Killing for the first date

Pallas: -Donnie and Kaito walked aay from Isa and her two bodyguards after he had revealed his face to them. As they walk away, Donnie notices the time of day and realizes that it was time for them to rest up. Donnie and Kaito get a few hundred yards away from where all the killing had gone down. They both look up upon a very red wood looking tree. Compared to all the other trees around here, the size of it would stand out to the people in the forest. But Donnit felt that this is a good a place as any to rest up for the night. He looks at Kaito and says-"Go grab some rocks so we can make a fire pit. I'll grab the wood."-Kaito did what he was told and went out to go find rocks. As the kid did that, Donnie uses his amazing energy skills and leaps high into the air. The top of the tree being four hunred yards in the sky, his body rises like a missile. Then he softly lands on one of the branches of the tree.-"This is probably the best wood in the whole forest."-He walks on the branch and breaks off huge pieces of bark with his claw like hands. Finally, after a few minutes of work he leaps back down to the ground. The sound of him hitting the floor would echo throughout the area but he wasn't really caring if someone came this way. As he reached the floor, Kaito was being an overachiever and had already set the pit up for Donnie to use. He says to Donnie-"It's cold...I am ready to heat up haha."-Donnie smiles under the mask and then drops the wood inside of the pit. Kaito looks around and then asks-"How are we going to light it?"-Donnie then begins to dig around in one of his pockets and says-"With Matches."-He then puls out a small box of matches and grabs four of them. He then runs the matches across the metal of his mask as they all ignite. Afterword, he puts them in the center of one of the wood pieces so that it would slowly start the fire. He even grabbed some smaller twigs so they can help get the fire going faster. The first day of the tournament seeme to be coming to a close as Donnie did accomplish some things. He killed two gorillas very violently and made a new friend. Even his run in with Isa wasn't as bad as it could have been. Kaito lays down and looks into the sky and says-"Look it's a full moon! Look at all those!"-Donnie laughs a bit as he too lays down against the hard dirt floor. Then Kaito strikes up a conversation-"What would you do with the money Donnie?"-Donnie looks up into the sky and says to the boy-"I don't know Kaito....I can't really say I'd spend it on anything. I came to this tournament to fight someone...not for the money."-This causes Kaito to look over at Donnie and say-"Then why are you helping me and not going after that person?"-Donnie had to pause for a moment because it was a good question. But then after some thought, Donnie turns to Kaito and says-"Because you need the money. I may be a demon to the world but I like to think I can help those when they need it most....I'm not the hero the people deserve....but the hero it needs."-Kaito smiles and says-"Thanks Donnie...You are no demon to me."-It got quiet after this and then Donnie finally said to Kaito-"Thanks kid."-

AlessandraSkar: 'I have the best ideas in the world, don't I?' Kaori Gin Masumoto thought to herself with a grouchy look on her face after having to swat the hundredth mosquito out of her eyes. The damned things were literally everywhere! Hell, she could've swallowed a few without even knowing it. She inwardly cursed herself for thinking that this tournament was a good idea. Why didn't she just play her shot at the damn lottery or something? So many questions filled her mind as she stepped carefully over tree roots, pushed away overhanging branches that threatened to gouge her eyes out, and looked around for dangerous animals. If there was one thing that she probably hated more than mankind itself, it was the fucking outdoors. On top of the fact that it was hot and the sweaty coating her skin was making her favorite pair of pajamas stick to her, there was the lurking fear that she would be eaten by a wild bear or something. And the rules of the tournament had been laid out quite clearly: Collect 5 medallions to move on to the next round. No weapons. You could die a very painful and tragic death. Fantastic. Suddenly, a twig snapped directly behind Kaori and she instantly whirled around with a start, her mixed blue and green eyes darting left and right in alert. Oddly enough, there was nothing behind her. Just the fucking forest. “Pfft. Fucking squirrels.” She muttered to herself, and just as soon as she turned around to face forward again, it seemed that a pair of feet quite literally materialized out of thin air and was headed straight for her face. “Shit!” She gasped, snapping backwards into a backbend just as an unknown figure went flying just barely a few inches above her. Thank goodness she was so flexible otherwise whatever it was would've taken her head off. She jumped back to her full height, spinning around just in time to see a fist come at her face. She raised her left hand in front of her hand to block, pulling back her right fist and slamming it into the side of the figure's head as hard as she possibly could. The strength of ten oxes sent the figure flying through the air and right into a tree trunk, hitting the wood so hard that Kaori could literally hear the bones in his body shatter. Kaori's eyes narrowed as the figure slid down the tree trunk and landed in a motionless heap on the ground, cautiously creeping up to it with one hand on her hip and the other hanging by her side. “Hmm.” She hummed in thought once she approached it, her head tilting as she then realized exactly what it was. “Fucking ninja.” She growled through clenched teeth, sending her heel so hard into the body that it went rolling and skidding across the hard-packed earth like a soccer ball. “Did you think it was a good idea to sneak up on a crazy bitch in pajamas, ass hole!” She shouted at him as if he could still hear her, then froze in place. Her head turned ever so slightly as she began to hear rustling sounds that started from one spot a distance behind her, then began creeping all around. Her eyes narrowed. More were approaching. “Alright then.” She tilted her head to the side far enough to pop a few bones in her neck. “Who wants to dance with me?”

Pallas: -Donnie and Kaito both heard the sounds of what looks to be fighting near the end of the tree. They of course were on the opposite side of the tree trunk, though the sounds were extrmely loud. Kaito says in fear-"Is it another Gorilla?"-Donnie slowly stands up and focuses his hearing and scent finding to print him a picture of what is going on at the other end of the tree. He hears the same voice and smells the same scent of the woman from the boat. Though because of her sweating, the scent was a slot stronger. Kaito waits and begins to shake and scotts closer to the fire. Donnie looks at Kaito and then says-"Wait here kid. I'll check it out."-He then focuses his speed and began to make his way to the other side of the tree, keeping himself hidden in the night. Then, in a matter of seconds he is sitting in the tall grass and looking at the woman. "The Other Guys" voice came through Donnie's head and said-"Lemme do it! Lemme do it! I never get to have any fun! Good god the things I would do to that woman! Let me out! Let me out!"-And of course, Donnie tells him to politely-"Shut the fuck up in there. You ain't coming out tonight."-Then "The Other Guy" says-"Awww you's a real bitch you know that? I hate having to be inside of you. I'd rather be inside of her. HA!"-Donie shakes his head at what "The Other Guy" says and re-focuses his attention to the woman. He gets there just in time to hear her ask *“Who wants to dance with me?”* That is when He slowly comes out of the bushes like a ghost in the night and says in his deep english tone-"Perhaps he was wondering why the crazy bitch in the pajamas was trying to sneak up on him..."-His voice travels quite well for the area they are in as he steps closer to her. The mask still hiding away his face, his eyes blackened by the mask, and his body as fresh as it was when he started this tournament.-"And I am positive none of the men here would like to dance with you....rape and kill you seems to be the more appropriate term of usage. And I am led to ask...Why a woman would wondr the forests all alone? With no protection...What are you doing here?"-He walks five feet infront of her and then stops. He looks into her eyes as the blackness of his eyes hits her....and waits.-

AlessandraSkar: It was as if the person had been standing there the entire time, just waiting on the right cue to appear out of nowhere and scare the hell out of her. Kaori went stiff as a log as the deep voice seemed to speak right out of the night from behind her, for some reason unable to turn around right away. She could literally feel his presence and was able to judge by the trajectory of his voice that he stood much taller than her. His footsteps sounded heavy as he walked toward her, making his way around until he was standing directly in front of her only five feet away or so. Kaori's eyes almost widened when she saw him, but somehow managed to only adjust her lips from their previous snarl into a straight line. It was him. That masked giant she'd run into on the cruise ship who single-handedly ripped apart twenty-something men without a single sign of guilt or remorse. Her hand lowered from her hip to join the other straightened arm, a breeze blowing her sea green hair across her face as his dark, daunting gaze met her own. She simply stood there for a moment as he spoke, his tone oddly casual for someone who was probably just as lost as irritated with nature as she was. He'd asked her why a woman would be wandering alone in the woods with no team or protection and then, “What are you doing here?”. And, of course, despite the fact that this man could possibly knock her into next Tuesday, the only way she knew how to respond was as if her tongue were made of needles. “What am I doing here?” She repeated him lowly, her eyes narrowing before she brought her arms across her chest. “Well, it obviously doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a girl can use some extra bread in her pocket, gigantor.” She replied in a smarky tone. “And what makes you think I need a team or protection to get through this bull shit? In case you haven't noticed, I don't work well with others. I'm a lot better off alone.”

Pallas: -As he hears the woman talk, this only caused a laugh to escape his mouth. His eyes not leaving hers as he replies to her-"Such a big mouth on a little woman. What brings a woman into fear...and yet still allows her to speak this way?"-He then put his hands behind his back and began to circle around her like a shark does it's prey.-"What am I doing here? Well I am hear because I heard someone dying. And I saw you...And I thought, now why not come say hello to you."-As he talked, he had to fight "The Other Guy" as he was itching to come out, the closer he got to her.-"Come on you son of a bitch! Quit fuckin with me and just let me out! She's only feet away! I can damn near taste her! Quit being a bitch Donnie!"- Of course he had to ignore "The Other Guys" comments and try his best to focus on the woman infront of him. Kaito grew tired of waiting and ran his little ten year old body to the other side of the tree. He remained hidden but Donnie know of his presence because of his ears and nose. His hearing acted like a sonar almost, making the tree his submarine. The two scents of the woman and Kaito were the only two that he scented out so far. But knowing this tournament....anything can happen. Donnie stops walking when he is directly infront of her, almost touching and asks in a sarcastic tone-"So why the giant names? First you cal me Hurcules on the boat...and now Gigantor. What next, will you be calling me Zeus?"- Kaito at this time saw the body of the ninja and thought to himself-"Oh boy! Now I can help Donnie and get him a medal hahaha! Alright!"-Kaito then slowly creeped over to the body of the ninja, hoping to not get detected by anyone. As he reached the body, he is unaware of wether it is alive or not. He was just there to find the medal. He begins to pat the body silently and try and find it.-"Come on Kaito...find the medal."- Donnie tried to keep the attention on him and hopefully the woman would not notice Kaito. Donnie likes the kind gesture that Kaito is doing, but he does not want the boy to get hurt over something so small.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori didn't move as the man paced around her like a buzzard over a dead sheep, bringing slight discomfort to her which she managed to hide behind her hardened expression. She almost laughed at his mentioning of the nicknames she'd dubbed him, wanting to tell him that there was a lot more where the previous ones had come from. 'He's only trying to intimidate you, Kaori.' She thought to herself as he would eventually come into her view and her eyes would follow him automatically until he vanished behind her once again, not bothering to turn around to face him. Eventually, he came to a halt in front of her, so close that she could make the slightest movement and be able to touch him. She couldn't help but snort, breathing in the foresty pine scent he carried, along with the scent of...burning wood. “Actually, Zeus ain't half bad.” She looked him up and down quickly. “But I was thinking more along the lines of the big white King Ko--” A sound suddenly stopped her from finishing the insult, causing her eyes to narrow slightly as she kept the giant's gaze. It was the tiniest little crunching sound, and being trained by a highly skilled assassin that was her adopted father, she knew not to let little sounds like that just slip by her without being recognized. Pretty soon, the tiny crunching sound turned into little shuffles, then rustles, then...what the hell was that? Snickering? The slightest little movement shifted in her peripheral vision like a little shadow in the distance, all that she needed for her senses to spike up. A low growl of annoyance reverberated in her throat as her immediate assumption was that it was another ninja trying to sneak up on her and Hercules here. “Hey!” She shouted, as she shifted her feet around to face the little git and was just about to empty all sorts of foul language upon the figure, when she then realized that it wasn't another ninja at all. It was a kid searching the body of the ninja she'd killed earlier. “GET AWAY FROM THAT!” She shouted, pushing off on the ball of her foot and launching herself forward so fast that she was hardly seen, knowing within an instant that the little scumbag was searching for a medallion.

