Arrangements To Be MadeEdit

DeliriousAres: Keyth watched the man enter in the room. "Another hot head... i thought i was the only one left." Keyth said standing up out of his seat. The Lieutenant stood in between the two and had been laughing nervously. " hahah.. Ahh alright. Now, your free to take anyone else you need on this job keyth. Remember. It's a hit, but it needs to look like a bank robbery. If you assholes actually steal from the bank, then by fuck that's on you. But i dont want anything of that calibur on my ass, ya hear me?" The Lieutenant said opening the door for the both of them. Keyth pulled out his cell phone when they made there way out of the building. Hopping into the car he'd unlock the doors so Drake could enter in the car as well. (( " Im gonna call up some boys i know i can trust on this run." He said rubbing dialing the number. IF Duke or Daimen had answered keyth would have told them the details, and where to meet him. And at what time. The meeting location would have been a warehouse at the east side of D2. Nothing shabby and it was secluded enough. Inside the warehouse, Keyth had been using it as a base of operations since his days of being a hitman. He's actually become quite the professional. " Help yourself to whatever ya want." Keyth said walking into the futurstic looking safehouse. He walked to the end of the hall, pressing a secruicty key to open up his favorite body armour. Slipping it on, he clapped it to his sides. Able to take full on 50 cal rifel shots with ease, but enough pressure would shatter the armour. Plus it only sat around his chest. By now Duke and Daimen would have also made it to the warehouse and if they had they'd be greeted with a Cydroid female, wearing a skimpy little short shorts houtfit with a cut top. Something Keyth had given her. (( How she looked.)) SHe bowed to the both of them, opening the door they'd get a full view of the safehouse. It would have been a 30 minute walk for the both of them to get there. Filled with twists and turns, a secruicty measure made by Keyth and claymore. Most people wouldnt find this place, and if were destroyed he had four more. All thanks to Jason who gave him 40 million dollars in exchange for the kidnapping with that one kid.(( how the safehouse looked)) Keyth would have been sitting at a desk by the two of them arrived, mapping out plans before he turned. " Thanks Miliena. You may go back to your anime or whatever the fuck you do.." She'd bow her head soon turning back up with a light smile on her face. " Thank you master Tasanagi." He watched the cydroid walk away before he'd turn to the both of them, and then Drake. "... Alright. So... looks like the gangs all here. Damien, Duke. Meet Drake." Keyth would have said standing up straight and then walking to a monitor. " This the Lowerton Bank. Owned by this george guy here." Keyth said turning around to face Daimen and Duke. " He's uh... apparently owing my contractor some money, The guys i work for hired him. So he's getting paid by them. But i'll be paying you guys myself. This is only meant to be staged as a bank robbery, but if you three actually decided to rob the place. Just try not to burn down to many unesscary casualites." he said leaning back. " The bank, is about 4 stories high. Dopped up with the toughest secruicty but mostly that strong holds resides in the special task force gaurds the bank has. All of the banks within Kasaiahana city have there own task force outside of KPD law. Real cut-throats similar to the Maru Jeitai and KPD specail task force units. But they use a special energy soruce within there suits known as Neogene. Or Something like that... it can really fuck you up if you get hit." Keyth would cross his arms again this time pacing around the room. " All of us are considered heavy hitters but im gonna have to play out my confornt zone and play a bit of an espionage game. I need you three to do the robbery while im moving up the building, sneaking past the gaurds and killing george. How you guys take the place on. Is your choice. We clear?"

Pallas: -Duke and Damian both respond to Keyth’s telephone call as they were bored as high fucking shit doin nothing at home in the Car Collection Warehouse. They had been bored for the last few nights just trying to lay low after that situation with the street racing. Bringing down a building in Kasaihana puts you on the map of people needing to lay low. But now that Keyth brought up something for them to do, they say fuck it to trying to lay low. They both go down to the cars and Duke clicks a button on a keychain he has and Damian asks-“What car we taking?”-Duke smiles and says to his brother-“My personal baby, my Challanger.”- Over the time Duke and Damian have been hanging out together, Duke had built several of his own vehicles with Yun Corp. Technology. With his own mind and vehicle talents, Duke has created a modern day (Modern for YMRP Future times XD) of the Dodge Challanger. ( Damian looks at the bright red Challenger and he says-“Dayyyummmm, someone has been putting in the work on this ride hahaha.”- Duke nods and says-“And that is just the outside, Duke then clicks another button his his keychain and the two doors slowly lift up Suicide Door style. Damian laughs and they both step inside of the vehicle. ( The two Super Soldiers sit on smooth black leather interior as it has that new fresh car smell. Damian approves of the design as he can’t help but get excited about how to car turned out. Duke then turns the car on and it revs up like a lion. The interior lights turn on as the center screen reads-“Welcome, Duke.”- Once the two are ready, Duke hits the gas and the car quickly jumps out of its parking space and out of the garage. The car can be heard for miles as the engine practically roars like Godzilla over Tokyo! Duke drives through traffic not obeying any other street laws making it to Keyths warehouse in D2 in a matter of minutes. Once they get to the door of the warehouse, they see a Cydroid come and welcome them. Duke immediately begins to drool like a dog at seeing the Cydroid. He hops out of the car and turns into Johny Bravo saying-“Hey baby, hows about you and me take a ride in this here car and forget about these other guys!”-Damian quickly facepalms as he slowly gets out of the car. Damian then says to the Cydroid-“Ignore the idiot. Can you take us to Keyth?”-If the Cydroid complied (I leave it up to Keyo how she responds to Duke XDDD) she would then take them through the half an hour maze to get to where the others are at. The entire time, Duke would stare at the Cydroid like a horny dog. Once they get to where Keyth is at, Damian gives him a verbal greeting of the day by saying-“Hey Tasanagi.”- Keyth then goes on to explain the job and of course, the two Super Soldiers are in and look forward to the challenge. Having said that, Duke and Damian both look at Keyth and Damian says to him-“We have enough gear in our trunk to supply us for the mission.”-In the trunk of each Yun Corp car that Damian and Duke use is filled with the GOLIATH Combat gear that they both used to fight against Dark Nova. If Keyth allows them to head back to the car to grab the gear real quick, they would both be prepared to fight in that attire. Now the two wait to be given the green light to start the job.-

