Taking a chance...

DarkKeyome: It's only a been a few days since all the final contestants made there way to the estate to live in for the final days of rest before the last rounds of the tournament were under way. Its incredible to see that this many people didnt make it but eh. The one who got us all accomadted into the homes was the same man that attacked me just days ago.... the Dictator Tanaban. Honestly.... this guy had something to do with the Armada im sure of it. And that power he had.... it cant be human let alone truly possible to obtain through mortal means... and im not a supernatural beliver... ( Ironicly) So there forore I dont think thats the case. Everyone got there own rooms... and I had a laptop in mines. I pulled out the flash drive that I had obtained when I was with the Leader of the Chitori clan. She did good and showed her worth that day and she even made it to the finals. I was impressed. After analyzing after all the 'Armada's' information I learned that they have a city base... much similar to District 3 back home. Hm... I know for a fact that if I were to get in there I could find out just who was running the shots and what were they doing in KHC still if the russians months ago. I printed out the fraud information on the set up bets. And even managed to print out a map layout of the military base. I gripped the papers making my way outside... it was night time and hopefully no one would see me with the big machine gun in my hand or i'd get kicked out of the tournament or better yet killed. I pulled myself from my window with my backpack around my back just in case I needed to store something in there. I hopped off the roof and landed on the gravel in a roll as I took off to the Outside of the estate.

Pallas: -After the three of them(Donnie, Kaori, and Kaito) made it to the tower, Donnie felt overwhelmed. He felt like what he said to the Super Cop known as Tetsu was a wee bit overboard. The boy did speak out of turn and the fact that he spoke at all was out of line...but he brought Asami into something she cannot handle. Being around Kaito had began to sway the once evil Donnie. Second guessing if things that he is doing...are right or....wrong. While everyone is in the estate getting situated and settled...Donnie sits outside alone. Alone with his thoughts, he begins to process everything that had been going on. For the past year it was nothing but running around killing in tha name of "Justice." What is justice? Who punishes The Punisher? So many questions fly through his head while he stays alone. He sits on once of the benches that look over the forest. A lit cigarette in his hand. At least now he gets to wear regular clothes until The Finals begin. He looks out over the horizon, wondering what is worth fighting for. "The Other Guys" voice comes into Donnie's mind and says-"Can you stop being such a bitch!? Why are you acting like the world is tumbling down on you!?"-Donnie then looks down at the grass and says-"Why am I even here? I grow weary of all the pointless fighting. I no longer get the rush that it once gave me. So...Why am I here?"-He then goes silent and looks out at the forest infront of him. Then he hears the sounds of someone leaving the estate. He turns and raises his brow as it was Keyome...holding a LMG.-"This outta be funny."-Donnie then stands up, puts the cigarette in his mouth, and then begins to walk over where Keyome is. Once Keyome hit the ground and began his walking, Donnie is right there beside him and asks sarcasticly-"And where are you going kid?"-He then releases a cloud of smoke into the air as he waits for an answrr from Keyome.-'

DarkKeyome: Stopping in my tracks I turned around to see who had discovered me. Donnie Yun, AKA Dead-shot. A Soramaru clan member though he might not say he is. Highly trained martial artist, also owns Yun Corp, who distributes all weapons within KHC and in other countries. Supposed to be dead the public as of now. “....Shit...” I said pulling the gun's wrap of bullets over my shoulder so it sat there. It was a present from Mr. Hideo when he first fixed me up. “... The hell are you doing up this late at night....?Tch look I cant talk Donnie. I got something I need to do..” I said in a hushed tone trying my best to stay as quiet as possible. “ If you wanna fight or something we can do it later as of now I have to go check out some military base about 3.5 miles out here. There's a jeep someone had during the tournament. I don’t know... dont ask me. But more than likely they used it to get around...” I said not mentioning the fact that I dont know how to drive a car very well. “ But yeah Im kinda in a hurry. Maybe later on tomorrow we can fight or something if thats what you wanted to do.” I began my attempt on walking away from him so I could burst out in my sprint over to the east on where I remember seeing the jeep last. Thats if I was allowed to.

Pallas: -As he listened to Keyome talk, he takes a few puffs of his cigarette. Then when Keyome talks about a fight, Donnie chuckles a bit. Then as he talked about some Jeep, Donnie raises a brow. Keyome actually looked like this was something he needed done. Donnie then drops the cigarette, smashing his large foot on it to put it out and then says to Keyome-"You against an entire military base? Recon doesn't exactly sound like your cup of tea haha. Have fun."-Donnie then began to walk back to where he was sitting. Though what Keyome talked about did catch his mind a bit. He thinks to himself-"This guy mst really be onto something serious if he doesn't even confront me with any Yakuza cheap suit babble he usually does."-Donnie waits until Keyome is out of his sight and says-"Now it's time for The Wolfman to catch his prey haha."-After he said this, he slowly takes off his shirt as his fangs and claws slowly grow out. He then gets on all fours and takes a sniff of the air.-"Let's play a game of hide and seek."-He catches Keyome's scent, all that metal being a scent giveaway, and then begins to run in that direction. He stays hidden, using the woods to his stealthyness and remains on all fours. The inner Wolf DNZ making itself very much known.

DarkKeyome: It wasn’t long before I waited for him to make his leave. I took off and before I knew it after a 30 minute run I made it to the jeep. Panting a bit I whipped the sweat from my forehead and got the vehicle started after using my arm to hot-wire it. Dont ask me... I just pushed my hand against the ignitoner... and it started up... Possibly the frequency in the air or something? I dont know.( goto Keyome Tasanagi's bio page to see why.) I cranked it up... And pressed down on the gas taking off with the map held high. I was going 75 on the jungle road until I approached a large city..... there was a sign it said... “ WELCOME TO HONG KONG..” But it was scratched out... and it said. Said.. “ THE ARMADA BEFORE ALL... BLOOD IS THE GATEWAY..” Whatever the fuck that meant... a high entrance blocked off all infiltration into the city.... or better yet military base. I sighed. “....Well fuck...” It took me half an hour to drive was only 12AM... I had plenty of time. Two men were sitting at the entrance guarding it off. One of them had a brown military faitgue while the other black. I knew I could run up and knock em the fuck out... but thats still risky. Could be snippers I sat there... waiting in the jeep only a foot ball field away from them. I got out of the car and crouched low to the ground making sure not to be seen as I picked up a rock..... They had a light above there head... so they could see everything in the jungle just in case someone tried to do a fast one on em. I tossed the stone up and down and with a hard base ball formation throw. ( Plus a little chi) I managed to sling it right into the light with a loud ZIITTT. One of the men looked arouind and said. “!” ….. “ What was that noise?!” I took off.... the moment I threw it... the darkness I couldnt see a thing but I had my eyes closed anyways...i could see there chi's though they were weak.. I caught both of the men by there necks lifting them up with ease with my automailed arms and choking slaming them...knocking them out easily. But.... “ Freeze...” I tensed up... now feeling the barrol of a gun at the back of my head. “Fuck....” I said as I put my hands up. “ Dont do anything stu-ouf!” He hit me in my ribs on the right side the one that was still healing as I cringed over. He put the guns barrol under my neck. “ Stand up... lemme get a look at your face...” He said to me...

