• Ginsei
  • Keyth
  • Yuna
  • Ouijin Shishigami
  • Felicity
  • Fumiko

Tasanagi:((" 500 Years ago, it was predicted that warriors and heroes from an unknown land would come, and save us from our worlds end. The destruction has long been on its way. The warriors will stand tall, each of them champions to the gods. Each of them fighting in the name of, honor, Comprimization, honesty, trust, love, freedom, justice, vengance, and survival. Onigami will surface once more, and he will destory us all. His power has no end, he is truly the god of death and destruction all around. Lord Onigami, forged from every bit of hatred across this universe and 10 million more. The most corrupted soul in exsistance. But even that, will not be enough to stop the heroes..." The elderly man stood on top of the valcano as it began to smoke. The cloud broke through a bright ray of light on his body. " THE LEGEND, IS TRUE... THEY HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED, AH-HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH!" Another sonic boom errupted the air as Keyths body went sky high, soaring down from the sky. He had been the one who flew through the dark clouds. His body soaring down to the earth he'd concentrate his chi pushing it forward so his body darted further. " AH!" He said with a boost of chi as it blasted him further through the skies. It looked like he was flying. Soaring next to a dragon. The beast  recognized him as an Oni and simply lowered its head. Keyth blinked and then, in some odd way... he could understand it. " YOU WANT ME TO RIDE YOU!? SAY NO MORE HAHAH!" He'd latch onto the horns of the dragon as he straddled his neck and the dragon swooped down from the sky, twisting and turning itself in the air a few times before it hit Mach 5 speed. " I gotta find my friends!" Keyth said patting the large Lizards head. It nodded and swooped down to the ground where it let him off, he landed with a roll and continued his run. " MAN IT FEELS LIKE I NEVER GET TIRED HERE!" His body took off again creating another sonic boom as he began to run through the forrest. Flipping twisting and turning untill he pearched himself on a tree. " SOMEONE, HELP ME PLEASE, SOMEONE!" He looked to the right, to see a young girl getting taken by... what looked like some kinda goblin. " I dont what that thing is.." He said as his claws retracted from his body. " BUT THATS NOT HOW YOU TREAT A LADYYYYYY!" sliccceee! He'd cut the monster right in half, making him drop the girl which he caught while rolling forward. She blinked, her cheeks turning into a crimson red. "... An... Oni.. in human form.." She said blinking. " The names Keyth Tasanagi. DOntcha ever forget it lady." He said taking off down through the forrest further. He leaped high into the air to get a better view when he came upon a field landing on his right knee the yellow pedals flew up above his head as he slowly began to stand. (( " Master Tool! Master tool!" Said the little white angel known as Junsei as it came out of his chest once more. " I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!!" Keyth said strangling it. It poofed out of his hands and drifted by his head. " Oh master Tool, your such a tool. hahahah.." " Im gonna fuckin skin your face..." Keyth said through the corners of his eyes. " Hm, master Tool did you know that you were quite full of yourself? 'Keyth Tasanagi dontcha ever forget it.' How cliche, what are you? Some 1990's Anime character.." Keyth backhanded the angel as it poofed away again. " WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 90'S?!?!? YOU'VE BEEN HERE YOUR WHOLE LIFE!" " Correction, i've been with Master Okami who's been on earth since A.D. I know more about the 90's than you ever would." Keyth face palmed as Yami, the dark demon one came out of his chest as well. " Were in Kitsune fields.." Said Yami as he began to shiver. " What's a Kitsune.." Keyth said looking at Yami, Junsei the white one flew in his face and would say. "A Kitsune is a fox-spirit, who usually gain their powers by living long and keep growing stronger as they age: the more tails a kitsune has (they may have as many as nine) the older, wiser, and more powerful it is. They are often tricksters, with motives that vary from mischief to malevolence, but some act as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and even wives. And my oh my... are they beautiful." Keyth closed his eyes, starting... to invision something marvelous. (( His eyes lit up, a sparkel in his right eye as he pointed at the sky. (( " HOT DAMN!" He said as his finger twitched, and a nosebleed broke across his face. " ILL FIND ONE... AND MARY HER FOR SURE!" He said flexing his muscles. " THEY WONT BE ABLE TO RESIST MY TASANAGI CHARM!" He said a sparkel gleaming across his teeth as he smiled. Both of the little spirts faceplanted into the ground as he stood there with that stupid smile on his face.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos wakes up after he waited in the village the day before, one of the villagers was nice enout to let him crash in their hut for the night. He puts back on his armor and walks outside stretching. He felt like a million bucks. Even as he slept he got stronger and his chi was ten times stronger. He looked around the village, maybe someone had came up today. he honestly didn't care but he figured in this new world it was best to stay together, and as much as he hated the people that he came with it was still for the best. He looks around, no one was here still, just the villagers. he looks at them and they seemed to be working. He shook his head and the next thing he knew someone put a rather large bag of grain on his shoulders. "Your big and strong, take these over to the stables." Ayperos sighs as the man point to them and he starts to walk over and sets them down. The village wasnt far away from the feilds, would actually be seen from a pretty good distance.. He looked around and then like a flash he saw a younger version of himself again and then disappeared. He shook his head again and simply ignored it. he looked over at the villagers and then felt something sharp in his back. "Give me everything on your person." An unknown voice says behind him. Ayperos eyes glow bright red and he smiles and like a flash spins around behind the attacker, dawing his sword and haveing it on there neck. He looked at his attack, it was but a boy. He sighs and then puts away his sword and takes the boys knife. "Get lost kid." The boy runs falling down and then take off again. Ayperos looked at the knife and sliped it in his sash and continued to walk around the village looking for anyone he knew.

