Jason Caldwell

Ayperos Akiyama

HollowJak: -Jason panted as he took a step forward and swung the blade downward slicing a piece off of the straw dummy in the basement of his warehouse he had just gone to the local comic book shop and purchased another dozen from their little samurai play area. he knew that there would be better places to get them probably cheaper too but the comic book shop was only a hlaf mile from his home. besides he liked to get a few comics every once in awhile. taking a deep breath he took a step back and made a horizontal slash slicing the straw cleanly in half. taking a breath he turned to a grouping of three and lunged towards the striking the one in the center with a stab. yanking the blade out the spun and with a downward horizantal slash from the left sliced through the one on the right. he spun and kicked the one he had not hit to the ground stabbing the sword into it before dropping low and spinning on his heel the blade extended. it hit the standing dumm he had stammed and went through it easily. standing he wiped the sweat from his forehead and pulled on a white t-shirt to wear along with his jeans and bare feet. he looked around and eventually picked up his cell phone from a shooting range stall looking through he hadnt gotten  call or message from anyone in awhile he hoped everything was okay-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos trains outside He didn't have his sword on him, but insead works on his ti chi. His legs working even better than that did before what happened the 2 days before. after Aypereos legs had gotten badly wounded by shot gun shots. He was rushed into the ICU. He payed the doctors up front 10 mil to have an extencive nanite reconstruction surgery on his legs, as well as for them to stay silent about who he was and why he was getting the surgury. The next 6 hours Ayperos went through nanites mending his legs, reattaching the tendons and muscles and with his surprise once done it didn't even leave any scars, though he had to get alot of blood put back in him from the blood lose, his legs works just like new not even an hour after the surgery. Actually after walking and kicking a few things they where even better thanh before, tougher even. Ayperos was doing Tai chi, trying to calm down. Find his enter pease if you will, though it would take alot, he wasn't going to let a simple mistake get the better of him. He would breath in and out slowly with each slow pace movement. He would then slowly balance on one leg, his his hands clasped togther as he stood there. Looking as if he was a statue. He would stand there not moveing with his eye closed. He would just stay there, breathing slowly and listen to the noises around him. A couple in the distance talking, kids playing, birds singing. It all then stopped and he opened his eyes and he was in the dark looking at his dark side. "Why do you hold it in. Why do you not wish to kill these men now after what they did?" Ayperos calmly speaks. "Because, there is no reason to rush your way into trouble.. They will show up again, and next time we will be ready. Be more prepaired." The Dark One nods and then Ayperos slowly opens his eye and he was back in the real word, Still standing as he was before. He would then put both feet on the ground and his joints pop and crack. He looks around and then grabs his swords and then goes inside, laying them on his bed and changing into a full black leather outfit. A leather shirt that zips up the front and seems to be tight, showing great detail of his muscles and toned torso. Slipping on some pants as well and strapping on the boots to match it. He then gets his guns and straps his hulsters on. one under his arm and the other on his hip and then slips the matching leather trench coat on and then straps his swords on his back. He looks at the ring on the necklace, he smiles and grabs it. He could still remember the day he gave this to her. Just out of high school Ayperos had asked her to marry him in the park. it was on the bridge the mood full and refecting off the water of the pond. He puts ity aroud his neck and then went to his rent a car, seeing that Akiyama industries handn't finish fixing his yet. But thiscar will do.He got in the car and Texted Jason. "Hey, sorry I haven't been in contact.." He almost put why but changed it. "Just been into some other stuff, but anyway, i have a gift for you and while we are at it we can train. Where you at?" He would start up the car and let it warm up as he waited for Jason to reply.

