"Dont interrupt me..."

DolliesBelle(Molly): A small sigh surpassed the wine red lips of the villainess, allowing her small statue to wander along the grassy plains. The woman would let the bundles blades of grass crush beneath the harsh bottoms of her boots, mushing them a bit into the earths soil as she took heavy steps. She seemed quite excited. Her mind flourished with gleeful thoughts of how this scenario was going to go down. 'Perhaps they'll have something more fun for me this time..' she thought to herself, allowing her arms to sway a bit with the trance of her hips, back and forth; just enhancing their appearance in this lovely stride. She'd manage to wander down the hill and towards the few gathered near the edge of the river. Though, the sight was beautiful, her gaze was fixated on the crates. They were abnormally large and that meant a lot in her mine. 'Size is everything in this industry' she thought to herself as she maliciously smirked. "Well hello boys. I hear Mama's got a few packages to pick up for a certain fella'... Perhaps you give Mama a price and she'll make sure these babies make it safely to Papa. Huh?" She'd allow the tone in her voice to play the typical melody of a vixen, the oh's and ma's being over announced to emphasize that it was her speaking and no one else. She'd eye the few gathered and quickly glanced over to the crates once more; looking for clues as to what was in them.

Tanaban(Keyome): Checking my rolex I looked over at the woman with the fancy clothing that made her way over to me. I was 6'3 now.. tall and strapping. I am a powerful man and I know I am. Placing my hands behind my back I eyed her further. “Ah. Miss Molly so kind of you to fly all the way over to china from here to meet up with me here to do this deed.” I said smiling my white hair blowing in the wind. Im sure she could see the diamond emblem enlodged in my head and my eyes that resmbled the collage of starts within the sky. “ I am Tanaban im sure you know. Ruler... of Old China.” I said smiling. “ And... I am also the leader of the Armada... but im sure you didnt know that and if you did hahaah tell me now and ill have one of my men snipe you from one of those trees up there.” I wore a suit of course never leave the homestead without one. “.... The money..” I said looking over my shoulder. One of my men presented to her the 300,000,000 Tanz within the 4 brief cases. “ All the money... as...promised.” I stepped out of the way as 10 of my men unloaded the cargo in 3 tall crates. “ Remember the plan Miss.... um Molly? Yes thats it Molly. Place these within the inner sewers of district 1, 2, and 3. But you must wait until I send you the signal is that clear?” As I was waiting for her to respond one of my men walked up to me saulting and I turned and back handed him making his body fly 6 feet back into the air... the emblem on my forehead began to glow a bright orange as the males body stopped in mid air... my right hand extended my fingers wiggling as if signaling him over.... and he did just that. “ Next time.... dont.... interrupt me...” I said to him in a stern voice. “ What is it?” “ Si-Sir.... Gahk... De-...Deadshot has been seen in the area sir.” “ You mean Donnie Yun...Lunatic likes to dress up. I knew who he was the moment Tasanagi had that meeting with him... Yes yes, I already knew...” I turned my head sniffing the air. “ I could smell the beast from a mile away...” I turned to the men behind me.” The base that was destoryed last night.... were the Suit units destroyed as well?” “ No sir. They were intact due to us storing them in the explosive dormitories sir. “ “ Good good.... Send all 10 of the units to dispatch Mr.Donnie Yun. Give him a bit of taste of his own medicine” “ Yes sir, right away sir.” I turned to the solider I still had in the air. “ You see that? You should of took example from him. “ But sir I-Gahk...” the loud crack of his neck snapping into 6 places echoed in the air. I squeezed my fist and watched as his body began to comprise and turn into an orb his bone cracking and snapping until his body was a ball. Blood spewed everywhere during the process. “ Oh oh watch yourself deary..” The blood that was about to fall onto Molly's body I stopped in mid air making it fling in another direction. “ messy messy. Haha sorry. You know how these kids are now-a-days... now. Where was I?”

Molly(Dollibelle): Her vibrant hues wandered along the suited man, eyeing his elderly features; or so they appeared to be in her eyes. She'd furrow her brows, coming to look around as he pointed out the snipers that hid. 'Hm.. This man does not fuck around..' she thought to herself, offering him a charming smile. Her left hand pressed against her chest, allowing that sweet giggle to escape her lips as she played it off like it was all a bit joke. "Oh Tanaban, You're always such a kidder~ How could I know nothing more than the situation at hand. Besides, I have no time to research things.. " She'd speak in her melodic like tone, allowing a few coos to escape in her speech. The brief cases came forth, the real reason she was here. Her left index finger curled in a 'come hither' motion to the closest man with a brief case. The man came forth, allowing her own hands to unclasp the locks and peek inside. She wanted to avoid being scammed. "A man of your word, it appears. Tanban, I assure you, you're wish is my command". She'd smile once more, snapping the case shut as the locks quickly clamped shut; whether the man was injured in the process was none of her concern. She'd fall silent, coming to wander over tot he crates and began to knock on the wood; checking for their sturdiness. She was particular on her package retrievals. After all, if it's damaged, it leaves less for her to have fun with. Upon cracking, she'd arch her back a bit and pressed her hands firmly to to crate. It was quite hard to hide the pleasure she got from the simple snapping sounds of some mans neck crumbling under the delicate hands of another. She took in a few deep breaths, still trying to stabilize herself as she spoke abruptly. " Children! Annoying pests.." She nodded quickly, standing herself up straight and fixating her cress and hair. She couldn't afford to look out of place. She'd quickly turn to face the taller man, wandering forth as she held her hand out in thought. "You were...uh.. Goodness, I'm quite a mess.. the flight must have taken its toll on me today.." She'd shake her head a bit, her fingers fidgeting a bit as she urged for that cracking sound again. "We're on about the business, deli every and what not.."

Tanaban(Keyome): “ Ahh yes yes. Thank you Madam. “ I walked over packages, the large 6'5 crates lifting them all up on both of my shoulders. They were literally. A Ton each. With ease I placed them into the air craft that she had used to get here. “ Make sure you get them in the place that I requested. If all goes according to plan. I have position for you. And a offer you cannot refuse. “ I said smirking a bit. “ Now... please. Leave... before you make me want to do something.... I dont need... to do.” I meant this tottally in a sexual way. I am over 100 now... a man has needs. After a few moments she two loaded into her air craft quickly flying off back to Kasaihana city“ Now boys. Im highly disappointed in the fact Keyome Tasanagi wasnt dispatched like I asked. Non the less... he will be apprehended soon enough. Get my vehicle ready. I want to watch Donnie Yun be destroyed by his own creations. “ I got into the jeep of a car letting it drive me off back to my headquarters.

In harmony...

XxDensukexX: Tetsu was resting against Asami briefly as she watched around the sourroudings and made sure no body else was coming. Tetsu still continued to try and connect three things: Donnie Yuns death, Deadshot weapons, and Keyome’s knowledge. Once Tetsu was done thinking it over, he shot straight up, and stood attention. He stood up and looked around on both sides. He then closed his eyes, and channeled a subtle amount of chi into his nose, to accelerate his smelling capabilities. He then squatted on one knee and began to sniff around for Keyome’s scent. At this level of chi control, tetsu’s sense of smell could be comparible if not greater than some of the hounds that the KPD use. Tetsu looked to the left quickly with the snap of his neck. A feint scent of hair gel, ciggerete smoke, and………Tetsu sniffed once more and then said out loud “ the very fenit scent of fried rice and teriyaki beef. That’s what I hand for lunch and when he kneed me traces of my spit landed on him.” Anyone would be amazed at tetsu’s quick rooted accuracy and approach to these kinds of things, and it seemed to increase over time. Tetsu would take his shirt off and then crack his back, and his neck in succession. He would offer Asami his hand, and help her up. “Get your things babe. First we go find another medal real quick and in a hurry. Tetsu’s head snapped in the direction of keyome’s sent as he heard a giant explosion in the distance. Him and Asami would both look as Tetsu would look back at Asami and continue talking. “Then we’re both gonna head to the tower, and proceed to the finals. If we hurry maybe deadshot will intercept ups accordingly.” Tetsu leaned over, and would signal Asami to hop on his back. Should she accept Tetsu would dash twords the looming tower in the sky, at 30mph, his top speed. He’d be on the look out for any opponents along the way but his ultimate goal was cracking the case of Deadshot, and aiding Keyome in the defeat of the armada, should he be able to help stop an even bigger conspiracy going on.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu stopped In mid tracks, hearing her idea. As much as it killed him, he was wounded. Injured slightly, and needed brief meditation at the least. He put her down and turned to look at her. “It’s a dangerous game out here…if I lost you I don’t know what I’d do….to myself or the person that did it…..” Tetsu looked down and dreaded at the thought of loosing her. He cared to much for her. Way to much. She was there since the start of this madness he’d been going thru and would like for her to be there until the end of it. Tetsu trusted her skill, but he couldn’t help but be worried for her well being. “If this is what you want to do, at least put on my utility belt…your not in the tournament so it doesn’t apply to you. Theres ninja’s, teams, and gunman. Please be careful…….” Tetsu made sure he was looking her dead and center in her eyes. “ I’m going to be in this exact spot. And I’ll wait for you here. If I’m gone..”Tetsu reached into asami’s bag and placed on of his trackers on himself and gave Asami a G.P.S device that would signal his location. “Heres how you can track me…..Please comeback.”

