Xiaoyu vs jin 2 by candygrl13-d3abzdr

Akali: + Kana held the crescent moon pendant in her hand, the silver chain dangling from the palm of her hand as she sat in the chair outside Uwasa's room. In a few minutes, he came out looking better than he did before. She made her way to the Arena and looked up at the screen seeing the names "Kyoko Vs Densuke!" flash upon the digital screen. "Good luck to the victor.." Kana waited for the next screening when another name flashed acrossed the screen and she heard a few wolf whistles coming from behind her as she turned around, smiling as she saw Uwasa's friends barreling towards them, arms out and extended hugging them both tightly. "Kyaaah! Uwasa, dude, did you get past the preliminaries?" "Yeah! Yeah! What about you, Kana? What about you, baaabes?" They whined and Kana sighed, looking up at Uwasa. He shook his head. "Nah.. I didn't make it, but my little Lady of the Night did." Kana felt a tug on her hand and looked down seeing a little boy and girl holding a sharpie marker in their hands. "Hi, Miss Yoru. Can, uh.. Can we get an autograph? You're so cool!" The little girl giggled in delight as Kana took the marker and wrote "??? Yoru no on'na" meaning Lady of the Night on each of their arms. That nickname was starting to grow on her. She watched as the kids go back to their mothers, turning back to look at her friends when a t-shirt was flung in her face. She pulled it off and looked at the t-shirt, almost busting out with laughter. It was her in a little chibi anime form with the outfit she had on in the preliminaries and then "???" on the side with a Crescent moon besides her. "This is..." She looked at all of them and shook her head. "So what are these for?" "You got some fans, babes, so the guys are gonna sell 'em. Y'know the drill." Uwasa pointed over to the mixed group of guys and girls in their teen years starting to walk towards them. She got popular within a timespan of a day. New record. She took some pictures, got smooched on the lips a few times and Uwasa raged. Why not have a little fun before the match...? She then heard a bell and looked up at digital screen and saw her name flash. "Shizukana Yoru! VS. Keyth Tasanagi!" She had expected it, just like the day before when they had spoken. - "But this tournament is rigged." Keyth had said. " Are you nervous... or scared or anything?" - "There's no room to be scared in this world.." She closed her eyes and brushed her hair back behind her ear and pushed aside the guys, leaving them to their own world, exiting the arena just to go to her motorcycle, seeing a few bodies laying there twitching from the electrical currents that entered their body. "Lesson learned I hope. Don't touch other peoples' shit. 'Specially if it's mine." She was immune to her own devices and passed easily through the invisible electrical field and dug in a bag hung from the side and sat on the seat of the bike, crossing her right leg over the left as she pulled out the keyth plushie from the bag and held it in her lap. Her hair blew gently in the breeze as she hopped off her bike, holding the doll in her hand, walking back in with a blank expression on her face. Uwasa looked at her and pulled her in for a hug, kissing the top of her head and sighing softly. "You'll make it..." Kana nodded and made her way towards the designated fighting area for her and Keyth's match. She met with one of the proctors of the match and the checked her vitals. "Looking very good, Miss. Now, would you like to use any weapons?" Kana shook her head. "Protection?" "None." The protcor nodded. "As the rules of the GMFA include that we are not responsible for your or any other participants death, since we have stated multiple times everyone GMFA that, well, if you die, then you die." Kana crossed her arms over her chest and nodded. She wore slim, but not to tight black-ripped jeans, combat boots and a sleeveless, hoodless jacket. "And.. that doll?" Kana looked down at it. "I'll keep it.." The proctor looked at Kana as if she was joking, but then moved to the side. "Please go on then." As Kana entered the arena, she could hear the roars of hundreds, possible thousands of fans in the stands around her. A song played as the doors closed with a hiss. ( ) She hadn't picked a song yet, but the tune.. "Uwasa.." The name "Yoru" echoed throughout the grounds as she chose a scenery with a lake and a crescent moon and every sound died down as she stood in the middle of the battle area, sitting down in the grass as the light of the artificial moon glowered down on her, reflecting off of the water's surface. "Let the games begin..." +