HollowJak: -Jason was about to put the phone down when he felt it vibrate in his hand picking it up he slowly read the text from Ayperos after a moment he shot him a reply "im at the warehouse we just sold a huge shipment some low leverl drug dealer wanted to play with the big dogs so he blew all kinds of money. anyways im in the basement of the warehouse training with my sword but if you want to train i'll meet you outside" hitting send he took his shirt back off and went up the stairs the katana now in its scabbard and in his hand and into the warehouse where two men sat at a table counting through stacks of money he had sold nearly two dozen crates of guns and though he had set a lower price the man had felt like flashing his money it was only a little over 200k but it wasnt a bad haul. with a shrug as the men looked at him funny.he swung the blade back and strapped it in onto his back walking and standing in the snow on the cold street it was cold but it felt good after his two hour long work out his muscles were much harder than they were a little over three weeks previously him having been training at any chance he could get trying to hone his skills. standing there he held his hand on the hilt of the sword simply standing there in the cold his face set in a grin as he waited for Ayperos to arrive-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos picks up his phone. the car was warm and he felt prtty toasty at this moment when his phone went off.He reads through and nods putting the phone down and shooting off, heading to the warehouse in D1. He goes down the road and looks around. He could still see the damage he had caused the day he killed D. Almost the entire way there he was thinking about it and even when he pulled at Jasons warehouse he looked down the road and could see the damage that was caused by him. He stops right infront of Jason and gets out of the car and pops the trunk. "Alright. Lets see here.." he fiddles through the trunk a bit. "Ah here it is. "He pulls out a sword that looked just like the one on Jasons back. "An improved model of the one on your back. Perfectly safe now.. But not without killing four of my workers.. Bless their souls." He holds it out to Jason waiting for him to take it."The blade done by yours trully, the blade perfectly balanced with the hilt and also made of Adamantium of course. Also if you hand me your unstable one I can quickly show you what was wrong with it. Though it may piss you off a bit, and i say that whoever made it was an idiot for what they did, and why its unstable." Her hold out the blade to jason and wait for him to take the new blade and then wait for Jason to give him the other one.

HollowJak: -Jason raised a brow and walked forward wondering what exactly had been wrong with it from the way ayperos spoke something apparently very trivial but Jason had never checked himself having not wanted to risk tampering with the blades core.-he took the new blade and unstrapped the one from his back handing it to Ayperos- i hope you know that i'll want that one back -he drew the new katana and tested it in his right hand giving it a few swings smiling as the blade whistled through the air- thing fits like a glove thanks man but lets see how the reactor works -he hit the button on the hilt and the edge of the blade suddenly began to glow first red then white hot grinning jason walked over to a light pole and with a swish of the blade stepped back hitting the button again to shut off the reactor as he held it down towards the snow though the heat eminating from the blade caused the snow to melt and instantly turn to vapor before it cooled. the light pople fell to the right and hit the ground with a loud clang a perfect cut sent straigh through the middle- damn thing works like a charm -he turned sliding the sword into its metal scabbard as he did so before walking back over to Ayperos- so show me whats been wrong with it this whole time

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos smiles as Jason seemed happy with the blade. He then took the blade to the trunk and then put it on a stand to keep it straight. Looking in the trunk Ayperos had a bunch of electical tools and he had them for this reason. He got all of the stuff he needed to the side and waited for jason to walk up and then started to get to work. He started carfully fidding with the hilt, popping off the botton and you would see a bright glow as well as the sword being full tang. He then grabbed a pair of small tongs. "Ok.. No sudden movments.." He slowly put themn in and grabbed the core with them and slowly pulled the core out only far enough to see 4 wires. Three at ther top and one at the bottom. he would hold it and disconnect two on the top and the core started to pulse. He would then connect one on the left and the other on the right and the core would stop pulsing. "You see? the three wires on the top ar so close together and so easy to take off that they would pop off even with a bump. This causing the core to overload and explode." He would start melt them back on, but this tim thicker. He would then start to put everything back together and then pick it up and close the trunk. 'Now here you go, two swords to train weith now. and thats actully what we will try. Whenever your ready."

