Mr Tasanagi

Hangovers... and broken memories?

IzzyDaPada: I had pressed my face into something, well solid and warm. It was comforting but it smelt like booze but yet clean sheets. Maybe it was me? Did I forget to clean my kimono again? Opening my eyes blinking a few times, I realized that, it wasn't a fabric kimono at was a human body a er..mans body? *Oh gods..* It was Keyome Tasanagi* Shifting my head up, I realized luckily he was still based out. Gently and easily as possible I slipped out of his lap holding my breath then walked to a good distance away and let out the breath I had been holding. I looked around to figure out where in the world I was. It was a nice building. Then I looked down? *Ayeeeeaaaaa! Where is my kimono!* I blinked more..oh god..I was in a very large baggy shirt..and well..underwear. *Ayyeeeaaaaa...* I would let out a sigh rubbing at the back of my neck. *Two plus two equals the equivalent of..waking up near, against, on..Mr. Tasanagi..okay..don't sweat it..everything will be okay..just as long as


Tetsu Royki

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NOTHING like of the sorts happened..* Then again, -shifts glace at him- I would be lying to myself if I said I didn't enjoy the comfort..and..he was cute..and attractive in his own qualities. My eyes over his form, how we ended up here, probably pretained to the smell of booze on his clothing. *ANYWAYS!!* I thought to myself. I had to, find my keys? And, my kimono. Or. I don't know. Something. Now that I thought about it. *Where are my keys?* As I thought to myself.

DarkKeyome: In my mind.. I was dreaming, carnival rides, bets. Kids playing... some guy grabbing my Junk.. ( Penis)... my kicking his ass. Isabelle pulling me off of him. I began to drink.. I road a motor cycle... well stole one. Chased by the KPD... cotton candy the pink kind. Oh... and kissing a midget girl for her birthday... it was all scattered my memory was fucked. Slowly my eyes began to shuffle a bit when I caught the faint scent of a woman... my eyes flicked open... when I opened them I saw Isabelle in one of my Shirts... the hell..? I looked down I too was wearing a button up shirt but mine was open.I looked to my right... my arm was out....SHIT... did she see my arm..? Wait... she's already seen it. It's all good I almost had a panic attack. I sat up rubbing my eyes. “ Mmm... my head... ahhh...” I shook my head lightly left to right. I could feel the hang over's powerful embrace as it wrapped its lingering arms around my brain. Making sure that I feel every bit of pain that it would and could send to me... this is why I dont fucking drink anymore..

IzzyDaPada: While he still slept, I had wondered around the room and, picked up the lingering remains what appared to be last night. Cloths and such, found my kimono! Some how it was in a clean and tidy place. * do they survive* But then made my way over to the bar..finding that, if he was going to wake up, he may as well have something for whatever he waks up too. And of course I was correct. I shifted my glace up from where I was behind the bar. Hearing him talk about a hang over I couldn't help but giggle. Mixing up a bloody marry and stuffing a piece of full lettice of into the drink. Cleaning up the area and putting things away, I made my way back over to him and handed him the glass with the red substince inside. Of course, still wearing his shirt and well, no bottoms. (Like a boss) "Well, this is a magical cure. Or so I have found out the hard way." I thought a bit to myself while looking at him. *I need..a shower..I need cloths..where in the bloody green earth are my car keys..*

DarkKeyome: I eyed her squinting as my eye sight was blurry due to my headache. I gripped the cup and expected it for a moment. Not even bothering to ask questions I downed the drink taking it straight to the head. I shook my head and then with my left hand smacked my face to regain composure. “ Ahhh.. fuck, what happened last night...? And where are your pants..” I said pointed to her underwear. Haji's ex fiance or not I wasn’t just going to do what my mind wanted me to plus the break up from last night... still had my mind boggled and disrupted. I couldnt stand the thought of even thinking about her... I didn’t want to remember her existence it hurt to much I think thats what led to me drinking in the first place. I stood on my feet wobbling left to right before I finally got myself up. Tch.. I shook my head my place as clean as usual and my secretary hadn’t made it in just yet. If she saw another girl in here she might commit suicide or something.

IzzyDaPada: I watched him gulp down the drink and ask what happened last night. "Uhm. Well. Apparently you drank and I think alot. Uhm, before that. The carnival. Rides and all that..uhm..I think vagly, you kissed a small person for her birthday. And you got into a fight with someone." I nodded my head, it had started to come back to me when I was cleaning the place up. It seemed dirty. "But pulled you away from him. Stole a bike. The KPD were after you. My keys are missplaced." I offered him a while after telling him all that had happened. Then when he asked where my pants were I blinked and looked down a bit to look at my smooth bare legs with a blush creeping my cheeks. "Uhmm. About those. I had been wearing my kimono. so I wear no pants. But, if you don't mind.. me borrowing a pair of yours. I can get pants on. Though I do love the frog." I don't know why I seemed so obivlious to the fact that he was a man, and I was in no pants. I had reached up and pulled pulled the shirt down to attempt to over the fact that I was in no pants. He had gotten to his feet, but I was of course worried as always as I walked up to him. "Are you going to be okay Keyome?"

DarkKeyome: I nodded my head when she addressed to me of my well being. “ Yeah.. ill be OK. “ I said smiling a bit. I wonder if I looked like shit as much as I felt like it. I crossed my arms when she approach me looking down at her legs then back at her. “ I sure... I have pants somewhere maybe some PJ's my Secretary took most of my things to he cleaners the other day. “ I turned around my TV watching the news for a moment. The new, New's lady was black kind of a cute she was in her 30's though. Unlike that douche bag Donatello she was timid and shy. “ I think you should let your boys know that your OK. Before they come knocking down my doors...” I reached into my pocket handing her my Cellphone. It was a Nato Series #1 Just got it 4 days ago. It looked like a cube. “ Here press the button here on the cube..” If she listened to instructions or not the phone would shift and turn into a flip phone design. “ Just place the phone to your ear, it has a signal that they use for this series that emits transmissions globally. Basically just think of who you want to call and it'll handle it. “ I said rubbing the back of my neck. This issue wasn’t even in stores yet...

IzzyDaPada: Nodding my head, I offered him a smile. "That would be great. Thank you." I blinked hearing a womans voice on tv? Shifting my weight, I looked passed him, *Females taking over the world.* I thought to myself smiling. As he turned around and mentioned the twins. That's right..Daichi and Daiki were, I honestly didn't know where they were. I took the offered cube looking thing. I wasn't much up to date with technoligy..that was the twins department for me. I did as I was told and pressed the button on the cube watching it shift into my phone. "Well..look at that.." I mummbled out. Putting the phone up to my ear I thought of calling the boys. *Not awkward at all* I heard it ring and it picked up. *Hello?* "Hey its me.." *Ms. Nakayama! Your safe! Thank the gods!* I had almost dropped the phone from the both the boys yelling into the phone..did it call both of them? " I'm fine really..I'm..erm..with Keyome.." *So you did run off with him. You were giggling..but we couldn't find you. You are not allowed to do that again.* I made a face. "You sound like my parents..Remember who you are employed for. But yes. I'm fine. I'm here. And I'll head back to Kamishichiken you stop asking so many questions...I'm hanging up now." I pulled the phone away from my ear and handed it back to Keyo mouthing *I don't know how to hang up* With a I'm totally sorry smile on my face. Well that was embarrasing to say the least.

