Regret Hits Like A TruckEdit

The older male face would turn from sincere to one of absolute malice in a matter of minutes. Sian would jump back with ease onto her left foot her eyes locked in disbelief at what's happening here once Varak turns to face the two teens.  "Its nothing personal against you Puma your family will always be the saviors to my people but cannot let you or your friend interfere any further in our plans"  he tells them turning to face them, the hordes who were hiding in earth, around the perimeter,  and even in the trees jumping out wielding weapons ranging from chains to the latest of high power rifles and cannons. She lowers her head for a moment using her peripheral to quick notes of just how many were attempting to surround the she tilted her head to the right briskly as if to say "not bad" her eyes starting to glisten with tears that she'd been holding in for quite a while now before thinking, ~A betrayal for a betrayal will the Gods show me no pity for the sin I have committed this day?~ both hands going back behind her to clasp the hilt of both blades that were mounted up onto it. "Strike by land..." Suijin tells her knowing the full weight of Sian's heart is now overcome with guilt, remorse, disappointment, and now anger at herself from what has transpired between her and Connor....though at first she hid it well....all of these being tools that would used against those that were preparing to attack them as the teenaged girl drew the blades with antagonistic ease her head coming up from her chest just in time for those around them to hear a 'cling' sound coming from the makings of each blade as she turned them outwards. A tear fell down her left cheek as the young woman's normal cool cut throat demeanor was starting to come undone right in front of everyone's eyes. Her foot stepped forward towards the east in flash causing the rest of her to appear as blur the blade in her left hand coming down fast across the chest of one soldier then another with the right, her moves appearing to eye to be cold and calculated but to anyone versed well in the art of combat they could see that she was making costly mistakes as she let her emotions guide her actions instead of her mind the tears pour down her face while begging for Daisuke's forgiveness silently almost getting shot on several occasions and suddenly getting herself blown backwards into the dirt by setting off one of the thousands of motion sensor minds that coveted the field they were standing on.///////Inside Sian's mind/////"Dai Im sorry.....I never meant for Connor and I to have sex it just happened......You are the only man I will ever love......Daisuke dont leave me!"/////////end////// "Sian!?" The goddess shrieked pulling herself away from her charge in a frightful panic kneeling near the girl once she fell a streak of blood starting to show itself at the back of her neck as Suijin comes to realize that her head on a rock in the middle of the field and the enemy is starting to close in. "No choice....though were both not strong enough to pull this yet ill have to try." The woman states slipping herself back into the young girls body in order to prepare it for a complete merger with her own mind, body, and soul.


( )Connor still standing in the same spot and heard exactly as the man spoke. "Its nothing personal against you Puma your family will always be the saviors to my people but cannot let you or your friend interfere any further in our plans" . Connor would scoff as the men finally began to surface and reveal themselves…Connor eyed the area. Seeing the vibrations coming from everywhere, he’d closer hone in with his negative emotion sensing. “I guess, the party now commences…” Connor would pull one of the chi pills from his pocket. “I don’t know about you Sian, but I don’t have all the time in the world to waste on these guys…I’m going in.” Connor started to walk infront of her, only at a glance,did he catch what looked like a tear streaming from her eye. “…hm.” Connor said nothing, as he’d pop the chi pill. It only took a moment before a bright blue, nigh white chi streamed from Connor’s body, arching as a bright vibrant glow around his being. Pushing back some of the ground around his feet, as his eyes had a glowing green hue to them…

Connor would flick his nose with his thumb, before squatting down. “WHO’S FIRST!” ( ) Connor’s body dashed off as he dove head first into the crowd of men surrounding them! One of the men raised his gun and shot Connor point blank in the face! Connor howevere, caught and stoped the bullet between his teeth, only to then base the man with a god awful back hand, echoing a sickening smack noise! The man’s body flew like a bullet through the crowd of other men and trees themselves! Connor began to stand in the middle of the crowd,  and deilever pure physical domination. The bullets fired at him, all fell prey to his Akuma no hishintsu… Once in a hostile situation, weather they are aware of it or not. Due to their Hadou feeling the disturbance rather than themselves. And react automatically which will then alert them of upcoming dangers.The user can sense nearing dangers and sense unwanted or hectic threats to their wellbeing. The user has anxiety just before a hazard (such as being ambushed). The intuition usually regards themselves at low level, then regarding their surroundings (a distant car-wreck) at middle level, then dangers regarding loved ones at high level. With the Akuma no Honshitsu, the user has a constant ever lasting aura once someone enters said aura, it makes the users time perception faster by three seconds to reaction time. Meaning the opponents attacks TO THE USER, are slowed down enough for him to react to them properly.

Connor literaly moved through the crowd, his body a fleshy whip as the bullets raced past his well being, his oni aura detecting any and every threat in hs immediate direction as he’d ract to them flawlessly, becoming a terror on the battle field. He refused to waste his 30 minute boost, as he’d clear 55 men in about 2 minutes tops. Connor would  continue his onslaught, when he’d catch wind of sian’s performance which was surprisingly pour…Connor while in the midst of kicking someone in the head and sending their body breaking along a tree would speak to washi. “That overbaring feeling of regret is killing me…” Washi would chime in. “It’s common. She was in love with Daisuke and she did blatantly cheat. It’s a nartual human reaction.” Connor would slam his elbow into the temple of another man. 4 more would close in on him and attempt to encase him with chains but Connor would drop to the ground and preform a hard sweep kick, breaking all of thier femers in an instance and sending their bodies toppling. “ their bodies activating the motion sensor mines and BOOM!! “huh? Motion sensor mines? Why didn’t I-“ “The Akuma No dodged them  on instinct as as they exploded you maneuvered elsewhere. If not for that you’d probably haven been blown to bits you reckless jester.” Washi remarked. “Nice…but if she gets herself killed here I’m gonna have a hard time explaining it to her mother! “Connor would find himself in a corner as the multitudes of men began to go on the offensive, forcing Connor to do the defensive role momentarily! 

“None the less weather she feels bad or not she’s going to get herself killed. Hell I feel like shit, but I’m willing to deal with the consequences and not cry over them!” As connor yelled this  in his mind his body would be twirling into a spin kick to the right side of another assailants jawline! 

“That’s a bit inconsiderate don’t you think Connor? Try and relate somewhat.” “I can. But there comes a point in time where it just stops hurting…she was good but the highs over. Her mistakes are not mine to feel. Speaking of mistakes…” Connor realized there were motion sensor bombs out the wazo every where. “Let’s  make a bang!” connor would use his micro push blast to pressurize air around his body and expel it outwards by 20 feet, meaning within 20 feet all the motion sensor bombs there would go off without a moments hesitation! “B-B-B-B-B-B-OOOM!!!!” Connor would dive back into the fray attacking and defending hoping sian would overcome her guilt long enough to keep them alive.

The goddess would narrow her eyes some at the heartlessness she felt coming off of Connor part of her wanting rip his throat out with her bare hands, "and they dare to call ME COLD BLOODED ha! I can see why you two are perfect match now Washi-sama." She scoffs to herself frantically moving through the mental voids of the unconscious girls mind in search of the area that took the hit the hardest in attempt to heal it in order to make what followed next a reality. On field the battle waged on, as several men made moves towards Sian's unconscious form only be repelled by some known force at every turn and strike, some even having massive gashes that look like claw marks over their chests, a clear sign that Suijin was doing all she could to keep Sian safe but even this had it draw backs as she tried to reach the girl as what power she had obtained while in her body was vastly depleting and without the aid of chi they both would surely cease to exist. "Sian....damnit all you stupid girl I know you can hear me, wake your ass up. I have had enough of watching you wallow in self pity, you ARE my blood and I refuse to watch you sink any lower than you already have. Stand up and fight!" She got no answer from her charge. "Look I know what did you was wrong but if you don't wake up soon we're both gonna die and then how do you think Daisuke would feel huh holding your lifeless corpse in his arms......" again there was nothing Suijin began to get desperate as the men were breaking through her defenses and advancing forward the barrels of their guns pointed, ready to fire when suddenly blurted out, "If not for him do it for the one thats inside of you!!!" Suddenly an arm would come forward its hand grabbing the shoulder of the goddess as a pair of amber eyes mirroring her own would stare back into her own, Sian giving her a nod of head with a smirk of her lips to let her know that she was ready. Taking her hand Suijin smiles, "Lets do this." If Connor were looking on things would appear to look grim for our heroine as the sound of hammer being drawn back on a gun would heard and shot fired in Sian's general direction was sent flying. "Suijin what are you doing to us?" Sian asks. "Killing us mostly likely, but at least once you enjest one of those chi pills you will be able solidify our powers for a time afterwards we need to hurry up and get out of this region so that you can be trained properly to use my powers. Just remember you must take a pill as soon as you wake up or we both are doomed...." those were the last words Sian would hear the goddess say before her eyes suddenly flew open to reveal her slanted reptilian irises her hands lunging forward towards one of her attackers to scratch him deeply her nails causing the man to yelp out in pain from the initial shock but then in matters of moments began to wither up starting with body part she touched and working its way inwards towards his heart before he finally dropped dead onto the ground. Sian would look to her hands in wonder as some of men began to back off seeing this, from her usually sharp nails she would see a substance dripping from them along side the dead man's blood. "Venom. ." Suijin would say. "Sian the pill." Nodding her head Sian went for her lower pocket allowing her fingers to clasp one if the three pills inside before tossing up into the air and letting her mouth catch it just as it began to fall. An aura of dark purple slowly began to form matriculating its flow to palms of her hands the cool air of the African night suddenly taking on the subzero temperatures of the Antarctic once sian places one foot forward then motions her hands in a circular motion mimicking the attack show her my mother, back on zuta mexea to use her chi out from herself in order call forth every water source near her in order to began launching and ice storm of spheres whilst running wild through several ranks of men with speed and agility of a snake. Freezing several of them into live size statues at will if they dared to get oh so close to the young Yuki-Onna before turning to launch herself into several flips the Heel of her left smashing into the head of man before and elbow shot to mans guts clear her of another before her nails slashed at several others killing them instantly. "Me waste my 30 minutes of fame...haha never just try to keep the fuck up will ya." Sian taunts moving pass Connor going air born for a moment with her left hand drawn back only to let it hit the ground causing it to ripple through the earth like energy geyser the push of her chi through the ground causing massive stilactate like shards to emerge impaling another 40 more that so happened to become her victims.