Where Ayperos stood, he'd feel a low rumble amongst the ground. If he looked out into the distance he'd see a large.. mass of bandits over 50 of them tops. Rushing towards the village. A Large cyclops like Oni ran in the back, a male with white hair piolting it. " HAHAHAAHAH, GET EM BOYS! TAKE IT ALL BURN IT DOWNNNN!" One of the villagers fell against Ayperos body as he paniced. " NO, NOT AGAIN, NO!" He shook horribly as he gripped the mans arm. " THEY STEAL OUR WOMEN, THEY TAKE THEM ALL AND EVEN FEED SOME OF OUR SONS TO THAT MONSTER, PLEASE STRANGER, DONT LET THEM TAKE OUR CHILDREN ANYMORE." The bandits rushed past Ayperos and the elderly man. Stabbing random villagers they could get there hands on. Death began to rage rapidly all around him. The one pioliting the oni pointed at Ayperos. " HAHAH, LOOKY HERE BOYS.... GOT OURSELVES A NEW GUY, YO!" He snapped his fingers and all of his men surrounded him. (( The leader stood ontop of his large pet and drew his blade pointing down at the man. " We, are the Blazing gang of the west winds... And you, are outsiders. These villagers... their our bitches.." It was clear these men were cowards, picking on the weak. " And you... your gonna be one of our bitches too. Arent cha big guy..." One of them drew his blade, licking the blood off with his tounge as he glared Ayperos down. The cyclops roared at the large man. Everything went in slow motion it would seem. The Villagers stood back, some of them sobbing, fearing for the strangers fate. " Any... last words.." The leader said as he smirked.

Susumuyo: (( )) Fumiko covered her eyes from the blinding light with her arm, looking away and closing her eyes, then slowly bringing her arm down, turning her head back. She opened her eyes slightly and then they widened, seeing the entrance to the realm and group of people wandering towards it. She started walking, and then something grabbed her leg, holding it in place. She looked down and there was a woman, her face covered by a fan attatched to her forehead. Fumiko put a hand to her mouth and tried to swat her away. The woman left, and then Fumiko walked forward, her foot losing it's balance, and she fell through the floor. Fumiko fell through several layers of clouds, screaming and flailing about. This is it, she thought, the gods didn't want me here so they're going to kill me! Suddenly, while she was falling the woman appeared before her and made Fumiko stop in mid-air. Fumiko's eyes stared at the woman, as she was dressed weird for this century. The woman opened her mouth and then closed it, smiling. She touched Fumiko's cheeks and her nose before leaning in and kissing her forehead. "It'll all make sense once you're down there. Have fun~!" The woman said, disappearing. Fumiko gasped and before she could say anything, she was falling again. "Woah! Oh nooo!" Fumiko screamed and closed her eyes. It was only a few second later that she found herself in a tree, unharmed. She sighed with relief and then the branch broke, making her fall onto the ground. She made an "oof" sound when she hit the ground, landing on her butt. She cringed and rubbed her butt, staying still on the ground. "Owwie..." She looked up and glared towards the sky, "When I get my hands on you, I will cut your throat and then get Gin to cut your head off!!" Her hair falling down her cheek. She gasped and grabbed a peice of her hair; it was black. She trailed her hand down the lock she had and gasped again, her hair was almost down to her ankles. She touched her face and looked around, there were no houses. Fumiko jumped up onto her feet and turned around in a circle, blinking, her eyes widening. "What the hell...." The scenery was gorgeous, an open feild with no buldings and no houses. She walked forward and into the grass, she bent down and touched the grass; it was very real. She stood back up and two birds flew back her head, she followed them with her eyes, smiling. She was not used to sceneries such as this, and this was a breath of fresh air. Fumiko looked back up to the sky, "It all makes sense, that portal, the new scenery! I'm not in the city! This is some kind of new world..." She smiled with excitment, and panted her eyes darting everywhere. She put a hand to her forehead and laughed. "Wow..." She looked down and checked out her outfit, a classic kimono that fit her snugly, and allowed a little room to roam. The pattern was a light sakura pink with gold swirls on the pink, making her smile. She nodded and then sat in the grass, picking at the flowers and smiling, "I'll just sit here until Gin comes to find me... Shouldn't be too long, this world can't possibly be that big..." she said to herself. Down the road, a few horses hooves could be heard, but not from where Fumiko was sitting.

