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IzzyDaPada: I had let out a groan after I left my part of District 2. *Never again..Nakayama are you having a single party...* I couldn't believe the twins had to practailly...carry me to bed. That was embarrasing. *Maybe I'm on my downward spiral from all that she was going through. I needed coffe..or tea! Apparently there was a new place in downtown, The Pink Dragon. Sounded like a nice, quiet place to be. As I made my approach, I patted down my legs to see if I packed the dessert eagel on me. I have fallen in love with that gun for whatever reason. It was a nice safety measure, a very NICE safety measure. I let out a sigh, maybe this place was a good spot for her. Slipping into the resturant, I looked around, it seemed like a comfortable atmosphere, and had that smell of food and coffee. *It smells so wonderful in here." Entering further into the resturant I slipped past people who looked up from their food with small whispers. "Isn't that Miss. Nakayama..the famous Kimono maker?.." "We have to get her autograph...she makes such beautiful and well known kimonos.." "Oh my god..she is beautiful." I had to keep a pleasent smile yet blank look on my face..of all places? Here? Where I thought I wouldn't be known. I took a seat at the bar close to a server and quietly waited for someone to approach. I pushed a piece of my black hair assigned, a bit nervously with all the whispers around me.

DarkKeyome: Four cars were in alignment as I moved down the main road of district 2. A male sat in-front of me with a notebook in his hand flipping through pages as he shook his head. “ Alright sir, we have one more stop for today. Small restaurant not but 4 blocks from here. The Pink Dragon we'll be approaching it soon.” I was sitting at the right side of the limo with my hand on my cheek staring out of the window like I was the most bored kid in the world. I fucking hate this job sometimes. “...Yeah yeah I hear you.” I said sighing, I wore a blazer which was open shirted some jeans and armored down gauntlets made out of steel. I had my Katana on me as always my raven black hair hung over my face as I looked out the window peering out at the city the bright colors always caught my attention. Sighing I noticed that we were at a stop, my men were already pouring there way through the doors of the establishment. They busted in there like a military unit all of them jogging through the doors about 25 of them in total broke there way into the restaurant. They formed a V formation from the door where two of the men opened the door and I stepped in. I gripped my pistol copying a method that I saw my nemesis Danchou do at my club only 3-2 months ago. I fired two shots from the 45 in my gun letting the bullets hit the ceiling of the restaurant. “ EVERYONE..... GET.. the hell out...” I said watching the people look at me and then at the men who also pulled out pistols at the people in the restaurant. They all fled out moments later. I turned to look over my right shoulder. “ Go back to the cars... keep it running.” I said to the men my golden eyes peering on them before they nodded and all fled out of the building they formed the cars outside to make a Barricade at the doors. I sat at the bar putting a cigarette in my mouth and lighting it. Scratching my head as I said. “ Ahhh... Can I get a Menu please.”

KimiKatsu: Kirei's body felt instantly frozen when she stepped out of the warm steam in the shower. Her body shimmered with dripping, warm water but her skin crawled with soft goosebumps. She wasted no time grabbing the towel that hung on the hook near the shower so she could wrap herself in it tightly and hurry out of the bathroom. It had only been a few days, but she was ready. Ready to go out and explore. Being on house arrest; it sucked. Though she was still mourning the death of her beloved Beavis, she felt if she got out of the house a bit, it would help ease the pain. "Nami." She called gently as she pulled open her dresser and fished out a thong and matching bra. She tossed those clothes onto her bed, then fished around in the next drawer for her long, white shirt and matching leggings. Once she found those, she moved over to her bed and dropped her towel so she could get dressed. The first thing on was her shimery pink thong. Then, she pulled on her shimmery pink bra and clasped it on the second to smallest setting. As she pulled on the shirt, it clung to her body, making it take her a little longer to get dressed, but once she had it on, it fit her like a glove. The shirt had a bit of a slit up the right side, showing off a bit of her thong. After smoothing out her shirt, she plopped down on the bed and pulled on her leggings. A soft sigh left her lips as she was finally dressed. Kirei reached down and grabbed her towel so she could dry her hair a bit before brushing it out to style it. If Nami was in the room, Kirei would turn to look at her and smile. "We're going out tonight." SHe would say, despite the bracelet locked around her ankle.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami shifted a bit, only evident of that was the movement of the blankets on top of the bed. Day by day she had become more..lost without her addictive drug, although Kirei was doing fine giving her another thing to be addicted to, it wasn't the same. The reasons drug sellers stayed in business was because most of the product they sold was meant to be addictive, no so true-er than the escasty she had spent weeks, months, year even having at any time she wanted to take it in her lolipop form.. She groaned lightly as Kirei moved about the room, as though she was hearing every step adding to her headache double the amount, finally she sighed and threw off the covers. Nami got sight of Kirei putting on her shirt, it made her smile only briefly before she fully got out of the bed. Nami lacked a top of any kind and only panties were on her bottom, it had been so hot lately for her, a few degrees feeling hotter than Kirei or their house guests felt.. She went into the restroom, coming back out a moment later and heading for the bed instead of putting anything on. "Going out..where..?" She mumbled finally in response, laying herself down, she was too exhausted to go anywhere..But she shot up a moment later, rubbing her arm. "Out!? Out.." She only had one thing on her mind then..Going out meant she could get more of her drugged lolipops.. She quickly went into the closest and closing it behind her, it wasn't even a minute later that she flew open the door of the closest and out stepped in her school uniform in a dramatic fashion. "Lets go!"

Pallas: -It was almost a week into their plan now as Unit Bad Blood's name became a house hold name. The impact they made in such a short time was huge. It almost matched up with what the Russians were doing. This whole City is in a meltdown mode and looks to be a ticking time bomb. Donnie and the boys saw this and understood the levels of how high things could get before all hell broke loose. Which is why the last few days they have been off the radar. This time was used to make better weapons for the three head men of Unit Bad Blood. Zero and Hunter could no longer just go out on missions with guns. It was time for them to have a safety net to hold onto just as Donnie does. Hunter was the first to get a special weapon with his Guantlets. The weapons used to even match up with Donnie's strength. Though it is no help for defense, they were better than walking into a fight against a fighter like Keyo and be so lopsided. But Donnie was stumped on what he should do for Zero. DOnnie knew that Zero still had the proto-type NanoSuit that was used to free Kirei's girls from Mr.Purple but he also knew that if Zero ever used that suit....the Identity would be revealed. So that option is out of the window for now. Then it hit him. He grabbed the same blueprint plans that he used for the Guantlets and begins working. He grabs a pencil and re-draws some areas on the guantlets and forms an entirely new weapon system for Zero to use. He quickly gets to work on this project with his hands moving all over the place and his body scurring to gather the right materials for this to happen. Meanwhile outside the workshop over in the kitchen as usual is Zero and Hunter. They are trying to figure out what to eat tonight and are stumped. They were both tired of eating inside and wanted to go out and eat. Zero looks at Hunter and asks-"Hey I heard about this place called The Pink Dragon....Wanna see what the buzz is all about?"-Hunter raises a brow at the idea and replies with-"I don't think D-man will like that idea. How would we fit in with the general public?"-Zero laughs and quickly says-"We won't wear the masks dumbass haha. No one knows who we are in this City. We will fit right in....whats the worst that could happen?"-Hunter shrugs and goes along with the plan as Zero grabs the keys for them to headout. They figured the regular black Escalade may be a dead give away and they head to one of DOnnie's favorite cars. It was one he rarely ever use because of the base style it is...but they aren't picky. Zero clicks a button on the keys and a bright red Lambo rolls out of the garage for them to use. They both smile and hop inside as they get ready to leave. Hunters big muscular body can barely fit in the seat as they drive off to the Pink Dragon. Hunter is always on the suspricious trail and calls in to CodeName: FlyBird for overwatch. The Reaper Drone is lifted into the sky from one of Donnie's secret areas and follows them as they drive. It would only take them a few minutes to reach the resturant from the hideout. When they get there, they park close to the resturant and walk their way towards the door. Finally, they both walk inside to see that no one is in there but some Yakuza looking people. Hunter and Zero are still wearing their earpieces when Hunter says-"WHats the worse that could happen right? Asshole."- They both look around the room and then make their way to a table, hoping that they will not get hassled by the people. They just came out for a nice cooked meal and they both knew how DOnnie would react if something happened in here. Hopefully everything goes all well for these two. Zero looked at Hunter and twiddled his thumbs a bit signaling something to him. Hunter slids his hand across his pant pocket to signal something back. They were both coding the fact that they each had their weapons on their person. Just in case something popped off in here.-