DarkKeyome: I took the phone from her hearing 'I don’t know how...' “ Hahahah let me see it.” I said taking the phone from her, I slid my fingers across the blue glowing light on the bottom of the phone and it became a cube again. ( Going to make a wiki on this phone in 2-3 days tops :3) “ So your good now, they know your safe with me? Or better yet im safe with you...” I said doing that awkward goku type laugh with the scratching back of my head. I was in the middle of asking her a question when my TV exploded with a loud “ ARREEE YOUU READDYY TO FIIGHTT!!!” my face instantly went red. Slowly I turned my head to the TV eying the man that was fighting on TV screen it was... me. Over the past few days I had been going off to do my GMAF try outs getting myself back in the game... under the radar though well its supposed to be... ah hell my secretary is going to kill me. After showing a bunch of High light clips of me fighting it zoned in to other fights battling it out in the ring. I had my hands covering my face looking through my fingers as watched the small promotion commercial the rock music blaring as it progressed, every time a loud drop happened they made sure someone was hit so it matched perfectly. I didn’t even bother to look at Isabelle. But im sure she should could hear me saying over and over. “ Please don’t play that part.... please don’t play this pa-” “ Hi... I’m Keyome Tasanagi * I waved to the camera* “ Ah I hated doing this fucking part... I was shirtless... and I had on my GMAF fighter shorts... the short ones in the commercial. And my tattoos and my arm was fully exposed.” I’m here with K-Maru school foundations on half of the Kagemaru clan, and the whole city of KHC to talk about Human modifications, or Auto-mails. * Lifts right arm* you see my arm, it's an Auto-mail. During the first attack of the Armada they made Human modifications illegal for all citizens in Kasaihana City. Well some kids, really need this. We the Kagemaru clan, and the GMAF are trying our hardest to push this idea forward to legalize and make it available for anyone who truly needs them. 2/10 kids in Kasaihana city have lost a limb or better yet have born without one, due to various amounts of diseases that linger on due to the explosion that rocked America with the Nuke's during World War 3 due to the aftermath itself.” The screen changed then showing me and 20 other fighters who had auto-mailed limbs, along with a bunch of little kids “ Join us, in our cause. Give a hand, to lend a hand. * All the small children began to jump around for joy as the commercial fades off*” All of us then raised up Automailed arm. By now I had both hands over my face.

IzzyDaPada: I had offered him a smile to him as he took the phone. But even before I could answer the question I saw him..go red? But turned my attention towards the TV again as the comcercial flickered onto the screen. No shirt, fighting shorts *Oh my..ahem..Nakayama focus..damn virgin mantality...* But assuming it was a promotional for..his arm? *Hmm* I said quietly to myself watching it. But I couldn't help but smile at it. Even if we were all yakuza. He seemed like he cared about this topic, and the kids looked natural around him. Or maybe that was just me? *Mental shrug* I shifted my glance back over to Keyo with a kind smile on my face. "I see you have been busy. You look good on camera by the way..Especially those kids." I would let out a giggle in a kind teasing way. I reached out and took the now been empty glass into my grasp to keep my hands on something solid, attempting to keep my eyes on his face, and face alone. "So your promoting the good of this.. *nods head towards his arm* auto-mail..body modifications?" I can certinally say I was interested now. I had on occasions seen his arm. But never got into detail about his arm. But..I wanted pants...

DarkKeyome: “ I don’t have a lot of general information on my arm. Auto-mails were way before our time. The Scientist at one point came onto the discovery for making them look completely human. But its kind of pointless anyways with the Genetic memory processes that allow people to like grow limbs back. Auto-mailing is for the kids who don’t have rich parents who can dish out 20,000,000 million tanz. If I can get this system going and I get a strong enough protest I know I'll be doing a lot of good for the kids, and the people in general. “ My arm... was much different that other models made forms standard auto-mailing. “ Ahh but anyways...” I looked at the clock 5pm we slept in all day. “ Ahhh, well cant stay coped up in here all day...” I scratched the back of my head. “Hey has Haji ever showed you where him and I grew up?” I said looking at the women holding my arm as I walked over to a pair of ugly PJ pants that I had. They had ketchup stains on them which made me qwerk a brow but whatever it was better than nothing. I tossed them her way.

IzzyDaPada: Nodding my head, I listened to him to him explain his ideas on what he wanted. "Well. If you need possible people do donate to the cause. Let me know.." I out stretched my arms to catch the pair of pants I looked at them. Even if they basically screamed single male teenager all over them. I couldn't complain it was pants, slipping them, they were babby on my small frame. So I pulled on the strings to tighten them, but of course they fell at my hips still. I frowned down at the pair of pants but then looked up at Keyome and shook my head, "Honestly, no he hasn't. He had always visited the tea house. But besides that. I never saw much of his past." I offered a small smile. Which it was true. I had known Hajime since I was..15. But even between that and his working. I never did get to know his past that well.

DarkKeyome: “ Hm.. I see, I dont blame the guy our home town is a fucking.... its not like you know where someone like yourself would hang out. Hell I dont ever remember you going to Club Lahana when we had it open.” I sat up looking out the window of my 20 story building that sat so high in District 2. “ Ahh, I can show you around District 1 if your down. You know let you see the sights and the way we live down there.. matter of fact...” I walked to my Motorcycle key storage. ( Because I lose them all the time.) Opening them up I plucked one of the keys from its holding place and looked back at Isabelle. “ I dont know about you but im hungry. C'mon we can goto your place, let you get dressed and I know a short Cut to D1 through the back east side of District 3. “ I looked at her pulling on some jeans and a blazer without an undershirt.

IzzyDaPada: I smiled weakly. "When growing up. I wasn't allowed to leave my part of District Two without my oka-san. *soft giggle* I had business. And normally anytime I tried to come visit. Hajime would call or give an order for me to not come and visit." I gave a light shrug at the many memories of having messages on my phone of warning me to stay away from the Club. "I would love that." I watched him walk and take a pair of keys and offer food. "Sounds like a good idea. I'm starving to be honest. Show the way good Sir." I giggled as I walked over and picked up my bundle that was my kimono and walked back to a now fully dressed Keyome. Me in his shirt and pjs. I blushed at the thought of me going out like this. But oh well. "When ever you are."

Last Night during the Carnival....

While the city was out recovering from the events. The Dark Hero made his way through the night to do his own bit of recovery for the city...

