When help is needed ( Chapter 1, Starring Snow, Jasmine, and Hishigi)

DolliesBelle: A faint huffing sound came to surpass the porcelain girls lips, allowing herself to frantically look around as the cool night breeze blew over the vastly opened roof top space. With the sudden running around and escaping of the current rampaging of the Russian, there was little time to even breath calmly. With this, she'd peer over to her friend, a sister in the Clan Family; Jasmine. Her heart was racing, coming to glance around and scanning the area for any signs of anyone coming up on the roofs. It was quiet, nothing more then the sounds of sirens echoing in the city streets; the cries of many harmed and injured. It was quite the terrifying scene to occur on such a beautiful night. She took her right hand and ran it through the tight hold of her golden locks and simply took in the moment; all the shock settling it. "J--Jasmine.. I--I'm terrified.. I… I don't know if we will be able to to run them forever.. U--Unless you took some Parkour lessons or training in your days. Asides that.. w--we're trapped up here". Her voice rattled in the lull one of hers, allowing her blue hues to wander away to the other roof tops; or what she could see. It was dark, nothing more then the faint illumination front of the city life below barley lighting the rooftops. She was at a lost, wits end. It was a line she's never had to cross. She began to assume the worst, thinking to herself more and more. 'I--Is this really how it's going to end? Am I going to die like most drama queens and fall off a rooftop? Am I really going to die a virgin?' She'd huff a bit, her thoughts well kept in her mind before turning on her feet and look to Jasmine. "W--We need to get a plan on the go.. quickly..There should be no time wasted.."

ForgottenRhage: Okay admitted, high heals made ones ass look GREAT! But DAMN were they difficult to run in. While Snow was looking at the city from the roof top they had ended up on Jasmine took the liberty to sit down a little so her feet could relax. Heavy breaths constantly escaped the glossed lips, also dragging a little noise of exhaustion from her with each breath. Snow was right, they couldn’t keep running like this, they had to come up with some sort of plan. But flirting their way around the Russian hit squad seamed like a bad idea considering that they tried to rape them when they found them about 20 minutes earlier. Jasmine took in a deep breath before shaking her head at the question “N—no, it can’t end like this, we can’t allow ourselves to die here.” Though she wanted to sound like that sure confident person you always see in the movies while everyone was freaking the fuck out, she had no clue of what to do and was scared beyond believe, which could be heard in her voice. *Well, if we are to get out of here, we have to either outsmart them somehow or get rid of them.. But…* she looked down at her legs where a 9mm barrette was holstered, one on each leg. She also knew she had a throwing knife in her shoe, but what good would that do them, she’d never been in actual combat! She pushed herself off the ground and up in a standing position, still taking heavy breaths but more controlled now as she looked at Snow saying “Any chance you ever fired a gun before? Ore been in a fight of any kind at all?” *Please say yes, please say yes!* the thought raced in her head, cause if they were both new at this, they were fucked. They needed some kind of plan to get around those Russian assholes, but how would they do that if they couldn’t even defend themselves? Jasmine looked to the door they had come out of when they reached the rooftop, thinking *Maybe we can hide behind it and just hope they’ll walk away?* But she knew that wouldn’t work, that would be the first place they looked and they wouldn’t leave this roof top before they had checked every corner of it. Confused and scared she waited for her friend to answer, hoping that she had at least done target practicing at some point so that she could hit, cause even if Jasmine did manage to got over her ‘Help me I’m scared’ barrier, there’s no way she would be enough to take on a hole squad by herself.

The Russians Armada: I had my men chasing behind the girls I can not express just how entertaining this will be. “ I'll be the one to have fun with them, then once I break them in boys you all can use there bodies as fuck holes too ya?” I said looking back t my men they all snickered. Fucking American Kasaihana city pigs... we climbed up the back side of the fire-escape all 15 of us silently. They were trapped up here with nowhere to go all of my men had there weapons targeted on the women. The lazer beams on there weapons were aiming at there cleavage. “ Hahah... Look boyss.. you found emmm.” I leaped down from my standing spot on the water well I was currently on. Clapping my hands I walked over to the women. “ Hahaa you all put up a good run..” I nodded at one of my men. And two of them went charging at the girls attempting to hook there arms around them to hold the girls in place. “ My name is Yugrof... but you may call me Steel. I am a Lieutenant from the famous Armada in china... I am Russian use, but I work for the Armada im just a here to do what needs to be done. But... me and the boys got fun and were looking for a little fun..” I approached them both smiling pulling the shades from my face. “ Will you two be my play things..?”

DolliesBelle: Her little heart began to race as the silence began to eat her alive. Minute by minute, second by second, the world began to spin. She'd pause in her thoughts and looked over to Jasmine, eyeing the holsters strapped to her form. "W--Weapons? F--Firing one? The closest thing I've used for protection was a knife.. a--and that was brutal enough.. If I were to hold one of those, I'd be shaking like a person in trouble…I--I.." She stopped, coming to widen her eyes as she rushed to Jasmines side and looked over to the Russian that had just rudely barged in. She'd gasp faintly and gripped onto Jasmine's arm in hopes of protection. She was quite terrified; knowing the last time this happened she was the subject of bait and sell. She listened to his words, coming to shake her head slightly before she was torn away Jasmine's arm and gripped by the Russian man's men. She'd squirm and wiggle in the hold before looking to Jasmine for that moral support. She was terrified, and it showed upon her doe like face. " P--Play things?! A---And what if we refuse? W--What if we say no…" Her tone was hushed and trembling. She was afraid she'd be the response in the moment, a shot to the arm or worse.

ForgottenRhage: When Snow was torn away from her she screamed, litterly screamed. Without thinking she closed her eye’s and punched then man who had grabbed a hold of her, which had little effect if any at all. The guys breath smelled like dead fish mixed with vodka, which only made him that much more gross. At this point, out of pure instinct, she hammered her knee up towards his nuts, hitting them clean and making her let go of her. She then ran over to the ones holding down Snow and jumped on their backs, yelling “STOP IT YOU PERVS!” only with the result of being thrown over the mans shoulder and pinned to the ground by a pair of strong arm’s. Despite all her efforts, wiggling out of that grip was impossible for her, and this dude had been wise enough not to sit on top of her, so she couldn’t hit him in the nuts eighter.

The Russian Armada: I smirked the cool texture of there skins reminded me of the women back at home on which I would brutally murder. “ Ah, Ah.. No no you dont.” I said folding my arms eying the girls. “ I know that Natasha likes to party, like girls like you. I know... that she likes to have her fun, she's ahh what do you... Bye-sicthual....” I said pacing around. “ She's a swinger huh? And she likes the bad types no? You two are Yakuza... cowardily ones but you are Yackuzaa... so I know you must know where she is being held.” The armour I wore glistened in the light as I paced around waving my arm. One of my men were licking up the one know as Snow's face like a hungy beast while the other was fondeling the girls breast. “ So... you will tell me, what you know. Or my men... will kill you and leave your bodies for te rats!” I said laughing my accent was thick I know but I did not care. “ I shall give you to the count of 5..” I said stopping my pacing and pulling out the pistol from under my chest plate that was hidden. “...1...........2...”

DolliesBelle: Her body would jerk a bit as Jasmine hopped onto the backs of the men holding onto her; causing her to whimper in fright. She'd look over to the now pinned friend of hers, allowing a few tears to stream down her pale face. Her eyes glossed over, the amount of fear that came to radiate off her was quite large. She'd look to the main man talking, only to wince as the scumbags tongue wandered up the side of her cheek; taking in that salty stream of tears with it. She despised the feeling of this mans tongue. It was rugged and bitter; not to mention rotten in smell. 'Yuck..' she thought to herself, coming to quickly think. She acknowledged the mans tatics. As the gun was slowly shown, she'd come to burst out in a whimper, her eyes closing tightly. "I--I know where she is.. b--but.. you have to let my friend here go.. S--She is an innocent person and it's not fair for scum- twits like you to be toying with an innocent person!"

ForgottenRhage: When that man grabbed Jasmines boobs, she screamed as if her life depended on it. She really hated the feeling of someone touching her when she hadn’t been touching them first, which was a complete no go with this guy. Three roof tops away, that scream was heard by Hishigi Youndaime, a Soramaru Red Fighter who passed most of his time doing pakour on the city roof tops. Of cause, when he heard it he figured, that since only Yakuza was left in town, the Russians were on the rouge. A perfect chance to get rid of some of those fuckers. So he made his way towards the noise, just in time to hear the last part of Snow’s little lie. Whn she was done talking, he sweaped out from the corner and placed one of the deagles from his back against the the head of the man holding her down, all while lighting a cigarette. He then said in a calm tone “Nice work girls, let the grown ups take it from here” He then pulled the trigger which meant, dead Russian and blood all over most of Hishigi. Looking at the other Russians a small smile creeped onto the 6’5’’ man. Black and red locks fell down covering his left eye as his other hand reached in behind his back and pulled the second Deagle from it’s holster. Luckily for him, he’d brought his guns. Two on the back, one at the right hip and one under each arm on the torso. That and of cause a couple of throwing knives hidden in his boots. He now pointed the first gun at the man holding the other chick present and pointed the second one at what seamed to be the main man in this hit squad, causing him to stand with his right arm stretched forward from his point of view, and his left pointed at the main guy. His stand was sideways at the man with the gun in his hand, his front against the guy holding down what seamed to be one of Kimi’s new girls. “Bad move guys. You picked the wrong roof top” he then pulled the trigger on both guns, after which he said “RUN!” to the girls and moved over to kick the body off Jasmine and proceed to turn around and fire three additional shots and some of the Russians hiding in the back, behind the one with the gun with both guns (meaning six total)

DolliesBelle: Things seemed to play itself out quite well in the moment. This man came from no where and practically rescued both Jasmine and herself. Allowing them to escape. She'd listen to his words, rather crude but it was all the same. 'I'm a grown up..' she thought to herself, coming to lean over to Jasmine and helped her up, or attempted to. If successful, she'd squeeze her hand and tug her along in hopes to rush them up the steps and onto the next level where it would be a bit safer. "W--Who is that?! " She questioned to Jasmine, allowing herself to look back to the red haired man. Her cheeks would flush a deep shade of red and simply kept those flirty thoughts to herself. 'Bad Snow.. bad!" she kept telling herself, squeezing jasmines hand harder. "W--We… can't let him fight alone.. h--how about we test our aim huh?"

