AlessandraSkar: “LAAADDDIIIIIIEEESSS AND GENTLEMEEEEEEN!” The overly excited voice of Matt Forest blared throughout the building where the GMAF final matches were being held. Standing on a lift that would raise up to the final battle arena when the time was given, Shira Hanako laced her fingers together and stretched her
Poor tien by nekokiseki-d6t5kg8
/watch?v=PMvB4JwhkEA ) Shira lowered one hand to her side while the other rested on her hip, shifting her weight to one leg as the lift began to rise. Music played from the arena's sound system, the base so intense she could feel each little vibration throughout her body. In the back of her mind, she could see her best friend, Jeremy Yoshida, looking into her eyes and telling her that she could win this match if she put her mind to it. 'Is that really all it takes?' Her inner voice spoke. As the lift finally reached the battle chamber, Shira's sapphire blue eyes lifted to scan her new surroundings, taking in the space and design of the arena. It was nothing like Kaori described her first GMAF tournament to be. Then again, she was warned that it wouldn't be the same. Her eyes looked further out into the stands and saw hundreds upon thousands of people cheering and screaming her name, but there were only two people who truly drew her eye. Kaori Gin Masumoto and Jeremy Yoshida sat side by side in the stands, Jeremy dressed in his usual button-up while all she could see of Kaori was the wide-brimmed black hat that shadowed the top half of her face. The sea green-haired woman gave Shira a nod of encouragement while the corner of her lips lifted into a smirk. Beside her, “YEEEEEAAAAHHH SHIRA IN THE HOUSE!! YOU GOT THIS, GIRLFRIEND! GET MONEY FUCK BITCHES! Oh wait...” Shira had to hold in her laughter as she watched her best friend act a fool, then was approached by one of the tournament hands. “Alright, Miss Hanako. I'm going to go through a few disclaimers with you. This is the GMAF, meaning you have the possibility of DYING here today. You will choose your stage and your weapons for the fight and your opponent will do the same.” Shira nodded once as she listened to the worker. “I understand.” She replied. “I'm going to choose the Jungle. I like Jungles. Don't ask me why. And my weapon of choice...?” She paused to think. “A bladed whip. That is all.” The worker nodded as he took her requests down on his touchscreen notepad. “You do understand that our bladed whips are specially designed to transform into a full sword.” He said. Shira nodded again. “That's perfectly alright with me.” She said. “And the components?” The worker looked at her. “It is made of pure silver, but tipped with adamantium. You control the transformation function with a control panel on the hilt. Do you need a tutorial or anything like that?” Shira sighed. “Not at all.” She answered. With that, the worker wished her good luck and headed off to prepare the battle chamber for the match. Shira stared straight ahead at where she anticipated her opponent would be standing. She remembered seeing his name appear on a screen saying that her match would be against him, her eyes narrowing as she let it play back in her mind. “Alright Jason, let's see what you can do.” She said quietly.

HollowJak: -feeling the elevator shoot up and reach the arena Jason stepped put to the sound of the theme song he had picked playing though there were few cheers for him ( seeing the woman he would give a slight nod he wasnt quite sure what exactly to say to her and all he was able to get out was- i wish you only good luck miss -he smiled as he heard the battle chamber wass prepped and went over to prepare.Jasons eyes slowly opened as he stood waiting for his fight to begin all the laughter and goofing around gone from his demeanor and replaced with a harsh readiness it had taken him more time than he had thought to get the weapons he had wanted digitized done but he had gotten what he had needed for the most part. he had decided to play a more safe route taking mostly long range weapons on the trek though he had also gotten some base explosives just incase.he had foregone his suit in exhange for a tactical vest and belt with two holsters one on each hip which held his colt single action army .45's for which he had gotten no additional ammo just the six shots that were in each one. hanging in his arms was a scorpion EV03 sub-machine gun a full magazine loaded into it as well as a 196A! held on a strap on his right shoulder.  he kept two spare EV03 magazines in a pcket on his torso vest to the lower left right next to the two spare magazines for his L96A1 bolt action sniper riflewhich already had a full magazine inserted as well. the magazines for the L96A1 had 5 7.62 rounds while the scorpion magazines held 30 9mm rounds. in the grenade loops on his vest he had two flashbangs and two stinger rubber ball grenades he was not quite sure what the person whom he was fighting was capable of but he had decided to play it safe having had the computer digitize a dozen rubber ball variants of claymore mines and trip wire which he kept in a duffel bag held in his left hand as he figured it would be better to play a defensive match as he didnt know the capabilities of his component.  also on his vest was sheathed a combat knife with an 8 inch blade it was sheathed just below his left shoulder. he wore tough green pants and a pair of combat boots the left one of which he had a hand sized knife (from the bottom of the palm to the tip of the middle finger) hidden within the boot. most would say he was over armed and hed be inclined to agree but he figured he could simply dump the mines and sniper rifle if need be though he much preffered the option of setting a next in a tree and laying the claymores around in a defensive perimeter to running and gunning one never knew what would occur on the battle field after all no plan survived first contact with the enemy though he would try his best to defeat the woman-

