Attackers in the Night...?


DarkKeyome:“1… 2….3….4….5…..6…” I said practicing my moves in slow movements it was about 3am at night already and the sun was down clearly spring time air illuminated the air as I stood on top of the Kagemaru, or better yet K-Maru Corporation building. It was one of the highest buildings in district 2 if I say so myself, I could see easily out from District 3, all the way to the large domed out District 4. I always wandered about that place… what was in there…. Ahh but anyways I had been waiting… they were on there way here they had followed me since last nights meeting with the two vigilantes, they made sure to keep track of me, to keep watch of me. They had even followed me home… I allowed my arms to drop and when I did, Oni Appeared in front of me my demented Chi within my body, it was morphed around my insanity into a complete replica of me that only I could see… or maybe I was just fucking crazy. “Hahahh… hey Keyome, I swear with all the pussy you attract… we should have a pussy give-a-away charity type thing. Buuttt said thing is…. With all the pussy you attract you never go for it anyways! Bahahahhahah!” My eyes shot over to my alter ego my GI blowing lightly in the wind as 6 women flipped from the shadows of the building. “About time… you showed yourselves.” I said looking around, Tch... Skin tight clothing… Katana’s…. they look like fucking Ninjas. “Who are you guys…?” They all smirked and began to speak in Japanese… The leader stepped forward and pointed her long Katana at me. Her long blonde hair moving in the wind as her tight purple skin tight suit showed every curve in her body. You could even see the slit from where her cunt could open on those things. Her breast was also tightly covered in this tight cat woman suit… her nipples bleeding through as her jade eyes focused on me. Her hips wide and her ass thick and plump all of them were all of great female design… the perfect assassins… “我々はドラゴン彼女は...死ぬ準備をしなさい (We are she Dragon… get ready to die)” Said the leader I shook my head and rubbed the back of my neck…. Wasn’t often I got to speak in this language… I lifted my head my voice coming out in a deep and stern tone. “私を殺す? Keyome Tasanagi!? あなたは馬鹿でなければなりません。またはあなたを送った死の願いを探して... (Kill me? Keyome Tasanagi!? You must be a fool. Or looking for a death wish, who sent you...)” The women began to look at each other before the leader spoke again. “われわれの情報源、またはプロバイダは、我々は外に販売していません。あなたはかなり氏TASNAGIをかき混ぜる引き起こしてきた。そして、あなたは人々の多くを怒らせました。私たちは、あなたの自己を沈黙Readyたブレードでなければならない...影犬スカム... (Our sources or providers we don't sell out. You have been causing quite the Stir Mr. TASNAGI. And you have angered alot of people. We shall be the blade that silences you prepare your self... Shadow Dog scum...)

DarkKeyome: I took a step back readying myself as the women began to approach me. They surrounded my body in all directions seeing that it was 6 of them. One on my left, one on my right, another behind me, the leader in front. The other on the southeast of me, and the last one on the south west of me. Hm… this is a weird method and tactic to try to utilize on. “I don’t have time for this shit...” I said to myself as I pulled my GI off exposing my shirtless self to the women. Scars from battles before littered my body my automailed arm glowing in the night air as I got down into a basic fighter stance, hands up, right leg in front slightly spread apart. “COME...” I said as the women charged at me all but one was wielding a Katana. The one on my right had long purple hair she slashed at me aiming for my neck which made me bend backwards matrix style as the blade flew past my head barely nipping off my nose I came back up to my feet only to see two men attempting to impale me on my right and left side of my stomach. Shit there fucking persistent. I leaned to the right and left in a quick succession but the one on my rights blade did catch the left side of my stomach as the blood began to trickle from the blade. Due to both of the women still moving from there attempt at trying to impale me I was in the middle of them, I rolled my shoulders and with a monster like strength I pushed myself forward clotheslining them both into the air. Once I bull dozed them over I landed by rolling forward on my feet. Ahh but I didn’t have time to relax the leader was coming up from the sky with her blade swinging it down in an attempt to impale me. I threw up my automated arm to block the hit letting her blade get caught in one of the grits of my arm. “Hahaha… 惜しい Bitch…” I said as I moved my arm to the right in a hard jerking motion snapping her blade in two.

DarkKeyome: Immediately two of her girls were coming in from my blind side and by now I was starting to get pissed off, I pulled my legs up in a quick capoeira technique type move knocking all 3 of the girls away before I landed back on my feet. I did a flip backwards after the kick just to get a nice kick in the jaw by one of the girls from my left saw. As soon as the kick connected I jerked the girl down to the ground and made her hit it stomach first. My right leg cocked back I wailed it in the girls face making her go rolling off. Two more girls had pulled shuriken like weapons out slinging them out at me in attempt to flank me. I moved but my human body wouldn’t allow at least one of them to make mark. One of them lodged me deep in my shoulder. “GAHHH!” I said staggering they didn’t hesitate… they all charged me at once slashing left, right, up, down. My body was moving witch each strike managing to dodge most of them but some would sadly make there desired destination on my flesh. They had backed me onto the edge of the building. Two girls again went to impale me but I dropped my self backwards on my hands, throwing my legs over my body. (You know when someone recovers from hitting the ground and does that cool flip back up move. That’s what I did.) The blades went right over my legs as I pulled my self back up springing myself in the air sending two elbows into the top of two of the girls head with a loud crunch. A muy Thai tactic that was. Both girls hit the ground with a loud THUD. The leader was charging from the right with her broken blade I weaved taking the blade in my grip and judo flipping her to the ground and then smashing my knee into her neck quickly jerking my body to the left to indicate the kill. Once I did this, the other girls began to back off. “ダウン3... Three to go...” I said walking to the rest of the girls who were now backing away. I charged they attempted to run but I pulled her by her long green hair and smashed my automailed arm into the back of her head… dead. I tossed her to the side. The other two were blabbering in Japanese as I walked over to them laughing sadistically to myself… I could feel Oni embrace again… it felt like I was alive… Two minutes later I had the 2nd to last one in my grip in the air as I choked her to death and then broke her neck tossing her to the side. One more was left… and I had already broken her left leg… no escape. As I went to finish her off… I felt no rather heard something in the back of my head. ‘Don’t Keyome… don’t fall and be consumed by this…’ I stopped… to look down at the female assassins…. All dead around me… I watched the one before me sobbing for her life as my eyes that were slanted with delight. Were now widened with grief. Quickly I called my men, making them clean up there mess and ordering them to take the last girl to get emergency care… but to leave her in my office… so that I may squeeze some information on who’s out to kill me to hire female assassins after a few hours of nothing we let the girl go to send a message to ay other She Dragons feeling like they want to fuck with me. I took nap... and called Isabelle though it went to voicemail ahh but I left on the voice recorder me asking if she could meet me at the gym... I needed to let out some stress..

The Meeting... Supressions of a Dark soul.

IzzyDaPada: Daichi and Daiki looked at me with serious and concerned looks to their faces. "Ms. Nakayama I don't think this is very wise..This could possibly not end well." I had already gotten into a decent attire. Something easily allowing me to flow into moves. Gloves to protect my hands. Seemed fair enough. I looked at the twins through my mirrior as I looked at them both in the eyes. "Its just his dojo. Its not like..he plans to kill me. Or I hope he doesn't." They both frowned at me. *Twins..always sharing the same thoughts..* I thought quietly to myself as Daichi answered first. "Ma'am. As much as we realized you had fun with him the other day..And Daiki put his life on the line for the clan. This isn't the perfect time to put your life at risk." I let out an exapserated sound, along the lines of a sigh. I turned around and looked at them now. "You both work for me no? *twins nod* Okay then. That is solved. If I must, I will bring my head of security with me if it makes you both feel better?" They both quickly nodded to that. That of which seemed to quickly to me, but of course I wasn't going to argue back with that. The new man of my security I had hired was well, he had a shady past. But of course, who doesn't? But from what I read over his background from the cities he had a criminal background but you know. I should have one for myself, so I had no room to judge. But I thought he would be perfect within our ranks protecting me..the lounge..and the girls. Which the boys didn't do perfectly well. But I needed more help. Simple as that. As I pulled out the phoen from my purse I flipped it open ~as I am slow on the technoligy wave these days~ and sent a message of Yuuta's way asking for his presence at the Kagemure's Dojo in District 1. At that I left Kamishichiken District, and headed that way. After what seemed...forever, possibly only 10 minutes or so I arrived at my desired location. I let out a breath and stepped out of the car and approached the location. *..I don't know if I should knock or walk in side..I shall walk in and hope to god I don't get shot!" Making the decion to myself I entered the dojo and looked around quietly to see if I could find anyone of help, or find Keyo. But, I found myself interested in my surroundings as I let my eyes travel around the room taking in what seemed to be pictures of former fighers? *Hmmm...* I pushed my hair off my shoulders as I looked around..*I probably should ahve put my hair up..oh dear..*