ForgottenRhage: Everything happined so fast. Hishigi showed up, guys were killed blood was all over the place. Next thing she knew, her and Snow was headed for the stairs and she was asking questions. “His names Hishigi, I dated him while we were younger.” When the question about the aim was heard she shook her head lightly saying “nu-uh, we’d only be in the way. Besides, he knows what his doing” *I think* she added in her head before seeing that expression on snows face when she looked back at where they were running from “His single you know” --- While the girl closest to him ran off with what turned out to be his X Jasmine, Hishigi’s attention was brought back to the Russians as one of them were currently shooting at them. In a quick move he’d drop to the floor and roll sideways towards the edge of the roof and just before he rolled over it he shot the last guy the main man had sent after him. After rolling off the roof he quickly grabbed the edge, placed both feet on the wall and kicked off in a backwards circle motion, only to do a rolling land on the roof besides the first one. He’d then hold the first Deagle, fire the remaining rounds in the clip, and while reloading that one in a swift motion he fired with the second gun, all shot’s aimed at the only guy left. He had two extra clips to each gun on his persons, making a total of 9 clips left when he emptyed the last shot from the deagle. When the last shoot was fired from the silver gun in his hand he rolled in behind a nearby air vent and ducked under it, only to holster the two deagles and pull out the two 9mm strapped to his torso.

The Armada: Hearing that new guy fire off another shot, I saw my last man fall to the ground, shot in the head. A growl like sound escaped me, and in pure anger I was dumb enough to follow him as he rolled off the roof. And just as I thought he had killed himself the bloody bastard jumped to the roof on the other side of the ally below and started firing at me again. In a quick decision I threw myself down on the ground, avoiding the shots who seamed to keep coming no matter how long I waited. But then suddenly it stopped. I dared peek out over to edge, and he was gone, no where to be seen. Using the gun in my hand I fired a couple of rounds randomly around the roof, in hopes of luring him out, but he didn’t show. By first taking a few steps back, I ran to the edge of the roof and jumped across the gab, landing in a forward spin, quickly got to my feet, holding the gun up in front of me, barrel pointing forward. Still nothing, he was no where to be found. I started searching to roof after having spun around myself to check from him, being careful and cautious, not making a single sound.

DolliesBelle: Her eyes widened to Jasmine, allowing her cheek to turn a deeper shade of red as she waved her hands slightly in a 'no no' gesture. "I---I didn't need to know that… I --I uh… " she paused, coming to gather her thoughts as she nodded to the woman, noting what she mentioned about being in the way. She felt quite useless at this point and time, allowing her eyes to fall shut for a moment as she thought about it. "Y--You're right.. I--I can barely handle a gun.. let alone shoot it correctly". With a slight nod, she would come to run the tips of her fingers through her hair in thought, eyeing the man and his skilled self to aim and shoot. 'God I feel like a damsel in distress… ' She'd shake her head a bit, allowing her lips to curve into a small smile as she dazed herself out. 'Snow, you have a job and a life.. I don't think you need to focus on heroic men… but.. Jasmine DID mention he was single..' She kept thinking to herself, almost like the voice of reason wanted to keep her in check. She looked over to Jasmine and giggled hushly. "You used to date? I mean, I know childhood friends end up trying that 'dating' concept but.. it's interesting it didn't last… I mean, he's quite the brave soul~ How'd you end up his ally anyways?" She questioned the woman like the blood shed before them was just a normal day in the district. With the gun shots going off, she'dwince slightly, coming to trail the tip of her index finger across her lower lip in contemplation. "I--I mean no offence but.. with out line of work and what we do, as ladies… I'm not one hundred percent sure he'd even be interested.. besides, a good catch like you is rare to come by, Jasmine.. "

ForgottenRhage: There he was, the plan worked perfectly. The last Russian had followed Hishigi to the next roof meaning the girls were safe from him. Now to finish the guy off. As the Russian started searching the roof, Hishigi moved around several objects to avoid his point of view, until he had looked everywhere. At this point, he was standing with his back against the wall, while the Russian was standing about ten feet away on the other side of the wall, in front of a door, wondering where he was. The Russian took a few steps, forward, bringing him a little closer and that’s when Hishigi slipped out from his hiding and moved for him. No shooting this man, this was close combat! ---Snow’s questions and comments made Jasmine laugh heartly. She smiled and shook her head lightly saying “We met in a par where he works. I was drunk, he was flirting, we ended up at his place. Next day, non of us remembered a thing, and casually as if this was an everyday thing for him, he asked me out for breakfast. I lasted a few weeks but it just wasn’t us, we’re to different him and I. His the handsome ‘Hai there sexy’ and I’m just not into that. And that Heroic thing of his, not my type” she giggled softly, remembering her last boyfriend who she dumped for cheating on her, before looking back at Snow “Why do you want to know?” She smiled as she noticed that dreaming expression on Snow’s face, pointed at her and added as her own smile grew a little “Your interested in him aren’t you?”

ForgottenRhag: I saw the man coming out of his hiding, and was just about to shoot, but he got to close to quickly. So in an attempt to get some distance between the two of us, I swung at him with my free hand against his jawline. Should that punch impact, I planed to knock him in the head with the gun and bring him to the ground after which I would blow his brains out, but if it wouldn’t well then god knows what would happin. This man was a maniac, going against a gun with non drawn himself. Obviously, he had plenty of them and he was a good shot why didn’t he just shoot at me? But hey, if he wanted close combat, which clearly was the case, I will give him close combat!

DolliesBelle: Her jaw dropped a little, coming to look over to her as she accused her of the obvious. In her caught of guarded side of the moment, she'd shake her head a bit. "N--no no.. I--It's not what you think.. I-- I swear!" she nodded a bit, coming to tug on her ponytail a s bit as her lower lip was chewed on a bit in her nervous like moment. Boy, did Jasmine bit that right on the nose. No if's, and's or but's about it. Snow would come to wander near the rail, gripping it tightly as she leaned forth a bit. "Jasmine.. Romance is something every girl dreams about.. it's rare we get a chance to take it by the handles and ride along.. " A simple sigh surpassed her lips as she looked over to the woman. "I know in our line of work it's all about.. getting frisky but.. the truth is I'm probably the most innocent in the clan.. let alone doing anything for it.. " She'd nod a bit, coming to lower herself closer to the rail as her eyes remained on the man. 'Maybe it's the damsel phase.. but this hero is something to admire..'. Upon lowering herself, she'd rest her chin against the cold exterior of the rail and sighed a bit. "I'm a hopeless romantic and it's eating my poor heart away.."

ForgottenRhage : When a punch was aimed at Hishigi’s jaw, he quickly stopped it with his right hand, at the same time as he used his left hand to attempt to knock the guys gun out of his hand. This Russian was big, but he had beaten up bigger guys and had them cry like baby’s when he was a street fighter. That’s why the Soramaru Yakuza recruited him in the first place, he was a darn good fighter not only on range but in close combat as well. If he succeded in knocking the Russians gun out of his hand, he would proceed by aiming a knee to his chest, and should that impact, well that depended on how well he took it. --- Jasmine smiled at Snow. She really was a hopeless romantic, and innocent at that. She moved up to lean on the railing by her side, only with her back turned at it, as she looked at Snow “Maybe your right. Maybe we do need to tag along for the ride when the opportunity is there. And yes you are probably the most innocent girl in the clan but so what? Some guys like that you know” With that last comment she did a weak head toss at Hishigi, which barely made her bangs move. If anything, Hishigi was known for his taste In women. He just loved innocent girls who never had gotten their hand dirty the way Jasmine had. Especially if he got to protect them.

ForgottenRhage: *This guy is good* I thought as the man blocked my punch and knocked the gun out of my hand. For a short second the surprise caused me to flinch, a mistake I got to feel as a knee hit me in the chest. I tried to grab his leg while I still could and if successful I would kick the other leg away under him and knock him to the ground, after which I would attempt to sit down on top of him and start punching his face with both hands in a firm 1, 2 combo.

DolliesBelle : She looked over to Jasmine, offering her a warm smile. "Well, if things pan out.. then perhaps someday my hero or knight in shining armour will come to me and sweep me off my feet. Metaphorically or physically.. I'm patient…" With this said, she'd stand herself up once more and dusted off her outfit. "Besides, I'm unsure Ma'am will appreciate her girls falling in love an closing sight of our clan goals.. though.. it would be nice to be playing that Romeo and Juliet type~" She could not help but giggle at her words, her face reddening a bit more as she placed her cold hand against the warmth of her cheek. "Shame you two did not last though… If he is not your type, then what is?"