Please Be Safe..Edit

Akali: + Kana finally made it back home to her one bedroom apartment. She hoped out of the hover and slammed the door, walking up the stairs and placing her hand on the knob. She twisted it to the right and pushed it in. She took in the scent of a sweet smelling aroma. "I'm home..." She shut the door behind her and sighed, walking over to her bedroom, kicking the door open and falling onto her bed. The springs creaked, but the old thing was still nice and sturdy. She pulled herself up, her obsidian colored hair hanging over her face in a tangled mess. she had tear stains on her cheeks. All from the night she left. "Please be safe, Keyth...." She pulled out the plushie that he'd given her and she held it in her lap. She smiled lightly, hugging it to her chest and then pressing her lips against its forehead. She placed it in the corner of her bed and moved to the bathroom. She dug underneath the sink and grabbed a pair of scissors, taking a thick lock of her hair and cut it to just above her shoulders. She did the same to the remaining locks of until it was all even, then dropped the scissors and then dug around the bathrom cabinets, finally finding the hair dye. It was platinum colored.. She'd known there was a day soon to come for her to restart as someone new. Mixing the dye and then applying it thoroughly, she was done a few minutes later. In no time, Kana had a new look. Short, platinum hair; it looked good. She moved back to her closet and pulled out a large black bag, throwing it on the floor and then digging in her closet again. Her smile widened as she pulled out her pure black, above the knee Gi, and its matching bottoms. She slid them both on, the clothing fitting her perfectly. She cart-wheeled into the living room, pulling her couch up and pulling her ankle boots and black bandage wraps from underneath it and put the boots on first, then wrapping the bandages around both legs until it reached her knees. Kana patted the floors and went back into her room, kneeling down and pulling the zipper to the bag open, revealing an assortment of weapons, her arm-guards, and her mask. She pulled her mask on, though it was the type that only covered half of her face, and then slid her arm-guards. Her hair made her blue eyes almost... glow. She tied her hair up into a ponytail, leaving her bangs out as she grabbed a pair katanas, strapping them both to her back and then walking towards the window, sliding it open and then glancing back at the plushie of Keyth before leaping off into the night. She soared through the air, jumping off from building to building, one by one. She pulled out her phone. "13 Messages" flashed on her screen. She clicked and found out that she'd been summoned by one of her oldest private contractors. "Come. Now. You know the place." Yeesh. Demanding much? She took a sharp turn towards the left and sailed down until she reached a small torn down building. Through the backside she entered, letting herself in as she was met by the cold metal that pressed against her back. "Well, well, well. Who've we got here?" She heard the click of the safety go off and she twisted around, catching the man behind her right in the jaw. He groaned in pain and she glared at him with cold dead eyes, and as she was about the strike again, the lights came on and then followed a soft clap from behind her. "Bravo, my dear, Silent Night. Bravo..." She turned around and faced her old aqquaintance. "Long time no see, Soma." Her expression stayed the same as she started towards him. she stopped at least two feet in front of him. He still looked the same after 8 years. "I have a job for you..." She waited. "I need you... to finish off, Keyth Tasanagi. I'll pay you enough money to supply you for decades." She stood there, motionless. Kill... Keyth... Tasanagi... "How much exactly, Soma?" She could see the different look in his eye once she said that. "Like I said. Enough to last decades..." Kill keyth and live happily? Soma continued. "But, if you change your mind, and I highly consider that you don't for the reason that if you do, the both of you will be killed. Why you? For the information you hold with us." Kana crossed her arms and sighed. "I'll do it... But if you're FUCKING lying about the payment, I will find you in whatever hole you're hiding in, and kill you." Soma chuckled and them howled with laughter. "YOU? KILL ME?" He shook his head. "Have you forgotten who gave you this life? Who helped you out all these years? WHO SUPPLIED YOU WITH FOOD AND SHELTER? It was ME. ME. ME. ME. I took you in after Shimizu died; I cared for you! I-" Kana pulled one of her katanas out of its holster and flung it forward, the blade driving right through the chair in which Soma sat in, only centimetres away from his ear. "Don't talk to me that way. Don't you EVER talk to me like that. Don't ever think I haven't appreciated what you've done for me, but do NOT, DO FUCKING NOT, act like you know who I am. It's been eight FUCKING GOD DAMNED YEARS. EIGHT! You don't know what I've been through just this month." Soma's skin turned abosolutely pale and his hair turned even a lighter shade of gray. " Kana sweetheart... I do know you..." He tried taking a step forward but she was right beside him by the time he stood up. She took a hold on the hilt of her katana and yanked it out, sliding it back in its holster. She turned and walked away, standing in the doorway before turning to face him. Bullshit, Old man..." She said before she took off into the night again. She landed on top of Takahana Industries' tallest building, looming over the rest of the city. There was a sudden wind that rushed through the night, blowing her every which way. The moonlight casted a shadow behind her and the small crescent moon pendant was icy cold. She pulled it up, the backside visible as the Japanese katakana symbol for "Night" gleamed. She rubbed her thumb across the symbol and looked up, staring at the moon. She leaped off of the roof of the building and sailed down, landing in one of the trees without making a sound. She dropped down and stayed in the shadows, pulling her mask down and finished off the rest of her asignments before going home and knocking out on the old bed, pulling the Keyth plushie into her arms, sleeping more soundly than before. The next day, she woke up right before the sun set and groaned. "Damn I woke up late.." She walked out of the house in one of her favorite t-shirts and matching vest, a pair of ripped jeans and combat boots. Just before she left, she grabbed her glasses and belt with a pack of shurikens one side and kunais on the other, off the countertop and headed out towards the city. Better safe than sorry, right? Haha. All the lights were probably on in the city at this time of night. She found herself on a busy street, and she pulled out her wallet. Only a few bucks. She turned her heard from left to right and spotted a bank a few streets away. As she neared, she could see the name. Lowerton Bank hovered over the entrance. She stepped into the bank and she faceplanted onto the floor, seeing the lines of people waiting to deposit and withdraw some cash. "God damn it..." She looked at the time. She wasn't doing anything today, so might as well wait. "Maybe time'll go by fast.." She waited 10 minutes before the line moved one step. "Or maybe not...Oi..." +

Here's What's Gonna HappenEdit

DeliriousAres: Drake would have fallen asleep on the couch of his safehouse. "....Yeah, lets leave the amature here." Keyth said turning to Daimen and Duke. Milena his Cydroid would have walked over to duke. " Here are my coordinates. If you have this, i will be able to locate you at all times." She said smiling and bowing walking away. Keyth blinked, and looked back at Duke. "...I think she just invited you to sex..." He said awakwardly. A few hours passed and they were now infront of the bank. Keyth pulled on the hoodie he wore, dithcing his armour plating. " Alright. Im going in." He said pulling the leather jacket over the hoodie. " You guys start the attack once im in line." He said nodding to Duke and Daimen exiting the vechile. Keyth walked out sliding his hands into his pockets as he made his way inside. Standing right next to Kana, and he hadnt even realized it. Pressing the ear piece on his left ear he tilted his head up. " Drop the dog in the spray can." He said in a coded way of speaking which meant ' Im ready when you are.' Or some corny shit Keyth had came up with. He stood with his arms crossed, waiting paitently for Daimen and Duke to go at it with there attack. Meanwhile, inside of the building on the 4th floor. George would have been screwing some younger secretary it seemed over his desk. Plowing her guts in before dumping a load into her and tossing her off his desk. Slumpping into his seat 5 other women began to skitter around his cock like rats to cheese eating up what they could before he dummped ashes to one of his cigars in the girls head. Letting the dark tobaccoo waste sit on her scalp as he sat up. " Put my movies on. Im bored now." He said leaning back in his seat, with a smirk on his face. Appearng to be in his mid 30's he was well built. Masculant and tall. Dark hair and a scruffy beard... but he was a coward. none the less.

