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After a long two weeks after the massacre. Keyth made a stroll through District 2 where he met with Shira and a confrontaion occured...

Battle of TitansEdit

AlessandraSkar: Shira couldn't see through the lenses of his shades but she could tell just from the vibe emitting from him that he wasn't all that thrilled to have run into her. It seemed like he
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was listening to her for a moment and then...he cut her off. Her expression went blank the second he began to speak, her ears tuning into his voice like radars. Her only visible eye met his golden ones as his glasses slid down to reveal them. She listened to his response, his questions, his condescending and almost belittling tone. The more words that came from his mouth, the more her brows furrowed and the more her chest tightened with anger. And the moment she heard him call her a kid, her entire body went rigid like an iron pole. Kid? KID!? Did she NOT look like a 20-year-old blossoming woman?! Just as Keyth was
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trying to walk away from her, Shira's arm jetted upward in front of him, her fist clenched tightly at the end of it as she stopped him from walking away from her. He would be directly beside her now if he stopped, her arm probably touching his chest. She kept her head forward and her body still, not looking at him because she felt like if she did look at him, her eyes would fire a laser right through his head. There was a pause as the breeze continued to blow, then Shira's lips slightly parted. “Do you have...ANY idea who you're talking to?” Her voice slithered out from between her clenched teeth, her tone hinting to how much it was taking to hold in her anger. “I'm the same chick who ripped a man's fucking arm off in the tournament. Easily. Worthy of strength? I'm pretty sure if I was just some weak KID, I wouldn't have made it to the GMAF finals like YOU did. For your information, what happened at that arena IS my business. Why? Because I could have been one of the people to lose my life, but I got lucky. Why do I care? Because I lost plenty of friends in that goddamn explosion, friends who showed up to support me and encourage me to go for the gold that day. (Mostly people she met at parties.) And I regret the fact that I...that I didn't get the chance to protect them.” Her fist clenched even tighter at the end of her out stretched arm, her brows furrowing even deeper as she continued to stare right past Keyth. “So to answer your question. Yes...I AM going to stop those people who attacked the arena. I'm going to fight for the hundreds of people who lost their lives that day. And if I have to prove that I have what it takes to do just that...right here and right now...then that's exactly what I'll do.” At that moment, Shira would attempt to shove Keyth backwards with her outstretched arm and if she successfully did so, he would stumble backwards a few feet away from her. At the same time, she would push backwards on her forward-most foot and her feet would skid backwards into a Shanshou fighting stance, while her arms hung by her sides. “Wanna know if I'm worthy of getting revenge against those murderous maniacs? Fight me. Right now. And you will find out.” She said in a stern tone, then stood still and waited to see what Keyth's response would be.

DeliriousAres: (( He was pushed back. His eyes locking out onto her own as she got down into a stance. Keyth removed his jacket and vest now only wearing a white sirt. His Bandaged hands curling tightly into fists as he tossed his shades aside. " Alright girlie..." He said cracking his knuckles. "... Show me then.." He said as he took a few steps back. A crowd had formed around the two. Keyth tilted his head up. Rolling his shoulders and back around so every bone and joint would pop. Loseing himself up before he got down into some OffBrand Karate Style. Thought it had been the martial arts style. The infamous HHS. His hands tightening into fists.(( Keyth stomped the ground flexing his chi as his body began to glow a bright red. " HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HA!" He said releasing himself and the red aura began to seap around his body in a red flame. To Everyone who hadnt been a practioner of chi they'd feel a wind blowing around his body rapidly but the red aura wouldnt be there. Keyth took off. His body dispersing from the eyes as the place he had been currently standing had errupted. To the Human eye, Keyth had been gone. Using his Shadow sweep Techinuqe. Shadow sweep : An Advanced form of Keyths orginal Shadow step techinque. Its a move that can be used without chi. But is much more efficent if used with it. It is an important skill for most swordsmen, and is one of the four basic fighting styles techniques with a blade. The agility and speed of the Shadow sweep can be enhanced and improved through concentration, training, and mastery of it. It is the greatest expression of speed. Using it without chi requires that the user uses the nature around him to push there body in a since. Giving them a boosting head start which they simply push into. Causing there bodies to shift to whereever. This is NOT a teleportation. Using this techinuqe without using chi would be the best way to train it. As he took off towards her. The ground behind him would have errupted. Forcing the Citizens behind him to get thrown back due to the sheer force. vwoosh! Keyth would have appeared to the right of Shira with his left leg pulled back. Due to her never encountering this technique before, therotically she would have been caught off gaurd by it. Hovering over the ground by 2 feet as his left leg had been extended forward with the thunderous kick. If it landed, it would have curled into her right ribs. Causing her body to fold around the sheer inhuman pressure to of the strike before she was blasted, crashing through the Dollar world doors. If the kick connected she would have been blasted into the Dollar world store she would have been currently trying to gather something from. Blowing through the store untill she crashed into the clothing isle. Keyth would have spun 3 times after the kick was made untill he spiraled to the ground and made his way into Dollar world. If the attack would have missed by a dodge. Keyth would have used his chi to Send a wave of Chi into her that would appear as pressure. Though he would have still been on the right side of her. The Push blast Technique any chi user could use. But since it wasnt the offical one, it didnt pack that much a punch. This however would have also blasted into the store. If the Blast connected it would have made her right side of her body feel like a frieght train crashed into it. Making her right arm, ribs, and the right side of her face feel shifted and tampered with. Like they were about to snap due to sheer pressure. If either of these attacks connected Keyth would have made his way on. Walking with his head down, eyes locked and focused on her as he stepped over the broken glass. ((" Do you know how it feels..." he would have said walking over to her cracking his knuckles. If Either of his attacks connected he would have picked up a buggy and Slung it at her body on the ground with a hard THUM!. " To Try to save so many people... and then turn around and watch them die!" if the Buggy hit or missed. Keyth would have pulled his left leg back. Bursting into his Hadou mode momentairly as he walked down the hall. His red haire flowing like a flame. " TELL ME?! DO YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!"At the distance of 10 feet, Keyth would have slammed his fist into the ground. And the ground like some water wave would have blasted up carrying everything with it. Shelves, buggys customers, buggys all rushing at her like a earth wave. The Radius would have been 10 feet out. If the wave struck she would have been blasted out of the store into an Alleyway under the debris of the store. With alot of broken bones. Keyth still would have been walking over to her with his head down as he slipped out of his Raging Hadou kusei in a ready set mind for any strike to be made.