Pallas: -He kept up with the sprinting of Keyome almost effortlessly while on all fours. He even had a little fun with it and bounced from tree to tree. His claws digging into the bark while he does this. Finally after it looked like Keyome found the jeep he was looking for Donnie remained perched up on a branch looking down at him. He thought to himself as he watched the car turn on-"It must be that arm he has...Keyome you are better than I give you credit for..."-Then as Keyome takes off in the Jeep, DOnnie jumps into the air like a flying squirrel and latches onto another branch. After he does this he leaps from branch to branch effortlessly and almost gracefully. He made sure to stay at least ten feet behind the Jeep as he followed it. He did not want to be too close to where he was visible to Keyome. But since he is driving im sure seeing Donnie in the trees would be the last thing on his mind. After Keyome reached the place he was looking for, Donnie was once again perched on a branch looking at everything.-"So this is what Keyome was looking for..."-His attentions were on looking at the almost destroyed city, then his attention is drawn back to Keyome as he attacked two guards. He laughs a bit as Keyome gets caught by one of the guards.-"I take my statement back from earlier...I give you WAY to much credit...haha"-DOnnie then gets into a squat as he thrusts his legs forward out of the tree. His body flies into the air like a Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb as he soars like a bird. He gives out a loud beast like-"ROARRR!"-as his claws and fangs come out. After the flip in the air, he lands right behind the guard and he stabs all ten of his claws into the chest of the guard. This would cause the guard to drop his weapon in pain just before Donnie goes in for the finishing kattack. With his claws still inside of the guard, Donnie bites into the neck of the guard, piercing his fangs into the mans skin causing blood to just poor out of the guards neck. After a few seconds, the guard lost all life and Donnie dropped him to the ground. He looks at Keyome with blood dripping from his mouth and says-"Can you ever do anything right? Or do you just like getting caught?"-

BEAST MAN!! No Wait... thats just Donnie Yun. -.-

DarkKeyome: Once I felt the attacker forced away from my person on instinct I rolled pulling the desert eagle from the knocked out guards holster on his side as I held it up on the ready. What I saw was a monstrous creature attack the guard.... then address's itself to me... “...Donnie!?” I said standing up.. “ Wh-...what the fuck have you done to yourself...” I said looking at him in the beast like form. Had he gone beyond Danchou and his experimentation to achieve such a form? It was clearr that Donnie Yun was indeed more beastly than a man... so I guess that makes me more what? Robotic? Demonic? Im not sure but then again if you asked me on a bad day i'd tell you I dont give a fuck. “.....You know what.... I dont even.... want to know...” I said putting the gun in my back pocket. A car was pulling in from the side as the headlights we’re shinning bright in the darkness. “ Shit! Uh-uh!” I pointed at the male in the brown military fatigue he was a big dude bigger than Donnie in muscle mass more than likely steroids. “ Put that on quick!” I said to him as I drug my guy into a corner and quickly changed myself into the Black military fatigue and pulled some shades that the guy had in his pocket on my face. If Donnie had succeeded with his clothing change we'd be standing infront of the building with the 3 men all in a pile behind the bushes on the right of us. The car approached... turning its head lights dim. “ Yo...” the driver said. “ what happened to private James and Private Blake that usually patrols here?” I spoke out quickly. “Ah.. they told us to stay here while they went out to the restroom...” The other guy shook his head. “ See I knew putting those guys up here was a bad idea....seeing that there gay there porabblly fucking each other in the ass or some shit. Hey when they get back tell them that Dater says to get there asses back here so we can talk about the 40 dollars they owe me. Christ fucking homo's....” He said driving off in his Jeep. Seemed thats a military vehicle owned by the Armada. If Donnie looked at me he could see I was eyeing him out of the corner of my eye. “ Thanks for the help. But.... why'd you follow me...” I said in aggravated tone. Eh... I was used to working alone.

Pallas: -As the truck made it's way closer to them, Donnie begins to walk in the direction of the truck. He formed a fist with his right hand as he prepared to stop the truck. But then he sees and hears Keyome trying the stealthy approach rather than just blwoing their way through everything. So Donnie did what Keyome asked. He knew that getting caught was not on the agenda and he put on the brown military uniform. It was a rather good fitting, seeing is how people dont usually compare to DOnnie in sizze. After hearing how Keyome responded to this new beast like abilitiy, he smiles and thinks to himself-"I love this Serum already haha."-Then as Keyome and the soldier talked about what was going on, DOnnie kept his head down and the only thing visible was a blod filled smile and some fangs. He had to give it to Keyome, he can sure talk his way out of a situation. After the soldiers left, he raised his head and looked at Keyome. He answers his question by saying-"Mostly curiousity..."-Then he leans forward to put his face close to Keyome's as the smell of the guards blood was strong and says-"Or maybe after all the fighting and killing...I just want to be friends"-After saying that, he has a huge sarcastic smile and then stands back up. He turns his head to look at the base and the destroyed city and asks-"So why did you come out here? I helped ya so you can at least tell me that much right..."-He slowly cracks his neck both ways after saying that. He felt very uncomfortable in a full uniform. After putting the Z-Beast serum in himself, he barely ever liked to wear clothes at all now. So a whole military uniform made him feel stuffy and he didn't like it. He waited for Keyome to answer his statements before pressing on any further.-

DarkKeyome: I laughed at the friends statement. “ Your funny... “ I said getting some distance from him as I walked around in the military fatigue. It felt good... I cant explain it. I pulled my hair into a pony tail so that it wouldnt get into the way of my eyes. I honestly needed a cut. “....This is the highest and more than likely the most powerful base that the Armada has to offer. They.... are currently still in KHC as of right now.... and thats why I held the tournament here. To see what the fuck there planing... these guys... are beyond dangerous. If they Nukes here... or something else worse than its gonna be more than Kasaiahana city that gets fucked over.... only thing that bugs me out.... is how the government ignores they dont know who these guys are...” I sighed and began to pace around. “ Anyways.... we gotta get inside. See if we can pick up some intel....” I opened the entrance to the door as it slid automatically. I peaked my head left to right.... the complete military base with the whole patroling guards and bright watch llights.... typical shit. I did a hand signal to Donnie the haulting one. “ You made it this far.... might as well help me. Seeing that this is beyond Yakuza beef.... it may be the fucking whole United states or more so the world..” I said to myself. Im no hero.. but these guys werent gonna take my shit from me thats for damn well fucking fuckity fuck fuck sure..... I nodded pulling the pistol up to my chest as I slowly jogged in.. as the light was coming my way i'd roll about 4 feet and landing infront of a building. Missing the light by 4 seconds. I looked to Donnie giving him the nod to do the same. Ohhhhh im hopping to see a bit of showing off......

Pallas: -Donnie ulls down on the neck portion of the Uniform as it kept bugging at him. He thought to himself-"I swear Im gunna rip this uniform into pieces when this is over...I hate wearing clothes."-He haulted when Keyome said too. It wasn't like him to take orders but like Keyome said, this is the strongest Armada base. And the fact that Donnie did not have a NanoSuit with him,this job would be a whole lot harder to do. He watches Keyome roll across so he can stay out of the light. Donnie thought to himself-"Someone plays a little bit to much Call of Duty."-He then looks up at the light and waits for the right moment. As the light is about to pass him, he launches himself off his right backfoot and runs over to where Keyome is. His speed leaving nothing but a trail of raised dust in the air. He gets to where Keyome is and digs his claw against the wall and says-"So what you are telling me is....after all the shit we go through on a daily basis in KHC is just for nothing....That these people here can just wipe us out clean with one swift motion...What the hell are we fighting eachother for then...."-He then looks down at Keyome and says-"And you really nee to let some shit go....You act like I am Danchou or something...When if you remember was you who started this beef between us when you shot up my penthouse and almost killed Kirei...In hindsight of things...I wish you would have hit the bitch hahaha."-He then looked around to see if any guards were near them and said-"So which way are we going now? We don't exactly have all night ya know..."-