12 AM....

XxDensukexX: The gang of Tanks roamed and rushed through the city streets on their bikes. Smashing mailboxes, parking meters, and light post with only metal baseball bats and whatnot, a testimate to their inhuman strength and buldging stupidity. They all laughed at the mayham and destruction they were cuasing. Treating life like it was a game, and was ment for noting else but to be played. Tetsu hated people who threw their lives away for no good reason at all. The last straw came when The Road King saw a man walk out of a building. He was a business man, just got off work. Been their since nine, and wanted to head on home after a long day. Out of nowhere, one of the mallsicous tanks grabed the mans head while on his bike, moving at least 65mph, and threw this man into the window of a nearby jewlry shop. Glass crashing, lady screaming. Two lives ruined that did nothing to these brutes. Why? What was the point? Because they’re weaker? Because they’re different? This is the courruption Tetsu seeks to change, and he fully intends to. At first Tetsu had a quiet approach to things, and preferred to work at night, where he could stick to the shadows. After thinking it over, he knew however that if he was going to strike fear in the gangs of the city, he had to be omnipotent or at least appear to be. It was time for god to show himself in physical form. Right at as the Road king was coming to a four way crossing Tetsu leaped off the building and with his Air pressured boots, flew in a beeline fashion at the Road king going about 75mph to intercept his speed, and catch him on perfect timing. With a loud THOOM Tetsu had the man in a flying head, flying straight ahead, he then proceeded to fly up and twirl back twords the general direction of the four way and slam the man down from about 12 ft in the air onto a near by empty corvet car. Tetsu had no fear of this mans death, for he studied the tanks physical condition by recordings and hearings around the area, and formulated just how much damage input he’d have to use to put one down. The other memebers of the gang all halted their bikes, and then looked at Tetsu menacingly, and strangely without a hint of fear in their eyes, but only anger. “Hey! Who in the blue hell are you?! Rushing in on some fucking Superman bull shit!” One biker said. A fair size, 6’7, quite huge and muscular, and wielding a bat. Not aluminum. The crafting insisted it was made of at least pure steel. The other bikers all parked their bikes and stood there looking and Tetsu, staring him down. Tetsu’s reply to the biker who spoke up was simply: “I…… judgement”. “Judge my ass, you fucking freak!” the biker screamed this at the top of his lungs as he swung his bat full force at Tetsu.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu’s relexes kicked in, as they do every time. The bat slowly formulating in its path twords Tetsu’s crainium. Tetsu had already thought and mapped out 6…no 7 different ways to counter, but knew he could choose one. And he did. Tetsu mapped in out in his head and proceed as such, narroating his attack patterns: “First, deploy, viable counter” Tetsu would blindingly duck the bat being swung, crouching downward. “Then, reply with force” He then throws a right and left jab at the bikers abdomen, cuasing him to lean over slightly. “Raise the bar a little bit.” Tetsu then uppercuts the man, with an imploding CLUANK noise emanating from the blow, raising the mans body upward, but not off the ground, as Tetsu did not want him to. “Shoot the bird down accordingly,” Tetsu then raises his knee to the point where it touches his chest, and releases it on the man’s right foot, cracking the foot in half literally, still leaving it attached. This cuased the mans reactive instinct to bend over and reach for his foot. “then finally….swing away.” Tetsu then took a quick step back, keeping his pace and timing as always, and raised his arms together twords the side in the same fashion as a batter up to plate for a baseball game. He would then swing his Ragnite guantlets square at the side of the bikers face, cuasing a mixture of the noises “KA-KRAK” and “KA-PING”. After connection would be made, the bikers body would be sent flying to the side in a twisting motion from the momentum of Tetsu’s blow, twords a near by mail box. Once the mans body contacted with the mailbox, his entire being would indent it blantantly, and knock it from its drilled hinges onto the ground. “Summery: Damaged diaphragm, fractured chin, near severed foot, and broken facial structure on the left side. Recovery status: higly unlikely, may have cuased paralysis, and psychological trauma”. Tetsu though to himself as he watched the damage he had done to this man. What you would not beilive is that to these tanks, the events that just pursed simply looked like a quick witted asswhoping, when actually it was a well thought out and accurately placed plan made in 5 to ten hearbeats. The bikers stood dumbfounded, that two of their crew has already been demolished by a man of much smaller stature and what seemed to be physique. Tetsu simply stood there, and looked at them, awaiting their next move, and also anticipating his own.

XxDensukexX: The other three men decide to rush Tetsu simultaneously. Tetsu simply shook his head at the sheer stupidity of these men., One from the right swinging what appeared to be a machete. The direction of the swing, and muscle movements huge and subtle, show he’s aiming directly for my neck. The man in the middle is thrusting what appears to be a make shift spear at my chest. A bowie knife taped, and nailed to a 5 ft wooden stick. The man to the left simply came on in with a hard right hook. It looked like he was putting his all into it too, using a pair of chrome brass knuckles. Left, center, right. With the ease of motion, Tetsu lifted his left arm, causing the machete to break on impact, simply stood still, letting the knife bend in on itself due to his Ragnainium protection, and would grab and clench the mans brass knuckle covered fist aimed for his face. The three men before him stood dumbfounded, and had the look of shock, and terror. Tetsu used their surprise reactions to his advantage, which he naturally capitalizes on. With the flick of a wrist, Tetsu twisted his the brass knuckle wielders arm, completely twisting it out of it’s socket with ease, grabbed the machete man by his arm and stepped in, clubbing him in the face with a Ragnainium covered elbow, breaking his nasal cavity, lower forehead, and upper tooth line instantly. Once finished with two of the three men, the one who originally helped the spear, started to run. Tetsu allowed him to run for a bit, before pulling out his grappling hook and hooking the man by his belt, and slinging him back to his area of position. The man fell to the ground, in front of Tetsu and looked up at him with nothing but overwhelming fear in his eyes. “P-please! I-I-……..I swear I didn’t know these guys! I’m here against my will! Yeah, yeah I don’t enjoy this kind of stu—“ Tetsu jacked the man up by his leather collar, and decked him in the face with enough force, to bruise his jaw to the point of bleeding. The man cried blatant tears of humiliation and fear. Tetsu reared back for another punch, thinking of that man they threw into the window. He’d done nothing to these men, and they harmed him for the fun. Yet Tetsu showed mercy to this man…….after one more punch of course. He broke his jaw. Completely. The thug was in so much pain all could do was cry, and groan. Tetsu spoke to the man: “I am a merciful god…….but my wrath will show upon those who take this city in vien. Repent for your sins, and I may listen. Act upon them. And live by them. If you break your vow to justice. God is always watching…and his wrath is never ending for those who’ve earned it”. Tetsu dropped the man in the middle of the four way, upon hearing the cop car sirens of the Kpd at hand. Tetsu decided to to fly straight up and hoover over the area of battle. A cop steped out of the car and fired at Tetsu. As the bullet bounced off, he spoke loudly: “Do not envoke the wrath of the one who deems you just”. And with this. Tetsu flew south, at 80mph, escaping the cops, and heading back home to the lab to change his attire, and inform his father of the events prior to what just happened.

Back to District 1...

DarkKeyome: We had made the trip over to her home I waited outside talking to her guards about Joining the GMAF tournaments in a few weeks, I promised em a good spot and that'd id handle all accommodations. They said they let me know but judging from the sound of there voices I don’t know if they will. I waited for her to come out of the house, and when she returned I rev'd up my Kawasaki 1200 and we took off. Going through typical District 2, rich people parading there shit around town, all that jazz. But its been so long since i've been home, in D-1. ive almost forgotten what its like to be home. It hurt and I had been neglecting the thoughts... going to this place where all of my friends had currently resided in. the last place I saw my best friend Haji laugh and crack jokes. It's so quiet here now. Well except for the normal assessments of goons and stupid thugs trying to fight and break there way up as the District boss. Hmm... the KPD attacks have calmed down but for some reason they all beloved that it had something to do with one the Gangs in District 1. Like those guys could really handle something on that level are you kidding me? we got into District 1 and my bike went into a smooth cruise as we passed by Club lahana... “...Here it is..” I said to Isabelle. We stopped completely.... my eyes bore on the front entrance it was still terribly decimated... yellow tape all around it saying' KEEP OUT' or better yet 'Caution.' In the front of club was clump of candles and flowers. I got off and slowly walked over to spectate on it. My eyes bore down over the lost Kagemaru's photo's. I picked them up and looked over them. “ Hahaha... they have Kake's picture hahah fat fuck. They have everyone’s... Mel, Todd, Homan, Flex, Asoka, bleeb. Hahah fucking bleed... you still owe me 5 dollars you bastard, told you.... you couldnt get those girls numbers.” I went to high-school with majority of the Kagemaru's that were eradicated... we were the Young Yakuza.... the new old guys who were gonna make the older guys proud. I stood... looking over the photo's one last time before I pulled out a random bullet shell from my pocket. “...I miss you guys... it's not the same...” I said whipping my face quickly... catching the tear before it even showed face. I placed the shell on the picture and bowed to them all and made my way back to the bike. “ OK... almost there now.” I said smiling at her, and cranking the bike back up as we took off 10 minutes later we pulled into a restaurant parking lot called ' BANNY DAN'S FAT BURGERS.' “ Christ people suck with restaurant names..” I said crossing my arms looking out at it, then back at Isabelle.