Yule:Asami looked up at him while he spoke to her. “I want to do this so I won’t lose /you/. You are hurt and you need to take care of that firstly.” She reached into the bag and pulled out a few things to help him. She pulled out a bottle of water, and two needles full of fast acting healing medicines. She had developed them herself and tested them on herself as well. They worked exceptionally well and she wanted him to have two of the four she kept with her. She also grabbed his utility belt and put it on. She it would most likely come in handy. When he took the gps tracker and put it on himself she looked for the gps in the bag. She found it there among his and her stuff. “I will be back with a medal. You can trust me.” She kissed him softly then ran off to look for someone to fight. After running a good half mile she stopped. She took off her bag and then dug around finding the pouch with her needles in it. She had them color coded and strapped the pouch around her thigh. They would come in handy most likely. She would then grab another pouch that held her throwing knives. She had in total about fifteen of them. Asami would put the bag back on her shoulders and start heading out again. Five minutes into her looking around she heard a rustle in the trees above her. Soon she was being dropped down on by a female ninja. “You are going to surrender to me!” The girl yelled and Asami’s facial expression changed. It turned icy and she reached into her throwing knives pouch and grabbed two between her fingers. “I think you mistaken, lady…you are going to be the one falling to me.” With that Asami rushed her, her knives going towards her as she ran. The ninja was obviously not very well trained since the knives took pieces of her clothes from both sides. Though she was ready when Asami was going to throw her right hook. The lady threw her leg at Asami, but Asami flipped out of the way just in time. This was going to be an interesting fight indeed.

Who's the boss...?

Keyome Tasanagi had just awoken from his camp fire after him and the leader of the Chitori clan successfully got the information he wanted and needed. He awoke and was greetted by two large beastily tigers. They pounced him and are on the move for the kill.

Kaiten: *Ayane patted the safely wrapped bundle of medal pieces slung to her hip as she crested the hill that separated her fro the sounds of battle she’d heard the night before. Honestly, with only one more needed, she’d be more then willing to search the bodies that littered the landscape for a missed piece over engaging in combat. As she stared down at the bloody carnage below, the young kunoichi sighed and shook her head, rolling the thin stalk of wheat hanging from her lips between her teeth to amuse herself absently as she began to slide down the face of the steep ledge towards the corpses. She didn’t know what did this, and honestly didn’t care. Someone must have smuggled grenades in or something, because the damage wasn’t something a normal human could do even with tools. As she reached the bottom and made her way towards the nearest body, the sounds of roaring caught her attention and she turned in time to see a lone man being pounced by two rather large tigers. Tilting her head to the side as she watched the man struggle with them, Ayane found herself wondering where exactly the fuzzy bastards had come from. Honestly, if someone imported creatures just for this stupid tournament she was going to be pissed. She debated allowing the tigers to eat the man, but after a few moments of him kicking and wrestling with them, she figured he wanted to live badly enough and so began to job in his direction, reaching deep into herself to activate the signature technique of her martial art the Raikiri Kami. In an instant, her chi gave a boost to the natural currents of bio-electricity that ran through her body, jump starting her conditioned system like a car boosting an engine. In milliseconds, the current traveled from her core and to her brain, altering the flow of neuronal wave patterns with practiced ease and for just and instant granted the petite female an unmitigated amount of speed and strength the human brain normal suppressed. Like a bolt of lightning, Ayane suddenly took off at a dead sprint, her body leaning forwards to minimize wind resistance and increase mass to make up for the inhuman speed she was displaying. Before the tiger’s even knew what hit them, both were off of the man and sailing through the air as Ayane, a moment before she collided with them, jumped and sent both her feet forwards into a drop kick that connected with the beasts in the flanks and sent them sailing off into the stream with a few broke ribs and enough sense to get lost. As the water-logged cats limped out of the water on the far side of the stream Ayane, who had performed a perfect back flip off their hairy sides, landed in a crouch next to the man as the charge left her body and she stared down at him with a smirk, the wheat in her mouth bobbing to some unheard tune and the shadow cast by her rice hat hiding her violet hues from his sight* “… Sup?”

DarkKeyome: I wasn’t expecting this. Quickly I got myself back up never the less.... this would have proven to be difficult alone. I eyed the woman.. taking in her features. “2nd time this week.... a female has saved me... it's gonna start fucking with my ego.” The slash marks across my chest began to bleed over my bandages. “ Thank you.. “ I said holding my chest and bowing my head out of respect. She was short... and small but in an attractive way. Black hair... and a straw in her mouth that gave her a laid back feel. She seemed to have a good decent amount of muscle on her body. More so around the legs... which only told me she did a lot of running. Her speed just now.... was....almost the fastest I had ever seen. The beast on the other side of the river had roared in there failure and whyned in there defeat, they had lost a meal and werent happy about it. “....Ah... hasnt been my lucky day..” I didnt have a companion.... and to be honest knowing that my Aniki was running around with that Cop kinda pissed me off...I.. I wish Haji was here. We'd kick the shit outta everything as a team..... I wonder how he was doing... it had been so long... where was he? Why'd he leave everything he cared about? Got scared of the marriage? Was me being a terrorist too much for him? Anyways... “ So. Your a fighter huh...” I said standing up straight popping my neck. “ If your here to fight... then lets get this over with...” I said presenting my 12 medallions... then putting them back. I got down in my stance eying th woman. I was pain... broken ribs, slashes and bite gashes on my chest. A cracked knee cap.... I kind of wish I would have taken Danchou on that offer.... so I could be powerful like him and Donnie. But...... my pride wouldn’t let me.. I don’t compromise

iPayce: She sits impatiently in the helicopter, listening to the loud roar all around her. Her worry grows with each second. As Alex twists the hem of her shirt, she hears the rude voice in her head <Chill the hell out! So what if he is in a tournament? Let him do what he wants. He's a big boy now.> She squeezes her eyes shut and tries to block her out. As they near the clearing she looks over the edge, unafraid of the heights but more afraid of what she will find as she touches down. They land softly and she ducks and walks away from the chopper, the wind tangling her hair in her face. Alex checks her tracker. She was very close to him. <Turn back, Alex. Just let him be. There's not really a point if he's just gonna go back and fight some more.>, Venge whispered in her ear. "Shut the hell up and let me do my job.", She mumbled back. She was suddenly grateful of the tracker that was put in his left earlobe. He was so wreckless. Alex neared the location of Keyome. She spotted him with a short young woman with black hair and stomped up to him. "Keyome!" Alex said in a frusterated voice. "What the HELL are you doing here?! You can't do this! Come on, we're going back. Im not letting you get hurt." She took in all the wounds he had already gathered, and winced. "Ohhh yeah.." she looked him up and down, "let's just go. Just tell her" she guestured to the short woman " that you've got business to attend to." Assuming that he would listen, she turned around walked off a short distance to wait for him and messaged for the driver of the chopper to go ahead and start up the engine.

Kaiten: *Ayane eyed the presented medals with a impish grin, the wheat stalk bobbing all the while as she stood to face him. He was big. Much larger then she. And by the looks of it, all of that big was pure muscle mass. Still, he looked pretty banged up. She doubted he would last on his own, let alone if she fought him. Thinking quickly, she shrugged* “Tell you what handsome… You give me one of those for helping you out and we can call it even. Sound fair hun?” *She asked with a coy wink, carefully weighing her posture as her kunoichi training had taught her. Everything, from the way her chest was slightly revealed by her uniform and pressed out to make it appear larger, to the way her hip was cocked just slightly to the side with delicate fingers splayed across it was meant to lower a man’s guard. To queue up the primal nature of human lust. There was a reason Ayane led the She-Dragons, and the fact that she could smile and cause traffic accidents was no small part*

DarkKeyome: After a few moments of yelling and screaming. I got Alex to go home. I know she had the best out for me but im a grown man. By that time I watched the chopper fly off. As I was returning I heard the women make an offer to me. Give her the medals for compensation? “....You want me to just give you these....” Even though she saved my life... I was going to save myself either way... “....You think im going to just gi-...” I caught glimpse of her curvey body... everything was in the right place.. her breast were nice too.. so big and perky for her size. I was about to blush before my eyes narrowed a serious tone being brought in my voice. “ You think i'd just give you these. Like the ones I got these from... your gonna have to fight me for them... “ I said getting down in my stance. The wind blew all that was heard was the birds... and the water streaming down from the water fall. “.....” My hand blew by over my scared face from all the fights as of recently.

Kaiten: *Ayane did not let her annoyance show on her face, although she thought to herself rather furiously about how ungrateful he was. Fine, he wanted a fight. Then he’d get one. There was no warning to her attack. None at all. The moment he said no, the seductive, youthful young woman he’d been staring at vanished as she sprang forwards with that same inhuman speed. Even if he was fast, his injuries coupled with there barely being any distance between them afforded her what she expected to be an easy strike as her right hand lashed out like a snake, aiming to jab her pointed fingers directly into his wind-pipe. If it connected, not only would be unable to breath properly for a few hours, let alone speak, but the natural reflexive tears of such a strike would blind him. To make matters worse, he would also feel the bite of her Raikiri aura, and the resulting shock to his already wounded body would more then likely be enough to paralyze him, if not outright knock him unconscious. That was only her first strike however, as when she jumped she also raised her knee viciously, aiming to send the single most powerful point on her body ramming into his solar plexus with enough force to send him soaring into the stream behind him. Not only would this strike also shock him if it connected, but the force behind it was more then enough to shatter his already broken rib-cage. Combined with the throat strike, Ayane was hoping to drop this man in an instant as what her martial art’s intention. Ninjutsu was made to hit hard, fast and at the weakest point possible, and this man looked pretty done in at the moment*