DarkKeyome: I nodded my head looking around the building at a pair of gaurds making out.. well then.... there are a lot of gay guards around here... or... thats really Blake and James that were mentioned earlier... “ You know Donnie. Thats a good question. What do half of us fight for? Some say money, respect, and all that shit. But ill be honest with you. I just get kicks outta knocking someone the fuck out when they deserve it.” I smirked at the thought but got serious again quickly. “ But anyways its all the same.... your Soramaru. Brother clan. Danchou didnt respect that law so what makes you think I think you do? And hell.... I had my reasons for that. Danchou was out of control and if you forgot you got pissed off and blasted a lazer beamer thingy-ma-jigg at me when I pissed you off... “ I said recapping on the day I beat up that guy in the street fight all those months ago...( Ark 1. Episode 18) “ Danchou was shit.... though I can respect him for a lot of things... but when he killed all my friends that night. It only seemed fair that I went after you.... It was nothing personal. Just Yakuza Business.... thats all it ever was.” I pointed over to a laboratory and then over to highest building in the city/base. Clearly all the information needed would be in there. On the map it stated that the leader resides in there. “ If we can get past that lab and then sprint our asses to the main building here..” I said showing him on the map. “ we could easily get through there...and find out just who's calling the shots. In the Data says that whatever there making is in the lab though. And lets be honest... your faster than me. You could find out whats in there way easier than I can. Let me focus on the main building but you get in that lab if you can...” I said nodding to him. “ Put our differences aside... because if we dont were gonna be dead in about two weeks anyways.... Lets move..” I said running around from the building. Heading to my destination.

Pallas: -As Keyome talked, Donnie remembered that night. He laughed a bit at remembering what happened and then got refocused. In hearing what Keyome had said, he now knew that the objective is to get into the lab. Keyome is headed to another building. Donnie nods and looks over to see the lab in the distance. He smiled and said to Keyome-"Yeah I got the lab."-But before he leaves he looks at Keyome and says-"We both have something to fight for now...KHC is home to us both...Maybe thats what we should fight for instead of money, power, or respect. And if you remember about that night hahaha you insulted me."-He shrugs his shoulders and says sarcastcly-"So I had to punish ya. hahaha nothing personal. Just dont like to be insulted."-He then jumps into the air and uses his claws to climb up to the roof of a building. When he gets to the roof, he looks over everything and comes up with a path that would keep himself hidden.-"I can run can jump route I take requires un-necessary effort. I'm just gunna jump across the whole place. Let's hope this roof is sturdy enough. He bends his legs and focuses his energy as he leaps into the sky. The roof vibrates a bit but nothing to noisy. His body flies through the sky like a rocket as he gets closer to the lab. He aimed to land in what looked to be an alleyway. His body crashes into the dirt-gravel ground as it makes a small explosion like sound. Nothing to be alarmed with but as he looks up he sees two soldiers having sex. It looked to be a man and a woman and Donnie says-"Fuck...dont any of you fuckers actually do your job?"-The man then pulls himself out of the woman and draws a pistol. She falls to the ground as she was unconsious the whole time. The man looks at Donnie and says-"Freeze buddy...this ain't none of your buisness. Why don't you just go on with whatever it is you were doing and I'll go back to who I was doing."-Donnie looked at the man blankly as his claws got longer from anger. He slowly begins to inch his way towards the man and says-"See this is the worst luck you could have had...because now..."-Donnie then launches his body forward like a lightning bolt and grabs the guard by the throat-"Now you are gunna get a taste of your own medicine. He then jumps into the air, aiming for a nearby pole in the alleyway. Donnie then stabs the mans as into the tip of the pole as it goes through the mans body and out his mouth. The blood drips down from the guards body as he was slowly dying. Donnie landed on his feet and walked back the woman guard. He helped put her uniform back on and checked to see if she was alive. She seemed to be fine. Donnie looked at her as she remained unconsious and thought to himself-"You can't save them all Donnie..."-He then layed the woman on the floor and walke through a door that led into the lab. The mission had to be done.-

Battle against the Cyborgs...

Pallas: -After stepping into the lab, it was odd to see that it was empty. The lab looked to still be in working stages. Beakers are perched on bunsin burners and chemicals still on the lab tables. Then Donnie looked at the end of the lab. There was a sign on the door that said "Restricted access." Donnie says to himself-"Looks like that's my door."-He begins to make his way towards the door while he looks around the lab stations. He gets some papers that look like blueprints. They showed what looked to be a machanical body. Donnie says out loud-"They already failed at trying to remake my NanoSuit...What exactly do they have planned now?"- He sticks the papers inside of his pocket and begins to head towards the restriced access door. It was locked-"Of-fucking-course."-DOnnie thrusts his right hand back and thrusts it forward to knock the door down. The impact causes the door to fly off it's hinges and into the wall directly behind it. When he walks in he sees two doctors who are shocked beyond all shockability. DOnnie then says to them-"Ladies and Gentleman...I am tonights entertainment."-The doctors flee to the back of the room when Donnie sees what they are workng on.-"Good god almighty..."-And what he saw was an android like humanoid floating inside of a water like chamber. ( Donnie then looks at the doctors and says-"I only have one question....What...The this?"-The doctors were silent and not talking, which only made Donnie upset. After losing his patience, DOnnie launches himself at them and grabs them both by the throats. He then lifts them high into the air and says-"I only need one of you to tell me..."-Then one of the doctors says with a struggle in his vocal chords-"ok ok. I'll tell you."-Donnie then lowers the body of that doctor and leaves the other one in the air, waiting to hear what the man says-"This...this is a Cybernetic android. Our boss made the design after some girl named Isabele. He plans on using it to take over KHC. This one here is made for speed and strength....Now I told you what you wanted to know...Will you let us go?"-DOnnie looks at him with a smirk and says-"no"-He then crushes the throat of the doctor in his hand and then body kicks the other doctor through the wall of the restricted room. After he killed the doctors he had to find a way to deactivate this cyborg or whatever they called it. He sees that the chamber is connected by two thick cords.-"Hey there buddy."-He bends down and uses his strenth to rip the two chords out of the chamber. The lights inside of the chamber then go off as it looks to be de-activated. Afterwords, Donnie begins to walk out of the room feeling like he did something good for once. Then he hears what sounds like a footstep. He slowly turns around and sees it...the cyborg.-"Hello Mr.Yun"-A cybergnetic voice is all that he heard that went with the Isa like body. Even DOnnie was shocked by such technology that is not his own. Then like a flash of lightning, the cyborg hits DOnnie with a right handed punch. This sends DOnnie flying through the lab tables like a ragdoll. DOnnie quickly rolls to his feet and says-"What the fuck was that!?"-The Cyborg then slowly walks closer to DOnnie and says-"I know all of your moves Mr.Yun....You will not win."-Donnie stands up and likes-"Like hell I wont win. Bring it on bitch."-Te cyborg then launches itself at DOnnie and thrusts its right knee into DOnnie's gut. This bends him forawrd as the cyborg grabs him by the mohawk and slams him face first into the tile floor. The cyborg then flips over and grabs DOnnie by the uniform and tosses him into the wall of the lab. The crashing noise echoes through the building as DOnnie caughs up a bit of blood. He then says to the cyborg-"Is that all you got?...Bitch..."-The Cyborg charges at DOnnie again. The cyborg throws another right hand punch, but this time...DOnnie catches it with his right hand. Donnie slowly makes his way to his feet as the Cyborgs face is almost expressionless. Donnie thrusts his left arm back but is kicked in the chest by the cyborg and sent flying through the lab wall. He flies through three more walls like a bullet and lands on his back in the middle of what looks to be an empty aircraft hangar. Donnie is slow to stand up when he says-"Ok...maybe its time to end the shit talking and start getting serious."-He then claps his hands together and sctivates Stage One of the Super Soldier Serum. The blue flame like aura gathers arouns his hands as his eyes begin to glow bright blue.-"Come on mothafucka! Bring it the fuck on!"-The cyborg flies through the holes that DOnnie made like a lightning bolt. Donnie thrusts his arm back and waits for the right moment and clcks the cyborg in the face with a right straight punch. This causes the cyborg to stop instantly and crash into the wall behind it. Some sparks would fly out of the head area but nothing to damaging by looks itself. The two of them would go back and forth on exchanging blows, left and right. The cyborg lands shots the DOnnie's abdoman area while DOnnie punches his way to denting the metal that covers the cyborgs body. Finally they would both land straight right punches which cause them both to crash into opposite walls in the airplane hangar. Donnie's face now bleeding and bruised, his body about the same. His healing abilities were going as fast as they could but because of the beating he continues to take, it cannot heal fast enough. And on the cyborgs end, dents and small short circuits but nothing to extensive. Donnie falls to all fours and spits out blod as it looked like he had finally met a match. Donnie laughs a bit as the Cyborg lands on its feet after coming out of the wall. The cyborg then asks-"What is so funny Mr.Yun. I do not believe that death is a funny matter."-Donnie then slowly comes to his feet as blood from his mouth drips to the floor.-"Whats funny you are about to be ripped to pieces you fucking BITCH!-"He then focuses his energy as he yells out-"AHHHH!!!"-His energy exploding into the sky like a beacon. His energy giving out enough force that it rips the hangar into pieces like a tornado had just ran through the place. A bright blue energy blast would launch into the sky like a floodlight giving away what was going on unfortunatly. Then as the lights disappeared, DOnnie would be standing there with his muscles three inches buffer than Stage One. He rips off his Military uniform as his clothes were holding him back. He hated to be fighting in clothes...he hated clthes overall. DOnnie looks at the cyborg with a serious face and says-"I hope you are ready to be destroyed. The CYborg shows no emotion and charges at DOnnie, throwing punch after punch with amazing speed. But DOnnnie's second form is unmatched as he moves his head and body to the left and right dodging all of the cyborgs punches. The speed by both fighters is amazing that its unseen to the untrained eye. Finally, Donnie thrusts his right knee into the gut of the CYborg as a loud cracking sound is heard throughout the base. DOnnie had broken through the metal of the CYborg. This causes some oil to leak out of the machines body and it asks-"How are you able to do such things?"-Donnie then bounces around like a boxer and says-"Your bonehead creator picked a fine chapter to ommite from your memory bank....Tell me something...Can a Cyborg like yourself experience fear!?"-After saying this he charges at the CYborg and lands punch after punch like a madman. He throws a left and then a right, throwing all kinds of combinations at it. After almost one hundred punches, the cyborg flies back and lands on the ground as it's oil was flowing out of it's body..

