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Donnie Yun

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Chairmen Aijin (Skull Clan)

The way it's done...

IzzyDaPada: It was midnight if you were to look out over the buildings in district two. My eyes were set on the stars, how far away they seemed...oh how far away..Daichi and Daiki were flanking far behind me as I had asked them too..I had a planned meeting tonight..with a wealthy business man..with a frown I had a memory of the man clintching my fists together tightly around the katana that was held in my hands and infront of me. The person I wished to see had came to me asking for a beautiful kimono to be made months ago, and I did just that. One of the best possibly walking pieces of walking art around..but the man double crossed me. Stealing the kimono, and claiming it as his own..something in me was enraged at the thought..some BUISNESS MAN who knew nothing of art, of the trates to greate such a work, could do such a thing. But he will get his justice just like the rest that tried to cross me. It seemed I was in my thoughts to long, I heard the foot steps meeting with the top ground of the building. "Ahh your here Mr. Hayashi..Thank you for meeting me at such a late know how my schedule is of course.." The man behind me would look calm, but probably would be nervous, and probably thinking, why would this calm colective woman want him here. He will soon find out. But apparently he wanted to speak. "Ms. Nakayama..I was..erm..hoping you would tell me why we would be up here..of all places. Couldn't we do it someplace private?" I personally thought we were in a private place. No one would hear his cries of pains..all that mattered. "Mr. Hayashi I like to keep my business clean of the filth..that would plague it..make it impure..I keep my business know what I mean Mr. Hayashi?" Mr. Hayashi would look at me trying to be puzzled on the outside, gulping slightly, he knew I was on to him. "No I don't know what you mean Ms. Nakayama. You talk in riddles." I would frown. "Mr. Hayashi I whipe your kind off the plante like angels would fight the devil for god. Daichi and Daiki..flank.." As I gave them the order, the boys approached out of the darknes that flanked them approaching him and grabing his arms and holding the man steady. Mr. Hayashi would flail to get out of their graps. Fear gripped him whoely. But I knew my boys could hold him. I sheethed the katana from its case. Of course it wasn't my own branded and named katana, I wouldn't have been so stupid to leave a katana that could be linked to me that easily. As I turned around I wore a blank face.- "Ms. Nakayama! Please! Please I didn't mean..PLEASE I BEG YOU TO SPARE ME!" I placed the tip of the blade to the ground and started to drag it accross, it made a sound that would drive probably those close to death mad. "I shall be the cleanser of these streets of your kind. For the lord. The powers that have been handed to me by the gods. It shall flow like river through me. Banishing your soul to hell.." I had finally reached him, and placed the tip of the blade ontop of his heart. The man was practailly crying like a man.- "Please I..I won't take anything from you again please!" I would simply stare at him..the crimson of his blood will surly look lovely on him..sadly..he wont be alive to enjoy it.. "You like the rest will learn the hard way not to cross me..the Wakahisa yakuza clan leader.." He stared horrifed at me. Excatly. Yakuza Clan. "Your par-" I didn't let him finish his sentence I put my palm up to the end of the hilt of the sword and sent it into the man's chest cutting him off and his heart to stop. "Daichi, Daiki let him go..We are out." They both nodded letting the man drop to the ground without another care. "Later, we will sue his company for all his money.." "Yes Ma'am." My boys. So smart. That's all I needed to know. Walking away from the scene I headed off to my new destination possibly new cloths too.

DarkKeyome: I called Natasha... “ Alright.. OK, so they'll be here in 3 days huh..” I heard her speak some more. I think it was time I began to make myself known within the masses once again. No more hiding and pretending to be someone else... But I know for a fact that if I go along with this. I'll be putting myself in danger but I didn’t care anymore im a Kagemaru and im not hiding anymore. “ Alright Natasha.. thanks..” Is said ending the call. I rested against my Kawasaki Ninja bike... these things were so old now... it was hard to keep it in good condition. I gripped my bike's handles and cranked it rev'ing it up and heading off into district 2. I was going to the street fighting area. On the West side of District 2. It was always 

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some shit going on over there. From Drag races to Street fights either way im going to get some looks my way. I didn’t do this for attention.. but as a message to send out to all the Yakuza. Within 15 minutes I made my way there parking my bike.. I had a black leather jacket on. But I didn’t carry any weapons on me. As I pulled myself off of the bike I began to make my way down to the center of the area. People were pulled out everywhere listening to music dancing jumping around. This area was always live there honestly wasn’t a moment where it was calm but anyways. When I got there... seemed like a fight was already going on. All you heard was the crowd say.... “OOHHH!!!!” After the man was struck hard in the face with a right leg. It knocked him out cold or killed him one or the of the other. The clean up guys dragged em to the side. In the center of everyone was Veto... I knew the bastard... fucking lunatic. He was 6'4 massive muscles looked like the hulk with red hair. A Muy thai fighter practitioner of the 8 limbs. And Kick boxer. Basically the guy was fit for MMA. I saw him yell and scream getting the crowd hyped up. “ Yeeeahhh! WHO THE FUCK WANTS SOME HUH!??! WHO THE FUCK WANTS IT YEAHHH!!” I cracked my neck to the right... If this is the competition ever since I went MIA... then this wont be much fun at all. I took my hood off. And removed my jacket tossing it to the side once I got to the middle of the crowd the screaming eased.... All I could hear was... “ K-..Keyome Tasanagi... heard he was a ghost but what the hell the fuckers actually?! Alive!!!??” “ What the fuck is wrong with his arm?!” “ Is that Auto-mail!?” “ Yo that shit is illegal!” “ What the fuck, he's the terrorist!!!”... the whispering was pissing me off. I looked over my shoulder my eyes cold and calculating like I had no remorse and compassion in my heart... the crowd shut the fuck up instantly.. then I began to speak. “... I hear.. Danchou... has you fooled.... has you thinking... I'm.. a Terrorist...” I said pacing back and forth slowly with my head down. “...Has you thinking... I AM.. the monster....Do you think.. that is TRUE?!” I said shouting at them...” Do you think... I am.. truly a monster... No... Do you know what I am!!?” I said pounding my chest... “ I’m a fucking DEAD MAN.... OR... so they say anyways!” I eyed the large fighter... “ But... they are wrong....I... AM THE KING! ...THIS... IS.. MY... CITY!” I got down in my Martial arts stance. Nothing really orthodox but for the most part it was. “ Come on...” I said to the guy. He tensed and bursted out laughing. “ You fucking dick head! You think you can beat me.. Im Motherfuckin! D-ROCK! The ultimate fucking fighting machine there aint no fucker in this whole city who can fuck with me you d-GAHHKK...!!!” He coughed... my hand.. my right hand at that, was sitting deep within his abdomen.. I twisted it.. left... and right slowly, the sound of bone crunching could be heard as I shattered his ribs. I took a step back and the massive man fell on his knee's before me,when he did I was already spinning in a 360 motion and aiming my left leg up to strike him in the face as I sent a swift round hose kick to his jaw. It made his body twist in a hard 360 motion before he hit the ground knocked out cold..”....” I simply looked over my shoulder to see his fractured decimated body. “....” My eyes lingered up at the crowd. “ Anyone else..” I said standing up straight.... They stood silent.

