEADBUTT MY HAND!?" Keyth wobbled left to right, his hair draping over his face as his mask started to burn. He pulled it off quickly, singe marks on his face. He had a devilsh snarl on his face as he eyed the man from afar. " AGHHHH!" Keyth charged the officer. It seemed like it was in slow motion as he tackled him into a car and began to beat the living shit out of him with knees and punches. Each hit denting the cop farhter and farther into the car before he picked the male up, lifting him above his head and body slamming him to the ground, getting on top of him and savagely beating him in the head like a mad man untill. He felt his body go limp. by this time the cop was dead and he was simply beating him more for the fuck of it. Keyths eyes rolled to the back of his head as he passed out, falling into Densukes arms being hauled off into the car. Meanwhile, Jet was jotting doown notes in his pad about what Nora spoke out to him about. " I see, miss. Have you encountered any men in the force that are corrupted? With the Death of Keyome Tasanagi, we've been able to weed out some people. But were still in the process. I know your a highly intellegent woman. But you know how it is in the force. You cant speak on certain matters or they'll fire you. I've witnessed it myself. So, its just me and you here.." Jet said placing the note pad down and putting both of his hands together. " please, Miss HarukoTasanagi: please, Miss Haruko. If you have any information please let me know. I have my eyes on one man in paticular myself.." He said looking at the girls sister, before turning his attention back over to Nora. " Have you heard of Huaidan Qingting?" He said looking her in the eye. (( who he is. -> As he asked, the timer on his watch went off. " Dammit.." He said standing up quickly packing his bags. " Not another robbery..." He said under his breathe. " Excuse me Miss Haruko. Seems as though our meeting has to come to an end." He said bowing. " Thank you for your time." He said bowing and quickly exiting her home.

YuiKiara: Nora watched as the man took notes down and nodded his head, then he asked a question that took her by surprise. Traitors amongst the KPD? there could be hundreds for all she knew. She never really kept tabs on them all. She could possibly give some by name that she had tried to build evidence against, one being her own boss. But then again, he was probably caught already. After all she had not gone to work now for about 4 weeks after Keyome's death. She lowered her gaze then and shut her mouth, not saying anything more. However then he asked her yet another question. A name was given which made her brows furrow in confusion. A familiar name but then distant from memory. Who..was he speaking of? She did not get to ask as he jumped up and packed his things, dashing out before giving his goodbyes. A strange character indeed. Naomy simply chuckled. "What was all that about..." Nora asked with a raised eyebrow, which her sister simply gave her an amused shrug of her shoulders. Nora sighed then as she took the mug from the table and brought it to her lips, having it been originally for herself. ~ An intense pain shot through her blind eye at that very moment however which made her gasp and chocke on her drink lightly. Naomy turned her concerned gaze to her sister whom simply leaned foreword and coughed, wiping her mouth. "D..Damn this thing is hot.." Nora spoke quickly to calm Naomy whom simply smiled and shook her head. "Careless.." "Im gonna go clean myself." Nora then stood and headed towards the bathroom. "Alright...dont let the water run too hot now.." Naomy joked which received the middle finger from her sister, in turn Naomy gave a fake surprised gasp in disbelief at her sister's vulgar ways. Inside the bathroom, Nora turned on the water and washed her face a few times before releasing a breath. With water having dampened her bangs, she stared at her reflection in the mirror with an almost glare. A uneasy look on her face. She reached for a towel and as soon as she took it off to wipe her face the sharp pain came back within her eye. She released a loud yell of shock and leaned foreword, covering her eye as she felt her body intensely heat up, making her break out in a sweat. She shakily raised her head to look in the mirror at her pained expression, and was horrified to see between her fingers, her silver eye having changed completely. It was a deep red and looked feline like, inhuman. [the color and the shape] It sent a shiver through Nora's body as she stumbled back from shock. Lowering her hand from her face as she stared at herself in the mirror. And just as it vanished. Nora fell against the door with a loud crash, this made Naomy jump from her seat and rush foreword, opening the door just to see her sister at her feet in a cold sweat and trembling. Crouching down Naomy took Nora by the shoulders and shook her lightly. "Nora..Nora..what the hell is wrong talk to me!" Lifting her head to look at her sister with the same shock on her face, Nora leaned against her sister and buried her face in her bosom, shaking. "Sorry...i..just had another hallucination again" Naomy's brows furrowed then with intense worry as she wrapped her arms around her sister. "Maybe...leaving the city is a better idea after all.." She whispered as she pressed her chin on top of Nora's head, whom simply closed her eyes and rested there, feeling a bit exhausted. 

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