CastielCaoin: Yuuta Ozawa, The most recent person taken in by District 2’s, Chairwomen Nakayama. She was one of the most beautiful people in the 2nd district, guarded by two weird twins in his vote but it didn’t bother him. Just recently he was offered a job by the generous woman. As her head of security, he had to answer messages from her promptly incase it was her life on the line. He was eating ramen in his apartment when he heard the sound from his phone and he immediately picked it up. As He jumped up he would run down the steps from his apartment and reach his car, a beautiful Lancer Evolution, that just recently he was living out of. He pulled out and began to work the engine. As he raced down the street he reached over and flicked on the neon and with that led lights ran along the decal lighting the eyes and pieces of his dragon decal on the side of his car. His tires screeched as he drifted corners and avoided other cars. As he went to the location mentioned, The Kagemure's Dojo in District 1. As he arrived he would step out of his car leaving the neon on and the key hung on his belt buckle. His black hair draped over his face with the single white strand covering the deep blue eyes he had as well as the scar along his face from his trip to prison. He moved closer to his boss sticking along the wall and his colts strapped to his legs. Underneath his jacket lay twin hard wood half staffs as he looked around quietly =

IzzyDaPada: I shifted my glace to see Yuuta finally arrive shortly after we did. I offered him a smile. For his age he did carry himself well, that would draw in females his way. If he chose too. But I would personally cut down these...tramps that touched those within my clan. *Such a threat Nakayama.* I turned my glance back to the middle of the ring to see Keyome train his kids within the Kagemaru. They all seemed like good eger kids, though it did look like they were taking a beating from Keyo personally. Approaching as he addressed me I offered him and the rest a smile. He did stumble at almost addressing me as Hajime's girl, though no longer am I that. Hopefully that will end sooner rather then later. "Pleasure. Seems like I need to step out of a certian someoens shadow more. But thank you for your hospitality Keyome." I offered him a poliete bow. Rising up from the bow I shot an indication towards Yuuta. "Also let me introduce the newest member of Wakaisha..Yuuta Ozawa..He is head of my security team." And the twins new found best friend...and someone they can exchange my whereabouts..and their concerns with..good lord..its like I am royality.. yet I do not wish to be. *Ayyeee. It feels strange..all of a sudden* Something in me flipped on its side, like, something of not good feelings just pressed into me..maybe I was just feeling things. Who knows.

CastielCaoin: Yuuta watched the training with the kids training with the man at the center of the dojo as he nodded to his boss standing in behind her flipping open his coat, his hands resting on his hips showing his colts, not on purpose just because he was trying to look protective over her. He take it upon himself to look around through his hair and nod to his boss when she introduced him, giving a light bow to the group infront of him- Thank you miss.- He would say softly as he took a step back to let her be the center of attention as it bugged him to be up front like that. He was too quiet to be out right talkative-

DarkKeyome: Oddly enough Isabel showed face, Oni left. Hm... so... he is the entity of my own corruption before my very eyes. I shook the thought... Quickly I averted my eyes back over to the women that stood before. Dressed in a Martial arts Attire I could tell that she was ready to fight and didn’t even know why I requested she come here. “ But yes, im sure your wondering... just why I asked you to come here right?” I said sliding my fingers through my spiky black hair. “ Well first, I was going to ask you about She-Dragons... after I went home last night... OH and sorry I couldnt make it back to your place, I hope you and Nami didn’t mind. I was just really out of it. But yes anyways. I uh, was attacked by assassins last night that went by the She-Dragons.... vicious women they were. If you have any information on who they may be working for please let me know, cant have a bunch of psycho females trying to kill me all the time right hahahaha” I did my awkward laugh and coughed showing a serious face one more. “ Ah but anyways.... have you ever heard of Hadou? Or Chi? Haji never was into the stuff so I don’t know if he shared with you about this...” Me and Haji had the same Sensei for the most part though he was more fascinated in weaponry, technology and guns. I just wanted to be one of those action heroes in the movies. “ Chi, is the inner energy within everyone... it can either be... Dark Hadou, or Light Hadou. Or Neutral which most people are. Depending on one's chi it will vary how it reflects on there personality and way of thinking. I know this sounds like bull shit right now haha, but just.... just hear me out.” I sighed and looked at her, and then her body guard. “ Spar with me, and ill show you what I mean...” I said to the women my eyes going low and slanted showing the seriousness in my expression. I thought she needed to know this. This city... just isn’t a safe place. Everyone should know how to defend themselves. “ All humans have Chi, or Hadou within there bodies depending on if the body is pure of mind and spirit. ( thus why super soldiers don’t and practitioners of EVO don’t as well.) I need to see if you can activate yours like I, and a few others that I know can.” I said taking a few steps back. “ I surely hope your body guard wont mind us throwing a few punches, I PROMISE NOT TO HURT HER.” I Said to the man waving my hands and laughing playfully. “ I need you to fight me... as if you were trying to kill me understand?” I said to her getting down into a Normal stance for a fighter hands up, protecting my face and chest, legs slightly spread apart. “ Yes... or no?” I said to her letting my hair fall over my face before I re-tightened my head band to make sure that wouldn’t happen again.

IzzyDaPada: I nodded my head quietly looking at Keyome. "Of course. Not every day I get requested by the Chairmen of the Kagemaru Clan." I offered him a teasing smile. "I vagly recall the names. But I do not affiliate myself with outside sorces such of that nature. Expect those within my clan and those within the Yakuza that call upon my skills..Besides that..I know nothing of these She-Dragons..I am sorry for not being much help." I offered him a bow as I apologized. Which was true I knew nothing of these women, but it wouldn't be hard to find out..Rising from the bow again. "But I will lend any information I hear if I learn anything." That is what was true to my clan..we learn information, and if another clan saught information, we give it. But we didn't cross loyalties. Nor were we loyal to just one clan, or one person. Bring dragged out of my thoughts I listened and watched him explain about..Hadou. "I have never heard of this Hadou. But I have heard of inner Chi. But no..Hajime never spoke to me about that. I was formally trained in weaponry..hand to hand and the arts of the fan as a weapon..He never talked, or taught much." He went into further explaining what it was. When he asked me to hear him out, he had already had my interest. I shifted my glance to Yuuta speaking to answer Keyome's statment. "He won't mind." I gave him a nod, an indication to in a way stand down. As I turned my sightes back on Keyome, I stepped out of my sandles as it seemed rude to walk into the dojo with them on. I took a place a good distance away from him and dropped into a basic stance. My legs bend, one foot infront of me. Arms extended one at my torso and one out infront of me with my elbow bent. "Yes." Was the asnwer I gave him and of course my stance I took to back up my answer. I may lose to him but thats okay, learning process.

CastielCaoin: Yuuta would nod to his boss and walk to the table, he figured this would take a while so he respectfully removed his boots and sat on the could quietly removing a small black box from his pocket as he removed a colt from his side immediately popping out the cartridge so that way he wouldn’t die inside the dojo. As he opened the black case he would unclip the gun and remove the barrel as he continues to clean his gun, something he did in his spare time at home and whenever he wasn’t needed. He would clean out the barrel and the grooves inside the barrel aswell as wiping down the gun, hoping someone here wouldn’t try to murder him for having his guns out.-

DarkKeyome: I could feel my chi began to flourish through my body as I closed my eyes. I watched her get into her stance nothing in particular just a stance. I hope she would be able to handle me... im sure she would be. I sighed closing my eyes as I clenched my fist my hair exploding upward ina burst of wind before I took off at the girl with a blurring speed. The distance ( possible 10 feet away.) was short so the distance was rather easy to close in. in less than 5 seconds I was in her face eye to eye with the women. To anyone not trained I could have easily been moving faster than what the human eye could be able to read it properly. As I closed in the distance my left arm was cocked back when I appeared before her, a burst of wind would more than likely over take her causing her hair and clothing to whip back wildly as I 'Suddenly appeared before her.' My right arm was already cocked back, quickly I sent it out my right arm as if it was some kind of bullet aiming it into her gut with an explosive force attempting to knock the girl about 5 feet back my shoulder was slightly slumped and with the force applied it could possibly cause her diarrhea (XD) if the hit was taken full on.

