xXAyperosXx: Ayperos was sitting up in his office at Akiyama industries when he then got a call on the phone from down below. "Mister Akiyama, Come down to the lab, we got something for you.' ayperos hung up the phone and then walked over to the Elevater and stated the pass code instead of pressing any buttons and it then started to move down to the first floor of the labs and it opened with Ayperos assistant standing right there with a smile. Ayperos just looks at her with a raised brow. "You know how you gave us the remains of you car? Well i think you'll be delighted to see what we did." She begins to walk and ayperos followed her down to a large area with a tarp. 'she smiles and snapps as a couple people then came up and yanked the tarp off showing Ayperos baby sitting there just like new. Ayperos eye about went into tears as he walked up and hugged onto it. "before you take off in it I need to let you know we put a few new things on it. One being able to change the color at will." She wals to the driver side and flips a switch saying red and the color slowly changes into red. Ayperos looks at it in awe. Now he has something to drive as he is working in HFH. "Also we have put a few other things on it." She flips the switch on the stearing wheel and all of the buttons and switches go into the dash hidden from veiw. ayperos smile appeared on his face. "Other than these and a few more things that we added its the same old car." Ayperos nods and looks at her. She sighs and gets out of the car. 'Fine, go head. Ah and we have made over twenty of those Anti- chi bombs. They take a while to make." Ayperos nods. 'Keep up the good work." He then hops in the car and rubbs the stearing wheel and then flips the switch making all the other buttons appear on the dash and presses the color change button an says flat black and it slowly starts to change into the color. He then backs it onto the transport elevater and its starts to go up and in the back of the building into the parking lot and smiles reving up a few times before pealing off down the road. He then started to get acall on his cell it was Densuke. He picked up the phone and densuke started to speak. "Yo Ayperos, we got a lead on a serial killer. Seems he is hidding in D1. I'll send you the address." Ayperos then says alright and hangs up the phone and sent him the adress. Ayperos looks at it. it was very close to Jasons warehouse. He then texted up Jason. 'Hey I need your help. I'll be there in a few, be ready." He then sent it and then sped up going down the road. With in minutes he would arrive at Jasons place and then get out pressing the button on the car turning it off and goes into Jasons warehouse. "Hey you ready?" He would kind of yell out.
HollowJak: -Jason roared as he swung the twin blades in unison inf front of him the edges white hot as the reactors were switched on. he hacked and slashed at a group of metal dummies ducking and weaving below their motorized arms which swung kendo sword wildly they had been expensive but worth it though he kept destroying them. ducking in below a strike he sliced one of the two dummines in half before turning to another and slicing through it blade easily. with a grin he charged and stuck the blades into the scrap metal chest the heat frying the circuits with an audible pop. he switched off the reactors and once they were cooled quickly slid the blades into their color coded sheathes white for his original izanagi and black for the other that was made for him izanami. he slowly wiped sweat from his head nad looked down at his suit he had begun to train weaing what he usually wore outside of the warehouse his suit as well as what was in it the two revolvers,spare ammo and grenades as well as his wallet and cellphone which suddenly went off with a brrr as it vibrated. pulling it from his his pocket he quickly checked the message from ayperos and gave a grunt before walking up the steps he had been finished with hsi daily work out anyways and he guessed after all the work hed been doing he needed a little bit of fresh air. he went into his office and quickly ate two left over bacon cheeseburgers he had bought earlier that morning. just as he washed the last bite down with a swig of tea he heard ayperos half shouting and gave a sigh- guy moves quick -he was sure to strap his blades on before he walked from his office strapping izanagi to his back the hilt just passing over his right shoulder and izanami to his right hip thinking a moment he grabbed his last pack of smokes and a lighter and slid them into his chest pocket before walking out- yeah yeah im ready so what is it exactly that you need my help with? -he would grin as he stopped just in front of ayperos and waited for a response-

HollowJak: ((Yakuza Mob Role-play (( or YMRP)) is a Anime based, Multi-Genere RP, with hints of fantasy, and futuristic designs. It uses the 3d virtual world, Imvu as the main source of where the Role-playing takes place. The time period is 2154 in a mixed Tokyo/New york city called KasaiHana city. Within the city are a numerous amount of street gangs,Yakuza's, Mafia's, and even Triad gangs that flood the city doing whatever they can and please, from drug trafficking, to sex marketing, street fighting clubs, hit-men crew's and so on and so forth. People who Join will be allowed to be in either a branch in a Yakuza family, Triad, Mafia, or a simple street gang member, or maybe in the Police force that stops, and attempts to battle against the hording gangs in the city, or maybe a normal character who simply doesnt want to be in any of those factions. It is a mixure of Action RP, where death could happen at any moment, also follows a strict story based type roleplay, and a Scifi feel too with some of the technology that some of the Yakuza's and KPD ( Kasaihana Police Department) may use. People are even allowed to be civilians, such as store employers, store managers etc, etc. Basiclly even though this RP revolves around the Yakuza and other Gang activites and cops, you dont have to be a Yakuza, or Criminal, or a Cop. You can be whatever you want to be. YMRP, is a world where anything goes, you make it happen. This is the reconstruction of this group and we are currently looking for all new generation characters to start this rp back on track. Basiclly like a new series in a show, or an Anime of the sorts. Were one of the most Organized RP groups around. Dont believe me? Check out this Directory that literally has every bit of our Rp's information and more. -> (( YMRP Directory)) T-1 is highly incorporated by the way.Your going to have to make a small bio for the site but its super easy. - Sound like anything you'd be into? If so click this link here -> So we can get started!))

