((" LET THE PARTY BEGINNN!!!!!!" The massive crowd shouted in response to the young man standing on the high inside balcony of his large mansion estate that spread out farther than 12 foot ball field. The party raged, people drinking, doing all sorts of drugs. Larry had payed off the Mayor, making him force the KPD not to have any interactions with this event. Prostitutes and such were all over the place. People getting fucked on walls, bent over. Smoking all sorts of drugs, from meth, to snorting coke. Larry loved this shit... It didnt matter who you were, everyone was invited to this party, of course with a 5 dollar admission fee but still. Larry wanted everyone to be here... to see him in his glory. One of the richest men in the world. Larry Timmerson. He owned hunderds of corp busniess. Having a full monopoly on the worlds hover car trade. His money was vast, this party alone. Accumilated over 200 million dollars for the free food alchohal and beverages. Hundreths of people were there that were over 21. (( How he looked.)) He popped open a soda can. and begin to drink it as he walked past the masses that joined in at the party. Multi billionar tychon. Every woman in the city wanted him it seemed. He had four bands playing in different parts of his MASSIVE home. He was king shit around here. "...And im supposed to kill that guy..." Keyth said standing in the middle of the crowd eyeing larry from afar. " Do you see this fucking secruicty in here. This is sucicde." Keyth said pulling the hoody on his head. " This isnt even Yakuza related colt. Why am i doing this!?" Colt could be heard snickering as he began to speak through Keyths ear piece. "...That asshole has more drug connections than every cartel on the planet. Shutting him down, will knock the drug trafficking down by 30% in the city. You should be happy, you'll be doing the city a great service." Keyth continued to follow the young man. His head low and his hair hanging over his face. " He's a kid... i didnt approve on killing kids." " He's 18, he's grown enough. From your records, at your age, you had killed almost over 100 people. So that's no excuse." Keyth remained quiet, turning to the right seeing a girl getting plowed over a table right infront of everyone. On the other side of that, looked to be some kind of BDSM event. A girl getting tied down and getting her holes filled and rammed up with every kind of toy you can think of. " Alright, so kill the bastard... but how do i get out?" Colt could be heard sipping on a soda and then burping. " That's for you to worry about me. Your the stone cold killer rememeber?" Colt hung up. Leaving keyth alone to contemplate how he'd get along with this. "...." He looked up, watching the man pass on by through his fans. "... Nothing personal.." Keyth said pulling his hood on further, shielding his bright golden eyes.

SilithriasMorogroth: ‘’There he is.. ‘’ –Drake would mutter, leaving the confines of a shadowy alleyway, nighttime in the District was dangerous, but certainly not as dangerous as in the dead center of the city? Well, that much was true for normal citizens, but not Drake. Drake was a man of a different breed, he cared not for money, fame or glory. All he wanted was that sweet taste of adrenaline and chaos, beautiful chaos. People say chaos is evil, but what is chaos but the purest form of freedom? Dressed in slim black jeans that where frayed at the knees tucked into a pair of combat boots, steel toe of course. Wearing his a blood red tanktop with an alligator skin jacket that had been died to a midnight black, his face was handsome and lean, a clean beard trimmed his jawline and he had a well trimmed goatee to compliment it, bright green eyes hid behind black circle shades, and running from his right eye into his skull was a scar that showed even through the shaved sides of his head, his hair recently being cut into a Mohawk and gelled up into a masterful work. The man he was approaching was the driver of a liquor truck, which held uncountable gallons of booze and beer, the man was in his early fourties, potbellied with a receding hairline, wearing a greese stained shirt and bluejeans he was at work climbing from the truck as Drake would stride to him. Drake, giving a small grin would wave- ‘’Afternoon good sir, I was wondering if perhaps I could have your truck of liquor, you see. I’ve been invited to this party and I can’t show up empty handed. You know?’’ –The truck driver would frown, and in his confusion Drake would whip his hand down into his boot bringing up a balanced throwing blade and hurtling it into the mans throat, laughing giddily and running over to him, kicking the dying man in the ribs and grabbing his knife from the throat of the man, squatting over him and licking the blade before spitting in the dying mans face- ‘’Your blood tastes like shit, reflects the man I suppose, right?’’ –Before he would step into the Semi truck and slamming the door behind him he would look out over the road.- ‘’So much power in such a vehicle..’’ –Turning on the radio he would produce an I-pod 93 (<- I made a funny.) plugging it into the radio and booming from the trucks speakers would be a song by a long ago artist, Bassnecter- Drop the bomb. And shifting the truck into gear Drake would slam onto the gas the truck roaring away accompanied by the sound of Drakes laughter, gaining speed Drake would shift from gear to gear, the massive vehicle steadily gaining speed as he drove toward the party disregarding all stoplights and roadsigns, oh did I mention before that before drake had climbed into the Cab he had nabbed himself a bottle of Patron and was busy guzzling it as he drove down the highway? Well, yeah. He was. And as he became steadily more intoxicated he would begin to veer, and that was when the first casualty began, Drake would slam headlong into a car. Now this being the future, Semi’s were like tanks with cargo, and Drake would run over the car, laughing as he bumped up and down, the huge vehicle chugging along without a seconds pause, seeing the Mansion immediately to his left Drake would shout- ‘’FUCK ME RUNNIN’.’’ –And yanking the steering wheel to the direction of the Mansion he would accidentally pull it TOO far and the Semi would flip to the side slamming onto the road and dragging up to the party, into the grass, and narrowly avoiding hitting several partiers, after all had cleared people would begin to merge on the overturned semi, when suddenly the door would burst open and crawling from the turned Semi would be Drake, drunk as fuck, wobbling for balance on the semi, and holding the patron bottle aloft in one hand he would scream- ‘’I WORE MY SEATBELT!’’ –Before jumping down, hitting the ground, and falling on his face-

Pallas: -Damian and Duke both are at work preparing for their next job. Damian moves his hand around on a touch screen computer as he works out the strategy for him and Duke to use for this job they had been recently hired to do. Duke is down in the Car Garage working on their vehicle to make sure it is still in tip top shape for them. Damian focuses inventively on the computer screen as the job they are asked to complete it a rather difficult job to do. After working some hours on the car, Duke comes upstairs to check on Damian and the battle plan that he has come up with. When Duke walks into the room he sees Damian working hard and asks-“So what do we got so far?”- Damian rubs the bridge of his nose with two of his fingers and says-“Well so far I’ve been looking at the layout of the mansion and I have to say this is one big fucking house. We are looking for one kid, 18 years old. He’s some kind of rich fuck similar to what my life would have been if you know…my father wasn’t a god damn God…But that is beside the point. Apparently a party is going on at this house and that will give us a small window to take him out. Hundreds if not thousands of people will be piling into this one house and getting beyond fucked up. Having said that, security detail will be on a whole new level. So I thought we could go in silent and with some special toys for us to subdue the area.”-Duke raises a brow as he begins to focus as Damian begins to talk about the plan.-“Across the street from the mansion is another mansion on a higher elevation than the target. We use that to zip line across to the roof of the targets area. There will most likely be contact on the rooftops so while you zip line across, I will provide Overwatch with the Sniper Rifle with suppressive fire. Once we get on the roof of the building we each take over one of the AC Unit vents.”-Damian reaches down on the table and picks up a small metal canister that looks like a smoke grenade.-“We take a couple of these and we release them into the AC Unit vents and within three minutes the house will be filled with what I liked to call Crazy Train. The effects of the gas give the target an erotic sensation that in a simple sense of the word…it makes them horny like rabbits in the spring time.”-Duke quickly interrupts and asks-“Okay A. how will making them horny help us and B. won’t the gas be noticeable in the air?”-Damian smiles and continues to explain his plan-“ahhh my friend you would be correct but thankfully the elements that make this gas give off a clear and odorless effect…No one will even know it was in the air until it is too late. And my friend if everyone is horny at a party where sex and well rape are already expected, security won’t think anything weird has been happening. But the effects of being horny will make security weak because their minds will be focused on getting some nice pussy instead of their job. The job is supposed to be a quiet and clean kill so for once Duke…you can’t go biting your way into everyone’s neck.”-Duke growls a bit not liking the joke and Damian continues-“So once everyone is hit with the Crazy Train, we both swoop in with the GOLIATH Gear and go invisible. Now there will be a lot of people in this party! WE CANNOT! Cannot touch anyone at this party. Once we touch someone, our cloaks may come undone and we will be revealed. Once our identity is compromised, thinks can get nasty in a hurry…And we do not need that right now, Duke.”-Duke nods in understanding the plan and what he can and cannot do. Duke then says-“I understand, and the Challenger is good to go whenever you are ready to head out.”-Damian nods and the two quickly change over into their GOLIATH Uniform and get into the Challenger. ( Once inside, Duke revs up the engine and begins to make way to the main start point they need to get too.-

