XxdensukexX: “phew!” Tetsu had just finished another day KPD training. He kept up his mediocre act as an okay rookie, who wasn’t to great, but wasn’t the back of the pack. Lieutenant Briggs, was always scolding him about doing his best, but Tetsu wasn’t trying to hear any of that considering he KNEW he was the best in that bunch, though he analyzed that some of them would make potential opponents. Tetsu stepped out of the Building in District 2, and decided to venture on to the hospital there where Asami had been transferred to. Tetsu still couldn’t drive, so he decided to dawn a retro skate board, and head to town. He only learned how to ride it, yesterday but with an hour of practice, Tetsu was already kick flipping, and grinding rails like nobodies business. A testament to being able to use 90% of his brain indeed. He borded his way downthere at a good speed, and arrived at the hospital. He entered in and requested to be permitted to her room. The nurse guided him there, and there she was laying in bed sleeping soundely. His heightened hearing, let him hear the quietness of her breathing, and he kinda liked it. He had 2 more dozens of red roses, in his hand and sat them beside her bedside and took his place in the chair next to it. He placed his arms behind his head, and reared back, relaxing to see if she’d wake up today.

Yule: Asami had been transferred to District 2 hospital because they were low on business and Asami didn’t mind. She knew people at the hospital there because she had filled in there a few times. Soon Asami woke up, but kept her eyes closed. She sensed someone in the room with her and also heard their breathing. She opened her eyes and saw a pleasant sight. Tetsu. She had heard what he said the other night but didn’t really register it until she woke up the next day. Tetsu Ryoji, and he said he had wanted to do this again. And look…there he was. He had brought another two dozen roses and she smiled. “Well hey there.” She said softly and then sat up in her bed. “Guess what!” She said excitedly as her eyes shimmered in the light. She was so excited to tell him the news.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu shot up, as he was happy she’d awakened once again. He leaned over, and had his hands on the edge of her bedside, and smiled brightly. Sure he was getting a little over excited, but he really couldn’t help it. He’d had her on his mind all day, and couldn’t wait to see her again. Tetsu never really though he’d have that thought. Actually he thought he’d eventually turn into a bruce wayne, minus the women of course, and live alone in a mansion with tech, and gear. If he wasn’t already there of course. Tetsu replied “whats up?!” Raising an eyebrow in curiosity. He wanted to know everything and listen to every word, as weird as that may have sounded. He just, wanted to listen to her.

Yule: Asami smiled at his enthusiasm and laughed a little. “I’m getting out of the hospital tonight. They said they don’t need to keep watch on me anymore! And I can finally wear real clothes.” She laughed and looked down at her hospital gown. Those were always so embarrassing, and were actually not very warm. “So that means you won’t have to go to a hospital to see me.” She laughed again. “Also I’ve contacted some people from my apartment building and I’ll be able to drive back to my place on my bike.” This excited her because she loved her bike more than anything. She couldn’t wait to feel the breeze through her hair. “You should come see me sometime ya know. If it isn’t too much trouble.” She smiled at him and bit her lip.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu smiled at her excitement. He loved doing that. Smiling. Not because of some nerdy joke he heard or because he blundered in training, but smiling because he meant it. Tetsu had gained a little more confidence in himself socially, and could actually talk to her a little bit better than what he was blabbering last time. He smiled and said “It would be nice to see you outside of this bed.” He laughed a little and continued. “and I’d love to come see you sometime. Actually…….if your feeling better…..We’re already in district 2, so if you’d let me pick some stuff up from my place, we could eat out. I don’t know, maybe uh. You know hospital food isn’t exactly chef worthy .” he grinned, because even though his dad could cook, sometimes his dad made things WORSE than hospital foods. Tetsu looked at her, with this question and hoped he didn’t seem creepy trying to invite her to his place which he JUST got. I mean yeah, it’s a high level apartment but it’s pretty small. He didn’t wanna seem like the rapper drake who preys on chicks with low self esteem. Rhianna prime example of course. Tetsu let out a nervous smile, slightly creepy, but with the best intentions of taking this girl out. His attired of a black suit shirt,and red tie only added to the effect that he really wanted to take this girl out somewhere nice.

Yule: Asami nodded to his idea happily. “I’d love to do that.” She smiled and then her smiled dropped. “But I don’t really have any clothes to wear..I just have the stuff I came to the hospital in. Are there any shops around here that I could buy at least a dress or something?” She looked up at him and at his clothes. He looked good in what he had on. She wanted to look as nice as she possibly could right now. She didn’t often go out. “I could drive to one of the shops and then get something and be ready.” She smiled again already thinking of what she would wear, if they had the shop she wanted to visit in this district.

XxdensukexX:  Tetsu replied quickly “Lets go shopping then. “ Tetsu smiled happily. “I’m ready whenever you are. Tetsu stood up and checked his back pocket to make sure he had his wallet. He had his black card of course. Being the son of an ex-multibillionaire scientist you’ll find that you’ve got a lot of money to spend. He nodded in approval of having it, and placed his hands in his pockets, and looked at Asami with wondering eyes. He caught himself staring at her for a second, but then came back to reality. Secretly? He was falling for her eyes really quickly. “So when you wanna go? I mean it’s no rush at all, I just uh you know I mean um…….I’ve never…….had……..a……..*cough*date*cough*. Tetsu left his hand in front his mouth to try and avoid looking awkward.