ForgottenRhage: His first leg was caught when the knee made impact with the Russian’s chest, the other kicked away under him. Luckily for him, he still had two free hands, so he grabbed the Russians gun hand and used the swing from the sweep to swing over it and land on his feet again. Then, still with a hold of the arm, he aimed a kick for the Russian’s chest with enough power to crack ore at least bend ribs. If this was successful he would force the Russian to the ground and step on his neck to hold him down --- Jasmine couldn’t help but smile at Snow’s words. It was just to adorable, all that romantic fantasy gathered in one girl. “I guess your right, Ma’am probably wouldn’t like it if we lost focus on the clan goals, but she can’t complain about a little romance on the side, can she?” Then came the question she had been waiting for, the one she knew had been coming, ‘what type do you like?’ This made her smile as she turned around and nodded towards Hishigi “See those two? We’ve got your typical bad guy, raping girls, shooting men, basicly with nothing but violence on his mind. And you’ve got your hero, the good guy, pretending to be a bad guy because he doesn’t know what ell’s to do and because bar tending is to borring in the long run. I want something in between, I want a guy who knows how to treat me but also knows how to tell me off when it’s needed. I want some guy with tattoo’s, a charmer who can both sweep me off my feat and knock me on my ass, you know?”

ForgottenRhage: What ever happened it happened fast. I felt a grip on my arm, saw the man swing over it and next thing I know, a kick hit me in the chest and knocked the air out of me. After that I was thrown to the ground and had a foot on my neck, that combined with a serious lack of air, immobilized me completely. I looked at the man from the corner of my eye’s and hissed trough my teeth “This won’t be the end of it, there’s thousands more where we came from. Other’s will avenge our deaths!”

DolliesBelle: She watched Jasmine's movement, coming to follow it as she watched her explain her preference. "You naughty girl~" She teased to the woman, coming to look over to her for a moment before her eyes glued themselves back to the man fighting for his life over there. He seemed into what he was doing, and in Snow's mind, he kept on plucking those harp like strings of her heart. "You are right though. Balance is something a woman desires.. Who wouldn't want a man who can be rough when the times right but a man when the time calls for it.. Soft and gentle.. but stern and masculine". Her voice seemed to play with her words; soft when needed and firm when emphasizing a few things. Just typical word description. "Now, I'm not talking about sex.. but I'm quite curious.. and please.. FEEL free to say hell no to this but.. how was it?" The oddity that was her questioned seemed t boggle her own mind. "I mean, not with just him but.. in general.. is it worth the risk?"

ForgottenRhage: Yeah, he was ranting like a little bitch, just like all the others. Hishigi pulled the 9mm from his right leg with his right hand and pointed it at the Russians head. “I know, looking forward to that” he then pulled the trigger, after which blood started spreading on the roof like a little lake. Holstering his gun again he shook his head lightly mumbling to himself “If that’s a pro hit squad then I’m Bruce Lee…” He then turned around, ran the edge of the roof of the building the girlswas on, jumped to the wall and started climbing up to them --- Jasmine heard Snow’s words, but couldn’t find head and heels in them. After a little while she had pieced it all together and shook her head lightly “You mean the first guy I was with? Ore the first guy I fell in love with?” She smiled softly at her, thinking to herself *Isn’t she adorable?* “Well, just in case I’ll tell you both. The first guy I fell in love with was one of a kind. Cute guy, nice hair, cocky attitude, but he really seamed to know his way around women with his charms and his smile and that stuff. We had been dating for about six months, and he hadn’t even mentioned the word Sex yet. So one night he got drunk with some friends, apparently a little to drunk. He ended up taking a girl home to our apartment and did her in our bed. I was gone the next day.” She sighed lightly “Men huh? Anyway..” She turned and faced Snow “My first time was this guy I met at a street race. Kinda rough around the edges, a little to many tattoo’s but he was cute and I liked him. I ended up getting so drunk I dragged him to a rented hotel room where we ended up having sex after drinking a few more shots. You know.. They say that the first time it hurts like hell for the first couple of minnuts and after that it’s the greatest experience of your life? Well, that weren’t the case for me, I mean sure it hurt, but it I gotta say, even after it stopped hurting and I could enjoy it.. ” she giggled shortly and smiled “Still not very good. But I’ve got some practice since, and I’ve gotten better at pointing out who’s good and who’s not. In my book, experience is a huge bonus.” She then added to herself “Maybe it was bad because it was his first time as well? I don’t know, and who cares” she shouldered lightly, apparently not aware she said that last part out loud.

DolliesBelle: She'd hear the scene of violence slowly wind down to nothing. The silence filling the air as she'd hear Jasmine speak with confidence in her words. "I--It…It hurts the first time?" She was baffling at the thought, allowing her knees to jerk inward a bit to allow her thighs to clap shut. The idea of her delicates hurting rather scared her. "Y ---You're such a brave person, Jasmine..". Her voice was just laced with amazement, almost like she was having a blonde moment. It wasn't the face she was unintelligent, she was just innocent to the many ideals of the working world in those senses. "I--I guess it gets better with time but.. t--to have love and lose it like that for.. such a stupid mistake is just arrogant! Unfair and immature of him to do such harm to a woman's mind…" She paused a moment, coming to hear the faint echoes of steps drawing near. She'd widen her blue hues and quickly scurried behind Jasmine and hide like the shy girl she was. Childish and rather bleak for the moment. "I--I hope you're alright.." She raised concern to the man, knowing her voicewas probably quiet like a mouse.

ForgottenRhage: A short laugh escaped Jasmine ”I’m fine sweety, I’m doing great. And of cause it hurts the first time what did you expect that it would just fit right in?” she was still giggling lightly to herself when Hishigi swung over the rail and lit a cigarette with the words “How’s it going girls?” he took a deep stroke from the cig and winked at them, then looked over his shoulder as Jasmine lifted an eyebrow at him “Yup, their dead, all of em. Ain’t nothing gonna hurt you know babygirl” Jasmine crossed her arm’s just below her bust as she gave him that *Who do you think you are?* look while saying “I’m not your babygirl anymore Hishigi and I won’t be again. I told you when I dumped your ass, never again.” Hishigi smiled widely, holding the cig with his teeth “Oh come on baby, you can’t still be mad about that?” Jasmine’s eye’s became somewhat harsh “You beat up my boss!” Hishigi laughed and leaned against the railing “He had it coming, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself”

DolliesBelle: Her brows furrowed a bit as she watched the man leap over the rail, his actions quite heroic in their own way, yet dangerous in another. She'd fall silent as he questioned their safety, watching Jasmine take control of the conversation. They'd banter back and forth, like an old married couple would over the silly things. Her lips curled into a small, timid smile as she giggled softly at their actions. Unable to resist the giggle, she'd hide a bit more behind Jasmine and watched the two; awaiting to see the next tale to escape their lips and minds. 'Perhaps this will get interesting' She thought to herself.

ForgottenRhage: "Who do we have here?" Hishigi looked over Jasmine's shoulder and smiled at Snow "Well come on out dear, the danger's gone, I ain't gonna bite ya" Jasmine let out a heavy sigh and rolled her eye's before pushing Hishigi a step back "Relax hot shot, that was her first time seeing a gun fight, she's kinda shaken. Besides, what are you even doing around here in the first place, I thought you lived in district 2 now?" Hishigi shouldered lightly, still with the cigarette betwene his lips "Ain't nobody here hun, just us. The Yakuza are the only ones left in this town remember? I can stay where I wanna stay, no one's gonna notice" Jasmine shook her head lightly "You know Hishigi, your not the tough guy you pretend to be. Deep down inside your a hopeless romantic like so many other guys, you just have a guy in your hand and happen to be pretty good at fighting" Hishigi placed a hand over his heart saying with a smile on his lips "You really hurt me some times Jas, you know that?"

DolliesBelle: She was caught off guard a bit, coming to turn a bright shade of pink as the man began to speak to her. The tone of his voice practically dipped her ears into a pot of honey; though it was her silly side taking over. She'd part her lips in an attempt to speak, but no words escaped. Instead, Jasmine stepped in and played the role of a best friend or sister; protective and stubborn. It was sweet and quite appreciated. "I --It was.. my first close gun fight.. a--asides the kidnapping a--and un-needed touching…and such.." She began to babble, her lower lip trembling a bit as she stopped herself from going on with her tale. "I--I mean..uh.. My apologies.." Her lips would perch into a small pout, her face glowing brighter as her right index finger pressed to her lower, pouted lip and gave her that timid look she knew so well to do. Typical girl moment. She'd step out of her hiding spot, behind Jasmine, and stood beside her; her stature being a small Five foot Five and frail. She was just like her name, innocent and pure.

ForgottenRhage: "Well ain't you a- " Before Hishigi could finish his centance, Jasmine punched him on the shoulder and glared at him "Awuh!" he glared back at her, rubbing his shoulder lightly before the smile returned to his lips "I didn't know you were into that Jes? Seams kind of rough don't you think?" Jasmine rolled her eye's again and crossed her arm's once more mumbling "Smart ass" but couldn't help but smile a little. "See that's what I like to see, a pretty little smile. You should do that more often, it suit's you" Once again, Hishigi's words reached into her and caused her to giggle. What was with this guy, how did he always make everyone laugh? "You never change Hish" she shook her head lightly and looked at snow with a smile "I gotta move, you wanna come back and get a cup of coffee ore a drink ore something to shake this off?"