DeliriousAres: Keyth sat in the hospital, watching over Kyoko's body as she slept. She would have been getting a full nanomachine recovery into her body, which would allow her to be back on the streets in a few days. Though, that had been two days ago..." Shizukana Yoru Vs Keyth Tasanagi!!!" He heard when he was in his hand stand, chinese push ups were his favorite. He didnt make a single expression as he pulled himself back onto his feet. He turned, eying himself in the mirror as he checked over his physique. "...Well. I guess i shoulda figured you would have done that." Keyth said to himself. Only to see an Image appear behind him, litteraly slipping from the shadows of a locker. Mr. Hanz. Grimaldies right hand man the secrect ring leader of this tournament. " Mr.Grim Believes that it will be an intresting line up." Mr.Hanz said in his massive form. He was Chinese slanted eyes with a large scar on his face. Given to him by Tetsu, Donnie Yun, And Keyome Tasanagi about four years ago. Keyth shook his head as he turned to face him. " It wont stop me from taking you guys down. Even if i lose. My friends are gonna stomp your nuts in." Mr.Hanz continued to stand there. His eyes dead locked on keyths, and Keyths on his. " IF KEYTH TASANAGI WILL PLEASE STEP TO THE ARENA NOW! THE FANS ARE WAITING!" Keyth looked up at the intercom in the locker room. And when he looked back at Mr.Hanz... He had vanished. Keyth tilted his head up and spat at the trash can behind him. H wore bright white Martial Arts Gi pants. No shirt, he wanted to show his Yakuza linage by showing the dark tattoo's that littered his body. On his left arm, it was wrapped nicely and tight to secure a hidden blade under it. A 4 inch blade that sat tightly against his arm, concealed in the thick bandages that couldnt be tampered or gotten to unless someone litterally unwrapped it. So using it against him while it was still on his person was highly unlikely. As Keyth made his way outside of the locker room. A young teenage girl stood in the middle of the hall eying him. Keyth looked at her with an estranged look in his eye before her older brother came from around the corner as well. Keyth crossed his arms. Eyeing the young man as he corssed his arms. " Hello. Mr. Tasanagi. Or should i say... cousin." Keyth cocked an eyebrow again. " Your father, and my father were friends when he was alive. My dad ran a Dojo. And your dad helped fund that before he died." The young man said, putting his hands on his sisters shoulders as he looked down at her, smiling lightly to himself. " Im a Kagemaru man. I've been in the clan for about 3 years now. So... im really dedicated for what my father and your father tried to do this city. And when i heard my Ex-chairman's son was going to be in this tournament. I had to come and see you..." Keyth looked to the right and remained silent. " I know my father... and your father were not really good men to alot of people in this city. But as a Farhan...and you, a Tasanagi. We have a responsiblity to our fathers. To carry our legacies... and to be true to our linage. I-I know your not a Kagemaru man... But. I want you to go out there.. and fight for my dad... And your D-GAWWK!" Keyth had wailed the guy in the face making him hit the wall with a hard crash. His younger sister ran to his aid. " JAMES!?" Keyth stood there with his right fist extended before he pulled back. "...My Father. Was a real bastard." He said finally coming to his full height. " But i'll make sure.... do as you ask." He said pulling up fully and making his way down to the arena. James Farhan lay against the wall, letting his head dropp as he smirked. Yelling out to Keyth which had a scowl on his face. " YOUR FIGHTING FOR MORE THAN YOURSELF!" Keyth smirked as he heard him say that walking further down untill he was no longer seen. James smiled as well shaking his head. " Big brother! Are you ok!?" James nodded patting her head and kissing her forehead. " Yeah... that was just how he says thank you. Trust me... none of the Tasanagi's are nice. They always have to hit something.. Hahah." They both laughed lightly. As Keyth made his way to the platform the GMAF workers would get to work on the questions. " No Weapons for me..."He had said. Keyth stepped into the Platform the chosen music would start to play as he smirked to himself tilting his head down.(( His head was low as the cheers were heard the further he pressed onward to the arena. Once he made it. He'd put both of his hands into the air. Shouting at the top of his lungs. " AAAAAAAAAAAH!" He said shouting beating on his chest. His highlights flaring in bright lights behind him as he placed his hand high above his head. The Crowd began to sing along with the song. " HAIL HAIL HAIL!" They'd shout every time he through his fist up. The Announcer came out of a platform in the middle of the stage this time, tilting the microphone up and shouting at the top of his lungs. " LAAAADIESS AND GENTLEMEN! WE BRING TO YOU THE SECOND MATCH UP OF THE GMAF'S! TO OUR RIGHT! THE MALE, THE ONLY TASANAGI LEFT TO DO THIS HERE! YOU KNOW OF HIS FAMILY LINE WELL!!! THE RED DEVIL OF THE WILDS! THE ONE, THE ONLY KEYTH! TAAAAAASSSSSSAAAAANAGIII!!!" Keyth would simply put his right hand into the air as the crowd cheered for his name. He'd strip the microphone from the Announcer before he went into Area where he'd be sent to fight. " YOU ALL READY TO SEE A SHOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW HUUUUUUUUH~??!?!!?!?" The Crowd would shout as Keyth began to interact with them. " ALRIGHT THEN! LETS, MOTHER, FUCKIN, DO, THIIIIIIIIIIISSS!!!!!!!!" He said pushing the Mic Back into the announcer and then bucking at him as he growled a lions like grow before he stepped into the Arena fully. His body was submerged with a bright moon over head. The Bright light it gave made the lake next to them give off a glow. Keyth eyed his oppoenet and crossed his arms. " Kana." He said with a stern look on his face. " Fight me forreal. Dont you go fucking around. No funny shit. Behave yourself. Last time you were my ally. But when you step into this ring with me." He'd point right at her head. "...Your my enemy." The wind would blow by ferciously. " You shoulda brought a weapon with you." He said readying himself.