AlessandraSkar: Shira held her right hand out as the technology of the arena digitized the weapon she requested. A bladed whip that extended to about four feet in length and 3.5 inches in width. It weighed about 15lbs in one hand and half of that while carried with both hands in full sword form. At the moment, the blades were separated by a wire which formed the “whip” appearance. She twirled it around a bit to get a feel for it, listening to the way the mixture of silver and adamantium whistled through the air. Pretty soon, the battle arena's once futuristic appearance transformed into that of a jungle afar off somewhere in a foreign country. The crowd, the stands, and the announcer vanished, leaving Shira and her opponent to get used to the oversized trees and dense wildlife environment. “Are the contestants ready?” Matt Forest's voice echoed throughout the forest from somewhere unknown. “Let the battle BEGIN!” ( ) Shira bent both of her knees and pushed off from the jungle floor using only a fraction of the strength in her legs. She rocketed into the air for about fifty feet before landing on a large, snake-like tree branch hanging directly above her opponent.(  refer to one of those big ones in the background of the jungle photo )With her bladed whip rested at her side, she paced back and forth across the branch, analyzing her opponent down below (If he was still on the ground), noticing the amount of weapons he carried on him. She then glanced up above her and spotted a few vines dangling from a branch located a few feet above the one she currently stood on. She propelled herself into the air once again, at the same time swinging her bladed whip straight down toward the large branch below her. The pure silver and adamantium weapon easily sliced through the top portion of the enormous branch and a second later, her feet slammed down on top of the branch, snapping it clean off the trunk. Gravity instantly took hold of the near 300-pound object which was now plummeting straight down toward Jason starting at about 50mph, then as it fell further the speed climbed up to 75mph, then jumped to 98mph. After the branch cleared about 40 feet of altitude and still had 10 more to go, Shira would bend her knees low and push off, causing the branch's falling speed to increase by about ten more notches. Her opponent would only have about 8.5 seconds and counting down to get out of the way of the giant branch of all 300 pounds of it would plummet straight down onto him and more than like crush him. Whether he dodged or took the hit, Shira, having jumped off the branch a few seconds ago, grabbed hold of a dangling vine and swung above the point of collision, landing on a much lower branch just a few feet behind her opponent.

HollowJak: -AS the shout for the games to begin eched through the forest Jason would pull back the lever on his submachine gun and put it to his shoulder doign a quick sweep halfway through which he heard the crack of falliing brances and looked up his eyes going wide as he saw the tree falling towards him. he spun his head around just as he jumped forward his heart racing as he tucked and rolled trying to get as far asss possible with his current momentum. the branch narrowly missing pinning his leg to the ground as he jumped to his feet. straining his ears he heard a creak as weight was put on a branch and spun around to see the woman standing upon a branch . taking a breath he would pull the trigger on the scorpion timing it for a three round burst though he did not aim directly at her instead aiming for the trunk to her right the rubber bullets hitting the tree at an angle which would cause them to bounce to the side of her head in an attempt to hit her if she were still there if she were to dodge or somehow block the bullets he would attempt to make a tactical retreat to get some distance between them using a free hand to pull the pin on the flash bang and throw it towards her hoping to blind and disorient her. if this were effective he would cut tail and run pulling a stinger grenade from his chest and popping the pin before hurling it behind him in the general direction of where she was-