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos smirks at Jason. "Enough with the remarks. This is gonna be very important." He walks out the door expecting him to follow. He pops the trunk of his new car and then keeps it just to where Jason can't see. "Alright, due to the fact that i don't have any back up. I need you to come with me. " he would open up the trunk so that he would see the same suit that Kuroryu was wearing, along with all the gadgets and auto mail arm plates. "You see, I am in HFH. And I need your help. I didn't have time to get you any suit but i got you this.' He pulls out a bask that would cover his face from the chin to the tip of the nose. "What do you say? want to join me on a mission?" He would turn around to him and cross his arms looking at him waiting for him to reply. Ayperos really shouldn't even be telling him, but Jason is the only other person he trusts besides Lenris and densuke. So he told him, besides what his he gonna do, tell the police. Ayperos has proven documents to put him behind bars as well.

HollowJak: -Jason stood there for a moment and when he saw the suit he nodded and then gave a shrug- whelp im nto really suprised lets be honest here you arent exactly the average fellow -as he was shown the mask he would wear he gave a shrug and took it from him pulling it on down his face- now this mask here will make me look a bit weird but why not i assume since your with heroes for hire its a godo cause and i need to get out of the house anyways -he unholstered the two revolvers he had in under arm holsters beneath his suit jacket and made sure that they were loaded before giving a laugh and holding them up into the air- dont you think with these guns and this mask i look like a really really overdressed old timey bandit? -with another he would reholster the revolvers and make sure his katanas were strapped securely before walking around to the passenger side door and stand there drumming his thumbs on the roof- now big reveals and jokes to the side i assume since you told me to be ready that time is of the essence so if you could hurry and get suited up and lets get going i havent left the warehouse once today im hardly ever at my apartment what with all the recent acquisitions and new stock not to mention a recent increase in the number of buyers
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos smirks and puts on his suit over the cloths he had had. Putting on the body armor an then boots and his other equipment, pulling up his masks he then closes his trunk and speeks, his voice changed darker. "Alright, lets get to it shall we.' He unlocks the car and starts it up waiting for jason to get in and flips the switch on the stearing wheel and the buttons flip out and light up, all the words in chinse. he smirks and revs it up a bit as his eye turn bright red. He then pops it in reverse and then turns the wheel spinning around and then puts it back in first takeing off, shifting into second,third, fourth and finaly fith. The car would then be reaching speeds of 200mph. "The place we are heading is at the end of D1. So be ready.We have reports of a good handfull of thugs, but the one we are after as a tattoo of a cross on his forehead. so keep on the lookout for that. " He keeps going, the speed staying at 200mph as he drifts ound a turn.