HollowJak: -Jason watched him work and then with a frown and a nod took he now fixed sword- wow i must say that really is a stupid reason for me to have such a high chance at dying whenever i used it before -with a lugh he walked off a few feet and drew his original blade from the scabbarn and looking it over smiled before using it to cut two eenly long strips about as weide as his thumb from each leg of his jeans with a nod he tied the two pieces of cloth together after sliding his original sword which he had deemed to name izanagi into its scabbard before strapping it to his back. taking a breath he then used the strips of jean to tie the other blade to his right hip. watching ayperos he would wait till he closed the trunnk before charging at him his right hand on the hit of the blade strapped to his back and the left on the hilt of the sword strapped to his right hip. he would cover the distance in a few long strides and as he would get close enough to ayperos he would draw both blades swinging them in the same motion the one in his right hand slashind down to attempt to cut from Ayperos right shoulder to his left him and the one in his left hand slashing horizontally in an attempt to cut into ayperos's stomach. There was not hesitation in Jasons eyes as he swing the blades he had no intention of going easy. if the sword in his right hand was blocked or dodged he would attmept to twist it from the block and stab forward with it. if the slash from the blade in his laft hand was blocked he would pull it back sliding it along the blocking weapon and stab froward with it. if both were dodged he would dance to the right and proceed to use a downward slash towards ayperos's head both blade moving parellel to each other for the vertical slash. if both blades were blocked rather than dodge Jason would attempt to use the opportunity to send a knee towards ayperos's hopefully exposed stomach. if any of the attacks would hit he would attempt to perform a follow up to them. if the swing from his right blade would hit but not the left he would yank it and his blocked sword back and drop down low spinning on his heel both blades held outward in an attempt to slash into ayperos using his momentum. the same if the one in his left hand hit. if both blades were to hit there maks he would again yank them out but proceed to send a slash to the the right side of his neck using the blade in his left hand and a stab towards his stomach with the blade in his right if this too were to hit he would prceed to step back and send a kick towards Ayperos's face kiccking sideways and balancing on his right foot the left leg fully axtened as he kicked it out-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would smile as Jason would go back to a good distance and then start running at him. Ayperos keeps smarking and if Jason was looking at him he would see his eye slowly start to glow bright red. He would then kick in two perks, peaki human speed and reflexes. The suroundings seem to slow and unlike him quickly drawing his blades Jason was moving rather slowly. He would wait till he woud see Jasons swing and then with full speed would jump and send his foot on the car as he would then flip back bending his head to where the blade is but enches from his face. It seemed so slow in his eyes that he clowld see thr refection of his bright red eye in the face of the sword he would flip only high and far enough to avoid the attacks. Thoughin Ayperos eyes everything was slow,but in Jasons eyes, thing most have been moving really fast. as Ayperos would land on the ground he would still use his peak human speed and then clench his fists and send one punch at Jasons bottom rib with a good bit of force, and then send another with the other hand up closer to the under arm with the same force as the other and then a jab right in the side of the jaw. in ayperos eyes it was slow but in anyone elsese the strikes would have almnost not even be seen. Ayperos would then flip back on his hands and then flip again drawing his swords and cross them infront of his face and then just stand there looking at Jason with a smirk, his bright red eye being seen between the blades as he would wait for Jason to prosess what just appened if the hits made contact.

HollowJak: -Jasons would give a growl of pain as the punch hit his ribs and snt him nearly stumbling his the proceeding blows to his underarm and face forcing him down to drop onto one knee panting heavily he had barely been able to see the blows much less dodge or block them. he stood shakily and looked over at Ayperos his eyes still focused nto a trace of fear in them- so you got some fancy tricks but i aint going down that easily -he charges his swords held at his sides as he was running low to the ground he doubted he could match Ayperos's speed but he would try his best to land a blow coming up in front of him he would sop and pivot on his left foot sending out a kick if this was blocked or dodged he would try to jump away and throw another kick towards his chest if it were to hit he woud pull his leg back and slash towards his chest with both swords looking to make an X shaped slash across his chest if it were to hit if this hit he would step back and attempt to stab the swords forwad together in an attempt to punch the blade into the center of the X. if either of these were dodged or blocked he would try to get back atleast ten feet to create a distance between them so he could think of what he could do next-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would watch and not even chage expression as Jason would speak to him and then watch as Jason would run at him down and then pivot on his left foot and send a kick to the right side of Ayperos, though he could have just cut off his leg he didn't want to hurt him... To badly anyway. Ayperos would insead lift up his arm and block the kick with his forarm and then watched as Jason would jump back and send another kick to his chest and then now useing his peak human strength would go low to the gound letting Jasons leg go right over him and then shoot straight up and hit Jasons legs with his full stength. If this hit Jason would be flipped in the air and as he would do so Ayperos would spin on his heel as Jasons back was expossed and send a fast hark kick to Jasons back, thes would send Jason flying forword and smak into Ayperos car and possible bruse a few bones as hard as he would hit it. If Jason was some how able to pull his leg back before Ayperos would make him flip Ayperos would have shot up and start to flip his swords around walking up to Jason and then spin and attenpt to slash Jason from the right shoulder to his left thigh and when spin around again and send the other blade across his chest and then junp back standing straightr up with both sword extended only slightly to his sides and his head down a bit to where all that was seen was ayperos glowing red eye. Even if the flip and kick worked Ayperos would still be in this stance and wait to see if Jason would even be able to get up. Seeing today all Ayperos wanted to see is gow much Jason could take, though with a normal human, a kick like that would have badly wounded them seeing he was using up to half peak human strength with that kick. So he would then wait to see what Jason did before he would even move.

