Tasanagi:(( sat looking down at the kingdom resting in his throne as his hand stayed firmly gripped to his staff. (( He'd sigh as women began to flood his throne room. "..." He eyed them all with a sick and disquisted look as he stood. "...Begone, i wish to be with none of you."The all bowed and left. Soon after his wife entered the room. Her long blue hair hanging down her back. As she made her way over to him he'd sigh standing to his full 7'0 height. " Leave me be..." She'd look down and turned her back on him. " You are not, the man you used to be. 6 years ago... Oujin." He turned to her with a cold stare in his eye. "That's... lord Shishigami to you." He said pointing at her with his staff. " Exactly my point..." She said as she turned back to him. " You used to be a young man with so much ambition, and honor. Now your just a pale image of what you used to be my love.." She said approaching him, clasping her hands together. Anger broading across her face as she pointed back at him, so brave... she never faulted in fear. " Now your just a man, strived on winning a pointless war, filled with pride, and dishumility. You act as if you are a god yourself..." He placed his staff down, standing straight up. " I am.. soon to be such that. My.... love.." he said adding anger to 'love'. " I grow weary of you, you have grown in age. It was obvious my marvelous body would exceede yours. Look at you. I still look as if i am in my 20's. While you age every day..." He said signaling her off. " You are weak, as your body is as well. And one day, i will out grow you. So why dont you keep your mouth shut, and enjoy your stay here before you perish... or you make me angry, and i make your stay shorter." He said placing both hands behind his back as he walked to the large balcony looking out over the kingdom. " The land of Gōrudo is already mine. Soon i will take the land of Gin. And everything else as well. And no one will stop me." He said pointing at the raging war that was still going on on the second moon. " My father would be proud..." He said smirking. She sighed shaking her head as she walked away. " You poor.. poor man.." " SILENCE!" he said turning around firing a blast of chi at her body untill it was engulfed in a blue flame. "... I told you.. once already.." He said stepping down to her corpse as she began to burn alive. " To quiet yourself... before you angered me.. Look what you have made me do." He said hovering over her. " You lost your spark, your passion, your ambition. And now, you shall lose your life..." He said to her as he stood over her, watching her body burst into dust. " My lord..." Said a knight of his as he kneeled down. Oujin simply eyed him out of the corner of his eye. " We have located your dragon." "Excellent.. take me there now..." He ordered the guard. "Yes m'lord. " After a 20 minute ride on a large griffon of sorts they arrived at the small village. Oujin standing in the middle of the town while his advisor stood next to him. " Here he! Lord Oujin Shishigami!" the villagers began to bow. " Where... is my dragon." He said with his prideful tone, as he waited for a response.

Susumuyo: (( ))Fumiko was feeding the dragon in the back of the temple when the dragon raised up his great head. She laughed, "What's wrong? Is there danger?" He whined and snuggled against her leg. She smiled and stood, as the priest came running around the temple. "M'lady! M'lady! The Lord- The Emporer is here!" He cried, pulling her towards the front. She striaghtened up and followed him, going through the temple as quickly as she could. She stepped out of the temple, and a great gust blew from the dragon's direction. Her hair gently swayed to the side and she looked in the direction of the Emporer. The villagers all looked at her and started whispering amongst themselves. Fumiko walked slowly up to him and then bowed, "You come seeking your dragon, I presume?" She asked, folding her hands infront of her torso in an elegant fashion. This Emporer curled her stomach into a knot; she felt uneasy with him around but she faced him with courage. "May I invite you in for some tea, my lord? You must be tired from your travels, it would be unwise to not stay a few more hours in the temple of Uzume..." She said, a bit of a challenge in her voice.