Yule: Asami giggled at his eagerness and then swung her legs off the side of the bed. “I have a really important question for you right now... Can you take my bike keys and go down to the garage and grab the small little duffle bag? It’s got some extra clothes in it until I can go shopping.” She held her keys out to him. “They should be in the storage compartment under the seat.” She then pressed the nurses call button. She waited until they came. “I’m going to get all my stuff together so we can get out of here.”

XxdensukexX:  “Oh okay. I’ll take care of it in a jiffy!” Tetsu takes the keys swiftly, and leans in to kiss Asami on her cheek. He does so, should she let him, and then runs off saying “OKAY BE RIGHT BACK GOTTA GO BYE, SORRYYYYYYYYYYYY!” Tetsu ran off and headed twrods the stars. For some reason, Tetsu was to excited to use the elevator, and kicked down the metal door to the stairs accidentally breaking it and causing a ruckus. The nurses and doctors all gave him looks of disapproval. Tetsu rand down the stairs shouting “SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” he’d continue this sprint, until he reached where he was headed, and a t a good pace to one might add.

Yule: Asami smiled at him as he ran off. Almost as soon as he left the nurse came in. “Hi there I was wondering if I could be released earlier than we agreed on? You see…He really wants to take me on a date and it’d be his first one. I really want to make it up to him for putting me in the hospital.” The nurse looked horrified at her last statement. “No no! He’s not abusive, we were sparring together and it just kind of happened. Completely my fault. Look can you just get me what I need?” Asami hadn’t met this nurse and she was kind of pissing her off. The nurse, named Maria, gave her a look of doubt and Asami just glared back. “Get my stuff together or I will have you fired. I have that power. Don’t mess with me…Maria.” She said he name with contempt. Maria scurried out of the room to get her paperwork and Asami sat back on the bed. She picked up a nail file that was sitting on the bed side table and started to file her nails while she waited for Maria to come back. Five minutes later Asami was signed out of the hospital and ready to get out of the hospital. Now all she needed was for Tetsu to come back and bring her the clothes in her bike. She just wanted to be out on her date right now, no trouble with getting there. Earlier Asami had saw Tetsu feel for his wallet, she would have to tell him that she didn’t want him to pay for her, she wanted to pay for it herself. She didn’t really like someone else buying stuff for her…it made her feel bad. It also made her feel bad that he thought this was all his fault…She was the one who asked him to spar. She would make sure tonight was good for him, a good first date. She smiled softly at the ground.

XxdensukexX:  Tetsu ran and ran down the stairs, til he reached the basement level where Asami’s bike would be parked. He opened the door, and there it was in the lot, about to be stolen. Wait…WHAT?! “hey! Stop thief!” Tetsu exclaimed as the mystery man kept attempting to start the bike. Tetsu ran at full speed, for this instant and reached the man in at least 3.5 seconds time, with a haymaker aimed directly at his lower jaw. Tetsu for the first time reacted on instinct, instead of quick-second timing, and he didn’t properly measure out his punch or the force behind it. He just punched the shit out of the guy. Literally. Once the punch connected, the sound of a crack would be an understatement to the noise made when Tetsu made impact on this thief. The man flew backwards a whopping 10 ft., and that was counting air borne time, and not the man rolling on the ground in which case it’d be 15 total. Tetsu had a terrified look on his face, and quickly rushed over to the man to aid him. “Oh god, oh god, oh god!!! Dude wake up, please wake up, ah shit, damn, damn, DAMN!!!” Tetsu panicked but the man and his now swollen jaw, and broken jaw line made a groan of pain, signaling he was still alive. “Oh…….well uh….DON’T LET ME CATCH YOU DOING THAT AGAIN! Lucky for  you, I looked the schedule of a couple of nurses, so someone will be out here to assist you in a bit. The blood rand down from the man’s broken, check and it made Tetsu wince. He usually keeps checks on what he can and cannot do, but even he has not gone ‘All out” and knows not what his full capabilities are. After  moving Asami’s bike to a safer location, he straightened up his tie, and proceeded to dash back up the steps back to Asami’s room. He walked in, looking as neat as he left and held up her duffle bag saying “Here you go. I’ll leave outta the room so you can change.” Tetsu would attempt to hand her the bag, and walk out of the room at a normal pace. So much so, you wouldn’t even guess he’d just rocked a man 15 ft for his worth.