IzzyDaPada: I had pressed myself into his backside as we set off, arms wrapped around his waist so I wouldn't fall off the bike. The skirt part of my dress was flapping with the wind I had strapped the desert eagel to my thigh as a normal percaution, or habbit. We enetered into District 1 by now as I had gotten lost in my own thoughts as we drove into the city. He brought me out of those thoughts with the mention of being here. Where is here? I looked to see the club. I had kept my facial feactures soft and caring at this site, as Keyome got off the bike I unwrapped my arms around his waist. I watched his every action, even to when he whiped at his face. I offered a prayer at the site of the memorial that seemed to grow outside the club. I offered him a smile back and nodded my head. I wrapped my arms back around his as we arrived at the restaurant and came to a stop. I would blank at the name leaning up and offer a laugh. "Oh goodness. That is funny. I hope they have good food!" I sounded hopefull, maybe to lighten the situation of the name of the restaurant. "Lets go." I swung my leg off the bike and hoped off in such a gracefull mannor. Turning around, I grabed gently onto his arm and tugged gently to get him to get off the bike too with such

HyonekoHyuuga: -The 3 new gangs were a problem especially the Tanks, but what did i have to complain about? New gangs meant more violence more violence meant more injured and that leads to ever money into my clan's pockets for patching up all those.....poor...unfortunate souls. I had to laugh i ran my opperation on one simple rule: use your power,influence and the ladies we had so openly trained to shut down things if they got bloody. I got on my ninja 1100, securing my custom purple had been impoved to take light gunfire and the visor cleared up any smoke or most cases blood that would mess up my view. i liked the sunny days but being back in district 1 still made my head ache ever since that incedent in lahana. Still owed that fucker a bullet! But it's whatever now he's disappeared for all i fuckin cared. I had came to this poor ass district cause territories were shifting and i needed to check up on my clinics. Comming up to the first one installed in what looked like a parking garage due for the recking ball, the entrance bearing the traditional stork mark in a nice ruby red. I stopped my bike and made my way inside.- " Ladies give me the news how's out little clinic?"

NamikazeSoudai: Nami never got to say anything to Kirei at her club.. She wasn't there if Kirei had come outside, she didn't know why..But she had panicked and fled from the scene like she had just shot someone.. She just didn't want Kirei to see her angry, or for Kirei to say something to her that would lead to more issues.. It seemed Kirei got her wish afterall, they were apart..And Kirei believed them being together would get Nami hurt well.. This was a hurt filled city, with or without Kirei at her side Nami was likely to get hurt eventually. She came into a part of the city she hadn't seen in a while, a place where she originally got hooked on escasty..It was a calling to come back for her, but she kept on telling herself she wasn't here for pleasure, she was here on duty. Looking for trouble, Nami had a talent for it, just simple wandering lead her to danger or people doing things that was considered illegal. She had reported little on it, they only cared about big things, targeting government officals for instance or commiting a crime agaisnt humanity. She was hungry..Maybe she would find Keyome to loan her some money, although she had some herself..She didn't like spending her own, always getting closer and closer to having none she feared. "Where is that man anyway?" She said outloud, walking down the street, avoiding traffic here and there who could care less about stop signs and red lights it seemed. She was in the classic Nami school girl uniform because quite frankly, everything else she had was too cute or too sexy.. As always, a lolipop was in her mouth, people wouldn't know it was Nami without one there.

Meisu341: -Along the roads was a biker, a man with black attire rolled through the streets of district 1 as a matching black helmet covered the man’s face. It looked as if the driver knew his ways around the district before finally stopping and rolling through an alleyway, taking a shortcut to another street. The rider stopped his bike on the side of the alleyway as it was completely empty. Turning off his bike, the man got off slowly and adjusted his jacket. the man unzipped his jacket to reveal his shirt underneath and took off the helmet. With a quick pull the sport helmet was off as it showed a younger looking male. The first noticeable feature upon his face was his piercings that littered his face with chains attached to them and joining at his gauges on his ears. With that, his face was very clean and neat, without that rough looking piercings the man would look very sleek and handsome. Placing the helmet on the bike seat he breathed in the air, looking as if he was growing sick inside with each moment standing there.- “…This place brings back a lot of…” –He paused and looked at a restaurant across the street and continued his sentence- “…’memories’…” –He continued as reflected on what this place was to him before everything went to hell. Before he grew up, before he sinned, before everything. This place was called his home a long long time ago. Sticken with the emotional stress, the male quickly went into his pocket and took out a medicine bottle dumping two light blue pills into his glove and taking them instantly into his mouth. Relaxing alittle knowing his ‘forgetting’ medication was going to soon take effect, he continued onwards towards the restaurant. He was on a mission as something within him was driving him towards the door in a quicked pace as he crossed the street and went inside slowly. He needed a refreshment or something to make him casual and not look like a stressed out fool. He was suppost to be a polite and gentle business-like man but being back in his home district made him a different person.-

DarkKeyome: Isabelle had pulled me into the restaurant... “Heyyyy ive been here before this is where me and Nami got hot-dogs, and my favorite brown jacket was stolen..” I said looking up at the sign with a sigh. Even then... things seemed a bit easier... and that was only a day after the shooting. I eyed the area... thinking to myself. All the painful memories of me and my friends... 10 minutes later we had been seated and already had ordered our food. I told them I wanted steak burger with this odd cheese on it. I’m a sucker for cheese... and I love burgers... I didn’t bother to pay attention to what she was ordering I told her to get what she wanted. Since I was covering the bill. “ So... Haji ever tell you about the time me and Haji got into the car wreck. Hahahah alright alright. So... I was 12, and Haji was at-least 15, I think maybe a month or two before he met you... I cant remember. Haji's pops was also a member in the Kagemaru clan and him and my dad were pretty pops. I don’t know what happened to Haji's dad... his pops kinda split after mines died. But anyways.. * clears throat* So we took the car because this New video game came out called Tomma Hawk man. The whole concept of Tomma hawk man was... to well... fuck shit up with Tomma Hawks. Hahahahhaah it was so fucking basic. But we had to have it.... and this girl Haji had a crush on.... don’t look at me like that because im not saying names....” I said eying her out of the corner of my eyes. “ current boyfriend had it and he wanted to impress her, you know him... Mr noble and this that and the 3rd. Him and my pops were out doing something for the Old Chairmen the one before me.. and we decided that we'd take my Dad's mustang... oooooohhh my pops loved his mustang... SO... we took it... and we managed to get to the store, lemme tell you now Haji didn’t have his licensee and maybe like... 4 days of driving experiences tops back then. “ I said shaking my head. “ Anyways when we got to the store it was 18 and up. Because of the Sex mode where you can screw women with your Tomma hawk penis. Ahh but we got it anyways... stole it right out of the store. As we got in the car right.... guess what here's the fucked up part. We darted out the parking lot... and we crashed head on collusion. Into the car....that My dad, his dad, and the chairmen were in.” I said to her laughing a bit. “... that had to be one... of the most embarrassing days of our lives... Haji stopped liking that girl after that. He said if she couldnt like him for him.... then she wasn’t worth it..” My eyes began to drift to the window as I thought about my friend and all the times we had together. I missed those days... those times when we were just simple minded kids...” But anyways.... enough stupid stories.. have you always liked in Kasaihana city?”