xUrusai: I was sitting in my empty host club, balancing a quil on my nose when a horde of informents crashed through my door "You better have something good or.....someone is going to die." The four of them stood up straight as if they where in a line up and I was their drill sargent. All of them started to speak at once, all the words I picked up was "Tons of Blood." "This one guy" "Fight" and "Tasanagi's back" As soon as I heard those words, I was the happiest man alive. It was time for me to shine ~ I opened the draw of my desk and pulled out a small deep red velvet box in which I left my hand bandages, it seems this guy was going hand to hand I was going to oblige him. Flicking a thick roll of 20's towards the informents, I left them to fight over it. I practically danced to the scene of the crime, hearing whispers of it all along the journey there. It only made me more excited, this guy had something to prove, which is probably why he was going so hard. I on the other hand just wanted to get noticed, as fast as possible. I couldn't stop my self from smiling, the grin was almost twisted my face into something a bit crazy. To get myself further in the mood, I picked a person a few yards in front of me, far enough away so that I could have a run up, this is a game I like to call Aijin's Leap Frog. Todays victim was a man a little taller then me, my reason for picking him was that he walked like a douchebag and with that I bound toward him and just before I got behind him I leapt in the air, grabbed hold of his hair and skidded across the ground, smashing his face into it as I went down. I stood wiping off my hand and tutting at the rip in my new toga, that game was dangerous, geez, I bent at the waist and patted the guy on the back "Sorry bro, next time, walk like a boss not a idiot and off I went. I was just about there, I could see the crowd that had gathered and by now I was just about exploding with excitement. I heard him say "Anyone else?" when I practically jumped with hysteria "ME ME PICK ME!" I giggled, pushing through the throng of people.

DolliesBelle: The night was just so alive in the heart of District two. A simple roar of night life came to play in the street of the urban like area. Upon the side walk, this dainty figure came to wander. Step by step, she'd faintly speak to herself in a simple hum, trying to keep herself occupied. She was a bit frightened to even walk along the streets of the district,not after recent events. She brushed it off, in her mind, and continued her merry way. Though, she was happy and in her own world, she'd allow reality to burst that bubble when the sound of loud shouts and chants came to chime in her ear. 'Curiosity killed the cat' she thought to herself before she followed the sounds, allowing them to get louder and louder; the closer she got. She'd peek around the corner to this alley way that seemed to illuminate quite brightly, causing her to furrow her brews at the thought. 'S--Should I?" she asked herself, coming to take in a deep breath and wandered down the alley way and wandered into the crowd that seemed to gather. With this, she'd tape the shoulder of a stranger, only to get nudged off and ignore. Typical, assumptions of those who looked at her. She'd shake her head and wandered over to a near by car, coming to examine it's body and paint job. It was a gorgeous Dodge Charger, the car itself was a beauty amongst the beasts. She had this urge to feel the hood of the car, knowing she'd probably lose a hand if she did. She resisted this urge and allowed her blue hues to wander over to a few people dancing and than to the crowd, watching in silence as she would smile at the festivities. She had not been outside on her own for quite sometime.

Pallas: -After lastnight he no longer wanted to put things that used to bother him, on the back burner. Having been working so hard on his Suits and running his Corperation that problems with the Yakuza were always on the back burner. But, it was time to push it forward and get some problems out of the way. Last night Kirei spent the night again and only this wasnt the way he thought. She needed information out of him and it was something he did not expect. It was weird for her to even think about asking him such questions as she did last night. It rang through his head like a bullet throughout the entire day. Right now Donnie is where he always his labs. He had been here all day because of the thoughts that ran through his mind. He mad sure to double up on the Towers security components and to make sure the Sector teams were ready to deploy is needed. In the lab he continues to scrape away at something he was preparing for awhile now. Today is also the day that Zero returns from his Special Op mission for the Corperation. Today is an overall busy day for Donnie. Then as he worked a voice of a woman came through the earpiece he had on and said-"Sir, this is Code: 6a3-Birdwatch and there seems to be a build up in District two tonight."-The Birdwatch team is a specially designed tactic from Yun Corp. to keep Donnie in the loop of things that go on outside when he is in the lab. Most of the time he lets other people handle the small situations and only takes the bigger problems. And this one seemed like a bigger problem, which brought him to say-"So? What do I care for?"-He continued on his work until the next words came out of the womans mouth-"Sir...we have Code: b3b Close Ear down there to send us audio of what is going on.....You dont beleive us until you see it....Keyome is back!"-DOnnie stopped what he was doing and really did not believe anything of what he was hearing. He then replied back saying-"Lady you better open your eyes because Keyome has been dead for some time now....The fuck do you mean he is alive?"- And the woman reporting said it again. Leaving Donnie to do the only thing he knew to do. GO SAY HI. He quickly walked out of the Lab area and into the Garage where he has his collection of Auto Vehicles. He of course jumps into his 69' GTO Judge and starts it up. The sound of the engine revs like the roar of a lion. When the headlights open up, he quickly puts the pedal to the medal and begins to drive to District 2. He is fairly close to where the sighting is so it only takes him a few minutes to get there regardless of traffic. When he pulls up to the area of the sighting, he sees the gang of people rushing around one area. He slowly drives his car through as everyone could I.D. who owned this car. The Judge is more well-known in this City than James Bond's foreign sports cars. As the car mushed through and the people stepping to the side, he parks the car infront of a man who looke to be beaten to death. Unknowing that this is the man who Keyome just got done fighting. After stopping the car, Donnie steps out, and the car automatically turns itself off. Shutting the door behind him, he looks around to all the people of the area as the place becomes dead quiet. Donnie looks around and then sees the man with an Auto Mail arm. A small laugh escapes his lips and he says-"ahhh Keyome....You have looked better. How is the Afterlife treating you? Pretty good I'll say."- He walks to the hod of his car and waits to hear if Keyome says anything to him. He also had no care to any of the other people. This was a matter he felt could help him in the long run and the other people were not even there in his eyes.-

Proving one's worth...