Yule: Asami took the bag from Tetsu and set it on the bed. She went over and closed the door to her room. She then started to take off the gown. Underneath she had nothing on, which was normal in a hospital. She let it fall to the ground and walked over to the bag. She started to pull out her clothes out, which were a pair of baggy sweat pants, a t-shirt, and a pair of her high top sneakers. She also pulled out a lacey black bra and matching pair of panties and pulled them on. After that she pulled on her other clothes and put her short hair back into a pony, though some of it fell out and hung around her face. She put the bag of her training clothes into the duffle and then pulled her straightener and makeup bag to the top, which her lovely friend just put in there for her. She was thankful since she was going to be going on a date tonight. She then threw her bag over her shoulder and headed to the door. She looked back at the hospital room and then looked at the charts on the back of the door. She reached up and took them stuffing them in her bag. She then headed out the door and looked to Tetsu. “Follow me.” She walked to the front desk and saw Maria. “Maria I need all my information. Right now. That isn’t staying here.” She had a threatening look in her eyes and Maria got her paperwork right away. “Um what are you going to do with these?” Asami grabbed the folder and stuffed into her bag. “What’s it look like Maria?” She then turned and headed to the stairs that led to the parking garage. She noted the doors were broke and turned to look at Tetsu. “Your doing?” She smiled a little at him.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu patiently awaited Asami’s return. He couldn’t help but envision her naked by all means. He knew it was wrong, especially since he just met her, and was about to take her out. Also it was their first real nonviolent encounter. Tetsu thought about her body mostly, and how slim it must be. Her perky chest, and great posterior must be an amazing sight. Tetsu then caught himself wide mouthed, drooling over the sheer thought of it, and quickly wiped the spit from his mouth as Asami emerged in a comfortable looking attire. “Whatever this girl wears, she can rock it indeed…” Tetsu thought to himself as she signaled him to follow her, and like a lost puppy, he followed her indeed. He listened to her exchange of words with the nurse, however he had no clue what that conflict was about, and found it easier not to press on the matter. He wanted to focus on tonight. And….”Dat ass…”Tetsu thought to himself, following her to the steps. He then face palmed himself almost as quickly as he thought it. He’d never had the pleasures of the flesh, and to actually have found a girl who showed interest in  him, he could not help but think lusting thoughts. Though he would never say it out loud, he was VASTLY physically attracted to her, and would not be shocked if it was quite obvious. When she addressed him about the door Tetsu answered “ oh yeah that heh heh heh” he scratched the back of his head nervously. “I got a little excited….I wasn’t actually measuring my-“ Tetsu stopped for a minute, and though about the man who tried to steal Asami’s bike. Would he still be there? Did he leave? Is he planning a counter attack? A puzzled look spread across Tetsu’s naturally soft completion as he thought about the possibilities. He finished his sentence however “my strength. Yeah I’m going to have to watch that ha-ha” he smiled, as he was kind of shocked at his own increase of strength.

Yule: Asami saw his hesitation and then shrugged. “Yeah try to be careful. Especially in a hospital, respect my work environment.” She stuck her tongue out at him and then started walking down the steps. When they hit the garage level she looked for her bike. She quickly found it, her baby. She walked over to it and ran her hand over the black leather seat. Her bike was a dark purple and black mixture. Those were her favorite colors and her helmet was black too. She didn’t keep an extra helmet though. So she turned to Tetsu and held her hand out for the keys. “May I have the keys, please?” She smiled after he handed them to her, assuming he did. “Oh put this helmet on.” She held it out to him as she unlocked the compartment and threw her bag in. She then sat on her bike and started it. The engine turned over immediately and she heard the purr of her bike. A smile crossed her face. “Hop on and just tell me where to go.” She smiled at him.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu replied to her tongue gesture with his own saying “Hey, maybe the door was cheap” He smirked as he followed her down the stairs. Looks like someone cleaned the man up after all. Tetsu smiled, and followed her to her bike, and watched her get on. He took the helmet she gave him and put it on accordingly. “Thanks!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never rode one of these before!” Tetsu said as he took his place behind her on the motorcycle. He was hesitant to hold her by her hips, but knew he had to do so for safety purposes. He held her, secure, but not too hard……it felt good. She was so slim in his arms, and he absolutely loved every moment of it. “It’s the newest apartment complex in the city. Theirs a Mall right across from it, in a tall building. You won’t miss it I Promise, theirs a giant bulldozer in in front of the apartments.” Tetsu let her know this info before, going back to holding her snuggly again as if he was giving her a much deserved hug.

Yule: Asami felt his arms go around her and smiled. “You better hold on tight then. I don’t want you falling off.” Asami knew little about district 2 but headed out of the garage anyways. She knew she would find it. As soon as she pulled out of the garage she took a right and sped down the streets. She dodged in and out of traffic and turned onto the street the mall was located on. She drove down until she saw the building he was talking about. It looked like a nice building. She wondered if it was as nice as her own apartment. She didn’t want to stop but had to. She pulled in front of the building and parked her bike. She looked back at him and then smiled. “To the mall.”