Tasanagi:(( His eyes drifted left to right looking for his beast when he seen the female approach him. His eyes locked onto her. Her attire, was the same as everyone elses in this area. But she seemed different. He gripped tightly to his staff as he tilted his head up. his eyes focused onto her every movement. "Outsider..."he said in a low whispear as he cocked an eyebrow. He could tell on the spot. Weather it been her body language her smell, or simply the way she looked. He knew... " Yes, i am here to take custody of my beast." he said to the female. Though he was more so infatuated with her looks than his dragon at this point. "...." was his response to her tea. " No, i do not wish for any of your tea. I came here for one thing..." He said stepping past her. " Small village, though there taxes get paid every year. I wonder what makes that so." he said looking off into the distance. " Even when war rages amongst the lands. It can easily be noted, that farm life, simple living will forever propser. The soliders will always need there food, there milk, there hide to stay warm with from the cows when it grows cold. Money will always be made in the ways of agriculture..." He said leaning down picking up the dirt, letting it flow from his hands. " Nature has a way with beauty, doesnt it. It's funny how a flower can persume as beautiful.." He said as the dirt from his hands began to swirll untill it turned into a black rose, the vien red ironically. Turning to the female known as Fumiko he'd place the rose behind her ear. "... But to a bee, or an insect it simply food. Such as.. how you are beautiful to me... but may be something elses food... or simply a kill for the joy for something else. It's funny how life works is it not."He'd take a step back, some of the villagers pulling the dragon along. " Good. You have to careful Kanamos." He said to the dragon. " Your supposed to a war dragon, not a simple pet." He looked at the female. "....Bring her as well." He said straddling his dragon getting onto its back. Two soliders that road along with them would grip the female by both of her arms if she allowed it. Tossing her onto the dragon with Oujin. " burn this place to the ground... They hide Legion troops here, i can smell it." He said to his soliders as they bowed and turned to the villagers who were clearly in fear at this point. The Dragon took off, with the girl on the back, forced to hang onto Oujin or die.

Susumuyo: (( ))Fumiko grit her teeth together when he turned his back and then the two men grabbed her. She struggled, "Unhand me! This is my village! Barbarians!" She cried, thrashing her arms. The villagers tried to help, but only to be pushed back by the men. They cried out to her and wept, as she was pulled along. Fumiko was thrown up onto the dragon and she held on. "I'd rather die in front of my people than go with you!" She demanded. But no sooner than she yelled, the dragon was up in the air, and she was screaming, clutching onto the Emporer tightly. Fumiko closed her eyes and her bottom lip trembled, reminding her of her fall. Then she remembered Uzume and clamed down, breathing deeply, calling out to her God. Uzume appeared in her mind and looked awfully worried, "Fumiko, I worry for you more than my people now. What lies ahead for you will be the ultimiate test of courage and happiness for you. If you can survive this and make his kingdom pure again, you will prove to everyone to whom you are..." She sighed, "I cannot even think of what that price pays with..." Fumiko tried not to lose her courage, "Will you watch over me, Uzume?" She asked, her hands clenching into fists. Uzume laughed and touched Fumiko's face with a cold ghostly hand, "Always my dear, I'm always protecting you." She said, and she kissed her head, disappearing. Fumiko opened her eyes and looked below, gasping. She just kept her eyes closed until they landed. When they did, the same men went over to her, but she waved them off, folding her hands infront of her again and taking a deep breath, waiting for the Emporer to escort her into his palace.

Tasanagi:(( Once they arrived to the palace he'd exit the beast. Using his monsterous amount of chi he'd simply point at her, her body would start to float as he guided her through the palace a sick smirk on his face. He drifted her body into the throne placing her on it before he snapped his fingers and her attire changed.(( " Better.." He said walking out of the room and placing both of his back as he walked to the balcony to peer out on the kingdom. " Listen, i am your Empeor Lord Oujin Shishigami. Your name is important..." He said turning to her with a dark smirk. " You are simply my property now. And if you wish to stay alive. You'll continue to be just that.." He began to laugh as he crossed his arms. " Ahhh, i grow weary of there fighting up there..." He pointed at the moon. " FOR LORD SHISHIGAMIII!" Said his forces as they all defeated the rebels legion soliders. " Good you all won the battle..." He said sensing them from where he stood. " But i said... to get done with that battle a week ago. So there for.." He said as he pinted his staff at the moon. " You have failed me.." BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!! the moon would errupt in a large explosion as he killed all of his men in that platoon. " Into the void..." He said as he slowly lowered his weapon. " Hah.. hahah... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!" He said laughing at the top of his lungs. It echoing throughout the palace.