Pallas: -He listened to her trying to insult him and he weirdly enjoyed it. Most of the time he is getting put on a throne and striking fear into the hearts of everyone. It was refreshing. And what made it funnier is that it is a woman insuting him. She is doing what almost every single man is afraid to do. The only person to ever insult him before her was Keyome. Then he was ready to hear her next insult...when she suddently stops. "The Other Guy" says to Donnie-"She called you a King Kong? SHEEIIITT I'll show her what a real King can do HAHAHAAHA! Let me the fuck out already!!!"-Donnie catches on to what she notices and in his mind he simply says-"Shit..."-He knew he was going to have to react quickly since his back was facing Kaito. As she began to move her feet, Donnie took his action. He focuses the energy of his body to his legs and feet. As he does this, he pushes his body backwards as if he was taking a moonwalk like step. As he did this, the dirt would shoot up from his feet as if he was breaking the ground. He then plants his feet onto the ground as he stops his body from moving further. He is standing right infront of Kaito now. By now she was already charging at Kaito and now Donnie is between them. As she comes closer to him, he attempts to wrap his right arm around her waist. His ability to slow motions down with his eyes makes his arm placement a lot more accurate then it would be if he saw her as the speed she was going. If he is successful, he would pull her body into his to stop her from getting to Kaito. Her body would crash into his causing her breasts to bounce against his abs as he was so much taller than her. His right hand placed on the center of her lower back as he held her tight. Kaito found the medal but was not curled up in fear of what just happened. Kaito's eyes not trained to see the motions of either Donnie or the woman. Alls he felt was the dirt hit his body. Finally he would look up to see the two people infront of him. Donnie looked down to the woman and said-"Easy there darlin. Kaito, would you be so kind as to hand this woman her medal? It is hers after all."-Kaito then says-"Bu-....alright Donnie."-The young boy then gets up and puts the medal in one of the pockets she has on her Pj's. He wasn't tall enough to get any higher on her body. After the medal was given to her, he slowly removed his hand from her backside. His hand rubbing against her side until it was off of her and back down at his side. Kaito slowly hid behind Donnie's huge leg in fear beause of how fast they moved. He had never been trained for such speeds. Donnie stands tall and strong and says to her-"He's just a kid."- 

AlessandraSkar: Kaori was just seconds away from grabbing the mischievous little brat by the neck or perhaps his little arms so she could rip them off of his body one at a time. He had the nerve -the AUDACITY- to sneak up to the body she'd mangled with her own two hands and try to steal HER medallion. She was practically seeing red, all of her anger plus the fact that she wasn't very fond of children rushing along with her as she was nothing but a blurred image headed full speed toward the marked target. She could picture her fist going through him, perhaps shattering him to a million pieces or just knocking him so high into the air that his little masked giant buddy would never see him again after that. Oh, she couldn't wait to get her hands on the little—THWACK! 'What the fuck?' Were the only words that could run through her mind as all too suddenly, something appeared in her path so quickly that she didn't even see movement. It was just there. Without a sign and without warning. She grunted loudly as something hit her hard in the gut and felt something snatch her forward. Unable to stop the sudden force, she hit something hard. Something that felt like a goddamn brick wall. Her chest was practically crushed flat against this enormous object, her head snapping upward as the wind was knocked right out of her. It felt like a pair of arms had suddenly wrapped themselves around her as tight as an angry boa constrictor, leaving her breathless and the only part of her touching the ground were the tips of her toes. She was completely frozen, stunned, knowing that it had to be the masked giant. 'But how...?' She had to ask herself, her eyes wide and frowning but staring at nothing in particular. 'How did he move so fast?' For fuck's sake, she didn't even see anything but dust fly up into her eyes and it was a goddamn wrap! “Easy there, darlin.” That deep voice rumbled throughout her entire body and for a split second, she thought she felt chills up her spine. And then the next part surprised her. He asked the boy to hand her the medallion that she'd rightfully found. Thank goodness! Perhaps the man wasn't as big of a crook as the kid, but she still had to keep her eyes on them. She could hear the boy scuttling about, her eyes being the only things moving as she watched him walk around behind her and slip the medallion into her pocket, her left eye twitching slightly when she felt him touch her backside. After a moment, the man began to release her, slowly and carefully as if expecting her to flare up again, his hands brushing against her flesh until they returned to his sides. She took a step back when she felt herself being released, the air rushing back into her lungs in a slow quiet gasp as she lifted her eyes to stare at the man before her. 'I obviously have a lot to learn about what I'm up against here...' She thought to herself as she reached back and pulled the medallion out of her pocket, turning it over in her hand just to make sure it was...real. Hell, the little mastermind could've slipped her a fake. The blood and grass stains on either side of the shining object was proof enough of how real the medal was, she didn't even have to look down to be able to tell. Her eyes were way too focused on the figure before her, his eyes, his mask, his daunting size, his almost godly physique. It'd been an eternity since a man had even come close enough to put his hands on her like that without dying. In fact, it'd been an eternity since a man had even dared....given her history with men anyway. Despite how hard she tried to fight it, she was certainly surprised and it was sparkling in her mixed blue and green hues. “I...thought you were trying to steal it from me.” She spoke softly, then her gaze shifted over to the kid. The man was right...he was only a little tike who still had so many years ahead of him to experience this world. This dark...mysterious world. “Thanks.” She had no choice but to say it, bringing one hand up to her hip while adjusting her unruly sea green hair with the other. “Still think I ain't fit to be alone out here, Cyclops?”

Pallas: -As she walked back he made sure that Kaito was safe behind his huge leg. Then as she spoke, he listened. He had never seen a woman move at that speed before. He could tell that she was suprised that he was that fast. But in the reality of the situation....her being able to almost match Stage 0 Super Soldier Speed was unheard of. Then he says to her-"Oh make no mistake....he was trying to take it from you. But he has good reason to try. His in the right place. You see, I have been helping him out since I met him before my tag team Gorilla fight. He's just trying to help someone who helped him. Out of everyone at this damned tournament...he's probably the only one who has a good reason to be here."-After hearing these words, Kaito clings onto Donnie's leg like a helpless child. Kaito is a talented martial artists but his flaw is simple that he is a kid. A child who still fears the world he is in. He is not like Donnie...a man who grew up on his own. He has a village who care for him. And Donnie recognizes this and will continue to help the boy. If it wasn't for Donnie...there's a good chance that this kid could have already been killed. Donnie looks at the woman as "The Other Guy" was still babbling on-"DUDE! You had her in your arms! What the fuck man!?!? You are a SUPER fail! I can't wait till I get rid of you!"-Donnie winces a bit as his head started to actually hurt because of how hard it is to contain "The Other Guy." But to the woman and Kaito, he looks like the normal everyday giant who has no problems. Donnie tries to focus his attentions on the woman by saying-"You are amazingly fast. Faster than a lot of the people out here."-He then began to walk back into the direction of the fire he had started with Kaito following. He then says to her while his back is facing her-"I'd hate to see a beautiful woman like yourself to get hurt out here alone."-Then he leaves her a little hint just in case she will eventualy come find them again, for safety or just because.-"The fire rises. See ya shortcake."-She had make cracks at his height and size so he decided to try it out on her. Though he probably failed at it, he figured what the hell just try it. Kaito and Donnie would be back at the fire within a minute or so if all went well and uninteruppted by other fighters or other animals in the wilderness. Sounds of gorillas in the forest continue to catch Donnie's ears as he thought to himself-"I wonder if those gorillas famililies will hold grudges haha."- 

AlessandraSkar: Her brows furrowed slightly upon hearing that the boy was a thief after all, which was strange. She wondered what his relation was to the man and why they hadn't just beat her to a bloody pulp and taken the thing, knowing that it was going to get them through the rest of the tournament. She looked down at the kid who was clinging to the giant like a little lost puppy. She almost started to feel sympathy, but then it vanished. No one was out there feeling sympathy for her, so why would she feel sympathy for anyone else? It was a dog-eat-dog world and it was growing worse by the second. That, she was sure, the boy had learned by now which explained why he was slick enough to go after the medal while she wasn't looking. She brought her hands up to rest on her hips, her brows knitted slightly into a frown as she stared at the man, listening as he said, “You are amazingly fast. Faster than a lot of people out here.” And those words sunk in for a second. She knew why she was able to move like that, but he didn't. He obviously suspected something, but had no idea that she was the victim of science and genetics obsessed maniacs in an underground laboratory performing experiments on her that were banned by the government eons ago, claiming that it got more people killed and should have been reserved for military use. Yeah...fuck THAT noise. But she wasn't going to tell him right then and there that she'd suffered from procedure after procedure of enhancements. The man turned away from her, interrupting her train of memory and she was now staring at his broad shoulders as he began to walk away. Unexpectedly, he invited her to follow, adding a little short joke of his own to counter the ones she'd made about his height. A little payback of sorts. She almost smirked, her lip twitching as she fought the urge. She didn't say anything as she watched him leave with his much smaller companion, eventually vanishing into the darkness of the woods. She was alone again, only able to hear the sounds of the crickets screeching and the bats flapping about from their perches. A few critters shifted and scuttled about here and there, causing her eyes to dart in all directions as if expecting something to spring out of the bushes and pounce on her now that she was alone. Now that those two had left her to decide her own fate basically. A part of her wanted to follow them to their little camp sight. Obviously the masked giant mentioning something about a fire meant that he had one somewhere. And the other part of her was like, 'Fuck those two ass holes, Kaori. You're gonna follow them after they tried to steal your medal!? Then again...the big one didn't want the little guy taking it. And he didn't snap me in half like a little twig despite the fact that opportunity was dead in his face while I was running my mouth.' She frowned, her fists clenching at her sides as she battled the two opposing voices in her head. She knew she had nowhere else to go except to wander around until sunrise. She'd be nothing but a zombie in the morning and probably unable to focus on the rest of the tournament. “Fuck...” She sighed deeply, running a hand through her unruly sea green hair. “Think, Kaori. What're you gonna do?” She slapped her palm to her forehead as she gave in to the invitation, walking briskly in the direction that the man had gone. “Hey, Mammoth Foot!” She called out as she swatted a few twigs and branches out of her way. “Wait up a second.” She was halted suddenly as another sound came from behind her. This time it wasn't a rustling or a shuffling or anything that could've come from something small. Instead, it was a low, deep, animal-like growl and when Kaori turned to face the sound, all she saw was a pair of glowing red eyes staring at her from a darkness lurking between two massive trees. “More ninjas?” She spoke out loud to let the red-eyed thing know that she was fully aware of its presence. “You wanna know what I fucking did to the last goddamn ninja? Perhaps when I send ya straight to hell, you can ask the son of a--” A deafening roar exploding from the darkness just as something came charging out of it. And no, it wasn't a ninja at all. It was a massive, hairy black ape!