DarkKeyome: Quickly I looked over to see who it was my jet black raven hair coating my face when I finally looked upon just who it was that was so eagar to fight. My eyes lowered and then my eyebrow cocked over to see who it was. And to my surprise... it was Aijin... I just saw this guy earlier today. We made a deal with one another... now he wants to fight me? I looked at him with a confused expression on my face before I crossed my arms. The cool air blowing by against my chest. “ If we do this... we still up for our deal?” I said eyeing him.. this guy is something else. How the hell could he be so happy about fighting someone he's never fought before. Ah well... I began to speak out again to the man when... A 69 GTO pulled up causing the crowd to go into yet another hush. I eyed the vehicle.. and upon he exited the vehicle... Was the Notorious Donnie Yun... but. Something off was off with this guy. This fucking lunatic used to be a Murderous gun slinging mad man. But not only did I hear have his own corporations... but the fucker seemed cool now. He cut his hair... he seemed like the hulk now. Was this the result of the Z-human Serum!? Who knows.. but I do know that this cant be the same guy. How can a simple psycho gun slinging maniac become a business man in the time period of 2 and a half months. “...Donnie Yun...” I said eying him either way.. he was brother clan. He was my enemy. “ … The after life huh? Hahah... I suppose it's going pretty good...” I said cracking my neck giving him a sick smirk. “ I was kinda hoping you'd get killed or something by now... guess I’ll have to do that too. Geez fuck Kinda Yakuza are around here if there too scared to take out a fucking Muscle head. Tell your boss... im coming to see him soon... Tell brother Danchou... im coming for his HEAD.... “ I turned back to Aijin. “... C'mon then, Show me what you can do....” I changed my stance. Donnie's presence just honestly pissed me off so me taking it easy on this guy was out of the picture completely. I got down into a Boxing stance leaning left to right with my hands up. I only did this to throw him off eventually...

xUrusai: When I was noticed, my hand shot in the air and waved like a child "Yo dude, good to see you again!" He looked shocked that I was here, I scoffed to myself, I'd be pretty shocked if I wasn't here. To his comment about our deal, I cocked my head rather insulted at the fact he would even suggest I would go back on my word because of a fight "Ofcourse. Don't be stupid." Unless you accidently die, I laughed to myself, although this seemed to be a ridiculous notion as this guy seemed to handle himself pretty well. I can dream. Just as I was about to say something, everyone's attention went in the direction of this car that had just pulled up. I know nothing about cars, hate em and didn't interest me and to be honest I was rather pissed that this guy stole the limelight and had the audacity to ignore my existance but this guy was big, I wouldn't dare take him on hand to hand so I stayed quiet. I took the pins out of my hair, letting the long black curtain of silk fall then took off the shawl to my toga and let it drop to the floor. As I did that, my set of throwing knives fell out of my obi, I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, just incase someone called me a cheat, I had forgotten they had been in there so I kicked them into the crowd. I wanted to fight this guy fairly, he deserved as much. I became impatient at their talk, I realised they had alot of issues to deal with, I would prefer if they didn't do it on my time, fighting like a pair of lovers. Once again I sniggered at my thoughts "I am so funny...." I whispered, licking my lips. Okay this was getting ridiculous. Just as I was about to interject, Tasanagi turned to me and I watched him get into stance. The smile coming back to my face I mimiced, pulling up the bottom of my clothes as I crouched so that my weight was on my right leg which was bent and my left leg was slightly behind my torso, straight with my foot pointing in an abnormal direction "I am ready Tasanagi....Come at me..."

Pallas: -He smirks and laughs a bit under his breathe hearing the things that Keyome has to say. It made him miss the days when he was down here working the strets but he never wanted to go back to these days. To be honest, after all the success he has been having...He thinks places like this one are beneath him now. Even the talks and whispers of the crowds could contest to that. They call came together like women in a sowing circle-"I hear he has so much money now...More than Danchou?""I heard that thing on his arm is like a Tv or somthin man""I heard he has cyborgs that work with him.""No way thats stupid""I heard that the SuitMan is him"-Then the crowd falls quiet from that statement. Even Keyome would have no idea what the people are talking about, and hopefully it stayed that way. It's not that he wanted to keep his Identification secret, only that he did not want to be bothered by others to make them Suits. It is a drag and something that Donnie really has no time for. Finally he felt the hood of his car to make sure no heat was on it and he sat down. His voice showed no fear, no anxious, no anything when he says-"By all means Keyome...try it. Try if you feel the need to kill me. I only warn you that it will not end the way you want it to. But I will not kill you. Just not something on my agenda. So please, entertain all of us with your streetfighting. If you win, I may have a present for you hahaha."-He then leaned back on the hood of the car and watched the fight unfold.-

DolliesBelle: She'd look over to the few men who seemed to look like chums, taking in details about them and keeping her thoughts silent. With this, she'd come to lean against the chargers hood and eased herself atop of it. She'd hug her legs close to her form as she listened to the man swoon and flaunt over those who were hear. Some rumours, some truths, and even some odd pick ups. She'd just listen to them, allowing her mind to record what little she could pick and pin point to the many near by. She was not here on a job, she was here out of interest. Though, her mentality seemed to clock into work mode more then it should of.