DarkKeyome: I had my arms up... yet her speed proved to be something I hadnt seen before. I took a step back but it was no use my knee was heavily damaged the strike she sent out collided into my throat causing me to cinge in pain as my hands went to grab my throat. The tears exploded from my eyes immdeatily... the hell was this style?! As the strike landed I took a few step back. A powerful surge of lightning shook my body numb as all the broke parts of my body were engulfed in pain. Even her seconded attack connected... this was...incredible! I went airbourne... my body twitching in the air as I drifted... I felt my eyes slowly Tch... everything went black... and there was Oni once again in my mind all I saw was his demonic grin and his hell red eyes. “ Hahahaahahah!!! getting your ass kicked by a girl nows huh... better get your shit together Tasanagi.... if she kills you... your all mine...Hahahaah!” I opened my eyes... 5.3 seconds until I would fall into the water.( The hieght that I was sent into the air was not stated. Nor how long that the paralyize state would continue on throughout my body before I gained control.) Once my body was 10 feet above the the water I spun my body back around facing it. Focing both of my arms back I channled my Chi into my arms Just enough to do what I needed to do. I sent my arms forward once I felt I had just enough force for my signature move. Once my fist were forward an exploive boom rocked the water. I had shot my force attack into the water. The aftershock of this alone was just enough to knock me into a tree on the other side of the river. I landed on my feet and slowly stood to my feet panting before I got down into my stance. “....AGAIN...” I commnaded her.. She had my intrest now. I moved my arms around in a Tai Chi like motion. My arms building up the Chi as I got down into Traditional Karate stance. Huffed my chest. Every muscle in my body could be seen flexing bulding as I was building it up. I got into a sprinter stance... And with all the Chi I Had built I had gotte down into a sprinting stance... CH-THHUMM!! The ground exploded from my current postion... the force it self from my take off had carved a deep trench from my current spot, when I blew past the river the water from the river had split ( Like moses). Travling to the female in a time frame of 2.4 seconds. I had spun my body twice during that take off. When my body stopped a loud sonic boom exploded in the air my right arm was cocked back, the ground itself was breaking from the force that I had built up around my fist. When I threw the arm out I would have sent it out towards the female. Even if it didnt hit her the force like blast behind it would have expanded on a 10 feet radius from her current spot. If connected it would have knocked her through the stone behind her, causing her body to crash through it by 6 feet until she stopped.

Kaiten: *Ayane smirked as she watched the man sail through the air. Still, she hadn’t felt his bones break. Odd, since she’d struck a blow that would know a bull on it’s ass on already damaged bone and at it’s stress point to boot (Didn’t mention it in your post). She was also able to speak and see, something that should not have been possible after such a strike to the throat (Also not mentioned). What most interested her however was that, despite all this, he was performing some elaborate kung fu-styled movements she’d expect to see in a B-rated Chinese film. As she thought about whether or not to go after him, the man suddenly blasted forwards like a hurricane, something that caused her eyes to widen in shock as he split the river between them and closed in an instant. Had he been closer to her, he might have caught her off guard, but as they had so much space between them before his attack, she had just enough time to use her Raikiri Kami once more, this time stepping to the left as his right fist swung forwards. The sonic boom-like explosion behind him, which she guessed to be some kind of vacuum technique, might have looked impressive to most, and it was amazing he could pull it off, but Ayane knew the truth behind such things. That force, which would add pressure to his strike, would also slow him down for a split second as he fought against the backlash a sonic boom produced. That, coupled with her stepping to the left, caused his attack to sink into the after image her evasion left behind right before it vanished even as Ayane extended her right arm over his extended fist and her left under it, as if trying to catch it in her grasp. From there, she allowed the laws of physics to take effect. With the charges between her hands converting his extended arm into the equivalent of a Tesla Coil, Ayane unleashed electro-static hell on him. Unless he was able to draw back his arm before the charge completed the circuit through his body, which would be like dodging a lightning bolt, he would feel the full force of her Raikiri. Considering he had so much force pushing him forwards, she doubted it. His attack was not without effect on her however. The boom itself left her ears ringing as the pressure behind it assaulted her ear drums, and the concussive force was enough to leave her dizzy, but with the way she’d moved, she’d placed his own body between herself and the full force of the explosion. She wondering if the blast would have similar effects on him, if he survived her counter that was.*

DarkKeyome: I had her sure on. In a blind raged I shot my body forward in the intense speed. Putting everything that my broken body allowed me to. I sent my arm out... then....a light. A blaring light flashed through my eyes as a demonic strike of lightning jolted through my body once again. And to Add on.. the force from my own blast simply amplified the effects. Due to my blast no longer having a target and it hit the ground a massive explosion would erupt the ground causing every thing from a 15 feet radius to burst back a powerful force that could knock a human body back 16 feet. Thus what my body did... As I was soaring high into the air my body spun 4 times before my back collided into the dirt....i laid there jerking from the electricity for about 10 seconds and thats when I felt It all... I simply had 3 ribs broken now the whole right side seemed to be shattered. Shit... I laid on the grass throbbing in pain. My knee... due to all of the electric convolutions I couldnt feel it. I jerked and my body seemed to be trying to take it all in then... all went black as I passed out. My body soon being overcome by the pain itself. Due to the close encounter with the explosion my right ear drum began to bleed but I was already knocked out.

Kaiten: *The blast was both expected and not. She knew the effects, but had never felt them first hand and so the blast that suddenly threw her bodily into the air like a rag doll caught her by surprise with it’s force. She managed to back flip in the air as she sailed, landing hard on her knees due to her disorientation and the ringing in her ears as she leaned forwards, trying to stop her head from spinning and to keep the fish she ate the day before down. God ear damage sucked… after a few minutes, she managed to stand, albeit shakily, and make her way over to the downed man. Amazing… he was still alive. After all that? She should have killed him then. Saved herself the trouble. But for some reason, the man’s tenacity struck home with her own personality and she simply chuckled, dusted herself off and drug him into a nearby cave, hiding him under branches and such so another fighter would not kill him in his sleep. She also made sure to give him basic first aid, something her ninja training afforded her. He’d live, but when he woke up she was going to be long gone. Taking all but one of his medallions, Ayane turned,attempting to stealthily making her way towards the tower where the next challenge awaited. Maybe she’d see him there. She hoped so. Fighting him at full strength would be rather fun…*

A Patient's disappearance and a tower

HyonekoHyuuga: : Neko came back with an arm full of rosemary and ceyenne ready to heal up some of keyo's injuries. I had left him by the boulder that had sheilded us from the blast. (aka the nuke boom i ran like hell from) " Ok....maybe he went to releive himself? KEYO! YOU AROUND?" I wated for a few minutes with no reponse. "KEYO!" I growled, after i had helped him get into the base, suffer the indignities of keyo's touch and saved his ass from total destruction...he fucking ditched me. " Oh....oh...he's getting my foot up his ass the next time i see him." Well...what to do now? I had 7 well the tower was the next technicall step but i no longer knew where that damn tower was from my hectic run i had aken the night to recover from. Looking up and around i spotted it, 3 maybe 5 miles out to my right. I tossed the herbs and headed towards the tower stomping down hard enough to leave a light imprint of my foot to help me calm down. " Wonder if he does this to his girl?

HyonekoHyuuga: I reached the tower after a few hours of walking I had reached the tower. "hmmmm so now what?" I made my way to the doors and expected just to walk in but it seemed to be sealed. "Wellthen how....?" My question was answered when i spotted the little console imbeded in the wall nest to the doors. The monitor flashed, 'medals please' taking the 7 around my neck i slid tem into the little receiver. to get an automated voice "Contestant verification needed" 2 scanners and a microphone popped out. "Please provide thumbprint, voice and rentinal scan samples to confirm identity for logging purposes." I sighed and placed my thumb on the scanner and tried my best to look foward as my eyes were scanned. "Neko Takaichi" the moniter gave me a little progress bar as it ran me against it's records. "Identity confirmed, congradulations and welcome to the tower Miss Takaichi" The door clicked open and i made my way inside.

No more games

Pallas: -Donnie and Kaito wake up to a shining sun beaming down on them. Donnie slowly turns over and feels the effects that the sun has on his body. Lucky his clothes did cover most of his body but the sun is very strong this morning. Donnie gets up slowly and staggerly walks to the shade under a tree. His body falls and leans against the tree trunk as the skin cells of his body slowly begin to regenerate. The sun being the one weakness that his Super Soldier Serum had.-"Son of a bitch this hurts..."-Out of sheer pain and aggravation he clicks the button on his mask and takes it off of his face.-"Ahh! Much better, I can breathe the fesh air"- His arms slowly began to return to its natural color the longer he stayed in the shade. He did not think that the sun would be much of a problem but sleeping in the rays of the sun could have killed him. As he leans against the tree with his face open to be seen by oncomers, he can't help but think of the woman from last night. She had hit him in a way no woman had done before. She wasn't like Ryu or Kirei where they hid in the shadows and afraid to fight. She was strong and he liked it. He like her. His mind is soon changed to other things as a shartp page in his chest-"Ahhh! SOn of a bitch!"-His body was healing itself like it always does but because of the sunlight, his body is greatly weakened. Even the healing hurt like hell. He needed to be in the darkness. His home away from home. But where is he to find that now? In the god damn forest. Things only got worse as he saw ten objects flying his way.-"This can't be good. KAITO!"-After yelling out Kaito's name, the young boy wakes up violently.-"Huh! Whats going on?!-Donnie then grips his hand on the tree and slowly stands to his feet. This alone taking a lot of energy.-"Go hide"-And Kaito did as he was told, hiding within the huge roots of the tree. As the objects get closer he can see that they are bootleg versions of his personal suit.-"Well at least my talents don't go unrecognized."-He coughs a bit and then watches as the ten Suits begin to surround his body. One by one they crash into the floor around him. One Suit then bursts out of the formation and clocks Donnie with a flying left Jab. This causes DOnnie to fly to the other side where another Suit was waiting for him. The second attacker uppercuts Donnie and sends him flying into the air. Because of how weak Donnie's body is at the moment, he is unable to even defend himself. As he gets to about fiften feet in the air a third Suit is waiting for him again. This time the atacker has a charged electricity based attack waiting for Donnie. The man in the suit riases both hands into the air and waits for Donnie to get to him. When he does, the attacker slams his hands down on Donnie's chest as a surge of energy pumps out of the bootleg suit. It is in no way as strongas Donnie's Nanosuit but dan did it pack a punch. Donnie screams out in pain-"GAUHHHH!"-As some blood comes out of his mouth. His body is sent crashing into the ground from this attack. He hits the flor with so much pressure that he breaks through the hardened Earth and falls to the bottom of a cave. Beause of how big the tree is, the roots cut and created a cave under the tree. It was the best thing can could have happened for Donnie. He crashes down into the dirt of the cave and static electricity courses through his body. Because of the darkness in the cave, his skin begins to heal more rapidly. After seeing the hole they created, the Suits fly into the hole one by one. They land on the ground of the cave and one of them asks-"Where the hell is he?"-They put on their nightvision sights and look around the cave. They stayed in a circle formation while looking through the cave to find where Donnie is. One of the men then say-"It's itch black down here. There's no way he will be able to see us."-Then from out of nowhere, Donnie's deep english and very creepy accent(BAne) comes eachoing through the cave.-"You think darkness is your ally. But you merely adobted the dark."-Then the sounds of something by them causes them all to turn around as fear begins to set in.-"I was born in it...Molded by it...."-That rushing sound passes by them again and one of them yells out-"Where the hell is he!"-Donnie then continues his terror-"I didn't see the light until I was already a man. by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!"-As he saying "Blinding!" the middle of the Circle lights up with two blue auras that are Donnie's claw and the two glowing orbs that are his eyes. Then Donnie charges at the person infront of him and smashes his claw through the metal and into the mans chest. The other nine pointed their hand blasters at Donnie and fired their versions of the energy blasters at him. The blasts would all meet at where DOnnie was standing and cause a huge explosion. It would even echo on the outside of the cave. One of the men asked-"Did we get him?"-But as the smoke cleared only the body of the man in the Suit remained. Donnie was ready to strike again.-