IzzyDaPada: He ordered first, then I had decided I would be adventurous with ordering a burger with fries and...a chocolate milkshake, but today minus the liqure. I listened to him talk about his times as a kid with Hajime. I smiled all the while listening. It kinda brought back some longing feelings, but I pushed them aside, I had sorted those out a while ago it seemed. Our food finaly came and I thanked the waitress silently with a smile, she nodded her head and smild back and walked away. I had torn away a bit of food from my burger when he talked about another female interest of Hajime's. And a...sexual game? Well then. That wasn't my department by all means. But, I kept that information to myself. I did give him a look out of the corner of my eye as he did the same. But I couldn't help but giggle just because he said not too, if someoen tells you to NOT do something, you are going to inevitably do it anyways. Listening him talk of his past I smiled, listening to him talk more of reckless driving, running into another person car with the boys father and the former chairmen. I did share a laugh. It was a kids things. Something I hadn't ever experiences in my time. I had poped another bite into my mouth as he now turned his direction my way, finishing my food and swallowing. I had to think on that a moment as I pause. "I came into the city when I was 7..brought by someone I didn't know. Some stranger my parents trusted." I picked up a french fry and diped it into my drink looking at him and gave him a look. "Don't judge me.." I picked up the french fry and put it into my mouth and ate it, of course being the lady as I was. I started talking after I was done eating. "I've always lived in Kamishichiken District for as long as I can remember..I've never stepped outside of its walls without someone with me. Normally its always within Kamishichiken. My Oka-San was strict. But..for good reason I suppose.." I gestured at myself. "To get what they wanted..and a good leader for the Wakashia." Shaking my head and offerd him a smile. Oh how I wondered off.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami finally made it over to a food district of sorts..Or just a fast food joint, she didn't know and didn't care. She didn't see the group of friends or people she knew from other people, she was just hungry, and needed a reboot. A car almost got her moments ago, his horn was the only thing that could be heard for a while, although he was the one with the poor driving skills, practically up on the sidewalk where she was. She made sure he was aware of her middle finger before contining onward. "One hotdog please, everything on it.." She said, having not spotted Keyome to snatch his money to get her the food. "And your largest soda..Umm. Dr. Mr please." Dr. Mr being the off off brand of dr. pepper and mr. pipp. The drink Mr. Dr was just digusting though, but the other one was pretty damn good. She took her food over to a table, sitting down and staring off for a moment before digging in, clearly her hunger blinded her..Keyome was RIGHT there!

Meisu341: -He sat down near a woman and a man talking as he slowly took out a napkin that had a bunch of scribbling on it with key words as he slowly looked at it amd examined every letter in the words as if it was a puzzle. Since the ‘innocent’, small gangs around him knew his name and knew what he did as the larger gangs wouldn’t know him fully. Or they might… you never know in this town. Since he was unique and looked apart than the average joe he could easily be spotted out as ‘THAT man’. He kept looking at the words as some could be seen from the witness’s view as she took his order. He just ordered a water with some ice, trying to say it cheerfully to hide the sadness. Names like the names of smaller poser clans and common thugs, district names with some key features about them and names of people were some of the words that was on the napkin as he took out a pen and slowly drawling on it, planning something. The medicine was slowly taking effect as he grew released and all his fears about this place disappeared into thin air. His heightened senses came back to him as his business swagger slowly grew back inside. This was the true man, not the worried and stressed man that was outside. He was calm, collected and ready to work. He was here for something and not to have the nice water that the waitress placed on the table. The man smiled to her with a devilish grin and nodded to her, winking once as she was flattered and also a bit knocked off guard as she just seen the man a bit troubled and now he is the opposite. Anyways, it was his time to get to work. He circled the name of the name clan he needed to get in contact as they were locally here. He was thinking of ways to contact them or at least find a member as his thinking was overran by a man’s voice about the same clan he just circled. It wasn’t polite to eavesdrop but it was just business. If it want, he would mind his own business as he smiled a bit and looked at his napkin and listened in untill the female was finished talking. He chuckled a bit as he spoke up to them, raising his eyes to the man as he remained in his seat- “…Forgive me for interrupting.” –He nodded gently if they man would look at him- “But it seems I need to talk to a man with your… how can I say it… ‘occupation’.” –The man’s silver tongue never failed him as he was born to speak and act second.- “If you do not wish to speak to a man like myself then I will leave you to your meals and your company of this fine woman.” –He gave a business like smile and waited for a response-

DarkKeyome: I was in the mist of bombarding poor isabelle with yet another story but she was saved by the bell in a since. Quickly my eyes darted over to the short girl who was sitting along munching down on a hot dog more than likely.... abit too well if you knew what I meant, it made me cock an eyebrow... that circular motion and sucking of the hot dog quickly gave me the informational notion of who it was. “ Hahah its motor mouth.” I said, the waitress stepped up to us asking if we needed anything, she had some candy in her pocket lolipops and other candies but they looked generic. I remember seeing her with those things always in her mouth. “ Hey give her all your candies and ill throw you 50 Tanz” “ What? Ohh sir you dont have to give me that much. “ I smiled shaking my head. “ Your right, im gonna give you a 100 dollar tip anyways haha. Go, go.” I said shooing her in a playful manner as the older told me god bless you and playfully walking her way over to Nami.I looked over at the guy general hieght taller than me though dark hair.. cold eyes and piercings. His clothing indicated maybe tattoo's but I wasnt wearing my glasses. “ My occupation huh.” I said looking up at him from my seat. “.... Lets hear what you have to say then.”

IzzyDaPada: IzzyDaPada: I shifted my glace to where Keyome was looking spotting a girl infront of us age or so and Was eating like us too. As Keyo shouted and did his thing I couldn't help but giggle a bit. Motor mouth? Candy? Giving 100 tanz? That was interesting. I tored off another piece of my food and poped it into my mouth quietly eating. Hearing a voice off somewhere I shifted to see a man standing infront of us..He obviously could have Yakuza written all over him, but who am I to quickly stamp I bore no mark of Yakuza on myself..Shifting my weight, I my right leg over my left. Feeling the grip of leather reminding me that I had the deserat eagel strapped to my thigh, just in case. Fixing my skirt I went back to silently eating my food. This was another clan's business, but all the while I payed attention. In a world where you can trust little, it was better you payd attention to everything and anything and not over look it. I put a french fry in my mouth as I lifted my gaze up to in the mans features and face. I never forget a persons face or name, the one thing I had picked up on quickly in this world.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami ate silently for a bit, drank her soda as well. This waitress came over though..and after a few seconds. "AAHHHHH!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU.. Oh you can have these back.." She pushed the non lolipop candy back towards the woman's direction. It was at that moment that she spotted Keyome, smiling a bit..He was always a happy sight to see alive. She, after they departed, only gave him a few more days of surviving before his body was shown on the news being gunned down or dead from succusbus, but there he was, alive.. This Isabelle woman was there as well, someone she had little or no interaction with but had seen around, or so she thought..Sometimes her mind drifted. "KEY OME!" She pocketed the lolis and grabbed her soda, climbing over one table to get to his and jumping excitingly, much happier than the last time they saw one another. "Whos this? Your girlfriend?"