AlessandraSkar: At first, Shira wore her usual stern expression that was usually seen while in combat. While Keyth stripped off his jacket and vest, Shira lowered herself into a deeper Shanshou stance as her arms lifted steadily to complete the proper defense formation. She was more than ready to take this guy on, until she saw him drop into a fighting stance she didn't exactly recognize. Her brows slightly lifted when she saw his red Chi explode around his body, causing the wind to stir around them. Already folks were beginning to gather around once they realized that a fight was about to take place. However, in the back of Shira's mind, she knew that was probably the last place they needed to be at the time. When Keyth seemed to disappear from sight, Shira tensed all the muscles in her entire body in preparation for the unexpected. All she saw was the ground erupt where he once was and before she knew it, he was directly in front of her. It seemed that time slowed down as her eye shifted toward his left leg, seeing that it was pulled back and ready to strike, but she was frozen from the strange technique he had used in order to move as fast as she did. WHAM! Her body lurched forward hard as his leg slammed into her midsection, her eyes widening almost to the size of golf balls as the resulting pain burst through her ribs. Thanks to her advanced stage of durability, her ribs didn't shatter as a result of the kick, but instead, her body went rocketing through the glass entrance to Dollar World. Several screams filled the store as she rolled across the floor, crashing into stands and other large objects until she came to a halt in the clothing aisle. Despite the pain shooting through her body, she gritted her teeth and slowly rose to her feet just as she saw Keyth making his way toward her, hearing his words. “At least,” She clenched her fist, already feeling her strength increasing due to her growing level of anger. “You got the chance.” The second she saw him throw the shopping cart at her, she pushed off on the ball of her foot to move sideways out of its path, her arm reaching out to catch it as it nearly flew right past her. The force of the throw made her body snap sideways a bit, but she managed to stop it from whisking her backwards. “You were obviously the wrong one for the job...because you FAILED!!” She launched herself forward off of the floor with the foot that was still in contact with the floor, invisible kinetic forces blowing objects away from her as she rocketed forward straight toward Keyth. This happened at the same time that he slammed his fist into the ground and made it explode toward her in a destructive trail. This was power she had seen before. Several times, in fact. Therefore, she would not be caught off guard like she was with the first attack. While the destructive wave traveled under her, she was at least ten feet off of the ground and would soon be hovering a few feet over Keyth with the shopping cart raised high above her head with one arm. “You think you're all powerful showing off your Chi possession?!” She roared in anger, building momentum in the arm that carried the shopping cart. “Then why couldn't you SAVE THEM!” At that moment, she would thrust the shopping cart straight down at Keyth with enough force to send it shooting down toward him like a missile with a loud whooshing sound. If it struck him at the top of his head, the impact would surely snap his neck while burrowing him into the floor with how hard it hit. (If connected.) Whether or not the shopping cart smashed him into the floor, Shira would bend her upper body forward into a front flip and land on her feet while turning so that she was spinning around on her feet to face him. If the cart missed, she would have resumed her Shanshou fighting stance and waited for more offensive attacks. Her beginning strategy at this point, was to learn at least a bit of what he was capable of. Then, she would attack full force.