AzuresatoRyu: Hiroshi had been the second to react, out of all of the people. Aged hands found their way to a katana just as beaten and worn as its weilder but it was not revealed to the suspected attacker in front of them. With beady black eyes he watched the tiny specks of ceiling plaster clatter about and instantly the old man felt a rage he had yet to feel in quite some time. With those hands shaking ready to draw at any time regardless the skill difference between the two he kept his composure together enough to speak in a leveled tone. His hair was gray and pulled backwards braided tediously until it dragged down by his feet.. upon the base of his jaw an unkept go-tee was lining and curling a little out of whack. the one thing he had been warned about when he had chosen to move this place into a more popular area was the danger that most men or "Yakuza" as some frightened citizens called them and authority alike for that matter, posed. He was not sure if this man was one of them but he assumed it with great sustain " Why of course, Miyuki..fetch this man a menu." He turned himself to the right just enough so that his voice would travel to the first in that place whom had heard this horrid shot and whom had also been the first to disapear into literally thin air and somehow ended up tucked away inside the small shack behind her grandfather where all of the spices and noodles were kept. Shaking still very much; the young lady finally brought herself into view,, anyone else who called for her to do something in a time like this would have been ignored but orders from her grandfather motivated this one enough to push her terror aside. Everything plused around her with every single touch of another person to the tables around them or their chairs even, shifting of pantlegs and breatheing broguth to life the world around her.. she saw things differently than any one else did for the sheer fact she did not have their natural ability to "See" at all. Instead she relied on a type of chi that gave her the ability to "Sense" the area around her..infact this vast area could spread out to about one hundred yards in every direction.. It wasn't rare to catch her glancing around or perhaps even distracted by sounds outside; only things she could hear or see. Honey glossed blonde hair fell around perfectly porcelain colored cheek that also had a deep blush to them..something she tried often to rub away but in vain. Holding onto this menu, she approached with a distant look to her silver filmed eyes and once reaching a safe and reasonable distance she held the menu out.- "...Welcome to The Pink Dragon.."

DarkKeyome: I eyed the person that approached me. My eyes scanned on them for a moment before I took the menu with an aggressive approach ripping it out of the girls hands in a disrespectful way. “...Hmm..” I tilted my head to the right, and then the left. Eying the foods within the silky paper on the bar I huffed and looked up like I was thinking. “...Ahhh ill be honest with you old guy, I hate all this shit.” I said tossing the menu to the floor ad eyeing him then the girl like a beast from hell. “ Welcome, welcome to district 2. I’m Keyome Tasnagi, Leader and Chairmen of the Kagemaru clan.” I knew the old man knew me, he had too, I had been on the news as a terrorist just a few weeks ago until I cleared my name. Not to mention... I was taking over district 2 with vengeance, every store, foundation, establishment at a time. “ Look dude, ill say this nicely. Listen to me straight up.” I turned to him standing up and with a swift motion I had unsheathed my Katana with a smooth arm arching motion, the silver blade flung out of its holding spot shimmering in the light.. it almost had a glow to it. I turned my head to him after I had whipped the blade out to vision, my hair dangling over my face as i pointed it at him. “ This Area is now on Kagemaru turf, I want a pay of 1,000$ A month, you better be glad im doing that much..” Which is true I had the lowest extortion price. “ In return ill give your store protection... ill have men here stationed and monitoring your store, no ones gonna hassle you if you just pay what you owe. We gotta deal?” My eyes looked over to the young girl who had given me my menu only for a moment I glanced... She didn’t look much older than me, maybe could have been younger. The cold film that coated her eyes made my expression soften in anguish. She... was blind. I hated bullying people, but I had an image to keep up. And a life style to live. This is my life a two bit gangster who fucks everyone over to get what I want. It seemed quiet in hear now... almost dead due to everyone being gone... more than likely there could have been some more people here but I wouldn’t know. “ Just make the deal Old guy, say you'll do it. So I can go home, and you can continue with your store. I don’t want any blood shed... I don’t want any causalities.”

IzzyDaPada: I shifted my glance up hearing that voice. More demanding of course...hmm...Chairmen Tasanagi..My eyes drifted over to where he was. He looked good from the last time I saw him..strong, did he have his clan back now? I lowered my glance back down fiddling with an invisable item on my finger. Such a bad habit now a days wasn't it? Oh well. Putting my hands together I looked up to see an elderly man come out, and speak towards the Chairmen. I could tell that the older man wanted to get back for ruining his ceiling, but what he did amazed me. Keeping his temper under control, I couldn't help but let out a soft giggle. *What an interesting elder we have here..* Thinking quietly to myself. I shifted the leg with the dessert eagel and fixed the skirt of my dress to hide the gun from view. Also noticing two men walking in. I kept everyone in my range of view so I knew where they were. As another waitress walked up to me she asked me what I wanted.hmmm...what did I want. Looking up I offered her a warm smile. "Vanilla Chai tea with honey please." She nodded her head and walked away to get my order. I went back to minding my own business awaiting for my tea to be ready. As a young girl emerged at the call of the elderly man and was now assisting the Chairmen with a menu he requsted. My tea appeared infront of me, the smell of the tea was good. "Oh wonderful! Domo arigatogozaimashita." I offered the server a warm smile as the nodded their head and smiled back and walked away. I wrapped my hands around the cup, inviting the warm into my hands bringing the cup to my lips and taking a drink. *Mmmmm.....Vanilla and Honey...* Was all I could think when the warm drink met my taste buds.