Discordia: Kyoko looked back to see the tiger nudging her before her stomach screamed at her and she wretched. She had felt fine and then so suddenly her stomach was in a tumble. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and crawled to a nearby tree away from the mess and slumped against it. Raiden had disappeared again and she frantically scanned the horizon for the white fur. Her stomach had calmed but a weird buzzing filled her mind and she rubbed her forehead and gave her head a little shake as if that would put everything back into order. Night had fallen on the small clearing and along with that the sounds of the animals that prowled such places. Every sound seemed off and echoed in her ears causing her body to jump. As she peered into the tree line, all the shadows seemed to melt together and when Raiden stepped forth, the bright contrast against the darkness, she let out a little scream and her green eyes widened, her pupils drowning out the fine rim of deep green. She continued to peer at the beast as her heart beat wildly inside her chest. Kyoko blinked rapidly three times in a row, and finally was able to recognize the white tiger before her. Raiden took a long look at her and if tigers could sigh, he would have. The terrified look on her face and the way she shrunk into the tree concerned him. Sometimes when humans ate those mushrooms they saw awful things, he did not think he could stand the night if the girl had one of those nights. With cautious steps, as to not startle her, he padded closer. His steps quickened as he saw her shoulders relax and the look of recognition crossed her face. As he approached her, he dragged his rough tongue across her cheek gently and she burst out into a fit of giggles. The girl wrapped her arms around him tightly and buried her face in his fur. “Fluffy, Fluffy, Rawr, Rawr.” She mumbled into the fur as she rubbed her face against him. Raiden was at a complete and utter loss. “I love you Mr. Fluffy Fluffy Rawr Rawr. You look all mean and scary but you are so soft and fluffy. AND YOU SAVED ME!” the last bit coming out in an excited squeal before she tightened her grip on him. “I owe you my life. I will take good care of you Mr. Fluffy Fluffy Rawr Rawr.” As the girl clung to him, in the very pit of his being he prayed that Tsukuyomi was not watching at that very moment. He doubted he would ever live down that name. Perhaps the whole scene was beneath a majestic beast such as himself, who was messenger and companion to the gods, but there was something comforting about the thin arms wrapped around him that was endearing and even if he hadn’t been ordered to protect the frail and helpless girl, he would still have decided to.

( Felicity eye’s sprung wide open, she sat up and looked around franticly and confused. She was laying on the forest floor.. but for how long? And why? 'What happened?..’ She thought as she was getting up. “D-Did I pass out Ame?” Felicity mumbled holding the back of her head looking to her side at her sword. “Felicity, you were exhausted so you just collapsed.” Ame said calmly to her. “.. I.. what!?” She got up quickly, bad idea, getting up quickly got her more dizzy than necessary, but she ignored it. Why was she so tired and feeling.. worthless? This wasn’t supposed to happen. She brought a hand to her head and slowly leaned down to pick up Ame. “We.. need to carry on, that nap was kinda nice but we can’t stop now.” she spoke quietly as she placed Ame over her shoulder. She continued her walk through this forest, she started to feel like she was going in circles, she did not like to be toyed with. This forest was the last thing she needed right now, so she walked up to a near by tree and grabbed the branch, she swung herself over the branch and stood on top of it holding the side of the tree. She kept up this technique and kept grabbing branches to help her up. Finally she got to the top of the tree and noticed smoke. “A village?” Felicity said as she brought a hand over her eyes to block out the sun. “Looks like it, maybe if you stay above land you will get out easier.” Ame suggested. Felicity nodded and looked at the next tree, finding the branch she could jump onto but she shook her head. “That’s too far I don’t think I can—“ as Felicity doubted herself Ame interrupted. “Felicity, if you haven’t noticed, this place makes you stronger. Your chi is stronger, your body is stronger, and your mind. Now concentrate, you can do this.” ( Ame was right, this all was just getting to her head. Felicity bit her lip and smiled. “You’re right. Great pep talk Ame.” Felicity squinted her eyes slightly and leaned forward a bit and she jumped landing on the other tree branch. She grinned big, and almost squealed. “That was awesome!” Felicity continued jumping apron tree to tree, making sure to keep herself balanced. She had a few slips of course, but she caught herself on other branches. Felicity finally saw the “exit” out of the forest, it was just an open field leading to an unknown village but it was still technically an exit. Felicity climbed down the last tree and jumped onto the ground, she slowly walked to the open field and looked at the village. “Maybe.. they could help me out?” Felicity suggested as she continued walking. She got to the entrance of the village and looked around looking like a lost puppy, she lowered her large sword and held it by her side.

Susumuyo: Fumiko cried out and covered herself with her arms when she landed on the throne, sitting up. She glared at the Emporer, a thousand lanterns burning in her eyes. She frowned and put back on her clothes the way they were meant to be and stood, getting off the throne. "My fate is not in your hands... /Emporer/..." She sighed, looking away. She paused and then looked back at him, determination well painted on her face. "I am Fumiko Obinata, the chosen hero for the Goddess of Mirch and Revelry, Ame-no-Uzume...." She smiled, "I meant you no ill will, my lord, but I cannot let you be so unhappy in my presense." Fumiko walked over to him, "Uzume and I have noticed that your kingdom is built on greed and violence, and there is no joy in anything here..." She looked down at his kingdom. "Do you remember the faces of my people when they saw my presense? There was a sense of happiness in the air, even when I was not there, they were all happy." She turned to him, "That is what I intend to make here. So for the time being, treat me with respect and I will not run. I have much to learn still, but I can help as best I can." She finished, a warm smile on her face.