AlessandraSkar: Kaori had literally felt the wind of the gorilla's roar gust past her ears and bustle her hair, stirring excitement within her. She'd been waiting to utilize all the strength she'd gained doing all that weight training and such on the cruise ship and now was that time. As the gorilla came charging at her, she shifted her right foot back several inches behind her and bent her knees, raising her balled fists into a deep boxing stance. “Bring it on, big foot.” She growled, anticipating being able to punch a bloody hole through the animal's ugly face. But then suddenly, something else happened. Out of absolutely nowhere, she heard the winds change, blowing her hair and clothing forward and nearly pushing her off balance as something or someone came speeding through the air above her like a bullet. Her eyes shot skyward in time to see the large blur drop down in front of her and hit the ground with a loud thud and the next thing she knew, the angry gorilla was flying through the air like it'd been fired from a cannon. A gasp brushed her lips the moment the dust that'd burst from the ground before her cleared and she could clearly see the masked man standing with his back to her, one eye peering over his massive shoulder. Everything had happened so quickly that she had to clear a few cobwebs out of her head to keep up, realizing that, unfortunately, she didn't get to annihilate the bloody flea bag like she would have liked. “You!” She shouted, her brows knitting into a deep frown as her lips curled into an angry snarl. “Do I look like Louis Lane or something?! I totally had it!” She was so tempted to shove her foot straight up his ass seeing as though he was standing with his back to her and close enough for her to do so, but before she could even make a move, something large dropped from a tree behind her with a loud thud. She made a quick about face while managing to keep a good balance with her stance, only spotting thick fur before jumping five feet off the ground and performing a clean spinkick to the jaw of the ape. An awful gurgling-grunt was heard as the gorilla sailed into a nearby tree headfirst, slumping against the trunk motionlessly. Okay..well, she hadn't taken its head off but still, she needed to prove to Big Daddy Zoro here that she wasn't the typical damsel in distress. She could see several more pairs of glowing red eyes popping up in dark places surrounding the odd pair, readying herself as she took several steps back. Before she knew it, she'd gently bumped into the masked man's back, grumbling slightly to herself. 'He thinks he's so big and bad because he has claws.' She thought to herself, her eyes shifting over her shoulder, then back toward the eyes lurking in front of her. 'Although....that was totally badass...I must admit.' She blinked anymore admiring thoughts from entering her mind as she widened her stance the closer the eyes got, saying over her shoulder. “Oh, you're not late, Hercules. The party's just getting started.”

Pallas: -As she yelled at him for saving her, the only thing that past through his mind was-"Why is the yelling actually making her more attractive?"-He shook his head a bit trying to brush that thought out of his mind. Then he turns his body to face her and say-"Well sorry for trying to help out. Maybe next time I wil let the Gorilla just take you and..."-And he couldn't get to finish his sentence as he watched her kick the shit out of a Gorilla. Another sarcastic thought pasted through his mind-"I think I jst fell in love. COme on Donnie snap out of it!"-he shakes his head again and then feels the presence of more Gorillas. He slowly turned his body around to face the Gorilla he had just clawed. A wolf like growl escaped his mouth as his claws grew sharper from the new Serum inside of him. Then two gorillas join up with the injured gorilla. Donnie cracks his neck and knuckles and he yells out as the ground begins to shake-"You obviously...have no idea....who you are fucking with!"-And immediatley after yelling this out, he flies through the air like a rocket after jumping off his back foot. He charges for the middle Gorilla that was already injured. He plants his feet directly infront of the Gorilla as he squats down and forms a fist with his right hand. He then leaps into the air and hits the bottom of the Gorillas jaw with a Super Uppercut. The gorillas jaw smashes down and causes all the teeth to break like paper. The gorilla is lifted fifteen feet into the air and then crashes back to the ground lifeless. Then while Donnie still remained in the air, he slowly turns his body like a corkscrew to make his second attack. The second Gorilla comes just close enough for this attack to become fatal. Donnie thrusts his right leg like a hammer and pummels the Gorillas left side of the face. Blood and teeth fly out of its mouth as it staggers back a few feet. Finally after this attack, Donnie lands on the ground. The third Gorilla makes an attack as it tries to smash Donnie like a nail. The right fist of the Gorilla comes down Donnie raises both hands in the air and actually catches the Gorillas fist. The strength of the Gorilla and Donie overpower the ground as Donnie is pushed down into a small crater. Then DOnnie sticks his claws inside of the Gorilla and uses this as a leverage. He then quickly flips the Gorilla as if it were a Judo throw and send the Gorilla flying into the second one. The impact would make a loud crashing sound and huge trees would break from the impact. Donnie then looked at them both as he put both hands together. He focuses his spiritual energy as the auras around his hands get stronger and his eyes glow brighter. Then another huge gust of wind erupts from his body. It lifts trees out of its roots and send them flying past the fightzone.-"Now hold still monkeys. Look at me....wait for the flash.."-He then shoots his body over to the two of them. He moved so fast that a small image of where his body stood actually remained for .5 milliseconds. As he got to the Gorillas, he placed a hand on each of their faces and said-"Now say cheese!"-His hands then got brighter in an instant and he squeezed. The heads then exploded like a champagne cork all across the forest. Blood, brains, and bones fly everywhere as the bodies lay there lifeless.He stood up and got off the bodies.-"Monkeys never learn the first time around."-He then began to walk back towards her ans as he did this, the glow in his eyes and the auras around his hands slowly faded away.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's left eye squinted a bit at the sound of the man's blaring voice just a split second before a gust of wind seemed to explode from the ground, throwing her forward like some invisible hand had grabbed her and tossed her carelessly. She gasped, gritting her teeth as she waved her arms and kicked her legs in the air, her focus aimed straight down toward the three gorillas that were now emerging from the darkness beneath her. She had no idea what the masked man had done to practically make a fucking atomic bomb out of the wind, but she was now seeing that she could use it to her advantage. Folding her legs beneath her, she pulled her right fist all the way back, her eyes widening as something of a killer urge crawled up through her facial structure and swelled within the blue and screen hues. One could describe her expression as that of a blood-thirsty warrior, just itching to get her hands on something to destroy. “YAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” She released a loud battle cry as she descended straight down on the gorilla in the middle, thrusting her fist downward into the top of its skull and bringing its entire head straight down into the ground. The combination of Kaori's enhanced strength and the speed at which she'd been falling winded up blowing a crater into the ground and in the very center, the entire upper half of the gorilla was lodged beneath the soil. The other two gorillas bolted down into the crater after their fallen comrad, growling and roaring at Kaori in fury. Kaori yanked her arm out of the ground, not surprised when a few tiny scratches were left along her glossy skin. The first gorilla came from her left, swinging its left arm directly toward her head as if trying to perform a clothesline. Kaori was able to snap into a backflip while at the same time, lifting her right foot with the left foot following, kicking the overgrown monkey in the chin with the first foot then the second with twice the force as the first one. While the first gorilla staggered back a bit, Kaori landed on the palm of her right hand, her legs extended above her in a one-hand handstand as she then lifted her head to look at the other gorilla. Gorilla # 2 was coming full speed, appearing over her with both balled fists raised in the air above her. Kaori's reaction was much too quick, having anticipated the animal's attack as she was then in the air above it, grabbing both of its enormous fists. She front flipped over the gorilla, gripping with the strength of an ox as she dropped straight down behind the gorilla and flipped its body over her head, slamming it to the ground in front of her. By then, Gorilla # 3 had recovered, springing over his comrade to drop down onto her. Kaori saw the attack coming and used her powerful legs to launch herself into the air, this time meeting the gorilla about twelve feet off the ground with a strong uppercut to the lower jaw. A loud crackling sound ruptured through the air as the gorilla's jaw snapped off of its face, flipping around through the air like a coin. The gorilla roared in agony as it was headed back for the crater, Kaori falling after it with her feet folded beneath her, ready to stomp it straight to hell. The moment the opportunity presented itself, she did just that, thrusting her feet straight down into the gorilla's gut so hard the dust exploded from the ground beneath. She took a step back from the furry carcass and turned just in time to see that gorilla # 2 had gotten up and was now rearing above her in preparation to hammer its fists down on her in fury. She bolted forward a step or two, dropped down quickly so that she slid on her hip between its legs and rolled into a fighting crouch behind it. The gorilla didn't have enough time to turn around before Kaori jumped toward its head, wrapped both of her legs around its neck and did a full-body twist, hearing a loud crackle as the gorilla's head was forced to turn 360 degrees and snapped off its spine. She could feel it losing life quickly beneath her, wobbling back and forth until finally falling forward like a dead tree, sending Kaori sommersaulting across hardpacked earth. In the midst of the roll, she planted her hands down into the ground and pushed herself up, her body arching through the air before landing feet first in front of the masked man. Now standing with her legs shoulder-width apart, arms hanging by her sides while her sea green hair hung in front of her eyes, she took a moment to catch her breath, then lifted her head to look the man in his mysterious dark eyes through her messy hair. “Looks like you're not the only who can show off now, hot shot.” She said between breaths, looking him up and down as she arched a brow.

Pallas: -As he walked back to her, he watched the last few parts of her attack on the gorillas. He brushed some of the monkeys blood off of his glove as he watched. "The Other Guy" said to Donnie.-"You better tear that ass up or I swear to the God that I am...I will murder your ass! Don't be faggy like you are with all these other chicks! THIS ONES ACTUALLY COOL!"-Then Donnie watched her get into a pose and make a sarcastic joke. He actually thought it was funny and laughed a bit through the mask. He looked her up and down for a second and then asked in his deep english voice-"So should I ask you to go on a date now or after the tournament?"-He laughed a bit after asking this and waited to hear what she had to say. And while he waited, he couldn't help but wonder what Zero and Hunter were doing in the tournament. They had went seperate ways since the start of the tournament and for all he knew, they could have been knocked out. But with the talent of this tournament, he doubted the idea of them being eliminated. Then he remembered about the kid he left back at the fire. He thought to himself-"HOLY SHIT! I forgot all about Kaito!"-Meanwhile back at the campfire, Kaito sits next to the fire waiting for Donnnie to come back. He hears some rustling in the bushes behind him. He thinks that it is Donnie and turns around asking-"So did she come join us?"-And then his eyes open widely as he sees two men with large muscles. One man says-"Well look what we have hear...a boy with five medals...aint that precious."- Kaito began to slowly crawl backwards to try and get away but the two men just follow him. Then Kaito yells out-"Donnie!"- This causes the two men to grab him and begin to run off. Now back at the Gorilla graveyard that the woman and Donnie made, he hears the scream. Donnie gives out a sad-"Oh no...."-He then uses his Ears and his nose to track down where Kaito is.-"Gotcha."-After finding the location of where Kaito is, Donnie begins to run off in that direction. He looks at the woman before he leaves and says-"I'm sorry, I can't let them take him!"-And then like a burst of lightning he is off to try and find the people that took Kaito. Though it was not actually that far from where they were, she could be able to keep up if she wante too. Donnie had just came out of Stage 1 and has to stay in Stage 0 until he re-charges. Even in Stage 0, he is not going to let Kaito be taken.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's expression molded into one of hidden shock when she heard the man's question, already feeling her blood rushing to her face a split second later. Had she heard correctly or was this guy taking her for a joke? 'Think, Kaori. He's probably trying to fool me.' Her voice sounded ghostly in the void that was her mind as she stared up at the masked face before her. There was no way that she could see anything genuine behind that intricately designed piece of technology. 'Making me think that his only intentions are to help me and then suddenly asking me out? He's trying to trap me. And it'll only be a matter of time before he runs out of little acts of kindness. Surely, he has something up his sleeve.' She quickly broke herself out of deep thought. To her it felt like she'd been standing there lost in pondering for ages, but in reality, it had only been a few reasonable seconds. She blinked once, lifting a hand to tuck her hair behind one of her ears as she looked away, feeling her cheeks burn red without her consent. “Uh,” Was all she managed to say before all too suddenly-- “DONNIE!” It was the kid! Kaori's head snapped up, worry and concern instantly hitting her despite the fact that that same kid had tried to steal from her just moments ago. Donnie? That must've been the giants name. How peculiar. She thought he would've had a name like...Bane or something. But, Donnie was suitable, she supposed. Before she could even ask, Donnie had taken off as quick as the speed of light, the wind of his departure literally slapping her as he zoomed past her faster than the vehicles back in the city. She staggered a bit, spinning around to face the direction in which he was going. She just barely caught a glimpse of him vanishing into the darkness of the woods before taking off after him. It almost felt strange to do so, but she knew exactly why she was doing it. She was sure that if the boy had the balls to be out here, he was probably capable of handling a couple of monkeys and ninjas. But for him to cry out for his gaurdian like that meant that something was REALLY wrong. In fact, something just FELT wrong about it. “Uh, Darwin!” Kaori shouted, then face palmed herself, trying to think of what the masked man's name was while running as fast as she could to keep up with him. With her metahuman enhancements, she was capable of running up to 149 miles an hour or faster but obviously this guy could run a lot faster. “Darrel? Dustin? Drake? Donnie!” The name suddenly came back to memory as she forced herself to run faster. “Donnie, be careful! It could be a trap!” She called after him, glancing around just in case anyone else was around that could cause harm to them as well as the boy.