DeliriousAres: Keyths eyes watched as she came down from the sky with the shopping cart. His eyes darted up and two seconds before connection his body flared a bright white. The Shopping cart smashed over his body. But no damage became evident. "...And they call me Barbaric." His body simply ripped through the cart so now he was embedded in the middle of the shopping cart. How? Hierro:The user's Hadou condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Blade, or bullet of any calibur. This allows users to confront some of the sword-wielding Warriors barehanded. The strength of an individual's Hierro is entirely proportional to the potency of their Hadou. Although Hierro can defend against the attacks of blades and gun fire alike. If one were to run out of chi, then there bodies would become exposed. Therfore, normal to attacks so they'd be taking the full damage. Though even if one had plenty amounts of chi and the Technique was fully at bay and operational, the user could still be hurt but there bodies not damaged ( I.E. Slashes, cuts, broken bones.) But if the user faces an oppoent with an overwhelming amount of strength. It is still very possible that blows can be inflicted on the body even with the Hierro fully intact. So if the oppoenet is strong enough, they can stll break the skin or damages the user significantly. All the Hierro would do in that kind of situation would be to simply shield away the full attack. For Example Zetsui Broke Keyths skin with his blade multiple times in there fight only for keyths skin to rip and tear slightly regardless of the Hierro's effects when the blows should have ended keyth. Keyth can use this technique throughout his body, but mostly focus it in his hands. Another Unique technique within the Hierro is That the user can reverse any attack launched at them back at their opponent. This can range from long range attacks to melee attacks. Even gun fire if it is timed right. Sometimes the attack reversed can become stronger, faster, or both. Keyth's body radiated a bright white again as he transgered off his chi into right hand. Using his chi the metal around him would explode outwards with so much force that a sonic boom errupted from his person. The wind force would have blown her back by 2 feet. But he was free and on the move again. If the pushing blast would have knocked her back. And due to her being so close when she smashed it over his head then this would surely follow up. Keyth darted forward the moment the grate had been broken from his body due to his chi. Doing this before her attempt to flip away, Lashing his glowing right hand around her neck. Due to the distance of her getting blown back. And using the SHadow step to increase his speed he would have made it to her in the ditance of a flash step. Instantly. With his right hand extended he would have attempted to lash it around her throat. Pulling her into the air a bit. He would used the Batsuo again. Basuto: Basuto or "Bursting" is a means of using the technique of transforming but only for short burst of time insrtead of spanning it for long periods of time. For example in a situation of complete and total danger, one could use this burst into the transformation and quickly utilize the speed and escape the situation using blarring speed or increased sterngth,and then return to a normal state. However once this would be done 15 times, it would have a 15 post recharge time should the battle drag out that long. Using that he used his ehanced strength during his breif Hadou Kusei. Strength Increase: This surge of power focuses on the physical aspects of chi rahter than projetiles as such the physical body of the user has its aspects pushed beyond what regular human limits are capple of. The energy can render a mans fist with the ability to dent or smash any object that isn't equivelent to his own force or pressure like stone, metals, etc. This is completly dependent on the user however, the more trained the body, the futher said limit can be increased. As far as actual lifting, sterngth willl be well in the over 2 tons area, but again this ability adds to a persons already viable stats, not gives them a set limit. Pulling her body high into the air. Using the force of her attack with the cart with the Hierro technique. Plus the added strength of the Kusei. He would have choke slammed her into eh ground with so much force that it would have blasted her through the ground and into the rushing sewer system. Where Keyth would have hopped down. Following right behind her once he landed. " Your strong. But you need to be stronger than that...Do you submit...?"He'd say over her body.

AlessandraSkar: Shira's face was met with a look of astonishment as she watched Keyth's body suddenly flash white...and to her surprise, her attack hadn't done a look of damage. Her eyes widened as her brows furrowed deeper with anger. “What...what is this?” She grunted, her chest moving up and down with heavy breaths. From what she could see, he had used a new technique that somehow stopped the shopping cart from smashing him straight into the ground where he SHOULD HAVE ended up. Any normal human being would have been calling for a medic, but this kid....this kid was something else entirely. (Yeah that's right I called you a KID NIGGA! :P) “Alright you fucking show off, I'm ending this right no--” Suddenly, in a blur of motion, he was directly in front of her again. This time with one hand lashing out at her throat. With hardly a second to process what was happening, Shira froze as his fingers coiled around her neck and lifted her into the air. She didn't even move her arms but simply glared down at him with viciously cold eyes. She could barely breathe, but her face wasn't going to show that. “D-do...your fucking...worst!” She managed to say just before she was lifted into the air and slammed straight down through the ground. She grunted as her body broke through Lord knows how many feet of dirt and concrete before bursting through the ceiling of the sewer system below. Her body fell at an angle, first hitting the rounded wall of the giant tunnel and then thudding to the paved walkway beside the running water. Due to her current level of anger, her level of durability had also increased. Therefore, upon hitting the ground, she only suffered a few minor scrapes and cuts but no bones were broken...yet. Still, pain coursed through her like a plague, making her only want to see Keyth's blood painted all over her body. “You ass hole...” She panted as she brought herself to her feet slowly once again, lifting her eyes to glare at Keyth as he was walking toward her. “I...NEVER SUBMIT!!!” Releasing a loud determined shout, she pulled her right arm back and slammed it straight down into the ground in front of her. The impact of the punch created a similar effect to when Keyth stomped his foot into the ground and caused his Chi to erupt through it in a trail. Only this time, it was an explosion of kinetic force exploding through the ground as a result of the speed and strength behind her punch. The eruption would be traveling toward him fast enough to reach him within seconds, causing the entire tunnel to tremble. If Keyth was hit by this, not only would he be blown into the air, he would also have been thrown back at least fifteen feet. If he was in the air, Shira would propel herself forward with the speed of a gazelle. Her anger empowerment is also able to enhance her speed, making the muscles in her legs stronger, yet feel lighter like she was running on air. Soon, the bottom of her feet would have lifted off the ground and she would be running along the wall of the tunnel with her fist pulled back, her arm shaking with her momentum charge. This following attack would also occur if Keyth had jumped up in order to dodge the attack. She would be running right above the erupting trail traveling through the grounds of the sewer system. Then, coming close enough to him, she would launch herself from the wall of the tunnel, kinetic force cracking the wall where her feet once were. Still shouting, she would aim a flying punch at Keyth's jaw line which, since she was coming from the side, would send him flying horizontally across the tunnel where he would more than likely shatter through the concrete wall.