Pallas: -As Duke received the item from the Cydroid he smiles with his sharp Canines showing and Damian who is standing next to Duke just facepalms hard. Duke blows a kiss at the Cydroid and then looks at Damian. Damian has a blank face with his eyes squinting at Duke and Duke asks in a sarcastic voice-“What? Don’t hate hahaha.”- The two then walk back to the Challenger as they told Keyth they would meet him at the bank since they were going to be doing two separate parts of one job. Damian and Duke quickly get dressed in their GOLIATH attire and drive over to the bank. Damian and Duke park behind the back entrance of the bank and the two go over the plan they created on the drive over. ( The two get out of the Challenger and begin to sneak their way up to the back entrance door. Duke slowly leans down at the lock and inserts a small key that is attached to a small device in Duke’s hand. Duke examines the locking mechanism and he adjusts the key that is inside of the door to fit the proper ridges and cuts that the actual key to the door would have. Within a few seconds the door unlocks without giving alarm and the two head into the bank. As they sneak through the back hallways of the bank their movements sound next to silent with their training. With their advanced GOLIATH rifles in hand, they continue to move down the hallways in the combat alert positions. Both of them lean up against the walls for cover as they reach one end of the hallway. Damian peaks out and sees a guard standing with his back to them. Damian slowly leans back and whispers to Duke through their intercom system-“We have contact…We should find another way down, the job said minimul casualties.”-( Duke smirks under the cover of his mask and replies with-“But where is the fun in that…”-Duke then pushes his body off the wall and into the center of the turn so he is facing the security guard directly behind him. Duke then fires one shotgun round out of his rifle and the pellets quickly burst out of his weapon and into the chest of the security guard. The pellets blast through the security guards body, practically ripping him in half and the pellets spray across the room. Duke then quickly runs into the room firing his weapon to get everyone ducked and covered. Damian says to himself-“So much for quiet.”-Damian then releases his rifle to where the sling allows it to hang on his chest as he reaches down for two Fragmentation Grenades. Damian comes running out from the hallway as Duke continues to lay down covering fire as he leans his body on one of the cubicle walls of the bank. After running half way to the cover Damian slides on his knees while the grenade pins fly into the air as they become active. Damian then quickly tosses them into the air and over to where workers and security guards are covered down. Within seconds the fragmentation grenades explode and kill some of the workers who were within five meters of the grenades. The explosion causes the windows around the building to get blown out and some of the security to get knocked back from the shockwave and fragmentation that flew through the air. The fragmentation grenades also caused some of the guards to lose their equilibrium and it left them to lose their baring and stand up in clear view of the two Super Soldiers. Damian and Duke both stand up behind their cover and begin to unload their high powered 7.56 mm Full Metal Jacket High Powered Rifle Rounds into the area in front of them. ( The rounds fly through the air and make contact into anyone who is in the path of the rounds. Workers try to run but are quickly mowed down by the powerful rifle fire. Some are hit with such power that their bodies get hit with a round and fly back ten feet with blood gushing out of them. Security tries to gather themselves as they begin to send rounds back at the Super Soldiers with their 9mm Berettas that are issued to them by the bank offices. Damian and Duke begin to focus fire down on them and with their high level of training, their rifle fire begins overwhelming to the security down on the first floor. Security Guards begin to get riddled with rifle rounds in the chest and head as the two Super Soldiers remain confident and show no remorse. After thirty seconds of shooting like a execution firing squad, Duke yells out-“reload!”-as his magazine goes dry. Duke quickly covers down on the cubicle wall and grabs a fresh magazine while he unloads the dry one, completing a speed reload. Damian soon runs dry after him and he yells out-“Switch!”-And like one fluid machine, Duke rises up from cover whereas Damian covers down. Duke now begins to fire rounds in perfect placement to finish off the first floor. By the end of the third minute after breaching the bank, the two Super Soldiers clear out the entire first floor with no one escaping. Cubicles have been ripped in half from bullet fire, blood drops down from the walls and ceilings with brain matter all over the area. The walls are covered in bullet holes as the entire area in front of Damian and Duke has been destroyed from the rifle fire. Once they had finished, Damian and Duke both look down at their rifles to see smoke coming off the barrel and to make sure they are good on ammunition. The two then begin to make their way for the second floor as their element of surprise is no longer in effect.-


Akali: + Kana tapped her foot and sighed. + "C'mon people, let's hustle.." She groaned, hearing someone else enter the bank and her body stiffened... That voice... "Keyth..?" His name barely came out as a whisper. She turned to the right of her and she nearly jumped for him, but she held herself back. She faced forward again and swayed to the side a bit as she moved forward. Why is he here? She glanced back at Keyth and her hand moved up to the hidden belt, digging into the pack with the kunai in it and pulling one out and sliding it into the sleeve of her shirt. Right when she was about to swing at Keyth, she heard the distant noise of gunfire and then the clinking sound of metal against the floor, she instantly pushed away the other people in line, using their bodies as a shield as the raid of bullets swarmed around the first floor of the bank, one bullet scathing her side and two more hitting her left arm and the fourth catching ehr square in the thigh. She seethedand went towards the exit, ignoring the pain as she snatched Keyth's arm in the process, dragging him outside with her before slamming him against the wall face first. She watched as the door shattered and blew up into a million pieces and the screams of those left inside echoed and were almost muted by the barrage of bullets. She still had a grip on keyth's arm when she let go, breathing hard as blood leaked from her arm, side and leg. She heard the gunfire come to a stop and she glanced back inside the bank. It was chaos alright... She turned back to Keyth and screamed at him. "NOW I FUCKING KNOW THAT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU! THE HELL, KEYTH?!" She shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair. "I swear to god, you're as reckless as ever... And what're you doing back in the city anyway? Shouldn't you be with your girlfriend and kids?" She kept talking, forgetting about her new image and that he'd no idea of who she was. She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly before actually looking up at him, probably seeing a "Wtf" look on his face. She backed away and stood there awkwardly. "Oh, god damn it... You - um - Long time no see, Keyth... It's Kana." +

DeliriousAres: In mid run he was saw his que. As he was getting ready to jet up, he was jerked along and pulled outside by an oddly strong entity it seems. Thrown against a wall outside he listened to the unknown female shout at him, demanding answeres. " D-Dah.. Ah?" He said while she had been yelling at him. He looked over his shoulder. Daimen and Duke had did there job but the more he wasted time, the more he put there lives in danger when the KPD arrived. His eyes diverted back to her, and when she spoke her name. A shallow image of how she looked appeared over briefly before reality set back in. His hands touched her face. " Kana..." He said smiling a bit. Before he frowned and then pulled away turning his back on her. " it's a long story. I got caught up in things. Im being black mailed to do things, and i cant go home untill im done or there gonna send me to prison." Keyth said clenching his fist. "...I have to kill that man up there. And..." He said pausing for a breif moment before he turned back to look at her. His golden eyes going into an Animal like slit." Your in my way!" He said dashing back into the building, a bit faster than the average human clearly.(( Keyth took off as soon as the guns went array. He took off, moving like a bat out of hell as he whizzed through the gun fire. His Sweat pants and jackets swiftly moving in the air as he continued his move. His chi augmenting his speed he leaped over 4 gaurds with one clean track jump. He rolled behind them, they didnt even notice. To focused on Duke and Damian. He ran up the hall his hands gripping tightly to yamisuki that he had just summonded. He wasted no time as his body ducked and dived through the stairway cases. His eyes concentrated on the maze of floors. He beat Damian and Duke up the floors. Now on the 3rd floor. 5 Large Bank guards stood at the entrance to the 4th floors stairway. Keyth dismantled his blade making it vanish as he cracked his knuckles. "...." They all stared at one another. Keyths eyes dead locked on the soliders. " C'mon. " He said singaling them over. And thats exactly what they did. CHarging over at Keyth, one sent out an uppercut to his jaw which he simply took. The impact of the punch didnt even make his head move but the gaurds hand broke on impact. Keyths hands lunged out gripping the gaurd by the helmet and smashing his head into the wall to the righ tof him. Only to turn and see anotehr gaurd attempting an Arieal Kick. Keyth side stepped and then spun in a 360 motion lunging his right knee into his gut. The force of the impact made the Gaurds back armour plate errupted on impact of the knee. Only for Keyth to spin in mid air as the gaurd cringed over, kick off his back and launch himself into the air at the remaining few. His legs dashed out enloging his combat boots into two of the guard head, caving the helmets into there skull on impact. Leaving one more, he twisted on his right foot, rising up at the same time and sent his left foot into the last gaurds chest making his body cave into the wall. "...My power....It's doubled hasnt it..." He said looking at his hands and then turning back down the hall. He ran, taking out his deseret egale as he rushed up the fourth floor. Now at the end of the hall to Georges office. George had head phones on, one of his secretaries riding him this time, he had both of his hands behind his head. He wasnt even aware of what was to come as he snuggled his face into the secretaries breast. Putting the picture of him and his faced down on his desk as he continued.