Diversity: Into District 1 again, escorted in by some special contacts who’d been working her in and out for about six months now. She’d turned her Emergency Room pager off and left it back at the lush condo in the city’s wealthier sector. Even her usual cell phone was left back there, and she carried the one she used only when ‘traveling’. It was a simple phone with the GPS rewired to be untraceable. It looked like an old Nokia with the green screen and bold black font, and all contacts in it were numbered like serial codes instead of names. The car driving along the street wasn’t one to stick out too much. It was black, kind of sleek, but an older model. It almost looked like a longer version of an old Crown Victoria. Some old busted short limo probably lifted from a junkyard. The headlights beamed a yellow glow down dingy streets, highlighting prostitutes on the street-side and a mixture of men walking around either drunk or shady. Michiko didn’t belong with these people. These lowlifes, as her peers and colleagues would refer to them. Mangy dogs of no understanding of education and hard work with good intent. Her colleagues didn’t know this was her original home though- her childhood upbringing. The cracked asphalt kept calling her home from the polished floors and matching mahogany furniture pieces that filled her condo. The smell of rainwater sitting in the street gutters and cigarette smoke made her feel slightly sick and yet satisfied beyond words. Whenever she peered out of the tinted windows waiting to arrive to her destination, Michi always thought of the past here. The sounds of gunshots, agonal gasps, and the smell of gunpowder. It had a very distinct smell, just like gasoline, burnt flesh, and dead people. It appealed to her the way Chanel No. 5 and Giorgio Armani appealed to normal folk in District 2. The car came about a turn and the man up front called back. “Heya’ Spesh-“ As he’d nicknamed her, considering she and Miss Aida would not share her real name, “we’re getting close. But I have a bad feeling. Heard something about a lot of these thugs gathering tonight.” He continued to drive at a reasonable speed, not at all making the tinted ebon vehicle stick out or seem suspicious. “That’s the point.” Michiko said as she reached up, a gloved hand pushing the centerpiece of her half-framed glasses up along the bridge of her nose, her eyes peering out in a perfect mixture of whiskey amber fading into summer sky azure. Unique eyes; fit by long dark lashes, some creamy dark make-up, and sweet peach-tinted skin that was touched by hanging tendrils of raven and midnight hair loosely tied back behind her neck. “If something wasn’t going to be happening, I wouldn’t be here, would I?” For a brief moment her full lips painted with a faded brick lipstick curled into a rather quaint and inviting grin before it faded back to apathy. She just hoped something appealed to her here- be it a new customer, a new contract, or the witnessing of something… exciting.
HollowJak: -Jason climbs into the car and raises a brow as they pull out and gun it down the street the ride being so smooth he could barely notice the speed. as he sat there listening to Ayperos describe the people they were after a raised a brow and frowned- i thought you said we were after a serial killer not a serial killer and his gang ah well shouldnt matter i have enough rounds and my swords shouldnt cause any real problems but do you have their exact numbers? i may be a hardy fellow but two hundred bullets in me will still stop me from breathing. -he sits back and scratches his chin- and for that matter do we have any info on what excatly they are armed with? and do they have any armor or exouits? because i only have regular bullets with me nothing that can punch through anythin too thick -he asked these so he could formulate a decent battle plan for himself after a moment he decided to continue his slew of questions- and you said at the edge of D1 bt which edge the one at the wall or the one that links to D2? also where are they holed up? how large is the building? also how many rooms and windows?
Diversity: The car continued on, driving towards the wall. The driver was getting nervous; Michiko could tell. He was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, beginning to sweat and tapping his free foot on the floorboard. He wasn’t sure how close to get, especially after a car had cut them off to whiz off towards the same location. He braked hard and chuckled awkwardly as he rubbed his forehead and began forward again. But the car’s slowed race didn’t last long as Michiko placed gloved deft digits upon his shoulder. “Stop here.” She said. She had no problem with approaching with a slight walk. After all, she’d rather do this than walk out of the car to the front door. The driver seemed relieved to hear this and let her out. She wasn’t his problem if she wanted to get out- he wasn’t the Specialist’s bodyguard. Just her driver in District 1. As Michiko Akasawa stepped out of the car she extended to a height of 5’6, somewhat curvy but athletic more than anything. She looked like an academic persona right out the gate. A white button-up blouse with polished onyx button, her collar popped over the neckline of a short black sweater to match her fitted pants. Shin-high boots with paler straps across the front covered her feet with thicker heels than the common stiletto or pump. It also made a comforting deep click instead of the ticking resonance of the more feminine, arousing heels. She began forward as the air pulled at the loose strands of her hair, tugging at peacock feather earrings and nipping coolly at her skin wherever it was scarcely revealed. In her hand as she headed forward with an indifferent expression was a suitcase. Not just a suitcase- but a briefcase. Polished metallic black with chrome accents and a thumbprint scan lock beneath the handle. It was thick enough to hold something interesting- most would assume a good handful of money. One could fit a hundred grand in the briefcase if it was packaged professionally. But money wasn’t what the good doctor was carrying with her. It was her shit-hitting-the-fan preparedness kit. As she walked, her glasses glared over with the few lights as she stuck to the sidewalks and shadows, moving easily as if she knew this place well enough. She only paused when she heard distant voices and began to contemplate her way of entry. Someone inside had offered her a hire, but she never worked for just /anyone/ without checking out what profited her best.