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth stopped in his tracks. His ears twitching. 'Damien...' He said in his head as he looked at the hole they had just created. BUt what he saw next Caught him of gaurd. A Wave of tectonic force began to travel over to him created by Shira herself. Keyths aggrivation grew.. increasing his strength by ten fold. " THATS IT! THATS ALL YOU GOT FOR ME! HUH!!!!!!!!" Keyth pulled his right hand infront of him as the wave travled over to him. " YOU JUST DONT KNOW WHEN TO QUIT!" His chi exploded around his body as he stopped the wave with a hard THUMMMM!!" AAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!" He said shouting at the top of his lungs as his eyes flared to those red tasanagi eyes. Keyth pulled his hand back once the wave stopped only for Shira to leap over it. Arm stretched out for a punch. Keyths arm, now numb from stopping her current attack. The Wail to the punch connected forcing Keyths body into the concerete walls as he was embedded inside of it. "....."His head tilted back up to eye her. " Now your really. Pissing me off." He said pulling himself from the wall. He charged at her running full speed at her as the water and such exploded up from the sheer force of his speed. It didnt take him but 3 seconds to be back in her range. His back was entising, throbbing with pain but it was making him fight harder. He'd dash over to her, getting close she'd be forced to go blow for blow with him. For eachs trike made, he'd make one back at her. " YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW IT FEELS!" He said sending a swift two piece, right, left. Then a hard left strike. Each punch and kick with exploding force. " YOU CANT JUDGE ME! YOU WERENT THERE!" Keyth said sending a kick into her gut. A Boot. If it connected she'd be blasted backwards by 10 feet untill she smashed into a wall as well. Pulling his leg down as a recovery. Though if she dodged or blocked the attack keyth would simply flip away gaining the distance of 10 feet. he'd shout at her at the top of his lungs. " SO WHAT IF I FUCKED UP! YOU THINK YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER THAN ME?! DO YOU THINK YOU COULD HAVE!" He said stompping his foot and channling his chi as charged himself up. Allowing his chi to continue to grow stronger as he stood in that same spot.

Readying ones self...Edit

DeliriousAres: (( Hahaha in D2? Im sure they'd have tons of em. But sure throw one next to dollar world.))
AlessandraSkar: Shira's brows twitched in fury as she watched Keyth's Chi wave completely interrupt her first attack. But never fear. As he began charging even more of his Chi, Shira's fist slammed into his jaw line, sending him shooting across the entire tunnel and crashing through the wall on the other side. Her feet splashed into the water seconds later, the water parting around her ankles as she shifted back into a Shanshou fighting stance, ready for whatever he had to throw at her after her recent attack. She could tell that he was growing angrier and angrier, but so was she. She had a feeling that this guy was going to throw things at her that she had never seen before and in order to be ready for them and counter them, she was going to need focus. She was going to have to channel her anger into strength, however, not become so aggressive and thirsty for blood that she couldn't think. She knew she would now have to tap into her Jeet Kune Do state of mind, where everything translated into fluid, readable motion. Her eyes, both alert yet relaxed as well as the rest of her body, would be able to interpret every physical martial arts technique coming at her and counteract accordingly. 'I cannot let him win by taking control of my emotions.' Said her inner voice as her eyes narrowed on him. 'Yet somehow I must learn to manipulate his. As I manipulate his strength.' ( Since mo'fucka's wanna use DBZ songs and shit XD ) She easily spotted him charging at her from the hole in the wall, but just a moment before he reached her. She thought she heard a familiar voice coming from the hole above. “What that Damian?” Her seismic sense enabled her to detect Keyth's approach on top of the water shooting up into the air in her peripheral vision from him running so fast. The moment her eyes locked with his, her focus tuned into him tight as a bolt lock. His first attack came swiftly, but she was just as swift, looking directly into his eyes while her focus was on the movement of his arms and legs. When he swung his right hook, she simply moved her head back and under so that his fist would pass right above her head while she was far back enough not to get hit anyway. When he swung his lift hook, she repeated the same dodge to the other side, feeling the wind of his movement blow her hair into her face. On the last hard left strike, she raised her left hand and bent it at the elbow so that his strike would collide with her forearm. An invisible seemed to burst from the point of the block, but was not powerful enough to move either of the two fighters. However, having focused her attention on that particular block, she was caught off guard when his foot slammed into her, sending her flying backwards ten feet until she crashed backfirst into a wall. “Fuck.” She grunted as she slid back to her feet. Then her eyes lifted to glare straight ahead at Keyth. He had put some distance between them, but she could use it to her advantage. Bending her right knee up to her chest, she thrusted her heel into the wall behind her hard enough to send a crack traveling up the wall while it trembled slightly. After a second or two, the single crack spread into two, continuing to travel upward until a nice chunk of concrete broke from the wall and began to fall from five feet above. Shira took one step back to allow the enormous chunk of concrete to fall in front of her before jumping a few feet off the ground and delivering a hard spin kick to it. The force of the kick sent the chunk flying through the air like a bullet straight toward Keyth and if it were to hit him, he would be knocked back by only a few feet. Whether or not the attack connected, Shira would bolt forward through the water toward her opponent straight after the chunk of concrete. On the way, she jumped high into the air, spinning her body in an almost horizontal fashion before delivering a straight downward punch to the ground below. Another enormous chunk of concrete shot up out of the water as a result of the forces bursting through the ground from the punch. And from her already crouched position, Shira simply jumped forward and performed something of a two-footed kick to the concrete boulder while it was high in midair. The second boulder went shooting toward Keyth just as fast as the first one, Shira now running directly behind. The first stone was aimed to strike Keyth's head and the second was aimed at his midsection. If the first connected, it would cause a good bit of head trauma and would definitely disorient him if not knock him unconscious. The second stone, aimed at the midsection, would knock the wind right out of him and he would probably be quite caught off guard by the pain. Whether or not he dodged or somehow blocked the stones from shattering against his body, Shira would appear in front of him a mere second after the second stone with her back fist lowered by her side. She would waist no time in delivering a hard uppercut to his chin which, if connected, would launch him up into the air. She would jump after him after he would reach about ten feet of altitude and begin one of her favored techniques: the Explosive Palm Strike. Ninja_art_shin_hakke_rokujuyon_sho_by_darkwolf099-d4qzkdr.gif This was a series of attacks that would be delivered at lightning speed, one after the other, usually with the palms instead of the fists. This technique is known to do serious internal and or external damage, yet this time, Shira would keep it from maiming her opponent altogether. Her first palm strike would be aimed at his chest, which would cause him to bend inward slightly. The second would be delivered to his right shoulder, the third at his left shoulder to numb the arms a bit. The third would be delivered to his abdomen to knock a little wind out of him. While these strikes hit him, unless he was fast enough to dodge or block her attacks, he would more than likely seem paralyzed within the attack and his body would be rocked by each hit. After which, Shira would then place both of her palms together in parallel positions while pulling them all the way back to her right side. With a shout, she would then push both palms out as hard as she could in order to deliver a devastating blow to Keyth's midsection. Not only would this strike create a sonic wave of kinetic energy to burst from impact, but also blow him up to fifty feet backwards through the sewer tunnel. At the momentum that he would go flying, if he struck the ground, his body would be seen breaking and flipping right through it. Shira would then land on her two feet, breathing heavily as she walked toward him. “If destiny was on my side, perhaps I could have.” She said in response to his question as she continued to stalk toward him, readying herself for his next attack.


