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And So It Begins.Edit

Pallas: -Damian stands on top of the Lightning rod that stands on top of Yun Tower, the tallest tower in all of

ZETMAN - 09 - Large 02
Kasaihana City. Currently wearing a pair of black training pants and training sandals he focuses in a strange form of meditation. His hands are in front of him in a prayer formation, the bright golden weights around his arms causing a struggle. The weights alone weigh at a set weight of 200lbs on each arm. It may seem like a small weight for Damian but in wearing the weights all day and holding his arms up in this formation for hours can make anyone want to drop their packs on this kind of training. The wind blows back his hair, revealing his signature face tattoo that runs down his right eye. Then out of the corner of his hearing he hears the sounds of a large explosion as if something had been destroyed. His eyes quickly shoot open as the explosion interrupts his mediation. His bright purple-ring eyes appear and he turns his head to face where the explosion came from. In the distance he can see what looks to be a fight going on in the streets. Damian focuses his sights and he sees even at this distance that it is Shira fighting! Damian quickly jumps off of the lightning rod and begins to soar through the air. His body skydives through the air and Damian places his body like a needle and he begins descending towards the area that the fight is taking place. While his body gets about half way down to the floor, Damian puts both hands together and focuses his Aura. Within a few seconds, Damian’s body turns into a bright golden flash and he flies through the air like a rocket towards its target. (Enhanced_Meteor.gif) He finds himself soaring only feet above the streets below him. His body swerves and maneuvers around the vehicles of Kasaihana City. The cars honk their horns at him as Damian almost runs into them with his Golden Body. Within a matter of a few short seconds Damian finds himself at the area of the fight. He lands on two feet on the street and his momentum causes him to slide across the floor for a few feet. When his body comes to stop if they were still above the ground Keyth and Shira would see Damian make his presence known. But if they were already under the streets and into the sewers, Damian’s body would stop near the hole that is created from Keyth’s attack. Damian would look down and see that Shira wasn’t fighting someone that was trying to kill her. Keyth was a douche at times but Damian has the feeling that this is more of a competitive fight than one another trying to kill each other. But now he is in the mood to fight someone as well. Remembering who his friends are, Damian begins to dial a number on his cellular device. He quickly calls Densuke and if he picks up, Damian would say to him-“Yo! Come down to the dollar store in D2! We can finally have that fight! Don’t make me wait!”-Damian then would hang up on Densuke and wait for his arrival as he stretches out a bit to make his body limber.-

( ) Densuke would be in his work out room, doing an assortment of push ups. “2,997. 2,998. 2,999. 3,000!” Densuke would stand him self back up and nod. “3,000 on each arm.” He’d not with a smile. “Getting there Densuke. Getting there…” An image of white tiger would flash in his mind. “See you again..Brother.” Those words echo’d in densuke’s head, and it only made him want to train. In some way he wanted to be like White Tiger…he was after all in the same condition as his father Tetsu was, but something was was different between them. “Just what is the difference between Tiger and Tetsu..obviously Tetsu had something that made him perfect..but what.” Densuke would ponder this until he’d gotten a call from Damian, offering a fight at the Kasihana Dollar world.. “A fight? Sure why the hell not!” Densuke would throw on a white t-shirt, and some light colored jeans, and top it off with his red converses. He’d then open his balcony window and leap from his 20th storie ledge. Spinning in the air, he’d call his hover bike to him using his watch, and with the quickness of an anime character, he’d be whisked off into the air, full mount on his bike, riding towards the GPS location of the call he’d gotten. Densuke would revv it to 300mph, max speed, and dash there, doing an aerial wheelie, showing his full excitement. Densuke would arrive and sense a familer chi. “Keyth?...”  Densuke would arrive and fly over the scene of the newly destroyed dollar world. “Ah c’moooooooon they have like the best grape juice ever!” Densuke could also catch glimpses of platinum blonde hair. “Ah..shira. Gotta be. Damn lord knows I’ve been egging for a rematch..ah well. Ah there he is!” Densuke would dismount the bike, and flip forward with gymnastic precision only to land behind damian’s position and observe him stretching. “Evening bro.” Densuke would stretch his own arms, one after another. He’d then preform the goku type stretch which involved him leaning his body to his left, with his opposite leg outstretched, and pushing down on his knee a bit, and then reversing the process for the other side. “I bet that fight got you hyped up and all. So lets skip the formalities, and get right to what we came here for eh?” Densuke would take a stance, spreading his legs shoulder width apart, and placing his right hand beside his chin, bent at his elbow, and outstretching his left hand, at the waist, bent only slightly. Taking the Hybrid Hyper Style stance to it’s full potential, and looks Damian with a determine look. “C’mon, my bloods boiling here!” Densuke’s  chi would flux, as a wind erupted from his body, and cracked the ground beneath him a bit.