HollowJak: -Jason listened intently the rest of the car ride as Aperos answered his questions just awesome an insane asylum and an abandoned one at that that doesnt bode well he thought to himself as they pulled to a stop and got out of the car. he leaned against it as he heard ayperos talk about the plan then chuckled- yes yes i get it your the big damn hero dont worry i wont do anything crazy so just go on shoo shoo -he waved his hand in a motion that told him to go on. if Ayperos wouyld go and begin going up to the roof Jason would stand straight and stretch slowly before taking the pack of ciggarete from his pocket and open it pulling out a ciggarete and packing it on the car as he hummed the song what a beautiful morning.. placing the ciggarete between his lips affter cutting a small hole in the mask he took a long drag sure he looked a bit odd but hell he wasnt gonna go in nicotive free.he lit it and let it hang there as he took a long drag. slipping the lighter and pack back into his pocket he turned and let out a long loud whistle waiting a moment seeing a group of men gather at the door that looked vaguely thuggish he gave a shrug and figured it was cloe enough slipping his hands into his suit pockets and pulling out two frag grenades Ayperos was right he wasnt the hero he was thhere to do a job by whatever eans necesarry -he tossed them up and down and caught them from the air as he waited for a few more to gather once satisfied and with some coming out onto the stree to investigate him well he did look rather odd he pulled the pins on both grenades with his thumkbs and hurled them forward into the grouping of men not even knowing how many there were as the grenades went off with a flash and bang shrapnel tearing into anyone within their range though jason just tood there waiting for the smoke to clear as he hummed and placed a hand eavh on the hilts of his adimantium katanas and waited to see if any more would pop out of the building he hadnt been too crazy no civilians were withing the immediat vicinity besides he was sure the bodies of the thugs soaked up enough of the shrapnel to where no one outside of them would get hurt. he grinned at the thought-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would shake his head as his jet boots then went of, shooting him right up in the air. he would shoot right at the top of the building and then turn off his jet boots, the explosion would have covered the sound of the boots as he then hit the roof. He would smirk as he looked down. Jason had killed 7 of the 10 guys that had came out the others wounded but still able to fight. And once the smoke cleared they would start firing at him, with a mix of pistols, and a few mechine guns using regular amunition. Ayperos would smirk and then toss a few knockout pellets off the roof. They hitting the ground and releasing the gas that would slowly choke them and then make them pass out. Though it only stayed for a few moments, soon 5 or six more guys came out, shooting at Jason. ayperos would then walk over to the door and try to open it but it was locked, he smiled and then grabed it with one hand and yanked it useing his peak human strength, this would pull the 20 pound metal door right out of the wall and he would toss it to the side walking in. He would go down the steps, not making a single sound hearing some people talking about what was going on outside. Ayperos stood staight on the corner and waited for them as they started their way to the stairs to get on the roof to see what was going on. Ayperos clinched his fists and a metal peice came out of the elbows of his metal armbands. One then came out to opening and Ayperos sent his fist right into the jaw, the metal peice shooting in and sending out a massive force shooting the man into the wall and actually stuck into it. he then spun around as the other dude tried to attack him and Ayperos sends his fist into an uppercut into the guys stomach the metal peice slamming in and shooting the guy up and he hits the roof and then back to the ground out cold. Ayperos would then walk on and then come to some more steps and head down a few guys running into him and shoot him on sight Ayperos peak human reflexes would then kick in and time would actaually slow down as he draws his blades and starts to deflect the bullets right back at them useing the face of his adamantium katanas. The shots sent right back at then pelting them with bullets, but surprisingly nothing vital, only wounding them. Ayperos would smile but at this time another group would then come up with knives and swords. Ayperos would sheith his blades and then get into tai chi stance. 'Well come on, what are you waiting for?" They would look at each other and then charge him.. all that could be hear was yelling, and the sounds of metal hitting other metals. But then like an explosion, people begain to fly out the windows of the second floor, being flung hard enough to break the bars and hit the ground below.