Pallas: -Donnie goes on the attack. He charges towards one of the men in suits and uses his razor sharp claws to dig into the metal. His lions roar echoing through the cave, deafening the soldiers. As he does, this he is tackled by one of the men in suits and Donnie quickly puts the man in his guard. This is a standard Jiu Jitsu tactic. Donnie then raises his hips and snaps his legs around the mans neck. This is the triangle choke position. Of course the choke would do absolutly nothing since the man is wearing a suit made of metal but the choke is not what Donnie is going for. DOnnie places both hands on the helmet and says-"Time to juice the orange!"-He then begins to squeeze the helmet as it gets smaller and smaller, smashing the head inside of it. The man screams out in pain as Donnie crushes his head. WHile he is doing this, he once again is attacked by someone in another suit. A metal foot comes down and kicks Donnie's head as it stuns him for a moment. Then DOnnie is swung around by his feet and tossed into the cave wall. The impact makes the cave quake a bit then Donie's body slowly falls to the floor. Eight of them remained and only one was injured. Donnie slowly got up to his feet and he said-"You call those grandmother hits harder than you chumps."-The eight men laughed and Donnie thought to himself-"This may be harder then I thought. But there is no need to waste a Stage 2 for these chumps."-Donnie then gets into his Animal Claw Stance ( and says to them-"It's time to end this..."-He then began to charge at the eight men as they all did the same. Two men in suits lock arms and try and closeline DOnnie, but Donnie goes to his knees and slides under the arms and slashes his claws into the legs of the two men. The claws dig deep into their skin and rip the mscles of their thigh. This causes the men to fall to the ground in pain. Donnie then jumps up from his position and heel kicks one of the soldiers on the side of the helmet. This causes the helmet to crack and the eye portion to break off. Five men now that are not at least hurt yet. They all came at him at different angles. One of them threw an overhand right and Donnie uses his strength to catch the arm with both hands. After catching the arm out of reflex the man tries to fre his arm with his other arm. Donnie lets go of one hand and grabs onto the mans second arm.-"Can I borrow these?"-Donnie jumps into the air and kicks the mans chest with both legs as the arms of this man rip off completely. The kick sends this man flying backwards as it shots Donnie into the air like a rocket. Donnie looks down at the arms and uses the mask to analyze the metal being used in the suits.-"Such shitty metal"-As he lands on his feet he sees that the men he kicked was back on his feet.-"Shit...still five of them."-He looks down at the arms again and thinks to himself-"Time to test my pitching speed...HA!"-He drops one arm and playfully gets into a pitchers stance from baseball. He then says sarcastically-"Steven Strasburg at the mound. An o-2 count now bottom of the ninth. Can he shut down this batter?"-He then acts like he is pitching in a baseball game as he throws the metal arm at one of the five men. The arm is released and travels up to 200mph and sprears into the mans chest.-"GUAHHH!!!"-He flips in the air and falls down to the ground lifeless.-"AND HE STRIKES HIM OUT!"- After this he ses that one of the remaining four comes charging after him. He quickly uses his foot to raise the other metal arm up and he catches it with his hands. He then gets into a baters stance and says-"Two outs can magic happen!?"-He then makes a baseball swing and smacks the man on the helmet as the sheer power that Donnie has decapitates the man and sends his head flying to the other side of the cave.-"Its going! Going! GONE! HOMERUN!"-The headles body falls to its knees and then slams into the floor as three of them were left while two were injured on the floor.-"Now how to take care of you three? Hmmm."-

AlessandraSkar: Chirp....chirp....chirp....chirp....chirp.....A balled fist suddenly lashed backwards and smacked the base of the tree trunk so hard that the whole thing shook and about ten birds hauled ass out of there like a gun shot had gone off. Rolling over in the soft green grass, Kaori ran a hand over her face as her mixed blue and green eyes began to flutter open and with a soft, groggy groan, she pushed herself up on one arm, looking around at her surroundings. 'Damn...' Her voice echoed in her head as she was so used to have inner monologues with herself now. 'I was hoping being in this god-forsaken forest was all a dream.' She froze for a second, turning over into a sitting position as she thought about last night. ' was all real. The ninjas...the overgrown monkeys....Donnie...' The corners of her lips lifted into a small grin when she thought of him, soon fading when she heard a voices and footsteps. Her head shot up as she scooted back against the tree she'd just punched to scare those annoying birds away, glancing toward the distance just in time to see the upper halves of two men walking by behind a tall hedge, one with brown hair, the other blonde. Kaori narrowed her eyes, listening in on their conversation. “Y'know some form of government always controls these kinds of things. Some rich 50-year-old could get bored watching this one day and send a few goons to start sniping all the fighters he doesn't like. There's no telling what can possibly happen here. Hell, they might start a man-made earth quake and we all get swallowed in the ground, never to be seen again.” The brown-haired male rambled. The blonde only sighed. “You're just paranoid, Jerry. The only people in control of this game are the players. So shut up and let's just focus on getting more medals. We've already got four all together.” Kaori rolled her eyes as she carefully got to her feet and walked up to the other side of the hedge, her feet silent upon the grass as she walked beside the two men without them knowing. Not until she said, “Four medals, you say? I believe those belong to me, boys.” The two men jumped and spun around at the same time to face the hedge. “Hey man!” The brown-haired male shouted. “The mother fucking bush just fucking TALKED!” The blonde sighed and shook his head in annoyance. “No, you fucking dipshit. It's some bitch trying to take our--” Before he could finish, two hands reached through the hedge and grabbed both men by their shirt collars, snatching them through the tangle of twigs and leaves against their consent. Howling as they hit the ground on the other side, Kaori took a step back away from them, resuming a casual stance with one hand on her hip and the other hanging by her side. “What the hell?” Both men asked at the same time, picking each other up as they eyed the short green-haired damsel up and down. “Well hey, cutie. We didn't expect to see you here.” Kaori arched an eyebrow in response to that. “Right.” She said in an unamused tone. “Dumb asses like you two don't expect a lot of things, do you?” They were just about to answer when Kaori suddenly rushed forward at such a speed that their own naked eyes couldn't see, slamming her palms into their chests so hard that they seemed to freeze their until an the force of impact literally exploded against their sternums. Pulsations went rushing down into their bodies, causing their bones to crackle and shatter all the way down their spines and throughout their arms and legs. Kaori watched with unamused eyes as they eventually passed out from the sudden pain and crumpled to the ground at her feet. “Pfft...should've been training instead of reading those dirty magazines together, boys.” She said as she bent down to search them, finding a medal in the front pocket of one man's shirt and another in the back pocket of the other man's jeans. She stood rose to her full height as she fiddled with them in one hand, turning her head to look off in the distance where she could see the peak of that enormous, black tower miles and miles and even more miles away. 'That Donnie guy has to be on his way there already.' She thought to herself as a cool breeze blew from across the nearby lake, causing her silky sea green hair to sway across her face. 'At least, he probably cleared out all the harder opponents...'