DolliesBelle: A soothing giggle surpassed her lips as she looked to Jasmine, unable to help but be a bit more happy about the situation. It seemed these two had history, and it showed more than anything. With ease, she'd look over Hishigi to see his reaction to the violent outbreak of Jasmine before quickly looking to her. "C--Coffee? W--With the Russian still here… I--I uh.. " She'd pause a moment, trying to catch her thoughts. "I mean.. it would be lovely to perhaps sip some hot chocolate… Call me odd but coffee does not settle well with me". She'd nod a bit in pride, knowing very wells he just craved the sweet tooth of the hot water world. She looked to Hishigi and smiled to him once more. "You should join us.. I am sure you and Ms. Jasmine here have a lot of catching up to do.. and it'd be an honour to tag along and hear the tales you both have to offer". ForgottenRhage: [I see what you did there :P]

ForgottenRhage: Both Hishigi and Jasmine emidiatly bursted out in a fumbly attempt to explain to Snow why Hishigi SHOULDN'T join them at her appartment, which lasted almoust covered 30 seconds before they looked at each other and said at the same time "I'm talking here!" then they both sighed and looked away, crossing their arm's over their chest. Hishigi was the first to break the silence as he shook his head saying "You know, as tempting as it sounds being in an appartment alone with two beautiful your women like yourself, I think it's a bad idea. Besides, I never got to finish my training so I'mma head off. You both take care okay?" he moved for the railing at the edge of the roof, and just before jumping over it he looked back at them saying "Nice talking to you guys. If you need me, just... Well, scream" he smiled and winked at Jasmine who suddently blushed harshly and looked away just as Hishigi hit the railing and was gone. Taking a few seconds to gather herself Jasmine mumbled something unclearly to herself and looked at Snow "So, hot chocklate?" she then smiled softly.

DolliesBelle: It's like these two shared a mind, coming to watch their actions and the way they spoke. Though, their break up was something they both came to accept, it showed Jasmine still had a bit of feelings. "I… would love some.. though I must ask. You blush and get stubborn when he gets quite flirtatious with you.. p --perhaps you still like him in that way? I--I mean, I will respect it if you do.. I-- I don't like to pester into romance and past relationships if there is still feeling in them. You're family to me.. and I'd be more honoured to have you at my side over a devilishly handsome fellow like him, any day.."

ForgottenRhage: "Wha... I... Him...? Na... It's not..." while fumbling for words Jasmine swung her arm's around as if she was doing signing. She ended off with a heavy sigh and a facepalm before adding "Yeah okay I like him, even though I hate to admid it. But it would never work out. Sure I like him but.. I don't.. Like him like him, you know? His a great guy and lover for that matter but it's just.. Somethings missing for it to turn serious you know?" she smiled and took a heavy breath which seamed to loosen her up a little "You know what? If your interested I think you should give it a try. It's rare you find a guy who's half of both sides like Hishigi is, besides, him and I both agree that things wouldn't have turned out even if I hadn't dumpd him after he got me fired from my job" she then blinked a few times and looked confused "Wait did you say.... family?" She looked confused, amazen and breathless all in one, after all no one had ever said something like that to her, not to mention she never had a family, she'd been an orphan since the age of 7 and she was a lonely child.

DolliesBelle: "Jasmine.. I know things don't pan out as many of us wish it to be.. but I'd rather see you happy over finding love. Friendship is valuable to me, let alone family appreciation and what not--" She paused a moment, looking to Jasmine with a worried look. "Yes, I've always considered you like family. We're close like sisters and it's quite the bond. We would take a bullet for each other o--or protect one another.. just things that would be family like.. it's a bonding trust that lives for a long time.. " She'd nod to her, coming to quickly bring Jasmine into a comforting hugging hold. With this, she'd squeeze her a bit, speaking in that lull tone of hers. "As for that man.. I'll let him come to me.. I--If it was meant to be.. or happen.. he'll return.." She came to smile happily. "I assure you.. if they want something, they'll come back for it.. maybe not today… or tomorrow.. but sometime.."

ForgottenRhage: Maybe this was a little to cheesy for a girl with Jasmines reputation but that little pep talk combined with a hug? Man, she had trouble keeping the tears back. And that last part about Hishigi caused her to laugh shortly while she used the back of her hand to whipe away the trace of the tears that was threatening in her eye's. She smiled softly as she took snow's hand and, typical Jasmine, completely changed the subject "So what about that chocklate, sis?" she smiled warmly as she guided snow towards the door leading to the stairs and had almoust reached it before adding "And if I know him right, that's not the last time you see him" followed up with a giggle.

Bonding Through a Bond ( Staring Isabel & Keyo)

Isabel: Shifting in the bed I would reach out and pull something soft close to my body. *Mmmmm* If was comfortable and at that clean sheet smell. It felt intoxicating, like I didn't want to move. Rolling over onto my other side curling up in the comfortable head hurts when I was laying on it..why did it hurt? Hm..maybe I did something in my sleep..stretching out, I would frown slightly with my eyes still closed. "My head hurts.." -Shifting in the bed I rolling over again to stay off that one spot that hurt. If anyone would come into the room, my back was facing them, or so i would assume. The bed was just so comfortable, and warm, and soft, I drifted back into the sleep. As bits of pieces of memory flicked through my dreams of..Chairman Tasanagi getting spuing infront of me with a lound flash and bang..What are these images from? letting out a breath in my sleep I continued to drift in my dreams.-   Keyome: I was in the living room... my body was wrapped up due to the blows and cuts and bruises I got. I had all the furniture moved to different sides of the living room. Turns out... thanks to Donnie I broke 2 of my ribs... well fractured but they were pretty damn close. I had been watching TV for most of the day... I didn’t know that street fight would cause a lot of trouble like it did... the shit was on the news. They were already looking for Keyome Tasanagi all over the news. They labeled the Article ' RETURN OF THE GHOST DOG' Fucking cornballs. It's been two whole days since the fight... Haji's girl still hadn’t woke up. And he was nowhere to be found... tch typical shit man I swear. I was practicing my martial arts in slow movements.. the smooth hip-hop music blared from my stereo player as I practiced my moves attempting to fight off the pain that was now coursing through my body with each and every movement that I made, I hated feeling this way but hey thats what I get for trying to be billy bad ass and talking shit to Donnie... either way that guy was weak he's less than a Yakuza to me. I couldnt stand that mother fucker along with his boss. All in due time though im gonna get em all. Every hour or so I made my way over into my room to spectate on Haji's girl. She was cute... I was kinda jealous of the guy. If he wasn’t my best-friend... ah.. I looked at the ring that Natasha gave me. Remembering the agreement we had.... Ahh but anyways I made my way back into my room and knocked on the door of my bedroom. “ Hey..... you up yet?” I said in a loud audible voice. I was shirtless and I had bandages wrapped around my torso and my lower stomach. I had a bruise under my right eye too.. I was sweaty and my hair hung over my eyes. Hahah I even had my glasses on... I never wore em out in public I thought it'd destroy my gangster mentality that I was always trying to present toe everyone. I lived with my mom my whole life so my apartment was kind of girly... and I always kept it clean... Ahhh well better than being a bum in my opinion.

Isabel: As the knocking from the door made way into my dreams. It was right about to the point where apparently something..exploded. It was a car! Feelling my body being sent flying..what...what in the gods name..the knocking woke me. Causing me to shoot out of the bed letting out a shout when I awoke, breathing heavily. Though when one shoots up out of bed, we do not take into consideration the dizzyness. Quickly placing my hand to my head I would close my eyes trying to connect the scenes in my head letting out a groan from the pain in her head and its throbing. Having my eyes closed tight to attempt to stop the dizzy feeling from actaully becoming into throwing up what was ever in my stomach? I had to agree with that thought..When was the last time I had anything to eat..ugh..

Keyome: I looked over at her giving myself a light smile. “ Yo... Yo... Misses Haji.” I said walking over to her and nudging her on her arm. “ How you feeling?” I said plopping down on the bed. I had turned the new's off. The Helicopter I purchased last night... was all set in place. Everything was. The Civilian evacuation was also going on. I wanted to tell her everything I could. Anything I could. And hopefully... she could get in touch with Haji... I don’t know if i'm going to live through this one without him. “ Hey hahah. C'mon get up now. No time for sleeping. You've done that for two days now.” She smelt good even still after the explosions. “ I know that your head probably hurts.... im surprised your not dead honestly. Maybe some of Haji's insane good luck has rubbed off on you. Hahahah” I said shaking my head.

Isabel: Letting out a groan, I would feel a nudge on my arm, hearing it go quit besides the music playing. "Like..A car exploded..and it won..where am I..What happened.." I honestly had no clue where I was, nor what happened. Lifting my head up hearing him mention..two days? God my head hurts..Opening my eyes I looked at the man infront of me. "I thought..I was still at the Vila still..I'm surprised I'm not dead either..this splitting headache is getting to me" Some of Hajime's good luck? Why is he talking in third person. How silly of him. Rubbing at my eyes I failed to want to open them, leaning against Keyo I would let out a groan. "Can we just go back to the Vila..It's alot prettier there.."