IzzyDaPada: I'd take in a breath and let it out to calm myself. What I didn't expect was his hair to explode like it did. *Well this isn't what you would expect on a daily basis. I kept my eyes on him, but in less then a few seconds in was infront of me. My breath caught in my throat as I stared him in the face as the wind wipped my hair and clothing around. But my eyes never left his face. His arm had shout out towards my gut but I had quickly brought down my arms and caught his arm with my hands causing me to take the force of his assault in my arms as it sent me back 5 feet away. It sent shivers up my spine as it rang up my arms. Shaking my arms out to shake out the feeling of his power in his arm. I would look at him. My turn now..I took in a breath then let it out centering myself. I pushed off my foot and ran at him I had him locked in my sights with a stern look. Something was deffinetly differen't within me. Normally if I was..battling to the death, I would have a push to whipe out filth. But this was different. I was determined, and willing to push myself to get an upper hand on Keyome. Even if it was just a thought. I had ran up to him sending out my out stretched leg into a kick to his unprotected organ in the body, and a soft spot and the first spot I aimed for with a good enough force to knock out the air out of him if it connected to him.

DarkKeyome: I saw as the girl came at me charging at the speed that she was moving in. I had my arms up so that her blow did strike me where she had intended it to but I had tightned my stomach up before the move made contact with me allowing it to 'ease my pain' in a sense, her blow rocked me hard making me cough a bit as my right eye closed to show the flinching pain. Her hit made me stumble back just abit but I had my hands up in a boxing position. My eyess stayed focused on her own I used my left hand to swing back in a smacking motion as I leaned my body back with it at the same time at the speed of 20mph causing said hand to move in a blurr. This wasnt to strike her but simply throw her off guard enough to do my next move but the move could result in closed back hand, meaning getting smashed on the left side of her face with enough force to make her head jerk to the left along with my hand. quickly after her hit made contact with my stomach area like she had wanted I lashed out a swift 2 hit combination, one right hook and, a powerful left uppercut aiming to hit the woman in the chin with just enough force to knock her into the air by 2 feet, after this prosesure was made I would have twisted my body as she drited back down to the ground from the uppercut, with a strong rough house kick to the woman’s stomach once again. The force I applied to said kick would cause her body to got somersaulting back by 4 feet before she hit the ground if it connected.

IzzyDaPada: I didn't rejouce as I made contact to his side where his kidney was. *Lucky shot* I thought to myself. I didn't see him send out his hand into a back hand motion, as it caught the left side of my face causing my head to jerk to the left as I let out a muffled sound and cause myself to push my foot into his side to push him off balance as I bounced off to the left. Moving my jaw around I rubbed at my jaw with a frown on my face. I took him in my sights now. As he sent out a right hook I stepped back to avoid it, as he sent out a left uppercut I caught it within my grasp. With his force sending me up with his weight. With that, I took his arm into my grasp as I shifted so now that I had wrapped my legs around his waist and then with all my weight I pushed down on the back of his knees which if it was successful he would fall down to his knees onto the ground, as I pulled myself down I pulled his arm behind him to put him into a awkward position.

DarkKeyome: When she gripped me like she did I had managed to pull the girl but when she swung me down to the ground I had became powerless in a brief moment she had her arms wrapped around me tightly and was gripping... my automailed arm I looked up at her lauahing a bit. She was struggling so had. With my Automailed arm I simply bent my elbow which caused us to tumble over making me roll on top of her, then her roll over me we were spinning so fast... until the last spin when I tilted my head up just a bit and “MMMMMmMmm....” I blinked... my lips were pressed onto her own she had manged to roll ontop of me this time my eyes focused on her own as my lips smoothered her own. A Dark red burned across my face.

IzzyDaPada: I had his arm pulled back but he let out a laugh? This honestly should be hurting him..wait a minute..Oh shit! I pulled the wrong arm back. *Good going Nakayama!* He bent his elbow which I don't know what happened but it caused us to tumble and roll over fast causing me to let out a small squeak as I finally was on top..of..Keyome?..and..he was..under me?? *Ayyeeeee!?!?!?!* It all went silent in my brain and what felt everywhere else..Keyome had tilted his head up which our lips met. He wasn't the only one blushing..a blush was spread out across my cheeks as I blinked at him.

DarkKeyome: My eyes lit up when I felt the warmth of the kiss and I quickly sprang to my feet. “ D'aahh... D'ahhh.. UM... GOOD FIGHT..” I ran to my locker giving her this book that my sensei gave me years ago about hadou. My cheeks were hell red and I was speaking super fast. '” SOHERES THEBOOK ANDINKNOW THAT YOUCOULD EASILYFIGURE IT OUT SO I WONT STRESSSS ITTT.... ANYWAYS I HAVE A METTING IN A FEW HOURS ANYWAYS GOTTA GO, BYE BODYGAURD DUDE, SEEYALATER TALKTOYOULATER, ADIOS...GOOOODDDBBYEEEE...” By this time I had been out of my Dojo... running full speed down the road like a pyscho.... the bro code..... the bro code... * holds self shuddering*

IzzyDaPada: Shooting up at the same time as he did, my cheeks still aflamed I would avert my eyes while he was gone going over in my mind. *Oh my god..I kissed him..oh my god..* He had given me a book to read on..something, I didn't catch it because. He was talking to fast. "A-Alright then..Take care Mr. Chairmen.." I looked to Yuuta with still blushing cheeks.."Lets go..uhm..I think its important we return back and go over some things.." I stepped out of the ring slipping back into my sandles and walked out of the building and back to my own district but all the while..I glance lingered out the window as my hand drifted up towards my lips as I still had that last rememberence touch of his lips. *Did..I just..kiss...Tasanagi..Keyome...I didn't..wait I did..No..Wait yes I did..oh god AYEEE!!!!!!!* I had rested the book on the seat next to me as I put both hands to my face and covered my face. "Ayeeee!?!?!?!?!?!" I was so over whelemed with feelings. Nervousness..giddyness? Other feelings I simply couldn't put my finger on. *So much is going on..I can't keep up.*

Timmeeee... In the city.

Pallas: -It has been the day after the meeting with Keyome and Donnie is determined to win this tournament just so he can get his shot at Keyome. The day was barely dawning as Donnie is outside in his training clothes with Zero and Hunter. Zero says sarcastically-"You can't beat the both of us! haha"-Zero charges at Donnie and throws punch after punch. Zero's speed was amazing for a man who has no prior special abilities like Donnie. And while Zero throws the punches, Hunter jumps into the air attempting a double axe fist drop. Donnie uses his Super Speed to zipin and around the punches of Zero and has a smile on his fac while doing it. Then Zero flips backwards as Hunter comes down for his attack. Donnie raises his arms up to block the attack and takes it head on. The impact of the punch and defence cause a loud uproar and the dirt from the grass to slightly rise up around them. Then Donnie grabs onto Hunters large left arm and tosses him into the floor. The impact of the throw caused Hunter to groan a loud-"AUGHHHH!"-Donnie then bonces around the training area like Ali and says to Zero-"You guys have to try harder than that to take me out haha."-

AzuresatoRyu: For these few hours Miyuki had gone out to sit on her balcony that wasn't too high up from the grounds. The sun was out and she saw a potential relaxation moment just waiting for her however as she laid down on the porch she couldn't held but watch Deadshot and the other two babbling and fummbling around to fight eachother.. Something about a tournament that Miyuki just didn't understand but it was still interesting to her to watch him work. In order to avoid stareing she simply shut her eyes to come off as asleep or resting at the most but in reality she was paying close attention to the figures a few feet below. Her body was donning a nice little arrangement of swimsuit; a baby pink colored striped white bikini ensemble.