XxdensukexX: Tetsu enjoyed the entire ride there. He’d moved this fast plenty of times before using his gadgetry and the suit, but it felt nice not to have to be the on who exerted the energy to move this fast. He smiled the whole way, holding her by her waist, and enjoying the living hell out of it. He’d evasion holding her like this and moving in for a kiss. Tetsu shook his head getting ahead of himself, for he knew it was just a first date,  and the most he’ll get is a pat on the back and a thank you cheek kiss…..He was still happy to even receive that much, especially if it was from Asami. When they pulled up, he stepped off of the bike, and looked at his apartment. Then he looked back at the mall across from his own house. He was surprised she found this place so quickly. Good luck he figured. He then turn to her and asked, “Is it cool if we do your shoping first and then head to my place, so I can change? I won’t take as long, not saying that you will of course, but I’d like to get to know you a little bit more while shopping with you. I did promise after all” His smile genuine. He didn’t really care which order these events happened in, he just wanted to have a good time with this girl. For once he finally got to take a break from crime fighting. Tetsu ment to contact his dad, but decided he would probably notify him of any trouble anyway, so he wasn’t to worried. He awaited Asami’s reply.

Yule: Asami smiled and nodded. “Let’s go!” She took his hand in hers and practically ran towards the mall. She knew the store she wanted to go to and lead him there. She saw the store and pulled him along with her, with a smile. She headed into the store and looked through the racks of clothes. She found the dress she had been eyeing for a while and decided this was the perfect time to get it. She get a size two and let go of his hand. “I’m going to go try this on.” She smiled and headed back to the dressing rooms. It was a simple black dress and she loved it. She put it on and smiled at the peekaboo part in the chest area. She smiled and came walked out of the changing room in search of a pair of shoes to wear with it. She found the cutest pair of black wedges and pulled them on and practically ran back to the dressing room. She loved this outfit and took it off. After getting undressed she got redressed in her sweats and t-shirt. After pulling on her shoes she walked out of the dressing room and headed to Tetsu. “All done.” She smiled up at him and took the stuff to the clerk. While she was ringing Asami up, Asami reached into the pocket of her sweats and pullet out her little wristlet that held her debit card. She got it out and handed it to the lady and then turned to talk to Tetsu. “So what are we doing tonight?”

XxdensukexX: Tetsu was pulled in instantly, not even having time to reply, or look at any other store. He searched around with her, and checked out the dress that she was so deadly interested in. it was cute, just like her, and would probably fit her frame oh so brilliantly. So brilliantly that Tetsu could only imagine how good it would legitimately look. He paced the floor, quietly, as she ran back and forth, picking through shoes, and trying to match up that killer combination she had found for an outfit. When she reappeared in her sweats again, she was ready to check out. Tetsu looked around the area, out of curiosity. People just walking, moving , and talking every which way. Tetsu’s curse was that he’s to observant. He notices the small little subtle things that people tend to hide, but he rarely exploits them simply because he doesn’t know the person. He was ready to pay for Asami’s outfit but she drew her card so quickly, he didn’t have time to get his own. This was more thank likely on purpose, since judging by her personality she wasn’t the type to let others do for her so willingly. She asked what they were doing, and Tetsu smiled and said “oh well, that was actually quicker than I thought it would be” he blinked in shock. Most girls take forever, but she was truly something else. “Well I guess we could briefly go to my place, and let me grab a few things for tonight. Nothing special just another dress shirt and some miscellaneous things.” He scratched his chin thinking about what gadget he may or may not need for the night. He didn’t expect to do any crime fighting, but he figured he should grab his universal utility belt, and his secondary grappling hook just in case. He started towards the door, and reached out for her hand, hoping to hold it once more. “Is it cool with you we stop at my place? I’m not that old guy off of Family Guy. There aren’t any popsicles in my freezer I promise” Tetsu laughed at his lame little joke. He still didn’t have the hang of it, but he was trying.

Yule: Asami held onto his hand almost tightly after grabbing her card, receipt, and bag. She followed him happily. “That’s fine. If it’s okay with you I’d like to change there. Also do something with my hair. And as for the Herbert the Pervert joke….cute.” She smiled at him with a bright smile. “Oh before we go up to your apartment we have to stop by my bike.” She said and then walked with him outside. They were close to her bike and she pulled the keys of her pocket and let go of his hand for a second to get the stuff out of the compartment. She just grabbed the duffle bag and put it in the same hand as the one with the shopping bag. She then locked it back up and looked up at him. “Ready,” she said with a smile. She then would let him lead her upstairs.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu blushed a bit at the though of a girl changing in his room. Not in front of him of course, but even so the thought made him feel like a man. A REAL man. He nodded an approval at her grabbing her things at her bike. Once she said she was ready Tetsu checked his pocket for his apartment key……”Ah. Shit” A disappointed look crossed his face as he realized he had left it in his other pants before going to see Asami at the hospital. He wasn’t worried in the slightest, for he leaves his window unlocked quite often, and could easily parkur up there, but He had to figure out a quick way to get him and Asami up there ASAP. He was ready for this date, and wouldn’t let something this trivial stop him. He cleared his throat, and then got shockingly close to Asami, hoping he didn’t breech any personal space barriers, but he wanted to be sure no one could hear them. He was in kissing distance of her, but this was not his intention by any means, “Okay um….I’ve left my key up in my apartment room. Now I can get us up there, quick fast and in a hurry, but you can’t tell anyone what you saw me do, or what kind of things I have. I assure you half the things I have in my possession aren’t exactly legal, but due to your lifestyle as well, I’m sure we can relate on the matter. I need you to keep quiet, and give me a nod of approval for what I’m about to do. Once you give me the nod, I need you to hop on my back, and hang tight.” Tetsu paused for a minute, and continued to talk in a low, but smooth voice tone “ I won’t drop you, I promise. Just trust me okay? It’s not that serious but…..I’ll explain more tonight I promise.” Tetsu continued to stay close to her, being genuinely serious, and keeping an eye out for passing strangers, or pedestrians.