Impresssed: ( It was a long day for her, she was still in search for that dreaded man who ruined her life, although she did find some evidence of the man who killed Leon. She tracked the bullet that lead to the gun of the assassin and has yet to find the man, but she knows for damn sure he is around this area and even better she knows exactly what he looks like. She was in game mode. Felicity’s long vibrant red hair flowed behind her as she walked her heels clicking fiercely on the sidewalk and her leather jacket hugged her body tightly along with her black jeans. She didn’t look like she was out to kill someone, which was good. She was in civilian mode. Her golden eyes glanced around the area, she was almost ready to give up. She pulled out the picture of the man on her phone and took a long hard look at it. The anger in her blood thirsty eyes could be seen from miles away. She looked up from her phone and paused mid walking. She spotted him. She swallowed hard, making her way towards him. Just as she was about to catch him he turned into a mansion. She stopped short looking up at the large home, music was bursting out of it and many flashing lights along with the smell of alcohol and drugs. She walked up to the mansion and was almost pushed back by a large man guarding the entrance. Felicity looked up at him and blinked idly. “Five dollars sweetheart.” The large man spoke in a deep voice. She squinted her eyes at him and sighed. “Fine..” She was shoved by a guy running to throw up, as he was running by she slipped his wallet from his back pocket. “I’m just gonna borrow this babe.” She pulled out some money and handed the large man five dollars. “Here you go, buy yourself something nice. ’Sweetheart.’ ” She snapped walking past him and dropping the wallet on the floor. She walked in looking around to see people dancing and drinking, as well as doing what their horny hearts desired. She shook her head at a girl being degraded in public and kept her eyes locked on the image of the man she was looking for. She shoved through crowds of people, her tiny frame would never be able to find him in a crowd like this. Just as she locked eyes with her target she felt a tug on her leather jacket. She turned to see a drunk man stumbling and laughing. “H-Heeeey, sweeeet thang, I was just wondering if you wanna taaake some shots with meeee!! Damn girl you zoo fiiinee I just wanna make you mii—“ Just before the man finished his “smooth talking” Felicity shoved a hand in his face grabbing it and threw him behind her shoulder. “No thanks.” She looked around for the man and sighed. She lost her target. Shoving through more crowds she continued her search. “I’ll find you motherfucker..” She mumbled.
Discordia: Yukina glanced around the room with a scowl as she pulled at her phone and checked the time. It was packed with wall to wall people who seemed to make one writhing bulging mass that reeked of sweat, bud light and cheap perfume. Her firey red hair cascaded around her porcelain face in crazy ringlets. Nothing more than bits of black fishnet and leather covered her body, and it was not doing the most efficient job. The crowd seemed to part for Yukina and keep their distance. They did not really have a say in the matter. Flanking her on the left and right were two men. They had that police officer look to them. Perhaps it was the way they stood and the way that they constantly scanned the crowd. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, they were her guards and no, those were not their real names…. just what she called them. They were not the only guards she had, but the others were far more efficient at blending into the crowd. Still, Yukina had saved both of the ex-pigs lives and so she never had to question their loyalty… just had to deal with them following her around like lost puppies. Her phone seemed more entertaining to her as she texted rapidly, closing some business deal for a manufacturing plant she had acquired. After a few moments, she slid the phone into her pocket and headed to the bar. Her two guards followed systematically. “Hey, you two… relax and try to live just a little bit.” The pair looked at her, trying to avoid looking at any of her exposed skin, and then nodded. “Yes Miss Saito.” She dropped her shoulders and sighed, shaking her head slightly. She ordered a tumbler of whiskey and tossed it back before leaning back against the bar and facing the crowd. She was not impressed with the host so far, one of the richest men in the city and he acted like a spoiled fool. She was already thinking of some way to steal his company right out from under him. She waved her hand at the bar tender and ordered another drink as she pulled out her phone and texted her Vice President. “Get your ass down here.”