KimiKatsu: Kirei's smile only widened as she watched Nami throw on clothes. She looked pretty excited. "Give me a moment to do my hair and we'll be out." She rose from her seat on the edge of the bed and moved into the bathroom. It didn't take her long to dry her long, light brwn hair, surprisingly. Once it was dry, she stood in front of the mirror to make her hair look a bit messy and fuller with gel. After applying deoderant and perfume she left the bathroom and grabbed a good sized purse that sat on her dresser. It was white with a pink strap. Her wallet sat inside...and her Tanto. She saw Nami ready to rush out and hurried out in front of her. Security had been a bit looser. Meaning, less people guarding them due to other cases. So, sneaking out would be easy, though her ankle bracelet would be troublesome. 'Oh well..' she thought to herself as she rushed through the house and out the door, hoping Nami was following. Once outside, Kirei picked up her pace to the hummer. As she did, she dug in her purse for her keys. The green light on her ankle bracelet flashed red and began to beep loudly. She ignored it and jumped into the driver side of the car. Once Nami was in, she jammed the key into the ignition, started the car and sped off. She had been hearing about a new restaraunt. The Pink Dragon. Sounded like something to check out. Getting there would be no problem with her GPS and foot slammed down on the gas pedal.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had originally gotten into the passenger side of the car but that beeping was so annoying. She unbuckled when Kirei was driving, using a hairpin as her choice of weapon agaisnt that pesty ankle bracelet once she got to it. She got down onto the floor of the hummer and walked forward, carefully rubbing her leg to make Kirei aware she was down there but not moving her leg too much, since she was driving afterall. Lockpicking was a skill obviously taught at the base where she was trained, they always wanted her to be in places to hear things and report on them, though had they known that she had strayed as much as she had they would have cancealed paying to that account she never uses. "Just a little more.." She said softly, looking up at Kirei knowing she wasn't fond of when Nami didn't have a seat belt on, but this was for a important thing.. The ankle braclet popped off from around Kirei and Nami grabbed it, going over to the passenger side window and tossing it out and giving a cheer. "So where are we going?" If she got a reply or not, they were coming closer and closer to the resturant. Nami had returned to her sear sitting down and buckling her belt, she was watching things outside the window, it had felt like too long since she saw the world go by in this way. Kirei and Nami used to move around a lot, that week under house arrest made it a different life for them..

Pallas: -When they both sat down, they kept to themselves because of the people who are in the room. Then both of their eyes widened when they heard the loudmouth Keyome mention himself. These were Yakuza. And Zero looked even more shocked. He looked at them and saw the girl he had saved. His sock turned into anger at the thought of the girl he saved being one of the people they needed to kill. His right hand quickly motioned towards his back to grab one of his Custom M1911's when Hunter stops him. He kicks the chair to gain Zero's attention and says through the earpieces-"Not the time...We are exposed and missing our heavy gun."-It was sad....but it was true. Zero and Hunter had to sit there and watch as Keyome hassled an old man. This ate at Zero. Zero followed the footsteps of his Teammate Donnie when it comes to the older people or people who cant defend don’t bother them. Unless a message is needed to be sent of course. Hunter could feel the anger coming from Zero and knew that if something didn't change soon, Zero is going to explode. Hunter then says through the earpieces to hopefully calm Zero down-"Bro, calm down. You explode...and we can never come back out here again....Dont fuck this up."-And Zero understood where Hunter is coming from. Shit, we may need the big guy here..."-It is a delicate situation now as the tension in the room is rising to a new high. Anything could happen. Meanwhile back at the Hideout, Donnie is still at work with his weapon crafting. The idea he had is coming together rather greatly as his body is covered in Plasma Energy. The same material that powers his Yun Corp technology. He holds what he is making in the light as it looks like a wrist brace with a tube on the top. What could it be? He smiled to himself at the work and begins to hopefully put the completion steps on the weapon within the hour. He had no idea that his nemesis was in the same resturday along with his Team. If he had could only suspect all hell breaking loose and pure destruction on a higher scale than ever before. And all the while, Codename: Fly-bird is still in the air watching over the restaurant waiting patiently for orders from any of the three men. Anything could happen tonight.-

AzuresatoRyu: The girl that had been standing before him; listening to the horrible things he said and threatened had yet to lose her frightened, polite smile. Though she had to admit things were looking very terrifying at this moment in time she knew also that if she remained alm and her grandfather did as well then nothing would happen to them. how though, How would they be able to make that much money when they were so very new. Meekly, she turned her face away from Keyome, she had found his glances intimidateing to say the least and did not want to risk locking eyes with him. He was much bigger in size than she and her grandfather and needed to be long as he was no harm was to come to them; that was what she understood. Making the money would have to be worried about later on.. "...." She left this decision though to her grandfather who was the rightful owner to this store. Wishing for a distraction she tuned into other things nearby..this included Hunter and Zero, perhaps they wanted tea..or maybe they were apart of this man's gang that he spoke of.. Hiroshi grummbled and scowled, he began to pace, as if he was weighing this in his mind. the obvious choice was going to have to be to accept and pay..if he did not then ther was no telling what could happen to this place,..He glanced back; worry in his old eyes for the little one behind a small canary in a cage; where would she go without this place.. and he couldn't bear to think of anything happening to her. Letting his anger subside, he nodded and he set the katana down. "..Fine, you have a deal.. As long as you promise no harm will come to my resteraunt."

IzzyDaPada: I listened as they discused their "deal." Mmmm, my tea was good. Sooooo good it was distracting. But yet, sadly, I have finished it. I felt like it was my time to remove myself from the on going conversations and head out into the streets of District-Two. Putting the tea down and the money I owed under the cup I pushed myself away from the bar and took my leave, as quietly as I did, only noise was emitting from my heels, which I felt drew attention to me. *Not the first time..get over it Nakayama.* I had walked passed the two gentelmen shifting my glance to look at them out of the corner of my eye, to take in their faces so I wouldn't forget them..I have never met them before, nor do I forget a face. Which..made me remember the masked man who saved me what seemed forever ago. Turning my glace away I headed out the door and into District Two. It started to get windy as it got later in the day, I took in a quick breath taking in the blast of fresh hair into my face as I continued my walk down the street.