( )Connor would continue his mericles reign upon the armed assailants! Knocking them around left and right, throwing blow after blow, and slipping bewtween the bullets as if they were punches! Connor’s mind had become completey combat synced. He’d start darting through large waves of the crowd, jumping into the air and using a push blast to accelerate his body through the large masses like a beeline, and punching his fist into skull after skull, wrecking shop with his chi! Racking up a cout of 85 men on his way to 100 easy! He took notice ot sian’s condition, and Washi would catch wind of Suijin’s Bellowing. Being as non-chalont and formal as always he’d speak in the same calm tone of voice he’d always used. “Cold hearted huh? His voice is not mine Suijin.  The boy has his own resolve.” Washi sighed. “Theres a reason why the sky and the ground do not touch. This I should’ve for seen. “ Connor stopped in the middle of the action, to charge his finger push blast, weaving his body too and fro between on coming dangers, only to sense a strong chi presence making it’s way up. “Ahhh so she found her moral. It’s about fucking time.” Connor would sincerely smile, glad his bad attitude, would at least give her a pick up of some sort. Connor would charge his finger push blast! With practice, a skilled Chi user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketed wave instead of a focused impulse. Truly gifted practitioners could generate a concussive blast that would radiate from them for dozens of meters in all directions, detonating with the Hadou of a conventional explosive. The user is able to form compressed explosions as a striaght punch of pressureized air to be projected out or thrown. When the highly moving pressurizd air comes into contact with a target, the air is released with force, from sudden gusts to hurricane force winds. With training, the user could be able to detonate the bombs at will. In Connor's case however, he does not release it with his fist, or an open palm, but his finger. Toushin tought connor that the push blast is much stronger when condensed from a small focal point, to an outwards bigger point, as such he tought connor to focus the chi for the tecnqiue into his right index finger instead. This cause connor to create a bright blue/red orb on the end of his index finger, the chi sitting there until he's ready to fire it. When connor is ready to fire the blast, it has the same effects as a regular push blast, but 2x the norm amount since it's been so highly compressed. That being said he can fire these at realitively long distances, as long as Connor  has what he's aiming for in his sights/range. As such, connor can change it's size from that of the average size and speed of a bullet to that of a funnel, straing from a point and expanding into a blaketed wave, the size of course depending on Connor's will. Holding it towards the masses of the crowd it would glow a bright blue, before connor mentally pulled the trigger and released it forward! A giant wave of pressurized air would travel from Connor’s body! Actually pushing him back a bit!

the wave accelerated and began to tear down treets, people, ground, dirty, rock, and any physical object in his wake! Tearing them all down and finally expanding out with a loud “hissssssssssssss-BOOM!!!!” As the force expanded bout 50 feet outwards! Connor would watch placing a hand over his forehead and wathinc the shinnanigans go down as the men would frenzy to recover, but most of them didn’t. putting connor at about 120 men down and little to any exhaustion. "Me waste my 30 minutes of fame...haha never just try to keep the fuck up will ya." Connor smirked as she created her fissure inside of the earth. “That’s what I’m talking about! HUAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Connor darted forward using a micro push to run like a man titant through the crowd, repling people left and right. “Where to?! We can’t waste anymore time than we alrady DON’T have!!” Connor would stop to clothesline a guy, making him flip 4 times in the air, before turning around and side kicking him into 5 more guys.

"Straight ahead, be ready to move on my signal." she states drawing her fist back from the ground with her body still on bended knee moving her arms in a flow that to any ones eyes would be known as tai chi, using what time she has to left to draw upon the full source of her newly aquired power focusing all of her chi at one focal point this begin her hands, her arms moving towards her bosom slowly in an L like formation each finger standing straight up paralleled to one another as she pushed as hard as she could solidify the waning amounts of chi that she had left in order to pull an attack that struck not just once in forward motion but on the completetion of erradications of its first set of targets would come back for a second time in a sneak attack to strike again newer if possible and old ones to make sure the task was completely successful be incorperating the vemon from the users nails to tear apart its victims at the final blow (Snake Fang Strike, will be trained further on it later). Gathering of this kind of energy was tricky even a mist all the ruckus of guns and bombs going off but Sian managed with the help of Suijin playing her defensives. "Sian hurry." "Almost got it.....there. CONNOR NOW!" shed scream bring both arms up then over her chest in the shape of an X dropping them both down as if to cross over the other allowing the force of her power to transmigrate itself into the form of a vemonous snake before the energy particules shattered into full out blast that ripped open a path of dead bodies for miles around for the teens rush through at top speeds if they saw fit to do so and in Sians case she proceeded to do just that before the energy shatters itself into blades at about 50ft or so out from its orginal sending point before coming back to slice through any new targets and survivors from the first wave but this time adminstrating the vemon that had dripped for procariously from the asian beauty's nails not too long ago instantly killing off any chances of any one trying to follow them as Sian made a break through what remained of the land mines and the few mangy stragglers that were left of the rebels "great army" in the hopes that Connor would have least enough sense to flow her or be struck down by her attack as it had no picks over who it hit, after all Snakes dont give a damn who they bite once they feel theyve been threaten.

(The drawn back of the attack since she cant control it yet lol) Suijin laughed, "you know what you stupid girl, this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship after all." Sian didnt bother to say a word as she swung an elbow back into the throat of one of the stragglers just for kick the effects of the chi pill starting to loose its effects on her as she took note that her inhuman speed was waning as they got towards the ridge in which the mines sat the signs were from good too from where she came to stand looking down at what appeared to be an abandon location but like always she knew better using her ears to search the area quietly for any signs of life, namely the heart beats or movements of the workers that could have possibly been moved to the underground levels once word got out they were in the area.

"BYAAAAAH!-K-KRAK!" Connor luanxhdd a downwards elbow directly at the spine of one of his assailants! the spine snapped in half and sent his body to the ground instantly. Connor would stand upright looking at the piles of bodies he'd been cradying. he could feel his own physical being diminishing but specfically his chi was waining...the piills effects were wearing off. physically he still felt alive due to thee negative emotions in the air making themselves prescient but before his chi completely diminished he'd take a feel to two hat Sian was up to. she was making an odd formation with her hands before yelling out: " CONNOR NOW!" Connor would look to see what appeared to be a giant snake like serphat coming twiards him and another crowd of men well on their way! "weeeeeeell FUCK!" Connor would squat down channeling the last of his ability onto his micro push, dentking the ground beneath him and sending himself skyrocketing into the air about 50 feet in a front flip! as the snake passed by Connor would step back a few more feet once he'd landed making sure to clear the radio us of the attacks wake as he did. Connor would nod. "Well damn.  That's a neat trick. it fits that's for sure." Connor would quickly dart behind sian following her and nearly taking the lead, his breathing in tact and stable as if he didn't take down 150 opponents! the boys stamina was godly at best! as they came up at an abandoned location Connors eagle eyes scanned the area I. search of any form of vibrations to be picked up but it was still. "Let's take the scenic routhe. duck down so they can't see us." Connor would mount the rocket launcher on his shoulder and aim it at the location! shooting it dead on and making a lloud "Boom!!!!" to draw enemy attention ."I'm gonna be the scapegoat out here...we'll split up. I'll buy you some time to descend as far as you can in there and I'll be coming behind you after I think you've hit a landmark. deal?" Connor would look at her with a raised brow to srr and near her thoughts on the matter at hand. if she agreed Connor would nod. "Then let's get this shin dIg on the road."