DeliriousAres: (( He watched as she kicked the large boulders at him. But he had been channeling his chi for something like this. His mind litterally flashed back to the very second that Kana did something similar in there fight in the GMAF's. Except with a blade. Keyth knew what to do. He spread his legs, allowing his energy to charge even further than he had before. Due to him doing it previously in the last posting and still doing it now, it'd grow pretty high in potency. " Come on then!" Keyth took the hits of the stones. BOOM, BOOM! His body flared white each time. Dispite the Hierro. It hurt like hell. When she charged again with the punch to the jaw, he took it. His body getting blasted up into the air as it flashed a bright white again. When she continued with her sequence. Each punch and strike she'd make on his body did make him feel paralyzed but using his chi he'd numb that out. Gritting his teeth as each strike caused a spark of white chi to flare from his very being. BOOM! He blasted through the ground and back up to the streets. His body went straight through a car as he blasted out of the sewers. A bright flash of white was seen then at that very moment. Shira's attack sequence all of it connected. But... Keyth was gone. Amongst the masses of crowds. His body was gone. Lost hidden somewhere. Hidden in plainsight. If she would have kept him in the sewers it would of worked for her favor. And though Keyth has no prior knowledge to her Sismeic ability. This will work out for him. Keyth would be using his Stealth Ki technique. Suterusu Ki( Stealth Energy) - Blending Chi allows the user the power to control there enviormenal chi.The user can make their coloration blend with the coloration of their background to avoid optical perception. Some users can affect their attire by means of "static camouflage". within moments of coming into contact with almost any surface, the chi will replicate both its pattern and texture. Thermal technology cannot read this chi technique. The temperature of the user will shift to the surface there hiding against to better blend with the surrounding environment and to evade thermal imaging completely. Multiple surfaces can be mimicked at the same time. When using Chi blending, one cannot sniff out chi, nor sense the users Chi signature to detect them. With this techinque, Keyth has the power to become invisible while in shadows. A sub-power of Darkness Manipulation. He's able to become undetectable as long as they are in darkness or shadow. People with Animal like sensory may be able to detect keyth if there smell, eye-sight etc was keen enough. Technology wont be able to find this technique what so ever due to chi being so highly incorporated. Keyth would be far out in the distance but somewhere realitvely close. The masses would start to dash and run around the area, as the fighting became explosive. Cop sirens could be heard. Foot steps everywhere, running rampidly. Keyth was approaching. But still far away allowing his chi to charge even further. More Prep time. Resorting to animal tactics... hiding and waiting to strike.

Discordia: Kyoko struggled as she desperately pulled the wires and tubes that had her connected to all the medical equipment. Her body seemed to have trouble listening to the demands she gave as her fingers fought to grasp at the IV, which was the last thing connecting her. She winced as it slid from the crook of her elbow and kicked the metal end of the bed in frustration. Regret immediately filled her as the pain shot up her leg to the rest of her already sore body. Kyoko stumbled around the room for a moment, collecting her belongings. There was not much other than her shredded kimono. That would be utterly useless. She dumped it in the trash and peaked out the door, there were two nurses standing at the counter. They seemed caught up in some sort of gossip, Kyoko also spotted the stairs. When the nurses were distracted by each other, she took the 10 steps to the door as fast as she could, resting against the other side of the door as it closed. Her front side was scraped up and her skin was that tight healing scabs that made it uncomfortable to move and itched fiercely. Her back screamed at her causing her eyes to water. Kyoko was on the fourth floor and she did not fancy her journey home. Each step, she made slowly with both hands gripping the banister. Kyoko bit her lip as she carefully made it down to the main floor. There were more people located in the lobby and she suddenly felt rather exposed in the flimsy hospital gown. The side door was just to her left as she inched along the wall towards it. It seemed everyone was too preoccupied to notice her and she easily escaped the hospital only to be greeted by the chill of January.