Diversity: She couldn’t tell what they were saying, only that the sayings came short after a bit. Silence started to settle on in, before… BOOM! Two sets that went off almost exactly the same time- if not exactly the same time. She pulled her suitcase up and bent her knees, half-crouching and holding the briefcase over her face. The briefcase could’ve survived the blast from point blank- it was after all made to take a blow from a pulse cannon without cracking. And there it was. She looked over the rim of her glasses at the bodies on the ground. Dead. Blood was painted like a piece of Van Gogh art across the front entrance, and what few were wounded sang the song of agony. Soon after, something fell from the roof- a gas. And then from there more bodies came from the windows, striking the ground. /Broken spine, double tension pneumothorax, inward skull fracture/ Michi was reeling off the diagnosis from afar as she studied them and glanced around and found her heart racing. There it was- that feeling she longed for. She was breathing more rapidly, her muscles were coiled like she could fight or take flight. She squeezed the handle of the suitcase and listened to the loud pop of pistols unleashing a barrage of bullets towards the man at the front door who was kind enough to knock twice- with grenades. She brushed her hand down the buttons on her lower sweater and started forward- but she damn sure wasn’t going to go right for the front entrance. Michiko immediately knew to dodge the possible grenades and gas canisters being discharged. So she went towards the back, stepping over a body that had been dispelled from the second story window. She stopped to study it momentarily. By touching his chest she could feel his heart’s erratic arrested rhythm- which was rather rhythm-less to be honest. Quaking and trembling desperately, before it finally grew still and his blood sank out upon the sidewalk. Her gloved digits traced a long shard of glass sticking out of his body, touching a tip as if to gage its sharpness though she did not work to pierce her glove- safety and sanitation first of course. Michiko stood up and turned to walk closer to the building, still holding the suitcase. But it looked as if a few of the beings being run out of the building via multiple explosions were heading out. Perhaps the big dog was taking the back door to flee, but either way she was spotted. Apathy remained upon her obviously Japanese features as she curled her faded brick colored lips and bowed her head. “I guess this is where things get rough, hm?” She inquired, knowing that she would probably be assumed as an associate of the attackers.
HollowJak: -Jason grinned and hopped behind ayperos's car as the bullets pinged off of it a loud laugh coming from his mouth- that all you got pricks? -he reached into his right jacket pocket and pulled out his only incindiary renade taking a breath he pulled the pin and tossed it overhand it landing in the middle of them going off setting those in the center alight while two of them were able to hop out of the way fast enough. still humming as they shot at his car the cries of those being burned alive filling the air he unholstered his revolvers which were twin colt .45 single action armys and stood firing two shots each hitting their marks which were the heads of the two remaing men humming he saw a man who was ducking behind a door and pulling back the hammers on his revolvers again took a drag of his ciggarete as he fired at the cement the bullets bouncing and coming in at an angle to strike into the side of the hiding mans head ah too easy too heasy. as he came to the door he stepped over a ded body which had created a bridge over the flames and holstered his pistols- man i wish i had rememberd to bring some food ah well gonna go eat after this anyways -he drew the izanagi from his back and stepped into the building trying to go over the blood so that his suit wouldnt get dirty as the flames began to spread up the front walls of the building-
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would look down hearing the back door slam open and see a woman with a breif case standing there in the mist of things. He would sigh and then jump out, landing right infront of her with his back to her, he would be standing right over the body and then look at the guys as then would then start to shot at him. He would put his arms infront of his face and the bullets would then start to hit his upper body, the sound of the bullets hitting metal as he would stand his ground as they unloaded on him. they would stop as they then start to reload. Ayperos would remove his arms from infront of his face and all the bullets would hit the ground infront of him. He would then clinch his fists as the metal bars poped out of his elbows. "Going somewhere?" He would then send both fists at the door frame and the metal rodds would punch in. the force oth the rodds would not only send the guys flying back, but also cave in the back entrance. he would brush off his chest, the rest of the crushed bullets falling to the ground. He would then turn to the woman. Speaking, his voice low. "And what are you doing here? That could have been it for you." he would look at here and wait for a reply as the lat 10 guys would start to head fort the front entrance right at Jason and on sight would start to unload at him.