IzzyDaPada: Finally approaching another portion of district two after changing my cloths and into my more comfortable attire with my double glocks hidden with my black jackets and my small dagger strapped to my back for a safty measure. I had always favored those black pieces, as if that saying *That sexy little dress* Though I kept it to my formal tastes. It seemed as if people were gathering the deeper you went into the district. I kept myself away from the interactions of a circle gathered those due to the fact that, I rarly didn't wish for those to turn their attention on me at this current moment. Though, the person I did spot in the ring was...someone I truly wanted to conversate with..of course he was doing what he did best. So, later he will probably figure his own path out. Looking around, I spotted someone who wasn't part of the commotion, walking up to her (belle <3) I would offer her a smile. "So..what is going on with these fine gentelmen.. Obviously it seems like everyone is ready to have a fight or sorts.."

DarkKeyome: I listened to the crowd around me. Idiots shit never changes around here. Fuck Society... It's a germ upon this planet. I came here though to get noticed to let all know that I am alive. Honestly... if Donnie decided to report this back over to Danchou or not. My lack of fucks for that situation was low... either way the plan was underway. Only 3 days from now....I ignored Donnie by the time he was speaking I was well on my way over to Aijin. I wasn’t running you never charge an opponent unless your ready to get countered. I stepped in front of him being only 6-5 feet away. With a leaning shoulder dip I scoffed my body to the right in a jolt of speed then to the left, I did this 3 times by now im sure my body looked like a blur. As I did it and my body slightly crouched over with the immense speed. My right hand was slightly cocked back strictly aiming for the mans abdomen if I had chosen to hit him. The right arm, was my auto-mailed arm. While the left was my synthetic one. I had pretty much lost them both with the explosion but no matter. Fuck that... nothing would hold me back. Due to this guy being a chairmen... I would not under estimate him. Every chairmen almost seemed supernatural when they fought. I doubt I did... I liked to think of myself as just any ol average Joe. Once I got within the range of him which would have taken me a small short amount of time. Maybe 3.5 seconds as I did. I released the hand I was holding back preparing to fire at him with the momentum that I had used to power the blow. Once I release said hand. If connected I would pivot to the right and send a swift blurring two piece with my left hand to the mans upper chest and neck area, each blow would rock him hard sending a crushing pain throughout his chest if it connected which would possibly make him wheeze in pain if the blows made there way to there designated marking place..But then I was on the move again I wasted no time I never did anyways I was moving again, Only to take a step back and throw a right hook aiming at the mans chest plate with enough force to knock him back 4 feet if connected and possibly making him fall on his butt.

xUrusai: I exhaled, my maniacal smile retracting into one of confidence. Something was heading towards me at an alarming rate, I closed my eyes, silencing the world beyond my ownself, all I could hear was the blood pumping in my ears. Just seconds before his right arm made contact, I could feel it moments from hitting me, my body contorted and lowered, using my left hand to deflect and protect, it swurved in time with the left side of my torso, ignoring the pain in that shot through my left arm from the contact with what felt like a brick wall. Time seemed to slow as I opened my eyes, I felt the force behind his punch as it just missed me. Instead of hitting me in the groin, his attack had been deflected to the open space behind me. With this I stood, my body flowed like water as I prepared for his next attempt at taking me down. My tongue poked out to lick my lips and in that time of me underestimating him, he had gotten me. For a second I felt like I had an out of body experience and shouted "What the fuck?" In my head, big mistake. Falling backwards, I braced the tumble with the same hand I had used to deflect his first attack and this made me wince with pain and I coughed harshly, trying to regain my breath. Red began to paint the scene as I did a backwards roll onto my feet, my scratched my palm as I slowly circled him, I was probably the same speed as him and I had gotten to him withing a blink of an eye, I was so close it looked like I was about to kiss him if my head was not turned to the side, I grabbed his hip with my left hand and with my hand curled into a claw, I aimed for his diaphram, hoping to give him a taste of his own medicine. If I had connected, it would have made his kneels buckle while the pain spread through his lungs like flames. When my retalliation was done, I would pass him to get to a safe distant just incase he felt like getting smart.

DolliesBelle: Her attention was drawn away from the commotion as she looked over to her left. Upon the sight, she'd see the woman smile at her with a warm intention. She appeared to be dressed in all black attire, the vynal looking material hugging her curves with the gracious of ease. Appealing to the eye, really. Snow was not one for the ladies, but something about this woman made her eyes wander about. After all, it's alright to look at what little you can't flaunt. The woman was gorgeous, the natural beauty type. Her blue eyes settled upon that porcelain face of hers, unable to help but smile back to the woman. Her lips curved into that sweet grin, allowing her lull voice to surpass her angel kissed pink lips. "To be perfectly honest.. I have no idea who they are r their desires to punch it out. Territorial, perhaps? It's a small guess but it's an obvious one…" She'd look towards the men getting ready to knock it out, allowing a small giggle to escape her smiling lips. "It's a pleasure to meet someone of such fine beauty, natural and simplistic. A rarity in our world.. Perhaps I can have the name of such a woman? In exchange for my own, of course".

DarkKeyome: After he was knocked away I was moving to the right attempting to switch into another stance. A drunken fist stance but the man had proven himself worthy. Tough guy... way stronger than he looked. Not a lot of people could take my hits like that as I was moving getting ready to come back at him with yet another attack I moved my arms in a slow motions. Similar to the strokes of Tai Chi. And when I had my self ready... he came in with an attack with a blurring speed. I didn’t see it coming at all. Tch. His body moved in a streak of black almost. I noticed the blood... how could he still be able to take hits like that. It made me smirk a bit. But... when the blow connected to the area he targeted I coughed I hadn’t seen it coming. All you could hear was the loud “ OOOHHH!!” Once it was made from the crowd. It hurt like hell but my body was pretty tight. I took the hit staggering back.... but I caught myself on my left leg only moments later. the moment his blow connected and I was cringing over. My right arm swiftly attempted to latch onto his arm he didn’t even get a full 3 seconds to get away from me before I attempted to do what he didn’t want me to. Where he hit me it was bleeding pretty bad. The fuck did he do with his hand anyways.. felt like he impaled me with something. If me reaching out for his arm was successful I would press my right side on him pressing him hard against my side until the arm he used for his attack was over my right shoulder. Quickly I pulled him over me in a strong hip toss. A Judo move. If I was successful then the male would smash into the ground with a powerful force that would possibly knock the breathe out of him not enough to knock him out though. But... It was not over, once he would have been tossed over I would have pulled my body over as well at the same time as I was pulling him over me. Aiming my right elbow right in his gut which could possibly knock the breathe even more making his brain lose oxygen sending a painful sensation to his head which could knock him off.