DarkKeyome: I managed to make my way into the building easily... swooping and diving my way out of the enemy soliders. Quickly I didnt waste time. I saw donnie make his way into the lab succesfully. I just hope I had the same chance as him. Two gaurds at the door... I hid against a car that was parked infront of the building... then just that quickly I saw two men exiting out of the builidng with some kind of carying cart... it had trash in it duh no shit. My eyes focused on the bin for a moment as I saw them dump it into a schute... the men took a step off and went into two seperate out door restrooms to take a leak. Taking the moment to my advantage I ran as quickly as I could and with a hard dive I tossed myself into the bin... covering myself up with the trash so I was completely submerged in the fitlth... it was only a few moments before they came back out and guided me back into the building. I was moved into some abdooned room... pulling myself out of the basket I sighed... this wasnt going to be easy... I peaking out of the doorway seeig that men were everywhere... luckily they all had on the black uniforms like I did...stepping out of the room nonchalantly I walked through eying every piece of map and image that my mind would allow me to scan over. I know for a fact that this had to be the place where the leader would reside... I got some suspicous looks... but I was able to quick talk my way out of everything for the most part. This was a skill that I picked up along the way growing up.... had to out smart the cops some kinda way. My head low I made my way around a corner into I bummped into a female. Our heads met and I staggered back a bit. “ Ow ow... im im sorry” we both said at the same time. She blinked... I blinked, quickly she stuck her right hand out to me with a bright smile. “ Hi.. im Anna.. I havent seen you around here... you must be new...” “ D'ahh.. y-yeah... im new. My names... “ My eyes looked at a poster...” Thomas...” my eyes lowered down to her rather largebreast. “chest... dahh I mean.... Thomans Chestmen! Haha... nice to meet you Anna...” I said to her removing the name tag on my shirt at the same time with a bright smile. She was beautiful... long dark purple hair. And a bright smile... she wasnt dressed in a militay fatigue. “ Hahah.. it's ok Thomas. How old are you?” “ Well... im about 19 exactly.” “ Oh so your a late bloomer huh?” “ D'ahh whatta ya mean?” “ Most guys around here are recruited at 16-17 years old. “ Her nose twitched...when she said that. Why did it twitch...” Hahah your pulling my leg... thats not the right age... “ her eyes lit up with a bright smile. “ Oh thank goodness... I thought you were a liar.. and someone trying to sneak into here again. Ahahah i'd have to kill you right then and there if you were. Hahaha.. BANG BANG..” She said laughing doing a pretend gun with her left hand. I blinked and rubbed the back of my neck as I looked around. “ Ha..ha.. yeah.. I know right.. hahaaha... “ she grabbed my hand jerking me along laughing. “ C'mon... your kinda cute... lets go up to daddies offices..” “ Daddies officer...?” “ Geez you really are new... c'mon.. daddy you know, Tanaban? That's my daddy.” She said smiling as she pulled me along... tch... that fucking dictator is her dad!? That means... he's the leader of the Armada!? She dragged me up the stairs... we passed by many things... they hid Nukes in here.... and they had 100's of them... yet they were cased off incase of explsions... they even had Mech suits... fucking mech suits from Animes..... Robotic humans... god, are they trying to make Cyborgs!? As I was dragged along it took us about 30 mintues to get to a elevator. She slammed me agains the wall and immedatily began to kiss all over me... something... didnt seem right... specailly around the time she gave me a blow job. Like... this was set up or something. With my clothing ripped almost off she still was kissing all over me. We were in his office. Maps on the wall... a large pircture of him. And behind us was the desk I was pressed against and a window... that was 12 feet out that let us see the whole city. “mmm.. your so fucking hot... if daddy catches us he's gonna kill us haahahah!” “ Y-Yeah... I know right hahhaaha h-hey.. lets uh.. slow.. down..” she said stripping my pants down giving me another blow job... she looked up at me... and I saw her eyes turn a bright purple as her face and got feral. She opened her mouth wide and sharp teeth apperead as she was getting down to snip my cock right off. I sent a boot into her chest knocking her back 4 feet. She landed with a roll and hissed at me... her mechanical chompping like teeth clamping as she walked around like some kind of beast... “ Ohhhhh... whats wrong Thomas... you cant think that you'd be able to sneak around here did you? Where's your barcode tattoo!” “ What the fuck are you!?” “ Im a cyborg... the 25th made actually... im daddies favorite...” she said stripping naked.. she looked..... she looked like Isa! Her long purple hair hung over her face as her sharp teeth showed again with that demonic grin. I tensed and pulled my pants up getting down into a fighting stance..... “ So Tanabans the one running the shots... why is he doing this! Why Kasaiahana city!? “ “ Mr....Tasanagi... heheh... or Mr.Chestmen.. my bad.. are you aware... of how much money America Owes China... they dont bother to pay us back... yet. They build that fucking city...” “ Did you forget!? China's the one who was tricked by Austrilla when they were over run by that man that had in there office... who was insane!? He's the one who told China that America was ready to bomb them! We didnt do that! They attacked us! We suffered! Your a fucking machine you only know stactics so shut the fuck up! “ “ And my statics say... that you have a 90% of NOT... surviving you fucking sack of flesh!” She said taking off at me. She launched a right punch... it rocked me in the chest knocking me over it until I landed on my feet where I saw two kicks were coming down to my head. I blocked with my left hand then my right, the right hand jerking her down to the ground as I spun to the right of her sending a powerful elbow into the back of her head. It rocked her head making her hit the window. But she bounced back running up it while having my arm I her grip. She leaped off the glass and pulled me over her in mid air until she let go sending me into the wall on the opposite side of the room. I dove to the right, and dodged a knee that she sent out. She landed by rolling with me so when I stood up she clawed me on the right side, and attempted to jam her claw into my chin as I leaned back to dodge it. I sent a boot out the moment I leaned back knocking her back, my other leg caught her right side as she was knocked back. She held her sides and I pushed myself back up on my feet. She wobbled left... to right and then tackled me through the wall. I crashed hard taking a hard hit through the wall... she mounted her self over me sending a succession of punches into my arms attempting to hit my face. Taking a deep breathe I had my arms over my face in a X formation... focusing my Ki into my arms... when she attempted to bite down on my arm.. all her teeth cracked and shatterd. And I smirked... “ Adamantium bitch...” I head butted her, and pulled myself with her purple hair in my grip. As I did so, I began to slam my fist into her face over and over again with the amplifed power of Chi.( Start at 9:10) I began to pummel my fist into her face over and over until it was nothing but a pruple goo and crushed mechanic flesh... a loud beeping was heard... “Why... is Tanaban doing this...” She responded. “...To destory the hell.... by bringing hell the hell... to us all...” “ Why do you look like Isabelle!” “ Because... he has modled us all.... all of us. To look like her.... she's really his favorite.... he's.... in love with her.... “ “ what the do you mean!? He has her!? Where is he!? No no where is Isabelle!?” I picked up the creature by it's neck. “ It is.... already... to late...” a loud ticking could be heard as I heard the sound of a bomb ticking away. “ Oh fuck me!” I took off... bursting out of the window with the Cyborgs body in my hand... I used it as I fell down the 20 story building like a bullet using the cyborgs body as a cushion as I landed into a car... safely of course. Shots rang out everywhere as the bullets flew all over my head. I ducked down.. and began to haul ass through the establishmet.. firring back at the soliders managing not to get hit. I saw someone pull around ina jeep again, I jumped up, gripped the bars around it, and sent a booting kick into the drivers jaw as I drove in knocking him right out of the seat. They chased me yet I ran them all around the city until they lost all sighting of me... after an hour or two... I was outside of the city. I blinked... waiting for Donnie to come one... when suddenly... BOOOMMM!!! the explsion knocked me and the car back by 6 feet as I went airbourne in the jeep luckily me and the vehcile landed on our sides...i watched the mushroom cloud form in the air... “ DONNIIEEE!!!!” I said shouting as the explsion went off... but I was about 2 miles out from the city..... I dropped my head.. I hope he gott outta there... before it was too late.