Pallas: -( Duke and Damian both begin to climb the stairs that lead up the second floor with Duke as the point man and Damian watching their six. Duke quickly halts their movements up the stairs as he begins to sniff the air intensively. He growls a bit as his fangs grow a bit under the mask. Damian asks-“What is it?”-Duke then turns on the Penetrator Mode of his HUD system in his helmet and Duke begins to look through the walls and floor boards up to the next floor and he sees six security guards armed with MP5K Sub Machine Weapons. The two keep still as they begin to come together with a plan to get up to the next floor without being hit with rounds. Damian whispers to Duke as he places the rifle across his back barrel up-“Looks like we have to step it up a notch…Time to show what Super Soldiers can really do.”- Duke nods and does the same as his brother and places his weapon his back while tightening it with the sling. Damian’s body then flashes as he moves faster than his body can create the image of, heading towards the guards. Duke at the same time, leaps forward onto the wall and with his claws extended he begins to run on the sides of the wall like an animal at amazing speeds! Damian’s body quickly reforms with his right fist cocked back and he quickly punches one of the guards in the face with a powerful straight punch! The guard quickly goes flying like a rocket as he bounces off the floor and into the wall behind them. The body of the guard breaks through the wall and he flies down the first floor and makes impact in one of the parked cars outside in the parking lot. Duke Leaps off the wall and tackles on of the guards like a rabid lion and with his claws he slashes into the throat of the next guard. The claws pierce deep into the man’s jugular and blood begins to spray everywhere. The four remaining security guards begin to open fire on the two now that they have reacted to how quickly the first two guards died. Duke and Damian quickly begin to run around the room at blinding speeds as the bullets cannot move fast enough to catch the two Super Soldiers! Duke leaps onto the ceiling and begins to run towards the direction of one of the guards whereas Damian moves in Z-formation with his body leaving multiple afterimages of himself, confusing the guards of where he actually is. Finally, Duke lets go of his grip on the ceiling and his body falls on top of the guard, bringing down to the floor. Duke grabs onto the head of the guard and twists and jerks the head, causing the neck to completely snap from the inside killing the man instantly. Duke continues to jerk the neck off as he rips detaches the head from the guard’s body with pure strength. Meanwhile, Damian uses his speed to appear directly in front of another guard. As he does that he Spartan Kicks the guard in the chest with enough force to create a shockwave around them that creates a loud echo in the building. The body combusts on itself like a firework of blood and meat as it sprays all over them. Duke laughs at how Damian gets himself covered in blood as he holds into the guards head like a trophy. Duke then sees that one of the remaining two guards has his weapon pointed at Damian. Duke quickly rears his arm back like a pitcher in baseball and throws the head over 100mph at the guard. The head hits the security guard dead in the chest and causes him to fly through a plane glass window and down to the floor below them. Damian quickly turns around to see that one guard is left and he quickly reaches down at his thigh and grabs one of the throwing knives and instantly with a flick of the wrist sends it flying at the man in front of him. The blade pierces into the man’s neck as blood begins to pray across the walls. The guards body slowly falls to the floor as the six guards have been dealt with. Damian walks over and grabs his throwing knife, wiping the blood off on the guards suit and says to Duke-“Thanks for the fastball hahaha.”-Duke nods and the two now are ready to take the next floor but they are sure it has been dealt with because they both noticed that Keyth had already made his way to the third floor. The two grab their rifles in the Alert Position and begin to move locations in a Buddy Fireteam movement.-

DeliriousAres: Keyth pushed his way down the hall. His eyes focused dead set as he kicked the door open and gripped tightly to his blade. All of the girls that were having sex with george would all turn in unison with weapons. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG! A bullet hole cracked each one of there skulls as they hit the floor. Keyths pistol smoked as he stood there, now aiming it at George. With a smile on his face george lowered his head phone and began to clap. " Bravo Tasanagi... Bravo." He said opening his eyes. " Your pawnlyhood has no limits. First a pawn to your destiny... now a pawn to the KPD,and a Yakuza family who doesnt give a damn about you." The image of george shifted as he litterally morphed into someone completely different. (( His eyes slanted down looking at keyth with a serious expression on his face that shifted into a grin. "... You... i killed you three years ago." Keyth said keeping his gun aimed at the myseterious man. " Foolish boy i do not die." Keyth kept his gun aimed at him. His eyes locked and focused on him. (( Agent Angel stood over all of the dead women around him as he put his hands behind his back. " I was... this close." He said seeing images of Kyoko and Keyome stopping him back in the shinto realm. " You paved the way for me. I was there, IN Kikens lab... i was going to open the worm hole back to the real world.." He said clenching his fist. "... I would have a mission complete, but you made me fail that mission, you and your filithy father. All along you were instruments for the USG to make there move into the shinto realm. The Foruma was created to keep our god like powers when we exited. We would have ruled the world once more as the strongest world power once we fuled every solider we have with that kind of power. The Forumla would have controled them... allowing us the perfect. Enhanced solider. Beyond scientific means. But your filhty fucking father.... put an end to all of that..." ***FLASHBACK***(( " Dont worry..." He said turning to agent Angel with a frown on his face. " I will..." Agent angel tensed. " Dammit..." He said under his breathe. " How did she break that seal so fa-" VWOOOSH! Keyome was in his face out of what seemed like an instant of speed. Lightning exploding from his body in discharges. "...Tasanagi..." Keyome smirked. " Agnel.." Keyome said responded back to the man in the white suit. He attemped to punch Keyome, but with a incredible swiftness Keyome phased through the punches weaving left to right before catching the mans fist in his right hand. " A-Ah!" He said as keyome began to crush his hand in his grip. " You wont terrorize my family... or anyone else... ever again." He said with a thundering voice. With an unknown power, relentless and strong the red aura exploded around Agent angel and Keyomes body. " AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! TH-THIS POWER!?!? WHAT... NO!!!" The aura alone dissipated Anget Angels body... for good this time. Keyomes hand dropped as he stood there, shirtless with a pair of white Gi pants.(( See this episode for full story ***FLASHBACK END**** Agent Angel had been pacing with a smirk on his face. " Took me a whole year to recover my body and recreate myself... Do you know how it feels to recreate yourself from erdication?"(( Keyth kept his gun on Agent Angel. " Do you know why the need you dead boy? It's because if your all dead, then no one will stand in the way of there plans. And the USG agrees... The world would be a better place without you filithy Tasanagi's, Yun's, Ryoji's, Yanazuka's... Nagara's... All of you. Every single last one of you hell bent on stopping us! But not anymore. You all will be seeing your evident end soon." Angent Angel said pacing the room. " Once your all dead. We'll be able to go through the gate.. into the world unknown and know true power." Keyth remained silent. " Why dont we just storm in while your all not looking do you ask?" Agent Angel smirked and pointed at Keyths chest. " Because Keyome, on his first arrival made sure only to allow passage into the shinto realm by those that werent on his black list. Like me, and the rest of the US Government... along with Mr.Grimm, and all of his opratives. The only time we can pass through, is if enough people from the outside, go in. Creating a large enough worm hole that bypasses Keyomes secruicty measures. Thus why i was able to get in. But If you, and the Ryoji boy, and everyone else that enters is DEAD... then the secruicty shatters. And anyone can make passage. So we can only enter if someones in there already.... or..." Agent Angel tilted his head up with a smirk. " Your all dead." Keyth turned his head to the right watching the KPD starting to flood the entrance of the bank. Duke and Daimen would more than likely have ran in by the middle of the explination. " I suggest you boys get a move on. Oh, and dont worry." He pointed to the closet to the left of the office. " George has been dead for about an hour. Consider your hit done." Keyth gritted his teeth as agent Angels body warped completely from site. The KPD began to flood the front of the bank. All of them swarming the front about 40 cars up front. And 4 Helicopters floating above the top. "...Looks like were gonna have to fight our way out..." Keyth said still staring at the spot Agent Angel had been standing