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo already inside the party sighed. “Well this was a good idea I guess” Kakubo said laughing to himself. He walked around the room he was in seeing lots of people; never being to a party it was his first time. Kakubo already was being eyed by two or three guys. He blushed when he saw them but thought they might not like the idea of a guy. One of the men walked up to the boy. He was about 6’4 and average build. ( this is him) He wore a white shirt with a red tie and black slacks and shoes. He came awfully close to Kakubo and brought his lips to Kakubos before he could even say anything. Blushing he did as he never been kissed someone of the same sex. It felt nice. “How about we go somewhere a little less noisy, Mr. Tsukuyomi.” Kakubo was speechless and was about to speak but was stopped by the males index finger “Don’t worry I am not here to hurt. Just look so cute that I could not miss out on asking you out” Kakubo stood there wearing a black business suit and slacks but wore black heels. His purple eyes looking into the males deep blues and he said nothing and nodded. Kakubo felt his heart beat slightly faster but said nothing. The taller male placed his arm around the boys body pulling him closer, his hand wrapped around the boys waist telling other guys if they saw the cute fem looking boy that he was the males. Kakubo said noting and was being pulled out by this mysterious male that he did not even know the name of but did not think it was right to ask for the time being. It took about a good 40 maybe 50 feet before they made it to the exit. When they did they continued walking away from the area of the party. His friends still back at the party drinking and doing all sorts of shit, Kakubo sighed but out of the fact his heart was about to punch out of his very chest. He tried to calm down only to feel the male stop. Thoughts came through his head as they were in a quiet area (He’s going to do it here… This is where I will die…. This is where it en…) Kakubos heart raced faster as if he was running for his life only to slow down as the male pulled the boys head up to him. The boys eyes looking into the males and soon was kissed by him once again. Which made Kakubo’s heart stop for a mere second before it started pumping in rotation. “Relax” The guy said laughing. “I said I was not going to hurt you” The guy said wrapping his arm around the boys waist again and they kept walking their backs turned to the place of which they came out of

LightFang: - Aiden would take a look at his phone as it began to buzz with an alert. "New text message" It would say across the screen as he entered the passcode and unlocked his phone. He opened the message and read it out. He tapped into his tracer app to find out where she was. He took a double take at the location. 'Wait wasn't that where the huge orgy party thing was goin down?' He thought to himself, 'Why is she wanting me to go there?' He shrugged and went into his room to grab a new shirt anyway. He was already wearing a pair of dark black jeans and a black muscle shirt but decided to grab a green suit coat to give him a more bussiness casual look to himself. He grabbed a couple bracelets and put them on his right arm and threw on a necklace. He began to walk over to the garage pit of his appartment and picked up his rider gloves from the workbench in his garage. He slipped them on and climbed onto his custom jetcycle. He revved it once and the ceiling of his garage began to fold away. The floor his jetcycle was sitting on began to rise and perfectly filled the space the ceiling opened. He pressed a button his handlebars and a red metal flight suit formed around his body and formed a helmet around his head. He hit the accelerator and launched off of his roof top headed toward the mansion in which this "orgy" was being held. He arived moments later and parked in a nearby parking lot about a block over. It wouldnt hurt him to walk a little bit further he decided. He let the flight suit colapse back into his bike and began to walk up to the mansion gates. One of the gaurds looked him over checking him for weapons. "Whats this?", one of them said takeing out a vial of pills. "Thats my medicine, i have to take it at specific times so i hope its not a problem if i hold on to it." Aiden cleverly replied without missing a beat. The gaurd looked at him and then the bottle then back to him before tossing the bottle back. "Just giving you a hard time, sex drugs are totally alloud dont be ashamed." Aiden caught the bottle and put it back in his pocket before saying, "Oh yea, sex drugs heh." Trying to act embaressed as if they caught on to him. These were actually a set of his Chi pills that he created with the help of Ochigi. He made his way into the mansion and instantly noticed the bright red hair. 'Good thing red hair isnt all that common in this city', he thought as he ran a hand through his own red hair. He would make his way over behind her leaning up to her ear. "So this is how the president of Saito Corp spends her saturday night." He would say into her ear trying to get a rise from her. If she were to turn to face him she would only see a smirk on his face from the snarky comment he had made.-