Pallas: -As he chases after the people who took Kaito, he actually catches up to them within a minute or two. The two men who had taken the boy turned around and looke at Donnie.(Prepare yourself for a Dark Knight Rises scene). The two men looked at Donnie and laughed. One of them said-"Well...look who it is. DeadShot...What brings you to this bunch of places?"-Donnie's eyes glared at the two men as his anger rose the longer they held onto Kaito. Donnie says in an even more even tone-"Let the boy go...and you may walk away with your lives."-The two men burst out laughing again as Donnie gets even more angry. Then the same guy speaks out again-"Say...If I take that mask off...will you die?"Donnie:"It would be extremely painful..."Kidnapper:"You look like a strong guy."Donnie:"For you..."-The two men then shut up and put the boy down. Then they draw two machete's on Donnie. The same kidnapper that spoke before says-"I don't take kindly to that kind of talk."-Donnie's anger kept rising and then the moment finally broke. The kidnapper thrusts his machete forward trying to stab Donnie in the gut. DOnnie quickly reacts and claps his hands together. When he does this, the blade comes to a hault inbetween his hands. The kidnappers arm shakes a bit as he continues trying to overpower Donnie-"Come on you stupid blade....go through!"-Donnie smirked under the mask and said-"You have one kidnapper and one blade. What happens when the blade gets taken?"-Donnie then twists his hands as the blade swirls in the air. Donnie then catches it with his left hand and swings it from the ground up into the sky. A slashing sound is made and Donnie says-"The answer is, two kidnappers."-The joke wouldnt make any sense until a few seconds after it is said. The man who attacked Donnie slowly splits into two pieces and falls to the floor. Donnie then looks over at the second kidnapper and quickly thrusts the blade into the mans crainium.-"Why must everyone in this tournament that I end up fighting...totally suck?"-He frees Kaito and says-"We might as well grab their medals. And after they do that, they count up how many they actually have and it's a perfect ten. Five for Kaito and five for Donnie. Donnie looks and sees that the woman had not either come after him or she was just falling behind his speed. Donnie squats down and ruffles the boys hair and says-"Well Kaito...looks like men in masks don't get the girl after all hahaha. Come on bud, let's go."-He then picked the small child up and put him on his shoulders. At least up there, the kid can be the giant for once. Kaito enjoyed this and clung himself on the head of Donnie. This caused Donnie to laugh a bit as they headed back towards their fire.-

AlessandraSkar: Catching up was perhaps inevitable at this point as Kaori began to slow down, feeling her bones and muscles growing tired all over her body. She gradually slowed to a stop, no longer able to see the giant named Donnie or that boy of his. Hopefully, he'd rescued him, otherwise who or whatever had gotten his hands on him was going to leave an awful mess for Donnie to find. Kaori's chest bounded up and down steadily as she tried to catch her breath, her heart racing so fast she could hear it pounding in her ears. She turned and allowed herself to fall back against a tree, wiping the sweat off of her forehead. Suddenly met by the sounds of violence, she quickly pressed her back against the tree, leaning ever so slightly to see what was going on on the other side of it. She blinked once when she saw Donnie standing before the two men who had grabbed his boy, exchanging words that she couldn't hear all too clearly, then sliced them to pieces with their own machetes. After which, he made the comment, “Why must everyone in this tournament that I fight...completely suck?” Kaori narrowed her eyes at that, lowering them for a moment as she began to think. 'Well, he hasn't fought me yet...' She thought, knowing that that's what this little tournament was all about. Killing people and taking home the prize money. That was what he'd said to her on the ship after all. She faced forward again, leaning back against the tree trunk as her muscles began to relax slightly. “Well, Kaito, looks like men in masks don't get the girl after all.” Was the last thing she heard before laughter and footsteps followed, meaning that they were headed back to the little camp site Donnie had referred to earlier, having absolutely no idea that she was nearby wanting to follow. But she couldn't. She needed to focus on the task at hand and that was to gather two more medallions and move on to the rest of the tournament. And she wasn't sure if following Donnie and his boy would lead her to getting that done, no matter how many times they'd saved her. Once she could no longer hear their footsteps, she slowly emerged from behind the tree, calmly walking up to the site where the two men lay after being sliced open by their own weapons. The two bloodied blades were just lying there, so she bent down and picked one of them up, twirling it about before lifting her eyes to look in the direction where Donnie had gone off to. “We will meet again...Hercules.” She spoke in a voice that was just barely above a whisper, and for the first time in the past three days that she'd been away from the comfort of her own apartment, her lips slowly curled into a smile. A small one, but a smile nonetheless. “Even if we you're the one who kills me off.” She then stabbed the machete into the ground and walked off into the night, her image fading within the darkest shadows of the forest.         

When things are odd...a perfectionist... no longer perfect

Tetsu would open his eyes slowly. He’d remember every thing that happened prior to his being “unconscious”. Keyome used some kind of……red wave? It was chi….the feeling was definitely of the spiritual kind no doubt about it. Keyome must have learned to push his chi out of his body as a concussive force, and theres not telling what else he could do with it. It would seem as though Tetsu had not been the only practioner who used this energy well. He wanted to apply what he learned from briggs in this fight, but Keyome beat him to the punch as Tetsu never used his chi in this bout, nor had he encountered someone on that scale who could use it as such. He’d look up and see Asami with a worried look on her face, and mumble “heh heh…..your probably not used to seeing me on the ground form  a fight huh..” Tetsu looked at the trees he’d flown through and think “Damn…….getting my ass kicked looks cool I can’t deny.” In a weird sense of things, Tetsu enjoyed the bout. He connected with Keyome for a breif moment through the exchange of fist. He’s got a good motive, but is so concieded in his own quest, he won’t allow outside help. Arrogant is the word. Tetsu would sit up quickly, wincing slightly. The pain he felt would be obvious, and noticeable, but Tetsu would tank anything to get where he needed to go. He’d then sit still, for  a moment fearing Asami’s wrath should he try and move right away. Tetsu didn’t want to seem stubborn about his injuries, let alone having them. He knew she’d want to help as much as possible.

Yule: Asami rushed to Tetsu after he went flying through the trees. She had been by his side in less than a minute. She fell down to her knees and rested her hand on his shoulder. He was unconscious so she moved and put his head in her lap. She waited until he came to. “No I’m not used to seeing you like this. What hurts Hun?” She asked him while she took off her book bag and started looking through her supplies. “Don’t sit up.” She said firmly as he tried to and pushed him back down to rest against her lap. “You don’t need to be moving until I know what’s wrong and how I’m going to fix it. Even then you shouldn’t move for a while. You just flew through two trees after all.” She looked down at him and then leaned down and kissed his forehead.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhh fine fine.” Tetsu rested his head in her lap, and closed his eyes, and began what briggs tought him as “The thought process” This is where Tetsu bascily pushes the “virus scan” button on his super computer like brain, and scans for any problems, solutions, or problem preventing proceedures. He closed his eyes, and preformed a self analyisis as such. “Chest pain, back pain. Damage ratio: 45%. Outlook: not bleak. Mobility: fully function after Asami’s treatment of course. Soulution: her treatment and proper recovery. Usage of brain: applicable.” Tetsu rested and smiled at Asami’s kiss. Even injured he always had time for her kisses. Tetsu then spoke out loud. “That move he did. Was impressive. Mastering something like that in only two months or less is astounding indeed… Your boss is full of suprieses huh Asami” Tetsu shook his head slowly, closing his eyes and focusing. He had replayed the mental video of Keyome doing his move in his head over, and over, and over again. Studying the red wave and trying to create a sutible counter. He used the “virus scan” on full blast, and then finally detected a solution. Chi. Tetsu thought back to his training on the beach with Briggs, where he had learned and studied “inner power” Which is an old Chinese style of injecting one’s opponent with ones own forigen energy to disrupt or distort one’s body. Tetsu’s face would be lost in thought, as he calculated and calculated different scenario’s inside of his head, processing each one over and over again.

Yule: Asami noted his conditions and then pulled out a needle of 50 mg of morphine. She took the needle and put it in his neck. All he would feel would be a slight pinching in his neck. She would then push the plunger in and the drugs would start to work within a minute. After that she grabbed a bandage and put it over the spot where she gave him the shot. Asami would start to massage Tetsu’s shoulders to loosen his muscles and to get him to relax even more. “That should work for now.” She leaned down and kissed his forehead again. “Please don’t do that again…and by that I mean get your ass kicked like that. I love you and all but…I can’t keep giving you a bunch of morphine.” She laughed softly and then reached into her back and grabbed a bottle of water. “You want some water?”

Tetsu winced at the pain in his neck. Morhpine. The stuff for druggies and champion druggies. And the only thing that hurt worse than a punch to the face was a needle to the neck. Tetsu didn’t like taking pain medications however, as they slow down reaction time tramticly. Tetsu decided to let the drugs take effect for a while but when it was time to move again, he would suppress the effects using his white blood cells, but only to restore his reaction time. Basicly assisted cellular helaing without the side effects or influences of drugs. Tetsu, would alter the course of Asami’s kiss to his forehead, and instead peck her on the lips with little pressure and smile. Then reply to her comment “Oh so we’re making jokes about me getting my ass kicked now huh.” Tetsu laughed and accepted the water, sipping it slowly,and enjoying it for replenishment. Tetsu then gulped it and said “Alright Asami. Thank you for the Water and all but we’ve gotta get moving soon, and we’ve gotta make it to the finals, and help keyo out”. Tetsu looked at the message Keyome left on the ground. “Yun Corp”. “Yun corp?” Tetsu said outloud. “What does yun corp have to do with me findng deadshot?.....hmmm…Asami…….”Tetsu spoke with a rising certainty. “The man that ran Yun Corp….Donnie Yun?...He died…..right?” Tetsu waited for an answer pondering all the information he had studied up about Yun Corp. Tetsu  knew of Yun Corp as they were a general weapons company and supplier for Kasihana city in general….Tetsu then thought back to the fight Between Deadshot, and Keyome. He recalled the moment deadshot retracted his blades….Technology like that isn’t avalible to just anyone, and thought it’s a long shot, some of the pieces push into play at most.