Yule: Asami looked up into Tetsu’s eyes and smiled. “Alright, I understand. Let’s do it.” She smiled and took his hand. “I trust you Tetsu. After took me to the hospital. You could have left me there, I was a stranger. But you didn’t so I can literally trust you with my life at this point.” She smiled brighter and then walked behind him, dropping his hand on the way and hopped up on his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her chin against his shoulder. She also wrapped her legs around his waist to hold on better.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu hoisted her up, and made sure she had her duffle bag handy. He didn’t want it to fly away on her, not where they were going. Tetsu stood back on the other side of the mall, and aimed his wrist watch and bracelet at the tops of the 40 storie building. This looked like an impossible height to reach, but the pressure shooters in his watch were desgined to shoot their lines, at at least 55 storeis tops. Once the hooks shot to the  tops of the building, Tetsu flicked his wrist, and the ropes began to pull him and Asami upward, at a rapidly increasing pace. The noise of a zip line would emit from his actions as they zipped upward. Tetsu renemberd he was on the 37th floor, so once he reached it, he retracted the hooks, and grabed on to his window’s ledge. This would be dangerous, but his training improved his grip to an inhuman degree, and allowed him to hold his own body weight for 34 minutes straight. He spoke to Asami “alright, I’ll hold down every thing here, I need you to open my window and climb in my room, okay?” Tetsu looking as calm as could possibly be hanging on the narrow ledge of a window,  34 stories in the air.

Yule: Once they started moving Asami held on tighter. She buried her face in his neck. She didn’t exactly want to watch. She didn’t have a fear of heights, but they were going up so high..It was a little scary. Once they stopped she opened her eyes and listened to his instructions. She slowly climbed off him and pushed his window open. She slowly climbed in and then looked out him and held her hand out to him. Her face was sure to look surprised. She had never experienced something like this and was completely surprised. She wanted to get a watch like that….it would be a legit accessory to have. “Come on hurry up and get in here, Mr. Badass.” She laughed a little as she looked to him.

XxdensukexX: “heh heh.” Tetsu smiled, and took her hand, and allowed him to pull im up. Once he regained his footing, he brushed himself off, and cracked his neck to the side a couple of times. “Welcome to my home. I just moved in so forgive the place. It’s not much, but its got a view, and the rent is pretty awesome, not going to lie.” Tetsu walked over to his bed and started sliding his shoes off. He smiled and though about her calling him “mr.badass.” Made Tetsu feel pretty cool indeed. He turned and looked at her, there’s a restroom though those double doors, and to your left if you want to change. No rush, I won’t take long.” Tetsu turned his back to her, and began unbuttoning his shirt. What’s strange is that he wasn’t even intentionally trying to show off or anything. The way he saw it, all he was doing was taking is shirt off. No harm done, dudes do this on a regular right?

Yule: Asami went in the direction of the bathroom and closed the doors behind her. She took the dress out of the bag along with the shoes and set them out. She then got out her straightener and make up bag. She plugged in the straightener and unzipped her makeup case and took out her foundation. She put a little on and then put on her eyeliner. She did it so it looked delicate and not overdone. Next she put on eye shadow, a natural color that just gave her eyelids a little shimmer. She then put her mascara on, which made her lashes stand out and look longer. This all made her eyes look a little bigger. She then put powder on her face and added a little blush, not a lot though. After that she put a little lip gloss on. After her straightener was heated she started to curl her hair. It was curled loosely and she pulled back and smiled at herself in the mirror. She looked good and unplugged her straightener grabbing a washcloth and wetting it, and then running her straighten over it, cooling it down. After it was cooled down enough she put it and her make up away. Asami then looked at her dress, took off the tags and unbuckled the back. She looked at the back and knew she couldn’t wear a bra with it, so she took that off and stuffed it in the bag after taking her shirt off. She shimmied out of her sweats and kicked them in the bag too. The dress fit perfectly over her curves, like it did before. She left it unbuckled, she’d have to get help, and then pulled on her wedges. After making sure she looked good she went to the double doors and said quietly. “Hey Tetsu can you come here?” Assuming he would come she’d turn around and hold the straps of her dress up. “Can you buckle this is the back? I can’t reach it.” She waited for his reply as she had her back to him.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu took off his shirt, and revealed a white wife beater. He tossed his shirt and the wife beater to the side,  and stretched for a good 5 minutes. He then walked to his window and stared out of it for a bit, thinking about how awesome this date was gonna be. It was getting late. Perfect time for a good date, and he could afford to miss school tomorrow, anyway. He took off his dirty pair of black pants, and sliped on another pair. He wanted to be casual about it all, but have his same style he usually keeps. So he’d look for a dress shirt with a loosened up tie, and and open overcoat. And his utility belt. Forgetting to put a shirt back on, He reached under his bed, and pulled out a silver briefcase. He started to imput a code,but then heard Asami call him to the bathroom. Tetsu placed the case on the bed. “ Sure thing As-a-a-a-a-a-h” Tetsu stoped in mid sentence at the beauty he was looking at. All he could do was think to himself “dear heavenly father, this. Is the best day. Of my life. Like. If I died right now. I’d be fine with that.” Tetsu was even more shocked that she asked him to buckle up her dress. Her back exposed so gently. Her body….was she a goddess? Or was that tetsu’s inner virgin talking. He didn’t care, and like an obeidient slave walked over, and grasped the straps nervously. He shook a little, as he’d never done this before. He was trained to defuse bombs, hack computers, and even hijack machines, but he couldn’t buckle a womens dress. Tetsu swallowed hard, hoping it couldn’t be heard, and he attempted to buckle her dress. He missed twice, but the third time, he’d hook it just right. “G-got it. Ahem”