Impresssed: ( Felicity started to just open her eyes, she was laying in sand, on a beach. The water splashed her cheeks waking her up even more. She looked around in shock, where was she? Her head was pounding, she had no clue why but it didn't bother her much.. Felicity never knew of any other interesting places around where she lived, except maybe a torn down building with cracks in the walls and old creepy staircases, but this place was much better than that. Way better, she never imagined for a place to look so quiet and innocent… and peaceful. She sat up slowly looking around as sand fell out of her hair, she looked down at herself and yelped a bit. "W-wha.. What the fuck am I wearing?" She was examining her outfit slightly confused, she suddenly started to panic. "Where are my weapons!?" She dug around in the sand quickly as she looked over to her right and saw jewels laying in the sand next to her, she crawled over to them and picked them up, soon enough they weren't jewels, it was a beautiful big sword with jewels hanging off the handle. She gasped a bit and dropped it instantly. "W-who's is this?" She spoke softly looking around as she was on her hands and knees in the sand, she sat back down next to the unknown sword and ran a hand through her hair. "This is gonna be a long confusing day, eh?" She giggled, then sudden realization. She was alone.. 'Where is everyone..?' She thought to herself. She got up quickly and recklessly and started to look around, all she saw was water and sand, in the distance she saw long corn stalks and a hill field behind it. She sighed a bit and looked down at the sword. "Maybe they won't mind if I borrow it.. right?" She said as she picked up the sword, it was bright blue and intimidating to look at, it was huge, almost her body size. It was heavy but heavy enough for her to get used to carrying it, she was in need of something to keep her safe anyways, she was alone… again. She sighed as she realized she spoke too soon, a beautiful young woman was standing in the distance she was walking toward her. Felicity was in shock as she got closer she was starting to look a bit different, her skin was rotted and her skull was showing a bit through her skin. Felicity started to step backwards with her eyes widened, the beautiful young woman was now a disgustingly rotted corpse with a long beautiful kimono dress on. She dressed like royalty but looked like Death. "S-Stay back. I don't know how to use this yet but I can learn in .2 seconds!" She spoke as she held out the sword almost tipping over. Felicity had no clue what to do, she was still in shock from what is going on but she was ready, she always is.

Tasanagi:(( " Okami-kun.." Keyth turned his head to see the girl who had bathed him when he was locked up. " Y-Yuna.. what are you doing out here." He said approaching her. " Uh-oh it's that girl again master, she's bad ne-pwwwff!" Keyth back handed it forreal this time as it poofed when it hit the ground like a smoke bomb. He approached her, putting his hands behind his head. She walked to him as well, smiling and then placing her hands in his snow white hair, sliding her fingers through it. She gasped. " You have doggy ears!" She said pulling them. Keyth hadnt even noticed and blushed when they were discovered. " Hahahahaah, guess i do." He said nodding. She began to giggle as she traced her fingers over the horns on his head, and then over the texture of his soft face. Staring into those blue-withish eyes. " How can something so beautiful. Be so dangerous..." She said to him as her hand dropped. Keyth blinked and then blushed again. " I am here, to collect herbs. This is where i go. Your still far to close to the castle. The emperour will surely find you here if you stay past your time." She said nodding. " Yeah..." Keyth looked down to her finger, seeing a ring and he frowned. " Your.. married..?" She closed her eyes, turning her head to the right. An image breaking into her mind as she sighed. (( " Did you forget Okami-kun. I told you my husband has been dead for two years now." She said turning back to him with a smile. Keyths eyes boar into her own, and he could see her chi, turning into a blue. She was deeply depressed. "....Musta.. slipped my mind. Will you tell your king dude, that im out here on your return?" She shook her head. " No, of course not Okami-kun. In a way, you remind me alot of my ex-husband. He was just as spacey as you are. " His eyebrow twitched. " WHO YOU CALLING SPACEY LADY!" He said shouting at the top of his head. " And just as hot-headed too, heheheh." Keyth blinked as he sighed and smiled shaking his head. " Ahhhhh.. you dont know what your talking about." " Your the first Oni to show face since the creation of this world you know. Well, everyone thinks your the evil monster Onigami, Okami-kun." She placed her hand on his chest looking up at him with a smile. " But, i can feel your heart... i can hear it beating.." She placed her head against his chest, listening. " The true Onigami... doesnt have a heart. And you have a big one." She said to him, the words stunned keyth as he seemeded dumbfounded the wind blowing by slowly as the golden pedals drifted off the ground around them both.