On the Eastern side...

DarkKeyome: “ LETTSS GETTT HIMMM!” There I was.... shirtless. With nothing but some torn Gi pants and about 50 of em. “ KEYOME...TASANAGI!” “ HE BEAT ME UP AT JUNIOR GMAF DIVISON” “ THAT BASTARD ALREADY HAS 6 MEDALS” “ GAHH LOOK AT THAT PUNK ASS! LETS GET HIS ASS” I listened to the horde of men that surrounded me. It was literally 50 of em. “ Hahaha the dictator said if we killed this shit stain then we'd get 500,000,000 million dollars to the one who did it!” I stretched popping my back and stood next to my camp fire. “ You shit heads woke me from my sleep...” I said rubbing my hands behind my neck. “Hmph... you wanna fight? Then lets fight then!” All the men shouted as I got down in my stance. As I got down the music in my head was playing one of my favorite Martial arts movie.... I mean that movies filthy old. ( “ Woooooo.....HAA!” I shouted as 6 of the men charged at me at once. I sent out a right hook, weaved a kick to the left, caught his leg flipped him into 4 more guys. I jumped to the left and sent a axe kick into this one's guy head, when he bent over from the kick I landed on his back and donkey kicked him to the ground. As I did this, someone was charging in from the left side of my. I took a step back, he took a step forward, I took another back, he took one more step forward and I bombarded em with a quick lashing of kicks to the chest, then a sweep kick which knocked him off his feet, I did a front flip with my hand, making sure to press my hands into the guys chest as I flipped off him into the air and landing onto two of the guys chest forcing the men to the ground so they crashed into the ground with a violent fall. I landed on there necks on accident. I smiled looking at the rest of the men. I couldnt help but laugh at the song that was playing in my( head, Quickly they all rushed and I charged at them back. Left's and rights were thrown everywhere. Someone landed a kick to my ribs and I took the hit stumbling to the left. When I looked up, two warriors were in mid air coming down with axe kicks. I did a back flip as I did, both of my legs knock the men further into the air. The screaming could probably be heard everywhere as we fought like animals. It sounded like a riot out here. Over head was a Camera crew blaring there bright light from the helicopter they were in. “ LOOOOKKK AT THAT WORLD! All those guys fighting one guy! Ahahahah this is incredible! I wonder what he did huh? Maybe farted in his sleep!? This is coming to you straight at the Grand Martial Arts Federation people” I was knocked into a tree by two men wearing armored clothing... ( it said.. 'The Armada..' Ahh... I guess that fight with the cop caught some attention if these guys new I was here already. As the two men came running towards they were massive in size, both 6'8 tops... muscular body builder big, one black, the other white. As I was pressed up against the tree one of the men sent his left foot into my stomach. CRRAAKKK... My body was pressed, no SMASHED into the tree. He then grinned at me... those sick teeth. With all the force he could muster up he pressed his foot into my stomach breaking me through the tree some more until he thrusted his foot up causing my back to get cut up pretty bad. I raked up the side of the tree into he stopped. His leg dropped and dove out of the way... as he did this. The other guy the white dude was already coming at me... he just. Appeared behind the other. With an explosive force he kneed me in the stomach making my body crash through the tree breaking it in half. I was drifting down to the ground coughing blood. We both hit the ground... him using me as a cushion as he sprung up from me immediately. His alley, had dashed by only 2.3 seconds after the big guy moved. He was pulling me by my auto-mailed arm running at an intense speed... as he was running with me... dragging me like a doll. His friend was running along side him stomping his massive leg into my gut over and over. The one who had me in his grip then launched me into the air with a powerful arm toss slinging me into another tree. I hit it hard coughing more blood. I looked up and saw both of them coming towards me with both of there arms pulled back... about 30 of the men left to... I smirked...whipping the blood from my lips as my body slumped over to the right. ( “ Haaa.... well..COMEE ONNNN THEENNN!!!!” I said as the black Markings on my chest appeared.... tch.. shit. It's getting harder to contain him in there. I screamed out at them as I took off into there direction as well. Channeling my Chi into my body I could feel the red aura began to leak from body..... I met the two large me. And stopped myself two feet in-front of them on my right leg with both of my arms cocked back. When I sent my arms forward they landed in the mens stomach... then a loud BOOOOMMMM!!!!! Exploded, no better yet erupted from my fist as a sonic boom exploded behind me. If someone saw it in the distance they'd see a bunch of tree's exploded upwards from out of nowhere, erupting into splinter pieces. along with a dark cloud of dust smoke. I had both of the men on there knee's as they were both dead in my hands. I held them by the straps of there Armour. The 30 men behind them shook in terror... there backs.... were completely blowed out. The spine could be seen but that was it. I dropped the dead weights and began to laugh... as they all began to run I took off behind them. Crashing heads into each other. Breaking necks... the chain of death didn’t stop. The last man I had in my hand... I was pulling him by his hair... dragging him... my hair..was flashing white... but I shook my head shaking the feeling... containing that fucking Oni to the best of my ability. I brought him to a tree... and picked up a rock... my body was covered in blood. My eyes were red I know they were... but my hair was still black. Holding the rock into the air. I pressed my right arm against his throat. “...Who....Sent you...”

Kaiten: *Gerald Kovidavic. Russian mafia ties and a free-lance hitman for the ‘family’. At first, he’d been rather skeptical about the whole tournament thing, but the prize was simply to good to pass up and the money he could make from killing some of the high-priority targets signed up was more then enough to get him on board. No stranger to killing, the massive bear of a man had to admit, as he pulled the medallion from the death grip of the man at his feet, that this was actually pretty fun. Kind of like a scavenger hunt… with spine breaking applications. He’d caught this one by surprise, waiting for him to fall asleep at his camp fire before pouncing on his back and stomping the column of bone and cartilage into dust. Putting the piece he’s just obtained in his pocket with the other two, Gerald sighed and tilted his head to the side, cracking it noisily as the sounds of battle caught his attention. Sounded to him like an all out brawl was taking place just over the hill and he had no intention of getting involved just yet. Maybe he’d go scavenging for medallion pieces in the morning. With a sudden and brutally powerful kick, the giant of a man sent his steel-toed boot colliding into the ribs of the dead man at his feet, cracking the bones and sending his lifeless form sailing off into the bushes. After all, if he was going to enjoy the fire he didn’t want some corpse staring at him. Slumping down onto the log the man had been using as a pillow, the Russian stared into the flames and continued to listen to the sounds of battle until he felt something thin tighten around his throat. At first, he thought his dogtags had gotten caught in his shirt or something, for he was certain no one had snuck up on him, but then he felt his body being lifted from the ground and his air being cut off at the neuce around his neck tightened to the point of drawing blood. Gasping and kicking wildly, the man stared in disbelief as his feet left the ground and he dangled nearly a yard from the dirt below, his hands scrabbling desperately at the thin cord around his bulky neck to no avail as he turned his body just in time to see the young woman who’d done this to him stand from her hiding spot in the bushes. How the hell had he not seen her? Heard her? Glancing up, he saw the cord looped over a branch overhead and in horror realized what had happened. For suck a skillful attack, and such aim while remaining completely hidden? His eyes bulged out as his gasped and sputtered his last, twitching violently as the last of his life left him. But not before he muttered ‘She-Dragon’. Meanwhile, under the swinging body, Ayane stood grinning impishly. That had been way to easy. She’d singled the big man out at the start of the tournament, mostly for his size, and had been following him since as he went about collecting the little trinkets needed to gain entry to the tower. She would not have 4 by her counting, and she was seldom wrong. After leaving him there for a few minutes, she finally pulled her Dai-kunai from the tree she’d left it imbedded in to keep him in the air, allowing the body to drop like a sack of bricks to the ground below before filching the coin pieces from his pockets quickly and kicking dirt over the camp fire to keep it from spreading. Content that she had all she needed, the young kunoichi looped the wire back onto her weapon, sheathed it on her back and made her way towards the sounds of battle she’d been listening to. Perhaps she would find the last piece she needed over there, or maybe even someone who was worthy of her killing them. That last one, as useful as he’d been to her cause, was little more then an annoyance as far as skill went and she was hoping to find at least warm-up before she entered the tower.*

HyonekoHyuuga: Neko spotted a over hanging boulder as she swam up stream to the tower. i craweld my way up and out of the water into the litttle alcove the boulder provided and waited there, soaked, waiting for deadshot's footsteps to come pounding up behind me or a shouted insult followed by a 'you can't esacape' line but after waiting an hour.....both never came. " Ha! I don't know wether i should be happy or pissed right now? On one hand i can stick to my plan but on the other, well.... was i considered a waste of his time!?" Done questioning it i closed my eyes and listened. The combat had picked up... There seemed to be a group of them duking it out somewhere close. I thought: eh if anything i can wipe out the winner here and collect all the medals i need. But first, looking at myself, i needed to dry off. I can't beleive i was about to do this but it had to be done to keep in fighting shape. I stripped naked in the little cove an began to rung my cloths dry, shivering as my bare skin became exposed to the elements. Much to my pleasure this being outside naked...vunerable...was a real turn on. I took some time for my cloths to dry in the sun while i had some....personal fun. Relaxed and more inportantly dry, i got dressed once more and headed out to see where that big fight was going on. I was lost for a sec. but the resounding BOOM that came next tipped me off. What i came to looked like it was straight out of the movies, some guys k.o'd and the rest being pulverised by some red glowing shit head i couldn't make out. "No weapons? then what's that?"

DarkKeyome: He didn’t answer me. He just laughed. “ WHAT.... THE FUCK... ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT!” I could feel Oni take over me as the red aura coated my body completely. I gripped the man by his neck... feeling it began to overcome me. “ Mr....Tanaban... Sent... US... to you.... Mr...Tasan...Na..Gi..” I He extended my name and it sent me into a rage. “ 五月...神はあなたとある”.... I said to him as the grip around his neck began to tighten. With an explosive I crushed the males neck with a loud crack. I watched his body drop to the floor... and a sick crunching sound made me chuckle. My back was morphing...ripping...”Hahahaha....Ahhhh.............Hahahahahaahah!” I began to laugh to myself as two sickening black wings sprouted from my body. “ Haaaa............... As my skin started to darken. I felt Oni.. talking in my head. “ Keyome.... there we go... fall into the Darkness... so I may claim you... like I claimed those before you..” My heart began to beat rapidly at those words.... I was in my mind again. Facing Oni yet he was in the form of some misshapen demon instead of me. He had chains around my body... dragging me into the abyss... I gripped the chains... and they broke. ' I wont be a slave to you...' Oni's demonic like form floated away into the abyss... ' Soon enough.... Hahaha... soon enough' I snapped back into reality... the wings gone.. and my skin returned back to its original color... I don’t know... how long I can continue to fight him like this. After a hard cough... I picked up 6 more Medallions... having 12 of them now. More than enough... so many dead bodies... so many... The redness in my eyes weren’t gone... I could still see everything in a darker tint that's how I knew. And my Canines.... had grown out??? My eyes darted out... hearing the light sings of movement in the back ground... quickly I paniced turning around. “Who's there! Someone else want some huh?!?!? SHOOWW YOUR SELVESS!”