Diversity: All hell was breaking loose, and man she was right in the middle of it! When a man landed in front of her and took the bullets, she found herself smiling and covering her mouth. She bit back the almost teenage glee as she wondered how he was not wounded. When he finished them off with such ease and grace, she was dying to understand how and why and what he was. He finally looked at her and yet Michiko didn’t make immediate eye contact. She was looking at his chest and arms, looking for dents, for blood, for any bodily symptom that might show he’d taken internal injuries. “Are you hurt?” She asked quietly, as if with genuine concern about his well-being. Then she sighed with that same barely visible, hardly even existent smile that so quaintly put an affable twist on the woman, making her seem even more unfit for District 1. “Doesn’t look as if you are… That’s really too bad.” She glanced up and finally connected her eyes to his, those obviously human eyes though they were uniquely shaded with whiskey amber around the pupils and cool freshwater azure nearer the outer edge of the iris. “I was looking for something.” She continued as if without having said anything eerie or possibly threatening (though her tone had portrayed absolutely no threat at all, it was like she’d missed her ride in the parking lot and had to wait for it to circle back around). “And I think I found it.” She said as she dusted one hand down her front while the other remained clutching the briefcase. “Do continue with what you were doing, I’ll just tag along behind you.” Well, that was pretty blunt. But you don’t make good business without being a bit… politely aggressive.
HollowJak: -Jason seeing the men would remain calm and duck into a hallway as they started to fire thankfully the hallways were large. he dreq izanami into his left hand and stood there waiting until he heard the empty clicks of their guns and magazines hitting the floor at which point he jumped out into the hall and charged them- see buckos this is whgy you dont fire blindly like morons -he took a hard pull on the ciggarete s he charged into their midsts his swords flashing as he cut through the two lead men in the fisst strike. grinn ing and see a mand throw a punch at him he stepped to the side and swung his blades down chopping the mans arm clean odd- coem now i just wanna be your friend -he swung his blade slicing through the mans head and cutting off a scream of pain as he realised what had happened to his arm- well now it appears im still outnumber tsk tsk lets change that shall we? -he smiled as they charged him knives drawn for close quarter though two stayed back hurriedly trying to find a loaded magazine for their gun. ( he simply grinned as he waited for them to get close though they were being careful he could tell after a second one got brave and charged him and the other 4 ollowed he smiled and with a loud roar which could be even heard outside ducked below a slow knife slash and stabbed upward bith blades entering the mans ches edgees pointed outward to his side with another roar he yanked his swords to the side while hitting the switch the edges buyring white hot as his adimantium blades slid easily through the mans fles cutting him clean in half. he ran to the two who had just pulled back the levers on their guns and with a flury of motion cut the guns in half before proceeding to quickly move btween them slicing into the stomachs as he passed before spinning and stabbing his swords into their back. he slowly pulled the swords back and looekd at the four which were still standing. he spat out the dead butt of his ciggaarete and grinned under the mask before slowly walking towards them blades held at his sides the heat coming off of them drying the blood on the floor as they came even close to it he made one last lunge and with frour quick slashed had dispatched the four who had stood frozen after their comrades deaths. hitting the switches on the hilts again he shut off the reactors and slid the swords back into their scabbards before taking out his phone and sending a call to ayperos humming. if he would answer he would say- soooo these guys up here are dead and i dont see any more coming you get done with your part of the gig? if so we should go get some burgers

xXAyperosXx: The bullets didn't even make a dent in his armor nor his arm. He would look at her as she asked if he was ok, but befor he could speak she ccontinued. she didn't seem to look at his eyes for the most part but then she did, her eyes look seemingly human, but also beautiful. Seeing the light ember and light azure, apon looking into his one would see that he only had one eye, the other side being cover with a patch, but the eye that would be seen wouln't even look human, seeming to almost glow a bright blood red and have an animalistic slit as his pupil. He liked how firm her voice was as she then said that she was going to follow behind him. "No I'm alright. And if you wish to follow, just keep your head down. I don't need inocent blood on my hands." His own voice stern as he tells her this. He would then walk around to the front where Jason should be finishing up. Seeing that fire had started he goes around to the front gate. as he was inside, he didn't see anyone with a cross on his face. If he wasn't even here then all this violence would have been for nothing. He would look as he waited for Jasom out front. He would then get a call and pick up the Phone. "sadly no, we are not. "I'm out fron with a girl I found out back. But I didn't see anyone with the tattoo i told you about. So obviously he wasn't in there, or somehow snuck out. " He paused for a moment. "Come out front. We are standing at the gate.' He would hang up the phone and then turn around to the girl. "So you where looking for something? What could have possible been here that you needed?" He would ask some question, the thought of her being here was strange and could tell something was up. His eye seemed to pulse as he asked the question, but only once as he looked at her.