Pallas: -Hunter slowly gets upand walks over to where Zero is and says while coughing a bit-"Why don't you just do what you came out here to do."-Donnie smirked and said-"Fine...if we want to rush training to that point then yes...I will do that."-He slowly shuts his eyes and puts his hands together. His hand placement resembles that of the Manga Character Tien from DragonBall z when he prepares his Tri-Beam attack. Now as Zero and Hunter waited to see what was happening, Hunter asks-"What the hell is he doing?"-Then after a few more seconds a small wind spun around them. It was light but can stil be felt by the people around them. If you could read the energy within a person, you could see Donnie's moving around like a smooth river. Then suddently his body jolts forward like a lightning bolt(Figure of speech). His speed greatly increased from the Super Soldier Serum, but his eyes still shut. As he jolts forward, the grass below him cuts across his feet from the pressure. As he almost flies over to Zero, he throws his fist forward and lets the rate of his speed and the mass of his fist do the work for him. The fist makes contact with Zero's jaw as the mask he wears dents inward like a soda can. This sends Zero flying backwards like a rag-doll. After flying back a good fifty feet, Zero just layed there unconsious. Not dead, just knocked the fuck out. Hunter looked at Donnie with wide eyes, thinking to himself-"What the fuck just happened!? I didn't even get to see it!"-Then Donnie looked over to Hunter and slowly opened his eyes. As his eyes slowly opened, Hunter raises his hands over his eyes to even see as the light coming out of Donnie's eyes were blinding him. Once Donnie's eyes open fully, the brightness dims and becomes a center. The glow was still huge but not blinding. He then says in an almost demonic voice-"Like it? I figured I can give "The Other Guy" some time to play HAHAHAHA!"-He then jumps into the air, swinging his leg around to make impact with the side of Hunters jaw and sneds him flying over to Zero. He looks at the two of them and says-"This is what will be the end of Keyome Tasanagi. HAHAHAHA!"-

AzuresatoRyu: Her eyes opend wide and she sat up. This caused those D's to bounce a tad and her hair to shift a little so it fell over her shoulders. Such speed, she'd never seen anything like it and to hear that he was planning on utilizing it against someone in battle; it almost made her cold from the fear. "...." He truelly was a monsterous man and yet..he was so careful and kind when they were at the fair the night before. ' Deadshot!! do you want somthing drink?" She tried her best to call out with a louder voice than before but it was difficult for her.

Pallas: -Upon hearing Miyuki's voice, Deadshot looks up at her with the glowing blue eyes. "The Other Guy" as Donnie so carefully nicknamed him says to Donnie within his own mind and asks-"Is this the girl?"-And Donnie replies to him-"Yes! Now let me back out so I can talk to her!"-At that moment the blue glowing light slowly dims away and reveals the normal bright blue eye color that Donnie has. He looks at her with a smile and says-"You know when you dress like that, it's hard for me to focus on training haha. And sure why not. haha."-He then turns to look at his two teammates and says-"You guys should train more. Haha"-

AzuresatoRyu: Her cheeks burned bright pink when he said that about her attire and her hands hurriedly tried to cover her breasts and pelvic region. Hurriedly she rushed inside, slipped a robe on and she tied it as she descended the stairs to go to the kitchen. Her grandfather was attempting to figure out the playstation sitting by the large TV so he was thoroughly disracted. "" She opened the refredgerator in order to grip a carton of what appeared to be some kind of blue drink. She didn't think much of it and she poured out three cups of it, set them on a plate she found nearby and she headed outside.

Pallas: -As she made her way out of the house, he laughs a bit about the fact that she put a robe on. He then looks as she brings out a blue drink. He had no idea what they were and couldnt exactly ask Zero or Hunter what it was. So he just asked Miyuki-"Where did you get these drinks from?"- He waited to hear what she had to say before he would take one. The last time he let someone give hi a turned him into a Super Soldier. So asking is a smart thing to do now.-

AzuresatoRyu: "Ah..." she looked down at the cups and she smiled to herself before she answered him. "There was a small thing downstairs full of colorful liquids.. so I figured I'd just give you one!~ It looks like blueberry!" Of course it had been a joke but for someone like her who was not used to telling those sort of things or even having the ability would have seemed like she was completely serious. In her mind she was the funniest person on the planet .She nodded quickly, with that same little grin on her face. He didn't get it obviously so it kind of faded. " was a joke..' She whispered a little and held the drinks out further. ""

Pallas: -He looked at her and still asked-"Did you get these....from the basement? There's a lot of downstairs in this house."-He was not trying to be mean, but he wasn't exactly about to swig down a liquid that could be toxic to his or her body. He is very paranoid like that and will not let it go until the question is answered.-

AzuresatoRyu: She shook her head, smiling nervously. " the was joking.." She said it louder now because it seems he didn't hear her the first time. It had been an awkward failure on her part.

Pallas: -He looks at her and grabs the glass slowly. He then chuckles a bit and takes a sip. And after he takes the drink he whispers to her-"SO how long have you been able to see? Or is it just a sensory thing?"-After asking this question, he takes another sip of the drink as the two men are just barely trying to stand back up on their own two feet.-

AzuresatoRyu: "!!" A gust of wind went by and she seemed to be gripped by silence. she hadn't expected him to catch onto her secret that honestly she did very well to keep hidden. She was glad he had the decency not to blurt it out so she'd be jumped with questions from the other two. "...." there wasn't point in denying it, clearly he knew. "...I..can see shapes..." she remained vauge about it.

PallasPallas : -Upon hearing what she said, he says-"Don't be nervous. I won't tell anyone about your secret haha. We all have secrets Miyuki."-He gives her a refreshing smile and goes back to drinking his blue liquid. Now at this time, the two others slowly make their way over to them. Zero's mask dented completely on the side of impact. They both then say-"Hey Miyuki. How are you doing?"-They both grab their drinks and take a sip of it. Of course, Zero has to latch the mask off of his face.-

AzuresatoRyu: She giggled a little, so as to seem as happy as she usually was and hide how nervous she had become. It worried her when he said what he did , she tried often not to think of the secrets he might have. " I'm doing look hurt.." Herhand lifted and set against Zero's cheek and she neared him. Her touch was gentle, just as it usually was but she had yet to come into contact with either of them besides Donnie.."...." she took her hand back then and she let it rest by her side. A screech sounded nearby, common sounds like cars driving by but she looked in the exact direction it was coming from and seemed to be staring for a long time at it. She wasn't telling him everything about that sight of hers...

Pallas: -As they all heard the screech, they all looked to the sound. Then Donnie says-"I wonder what that could be."-Zero and Hunter both looked at the direction of the noise and also wondered what the sound was. Donnie peeked over at Miyuki and then back to the area of the sound and said-"Well lads, I guess we should at least go check it out. Mask Up."-Donnie no longer needed his mask but for the safety of his Hideout and the plan, he did not go maskless. Donnie gets Zero a new mask as they all get on their motorcycles. Donnie looks to Miyuki and asks-"You wanna come?"-

AzuresatoRyu: She blinked, jolted out of her thoughts. she looked down at herself in her robe but she nodded and she ran inside, later on she came back out dressed and ready to go so it seemed. "..Alright!" When they took off she was sat behind Him with her arms grasping around the base of his abdomen holding on tightly, it felt like a roller coaster all over again..everything was blurring by and giving her a bit of a headache but she stayed pretty quiet.

Pallas: -As Miyuki gets onto the motorcycle, Donnie hands her a small earpiece to put into her ear so they all can communicate to eachother while they go and check the sound out. Then they all rev up their rides and begin to roll down the street to the sound. Then Zero comes through the mic asking Miyuk-"So how did you like your first date with the D-Man? hahaha"-Then Donnie's voice comes in and says-"You don't have to answer that if you don't want too haha."-SOon after that Hunter joins the convo and says-" was that bad hahaha"-Then all the men start laughing. They were waiting to hear what Miyuki says while they laughed.-

AzuresatoRyu: Miyuki winced, it was hard to focus on this thing, closing her eye never helped her when she got these headaches, but this sort of question deserved n answer. Her grip on Deadshot tightenedand she finally spoke up. "..He's really nice to me." That was all she said, it was all she could muster honestly since she was so embarassed. Ha...Her eyes shot to the left..and she gasped. "Stop!!!" Around the corner, where Niether men could see but her someone was speeding along and about to turn sharply..Miyuki could see this...however normally it was a blindzone for all drivers.