Akali: + She rolled her eyes as she heard Keyth enter the battle arena with his loudness. She sighed and rolled her shoulders back, standing up as he finished. "Sheesh..." She rubbed the back of her neck, tilting her head to the right as she listened to him. Her stance was unwavering as she held both hands at her sides, her hair hung low past her eyes. "You're not my dad; you're not my brother; you're not my boyfriend. You DON'T tell me what the fuck to do. But.." She said chuckling a bit. "I'll agree with you on being your enemy. As for weapons? I don't need one..." She started off towards him as a hush went through the crowd, hands in her pockets, whistling a small melody, and stopped so suddenly, pulling the doll of him out and then tossing it straight at him, she started for him again, jumping into the air so suddenly, lifting her arms above her head as she sailed downwards, her expression staying calm. She'd thoguht back to the moment at the saloon, where those Dragons of the Desert came in and keyth had gone a little bit crazy. She blinked and thought to herself. If only I could do all that shit again. Kill with no mercy. She could do it to anyone else.. but Keyth. The hell is wrong with me? She asked herself when her body pulsed, causing her to falter a bit. Flames came across her train of thought. and the blood... The corners of her lips curled into something devious, her eyes flashing from it's blue color to a grayish color just for an instant. Kana extended her right leg out once she got close enough, giving it a swing back and thrusting it forward attemping to land a blow right to the side of his head just to knock him off balance. if he did block her foot and hold onto it, she'd lowered herself down a bit, her hands brushing against the ground, she'd grab two handfuls of dirt before lifting her body up and flinging it in his face, hoping that he'd loosen his grip even just a bit, she'd shake him off, pushing off of her hands and flipping back onto her feet, sliding back as she dug her heels into the ground to come to a stop. "I need blood.. Blood has to spill." She rose up to her feet again and her eyes changed again, but this time to a lighter shade of gray. Almost white. "They all need to die... They ruined my life." She thought back to the life as Rin Awashima. The aura around her was different now, so dark and evil. She glanced up at Keyth, her eyes now a like glass as her body became engulfed in a light, yet dark aura. "They need to pay. Everyone that gets in my way for revenge must pay." She brushed her back and let out a soft feral growl that rose from her throat. Her expression darkened and she bared her teeth, clenching her fists tightly enough that the leather around her knuckles ripped apart. Everyone around them were watching her in in silence, horrified looks probably plastered on her face. She had to win. Not for the money. Just for her satisfaction... +

DeliriousAres: (( He watched her. His hands up in a base fighting stance as he watched her approach him with the doll. Spreading his legs apart a slight bit further as she casually walked over to him. ' The hell is she planning.' That's when she made a move. Tossing the plushie doll at Keyth he would have took a step back and swung his hand across the doll making it rip in half as a large gush of snowy white cotton ripped from the doll. In slow motion the dolls insides flew across Keyths face. Within the next 5 seconds he turned his head up notcing the shadow that was casting on the groudn above his head as readied himself. 'An attack from above. Dammit Kana...' He said. Taking the last 3 seconds of his own to move he'd side step her the moment her foot was going to connect to his head. Dodging it by centimeters. Her foot would fly by his head. A whole foot before she hit the ground Keyth would have smashed a clotheseline into her head with so much force. That the water from the lake would blast up from the massive pressure that expressed the young mans massive power. His right hard been the one to deliver the blow. One rule about fighting. Never attack in the air. It's a Sure fire suicide. Leaving you open for anything. Due to her kick missing, it'd leave her body open full the extent of an attack. The clotheline of his right arm would blast her from under his arm and into the air by 10 feet. Flipping rapidly before she'd come crashing back down to the ground. Using his Chi he'd take his body off using his shadow sweep technique. Appearing on the left of her with his right leg pulled back like he was getting ready to kick a ball. Doing all of this with a blinding speed. He'd launch that same leg into her hip as she continued to fall down from the 10 foot fall that'd his leg would smash so deeply within her right ribs that her ribs would litteally start to shift and move before shattering against the pressure of Keyths attack. A Hard sonic boom would errupt from the kick as he blasted her elsewhere, her body darting and then rolling in the water like a thrown rock as Keyths body glided back to the ground. That move would only come through if the clotehseline connected. Even though the clostheline was almost a sure fire. If it all connected then Keyth would have simply waited for her to rise with her silghtly broken ribs. And the clothese line would have microfractured her skull. Not enough to break it, but enough to do a great deal of damage other wise. Keyths strength was only so enhanced due to his Hadou. " .... Quit Screwing around" If it connected he'd wait as all the water flooded back down into the lake back ontop of her to