Meisu341: -He seen the other girl as he was surprised to see such a energized girl around the man and the woman. He did not know her, know any information of her nor anything else. A girl that had no place in the business of the two men was pull of energy and was conversating with the man he wished to speak to. He chuckled a bit as he wasn’t going to be rude in the first place. He was playing the ‘game’ on the man’s terf, the man’s rules and the man’s game. Thinking this detailed into everything was a small side effect of the medication he took as this buffed a lot within his mind, but he didn’t use it for the sake of his mind being buff but it was a good effect. He sat there as the two girls were interacting with one another as he spoke back to the man- “Well, let us start with names. I am Meisu Akamura or you may know of a nickname ‘The Merchant’,” –He spoke his full name because he did not fear this man nor anyone within the restaurant. It was a place of peace, to eat and visit as the customers weren’t listening in and just were causal. He also gave off his cute nickname from his work. He worked as a free-agent salesperson, selling from common items to other ‘goods’ for private companies and industries. He owned the name because of his selling ability and his personality of always being proper and professional.- “I heard something about a clan name that interests me. Me putting it bluntly: I want in.” –He was never this direct or blunt when it came to business. He always danced with his words and was very intelligent when it came to speaking, but this was a issue of more than just business.- “If you wish to speak outside or privately, I am fully able.” –He spoke with a joyful, playful manner as if he was selling the man a item and was giving that playful ‘kissing up’ tactic all salesmen do but Meisu did it for teasing and to humor himself alone, being a talker.-

DarkKeyome: I smiled seeing that Nami had noticed me like I intended. “ hahahah hey you.” The girl began to speed talk but quickly my attention was averted to the male who had presented himself to me. I had just finished my food patting down my lips with the napkin before I looked up at the male. “ want in huh?” I said eying the guy my eyes scanned him up and down. “ Do you even know what the fuck IN is?” I stood up and was face to face with the male. “ This life style, isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for anyone actually.... its for warriors. And we die all the time on the battle field. If you wish to join under my ranks... meet me. Out in District 2 later tonight at Midnight. At the city's east side where the drag races are. Ill see your worth for sure before I let you into my clan.” I said to the man. I knew of him, I knew his Name... 'The Merchant.' I wouldn’t tell him I knew of him though that may give him a big head. “ Bring your fighting clothes...” I said to the man. “ In my clan someone with your Skills may be a great assets but like I said.... we are warriors, and we warriors first. Oh... 1 more thing..” I patted my pants down and pulled out a flier for the GMAF tournament start ups in a few days. “ This is your choice if you wish to join. But coming to see me tonight is Mandatory. That reminds me...” I looked back at Isabelle and Nami before I placed the money on the bill. I gripped the square that I owned pressing a button until it became a flip phone I pressed the phone to my ear and quickly Donald my automated butler answered. “ Evening sir, what may I do for you to do.” I rubbed the back of my neck. “ I need you to send my voice through all of the intercoms within the city....” “ Ah alright sir, what do you have planned...?” “ You'll see. Tell me when you have me connected through.” I waited then Donald said. “ Your on Sir.” I took a few steps forward and held my head high. “Hello Kasaihana city.” My voice echoed through ever-speaker, every television within Kasiahana city, all the emergency intercoms blurred my voice. “ I am Keyome Tasanagi...Leader of the Kagemaru. I see that we have a special amount of new weirdos in town...” I looked outside of the restaurant eyeing a Drawn photo what seemed to be that fucking Lunatic called ' The Dark God.' And the other psycho fucker who's was seeing having a battle royal with the Tanks the other day. It was a Large Graffiti Picture on the side of a run down apartment. The Dark God and Dead Shot were clashing in the picture. Hmph what the fuck is this a comic book? “ I want... the Dark God, and Dead Shot... to come and meet me in District 2 at the east-side. In less than an hour. A meeting... must be made.” I said hanging up the phone. Even the intercoms within the restaurant had my voice on them. Everyone was staring at me like a mad man in the restaurant but I didn’t care. I turned to Isabelle and Nami. “ Isabelle... watch Nami for me. Thats my friend, when I get back ill meet you at your home with her. I have a few things to take care of...” When I stepped outside of the restaurant a line up of men were already out were waiting on me. As I walked past them they stomped there feet and saluted me. One of them opened up the Limo for me and I sat in. I looked at the man that opened my door for me. “ Make sure the Chairwoman and the young male and the young woman get everything they need.” He handed me my music player before he saulated me. I took it up, placing the headset within my ears. “ Drive..” I said to the driver.... in my ear loud Hip-hop music blaring in my ears...

The Sparrow and the Tiger, Training sessions, or flirting? >:3

Yule: Asami decided that she needed to train harder. After getting called about becoming Aniki she had thought her skills needed to be better. She didn’t want to have to have someone come rescue her anymore. She was going to rescue herself from now on…she was determined. Asami headed out the doors of her apartment building wearing a black tank top, grey OBEY sweatpants and a pair of her favorite high tops, Batman black and yellow shoes. She was headed to a roof top nearby to do her training. This way no one would really see her unless they were trained to do so and so no one would hear her. She walked up the stairs to the roof top avoiding the elevator at all costs, it was healthier to take the stairs and that’s the only reason she did it really. Once she got to the roof she pulled the water bottle she had stashed in the pockets of the sweat pants down on raised ledge. She then shimmied out of the pants and stood there in a pair of black spandex shorts. It was a little cloudy but still pretty warm. She wouldn’t mind if it ended up raining today while she trained. It would make for better situations later on when she got into fights. Asami started to stretch out doing her normal stretches, with her legs first, ten seconds on each, three times. Then her arms and then finally her back, where she did a couple backbends and then kick overs. “ Alright…Let’s start this day of training..”