Pallas: -The three men charge at DOnnie, leaving all fear behind them. Donnie laughed and said-"Should have ran when you had the chance."-He begins to run at them as he tackles the both of them with amazing strength. The third person was still in the back as it looked like he was putting a code or something into his suit. DOnnie does not like the look of the situation. After tackling both of the men, he gets up to his knees and smashes both of his hands into the chests of the two men. His claws piercing into their hearts as they scream out in agonising pain. Then he looks up to see the third man put an object on the floor as a robotic voice said-"10 seconds until detonation."-DOnnie's eyes widened as any idiot can understand what is happening now. He quickly gets up and charges at the man who is controlling th bomb. His claws come out of the two mens body, covered in blood. The man in the suit finishes setting up the bomb and attempts to fly back out of the hole. Donnie sees this and thrusts his legs upward so his body can leap into the air. He latches onto the mans suit as he is about to escape and he says-"Not so fast you son of a bitch."-He then leaps off the body and kicks the head of the man and his body is sent back down to the ground."3...2...1.."-And Donnie at least balled up his body so he could contain the damage to a minimum effect but even he knows that this will hurt like a bitch. Then the bomb explosed and sends Donnie flying into the sky. His body is sent flying out of the whole that he originally crashed in as the shockwave smashes his own mask against his face. The heat of the blast burns against his skin and leaves him unconsious. His body flies into the sky and even leaves a trail of smoke behind him. Kaito looks up and sees his friend flying through the sky.-"oh no."- Donie's body slowly crashes back down to the ground as he takes a few big trees down with him. His mask is completly charred on one side as it was almost useless. Donnie's body lays on the ground as the trees thankfully made a base of shade for him as he brought them down. The sun would not be adding anymore problems as long as Donnie laid there. After he watched where DOnnie had crashed, Kaito went running after him. Of course he was not just going to let DOnnie be alone there. So he leaves his hiding place and begins to run toward the direction of where Donnie landed.-

AlessandraSkar: 'You know what this goddamn place needs?' Kaori was once again having an inner monologue with herself. Wasn't too unexpected of someone who was used to being the lone wolf. 'This place needs to cue some hardcore rock music every time I fuck somebody up. Yeah.' She chuckled to herself, shaking her head side to side slowly. 'That would be totally badass.' She released a yawn and stretched her arms up into the air above her head, twisting her upper body sideways to crack a few bones along her spine and loosen up a few muscles along her sides. As soon as she lowered her arms, something dropped from the sky and struck the top of her head, startling her instantly. “Who the fuck--!” She started to yell as she spun around on her heels and immediately bent her knees like she was ready to fight, but stopped herself just as the object fell to the ground at her feet, its smooth red surface gleaming in the sunlight. The look of anger melted from her face as she blinked, bending down to pick up the object. “Well, whaddaya know.” She tossed it up about a foot into the air, then caught it back into her palm, smiling when she realized that it was only an apple. 'Finally, some fucking food shows up around this bitch. At least I don't have to go wrestle a fucking bear for some meat now.' She hummed in thought as her eyes lifted skyward, remembering that the apple had fallen down on her head, which could only mean one thing. She was standing directly beneath a tree full of them! “Jack pot.” Her lips twisted into a sideways grin as the strong muscles in her legs propelled her upward about ten feet off the ground before her black socks landed gently on a sturdy branch. 'Ah, man I'm about to go IN!' She thought to herself excitedly as she began picking apples in a rush of hand and arm movements, not even bothered by the fact that some of them were covered in bugs. 'Hmm...' She stopped. 'Maybe Hercules and his kid would want one...' After a brief pause, she shook the thought out of her head. 'Man, I'm really making myself sick h--' All too suddenly, a loud booming sound echoed from somewhere in the forest and not even a second later, a harsh tremor pulsated through the ground, causing the tree to shake violently. Kaori gasped as the branch shook beneath her and she was forced to drop all of her apples in order to hold her arms out and balance herself, looking around in time for her eyes to spot something flying through the air in the distance. A rather large object engulfed in smoke to be precise. It only took her a few seconds to recognize what it was just before gravity dragged it back down into the trees, her eyes going from squinted slits to wide as golf balls. 'No....fucking...way.' She stepped off the tree branch, landing feetfirst with her knees slightly bent and took off in the direction where she'd seen the object -Donnie- go flying through the air like a rocket. 'What kinda trouble is that overgrown sasquatch getting into now?' She grumbled as she pushed past the endless onslaught of twigs and branches, her legs carrying her through the woods at only 50mph.

Pallas: -As his body laid there on the ground, the healing of his Super Soldier serum was doing it's job with slying colors. His burnt skin slowly began to heal itself. The burnt skin cells being totally re-created. The cells learning from the mistakes that made it die in the first place. His cells now becoming stronger than they were when the bomb went off. After a few minutes of laying there, he slowly begins to come too. He lifts him self up to a seating position and he puts his elbows on his knees.-"Well that sucked..."-He feels his mask poking against his face and realized that it was no longer of any use to him. If he keeps it, it will only become a problem. The charred side had melted together and covered the eye area so it created a double negative. Donnie sighs and clicks the button that releases the mask off of his face. He takes the mask off with his right hand and sets it to the side of him. He then felt his face with his left hand. His fair skinned face, scar and blemish free from the Super Soldier Serum, and his bright blue eyes. Even without the mask he is still a mystery to everyone. For those who believed that he was Donnie Yun are still in the darkness of confusion. Everyone knows and recognized Donnie by the two scars that go down his right eye. But it's the meaning behind those scars that mean so much more. But all of that was gone now. The Super SOldier Serum had fixed everything about him. All the scars he had earned from a life of war...gone. To prove even more fact that this face looks nothing like Donnie's....Keyome Tasanagi himself did not recognize him. And when a mans worst enemy does not recognize you....that is when you know you are forgotten.-"I grow tired of all the games these people play. Sending bootleg versions of my own handywork to try and kill me....I'll find out who sent those things after me."-Kaito had just barely reached Donnie and his eyes widened at the sight of the real man.-"Whoa! So this is what you look like."-Donnie slowly stands up and says-"Yeah kid haha."-Upon seeing that his vest was also melted partly from the blast, he rips it off of his chest and tosses it to the ground. He still has the earpiece that he wears to communicate with Alfred back home as he has to make a phone call. Using the Plasma Energy System to make the phone call it would remain untraceable. Alfred's voice comes through the earpiee and says-"Hello Sir. Will you be needing any assistance?"-Donnie:"Yeah can you send package NC down here. I need some new clothes."-Alfred complies as one of the predator drones he owns fires off the track and into the air. Within a matter of minutes the drone flies overhead and drops a bag onto the field. It lands infront of Donnie and Kaito, then Donnie thanks Alfred for the help. He opens up the bag to see all new gear for him to use. He still followed the no weapon rule...suprisingly. He tells Kaito to turn around as he begins to change. Kaito does what he is asked and burries his face into the grass. Donnie then takes his boots and pants of going completely nude. He says to himself-"I'd rather just fight in this hahaha."-Soon after he had gotten nude he grabs the pair of baggy Gi Pants and ties them up around his waste. Afterword he strings up the shinobi sandals that were left as footwear. And the finishing touch of Jade-Ryu shinguards and armguards. After he was all done and dressed, he hid the bag that containe his old clothes. He loks nothing like he did before. He was not eady to go to the tower.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori skidded to a halt with her right foot placed a few inches in front of the other as she began to register voices, spinning 180 degrees so that her back hit another tree trunk and stopped her from dashing into possible danger. She could barely here what the person was saying over the pounding of her heart in her own ears, but with everything that'd occurred on this little journey so far, voices meant someone to fight. She turned and peered around the side of the tree, spotting a the nude. An eyebrow arched almost up to Kaori's hairline as she cocked her head ever so slowly, her eyes seeming to sparkle as they wandered up and down his large frame. Unfortunately, his back was facing her. Not like she could see anything important except his tight ass, anyway. Something suddenly caught her eye drawing all of her attention away from the man while he was apparently dressing himself. It was a black object...a mask. Donnie's mask? The second she realized what it was, it felt like someone had punched her hard in the stomach, leaving her frozen and breathless for a second and for that still passing second, her eyes had lifted back up to look at this other man who looked nothing like Donnie as far as she could tell, an expression of absolute astonishment crossing her features. Only one thought ran through her mind at that moment, one possibility that she didn't want to accept...and didn't know why. What if this man had just proved himself to be Donnie's match? It was as if someone had leaked red ink into the picture before her because that was all she could see as her jaws clenched together and her hands balled into shaking fists by her sides. Oh, this man was gonna fucking GET IT. Turning slowly to face the area where the man stood, she jabbed her fist forward into the trunk of the tree half-way in front of her, the incredible force of the strike sending pulsations through the tough wood, causing a crack to lance all the way around it. The tree began to wobble and shake, crackling loudly as it started to fall over like a lumberjack had taken it down with an ax. The tree hit the ground with a massive booming noise, landing a good foot away from the man but not hitting him. If he were to look up to see why the huge tree had fallen and nearly crushed him, he would see an irate Kaori Gin Masumoto standing with her legs spread shoulder-width apart and the arm that she had punched the tree with extended in front of her, her chin low as her mixed blue and green eyes glared viciously at him. “You just made a mighty big mistake.” She seemed to growl, so blinded by rage that she didn't stop to think that if this man had killed Donnie then there was the high possibility that he could kill her too, and leave nothing left of her...except maybe her favorite pair of Pjs. There was only one thing on her mind, as her vision zoomed in on this man like an aperture on a camera. She was going to stomp a big, bloody mud hole in his tight ass...