Keyome: “ The villa..? Wait whaa? Hahah.. No your at keyomes place.” I said nudging her. “ I don’t even remember how to get back to you and Haji's place...” I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. “ Speaking of Haji... Isabel.... do you know where is?” I looked at her after starting out of the rainy window of my apartment. I could see the civilians flooding out of town running for there lives. I almost wanted to be one of them, one of the people who didn’t want to fight. “ I haven’t... seen him in so long... and... I don’t know what to do. I don’t have my voice of reason... or the guide thats supposed to help me... I’ve been all alone out here.... I mean I’ve had help. But... it's not the same without Haji.... I’m not supposed to do this on my own. He promised the other chairmen he'd help me.. and..” I started to sob out of anger. Besides my mother who suffers from altimeters and my younger brother who's in his own world... Haji's the only family I got. He's always been a brother to me. For him to be gone out of my life at a time like this... it hurt...a lot.. I whipped the tears quickly shaking it off. I wouldnt let her see me cry... im no pussy.

Isabel: Opening my eyes quickly I would straighten up at the mention of it was Chairmen Tasanagi's place. A light blush would appear on my cheeks. "I'm sorry..Oh my have been taking care of me..That's embarrasing..I am so sorry Mr. Chairmen." Why am I blushing? Oh god Isabel get yourself together. Then again..I was a burden on the Chairmen the past few days..and I thought he was..oh gods.. Bringing my attention back to him, I saw...him cry? Listening to him talk about Hajime..I would grow silent..His absence not only seemed to hurt Keyome..but..I couldn't let him know how much I longed for my fiance.. A voice of reason or a guide..Even though I was the Chairwoman of my own Yakuza..I was still able to have a heart..I kept a good look at his face, my face soften with expressions. Watching him sob from..anger..hurt? I wasn't in Mr. Chairmen's mind. Taking in a quick breath and letting it out. "He left me with..little to no explination of his departure....Saying he needed to leave, he couldn't tell me why..He said he would be back.." I looked down at the now scared ring on my ring finger. I had to pause as to what I would say next, but I knew what I needed to do, reaching out I took his hands within mine. "As I know you and Hajime are great friends..I will offer my assitance to you Tasanagi Keyome..If you are willing to accept it." That's what I needed to say, and what I felt was right. Looking down at at the ring on my finger I also added. "I have hopes he will return..but.." *looks up* "If your willing to accept my help. I will be more then willing to extend my own personal service, and Chahitsu as a safe house when you need it..Kamishichiken District is open to you and your fellow clansmen..As you will be able to call those within Wakahisa Clan allys..of course...if you want to accept it."

Keyome: I eyed her out of the corner of my eye and shook my head. “ Naw... with the route im about to go into in a few hours. I cant have any help.. I don’t deserve it either...” I said standing up and looking out the window. “ Hey, the evacuation is happening. I know your Yakuza... but I had to help you get in here. You don’t have any tattoo's... you can leave, you can get out of here and you should. “ I turned to her. “ There's going to be a war here... and people are going to die. Alot of people are going to die, if your smart you'll get the hell out of here... Actually... I have a favor to ask of you. “ I said patting down my pants pockets until I found a car of some sort within the pockets of my pants. “ Shit wont be pretty.... But if you could get this.. to a man known as Mr. Hidieo He lives in Old new York...” I said to her approach her with the picture of the man. “ He... just might be able to help me... before I get killed out here...” I said to the woman. “ You don’t have to... but... it'd mean a lot to me..”

Isabel: I looked up to him. Men are so stubborn and never take help. But..I was underestimated for reasons. Looking to him, I felt..dumbfounded? Why would he help me..? But..part of me felt bad if I left him here.. Reaching out to take the picture I would look him over..Old New York..Mr. Hidieo.. I couldn't help but ask. "Why are you trying to help me escape?...I've watched the news Keyome..Dancho tried to kill you already...why not just come with me.." Holding onto the picture. It had to be asked. But I did pay attention to the news, when I needed too. "What does this man know that can help you.." I stood up off the bed, even if I felt a little dizzy from standing I needed to stand....The Chairmen did look did I never notice this... "Your are the rest of us..The Yakuza leaders need to band together if we are to get past this..war.." What did I have to bring to the table....that was the question.

Keyome: I watched as I looked out of the window of my apartment.... its funny how quickly people move when there afraid. I sighed.... I hated that this was going to happen... it was my fault afterwards. I saw the cop cars fly down the streets... then the chain of KPD defense vehicles and tanks to combat the forces that were on there way in. I shook my head and sighed. “..... I have brought too many people to there knee's in death with this upcoming war anyways. “ I turned to her once more. “ I think... the best thing for you to do.... is to go find your fiance and get the hell out of dodge... I went into my closet and gripped a suitcase that belonged to my father quickly placing his blades and a many assortment of weapons on my person I eyed the weapon that Mr. Hideo had given me... that monster Rambo gun I slowly approached it lifting it up and raising it up to the light with my Automated arm. “... Danchou as you know... destroyed my clan with it, And all of my friends died that day besides Haji, he has shamed my fathers honor and the previous chairmen of my clan. He has even shamed his own clan.... Soramaru are still brother clan forever they will always be my brothers. They are just blinded by corruption... “ I drew the blade from the Sheathe the Nobunaga Oda symbol was on the hilt of the blade I eyed it for a moment before I sighed.

Isabel: "Men." I had gotten out that word out, letting out a soft sigh I put the picture down. Part of me was afraid, for the first time since I was a child.. "If I knew where he was. I would be with him already.." Which was true, If I knew where he was, I would have probably closed my business, and moved my girls with me..But I still resided in my part of District Two, unafraid of cops, men, yet...I killed men who betrayed me..but I'm still scared..I feared the probably comeing days. "But I don't..I have a business to run..and my girls to protect...I simply can't just run away...I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done." -Looking at him. I had set my mind to it. As much as I would love to run and hide away. I couldn't help but feel the need to stay.- "Danchou has done things to you..shamed your family..Shamed your Clan..There is more that can be done on my part then I probably look right now. But everything is back in my own district..Unless you give a blade and two glocks.."

Keyome: Guns? Haha “ Oh yeah? Do I have guns aren’t you adorable...” I said walking to safe where I slowly began to put in the combination code. A saying that my father said often... “ Four petals... are on the flower of fire...” I said to myself as I typed the code out. Suddenly the doors opened on the safe and a black pistol sat inside of it. Desert eagle pretty old but I knew that anyone shot with this thing would get the worst of it. “ Yo, how's this?” I tossed the unloaded gunna t the girl and then tossed a Katana that I had on the wall for intruders if they felt like getting me over. “ You need anymore bullets let me know... I’ll get you to district 2 to your home but it wont be easy you know...” I heard an explosion..” Tch!” Quickly I ran to my window opening it up... “ They hit the Kasaiahana city New's Station!” The building was exploding crumbling into nothing I gasped my eyes watching it in horror... it reminded me of those old 9-11 films we were shown in school. My eyes focused on the horrors before me. When suddenly my front door was kicked down by a troop of 10 men all heavily armed. In front of them was a black guy with long snow white hair... He had “ THE ARMADA” On his shirt in a dark tattoo print. About 6'2 pretty lanky guy and his eyes were red... odd color for someone to have but with the genetic enhances theres no telling what this guy was doped up with. Quickly the men stormed the place kicking down tv's yelling and screaming like maniacs “ Find Anything of interest yet boys?” The man said as he walked around his open shirt showed his muscles he wore jeans but he had an assault rifle in hand the men were wearing military personal combat Armour.... I didn’t... I didn’t know that they were going to be bringing the got damn ARMADA! They looked around but they failed.... I had pulled Isabel and myself within the insides of my closet where the safe was. I was looking through the cracks of my Closet my eyes darting left to right. “ The fucking... armada...” I said under my breathe. I turned to Isabel placing my fingers to my lips making a light 'shh...' sound. I turned my head and to my horror there was some one looking through the cracks of the closet. All that was heard was the breaking of a wooden closet and a loud ' CRAKKKKKK' I had pulled my blade from it's sheathe on my back and forced it through the door into the man's head. I kneed the door knocking it off the henge and began to run out of my room where we were hidden the men began to fire immediately as they shot out at the closet door with the man still lodged to it due to my blade being through his head. I kicked the door and the wooden hunk of housing and the man both went flying into two more of the other soldiers quickly I was hugging against the wall of my apartment as the soldiers began to let out bullets attempting to shoot me. Occasionally I would pull from the way to shoot at the men. They were standing in my living room only 12 feet away. The shots flew back and forth during the gun battle.