XxdensukexX:Tetsu would be feeling pretty eager after his recent battle against a gang of tanks. He really felt as though he was sending a message to the rest of the city, and hopefully attention from the media would also spark the popularity of The Dark God. Tetsu was indeed commited to his job and training every day. Just like today. In the streets of District 1. The perfect area to practice parkur and acrobatics. He’d hop out of the taxi, and thorw him 100 bucks. “keep the change bro.” Tetsu said as he jogged off into his urban play ground. After a breif jog, he sped up, and began a brief wall run, only to commence into a wall jump, and then a spinning sualt landing on the starting buildings roof top. He’d begin there by running at a moderate speed, and cartwheeling over the ledges. Today he was going to test his jumping capabilities, by seeing how many ledges he could clear without using his chi for aid. He’d leap over to the next building, and then hopes on the ledge of a window seal. He looks around being sure to note, that no one was looking at him awkwardly, but felt he was to low. He decided to make his way over back and near the area where he reaced the mysterious man, with black hair. He found that same building, with the fence sourrounding the top of it, and made his way to it. He looked up at the looming fence, it was at least 10 ft above him. He contemplated weather to use his chi, or try to naturally get above it. He decided half and half, was good. And with that he fouced chi into the soles of his feet, and some into his calf muscles, and leaped. As he was clearing at least 6 feet, he clinged on to the fence, making a very loud clang noise. It was quiet today, and that noise may have esily been heard. He became parionoid and looked around, and thought he saw someone training of a roof top. He could make out a good bit of the person, but decided to be on the safe side and flood his eyes with chi. His eyes glowed a pale blue, as he was focusing his vision on what appeared to be a woman doing stretches.  He shifted his weight on the fence, wondering if she noticed him there or not, being as cautious as possible. Tetsu blushed a bit at the womans outfit. He’s never been  a ladies man, and is rarely associated with them due to his lifestyle. He didn’t want to seem creepish but apart of him couldn’t help but stop and stare in wonder.

Yule: Asami finished a kick over when she heard a clanging of a chain link fence. Her head turned in the direction it came from. Asami had amazing eye sight and could see things at forty feet what people normally saw at 20. She turned and decided to yell at the person that was on the fence. “Hey! You need help…or something? You look pretty stuck on that fence!” She turned to face him and put her hands on her hips. She then started to walk towards the edge of the roof and stopped after jumping up on the three foot edging. She then pushed her hair back and waited for the man’s answer.

XxdensukexX"Tetsu stopped, stunned that he was visible. His face bloomed red, as he had the most embarrassing anime look appear on his face. He stuttered “Uh n-no worries! Just uh, hanging out!” Tetsu felt bad at his lame joke and let himself slump on the fence for a minute. He knew he had to keep cool, and at least continue the conversation and avoid looking like n even bigger dork than what he had more than likely already portrayed. He added to his words “How are you over there? Working hard?!” Tetsu had the silliest smile on his face, trying to hide his embarrassment. He scratched his head lightly as he clung to the fence with ease, looking the spitting image of a monkey on a tree top.

Yule: Asami laughed at his little joke. She hadn’t laughed in a while and it had been a silly for sure. She was sure he would have heard her laugh. “Oh I’m pretty good just trying to become a better fighter. Though…If you aren’t doing anything…I could use a partner.” She looked him up and down. He seemed to be fit and she wanted someone to train with after all… She hoped he’d say yes to her offer. Training on your own is such a hassle. She waited for his reply yet again. She tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms over her chest with a smile. This day could just be an interesting one.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu smiled at her laugh, which was quite cute, and vibrant on his ears. Upon hearing her request at a spar however, Tetsu took a minute to think to himself. “Oh god…..I’ve never fought a girl…….Dad always said never to hit women, because it’s a bitch move. Gaaaaah but what if she never talks to me again! God im such a looser! This would be easier if every girl in high school didn’t think I was weird and I could actually get a date! Shit!.........phew…..calm down………maybe this could be an opportunity at good training. I could use a brush up of the non lethal kind, and training with someone can help identify flaws and errors. The pros out weight the cons……and it is a girl………………..” After thinking Tetsu spoke aloud, “okay! I’ll be right over!” Tetsu then climbed the rest of the fence, that surrounded the rooftop he was on. He climbed to the peak of the fence, and then proceeded to aim his watch, and aim at a ledge behind and above the building the mystery girl was standing on. Once he had his aim planned he, flicked his wrist, and out shot his famous grappling hook, moving at 30mph, and drilling inside the ledge with a “CLINK” noise. Tetsu then pushed another button, and was quickly zipping towards the direction of the girl. He flew over her head, and when above the spot behind her on the same roof top, he retraced the rope, cut into an arial summersault, and landed firmly on his feet, showing no signs of fatigue. He would dust his black wife beater off, making sure it was at least decent in the presence of a woman. He stood facing her, and said “I’d be honored to train….though I’ve never fought a girl, and kind of have a rule not to hit them soooo how would we go about this?”

Yule: Asami watched as he used his little gadget to get where she was. She smirked and flipped off the ledge that was over half her height and landed gracefully and silently. She walked over to him and held her hand out. “I’m Asami, nice to meet you.” She’d let her hands fall back to her hips after he shook her hand, assuming he did. “About the not hitting a girl…Well you’re going to have to get over since this is hand to hand combat training. I wouldn’t suggest dodging the whole time either. So for right now…Let’s assume I’m one of the guys. Though I may not look it I’m pretty tough and have fought some of the Tank gang…Which you may or may not have heard about. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say I can handle what you throw at me.” She smiled and asked, “Any questions?”

XxdensukexX:Tetsu was amazed at how polite and straight forward this girl was. And cute to boot. He gladly shook her and with great joy at that. Tetsu, then steped back and listened to her words…..she made a point. Weather Tetsu liked it or not, this was a hand to hand spar, mening he would have to make physical contact with this girl. The idea didn’t strike him as a “good first meeting” but like a Saiyan off of Dragon Ball Z, the thrill of battle actually riled him up a bit, though he’d never admit this to anyone. He nodded and said “Well okay then. It’s just a spar, so it really couldn’t hurt. Ill oblige with no questions. Lets begin” Tetsu smiled a bit, hearing about this girl defeating tanks only made him wonder how far he could go with just this one girl as his opponent. Was she stronger? Smarter? Better? This spar would allow him the answer he was searching for in his head. He focused his eyes on her, and would take a stance where one had would be placed behind his back and the other hand (his left) would be outstretched with the back of his hand facing the girl.

Yule: Asami smiled and nodded her head she took a couple steps back and got into a stance. Her stand was actually quite simple, she assumed a boxers stance and looked at the boy over her fists. Her face had changed drastically, what once was a smile was now a straight face, and her blue eyes got icier as she focused. She was ready to fight, and she was going to go all out. “You can make the first move.” She said this so she would be able to watch her opponent. She had already been watching the way he walked, which showed a lot about the way someone fought. If they had a cocky walk they were most likely a cocky fighter…but this person…His walk was different it was almost innocent. She hoped he wasn’t an innocent fighter, for his sake anyways.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu was shocked at the way he was looking at him. Her once cheer demeanor faded, into something similar to that of a cat. Focused on it’s prey. And he was her prey this time. She baited me by allowing him by allowing him to make the first move. Clever since we was going to suggest the same thing so he could study her, but she beat him to it. She had the advantage of watching Tetsu and his movements. Tetsu knew, he would have to bait her in the heat of battle it appeared. So, he took slid his foot behind him, careful not to give any tail tale signs of his movements, and then in a blur moved towards her. His speed was at least 8 mph, and at close range this was a moderate speed to move. Once in close enough for combat to commence Tetsu would attempt a speedy boxing left jab at her face, but this was a feint. He would stop once his fist reached an inch of her cheek, and come up with his right arm, and attempt an uppercut towards her abdomen, moving his fist at about 23mph for force and close effective range. If this blow connects, the girl would double over in pain, and leave herself open for Tetsu’s next attack, which would be him, side stepping her, and heel kicking her in the side pushing her away a good 3 feet from her original position. The impact would only take place if she fell for his feint. He was baiting her to find out her speed, reaction time, and possibly hit strength all with one exchange.