Pallas: -They all laughed at what she said and then Zero added to the joke by saying-"Awwww D-Man nice? Wow, he must really like you then haha."-Then when she tod them to stop, they did. And after looking they too saw the people speeding off in a car. Donnie gets off the bmotorcycle and says to Miyuki-"You go ahead and drive this beast haha. I'll catch them faster on foot anyways."-And immediatley after saying this he bolted off to the car. His eyes slowly brightning up as his speed begins to rapidly rise. His feet move like a flash as he chases after the car. A one story house comes infront of his path and he bends down and leaps over the roof and lands on the center of the roof. He lookd around and sees the car speeding off and he jumps off the rof and chases after it. His Super Soldier Serum making him like a human lightning bolt. And all the while Hunter and Zero are trying to catch up. This is a good little test just to see how strong the Super SOldier Serum really is.-

AzuresatoRyu: "...?..." Miyuki was left sitting there by herself on this giant monsterous cycle. Her legs were shaking and her heart was pulsing, she'd never driven one in her life. "......" Cars behid her honked loudly and caused her to squeal. she hit the gas and SHOT forward, speeding past Hunter and Zero not too soon after. "EEEEYYYYAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Meisu341: -Meisu came home to his small apartment to see a box alone in the middle of the hallway. Since he was in a secure apartment complex that normally no one lived there, it was safe from anyone wishing to steal it for any reason. Meisu was dressed in his business attire since a long day of talking with clients and meeting new ones. Meisu raised his eyes at the box as it was strange. He wasn’t going to he stupid because this was normally a calling card of a crew of gangs that used explosives. They tend to a small gang and be under the radar as to not get caught or noticed. He figured as much with a box that size would easily take out this floor instantly with a detonator switch. It didn’t matter anyways, laughing alittle and continued walking to the box and quickly taking out a small small device within his sleek black phone. It was a bud of some sort as he placed the bud on the box gently and turned on the phone as the phone acted as a small scanner as the bud emitted a short ranged surge of energy that would perform echo-location to see what was inside the box. He got this toy from selling some unites of these supplies from a company to detect bombs or anything within a object. It was a casual unit as he suddenly stopped to realize that the box had money inside and a letter. He opened the box to see a device and a timer on it. It wasn’t a detonation timer because it wasn’t attached to anything as it had a letter, as Meisu quickly opened the letter and took out the paper to read that there was 100,000$ within the box neatly packed and he had 2 hours to make it into 500,000$. The familiar man’s name was at the bottom as he smiled gently and nodded to himself. A challenge and a easy one at that. He quickly placed the letter in his suit inside pocket and walked with speed outside the complex and to his bike.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu visited the hospital, after a loooooooooong day of crime fighting. He had brought the girl flowers. Red roses, to be exact, a dozen of red roses. This was the fifth bunch of roses he brought for her, as she lay there sleeping. He didn't know if she knew he was there, or not but he didn't care. he'd done wrong. Took that extra mile in a fight, he never meant to seriously injure this girl. This is why Tetsu usually holds back, and prefers to not compete for these kinds of things. Though he did enjoy the sport, looking at the result made him regret it completely. He felt sincerely bad. After sitting the flowers down, he decided to take a seat beside her bed, as he'd done every day since the incident, and check on her progress, and monitor her recovery.

Yule: Asami had been sleeping a lot lately. Her head hurt a bit but it was her own fault. She should have jumped off his back and not held on… she went over the fight in her head a few times before she fell asleep yet again. When she woke up she saw another dozen of red roses. She smiled at the sight. He must have felt really bad. She stared at the flowers a little longer and then noticed someone breathing in the chair next to her bed. She turned her head slowly and winced, her neck was sore and she looked at Tetsu, who looked worried beyond belief. She then said quietly, “I should have jumped off your back when I had the chance.” She smirked and then waited for his reply.

Meisu341: ((2)) -100k to make 500k within 2 hours was a bit difficult. He didn’t really like working with a timeline this low but it was a nice challenge to get his long list of things to do off his list aswell. He could easily go to his clients that he was at before he came home and throw in the 100k that was given to him to the clients and tell them that if they buy more from him to equal 500k or more, he would give a nice little discount. But, he didn’t wish to go across the clients as a man that hands out discounts and offers like a madman. No, he needed to do something a bit heavy and also get his hands dirty to profit him not only in money, but also in his mind. He continued to get on his bike and placed the money box shut and packed in his backpack with his other items including his two silenced balanced pistols. These pistols were a trademark of his but he also preferred his blade but that was only if he really wished to get his hands dirty. He didn’t want a mess and blood all over his neat suit, it would ruin the professional look of his attire and the stains would never come out. He drove off, his suit blowing fast as he didn’t yield for traffic or anything else. Still being a safe driver, but making sure to stay off the main roads and avoiding the other cars but most importantly traffic. He knew where he was going with haste. Within the inner alleyways was a thorn in his side that was a rival ‘salesperson’. The was his rival because he was the opposite of Meisu’s methods of working; ripping off clients, dealing with the wrong people, stealing money and giving his products out for free. That’s what made him the most out of everything was this man was GIVING his items that he was suppost to sell for his ‘provider’, but instead this man took his job for granted and no one was wishing to stop him. He was scum and made his job look like a joke. Meisu didn’t like this one bit as he met this man way too much within his line of business. Time to pay this man a visit, personally. Meisu zoomed through the alleys quickly, throttling up and down through tight corners and passageways. He had to be not only be professional, but also flawless with what he was about to do or else he might be in the middle of a fight and that would waste too much time. He looked at his military watch to see that 20 minutes flew by. He sighed through his bike helmet as he knew this wasn’t going to be a short meeting with a scumbag. This was going to take time.-

Pallas: -Zero and Hunter were aying the catch up game with Donnie and now Miyuki since she just rolled on past them. They sped up as well just to catch up with her. Now far ahead of them, Donnie is racing after the car as he slowly makes his way to the edge of the car. He growled almost like an animal as he raches the car. He reaches his arm out to try and grab onto the backend but slowly inch misses. His eyes begin to slwly glw a little more as it gives him a slight amount of extra power. He leaps into the air and crashed onto the roof of the car, leaving a dent in the roof. He then begins to rip the roof off of the car and toss it away to the street. What will happen next?-

AzuresatoRyu: Miyuki, watched this distruction for a second but, that was a bad idea... She began to lose control over the vehicle and had begun to frantically steer, this caused the bike to soar into the air after skidding up a conviently ramp shaped board not too far from the scene.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu perked up seeing her awake and looking a little better and couldn’t help but simile. He saw her wince at the twisting of her neck and he felt bad, but wouldn’t let that stop him from being glad that she was okay. “I don’t wanna say I told you so, but I kind of thought you would jump off. You’re a risk taker and it’s very admirable. But even so, I shouldn’t have put you in that predicament…..” Tetsu’s smiled faded as he looked at the condition she was in. he couldn’t help but feel remorseful.

Yule: Asami saw his smile drop and grabbed his hand giving it a squeeze. “I wanted to take that risk. That’s one of the best spars I’ve had in a while. I’m just glad you agreed. I’ve learned a lot and you better be looking forward to a rematch.” She smiled and then took her hand and patted him on the cheek lightly. “Perk up buddy! I’m not dead, that’s the worst that could happen. And look…I’m just in the hospital with a gash in my head and a few scratches on my back. This is nothing…If I’m going to continue in my line of work I’m going to have to be a lot stronger. So thank you for sparring. I’ll get better.” She smiled and then looked at her roses. “I bet those cost you a pretty penny… Why red? Did you know they symbolize respect, courage, passion and sincere love?” She laughed a little. “Or at least that’s what my mother told me before she passed away. And then my godmother told me the same thing. I’ve never really believed in such things.” She turned her head back to look at Tetsu with a smile. “Look at me, I’m just saying nonsense.” She laughed a little and smiled at him.