HyonekoHyuuga: "Just me hemmorage eyes, or should i say keyo? Nice glow, wing sprouty trick, might try that in my next virus." I had picked up the 7 medallions that weren't smashed up or broken from the moaning bodies around me. One reached up and begged for help and i was kind enought to give it." Sure" I tookhis hand and ripped him off the ground and in spinning steps threw the fat slob sprawling through the air to finally come to peace...implaled on a dying tree branch. the branched snapped at the new weight and fell among what i assumed were the peices of his comrades. " Now if we could disregard the tourny for abit, i beleive you had buisness with me back home?" I smirked, i was a Takaichi, and a takaichi especially the females of our family NEVER forgot a propisition or a debt. " Fuck" Apparently i wansn't the only one that had decided to take a look, a group of guys came charging up, not seeing keyo assumed it was me that took these guys down. I shook my head, these medals might be the death of me.Mmmm 10 guys, ok, Stepping back into my stance i received the first punch and snaked my hand under his arm, throwing him over my shoulder and onto the ground, I took some blows to my ribs but began to fight back as i sidekicked one of them into the 3 behind him,sticll gripping the first's arm i twisted his arm around the sound of bones snapping giving me a rush i dropped down sweeping back my leg to trip 2 of them and using my handy human club knocking them out by swinng the first guy like a bat at thier heads sending them dead into the river. but i was soon tackled by 4 of them. " Oh to hell with this!" i ripped the arm off the first guy finally releasing him from my tourture and stabbed back into the first 2 with the sharp severed arm. curling iup i bucked them off and got to work trading blows and knocking them out, all but one. " Your medals please?" He shook his head and siad somthing in german i couldn't understand, searching him i sighed. A loser, none of them had anything. " A shame" I rushed him at inhuman speed and upercuteed him hard enough so that my fist came out a slight bulge in his back.

DarkKeyome: I watched as she took the guys out. They almost seemed helpless to her mercy. It made me feel like a hypocrite.... look at what I had done. And yet I was angry at how she was so violent with these guys. Either way this is a tournament. And this is a man's game... “.... I told you....” I said panting. My bright eyes shining red still, and seemed not to want to simmer down. “ I don’t want anything to do with someone who fucks around in human modifications on the level that you do it on.... it's not safe... “ I stood up straight still panting trying to catch my breathe. Wings.... were there really wings? I patted my back and then looked over at her. “...But now that I think about it.... my Aniki is here... but she's with that Cop... I saw them the other day.... dont you like... have experience in the medical field..?” I said holding my rib... which was bleeding and two of them were broken on the right side.

HyonekoHyuuga: "Of course i do." Looking at keyo i had to feel abit bad he was pretty banged up. I was breathing abit hard from what i did to those guys but I had no real time for mercy, like my teacher had taught me ichi Wa ichitsu ga kyōretsuna shotto. " Lemme....... guess...... you want a patch up? Ooooo but my dear keyo you don't......... deal with people like unless you had i change of heart, the only thing i can do is...... make it quick for you." I smiled at him, i could see what all the ladies found sexy about him but i'd never touch him for that reason. I decided to hear him out though i couldn't stop the mad grin creeping it's way onto my face.

DarkKeyome: I cocked an eyebrow and stood up straight training not to show the pain on my ribs... along with the heavily deep cuts on my back more than likely over a 100 splinters in my back. Deep gashes too but nothing I couldnt deal with if she didn’t want to help me out. “...Ah... don’t act like that … if you dont wanna help me out... then you don’t have to. I'll be fine... I fought all 50, 60, however many of those guys. And I could fight a 100 more...” I stood up straight trying to walk past her yet I was limping on my right leg. After my back was turned to her completely im sure she could see the amount of heavy bleeding... holding onto my ribs. “shit... fucking....”

HyonekoHyuuga: I laughed " Never said i wouldn't help, just didn't think you'd accept it." I walked over to him and laid my hand on his shoulder. " Lay down, tough guy and tell me what's hurting you." The clan chairmen in me was crying out to kill him right here. it'd be so simple in his condition but I found myself caving to my natural instincts to care and trat anyone that came for my healing. I was a mother at heart and i hated showing it like this. " day..." i muttered to myself. "One tip, your mouth may spit lies but your face is always truthful." I gave him what i hoped looked like a warm smile. " Now let me help.....I'll send the bill later..." i giggled showing him i was kidding but i was going to yank something from this regardless.

DarkKeyome: I sat down. “...I know how these things go Chitori..” I said calling her by her clans name. “... You help me... then next you know. Im helping you murder the president...” I felt like someone had hit me with a truck... though I tried my hardest to play it off. “...Ah but fine. I'll do it.... I um.. I appreciate it.... a lot...” I said coughing a bit. I looked at my watch on my wrist... only 2Am. “ I dont say thanks a lot.. so.. thanks and.... shit...” I said looking to the side. My long black hair hung over my eyes which soon zoned back into a brown gold color again. I sat still Allowing her to treat me like she wanted to... but for the most part I knew it would bite me in the ass later. But out here its about survival. And ill ddo what I need to, just to do that... even make allies with an enemy clan. “ You posion me... and ill get you for it... I dont trust you.... but I do need your help...”

HyonekoHyuuga: "A poison would be the the least i would give you." I ran my fingers over him, pressing down in particularily damaged areas. I knew it'd hurt him but without tech my options were limited. " 3 broken...2 fractured....leg has a crack but not broken...multiple bruises possibly a concussion and a slipped disc" whistles, they had done a number on him. I thought for a second... what could i do? and with what? "Fuck...don't have time for traditional.." Looking around i saw that one of the mobsters i had cashed out had a knee brace. "Perfect" i quickly slipped it odd him and bagan stripping it for the metal wire in it. I pulled off a small brach and stuffed it into his mouth. " Bite down" my hands a blur i stabbed keyo with the metal wire. doing a bit of accupuncture magic to make his muscles clench snapping every bone back into the right place in one go. his muscles tightening like a severe cramp before settling down. " It's all i can do for now till i can find the herbs to make a rough medicine"

DarkKeyome: I bit down on what was given to me and tensed up when she jabbed the item within my leg yet I made no facial expression... taking the pain in..... without showing the slightest thing of weakness... but it hurt like hell... after waiting 20 seconds I sighed and closed my eyes. “.... Herbs? It cant be that bad right.... I gotta keep fighting little shit like that.. cant.... stop me yet.” I used my good leg seeing that the other was stiffer than a board attempting to hop onto my feet until I feel back crashing on my butt. “Shit.... stupid bastards. No one has honor.... jump me like that..... Gah! … this isnt how things are supposed to be...weapons.... super soliders.... you and your freaky sword arm thing.... nothing is the same.... being a fighter isnt the same... it's no longer about honor... or respect. It's about who has the best toys... and who has the better upgrades.....” I sat down staring at the moon. “....We need someone to go... and as much as I know you can fight... it's not safe out here in the open... “

HyonekoHyuuga: " Your right" I took keyo by the arm and supported him up, walking towards the tower. " you'll loosen up in a few hours but till then you should leave the fighting to me." I graoned as he explained the whole honor thing, i knew what he was saying and he was right, now it was who had this biggest baddest toy in thier arsenel. " I know, and i won't deny I'm one of them, but it's becomming to where the new is out numbering the old and if we have any hope of perserving th old ways we have to do what we have to to keep on top or lose it to 'Progress' as they call it"

DarkKeyome: She showed intellgence with her words... which impressed me enough to not say silent this whole time. “...Ah... but still...” I said shaking my head. “...Are we heading to the tower...? I still have some investigating to do out here....” I said to her looking up at the tall bulding which was tops 5-6 miles away. “....And by the time reach it... it'll take too long. I could be putting you in danger doing this.... and I know your trying to be appreciatetive but you dont owe me anything.... you should leave me here so I dont slow you down. Thanks to me you have enough medallions.... go get yourself in there... ill be alright...” Chitori or not. Out here clans didnt matter.... and I wasnt going to let her put her life in jeperdy over the simple face I got banged up in a fight a bit.

HyonekoHyuuga: I smacked him in the back of his head (( you got gibbs'd)) " A doctor leaving her patient out here like this? Yeah the fuck right! I won't charge but i ain't letting you die. I'll carry you, procedure did a few other things to me. so were we need to go for your little investigation?" I know usually i would be cruel and say fuck him but eh, a bull had few freinds and atm i was that bully. i wanted a lover but hey, i'll take a freind...better than nothing right?

DarkKeyome: I tensed up after she hit me stopping in my tracks. “......Carry me...” The fact that a woman carrying me around really shot my pride right up the asshole... but beggers cant be choosers I s'pose even though I didnt ask for it in the first place...” Ah..i suppose your right..” I sighed and turned around so I was facing her ass... which.. kind of made me smirk as I looked down. Bigger than most of the girls I see running around. So clearly she wasnt white, nor japanese. Hispanic for sure... the hair and her hips told it all. And that golden brown skin tone. Ahhh... I love women. But that's beside the point I think I might enjoy this more so than I thought and maybe need too.“Alright then... um. Bend over.. so I can get on your back..” I said to her standing right behind her with my arms crossed. If she did bend over it'd hit me right in the crotch.

HyonekoHyuuga: I smirked as i wrapped my arms around his legs and lefted him onto my back " holds on and tell me if we need to stop, or hell for that matter where we need to go." I laughed and bending my legs launched us onto the branch of the tree that bent slightly as it held our weight. " Could probably get to the tower by nightfall but hell with these officials i don't know if they'd patch you up or send us both straight into the fights? What do you think?" Eitherway when we stopped to rest or he needed a re -puncture i'd hunt for herbs to make a salve. it'dd help his injures...well except the big ones but that can come later. the bigger problem was iff we were stopped, espacially if one of they heavy hitters came our way before we reached the tower. thinkng about that, if keyo did fall into something worse what would i do? so many damn options with that. either way i stood to gain from it. Him dead meant i could seie his money,assets and clan. if i saved him...he owed a life debt that i could extort to hell. i smilled as i plotted, i couldn't help this side of me, each new option was just better than the last.