DarkKeyome: I nodded and a sick smirk grew on my face as I heard him make the deal with me. “ Alright then... thank you, im sure we will have a successful and great business together.” I said bowing to the man and then sheathing my blade. I had a point to prove... total domination is all. “ Ill be back later on this month for my money.” I said making my out of the door. My men were lined up all of them before in a line standing straight up looking at me. They all had black suits on with shades. I nodded to them “ Round em up, were going home!” I said to the men. They all in sequence. “ YES MR.CHAIRMEN SIR!” the said parading in the cars in a quick sequence like they had been rehearsing this there whole life. My cell phone sat in my pocket but I quickly took it out. A rap concert was going on at the east side of District 2. I punched in the number for the stadium owner. “...Yo, Put Keg's manager on the phone.” Keg was this Arabian rapper that rapped about Kegs and for some-reason all the teenagers loved em. “ Yo... this is the Kagemaru Chairmen, Keyome T-....Yeah.. Yeah Natasha's boyfriend..” I listened to him talk on and on about her. “ OK OK OK! Look... I need a favor, ill toss about 400,000 Tanz your way if you get him here in about 30 minutes. Over here at the restaurant called the Pink Dragon... yeah you know w-..Yeah that one, over on the main road. Mhm. Yup, ill have one of my guys stay here with the money. Thank you.” I hung up the phone, I knew when he got here... that the restaurant would make tipple of the amount they were expecting this would give them a hard push for them just getting here. I turned to two of my men. “ You two stay here, this place will be your home from now on. I don’t want any problems here, if they get robbed.... im cutting your fucking fingers off..” The saluted me. “ Yes Chairmen Tasanagi.” I nodded and walked off hopping into the limo that I got into smirking to myself. “ Yo, Tate” This was the guy I mentioned earlier that told me of the spots that we needed to hit. “ Pass me the module will you?” In this area of District 2... 5 stores were connected and they kind of had an illegal monopoly thing going on. The head of it was a man known as Randy Blathers. Hahah selfish bastard. On my way here... I had my guys tie the bastard up and all 5 of his fucking over priced stores. He had helped the Yakuza a lot during my pops day but he was a sick man... heard he killed the 2nd era's Soramaru clan leader with a poisoned fish just because he didn’t get in on his monopoly deal, he had even had about 50 people killed during this big monopoly reign. After we were 6 miles away from the Pink Dragon I pressed the button on the small square module and randomly in 5 places ( where Randies restaurants were.) They’d all explode in a chain explosion. All of his workers were forced to leave.. but Randy? Naw I made sure the boys tied em up real nice in one of the stores so he'd get the fuuuull effect of his own little fire work show we put up for em. “ There goes the competition... Hahahahahahaha..” I said throwing my head back laughing and pushing in my head phones screaming out the song that was playing on it. “ I HATE! EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUUUUU!!! HAHAAHAHAHAH! FUCKIN LOVE THIS SONG!” I said patting the back of the seat along with the song as the driver picked up more distance along the road. The smoke fumed the air. Like I said.... killing was coming easier.... enjoyable almost.  

Pallas: -Hearing the old man being forced to take the deal sent his anger spiraling. The fact that Zero is holding his anger down beneath him for this long is amazing. The bullying of the old man was beyond anything he had ever held before. But he knew the things he had to do to hold his team together. His team is more important than an anger burst. So for now he just sat there. Even as he watched the girl he saved walk out of the room. Even Hunter took notice of the fact that Zero is keeping his cool for this long. Meanwhile at the hideout, Donnie looks to be just about done with a new weapon for Zero to use. His ability to make great weapons in such a short time was what he saw most important in his list of attributes. He says to himself-"I gotta show these bad boys to Zero."-He then grabs both Wrist Braces and walks out of the workshop and out to the main part of the hideout and says-"Hey Zero I got a surprise for..."-He then realized that there was no one around to show the weapons too. He searches through the hideout for a moment and then looks at the data log to see that his Lambo and Code-name: FlyBird have been activated.-"Well...that is weird."-He then clicks his earpiece and says to the woman controlling the Reaper Drone-"FlyBird, where are Zero and Hunter?"- Then the woman spoke up and said-"They are at The Pink Dragon having Dinner, Sir."-Donnie thought about it for a moment and then went over to The Escalade.  He had no idea of the events taking place and began to drive over to the restaurant. He was the only one of his Team with the mask on and began to make his way over. Then he heard the sounds of explosions near the area the men were at.-"Son of a bitch! What the fuck?"-Then Code-name: FlyBird explained what had happened. He then puts the pedal to the metal and races over to the restaurant. He sees the burning buildings but only focuses on the one building he needs focusing on. He skids on the floor and stops in front of the restaurant and kicks down the front door. All the while Zero and Hunter got up from their table and met Donnie.-"Hey man, we are sorry for leaving but we just wanted some food."-Then Donnie says in a worried and angry voice-"What the hell happened here? Is everyone alright?"-He looked around and saw an old timer and a girl. The three of them walked over to them and asked politely-"You two ok?"-Donnie then asks-"What happened here?"-Zero and Hunter were too ashamed to tell him about the V.I.P. who was here and stayed quiet in hopes that the two strangers would explain what had happened. Two men then looked at the owners of the restaurant and waited to see how this situation turns out.-

KimiKatsu: Kirei was thankful for Nami and her lock picking abilities. As soon as the beeping stopped and she knew they were home free, Kirei's body relaxed fully. She watched Nami throw the device out of the passenger side window from the corner of her eyes and smiled widely. It was...a wonderful feeling. Being free and all. At least for the time being. It wasn't long after that when they reached the restaurant. She parked as close as possible. Kirei stepped out of her hummer and locked it up after Nami was out. Then, she walked up to the restaurant. It looks nice from the outside...and smelled so much more amazing. Kirei smiled wide. Her green eyes, the natural color hidden with contact lenses, glimmered as she opened the door and stepped inside. She held the door for Nami and looked around. It was...a beautiful place. "Let’s go sit down Na-" She was cut off by the sound of loud explosions going off. Kirei's eyes widened and she instinctively reached out and grabbed Nami so she could dive off to the side of the door and protect Nami at the same time. She was still a bit jittery from her near death experience that led to Beavis' death...and she would not let Nami die, too. Just as she was sitting up ad rubbing her head lightly, the front entrance was busted open. Kirei jumped to her feet and shoved her hand into her purse, only to pull out her Tanto. The purse fell to the floor as she held the hilt of the blade tight and watched the man step in. It was that man...the one from the news. Deadshot. She felt her knees begin to buckle in, but she locked them to hold herself up. Tears welled up in her eyes and her lips parted. "Y-You..." Visions of Beavis flooded her mind. Memories of him from the day she got him to the day she found him dead. Her cheeks became damp with tears. "You killed...Beavis...and Donnie..." She blinked, releasing a few more tears as her body burned from the outside with rage and sorrow.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami got out of the car, jittering was best explaining her right now, she was soo close to getting her drugs in her mind. She bowed kindly when Kirei held the door open for her and went inside, and then suddenly she was squished under Kirei's breasts when they dove to hide from the explosion. Normally Nami would invite such a close encounter with Kirei, but this time it was different, they had to be cautious...Suddenly the world came down on her, anything could hurt or kill either one of them…She missed the house and the protection, her thoughts hated going to what would happen if Kirei didn't have her or if she didn't have Kirei. When she rose she spoke to someone...Nami wasn't interested in him until she said he was the one who killed Beavis.. Nami looked back...Kirei had a sword...This man wasn't wielding anything...Still it was bad that they found trouble right away. "Kirei…Please..." She said softly, it was uncertain why...please stop and leave...please kill him…please be careful..