IzzyDaPada: Nodding my head agreeing with her. Men did seem to be territorial. All men seemed like that, maybe even my departed fiance. Looking to the one that stood infront of me she spoke again and complimented me. I couldn't help but offer her one of my genuin smiles. "Thank you for your kind compliments. As I do agree, our world really does lack such things. I'm Isabel Nakayama." I offered a small bow that would cause me to bend at the waist. Though looking over the girl infront of me, I took in some of her detail. I could truly say well....felt like a christian in amongst the sinners. (LOLOL) but as I had my own sin written into my skin, I didn't have room to speak. But of course, making friends in this world, wouldn't hurt would it?

xUrusai: I pouted a little, seeing that my attack didn't affect him as much as I had hope though it soon changed into a smile when I saw the blood on my finger tips, bringing my hand to my lips, I was just about to put my middle finger in my mouth to clean the blood off of it when I was yanked back so hard, it felt like my shoulder had been pulled out of it's socket. I bit my lip as he attempted to throw me on to the ground, I knew this move, he was using my momentum to drive the force, instead of him forcing me over his shoulder, I rolled off his back, taking hold of his other hand so that we both had hold of each other and I landed on the floor in a crouching pose, I pulled him toward me, driving my knee up into his throat as I stood, twisting me body at the waist to add more power. If it did him it would be a weak attack because of the awkward start up but it would give him enough time to get away and take a breather.

DolliesBelle: She'd nod to the woman in a proper greeting response, too comfortable to get herself up and bow to the classy woman. Upon her name, she'd smile more and returned the favour. "It's an honour to meet you Isabel. I'm Snow.. I--It's what I go by.. you know, nothing big and fancy but.. it's defining to who I am". She'd nod once more, coming to slip off the cars hood and stood herself up, brushing off her corset like top a bit. "What brings you to these parts? You seem very classy and too.. proper for such a place".

DarkKeyome: My judo toss didn’t follow through. Tch got dammit... During the process the guy actually managed to counter by flipping forward and landing on his feet impressive. I was stuck in a position I couldnt get out of. Clench holds were always difficult to get out of. I saw his limb soaring to my neck hit like that would not be nice. I tilted my head to the right as the attack was coming to meet its target. So the hit would rock my right cheek instead of my neck like he wanted it rocked me hard. But... im a fighter, i've always been a fighter. Due to the hit striking me hard in the head it put me in a delusional state... Which was bad. When ever I was put in situations like this the drunken fist style would always show its face thats never good. The drunken fist was a deadly style. Even if it did last only a moment I felt it kick in immediately. My head was sent back, all the way back and for some reason I kind of leaped up with it. I was rocked, and I thrusted my body back in a hard back flipping move with him pulling me down basically it simply created the momentum for the move. As I flipped back I would have pulled my legs up both of them at the same time with an explosive force, and the moment he was back up to catch his breathe my feet would be soaring towards his chin with enough force to knock him 4 in a half feet in the air and hitting the ground if it connected. I would have landed on my stomach shaking my head attempting to fight the pain off. I hadnt even realized what I did.

xUrusai: I clenched my jaw, putting as much spite into this attack as I possibly could, without going over board. I just wanted to see him in pain, horrid I know but ah well I'm Aijin. As my knee made contact, I was shocked that he would use his face to defend such an attack of all things, why the face. He obviously did not care for he looks as I did. He did this weird action, that made him look like armadillo trying to escape, all curled up and shit. I pushed against up against my things as I stood, using this time to catch my breath but ofcourse I should've known that wouldn't be possible. I looked toward him and the moment I did, I felt a tear spring from tear duct all that I heard in my head was "NOT THE FUCKING FACEEEEEE!" but it was too late he had connected with his foot. I could feel my jaw crack as I squinted my face, wishing him away for a second. I soared through the air, my face hurting like a bitch. Seeing the ground I twisted my body, making it into a pencil shap with my feet touching and my hands out stretched ready to catch the ground. I had forgotten all about my damaged arm and my planned graceful landing was wrecked as my elbow buckled beneath me, making me yowl with pain. I flipped onto my back, holding my arm as I rocked forward into an animal like position, I could feel my hair was getting messy and it probably made me look like a hobo at this point I couldn't care. My face low to the ground, knees bent and only one arm for support I dug my nails into the ground, charging for him. He was going to pay. I did a full circle to gain drive, before heading towards the back of him, I lept up in a springing motion to latch my self onto him. If my move was succesful I would put him in a choke hold and sunk my teeth into his ear, hoping to rip it off. The pain from that would set him back a bit and made me smile.

IzzyDaPada: I would keep my compossur. If only the girl I found out as Snow knew where I had just came from, she could tell why I fit so well into this world. But what I know and what these people will soon later find out that is I'm capable of probably causing. Looking back to Snow I would nod my head and smile. "Well there are reasons to my actions. But to explain my actions would mean explaining my life and where I just came from. But for that. I will save you from the long drawn out explinations." Looking over to the fight, it seemed well interesting. But right now, I had a question that needed to be answered. Looking back to Snow. "What brings you to this place if I would ask the same question? You seem, what's the word..diferen't all the rest."

DolliesBelle: She couldn't help but chuckle a bit, allowing her hands to rest firmly upon her hips, eyeing the fight herself. "Well, in all honesty… I was out and about on my own.. exploring the district streets and seeing what the nightlife had to offer… asides, I needed a break from being alone indoors.. As for winding up here.. why not? It's got a lot of social interaction and it's the best place to spot out…how do I put this.. Easy to spot out certain people?"