Isabel: Watching as he walked away then came back but tossed a..Desert Eagle...and an older modle at that too. Spinning it around on my finger then then brought it up and aimed it at the wall taking in the felt perfect..all the older models were that good..looking up she lowered the gun and cought the katana. Stuffing the black pistal in her waist band in the back of her pants..Taking the katana in her hand as she watched Keyome run to the window..she watched as the News station was being attacked... exploding... Dontalleo reported from there.. I had to take in a breath to keep myself from doing what I wanted.. He had been one of my good patrens giving me information on whereabouts of not for Yakuza business...but for my business.. "Keyo-" I was cut off when I heard the door was being cut off when the door was knocked down. But I wasn't able to see by who due to Keyome coming and pulling me into the closet. Biting at my lower lip trying to remain quiet. *The Fucking armada..* The who? Looking to him he had indicated for me to be quit, I nodded my head. But as soon as we turned our attention back to the door....oh god! Someone found us! But Keyome had already bolted out of the door and was in the fray of men. Time for my turn. Tieing the katana to my belt I reached in behind me and pulled out the desert eagle and came out of the closet already aiming at men. I had pracited long enough with guns I had a good aim. Taking aim I aimed at the mens heads. Taking them down like taking two birds with one stone...haha. I'm funny. What I didn't take into consideration was the larger black man...oh dear..god...Stuffing the gun back into my waist band. I drew the sword out of its sheeth as I ran towards him pointing at his med section. Though it was his back. What I hope was he wouldn't try to kill me in the process.-

Keyome: I turned and shot two more guys with the black chromed 45 I had on my person. I got one in the chest but the Armour bounced it off of his body. “ Tch” I ducked back behind the wall only to see Isabel dash from where we currently were she took out... two guys?! That left 7 now after me only killing 1. The large black dude that Isa was coming at turned to her and with some kind of lightning god speed he whipped his own blade out to combat her, the blade clashed with her sword he had used his right arm making it come down in a diagonal swing. He licked his lips his long white hair draping over his face as he spoke out. “ Ahhhh nice try, trying to strike me in me bak hm? Such a beautiful women... Where... is Natasha? “ He said cocking his head to the right. “ You are Yackooza no? Thus why you still be in the tity Mon... im no foo' ya bess be telling me where she is and I mean soon...” He lowered his head eyeing her. “ Or heads...will ROLL!” He said laughing he attempted to boot her off of him with his right leg making her flip over the kitchen table that they had brought in the living room. I dashed out from my hiding spot running as quickly as I can bullets flying all around my body due to the amount of men firing off there shots in my direction I was hit in the right arm... haha my auto-mailed arm it bounced right off and back at the man who fired it hitting him in the face mask. Guess that makes 6 men now. After I slid to cover I could feel the rain of bullets increase due to me being in one spot, concentrated cover. I pulled out the 2nd pistol on my person, quickly ii gripped a table I had from another table I used in the small area I was in. I was on a small balcony type part of the apartment. The men were on 6 feet away down the stairs in my living room where Isabel was combating the larger man. I gripped the table with my auto-mailed arm tossing it over my head and down on the at the area where the men were. Immediately I kicked off the ground and lunged my body backwards in midair forcing my back to the table they shot at it nonstop if not for the thick covering of the wooden hunk it would have killed me when I was on the way down. “HUYAA!” I elbowed the hunk of wood when I was 4 feet above them to increase velocity. Once the hunk smashed into one of the men it crumbled him to the ground not even 2.3 seconds later I rolled off of the momentum cutting a 360 back flip and firing 5 times hitting 4 of the guys meaning I missed one they fell like rag dogs. I landed on my couch closest to the window. And the last 3 men charged at me with daggers of there own. I swung my metal arm down to meet the mans blade on the left I forced my arm away to the left and I thrusted my right foot forward kicking the man in the face mask with my left leg. When he fell back I jumped from the couch and one of the men was coming in with a right hook I leaned back and at the same time I pulled the dagger from the side pouch on his right side, he swung again this time with a left hook, and he hadn’t noticed what I did yet. When I pulled back from the last striking attempt I leaned myself to the left and stepped to the right at the same time kneeing him in the gut and forcing the blade into the man's neck as he cringed over. The guy I kicked was coming in from my right side and I proceeded by spinning my body with the man I just stabbed in my grip tossing him into the incoming enemy ah but the third one had been waiting when I turned to look at him a knife was met in my left shoulder I staggered in pain and then I was tackled into my kitchen the other man returned and they began to stomp me out until I caught one of the guys legs pulling him down to my level onto the floor his head hit the edge of the counter instant kill. Once I was on my feet I sent a quick right, left,left, left, right, left uppercut a quick boxing combination before I booted the man away. Once I booted him I kicked off the wall and extended my right arm for a superman punch which crushed his face mask killing him instantly as my auto-mailed arm went through his head.

Isabel: I offered him a smile, but my eyes said differen't, like something in me evil would come out and eat his soul, if possible. I found him like scum on my shoe..His words and his action of licking his lips sent my stomach disgusting.."Those who don't watch behind them..the preditor will become the pray.." Seeing that he demanded for..Natasha? The Russian singer with the volger singing? As I would any idea where that womans whereabouts was. Pushing my blade back against his to mess up his attemt to kick me and flip over the table bringing down my sword on his leg causing it to make contact with his leg, leaving a large gash on his leg, jumping back a few feet from him. "I don't know where this NATASHA is. And if I did? Why would I tell you? A man of yourself...and...statur..and your sanity of course.." Stepping back from him..obviously he wasn't an ordinary man..I had no chance against him without help. Shifting to look over my shoulder I saw Keyome fighting off his own group of men..Piviting off my foot I ran over to the table extending my arms infront of me taking the table with my palms I flipped myself over the table, shifting myself I pushed the table towards him with all my force to put him up against a wall...luckly....there was a window behind him...if I could get him caught off guard he can get sent out the window..and they could make it out safly.

Keyome: I saw him attempt to boot her and when she sliced at his leg I was already in distance with him, my right arm was extended back as far as I could get it. With his focus completely on Isabel I took advantage of the moment. I thrusted my body in the air with the hand cocked all the way back aiming it up as if my life depended on it. With my automated arm and all the strength I could muster I would send it flying into the man's head knocking smashing my fist with a psychotic force into the right side of his head with a force like that and adamantium steel his skull would surely snap and crackle like rice krispy treat. After my hand made its mark the man's face turned and twisted around it, the force applied made him burst out of the window that he was diagonally from. After the blow was made and his body was sent flying out of the apartment I landed on my right knee quickly looking over to Isabel “ Good luck...” I said panting a bit I shook it off, slowly my head turned to the radio communicator that the man had on there person it was blurting out a voice. “ Team Delta 3 did you find Jet Frost in his apartment we heard gun fire within the establishments? Team Delta?! Team Delta come in!! Were sending a team up now!” The voice made me cringe as I looked at her then I ran to the helicopter keys to my death machine I gripped the Apache keys and turned to her. Quickly reaching to grab her hand. “ C'mon!” I said gripping her hand quickly I ran out of my apartment with her, when I looked behind me 10... no 15 guys were running up the stairs my eyes widened in fear Christ they were fast. I pulled her around the corner and bullets began to fly soon enough I kicked open the upper-stairwell door so that it would open up with a hard swing as I pulled her out of the building and now onto the roof. The men were almost at the door by the time they kicked it open I’d already had the Apache cranked and ready to go, once all of them were on the roof we were about 6 miles out in the air. The men stopped to stare at the flying beast, the black guy that me and Isabel had beaten together was... walking up the stairs holding his jaw, a light smirk was on his lips. “...Oh so my food... is playing hard to get hm? Ahh well Mon' te bombaclots can only run so fass'yknow. An when'tay get'tired..” His head lowered the white hair dangling over his face like beast. “'ill eat them, and suck the bone marrow from there bones...”

Isable: Leaning agaisnt the table I would nod my head..Looking to where the coming from..Hearing orders for more men? "Dont these guys ever take a hin-" Hearing Keyome shout and take her hand she would follow him. Knowing that probably wasn't a good thing..Watching him look behind him, as I looked over my own shoulder..oh my god..being pulled around a corner hearing bullets being shot at us...such a woman reaction..I pressed into Keyo and let out a scream from the onslot of bullets...this close to bullets? Yet I took on a man larger then myself..god how odd this was. Being yet again pulled I would keep up with him towards the apache. After taking off and 6 miles out in the air, I had turned to look back.....I mummbled low to myself.... "H eisn't going to let that go.." After arriving in my part of district two, I instruted Keyo to land on a helipad that was ontop of a building. Of course my building was the only building..looking like its own castiel surrounded by the little places here and there..After landing on the building I exited the choper looking back to look at Keyome...some how...I was afraid to let him go.."Thank you for helping me Chairmen Tasanagi..And the offer still stands..Wakahisa Clan and Chashitus Lounge, and my part of District Two will stand by you when you call upon us." A door would slam open as the Twins would exit the buildings looking furious at me..*Uh oh..* As they apprached I turned my attention back to Keyome looking at him. The twins would look at me, then at each other then one would take out one of their phones and walk up to the choper and hand Keyome the cell phone. "For you to get intouch with Miss. Nakayama...about this offer Sir.."

DarkKeyome: I took the cell phone eying the men as they made there way away from me. I gripped it the phone, then I pulled out the picture of me and Haji when were kids from my wallet I smiled and gave her a thumbs up. “ Naw... no thanks.” I said smiling at her. “ Just stick around for that Douche-bag of a friend of mines huh?” I hit the engine for the Apache and pulled on the pilot helmet. “ Thank... you for everything.” I said giving her a light salute before I flew off into the heat of the battle to get my revenge. First things first..... im going to see Donnie Yun...