Diversity: The sounds of destruction were great enough that she was in earshot of them while listening to the man. She wasn’t too awfully surprised that her tone had worked with him, but at the same time she couldn’t help but feel an inner accomplishment. But she sneered when he called her innocent. Had there ever been an innocent moment in her life? Growing up with a whore-house Madam and clan soldiers didn’t exactly set one up for innocence, but she supposed she liked the description. It’s how District 2 people would’ve described her. Innocent, but driven. Responsible. Brave, and confident above all else. As she followed behind him, she had no need to keep her head down. The woman was shorter than him, even if her heels did give her a good three inches of height added onto her base height of 5’6. She walked easily behind him as if meandering behind a business associate and not some super-soldier she’d just happened to be ‘saved’ by in the blink of an eye, in the bad part of the city, during an explosive bullet-fest of bloody, gutted violence and ferocity. She sighed contently as she only paused once he’d stopped out front of the building. She turned and looked around to the others. The smells really captivated her, not because she necessarily liked them but because they were familiar. Another home for her, in a place where she could linger in them. He received a phone call- not something she expected from the super-soldier- and then found his gaze back on her own. He obviously wasn’t normal. Possibly inhuman- she’d heard those whispers before. Or an experiment, but she wouldn’t dare compare him to herself. She wasn’t mottled or mutated by what experiments had been done on her, only perfected (though she’d suffered some tolls along the way what with the risky side effects and things). The flicker of his single eye didn’t make her shy away, nor blush, nor reveal any emotion. She stared up at him as if she was perfectly his height and not smaller or more vulnerable. But there was an obvious acceptance that she was greatly weaker and indeed more delicate than this one. “Death.” She said honestly. “Bodily harm…” She took a breath and reached up to gently brush aside her bangs. “I am the Specialist. A good doctor doing good deeds, for the right customer.” She offered him a brief, dancing smile that reminded most of a cunning, sly car salesman. But it faded just as quickly, as apathy and indifference best befell her as she tilted her head up a bit more to better study the stranger’s single eye, causing a glare of his eye color to stray across her lenses. What a strange one- this one.
HollowJak: -Jason would nod slowly as he listened to ayperos shutting off the pone and starting to walk towards the front door- a god damned woman? seriously just randomly ah well ive seen weirder. -he walked over the same dead bodyas before and seeing ayperos standing there with an odd woman with a briefcase he would wave and continue forward a grin still under his mask- you know that wasnt very nice of you big guy sending me in as the distraction i dont even know how many guys i had to kill what if i had gotten killed huh? -he would laugh and stop a few feet in front of them his voice becoming serious- where did you find a girl? and why the fuck is she here? -he looks towards the woman- please do excuse my language miss -he looked back towards ayperos- again i ask why the fuck is she here? also why is it that you go off and find some pretty woman and i get sent into the smelly old asylum with a bunch of odd looking men you know its gonna cost me alot of money to get a new suit blood is hard to get out -he sighed and turned pulling down his mask and putting a ciggarete in his mouth and lighting it with his bic though from behind with the glow of the asylum which continued to burn now the entire front on fire his face was impossible to see- so you didnt find the guy i assume? i swear you need better info
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would look at the girl with a raised brow as she then was very blunt about why she was here and it seemed a bit under his mask. In truth he really liked this girls personality, it was different that what he had seen so far, and he had seen alot. He nods at her. "I see.. Well I am Kuroryu. Heros for hire. Though with your personality, I think you would have been able to take on those guys yourself." He chuckles a bit and then can hear Jason behind him, bitching at him. He would turn around and then look at him with no expression. "Why are you bitchen? Honeslty, Atleast you had a chance to show your skills. Besides, i told you not to try amnd be the hero, but did you listen? No. So I don't want to hear it.." He sighs. 'I'm sorry about him, he is new to this.." His eye would glance up seeing a shine off in the distance. He would then draw his sword and walk forword as a gunshot would be heard. His reflexes would kick in and the bullet would slow down in his eye and he would then swing his blade and hit the bullet, splitting it in half and the two halves of the bullet would pass right by all of them. He would then look and see that this is the guy that they where looking for, seeing the cross tattoo on his face. The guy would then peal off in his car and ayperos would press a button on his keys, turning his car on and it would speed at them and then slide, stopping right infron of Ayperos. seeing that he was now infront of everyone behind him. "Alright there he goes. "He would look at Jason. "Get in." he would then look at the girl. "You can stay here or get in. Its up to you." He would wait to see what she does holding the door open to his 1960s flat black plymouth duster. If she did get in or even if she didn't he would get in the driver seat and smirk. 'Buckle up!" He would then dump the clutch and peal off chasing after the other car, shifting as he goes, the car would go from 0 to 60 in alitte over five seconds. As he would then catch up to the killers car. The dash would be riddled with buttons and switches and Ayperos would glance at them reading the chinese to see what he wanted to use.