Pallas: -( ) After Densuke had made his presence known, the two stand in front of each other about ten feet apart. Damian breaches down into his pocket and pulls out a hair band. He then slowly ties the band around his hair, pulling the hair that is in his face back behind him in the form of a ponytail. Damian’s face becomes fully visible and Densuke can see the purple eyes that Damian holds. Damian spreads his feet apart and leans down on his back foot and places his back arm above his head with his font arm leaning down towards his lead leg. ( Damian has a smile on his face as their fight begins to take place. Damian’s body quickly moves for a running motion towards the right side of Densuke’s body. He begins to run as if he were making a curve towards Densuke’s body. Moving in a curve as he runs he lifts the dirt and rubble off the ground just by his sheer speed. His eyes never leave Densuke’s body then when he gets half way to Densuke’s body his running body would slowly begin to fade as it became an afterimage of where Damian’s real body had been running. Damian’s body quickly reappears on the opposite side of where he was running, completing the curve. Once Damian reaches Densuke he throws a strong right hand punch straight towards Densuke’s face. If Densuke were to defend he would be shocked to see that Damian’s body would flow right through him. Damian’s body slowly fades away again as a mere afterimage attempting to leave Densuke in a state of confusion. Within a quick instant, just as the afterimage begins to fade, the real Damian appears on the right side of Densuke’s body with his right leg swinging around attempting to smash into Densuke’s face like a 2x4. If it were successful, Densuke’s body would fly back ten feet and skid across the ground from such a powerful kick. Damian would then continue to charge on the offensive as he moves his body with amazing speeds through the air. He would try to move faster than Densuke if the attack went through and within a flash his body would appear on the other side ready to meet Densuke. If Densuke were to fly through the air as the attack was meant to pull off, Damian would thrust his elbow into the back of Densuke’s head! The impact would cause Densuke’s body to come to a complete halt and smash into the ground from the ricochet that would be caused from the force Damian puts into his attack. If the attack hits as strong as Damian hopes the ricochet would cause Densuke’s body to hit the floor and just bounce off the ground a few inches giving Damian room to attempt one more attack to complete one of his Crack Combos. If Densuke’s body were to lift up off the ground, Damian would thrust his right leg up like a football punter and hit Densuke in the ribs with a powerful kick. The impact may cause some ribs to break as the kick would lift Densuke high into the air like a football. If the attack were successful, Damian would keep his leg momentum going as he backflips in the air. His body would lift into the sky along with Densuke’s and Damian would softly land on top of a nearby supply truck that had been delivering goods to Dollar World before Shira and Keyth’s fight had broken out. Damian would get back into his fighting stance as he would then wait to see a retaliation from Densuke knowing that this wouldn’t be enough to keep him down.-

( ) Densuke would focus on Damian the entire time watching his movments and preparing for an oncoming attack. “I’ve never fought Damian before, nor do I know his true potential or battle stats..gonna have to take some licks to gain an advantage.” Densuke would watch as Damian began to move and then vanish out of thin air, once he’d run at Densuke’s right. Densuke’s mind quickly went to work, calculating and trying to deduce all possible directions he could’ve went. There were many but in any case he wasn’t a chi user, so Densuke couldn’t off right sense the guy. Taking a defensive measure he’d simply tense up his body, and when he’d finally be able to see Damian again, he’d throw up his left arm folded in an elbow block only to see that it wasn’t really there. “Afterimage..this is gonna hurt.” Densuke would bet met with a rousing kick to the face, that had such incredible impact behind it. “!!” Densuke’s eyes winded, as he wasn’t afraid but in sheer awe of the strength behind his blows. So this is what fighting a super solider is like. Densuke would let out a smirk as his head tingled and he was sent flying, his back skidding across the ground. Densuke would instinctively tuck his body into a summersault, turning the skidding to his advantage and momentum, as when damian would launch his attempted elbow at the back of densuke’s head, Densuke would undo his summersault and reveal he was now facing up with an X shape formation of his arms. The elbow would be blocked, and leave a sting on densuke’s arms, however Densuke would ride the momentum of the blow actually using the ricochet effect to his