+ Kana held in her breath as her foot passed his head. She grunted and bite down on her tongue, a bit of blood leaking from her mouth as she was pushed back into the air. She blinked, her vision blurry and she looked down seeing that he was gone, she turned to look at her right and then to her left, seeing him and his leg pulled back. She faltered as she fell back down, cringing in pain and coughing out blood, his foot connected with her side, her ribs craking and then splitting apart as she flew into the water. Water rained down on her body and she looked up at the moon. Her body pulsed again and her head pounded. She heard the soft whispers all around. She sunk down into the water deep down to the bottom of the lake. Water filled her lungs and bubbles came up from her mouth. Get up... Get up... Her eyes opened up and she pounded the ground with fist and pushed herself out of the water, the water bursting into the air as she crawled out of the water, coughing out a mixture of blood and water and looking up at him. She smiled and stood back up, wiping the blood from her mouth and nodding. "Alright, Alright.. I'll stop fucking with you." She held her side and groaned slightly and rubbed the back of her neck with her free hand. "Oi.. And I thought you were a gentleman." She walked towards him at a normal pace, dusting herself off and rolling her shoulders back and sighing. "No more playing around, I promise.." +

Keyth: ((" Rule number one..." He said flexing his chi as it bursted around his body in a gulf of red flame. " Whenever your not attacking your opponent..." He said undoing the wraps on his arm making full eye contact with her. His dark hair leaving a heacy shadow over his face as the bright golden eye color shinned brightly underneath the veild shadow. He pulled out the large blade that had been hidden under his arm wrap tossing it at her feet." Whenever your not attacking... then your the one losing." He said with his teeth gritted breathing heavily. It Looked like a Large combat knife with 6 saw pricks at the right of it. " Use it." He said clenching his fist after tossing it her way. If she looked to take the knife or not. He'd appear behind her hovering over her form.  His body would have dispersed from her eye sight before he appeared behind her. Soon appearing behind her with a large gust of wind that expelled along his arrival. Once he Appeared behind her within seconds. He would have attempted to latch his hand out to yank her hair back with a hard tug. His inhuman strenght he would have simply pulled his arm back to the right making her body whiplash like a towel before he pulled back like a baseball throw and launched her body into the earth with a hard THUM! If successful he'd do the same slame over and over again. Adding up to four slams before he would have simply let her head go. Letting her head rest on the ground if the attacks connected that is. And if they did he would have walked over to a log picking it up over his shoulder. ".... Stop Screwing around. Im not holding back Kana. So unless you fight back. You'll die here." Keyth felt his stomach turn the more he fought. But he couldnt hold back. No matter how bad it made him sick. He would have pulled the Log up over his head. It was about the same size of a tree trunk lifting it over his head using his chi to lift the massive structure shouting at the top of his lungs as he rushed the large wooden weapon down attempting to crush her under the weight over and over again before he finally stopped. This could be a game ender if it connected. Possibly killing her if she had gotten to this point.

Akali: + She watched him pull out the blade and toss it to her feet. She eyed him curiously and lifted the blade up, twirling it around in her hand when her hair blew around wildly as he appeared behind her. Once she felt his fingers curl around in her hair, she instantly pulled the blade up against her hair, slicing bits and pieces as parts falling the ground and the rest Keyth held. She held the blade in her hand and tossed the blade up into the air, twisting her body around and lifting her leg up as if she were about to kick a ball, her foot connecting with the handle of the blade as it fell, sending the blade flying back at him with such force, a sudden boom sounded once contact was made. She saw an outlaying log nearby, using her foot to lift it up into the air and cocking her arm back and thrusting it forward, spliting the log in half and sending it flying back towards him. She raced towards him, moving underneath the logs as they flew towards him, attempting for them to be a distraction. Once she got close enough, she flipped over Keyth, her lips pursed into a thin line as she lashed her arms out after landing behind him, using swift movements, she lashed her arms out hitting his body in various points such as his calf, the back fo his knee, his sides and the point underneath his bicep, all at his left side in attempt to make him partially immobile. ( just look at the circle in the left corner of the screen. sorry abotu the long ass link. ) +