xXAyperosXx: He watches as all the bandits rush by him killing everyone and the older man tells him of the bandits. He looks at the man atop the large pet as he speak about the villagers and he smiles closing his eyes as he speaks.(( ))He then asked if Ayperos has any last words and he smirks devilishly as red sparks started to flash around him rapidly and his eyes turned bright red and he drew his katana slowly. "Yeah... How would you like to die? Quickly? Or Slowly?" They all rushed him and times seems to slow down as Ayperos lets them get close and the starts to jet at them, he smins around slice a few of them across the chest, each one the blood starts to squirt out slowly as in his eyes everything was slow and he moved normaly and in the onlooking his movement wasn't even seem but just glimpses of him and blood going everywhere. He keeps it up spinning and fliping through the crowd, bandits being killed left and right only flashes of him could be seen as he slice an area of bandits one after another. Ayperos was going so fast the they didn't even have a chance to run. He keeps it up for about 5 minutes and then is standing infront of the leader once more as time starts to go back to normal. All the bandits screaming and falling to the ground almost at once. He smiles, covered in blood as he looks at the monster and the man on the back of it. He was scared shitless. "KILL HIM!!!" The monster starts to swing at him, it was actually pretty fast but not fast enought. Ayperos dodged and ducked as the large fists came at him one after another. It then gets pissed and jumps up sending both fists down at Ayperos, and the fist seem to smash him, but in all actuallity Ayperos was behind the monster, he looked at it holding up his blade, time seems to slow down once more. He then jet at it his blade going straight through its arm, sliceing it clean off. It yells in pain and he smiles once more infront of it holding up his blade and the monsters reflection being in it. He waits for a second and then jets forword sliceing and going behind it on his knee. The monster stands there for a moment, and then its top half falls off onto the ground, making the leader fall of his face. He gets up looking at the bloodsoaked Ayperos, his etes full of fear as Ayperos looks at him with bright blood red eyes and no emotion in his face. The bandit leader gets up. "What... What the H---" He is cut off as he looks down. Ayperos blade sticking into his stomach and comeing out of the back. He looks up the blade and up into Ayperos eyes as he was dumbfounded. Ayperos twists the blade in his stomach and then lifts him up off the ground, the man screams in pain and then Ayperos slides the blade out quickly and spins around sliceing the man straight in half. He looks around at the rest of the villager look at him in awe. He waves his sword quickly at the ground spatting the blood off his blade before sheathing it. The sparks fade away and his eyes dem as the villagers start to cheer and yell his name.

Impresssed: ( Felicity was still backing up as she felt some sort of connection with the woman coming toward her, she slowly lowered the large sword and stood there watching her gracefully walk up to her. Felicity was watching the woman carefully, as she got close to her the woman smiled big at her. Felicity stood silently and stared at her. The woman slowly brought her hand up to Felicity's chin and analyzed her. "I was once this young and beautiful too.." She spoke finally to Felicity. Felicity smiled softly, and opened her mouth to talk. The woman quickly placed a finger to her lips to hush her for a moment. "Shh, Felicity, Let me explain. That sword was mine but I am letting you take it. Please be very careful with it, it's name is ame-no-nuboko, and my name is Izanami-no-Mikoto, the goddess of creation and death." The woman pulled her finger away, just then Felicity stared at her, her smile faded a bit. "… Why are you here?" Felicity said softly. "You'll find out soon enough, you need my help." Izanami said as she slowly brushed her finger over Felicity's cheek. "Now I'm really sorry about this but…" Quickly the woman slashed Felicity's face, leaving a scar along her eye. Felicity screamed holding her eye in pain, she fell to her knees dropping the long sword. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?" Felicity yelled as blood dripped down her cheek. "The sword will only accept you if you share your blood with it." The woman spoke she she dropped Felicity's blood on the blade. "W-Why my face?! And why didn't you tell me!? We could have pricked my finger or something!" The woman laughed a bit and smiled looking down at her. "I was jealous of your gorgeous face, now I'm even more jealous because you make that scar look good." She said moving Felicity's hand away from her face, the cut healed almost immediately from the Goddess's touch, leaving a scar along her eye. "So, you cut my face out of jealousy.. typical woman move." Felicity spoke as she stood up picking up the sword. "The things I do for you." She said looking down at the sword. Izanami smiled at her. "Now.. she will trust you." Izanami spoke softly. Felicity looked up, but just as she looked up Izanami was long gone. She looked back down at the sword. "Looks like it's just me.. and you huh?" She said talking to the sword. "Yep, I guess so." She heard someone talking, and it wasn't herself. She looked down at the sword with widened eyes and quickly dropped it again yelping. "DID YOU JUST TALK!?" Felicity stood back a bit. "Would you quit dropping me! I have feelings too ya' know!" She sword yelped yelling at Felicity. "S-sorry! I was shocked.. never seen a.. uh.. talking sword." Felicity started to walk to the sword and picked it up. "Now, there is some things you need to know. Only you can hear me talk, also I'm sorry about the blood thing, it's just some ritual thing I need to do plus you look kinda badass, oh by the way O bloody type? That's great universal donor! Also, Izanami told you my name so it's very nice to meet you. I'm glad I'll be working with you. " It spoke cheerfully and politely. Felicity still couldn't believe what she was seeing, this place was full of surprises. Felicity smiled accepting the fact she was talking to the sword. "Ah.. um. Yeah.. It's alright.. I guess? Ahem.. so I need to find someone would you mind helping me out a bit?" Felicity spoke softly walking toward the corn fields. "I'd be delighted to!" It said glowing blue. "Great, then lets go!" Felicity smiled looking down at the sword, she slowly raised it and placed it over her shoulder, walking into the corn fields.