HollowJak: -Jasons eyes would widen as he felt pain shoot up his leg as it was hit and he was thrown into the air. he had little time to think though before he felt a hard kick to his back which sent him flying into a car wuth a loud bang. Jason lay on the ground dark spots in his eyes as he began to lose conciousness from the hit. no he wouldnt go out so easily. he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand though pain was shooting throughout his entire body whenever he moved he looked down at his hand which had blarely managed to hang onto his swords as he was tossed around like a rag doll. giving a grin he put all the energy he had left into one last charge at ayperos his bare foot arching up as he pushed himselof off the ground as far as he could to leap at ayperos as he came close he would land in a crouch wincing as he put weight on his wounded leg but none the less following through. he would stab upward from below towards aypereos chest though his blades would stop half way in an attempt to confuse ayperos as he sprung up from his crouch to send a knee towards ayperos's stomach if this were to hit he would use the force to push himself back to stand a bit away before charging agin swinging his right blade down towards ayperos's left shoulder and stabbing with his left blade towards ayperos stomach. if this were to hit he would try to yank the left blade in ayperos stomach down harshly while pulling the right blade back to stab towards ayperos's heart. if the initial knee was dodged he would try to spin around ayperos and stab towards his back with both blades trying to keep his momentum going so he would not just collapse-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would go to block jasons attempt to stab, but was thrown off as he stoped the blades and sent a knee to Ayperos stomach, the knee connecting and Ayperos would back up a bit with a grunt. He would recover but then see as Jason would slash at his left shoulder and stab at his stomach. Ayperos would turn to dodhe the slash but the blade clipped his shoulder sliceing through his leather shirt and going a good inch into his shoulder. With the turn, Ayperos would have been able to dadge the stab at his stomach and then then throw his slword on the ground, the blad sticking in a good 4 inches and then grab Jasons arm that just stuck into his shoulder and put a death grip on it, holding it tight and then smirking as his eye would pulse red. Ayperos would then kick at his arm that had the other sword to kick it out of his hand and then throw the other sword in the ground before Ayperos would start to send a few heavy and hard punches right into Jasons face.  Each punch with great strength and would most likly break Jasons nose after the second punch and then as he would be dazed let go of his arm and then step back qickle Jansons blade sliding off his shoulder and then sp;in around and send a massive kick to Jasons chest, the stength would send him back and his the car again with enough force to break the window. If he wasn't able to grab Jasons arm he would then use both blades, flipping them to the blunt ends and then send them both with all his strength into Jasons stomach. The force would not only knock the breath out of him but also lift him up off the ground. Ayperos would then ((if the attack worked)) quickth remove the blades and send a face powerfull kick to Jasons chest, as he was still in the air and theis would send him back into his car with the same force as if the other hit, making the windows shatter. If the first attacks his Ayperos would pull the blades from the ground and stand there with them flipping around him before getting into stance. And if the second one worked Ayperos would spin the swords arpound him and then go back into stance to see if Jason would even be able to get up.

HollowJak: -jason would yank his arm back and go for a strike when he felt himself be hit with the flat of the blades being thrown up into the air his breath escaping with a loud cough his vision starting to blur when he suddenly felt himself kicked hard again flyng into the car he heard the sound of glass shatter and lay there for a minute almost unable to move his vision was blurry with slowly spreading black spots and his body felt slightly numb from pain. he coughed and a bit of blood came out from his having bitten his cheek as he impacter the car though he was suprised he was even still alive his body felt like lead and though most would have given up Jason begin to very slowly raise himself off the ground his body shaking heavily as he looked up his vision barely clearing his eyes were filled with determination as he spoke slowly- is that grandma hits ahrder than you... -he stumbled forward and raised his blade but felt hmself drop onto one knee where he stayed for a second panting before he stood agaiin and lunged stabbing towards ayperos's chest with only the blade in his right hand as his left felt too weak to lift hos other sword though his movements were extremely slow and a bit clunky he proceeded to attempt to stab him anyway-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would look at Jason as he would slowly try to get up, Ayperos could see that Jason didn't have much left and then listened as Jason mocked his hits. "Damn determined arn't you?" he would watch as he went to one knee and try and stab him. Ayperos would simply swing his blade at the sword with enough force to knock it from his hand and then send a massive kick right at Jasons chin, the force being enough to send him right up in the air and land ontop of the car and flip off the other side if the kick hit. Ayperos would then slowly walk to the other side to see if Jason could get up now. thou as weak as her was, it would be almost impossible. Though ayperos has seen people get right up from an explosion so pretty much anything could happen. He would walk infron of Jason and stand there sheaking his blades, Ayperos was done, he was getting no joy of continueing, though if Jason tried he would, but not with his blades. 'Its time to give up Jason. Your no use to me dead. you did do very well this time around though." He looked at his cut shoulder and then back at Jason.