Pallas: -As he finished getting dressed, he took a sniff into the air. Someone familiar had come to greet them. It was the woman from last night. His Wolf like senses could never forget such a scent that she gave off. The woman that Donnie could not get out of his mind. He had never seen a woman do the things that she did...Ws it weird that he was happy to get her scent once again? That Z-Beast Serum really taking effect as his loyalty is now that of The Wolf and can easily be a good thing....or a bad thing. He raised a brow for a second and finally realized-"She just saw my ass...she just got a free show. I'm sure she would have liked the other side better haha."-He waits as the tree falls beside him to turn around and face her. He looks at her and couldn't help but see how beautiful she was, even when she is angry. He finishes typing up his pants and then says with a bright smile, revealing the two fangs that were created from the Z-Beast serum-"You know what....I think I am going to re-phrase my question from last night....I think I am going to ask you out now instead of after the tournament."-He then laughs a bit as he could even smell the anger coming off of her scent. He thought that one of two things were true...either she liked him and was pised that she thought he died...or she was pissed that someone killed the masked man before she got the chance too. He was hoping that it was the first option..but then never know what goes on in the mind of someone else. Kaito was hiding in the bushes listening in as he giggles a bit at what Donnie says. Donnie looks into her eyes with his bright blue marble eyes and waited to hear what she had to say. Maybe she still believed that he wasn't Donnie. Maybe she just doesn't know how to come at what he said. Any number of things could be racing through her mind right now. But he would just have that bright white smile on his face as if there was no fighting tournament going on at that moment. In his mind, the tower can wait. And even Kaito agreed with the thought of not rushing to the tower. Enjoy the little things.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would walk up to a tree, and proceed to do a handstand and put his back up against it, to relive pressure, and strain. He’d then close his eyes and manipulate chi to the area of pain to numb it to a more comfertible point. This in no way would heal Tetsu but it would make him a lot more tolerable to pain in the general long run. He’d preform this procedure for as long as he could, before nothing a blue signature in the distance. Then the feathers started floating again…..Notibly everytime Tetsu meditated he would see white feathers floating and falling around im in all directions. It was calm and serene in a sense. He actually really enjoyed it, and it always made him feel like his mother was there. Watching him. Supporting him. However sadly, this would be interrupted as Tetsu then saw three blue chi signatures walking twords him. He didn’t know if they were harmful or not, nor could he outright tell, so he continued to meditate while in his handstand. Not a second later, the blue forms started to rush at Tetsu, and when Tetsu opened his eyes, there were three men, about to punch Tetsu in the stomach with brass knuckles on each of their hands. There karate gi’s fluttering as their movments were swift and two the tee. Tetsu’s reflexes were a god damned gift from god, as the moment the punches would make impact, Tetsu applied the Hadoukyaku (energy foot technique), and allowed the men to punch the tree that was behind Tetsu, as they thought they were punching the real thing, it was only an after image. Tetsu would actually appear behind the men, 5 feet away from them. From the looks on their faces they waited until me and Asami had separated. Probably went as far as to watch mine and keyome’s fight, and attack the weaker one. I had 4 medals on my person. These people might have some nessecary goodies I need……….

AlessandraSkar: Fury was written across her face the moment the man turned around and all she saw were teeth. Was the fucker smiling?! He could clearly see that she was filled with rage, yet he was sick enough to grin like he was just soooo damn happy that he killed the Hercules of the tournament. Kaori immediately felt her chest tighten, her anger seeming to spread throughout her entire body as her muscles grew tense and her breathing grew heavy. She didn't know why she was getting this worked up over the death of someone she'd met just yesterday, but by all means, she was going to let it out. Besides, if that guy could take down Donnie -which she still believe that he had- she was going to need all the anger and rage she could muster. In this state of mind where all she could see was one bloody red target in front of her, she could see the man's lips moving but she couldn't hear a word she was saying. All she could hear echoing loudly in her mind was: 'He killed him. Make the fucker pay. He killed him! Make the fucker PAY!' And that was when she snapped, releasing a shout as she bent down and wrapped her arms around the tree trunk as much as she could. It was so wide that she couldn't get her short arms all the way around but that didn't matter. She dug her fingers into the wood so hard that the tips punctured right through the bark as she then sat up with it. All of her muscles worked and strained from her back on up to her arms as she hauled the tree up, clenching her teeth so hard that they nearly shattered in her mouth, a shout roaring from between him. The man would probably look on in wonder as this short young girl lifted a whole fucking 900 pound tree of the ground about 4 feet in total and swung it with all her might like a baseball bat toward the man who was already standing beside it and had barely a second to dodge seeing as though it'd landed only about two feet away from him when she first knocked it over. 'He killed him! MAKE THE FUCKER PAY!' The words continued to run around in her head over and over again.

Pallas: -He looked at her and still held a positive attitude towards the situation. Then he saw her go beserk and go on the attack. In his mind he believed that option two was what she thought in her head. He now thought that she wanted to kill him...not go on a date with him. His smile turned to a frown as he wasn't upset...rather disappointed in the situation. He thought to himself-"This sucks....I really wish I didn't have to hurt her."-As the tree came flying towards him he was not expecting an attack and is smacked in the face by the large bark. It was an attack he could have easily avoided but something was still holding him back. He did not want to hurt her...he did not want to harm her. It was one of the rules of life that he followed. Hence why he let the first attack hit. Now he has a reason to fight back. It was a sad truth but letting someone get the first hit made him feel better about the un-fair fights. After the impact of the tree, his body skids across the floor for about ten feet. He layed there in the dirt for a moment and then finally sit up from his position. His eyes glowed but his Claws did not. When he accesses the upper stages through anger, they react differently. In this state he is still a Stage O. But it is to the maximu level of this stage. It was almost like a false-Super Soldier Stage 1 effect. His fangs slowly grew larger as his wolf instincts were taking over. His claws slowly forming on the ends of his fingertips as he slowly stands up. He growled like a Wolf from this point on as he began to slowly walk back to where she was. Then he goes back to the comment of . “You just made a mighty big mistake.” This causes him to say-"Though not as big as yours...I fear."-He looked into her eyes as his once peaceful blue marbles are now erupting with Super Soldier Energy. And this is when "The Other Guy" can take advantage of Donnie's weaknesses. A calm and powerful Donnie is strong and can keep "The Other Guy" in control....but an angry Donnie....An angry Donnie can destroy anything. The two that are Donnie and "The Other Guy" make the unstoppable force and the immovable object. And one emotion...anger....can send them both together and literally...raise hell. So now he is slowly walking over to her like a demonic Werewolf waiting to finish its prey.-

AlessandraSkar: The vibrations caused by the tree hitting the man raced all the way through the trunk to the base where Kaori's arms were wrapped around it. Satisfaction filled her when she saw the man skid sideways about ten feet, but that was it. 'What?' She had to ask herself, wondering why he didn't go flying through the air like anyone else would have. 'This guy's weird. And obviously strong. That's how he was able to kill Donnie.' Those thoughts only filled her with more anger and it felt like her bones were hardening beneath her flesh, making her feel slightly heavier but not affecting her speed. Feeling the weight of the tree begin to strain her spine, she dropped it to the ground near the man, resulting in a boom that shook the ground slightly. Now, as she slowly rose to her full height, her shoulders moving up and down with her steady breathing, she watched with fury-filled eyes as the man began stalking toward her. He was mad now. Good. He deserved to get hit by a tree for what he did. Besides, she liked them big and angry. She took a moment to examine just what it was that she was dealing with here. It even amazed her sometimes how brave she was to stand up to somebody like this man who took out probably the strongest man she'd ever come across. She already knew it was going to be a fight that would probably kill them both or her alone, but she was too infuriated to let that bother her. She first noticed his eyes. They were blue...a bright, glowing blue that was like a pair of headlights shining out of the man's face. 'Wait a minute...' She suddenly thought to herself as her own eyes narrowed. 'That looks a tad bit familiar...' Which brought her eyes down his long, muscular arms to the claws growing out of his fingertips. Those looked familiar as well, causing her eyes to twitch ever so slightly. 'No...' Her voice in her head again. 'It can't be.' The man was steadily coming toward her so it was time to stop thinking and start reacting. She shifted her right foot back behind her in a crescent-like motion, stopping it about two feet behind the other. Bringing her right hand up into a fist and keeping it level with her waist line, she extended the left hand forward keeping it open with all fingertips pressed together and pointed upward and her wrist pointed toward the man. Her chin lowered a bit as determination flashed across her mixed blue and green eyes, watching the man as he came toward her. “What's up with the face, big boy. You gonna take me out like you did Donnie, ass hole?” She said in a sharp tone between clenched teeth, her shoulders and chest still undulating with her heavy breaths. “Oh and let me guess. You didn't like the fact that another super soldier was running around here kickin' ass and taking names, now did ya? Was somebody a little jealous, hmm? I just hope you didn't stoop so low as to put your hands on the kid!” She was ready, slightly bouncing now, hoping that picking up a goddamn two ton tree didn't take too much of her energy because she was going to need it against this guy.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu’s back pain was numbed, but it was still blaring. He couldn’t make as many movements as he had planned to make, to combat these opponents. He also didn’t want to exhaust his chi to the point where he couldn’t function. Karate man one rushed at Tetsu with a straight forward karate punch aimed for his ear. A strike meant to disorientate, and cuase a ringing in the ear. Smart. Tetsu would back step it, but the sudden movement sent a pain through his back, and cuased him to wince, thus allowing karate man number two, to boot Tetsu from behind, hitting him In his already injured spot. “Gaaah!” is the sound made from Tetsu as one of his medals fell to the ground, while Tetsu tumbled forward. “Dammit….what kind of chi was that? It’s as if it’s effect is lingering…Damn you Keyome..” Tetsu stood back up, only to be greeted with an attempted side kick to his chin. Tetsu in a smooth fashion would shift his body to the right, as not to hurt his back, and counter with a strike the karate man number two’s mid diaphragm. Even injured tetsu’s accuracy was on point, as the Karate man two, fell to the ground, gasping for air. Karate man three seemed to love the behind position as he made a loud yell going for a flying karate kick to tetsu’s back area. Tetsu turned to avoid a back hit, only to take the hit to the chest point that had been injured earlier. With sheer determination, Tetsu took the blow, and held karate man 3’s foot in place, and procceded to twist it in a snaping motion, cuasing a loud “KA-KRACK” and thus twisting karate man three’s foot clear in the opposite direction. Tetsu droped the mans foot and saw karate man two up and at it with a low kick twords tetsu’s left leg. Tetsu’s reflexes could see the blow esily, but the required movements were beyond his capabilities at the moment, and all Tetsu could to was lift his leg slightly, trying not to further his back injurey. He’d take the hit and fall face forward, only to catch himself with his hands, and then spring upward, and reatalliate to karate man two’s attack with a flipping axe kick that made its mark with enough force to break the shoulderblade completely but also cuase even more strain to tetsu’s back. “Tch….dammit!” Tetsu barely landed, and too a few steps back to analyze the situation. Karate man one stood with a damaged internal diaphragm, karate man two sustained a broken shoulder/arm, and karate man three was limping with a foot twisted the entirely wrong way. Tetsu was not one to kill, but these men obviously were willing to lay there lives down, to win these medals. They were determined by all means, and Tetsu realized he needed to fight as if he was going to kill these men. But with an inured back that cuts the majority of his moves in half,what can he do? Tetsu stood, and put up a basic boxing guard, as to ease his back and keep defensive posture. His life was on the line and there was only so much he could do. Tetsu wondered if Asami was safe. He’d hope she could obtain the medal accordingly, but would try to get the win if he could. He would fight for her. He would win for her. Tetsu slightly smiled to himself and wondered in his head “Comon now Tetsu. Deadshot or Keyome could probably handle this…what makes you different from them?.....get it in gear. You’ve got a lot to learn….” And with that tetsu said to the men “You can’t beat me……I’ll take you all on”