Only Ones To Get The Job DoneEdit

( )The reverberating sounds of a massive group of heart beats could be heard some where off in the distance, even more so were the sounds of shackles, chains, and scurrying of feet too against the ground all of them made sian cast her amber gaze towards connor just as he mounted the rocket launcher he brought with him onto his shoulders, informing her that they would take a more scenic path to secure the results they wanted and duck low to avoid being seen once the machine was locked, loaded then fired onto their unsuspecting enemies. Sian hit the dirt quickly her hand immediately coming to grasp his arm. "What the hell are you doing.....bakka they moved the minors you want to hurt them as well?" She asks attempting to raise her right hand giving him the hardest hit to the back of the head as her hand would allow her too. "Thats fine just be careful where the fuck you shoot that thing. The last thing i wanna tell Boro-sama is that we accidently killed off the ppl we came here to save." As she kept low to the earth in a commando position crawling towards an incline that was several feet away from where they both were leaving Connor by himself as sian pushes up onto her knees then her feet before turning her body at left angle towards the edge of the ravin, to make the climb downwards. Giving the drop down several looks if she didnt get her hand and foot placements just right the stubborn teen proceeded down placing her left foot in one groove on the rock before her then her right in another, her right hand following that same pattern with her left. Meanwhile those that remained in the camp scurried about in haste most jumping from convoys, tanks, and other various points of the mines turned militia camps armed to the teeth with things that would pissed the U.S. Military off, firing them off in the direction in which they believed the missle from Connors rocket launcher had come but of course they were several kilometers off. "Suijin...dont you think we oughta help him after all Okaa-san did give strict orders for me to bring him back alive." Sian asks of her Oni mentally. "Only because she wants him to take her place as head of that silly organization of hers. The nerve of one my own actually giving what she worked hard over to him." The lady mumbled as sian still made her way down her left hand almost getting bit by a snake when she acciedently touched it causing her to loose her balance for a moment leaving her to hang on by just one as the serpent near her began to recoil itself in order to strike again. "Allow me." Suijin purs stepping just slightly from her form just enough give the beast before them a hiss of her own causing it slink back just enough to give Sian her barings once again in order to make her way down even more quicker than before until at last her feet hit the dirt

Connor would take the slap to the head and rub the back of his head in recovery with a questionable scowl on his face. “Heeeey! …fine fine. I’ll be “careful’. If they don’t make it, then they don’t make it, but that also means we didn’t do our jobs right. We’re here to protect them, as such we have to do our best to make sure that happens. Got it?” Connor would watch as she left out commando style and he’d moutn the rocket launcher back onto his shoulder. “Well Connor you’ve put yourself in yet another situation that’s gonna require some serious brain power to get out of. Think you’re ready for it? I’ve got your back…for the time being.” “Sit back and relax Washi..” Connor’s eyes shifted to an emerald green hue. “I’ve got this…” Connor is currently at 40% with his brains potential which thanks to Keyth's training has caused an odd change in mental state for Connor. Personality wise he is still a bumbling idiot with a loud mouth and little reason, but Connor can "switch" so to speak, to a complete state of mental calm and focus, where his mind mimics the process of nuerogenesis, allowing his brain cells to connect, remember memories, learn, and apply his knowledge to physical and mental degrees with near perfect replication.Connor can process near limitless amounts of information, without any hindrances or backlashes of information. He has the capability to process an great number of simultaneous calculations, allowing him to identify all the variables in any theoretical situation by instantly recombining all informations he has on them. Connor also can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and instantaneously after only one view/experience, this can happen mainly Passively: when Connor reads, sees or hears any concept at least once they will understand it completely, whether it is natural or supernatural in nature, as long as it's explained or he experiences it physically or mentally. If the he comes into contact with any piece of “information” that is wrong, as long as he's experienced it before, and is able to process it, he can intuitively know this and can discern what is correct and what is wrong. This brain potential can increase in the right situations and stipulations. As the tanks began to gather, and the convoys began to stir, more militia pouring out of them like flies, Connor would begin to dart off to the side, avoding the gunfire, and looking dead at the battlef eild to observe the entirety of the situation. “All I need is a tank…and I’ll own this. First things first though..gotta take out the other thanks…” connor looked at the convoy’s. “time to make some more booms!” Connor’s eyes fixated on the gas tanks,  he’d pull his rocket launcher back out and launch a rocket at the convoy which was centred int eh groups of the other ones and “BOOM!!!” before long his plan came to fruition, as the other two convoy’s caught on fire and shot up into the air, takng any men near it or in it with it! more came, and the 3 tanks there began to mobilize! Pointing towards connor’s direction! “thaaaaaaaaaaat’s it. Bring it on…” Connors’ voice low as the tank on the front began to shoot a missle at Connor! Connor at the same time used the last rocket and shot the missle creating another loud explosion clashing with the tanks fire and leaving a giant firey burst in it’s wake! HOWEVER not even a few seconds after that a small projectile would come flying from the firey burst, which was now turning into smoke! The projectile flew inside of the barrel of the tank, and it turned out to be a cluster of explosive spheres! The driver on the inside shrieked in attempts to get out, but failed as a muffled explosion took place from inside the tank!!! Smoke emitting from it’s cracks and creaves as it sat stationary! Men began to run towards Conno’rs position with chains, machetes, and brass knuckles! Connor stood up, cracking his knuckels as the 7 men apprahced him! Connor even without chi was a deadly combatant, and was proving it here as the men attacked him at every angle but he merely swatted their attacks away as if they were flies!

Connor returned the favor to all of them, but delivering swift knees, and side kicks to their temperal lobes! Blasting them away by 10 feet. That’s when the unexpected happened as the tank pointed directly at Connor! “…” Connor remained silent before attempting to run, but the tank shell had been released and shot right infront of Connor! “SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!” the explosion was loud as Connor was caught in the crosshair! Connor’s body was blasted back by 2 miles! Through the trees and debries! Connor was badly singed, and had 2nd debree burns on particular parts of his body, but he’d been through the ringer. Connor isalso able to withstand 100 Megawatts of lightning, and just barely survive a point blank explosion of fire, speaking alot for his durability and tenacity. These were results of how far his physical body can be pushed. He’d lay there for a momen reveling in the pain, but willing himself to his feet, only to wipe his mouth and wince. “God..dammit! that….took a lot out of me…so quickly….tch.. Gotta focus.” Connor’s eagle eyes were picking up vibrations everywhere! “They’re coming for me…I have to secure that tank!”

Sian Tetsu: Sian could hear the hissing laughter of Suijin the oni showing how positively prime evil she was once the teen got to the ground then a good look around at whats happening just in time to see what she didn't even know was there! A massive tank rolling out with all the stops and sparing no speed towards the direction of where she thought Connor wasn't at the moment but in truth he was. "Hahaha talk about poetic justice haha....i never thought in thousand years id live to witness this event haha. Buh bye Washi and good riddance." Sujin cackled waving her hand joyfully.~The hell is she so happy about?~ Sian wondered to herself the last part of Suijin's statement taking a moment to really hit her once some of the ground forces began to notice that there was another intruder on the grounds, flanking off from the rest of their ranks in order to deal with her while tank seemingly appeared as if it weren't being manned at all by any one to the pretty little Asian. This of course meant she could deal with the men that were charging at her with little worries, as her feet took to a charge allowing her hands administer the immoblizing points of Dim Mak as she really hadn't much heart to kill these fools since most weren't seriously armed but those that were to them she showed no mercy using the vital points of the neck, head, and back to perform various types of instant kills some which resulted in either these core parts either exploding, hemorrhaging, or the victims just dropping down dead after two steps their spines no longer in alignment with their brains. During this the tank would begin to make its move the head of the machine rotating on its pistons a bit to aim the large cannon on top in a particular direction, it firing an electronic charge in the shape of a shell at what Sian soon realizes IS Connor! "Bull's Eye!" Suijin screams her charge looking on horror at what transpired right before her very eyes, before they narrowed then focused on the tank. "Sian what are  you..." Before the goddess could even get the words out of her mouth she already had a hand in her lower pocket a chi pill in hand and popping it into her mouth. "Bakka!" She screamed facepalming herself once Si took off in the direction tank the crook of her elbow bent covering her face some what as the teen charged at full speeds towards the tank in front of her attempting to ram it from the sides, if successful the tank it see would have sustained a heavy amount of damage resulting a huge dent at the point of impact as well as it being hurled several feet away from its original stand point its inhabitants pretty much screaming for their lives that they were under attack by the devil himself while still inside, which by Sian wasn't too far off from the truth she was in fact devilish.

And if not Connor had better be prepared for another taste of electro shock therapy as Sian would be climbing the hatch bay opening in order to try and rip the cannon off with her bare hands while she still had the juice to do such a feat.