Sezomaru: (( Wrapping… Squeezing… Tightening… “Guh” Ginsei’s eyes slowly opened as something was tightening around his body and his throat. “Wha-“ He choked out only half of the word before his eyes widened. A mass of purple was curling around his body and his neck yet he couldn’t make out what it was. He tried to move but he wasn’t able to free any part of his body. The purple form tightened… Trying to crush him… Suffocate him. The area around him was fully black. There was nothing but darkness around him and this form that was trying to suffocate him. “You’ve awoken… Tell me… How does your darkness feel?” Ginsei heard this deep voice though he wasn’t able to do anything. The voice seemed to rebound throughout the area only to slam against his ears. “This darkness you’ve taken on yourself… I’ve been watching you… Watching you discard your name to become a void of darkness… Of hate… How does it feel to not have a name? This is it… This is what you’ve become. This suffocation you feel, the darkness you see… This is it. This is your life. Get comfortable with the feeling, it will be all you know.” The squeezing intensified as the voice became silent. Ginsei stared at the darkness, feeling his breath being squeezed out of him. He couldn’t breathe, he was struggling to but he couldn’t. If this suffocation continued, he’d die. He didn’t have a clue where he was or how this happened. If this was it… Just after stepping into this new world… If this was all his ambition came to be, how his life ended… Then he lived a pathetic life. He was just about to close his eyes when he noticed something looming in front of him. A face was staring at him as he continued to suffocate. “You won’t even struggle to live? You won’t fight this darkness off? You’ll just let yourself die like the pathetic whelp that you are? You’ve become nothing but dirt. The face had yellow eyes that were practically burning into his eyes. The face slowly pulled back before opening its mouth, revealing sharp and menacing fangs before the voice rang out again. “Very well… Then I’ll just take your miserable life.” Ginsei’s eyes widened slightly as he struggled to free himself. No matter how hard he struggled, nothing was working. He tried to activate his Kusei, he tried to use his chi even the slightest bit but nothing was working. (( “N-No…” He managed to choke out that one word as he tried to fight against the suffocating force around him. He shook his head as his mind began to go crazy. “No… I can’t die here… I refuse. I’ll destroy this thing… I won’t die here. I refuse… I utterly… Refuse… NO!” “Ssssso… Thissss is where you die?” Heba laughed in his mind before making a pained noise. “Quiet you pathetic Oni.” That voice had silenced Heba somehow. “Grr…” Ginsei continued to struggle, his mind was practically a whirlwind of thoughts at this point. He refused to die, he wasn’t going to die here. Every fiber of his being was fighting to save him. Suddenly everything went silent and Fumiko’s face appeared in his mind. Suddenly Keyth’s face appeared… He was laughing and standing above the city. “No…” Ginsei suddenly was able to speak as he continued to struggle. “He won’t… I have to… See Fumiko again…” The face that had reared back as if it were ready to strike suddenly launched forward, ready to bite Ginsei’s head off. Time seemed to slow as something inside Ginsei began to burn; something was going wild inside of Ginsei as a result of the thought of dying. The face launched forward, it’s fangs ready to sink into Ginsei’s neck when suddenly Ginsei ripped his right arm free from the suffocating force that held his body. Time seemed to slow even more as Ginsei leaned forward with all his might, thrusting his right arm forward. The face launched forward as time sped back up. Ginsei’s hand shot into the creatures mouth and down into it’s throat. It’s mouth was now around Ginsei’s shoulder as a vicious purple chi erupted around Ginsei’s shoulder, keeping the creature from biting down on it. The purple aura swirled down Ginsei’s arm as his eyes which had seemed dead and cold for so long began to glow with a new found fire and animosity. “I’m not dying here… Hell no.” The creature struggled to move as Ginsei slowly rose to his feet in the darkness, his arm still deep in the beast’s throat. “You won’t stop me… You’re nothing to me. Just a pebble in my path. You won’t stop me from reaching and fulfilling my ambition.” Ginsei slowly clenched his right hand into a fist inside the beast’s throat. It tried to squirm and tried to get free as a smirk slowly began to curl across Ginsei’s lips. “You’re a snake… And you’re trying to eat me? Trying to end MY life?” Ginsei slowly began to chuckle before bursting out into laughter. “Who do you think I am?.. I am Ginsei Yanazuka…” That same vicious purple aura slowly began swirling and fluctuating around his entire body as the image of the horned purple snake appeared behind him. (( The snake slowly loomed over Ginsei’s body, glaring at the creature that had dared to try to attack him. Ginsei ripped his arm and hand from the creature’s throat just as his own snake launched forward, slamming it’s jaws down around the beast’s head, ripping it off of it’s body. There was no blood, just black particles as the creature’s body fell to the ground before dissipating. “Good job Ginsei… I who was born from blood will be meeting you soon…” The voice faded away as Ginsei smirked, his aura and his own snake disappeared into nothing just as the darkness faded. He slowly opened his eyes, feeling something against his back. He slowly looked behind him seeing something that looked like a tree. (( “Ugh…” He slowly stood up, glancing around him before he glanced down at his body. He was wearing these strange puffy yet armored pants and a pair of black Geta on his feet. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but his arms were covered with black bandage and purple armor. He was wearing a necklace with purple magatama which he reached up to touch with his right hand. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something white. “Is that… My hair?..” He reached over, touching it. Sure enough he had snow white hair. “Where am I?...” He slowly looked around, trying to get a feel for where he was.