The pleasure of holding ones hand

AlessandraSkar: 'What is that sound? Its so....bubbly?' Her voice sounded like a ghost whispering in her ears, both near and far at the same time, like she was whispering to the inside of a cave. The cave of her mind. Her body felt weightless and cold like it was floating. WAS floating! Her eyes shot open, darting left and right without her head having to turn. There was something over her eyes making her vision all glassy and weird, a pair of goggles that had a heavy metal frame and thick plastic for lenses. But that was not the only thing. She was also seeing tiny blue bubbles floating up past her eyes as if she was....under water?! Now her head was moving, turning left and right several times which only caused more bubbles to float up past the lenses of her thick goggles. She was trying to move her arms and legs but they wouldn't budge and when she looked down, she saw that there were metal claws strapping her to something like a wall behind her. It didn't take her long to notice the enormous glass surrounding her and on the outside, she could see men in suits and white lab jackets. Scientists. No. Fucking maniacs! She immediately panicked, hearing herself screaming but the screams were muffled by the oxygen mask covering her face. The bastards had put it on way too tight and it was hurting her. In fact, it felt like it was cutting off some blood circulation. She continued to scream and squirm against her restraints, hearing the water bubble all around her, fear tightening in her chest, her heart racing, her blood rushing, her eyes brimming with tears. And then – “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” She felt her upper body fling itself upward, her hands digging into the leather couch beneath her. She gave it a squeeze just to ensure that it was really there, to ensure that the room she was looking at right now was real. And it was, which meant that everything she was seeing just a second ago was a dream – a nightmare. Kaori released a deep sigh, pushing a hand up through her unruly sea green tresses as she swung her legs over to the floor and stood up off the couch, looking around at the empty den before her. It'd been at least two days since her arrival at the house along with the other fighters who had made it to the tower, but it felt like she'd been there for an eternity. Maybe it was just the anticipation and anxiety building within her. Those emotions that she refused to let others see. Not even Donnie. “Kaori?” A groggy voice called from the doorway and when Kaori looked over, she saw a droopy-eyed Kaito walking in with a glass of orange juice and an unlit cigarette, but what drew her attention the most was the cigarette. “Was that you screaming?” Kaori's eyes widened as she lunged across the room toward him and snatched the cigarette out of his hand. “Have you lost your--!” She cut herself off when she realized that others were sound asleep in the house, bringing her voice down to a strained whisper. “Have you lost your damn mind? You weren't about to smoke this, were you?!” She bent over to reach his level, glaring strictly at him like a mother scolding her child. “No, of course not!” Kaito answered with a guilty look on his face as he quickly took a huge gulp of his orange juice. “I was just uh....bringing it down for you!” Kaori straightened herself to jab her fists to her hips, her eyes narrowing as her lips formed a straight line across her face. It was her world renowned, 'Not buyin the bull shit look' that she used quite often on people. “Right.” She answered sarcastically. “Well you forgot a lighter, genius.” Kaito forced himself to laugh as he nervously scratched the back of his neck. “Hey, don't get mad at me. Blame Donnie for leaving the damn things out in the open just WAITING for some innocent kid to get a little curious.” He shrugged, trying to excuse himself. “Well, listen here, cub, if you get curious again, I'll skin ya alive. Clear?” She tucked the cigarette into her mouth and folded her arms, thinking to herself, 'Next thing I know, he's gonna be trying to figure out how babies are made.' “Say,” Kaito spoke up again, interrupting her train of thought. “Speaking of Donnie, have you seen him anywhere? I woke up because I felt like asking him to spar with me, but he's not in our room. I figured he'd probably be off somewhere with you but...” He cut himself off to look around the room, then shrugged, shaking his head side to side. “Hanh?” Kaori blinked, frowning slightly. “Well, it would've been nice if he was here with me but--” All too suddenly, an the sound of an explosion boomed from somewhere in the distance, causing a tremor to rattle the ground all the way toward the house. “What the fuck was that?!” Kaito shouted. “No fucking idea!” Kaori frowned deeply. “But if something fishy's going on, I wanna find out on my own terms. Stay here.” She ran through the house to the front door, grabbing the knob and nearly ripping the door from its hinges in her rush of movements. Her eyes widened as she looked off toward the horizon just in time to see a mushroom-shaped eruption of flames and smoke light up the night sky for about a mile. “What...the hell?” She whispered to herself, only able to stare for a few seconds before snapping out of her trans-like state. “Hey, what's that!” Kaito's voice came from beside her. “Hey, ya little runt!” Kaori jumped when she saw him. “Didn't I tell you to stay in the den?!” Kaito looked guilty for a second. “Yeah, but I just got this really bad feeling and I wanna know where Donnie is.” “Look, Donnie's probably taking a--” She stopped herself, her head turning slowly to look at the fading remains of the mushroom cloud, something dawning in her eyes at that moment. “Kaito,” She said softly. “Stay in the house. If I find out you followed me, I will personally flog you with a leather belt, understand?” “Sheesh!” Kaito pouted as he folded his arms across his chest. “Since when did you become my mother?” Kaori bolted out of the door before she even heard the remark, running as fast as she could in the direction of the explosion. It wasn't long before she was running on ruined pavement, jumping over and dodging debris and other random scraps of metal that'd probably rained down from the sky as a result of the explosion. 'What the hell was that?' She thought to herself as she moved her arms back and forth on either side of her, beginning to pant heavily from moving so fast. 'It was like...a fucking atomic bomb explosion or something. Can't say some dumb kids were playing with a frag or was ten times worse than that. I just hope Donnie's not out here somewhere.' And just as the thought crossed her find, her right foot struck something hard that she seemed not to notice lying in the middle of the roadway and before she knew it, she was falling forward and crashing hard into the ground, rolling almost ten feet away from whatever it was that tripped her. For a second she was just laying there, trying to clear the fog out of her head and ease the pain throbbing throughout her entire body, especially her foot. Then, rising slowly, she turned her head to see what the object was and the second she recognized it, the color drained from her face. “D-Donnie? Donnie!” She gasped at first, then shouted in horror as she scrambled up to the motionless body of Donnie Yun. To her astonishment, his entire body was exposed to the cold night air and soaked in a gallon of blood. His blood! There were deep cuts and bruises decorating nearly every inch of his flesh, but the worst sight was the giant stab womb in his stomach. It was obvious that he'd been in some kind of fight. Kaori had witnessed the activations of his serums long enough to know exactly how they altered his appearance, which was slightly the case here. But the question was, who was he fighting and how did it all end in one giant explosion? “Donnie!” Kaori nearly fell on top of his naked, blood-soaked body as she slapped her hand to his face several times, her chest moving up and down quicker than normal as her breathing labored itself in a panic. “Donnie, can you hear me! Please, say something you bastard!” She'd never seen him like this, nor did she ever expect to see him in such a state at any point in her life. Not her Hercules who could crush any foe with incredible and remarkable strength. 'He's dead. He's dead. Holy fuck! The explosion killed him!' The words kept racing through her mind over and over again, causing an onslaught of emotions to rush through her. Of course, the greatest emotion was anger. If he was truly dead, it was like he'd selfishly left her to suffer the wrath of a cruel world all on her own when all her cold heart desired was to be by her side. She'd never felt this way about a single soul, so the pain that was now reaching its way into her being was like a knife wound. It was like he'd picked up a 14 inch blade and stabbed it right through her. Causing her to bleed...causing her to die inside. “DONNIE YUN, WAKE THE FUCK UP THIS INSTANT OR I'LL....I'LL BRING YOU BACK FROM HELL AND KICK YOUR ASS!” She pounded her fist lightly on his chest and her head fell forward with another shout as she thought of something to do. 'What do I do?' She thought to herself, hearing just how hard she was breathing. 'What can I do to save him? Do I need a shot? Will he heal himself? What...? WHAT!? THINK, KAORI!'