AlessandraSkar: The branch crashed to the jungle floor with a loud boom and Shira's eyes narrowed as she saw that Jason had dodged the attack, but just barely. The second he spun around, tiny streams of sunlight spilling through the dense population of trees struck the shinning weapon he carried in his hands. Shira's eyebrows rose almost to her hairline the second the glare got back to her eye. Reacting almost instantly, she fell backwards from the branch and not even a second later, heard three bullets hit the tree trunk that would have been right next to her head. She had no idea if he just blatantly missed or was planning on using an angle strike, all she knew was that if she hadn't fallen, she would've had three bullet holes in the side of her head. She bent into a backflip before landing in a crouched position on the ground, her eyes looking straight ahead now at her opponent. Just as she did, she noticed something else headed in her direction and the next thing she knew...BOOM! Suddenly, everything was white and all she could hear was a loud ringing in her ears. 'Gah! Fucking flash grenade!' She thought with a grunt as she stumbled about. 'Focus, Shira. Just focus.' Despite not being able to see or hear for five seconds (cause that's how long the affect lasts), she could still rely on her Seismic sense ability to figure out where her opponent was. With her feet still planted to the ground, she could feel rather small vibrations traveling through the ground and up into her body, meaning her opponent had distanced himself. Her vision was still quite blurred, but she wasn't going to let that stop her. “Hey! Where do you think you're going!” She jetted forward like a track runner, holding her weapon out beside her as she pressed a small button on the hilt which made the whipped appearance transform into a fully elongated blade. As she ran after her opponent, her eyes caught sight of the black object hurtling toward her. A stinger. Brilliant. She knew that those types of grenades were only effective if she was actually hit by it like being pelted by a stone. She pushed off on her back foot and was in the air once again, completing a 360 spin before whipping her blade in a backhanded motion toward the object, which knocked it clean off of its path. Now dropping back toward the ground, she raised her sword high above her head with both hands and brought it straight down in front of her as hard as she could while landing. Another ability Shira was gifted with, was delivering concussive blows with either her bare hands or a weapon. In this case, the concussive force seemed to explode from the point of collision between her sword and the ground, causing a trail of explosive kinetic force to rupture through the ground straight in Josh's direction. The concussive force would travel at over 125mph and assuming that her opponent was only a few feet ahead of her, he only had mere seconds to dodge the explosion or it would slam straight into the back of him and send him flying several feet into the air. If he was to be hit by this attack, Shira would propel herself into the air since her knees were already bent from the landing and be headed straight for her opponent like a missile. While they were both in midair, she would cock her arm back and hurl the sword at him aiming for the center of his body. (He would probably be flipping around IF the concussive hit connects) The nearly inhuman strength in her throw would send the sword traveling toward her opponent at nearly 125mph and the adamantium tip would surely pierce right through his vest and body, doing so in a matter of 3.5 seconds if he was even aware of what was coming to him. (Note if the concussive force hit didn't connect, none of this happened x.x)

HollowJak: -Jason would grit his teeth as he ran now around fifteen feet away from her as the sound of ground crackign and exploding outward reached his ears coming from directly behind him taking a second to peek behind his shoulder at the woman with the sword in the ground his eye swould widen as he saw the trail of kinetic blasts coming towards him with a growl he would throw himself into the underbrush the kiect force barely passing him by as he slid to a stop and jumped to his feet where were his claymores? damn he had dropped it when the tree had fallen toward him. he would stand and if her sword was still in the ground he would raise raise the sub machine gun and fire three rounds aiming for the side of her head from the under brush if she had let go of the sowrd he would aim carefully and fire at a tree behind her hitting it so that the bullets would bounce back towards the back of her legs namely the knee area in an attempt to disable her legs if they were to hit. if they were blocked or dodged he would use the opportunity to hurl another stinger towards her before turning and running again in an attempt to put some distance between them-