Ridin' DirtyEdit

Connor Ryoji: Connor squared down on the ground as he huffend and puffed!  His ears were ringing consistently and the militia closed in around him! Connor closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and looking at the man in front of him with a glowing crimson gaze! the trick to this gaze was that every one of the men surrounding Connor could see Connor eyes as well! seeing how his pupils dial ate and retract to normal as he'd strike fear into their eyes! literally many of the men surrounding him began to shit, piss, And shiver all of a sudden backing away out of terror! Onihorudas have the ability of Fear Inducement- The user can make people unwillingly very frightened. The user psychically provokes the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals.The victim’s perception is altered, they may see their environment as ominous and the user as dark and foreboding, or even seen as a monster. Can augment the effect to make others go near insane. The effect expires within one to several hours, unless maintained by the user of the power. The user can also paralyze a person in fear or kill them by giving them a heart attack.Some users may be able to sense fear, or gain strength from fear of others. Others might be able to enhance the effect by using it on a sleeping victim rather than an aware one. many of the men in the crowd feinted but the ones still standing would see Connor stand up as well as a feirce taste of malice tailed Connor in the air! Connors eyes had shifated from a raised red iris to a complete red coloration.

Connor took advantage of their state of handled each one of them with a well placed rotation of spinning kicks, kicking their temples into other skulls! the ten men fell down out of it and Connor would stand up now seemingly fine. "Shit strings but I'm alright." "Ha! " washi exclaimed. "what are you going on about washi?" "Ah its nothing. say Connor show em what you can do well damn" Connor turned just in time to see Sian literally pokemon tackle a tank off of the ground. Connor would place his hands on his hips. "The steroids in the chicken is the cause of the thicknin in the young women.' "I concur. come that's our cue!" Connor would nod and leap down from the slope heaind directly into the fray! shirtless with rags for pants he'd squat form before lunging his body into the air by 20 feet in an arch, clearing the bodies and gathering crowds of men only to land where sian sent the tank to! "Nice back up! bit if you want me at my beeeeeeest!" Connor would dig his fingers under the lopsided tank. "Let! me! take! a beating!" Connor gritted his teeth, adrenilone pumping through his body as he used the fruits of his physiology to uuplift and flip the tank right over until it was upright again! the tank would literally cut a 360 in the air before land upright again! Onihourda's have the incredible ability to defy weight limitations of other members of their race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. They can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight. combo'd with his ability to become stronger off of negative emotions and damage Connor was a walking physical enigma only due to the amount of stress being put on! climbing into the tank he'd plop himself down inside the pit. "Don't these come with a-AH! Manual!" Connor would pick it up and speed read through the pages like superman! only taking 5 seconds to process what he just read and closing it. "Alright soooo we adjust this, flip this, check this and this..." Connor also can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and instantaneously after only one view/experience, this can happen mainly Passively: when Connor reads, sees or hears any concept at least once they will understand it completely, whether it is natural or supernatural in nature, as long as it's explained or he experiences it physically or mentally. If the he comes into contact with any piece of “information” that is wrong, as long as he's experienced it before, and is able to process it, he can intuitively know this and can discern what is correct and what is wrong.  Connor would begin toobiloze and operate the tank! manivering it left and right, shooting off tank rounds at men and convboys alike! explosive after explosive going off and shooting upwards! Connor moved the tank along the field and used the mike to speak to Sian. "Don't worry aboutme anymore! Get the job done! I've got it out here!" washi would chuckle a bit. "Eat your heart out Suijin."

Split Up Gang!Edit

Sian Tetsu: Suijin would roll her eyes precariously thinking what a show off Washi was being even after all these centuries,  an ideal that made Sian wonder if she hit the nail on the head earlier when asked if the two were lovers due to how were acting now. Sian would shrug hearing Connors voice on the mic telling her to finish the job as he took over things there leaving the the 17yr old to run off in the direction of where the heart beats shed heard earlier had come from, this of course only getting louder once she started getting closer to miners entrance so much to the point that Sian had to stop using the gift so blessedly given to her by her father upon birth as the beats were becoming too loud and rapid almost as if something or someone had everyone in the depths scared to death. Her left hand reaching for the handle of the AK she carried she proceeds to the mouth of the mines with caution making sure no one was about to ambush her on the way in by peaking around every corner and massive wooden beam the held the ceiling at bay from falling in, the last bit of the chi pill that shed taken starting wear itself thin within her body just as she entered. "Great this a fine time for a power down. " she tells herself not really expecting a reply back but of course she got one. " well what did you expect wasting a chi pill like that so suddenly." Sian couldnt help but scoff remembering that once again that she wasn't alone on her thoughts any longer. "Just remember Sian you've already wasted two on such nonsense make sure you do not waste the last one in the same fashion." Si would repeat Suijins earlier eye rolling gesturing not wanting to hear the wisdom that she was spewing at the moment due to thr rapid clanking of something that was in front of her the further she got into the cavern. It sounded like locks or chains begin clamped shut at a fast rate alomg with it were the voices of ppl shouting some even crying as a man who a dialect not of the area period ordered those with him to do something. ..which Sian could make out cause of all the cries as she comes around the bend for a moment just in time to see the last of what appeared to be stockages filled with men, women, and children locked in like cattle as another a woman lined the doors with a substance that was recognized by the teen as donation glue for a wireless bomb before each sensor was placed onto it. It was massive genocide at its finest and not uncommon if one wanted no evidence of their actions, at all.

The StruggleEdit

( ) “HAHAHAHAHA! BOOM BITCHES!” Connor would find himself having a literal hey day with the tank! Aiming, pointing, and shooting left and right, making sure to even go as far as hitting the land mines in the ground on accident to cause multiple explosions and flying rubble/debries/ bodies! Connor continued his rampage, until the tank ran out of ammunition! “ahhh damn.” Connor sighed as he’d open up the hatch, only to see a grenade thrown his way! The grenade was right at the bridge of Connor’s nose, until Connor literally backhanded it behind his position, causing the grenade to explode a few feet behind him! Connor didn’t get away scott free, as some of the shrapnel came from the blast and stick into his back! Connor winced! His body in incredible pain, but it was the only fuel he’d had going that could keep him from passing out! Connor would hop out of the tank, pulling the pistol from his pocket ,and putting 4 bullet holes into the guy that threw the grenade at him! “Good riddance!” Connor smelt a scent in the air that hadn’t been like the others. It was a specific scent of death! Connor perched himself ontop of the tank and looked out to see what it was. It was a man. A singular man, carrying a large gattling gun with one arm. That alone takes some strength to do..which made Connor wonder just who this guy was. He was built like a heavyweight boxer, but twice as defined! He had dark skin, with a white skar over his eye. “What are you some kind of sub boss?” The black man would grin with a toothy white grin. Speaking in English with an African accent. “Something like that.” The man would point the gattling un at Connor and Connor would dip to the right in a dodge roll! Falling off of the tank, and picking up a riot shield! The man continued shooting at Connor, and as the bullets hit the riot shield, the hardened shielding wouldn’t hold up for long as the bullets would start making deeper and deeper dents! “These aren’t regular rounds!” Connor would jump into the air, doing a modified cartwheel as he’d toss the shield at the gattling gun wielding man, knocking the machine gun off of it’s aim, and upwards for a brief moment. “NOW!”  Connor darted straight at the guy like a wild beast! His arms flailing back and forth as each step brought him closer in less than seconds, as Connor would close in with an Elbow to the right side of the man’s face!!!

A couple teeth flew from his mouth, including a good stream of blood, as his eyeball looked like it was about to pop right out of it’s socket! His body jerked for a moment before it went flying backwards, tumbling along the ground in a terribly painful fashion! Skipping, and lsiding along the ground, Connor’s force of momentum being brought down upon his body caused him to repeat this tumble, hitting shrapnel along the grounds floor, including rocks and trees

his body finally stopped…after having tumbled for at least a mile away form his original position. Connor would stand, wiping his mouth of blood and sighing. “They must be running outta freaks t-“ Connor saw a large physical body leap into the air!....and come down infront of him just as quick. It was the African man connor had just slugged. Connor sighed. “…Nanomachines.” The African man put his hands on his hips. “You figured it out did you? Good man.” “A normal human…can’t even stomach one of my hits. I put my full potential behind that elbow…you’re neck should’ve snapped 20 times over. Not to brag but I know my strength…and you don’t have chi. Its gotta be cybernetics.” Connor would spread his legs shoulder width apart, holding his right arm up and hovering over his chest, while letting his left arm bend, and sit at his waist level, simply looking at the man. A slight bounce in his stance.