Pallas: -As his anger slowly rose, his grip on reality slowly fading away with it. He kept inching at her, getting closer and closer. "The Other Guys" voice whispering through his mind to attack and murder her.-"She's just another Kirei....Just another woman ready to leave you behind...Do it know you want too."-Donnie's mind was releasing with anger as it seemed to be like all hope was lost. Then as she gets into her fighting stance and speak...he became dumbfounded. He thought to himself-"Another Super Soldier? Killed DOnnie? What the hell is wrong with this chick."-Kaito even raised a brow as he stood in the bushes. He then tossed a rock at the woman aiming to hit her in the head. The kid wasn't aiming to hurt her but to just get her attention as Kaito yelled out-"That is Donnie ya dumbass!"-Such a mouth on a child but it was an epic facepalm moment in Kaito's eyes. Donnie laughed a bit at what Kaito did as his anger slowly went away. "The Other Guy" of course tries to bring him back to anger-"NO! Don't you calm down on me just cause you have a nice piece of ass infront of you! Hey Fucko she just hit your big head with a fucking tree! GET ANGRY! Let me the fuck out!"-The glow of the eyes began to descend back to normal as the claws and fangs did the same. He looked down at his hands to see the claws receeding back to normal and he thought to himself-"This new Serum has come in handy a lot haha. I wonder what else I will be able to do."-And after he returned to his normal self he did what he did yesturday in the hopes to remind her just who he was. Using his amazing Super Human speed he launches himself to her as the wind slowly picks up at where he stood. When he got to her he attempts to wrap his right arm around her just as he did yesturday. And just for the lulz of the situation, he did it just as rough as yesturday. His arm pulling her close to his body, pushing her breasts against his gut. His right hand glued to her lower back. Kaito did not even see Donnie move and his eyes widen, still being amazed at Donnie's speed. After pulling her into his body, Donnie looked down at her and said in his confident voice that no longer sounded like an oldr englishman, but a more deep american-like voice.-"There's only one Super SOldier in the world....And I'm not much for suicide so I don't think I'll be killing Donnie anytime soon."-

AlessandraSkar: He was close now. So close that she could almost see an angry vein popping out of his forehead. She made the slightest motion with her right arm and was just about to charge at him, when all too suddenly, she heard a voice shout, “That is Donnie, ya dumbass!” Followed by a scratched record sound effect in her head that went “SKEEEERRRTT!” Something hit her in the temple out of absolutely nowhere before the shouted words could even fully register, causing her to look around with a frown. 'The fuck?' She thought as she then spotted the kid standing nearby looking just as guilty as ever, causing her eyes to widen slightly as she lowered her gaze to the ground and spotted the rock that had hit her in the side of the head. 'If that little nugget's alive in one piece, then...' By the time she turned her attention back to the man, the blue glow of his eyes began to fade and she noticed that his lips were curved up into a smile. “There'd better be a damn good reason why you're cheesing at me, you big-” She started to speak but was cut off when he suddenly vanished into thin air, creating a gust of wind to brew from his previous spot and Kaori had no time to think about what'd happened before she felt something wrap around her waist and yank her forward. She gasped as the entire front of her body crashed into the hard sturdy body of the man, just about knocking the wind out of her as her poor milkshakes were nearly crushed flat against his abdomin. The feeling was all too familiar, the way his right hand was plastered to her lower back, the foresty pine scent that filled her senses soon afterwards. And that was when it hit her. Despite hardly being able to breathe thanks to Donnie's crushing strength, Kaori found herself grinning. She heard him speak seconds later, but it didn't sound like an old Englishman. His accent was more American, yet the depth of his voice seemed to remain the same. Low and sexy. She peeled her face off of his bare skin to look up at his face. His real NAKED face, a look of surprise and wonder altering her features and sparkling in her tropical eyes as she studied every angle and feature. To her surprise, he was pretty damn good-looking without the mask. Especially with that rebellious mohawk of his which she didn't notice the first time she'd met him, of course because everything else about him drew in all of her attention. Blood came rushing to her face and filled her cheeks with a reddish glow as she just hung there for a moment and stared at him, then a smile crept slowly onto her features. Odd, because she usually didn't let others see her smile. “Hercules.” She arched a brow. “We meet again under strangely violent terms. I had no idea you could fly.” That was a shot at the fact that she saw him blow himself above the forest.

XxDensukexX: Karate man 1,2, and3 stared tetsu down like vutures to their prey. Tetsu stood in his stance. Krate man one, started breathing in paces, to sustain his movement. He threw a deadly impacted right kick twords Tetsu’s neck, but tetsu preformed a swift boxing round weave, and leaped forward twords karate man 1. With this leap, he would rear back and attempt to punch the man at his maximum hit speed of 60mph, but sadly because of his back, he could only manage 45mph, not even his majority of all of his speed. He rocked the krate man right in the center of his face crushing his nasal structure, and knocking him unconscious as quick as the punch took place. Tetsu landed, but because of the pain in his back he winced once more and took a few steps forward In pain, sadly this lead to a knee to the forehead made by karate man 2, which rocked tetsu beyond beilif. Tetsu was shocked. Etiher these guys were that damn good, or tetsu’s just in that bad of condition. Tetsu would be sent flying backwards into the air, and hit the ground with a thud, 2 more of his medals being lost to them as the karate men picked them up and placed them in their pockets. Tetsu, tried to raise himself up using his hands, pushing against the ground, until Karate man 2 curb stomped tetsu in his back, causing a great surging pain in Tetsu’s back, almost ALMOST breaking it. “AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” This scream could be heard thought the area, should anybody else be around to hear it. Tetsu looked down at the ground, not even being able to talk after that kind of impact. Karate man 3 with his broke foot, reached down and took his last few medals. The man communicated in some form of foreign language. Japanese no dobut…Tetsu took a moment to weighs his actions, but something happned. He thought about why he came here and how far he came. He thought about the tower not being far away. The lives deadshot had taken, the conspiracy behind it all, the armada, Asami…..asami….The name rung inside of tetsu’s head, and he knew he had to do something to get out of this situation. One man knocked out, two men lefet. Twisted foot, and injured shoulder. Tetsu decided to use his brain function and do two things: He blocked the signal of pain tha was ensuing his back, to increase his performance, and he also self induced an adrenaline rush. He then let out a loud “Come OOOOOOOOOOOON!” and then darted twords the men,who were still at least 4ft away from him. Tetsu closed this gap in a good 2.3 second time frame, and then proceeded to flying knee Karate man 2 in his mouth completely splitting it and busting it open, cuasing the blood to leak from his gums like someone putting their thumb over a water hose. Tetsu was not done however, as Tetsu landed the knee, the force of his jump kept propelling him upward even after he knee’d the man a good 6 ft, and with gymnastic like precision he twirled in the air and then had his upper body posistoned over the mans upper body in the opposite faction (basicly tetsu is in the air, and his head would be facing the mans head but upside down) with this advantage he would bring down his hands which were claped together in an axe handle like fashion and smash Karate man 2 in the face from his 6 foot fall in the air. This would be enough force to snap the man’s spine, but not kill him, only cuase such a riveting pain that it could not be felt for the simple fact that his spinal cord would be severly cut and gashed form the force of tetsu’s weighted blow. Tetsu would land firmly, and look at the man for a second, and then snap over to the last karate man who had the broken foot. He would try to limp away backwards, feeling the fear at tetsu’s sudden transformation of rage and determination. Tetsu would give no breathing room as he would dash twords the man at his maximum base speed of 28mph and proceed to strike repeated punches to the mans mid section at his maximum speed, but pushed thanks to is brain power to 65mph. He’d strike and strike, and continue to strike this man’s midsection backing him up a distance of 5 feet into a near by tree where he was pinned and then couldn’t move at all. Tetsu would emit a low yell, as he continuously punched this man in an orderly wing chun fashion (basicly doing this to the karate man but for a longer period of time ). The karate man spouted blood speckles from the damage of his body and all organs close to its surface were injured and being battered contonously and after 5 minutes of stirght pounding, tetsu reered back and with chi enfused into his hand, even just a little bit would punch the tree behind the man’s head, using the “inner ki strike” to create a small, yet deep broading crater in the tree. The crater had so much depth that it litterlly cause the tree to loose balance, and tumble backwards. Tetsu was breating heavily, as the Karateman stood there with a shocked look on his face. He was in such shock and pain he froze. He froze, and then droped to his knees. His mid section would be black and blue, and even have traces of tetsu’s fist imprints inbeded in it. Tetsu sighed. Sweating like a dog. He’d never let loose on anyone or thing like this before. A man who can dent stainless steel unloaded on this human being. Tetsu didn’t know if he was alive or not, and used the last bits of his adrenaline rush to check the mans pulse. He was alive….barely. Tetsu took one of the needles Asami had given him, and stuck the last karate man with it. He wouldn’t recover for at least 6 months…..Tetsu then collected the medals off of the bodys. He scored 15 of them, and stuck them inside his pants, specificly his corcth. He then found a near by bush, and laid in it. He laid there and before injecting himself with asami’s last medicanal sirenge, he unblocked the pain in his back and it became staggering. Unbearible. Tetsu could feel himself fading. He then mustred the strength to inject himself, and then proceeded to lay in the bush. Sleeping and unconscious. Battered and half dead. He laid there and thought his last thought before fading. An image of his mother hugging him corssed his mind, as the white feathers danced in his sight again. And with his 15 medals, he faded to a land of black.  Pallas: -DOnnie smiled at her as she blushed. He thought it was very cute. He let go a bit of his hold so she can breathe and said-"Hey there Shorty."-He then laughe at her comment about him being blasted into the sky earlier this morning. That had been the first time since he got the Super Soldier Serum that he had been injured like that. If it wasn't for the sun being out while he slept, that might not have happened. With his free hand he pushes the hair out of her face and behind her ear and says-"Yeah about that...I had some unlikely visitors today who thought it might be a nice idea to rid me of this world. To bad for them...I can't be beat."-He then laughs a bit and asks her-"So you never answered my question...Whens our date? I figure you've hit me over the head with a tree the least you can do is let me take you to dinner when this is all over hahaha."-And after bringing that up, Kaito comes walkng out of the bushes with a big ole smile on his face like nothing had just happened.-"Did you see those guys throwing rocks? Somebody should put a stop to those scoundrals haha."-Donnie laughed with the boy as he still held the woman in his arms. And then it finally hit him. He still didn't even know her name. He was crushing on a woman who he had yet to even know the name of. He then said-"The names Donnie....Donnie Yun. And you are?"-Kaito slowly made his way closer to them as he waited for them to be done flirting with eachother so they can move on to the tower. Donnie waited for her to answer when another scent floated through the air. His nose always holds the scents that come up more than once, making picking people out a whole lot easier. It was a scent that he had smelled before...but where? He thought about it for a moment and then he remembered. He thought to himself-"The boy! Super Cop!...But somethings not right."-The scnt was different. Scents can give off the kind of attitude the person may have. And this scent was the Super Cops but something was different about it. It wasn't as confident as almost seemed weaker. He wants to go see what is wrong but his focus was on the woman. He let her leave him once before...he really didnt want to do it again. He looks at her and with his free hand he attempts to cup her cheek with his hand as the decision ate at him.-"I'm so sorry...I can't belive I am doing this again...But there is someone in the nearby fields that needs help. Just like Kaito...I made a promise to him. And I don't go against my word. And I Promise...I'll find you again."-He then looked to Kaito and said-"Let's go kid."-He really did not want to leave her, he was upset at himself for doing it. Maybe if the Gods were on his side she would come with him but he never thought himself that lucky. He then said-"I can't believe I'm going to save this punk..."-He would reach the boy in a matter of minutes as he follows the scent like a Rabid Wolf.-