The Sting Of A Sniper (Nami, Kirei, and Beavis)

KimiKatsu: The smell of breakfast filled the entire house. Kirei had decided to try making omelets for the first time. The three she made; one for herself, one for Nami, and the last for Beavis, had all come out…rather misshapen. Kirei didn’t fret. She merely put each egg on its own glass plate and rationed out the hash browns. After placing the three plates at the table, she poured two glasses of orange juice and poured some orange juice into a doggy bowl which was placed next to the third plate. Kirei sat between the plates and looked over her shoulder. ‘Where could those two be?’ She asked herself before yelling for them. “Nami, Beavis! Breakfast is ready! Come get it while it’s still warm!” She waited in her seat for the two before she even bothered to pick up her fork. It was only polite. Beavis trotted in quickly, his tail up and wagging wildly as he ran to his plate and jumped into his chair; immediately sitting with his paws still on the chair. He had grown quite a bit since she first took him in. He was nearly full grown, it seemed. Kirei had taught him table manners and house manners, as well as other tricks, while his brain was still a sponge. He knew not to put his paws on the table until everyone was seated.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami was in the living room watching some cartoons, since this early in the morning it was the only thing on that she was interested in. She was kicking her feet happily, classic lollipop in her mouth and wearing a comfy black/white shirt/pants outfit that wasn't really feminine but comfy on her skin. It was Spongebob, the one where him and Squidward thought Mr. Krabs was a robot, she was laughing whenever the dramatic zoom in and music was played when either one of them said 'robot' in a suspenseful manner. The call for food shot her up from the couch, Nami was off drugs for at least a few days now, probably out of her supply and not risking going out to get more, she was more aware and innocent with her emotions without the drugs than when she had them. She walked into the dining room, her mouth gapping open and her lollipop falling out, staring at Kirei's see-through shirt and sexy pink bra underneath. She gulped, reaching down and picking up what she dropped, walking over to the trash can and tossing it then going to the table. "I-It looks yummy miss Kirei~" She said kindly, lately she had dropped the 'mum' from when she called out for Kirei, lately she ended up sleeping in her bed too either going there before they had gone to sleep or getting into bed with Kirie after she went to sleep. She scooted her chair closer to the table and started to eat, being quiet as she did so, occasionally looking at Kirei and smiling kindly whenever she looked back.

KimiKatsu: Just as Nami walked in, Kirei's deep hazel orbs lifted and locked onto her smaller form. She watched the lolli fall from her mouth as her lips parted and giggled quietly to herself. Beavis huffed lightly and leaned his head down to sniff at the food. After closer inspection, he realized that the yellow shape on his late was one huge egg. His mouth began to water. Kirei's gaze dropped, locking on the dog as his drool slowly oozed from his jowls. "Ah!" She raised her hand some and pointed at him. Right as she did that, he sucked up his drool rather quickly and panted. He looked like he was smiling sheepishly. Kirei couldn't help but laugh. When Nami was seated, she reached for her fork and Beavis placed his paws on the table and began to eat. Kirei shot him a glare when he made messy sounds and he quieted every time. "Nami..." She said softly as she cut up her omelet. "I don't suppose you've been watching the news lately...have you, love?" She glanced over at the girl, a soft smile playing across her naturally pink lips. She hadn't put on make-up yet today, so she wasn't wearing her normal lip gloss and lip balm combo.

NamikazeSoudai: "No, I’ve been watching other stuff. Why is something wrong?" She questioned, although someone in her position should watch the news more, sometimes she got lost in the act of being the innocent girl and forgot to do the smart things like watch tv or EVER report on the criminal activities Kirei might be doing. She just couldn't bring herself to do something that might make Kirei leave her or worst, not care for her anymore, it was one addiction she did not want to part with ever. Speaking of which, somehow there was another lollipop in her mouth out of nowhere, it didn't seem to bother her eating either, she was quite talented with having things in her mouth it seemed. Nami looked at Beavis, he was big enough to use his strength to knock her down if he wanted to, that was scary sometimes with how happy the dog was to see her when she had been gone for any amount of time. A lot of things made her feel like she was in a submissive position, people were taller, some dogs were taller/bigger and heavier, and she hated being crushed.

KimiKatsu: Upon hearing Nami's response, Kirei lightly set her fork on her plate and let her fingertips linger on the handle end of the fork. "Things in the city...are getting out of hand, love." Her voice was soft, motherly almost. Beavis swallowed his mouthful of hash browns and lifted his head as if he was interested in hearing where Kirei was going with this. The woman looked from one to the other. Two things she loved dearly. "The city has been fully evacuated...with the exception of any members of the Yakuza... They know it's us by the special ink in our tattoos... There is still time for you and Beavis. I'm sure they'll let you guys slip through without a second glance." She ran her fingertips up the fork and back down again. Beavis's eyes seemed to hold a sad look to them. His ears folded down a little and he made a soft whining noise. "Beavis, we both knew that this would get dangerous. I can't afford to lose you both."

NamikazeSoudai: "Wait!" She smacked her fists down onto the table making the plate and cup jump a bit but not spilling. "I am staying with you always!" She said with the most demanding sound in her voice ever, glaring up at Kirei thinking 'how could she even think about getting rid of her'. "We are...never going to be apart...I'd trade all the lollipops in the world for you..." Her eyes were beginning to get watery, which she quickly wiped away and then turned to not look directly at Kirei but out the nearby window.  She was sure Kirei was going to try and protest, and having that in mind made her more hurt, she didn't understand how Kirei would imagine being a part from her...

KimiKatsu: She jumped at the sudden outburst from her seemingly so-innocent and most favored house guest. Kirei's eyes were wide with shock and she felt that familiar lump at the back of her throat, making it ache. She swallowed hard and bit down on her lower lip as Nami turned away from her. "N-Nami-chan..." Kirei reached out to lightly place a hand on her shoulder. Beavis whined softly again and lowered his head onto the table. "I don't want you to be hurt...if you got killed, how could we ever reunite? Don't you dare think for a second that I'm ok with this idea... I was up all night...going over this in my mind... I haven't shed that many tears since I realized most men were pigs." A soft sigh flowed from her, but she kept her eyes on Nami. "I...I can't lose you, Nami... Or Beavis. You both mean the world to me. I was always thinking about you two... I just want the best, love." Beavis seemed to sniffle and Kirei looked over her shoulder at him. "I love you too... That goes for you, too, Nami." Kirei swallowed hard again and closed her eyes as she fought back tears. "And...I understand that this is hard..." Her voice cracked. God she prayed that Nami would see her reasoning behind this. The young girl had grown on her and she knew that Beavis loved her like a younger sister. She just wanted all of this war and hate to end. She was Yakuza, but she knew things didn't have to be like this. And they weren't supposed to be.

NamikazeSoudai: Her whole body felt like it was burning and her heart was spilling blood inside of her chest. She was in bed with her last night, sleeping peacefully in her night gown, she had known she fallen asleep holding to Kirei's arm but she didn't know how the rest of the night went...It felt like a lie now, her happiness and comfort... "What makes you think we would be safe without you..." She said through her tears. "..I don't want to be safe...I just want to be with you..." She said in a manner which was questioning Kirei's logic to the core, all Nami knew was right now she was with her, and she was suggesting to be apart..

KimiKatsu: Kirei blinked at Nami's logic. Her heart was pounding thunderously in her chest and tears were threatening to brim over her eye lids. Her lips parted, but she couldn't find would to speak. Kirei's chin lowered and her gaze dropped to her eggs, which were far beyond cooled down. Just then, Beavis's head snapped up and his long, pointed ears followed suit. His head swiveled to glance at the doorway that led outside from the kitchen. His nose twitched gently and his eyes caught a gleam that shimmered briefly outside from in one of the trees. A low growl vibrated the inside of his chest as he stared out the window. Kirei looked over at him, an eyebrow raised. It was then that the dog jumped up onto the table and immediately slid into Kirei and Nami, in an attempt to push both down as a round pierced the glass near Nami though it was higher up. As if the round was meant for Kirei's temple. Kirei fell to the floor safely and groaned out after hitting her head on the way down. She looked up at the window and back at Beavis. "Whew...that was close..." She ran her hand through the dog's fur near his font right leg only to feel something warm...something wet. When she pulled her hand away to look at it, there was blood. Kirei knew she hadn't even been clipped. "B-Beavis!" She shouted as she sat up and pulled the dog into a tight embrace. There was another sound of glass cracking that followed another loud gunshot. Beavis yowled in pain. Kirei watched the blood spurt from his hind end near his spine and her eyes widened. "Nami! Get down! Go find cover! Now!" She shouted as she held Beavis tight in her arms. There was no stopping the tears now as Beavis whimpered lightly in her arms.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami gasped, hitting the ground hard. "I’m hit!" She gasped, having a evil pain in her shoulder and reaching up to feel the bullet hole only to find a fork impaled there, knocked in when Beavis heroically saved them. She was crying now, being knocked over had sort of knocked the tears out of their holding. Using that normally sealed up intelligence, she crawled under the table and stood up with her hands pushed upward, using adrenaline to flip the table thankfully not onto Kirei or Beavis but onto its side to block some of the bullets. "Who the hell is shooting at us?!" She asked, the fork in her shoulder being thrown down to the ground gushing her blood out briefly but settling down, it wasn't that huge of a wound. She noticed Beavis' injuries, the thought of losing the dog crushed her heart more than it was moments ago, a little part of her understood Kirei now, though the pain of not being together would be worse than the pain that would come from events being together would lead to, she thought.

KimiKatsu: Kirei instinctively pulled herself and the injured dog she raised behind the table. She was licking at her quivering lips and biting down on the lower one to hold back the sobs, though her tears stained her cheeks as they flowed. "I was told they are doubt raising hell about their dim-witted daughter tagging along with us...or in their minds us kidnapping her while we were speeding away. As she spoke, she stroked the dog's head...just the way he liked. She even lightly rubbed his stiff ears. The dog whimpered lightly again. "He needs a hospital...he needs a hospital!" She shouted. Her voice cracked. "My hummer, we need to get to it, right now." The gun fire had paused. Kirei looked over at Nami. "We need to go, right now!" Kirei pulled the wounded dog into her arms and cradled him close to her chest, though it was hard to keep a hold of him because of how much bigger he was. Kirei kept herself low and ran out from behind the table to take cover behind the wall near the window. Her hummer was right on next to the stairs that led up into the kitchen. Kirei prayed that the sniper and whoever was with him, if anyone, had decided to leave but she highly doubted it. She waited a moment. Nothing. No other sounds besides Beavis' whimpers and cries of pain. "Sh…shh… Its ok,'s ok... Nami," Kirei's eyes locked on the young girl. "Stay right behind me. Do you understand?" If the girl looked back at her, Kirei would be staring sternly into the young girl's eyes. Her own were filled with anger, pain, and worry. She had to get them out of there. Adrenaline coursed through her veins as the seconds flew by.