advantage. Densuke’s body would be sent to the ground, and bounce right back up. When Damian went to throw his power leg kick, with an already inhuman reflex factor he’d also take advantage of his enhanced dexterity, which allows him to  regain balance or bounce back to their feet quickly and perform feats such as shooting a gun, throwing a knife, or fighting at seemingly impossible angles and positions. When the kick was thrown, Densuke would roll his body, in the direction of densuke’s leg, having been sure to keep an eye out for the intended area of impact as he rose. With the roll he’d clear damian’s leg completely BUT in that same  instance, he’d attempt to plant his right hand down on damian’s leg, using his inhumanly strong leg as a balance beam, to preform a capoeira kick, first throwing his right leg over damian’s head, so swiftly it could be confused for an actual attack. What was REALLY intended was the follow up left leg which had all the power of the momentum behind densuke’s spinning break dance like kick. With this counter in place, if it hit it would cause damian a dreadful pain from the left side of his head all the way down to the base of his jaw, added to that it would have the knock back power to send damian flying across the roof top, but in a straight bee line in the air, ten feet back. Densuke would land with a squat, and not even half a second after his land, he would mimic Damian’s strategy but with a twist. Using a bit of chi in his legs, he’d put the petal to the medal and appear running beside damian only 2 feet into his 10 foot knock back. Densuke would then attempt to slug Damian back and forth between a descending left hammer fist towards the bridge of his nose, and an ascending right uppercut towards the back of his head. Densuke would alternate between these blows, 3 times each hand, attempting to soften up and damage some of damian’s handed muscle while continuing to follow him as his body beeline (if the counter connected that is.) making sure to use the after effect of his counter to his advantage.  After his sixth punch, Densuke would step forward a little past Damian’s body, and attempt one incredibly powerful roundhouse kick, with precise aim, attempting to hit the base of his chin with the ball of his right foot. If this hit connected it would extend damian’s beeline from ten feet, to an even faster traveling 12 feet, to the very next rooftop available towards a running Air conditioner unit. If his retaliation connected Densuke would take his same stance from the beginning and brace himself. If interrupted he’d simply react accordingly.

Pallas: -As Densuke comes down with a kick towards the head, Damian’s eyes shoot wide open watching the foot comes down! The kick impacts him and he begins to flow backwards but his feet slide across the floor as he tries to slow the bee line down and catch himself. It would look like Damian was able to slow the motion down but his focus on that quickly broke as Densuke’s fists came flying at him. With every punch that connects Densuke would see a small smile appear on Damian’s face. After the sixth punch, Damian’s head would be looking towards the ground as a small drop of blood drips onto the floor. With the swift kick coming his way, Damian lifts his left hand in the direction of the kick and catches Densuke’s leg. His entire arm taking the brunt of the attack as the catching motion creates a large gust of wind to swirl around both of their bodies. Using Densuke’s momentum to his advantage, as the kick is being caught he uses the palm of his hand to hit the ball of Densuke’s foot causing the kick to slow down in its motion. As the kick would continue to move closer to Damian’s face, he would use the hand that slides down Densuke’s leg to grip around Densuke’s kneecap. Damian tilts his head down to the right so the kick would pass right by him, making it seem as if the power in Densuke’s kick was more than Damian could simply catch. ( ) Damian’s head lifts up and with a sinister smile on his face Damian asks him-“I thought we were going to skip the warm-ups, Densuke?”- With the smile on his face the wind would blow past them almost slowing time down between the two of them. The first thing Densuke could see is the shocking power of a Super Soldier to take attacks like that and still remain cool and calm in the fighting situation; an intimidation factor that could break through the composure of any enemy. But Damian has the feeling that simply being calm and collected won’t get into the head of Densuke. Without wasting any time Damian quickly gets back on the offensive! Within a blinding flash, Damian uses his strength to place his right hand over his left hand and push down on Densuke’s leg while lowering his own body down to one knee. He does this to attempt to bring Densuke down into a modified Knee-Bar leg submission technique. This is why Damian tried to fool Densuke by making it seem like the first attempt