Tasanagi: (( He turned to Fumiko shaking his head. " Naviety. All i hear from you... is Naviety... But you will learn. Power is all that matters, Take her to her room." He said to his servants. The females would bow and lightly pull fumiko to her room. " Please come with us miss.." They said in low, saddened tones. A black haired female stood watching all of this go down as she eyed Fumiko, passing her a note as the servants passed her by.(( If Fumiko opened the note it'd be in Japanese but the words would start to go to whatever language fumiko understood best. " Hello, do not fear... wait till midnight. I wish to see you. Please dispose of this note, when you have read it. Eat it if you must." The note said. " Yuna!" Said Oujin as he pointed at the black haired girl. " Bring my dinner, dear sister." She bowed. " Yes brother..." She said making her way down the hall further one. Meanwhile. (( " YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!?!??! HUH DO YAAHHH!!" Keyth said as he pointed at the large boar. He was wearing a fumdoshi... You know what sumo wrestlers wore. The Boar did as well. The boar was 10 times Keyths size, with horns that bulldoze  a building. " ILL SHOW YOU POWER, LETS GOOOo!!!!!" They both charged at one another in a wrestling lock as they pushed back and forth. The ground errupted under him. " AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Keyth said as he pushed forward, the boar pushed as well. " AHHHHHH!!!!!" The plates through the ground would errupt again with the power stronger. " YOU... CANT... BEAT... MEEEEEE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He'd toss the large boar into the air with all of his strength, a loud sonic boom errupting from the throw as the beast went airbourne. " NOW TO FINISH IT OFF!!!" He leaped high into the air, gripping the boar under the stomach as he flipped the weight around making the large beast crash into the ground back first. BOOOOOOOOOOM!! Another explosion he stood on top of the boat laughing. " HAHAHAAHAH! HELL YEAH!" He said as he pointed at the large Gorilla, the griffion, and all the other super big animals. " YEAH IM KING OF THE WILDS, ME! KEYTH! OKAMI THE GR-..." He blinked. "....I gotta stop calling myself Okami.." He said as he hopped off of the beast putting his clothing back on he made his way through the woods untill he smelt... fire. An explosion errupted in the sky as a building was blown up. Keyth blinked, " What.." He said walking forward. The leader of the team that the emperour sent out to destory the village had his hands on his hips. " YEAH YOU HEARD THE BIG MAN! BURN IT DOWN!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAH!" The soliders began to torch the village all over the place, killing innocent people and all. Keyth blinked and gritted his teeth. " HEY!" He said charging into the village stopping right infront of the leader. " WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!!?" 

Impresssed: Felicity’s eyes widened as she saw a near by explosion, a building fell down with villagers screaming and one little boy coming up to her crying. “P-Please help us lady with a large sword and breasts!!!” He clung to her arm as he spoke, she smiled softly and patted his head, he smiled back and ran behind her. She scurried to help up a young woman stuck under a piece of the building, she was bleeding a bit but not harmed too bad, Felicity picked up the building piece up with one hand, not realizing her strength, and she placed it on top of an enemy soldier. She helped her up and dusted her off. “Are you ok?” She smiled looking at her. The woman was speechless but she nodded, and smiled running off. Felicity shook her head and stopped a running villager. “What’s going on here?” The man looked terrified and was shaking as she held his arms. “T-the Emperor.. and the soldiers! They.. Agh.” He spoke as another villager screamed in the distance, he yelped and ran off. “Felicity, I think I see someone running into the village, is he one of your friends?” Ame asked? She widened her eyes a bit and saw a man with white hair with wolf like features run across the village and start to yell at a man who appeared to be the leader. She tilted her head and a wide smile crossed her face, “Keyth?” She ran up to him and the leader. “KEYTH! That’s not how you handle things..” Felicity cleared her throat. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHAT IS GOING ON?” She yelled at the leader waving around her sword recklessly, unknowingly hitting an enemy solider with it and knocking him out. “O-Oops..” She covered her mouth and looked down at him. “Sorry, not used to her yet.” Felicity giggled, her giggle soon turned to a stern look and glared at the leader. “Can you please explain why you’re hurting innocent people?!” She scolded him, as a villager set on fire runs by. “MY GOD.” Felicity ran to him grabbing a bucket filled with some type of substance and dropping it over him putting out the fire. “Y-youre welcome..” She mumbled watching the yellow liquid drip down the mans face. He seemed a bit angered but relieved at the same time, but he continued walking off glaring at her. “H-hey at least you didn’t burn to death!” She called out to him a bit embarrassed. She started to walk back to Keyth rubbing the back of her head blushing a bit.