DeliriousAres: Keyth had been pulled back by her attack. His body moving back in slow motion as she ripped away from him. ' Clever girl...' He thought to himself as she finally kicked off. Her hair was alot shorter now, seeming to be at shoulder length. ' She went out of her way even to destroy her hair in the process. Heh.' He thought to himself again as he smirked. He dropped the hair staying in his currennt postion. " THERE YOU GO! KANAAAA!!!"(( He said with a smirk on his face. His heart started to pound at the fact she was fighting him back forrreal now. It made his blood boil with excitment! When she kicked the blade at him the sonic boom ripped towards him tearing through the ground with a termendous force as it tore acorss the ground. Keyth's eyes focused on the attack watching as it travled over to him at the monstrous speed. He stommped and litterlly two seconds before it made contact with his face he caught it in between both of his hands. Though the blade had still ripped his hands flesh as it gashed when he made the catch. A long sonic boom quaked behind his body blowing his clothing as the powerful rifts of wind tore through his clothing due to his strike. The sonic boom that applied to the attack brought rippling winds, zipping and tearing through his skin causnig little small cuts that forced his skin to bleed a bit. Swiftly the blade backwards in his right hand he watched the logs travel over to him only to catch Kana's scent. If it werent for Keyths animalistc abilites and his ability to manipulate animals at all times. He wouldnt have been able to catch onto her scent.Keyth can use/imitate animal powers. Something that Zetsui forced him to. Pushing him to be an animal so they would fight on equal ground. He can run like an ostrich, swing like a monkey, sprint like a cheetah, move like a cat, track like a dog, constrict like a snake, and so on. Of course he cannot transform into animals, but this power only enables the user to mimic animalistic traits while still in their original form. Keyth can mimic multiple animals at once.(( With the logs still traveling at him, she arrived behind him merrly 5 seconds before the massive logs would have made contact with his body. Using 2 seconds of that 5 second interpool. He pushed his right leg in between her leg. When she went to strike ( and since no paticular order was placed on which she'd strike first.) When the strike that was aiming for his side was sent, Keyths body twisted to the right and would have attempted to latch her right wrist in his grip. If connected and due to catching her in mid attack he would have been successful more than likely. Tucking her hand up in a fold he'd kick that leg in between her up. Doing a powerful over the back judo type throw. And doing so in the last 2 seconds that the log would make contact with his body. He'd slam Kana body into the powerful log that she had sent out to him with the swift judo throw. Once and if her body made contact with the log she'd feel her spine shift for a moment. A sharp and agnoizing pain would fire up her body. Once the slam was complete, the log would hit the ground first and her body would be on top of it. If it were successful she would be in a highly dazed state. Flipping his body over her's he'd hook her up in some form of grapple. Keyth attempts to grab at Kana, and if successful, he'd hold her upside down by the waist, and with a monsrous force he then leaps into the air in a sitting position with the Kana's head between his legs. Spinning rapidly, Keyth slams her headfirst into the log for massive damage. Shattering it compeltely under head. This would surely be a K.O. And the Success rate was extremly high at this point even though anything was possible.(( How it looks.

Akali: + Her hair covered her eyes but she was still able to see and feel when she felt his hand latch onto her wrist. Her eyes widened slightly and she gritted her teeth, closing her eyes and letting out a soft breath. She slid her leg until both where on the left of him instead of him being in between, her flexibility allowing to manuever around positions as these. She thought back to her old use of Tai chi, her mind going back to Lieh. Lieh can be applied by single, double, outward, inward, upward or downward action. Using a single Lieh, it can be used when the opponent grabs any part of the arm such as the wrist as in the situation now. Using the principle of leverage Kana's lowers her body and raises her arm upward, using her free hand to attack his elbow joint. The single Lieh can be delivered in a flash and causes significant damage. In doing so, she attempts for him to release his grip on her wrist, allowing her to slide easily out, bringing her hands back using and them moving her body again in attempt to use Cai. Using Cai, Kana's movement of her body and her footsteps merge beautifully, creating agility and variations. Whether it is grab or counter grab, hold or reverse-hold, Cai's basic method is very practical. When Kana uses Cai, concrete and fathom forces are often alternated and intermingled, making it hard for the Keyth to anticipate. The essence of Cai is to maintain a sharp eye and a quick hand, targeting the muscles and the joints of the opponent. Kana's attempts to strike the bones and grab the ligaments, rendering Keyth defenseless as she aimed at his legs first, clenching her right hand into a fist, using just her knuckles to swiftly push it againstthe back of his knee, up to his side again, then going up in order to the area right underneath the meaty part of his bicep to his elbow and then his wrist using the both of her hands now in attempt again but on his right side now. If he took the hit, the right side of his body would be useless now. (,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNHyi_6Wksmmu8lwDUah9ZyS8mkQJw&ust=1388379033406780 ) Her facial expression stayed the same as she pulled her arms back up to her chest, moving away from him just a few feet back, her feet spreading apart slightly, twisting into the wet ground as her hair shifted slightly, the artifical moon casting her shadow, bending her knees slightly and preparing herself for his next attack. +