to catch his leg was a fail and that he needed to grab hold of his kneecap to completely stop the kick itself. Using Densuke’s own weight and leverage against him, Damian would apply ample amounts of pressure to Densuke’s knee cap as he pulls down on the knee. As he pulls down on the knee Damian’s shoulder keeps Densuke’s leg steady like a log causing the kneecap to be locked in place, creating the Knee-bar. Damian lowers himself down to one knee to cause Densuke enough pain to where he would fall to his back from the pressure. If Densuke tried to remain on his own two feet, the kneecap would completely rip from the bone causing his own leg to break into two pieces from the pressure. If Densuke were to lower his body to the ground from the pressure, Damian would increase his strength to where the kneecap could break in a matter of seconds! Damian would look at Densuke as he continues to add more pressure, the help of his combined 400lb weights adding even more too it and he’d say to him-“Just tap out and I’ll let go…”-The sound of bone wrenching could echo out the sounds all around them as the two powerhouses have come down to a submission battle. Damian being an expert in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a gift for Chain Jiu Jitsu and always thinks multiple steps ahead when it comes to submissive techniques. With a smirk on his face he waits to see what Densuke has to say, or try, before moving on to his next play!-

Densuke would take note of his smirking during his combination. “He’s as calm during a fight as I am..impressive. Two level heads, make a good match up indeed.” Densuke would think to himself, though when his kick was launched, a different result would happen. Densuke would find himself glaring into the eyes of damian, both giving each other focused stares, as Densuke was cought in a submission, specifically a leg bar. “Tch!” Damian had it mounted perfectly, you could tell this is what he utlilized on a daily. Densuke could feel the pressure on his leg, and even hear Damian asking him to give up and he’d let go. Densuke would smirk at look up at Damian. “I think I’ll pass big guy. Besides your grip is..awefully light don’t you think?” Densuke’s body would flash golden for an instant as he’d use the Atsuroku No Tejun: Densuke being a Koikonjitto has an incredibly high amount of chi contained within his body, and it will only continue to grow, and grow, but it would be up to Densuke to hone his physical body and cultivate it to keep up with his ever growing energy. As such Densuke with Tetsu’s teachings developed the Atsuryoku no Tejun. The basis of the technique involves Densuke using his chi to “lighten” the psi around his body in a thin field, only branching off of his body exactly one inch. This is so it only affects his body’s physical vicinity and keeps from interacting with anything around it unless Densuke physically touches an object, person, or chi itself. In short the average psi is reduced around Densuke dramatically thus increasing his physical speed to something equal to that of one inside of a Hadou Kussei, for a brief period of movement. Thus with Damian directly touching them Densuke would lighten the psi around his body, and branch it specifically around , Damian’s arms that were applying all the force, lightening the 400 pound grip to nothing more than a half a pound pillow, however the initial pain before Densuke preformed this technique was still present, and he could feel an uncomfortable rubbing in his knee, which would probably haunt him by tomorrow with a limp, though through sheer will he’d push himself on. At least the initial intended pressure from the grapple itself is drastically reduced. Densuke would retort quickly by saying “Now about that warm up ender!!” Densuke would thrust both his arms up, no longer worrying about damian’s closeness to him, but actually embracing it. In this state Densuke’s speed was already enhanced thanks to the lightened pressure, and he would hold his right hand up towards damian’s head in a thumping motion with his thumb, and grip his right wrist with his left hand. Densuke’s arm would glow gold before, he’d flick this thumb three times utilizing the Atsuryoku no ken’s properties to shoot out pressurized blast, only this time they’d be no bigger than a golf ball due to the finger used. However it’s also due to this, that they would still pack a force equal to if they were shot out ofa high caliber rifle. Densuke aimed the three blast for the center of Damian’s head, his neck, and his chest, if it hit either of these area’s or was blocked it would result in a concussive force strong enough to draw blood, and leave a stining impact on the skin and the muscle/bone beneath it. The after effect is the concussive wind behind it, which if any of the three blast hit it’d have enough power to not only knock damian back 7 feet, but send Densuke sliding back 7 feet on his back as well, and thanks to his enhanced speed, his body would leave behind an afterimage of where he was positioned on the ground, and with the attack and sudden speed burst escaping the grapple would be an achieved feat at this point. However if dodged, the blast aimed for the head, would collide with a near by clothesline pole, still releasing a concussive effect that would send the both of them flying the designated feet. Densuke sliding back would reach his 7 feet distance, which coincidentally was at the edge of the rooftop.  