Pallas:-As his body lay there on the ground, his mind would once again take him into the darkness void. His nude body walking around the darkness trying to find anything. Then DOnnie tries to reach out to "The Other Guy"-"Hey man are you still here!?"-but he got nothing. No response, no reply, just nothing. What was he to do in here now? Then an image of Donnie back when he was the Aniki for Danchou pops up from smoke and says to Present Donnie-"Hey there Present me. Man you got buff."-Then the image of Donnie in his NanoSuit appears from nowhere and says in the robotic like voice-"You were better when you acted like me. Now look at cha."- Present DOnnie cannot believe what he is seeing and rubs his eyes in disbelief. Then the image of DeadShot pops up from smoke and he says-"Look at you. So confused as to who you are that you start seeing images of every personality you have held."-Present Donnie looks around as more and more images of himself from different time periods come up from the smoke. Present Donnie is overwhelmed and yells out-"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?"-Then all the images would disappear. The room turns from blackness into blood red as the smoke of all the images come together and form the body of Danchou. DOnnie's eyes squint in disbelief and he says-"Danchou?"-And after a few seconds of silent, Danchou says to DOnnie-"Hey there punk...Hows it hanging?"-Danchou then grabs Donnie by the throat and says demonicly-"You let me die!"-Then that image would disappear in an instant. What was all this for? What did it all mean? DOnnie falls to his knees and wonders what the point of all this was. Then Kirei's spirit would form from the smoke and pick DOnnie's head up. Then she spoke to him-"Remember how you said you'd love me forever...that turned out well didn't it."-Then her body would disapear. Present Donnie began to lose his mind while inside the darkness.-"WHAT IS GOING ON!?"-FInally the body of Deadshot would once again form infont of Donnie and say-"I shall tell you. You are at war....not with the Yakuza...or Keyome or anyone from the outside world...You are at war with yourself...You paint the picture of you wanting to be the villian...wanting to be the bad guy....when alls you want to do is be a buisnessman...A buisnessman who lives at home with a wife and kid. That is all you have ever REALLY wanted Donnie...But instead you feed yourself the lies that who you THINK you should be...And the reason this is happening now is because you can see it happening...Kaito has shown you just what kind of father you can be...Wether you agree or not...And even though Kirei was not the woman you thought she moved on...and you have a woman who is banging on your chest...begging you to live."-Donnie looks up at Deadshot with a tear actually coming down his eye and says to Deadshot-"Why would I change now? Why not before? Explain to me that one."-And then Deadshot squats down so the mask is right infront of Donnie's face.-"Because you never wanted to be with Kirei as a wife. You knew just what kind of whore she really is. You never felt the genuine pleasure of simply holding her hand...And that is why you created me. So you can escape....Return to the woman who shows you genuine care Donnie...and fight for that person...Be the man you want to be. Not the man you need to create."-Deadshot then puts his hand on Donnie's forehead as the darkness erupts with a brightness. Donnie's body on the outside remains still and unmoved while this happens. Then his chest lifts up as his heartbeat is strong. A slow heart beat it is but it ounds against his chest. His eyes slowly open as his body is rittled with cute and bruises. The smaller injuries being healed as his stab wound is still just as bad. He sees Kaori ontop of him and he says-"If this is heaven...I'm sure liking it so far."-He then remembers the words that Deadshot told him ans he slowly moves his extremly weakened arm to Kaori's. He then interlocks his fingers with hers. And he thinks to himself in DeadShot's voice-"The genuine pleasure of holding ones hand..."-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's body was shaking. She felt cold, lost and bewildered. 'This happened too soon.' She thought to herself as she slowly lifted her head to the sky, thinking again, 'This happened too soon! I wasn't ready for this! You knew I wasn't ready for this!' And just as the thoughts passed through her mind, Donnie's body shifted slightly beneath her. She sucked in a gasp as she looked down at him with widened eyes, just in time to see his own blue orbs flutter open. With her fist still clenched on his chest, she could feel his heart beat start and it alarmed her. “Donnie?” She whispered. Her own heart flipped over in her chest as she heard his weakened words, surprised that he still had such wit after being a dead man. A small smile played at her lips, but then suddenly vanished as her brows knitted into an angry frown. She could feel it coming on like a tidal wave, a combination of both relief, shock, and anger from being scared that he was dead. “Donnie Yun, you fucking nimrod!” She reacted the only way she knew how in this situation. She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, but why? Was a fuck? “Just what in the hell do you think you're doing out here!? I thought you were dead! We were all supposed to be at the damned estate resting up for the tournament matches, but you wanna be out here blowing shit up and looking for trouble!? Why, I oughta tan your hide right fucking now! Kaito's back there worried sick in case you didn't know! And if I didn't know any better, I'd say you've lost your damn mind! I mean, honestly. What the hell is this place anyhow!? A fucking nuclear power plant that you just happened to set on self-destruct or something?! Oh, and you couldn't even tell me that you were leaving! You have any idea how easy it would've been to just knock on my door and say, 'Hey, Kaori, I'm gonna go blow something up. Don't worry about me, okay?' But nooo! You couldn't even do that!” Kaori was so livid that her arms were flailing about on either side of her, her eyes were enormous and flashing dangerous and it seemed that the only thing she needed to complete the picture of raging monster was a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. “Now, I have to drag your ass back to the estate, because CLEARLY, you can't walk on your own! Just what in the hell were you thinking!” And still she went on and on and on like a mother scolding her child, almost forgetting that she needed to quickly tend to Donnie's wounds and get him back to safety.