DeliriousAres: Keyth was stummped in place. Her attacks had all went through. His right slide slummped over but due to the fact she didnt acknolwedge the large log stilly flying at both of us that keyth had made to use as his own attack in the current post he would have simply side stepped to the right and allowed the log to breeze by him. Kicking it as he used the left side of his body and through his left leg into it with a boot after doing a full 360 spiral out of the way. So since she didnt ackolwedge said attack the log would smash into her body like a freight train blasting her into another tree.( Ana you forgot all about the log Kitty XD.) Once she recovered from the log. Keyth would have attempted to move his body only to fail. He'd grunt shaking his head, sounding like a wounded animal. Keyth drupped. His body going coldy limp on the left side he hadnt face this martial art before but his brain slowly started to record it. His eyes studided each of her movements from before. Analizing them. Twisting and turning them into his own perception. "...Gotta say Ana. Your doing pretty good... clever. What's that Style called your using? Im not to big on martial arts.. heh.." He said forcing his chi into his body. Although his joints had been severly damaged he used his chi to create artfical chi joints to keep his body to float. His body ached with pain as he stood back up to his full height. Coughing a bit of blood. " heh..." He said feeling his heart thump. " Now your just... pissing me off though." He said taking off at her.(( His breathing got heavy as he made his way over to her running at a full speed before he began to run on all fours. Growling like a rabid dog he'd lundge at her acting completely animal listic he kicked off the ground and through his body at her. Slashing his right hand out at her stomach. Moving so swiftly that all she'd see is a blurr flash by her before Keyths body could be seen running from the opposiste direction of the strike on all fours again running back around to her in a circle. Suddenly his body would vanish from thin air. Blending Chi allows the user the power to control there enviormenal chi.The user can make their coloration blend with the coloration of their background to avoid optical perception. Some users can affect their attire by means of "static camouflage". within moments of coming into contact with almost any surface, the chi will replicate both its pattern and texture. Thermal technology cannot read this chi technique. The temperature of the user will shift to the surface there hiding against to better blend with the surrounding environment and to evade thermal imaging completely. Multiple surfaces can be mimicked at the same time. When using Chi blending, one cannot sniff out chi, nor sense the users Chi signature to detect them. With this techinque, Keyth has the power to become invisible while in shadows. A sub-power of Darkness Manipulation. He's able to become undetectable as long as they are in darkness or shadow. People with Animal like sensory may be able to detect keyth if there smell, eye-sight etc was keen enough. Technology wont be able to find this technique what so ever due to chi being so highly incorporated. Once he vanished he'd appear to the right of her slashing at her face with his large animal like claws ripping the side of her face only to vanish again once the strike was made. He'd appear behind her again slashing down her back. Then beneathe her slashing at her ankels. After awhile all one would see is Keyths body randomly flickering all around her body slashing out at her body in places like her chest, back and thighs. 10 strikes were sent out at her calfs. 5 at her chest. And 10 at her back. Each clawing slash was about 3 inches deep meaning blood would be bursting from each strike that was sent out. Due to his shadow sweep technique his speed would have been even further increased. Shadow sweep : An Advanced form of Keyths orginal Shadow step techinque. Its a move that can be used without chi. But is much more efficent if used with it. It is an important skill for most swordsmen, and is one of the four basic fighting styles techniques with a blade. The agility and speed of the Shadow sweep can be enhanced and improved through concentration, training, and mastery of it. It is the greatest expression of speed. Using it without chi requires that the user uses the nature around him to push there body in a since. Giving them a boosting head start which they simply push into. Causing there bodies to shift to whereever. This is NOT a teleportation. Using this techinuqe without using chi would be the best way to train it. If she had stopped Keyths little slash and go technique with either a dodge or a counter. Keyth would have kicked off the strike only to run on all fours by 15 feet. Once he got a full distance he'd be on all fours growling like a rabid beast. His body starting to glow a bright gold over his body. Golden sparkles would have been floating around Kana's body throughout the whole process of the slash and go technique and right before he lunged out to attack her on all fours. Now Keyths body was glowing with the same bright gold power. "...Im sorry." He said readying himself for what was to come.

kali: + Kana grunted and as the log made full impact on her, her body flying back and against the tree, causing it to split a bit, the bark exploding around her as she fell to the ground, propping herself up on her forearms, gasping for air. She finally got up to her feet after taking a few easy breaths. She raised her head up and stared at him, blinking when she felt his hand brush against her stomach, blood instantly shooting out as she doubled over. She held her arm over her stomach, taking the pain as he continued to go at her, feeling his claws scratch against the right side of her face. She took the pain from his next his, her calves, chest and back nearly shredded completely. At the last strike ( Wherever it was so imma do this. ) at her chest. Her vision started to blur as she stood up to her feet, her body going into excruitiating pain, almost causing her to pass out, but she held her own as she swiftly grabbed his wrists, and the aura around her darkened, growling before she chuckled and licked a bit of blood that slid down her face from his attack earlier before. Lu is another basic method of Tai Chi. It is also one of the four direct forces. Lu is frequently used in the Chen Style combat. The power point of Lu is on both wrists. When applied together with rotation of the waist Lu redirects the momentum of the opponent, leading him astride. During the move, Kana's body is coordinated: the energy point being precise, as she lowers her shoulders and elbows, and the qi flows down the spine. Her neck and tailbone form a vertical line and the posture of her body is kept straight. The spine becomes the central axis and the waist rotating around it like a wheel. When Kana turns the waist and spine, it turns together smoothly, the force of her opponent, Keyth, is diverted to either side of the body. The more the hands and the waist coordinate, the stronger the power of the Lu. At the point of contact Kana's move is light, precise, quick, and continuous. With the rotation of her waist, She attempted so that the forward momentum of her opponent is changed, stopped, and broken. His speed is suddenly exaggerated, and a lack of compensation invariably results in a loss of balance, but not as much to knock him over. Lu can be performed with one or both hands. If her attack when through, she proceeded with the one-handed move is used during the transition from Twist Step (Ao Bu) to Hidden Hand Punch. In this sequence, her right hand diverts Keyth by an upward and backward action. Simultaneously the right foot steps forward and a punch are delivered at a close range, causing him to go down to his knees if he took that hit as well. While she is in a close range, Kana uses Ji, which can cause an opponent to lose balance. It is also an extension of Peng, aiming to compromise the attacker. Ji can be delivered in a number of ways: using one-hand, both-hands, the elbow, the shoulder, the chest, the back, the hip, or the thigh, and in this situation, she uses her elbow, pressing it against the center of his chest and giving a powerful push back in attempt to send him flying back a few feet, rolling on the ground.The move can be adjusted at anytime. It can assault Keyth if he is holding back. And when he moves forward, Ji can displace Keyth's momentum to miss Kana. She then follows him, picking up the large blade he had given her to use before and tossing it into the air so high, it'd take a less that 10 seconds to come down as her body ignored the pain, the blood still leaking from her wounds but it wasn't enough to take her down. Not yet. As the blade fell back down, time seemed to slow down as she twisted her body while running towards him, her body lifting into the air as she extended her left leg out, the tip of her boot hitting the handle of the blade and the sonic boom that followed as time returned to it's normal state, the boom sending rocks, grass and dirt flying around the arena grounds, and the lake water exploding high into the air, making a mess of everything as the blade sailed down towards Keyth's body, everything around it separaing apart in half, making a path for it. . ( "I don't need your sorry... I've already burned away my tomorrow." She said, fists clenched tightly as she followed right behind the blade, the ground cracking underneath her feet as she kept her head down, her shadow no where to be seen as the moon hung over their head. +