ChairmenRyoji: ( ) Densuke would be sitting in the heroes for hire office, leaning his head against the wooden dojo. Thinking about everything that took place the other day with Ayperos injuries…the mysterious two men, who Densuke had a feeling he knew who they were. The way that blade was swung, the body language, and the sheer skill of the two were things he’d never forget. “Damian…again.” Densuke would look up at the ceiling and sigh lost in thought. ‘….I’m gonna have to stop putting my life before the lives of others. As much as I care about my friends…and all they’ve done for me…I have a job to do. When I put this mask on, wrong doers are wrong doers. No ifs, and’s, or but’s…if it comes down to it there will be no hesitation. I’m sorry in advance my friends..” Densuke would slip on version 2 of his dark god suit, and grab the rail gun stuffing it in his utility belt…grabbing his shield from it’s holster and taking a deep breath. “These choices aren’t’ my own..i’m loyal to nothing. Except the dream.”..::Flashback:: ( )Colt would be walking with his blonde assistant down the hall way to the KPD Threat simulator. It’d been a few days since the bank incident and Densuke would constantly called in for routine testing and fighting demonstrations and simulations. Colt was putting his identity on the line and threating to reveal every dirty secret he’d ever conceived to the public, shattering the red dawn’s image. The saddest part of it is..Densuke knew colt wouldn’t hesitate to do it at all. Colt would walk inside the doors, and see Densuke huddled in the middle of the room…a pile of simulated bodies would surround Densuke’s body, all with black and blue faces and bones protruding for certain areas of their skin. Densuke sat with his knees to his chest. “These sessions are getting easier for you Ryoji. The difficulty is at max and you’ve just started bum rushing them instead of actually steal thing it.” Colt would wave his hand, his assistant handing him a chart. “Got a to do list for you for you Ryoji. Ever hear of Orgy’s?” Densuke would stand up and take the towel handed to him by colt’s assistant, wiping the blood from his muscular frame. “Fapped to em a couple of times, why what’s up?” Colt would hand Densuke the clip board and explain the scenario. “Guy’s a rich tycoon named Larry. Also a heavy drug trafficker, highest in the city right now. Guy sells all the good and best stuff you can get but he’s got connections. Massive amounts of connections. We can’t pin him down. However word on the street is, he may be assassinated by an unknown source.” Densuke would look up. “Soo…save him?” Colt would shake his head. “No, he has to die. This is unavoidable. It’s also to the best of our convince. Colt was expecting an outburst of resistance, but surprisingly Densuke would nod after looking at the paper. “Yeah, he might need to be killed… As harsh as it sounds, some casualties are necessary….just how the world works.” Thinking about his battle with Wilson, Densuke would look up at colt. “So what am I needed for?” Colt would smirk. “Infiltration. I need you go to three locations in the house. The computer room, his personal office, and his bed room. In each location he keeps hidden and scattered blue prints of his operations, and organizational cover ups. Even with his death, he’s bound to have successors, people to carry the torch. To prevent that we’ll storm all these locations in a full scale operation, and completely irradiate his reign. The main part of this is do not. Get. Caught. If anyone see’s the red dawn at this kind of shindig it’ll look bad. However the place is 12 foot ball fields long, so you’ll need full gear. Cause concussions for memory loss, I don’t want any casualties if it can be helped. ” Colt would hand Densuke a chip. “We’ve managed to use satellite to figure out which three rooms you’ll need to go to. Your job is getting to said rooms. Understood?” Densuke would take the chip and begin walking out the threat simulator doors. “I’m on it, I’m on it..”::flashback end: ( ) Densuke mount his bike, and instead of taking off straight he’d ride his bike slam above the city traffic limits of hover cars. Heading up past the KPD tower, he’d then make his way through the skies, heading for the coordinates on his bike, and at a break neck speed to boot. Revving up to 150 mph, he’d reach the place in little time, and whistle at how huge it was. Circling the air space a bit he’d study the parameters, and use his zoom feature to scope out the amount of guards actually surrounding the place. He’d place small markers using the S.M.A.R.T tech cowl on their locations via body heat, so he wouldn’t be to surprised if one should be approaching his position. Playing it smart he’d fly out 3 miles from the back side of the house, aiming to head to the

ChairmenRyoji: Playing it smart he’d fly out 3 miles from the back side of the house, aiming to head to the first room promptly, thought it would take some planning. Densuke would dismount his bike and begin free falling from the sky. The wind soaring through his hair, he’d wait til the perfect distance and shoot a web in a patch of trees, completely cushioning his landing, his body would bounce off of the webbing and he’d be in the wilderness surrounding the area. Densuke would then use his training to squat onto his tip toes, and begin stealth running at a break neck pace, trying to keep good time. Arriving at the location in less than five minutes he’d look as the gaurds came in pairs. Great. Densuke knew he couldn’t just play to a savage land, so with that he’d use a trick he briefly picked up from danny. Densuke would place his hand on his mouth and speak, throwing his voice, and sounding like a woman. “Excuse me?! Excuse me! I need help over here! My pussy Is leaking wet, and I need some dick right now!” The guards would look over, and begin speaking on their ear pieces. “We’ve got a straddle over here, proceeding to eliminate possible threat. The two guards would venture into the woods and begin looking around. “pssst.” Densuke would whisper as the guards would then turn around, and as they did Densuke would shoot webs at their mouths muffling their screams. Then with inhuman quickness he’d drop kick the both of them simultaneously with his knees, and, land in a squat. “There’s still to many..need to clear an area.” Densuke would strip the clothes from one of the guards, and put them on, sunglasses included. He’d then throw the nude guards body out on the field in plain sight to see, and begin to circle the perimeter dressed as a guard, keeping silent and even mimicking their bland facial expressions. He’d enter the building through a side door and stand nod to a fellow guard now traversing the hallways of this large estate freely heading towards the first room..