DarkKeyome: I was staggering to my feet shaking my head. My head was ringing like a payphone because well pay phones don’t ring anymore. Nor do they exist due to everyone getting cellular devices for free in this day and age. I gripped my temple and shook my head jumping around and gaining my composure as quickly as I could. My left eye was closed, shit im tired...He didn’t state the time he took, so more than likely I had caught myself by now. Where he struck me before was still bleeding pretty bad and my side was gushing with the red ooze from where he attacked me. After my head was back to about 55% I caught the male charging at me. My arms were low but I got them back up as quickly as I could and cocked my right arm back. One thing... that you never do. And I learned this from a wise old man... you never attack in the air, unless your ready to be killed or kill your opponent. In the air... your body cant move, nor avoid attacks coming your way he was in the air 4 seconds away from leaping onto me. With that given time I took a second to back away just a few inches. With my auto-mailed arm cocked back... I could fill my Chi roar up building up even more strength. I was sweating pretty bad my hair was mess as well. I didn’t have much time. With him being airborne this made this move almost sure fire. The arm I cocked back the auto-mailed arm was glowing slightly with a blue aura that only true martial artist would be able to take note of. I sent the Arm out when he got within 2 feet of me aiming it at his chest again. This time the force applied and his momentum from the air would make him go back 8 feet and into one of the cars if my move connected. Once again being in the air made it difficult to dodge a hit like this would surely knock him out if connected... And I’d more than likely pass out soon myself due to blood loss. Tch.. bastard. ha.. he's earned himself a drink after this. The eplosive force had enough kick to knock all of the air from his chest but I didn’t swing it hard enough to break any bones. I didn’t wanna hurt the guy that much I did need him around.

xUrusai: I smiled, making grabby hands at him like a maniac before I noticed his Arm raise, I looked back at him and mouthed "You.Dirty.Fucker." my body refused to co-ordinate a counter, I could now feel the blood trickle from my ear, it was uncomfortably matting my hair, making it bunch up against my neck. I accepted my fate as I was once again punched by this git, my chest numb to the pain by now, I still felt the force and was sent flying. I landed at the edge of the inner circle of bystanders and just lay there before losing consciousness.

The return of one lost...

AkioNara2012: -A roaring high pitched motor would sound in the distant drawing near the area of the fight…or what was left of it, the sound of the motor now visible to see that it was made from a black and red cycle with a bright L.E.D light in the front of it that making were ever direction it was pointed make the darkest places seem like day time. The cycle was driven by a figure that wore a tinted black cycle helmet that made it impossible to see the face of the rider. The rider parked his bike right next to a white car that seemed like it was in pretty good shape, the rider would put its foot down having the bike balanced for a little until the figure was able to put down the “kick stand” down to stand on its own. The bike’s engine ran for a couple of seconds , sort of like a growl from a wolf or dog, the light switched off along with the engine. The biker raised it’s left leg and swung it over the seat getting off of it with ease. As the rider stood it was easier to realize the gender, Male structure is what it seemed. As he raised his hands to his head gripping the helmet and slowly took off his helmet revealing his face. The male’s hair was long and black and covered one eyes which was dark brown, down his covered eye and beside his nose was a tattoo of Chinese text that read as Wisdom, Honor& truth. The male looked like he was at least 5”9-10 and probably 17 or 18. He shook his hair from side to side then looked at the man known as Keyome, it seemed like the fight was over now he thought. The male crossed his arms and looked at Keyome until he noticed his presence , as he waited he went in his pocket for a cigar and popped it in his mouth lighting it as he still waited for Key to see him.-

Pallas: -As the fight ended and the teo men were doing beating the hell out of eachother, Donnie jumps off the hood of his car and slowly claps his hands. And while clapping he says-"Well that was a very entertaining show. Thank you for that. A fun night for all."-He then turned around to proceed back to his car. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees someone suspicious enter the area. He is also on a motorcycle, just like Keyome was. And upon arrive he does nothing but wait. Alfred voices in through the earpie saying-"I don't like the look of this Sir. Maybe it is time to return back to the Tower?"- And Donnie knows that Alfred is right. He opens the door and gets into The Judge and the car automatically starts upon him sitting down. The engine roars like a Lion as it always does. The car shakes from the torque and he begins to slowly back out of the area. A few seconds later he begins to drive back to Yun Tower while listening to some AC/DC. Then Alfred says to him through the Judge Speaker System-"Also Sir....for shits and giggles...I called the Police after you left. I am sure Keyome and his friends will have fun with that one."-Donnie then laughs and continues on driving back to Yun Tower.-

IzzyDaPada: Turning my attention in the direction of the fight, and seeing it was over. I had noticed he won, like I figured he would..Looking back to Snow I would nod my head. "I know how that is..being indoors..alone." I had been swept away weeks ago it seemed so I wasn't able to focus on my work. But I couldn't stand aside and wait for danger to be over. Looking to see someone knew approach, on a bike. *Hmm...maybe I need a bike...everyone is sporting one of those these days..* I pondered that question a bit. Watching as one person left. Hmm, even if I didn't know him by name, he did have that look that look I wouldn't forget. I put his face to memory. Shifting my look onto Keyo, I approached him offering him a smile, but then turned my attention to the body that was on the ground, kneeling down I looked over the face I hadn't seen before..He did look older then me by not that much. *Poor thing...the nature of me...* Gently as ever, I would check to make sure that he was still alive. "Chairmen Tasanagi. Bravo on your match." -Standing up I would look to him and offer him a smile, I hadn't seen him since..well..the day Haime purposed to me. "But if you will. I would tend to his minor wounds back at the place..if you will...I have a car waiting a few blocks away..the twins are waiting on our arival.."

xUrusai: As my eyes, shut I felt myself drift off for quick moment but I had been snapped back by the ruckus carrying on around me but still I lay there unmoving. The humiliation of defeat was soul crushing. My arm really felt dislocated, I couldn't move it. God knows what else damage I had, I hadn't attempted to move yet. I heard the ground next to me crunch as someone knelt down beside me, I could tell it was a female by her girlish scent. I half smiled, silently cursing at the pain. Her hand brushed against my cheek, this made me twitch as she muttered to herself I slowly placed my good arm at my waist and pushed myself off the ground like I was doing a one armed push up. I grunted in pain, struggling to stand to my feet "Decent....lady that was fucking awesome." my hand instinctivly found her shoulder using it to stable my self as my legs wobbled "Now where is that fucker Tasanagi ? I must congratulate him." He looked to her, to assist him.