Meisu341: ((3)) –The man didn’t live far away from him which made it very easy for Meisu to travel to him. He knew where the man lived because they met up in dealing with clients at the same time, in the same district. This was rare for a salesperson like Meisu to ever meet another within his territory of selling and the first rule for salesman like him was never take clients that were already another salesperson’s in the first place. But this man did not care, he only wished to have money and more clients for his database to rip off and use. This made Meisu a bit pissed off as he tried to compose himself and make him focus, but the anger of that man using others for his own gain made him kinda upset. With time to spare, he finally got to the man’s house. It was a apartment aswell as he parked his bike next to the apartment gently and got off, taking off his helmet and walking towards the doorway. This place looked similar to his own apartment complex as if it was the same layout in a way, he would know where the man would be at. Since the man was a salesperson and was like Meisu, he would have a room on a upper floor and with the most windows. Most businesslike men preferred a higher floor and windows with a view because it made the room seem more expensive and nice. Taking that information, Meisu looked at the windows and seen nice smooth black blinds on three large windows next to the balcony. He quickly walked in and double-checked his work as he took out a small paper with a name scribbled on it. The white paper was much like the napkin he carried within that had names and titles on it to remind himself about the names of people he knew or to hold key interests. The man’s name was ‘Gato Momushi’ as he looked for the last name on the mailboxes but to his surprise there wasn’t a single mailbox unit to be found. He had to think of another way to get to him and not just look around. He checked his watch and noticed that a hour already went by. He sighed with a smile as he didn’t have enough time to have a drink at the dinner after he was finished. He looked down the main hallway until he noticed a apartment cleaner and devilishly thought ahead of time what he was going to do. Meisu walked up to the woman as she was a lovely lovely girl, alittle order than him and was carrying the body language of that she looked very tired or stressed. He played to that as he walked up to her speaking smoothly- “Pleasure seeing you again miss. My, you seem to be having a bit of trouble like myself.” –he played off a sigh as she was hooked to him, trying to remember where she would have met him- “…Come on, don’t you remember me?” –She wouldn’t have remembered him at all but with his voice and his body language it would make her seem as if she has forgot. He spoke again to her with another playful sigh- “Oh well, I guess you don’t remember me. But I am Luke Momushi, Gato’s step brother. It seems that I have forgot where my brother’s room is and he isn’t answering his phone. Can you help me?” –He smiled greatfully as she smiled and nodded saying that she would love to help. She pointed to the elevator and told him that Gato was on the 3rd floor, room 307. Meisu bowed to her and smiled once more thanking her as he turned around and headed to the elevator quickly. Pushing the button automatically, the door opened luckily as the elevator was on the ground floor. He smiled joyfully to himself as he got into the elevator and pressed the button for the third floor, hitting the close button for the doors to close faster. With luck the doors slowly closed as Meisu was on his way to see his ‘lovely stepbrother’-

Yule: Asami saw his smile drop and grabbed his hand giving it a squeeze. “I wanted to take that risk. That’s one of the best spars I’ve had in a while. I’m just glad you agreed. I’ve learned a lot and you better be looking forward to a rematch.” She smiled and then took her hand and patted him on the cheek lightly. “Perk up buddy! I’m not dead, that’s the worst that could happen. And look…I’m just in the hospital with a gash in my head and a few scratches on my back. This is nothing…If I’m going to continue in my line of work I’m going to have to be a lot stronger. So thank you for sparring. I’ll get better.” She smiled and then looked at her roses. “I bet those cost you a pretty penny… Why red? Did you know they symbolize respect, courage, passion and sincere love?” She laughed a little. “Or at least that’s what my mother told me before she passed away. And then my godmother told me the same thing. I’ve never really believed in such things.” She turned her head back to look at Tetsu with a smile. “Look at me, I’m just saying nonsense.” She laughed a little and smiled at him.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu blushed as she touched his hand. He turned a  light red, but listened to her words carefully. He was glad to have tought somebody something, other than how to feel pain. He smirked at a rematch, and imagined she’d be twice as hard to deal with the second time around. Thinking about it gave him the giggles. And a funny feeling, as he invisoned her in that training outfit……..He heard her remark about the roses, and blushed ever redder than before saying “oh no! uh! It’s not non sense! It’s just well you know, I always thought roses, were to symbolize…..all those things you said, and also best wishes. And I bought a lot because I’m REALLY sorry again. I mean you know. I just met you, but so far your pretty cool. The roses wernt expsensive I promise.” He smiled at her touches, as they left a tingle on his skin, he actually enjoyed. His first encounter with a girl was indeed awkward in his mind, but he didn’t regret it one bit. Except the head busting thing…..

Yule: Asami saw him blush and smiles a little. ‘He’s quite the innocent guy. That’s hard to come by in these times.’ She thought to herself and then she smiled more at his comment about the roses. “They do symbolize that just depends on the color.” She laughed softly and closed her eyes a little. She started to feel a little tired. “Well thank you for them.. Hey do me a favor…Help me stay awake. I don’t want to fall asleep yet.” She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him. She was happy she had someone to talk to right now. He was a cute kid too. She wondered how old he was and just decided to ask. “How old are you? And…what do you do for a living?” The second part was only a second thought. He had to be doing something to have that kind of training and to be able to jump that high. Asami could jump as high as she was tall, which was five feet, with no problem. But he had to use chi to jump as high as he did. She was very curious now and wanted to know more about Tetsu.

Meisu341: ((4)) –The elevator stopped at the 3rd floor as the doors opened and Meisu walked out causally through. He looked at the shiney gold lettering on each door, looking for 307. 302, 303, 304, 305, 306… and then there was the final door 307 on the right of him. He stood in front of the door and adjusted his suit and pulled his tie gently, taking it off him and allowing it to dangle from his pocket as went through his inner suit pockets to get out his black grip gloves. They were much like latex and leather as they were great for his profession, best 70$ he ever spent. He placed them tightly on his hands and then gripped the broken down tie and took the small metal support bar that was on some expensive ties to make the tie sturdier. He placed that in his glove neatly with a smile as he made sure he could move his fingers with the metal within his glove. Now, its show time, his fingers knock on the door as he put his head down, looking at his nice clean shoes to cover his face and hide his face from the peephole. He heard mumbling on the otherside with a rude voice shouting to the door- “WHO IS IT? IM BUSY” –Meisu replied with a chuckle- “…Youre doubled parked in the parking lot, sir.” –he spoke as he knew Gato drove a pretty nice car that would notably be in the parking lot. IF he didn’t awsner or didn’t take the bait, he would simply break the door down. Luckily, steps were heard from inside the room as the lock slowly unlocked as the door slowly opened. To great the man was a dumb smile of Meisu’s as he looked up to the man greeting him.- “Oh… Hello~” –Meisu seen Gato in his casual attire, just a white dress shirt with his suspenders holding up his grey dress pants. His hair was messy, showing that he was either napping or just got home from a stressful day at work. But right after the hello was a sudden slam of Meisu’s leg right hit on the door causing the door to slam open with a brutal speed towards Gato’s face. The door would hit Gato in the nose knocking him back as his larger figure stumbled onto the floor holding his nose, cursing. Blood was running down a slow stream out of the nostrils of the man as Meisu stepped in, adjusting his jacket- “I...I…remember you! Your that salesperson that--!” –The man spoke but didn’t have time to finish his sentence as Meisu sent a clean toe pointed kick to the man’s chest making Gato clutch his body with pain and leaning over onto the ground. This was going pretty smooth fully as he was ahead of time.- “Sorry Gato, but I have no time for your talk. Its time you paid up for all you have done to my territory and my profit.” –Meisu spoke out to the man as he walked around Gato slowly, looking for any weapons.- “F-fuck you!” –Gato replied to him, spitting out at Meisu as a small bit got unto his white dressshirt underneath Meisu’s black suit. He looked down at his shirt to see the stain as he sighed, knowing that that small spit stain would not come out and now his favorite attire was ruined.- “….I hope you don’t mind… but Im borrowing a shirt.” –Meisu said as he smiled stomping hard on Gato’s shoulder to make him lay on his stomach hard, pressing the heel of his expensive shoes on the boney part of Gato’s shoulder blade. Quickly, Meisu wrapped his tie under Gato’s throat and twisted it in his hands, tightening it. Gato sputtered harshly and attempted to flail around to get to Meisu but failing to get to him because of Meisu standing up and had the height advantage over all.- “I understood you were weak but I had no idea you were THIS weak, Gato. Funny… I guess I am making good time afterall!” –He chuckled to himself as he was slowly draining the life out of Gato painfully slow- “I think it’s the least I can do is give you a faster way out than just strangling you to death…” –He kept speaking to him as Gato wasn’t even paying attention, still trying to lift his body up or to get free from him. Meisu shrugged as he noticed Gato wasn’t paying any attention to him and simply pulled the tie hard with both hands up, whipping Gato’s head and neck up to a complete 90 degree and snapping his neck instantly. Meisu heard the crunch of the neck breaking as he took his tie off the bruised neck of the dead Gato and straightened it out slowly.- “Hmmm…. No wrinkles…” –he spoke to himself and then smiled alittle- “Very nice.” –Now, that was out of the way, Meisu went into his bedroom and searched around for his business things. Gato had to keep them close to him since he looked as if he just back from work not too long ago. He looked at his watch and noticed 30 minutes passed. Time flew as he had 30 minutes to find Gato’s things.-