Hero UpEdit

( ) Densuke would be in the  heroes for hire office, using a sauntering iron and fixing up some sort of device of sorts. Grabbing for different tools and exchanging for other and more efficient parts, Densuke would lean in on the desk, his work goggles on, and begin to mess with the neurological reader in his watch. Densuke realized his chi was immense…incredibly so much so to the point where even he feared his outburst could become harmful. More chi than Tetsu is already unimaginable…in the hands of an amateur, it would only prove catastrophic. As such he’d been working on a mod, that would limit the amount of chi he could use, until he uttered a secret code word that would allow him to break a his limit and gain full access to his capabilities. This would also train him in discipline. Not being able to use his chi for a while, he saw the value’s of proper training and physical endurance, and didn’t want to completely rely on his chi for ever problem or solution he’d need to face.  His map was now cleared off, but still he had no leads on Grimm what so ever and it was starting to agitate him to no avail. However he did know one move that needed to be made: Getting to and detecting that weather machine. Apparently the snow is going to cause an epidemic  that could very well kill everyone in the city with a viral infection. Action had to be taken…and Densuke wanted to see if he could launch a counter strike to at least hinder some of their plan by taking out the source, though he will need assistance.  Densuke would hear a report come through on his police scanner. “All units, report to a near by bank in district 2. 2 suspects have been seen demolishing and killing the guardsmen. A third suspect has been suspected, but not confirmed, sending base KPD units all arms. KPDAU stand by, I repeat stand by.” Densuke would raise an eyebrow. “The advanced unit…something’s going down. ( ) Densuke would walk over to his personal room of the heroes for hire hideout, and press his hand to his closet. The closet would read his hand and the doors would emit a steam, that would fog to the ground, and mist out before opening up and emerging a case, with two cylinders. Each cylinder had a version of the red dawn suit. “Can’t be too careful in this situation..i’ll take version 1. Heavily resistant to gunfire by all means and better stamina.” Densuke would open the cylinder and begin placing on the mesh of the suit first, followed by the boots, the gloves, and the belt, and last but not least the cowl. He’d hold his hand out, and his shield would wobble from the wall mount and zoom to his hand. Densuke would catch it on his way out of the door, and taking the secret entrance, towards the back. Emerging from a sewer pipe, Densuke would push a button on his watch and take off at a 60 mph sprint. His hover bike would soon follow, and Densuke would leap 15 feet in the air and spiral, landing perfectly on it, and revving it once before taking off at a 300mph maxed gas millage. Arriving on the scene in literally 2 minutes flat, Densuke would set bike for auto pilot and drop down making his descent to the ground in front of the kpd units. “HEY! Red dawn! Good to see you! Boy do we have a situation here.” Densuke would look back and nod. “ I see…” Densuke would look around and see the bloodied bodies..few dismembered heads..and blood. Blood everywhere. Densuke would point, without looking at the officers. He thought he’ recognized this savage style of kills but he’d hoped he was wrong..using his detective skills, he deduced, this wasn’t anymore than a 2-3 man job as some of the deaths look to be the same style of manor at least. Densuke would grunt and begin to ascend the stairs, in a horrid fashion. Using his peak human speed it’d take him less than a few seconds to ascend the floors. Using his x-ray vision, he’d identify multiple dead bodies, and two standings ones on the fourth floor. Not a minute later Densuke would now be standing at the edge of the hallway, of the fourth floor, and bang his fist on the wall. “I came here to chew bubble gum. And kick ass.” Densuke would pause and spit on the ground, looking at the carnage.” And im alllllllllllllllllllllll outta bubble gum.” Densuke would toss take some tear gas pellts, still now aware of who the men were, and toss the containers down the hallway, releasing a thick cloud that would fill the rooms up advent and in less than 1 minute at the rate the gas was escaping. Densuke would slip in his rebreathe, and activate the “second lids” function in his cowl which allowed him complete clarity and not being effected by the tear gas. Waiting to either draw them out or hear a noise that would allow them to run. Densuke would then silently squat, activating his sonar capaibilities, to track the guys incase they legit did try to exit the building.

Pallas: -After moving up to the top floor, Duke and Damian could hear the sirens begin to surround the building and they could hear the choppers coming down on them. Damian looks at Keyth and says-“I wouldn’t have it any other way…”-That is when the four helicopters come down to their level and blast the bright lights on them. Damian and Duke’s eye cover both turn dark to keep the two from getting blinded by the lights. The KPD Officers began to yell out-“FREEZE! DON’T MOVE AN INCH!”-Damian and Duke slowly raise their hands into the air as if they were going to surrender. That is when the Mini-Grenade Launchers on both of their backs appear around them and the red eye aims at four helicopters. After a few seconds, four small Rocket Propelled Grenades fly out of their shoulders and head straight for the helicopters.( Almost instantly after the grenades are fired the four helicopters take the impact of the grenades and four massive explosions echo through the city. The windows shatter for the next few blocks as a huge gust of wind practically blows them back. The helicopters slowly fall down onto the ground below them, crashing into the squad cars below them, causing some of those cars to explode! The destruction of the helicopters being shot down is huge within seconds. Damian and Duke look at Keyth and Damian says-“I bought us some time…Let’s Move!”-The Two Super Soldiers move to the side of the building. Damian and Duke both latch themselves to the Ceiling foundations by a strong rappelling rope. Damian and Duke make a rappelling rope latch for Keyth as well if he chooses to take the more scenic route. Damian and Duke both know that the KPD will have the stairwells filled with nothing but gunfire and that is a bad ace to try and be right now. At that moment the voice of Densuke could be heard as he tried to make a funny joke about bubble gum. Damian thinks to himself-“Not today Ryoji…maybe another time.”- The Two Super Soldiers dive off the floor and into the sky as they begin to repel down the building with their weapons in hand. (Wallpaper_futuresoldier.jpg) Duke aims down his sights and focuses Semi-Automatic fire on the KPD officers that are around their squad cars. With precision he controls his breathing and takes controlled shots at the cops and one by one he begins to pick off the cops as they try to find cover. Damian runs down the building walls doing the same as Duke, the two begin to fire their KMG’s at the KPD with expert fire. Once the KPD finds cover they too begin to shoot up at Damian and Duke. Realizing that they are in an easy target space, Damian and Duke both begin to jump from the building to get down faster and to make themselves harder targets. As they did that, the grenade launcher on their backs fires once again. This time one grenade is fired from each of their launchers and the projectile flies down from the sky and lands in between some squad cars. Within seconds the grenades explode causing multiple squad cars to explode and take out some remaining KPD officers. A few seconds after the explosions take place, Damian and Duke un-hook themselves from the ropes as they reached the floor. They switch to full-auto now as they begin firing at the street and inside of the building where the KPD still are trying to fill in. The place quickly becomes a warzone as bodies begin to pile up all around them.-