Densuke would throw his hands back, and flip himself upright, in a squat, looking to see what damian was possibly going to do, after such a maneuver, though Densuke could already feel a throbbing in his leg, he’d enact his brain to “Pump adrenaline” so he could keep alert and focused the entire time. Densuke would quickly then raise his right hand in a blade like fashion and chop downwards  releasing a wave of sharpened pressure from the atsu no ken, that would be 7 feet in a crescent height. Behind that he’d release a second horizontal crescent wave with his left hand, 7 feet in horizontal diameter. The second crescent would ride the wave of the first one actually accelerating the cross shaped pressure blast itself, so if it hit Damian it would leave a nasty cross shaped scar on his mid section, and possibly draw a fair amount of blood. The real trick is that the moment the blast were shot, Densuke would use the “burst” aspect of the Atsuroku no Tejun:  Hwan: it is a secret technique that affects the enemy's mind. This technique creates the effect of the practitioner being in multiple places at once to distract the opponent. Depending on the chi input, this number can expand from five to ten however if ten is used, it reduces the number of times these techniques can be used by one. Densuke would literally out run dead set behind his own blast, so to launch a surprise attack in the midst of it all. Weather the hit was taken, blocked, or properly dodged, Densuke would rush up to damian, and then out of nowhere, 5 other images of Densuke would appear, afterimages that is, all attempting to circle damian’s location from the front, left, right, back, and  even one image of Densuke “jumping” towards him above the front image. and all with punches launched towards various area’s on his body.(like this but around and not in one spot file:///C:/Users/Team%20Fist/Downloads/tumblr_mpttxkBWxT1s91wtgo1_400.gif ) In the midst of this attempted confusion, Densuke would’ve actually circled damian twice with his insane speed increase, in less than half a literal second to keep from being countered as much as he could and attempt to grab damian by his neck, in a reverse right armed clothesline, but modified, for he would simultaneously attempt to kick the back of damian’s right leg, from underneath him using his own left leg, only adding to his leverage. “TUYAAAA!!” if the throw was successful Densuke would grunt and throw damian’s body right into a passing car going 60mph. The impact would not only hurt but cause him to go crashing through the car itself, and make a dent in the following buildings wall with his body. If that worked Densuke would exhale harshly with a smile on his face,

Pallas: -( Damian sees the flash of a golden aura forming around Densuke and Damian knows that something is coming next. He remembers back to when his brother Duke had Keyth is a very similar situation just like this one back when they sparred before the GMAF’s. Damian remembers that when Keyth unleashed an aura similar to this golden one Densuke had now brought out had something to do with their chi and giving them a quick burst of energy to accomplish a way to escape their grasp. In Keyth’s situation it gave him a burst of energy to out strengthen the hold of Duke’s Normal form, even in that quick second. And during the GMAF’s when Densuke fought that woman he had done this technique to counteract her technique. Damian saw this technique during the highlights of the GMAF Semi-Final rounds back before it got blown to bits on his computer at home. Even though he may not fully understand chi due to his Hybrid-nature, he knows that when an aura like this comes up it simply means energy. So as the golden aura flows over Densuke’s body, Damian would have his body burst out with a Golden Flame Aura of his own and it quickly surrounds the two of them. Densuke had used his technique over Damian to make the pressure lighter around them and just as he did that, Damian’s golden aura would appear to be leaching onto Densuke’s own aura. Because they have matching color auras it could be potentially impossible for Densuke to even notice this was happening. But if someone were to look at it at a microscopic level, they would see that Damain’s aura is sucking the actual energy back out of Densuke. So as his own aura gives him power, it is actually giving Damian the power that Densuke needs to go through with his technique to escape