Meisu341: ((5)) –At least he found himself some nice shirts to use as he took one and put it on, placing his old shirt in his backpack that was still on him. From moving the shirts he finally noticed a briefcase in the closet. He took it out slowly and went into the front room where Gato laid. He knew this was Gato’s case because he seen him carry it around with him when he made transactions with the clients. This was his business case. All his information on clients, money information, provider lists, and everything should be inside. Meisu attempted to open the case but it was lock. He chuckled and looked over to the dead figure.- “Craftly bastard, but you are against a man that is prepared” –He knew that Gato would not be that stupid to just keep it unlocked. It was a combination lock as Meisu took out the small metal object that was in his glove and placed the small metal slab inside the key lock on the side of the combination sliders so the businessman would have a option to just simply lock it with a key also. He used this metal slab to unlock a lot of cases before as it was just the right size to get inside the hole and force the lock. A slam of his palm to the metal piece’s end made the case open. Meisu lifted the case lid as he noticed a unmarked cellphone, cards, a client list, a small list of providers that he was linked to, and a small laptop. Meisu loved what he seen as he had enough information to make a cloaked bank wire to wire some money right into his hidden bank account. With no time to check through it all, He closed the case and walked over to the kitchen next to them both as he turned the stove on. He looked underneath the sink for anything he could use to cover his tracks up as he nodded and smiled at a can of pesticides that was nice and thick enough. He quickly sprayed a quick layed on the dead body and sprayed a line to the stove’s heater. It was thick and wet enough that the heat would cause a fire to spread right to gato and burn up the body enough to be unrecoverable for prints or anything of Meisu. With the heat on high, it wouldn’t take long for the fire to happen as he placed the can on the stove to cause a explosion of the pressure inside the can and cause the liquid inside to cause a small fiery explosion to make his presence inside the apartment untraceable. But the flames would be small enough that it wouldn’t be noticed from the neighbors or anyone else until it was too late. Knowing he did well for the profit of his own plus got rid of one scum ball out there, Meisu continued to the stairs. He didn’t want to take the elevator , too noticeable right now as he opened the door and went down.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu replied quickly to her request. “Yea, I can do that my pleasure.” His starting smile would turn into a biting lip, as she asked him what he did for a living.. The age thing he had no problem with, but it’s not like he was going to say “oh I’m an 18 year old martial arts, and combat expert, with mastery of over 100 styles, and was bread from a young age to kick any and everyone’s ass. Also I use more of my brain than anyone else AND Imma superhero. You know that dark god guy?” That would be undoubidly dumb. So Tetsu knew he had to scam one over. He usually had no problem lying, but this girl made him feel….different. he didn’t want to lie to her, but he knew the life of a hero was a lonely one to begin with. Tetsu began to wonder how the hell peter parker pulled this off. Tetsu opened his mouth after a breif pause and said “Well I’m eighteen and……I am a martial arts instructor. For the GMAF. Yes, I um, was chosen as the youngest instructor for my unusual skill, and I train every day, in my ahem. Martial arts and acrobatics.” Tetsu could not tell her about his ACTUAL training which was FAR more than just “martial arts and Acrobatics” but he couldn’t give away what he actually was or what he could actually do. However he thinks this alibi should work, all he’d have to do is either avoid trivial questions or answer them on the fly. Easy right?.......................

Meisu341: ((6)) –He took out his phone and called his bank as it slowly rang. He trotted down the steps quickly as he was awnsered on the phone by a woman. He gave his information as he wished for the transfer information and details to be strictly off the account as it would be a ghost transaction, unable to be traced or seen by anyone but the account holder himself. He gave out Gato’s information and told the banker on the phone that Gato wished to close his account and that he was his assistant. The bank teller told him it was fine but he would have to have Gato’s information. As Meisu was coming out of the stairway, he took out the information of Gato and his bank account information that was in the case and read it off. She thanked him as Meisu quickly walked through the doors of the apartment and to his bike. The banker took awhile as the sound of keyboarding was in the background as she was typing up the closed account of Gato and wired the money privately into a empty account. Gato had accurately 758,039$ within his account as Gato money purely came from dealing with Yakuza and ripping off others. Over the years being in the shadows of others and taking money left and right he collected quite a lot. Meisu placed 700,000 within the untraceable and private account and asked to place the account on a password activation method as the password would be ‘GOODENOUGH?’. The banker kinda laughed at the password name as he chuckled aswell, getting on the bike and started it. He then thanked the banker for being so nice. She giggled and thanked him back as they both hung up as Meisu placed his phone back into the pocket and placed the helmet on his head, taking off. As he left, he looked to the third story window as he seen the red and orange tint within the windows as the blinds were slowly going up in flames. He turned back around and headed back

Yule: Asami heard his hesitation when he started to talk about himself. She looked him right in the eyes, he may not have realized he was doing it but he was blinking a lot. That was a tell-tale sign of lying. She waited until he was done lying to her and then pushed a button on the side of her bed to allow her to sit up. After she was sitting up she patted the bed hoping he’d come sit up there with her. Assuming he would sit with her she would put her hand on his shoulder, if he didn’t well no big deal she’d just look at him. “You know…I studied the human body a lot in college and high school. I became a top nurse here at this hospital and can technically qualify as a doctor. Knowing all this stuff I also know much about psychology and human nature. You are lying to me. I know you are. You don’t have to tell me the truth about what you do, but I request that you don’t lie to me anymore. It’s not exactly a good way to make friends ya know.” She smiled at him. “I’m twenty one by the way. I may not look it, which everyone says I don’t so I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t think it. I’m a nurse as I said. I’m also part of another organization. Which I’m sure you wouldn’t know much about it. But that’s okay. I also studied in martial arts and acrobatics. I’m sure you could tell that though since you are an…instructor.”She looked at him and then laid her head back on the bed.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu stood dumbfounded. “This girl can read muscle movment even better than I can…Impressive. I’ll have to brush up on that in training.” He thought to himself. He hesitated to speak, but then let the words flow smoothly: “Look I wish I could tell you, but honestly it’s….well one: you wouldn’t beilive me. Two: It’s not safe for either of us, and I just met you, which would make it even more dangerous, and Three: I don’t want to hurt you anymore than I already have. So, for our sakes, lets pretend that I am an “instructor.”  A really good one, who’d………..”Tetsu paused and scratched his head. He was trying to look the girl straight in the eye but couldn’t bare to do it. He looked up, and scrathed behind his head, a bit, his suit shifting esily with his movement. Tetsu actually kinda hates suits, but his figured usually worked them out. He sighed and then spoke aloud: “Ah….well to make it up to you…I’d like to train again or……like…..” Tetsu was pasusing to often and had to think of something. “go……………eat some fish?” Tetsu had the goofiest smile on his face, due to sheer embarrassment, and fear. “I mean you are grown! And like you know, I get that you’d wanna do that with someone older, and I am in school so you know, it’s pretty stupid but I do kinda owe you and ah fuck I’m rambling…” Tetsu held his head down in disappointment. The word “fail” flared through his head.

Yule: Asami only shook her head and smiled. “I’ll go ahead and assume for now all those things you just said. But just so you know…I’m a skilled fighter who can take down a man twice my size. I am also a medical specialist. Asami smiled when he mentioned training again and then laughed when he said they should go get some fish. She thought his smile of embarrassment was cute and smiled more. It’d been a while since she smiled like that. “I’d be happy to train and…get some fish with you hehe.”She took his hand in hers again and leaned forward and kissed his cheek softly. “Rambling isn’t a bad thing.” She smiled and hoped he didn’t think she was some type of cougar or something.. Now she felt like a fail. She let go of his hand and then put it in her lap. “I’m sorry…I hope I didn’t just make you uncomfortable…” She looked at her hands and bit her lip. She was being stupid.

XxdensukexX:Tetsu listened to the girl, and nodded. When he heard his offer at a “date” was accepted, his smile was so bright, it made the sun look a like low wattage light bulb. When he received his kiss however, Tetsu’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets, in shock. He stood there, and released a really weird grin, with his mouth dropped open and a noise coming from it, sounding like this “da hahaha guh”. Tetsu quickly composed himself. He’d just had his first kiss. Sort of. Kind of. Tetsu never had contact with women and for it to finally happen after eighteen years of living was astonishing. He saw her face however, and suddenly words, Tetsu didn’t even think he had in his vocabulary broke out. As he took her hand in his and said” Hey. You didn’t make me uncomfortable. I mean not to sound hasty or like an awkward nerd but…..I mean if we ya know. Spent some more time together. It could be something. Or maybe nothing at all….It’s really what we make of it you know?” Tetsu in his head felt cool, using the line from a song by Drake entitled Something. He spoke these words, and had a warm smile on his face, and for the first time, he was being honest with someone. Not hiding behind a mask, impersonating, or doing any work. Just being himself.