CastielCaoin: Yuuta Ozawa would be walking along the edge of the forest as he looked into his hand slipping his blood splattered Bo salves as he placed them in his belt, to the medal piece in his hand. Shaking his head wondering what was so special about them but shrugged knowing there was something up about it. He was also curious on why those bandits were trying to kill him just for seeing him, sure the years in jail caused him to look scary to some but he really wasn’t agreed with the beating and killing for no reason. Earlier that day he had crushed two men wind pipes as well as breaking the ribs of two other men leaving a few unconscious instead of dead. He would slip his hand into his pocket and zip the zipper shut as he continued to walk and lit a cigarette as he walked, the smoke would alert people but he really didn’t care he didn’t see anyone doing his plan and sticking to the outside of the forest to start and he figured he had time. He began to wonder where his boss was, He needed to rendezvous with her and hoped if she made a truce they wouldn’t attempt to kill him first.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would open his eyes slowly. He’d remember every thing that happened prior to his being “unconscious”. Keyome used some kind of……red wave? It was chi….the feeling was definitely of the spiritual kind no doubt about it. Keyome must have learned to push his chi out of his body as a concussive force, and theres not telling what else he could do with it. It would seem as though Tetsu had not been the only practioner who used this energy well. He wanted to apply what he learned from briggs in this fight, but Keyome beat him to the punch as Tetsu never used his chi in this bout, nor had he encountered someone on that scale who could use it as such. He’d look up and see Asami with a worried look on her face, and mumble “heh heh…..your probably not used to seeing me on the ground form a fight huh..” Tetsu looked at the trees he’d flown through and think “Damn…….getting my ass kicked looks cool I can’t deny.” In a weird sense of things, Tetsu enjoyed the bout. He connected with Keyome for a breif moment through the exchange of fist. He’s got a good motive, but is so concieded in his own quest, he won’t allow outside help. Arrogant is the word. Tetsu would sit up quickly, wincing slightly. The pain he felt would be obvious, and noticeable, but Tetsu would tank anything to get where he needed to go. He’d then sit still, for a moment fearing Asami’s wrath should he try and move right away. Tetsu didn’t want to seem stubborn about his injuries, let alone having them. He knew she’d want to help as much as possible.

DarkKeyome: As I sat on her back i'd tell her to take me to this area which looked like a base of some sort. I heard about it when I was sneaking around the competition earlier. As we approached it I saw a few gaurds within the outside of the tournament. I patted her on her left boob. “....See those guys..” I said pointing at them from a distance. Clearly they were Armada soliders due to there wardrobe... “ We gotta get in there... i'd say we sneak in... beat those guys up and take there suits. I heard... that they have all the fighters information on file in there..” I said looking at her, and my hand hadnt moved from her breast after I began to elaborate. “ If we can get in tehre.... im sue we'll find what im looking for.... You see there's a reason why I made sure that the tournament would be held in the home of the Armada in Old China...” I said looking at her... her smelt nice... dispite the weather it was easy to tell that she had been taking care of herself. “ though... your a bit well...stacked... * squeezes her boob* on the breast department. Maybe if we can * squeezes again* Get in there... and maybe find a way to * squeezes* get you * squeezes* in there without them notcing those * squeezes, squeezes, squeezes, squeezes, squeezes* Big stacks of yours... Plus my limp wont help either... but thats all I got... you got any ideas?” …........... * Squeezes again*

Meisu341: -Going through the forest the suited male was still out and around, walking through the forest casually. Deep in thought as his peircings chimed along his face. He had to think on how to get more metals. He was playing it low-key to make his entrance in the tourny a surprise still but he had to act now. He walked through the beaten path. He grew a bit tired and alittle bored. He surprisingly didnt see any of the very tough fighters out and around. He was thinking at least hearing a bit of the chaos and the sound of weak opponents being beat to a pulp. But he didnt hear anything. He just heard his footsteps and the sound of the wind moving the leaves through the forest.- "...This kinda blows..." -he spoke, sighing to himself as he suddenly was sprug to life by seeing a blade fling towards him through the bushes. His eyes wided as his body flexed back to evade the blow. He didnt dodge fast enough as he suffered a major blow: his favorite suit. The sharp blade object sliced through one side of the jacket and slided down, almost ripping the side of the jacket where the buttons where compeltely off him. The blade hit the ground as Meisu bounded back as the blade suddenly retracted back to where it came from. He was puzzled as he heard the faint sounds of a chain rustling through the bushes in front of him. He checked himself and noticed the slice and how it was more then a quick fix, cursing out and quickly replying from the slice- "...The next thing I should see is your wallet, good sir." -he paused as he stood compeltley still, looking towards that direction and focused a bit more- "...Because Im going to be PISSED if I see that blade and not a wallet..."

Yule: Asami rushed to Tetsu after he went flying through the trees. She had been by his side in less than a minute. She fell down to her knees and rested her hand on his shoulder. He was unconscious so she moved and put his head in her lap. She waited until he came to. “No I’m not used to seeing you like this. What hurts Hun?” She asked him while she took off her book bag and started looking through her supplies. “Don’t sit up.” She said firmly as he tried to and pushed him back down to rest against her lap. “You don’t need to be moving until I know what’s wrong and how I’m going to fix it. Even then you shouldn’t move for a while. You just flew through two trees after all.” She looked down at him and then leaned down and kissed his forehead.

Meisu341: "The metal... NOW" -A voice spoke through the bushes in fornt of him as the tone was a but low and mysterious in a way but that didnt sake Meisu at all, still looking at his jacket and wondering if he could simply get a refund from the store or something. Meisu replied back towards the voice, a but pissed off and stressed out.- "...You slice my jacket and now you are wanting my metal? Your manners are horrible." -He chuckled alittle to lighten the mood from his tragic loss of his favorite jacket.- "THE METAL NOW!!!" -the voice grew enraged as it sounded a bit insane. The sound of the chain chimed again as the blade was shot out of the bushes in a slicing motion towards him.- "Sigh.... tipical..." -Meisu spoke as the blade went towards him as he quickly ducked down and sprinted towards where the blade was comming from. His eyes seen a small black chain on the end of the blade as he simply flowed it. Taking off his jacket, he trailed it behind him as it fluttered rapidly behind. He broke through the line of bushes to see a man looking disturbing; ripped red and black shorts and shirt as he wore a burt up mask that was the face of a distorted smiling happy face. Meisu was in a bit of shock but his medication kept his movements clean and flawless. He swung a heavy right hook, pushing all his momentum from his sprint into his fist to attmept to cleanly pound through the troubled male. The male moved back fast as Meisu's punch ripped through the air downwards as he staggered to recover from the speed of his swing. The male's hand moved the chains in his hand out to retract the chains back to him, a bad move on Meisu's part being in the way of a blade being whipping back towards it's master.-

HyonekoHyuuga: I looked down at the base...military definatly but only 2 gaurds on duty tsk...tsk. i blushed at first to his touch, it was a nice change. "Yeah i can know them out...." my voice trailed off as after every word he squeezed my breasts. MEN!!!! Even half dead in a tournament that he made to break into a military facility and STILL he thought with his lower head not the one on his shoulders. my grip in his legs tightened, as i fought the urge to knock the 2 gaurds out wit his skull. " Wait here I'll take care of them" I forced everybit of sweetness into those words as i set him down. and lauched myself full speed down the tree and across the short gap slamming my palms into their faces and plowing them into the steal enforced walls of the base. They staggered from the blow but weren't out...hmmm made of strongerstuff than i thought. Two mucle headed goons with thicker skulls that usual? not hired to think anyways right? they traded smacking me around, i was grateful my body was abit more sturdy than a normal human's it gave me time to think. I finally got it, taking out the wire a gain i sank it into one ofe the helmets and began to duck and weave working slowly into a corner getting dumb and duber's heads to come close enough....and... bam, shoving the othe end of the wire into the other's helmet, i completed th circuit gicing both of them a big enough shock to have them slump over eachother now looking like a lil peacful couple. " Yo keyo how's this?" I jumped back up to him and picked him up by the arms back to back. then got us back down and letting him down. i stripped the 2 goons and tossed keyo a uniform.

CastielCaoin: [Yuutas been in jail for a reason

Meisu341: -His heart pumping the fuel that was andrenelin (Spellcheck FTW) into his body as he never truely fought with that pure feeling of death in the back fo his mind. It was a careless mistake and he was goign to pay for it. He felt his heart stopping as he thought of the blade slicing him in half as he would be truely dead without anything stopping it. Something within the back of his mind took control as he felt a high, the feeling like a turbo within his mind kicking in at the time he needed it. But it was flawed in a away. It felt like he wasnt truely in control of his body. It felt familiar with this feeling before as before he knew it, he acted without thinking. He body was close to the ground as his hands hit the grass and dirt, stnaidn on his hands as they gripping deep into the earth. His body manuvered down fast as all his muscles in his body made his up-side-down body push forward as his back would land on the grass fast. The momentum traveled throguh his body and then left as soon as his back hit the ground. He was shocked to see the blade pass above him as nearly could see the reflection of himself pass by the blade's sheen. Still more shocked that he didnt control his body, the chain trail that was left behind the blade passed his head and body as he got an idea. He was going to go with the flow and try to make his feeling he head work for him. He kicked up his foot as the chain hit it as he used that momentum to push his body off the ground and up into the air in front of the man. He couldnt beleive it, as his mind felt open and able to react like nothing he had felt before. Before he knew it, his fist balled up as his body was flung towards the male, the fist being the first thing that was trailing towards the male at that point. He hit the mask with a shattering blow as he felt little pain of his knuckles hitting what looked like a solid mask. The fist burried into the male's mask and shattered it clean off his face, the body being knocked off his feet as the blade and chain trail flew outwards. Meisu landed on his feet with wide eyes as he looked at his fist, seeing the trail of blood roll down his arm as he didnt feel a thing.- "...Well... that happened..."

DarkKeyome: I watched as she dispatched the men. How egotistical the way she did it... could have done it non-lethally but of course she chose different. It felt odd being the one having to stand on the side lines... I was always the protector. But here this woman is... doing things that I would do. It was....... odd. I hadnt truly encountered women like this before and it threw me off guard. “... Nice one.” I said blinking. “ Though... what I learned from Metal Gear solid. What you did woulda had us on Alert mode two minutes ago. Your a woman... use those assests. Your body... is able to do things a male cant... think of yourself.... like.. a Jaguar. “ I nodded. “ I'll call you that from now on. So with that Name dont let me down Jaguar be smooth.... strike quick, efficent and with less broadness. Leave that to the big stupid muscle heads like me.” I said to her smiling a bit. I had to pull the thing out of my leg but sure enough I pulled the outfit onto my person getting into it comfortably. If she had suited herself as well I made my way into the establishment. Men were around women and men all dressed in the same army fatigue. “ You there... hey magget... you in the bitch...” “ Shit..” I said turning to my accomplise. “ Act cool...” I said to her.. “ SIR YES SIR!” I said stomping my foot. Looking at Jaguar to see if she had did the same out of the corner of my eye. If she hadnt I would have hit her in the stomach with my elbow. The Major approached. “You must be the new Recruict. You and this bitch been fucking huh? That's why your late!?” “ SIR YES SIR! WE HAVE BEEN HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS SIR! PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY SIR!” “ is that why you smell like hard balls and perfume BOY!?” “ SIR YES SIR! THAT IS WHY I SMELL LIKE HARD BALLS AND PERFUME SIR!” “ Ahhh then if thats the case... kiss the bitch right now. I like seeing kinky shit like that you know kinda.... kicks my dick into gear...” I tensed up..... He cant be serious. “SIR YES SIR!” I turned to Jaguar... “Just.. kinda.. uh.. go with it..” I said to her pecking her on the lips and turing around to get decked in the face. “ DO IT RIGHT BITCH!” I rubbed my jaw... and I wanted to shoot the guy in the face but that'd blow our cover... I stood back up straight and pulled her into a deep kiss making sure to wrap my lips around her own with a hard kiss... closing my eyes i'd cuff her ass at the same time making sure to catch her bottom lip... moving my head side to side. “ Yeeaahh... Yeaaahh thats the shit I like...OK! Alright solider carry on...OH! Take your fairy asses up there with you and your bitch huh!? Here's the keys to the main office... but I tell you what. If I see any spec of baby nectar on that carpet..IMMA HAVE YOUR FAIRY ASS EATING THE ASS OF A COW FOR A MONTH DO YOU HEAR ME?!” “ SIR YES SIR!” “ I SAID...DO YOU... HEAR MEEE!!!” “ SIR YES SIIIRRR!!” “ Alright now get up there and fuck her dry..”He said walking off allowing us the entrance into his