The african man looked to the sky for a moment. “These lands..take away mother natures ambient energy. You’re severly outmatched here. In your base form, you can only go so far..” the man infront of him took what looked to be a boxing stance, as his feet shuffled back and forth, and he punched the air a couple of times. “We’ll see..TUYAAAAAH!!!!” ( ) Connor took a leap forward with a spin, coming in with a spinning backhand, which was coutnerd by the african’s weave underneath his attack! The African countered with a  3 piece, left hook, right hook, and and uppercut! Connor pushed away the right, with his left, pushed away the left with his right hand, and steped in for the uppercut, bobbing his head at the last second of impact, so he and the African were now nose to nose! Connor would bring his right elbow up to the man’s chin! Aiming to make an impact like before, however, the man would shuffle his feet to the right! As he shuffled, he’d launch 3 jabs at Connor’s explosed ribcage, rapidly! Connor winced, before shuffling himself, coming in by pushing his arms between the man’s and spreading his arms outwards, there by cuasing the man to now have his arms wide open as well!  Connor would assault the man’s mid section with a series of straight punches, before gripping the back of the man’s head with his left hand, and coming in with a fierce elbow towards his temple! The African man took the hit stepping back a few feet, before cracking his neck and taking his boxing stance again, shuffling his feet in place before coming in at Connor with an over head cross! Connor met the challenge, with his own overhead cross, the men punching each other at the same time! Connor however pushed through the punch, and so did the man,but Connor would smirk as he’d begin to throw kicks into the mix! Connor would push off of the man coming in with 6 swift kicks, alternating from his left and his right, with the final kick being a swift axe kick attempt! The boxer would switch his own shit up in a heart beat, actually weaving all 5 kicks before gripping the sixth kick, and judo flipping Connor, letting his body soar 20 feet away! “Damn!” Connor would ride the momentum only to catch himself in the air, and spin his body around a few times in a 360, before landing on the ground, in a squat

“Tch YOU’RE A KICK BOXER!” The man was already infront of Connor the second he finished his sentence, and assaulted Connor with his own flurry of kicks! Connor was met in the chest with a flying kick, being pushed back a bit, before recovering a bt. As he came back in, Connor would throw a speeding snap kick, only for it to be caught! The African man would dig his knee into connor’s knee, causing Connor to yell out as his patella was snapped! “FUCK!” The man would assault Connor’s chest from his abdomen to his neck, with a  flurry of kick after kick after kick, before jumping into the air and launching a spinning back kick to Connors jaw, nearly snapping it form it’s hinges! 

Connor’s body went flying into the tank, his body putting a dent in the damn thing! The man’s strength was oddly high for just a Nanomachines user! Connor pulled himself rom the tank, an steram of blood flowing form his busted lip, and on his knees on the ground. “Ah…aggggh…..son of a bitch!” Connor yelled.

Is RealEdit

"This shit aint good..." she leans back into the earthen wall peering around the corner a few more times to ascertain just how many she was going to have deal with. So far she had counted just four this counted the largest of the bunch a russian female with red hair and a set of clear eyes that almost haunting to look at she also appeared to have a kamikaze complex meaning she was ready to go down with the ship along with everyone else that was inside. Now this was a bitch that Sian could really be down with if her ass wasn't on the wrong side of shit as the pretty Asian moved herself low to earth her knees bending into a crouching position to study her target a bit more closely. From what she could tell this woman appeared to be 5'6 but her physical make up in itself look completely off, which could only mean she wasn't human at all or rocking one hell of a bio-suit enhance her physical strength thus giving the appearance of a b-rated Amazon from on of those old 20th century super hero films. "Tch so cliche."  She thought still watching the devices being laid the final one having been set to be placed the closest to her. Sian's mind was riddled with a thousand ways and ideals how to deal with the bastards but her issue would always come back the red head just how in fuck would she take her ass down without taking her and everyone else in the mines with them. "Meh only one to find out..." Suijin mused the snake in her starting surface as Sian would smile getting the gist of what she was getting at completely revealing herself to everyone gun in hand firing it off as if she were Lara croft or some shit having added several regular shells to her barrell just in case back in the village.  "Hellooo nurse!" Was all those in the room heard before sian turned to the hostages telling them in their tongue stand clear of the doors as riddled everyone she saw and didnt full of holes even believing shed even put a dent in the Russian but as the smoke cleared and rapid fire ceased she learned that she should have paid my attention to her bio physics instructor more cause the behemoth was still standing and the bullets she shot were impacted laying on the ground. "Wow thats some suit" she laughs awkwardly her eyes widening the moment she lunges at her forcing sian use a barrel round on the ground in order to avoid being grabbed

([Impression_OST] ) Grunts and growls could be heard as Connor and the African man went toe to toe with each other! Back and forth as they exchanged blows with one another, but Connor was seemingly getting the shit end of the stick! “FUCK” Connor grunted, as he was victim to a swift knee kick which bucked his body inwards, and allowed the boxer puncher to come in with 5 quick jabs to the right side of Connor’s face, each one with a siceknig “WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAPWAHP” sound as Connors face actually swelled up a bit, his right eye a tad bit more closed than It was previously! Connor took a few steps back breathing heavily and panting. He’d been at it for a minute and the fatigue was starting to set in, but he wasn’t tired. Not yet. This guy’s strength was infathomable…he was breaking down connor’s defenses with each hit! And seemingly his physical ability was increasing by the masses. Connor wiped his face of blood and looked at the man. “What’s your game….” The African man smirked. “you think this Is a game? I am not toying with you. Much.” Connor growled and spoke. “Quit fucking with me!....I can feel each of your punches increasing…with every swing you take! Are you absorbing something from me?!?” The African man put his hands on his hips. “You figured me out. Bio energy. Each hit I throw…I absorb the bio energy stored within all living things. Including the earth. When I will it, I can become increasingly stronger…strong enough to do things like this…” the man would walk over, gripping the wheels of the tank, and lifting it effortlessly with one hand! Connor looked up at it menacingly as he’d grit his teeth. “f-fuck!” the man would toss the tank at Connor, at about 100 miles per hour! Connor would squat and dodge roll to the left, landing on the ground in a squat! The African had made his way over to him, his fist drawn back into the air, as he’d bring it down upon connor with all his might! For the first time in a while, Connor was forced to block a punch, as he’d catch the punch in his right hand, reinforcing his block by grabing his right wrst with his left hand, but it wasn’t enough! Connor’s arms began to creak and he knew if he held onto this punch any longer, it’d break his entire body! Connor was forced to let go, and let the punch slide past his being as he did the man’s fist drove into the ground creating a literal fissue! The impact caused a miniature earth quake in the immediate area, and the very wind from it all demolishe the trees in a 100 foot radious!!!!

the dust setteld and the man would hop out of the hole he’d just created, steping back and dusting his toned body off. “Good riddance…my people do not need you in any way shape or from. Remember this red eyed devil..” the man would turn to walk away as connor lay with his mouth wide open buried under rubble. “Ga….uh…..ngh....move Connor…” Connor clenched his eyes shut for a moment. Making a fist as tight as he could. “M-moooooove.” Washi closed his eyes and sighed thorugh his nose. “Move connor…c’mon….the fate of these people is on you and the girl…it’s a 50/50 thing! Now get your ass up! AND! MOVE!” ( )Connor’s eye shot open as he reached his hand up from the dirt! Inside of it…were his last two chi pllls. Connor popped them both at once, chewing them inbetween his teeth and gnawing them like he hadn’t eaten in months! After which Connor’s body would skyrocket up from the hole and land back on the ground! The man turned to see Connor’s body swaying from side to side….a red aura streaming off of his body which quickly began to grow brighter…and brighter…

Connor would stand proud as his chi flaied violently with a pressure so thick it was as if gravity had increased in the area! Connor looked at the man with a smrik. “’ve officially pissed me off. See I’ve got nothing to do with anything except for what I want…but what I do know is that you and your crew came in here and fucked up some peaceful livng..and as much as I hate peace…people that don’t do anything to deserve it don’t NEED THIS SHIT!” Connor would spread his arms wide and yell. “TODAY IS THE DAY THAT DEMON EYES RYO, SHALL BECOME NOT ONLY A SAVIOR TO THE PEOPLE, BUT GO DOWN IN HISOTRY AS A LEGEND! YOU WILL LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE, AND YOU WILL GIVE BACK WHAT IS  NOT !!! YOURS!!!!” Rocks flew around Connor’s body as his tempera flaired and his chi spiked outta control!

the man simply took up his stance again and shouted. “SHOW ME YOUR WORTH!”  ( ) Connor and the man clashed fist in the enter of the field, and a brief pause emitted before ‘FWOOOOOSH!!!!” their fist whipped a wind from out a nowhere! They began to fight! They were like rabid dogs! Fighting over a piece of meat as connor’s combat abilty skyrocketed, even with the man absorbing his bio energy with every hit, Connor continued to fight this man on par! Punch after punch, kick after kick, knee after knee! Their combat became inhuman!