Pallas: \-As he waited to hear the reactions from the strangers that owned the restaurant, he heard the voice of the woman he loved. He slowly turned around to see her hands on the blade handle and it made him smile. At least she thought herself protected from the big bad men like him. Then to see the tears from her face fall, he almost wanted to go and console her. Then Hunter and Zero knew to put their masks on, making sure not to reveal their faces to anyone but the people who were in the restaurant before Kirei. His blade handles shined against the light inside the restaurant when he speaks in his alias English deep voice-"Are those tears for the dog? Because I doubt they are for Mr. Yun."-Zero and Hunter turn around and slowly attempt to back the old man and his granddaughter away from Donnie. He looked at her through the mask as his contact blue eyes looked her up and down. Then he saw Nami and heard what she said. He still did not know she is a full grown adult and thought she was just a kid who liked to suck a lot. On Lollipops of course. While he stood there, he raises both hands to his man as a signal to stay back. He wanted to stay true to his word about not harming her. And he also hoped that the kid would not get in the way as well. He would hate to have to kill a kid. It wasn't what he did. He let his hands up and said to Kirei-"What do you plan to do with that weapon of yours...? Do you wish to kill me? ...It may prove to be....rather difficult yes? Seeing is how your own boyfriend could not do it....But...I truly don't believe a woman....of your kind can feel anything for a dead man now. The Yakuza are all the same....Use a Man here...Use a woman there....Never showing....emotion....But you shed tears for a dog..."-He then moved his fingers around as if he were waiting for her to move. A bluff nonetheless since he did not want to hurt her. Hopefully, if all goes well she will just turn around and walk away from all of this. No one needed to die in this restaurant tonight.-

KimiKatsu: She closed her eyes as her hands began to tremble. She didn't care what happened. This pain. It end. "I'm not just crying because of Beavis...Donnie...Donnie and I... You killed him." She reopened her eyes and more tears rolled down her cheeks. "Anyone...can love someone. It doesn't matter where they come from or how they are raised..." She tightened her grip on the hilt to keep the blade from shaking. "I don't care what happens to me...but I will do whatever I can to take what you took from me." She stepped forward and gritted her teeth, trying to hide the fact that her eyes were filled with tears and her throat ached with sorrow. She heard Nami behind her...but she was not backing down.

AzuresatoRyu: Miyuki, quickly did as she was told...,by now she was a bit of a mess; that loud sound from far away may not have affected much of anyone here that she knew of but it did seem to faze her. Her hands had found their way over her ears and her eyes had closed; it was as if the small girl was trying to block everything out. Hiroshi seeing she was in no state to escape anything or watch out for herself, he pointed to the two men who were ushering them backwards and them immediately to Miyuki. "you two! Quit foolin around an take 'er somewhere she’s safe!!" He sounded as if he owned them himself…as if he was their leader; spry-filled and excited the man shouted again this time. "MOOOVE scally wags!!" Miyuki just simply hid from them all in whatever place she could; at this moment no spaces but her mind were available and even that was never solitary.. She was surrounded by others more than they knew of, a young man walking across the street. ..a cat up a pole…and cars rushing with sirens past the dragon. "A-aah..." Her cry was as tiny and as weak as she was...

NamikazeSoudai: Nami had no weapons on her at this time, no hidden pocket knife, small or large, or kitchen knife. She wanted nothing but him and everyone associated with the person that killed Beavis dead...But not if it would risk getting Kirei killed. She didn't know what to do right now, knowing better than to get in the way risking injuries to either of them but not wanting Kirei to attack him.. "Come on you two...This isn't the kind of place to settle things.." She tried to talk them out of a confrontation, as much as it hurt her and as much as she knew Kirei wanted to cut off this douchebag's head. "Let's all just eat a meal and leave right? Abandon hurting for this one time...just with it another time.." She said, her words quite mature, so much unlike Nami who was usually childish in every situation.

Pallas: -He lowered his hands and knew that his words were doing the damage that they needed to do. He did not want to hurt her but hurting her feelings were better than hurting her body. Zero could see how this affected Donnie. Even though he brought this plan upon himself, it was still a heavy burden on him. But Donnie knew he could not just end it there. He couldn't console her, but he did not want to push her too far. It had to come down to it...He says to her as a retaliation towards what she said-"So you loved him?...You know...before he died...he told me about what happened...hahaha. Funny way of showing love... You know...out of all the people I have killed...he went out like a warrior. He never begged for me to let him live...which is uncommon. But only to leave you alive....And I will keep my word to him...You did not love him...and do not stand here and lie about it..."-He turns his back to her as his blue eys looked down to the ground in front him. They did not pay any real attention to what the old man was saying. They were going to keep the two of them safe no matter what is going on. Zero knew what to do as he motioned to Hunter to move in front of Donnie. They looked at Kirei as they drew their weapons. Zero draws his custom made M1911's and Hunter draws his Executioner. They weren't drawin’ them to shoot at her but to only cause intimidation. They kept their guns pointed to the floor, only showing that they have the firepower to end the situation. Then Zero says in a calm tone-"I think it would be best if you two just left."- Zero tried his best to sound calm but the anger from what Keyome did was still in his head. Hunter though is as calm as ever about everything. He wasn't close enough to Donnie or the Yakuza yet to fully understand just how serious this night has been to Zero and Donnie. Hunter then says-"You should listen to Zero on this one Lady."-They stood there and waited to see if the two girls will leave or not. Hopefully, this could end peacefully and Donnie can stay true to his word.-

AkioNara2012: -Not to far but nearby Akio would have finished his last street race for the day, first as usual,  he stopped his motorcycle to collect the prize money he would hear giggling from a couple of girls waving to him with their skimpy outfits~ Hey Kio, you did great as always ~Akio smiled only because it was funny that they were oblivious that he didn’t care much for them…they were sluts, he’d show only a nod , smile, or a wave to show that he was listening or being polite, after he collected the prize money he went in his back pocket and popped a lollipop in his mouth, he smiled and walked back to his bike leaning against it and reaching in his pocket on the left side and grabbing his cell phone, he was planning on calling someone he had interest in just to see what was  up, he texted her a lot which showed some more interest, he planned on hanging out today and to brag about his win since he didn’t yet, she’d find it funny hopefully. He brought her number up on the screen and called it raising his phone now to his ear hearing the ring and waiting for her to pick up-Come on Kirei pick up.

KimiKatsu: Kirei's eyes narrowed. The tears were drying as the pain was numbed over by her hatred. "You don't know anything about love... That night...that night shouldn't have happened. Yes Keyome was my friend...I didn't want anyone to get hurt. I wished he had been there to console me the day I found Be-.." She swallowed back a gentle sob. "And then I find out that you killed him, too." His back was turned. She wanted him to look her in the eyes and see the pain she felt. The pain that cut her deep. She stepped forward until she was much, much closer. "You will get yours...Deadshot..." She kept her blade up and paid no attention to his men. Nami's voice had calmed her some, but the anger only came back.


AzuresatoRyu: Hiroshi glanced over to this man who had approached him...he was thinking to himself...and it seemed he was very deep in whatever thought was playing through his mind. "....." Honestly, Miyuki did not know what could be on her grandfather’s mind but she did find that something to be wary of. It wasn't often he was quiet and when he was it often meant trouble for her. "...Grandpa...' She spoke again; attempting to move towards him but the man threw his hand out to stop her. "......" His eyes watched Donnie as he strolled along with a strange sense inside of them, an almost undecipherable emotion; something was definitely playing in this old fool’s head. "..That’s it, I decided..." He slammed a fist into his open palm, vertically about making this point. Miyuki glanced towards him. "...Paa?"