" Lord Shishigami!" (( He stood to his full height staring down at the rebel leader. His Advisor shouting his name trying to get his attention. " Your reign, has cost so many lives Shishigami, when will the death and destruction end..." Said Kinimaru. "..when Onigami is destoryed.." Oujin said as sat down crossing his arms. " But he has not showed his face yet! And the warriors of the legend havent ar-" " The warriors of the legend, are nothing but a fairy tale. Though onigami is not. We must take action, now. I shall lead the army to destory the foul demon. Besides, he is here already." Kinimaru swung his hands out in anger. " My,Lord! If your refering to Okami, he is the least of our problems. Oni's demons alike everywhere have been sprouting due to Onigami's arrival coming closer to a near. But that does not change anything. We must rally the warriors, of the legend. If he nears, then they have to be here as well." Shishigami waved his wand. " Begone, you speak of nonsense. Come to me, when you are ready to think with your brain and not simple fairy tails. I shall be the hero, to defeat Onigami, i shall be the light to this plaguing darkness. Not you, nor anyone else. Now get out of my sight.." Kinimaru sighed and bowed. " Yes... my lord." he said exiting the room as his cape draped behind him. Shishigami turned to his emperouress. " Where is Yuna. My sister, has been gone for quite sometime now." " leave her be my lord, she needs to get out of the castle sometimes you know." She said cuddling against the massive king of a man. "...Yes, i will allow her to do so." He said pushing his wife off of him and making his way down to his war room. " Preperations are in order." He said as he closed the door behind him. (( Keyth and Yuna were walking through the fields where they say a group of Yokai playing in a pond. " Peaceful, yet evil creatures. Dont fall for there spells Okami-kun." She said gripping his hand. " Say, am i as pretty them?" She said tilting her head to the right. " D'ahhh.. ye-yeah tottally man..." She smiled and nodded. " You talk funny Okami-kun. Is this because of your many travles?" She said gripping his hand and walking along with him. " I guess... you could say that." She nodded her head. " My brother and I used to travel. We lived near the Eastern moongate, and then back in the cold deserets for majority of our life." She said smiling. " But now, we live in the city. By the way, im very impressed by your escape. If only you were human. You would be fine solider to my brother." By now they had approached her horse. "Thank you for walking me to my horse Keyth." He watched her straddle it before nodding. " Yeah... dont mention it." She nodded her head and gave him a kiss on the forehead. " Next time we meet. We will be enemeis. You and I, but. Who will deliever the killing blow. Me, or you?" She said smiling before taking off down into the city area. He watched her, gripping his chest. "... I couldnt hurt you.. if i wanted to." He said to himself. Pulling to the right looking for his friends he'd walk to the middle of the field. "....ugh! DENSUKEEEEE!!! FELICITY!!! FUCKING GINSEEEIII!!!! AYPEROS ANYONE!?!?!? IS ANYONE OUT THEREEEE!!" 'out there' echoed as the wind blew by, leaving keyth with silence as he slummped down on his knees, his stomach starting rummble. " FUck my life.."

xXAyperosXx: After standing there for a moment everything goes black and everyone disappears. Ayperos looks around in the blackness and then starts to fall, He waves his arms around like it was supost to help as the blackness goes away and the sky comes back and lush forest comes up on the ground with a small pond, really shallow. Ayperos was heading straight for the shallow pond. "Shit!... No,No,No,No!!" He closes his eyes right befor he was about to hit. But he doesn't, he opens his eyes as he is slowly lowered feet first down into the pond and he goes down on his knee. He looks at his reflection. His cloths and weapons were gone. "What? Were am I?" He says looking around. He then feels a slight wave in the water and looks forward and the water starts to ripple and wave. He trys to move but cant. He looks with slight worry in his eyes and then the water explodes up and a rather large Blue and black dragon comes out of the water. The water that turned into a wave stays up around the dragon as it coils around looking at him with bright blue eyes. Ayperos actually looks at it in fear. His red eyes glowing as he was helpless. A disembodied female voice then comes from the dragons direction. "Do not fear child." Ayperos looks in the Direction of the dragon and in the middle of it coil water starts to shoot up and form into woman. She was tall and had what looked to be blue wrapings covering ger arms and lower regions. "Who.. Who are you?" Ayperos ask still confused. The woman looks at him with her blue hues, her black hair waving like water. "I am Suijin, God of water. You have set foot into the Shinto Realm. I have selected you, to represent me as you walk through the Realm. Along with this I will give you a porrtion of my power, so that you can defeat the evil that has come here." Ayperos looks at her and