Yule: Asami saw him coming and was thankful she had him go first. She would wait until his fist was about an inch and a half away. She kept her stance but quickly moved both her arms in an attempt to block. She tried to block his left arm with her right hoping their forearms would connect as she shoved his arm away. She wasn’t focused on that move though, it was his other hand she was focused on. When Asami had first become a nurse she had been with troubled teens, they fought with her often and she had learned how to read muscle movements. She spent a great deal learning about it and now it came in handy. Asami would bring her left arm down and take the blunt force of his punch with the palm of her hand, it was going to sting but it was better than her gut. If this worked she would push down and move her torso to a straight stance and bringing her left leg up to kick him in square in the chest. This blow would cause him to fly back at least four feet, since her legs were strong. All this banked on her being able to block his blows though.

XxdensukexXTetsu was impressed that his uppercut had been blocked. She was obviously skilled in her fighting style and a gifted boxer indeed. His fist would be pushed down, and Tetsu could see the muscles in her body forming into a kicking formation. At the angle of the leg, and his own positioning, Tetsu could obviously see this aimed at his chest. And there it was. His reflexes again, acting on point as always. The kick was coming twords his chest, and he was already calculating how to dodge it. “3…” he thought. There were only 3 ways to dodge. And Tetsu chose none of them. He took the blow to his chest, and was pushed backwards at least four feet. She had good legs indeed. He held his chest, as he had a numbing sensation. For someone of his physique, taking blows is a choice, but a demanding one physicaly. He simply took a wing chun formation and stood there awaiting for her next move. He’d determined her hitting potential and could tell she too was baiting him. He stood paitently to see if she was the charging type.

Yule: Asami pulled her leg back and looks at Tetsu. Her head tilted to the side a little bit. ‘He just took that blow? Why would he simply take it…A kick like that would surely cause numbing..’ Asami thought to herself. She had been kicked like that and had a painfully numb experience. She pulls her fists back up into the boxing stance and then started to jump a bit like a boxer. She was ready for more, she would love to see what he had. After bouncing a little she stopped and looked at him. “You must be pretty strong to take that hit… A hit from these legs can be deadly. You had three different ways to do it.”Her voice was calm and strong. She was waiting for him to make a move. Those who make a move first tend to lose in a fight. “You gonna get serious now?” She smirked a little at him hoping to make him just a little miffed.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu took note: She’s observant indeed. He may not be able to bullshit his way out of this one. For a minute. Just a little bit he was going to let loose physicaly and see the result. It was a rarity he got to do something of the sort, and not hurt something or someone. He took a different approach this time. He once again rushed at her in a blur, this time he would attempt two strikes : one aimed at each side of her abdomen, with a double thrusting motion. Should this blow connect, he would follow up, by dashing to the young womans backside, and by grabing one shoulder and throwing  her in his general direction tossing her, a good 4 feet as retort for the blow he took earlier. However Tetsu had formulated an additional strategy as well. If the girl would block her torso by pushing her arms down in the standard boxing guard, he would then proceed with a step in axe kick, moving his leg at the particular speed of 45mph. Should his back up action follow through the girl would be face down, on the ground, but he’s sure she would find a way to protect her face. His foot would reamin on top of her upper back should this all go through. If the girl found a way to counter, this would be suprising but expected.

Yule: Asami would see him blur and then jump into the air, landing on his arms as they thrust out. She put her hands on his shoulders and flipped over him and stood at his back. “Well…That was interesting, nice try though.” She would turn and put her arms around the man in a choke hold. He could of course grab her arms and flip her on the ground but she was willing to take this risk. She put a force on his neck that was almost enough to knock him out. She then took her right leg and pushed her foot into the bend of his knee pushing forward, if he didn’t do anything, and then would twist her body to the right attempting to take him with her and pin him against the ground. If she succeeded in this she would then sit on his back with her knees on either side of him and hold in the choke hold still.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu smiled at her movements and her graceful dodge. Once he was flipped off of like some kind of beam balance, he would be shocked at her attempt of a choke hold. Impressive since she had taken his back turned opportunity. He allowed her to lock the choke hold. And all the same he was smiling, for the only logical approach she could take from this angle was obvious. His knee buckled in ward and he fell face first to the ground. He wanted to see how far she’d push him and all the same test his own durability in the matter, though he was certain it was enough to endure simple choke hold, he wanted to test it anyway.. Once pinned to the ground face first, he could feel her arms tightening around his neck. Through gritted teeth he would say: “very good. But…” Since his arms were free as he did not resist, and kept them outstretched the entire process of this choking maneuver, he would place his arms on the ground, and with his free legs, he would push up into the air about 7 ft, 3 ft shy of his maximum physical jumping potential. Once at the peak of his jump the females arms should loosen from the shock of his maneuver, but more than likely they wouldn’t.  would then proceed to summersault forward in mid air. His training in gymnastics gave him almost unmactible aerodynamics, and as him and the girl on  his back descended, he would flip forward at least 5 times, building momentum. Once Tetsu noticed, they were close to the ground, in as little as 3 heart beats he would calculate the exact position he would need to outstretch his hands. This would cuase his body to land on top of hers with the built momentum and force nessecary to not only release her grip but cuase considerable back pain, and sudden loss of breath. Should she let go before the slamming maneuver  happened, all would be well for Tetsu was planning on catching himself with or without her on his back. Had she let go in mid air, Tetsu would simply kick up from his reversed spring board landing on his hans, and proceed to take his standard wing chun pose once again awaiting her next move paitently.

Yule: Asami grabbed on tightly to Tetsu and wrapped her legs around him as he flew into the air. ‘Shit’ She debated pushing off his back but held on tight. She would hold on while he flipped and when she hit the ground her arms flew out and she started to roll on the roof, in backwards somersault motion. Her back would get all scrapped and she would hit the ledge with her head. She’d regretted not jumping off his back down. Her head was on fire in the back and her vision grew blurry. She groaned and knew she was going to black out. Her head felt a little wet in the back and she laid there a few seconds before she passed out from hitting the wall.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu freaked out! "oh my god! I-I'm sorry! ahhhhhhh shit! shit! shit! shit! Tetsu didn't hesitate by any means. He ran quickly ripped off his shirt, and and secrued it to the back of the girls head, and quickly lifted her in his arms. " gotta hurry!" with her in his arms secure, tetsu leaped form the 3 storie building, and landed directly on a red corvet, crushing the roof of the car on impact, but keeping her safe and secrue in his arms. After landing, he quickly hoped off the car, and channled chi into his legs, and began to run at a staggering 79mph, sprint, passing most cars driving at the speed limit. Ducking and dodging between streets, and cars. even keeping up with a few, he rushed her to the District 1 hospital immediatly. upon arival, he was sweating and panting. the nurse was smart, and asked no questions. She quickly called for back up and got a team of doctors to tend to the girl. "how in the world did this happen?!?" a doctor looked in shock at tetsu. "uhhhhh...........she fell. from a high plac- LOOK DAMMIT HELP HER!" And with that tetsu sat out side the emergency room and decided to stay there day and night until she made a recovery. IF she made a recovery. "Please let her make a recovery......"

Smooth Tetsu... you beat up a girl.... smooooooooth operator. Lets see what happens next time in YMRP.. * DBZ MUSIC PLAYS, CD skips, goku comes in my room, knocks over fan and snaps lap top. Grips me by my throat and he throws me out the window*

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