CastielCaoin: He would be walking a while and hear yelling up ahead. He sighed figuring it was one of the bandit looking guys from earlier. He would reach around and sigh saying to himself- this is going to suck I bet- As he came out from behind a tree he seen a person standing and freaking out about a shirt, he stood there with his hands behind him as he observed the person, Yuuta sniffed the air getting the smell of blood in the air being the air had become dense unlike the night air they had been standing in all night. – Hello,= He said softly as his body stayed stiffened and his eyes scanned the man for any other movement as he waited for his actions to unfold before continuing. He smiled out of curiousity and so the man who clearly wasn’t a bandit from his dress shirt, wouldn’t think he was an enemy….yet//

Meisu341: -This feeling felt so weird and kinda good as his body felt lively as his mind felt even better. His mind felt like it was processing a thousand times his normal feeling even with his medication. His...medication... the medicine. Meisu stopped as he looked at his pill bottle that was in his pants pocket and stared at it. Could it be the medication he was taking? The supplier told him that the effects would adapt to him eventually but he thought he ment he needed a bigger dose sooner or later. He never knew he ment it like that. He examined his bottle and smiled a bit as his feeling felt impowering and made him limitless. The feeling of the mind-racing, heart-pounding fighting with his medication prolly gave him the abbility to use his meds on a whole new scale. He was suddenly alarmed to the sound of a greeting as he turned around and seen a male standing before him- "...Hello there." -he spoke to the man as he was in mood to see another bandit or crazy-ass man with a blade for a long time. He walked casually to the man that was in the mask as it seemed pretty much knocked the fuck out. He went through his pants and took what looked like his own Metal and he put it in his pocket and went into his other pockets and found his wallet.- "you missed a pretty nice show, Ill tell you that now..." -he spoke to the man as he took some money out of the man's wallet and placed it back into his pants. It was just the amount for a new suit as he smiled to the other man just standing there- "Stuff got a bit too real and sadly ripped my jacket. Fucking hate it when people are rude enough to hurt something another person loves. Its sad really..." -he looked back to the man as he put on his jacket and whipped the dirt off the side, adjusting on him a bit with a buisness-like fashion.-

HyonekoHyuuga: "Jaguar....I like it" I ignored the comments from the soldiers around me till we bumped into what we realized was their CO. I laughed my ass off in my head at this guy, he was giving it good to keyo. I shouted my "SIR YES SIR!" and smiled a blushed appropriately at the little peck. My mind raged at the major's thought that i would allow keyo to fuck me! But what came next.... just sent my anger over the edge. He grabbed my ass and kissed me ma as i was i had to admit he was a good kisser but I wasn't to be out done. i slipped my hand down keyo's pants taking his cock in my hand and began to caress and tug on it play fully as i raped my right-leg against him and grinded against his leg. I smiled and giggled being sure to hide my true thoughts: IF I HAD MY VIRUS AND THIS WASN'T A LOW PROFILE JOB I'D PAINT THE WALLS RED WITH BLOOD THEN MAKE KEYO ASS FUCK THA MAJOR ON TOP OF THE CORPSES. THEN FORCE FEED THEM THE GORY REMAINS BE FORE I SKULL FUCKED THA MAJOR WITH KEYO'S COCK AND SKINNED KEYO ALIVE BEFORE GIVING HIM THE SLOWEST DEATH POSSIBLE!!! Ugh but i could only think that for the moment. i replied to the major's fuck her dry comment by blushing and acting shy. as we walked away i bent over and wiggled my hips at the major. "You can always fuck me wet again major!" " BAGGED YOURSELF A DIRTY ONE EH BOY? BE CAREFUL I DON"T PAYA VISIT TO HER!!" I shook my ass for him once more before pulling my pants back up and walking with keyo to our objective. once out of sight shooting him a look that said : Pull something like that again and your dead.

Meisu341: -He heard the male as he nodded hearing him truly. The jacket got him a bit off-guard as he replied after the man was finished- "This man did not stop but I told him he was going to pay for it and... he did." -he patted his wallet in his pocket- "This is my favorite work jacket and if I show up to work after the tournament looking like this, I will not kiss my productivity and my client count out the window!" -He chuckled- "But everything is in check. Everything is fine now. All the thigns are proper and in order now. I have another metal and I can replace my jacket. All his going right on schedule. But... I have a obstacle in my way." -he smiled and chucked looking at the male as he relaxed in his jacket- "You, good sir" -he paused and moved his bangs alittle- "...You seem to be not just a male walking through the forest looking for flowers for a necklace. No. You look like you are on a mission of some sort and I think you and I are on that same mission..." -He spoke out to the male and sighed- So either you and I part now and everything is dandy or I might think you and I have a bit of a problem. Either way, I have a schedule to keep up so make a decision and hurry please." -The salesman's smile hung on his face as he waited for a answer-

Meisu341: "Well you can leave or we can make alittle deal." -He chuckled and stood there as the man walked passed him.- "A simple three-way-choice for that metal that am having the feeling you have; one - You can tell me your nearest account number and I can wire a potion of my funds to you... which is a heavity amount, Two - you and I can play a game of 'chance' with you. Three - .... Well the two choices should be fine for a nice gentleman like yourself so instead of walking away truely looking like a badass, haggle with me sir... I live for it." - The male took out his phone that was wired so that he could transfer money through accounts without hassle of a middle man.- "I am only making this offer because you look like a male that seems to have such a heavy past onhis shoulders and I would love it if you hear out a man like myself for just a few minutes. Whats the rush?"

DarkKeyome: I paid the look on her face no mind as I ran to the computer... “ Your a good actor. “ I said to her when I sat down in the desk chair. “ Lock the door..” I said typing out any files that I could find... “...Haaa that's funny...” I said rubbing the back of my neck. “....They have.... some of the Schematics... on his suit..” ( Happend on a earlier episode.) After going through some files.. I managed to get some documents on Bettings... one of these bastard has this whole tournament rigged... to the point that they know who will get to what round... and who isnt. They also... had a file mentioning a further invasion with New America and not just Kasaihana city. The Armada... was up to something big... having the schematics well a generic schematic of a suit like that... is not good. I got the information and printed out the sheets. Opening up a window I nodded to the woman. “ After you..” I said to her. It was a 1 and 1 and half story building nothing we couldnt take.

CastielCaoin: Last time I made a deal I went to prison for either A 25 years or B 15 years, not making another deal. –He would turn and walk off quietly as he sighed figuring the man wouldn’t stop, As he continued walking he placed his hands in his pockets and he listened for any sign of anger or attack from the man but figured he was just a salesman trying to buy his way into the winners circle which would help most but not him-true shame. Seeing a man like you declining a offer like this--" -The man paused as his heart pounded hard from the medication taking effect faster. It was alittle risky swallowing another pill but from the look of the male, he needed a bit more fire in the spirit and he also wished to test his theroy in his mind about the pills he took. His heart snapped and pumped pure blood into his body that was supercharged with the mystery of what was inside the pills. He inhaled deeply as he felt like everything was going frame by frame in a way, the high hit him then and there. He slid a slim smile across his face as he looked back up to the man that was trailing away from him- "...I... really..." -Form the high and his mind adjusting to the medication, he couldnt really talk untill it was over. As soon as he snapped back from speaking, the medicine was purely working now as he felt himself feel amazing as he was pumped with pure confidence and with a sly attitude. He cleared his throat and walked towards to male with his hands in his pockets and with his salesman smile- "I am sorry to be SO RUDE OF ME-- But i kinda need your metal." -His tone was a bit akward and kinda creepy as it kept its salesman-like tone but it was a but mixed with a faded insane trailing from it- "My offer is too good to refuse... sir"

CastielCaoin: Sighing softly as he heard the pills and the steps coming closer he turned around quickly but not abruptly as to make the man jump into action but the sticks with a swift move of his wrists were now handing in his fingers, adding an extra two feet to each arm. He would spin them in his hands as his chi began to enhance his body hardness and muscle strength and intern would help him move faster and hit a little bit harder. His heart rate was beginning to race which in turn caused him to begin thinking out scenarios as he heard the creepiness flow from his voice and he knew he had no choice but to end it this way, He would flip the sticks around his hands spinning them as he waited for the mans first movement as his eyes were locked on him. With his heart racing his body became stiff for a second as he would be ready for anything

Meisu341: "Oh my..." -He smiled cheerfully as he seen the sticks spin as this added to his reach. He breathed in deep as the high felt overpowering as his mind raced with situations that the adventages of the sticks with the stace and the positon of the sticks and body functions could end wrong for him. His eyes shook as his body was purely calm, but inside wasnt by a long shot. His pupils enlarged as his eyes looked like he was starign through the male as he used his vision on the side to see any sense of stress or strain. He did know about the chi within the body of a fighter that weild it true and he definitly seen that this male would have plenty of chi and power within in. He began to think of what the wore, what the man weilded truely and how this male would do in certain situations. He smirked as his foot suddenly stepped closer to the male that was pretty far from him. He didnt grow his own chi but simply took a certain off what the pills were making him gather within him and compress it. He made no quick movements as he was waiting.- "...Nice sticks you have there. I would love to find the supplier of such crafted weapons" -he voice was shakey as he kept himself under control as his muscles wanted to explode and charge but all in due time. He sighed as he admired the sticks (gigity) for awhile as he suddenly pushed his leading foot on the ground hard.The muscles within him exploded out as he hammered away a peice of earth that was under his expensive shoe as he blurred himself towards the male with alarming speeds. These pills surely enhanced him to his max as all he was fixed on was the shadow behind the male-

HyonekoHyuuga: I locked the door. " Schematics eh? doesn't sound good" I smiled when he told me it was time to go. Snirking i hacked my way dow into thier power grid. " Let's see what makes this place tick..." Looking through i saw that about a mile down was a nuclier plant...perfect. Smiling i went to work and rigged the core to have a meltdown. The timer picked up. " 5 miles, 10 mins Let's go!" though i had to admit i had one last thing to do. grabbing some rope i strapped keyo to me back to back. " Sorry but you'd be too slow" i unlocked the door before ripping the metal door off it's hinges and with some effort roled it into a pole. I grinned wide and ran, charging through the masses of soldiers slamming them to either side as i stampeded through till i found the major. " HEY MAGGOT!" I cracked him over the head before impaling him throught the ass with my crude version of a pole turned pike. GOD I LOVED doing that, but now wasn't the time to celebrate. The automated warning read " 7 MINUTES TILL TOTAL CORE MELT DOWN" From there on i focused on running, only the sound of my feet meeting the ground filled my ears. My enhanced strength giving me a boost but i was wieghed down by keyo. I wove through trees and fights between contestants rushing to meet the minimum distance for survival the counter ticking of in my head. 5 minutes.......4.......3.....2....1. Ducking us behind a boulder just big enough to cover both uf us if we ducked as the ground heaved, vaborizinf the base and sending a wave of earth and light out for 5 miles around. Sucking anyone within range underneath the ground as a massive crater was formed. As the dust clears and our hearing returnes i untie keyo and scamper a few feet away to throw up and gasp for air between dry heaves. " F...ff-ffuck!"

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