Discordia: “I have an idea,” Kyoko squealed excitedly as she hopped to her feet. “Let’s play tag!” With a giggle she smacked Raiden in the forehead and exclaimed “You’re It” before dashing off into the trees at full speed. Her vision played tricks on her and the scenery kept shifting in the darkness and shadows. She was running at full speed when she suddenly stopped… painfully. She hit the tree face first and hard enough that she pounced off it and landed on the ground. Kyoko stood and glared at the tree. “Hey, you should apologize.” She scolded with her hands on her hips. “You just ran into me.” The tree did not bother to reply and she got a bit louder. “Don’t you ignore me Mister.” She wagged her finger at the tree. “You are a very, very rude person and you should be ashamed of yourself.” Raiden watched from the shadows thankful it was only a tree she was scolding rather than someone who could talk back. He inhaled deeply as he caught the scent of smoke wafting in the air. It seemed as soon as he was distracted, the girl had found some other trouble and was no longer talking to the tree. Kyoko had seen bright flashes through the darkness and took off into the trees, forgetting the one who offended her. She sprinted until she reached the edge of the woods and her eyes went wide. Before her lie a village that was in flames and people screaming and fighting. Her jaw dropped as Raiden stepped from the trees and rested at her side watching the mess. She looked at him and then the flames then back at him. “You go help people, I am going to put out the fire.” The tiger gave her a glance that said “are you sure about this” she had an unwavering sort of look on her face, so he obliged her and dashed into the foray. Kyoko stood mesmerized for a few moments as the flames danced against the blackness of the sky before she puffed her cheeks out and blew with all her might in an attempt to blow them out.

Susumuyo: (( )) Fumiko was taken to her room and she looked around. The room was large and spacious, unlike her temple room back at the village. She wandered into the center of the room, looking around, holding onto the note. She heard a huff outside and scrambled to the window, smiling. "Ah, my dear friend, you're here~" She petted the dragon's snout and he nuzzled her hand, whining. She smiled, "I know, my friend, but do not worry, I am in no pain coming here. Uzume has plans for me..." she kissed his snout and giggled. "Now you best be going before your master scolds you." Th dragon left the window and Fumiko watched him as he left, her face growing saddened. She sat at the stool by the window and flipped open the note, ripping it into peices when she was done, and tossing them into the wind. She looked up at the sky and folded her hands together, placing her forehead on her hands and whispering, "Hurry my love... I'm afraid time is very short these next few days..." She got away from the window, closing it tightly, before going to the closet and sliding the door open, finding dresses amde for a princess. She rolled her eyes and took the least frivilous of them, and laid it on her bed. Fumiko took a dagger and started cutting all of the extras off the dress, making it into a plain kimono exactly like hers. She bundled all the extra and threw it in the furnace in the seating area next to the door. Fumiko untied her obi and let her old kimono fall to the floor, sliding on the new one and sitting on her bed. She sat straight up, and clenched the fabric of the dress in her hands. Now, all she had to do was wait.