nods. Suijin puts up her hand. "But, I can feel a darkness in you.. Murderous intent, the thought of revenge. The memorys of a love lost." She walks off the dragons and slowly steps closer, the water forming to her feet and legs as she does. "Let me take away your dark intent.. Let me help you bring back your memorys." Alyperos looks up at her and nods once more. Suijin nods and starts to wave her hands and all the water starts to wave with her hands and then shoots her hands at Ayperos the water forming a Cyclone around him Ayperos yells as it feels like his skin is being ripped off, but he then looks down at his chest as darkness starts to come out and into the water. After a few moments the darkness turns to steam, and the the water engulfs him. And with in moment his memories rush back to him. His mother, his father, and his little brother Lenris. Were they live, everything. The water goes back to the way it was and Ayperos breath, his eyes red, but then he blinks and they turn back to eyes blue. He looks up at the woman. "Now you can take in my power. Now that you are pure." She looks back at the dragon and nods. The dragon then shoots up and then heads straight down at Ayperos. He looks up as it does and as soon as it was about to hit him it starts to go into him, like blue smoke going into to his nostrils, eyes and mouth. Then goes through the entire lenth of the long serpent looking dragon and as it does, blue and black horns start to come out of Ayperos head. And Blue and black armor starts to form to his naked body his arms go up. The water then explodes around him as the dragon is now completly in his body. He stays there for a few moments as the tranformation completes and his hair grows out to it old length and he gets up slowly, his eyes still closed. He then looks at Suijin, his eyes the same as the dragons. " Now you are ready. I will be with you as long as you are in this realm. All you need do, is call apon me for guidence.. Now go Mizuchi.. Save our realm, or yours will soon be in danger as well..." The world starts to blacken and Ayperos finds himself in a dazed state, not being able to see. He holds his face and then rubs his eyes and looks around at everyone as they are now quiet and look at him. One speak among the red. "He wears the armor of Suijin! The water god!. " They all bow down to him and begin to prase him, Ayperos looks at the armor he can see, all the blood and gore on him wasn't there anymore and then feels his head, horns sprouting out. His sword was gone as well. "What.. Whats going on?" He looks out to all the people comfused and then can hear that same womans voice in his head. "You are my warrior, you repressent me by wearing that arm. Go, learn how to use your new powers, and help destroy the upcomeing threat."

Sezomaru: Ginsei shook his head some as he looked around, seeing a large field surrounding him. He looked up towards the bright sky. “So… Where is this place?” “It’s a field obviously.” There was a giggle off to his left following the obvious comment. Ginsei slowly looked to his left, seeing a girl standing there, her left hand resting on her left thigh which was completely exposed between her silk like clothing. (( “Who are you?..” Ginsei stared at her as she walked towards him. “Says the man with horns.” She giggled again as she stepped up to him, placing her left hand onto his lower stomach before slowly sliding her hand up his chest. Ginsei slowly reached his right hand up towards his head, feeling that sure enough, there was something protruding from his head. She grinned deviously before turning from him, taking a few steps awake, making sure to shake her hips sensually with every step. “You can call me… Hebimiko.” She glanced back at him before twirling around to face him. “Who.. Are you?” She asked as her eyes trailed down and back up his body. She slowly slid her right hand onto her right breast, which like her left, was rather large in size and from the way she squeezed it, seemed soft and full. She released a small airy moan as she groped herself, grinning at him. Ginsei stared at her blankly as she did this. “Aw… What’s wrong? You don’t like it.” Ginsei looked off towards the right. “You’re not my type.” Her seductive look suddenly turned into a harsh glare as she threw her right hand out as it turned into a snake, launching out towards Ginsei. With a glare of his own he reached out, grabbing the snake with his right hand. He pulled sharply, causing her to come stumbling towards him as he thrust his left hand forward, stabbing it through her stomach as a purple aura swirled around it slowly. She coughed blood as he let her body fall to the ground. He suddenly heard a voice yelling out. "....ugh! DENSUKEEEEE!!! FELICITY!!! FUCKING GINSEEEIII!!!! FUMIKO!?!?! AYPEROS ANYONE!?!?!? IS ANYONE OUT THEREEEE!!" Ginsei glanced in the direction of the voice, seeing a man with white hair, horns, and dog like ears. “Of course…” Ginsei made his way over to the guy, having realized by his voice exactly who it was. “Stop being so damned loud Mutt.” Ginsei looked down at him before looking off towards his right, trying to figure out once more where he was.