DeliriousAres: (( )) Keyth began to rush out where Daimen and Duke had left only to get a rocket launcher fired at the opening knocking him back all the way down the hall. If the Red Dawn looked he'd see Keyth blast out of the murky air radius of the tear gas. His jacket scorged. He'd roll to his feet coughing heavily as he slowly pulled himself up eying Densuke. "...Ah, so your on the job huh." He said patting his clothing down. leaning back up giving a Densuke a smirk. " Nothing personal Densuke... But i cant goto jail today. I know your just doing your job. So i know you'll understand when i do this...I'll tell you more about it later but... when your fan boys are here..." He said refering to the KPD officers that had rushed through the entrance behind Densuke. " LETS GET EM RED DAWN!" They said charging Keyth. Keyth would have passed by Densuke,leaping high into the air and litteraly with a blink of an eye they had all been disposed of. Knocked out, But it wasnt over. Keyth would have launched a punch to Densuke's Jaw, if it connected it would have blasted his friend by 5 feet. And if he did, he'd see that Keyth was gone. Completely out of sight. His body litterally gone from the sights of the Red Dawn. The Special KPD units blasted another hole in the buidling creating another hole as they rushed in. " Red Dawn sir!" They would have said saulting. " Were here to assist sir!" All 6 of them would say in unison. Keyth was still nowhere to be insight. But, if Densuke looked behind him, he'd see Keyth's body litteraly emerge out of mid air standing at the new hole that the Advanced KPD unit had created. Keyth would have looked over his shoulder giving Densuke a smirk as he gave his friend a thumbs up. " Your a good hero Densuke." He said kicking off the building in slow motion it seemed. Keyths body soared through the air as he drifted down to the ground, 2 helicopters floated around his body. An Image of tetsu flared in his mind, remembering a similar Scene from the Tetsu Ryoji manga series. Keyth opened his eyes as the helicopters circled around him. " FIRE!" At that very moment keyth had entered his Hierro technique, the bullets would blast out in a spray, all of them aiming at his body making contact but soon blasting off into the other Helicopters untill evantually they killed themselves. BOOOM! The firey explosion engulfed Keyths body as he soared to the ground. Twisting and turning in mid air. (( )) As he fell one of the advanced KPD unit soliders would leap high into air meeting keyth in a full hand to hand confrontation in mid air. Keyth weaved a punch to the right, gripping the soliders body litterally 3 seconds before he hit the earth, using his body as a cushion as he hit the ground. The soliders body getting turned into ground beef as he slid across the gravel with his body before he kicked off his body, twisting and turning through the incoming gun fire. Keyth rolled ontop of a cop car. Twisting and turning like in a break dance motion. ((SamuraiChamploo-Breakdance.gif )) His body would twist and turn dodging gun fire through every twist and turn. His body now at it's peak like it had been before his Chi being stripped. He blasted himself high into the air, forcing the car to crush itself like a soda can. And just like that... he vanished again in mid air. 15 minutes later, Keyth would be 3 miles out from the bank. His body would suddenly appear next to a trash can. His skin had camoflagued itself from the trash can before it returned to his orginal skin color. He had been using the,Suterusu Ki( Stealth Energy) Blending Chi allows the user the power to control there enviormenal chi.The user can make their coloration blend with the coloration of their background to avoid optical perception. Some users can affect their attire by means of "static camouflage". within moments of coming into contact with almost any surface, the chi will replicate both its pattern and texture. Thermal technology cannot read this chi technique. The temperature of the user will shift to the surface there hiding against to better blend with the surrounding environment and to evade thermal imaging completely. Multiple surfaces can be mimicked at the same time. When using Chi blending, one cannot sniff out chi, nor sense the users Chi signature to detect them. With this techinque, Keyth has the power to become invisible while in shadows. A sub-power of Darkness Manipulation. He's able to become undetectable as long as they are in darkness or shadow. People with Animal like sensory may be able to detect keyth if there smell, eye-sight etc was keen enough. Technology wont be able to find this technique what so ever due to chi being so highly incorporated. Keyth sighed, panting heavily as he closed his eyes.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos head been on top of building not far from the bank an watches the enents unfold. He looks and can see most of the destruction but then can see Densuke or Red Dawn enter the scene and go into the building. "It seems he is in need of some back up.." He jumps off the top of the building and the jet boots kick on and he shoots off into the air. flying above the rest of the buildings he soon reaches the area of the bank, but not after the 2 men had gotten outside and started taking the KPD officers out with a rather odd device on their back. Ayperos looked at them closely, they didn't seem to be anyone or fight like anyone he knew, these tech wearing thugs where new, but Ayperos had a plan. He would be ripped to shreds if he went in there head on so his first plan of action was to take out the devices on their back. He then flew closer grabbing two electric daggers from his belt and threw them right the two one after another aiming for the devices on their back. If this was to hit, the daggers would produce a massive shock that would short out the devices. but he wouldn't stop there. After throwing he would then grab two sticky bombs and toss them, not aiming for them but around them. They would hit only moments after the daggers would and then withen seconds explode. The blast radious being enough to atleast send then through the air or on their ass. If one of these had hit. Ayperos would slowly go to the ground, drawing his katanas as he does so. Ready for them retaliate or come at him. His sinces right o n them for what they do. But if the attacks on them didn't hit he would stay in the air and still draw his swords. For if the devices where sheilded the blade my not work, but even then it would most likly have to be sheilded on the inside to not atleast malfuntion. He looks at them either way, now that he would have their attention. "Seems you two have nothing better to do. Why use such high tech things for this? Surely with that stuff you have more than enough money, why rob a bank?" He points his sword at them as the auto mail arm bands form down from his shoulder on each arm. "Now, lets dance." he smirk up under his mask. Ayperos would say this either way, for unless they moved right after he through the daggers a good distastance the stick bombs would exlode on them, but like said would daze them. Unless they moved out of the way would be the only time he would say anything, if neither would hit them Ayperos would keep moveing. Flying around and not drawing his blades would grab two more electic daggers and tosseing them again at the devices on their back. ((Note would only do so if the first daggers and sticky bombs did nothing)) For Ayperos knew all to well not to stay in one spot when any type of gun was in action, and knew the best thing was to take out that weapon fist.