NamikazeSoudai: How could this man listen to himself talk? What kind of person, what kind of events had to go through their life for someone to come to this point and speak the words he said? It was a trait men had, she noticed, she had never come across a woman who was just heartless.. She gritted her teeth, reaching up and taking Kirei's hand, trying to pull him away from this...person.. She wanted to leave, not just the presence of people like this guy, but the city, it was a pathetic place lately...Bombs, killings, raping...People had forgotten how to just live without it.. She wanted those innocent Spongebob watching times without worrying about what was to come later, some mental fool attacking things you loved...or knowing everyone had guns everywhere..

KimiKatsu: She could feel gentle vibrations against the floor and hear them as well. It was probably her phone. The familiar pulsating of the vibrations gave it away. She ignored it and kept her blade up...then she felt Nami's hand grip her own. Her grip tightened and she shook her head forcing more tears to roll down her cheeks again. "You're too evil to know when someone is hurting for someone else. I hope that my chance to make you suffer comes soon. You''re.." She couldn't finish. She had to swallow back another sob, but stood her ground. She wasn't going to let him intimidate her.

AzuresatoRyu: He nodded and he approached Donnie quickly, hopping over a demolished bowl from Miyuki's frightened jumping. With her, behind Donnie Hunter and Zero, the old man approached Donnie. "I don't like ya, but I aint got another choice n you look like a man who c'n help us..." He looked back again to Miyuki who seemed lost now. She was unsure what to do or what to say. ".....We came intsa some trouble with that Keyome moneyn such...I don’t trust'im for a more th'n I do you...but ya seem strong...n strong is what we'll need. Tell ya what...we'll let ya eat here free if ya take me n my granddaughter into protective custody...get what I mean?" Miyuki, hearing this jolted to reality yet again and turned to face him...she became speechless; how could grandpa be so reckless?!

Pallas: -He keeps his head turned away from her while she talks. Her threats were meaningless to him but he had to admit...he loved her anger. The men did not know what to do. They did not want to put Donnie in harm’s way, but he would be more upset if they did something to Kirei. SO they just stood there and waited to see what happens next. Then Donnie slowly turns around and looks her in the eyes and says-"Kirei...if you go down this won't like what you find....Stay clear of the Yakuza....for your own safety."-He then put his hand on the tip of her blade handle while Zero and Hunter watched in confusion of what is happening. Donnie looked into her eyes and then turned back around to walk to the restaurant owners. Zero and Hunter had no idea what to do now. Kirei is Donnie’s Achilles heel. He is an unstoppable force when his mind is set on a target, but once she is involved...even the people closest to him have no idea what can happen next. One moment he is ready to thrash her and the next he just wants to throw her onto his bed. One of the most confusing men in the entire world to work with. But lie always, Zero and Hunter wouldn't have it any other way. They were a brotherhood and brothers never leave family hanging out to dry. But then Donnie says while he is faced away from her-"You know....I hope someone does get that give me the gift of death...Donnie was the one person who i thought could give me that gift...but instead I gave it to him...Maybe one day when this is all will understand what I just said...."-To Zero and Hunter, they could not understand what this phrase was. It could be just something to toy with her mind. But in Donnie's mind he was telling her what had happened to him. In the shitty life he had so far and how the man she was with...did truly die. He died that night in his penthouse. And he was not coming back because of it. Deadshot...really did Kill Donnie. Maybe not physically...but mentally....Donnie is dead. And one day maybe when this is all said and done...she will learn the truth of what happened. If someone ever gives him the gift he seeks. Suddenly his mind was broken off of sadness when the man asks is he and his granddaughter can join them to their hideout. Zero said-"Sorry old man...we can’t be takin’ visitors to where we are going."-But then Donnie raised his hand to Zero. In the action, Zero gets a shocked face and Donnie says-"We can take ya old timer. If Keyome was here...then this man needs our help. Keyome will kill these two for nothing...and I will not allow that to happen. You can come with us when this is all over. Please, go gather your things and be ready to leave soon."- Both Zero and Hunter were shocked to see that Donnie was going to take visitors, but then with Keyome in the picture....maybe this is the safe plan of action. Who knows.-

 AkioNara2012: -After not answering Akio frowned his face trying again...she didn't answer...he sighed and texted her then: Pick up your phone Lol i has shit to tell you. -he added a smiley and hopped on his bike a little hungry though-

NamikazeSoudai: Nami could be dancing naked in front of Kirei right now and she wouldn't change her attention from the thoughts of how this person hurt her, them, and how she wanted to get revenge.. She held her hand firmly, pulling her hand to try and leave didn't work so, reminding her that she loved and supported her was the next best thing.. She nearly snapped when the person before them put his hand out towards her weapon, she waited to see what would come of it...Would it be the tipping point for Kirei to attack him...or would she lower the weapon and be defeated..

KimiKatsu: Kirei gritted her teeth again as he reached out to the tip of her Tanto. Her whole boy tightened. She didn't know what he meant...but the way he said it made her feel like she would find out. Her eyes narrowed more and thrust her Tanto forward, wanting to jab it into his skin somewhere as she stepped forward. If an injury was inflicted, she'd keep her eyes locked on him. If he found a way around it, she'd watch him walk over to the owners of the restaurant. She'd stare daggers at him as he walked away, wishing she could be locked in a room with him, just him and her until only one was standing.

AzuresatoRyu: Miyuki, sat...completely awestruck that this had all happened before she had  a chance to say a thing and now that it came to her begin dragged off by her grandfather to do just exactly what this strange man told them to she just couldn’t seem to say a thing. She had never disobeyed her grandfather and even as terrifying as these new circumstances were, she wasn't going to start doing that today. She sat in her room unsure what she was taking, just things she recalled were in specific places that she used most and she assumed she needed more. Her grandfather seemed to have disappeared somewhere in the home to gather his own belongings. What was going to happen now, as she was being whisked into a new home, a new place with new people who frankly horrified her.  "......" Quickly they descended the stairs Her grandfather pushed the young girl into Donnie and he snapped her fingers at the others. "Yo! we aint wastin time standin’ round! Let’s go!!! yer slower than me!!!" Miyuki gave a small cry when she bumped into him, she dropped a few things...and she turned her head up gazing at him; a face she could not see but a figure...she could. Coated eyes revealing to him she was indeed ailed when it came to sight.

Pallas: -As she leaned forward, he lets the blade dig into his hand. The blade slowly pierces into his hand as bright red with slightly greenish liquid in it slowly falls onto the blade. He doesn't move anything of his body and even his men stay still. He then slowly takes his hand off of the blade and looks at the blood. He then looks up at Kirei and says-"A little fight in you...I like that. No wonder Donnie fought for a girl like you...haha. Too bad you fucked that up and got him killed hahaha."-He then is bumped on the back by the girl who he is taking with them back to the hideout. He quickly helps her with her things and says-"Careful, this place is getting a bit bloody down here."-Zero and Hunter kept an eye on the woman while he did this. The confidence Donnie has in himself to just do whatever he felt even in the face of danger was astounding to say the least. Donnie waits to see what Kirei will do and also the two people he is taking with them. To be honest he just wanted to leave. He feels he has said a bit too much already and that blood will evaporate soon enough due to the Super Soldier drugs inside of the blood. Donnie waits for the two to be done getting ready and turns to Kirei.-"Well I think we should call it a night yes? Or would you prefer to cuddle?"- Zero and Hunter couldn’t help but smirk from that comment, trying to hold in a laugh and waited to see what will happen next.-

NamikazeSoudai: Nami shot forward, rage took over, mocking Kirei and her emotions like that.. Offering to cuddle, that was her job!!!! After all of that defense about thinking about what she was doing, that she could get hurt or something, and Nami caved. She didn't have a knife, a gun, or a weapon of any type... Just her small fists. Her fist shot forward aiming for his stomach, it would probably hurt her hand more than it hurt the man, god only knows why she didn't aim lower, a low blow as they would call it, maybe she didn't want him to really have a reason to come at them.. She just wanted to let him know she wasn't pleased with how he was treating other human beings. "You scum!" Was her words as her fist came forward, sure it was a speedy punch and maybe to someone her size it would have been something...But it was like Nami was going against a giant without a sling and some rocks.