Connor closed the distance with a spnning back kick! The African man blocked, only to have connor spin on that same foot, and launch a god awful rib cage rattleing stomach kick! Connor would then grip the man by the back of his head and knee him in the nose! Drawing blood! Connor had a dazed look in his eye as he gave into his instincts and began to fight the man as if his life depended on it, but the boxer wouldn’t quit! His bio energy spking he’d grip connor by the neck and slam him to the ground, choking and stomping his foot into Connors face! Connor would grab the man by the ankle and push him into the air! Connor would squat down before jumping off with a push blast, launching him and the man into the air! Connor began to reign down punch after punch, kick after kick during the whole arch the were in the air! The boxer got the best of him and flipped forward, over connor and luached a terrible axe kick dead on connor’s spine! Connor went down to the ground, but jumped right back up as quick as he landed! Turning his body upside down and delivering a sicking kick with a “KA-KOW!!”

right to the very back of his head! The African man went down and finally drew blood…Connor was overcoming his durability. And he could see it. Connor would land on the ground, and go from a bouncing stance to a different stance…his body was calm. Still. As he started moving his arms swiftly.  The African man looked at connor and glare.d “His’s changed…’ connor’s aura had shifted dramtically! Going form a raging red…to a calming blue..almost whitish aura.

“I’m coming at you…with everything I’ve got.” Connor uttered as his eyes turned a classic Ryoji green. ( ) Connor darted at the African clearing the distance in the blink of an eye! The African man stood up and began to box connor, but his hits weren’t hitting! “Grr!” he grunted, as Connor weaved,and ducked, side steped and deflected all of this man’s blows! Connor looked like muhammed ali, the way he shuffled around his opponent!  Connor would finally begin to lash out! Throwing a left right combo, hitting the African on both sides of his face rocking him! the African steped in, trying to clench connor, but connor would lift his leg and dig it into his opponents shin, cuasing him to step back, and Connor would hit him with ANOTHER 2 piece haymaker with jab like speed! Connor then began to assault the man with heymakers and jabs, ocasinally throwing his right arm out there fro the African to grab, and as he would, Connor would throw that right hook and “WHACK!” clock the man upside his temple! Connor would consistently coutner the man’s blows and continue throwing that two piece combo until he backed the man against the rock wall where connor wen HAM! Connor threw his two piece again, and the boxer weaved both hits, coming at connor with a knee towards his ribs! Connor elbowed the man’s knee and shoved him back into the wall, attempting a 3 piece this time! The boxer, would try to kick connor’s shin, but connor would literally kick HIS shin instead, sending the man’;s leg back in the shape of an L! “GAH!” connor would let the man try a step in hook, only to step back and throw a jumping spin kick at his chest, cracking the sternum on impact! Connor would then go in for the kill! When he threw a right straight, Connor would grab his arm and dig his elbow into his shoulder socket! Popping it outta place instantly! He’d do the same for the opposite arm, as well literally juggling this man’s body! 

“WATCHAAAA!!’ Connor would screm as he’d just let haymaker, after haymaker, after  haymaker go on this man’s face! The African man losing it…losing it fast as Connor began to use the micro push on his fist to accelerate his hits, throwing shotgun blast to this man’s head each time! As he did the man’s body would start to slump over to the side, and connor would slump with him only to continue his punches, punching the man one more time and letting his body fall to the ground limp!(stop the music) Connor would back away huffng and puffing. His body covered in blood, sweat, and burns. His eyes shifted back to red as he’d breathe heavily and eye the man down. “don’t…get the fuck up. admit defeat…and accept , me as your superior.” Connor would turn away, and start to walk back twaords the rest of the area to secure it, making sure no more millita were in the immediate area.  Connor as he was walking would sigh. He could hear noises behind him but he chose to ignore them…he’d heard the African man getting up. “I..IT’S NOT OVER! YOU WITH DEMON EYES…WILL NOT TAKE THIS LAND!” the African man would limp over to the tank…lfiting it in his good hand, after having popped it back into place! He’d push off of his right foot in a bee line dash at Connor! The tank reared back all the way! He’d swing the tank at Connor from behind! BUT! Connor would reach  his left hand up and the stop the tank with his bare hand! ( ) This feat  was only accomplished due to the amount of negative emotion and pain connor was enduring…but it was more than that..“This pain I’mf eeding off of…it’s not just mine…I can feel the pain of the people you’ve trapped…driven form their don’t deserve theyou’re your breathe. Like my brother wuld’re not worth the dirt beneath my finger nails…” Connor would launch his elbow deep into the man’s gut, drawing blood on impact, leap into the air, spinning his body around twice before launching a god awful spnning kic at the mans neck! Right at the jugglular, Connor literally caused a blood clot in this man’s head in one kick! The earth beneath connor’s body shattered fromt eh force alone!

the man’s body went digging back into the dirt! The distance was short but the damage was done!..the man tried to get up again…tried to figth…then all he would see…was connor rasing his arms above his head. A ball of bright blue chi gathered at the end of it…Connor’s fingers in the he’d mentally pull the trigger and a giant concussive push blast would shoot from Connor’s figner…the acccumulted power he’d gained from his physiology and chi reserves combined, would shoot a 50 foot radius of pressurized air right at the African man! The blast was coming at him as his eyes winded in fear and he felt his  heart sink! The blast however..shot past him! grazing hs shoulder and taking his ear with it…seemingly little. Untilt he blast continued on…and destroyed a small mountain a mile away. The explosion reducing the mountain into boulders and pebbles (a small mountain is about the size of a 5 storie building, but denser)

The african man had sweat dripping from his face……onto the dirt. His body was broken…he knelt before connor and stuttered. “y-…y-…you’re…you are not a man…you c-can’t be.” Connor would glare at him, huffing smoke from his nose. “Call of you’re men. Or I will not miss the next shot…better  yet…I wonder how big my blast would be if I just poured all four of them into one shot.” The African man shook his head back and forth. ‘N-no! please! I-I’ll radio them! Please PLEASE!” Connor turned his back. “That’s what I thought..” Connor would begin to walk twaords the entrance sian went in. once he was out of sight. Connor would fall to his knees and vomit blood. “You’re over dosing on those chi pills knew what you were doing.” Connor smiled, and leaned his back against the cave wall sitting down. “Sian will be here in a bit…her fine ass…she probably hates me…tch..i am an asshole.” Connor would look at the sky. “Kodi…I wonder if theres someone holding you tonight…damn…look at me…strung over women.” Washi would manifest beside Connor. “Connor I have to ask. That did?” “I can feel their pain washi..their sorrow..fuled me. That and my own injuries. If it wasn’t for the people captive I’d be dead…I don’t think I could pull that off again unless everyone in kasaihana was having a bad day…hurry up sian…before I fucking bleed out.” “Suijin would like that. Hmph. “ Connor would look to washi. “you’d tap that.” Washi remained quiet. “Go to sleep connor. I’ll regulate your chi to accelerate your healing.” “Washi you know I ha-“ “I’m not letting you die. We have a score to settle.” Connor smirked and let his head fall limp. It was all on sian for now.

Do or Die!Edit

Coming out of the roll onto her feet again Sian would stand upright facing the red head unsure of what to do as one of her colleagues who wasnt there during the intiatial attack managed to still trigger the denator to the bombs that lined not only the walls wee they stood but the whole underground perimeter of the mining caves below. Sian immediately swore under her breath seeing shit for what it really was, one big ass trap and if she didnt make quick work of she hulk with long red hair in front of her none of the prisoners or herself would make it out alive. The large female would make a move towards the quicker and younger girl in front of her trying her best to place her in the various suplex holds and grips that the russians were most famous for as she shows Sian that at one point she did in fact do the sport herself whether it was for fun or killing purposes she didnt know. What she did know is one wrong move and it was light out for good as she flinted and dogde around the in the dirt again thus time going in head first in attempt throw the larger woman off her feet onto the ground so that she should pound the ever living shit outta her. But the moment sian went in at full speeds to ram her her face was soon met by the other womans fist which gave her an immediate upper cut to her own chin, and falling backwards just enough to stun her but still keep her balance. ";Fuck that actually hurt" sian groaned placing a hand onto her face to give it quick rub to see if anything was actually broken due to it filling like it could be as she kept her eyes on the clocks that were ticking down to BOOM time. "Common si think....theres gotta be a way to free these ppl and take this big ass bitch out all at the same time....." her amber brown eyes would search the room frantically for something that could the trick. And almost at one she saw it a grenade that someone had left behind unchecked, now the only think left was to get her away from the villagers, this two didnt take Sian to think about as she remembers the rail cart tracks were just a ways back as she quickly took the grenade in hand and took off in their direction. "Hey uglyyy over here come and get me!" She cheered hearing the machines to the reall bomds starting to reach their final down with the large woman in hot pursuit of the teenager. "Damn shes fast" was all that fell from her lips her body darting and weaving through various cooridoors  trying figure out just were in the fuck was connor at with that damn back up she needed right about now. "What did I tell you about relying on men..." Suijin fusses. "Oh shove it Suijin the only reason youre so fucked up about men i because you and that bird had something going and i take it you blew him off for a human, hense why you both are at each others throats." The teen retorts back at her finally finding the path she was looking for and taking a quick turn onto it timing shit just right as the woman followed her without so much as a clue to where she was bacing lead. Taking a steady breath Sian pulls the pin from the grenade chucking i at the woman who blantly like an idoit cught it while her adversary took off running in another direction. About a mile or so in si could hear it go off bring the roof and all in on the poor creature but what she hadnt counted on once back with the prisoners and breaking off the cge locks is that the sisimuc force of the grenades blast would trigger the set explosion of the bombs to go off eariler than expected until it was too late.