the hold. This is made possible by Damian’s Aura Manipulation technique called Aura Absorbtion. It states that through physical touch, Damian is able to sense and absorb the Aura Energy of an opponent taking their power from them. Using his own aura embodiment, Damian may absorb an opponent’s own aura or energy so to speak. If Damian's aura were to come in contact with another physical being or their aura, Damian can physically pull the energy out of the opponent and steal a bit of their power. While his own aura sucks out the Chi Energy that Densuke uses, while it transfers over to Damian’s Aura Energy it causes the chi to adapt and become one with Damian’s body. His Aura acts like a small Chakra Eater as it gives Damian more energy and power to continue on at his peak level. So if Densuke had not found a way to realize that his own energy was being stolen out of him and he continued to try and use the technique of lightening Damian’s grip due to the Pressure Manipulation he would be shocked to see that Damian’s grip not only did not get any lighter but that it got stronger. Damian would smirk at him and say-“Actually old friend…My grip feels just fine…”-Damian’s hands then grip harder around his leg as he attempts to put enough force into the submission that Densuke’s leg bone would shatter into multiple pieces. As he does this, Damian’s muscle mass grows slightly from the added energy and veins begin to form around his arms from tightening his muscles to complete this task. If it were unsuccessful for some reason, Damian would continue to add more pressure into the submission hold while saying-“You can call it quits at any time, Densuke…”-Damian’s golden aura still surrounds the two of them like one giant fireball as it would continue to suck out the energy of Densuke’s if he were to give it more juice. Damian knows that he can only absorb so much before it becomes overloaded but by that time, Densuke’s leg would already be shattered and there be no nee to continue on. If Densuke were to try and realize that it would only cause his inevitable outcome of having his leg shattered. Damian applies more pressure as he waits to see Densuke’s response of tapping or having his own leg shattered to pieces

( ) Densuke would feel a slight difference in what  he had originally planned. There were two main factors going on at this moment in time. One his body suddenly felt weaker, and two it felt as if damians grip hadn’t lost a step by much. Densuke’s leg was feeling the pain, and starting to feel a massive discomfort, but it wasn’t ready to give out.  Densuke would then decided to push more chi, to his pressure manipulation only to continue to lighten the pressure around his leg. “The hells going on here…think…he must be..absorbing my chi?” Densuke deduced that the feeling he was receiving added to a sudden counteraction to his technique. “has to be..heh.” Densuke would smirk as he could feel the fight against damian’s grip on his leg and the pressure of his grip going back and forth since he could continue to pour even more chi into this. “I see what you’re doing friend, but I should also say you can call it quits when  you’d like to as well…trust me when I say I can do this for days.” Densuke would open his arms, and begin charging his chi, in a very violent and rampant mannor. Instead of damian’s energy covering the both of them, it would now be what looked like two bright aura golden balls colliding and crashing with and against each other, as Densuke expelled his chi to his hearts content. How? His chi control Many who train in martial arts often gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness Chi, which can be used in cases of extreme combat. With this ability, users are able to physically manifest all of their inner strength and unleash it to the fullest extent of its power through shear force of will. The user can achieve extraordinary strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. Densuke with his accelerated development has been able to develop near masterful manipulation of chi, able to exert it throughout his physical being and enhance physical and mental aspects of his own body. He has as much chi as Tetsu Ryoji in his base form, which really says a lot, considering who Tetsu Ryoji was. When he uses his chi he'll usually refer to it as "Flickering" it to an area needed weather it be a single limb or his entire body. He can also push the limits of his signature techniques even further, by pouring more chi into it than usual. Over the course of time however, Densuke has become so adept with his chi control it has been rumored that he's actually picked up on the aspects of the energy faster than what his father did. He has adept control of it, such as making a thick layer of it to block certain attacks or touch things that can't be touched by normal means.  