DarkKeyome: I watched as he got knocked into the car. The crowd went into a frenzy. I staggered left to right before I yelped. “ SHUT THE FUCK UPPPP!!!” I said turning back to look at the crowd with a feral look. “ Show... the chairmen... respect...” I said eying them as walked over to the man that fell into the car. I limped over before I shook my head and began walking straight. I was getting ready to assist when the women made there way over seeming to helping up on his feet. “ Thank you...”I said to the woman and Aijin congadualting me for the win.” I need to speak to you as soon as you can about busniess...and about Haji. Maybe I can meet you after this?” I missed my friend... and I havent seen em, she's his fianc she has to know where he is.For the most part The crowd was just standing there watching. I looked over at them and my eyes narrowed like a wolves getting ready to attack. "Clap...” I said frowning at them... I hated people who loved these events... fucking insects. The guy who's car Aijin fell through walked over to me.” Yo dog what the fuck man thats my fucking car what am I gonna do!” I frowned and pulled my head back and headed butted the guy knocking him out cold.” Not my problem...” I was going to show these guys Im the same guy I was and I dont give a fuck who fuck who has a problem with it. Seeing that the girls had him up, I walked off to pick up his things I looked at a woman with a very expensive purse who the fuck does she think she is... I looked at his things, then back over at her shit. “ Hey... gimme your bag dump all of your shit out and put his shit in there...” She looked at me and her eyes widened up. “B-But! Its mine my husband b-..” I interrupting her “ I SAID... PUT... HIS SHIT.... IN THE BAG...” She gulped and nodded her head. “ Y-Yeah sir... I'll do it...” She dumped her stuff out and quickly put his stuff in the black bag I snatched it from her. “ Thank you..” I said eying her like a beast. As I was walking over to the girls, the crowd went silent... I looked over to me at the kid on the bike. I eyed him.. my eyes sqwented hard trying to scope him out.. Ah I couldnt recognize him, must just be trying to make a show. I frowned... that fucking smug look on his face. Must thing he's better than me, As he was walking into his car I said. “ Hey Donnie... No matter how much money you make.... how many cheap ass suits you wear, fucking fancy cars you have. At the end of the day.... your still a got'damn Yakuza.... your still a two bit gangster with a attitude who thinks he's the shit and a bag of candy just because he's walking around with a big wod of cash for a dick extension...” I made to say it loud and fast enough. By the time he got into his car i'd more than likely be done with my speech.

AkioNara2012: The male finally making contact with Keyo’s eyes he smiled alittle with the cigar in his mouth as he turned his head in what seemed to be fustration because he didn’t know who he was. He walked from his bike making his way to Keyo leaving a small little smog of smoke behind him from his cigar. as Keyo turned from the male he would take his cigar out to speak, -You were always the one with the short attention span -he smiled and raised his hand up to Keyo’s back in an attempt to lightly push him, as his hand met Keyome’s back he would say silently but enough for Him to hear before he used little force to shove him a couple cm-Brother-he then put his cigar back in his mouth and tucked his hands in his pockets waiting for him to turn around-And wow whow ould have thought my older brother would haave become the thug of this city, Lots has changed I see....well-he looked at his clothes with distaste- I guess you still suck at dressing yourself, i was always the better looking-he scoffed and blew his cigar smoke to the side-

When anger errupts...

Pallas: -As Donnie walked back to his car, he really payed attention to what Keyome was doing to all the people. It was disguesting to see. This is the same man who bitched over the morals of the Serum Donnie had drank and said how it goes against the Yakuza, but treats his people like this. Wether he did not like them or not, his attitude was terrible. The old Donnie, before the serum, probably would have joined in with him....but not anymore. The differences in these two men make the rivalry. But Donnie choices not to interact with Keyome as he needed to get home. He did not want to be here longer than he needed to be. The thoughts of going home and finishing the new projects he had been working on made him smile to himself. Then just as his left hand reached for the doorhandle of The Judge, he hears Keyome come and talk to him. The way Keyome talked to him, was beyond disrespect and was down right unacceptable. But could you really blame him? This is a man who no lnger knows who Donnie is. A man who lives off the image of Donnie being a lapdog murderer for Danchou. So in a way, Donnie can understand what he feels....but will he let it go? Hell to the no he won't. He waits until Keyome is all finished with his speech and makes sure he feels good about himself for wining a fight and talking down on him. It was rather funny to say the least. And just to make it look like he was going to get in his car and drive away with his tail between his legs, he lifts up the door handle and says.-"You wanna know why I don't wear expensive suits? You wana know my secret?"-His eyes turning from his normal Black and Green to a bright Green while he said this. He then activates the Vibranium NanoSuit with the right eye recognition with his Tactical Visor as he spins his body around. He moves in a dlockwise position as he prepares to throw a left punch in the center of Keyome's chest. As he moves through this motion, the Vibranium NanoSuit begins to form around his left arm due to the Arm Brace being the point of expansion. And by the time his arm reaches Keyome's body, the Vibranium NanoSuit completely covers the entire left side of his body and moving to completeion. The Vibranium Metal is the strongest metal known to mankind and with the added strength of the Super Soldier Serum, the punch would most likely hit full on. Due to Keyo already being in one fight today and the difference in hand to hand abilities would also add into the favor of the punch making contact. The impact would send Keyome flying backward and crash into one of the vehicles parked in the parking lot. Wether or not his brother did anything or not is up to him, he is not the target of this attack. The punch would cause Keyome's rib cage to crack and have serious blood loss. The one punch from the combo of Nanosuit and Super Soldier Serum can kill a man if hit dead on. Though Keyo is not just a regular man. The Suit fully covers Donnie's body only milliseconds after the punch and he looks at where Keyome's body lies. And due to the activation of the Super Soldier Serum, its as almost he returns to his normal self.-"Listen here ya dumb mothafucka. I didn't even come to this mothafuckin bullshit place to come kill ya mothafuckin ass. But you wanna be mothafuckin Tippy top fuckin dogg....well theres one mothafuckin problem. You...OBVIOUSLY! HAVE NO IDEA!....WHO YOU ARE!...FUCKING WITH!"-And as soon as he yelled this out like something Westley Snipes says, he raises his handcannons and begins to shoot them at where Keyome is and even all around the place. Hitting civilians and exploding cars with his Hand Cannons. People run across to flee for their lives as Donnie loses it and completeley forgets why he put the NanoSuit on in the first place. After a few minutes of this he puts his hand back down to only see fire and exploded bodies of cars around the area. He no longer even cared to see if Keyome was finally dead. He just activates the Auto-Pilot of his Judge and sends it home. And then finally activates the thrusters of his NanoSuit and flies off back to Yun Tower.-