AlessandraSkar: 'That strange glow again...' Shira's inner voice spoke as she stared up through the hole created in the ceiling of the sewer tunnel by Keyth's airborn body. It was the same spark of energy she had noticed when he somehow managed to take the shopping cart hit without suffering a lick of damage. 'Kaori warned me about that Chi stuff. Chi users obviously have more rabbits in the hat than I thought. This boy...he's something else. My eyes need to be open at all times.' Bending her knees slightly, Shira jumped high into the air and up through the hole, the heels of her boots clicking loudly on the city street above. Her sapphire blue eye moved back and forth to get a good sweep of the area as she stood still, legs spread apart, fists clenched at her sides. Already citizens were starting to lose their minds at what was happening. A few flashes from cell phones met her eyes, one particular kid bold enough to run up to her with his video camera out, smiling like he found the lost city of gold. “Hey, just trying to get some good footage here for my blog! If ya don't mind, try not to look at the camera while you're kicking that guy's ass.” Shira brought her left hand to her chest before backhanding the kid so hard that he went flying across the street, crashing hard into the side of a parked minivan. There were so many noises blaring in her senses, so many people moving around in all directions. She started to hear sirens and knew that the KPD were on their way to stop this violence. However, Keyth was nowhere to be seen. “Ha.” She lowered her head as a devious smirk lifted the corners of her mouth. “Don't tell me I finally scared you away, Keyth Tasanagi.” She chuckled rather darkly as she began to walk through the crowd screaming and running about. But then she stopped, her head turning left and right. No. He couldn't have just abandoned the fight like that. There was no way in hell someone THAT powerful would EVER walk away from a fight, especially since they were actually a match for each other. She clenched her teeth in frustration as her head continued to turn, her fists tightening as they lifted slightly at her sides. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!” She shouted almost at the top of her lungs in order to be heard over the commotion. 'Focus, Shira.' She took a breath, allowing herself to relax but only just a little. She still needed to be on high guard just in case another one of Keyth's tricks were in effect. 'If I were a Keyth Tasanagi...where would I be...?' She channeled her concentration into her Seismic Sense technique which enabled her to detect every bit of motion within a wide radius. Unfortunately, with hundreds of people running around screaming like a fucking escape at the city zoo, it was going to be hard to figure out which movement was actually Keyth's. “Enough with the games already, Tasanagi!” She shouted again, still looking around. “We're not done here! Come out and fight!”

Trusting fist!Edit

DeliriousAres: (( Around Shira it would feel like everything
Tumblr m4elgo0Hnl1qa4wvmo1 400
had been driting in slow motion. Combined with Keyths Shadow sweep techinque it'd seem like he had been in more than one place at once. Not Using his chi though he continued to channel it. A Large crane from a Construction site would have been shfting its way over toher. VWOSH! A wrecking ball was sent out in her direction. If she dodged it, then it would smash into a car behind her causing an explosion of sorts. If she tried anything bold and attempted at catching the wrecking ball it'd smash her into the car in a firey explosion. Either way the explosion would have caused a chain of explosions at the end of a car line. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! 30 feet out. Keyth could have been seen lining up the last car rigging it to explode. Wrapped around his back were electrical wiring from a hover car. Inside of that hover car a brick sat on the gas pedal. Infront of Keyth had been the car he lined up with the chain explosion. Boom boom boom! Soon the last car that Keyth lined up with his hands on blew up in his face. The the hover car behind him would explode in a electric fire. The Electricty keeping Keyth alive as he stood in the midst of the flames. All of the flames would turn white as he channeled all of it into both of his hands. Keyth had been channling his chi for sometime now. ( 2 posts long.) His body felt beaten and tired but he had a smirk on his face. All of the flames condensed flushing down into his body before they both appeared in both of his hands. Combined with Shira's powerful strikes, and then all the car explsions he had been caught in. The Hierro had condensed it all as an Attack on his body. Charging it up for a reversal later on. Plus amplifying the force of the Hierro counter by charging his own chi. " SHIRA!" Keyth said stepping out of the flames unphased. " IF YOU SURVIVE THIS! I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!" He clenched his fist and the ground around him started to rumble as he bursted into his Hadou Kusei. Actually entering it. Not a Batsuo. He used the full intent of the power. The ground would start to shake even infront of her. " IF YOU SURVIVE THIS! THEN YOUR WORTHY! TO BE ONE OF MY RIVALS!" Keyth said as his hair blazed a firey red. " THANK YOU...." He said to her with a smile on his face. "...For showing me why we fight. Again..." He said getting down in a runners stance. The moment his finger tips touched the ground. With all of the attacks, all of the chained explosions wisping into his body. His Hierro was overly charged that Keyths body glowed white and red. Looking almost angelic as he appeared infront of her Instantly. litterly 10 herinches from. The Moment he appeared infront of her, everything around them errupted. The Windows from each and every building exploded from the sheer force of this Punch that would be sent. All of the power in the left hand travled to the right. And With him charging his chi. This had became an advanced, overly advanced Shadow sweep move. Making it seem instantly... had it been?Keyth lashed his right hand out. Now being Dead set infront of her. That right hand would have collided into her jaw with the hardest Hit she had ever taken in her life. The Sheer force of the punch would have caused her jaw to curve around the strike with such an explosive force that if she did survive. It'd knock her out for sure. If she attempted to dodge then the course she'd take would force the windows around them to rip her up to shreds due to all of them blowing out. Keyths movement had been so intense that all of the shards of glass would follow the turberlance force and lash out through the air like a stream following Keyths punch. So if she attempted to dodge, she'd be ripped all to hell which would put her out of commission as well due to injuries. Keyth held back at the last 2 seconds of the strike. Not wanting to kill her in the first place. She had proven her point. If she attempted to block the strike with her arms. It would have broken into his 2 second delay that would have hit her face with a halted punch. And she would have taken the full extent due to it. Breaking her arms if she used them. If she attempted to use an Object the same effect would occur. The Punch would have blasted her through a building not to far off by 15 feet. Where she would have blasted through the other side and ontop of a building. Keyths body spiraled twice before his chi dyed down. Resorting him back to a normal state as he dropped down to one knee gasping for air before he finally stood to his full height. Shadow sweeping as the cops attempting to shoot him down, two seconds after the attack was sent. He was gone.