KimiKatsu: Kirei's glare shifted to the blood coming from his hand. It wasn't normal. A greenish tint to it and whatnot. She looked up into his eyes again as he looked back at her. His comment... enraged her. Her lips parted, but before she could speak Nami ran forward and was trying to punch Deadshot in the gut. "Nami, get back away from him!" She didn't want him to take Nami from her too. In the back of her mind...she wondered what made him say the bit about cuddling. It...It only reminded her of Donnie and what she had told him. She bit down on her lower lip and kept her blade raised. "I didn't ruin anything...I...I didn't want them to fight... I wanted peace. That's all." Her voice shook some as she spoke of the night Donnie and Keyome fought like wild animals.

AzuresatoRyu: She noticed these attacks. For someone to try and fight this man it could only mean that he was someone just as mean and cruel as the one who threatened them before. The thought of living in the same home as him made her begin to shake again. "...." She looked away quickly enough to go and walk with her grandfather. They both followed outside where a car seemed to sit. She had wanted to protest or something but her grandfather pushed her in too quickly for that and buckled her in. "...Didja hear me!? We aint got time!!!! to waste!"  Miyuki put her hands on the window; to those outside she would have looked like a scared pup in a shop.  "I...I don't want to go... Grandpa...not with them!"

Pallas: -He would not budge an inch as the punch came to hit him. He would only flex his abs to take the impact as it would be compared to hitting a boulder. Her hands would have a high probability in breaking and muscles tearing from the impact. Donnie looked down to the girl and said-"Awww, that’s cute. Are you the replacement for Donnie? ...I can’s easy to peg a person’s personality.....just have to wait until their anger pops. Then you find out who the person really is....And can die...right here...right now...I was not promised to protect any of Kirei's lovers. In fact I think it may be a common kindness for a fallen warrior to kill those who bed with the ones they loved. So tread softly little one. Hmph"-Zero and Hunter could barely hold in their laughs from the punch that the kid threw. It was not brave at all. Just stupidity. It is not brave to attack an opponent that can snap your neck with their fingers. But he had to give it to her; she had a large set of balls to do it. But even as he tried to keep his cool, he couldn't help but feel jealous about it. It made him think about who Kirei really was. To find someone to fill that hole so soon...made him feel like everything he thought was true. That what he and Kirei had was al based on lies. Something that Keyome could use to help seek out his revenge. That's all the Yakuza ever was....lying, cheating, and stealing. And then hearing her try and defend of what she wanted only angered him. In his mind he thought-"Peace!? Peace!? We had peace before Keyome came into the picture! Everything was fine until that mothafucka came and ruined it!"-As these thoughts passed through his mind, his anger slowly began to erupt. Without his knowing, his eyes began to shine bright blue, luckily the contacts change the real color of the Super Soldier change. Zero and Hunter saw this happening and knew exactly what was going to happen. Donnie then slowly backs up a bit and says to his men-"Take the two and go home....I am going to stay and play."-He then took his arms and placed them by his side like as if he were posing like a religious figure. His mask activated his weapon system as his wrists began to static and activate. Then his blades quickly shot out of their holders and into the hands of Donnie. He had enhanced the blades with his own little touch of Yun Corps Technology. He spun the blades around his body to warm up with them and said to the girls-"You can still leave if you want. The little one here can walk out alive....for now."-Zero and Hunter listened to their orders and went to take the other two back to the hideout while Donnie stayed behind to handle the situation.-

NamikazeSoudai: Fuck that hurt... Before even doing that she knew it would hurt, but of course when it was pain it hurt more than the ideal of the pain to come. She whimpered and backed up, she was sick of this place and this situation.. They had finally had happiness and they came to this, for fuck sake all they wanted to do was to enjoy a god damn meal. She sighed angrily, they were done here, she was done here. She turned around and walked out, this being the one and only time since meeting Kirei that she had left a place without her too...If she came with her they could go on together someplace...This was a bad day...

KimiKatsu: Kirei's glare lowered to Nami as she whimpered and backed up. Her gaze softened...then she looked back up at Deadshot as he pulled out his blades. She wasn't leaving. Her eyes locked on his, though she could see his blades. They were much larger than her own, but she didn't care... When Nami was gone, Kirei kept her legs shoulder width apart and slightly bent while she held her Tanto ready. This man...cut into her deep. For no known reason. "I'm not going anywhere... You took away two important things in my life....then injured another. I will ruin you." She wasn't too sure what she was up against, but her wouldn't allow her to back down. Sorrow still caused her throat to burn as she stood ready for a fight. In her mind...she prayed Nami was somewhere safe.

Pallas: -He was actually happy to see her leave. His bluff had worked. His eyes slowly recede back to a normal blue and he puts his blades away. He watched her leave and could feel the anger coming from her. He laughed a bit under the mask and thought to himself-"She can't help but date fuckers with anger issues haha."-Even though he was jealous of the fact that Kirei moved on from what he thought they had....he had to live with it. To gain his revenge against Keyome, he needed to cut her off. His Achilles heel. And now he can. He had the soft spot for Kirei because he loved her and still hoped that maybe one another time...they could be together. But fate has always kept Donnie alone, that’s just how it is. He looks down at his hand as the Super Soldier Serum has already shut the wound and he was just about as good as new. It is hard to make yourself the villain...but it has to be done. Anger is what has driven Donnie his whole life. And even though he loved a woman he could not have, he knew she would be fine without him. If she could find a person so quickly, his thoughts must have been right. He was conned. Conned by a pretty face. Then he heard the words come out of Kirei's mouth. His eyes slowly widened as he looked at her. In his head he thought to himself-"What the fuck is she doing? She cannot be serious right now?"-He said to her-"Kirei...I will not fight you. I made an oath and I will keep it....You found yourself a new lover...Probably even before you knew Donnie was dead....What difference does this make?...Tell me...this short woman who likes to punch rocks....before...or after Donnie?..."-In his heart he already had an answer in mind. He did not want to think that she hooked up with someone else while he was "missing" but as the thoughts of her conning him assed through his him...anything was possible. He began to walk out of the restaurant and hope that she was not going to pursue him in this hope to kill him. It is not what he wants.-

KimiKatsu: She growled softly in anger and stepped towards him as he spoke to her. The rage within her built up. "I...*Never* cheated on Donnie. I...I loved him. I still do. But that doesn't matter to an evil man like you. You don't know what love is to someone. You only know pain and anger and you want everyone to feel what you feel." She gritted her teeth as he began walking out, but she wouldn't let him get away that easily. She followed him outside and stood a few feet behind him. "Donnie is dead. You don't have to listen to him. You just don't want to chance dying, do you?" She smirked. She looked...sadistic. Her eyes glimmered with tears as she kept her Tanto raised and pointed at him. "Fight me! You messed with me, my family, my boyfriend, everything I ever had you've fucked with and for no reason. Well, that's given me a reason to hate you. To wish for death upon you and the worst death possible, but I'd like to do that myself." The smirk remained on her lips. It was rare to see her this way... The fire inside of her burned, making her whole body feel hot. She growled a little out of pure anger, though she wanted to just curl up somewhere and imagine none of this had ever happened.