Yule:Asami smiled as he missed the first two times and finally got it the third time. She turned and looked at him to thank him. When she turned her heart skipped a beat. He was fit….like really fit. She looked away with a slight blush. She felt like a cougar…he was eighteen…but he was so mature, and he was so good looking. She looked back at him and gently put her hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. “Thank you. Also…ya might wanna put a shirt on Ace.” She smiled and went back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror after shutting the doors behind her. She stared at her face and looked at her eyes. They were wide and bright. Her cheeks were red and her heart was racing. What was going on with her…She hadn’t felt like this…ever. This was going to be an interesting night.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu wondered what she was staring at for her to blush so blatantly. Tetsu had nooooooo idea, as he’s never known what signs females show when they’re attracted to a man. Even if she was to so happen stare at this man’s chest, he’d think he had a birth mark or something. Then she kissed his cheek again, and he smiled softly. He laughed at her “ace” comment. She realy is a rebel. A body like that, with that kinda attitude, only made Tetsu like her even more. He was ready for this night to begin. He went ahead and put on his clothes, thinking about the softness of her lips against his skin….he wondered if he’d get to feel that on his own lips. His first kiss. Would he get it? COULD he get it? Heaven only knows. He went ahead and put his clothes on, and started loading his utility belt, with items from the breif case, awaiting Asami’s return. He was smiling the whole way thorugh.

Yule: Asami waited for the blush to die down before she went back out to where he was. She pulled her little black clutch out of her bag and held it in her hand. She was ready now. She walked out the double doors and looked to where he was. She pushed her hair back out her of face and walked over to where he was. “You ready?” She looked at him with a smile. Her heart was still beating fast and when she had walked out of the bathroom it picked up as soon as she saw him. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. She’s fought guys twice his size and three times her size…Why couldn’t she handle this?

XxdensukexX: Tetsu loaded his belt, with a few more smoke pellets, and then wraped it around his waist. It appeared to be no different from a studded belt with compartments, but be sides his watch, it was his most valuable tool. He slide the suitcase back under his bed, and turned to her “Yup. We taking your bike, or my web slingers?” Tetsu held his hands in a spider-man like fashion trying to be funny. He was getting more and more comfortable around this girl, letting loose. He actually wasn’t a bad guy, just unheard. No one took the time to talk to him except this one girl right here. And he was happy, that he could finally feel “happy.” “Oh, and where do you want to get some grub at? I know a few places. My treat” Tetsu smiled warmly, thinking of the time they’d spend together.

Yule: Asami smiled at him. “Well unless you want my dress flying up everywhere I think my bike is the best option. Unless…you wanna see all that.” She stuck her tongue out at him and headed towards the door. “I’ll go where ever you tell me to drive. I don’t know this district like you do remember? I’m a district one girl. And we will talk about “your treat” later.” She smiled and took his hand in hers. “Now lead me downstairs so we can get to my bike, please.”

XxdensukexX: Tetsu’s mouth about drooled over when she finished her sentences. His heart was pumping like never before. “Treat? I-i-I guh uh hubba gu…ye-yeah yeah. Ahem uh follow me!” Tetsu got it together, and made sure to walk in front of her while continuing to hold her hand. This was mainly because he had a terribly raging erection that he did not want her to see, however his walk may or may not give it away. Tetsu’s mind was littered with images of things, only hentai could put into visualization, but he stopped goofing around and led her to the very bottom floor, and they would make their way through the lobby, and outside. The night lights shimmering beautify like substituted stars. “If we go a mile up the road there’s a dine in sushi place. It’s really good, personally I prefer the spicy kind.” Tetsu rubbed his stomach thinking about it, and waiting for her to start her vehicle.

Yule: Asami giggled at him not being able to talk and the way he walked. She couldn’t help but giggle. She had turned him on and it was just too cute. She followed him as he pulled on her hand and made their way outside. “If it’s only a mile why don’t we walk?” She looked up at him her eyes sparkling with interest and she stood a little closer to him, her hand still in his. “I mean we can ride my bike but it might be nice to just walk. Ya know what I’m sayin?” She waited for his reply and she looked up at him.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu pondered for a minute. Walking would be more adequate and it’d get them more time together in the long run. His mind was made up: “I think a walk would suit us just fine. Besides…” Tetsu looked away to avoid eye contact for his cheesy complement. “Your hands are soft, and I really like holding them…….” He blushed a bit. He realized this complement was so fifth grader, but it was true. She definitely had the hands of a nurse. Small, soft, and gentle. Very, very gentle.