Densuke would do three things: Keep his arms posed as they were with the flicking position, using his chi to continue to counter act Damian’s waning effect on it, and all the while he would start to solidify his chi from a very specific area: Between his pants and damian’s grip on his leg and knee cap, by making a thickened layer of it, which he’d also pour chi into, to reduce even more pressure on his leg, and actually start to cause damian to now be gripping less of densuke’s leg than before and even as it was being absorbed Densuke would continue pouring chi to keep the effect just. Having more chi than his father, and peak human stamina to boot, he could continue this for hours if need be as he had that much literal chi in his body to spare. And in the arena, time feels much longer than what it is, so this could drag on potentially well. All of this was a quick process, and Densuke would waste no time. Whilst simultaneously preforming his chi maneuvers to defend his leg, he’d charge the pressure blast but not with his flicking thumb. This time He’d open his arms and clap, utilizing the Atsuryoku no ken’s properties to release a pressure waved clap, that would cause a sonic boom like effect when released, Still protecting his leg of course.  The "air pressure" comes from the lack of air left behind by the stride of said punch, which contains a higher impact than the force itself, having the power to crumble stone into pebbles, move objects heavier than the user themselves, and emit enough PSI to NEARLY dent a car inside out. the Atsuryoku No Ken, is not seen as a "colored" wave of chi that is sent outward. It  is a purebred invisible pressure that is only seen as a "blurred area in space" even with chi vision available. The impact on the human body can be fatal depending on the will of the user, i.e from something as simple as a busted nose could escalate into a fractured cranium or skull in general, and if malicious intent is preferred, it can possibly shatter one side of the skeletal system if need be. With that being said it’s the one thing Damian couldn’t absorb, and at this range dodging would require him to let go of densuke’s leg, but Densuke wasn’t counting on that.. Once the clap was done it would attempt to hit damian with the force of a fraight train, leaving a red whelp on his body and drawing blood from various areas on his frontal side. Densuke would grunt and continue these claps, repeatedly; however there were effects with each clap. The second clap attempt would hit damian in the exact same area, with the pressure causing some of his muscles to weaken from impact. The third would increase that effect, but thanks to densuke’s multitasking brain, and using his chi to fend off his leg being griped by pouring his vast amount of chi into this energy like struggle, it would push Densuke’s body backwards, by 7 feet, added that now damian would be grabing on to not all of densuke’s leg, thanks to his adept thickened chi in that specific area densuke’s leg would essentialy slip right from damian’s grasp, and send him in a tumble roll backwards. The fourth clap was the clicker. If somehow damian had managed to hold on, this third clap would not only add on to the damage of the other ones, by this time it would start to ripple and tear his pectoral, abdomen, shoulder, and neck muscles, and begin effecting his sternum, with rattling throughout his entire rib cage, possibly breaking if he flexed any harder, it would also cause his ear drums to ring violently loudly. Densuke knew that damian was a super soilder, meaning his hearing was still acute and above regular human hearing meaning this was all the more painful for him as he’d literally be able to feel his ear drums begin to rattle and if this continued it would blow them out completely causing terrible deafness in both ears, and a massive concussion that would disorientate him greatly and cause blood to drain from his ear. Densuke on the other hand can hone individual senses, so with this fourth clap he’d hone his eyesight, and sense of touch, still able to viably keep and eye on and counter damian by looking at him while slightly deafening himself to his own claps. If Densuke’s attempt to break free was countered, Densuke would continue claping, every clap as powerful as the last and would only double the effects on Damian’s body if he didn’t let go. If he did, Densuke’s body would fly backwards the desired feet and he’d land in a squat, rubbing his leg a bit. It felt like he could  honestly barely walk on the damn thing. Densuke would slowly stand up, trying to keep the pressure off of his leg, actually taking a wing chun stance now, so he could relive the pressure. He’d sigh a bit, and continue pumping his adrenaline so he could at least tolerate the pain enough so he could fight at hisfullest potential. He’d smirk and nod to Damian. “Good move my friend, lets keep going!” I’ve been waiting for this!” Densuke trusted that even with this massive amount of damage damian could essentially take this standing and fight on.