Rushing along the cages she did everything she could free everyone inside setting each stockage cell off through the cooridoors the moment the doors were open and continuing to do so until at last there was no one but her left to follow the flight path of the others who had begun to step out into the light of day some for the first time in months over others while Sian herself fought like crazy to make her way through the crumbling halls praying against all that she would make it out in time only discover that after the last batch had excaped that roof had completely come in blocking the way out, trapping her inside!! She had to find other way out fast!

( )Connor would be laying his back against the entrance, actually finally getting some shut eye. He’d been deprived of sleep, sexually frustrated and beatn to no end. He deserved some fucking rest as far as he was concerned. But alas, Connor would  be awoken by the sounds of people rushing and leaving form the cave. Connor’s eyes shot open as he heard the rumblings and tumbling’s of the mine like area! “The hell?...where’s sian?” connor would stand up and look at his hand for a brief moment. “I’ve still got some chi left…but I don’t know how much time. I lost count..” Connor would clench his fist and squat down. “THEN IV’E GOT NOT TIME TO WASTE! I’VE GOT TO PULL HER OUTTA THERE! SIAAAAN!” Connor would dart forward, his arms flailing back and forth as he dashed like mad! Traversing the corridors, turning left and right, he’d move at a break neack pace! Pushing his battered physical body to it’s limits he’d break down piles of rocks with a shoulder ram, signifying he wasn’t playing around! He’d keep this up, locating her oni chi signature, and heading to where she was. He’d stop as she was only a wall of rocks away from him! “LET’S GET OUTTA HERE ALREADY!” Connor would rear his right hand back and thrust it forward! Using his destruction chi, he’d spread it to the rest of the rocks, turning them into pebbles and some into rock dust, a loud “THOMM” echoing the corridors as he’d see sian! If she’d turn and look at him, Connor would’ve already ran towards the rocked off wall in front of her, and reared his left hand back this time. “WE’VE GOT TO MUCH TO DO, TO DIE HERE!” “Don’t be an idiot Suijin. Take our help!” Washi actually had a tinge of concern in his voice. Connor would thrust his left fist forward, clenched tightly and letting it pierce through the stone rocks, using more of his destruction chi to preform the same method! “Stay behind me!’ If she listened, Connor would take the lead, using his hands to lash out at any falling rocks that may come towards sian and himself, turning giant boulders and rocks into dust and pebbles that couldn’t even make a puppy yelp! “THE FINAL PUUUUSH!” Connor would turn, and if she’d let him of course, grab her by the wrist, and channel chi into this legs, using the micro push on the soles of his feet and skyrocketing him and sian from the tumbling mines, 40 feet into the air! Connor would pull her by the wrist into his arms momentarily before landing on the ground in a squat and letting her get down, though she’d probably take that initiative herself. Connor would fall to the ground flat on his ass, panting, huffing and puffing. “I don’t know if I can keep this up  much longer! I’m hungry…exhausted….but the jobs well done, that’s for damn sure.” Connor would shoot her a thumbs up. “are there ANY more suprises you think I should know about? Cause Sian. I’m about ready to pass the fuck out.” Connor would pant heavily with a weary smile on his face. His brown hair soaking in sweat and sticking to his face a bit, but not enough to cover up those red pupils as they shined prominently.

What Should've Been DoneEdit

Frantically she'd run through and over the tunnels searching for another way to escalate her impending fate of being buried alive but again she found nothing. All hope would seem lost in Sian's eyes as there was no place to go. A thousand things began to run through her mind one being what happened with Connor and remorse that still lingered in her hear over having do it, and the other not being able to fullfill her promise to Daisuke as the tears truly began their course down her dirt stained face while still fighting to find a way out, her steps bring her back to the blocked entrance she came through earlier. "So this is fate for being such a coward...what was the point for me to come all the way here to see the truth only to end up dying?" She'd asks herself her level of calm starting to unravel again. "You stupid girl....don't start that again" "Suijin?" "I loved someone once with all my heart but the fates were completely against us as we both were fond of the mortals we protected.." "And?" "and...the result was the Sonada betrayal had cursed so many of my daughters to a life if eternal loneliness but when I saw your love for Daisuke I knew you would be the one to break it because you would fight with all you have to keep it. Something none before you would do. So dont run from it, go back and face the demons you have head on, and fight for his love even if he rejects you in the end fight on Sian. Don't end up like me hating the only man you ever truly loved." Explains the Lady. The Asian beauty would listen to this her eyes locked in disbelief as she was told the origins of what her mother called "the Yuki-Onna curse" unaware that through massive wall of rubble that help was on its way that is until she heard someone screaming her name and the wreckage in front suddenly come crashing in. Giving several coughs she squinted her eyes long enough for the dirt to clear itself from the air before seeing Connor in its wake. Sian would immediately try embrace him in a hug in both a im so happy to see you fashion and im not gonna die one too. Shed hear him tell her, "WE'VE GOT TOO MUCH TO DO, TO DIE HERE!" Suijin would also hear Washi as well taking note of his concern as she reaches out for him, just when Sian steps back on Connor's orders letting him go to work briefly feeling the change inside of the ancestral goddess' heart when being near Washi. She knew then what she had to do once Connor made a move to grab her once the rocks were clear and taking to the air. From being grabbed by the wrists to being carried in his arms Sian would look down briefly to ground before Connor landed crouched down on the ground allowing her enough room to slip out of his grasp onto the ground in front of him just in time for the mines below to sink in completely burying the shut with the hostages completely clear of them all cheering and screaming tribal chants in celebration of their heros. Sian would laughs watching Connor fall back on his ass his breathing irregular as he tells her he doesn't know if he can keep this up for much longer. "Ikr. Yup the village is safe now but the mines another story altogether. There is one more surprised I do have left in me..." she tells him going for her lower pocket again to remove the last chi pill she had with her popping it into her mouth with ease and allowing it to go work before moving her right hand towards his moment. "Sian what are doing?" "Giving you the courage to do what you should have done ages ago." Is all shed tell Suijin. if allowed by Connor to hold his hand shed push the healing properties of her water manipulation abilities through Connor form motioning it seek out the areas that truly needed the most attention before dealing his minor injuries next a process that would take every bit of the 30mins she had but long enough for a slight bridge between herself and Connor to be form so that Suijin could talk to Washi. The goddess saw this and felt slighted by it but rather than argue she went with it taking the path given her hoping against all that Washi would do the same.

( ) Connor sat on the ground and looked up at her as she confirmed everything was going to be okay. Looking out at the children and villagers who were praising them as heroes, actually brought a genuine and sincere smile to connor’s face. He never once imagined he’d be praised for doing something good. “Ha…this must be how dad feels all the time. Saving people n shit. Having the crowds chant your name like some kind of religion. Pretty….pretty good feeling I gotta say.” “Oh? Thinking about changing your profession are we Connor? I can definitely see you in some red spandex with a demon symbol on your chest, eh?” “HA! As if I’d ever.” Connor finished his mental conversation with washi just in time to catch sian saying there was one more thing she had left to do. Connor would raise a brow and watch her take a chi pill. As she did, she’d take hold of Connor’s hand, and begin pushing the healing properties of what appeared to be water through his body. Connor felt a tingly and cool rush come over  him. It felt good…genuine. Pure. His body was


Wahsi in his preferred human form

starting to heal fright before his eyes, the burns going away and the cracked bones subsiding. Connor would look up at her, feeling some odd connection with her. As he did, Washi’s image would appear beside him, looking at sian with almost a dreamy glare…what he was really looking at was Suijin if she’d appear. Washi kept his arms in his trench coat pockets, before taking one of his hands out to adjust his orange sunglasses, just so his blue whirlpool eyes would be hidden for a moment only to reappear.  “Well Suijin. I’m guessing it’s about that time we uh…hash this out like adults huh?” he’d point at Sian. “That’s a good vessel you have there. She’s independent and competent. And she’s not afraid to lash her tongue back at you. Something that levels you out pretty well.” Washi would chuckle for a moment before folding his arms and smiling. “It’s been what….couple eon’s since we’ve been face to face like this huh? At least for us to feel it anyway. “ Washi would wriggle his nose, before, if she appeared like he’d planed, Washi would look her directly in her eyes, as if tyring to peer into her soul. Tyring to be empathetic with her…projecting how he really feels and wants to say, but in a different mannor which only showed Suijin wasn’t the only stubborn Oni in the world.  Connor would inhale and take in a breathe, feeling rejuvenated after only a few minute and it was a blisfull feeling indeed.