Pallas: -He smiles and even lets out a weakened laugh as she yells at him. He could feel the concern with every word she spoke. Such a strong woman. He thought to himself-"At least Deadshot was right."-He let her get all done with her ranting and venting. He kind of did deserve the tongue lashing. His hand was still locked with hers as he took it all in. The blood still coming out of his stomach wound though healing slowly. Now he was laying in a small puddle of his own blood. It was weird beause his blood is so warm because of the Super SOldier serum. WHen she talks about having to drag him back to the house, he lets out another weak laugh. Finally he just cups her cheek with his hand and lifts his upperbody with all of his strength. Then he places his lips onto hers. As the ain strikes around his body, he ignores it because of the passion he felt as he kissed her. The blood coming out of the wound a little faster now because of the kiss. He even went the extra mile as to interlock his tongue with hers before she could. There was nothing better to him than her lips on his. After wrestling with her tongue he pulled back softly and his back fell back down to the ground. His hand slowly falling from her cheek, leaving some of his blood on her cheek. He eyes are shut as he licks his lips making sure to get all the taste from her lips and says-"Why drag me back up? haha. I should be good in....a couple hours haha. Besides, Im sure you want to yell at me some more for being so wreckless haha. Man I'm really sleepy."-WHat he didn't know because this being the first time it had even happened, the loss of blood was causing him to come in and out of consiousness. And that effort he just put in to give her a passionate kiss took a lot out of him. So lying here for awhile would be the safest thing to do. Then Donnie asks Kaori in a soft voice-"WIll you...will you wait here with me?"-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori had just about lost herself in all of her ranting and scolding, heating up even more when she looked down and saw that Donnie was smiling and laughing at her. “You'd better have a damn good reason why you're cheesi--” Before she could finish, she saw that he was pushing himself up and it looked rather painful. She could only imagine how many bones were probably fractured and broken and how many wounds were tearing open all over his body in response to his movements. The only thing she didn't realize was that the serums in his system were healing him slowly and steadily. The next thing she knew, his lips were locked with hers. They were warm and tasted salty and coppery because of the blood, but that didn't matter. The contact was like magic, working its way through her to freeze her in place as her only option was to accept it. She even allowed his tongue to probe through her lips and wrestle with hers, the memories of their first kiss in the forest flashing through her mind in that instant. She realized that his fingers were laced with hers which furthermore showed his passion, how he felt toward her. She could feel his happiness despite nearly dying, wondering how anyone would have thought to kiss her after that. It was the best sign of his survival that she could have asked for. After a few seconds, he fell back to his previous sprawled position and Kaori could only stare at him with a surprised expression. Eventually, a smile lifted the corners of her lips. She was just glad to see that he was still alive and in one piece. Mostly... “Donnie, you may be healing but the process just isn't working fast enough. On top of that, you're naked, its cold, and you're bleeding out. I'm gonna have to carry you back to the estate whether you like it or not.” She lifted her hand to touch her cheek where he'd left some of his blood, her eyes becoming sorrowful as she looked downward away from him. “Besides,” She sighed. “I don't want anything else happening to you or us while we're out here. A few hours is all someone or something needs to spring up on us some fucked up shit, okay?” His voice had been so soft when he asked her to stay with him, and while she was putting up an authoritative front at the moment, deep down inside she knew she was very afraid for him. Waiting outside in an open field of danger was not an option in her mind. “Come on, Hercules.” She crawled around behind him and hooked her arms beneath his shoulders, giving him a slight lift after counting to three. Her arms were around his midsection now and he was one heavy son of a bitch, so she knew she had to be careful in lifting him while he was so beat up. “I'm gonna lift on the count of three. Or do you need five?” She warned him. “Because you weigh about as much as the average Tyrannesaurus Rex.” She hid a smirk at that, knowing that it was all of his muscle that made him so heavy. She was totally gonna massage ALL of it when they got back.

Pallas: -As she spoke, he would listen. He was no longer laughing because he could here the concern in her voice. She was as serious as a heart attack. But he couldn't let her see him that weak. A man who prides himself on being the strongest on the planet.(Unaware of The Dictator) His pride would not allow him to willingly be taken away like a schoolboy who lost a fight in the playground. As she tries to put her arm around her, he pulls his arm away-"I can do it..."-He was not trying to be an asshole to her, just pride in a warrior is always strong. To some people it can be broken easily and to some it's like trying to bend a pie of adamantium. As he ulls his arm away, he rolls over to his chest. The blood stained back of his being shown to her. He then slowly gets to one knee as the wound shoots pain throughout his entire body-"Gah!..."-He cringes as he feels the pain flow through his body. But he is not going to give up that easily. The small cuts and small bruises heale for the most part as his body now begins to heal the most wounded part of the body. He slowly and painfully stands on his own two feet while his body shakes violently. If Kaori was looking at the wound she would be able to see right through his body. The wound just leaves a hole in his body like a huge iercing. He takes a few small steps in the direction of the house and then falls back down to one knee. He thinks to himself-"Come on Donnie...Don't show her this side of you...Hercules never looked like this..."-He then continues to struggle with it but he has the mindset of an animal and will not give up. He knew what he was doing could only make things worse. But that is the level of Pride that DOnnie has. He would rather be in physical pain than to look weak infront of someone else. Especially someone he cared about. His mind kept going back to what Deadshot said as well. But something he didn't understand was why Danchou and Kirei were there. Will those images lead to another life changing dream? Maybe things like this only happen in near death experiences. Who knows. Alls DOnnie knows is that he is happy it did happen. Now, if he can make it back to the house, he will enjoy the rest of the evening with two people that he does care about.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori quietly took in a breath as Donnie pulled himself away from her, kneeling there in shock for a second as she simply blinked at him, thinking, 'Did he just...pull away from me?' “I can do it.” Kaori narrowed her eyes at him when he did that. She didn't say anything as she watched him roll over onto his chest, then her eyes widened when she saw the heavy damage he'd taken to his blood-soaked back. It almost made her cringe, wanting to place her hand to her mouth as her throat tightened like she was about to cry out of frustration. She had absolutely no idea what he was doing out here, but it began to feel like it was her fault. She wanted to blame herself for everything as if she could have stopped him anyway. 'How did all of this get by me without my knowing?' She asked herself in her mind, that inner voice going off again. 'I could've prevented this but I didn't. Now look at him. He looks like he's been to hell and fought the Devil himself.' She shook her thoughts away as Donnie eventually pushed himself to his feet, her breath immediately halting in her lungs when she saw the enormous, bloody hole going right through him. The damned thing was big enough for her to stick her whole arm through with ease. 'Oh god...' She thought. 'Donnie, what've you done to yourself?' He turned to start a path back to the estate, but wasn't able to get a few steps before suddenly falling to one knee, his entire body shaking in weakness and pain. Kaori was at his side in a heart beat, once again wrapping her arms around his bloody body, not caring that his blood was staining her clothes. “Listen to me, you hardhead.” She said in a stern tone, leveling him with her concerned gaze. “You can't possibly get all the way back to the house while you're like this. This is the worst I've ever seen you, Donnie. Now stop acting like Superman and let me help you, alright?” She could tolerate his pride in any other situation. But this one? Not at all. “Look at yourself.” She whispered, worry filling her eyes as she looked into his. “Just a minute ago, you weren't even moving, let alone breathing, Donnie. I'm gonna have to carry you back.” Hopefully he would be convinced. Then again, it would probably be hard to break the barrier of pride when it comes to a man like him.