Pallas: -( ) As the two golden aura’s bounce against each other it creates a powerful electric static around both of them. The two aura’s coming together brighten the sky, creating a blinding light around the buildings for blocks! Damian smiles at Densuke as he continues to absorb the Chi from Densuke’s body. He then says to him-“Well I gotta give it to you Den…”-The electricity surges through the building causing the lights around the city to blow out. -“To push more chi then I can absorb out…You really are your fathers son…Two brains like ours…I haven’t been challenged like in a long time.”-Then as the first clap is activated, the shockwave rings through Damian’s ears causing a good amount of pain. Damian’s body would tense up as he thinks to himself-“Dammit!..tch…This is troublesome…”-At that moment it would seem like time would slow down between the two of them. Damian would then take a deep breath in just as Densuke began his second clap. As Damian takes his breath in, the golden aura he provides quickly swirls around like a vortex into his lungs. Then just as the clap was completed, Damian squints one eye as the pain comes back again. Damian then releases his hold on Densuke and both of their bodies go flying backwards. But just as Damian releases his hold on Densuke, he places his hands in front of his mouth and releases his own technique to counter Densuke’s. As their bodies begin to separate from each other, Damian releases the energy within his mouth and a bright golden flame exits his mouth like a flamethrower. ('s_Roar.gif) The golden flames quickly spread a twenty feet diameter all around in front of Damian headed straight for Densuke. The flames spread fast and strong towards the direction of Densuke. If he were to get caught in the blast Densuke would be severly burned from the flames from wherever they hit him. The flames also wherever they scorch will remain until called back by Damian. That means that wherever the flames hit, the flames will remain until either brought back by Damian or until the target has been destroyed. The target being Densuke, if he is caught in the blast then the flames would remain on his body until he is destroyed or when Damian calls the flames back into him. The flames cannot be put out by water or an extinguisher as they do not hold the standard properties of fire due to them being a mixture of energy along with elements to create the flame effect. Having said that, if the flames do make contact with the body the flames act the same as a normal fire and will burn deeper and deeper into the body within seconds. If the attack hits or not Damian would roll off his back and land on his feet with his purple eyes staring at where Densuke’s body would be if he rolled back the same seven feet that Damian did. If the attack was successful, Damian would smile at where Densuke was and if the impact was lethal to Densuke Damian would quickly put out the fire. But if the fire was only burning up a small portion of his body that has yet to be considered fatal, Damian would say to him-“Once again you find yourself in a position of tapping out or feeling the ‘side effects’ of my techniques hahaha. Just say the word and the flames will go away.”-Damian would look around them as for twenty feet in front of him and across the building is nothing but bright golden flames that he has created. If Densuke were to not be hit by the attack, the building would be covered in the flames and they could continue the fight with the added heat.-

( ) Densuke would smirk at Damian’s comment. “Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve had to fight this hard!” Densuke would then see on his second clap Damian release a shroud of fire. Thanks to his clap having at least been launched the forces would counter act each other, and Densuke would be sent flying backwards. He’d then take note in mid air, Damian hand launched some flames in his direction. “Damn!..” Densuke knew it was do or die. Densuke would grab his shirt by the shoulder, and use one more pressure based attack, but this time he’d increase the pressure of his shirt, as he whipped it in front of his face and body, attacking and cutting the a small section of flame that would cause the rest of the flames radius to go it’s course, but Densuke’s shirt would be singed, as he’d let his body fall to the ground, and he’d managed to dodge another bullet on that one. Densuke would lay on the ground leaning up on one elbow, and looking around to see the collateral damage caused by Damian. Densuke would grunt and stand himself up, exhaling a breath and inhaling. He was pretty bruised up, being pushed to his limit at this point, but he enjoyed every second of it. “This has literally been one of the most fun fights I’ve ever been in..” Densuke would stand there shirtless, with his fist clenched and his body covered in his golden glow, only for it to disperse into wind. Densuke would then place  his hands on his hips and smile wide. “Welp I think Keyth and shira’s fight has ended..Wanna go grab some drinks and re-coop or something?” Densuke would smile as if nothing  had just ensued, taping his foot and waiting for his answer.

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