DeliriousAres: (( continued to follow Larry. His eyes dead locked on the man as he drifted from shadow to shadow stalking him.Larry was pulled into the restroom. Keyth followed, his hands extended and a long blade unsheathed itself from his sleeve of his large hoodie. A Hidden blade. He walked into the restroom.. To find.. nothing. The lights flickered on and off as Keyth passed through the bathroom. Turning to the right two girls having full blown sex made Keyth stop to watch for a momment. Shaking his head he continued to walk through the rest room. Stalking... like a panther. He opened his mouth, showing his sharp teeth hidden within his mouth. He stopped, looking to the right of him at a stall. He sniffed for a moment, lowering his head and kicking on the stall with a hard THUD! The door flew open... nothing. Seeming abit agitated he took a step back from the stall. The Darkness of Keyths hoody hid his dark cryptic features of his face even when he stepped out of the stall. He turned to the right and left of him. 15 men on each side of him were in wait for the stalking assassian. Keyth kept his head down, breathing like some kind of demon as he clenched his fist. The attacks were silent, and so were there deaths. Not even 5 seconds after, all of the men were dead. All 30 of them. All pilled on the floor. Keyth walked out of the rest room. His head low, people were swaying there bodies to the music, all of them looking at him with bright glowing eyes as they stared him down. He'd stare them down as well. The gaurds that attacked him, only meant that Larry was on to him.(( Keyth watched as a barrage of topless females pushed him back to the middle of the dance floor. Alot of 'WOOOOOOO's were heard when he was pushed into a chair. His shirt removed, his eyes watched as they paraded around his body, one girl with dark brown hair, seeming to be of hispanic decent began to grind on his lap. Pressing her ass slowly against his memeber as he leaned back in his seat. Keyth's head had been pulled to the right as one of the girls with bright red hair, lapped her tounge over chin and then started to kiss on his neck only for the girl grinding on him to turn around so she was facing him. Placing her arms around his shoulders she continued to grind against him. This time making her breast press against his face. She bit down on her bottom lip, her fully breast pressing against Keyths rough jagged features as he turned his head to the right. His Onigami tattoo's showing on his body momentarily before dispersing again. Larry was seen going up the stairs with a grin on his face tapping an ear piece on his right ear as he made his way up the stairs. " Take him to the back room girls." He said smirking. All 6 of the girls pulled keyth up and brought him to the 'RED ROOM'. Or so Larry had it designed. A room clearly made for sexual focuses. Keyth was then pressed into another chair. Only to get his handcuffed to the back of him. He turned around to see the red head do this deed but the girl with green hair placed her index finger on his lipps. " Shhh.." She said leaning in and starting to kiss him, he turned his head but another girl behind him would force him to keep his head straight. The one with the blue hair would unzip his pants. Taking out his memeber and starting her very best. Going straight at him with her mouth open, taking it all in. Keyth though... seemed heavily unamused. The lead with the dark hair, stood back and smriked. " Having a good time daddy..." Keyth tilted his head up, looking her right in the eye. The girl behind him pulled a long Katana out of nowhere. Hovering it over his head.(( " Naw... your pussys smell like fuckin death. And period buckets. Take a fuckin shower next time bitch." The lead with the long black hair would shout out in sheer anger. The girl behind him with the Katana lunged her blade down. Keyth gripped the infront of him with his legs tightening her in a chokehold grip. Pushing the chair back with his inhuman strength he'd pull the girl up blowing him off so the girl with the blade would impale her comrade instead as the chair broke when Keyths back hit the ground. He rolled his pants still around his ankels. Now only 5 left they all charged Keyth at once. Snapping ones neck with the broken chair, And caving one girls head in with his dick. And then choke slamming another through the floor. Killing them all with his pants down and his dick out. Keyth finally broke the handcuffs on his wrist as Keyth pulled his pants up. Still shirtless. " Is he taken care of?" Larry said and he got a reply. " Yeah, hes gone. Im on my way up just for you boss." Larry smirked. " Good, i'll be waiting." Keyth could copy animals abilites, humans are mammals correct? An Animal. He copied the lead girls voice. " Open the door for me." He said to Larry which he did.