AlessandraSkar: Shira was still in a crouch with her sword smashed into the ground when she looked forward and spotted Jason's body rolling out of the way of the concussive force blast. Her eyes narrowed, then widened when she once again spotted the glare of sunlight flashing across his firearm. Still crouched all the way down almost in a frog-like stance, her automatic reaction was to raise her sword up in front of her face just a split second before she heard the sound of metal pelting against the silver surface of the weapon. (The concussive force didn't hit so she didn't let go of the sword) The second the last bullet struck the blade, she launched herself forward and had to skid to the side to avoid the large rift she had created in the ground. Whether or not those shots had been fired at the tree behind her, her movement to the side would have been the dodge. She watched Jason's arm move as he ran, knowing that he was prepared to pull out another weapon. Once she spotted the second stinger flying at her, she skidded sideways out of its path while at the same time she switched her blade to her right hand, swinging it backhandedly in a horizontal manner. The mid-height cut sent a wave of kinetic force flying at Jason's back like a shuriken, traveling at a speed of 97mph and with the strength used to swing the blade, that force had the power to put a nice gash across Jason's back for several inches. Whether or not he dodged the attack, Shira continued to run after him. She lowered her blade down by her left hip and swung it upward diagonally, sending another kinetic wave hurtling in Jason's direction. This time, however, instead of aiming directly at her opponent, the kinetic wave sliced right through the trunk of a tree that he would pass by to the left of him. The tree began to topple over sideways so if he continued to run, he would run right under it and be crushed within mere seconds. Shira then lowered to blade down by her right hip , tip pointed to the ground, and swung it in the opposite direction. Another kinetic wave went rippling from the sword, slicing through the trunk of another tree that Jason had already run past to his left side. The tree would topple over and fall directly behind him so if he managed to stop himself from  running right under the first falling tree, they would have still blockaded him in his current spot. Both trees trunks were several feet thick all around and the one located behind Jason would have more than likely prevented him from seeing that Shira was still running at the area. Using her Seismic Sense technique, she was able to locate exactly where Jason was (trapped if he hadn't already been crushed by the first tree). She calculated this distance before cocking her arm back and throwing her sword up into the air like a javalin. It would sail straight upward several feet until the glare of the sun seemed to make it disappear. After which, still running toward the tree that would have hit the ground behind Jason, she pulled back her right fist and felt it shaking with kinetic tension. Just as she approached the fallen tree, she swung her fist forward with a loud shout, and the concussive force which burst from her fist exploded through the tree trunk along with the rest of her. If Jason were to turn around, he would only have 4.5 seconds to see Shira exploding through the fallen tree trunk with her fist aimed directly at his head. If his head was turned, her knuckles would crack against the side of his jaw. If he was able to turn around fully, her fist would slam into the center of his face with enough force to shatter his nasal bone into his skull. If he didn't turn around at all and was still facing the first fallen tree, her fist would smash into the back of his skull with enough force to create minor fractures. If any of these connected (once again, if he hadn't already been crushed by the first tree lol) He would more than likely be knocked back into the first tree that she had knocked down in front of him. The momentum at which she had traveled through the second knocked down tree would have carried her forward straight into him and she would be close enough to perform her next attack. Without stopping, she would begin her Explosive Palm Strike technique which is a series of strikes delivered from her palms (just picture Neji's 64-palm jutsu lol), each strike containing enough devastating force to leave her opponent momentarily stunned with each hit if they were not able to block or dodge. After her first hit to her opponent's head (if it connected), her first EPS would strike Jason in his windpipe. Her strength alone was enough to shatter the fragile bone, which in less than 0.2 secs was followed by another strike delivered to the center of his chest where his sternum was located. The next strike was delivered to his wrist with enough force to shatter it so that he would instantly drop his firearm. The next EPS strikes would then be delivered to his left and right shoulders, his stomach, his pelvic bone, his sternum again, and would repeat in that order about two times within a matter of 7 seconds. If these attacks were to be connecting, they would happen so fast that her opponent would have slim to no time to respond and would appear to be simply shaking and rocking back and forth as a result of each hit so he was basically paralyzed. If the outside audience were still watching, they would only be able to see a blur of impossibly fast arm movements as Shira was delivering these attacks to her opponent. And then came the final strike. Shira pulled her right fist back and allowed only 3 seconds of momentum to build before the limb shot forward like a bullet, delivering a final Concussive Force Strike to her opponent's chest. With the concussive force behind this strike, her opponent would be blown backwards hard enough to shatter right through the first tree that had fallen and would more than likely be blinded by an explosion of wooden splinters. Now, if he were to be laying on the ground on the other side of the trunk, the sword which Shira had tossed into the air would be plummeting from the sky at this time. She held her right hand out beside her and waited until the hilt dropped into her grasp to grip it tightly. Dropping into a formal kendo stance, she held the sword diagonally in front of her as she waited to see if her opponent had survived such a series of attacks. Maybe (once again if the hits connected) there would be a little more fight left in him after having his skull fractured, his sternum and windpipe shattered, the wind knocked out of him from the hits to the stomach and his wrist broken so he couldn't use his firearm.