Discordia: Kyoko made her way down the street of District 2 with fractured broken steps, each one barely covering inches. She winced with each movement but would not cry out. Right now, she felt rather stupid. She had no idea what was so important that she left the hospital in the manner she did, but now she was almost defenseless, freezing cold, and dragging her pain addled body down the street. This was obviously not the most well thought out plan and she felt like an idiot as she trudged past the dollar store which had apparently become a battle ground as a fight seemed to consume the area. Kyoko froze as she spotted Keyth and she took a few steps back as she tried to think of a way to avoid the awkward situation that she was walking into. Her back pressed against the side of a building as she looked around. Why again had she left the hospital? To get home, back to the shrine. That was right; she needed to get back to the shrine. She kept to the shadows as she made her way slowly down the street. Cars had scattered in wake of the fight and when no one was looking, she crossed to the other side of the road and made her down the street as quickly and stealthily as her body allowed.c

AlessandraSkar: “COME ONNNN!!” Shira's rage was building as she continued to walk through the screaming people, looking around for Keyth Tasanagi. “I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU, TASANAGI! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE AND FIGHT ME!” She was beginning to feel paranoid. Like she would soon be walking into a trap, yet all she could think to herself was 'If whatever he's planning brings me down, I'll still go down with one hard ass swing!' Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. Something was horribly wrong and she could feel it all the way down to her core, hitting her all too suddenly like a ton of brick. Time and everything around her began to move in slow motion and she began to feel as though...she were in a dream. “T-Tasanagi!” She gritted her teeth in anger and frustration. “IS THIS ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR TRICKS! YOU...YOU COWARD!” Not even a second after she shouted those words, she blinked in curiosity when she noticed a crane moving in her direction. “Huh?” A wrecking ball attached to the crane suddenly sailed in her direction, leaving her only seconds to dodge or somehow counter the upcoming hit. There was obviously no time to thing up a way to send that thing back where it came, so Shira did what her instincts demanded of her and dropped flat to the concrete, the wrecking ball whooshing over her by just barely inches causing a harsh gust of wind to ripple through her hair and clothing. All she heard hardly a few seconds later was a loud crash, followed by a deafening explosion. Her head lifted slowly, turning to look over her shoulder as one side of her body slightly peeled upward from the concrete to peer behind her. Red hot flames reflected across her visible eye as she watched a line of cars explode as a result of the wrecking ball smashing right into the first at the beginning of a line up. 'What? What is this? Am I imagining all of this?' “SHIRA!” ( ) It was Tasanagi's voice. Echoing from afar, yet somehow sounding clear as day in Shira's ears. As she slowly pushed herself to her feet, her eyes began to widen at the sight of him. Her body turned to face his direction as she watched him walk out of the car explosion he was completely impervious. 'What...what is he? This is...fucking impossible!' Her inner voice screamed as she watched him explode with power, power she had never seen before. She simply stood still, staring at him in complete silence. 'The looked like he just...absorbed all of it into his hands.' “IF YOU SURVIVE THIS! I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!” She heard his voice again, those words seeming to echo around in her mind. She didn't know what was coming, she had absolutely no idea what this lunatic was planning, but in the back of her mind, all she knew was what was most important. And that was bringing down the villains who destroyed the lives of hundreds of innocent people, including friends. She could almost see their individual smiling faces floating around in her head, almost appearing in front of her like a phantom effect and for a second, her eyes shut. She could hear them laughing, remember the fun times she shared....up until the thoughts were engulfed in fire, just like the people at the stadium that had practically been obliterated from existence. If she had to get through Keyth Tasanagi and all his power to have her revenge, then by the gods, she was going to do it with everything she had. “Do you think...I am afraid?” She began to speak, her fists clenching tightly by her sides. “Do you think that flashing your colors like a giant fucking rainbow is going to make me back down? Is going to make me give up? I will do WHATEVER it punish the sick bastards who killed those people! Who killed my friends...and loved ones who were only trying to support and encourage me through that gods-forsaken tournament!” By now, she was shaking in anger. “I will have my revenge, Tasanagi. And if I have to go through someone like you to do it, even if it ends my LIFE, so. Fucking. Be it!” Her eyes snapped open and the moment they did, she saw Tasanagi prepare to charge at her. And then suddenly, he was gone. She did not move the moment he appeared directly in front of her, so close that she could feel the heat and intensity of his energy radiating off of him in deadly waves. So close that her platinum blonde hair was blown back away from her face, revealing her features as she stared up at him. Time seemed to slow down as she watched everything unfold. All she heard echoing around in her mind were his words, “If you survive this, I will tell you everything you need to know.” “So be it...” She whispered. BOOM! Tasanagi would feel his fist collide with flesh and bone, but not with the flesh and bone of her face. Instead, she had raised her left arm in a cross block so that the hit would not give her head trauma if not rearrange her face. Anyone watching nearby would have seen her body take off into the air like a missile, shattering through a building almost a full city block away. Everyone on the floor of the building screamed in horror as Shira's body sailed through, breaking out through the other side and soon thudding onto the roof of another building. She rolled almost all the way across, a trail of dust sweltering behind her and finally came to a halt several feet away from the edge. ( ) Despite having a high level of durability due to anger empowerment, her body was still decorated in grotesque cuts and bruises, blood splotching across most visible parts of her including her clothing. She lay on her back for what felt like an eternity, pain shooting up her left arm as it had been shattered up to the elbow thanks to her deciding to block Keyth's final attack with it. It was nearly unbearable. Her back arched as she shut her eyes tight and fought back the pain with everything she had left in her, which was very little. It was a wonder that she was even alive after that, still able to breathe though her breaths came out so heavily she thought her lungs would burst. 'Over 400 people...' The words echoed in her mind as if spoken by a spirit. '400 people...wiped out of existence...when they didn't even deserve it.' Shira's visible eye stared up at the sky above, exhaustion written all over her face. “I...I did this for them.” Her lips could just barely move. “I...have sacrificed the name of justice.” It seemed impossible, but even after a hit like that, Shira began to move. Using her right arm, which was still intact for the most part, she began using the last bit of her strength to push herself to her feet. She staggered while she was still bent over, but managed to gain a bit of her balance. She was slumped over, blood running down her skin and torn clothing, her left arm dangling beside her like the inanimate object it had become. Yet, she began to turn in the direction that she had come. The direction Keyth should have been two buildings away. She took a step forward, staggered, then managed to take another step. “I will....punish those wretched criminals. of them.” She tried to speak, yet the pain of moving her body made her voice sound grunty and strained. “For every body that was counted. For every soul that was lost. For every....friend that was...taken....from me.” She fell to her right knee, gritting her teeth hard as the impact sent pain rippling through her shattered forearm. She pushed herself back to her feet, staggering and stumbling all the way to the edge of the roof, not even caring that the city street was an estimated 14 stories below her. “Keyth...Tasanagi.” She breathed. “Keyth....TASANAGIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Even shouting so loudly was enough to drain her remaining strength, but she wanted to make sure the brute could hear every word. “I DID....EXACTLY WHAT YOU THOUGHT I COULDN'T DO! I..SURVIVED...THE POWER...OF A GOD!. DO YOU HEAR ME, TASANAGI!!! DO. YOU. FUCKING. HEAR. ME! I WANT IT ALL! EVERYTHING THAT I NEED TO KNOW TO DESTROY THOSE CRUEL BASTARDS!” Her voice gradually began to get softer and softer as her shoulders drooped lower and lower, her eyelids slowly beginning to fall shut. Before she could say another word, the world around her faded to black and she collapsed forward off the edge of the building. Her body looked limp as a ragdoll as she fell through the air.