Impresssed: The corn stalks were taller than Felicity, she could literally not see anything, she pushed the corn stalks out of her way as she walked through them. She was quiet surprisingly, not even a word came out of her mouth. Finally she got out of the corn stalks and she found herself upon a forest. It was completely dark and eerie, she had a bad feeling about it. That thought made her grin, she walked into the forest, the sweet looking area she was in immediately became creepy and scary. Finally she spoke, "I have a feeling we're gonna have some fun in here." Felicity walked slowly through the forest looking straight ahead calmly. "Ooh.. I don't like the sound of that." Ame whispered to her. Felicity grinned. "I do." Suddenly she heard rustles in the trees. Felicity turned quickly looking around for the noise. Soon enough she heard someone jump from the trees down to the ground behind her. "My.. my.. what a great body. That outfit really suits you." Spoke a man from behind her. Felicity smiled turning to him holding the sword over her shoulder. "Hm, that's the fourth compliment I got all day and I just woke up about 20 minutes ago!" She smiled staring at him with a slight devilish gleam to her eye. "I bet you did." The man said smiling down at her, he had an extremely powerful amount of chi and his aura almost slapped her into next thursday. He had longish red hair and an all black armor suit with spikes around it, he was pretty tall and big, he had a handsome smile though but he had a disgusting feeling about him. He whistled and "his boys" appeared behind him from the darkness. "You look like a great slave, now put down that silly little toy in your hands sweetheart." He said as he walked to her and took her arm. ( She smiled big. "Hm?.. but darling. Toys are made to be played with, and I want to play." She grinned looking up at the man, he had a slightly shocked look as she took his wrist as well and flipped him over her shoulders, with him landing on his face. "G-Gah.. What the fuck?.. Boys get her! She likes to play dirty. I like that." Said the man getting up weakly spitting out dirt. The two men ran up to her quickly, they looked like twins but one was a bit taller. She laughed. "Ame, do you wanna play with the twins? They look eager!" She giggled. "Don't mind if I do." Ame said delighted. Felicity ran towards them, placing the sword into the ground and swinging around it holding it tight she kicked one of the twins in the face causing him to hit into the second twin. She stood up and pulled Ame out of the ground. "Who's next?" The twins were leaned up against a tree with swirls in their eyes. Soon enough a thin looking woman in a bikini looking suit and ripped stockings walking towards her slowly. "I don't think I made an appointment with a prostitute, but I guess I can fit you in for now?" Felicity said leaning on the sword. That comment clearly pissed her off as she ran towards Felicity with two long katanas. Felicity scoffed, picking up her sword. The woman ran to her in lightening speed and sliced into her hip, only a superficial wound. Felicity held her hip and glared at her. "This was a gift!" She said as the woman smiled at her, Felicity looked up at her and glared. Quickly Felicity jumped back and ran towards the woman, Felicity swung the sword towards her neck like a bat. "Batters up!" She said slicing the woman's head right off. The head rolled towards the first man's feet. "… So much for being my slave. You're a maniac.." Said the tall man standing behind her. She grinned looking forward still not looking at him. He started to run towards her yelling some kind of battle cry as he got close enough she turned to him and shoved the large sword right through his stomach. "You guys were boring. Too easy." She said as the man's eyes were in completely in a state of shock. She slid out the sword and smiled as he fell to his knees and coughed up blood. "It was really nice meeting you though!" She smiled patting his head as he fell to her feet. Felicity started to walk away she looked at the sword. "Man you are really fun to play with!" Felicity said to Ame. "Now Now.. I'm no toy remember that!" Ame said giggling. Felicity had a feeling this wasn't going to be this easy for that long but for now that quick fight helped her get used to Ame for a bit.

Keyth blinked turning his head over to Ginsei... " Ahhhh dont you look even prettier than usual." He said tilting his head back laughing. They both looked like Oni's. On griffons above there heads two samurai one in a white armoured suit and another in a blue one leaped down off of the flying beast landing infront of the both of them. Keyth turned his head, tilting his head up as he eyed the men from afar. " Tch...I knew that emperour guy had more tricks up his sleeve." Keyth pointed at the men. " Leave pretty boy out of it! IF YOUR LOOKING FOR AN ONI, HERE I AM!" The one with the blue armoured suit removed his helmet to show his bald head. " The one next to you, is also Oni. Do not play coy with us..." Keyths head slowly turned to Ginsei. 'He's just like me then.. that explains... alot..' he said notcing Ginsei's aura matched his in demonic flare. " heh, looks like were both wanted men pretty boy. " (( Keyth summoned his blade and took a stance. " I dont like working with you, and i know you dont like working with me. BUt as for right now. Were on the same time. So how about it, lets fucking turn this world upside down.." Keyth said as he gripped the blade with both of his hands. On top of a hill an elderly man began to rant. " AND WITH THE WARRIORS OF FATE! TWO ONI'S WOULD BE IN THE BUNCH HOW IRONIC!! HAHAHAHAHAH" The old man looked like a bum, he took a hard swig of his drink. " YOU BOYS NO NOTHING ABOUT SWORD PLAY... ILLL SHOW.. * HICCUP* YOU.. HOW ITS DONE!" The elderly man leaped off of the hill and snatched Keyths and if Ginsei allowed it, he'd take his blade as well. (( The samurai laughed as they pointed at the old man. " What will you do hm?" The elderly man wobbled left to right as his eyes then turned into a crimison white, stomping his feet his chi pressure was so intense that it would knock Ginsei and Keyth both back with a powerful as there bodies went tumbling forward. The Samurai's held there ground trying to push past the winds. " W-what! That power!" Said the blue one. The elderly man swung both blades in his hands and then simply swipping the air wiith an X formation he'd cut the two samurai with bursts of chi causing there bodies to errupt on impact combusting into pools of blood with one simple strike. " HOLY.. FUCKIN.." Keyth said as he landed on one knee. The elderly man dropped the blades and looked at the two demons. " Now that's... how you handle, some punks.. Ha ha.. Haaaa..." The elderly man would pass out, drunk as hell. Keyth stood walking to his blade and eying the elderly man. " Christ... what the fuck was his problem.. why was he so strong... you know, Ginsei. He's not the first human i've seen with this kinda strength..." He said looking at his rival. " People in this world... are odd. Like, something isnt right. Seems as though everyones strength is double the amount of what humans have in our world... nobodies an easy kill around here.." Keyth said looking off. " C'mon... maybe we can find some of the others... just my fucking luck i'd find your dusty ass first..." He said putting his hands behind his head walking forward. 

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