Yule: Asami continued her fight with the ninja girl and they fought hard and long, but soon the ninja began to wear down. Asami too was also tired but she kept fighting for Tetsu. The girl threw a tired punch at Asami and she took the advantage to grab her arm and throw her onto the ground. She pinned her on the ground and then pulled a needle out of her pouch. She jabbed it into her neck and the girl was out in about ten seconds. Asami smiled and search the girl for her medal. After grabbing it she headed back to Tetsu. She pulled out the gps and started to track him. She ran full speed towards him, but what she came back to terrified her. He was laying on the ground, knocked out. She rushed to his side and started to see what was wrong with him. He was at an odd angle and she assumed his back was broken. She took her book bag off and got out the pain medicine. She injected him in the arm and then waited. It was all she could do for right now since she didn’t want to leave him alone while he was passed out. “Oh Tetsu…wake up…”

AlessandraSkar: Kaori quickly covered her mouth with the tips of her fingers as a short giggled slipped through, mentally cursing herself for showing such emotion. Giggling was for sweet girls! But still, the 'shorty' comment was so cute that she couldn't really help herself. It was nice to see that he could catch onto the insults and throw some right back at her. She then went stiff in his arms when he reminded her that he'd asked her out on a date before, feeling her heart flip over in her chest. He had absolutely no idea how long it'd been since she'd heard those words in the same phrase. Her head turned for a brief moment to hide her blushing cheeks as he introduced himself. “I'm Kaori.” She spoke softly, looking back up at him. He had the most amazing blue eyes she'd ever seen. “Kaori Gin Masumoto. And about that have a point about the tree, but that's not exactly why my answer is y--” His head perked up suddenly and she noticed it the second it happened, frowning slightly as he began to look around. Then cupped her cheek in his big, warm hand and explained what was happening. 'His new nickname should be Superman.' Said her inner voice as she listened, feeling rather disappointed but not letting it show on her face. The second his arms slipped from around her, she felt like a part of her own body had fallen off, his voice sounding genuine in her ears when he said, “And I promise....I will find you again.” The moment she heard that, something tugged at the beating organ within her chest, causing a numb feeling to rush through her body. 'Oh, no.' She thought to herself. 'He's not getting away that easily. Not this time.' After all, she'd completely forgotten what it was like to see a guy this way. The majority of the guys she'd run into ended up disliking her or getting killed by her. Simple as that. So for a single solitary second, she told herself 'Maybe there's a good reason why I keep running into this killer.' He took off with the kid before she could say much, leaving her standing there alone once again. This time with a battle to fight with herself. 'Go after him. You know you want to. Just go after him. Go on and move those legs, bitch.' One part of her shouted. 'No. He's dangerous. He's bad news like all the other guys. He'll only use you and throw you to the side like yesterday's garbage when he's done with you. Just like all of THEM do...' Kaori slapped her hand to her face to silence all the rushing thoughts, groaning in frustration. Finally, looking in the direction that Donnie and Kaito had gone, she smirked sideways and ran after them. 'If something tries to blow his ass up again, I'll be the Superwoman of the day.' She thought to herself with a soft laugh as she reached both hands up above her head, grabbed hold of a low branch and used the momentum of her speed to swing herself up into the air like a catapult

Pallas: -As he ran from where he stood with her only one thought passed through his mind-"Kaori...I'll come back for you..I promise."-He then looked down to Kaito and said-"COme on kid, he isn't that far."-And of course Kaito nodded his head and kicked his little legs faster and faster. In a mater of minutes, Donnie and Kaito would reach where the boy had been laying. Donnie saw a woman there and out of confusion and shock he said-"Asami!?"-He and Asami had kind of a weird past, back when Danchou and Keyome were the top dogs of the Yakuza. He had given her a ride and they kind of hit it off but only for that night. Of course she would not recognize him now because of his change in well...everything. He then began to slowly walk over to them. After what happened right now with Kaori, he now knows that his new appearence will make them think that he is a stranger who jst wants the medals. He looked down at the boy and said-"Well well...looks like someone has overexurted themselves."- He gets to the edge of the boys body and squats down next to him. He then says to Asami-"Leave us."-And he had a feeling that she wasn't going too. Being so close to them it actually seemed like their scents intertwinded together. Almost like they were one with eachother. He smiled and thought to himself-"Young love..Ha.."-And if she did or didn't leave he would look down at the boy and say-"You don't have my permission to die boy....You have yet to fufill that challange you offered me. He saw what the woman was doing and knew that this boy is pretty banged up. In his opinion it looked like the boy would actually be done with the tournament. A choice had to be made by Donnie. Donnie goes into one of his pockets and pulls out two small metal containers. One held specialy made Plasma Energy that can give the effects of the Super Healing that Donnie has inside of him. This is a one time deal and once used, it will heal the user but never give that effect again. And in the other is the newly made Z-Beast Serum. Either way will heal the boy, finally after some thought, Donnie made his choice. He hads Asami the metal container that holds the Quick Heal and Donnie says-"Give this to him and he will be able to finish the tournament. I keep my word...This boy and I will have our time."-He then leans down to the boys ear and says-"I shall see you soon...Super Cop."-After saying this, he stands up and begins to walk away. There was nothing more to be done with the situation. The only thing left to do is to go to the tower and help Kaito win his village the money that it desperatly needs. The boy will make it to the finals...Donnie will see that happen.-

Yule: Asami heard someone approaching and she quickly stuck her left hand in her throwing knives pouch and then her right in her needles. She pulled two of each and waited. She was then shocked when she heard her name. Her head snapped to the visitors they had. She didn’t like that they knew her name…that was hardly ever a good thing. When he came by her and Tetsu her body tensed, ready for anything. The man looked strong. When he told Asami to leave she simply glared at him and said, “If you think I’m leaving you are insane. I’ll protect him, don’t think I won’t.” She watched him carefully as he kept talking, also keeping her hand on a throwing knife. When he offered her the metal container she took it with caution and then nodded. “Thank you.” After he walked away Asami took a knife out and then opened the container. She was going to test it on herself first. She didn’t know who they were, and she surely didn’t want anyone to poison Tetsu. She cut the palm of her left hand and then opened the metal container. Inside was a liquid she put her finger in and spread it over her cut. The cut was almost healed within a matter of seconds so she put the container to her lips and held the liquid in her mouth. She then leaned down and pressed her lips to Tetsu’s. She pushed the liquid in his mouth and then rubbed his throat to make sure he swallowed. After he did Asami moved so his head was in her lap. She looked down at him with tired eyes hoping that he would be okay and wake up soon.

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