Pallas: -The Super Soldiers pull up to house that is across the street from the Mansion that the party is taking place in. They park out of sight of the Security guards that are monitoring the rooftops in an overwatch position. Damian and Duke quickly climb up the drain pipe that the house has and they quickly make it up to the roof of the neighboring house. When they get to the top, Damian reaches around his back and grabs the KMG he and Duke both wear as their Primary Weapons. Damian gets down in the prone position behind the cover of an iron rod fence that the owners of this house have so they can safely come up to the roof for relaxation. ( With his weapon on Semi-Automatic he begins marking the targets that walk the perimeter of the building. While he does that, Duke grabs the hookgun that makes a zip line for him to swing on. Duke aims the hookgun down at the foundations of the building and waits for Damian to give the all clear for him to fire. Damian sights in behind the holographic sight and activates his inferred vision to make seeing the guards on the roof easier. With his finger slowly moving to the trigger mechanism, Damian fires a suppressed shot with the aid of a silencer on the edge of the barrel. The round quickly flies down range and hits one of the guards in the cranium causing bone and brain matter to fly into the air. The guards body slowly falls over the edge of the roof and lands hard on the floor below him in some bushes. Damian then moves his weapon to the right a bit and fires another round at a guard. This shot hits the guard in the back and comes out of his chest, ripping his spine in two. The guard quickly falls onto the floor of the roof and one by one Damian continues this trend of one shot one kill. Once the roof looks to be clear, Damian taps the top of his Kevlar to give Duke the go ahead to zip line over. Duke nods and wraps his body onto the rope and kicks himself over the roof of the building they are on and with his rifle in hand he begins to speed across the street heading straight for the roof. Within a few seconds, Duke’s body comes over to the roof of the party house and he quickly unhooks himself. His body hits the floor and he hits a barrel roll perfectly and he finishes on one knee with his rifle up in the Kneeling Positon. He scans the area, providing security for Damian so he can zip line over as well. Duke pats the top of his head and Damian nods understanding the signal that the area is clear. Damian quickly repeats the same actions as his brother and the two make it to the rooftops with a clear entry. Once they completed the first step of their plan, both of them walk to separate sides of the roof where the two AC Units are working like crazy with all the people in the house. Both of them grab a couple canisters of the Crazy Train gas and place them in the AC Vent. Before dropping them in, they unclip the pin and the gas is quickly released into the air. After they drop the gas into the AC Units everyone in that house would have three minutes of clarity before instantly feeling the effects of the gas. The people will become extremely horny and more volatile for the urge and nee for sexual action. With the odorless smell and non-visual look of gas people would not know anything is out of place in the party. People would also consider the fact that people are hopped up on drugs to be a reason why people are going wild as well along with the fact that people are already fucking like dogs in these rooms. Damian and Duke both lead down behind the cover of the AC Units as Damian looks down at his timepiece he has on his wrist and says to Duke through their communications device-“Only three minutes before we breach in…Be ready…”-

Impresssed: Felicity shoved her way through crowds of drunk and under the influenced civilians, dodging idiots and vomit, her eye was caught on one man. She found him. She angrily shoved through people refusing to let anyone of them stop her, on her way she paused backing up she noticed a beer pong table. The girls obviously losing she sighed. Sneakily she snuck up behind the girls and whispered in their ears. They both giggled as the guys looked slightly confused on the other side of the table. Just as one of them were about to shoot the ball the girls both pulled down their shirts flashing the guys, both of their jaws dropped and lost focus on throwing the ball missing the cup completely. The girls high fives each other and Felicity. She laughed then suddenly she snaps back to reality. She face palmed remembering what her purpose of being there was, damn her short attention span. She waved off the girls and made her way winking at the angry guys across the table. She continued walking and a sly smile appeared on her face. “Gotcha bitch.” She squinted her eyes keeping a hand on her thigh garter filled with her kunai. She needed to lure him into somewhere private. She walked up to him slowly and tapped his shoulder. “Excuse me.. but I couldn’t help but notice you from far.. wanna take a few shots with me?” The man chuckled looking Felicity up and down and nodded. “Sure thing.” She lead him to the liquor and got two shot glasses pouring them both a shot. He took a shot while she poured the shot over her shoulder. She continued this procedure until the man in front of her was wobbling. She held him still and looked at him in the eyes. “Wanna come upstairs with me?” She asked with a small sensual smile. He nodded eagerly and she grabbed his wrist tightly pulling him up the stairs into the bathroom. He stumbled as they walked and she shut the door behind them locking the door. “Now … I finally have you alone.” She pushed him down onto the toilet seat and slammed his head against the wall. The man groaned and laughed slightly. “ Woahh, kinky.” He’d chuckle a bit. “Tell me