Yule: Asami smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder for just a second and then stood up straight. “You, Tetsu, are probably the cheesiest person I have ever met. But…lucky for you, it really suits you and just makes you that much cuter.” She smiled at him and laced her fingers through his and started to walk. His hand was huge compared to hers. It almost engulfed her hand actually. “Let’s go, I’m starving. Hospital food really sucks.” She smiled more and kept looking up at him for his response.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu sighed and smiled. “seriously Asami, I’ve not never smiled this much before unless I was watching  Jim Carrey movie. You really are special  you know that? And yes lets go, I’m quite famished myself.” Tetsu started walking, and he would assume the girl would follow. They’d walk for a while, and Tetsu decided to break the ice. “So, how do you balance out a life in the Yakuza and as a Nurse? If you don’t mind me asking”.

Yule: Asami blushed a little when he said he’s not smiled that this before and blushed even more when he said she was special. His other question shocked her. When did she tell him she was a yakuza? It must have been when she was drugged up. “Look… I’m a Yakuza… But there’s a reason why. It’s not because I like to kill mercilessly, or because I like to see other’s pain. I wanted to do this so I could find the man that killed my parents’ right in front of me. I realize he’s probably long dead now, but…once you get into this life style, especially after losing your family, it’s hard to get out. So don’t judge me.” She stopped walking and looked at him biting her lip. “But otherwise I do nursing during the day and Yakuza stuff at night. What do you do? To have those gadgets like you do?”

XxdensukexX: Tetsu held his hands out in a defensive gesture. “I didn’t mean to offend, and I’m not judging by any means. I actually respect your choices, and our motives aren’t exactly different you know.” Tetsu already missed the sweet tone, that was going on only for it to go south for the winter. “If I judged you, I wouldn’t have came back to the hospital right?” Tetsu looked at her hoping to gain some recoil, but he knew in his heart the question she asked, he’d have to answer. He trusted her but he didn’t know if he could tell her exactly. Sadly he couldn’t lie about it, because he…….just couldn’t lie to her. He hated that couldn’t, but he figured he would try…he couldn’t hold it in forever. He just needed the right person to tell it to. “Ehhh…….look. I’ll tell you but the probability that you’ll believe me is probably non existent……..”

Yule: Asami shook her head and hugged Tetsu. She pressed her cheek against his chest and sighed. “I’m sorry I didn’t want you to think I was mad…I just…I don’t want you to think I’m a terrible person…I just didn’t want you to leave because you knew I was a yakuza. A lot of people agree with the life style but some just despise it. I just didn’t want you to be the one to despise it with all my luck.” She looked up at him and pulled away from the hug. She didn’t want to seem strange. “If you tell me…I’m going to trust what you say is real. I feel like we’ve already been through enough for lying to be a stupid choice. Beside if you lie I can tell ya know, body signs you give off and what not. So if you aren’t lying I’ll know.”

XxdensukexX: Tetsu hugged her back, tightly. He wasn’t even paying attention to her breast presseing against him as he was caught in the emotion of the moment. He listened to her words rang true in his ears. When she looked up at  him, he looked back at her. He looked into the deep pools she called eyes, and he could tell that she was completely honest with him about her life. He had to return the favor. He had to. Things were moving fast however. The same girl he randomly met Is no here in his arms, and he’s wlling to lie to her now? Coming this far in a few days and to break it so suddenly because of a secret? No…..he wouldn’t do it. He looked at her, and spoke softly “Well…’re aware of human modifications correct? The illegal kind?”

Yule: Asami looked back into his when she pulled back from the hug. She looked at him with a smile and shook her head a little. “Of course I know about the human modifications. They are all illegal. Being a Yakuza nurse and fighter you hear a lot about this stuff, mostly rumors on the street. I’ve always wondered how they were performed though…they always had me interested. Why do you ask?” She looked at him and then understand dawned on her. “You were modified. Who did it?”