Diversity: The woman watched as another came forward- a bit rude. The two were total opposites; one solemn and stern, the other too talkative and rather wreckless. Michiko simply let it all slide on by her as if nothing bothered her at all until Ayperos told her to get in (if she pleased). Of course she could not resist, who knew how long it would be until she had a chance to make these kinds of bonds or feel this kind of adrenaline while being so secure. Michiko gave a low satisfied chuckle and quickly made her way into their car and held on tight for what she felt would surely be a wild ride.
HollowJak: -Jason woud frown at kyu and scratch his chin- it aint bitching its me asking why you dont have better information -he gave a shrug and kept facing the other way till he heard the tell tale bang of a gun shot and turned around to see kyu deflecting a bullet at which point he looked at the car which sped away- so thats our guy huh? -he hopped in the passenger side and quickly pulled his revolver from under his left arm using his right hand and cocked back the hammer as they sped off after the car. he would roll down the window quickly and lean out of it- keep her steady man -he leveled his revolver and closed his left eye as he aimed down the sights damn it he hated firing while moving so fast ah well he fried twice aiming towards the mans tires. if this were ineffective he would aim and fire two more shots bouncing the bullets off of the hard tarmac aiming them so that they would hopefully bounce up towards the bottomm of the car in the hope hthe bullets would punch through the bottom of the car and into the drivers side though at this speed there was no guarantee they would-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos as about to press a button when he then saw Jason roll down the windows and keep it steady as he aimed a shot right at the tire, it being a normal car, the bullets would hit both tires and send the car out of control it would then go straight into another parked car, flipping around and labding on the top, sliding across the road. Ayperos would then slam on the breaks and slide to the side to where the driver side pointed to the wreckage. He would look at them both. "Alright stay here." He would then open the door and step out closing it behind him and walking up to the wreckage. He could hear the man freaking out trying to get out from the car. Ayperos would then simply grab the driver side door and ripped it off with his bear hands and tosses the door to the side as he then pulls the man out grabbing him by the neck of his shirt and holding him up off the ground with just one hand. The man would grab his arm to and hit it a bit but with no luck of even loosening his grip. "Come on man.. Don't you think you did enough? So what if i killed a few people.' Ayperos would look at him. 'But why? what did you have to gain?" The man would simply remain silent and then Ayperos would send his fist into the guys side breaking a few ribbs, the man would scream in pain. "Tell me!!" He would then look at Ayperos and bite his lip at the pain. Ayperos goes to hit again. "No!.. Wait please.. I work for the Setsuyomi clan.. Everyone i've kill has had direct orders to kill under their orders..." The man then looked at him withg a smile and spoke in a weak tone. "" Th-The... The Fucking GMHF'S...ARE RIGGED.."He stops to take a breath. " HEH... I HOPE ALL YOU BASTARDS ENTER.. BECAUSE WHEN YOU DO.. YOUR GONNA FUCKING DIE! HAHAHAAHHA!" He would ligh and then his hands would drop as his body began to seize and after a few minutes would stop and go limp. The man now dead somehow. He would then drop the body on the ground and then pull out his phone going to the car, texting the info he gathered to Densuke. and put up his phone and get in the car. he would turn it on and Drive off from the scene and then drop the girl off as she tapped him and asked him to.he would then take Jason by the warehouse and drop him off as well. "Sorry to leave and Run.. But I have things to be taken carE of. You did really good today though Jason." He wouldn't tell Jason anything just yet till he figured out what all this was about. Hopfully Densuke would know, because Ayperos sure as hell didn't.
HollowJak: -Jason would give a slight nod and wave at him as he drove off before sighing and holstering his revolver which he had kept out not exactly the breath of fresh air he had hoped for but it woauld work keeping his katanas strapped where they were as he walked off down the street deciding to go for a bit of a walk and maybe find a restraunt to eat at maybe he could even get a food burger. he continued to walk down the road honestly feeling a bit glum now that the action had ended why had he even been brought along anyways? he wasnt in heros for hire and he was far from the model citizen hell he would admit it he was a very blatant criminal he had stolen, killed and probably caused the deaths of many others by selling his guns.he shook his ehad to clear it it was too late now to worry about such things besides who would even care. with a bitter laugh he put a fresh ciggarete to his lips and lit it as he headed on down the road looking around for some place he could walk into to get warm though he had blood on his suit still he would simply explain it away or try to pay the person who called him on it off-

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