Pallas: -As the two continue their slaughter of the Kpd around them, they aren’t too focused on the things that are going around them. That is when the HUD system inside the Kevlar would alert the two Super Soldiers of an incoming projectile. Damian and Duke both turn to face the projectile and using their enhance condition, they duck back and the blades would fly right by the two of them. Damian and Duke both look at the person who comes flying down. As the two sticky bombs coming down around them, both Damian and Duke stand still as the HUD system scanned for lethality. The two Super Soldiers quickly get on one knee with their fist on the ground. As that happens a bright blue bubble shield forms around their bodies as the explosion happens. The bombs would make impact with the shields that the Super Soldiers created and with the dust clouds formed from the blasts, their bodies would become hidden under the smoke. Using the smoke to their advantages, Damian and Duke both activate their camouflage systems and like a ghost, their bodies disappear from sight. So as the smoke clears and the attacker comes to speak to them he would see nothing standing there but two impact marks from the sticky bombs. The camouflage system is resistant to special optics like inferred or X-ray vision and it assists them in remaining silent as they move. Damian and Duke both keep a close eye on the attacker as they slowly begin to move around him to his blind spot. Duke and Damian both have their rifles in hand and in pure silence the two both fire automatic shotgun rounds at the attacker. Using the element of silence and surprise, the two begin to unload at almost point blank range at the attacker in front of them. The Pellets from the shotgun shell spray through the area creating a large impact area all about the body. If the rounds were to impact any part of the attackers body he would instantly be ripped in half from the close range of the high powered shotgun. But if it were to somehow not finish off the attacker, both Super Soldiers would place their rifles on their backs one again and draw their bladed weapons. Duke draws his Vibranium Ulak blades and Damian draws his custom Proto-Adamantium blade that was forged by his father. Using both of their enhanced speeds Duke charges forward on the right and attempts to slide across the floor and slash at the attackers right leg. If it were successful the Vibranium blades would rip right through the attacks leg, crippling him down to the floor. At the same time this happens, Damian swings his blade forward towards the back of the attackers head. If successful, the Proto-Adamantium blade would cut through the attackers cranium like butter. Using their stealth and strength together to make a combo attack. If this combo was to not make impact with the attack Duke and Damian would continue their attack. Duke would jump back to his feet with his blades in hand whereas Damian with his frehand reaches down for his NOMAD Pistol on his hipand begins to open fire on the Attacker with precision fire. If successful with this attack, the attacker would become riddled with high powered .45 caliber pistol rounds. Once this finishing combo was complete the two Super Soldiers would wait to see if the attacker had been slayed or if the fight was going to continue.-

Densuke would use his sonar to hear that the men had indefinitely escaped through the window. One of Densuke’s calculations as the moment they took a step, Densuke would sprint forward to move in on them and take chase, until the smoke cleared  a bit and Densuke would see Keyth appear from no where. Densuke would stand up straight  and listening to keyth’s words. Densuke would only reply quietly. “I’ve got a job to do in this uniform Keyth..i’ll give you a head start and maybe look the other way..just don’t let me catch you while I’m wearing this mask or it’s game on.”  Densuke would watch Keyth leap over him and dispatch of the guards. Keyth would’ve launched his punch, and it would make contact with Densuke’s jaw, but the ragnite armor was so strong, Densuke would actually turn his jaw towards the punch, only demonstrating he was serious about the situation. The punch would connect with a loud “CLANG” and Densuke would stand there un-phased, as he’d watch Keyth disappear again. The guards indicated he’d turned around and Keyth would give Densuke a thumbs up. Mentally…Densuke would shoot him one back. And Keyth probably knew this much to be true himself. Densuke would quickly dart towards the room that the two men were once in, and manage to catch a glimpse of the men darting down. There were explosions and  massive amounts of gunfire. Instead of outright darting out there, Densuke would stand in the window seal and watch from a far. He’d observe their onslaught, but be thankful some of the officers were wearing their false ragnite vest. Densuke would observe them as they made their way down the street. He’d also observe…Ayperos. ‘Good back up!’ Densuke would think to himself. As he observed what the battle turned into he’d quickly see that the men had some tech. Densuke couldn’t recognize them entirely but he’d see their cloaking devices at work. Densuke would switch through x-ray and heat vision, but to no avail they’re tech was designed to withstand and negate it. “Shit…hm?” ( ) Densuke would take note of their being 6 paint cans in the barely open closet. Densuke would smirk, and grab all six of them, lifting them effortlessly with his peak human strength. Densuke would take them and leap out of the window. At this point they’d be launching their attacks at Ayperos, and hopefully Aypero’s would take defensive measures. “Game on!” Densuke would cross his arms and toss the six gallons of paint over towards the general area of the three men. Densuke’s strength at this point was enough to outdo the fastest and farthest traveling fastballs, being able to life 800lbs into his suit. The paint can’s would launch themselves and arrive under half a second over towards Ayperos location. However once in proximity Densuke would then throw 6 exploding sticky spheres, and latch them onto the paint can’s causing them to explode..he’d use the sticky bombs as they weren’t as potent as the shuriken but the result would be six gallons of red paint falling from the sky that would cover not only Ayperos but the locations of the two shrouded males. Densuke wouldn’t outright know where to throw the paint if it weren’t’ for the fact that his peak human sensory system, combined with his ability to deduce anything after looking at it and tracing the pattern of the gunshots, Densuke would calculate the radius of the paint to spread out a massive 10 feet, covering a grand distance of that area that would cover them, if not blot them in red paint. Even with this dodged, the gunshots would emit a quite a loud noise, which would trigger Densuke’s sonar and highlight their bodies in a white image, but the paint was mostly for Ayperos to be able to see them clearly. Densuke would land with a squat next to one of the KPD officers. He’d grab one of their pistols and being running and gunning while spouting orders.  “SHOOT ON MY SIGNAL!” he’d stuff the pistol in his belt side pocket and dash towards the men at 60mph. “Ayperos let’s blitz em!” Densuke would stop his dash arriving 7 feet away form them and launching with both of his hands, a large mass of webbing  8ft in height and length would spray from his palms, the webbing as strong as reinforced steel in tensile strength and if it connected it would take some strong force to escape from. These events are either or, so even if the paint missed, Densuke would still continue on to land and preform the webbing maneuver, but thanks to the racket made by the sheeting of blades and gunfire Densuke could see them perfectly should they try anything.  If the paint worked, then they would be in full visibility, but that’s if it hit. Hopefully Ayperos would develop some sort of way to see them as well. If the web attempt failed, Densuke would spread his legs shoulder with and with draw his shield on his right arm, waiting for a move to be made.