DeliriousAres: (( He was already behind her. Gripping the back of her shirt before she fell. " Alright then." He said to her as he caught her body before she drifted off and fell. Using the Shadow sweep he made his way behind her. " With your strength... its scary to know how strong you truly can get. As apart of our deal... seeing that your not dead. I'll tell you Shira. Everything you want to know.." He said pulling her over his right shoulder. " I know someone who can clean you up... she's a nice lady." He said refering to his personal Doctor Michi. " Maybe get Kyoko to look at some of those cut's too." He said pulling her up. His head was up high. " ...You did good." He said as they made there slow shuffle off the building. Keyth had his head tilted up with a smirk soon nodding his head.

Getting fixed upEdit

Diversity: Michiko was doing a most unusual thing when she heard her phone go off. She was laid out on the floor with a pillow and a blanket. What was initially the will power to do push-ups had become the desire to just sleep where she was without moving or relocating. Her head picked up and she reached out, crawling up a bit until she could answer the call. “Hm? Yeah… I’m home… Come on in.” She scrambles up to her feet after sitting the phone back on the table, tossing the blanket and couch pillows aside as well. Then she goes to the guest room to pull out a series of medical supplies fit for a trauma patient. This time she was meeting Shira, who like many of her recent patients, was an opponent of Keyth’s for a given period of time. She was kind to her, referring to herself as Dr. Akasawa, with her contacts in and her hair brushed back to make her look a bit more approachable and professional. She didn’t let just anyone see her in her too relaxed state. The good doctor went to work, splinting the arm back into place, stitching up some of the lacerations, and then going about basic tending. While Shira remained unconscious, she’d be resting up, and Michiko would start an IV to keep from having to choke down pills for her. She set up a drip with some antibiotics, nutrients, and a few other things to help accelerate the healing process. At last, whenever Shira would wake, Michiko would tell her what had happened and offer her a simple meal of temaki sushi to get her strengths back before seeing her off. All in all, the process would probably take a few hours easily, but it was time well spent and when done, Michiko would probably curl up on the sofa and listen to the fireplace.

Making it outEdit

Discordia: She happily turned the corner as she hit the road that the shrine was on. Kyoko would have smiled if her face was not all scraped up still. Just a little bit further and she would be safely under the torri gates. Her steps did not cover more ground but they fell more frequently. Now that she was basically alone, she leaned against the wall for just a moment as she caught her breath. The irony of the situation could not escape her. When she first arrived at the shrine she had had to drag herself as well in a near unconscious state. At least this time, she was not covered in blood and hopefully she would make it to her bed rather than collapsing just past the gates. She had the smallest of inklings that just being on the shrine grounds would make her feel much better now that Tsukuyomi had shared some of his chi with her. She would be ok, she could do this.

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