Pallas: -HE wanted to keep pushing on his own. Wether it was going to take him an hour or two just to get back. He was willing to go that length. But once he saw the pain he was puting Kaori through he knew that sometimes things are sometimes just out of your control. His usual spikey mohawk was now cominf down to a flatlike image as the sweat he had no longer held up the hair. The muscles inside the stab wound slowly begin to reconnect together while he walks back to the house. When she held him up and talked to him, he felt the concern and the worry even by her touch. His body so weak and weary that his claws and fangs couldn't even retract back into their normal look. His stepps became staggered a bit but he had to keep pushing. He feels like he has to live up to the names that Kaori gives him. Superman, Hercules, even Sasquatch. These are all names of people who never gave up and never let weakness beat them. Being put on such a high pedistal can make a man almost too prideful. The front part of the mohawk now coming down to where his eyes are, even the blueeness of his eyes slightly dimmed from the weakness of his body. The moon had begun to shine onto both of their bodies as the forest begins to lighten up. DOnnie jst wants to be back home. The image of the first time he met Kaori came passing through his mind again. Ninjas being killed and Gorillas coming to attack them. This causes a small smile to form on his face. In such a short time he had come to want this woman around more than anything or anyone else. Could something like this even be possible? Donnie then goes back to their first time together. He sarcastcly says to himself-"that poor tree haha."-His body now reaching his limit. By this poit, Kaori had just got done trying to convince Donnie to let her hold him up fully. His body began to lower itself from his legs giving out as he said-"But...I'm...your Hercules..."-ALmost immediatley after saying that, his eyes shut as he knocks out from exhaustion. His goal of trying not to look weak may have backfired on him as he now looks even worse than before. Pride can be a funny thing to toy with if not used in the right ways. Hopefully now the next time he wakes up he won't have a reason to try and be so prideful.-

AlessandraSkar : Kaori gently brought her hand up to his face, obviously unaffected by the blood. She could see it in his eyes that he was thinking deeply about not letting his pride get the best of him and that was good. Kaori was hoping to reassure him with the softness of her gaze that it was okay for him to let his guard down around her. She was probably the only person that would see him in a state of weakness and not use it against him. She wanted him to trust her. She watched as a small smile crept onto his lips, the ones that she enjoyed kissing so much, and in turn, she almost started to smile back. But suddenly, he started to fall over. By the time Kaori thought to tighten her grip on him, he spoke his last few words before his body completely crashed and he hit the concrete face first. “Goddamnit.” Kaori swore under her breath as she got flat onto her stomach and somehow wormed her way beneath him so that he was laying across her back horizontally. Then, putting one arm over the back of his neck while lacing the other around the small of his back, she tried to stand. It was hard at first, considering that it was late and she was tired, not to mention the man was fucking huge and weighed a ton. She winced, making a loud grunting noise as she pushed herself up to her feet with him laying across her shoulders face down. It was a long, grueling trip back to the house but she didn't care how much she struggled. Her goal was to get Donnie to safety and tend to his wounds and she was willing to suffer a back ache in the morning just to do it. She was tempted to ram Donnie's big, thick head into the front door to get it open, but kicked it open instead. Kaito was sitting on the floor in the foyer with his legs crossed, his head now perking up when he saw that his two compadres were back. But when he saw the state Donnie was in, he eyes filled with worry. “Donnie, what happened!” He immediately exclaimed. “Kaori, what'd you do to him!” Kaori kicked her foot back to shut the door behind her after stepping into the house, noticing Kaito as he jumped to his feet in front of her. “What I SHOULD be doing is kickin' his ass for leaving this house without saying a word to me, and THEN getting his ass blown sky high. Again!” She said through gritted teeth as she marched across the foyer. “Where's his room?” Kaito ran to the door and flung it open. “Its in the windmill. This way!” He said before taking off outside. Kaori's eyes widened for a second. “The what!?” She tried her best to follow him in a timely manner and pretty soon they reached the windmill. Thank goodness it was right next to the house. Kaito held the door open for Kaori as she carried Donnie inside, looking around for something to lay him on. She soon saw a bed in the back of the room and quickly made her way toward it, slowly and carefully laying Donnie on his back on the mattress. “Oh, thank goodness!” She let out a breath as she then fell to her knees against the side of the bed, taking a moment to rest. “Kaito,” She tried to speak between pants. “I need you to watch Donnie while I go find something to clean his wounds. Hell, he might need some stitches.” The last part was added as a side note to herself. “Can you do that?” Kaito nodded frantically. “What do I do if he wakes up?” He asked. Kaori pushed herself back to her feet and turned around to look at the boy. “Make sure he doesn't try to get up. Or even move a few inches. If he starts to act like a stubborn mule, do NOT hesitate to bash a hard object upside his head and knock him the fuck out.” Kaito's eyes went wide at that. “What, but I don't wanna hurt him.” He shook his head. Kaori began toward the door. “Kid, you'd be doing him a big favor. Otherwise, he's only gonna bring himself a lot more damage than the rest of us can. Understood?” Kaito nodded. “I'll do my best, Kaori.” He saluted her like a little boy scout then ran to Donnie's bedside, watching him closely. “Just try not to take forever.” Kaori walked outside and closed the door behind her, moving with urgency back to the house. She truly hoped that there were supplies somewhere in there.

Pallas: -After being carried inside of the windmill on Kaori's back the blood has slowly come to a stop as the healing abilities had focused it's attentions to the stab wound. the muscles had been reattached as the hole was not closed but the wound was a long ways away from being one hundred percent again. As he laid their in the bed, his mind went on random dreams. He did not know what was going on in the outside world but he knew that at least Kaori was taking care of him. Then his dreams took him back to the fight with the ten Fake NanoSuit users. These last couplde of fights have proved difficult to say the least. For the first time in the history of all that is DOnnie...he has to use Stage Two against someone. Even though he was unstoppable in that form...the cyborg still lived long enough to put a huge hole in his lower abdoman area. Was he beoming weaker? Or were opponents just getting thhat much better? After thinking about this, Donnie's body slowly gained the energy to come too. His eyes slowly opened to be in the comfort of a warm bed, and that was an amazing feeling. Then he looks to see Kaito standing next to the bed. Donnie laughs a bit and then asks-"Wassup kid?"-Kaito looks up with a smile and says-"Nothin much. Waiting for Kaori to get back to heal your broken ass haha."-Donnie sarcasticly laughed with him and then said-"If you don't stop crackin wise ass jokes, Im going to let Kaori whip your ass haha."-After hearing that, Kaito crosses his arms and says-"Why are you two acting like such parents?"-And Donnie thought that what Kaito said was funny. In his dream Deadshot had brough up how DOnnie wanted a kid and now Kaito is comparing him to what a father would say. It had been an interesting night to say the least. A lot of things had happened so far. And at this point Donnie looked down at his wound to see that it had progressivly gotten a lot better since he was being carried off by his saviour.-"Maybe another hour or less if I am lucky haha. I'll be as good as new."-After saying that, he leans his head down on a pillow and does what he does best when it comes to healing....just wait.-

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