DeliriousAres: (( body was bashed and blasted away with her martial arts technique. Once he hit the ground rolling a full 10 feet from her attack he coughed blood and started to smile before wobbling back to his feet. " Heh.." He said watching her. The moon light glowed off her face for a moment as she stood there in her stance. His heart started to thump as he had flash backs of when they were out to find Zetsui. " You helped me back then..." He said as burning images of her and Himself drove across New America in search of the assassian. " Haha..." His eyes peered up watching as she got ready to do her attack with the blade again. The ground ripped from the dramatic power she had. " Your.. fighting so hard.." He said as time seemed to slow, watching her come at him with the blade. His mind flashed back to when they had been in Lord Kaguya's castle. She had helped him breifly with his training there as well. A grin broke across his face the further she dashed at him. " Ok Kana.." He said in his head. " If your willing to give it... all you got..." He said as his eyes slitted like an animals. " THEN SO AM I!" (( Within the last 5 seconds of her attack his body would burst with a bright white light signifying something. Since she had been close to the blade as it travled over to him Keyth simply opened his arms up as if he were welcoming her. " IM PROUD OF YOU! KAAAAAAANNNNNNAAAA!!!!" He said once the blade had gotten close enough. Keyths left hand latched out grabbed the weapon with a hard grip. Making it stop seconds before his chest. Literally centimeters away. As soon as his hand made contact with the blade a massive sonic boom accopanied it. And everything behind him exploded with the sheer force of her attack. Due to her being right behind the blade. ( And the fact you didnt state how far of a distance you ran behind it.) Were gonna say she's about 2 feet away from the blade at speed. And if Keyth caught the blade before it was centimeters from its target, that only means that she herself was now only inches to Keyth's body. His body would burst with a bright white again once the blade was caught and she had been in his zone. His body would radiate with the glowing white before all of the energy slipped into his right hand. Converting her attack into his chi without taking any damage to her blade. How? Hierro:The user's Hadou condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Blade, or bullet of any calibur. This allows users to confront some of the sword-wielding Warriors barehanded. The strength of an individual's Hierro is entirely proportional to the potency of their Hadou. Although Hierro can defend against the attacks of blades and gun fire alike. If one were to run out of chi, then there bodies would become exposed. Therfore, normal to attacks so they'd be taking the full damage. Though even if one had plenty amounts of chi and the Technique was fully at bay and operational, the user could still be hurt but there bodies not damaged ( I.E. Slashes, cuts, broken bones.) But if the user faces an oppoent with an overwhelming amount of strength. It is still very possible that blows can be inflicted on the body even with the Hierro fully intact. So if the oppoenet is strong enough, they can stll break the skin or damages the user significantly. All the Hierro would do in that kind of situation would be to simply shield away the full attack. For Example Zetsui Broke Keyths skin with his blade multiple times in there fight only for keyths skin to rip and tear slightly regardless of the Hierro's effects when the blows should have ended keyth. Keyth can use this technique throughout his body, but mostly focus it in his hands. Another Unique technique within the Hierro is That the user can reverse any attack launched at them back at their opponent. This can range from long range attacks to melee attacks. Even gun fire if it is timed right. Sometimes the attack reversed can become stronger, faster, or both. (( With her being right in Keyths face his right hand met her forehead. With her moving at the direct speed of the blade, and seeing that it caused a sonic boom. She had to be moving at a high velocity one that couldnt be directed so easily correct? Keyths right hand was pulled up to her forhead. " Im really... proud of you Kana.." He said with a smile on his face before he flickd her forehead. All of her attacks power she just sent out at him. With enough force to rip through terrian, and enough power to cause Shocking sonic booms. Would all be sent into her head at once. Due to the fact she was right infront of him and had been moving at such a high speed her momentum would add more to this attacks power as well. Keyth enhanced his own chi. Simple chi control and manipulation to increase the power even further. he'd thump her forehead. And every,single, last, bit of pressure power, and strength that had been sent out to him in her attack. Slammed right back into her head for a powerful strike that if it connected would knock her out for sure.