what you know about a man named Leon Williams.” She napped at him ignoring his comment. The man sat on the seat and groaned from the pain. “Gah.. what.. what the fuck are you talking about?.. You mean that mafia guy my brother killed a few years ago?” Felicity’s eyes grew wide. “’re brother?” He’d nod wearily. “What’s his name, and is he here with you?” She asked sliding out one of her blades pressing it against his neck. “I-It’s David! D-David Carson!.. and y-yes.” He’d say looking away from her. “Show me what he looks like or i’ll cut you into tiny pieces and feed you to wolves.” The man’s eyes grew wider and struggled reaching into his pocket pulling out his phone fumbling to look for a picture. “HERE! HERE! J-Just let me go..” He’d cry softly as her knife pressed against his neck. “Hm.. Thanks bud.” She’d take his phone and sliced his neck, shoving him off the toilet seat. “Now.. David.. where could you be?” She asked herself wiping the blade on his jacket and sliding it back in her garter as she walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Discordia: Yukina jumped slightly at the sound of his voice before she let out a drunken giggle and finished the whiskey in her glass. “Because, you don’t get out enough… and I needed a designated driver.” Her eyes drifted to the two guards, “I couldn’t stand to spend the night alone with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.” She ordered another drink and hopped up so that she was sitting on the bar with her legs crossed. “Some party, huh?” She said before taking a swig. The crowd seemed to be growing larger and larger as more people arrived, and they seemed to be wearing less and less. Not figuring anyone would notice, she pulled out a joint as big around as her pinky and lit the end, inhaling deeply, before blowing a cloud of the smoke into the crowd.

LightFang: -( The music throughout the party would be sounding loudly over the sounds of all the expansive activities going on around the place. After Aiden had asked Yukina to dance he was suddenly being pushed down into the dancefloor. "Well alright then." He would let her push him to the dancefloor deeply hidden in the crowd. He would start to sway to the music getting into the rythem of the music. Some of the more rowdy people would start to try and cut in on Aiden and he would push them off starting to get annoyed. "One of these days i need to teach you to harness chi. Oh speaking of that I have been working on something new, wanna see? Course you do." He would lead her ove near the bonfire and hold out his hand. "I have been working on flowing my chi through elements to be able to manipulate them, but only if they are available." He starts to form a small chi barrier in his hand only about 5 inches in diameter. The ball at first would seem to make a hole in the fire but after a few seconds the fire would seem to swirl around following the chi in his barrier. A sphere of spiraling fire would now be held in his hand. While he is trying to concentrate on the chi in his hand one of the people dancing in the group around them would fall over knocking into Aiden. This would cause him to lose the concentration for a moment, and that all it took. He suddenly put alot of chi into the barrier and it expanded before repeling the fire out wards across from Aiden. Unfortunately, across from Aiden was the mansion wall and the fire instantly took to the wall lighting it ablaze. The force of his chi also managed to put a hole in said wall allowing the flames to reach inside to the crazy train gas. (Since pallas never stated if it was flamable it is now) The gas would immediately take to the flames and the entire building would fill with a red glow. Screams would be heard as the massive orgy inside turned into a crematorium. The smell of burning bodies would begin to pollonate the air and Aiden turned to Yukina. He acted on impulse and quickly scooped her up into his arms princess style and took off down the block to where he left his jetcycle. Once he got there he put her on the bike and got on in front of her, "Hang on." He flipped a switch on his handle bars and the flight suit he normally wore on this bike would form around Yukina, "I really need to build a passenger flight suit. For now at least your safe." He would hit the accelerator and jet off into the night sky headed back to his penthouse. Once there he would park in his apartment garage and have the ceiling close back up after the landing pad lowered. He would retract the flightsuit and say to yukina, "You can stay here tonight, i dont feel like going all the way to D1 just to drop you off."-

Discordia: Her green eyes lit up as she watched the chi magic. Well at least it was magic to her. Her lips parted as she gaped a little. “Why haven’t you taught me yet?” She asked and that was when everything went wrong. Before she knew it there were screams and Aiden was carrying her off. Yukina did not bother to look back at whatever he was carrying her away from and instead just closed her eyes. The screams were enough that she knew she didn’t want to know. By the time they reached his apartment she was in need of another drink. She hopped off the bike and made her way through the place like she owned it, heading right for the cupboard where Aiden kept the alcohol. Her lips curved into a smile as she pulled out the bottle of Tennessee Honey. It was right where she left it. She didn’t bother with a glass as she took a hefty swig from the bottle. With the bottle in hand she made her way to his room and began sifting through his clothes before she found a pair of plaid pajama pants and a huge tee shirt. She changed in the bathroom leaving her clothes where ever and then plopped onto the couch. “So yeah, that was some party.”

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