NamikazeSoudai: She looked back at her, giving a nod, she was crying from the words before and Beavis being hurt, but she was not afraid. Kirei had a lot of lights in her house and a few places you could turn them all on all at once, neither one of the women enjoyed the darkness. But right now it wasn't darkness they were combating, she reached up from the wall to the switch and turned them all on at once, hopefully startling and/or blinding whoever was shooting at them. "Go" quickly escaped her mouth.. It was a shame, she had enjoyed her days here, enjoyed the showers and bed and food...It almost felt normal...But being shot at woke her up from that dream..

KimiKatsu: Kirei nodded and took off through the open doorway. It was hard to carry her badly wounded dog in her arms down a long flight of stairs, but it had to be done without stumbling or falling of any kind. Kirei's eyes spotted the hummer right away and she hurried to the passenger side, since it was away from the shooter. Due to her hummer being bullet proof through and through, Kirei felt...somewhat safer. As she held onto Beavis, she leaned in and grabbed the door handle. Right as she realized her keys were inside, the door popped open. Kirei quickly hopped in and placed Beavis in the back seat carefully. "Nami," she would say as she climbed into the driver seat. “Stay back there with Beavis.” She used the voice recognition to automatically start the vehicle and it roared to life. As Nami climbed into the backseat, she locked all of the doors and slammed her foot down on the gas and peeled out of the area.

NamikazeSoudai: She followed her carefully and quickly, checking under the car real fast for anything suspicious before getting into the vehicle, not seeing any bombs. She was trying to calm her breathing, but everything happened so fast it was hard not to have your heart racing like it was. That and the combination of anger and heart break she felt before, it was surprising she hadn't passed out from a panic attack by this point. "Where are we going? To the hospital for Beavis???" She asked rather fast, looking in the back to see if anyone was following them and feeling around in the back seat for the gun that was back here from a time before when they had to jet and someone threw them or things into the hummer, just in case..

KimiKatsu: Kirei nodded. Her heart was racing...and it was breaking as well. Beavis continued to whimper and whine in the back seat, but it sounded different. Weaker. And Kirei could definitely hear it. She pressed her foot to the gas pedal until she couldn't push anymore. Her legs shook wildly. Adrenaline flowed viciously through her. She shouldn't have let them sleep in...not when she knew this could happen. Kirei took a sharp turn. So sharp that it threw her into the driver's side door. Then, as if on cue, another car turned the same way and sped up so it was right on their tails. Kirei looked up into the rear view mirror. Her eyes widened as the man in the passenger seat pulled a gun. Kirei smirked a bit as the first round went off. It may have spider cracked the glass a bit, but it wasn't enough. "Dumb fuckers..." She kept her foot on the gas.

NamikazeSoudai: After making sure Beavis was secure she crawled into the passenger side despite Kirei's dislike of people sitting there, she would just give her a look or hold up her hand if Kirei protested, she was in no mood to argue at this point. Nami rolled down the window and pointed the gun out, taking a few shots back at the car that was following them, trying at first to hit the driver but failing and then trying to blow out the tires. It would be stupid to let them follow them all the way to a gas station, they had to lose the pursuers or make them incapable of following the hummer anymore.

KimiKatsu: Kirei shot Nami a look, but the small girl put up her hand. For some reason...Kirei had closed her mouth and looked back at the road, focusing on her steering as the men shot at the bullet proof glass. Beavis was quiet in the back seat. Kirei felt her heart sink to the bottom of her chest. Meanwhile, the car behind them began to swirve out of control and flew off of the road into the corner of a building. Kirei watched the explosion, then looked back at the road. She wasn't sure how and where Nami learned to shoot...but she was greatfull....very greatful.... A few harsh turns and speeding down seperate roads later, they were flat ass flying into the parking lot of the animal hospital. Kirei slammed her foot on the brake, causing the hummer to screech to a stop. She pushed open her door quickly and ripped open the passenger door on her side. Beavis wasn't moving...and his chest was barely rising and falling. Kirei pulled him into her arms carefully, then ran for the from door to the hospital. "Nami! Get the door!" She more pleaded it than shouted as she ran up to the hospital.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had sat there silently after they lost the car, she felt...Responsible for something, she couldn't put her finger on it, she just felt bad.. She was about to say something when they came to a stop and things moved fast again, there was no time to express there feelings at the moment with Beavis.. She flung the door open and went inside afterwards, making someone scream who was waiting in the lounge. "O-oops..." She looked at the gun that was still in her hand, smiling nervously and leaving the room, going out to the car and putting it under the seat then came back in. She followed Kirei wherever she went, staying quiet fearing any words would make her angry, giving her a reason to get her emotions out about what happened to Beavis.

KimiKatsu: Right as she ran in, the tears began to pour down her cheeks. She was so...hysterical. Vets and their nurses came running out and took Beavis from her. She tried to follow, but they forced her to stay in the waiting room. Her white t-shirt was stained with the dogs blood. She was scared. So worried. Kirei turned to look at Nami. Her lower lip quivered some thoug she tried to hide it. Then...she opened her arms and stepped closer to Nami with the hopes of being able to pull her into a tight hug where she'd then break down right there. Her shoulders shook as she finally released her emotions. She didn't want to release Nami, ever. Especially now.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami was surprised by the hug, and once trapped in it she did not try to leave either. Both of them love Beavis and both Beavis and Nami loved Kirei, she understood why a bit as to this hug coming down onto her. She still felt it was right to stay quiet, any words would make things not needing to be said at this moment be said.. The hug was broken after a long bit, Nami guided Kirei with her hand over to a chair and sat her down, sitting down in the same chair and leaning agaisnt her, carassing her hand slowly and comfortingly. It seemed like forever, but eventually words came from her mouth again, "Do you want me to get you something to drink from the machine..?" She asked softly and carefully, looking up at Kirei, seeing the remains of the tears she cried on her face.

KimiKatsu: : After a while, Nami had guided Kirei to a chair in the waiting room. It took a moment for her to realize where she was again before she sat and when she was seated, she wrapped and arm around Nami. As Nami leaned against her side, Kirei gently stroked her shoulder. Her whole body still shook as the waiting room calmed again. It was...uncomfortably quiet. Kirei's eyes drifted shut as her legs bounced around. She couldn't stand the wait... It had taken another long while for Kirei to hear Nami's soft voice. " stay with me...Nami.." She murmured lightly in response to Nami's question. She didn't want to be alone...nor did she want Nami to miss the chance to say her goodbyes if they were needed. It had taken hours; hours of waiting while the vets worked over Beavis and busted their asses to help him. They were the only ones left in the waiting room for their pet...their family member. One vet came out; a middle aged man with an early receding hairline. "Miss. Yuri?" He looked right at Kirei and Nami before approaching them. His scrubs were bloodstained. Kirei couldn't bring herself to look at the man.

NamikazeSoudai: "Okay mi...Okay K-Kirei..." She said softly, something about the moment encouraged her to drop then formalities and safety netting that was put on to protect her from exploring her feelings for Kirei more. After this incident, unlike the other times they were shot at or in danger, she thought that she should express her love more instead of going about it childishly, although that was her commonly viewed personality, she was 18 and 18 wasn't a child. The doctor startled her trance of waiting in dread, making her stand up from the chair, staying nearby in case Kirei wanted to hold her hand as they went to see Beavis...the outcome of all that the vet did..

KimiKatsu: Kirei stood as Nami did and she swallowed hard. Her deep hazel eyes were locked on the vet's light green ones as he looked down at his clip board. He looked...concerned. "W-Well?" She asked lightly while she reached down in hopes of grabbing Nami's hand to hold tight in her own as she waited for the news, no matter how bad. "Beavis Yuri is your dog, right?" She nodded once. "He suffered a bullet to the right shoulder blade and his lower back. He lost a lot of blood and went into cardiac arrest." Kirei felt her heart aching as her knees threatened to give in. Not Beavis...Not Beavis.... "You're lucky we got him stabilized...he'll need to stay here for a ni-" Kirei cut him off with a soft, shaky 'No'. He raised a brow. "It isn't safe...I'm going to relocate myself and Nami. He's coming with us. I'll pay for round the clock nurses and for the equipment to be moved to my new location...I'm not leaving either of these two alone."

NamikazeSoudai: Nami took her hand, the grip was tight from Kirei but she didn't complain. She listened to the two talk, how cruel it was to pause in between sentences like that, it did not need to be suspenseful. But once the news that he was alive came she forgot about wanting to punch the man and joy swept through her, the first time since earlier that day when looking at Kirei sitting at the table. They were still wearing the same things they had on earlier, she was sure the vet enjoyed Kirei's see through clothes, even with the blood on it, if he commented on her clothing at all she would turn around and head for the car to the gun. Kirei's words startled her, she changed from wanting to leave them somewhere to protect keeping them with her...Having someone or people to protect there to also protect you...It was a wonderful bond, she hoped she made Kirei proud when she took care of that car earlier, proving she was protecting Kirei and Beavis.