Her visage would come forth slowly, a bit of hestiation would lay in her movements as she stood wearing her chinese styled dress, her amber eyes gazing at Washi for a moment before lowering hearing him speak about Sian, knowing full well that he was avoiding the matter at hand but then again he never was one to really come out and just say it. With her hands one in the other Suijin would wringe them nerveously trying to come up with the words to say as well before sighing. "Aye that she is, and it has....Washi....I'm...i'm sorry" the words spilled from her lips once her eyes connected with his own feeling the wounds of the past laying bare front and center before him, even exposed as it was the truth. She couldnt hide herself any more, the tears of the immortal no longer being bound by her pride and hatred. "I'm so, so sorry please forgive me....the damage has been done I know that....." -she notes to Sian as being the result of that betrayal from so long ago- "But.....I still love you, even in my hatred for what you and the others did I did. Even now I still do it might be the reason that Sian will loose her own love as well because I couldnt accept that I wanted to still be with you." Suijin confesses whole heartedly knowing that part of her own emotions played a role in the diaster that quite possibly start a rift between lovers and yes friends as well once the two were back home again. Suijin placed one foot in front of the other moving closer to where he would be standing the truth on her face as moves a hand forward in an attempt grasp his own, and if allowed to grasp it between her own. "It might not change anything between us now that I have spoken these words but at least they were finally said." Sian sits there quietly keeping the flow of her chi going and mentally keeping track of how long she has the distant sounds of heliocopter blades coming into range of her hearing. From what she could make out it sounded like 4 no 6 of them each most likely coming from apaches and traveling at speeds the likes shes never known before. "Please dont tell me these are reinforcements." Shed say under breathe her eyes starting to roll dramatically as they caught sight of the massive machines moving through the sky over head the first of them stopping in mid fight while the others went on ahead in the direction of the village. From the side bay door a light from a mirror would go off giving a signal in morse code causing the teen to realize just who it was that was inside as the code was really a question that asked, "Hey need a lift?" Sian would laugh knowing just who it was too. "Alright mom! Woohooo!"

( )Washi looked upon her form as she appeared. She looked just as good as she did eon’s ago…if an Oni’s heart could beat, his would’ve been pounding but alas it was nothing more than a figurative metaphor at this point in time. "Aye that she is, and it has....Washi....I'm...i'm sorry" Washi’s sunglasses droped a bit as she appoligized. He was surprised to hear this..coming from her. Such a prideful woman, actually showing her soul for a reason. As tears made their way down her cheeks washi’s sunglases had completely fallen as he couldn’t believe. Was she sincere?...was it real? Washi wanted so bad to rationalize what he was seeing, but all he could do was listen to the sound of her being pouring itself out to him at this moment in time. As she went on he was at a loss for much so he couldn’t believe it himself. "I'm so, so sorry please forgive me....the damage has been done I know that..... But.....I still love you, even in my hatred for what you and the others did I did. Even now I still do it might be the reason that Sian will lose her own love as well because I couldn’t accept that I wanted to still be with you." When she moved closer to him , washi’s being acted on impulse and moved a tad closer to her as well. She extended her hand to his…"It might not change anything between us now that I have spoken these words but at least they were finally said." Washi would look at her hand for a second. Finally letting his past grudges go..and feeling his old mistakes coming to huant him..he’d close his eyes for a moment before pushing her hand out of the way…and placing his hands upon her cheeks. “I never stopped loving you...I couldn’t. To this day I regret. Evey. Single thing. Every Eon and melllienum I couldn’t spend with you..I forgive you.  No matter what happens my feelings for you will never change.” Washi’s eyes peered into her own as if he was looking in a mirror..he.d let his hands slde down to the base of her jaw, before he hovered his lips over hers. one of his blonde locks falling gently over his forehead. “I’ll always..want you…crave you…love you. Across this life. And ten thaousand lifetimes..” Washi would take a page from Connor’s book of physical engagement, and lean in for a kiss. If suijin had heeded his words of truth and taken the kiss, he’d tilt his head to the right pressing into it.  His kiss would have a somber feel…knowing it would never be able to feel this again. kissing her as if it was the last time he’d ever get to truly show her how he’d reconcile for the years of absence between the two Onis. As the kiss would happen, Connor would feel a strange euphoric sensation in his body. A tingle…suddenly he’d look to sian and see she was looking up at the helicopters in the sky, seeing Aunti moko of all people. As Connor smiled in relief, washi would pull away from Suijin, a single tear rolling down his cheek as he’d place his orange sunglasses back onto his face and take his place back by Connor’s side. “If things had been different. I don’t think these kid’s would’ve made such a bad pair. The least they can do is be allies. Until the next time we meet Suijin…if I never see you again. I want you to at least know everything with us is okay on my end. “ Washi would smile before his image began to dematerialize back into Connor’s body. The entire time he was fading, his eyes wouldn’t leave suijin for a single second as he’d final submerge back inside of Connor. Connor would stand himself up, feeling refreshed and looking at sian up and down. Seeing her in a different light, not one of lust, but a genuine like. Connor would nudge her on her arm and smile. Partially clueless to what was going on but he’d speak anyway. “you think they appreciate me down here? Wouldn’t mind my influence spreading world wide y’know?” connor would rub the back of his head looking away. He’d push some of his brown locks out of his face, his body language changing a bit now that sian’s mother was present. Not wanting to make any moves on her that would get him in trouble. Connor would speak again. “Thanks for having my back out there. You’re pretty  bomb. I’d ask for one of those hugs again buuuut…” Connor would scratch his cheek, unusually shy all of a sudden with a slight red blush, though he still held his delinquent straight face it was just red. “Let’s just get back eh? I miss home. We’ve got people waiting on us.” Connor would smile and begin signaling for a ladder and waving at Aunti moko….her fine ass. Connor resisted biting his lip looking at her. No daughter should know the guy she had an affair with has a thing for their mother.

*Drake Voice* Ah. DamnEdit

Suijin found herself closer to Washi perhaps closer than they had ever been in eons without trying to kill one another which within itself was sad. Another joke which Susanoo would most likely throw up in her face if she were to ever see him again also feeling her hand being pushed away in a gesture she might have taken as rejection. A feeling that she did deserve after all she cheated all those countless ages ago but when his hand came upon her cheeks the Lady look towards him in shock her ears hearing his words before her lips began to smile the last of her tears falling from her lashes. His touch was warm as it always had been over her flawless skin her gaze shifting downwards some before looking back up Washi. "The same" she tells him leaning in to accept the kiss he was offering pressing her lips against his passionately which made Sian feel all kinds of ways since she still was new to this whole being possessed by an Oni thing the air craft coming to a spot not far from the kids but at a safe enough distance for it to land with Tomoko herself jumping out of it once on the ground. The look of relief on her face could be seen on the 35yr old face as others began to disembark the plane and Moko herself took note of the two holding hands briefly sensing something awkward going on here atm the moment but not bothering to ask. "Somethings will never change." Suijin tells Washi her smile not fading once even as he pulled away from her telling her that Sian and Connor wouldnt have made a bad pair couple wise but at least now because of the peace between them they at least could be good friends. "You and I have lived countless lifetimes Washi-san, so you should know to never say never. It might still happen but then again that will be up to them. As to never seening me again.....don't bank on it we will see each other again soon Washi-sama." Suijin would watch him leave her knowing now that the peace between wisdom and knowlege had been restored once again after being torn apart something she knows the sun goddess herself had been praying would happen for so long before finally returning herself back into sian's form. "It is done." Is what she tells Sian quietly allowing the 17yr to loosen her grip on Connors hand and remaining influence of the pills to drain itself from her form aware that her mother was staring at them in way that meant explain your ass now or move. Which she opted to move before shit got too real. "Okay mind explaining yourselves cause you know your Dads on that plane too right, Connor." Tomoko asks motioning her right hand up onto her hip just a bit a grin on her lips. Sian would sudden give Connor an 'Oh shit look'.

( ) Connor would smile as she’d said she was done and stand up yawning until…he’d seen her mother staring at them from a distance with quite the lookon her face. Connor felt uneasy at the pit of his stomach for reasons even he wasn’t completey sure about himself. Connor would listen as she began to speak. He usually always did listen when she spoke, just to see her lips in motion. “"Okay mind explaining yourselves cause you know your Dads on that plane too right, Connor." Tomoko asks motioning her right hand up onto her hip just a bit a grin on her lips. At the signal, Densuke would poke his head out from the plane, looking at Connor with a “<_<” look, having seen their hands holding. “Connor!” Densuke would cup his hands together to yell. “what did you do?!?” Connor look at sian with the same expression she gave him and then stand up and back away form sian and looking at aunti moko, his eyes shifting between the both of them as he spoke.  “OH SHIT well uh. Hm. You see! W-what had happened was. There was a problem at the bank. With my checkings and savings. Uhm. …” Connor would become nervously on edge realizing that they might not even know what transpired, but just having a hint of it was enogh to make connor rear his right hand back and punch himself in the face!....knocking himself out. His body would plop onto the ground face first, as one who listened in could hear him snoring showing the child had legit k.o’d himself for the most part. Washi’s image would appear beside Connor’s body pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing. “Man down everyone. Maaaaaan down.” Connor’s eyes would swirl as he lay on the ground in a complete daze

The end.

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