HollowJak: -sweat slid down Jasons head as he chargrged through the underbrush turning his head to look behind him right as he would feel a surge of pain rush through his back as the kinect slash cut into him the pain causing his vision to blur momentarily causing him to hit the a tree branch and falling going into a tumble and roll landing up around ten feet off the path to the right (as he didnt continue forward all attacks after the initial slash would fall on open air as he was no longer along the path she was attacking on). he would jump up and with a growl and take aim at her if she were still on the ground he would fire bouncing three round off of the tree behind her aain trying to hit the back of her knee if this was inneffective or dodged he would fire again this time aiming to bounce the shots off of a particular low hanging branch so that the bullets would bounce aimed towards the back of her head. if the shots were to hit he would do the same with the low hanging branch but adjusted to her new position. if she would aready be in the air at this point rather than on the ground he would instead fire towards a log on the ground leading the target slight so that the three bullets would propel upwards towards her stomach in an attempt to hit her and knock her off balance mid air so that it would be harder for her to land properly-

AlessandraSkar: (Disclaimer: since Jason fell to the right, all attacks after that first slash are voided) Shira heard the squelch from Jason's back being slashed open and watched as he went tumbling to the ground. However, she did not stop running (as it says “whether or not he dodged the attack, Shira continued to run after him”). During the time that he hit a tree branch and tumbled, she was still charging at him almost full speed with her blade in her right hand. Assuming that it would have taken several seconds for him to recover from the fall that would also have been the amount of time that it took for Shira to finally reach him. So by the time was able to get to his feet and turn around with his gun drawn raised and about to pull the trigger, she was already in front of him and since the gun was not aimed directly at her, she could be directly in front of him without getting her face blown off. If he did pull the trigger and aim at the tree branch, she would already be out of the way (since she had kept running forward) and would attempt to thrust her right hand upward and plunge the sword straight into Jason's lower abdominal region without a second to spare. If this connected (so I don't autohit lol), the angle at which she would have stabbed the sword through him would make the adamantium tip of the blade come out between his shoulder blades, meaning it would have pierced through vital organs and caused severe internal bleeding. He would more than likely be in shock from being stabbed by a four-foot blade and whether or not that were the case, since his hand was still up from the shooting attempt, she would rip her sword from his body and swing it upward toward his wrist in a blur of motion. If he did not somehow move his hand, his hand would be sliced from his body and the gun would plummet to the ground. After which, Shira would snap her right leg upward and plunge her heel into the wound she would have left in his abdomin. Having built up momentum with this kick, the force of the blow would have sent Jason flying back an estimated ten feet to the ground.

HollowJak: -seeing she was no longer there jason would just stop himself from pulling the trigger.hearing a russel he turned his eye and saw the blade coming towards his chest with little else to do he would try to throw himself to the side forcefully letting his left hand fall away from the rifle though not completely able to dodge he reduced the brunt of the hit as the blade punched into the meat of his left arm. he would angle the gun in his right hand upward slightly working through the pain the barell pointed upward towards her chin. he pulled the trigger on the gun and kept it held down as it was stated previously that he fired in three round burst previously and not in 3 round burst setting. his aim was to empty the clip upward into her chin if she was unable to dodge or somehow block it-(as she hasnt taken any of the hits the three dodge rule shows that the next attack should hit. )

AlessandraSkar: Blood spurted upward as the adamantium-tipped blade plunged into Jason's left arm, a few droplets landing on Shira's face. She noticed movement out of the bottom corner of her eye and saw that he had switched his gun to his other hand just before her blade sank into his flesh. For that split second, time seemed to slow down. Not because of her own doing, but because she was pretty convinced that when she saw the gun aimed at her chin, she was a goner. Within the very second that his finger pulled the trigger, she tried her damnest to at least move back, but was only able to slightly tilt her head out of instinct. Instead of shooting straight up into her chin, the first bullet skimmed the flesh over her cheekbone and went straight up her right eye leaving a nasty gash that immediately started to run with blood. As this seemed to happen in slow motion, and the bullets continued to ring out next to the side of her head, Shira thrusted the palm of her left hand forward into his sternum with enough force to create fractures as well as throw him backwards at least ten feet. At the same time that she struck him with the palm jab (if it connected) she would rip her sword outward and since the blade was still jutting through Jason's arm, his arm would have been torn right out of the socket from Shira's brute strength while he was flying backwards (if that connected).

HollowJak: -Jason cried out in pain as he was thrown with the palm strike his arm ripped from his body.landing in a sprawl his vision blurred he sat up and shakily raised the smg his finger on a trigger before it tumbled from his hand Jason passing out on the spot his body falling back to thump against the ground-

The paramedics would rush in. Picking Jason up and rushing him to the GMAF's medical team. " We have to get that arm removed stat! LETS MOVE MOVE MOVE!" The room would digitize back to its normal setting and the crowd was dead silent. Everyone simply stared at the female as they looked at her with gawking fear and shocking. One clap in the background made by Mr.Hanz and the Dragon sisters. All of them laughing lightly to themselves. Ralpheal would cross his arms taking a step fighter. " We should add her to the team... she could be a great asset no?" Hanz would simply nod his head

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