IzzyDaPada: Nodding my head, I would acknowledge him. "The car will be out that way. It will be the black Rolls Royce that is 3 blocks away..two japanese men will be driving.." Nodding my head I headed off in that direction. Or tried too until I heard what seemed to be someone well...not excatly happy..turning in the direction seeing someone in a suit. "Oh god..." was all I could say. Watching the scene unfold until..well..the cards started to explode..which I had been a few feet away from...taking the explosion into the side I was sent a few yards away skidding until I finally came to a hault. Blinking away bright lights I tryed to look around. My head was pounding and I started to feel a trickle of blood run down the side of my head from..taking what in my head? Hell if I know...god my head hurts...

DarkKeyome: I turned to the man who claimed to be my brother and shook my head laughing a bit. Man... if I wasn’t so tired.. I would have knocked him out some random guy tapping on my shoulder I looked at him and sqwented... little brother kio...” Ha... looks who's back home from his studies in japan hahaaha..” Kio was always the smart one.... I followed behind pops foot steps. I was smart but school wasn’t my thing. “ Hahah how you been man?” I said half tired before my eyes shot over to a furious Donnie... was this motherfucker flying... “ Tch.. Move!” With my left hand I pushed KioBack and instinctively my right arm went up engaging in the punch that was meant for my torso. The Antimantium still.. 2ND hardest metal in the world took the blow full on without even denting the arm. And t the Onyx simply absorbed it even more. But the impact was still made. My body jolted back with a hard sonic boom like feeling as I went flying into a SUV crashing into the door of it. My head dangled and I soon fell forward landing on my knee's shaking my head. I began to slowly stand back up by now the crowd had hauled ass outta here. I stood back up... my back felt like I damaged my spine in a few places.. as I staggered left to right with my hand down I began to speak again. My Jet black hair hanging over my face. “ Hahah..Donnie boy.... Nice toy you got there...” I Coughed holding my chest... it hurt like hell due to my arm pressing into my chest before the blow had been made. I think some of my ribs are fractured no matter.” Super solider Serum... And a fucking super suit?” I looked up at him panting and laughing. “ For fucks sake your cock must be a millimeter... how many dick extensions does a guy need huh? Hahahahahah...” I watched as he flew off... Standing back up to look at the damage. “ What a bitch... use a fucking super toy... shoot up the place because he got a little angry. Son of a bitch used a weapon like that on people who had nothing to combat themselves with on such a caliber...” I shook my head holding my chest... my back was pretty cut up. I was bleeding all over now. “ Hahahah... I guess... Soramaru members... are all bitches now-a-days... Christ sakes.. * Cough * Hahah... pathetic... YEAH.... Go home... and jerk your dick off with a pair of tweezers you ANAL face fucking shit STAAINNN!! YOUR NOT A MANN!! YOUR NOT EVEN A FUCKING YAKUZZAAA!!!” I said yelling at him. He was way out of voice now. Even for his lame ass super suit or whatever it was he couldnt hear me. “ GO BACK HOME AND SUCK DANCHOU'S DICK YOU FUCKIN LAP DOOOOOGGGG!!!!!!” I shouted staggering over to the right while I pointed at the flying figure until I fell over on my right knee.

When the night comes to a close...

DarkKeyome: I shook my head as I finally made my way to my feet. Got dammit... I was in so much pain. I held the wound that Aijin made... and attempted to fight the enticing pain that was increasing on my back. I limped over.. Dragging Aijin over and Isabelle's body over as well.. I pulled them into a Black expedition that was abandoned by one of the civilians. After placing them both in the car. I Yelled out to Kio.. “YOU Drive... leave your bike... I’ll get you another one... we have to go!” I said to him.. I pulled my phone out and began to call Asami. Haji's fiance wasn’t looking to hot right now. I pressed her head on my lap as I cradled her in my grasp pressing the rag that was randomly on the floor on her head to clean the blood. Once kio got into the car. I'd say. “ I have a hands on nurse on her way to the Apartment complex in district 2 east-side. The apartment complex is called 'Tanner-rooms.' “ I punched the address into the GPS.. “ Drive...” More than likely when we got back to my house I’d clean everyone up with Asami's help. We were heading to the apartments I was using when I was pretending to be Jet.. it'd suffice for now... After we got there... I’d take a shower... cleaning myself up. Poping some pain killers in my mouth... and cut all the lights off in the apartments. Sitting near the window of my apartment with my Light Machine gun Mr. Hideo gave me. I wasn’t going to bed tonight...

IzzyDaPada: I felt myself shift off the ground and onto someone's back. Then next thing I know I was in a car as my head was in someones lap..and..someone pressed onto it. "That..hurts.." Was all I could say. I tried my best to stay awake as much as possible. I knew I was stronger then this..but..the pain in my head was alot worse, I saw stars then as the color started to fade. And found myself with my eyes closed and myself unconcious.

AkioNara2012: -hearing His older brothers painful request Kio jumpped into the car and started it up, Kio looked at his brother seeing he had brought company in the car, he noddded as he putt the location point on the gps and tried to contain as much pain as hecould, it was werid seeing his brother like this..., Kio would then refverse the car out of the parking lot then stepped on the gas hard creating a little burnout with the high pitch sweak from the rubber tires, he would drift on ever turn trying to arive at the house as soon as possible, the streets were empty by this time which doubled his chances of getting there in less then 10-20 minutes, as he parked into the drive way he helped Keyo with the two guests as he then after walked to his fridge and picked up two cool beers, he carried them to the same room Key was and passed him one as his eyes stared directly out of the window- Talk about trigger finger big bro-he opened his bottle of beer and took a quick swig..-Guess imma be here for a bit- he sighed looking out the window as well...he'd probably fall asleep an hour or 2 after he finnished his beer.-