Pallas: -As he walked away he was not swayed by what she said. But he did pause for a moment when she talking about loving Donnie. A little voice in his head was telling him-"She's lying bro. No way had she ever loved you. She was helping Keyome get the scoop on you. She played you man."- Then another voice fluttered through his thoughts-"She really does love you. You were the one to fuck it up...not her...not Keyome. Your mind plays tricks on you D-man."-All these thoughts pass through his mind in a matter of seconds. Then he turned to her and spoke in a disappointed voice...not even angry or sad....just disappointed.-"If you loved him...he'd be alive."-He did not know how to escape this situation without causing injury to someone. Zero and Hunter went home with the two restaurant owners and now the woman he loved is trying to kill him. What a night. Then he sparked an idea, there is no need to cause anyone any serious fatal harm tonight. He smirks at the idea and puts it into motion. He puts his hands to his side like Jesus Christ and says-"Do feel I took the man you LOVE...then kill me."-He then waits to see her react to this, hoping that she will attack.-

KimiKatsu: Her eyes widened a little. This...had to be a trap. "You're tricking me... I know if I run over there, you'll pull something out of your sleeve." She stepped forward, despite her words. She kept her blade up and continued towards him, cautiously. "But I will kill it today...or any other day...I will.. I will ruin you and your life as well. And you know what? You say us Yakuza are the same? Well you are just like us. Wanting to take over the city. Make it yours. Save it from the 'evil' when you, yourself, are the evil one. Just like that crazy fuck Donchou. Believe me when I say this..." She stopped about five feet in front of him and glared him in the eyes. "I did love him...and he still owns part of my heart...though that part is in well as the part that belonged to Beavis. So you'd better believe that I am ready to kill you..." She slowly shifted the hilt of her blade into her right hand and lowered her left slightly.

Pallas: -He looked down into her eyes as she talked. And the funny thing is, even though she has the intent to kill him.... he was actually turned on by it. But he had to get those thoughts out of his mind and focus on what is going on right now. He saw her ready to give up on the hopes of killing him today. He heard her threat about coming after him and to be honest...he did not believe her. Donnie seriously believes that she will not come seek Deadshot out to kill him. He believes that this act of violence is a onetime deal from being pushed just a wee bit too far. But nothing more than that. If he believes her to be a liar, why would he believe her now? As her body was so close to his, he wished that things could have been different. But, he isn't made that way. He begins to raise his hand and try to cup her cheek like he used to but before he does, he clinches his hand into a fist and lowers it back down. Soon after he says to her-"The City will not be mine...I am giving it back to the people. And if there ever is a day when my heart stops will see the truth..."-He then turns his head a bit looking for the little woman as she was still on his mind as well. Maybe now she knows not to go around punching bigger people. Then he looks back down to Kirei and says-"I guess...the pieces of Beavis and Donnie are being picked up by the little girl you have with you.....I'd stay away from putting her in danger...You wouldn't want to lose two relationships would you?"-He then slowly backs away and walks over to the Lambo that Zero and Hunter left for him. They ended up taking the escalade because they had four people with them. Then as he makes his way to the car, he says to her-"I hope...that this is the last time I see you face to mask."-He then hops into his Lambo and drives off back to the hideout. As he drives away, Alfred's voice comes through the speaker system saying-"Sir, why don't you just return to your normal self? You are smart enough to come up with some kind of story that seems possible."-But Donnie remained silent...There was no going back...No returning to normal. It...was done. The war had begun.-

KimiKatsu: As Deadshot began to walk away towards the car his team mates left for him, Kirei ran to her hummer and jumped into the driver seat. She didn’t' hesitate to turn on the car and back out quickly as he was taking off. She kept her foot down on the gas, that sadistic look still in her eyes as she pulled out to follow him. She wasn't going to let him get away that easily. He was going to pay. For everything he did and said. She was going to ruin him...even if it killed her she was going to do whatever she could.

NamikazeSoudai: Nami moved up to the front seat, looking out the window while cradling her hand. She looked at Kirei for a moment, wanting to tell her to stop...But she didn't want to take away her chance to get what she wanted.. Nami was prepared to die with her, if they were heading for death.. She breathed in deeply and exhaled the same; she was beginning to think she would never get those lollipops...

Pallas: -When he drove away, he was not expecting anything more to happen. But as he looked through his rear view mirror he saw Kirei's Hummer following him.-"She does not let up hahaha. Alfred, take the wheel."- And Alfred the A.I. took over the cars driving system and allowed Donnie to move around the car.-"What the fuck do I have in here?"-Then he found a moderate sized box behind the driver seat and opened it up. Inside is a MP7 is Red Dot Sight which would come in handy for what he had in mind. Then Code-name: FlyBird responds to the chase-"Sir, would you like a Reaper Missile drop on the designated target?"-AT which Donnie would reply-"No!"- Almost immediately after, Donnie rolls down the window of his Lambo and pokes his head and shoulders out.-"Come on now...gimme one shot..."-He takes a deep breathe in and then out. Then he fired one shot aim for the left side front tire of the Hummer.-

KimiKatsu: She saw him starting to emerge from the car and immediately swerved to the right. She wasn't going to let him take her out when she was so close, though as she swerved, she sped up until the left side of her bumper was just behind his back tire. If he didn't move or try to get out of the way, which would be hard to do at this point because she was so close, she'd yank her wheel to the left and attempt to ram the side of her car into the back side of his hard to try and knock him off of the road.

NamikazeSoudai: "This would be so much funnier if I had my GOD DAMN LOLIPOPS!!" she shouted, flipping the car they were chasing the bird, not so much the people inside...It was now a battle against cars it seemed, bumper cars.. "Ram him ram him!!" she encouraged, wondering if any of the men in the car said that during sex...Not so much him, but her, she didn't want to have yaoi thoughts about those people, it would make her sick to her stomach.

Pallas: \-As she saw her swerve he said to himself-"This will prove to be more difficult than I thought."-He then got back inside and took control back from Alfred.-"Time to smoke her..."-The difference in vehicles would prove to be a trump card in this situation as it was the tortoise VS The hare. Donnie revs it and puts the petal to the medal as the Lambo take off. Hitting 100mph in a matter of seconds and barely giving any power into it. Then he twisted the nobs of his nitrous tanks just in case he needed to super speed out of here.-