Akali: + She smiled a bit and chuckled. It's nice to have fun once in a while. Right as he pulled his hand up to her forehead, she outstretched her right arm out, the palm of her hand hitting the ground as she bent down and then pushed herself off the ground, avoiding his hand as she closed her eyes, landing right behind him. She knelt down in the dirt behind him and held out her index and middle finger on both hands, and with swift movement she first hits his collar bone. A strike or hold to this point can cause serious chi disruption. Physically, a blow to this location also runs the risk of a separated shoulder or broken collar bone, and so techniques attacking this area are extremely dangerous. "Sorry..." She then aims for the his tailbone ( as such Ty_Lee_blocks_chi.png ) Chi blocking stops a fighter's chi flow, reduces their muscular strength, and disables their abilities temporarily for an hour or so; this would be particularly devastating for people who rely mostly on their chi to fight. Kana had shown the ability to be able to control the damage done by such means: when she first attacked Keyth with the art, he was still able to move, though not completely for a bit. Though it was the first time, now being the second, the risk is highly greater that his chi can be pt away for longer than supposed to. Kana memorizes every pressure point in the body that causes her oppenents to fall. She then raised her fist up to the center of his back side, pushing it forcefully enough that she could hear a slght crack. She winced slightly and pulled her hands back, swiftly sliding her hands underneath his arms and pushed them up, using her index finger to push the pressure points in his sides, then going up in order to the area right underneath the meaty part of his biceps to his elbows and then his wrists using the both of her hands now in attempt to block his chi just for a bit more than she expected to with the extreme force she applied. She then pushed him over onto his front side, using her foot to push against his back and then used her thumbs to push against the back of his knees, and then pushed her index fingers against his inner thighs and then moved down to his shins, pressing the area around that behind his ankles in attempt to make his lower body now completely useless like his upper body. She stood over him, bloody, dirty and sweaty, moving back around to his face and pushed her fingers deep inside the area on the backside near his spine and just to make sure ( 200px-Ty_Lee_blocking_Katara%27s_chi.png )then overturning him onto his back, puching him right in the center of his chest with one knuckle ( Chi_blocking_move.png) and slid the knife out from under him, as she moved away from him, sitting across just a few feet away, licking the blood off of her lips and sighed slightly, stabbing the knife in the ground in front of her and staring at his body, leaning forward a bit as she crossed her legs. "What fun.." +

DeliriousAres: Due to the fact that she did not state that any of her attacks were attempted strikes. Meaning they were dedicated auto hits to his body. Each strike that had been placed on his body had became void. Due to the fact each strike was an auto hit. Never once was it stated that if she 'attempted.' Or 'if it connected.' Was said in the post. Making the whole thing void. And when an Auto hit is dished out, by rule one gets to dish out there own. Keyth turned around to her, his hair hanging over his face .((No Auto Hitting: Auto Hitting is exactly as it sounds; do not state that an attack actually hits an opponent. An example of this would be 'RPer1 punches RPer2 in the face.' This does not allow the opponent to possibly evade, parry, and counter, which is a strict violation of T-1 regulations. Instead, do this: 'RPer1 attempts to punch RPer2 in the face.' The word attempt allows the opponent to do the possible evade, counter, etc...or take the hit.)) " You dont know when to quit... I respect that"He said with a harsh tone in his voice. Due to her dodging the flick of the finger, he still had every bit of the energy reserved in his right hand, glowing and brimming with power. And the moment he turned he would have simply put his hand out, attempted to extend it to her chest. And then releasing it so it was sent out, and if it connected would blast her back by 20 feet into a tree, the results are still the same. The force of the impact of the blow, plus now with even more amplified chi that had been coursed into his hand to amp it even further. The Push to her chest would have blown her back so hard that her body would have wrapped around the tree trunk and then it would have fell on top of her. Knocking her out for sure, and due to the auto hit. It'd more than likely be a sure fire. When she was blasted off, her body errupted with a white aura as she was blasted by. Now taking the full extent force of the Hierro and then some with the push back. It would have felt like her body was compressed and then smashed into the tree with 4 freight trains. And If Keyth hadnt held back, she'd be dead with ease. His hand smoked before he dropped it letting it rest at his side. "...Stay down Kana." He said eyeing her but at this point. She'd more than likely be knocked out anyway.

The Paramedics would have rushed Kana's body out of the area after removing the tree she was knocked out under. She only suffered from a broken back slightly along the spine but it wasnt bad or severe enough to  kill her. Though her right arm was broken for sure. " ANNNDDD THE WINNER, KEYTH, TASA--NNNNNNNAAAAAAGGIII!!!!!!!!" The crowd go wild. " THAT WAS A SPECTACULAR MATCH! WE CANT WAIT TO SEE WHATS GOING ON NEXT! TUNE IN NEXT TIME!" The announcer said as it zoomed in on keyths face who soon tilted his head up. " GET THAT FUCKING CAMERA OUTTA MY F-" The Screen would blur to a white out.

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