HollowJak: -jasons blade would fly out of hius hand and his eyes would go wide as he was kicked hard in the jaw hitting the top of the car hard and flipping off the other side to lay on the ground his vision swimming as ayperos tried to come up to him Jason would try to get up but his arms were weak he was after a minute ablt to reach up and grab the mirror of the car forceully pulling himself up though he collapsed right back down and spoke slowly- damn it you win -he grinned slightly hearing him say that he did well- good to hear happy i got a cut on you... -he lifted his arm weakly into the air- now if you could please help me to stand that would be very nice

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would lean down and grab his arm putting it around his neck and Ayperos arm around his waist as he lifted him up with ease he would then carry him around to the front of the car and set him on the hood before going into his shirt pocket and taeing out his cigs and then tasking one out, though they where crushed from the kick he held it out to where the filter was at his mouth. If he took it Ayperos would then light it and put his cigs and lighter back in his shirt pocket and then grab jasons swords and lay them on the hood beside him and then walk up infront of him again. "you can take a hit, I'll give you that. Most would have given up after the first kick and pass out. Though I could see you where fighting it." He would crack his neck a bit. "sorry about the hard kicks.. i gett alittle carried away at times.' If one would look at hem his eye would start to change back to ice blue."

HollowJak: -Jason would gladly accept the ciggarete and take a drag as it was lit blowing the smoke from his nose before speaking- well i didnt want to look like a punk although i gotta say those kicks hurt like a son of a bitch -he would slowly movehis arms and then the rest of his body wincing- nothings broken thank god but i gotta say i am going to be sore as fuck in the mor-he worked his jaw a lttile giving another wince- and its fine i feel like its good to be pushed to the limit it helps me know what my limit is exactly and apparently its getting thrown into a car...twice -he chuckles lightly and though he saw the eye change he made no mention of it-so i assume thats it for the training for today right? or are you gonna make me jog or something next because to be honest im nto even sure i could walk

xXAyperosXx: He nods. 'Yeah, that will be it.' He chuckles a bit. 'I don't want you to kill over.' he pauses.'i don't want to have to run the weapons myself." he laughs at his rather dark joke. 'Nah, i told you i wasn't going to kill you and you slamming into my car twice is more than enough. And with me training you and you training on the side has turned you into a very good swordsman. just think, its only been what?four weeks? and you where able to get two hits on me already." he chuckles, though it didn't sound to great, one that just started to learn the combat getting him in his own stile was a feat.

HollowJak: -he would chuckle and give a slow nod- well im just happy i have finally been able to land a blow upon you with your skill i thought it would take me much longer to be able to -he slowly slid off the car and stood his legs shaking slightly as he grabbed his swords and slowly slid them back into their scabbards- so when will our next training session be exactly? though id love to give it another try soon i dont think i'll be able to for a couple of days i need to let my body heal though if i have to i will im not going to skip out on getting a bit of training in if i can help it

xXAyperosXx: he chuckles and gets up off the car and thinks for a moment. 'Well as a reward i'll give you three days to heal up.But after that, get ready cuz next time I'll be expecting your little sneak attacks. 'He chuckles and opens the door to his car sweeping out rthe glass and getting in. 'Next time i'll try and not kick you into the the car.' he laughs and starts it up closing the door and then backs up stoping. 'See you around.' he holds his hand out the window in a wakve and speeds down the road heading home to patch up the cut on in shoulder.

HollowJak: -Jason would groan and walk back into the warehouse getting dressed back into his suit though he strapped the swords back into the same spots before he went back to work intending to make a bit more money before he went home to rest up and recover-

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