Tasanagi: Keyth gripped tightly to his blade when the female ran by his side. "...Yo, About time one of you guys showed up!" The leader of the group stood tall as he pointed his blade at the two of them. " Commander Stone... working for my Lord Shishigami, leader of the 5th squad of the Elite army, and nobleman of the Tenshi district in the capital city." The man said as he turned around gripping tightly to the battle axe on his shoulders. " Lets see... we got a Demon mutt.. heh, and a girl with a big sword.." He said pointing at the both of them. " Play time... Im following orders for my lord, if he says kill a bunch of worthless villagers, then that's exactly what im gonna do..." He said smirking dropping the large weapon as it plunged into the ground, he tilted his head to the right. Keyth gripped tighter to his weapon. " Hey... You dont gotta fight this guy, i gotta feeling..." he said spreading his legs. " This one might be tough." He said getting into a real Swordsman stance from the bit of training that he did recieve. " You should go help the villagers... or atleast.." As he was talking the rest of the squad the Commander mentioned ran behind him all of them unsheathing there blades at once. Wearing those bright green armored plating. " Handle those guys...Or. You can stick it out with me, and help me take this guy out. I just dont want you getting hurt.. "He said taking a deep breathe. " Or getting in my WAYYY! AGGHHHH!!!!" He said charging ahead. " WELL YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING BUDDY IF YOU THINK IM GONNA LET YOU KILL ALL THESE PEOPLE!! AGGGHHH!!" " Oh!??  A Demon with sympathy!? BAHAHAHAAH!"(( Keyth swung his blade out but the man simply knocked it away with his right hand. Keyth stummbled forward past him only to be elbowed in the top of the head with so much force a sound wave errupted from the hit. Keyth hit the ground coughing blood as he was then booted into a hut with sheer force alone. He hit the wall coughing before he stood back up. " That... strength.." Keyth said wincing out of one eye. " Who trained you!?!? HAHAHAH... There was no power behind that sword strike... no true strength." Keyth pulled his body up. By this time the soliders were engaging into Felicity. Two of them leaping high into the air in attempt to slice the girl in half, while two of them ran from her right side both closing in on her in attempts to slice in half across the torso. So if both attackers hit she'd be cut into 4 big chunks. Keyth pulled himself to help when the commander gripped the young male by his tail. " HAHAHAHA AND WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOIN HUH!?!" He said twisting Keyth around before he began to sling Keyth around before he tossed him into a burning barn. Keyths body crashed through the inside and on the other side before he was in the middle of the village. He pulled his body up slowly eying the man from a distance as he lay on the ground. " Son.. of.." He said pulling his body up slowly staggering a bit as he gripped tightly to his blade. " Heh... C'mon then.." Keyth said as he smirked blood leaking from the top of his head. The Commander had picked up his large battle Axe. With one swing, Keyth dodged it. Only to get caught by the tail again... " Got...chaaaaa..." SHINGGGG CRRAACCKKKk!!! Was all that was heard as Keyths body was hacked right down the back by the axe. His eyes went soul-less white as he lay limp on the ground. Blood starting to trickle from his body as the commander pulled the weapon out of his back and began to laugh. " Light.. work..." He said laughing to himself.

Impresssed: Felicity smiled widely at him. “I was lost!” She whimpered picking up her large weapon quickly aiming it at his nose. She grinned wildly. “H-hey!” She growled at the leader. “Pick on someone your own size bud..” She mumbled to herself. “You take him he’s getting me too angry.” She hissed staring at the man and pulling her sword away. She stood back a bit in shock as Keyth yelled attacking him. “Hm, What guys? I don’t s—“ Just as she was about to speak she noticed a group of soldiers coming at her. ( She simply chuckled and spun right under the two men and swung her sword at their legs attempting to cut them off, just then in the corner of her eyes she was two men on each side running towards her. She ducked as they swung at her she jumped on top of the swords and backflipped sliding back against the stone floor. She squinted her eyes at them with a big smile. “Come here boys, give Felicity a kiss.” She winked at them and reached into her boot quickly hopefully finding her stun dust, she finally quickly got a hold of it and held it out in the palm of her hand and blew on the dust as if she was blowing them a kiss. She aimed in their eyes hoping to blind them a bit, as she tried to distract them she’d jump up onto their shoulders grabbing both their heads and smashing them together and jumping off their shoulders. She swung her sword at their torsos. Just as she finished with them she heard a loud cracking noise. Her eyes widened as she turned, she saw Keyth on the ground bleeding. “S-Stop!" She quickly ran to him and placed her large sword in front of him shielding him so the commander would keep back, she held Keyth up a bit with her left hand. “God dammit Keyth!” Felicity was in complete utter shock. She looked up at the commander and healed her breath. “Y-You monster. You’re just a fucking pet for the Lord aren’t you? Following his orders. Following him like a puppy. You’re nothing but a slave to him, and it’s pathetic.” She snapped at him clenching her sword tightly with her right hand. “Felicity.. calm down.” Ame whispered to her, she clearly felt her anger. Felicity looked down at Keyth biting her lip a bit nervously, she then shot a fierce look at the commander pulling the sword out of the ground she stood up. “You wanna play? Let’s play..” She spoke softly, clearly she didn’t look scared but she was horrified. That man looked 10x stronger than her but she had to do this for Keyth. Who knows? He may just be knocked out and will wake up soon to help.. at least that’s what she hoped. 

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