Meisu341: ((7))-He got home and neatly placed the suitcase on his table within his dining room and opened it up. He turned on the laptop that was on hibernate and took his laptop and turned it on. He plugged his phone into his own laptop and turned it on a program in which was to find the cellphone or payphones around the districts. He looked into the databanks and the client listings of both Meisu’s and Gato’s old list as he narrowed down the clients he stole from Meisu and among other things like friends Gato knew and his other allies that may wish to go find him. The name that was listed on the letter that he then took out of his suit pocket was ‘Keyome’ and he thought he knew that name was familiar by the time at the diner but he wasn’t so sure really. Anyways, He searched up the name as it didn’t come up as many people in the districts that had the name even close to it. He modified the search more as he finally triangulated his search to a building in another district than him. He marked the location and called the number and modifying the call through the computer to make the call go straight to voicemail leaving this message- “I am calling to say that the job was easier task than I thought. I am not a man to gloat his own victories or any of that matter but I have not only given you your 500k but I have also pushed a bit more money on the side… just to keep you interested and to note my work and professionalism. I have the wiring number to a enclosed account with a password called ‘G-O-O-D-E-N-O-U-G-H-?’…” –He spelled out the password to the person’s phone as he continued- “Also… I will have pictures showing that your 100k you put in the box is completely safe and that the progress is legit. I will give it to you when we meet again. I do not want it….” –he inhaled as he knew this was a long voicemail- “Anyways, Have a nice day.” –He ended the convocation ending the call and then going to the box of cash and taking a picture of it with the phone and also taking pictures of the time date and the timer on the box with only minutes to spare. He send them to the phone as he knew for sure he got the right phone. He then closed both laptops and got up to the kitchen, going to drink his last soda from the fridge. His hand suddenly shook as he reached for the fridge, gripping the handle hard as he sighed in a stress filled tone. It was getting to him as his body was starting to show signs of his medication wearing off. He shook his head and cursed, forgetting about the soda and going to his door, locking it tight. He then ventured off to his bedroom and laid on his own bed and tried to get some sleep

Yule: Asami saw his smile and couldn’t help but smile herself. She giggled a little when his mouth dropped open and his illegible words came out. “I’m glad I didn’t make you uncomfortable. And I don’t think you could sound like an awkward nerd. You are more the cute nerd type.” She stuck her tongue out at him with a smile. “We should definitely spend more time together. I’d like to get to know the real you. And hopefully you’ll be able to trust me someday. Then you wouldn’t have to keep your secrets. Also…the you behind the guise, I like him..He’s real.” She smiled and then was hit with a wave of fatigue. “You wanna come sit up here?” She scooted over in the bed and made a spot for him to the right of her. “Again sorry if I’m being a creepy lady. I hope I’m not coming off as that.” She looked at him with a worried look on her face.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu couldn’t help but laugh a bit himself when she stuck her tounge out at him. It was cute. Really cute. Tetsu had made not only a friend, but a potential dating interst. Even if she was older, it’s not like he was getting any younger. “Well, tell you what”, He said while accepting her offer at a spot beside her on her bed. “When we get to know each other, I’ll tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m warning you though. My story is not for the feint of heart you know.” Tetsu kinda laughed at that phrase, as he rarily used it. He was happy to be exchanging banter with the opposite sex, instead of a criminal he was about to smash up. “And your not a creepy lady. Actually, your probably the first person ive “opened up to” since I was born. At least somewhat.  I’m pretty much the standard loner”. He said with a grin, he couldn’t take his eyes away from hers now, when a second ago he couldn’t look her in her own eyes………..Whatever spell she was casting, Tetsu was not resisting at all.

Yule: Asami was happy he took her up on the offer and sat next to her. “I’d love to hear about you. My story is almost the same. I’ve watched destruction since a young age…and it’s never gotten better. So to end destruction, I’ve joined destruction. It that makes any sense. It might not since they have me on some strong pain killers.” She laughed a little. “I’ve tested so many things on myself, like herbs and poisons I’m immune, so they have to give me their strongest stuff and it really works, let me tell you that.” Now she was rambling. “But…not that that matters…I’m glad you can open up to me. I’ve never really had someone to talk to either except my godfather. But he wasn’t the sentimental type, he was more business-like. And I can’t imagine you being a loner. You seem like you’d be popular in school. With all your charms and what not.” Asami looked back into his eyes with a smile. She was sure her blue eyes were sparkling with interest.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu listened to her brief description. He started to wonder if there was more to this girl, with her unbelievably cute exterior. He was shocked to see that she was a poisons expert, and also immune to them as well. He retorted to her last statement: “OH ha-ha. Well uh yeah, I’m pretty much a solo kind of guy. Honestly all I do is train and better myself physically. Then that’s really it. I walk a lot. Can’t drive for shit, so parkur and gadgetry is really my keys to success. I can relate to how your godfather might have been. My pops was the same for a while when mom died, but eventually we reached and understanding and became close. Sort of. We’re still distant at times. I’m always out, he’s at home, doing his lil scientific nick knacks and what not. He’s the one who made this fancy watch I’m wearing. The one that had the grappling hook.” Tetsu held up his watched, and showed her the feint glowing blue lights of the touch screen watch.  It was his prized possession, and his aid for just about anything in and out of costume. After showing her he’d exclaim: “so what’s your story? I promise I’ll tell you mine this time for real Oh and before I forget, what’s your name? I don’t think we got around to introductions.”

Yule: Asami listened to his little story and then laid her head on his shoulder she was getting tired, thanks to the pain killers. “I’m Asami. I’m a little troubled with my story, because you see..I witnessed my parents’ death when I was young. They were killed right in front of me…It pushed me to strive for what I am today…a nurse and…a yakuza..but sssh don’t tell anyone please..” Her eyes started to close of their own will. She really didn’t want to sleep yet. “I want to get revenge….They will pay for what they did to my family…And you can bet that I’ll be the one to take care of it…” Asami looked up at him before she closed them again. She was so tired. She absentmindedly curled up against him and sighed. “I’m really sorry…but I’m so tired..Please stay here until I’m awake again?” She didn’t really know what she was saying anymore…though in the back of her mind she knew she was being pathetic and stupid. “I’m sorry I’m so pathetic..” Those were her last words before she drifted off into sleep.

XxdensukexX: Tetsu payed attention with every word, taking it all in bit by bit. But it was hard, because even though she was doped on pain killers, she looked amazing. Something about her hair, face, and smile kinda…….enticed him. Like the right amount of clouds in the endless blue sky, he just wanted to stare for a while and enjoy the view. “Asami huh….”Tetsu thought to himself. “That’s a beautiful name.” Shock came when she revealed that she was a Yakuza member. This put tetsu’s morality into a real confusion. He hated yakuza. The lot of them. But this girl….she was so unlike them. Tetsu though of Yakuza as glorified dogs, who had the world in their palms, and never gave a damn about anything or anyone. This girl made Tetsu realize the big picture: yakuza or not, they’re all human. They feel. They eat, they live, they breathe, and they die. In the end we’re all the same. Coming to this realization, Tetsu had to stop and take a look at himself. Was he worser than the a Yakuza? Using violence to achive a goal, through brute and savage means? And how could one girl boggle his mind like this? One special girl, who he’d just met and hospitalized. These thougts ran rampid as she told him her story. He felt sympathy. Someone he could connect with finally. At least someone he knew of. Tetsu wanted to tell her that he wasn’t going anywhere. He wanted to tell her he’d stay. But she fell fast asleep. And Tetsu wanted to as well. He murmerd aloud “Heh…I’ll stay. And if you catch these words, my names Tetsu. Tetsu Ryoji. And your not pathetic. Your great….”Tetsu felt feint all of a sudden. He laid back on the hospital bed with her head on his shoulder, and just laid there. He didn’t want to move. Just lay there with her and talk. Waste the day away doing nothing. No training, no crime fighting. Just talking. Then his watch beeped, meaning his dad had picked up some trouble. He knew what this meant, and it hurt him: He wouldn’t be able to stay. He bit his lip, and sucked it up. He clenched her softly and laid her down, in her bed, replacing what was his body with a pillow, so she’d feel comfortable. He wrote down his phone number (which is actually his watch’s communication reach) and left it by her bedside. He opend the window of her hospital room, and took a look back. “Lets do this again some time….Asami”. He didn’t know if she could hear him, but he had to let it out. He wasn’t in costume, so he’d have to stealth this one out. He grappled to a near by ledge, and off he swung into the afternoon. Onward to do his duty, if he could call it that anymore. He wanted to see her again. This much he was sure of.

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