XxdensukexX: Well to be honest, I wasn’t actually “modified”….more like trained……a lot….like to an extent where…..”Tetsu sighed. He looked around for a visual example of what he was trying to tell her, and he saw a good looking sturdy mail box.  The blue kind, ment for droping pacakages off in. He felt it up, and knocked on it twice. He was trying to identifiy the metal, but he looked rather odd knocking on a mailbox. He then said softly “Standard stainless steel. A good metal, enough force  should suffice.” Tetsu looked incredibly odd, taking a martial arts stance infront of this mailbox. Once he did, he let out a grunt, and puched the mail box as hard as he could, leaving a considerably large and noticible dent in the front frame of the mail box. Normal human bones would shatter on impact puching something of the sort on impact, but all Tetsu recived was a mild bruise and a shakey hand. He didn’t seem phased however. To anyone else it would seem as if he’d been punching shit like this for years. Ironicly he has. “That is the result of my “physical augmentation….and this” Tetsu closes his eyes, and lets the chi flow into his hand in a subtle fashion. His aura wasn’t visable because he didn’t allow it to be. He kept in encased in his body so he could gain accces to every single bit of it. Once had had enough chi gathered in his hand, he drew his hand back as far as it would go, and punched the mailbox dead on. This impact would let off a loud “KLANG” As the stainless steel mailbox that was once drilled to the ground, flew off it’s hinges a good 9 ft away, not even conting the distance it slid on the ground in which case it would be 13 feet. “This is a result of my chi training..” Tetsu looked at his hand. It was bruised and had considerable swelling and bleeding, but he shrugged and said.” My dad is an ex cia scientist and my mom was to. My dad invented something important and the government wanted it. He would’nt give it up. They raided the mansion….Sent Yakuza to do their dirty work….killed and raped my mom infront ofme…I was….helpless.” Tetsu griped his bleeding fist, and released a loud sigh, trying not to be angered. “My dad came home, but he was to late….and we both decided to find a way to end it,  and I volunteered myself. I’ve been through training, that would make one cringe upon hearing it. I’ve trained to peak human perfection in only eighteen years. To boot” Tetsu points to his head. “my brain.  I used my chi to unlock 90% of it’s potential. Allowing me to do what others could in less time. Formulate strategies, planes, attacks, etc….I see everything. Every detail. Every small butterly, and ant, I can see it. I figure things out, in minutes, that are supposed to take hours….” Tetsu sighed and put his hands in his pockets, and walked back over to Asami and looked her in the eyes. He knew what he was about to do could come back to huant him but he didn’t care. “you’ve probably figured it out but……Well you know that Dark God guy……..right?” Tetsu looked at her, and could tell right off the bat by her face, should she show it. She’d put the pieces together rather quickly.

Yule : Asami rushed to him and grabbed his hand that was bleeding. She looked at him in amazement and then looked at his hand. It was badly injured. She too a thing of wrap out of her clutch, she always came prepared, and started to wrap up his hand. “To go through all these things…it must have been hard. That’s why you said you were the loner type. You didn’t want anyone to get close to you.” After she wrapped his hand up she looked up into his eyes and said calmly. “So you are the Dark God….the guy who gets his revenge on Yakuza. You could have killed me. You knew what I was.” She held his injured hand and then sighed. “I know how you mother wasn’t just killed either. But you can’t let your hate fuel ignorance. Not all Yakuza’s are like the ones we have had in our past. Revenge only begets revenge. But I understand none the less.” She looked up at him and hugged him again. She hugged him to show she cared, to show she understood. Her hug also meant more. It meant that she would be there for him, to show that not all Yakuza were terrible. She wanted him to know the love of someone now since those years he didn’t have a mother. She didn’t want to be like a mother to him…just wanted to show as much love as a mother would. “I’m here for you…and thank you for telling me all these things.”

XxdensukexX: Tetsu held her in his arms and rested his head on her shoulders. He nodded to her words because they were true. Not all Yakuza were bad people. Look at her. She was one of the most gentle people he’d ever known. He was glad to tell someone. He didn’t bottle it anymore, he let it all out. To someone. Revenge…..what Tetsu wanted more than anything was revenge. He tried to make his cause seem noble and just, but in the end he wasn’t any better than the yakuza by any means. He shook his head, and scoffed “thank you Asami….for releasing me from a self loathing prison I’d been keeping myself in for a long, long time. I do however think you should know something….” With resolve in his words, and his morals intact for the first time in a long time, he would attempt to grab Asami by her face, and press his lips to hers underneath the city lights.  A fine setting indeed, for such a moment. If she let him, he’d kiss her very tenderly and then break it slowly, leaving an inch between his lips and hers. “I know we were gonna go out to eat, but…..I mean the hotel has take out, and I’ve got some old Jackie Chan movies if your game for it. I’ll call a cab for you to get back home later if you want to leave. If not I understand. And if I’ve made you uncomfortable, I apologize deeply.” Tetsu would bit his lip, wanting to kiss her again, if she allowed him to the first time, but he didn’t want to make things anymore awkward if he had done so already.

Yule: Asami would smile softly as he released his feelings to her. She would look into his eyes when he said there was something she should know. Her face grew red as he kissed her so gently and tears almost formed in her eyes when he pulled away. She whispered quietly back, “I would love to get take out and watch Jackie Chan movies. But…Do I really have to go home afterwards?” She smiled up at him and then slid her arms around his neck and pulled him closer kissing him on the lips with eagerness. She liked this. No…she loved this. She liked being able to be close to someone that wasn’t in her field of business. She pulled back from the kiss slowly and unwillingly, but she didn’t want to seem like a creeper. “I want to be around you more than anyone else. And I don’t know if it’s your good looks, your cheese lines, your innocence, or your cute smile. But…you’ve got me hooked like a druggie on their crack.” She smiled and giggled a little and put her forehead against his. “Let’s go watch some Jackie Chan, Tetsu.”

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