Ayperos looks as the smoke clears and nothing was there. He smirks, haveing really good idea of what they did. Surly they had some sort of cloaking device, and this thought causes him to look on the cround for steps, but then nothing. These guys where not just a couple thugs that had some high tech gear. But they knew what they where doing, but so did Ayperos. Ayperos would then see Densuke toss a couple cans and then stickybombs. He would then kneel down low wraping himself in his cape and using his arm plate to protect his head once they started shooting. The armbands and body army would do its job at protecting him from harm. Once he heard the explosion and felt the pant he would then stands straight up removeing the cloack from around him now covered in red. if the paint hit the two Ayperos would nod running back as fast as he could, drawing both his guns and time would start to slow down as his peak human reflexes kicked in Ayperos would try and distract them. Having one gun aimed at them both and start firing off shots. not to hit them but to have their eyes on Ayperos as Densuke would try and web them both. He'd keep shooting untill the webbing hit, if it did or didn't Ayperos would activate his rocket boots and fly straight up in the air and then land over by Densuke and stand there right next to them. Even if it did or didn't hit Ayperos would press a button on the right metal armband and it would turn into a large gun the length of his forarm and he would put a clip in the bottom with his hand on the other putton of his forarm ready to fire if they even move. if the paint never it them Ayperos would still cover himself and protect himself from the paint and bullets. But seeing that the pain would most likly make them stop and leave Ayperos would uncover himself and then shoot up in the air avoiding getting caught in the webing and as soon as he was up he would land right next to Densuke and form his armband into a gun again and haveing it ready to shot. "Just tell me where they are and I'll unload on them.." he keeps his sinces open as he points the gun in their direction. the gun being able to shou 50 rounds of 50cal. armor peircing rounds, firing rapidly at that. though the clip dosn't have many bullets it was easy to reload as for when it was out the clip would pop off ready for one of the other four on his belt. Ayperos may not be able to see them if the paint didn't hit, but he would unload without any hesitation if need. If they didn't get hit with the webing either Ayperos would start to fire across the way if he could see them. The speed and power of the gun making Ayperos have to hold that arm with his other arm. All in all Ayperos was ready for anything keeping his wits about him and his ears open for Densuke. They are going to take these guys done, or atleast let them know not to fuck with the heros for hire.

Pallas: -( As the two super soldiers were unloading Uranium Rounds into the attacker, they were unknown to what was going on above them. As the explosions of paint explode in the sky, the HUD system in their helmets give the alert of what had happened above them. The screen then zooms to where Red Dawn is standing. Even with the paint explosions, that does not get the two Super Soldiers from attacking. (Mike never stated anything about the blade swinging to the head or the blades to the legs) Duke and Damian continue with their combo attack and Duke’s Vibranium Ulak blades rip into the attacks right kneecap area, completely cutting off the entire bottom half of his leg. Because of that, the attackers body quickly falls like a tree and the swing to the head doesn’t hit fully but instead the tip of the blade hits the left eye of the attacker and cuts the eye area from the bridge of the nose to the side of the attackers face.(For the bae) The attacker would be maimed from the combo attack but still alive for the moment. The right leg of the attacker would be ripped jaggedly, meaning that it is not a clean cut. The effects of the Ulak blades cause the leg to continue to bleed out, giving the attacker a short time to reach medical attention. If Re Dawn were to still throw the webbing, Damian quickly reacts with his Adamantium blade in hand. Damian uses his Enhanced Condition to swing his blade several times so fast that his arms looked to multiply because of the after images. The Adamantium blade quickly cuts into the steel like webbing, cutting the giant web into pieces as it comes to hit the two Super Soldiers. With their bodies visible now, Red Dawn would be able to see the sword and instantly recognize who it belongs too. After the attacking had come to a stop, Damian and Duke keep themselves on the alert as their Grenade Launcher provides an Overwatch for them. If Red Dawn hadn’t attacked yet due to seeing the attacker on the floor, Damian would say to him-“We did you a favor old friend…Now we gave Keyth one…You should come look after this guy…He doesn’t have too long.”-While Damian spoke, Duke had been using the HUD system to activate the Challenger they drove in on and like a mini-tank of sorts, the bright red muscle car comes barreling through police cruisers and up to where Duke and Damian are. The two guickly get into the vehicle with the Launchers watching their six and Damian says-“See ya around, bud.”-Once they are inside of the vehicle, the two begin to drive off, barreling through the blocked path of cruisers and onto the streets of D2. With some cruisers chasing them down, Duke activates the camouflage system that the Challenger has and just like that, they are gone. That’s if Red Dawn lets them go. But with a bleeding out man on the floor in front of them it came down to the choice of saving him or going after Damian and Duke, letting the man die.-

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo sighed as he bought an anti-tank rifle custom made to look like a Barrett 50cal sniper rifle but it was still carrying the same weight and fired completely different ammo but could fire the signature 50cal rounds. ( Kakubo sighed as the damn thing weighed 16.5 pounds. To him it was like lifting boulders but to others it might be a piece of cake. “Fucking A, wish I had my car. This fucker weighs a ton and so does the ammo…. Fucking caring box is hurting my arm. Weighs like fucking 7 pounds.” Kakubo had a look of exhaustion but suck it up as if he did not feel pain he knew he was not alive nor would not build strength which he did not have in the first place. “Fuck this. I was given nanites for a reason might as well give them a shot” Kakubo sighed and started walking he took long breaths he took five to six steps before he took his final step. Kakubos foot planted on the ground firmly while he leaped with the other. His body looked transparent for a mere moment and then he was gone. Kakubo was now in an accelerated speed to the point the normal human eye could not see. Passing people he made a quarter mile mark before he knelled on his right knee panting “Fuck….. Only a mile left…… But I don’t think I can do this again….. I used a good amount of my stamina on this… So I’m not moving for a while again” Kakubo said to himself. He leaned against a wall and took his phone out to call Walter. The other side picked up “Walter…. I- I need you….. To come pick me up…. Trace phone and come get me…. And bring the Bentley”. Walter understood. He had Kakubo’s phone traced and locked onto where he was. Walter got into the driver’s seat of the Bentley. Starting the car he heard the engine come alive. Walter pealed out of the driveway of the Tsukuyomi manor and started driving towards the direction of where Kakubo was. Ten minutes pass and Kakubo still leaning against a building. He saw some guys in Goth outfits walk past him and down an alleyway. Kakubo sighed and still stayed put, hearing the engine of his car Kakubo waved Walter down. The car came to a stop and the trunk of the car was opened. Kakubo placed the weapon in the trunk and then closed it. He opened the door to the passenger side of the car and got in shutting the door* “Four half a million dollars this fucking gun better be worth it” Kakubo said and in Walters response “I hope it’s everything you wished for Mr. Tsukuyomi, sir” Kakubo sighed and looked to Walter “Its late and I would love to head back home. Drive fast” Kakubo said as it was an order Walter slammed his foot on the accelerator pedal and the car would roar as he made a full “U” turn and drove back down the way they came. Kakubo watched looked out the window and looked to the stars the very pretty stars in the sky and sighed.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos takes off running this but to his surprise they never stopped shooting. Though his armor on his arms protected his upper body, the shells ripped through his legs, Tearing the muscles and causing him to fall to the ground, though he would have got out of the way of their deadly combo. With a loud yell he would look at his legs and then reach for his gun but by the time he crawled to it they had already gotten into the what looked like a tank. Ayperos would look at his legs unable to move them as blood started to come. He would then drop his gun and start to punch the ground. "FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!" He would look at Densuke and if he hadn't already yell out. "GO GET THEM!! FORGET ABOUT ME!" He would then fall back on the ground and start to look in the sky. His legs where fucked, and it would cost alot of money to have surgery but he had it. It would take a bit before he would be able to really be able to move properly but that he had time.. "Heh.. Got one thing over with, now time for another... And things seemed to be going so well.' He would just lay there hope Densuke went after them,but if not he wouldn't say anything and then snap at him. but not directed to him, just him being really pissed off. "If you find them... Or know who they are.. You tell me..." his eye starts to turn bright red as he says this and then start to turn blue as he looks at Densuke but then shuts his mouth and doesn't say another word to him.

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