( The GMAF Tornament will be in x amount of parts. Depending on how long the tornament will take. This is the second part. )

It is TIME!!

Pallas: -The three days of the ship ride have passed like one quick motion. DOnnie spent most of his time training and preparing his stages for the task they will be given. As the boat comes into the harbor and ties itself down, the captain of the ship goes over the intercom and says-"All fighters will need to exit the ship and make their way into the arena. Donnie sits on his floor still in meditation. "The Other Guy" still pissed about the fact that he let that gorgeous girl he met in the restuarnt go.-"You're gunna lose this tournament now. Yous a bitch. I hate you. If I could slap you.....Id slap ya bitch ass....punk..."-This had been going on for three whole days. "The Other Guy" did not want to let it go. Which coinsidently actually helped Donnie with his training. The ability to hide the sub-consious that is "The Other Guy" for three days in his mediation gave him a good identity of his Super Soldier Power. Finally, Zero walks into the room and says-"It's time to go Boss Man."-Donnie smirks under the mask and raises his eyes up to him. The blue glow could strike fear into anyone but not to the people who already know him. He then slowly stands up and makes his way towards the door with Zero. Hunter is standing outside the doorway and he says-"Well D-Man, we are the last fighters on the boat. You ready to head out?"-And without saying any word, he just nods as the three of them make their way down the stairs to the exit. As they step outside the boat, they are greeted by paparazzi and reporters, asking questions like.-"How do you feel about Keyome Tasanagi not being in the tournament?"/"What about the kid that challanged you? How do you feel about that?"-They pay no attention to these people as they are focused on the task at hand. When they get off the boat, they would only have to take a few hundred steps as the place looked like a giant square arena. The workers of the tourney lead them into a hallway that takes them to the main area where the other fighters are located. Finally, they get to the center of the arena as hundreds of fighters pile in. The roaring fans shake the foundation of the arena as their excitement for fighting and bloodshed rises. Once all the fighters are accounted for, except for the ones killed on the boat already, they are ready to start. In the center spotlight of the stage is a white man, in a nice $1000 suit, blonde hair, and black sunglasses comes out. With the microphone near his mouth he begins to pump the croud up-"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! IT'S TIMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE! The moment you have al been waiting for! THE GMAF IS READY TO BEGIN! The best fighters from all around the world have come here! To Old China where they will fight to thr brink off death for the grand prize! Fame! Fortune! Respect! All to the victor! One Man...or woman"-raises a brow at all the sexist fighters in the crowd-"Will take home the Grand Prize 20 Million Tanz!"-The crowd roars at the comment as the Announcer continues on his rant.-"Now the talent of this years tournement have Risen to new hights! For all you gamblers out there...take note of this."-He spins the mic in the air and upon catching it, he introduces one fighter-"COming all the way from KasaiHana, He is known as The Super Cop! The Depth Defier! The White Lightning! Stand on your feet! Fooooooor Tetsuuuuu! THE WHITE TIGER! RYYYYOJIIIII!!!!"-The crowd then roars as a fan favorite is introduced.-"And of course, his partner in this tournament. His lovely girlfriend...and dont let the looks fool you boys hahaha. ASAMIII!!!! TAKAHASHI!!!"-The announcer than turns around to face the other side of the arena and begins introducing annother fighter.- "FOr all you shoppers out in the audience....this next fighter is for you. You may know her by the clothes that she makes. Or the hearts that she breaks. LADIES AND GENTELMAN! GIVE IT UP! TO THE GEISHA! AND HER TEAM! IIISSSSSSABEL!THE DEATH FLOWER! NNAKKAYAMMMAA!!!!!!!!!"-ALl the ladies in the audience roar even louder as a woman will be represented in this tournament. Izzy has a lot of fans backing her up in this tournament. Finally he comes to his final introduction. The most contraversial one of them all.-"And now.....Introducing from KasaiHana....You all love to hate him! Representing Unit Bad Blood! THE DRAGON! THE GRIM REAPER!! THE BRINGER OF BLOOD! STAND ON YOUR FEET FOR THE ONE MAN WRECKING CREW! DEAAAADDDDDDSHHOTTTTTTTT!"-The crowd roared with a total mixed reaction. Because of his actions, half of the fans cheers and roared his name-"DEADSHOT! DEADSHOT! DEADSHOT!"-And the other have boo'd the hell out of him. The announcer moved on rom intros and went on to the rules.-"So here are the rules gents and lady fighters. Each of you will recieve a metal medallion piece. Your goal in the preliminary rounds is to collect five of these medallions. How do you recieve these you ask. Well its easy. Beat your opponent to a bloody pulp and take it from them. Once you recieve the five medallions, you will be able to take them to "The Tower"-He then points his finger at a large black tower in the distance. Miles away from where they are.-"Once you are there....the game...will change. We will now take the fighters to their start points and MAY THE GAMES BEGIN!"-The crowd roars again as it was ready to get started.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would laugh as his name was announced. “Supercop” was a title given to him after he single handed busted a Drug operation. He defeated 10 goons with nothing but his fist, and his enviorment. Suprisingly 3 of them had guns, but they were pistols, so they were no macth for Tetsu’s inhuman reflex factor. Once had that name, people looked up to him more. Tetsu had to give a couple of speeches, even earned some magazine covers and whatnot. When asked about his past however, he couldn’t reveal everything to everyone, as his dad was classified as a U.S criminal. Even so,he was proud they could both live in the city. The mansion was still being guarded so all was well. Tetsu simply waved to his fans, reamiaing as timid as ever in the face of the public.

Yule: Asami blushed at what they had called her but held her head high and stood beside Tetsu. She would look like a proud girlfriend and would be there for her boyfriend. She was very proud of him and smiled at the nickname that the introducer had called him. Though she wasn’t sure why she was called out. Asami moved closer to Tetsu and slid her hand into his and gave it a gentle squeeze. She wanted them to look like they really were together, that they would be together no matter what, and that everyone had better watch out unless they wanted to go through hell from the both of these two people. She was sure Tetsu would give his competitor hell.

HyonekoHyuuga: I was happy to hear some groans and heckling of the announcer when he finished. looking up into the crowd i recognized some of my girls and others around them which i could only assume they heard it from them or had recognized me from my father's company. I waved up to them before i got down to stretching and making sure i was limber. Wincing as my back pops i throw a few playful punches and kicksin the air. I was slightly pissed that i wasn't announced but when i'm standing on top of that damn tower they'll know me. i scanned the masses of fighters, some faces i knew some i didn't but from what i saw i know the ones that won't last and the ones i'll be hunting for. "This will be fun!" I siad more to myself than to those around me,i was looking foward to a good fight.

IzzyDaPada: I had shfited with a slight groan. *I'm doing this today? Yes I'm doing this, it starts today.* I had been busy with preparing the past three days with fighting matches against Daichi and Daiki. It seemed pretty evenly sured that. We lost some we won some. But of course. The boys showed more bruses then I did. But they were strong kids. The three of us heard a knock at the door as I shifted my glance towards it..I quickly shot and took the dog tag that was around my neck quickly putting a grasp around it. Daichi walked to the door and opened it. "They are calling the fighters to get ready and head to the arena."/"Thank you."/"Your most welcome. Wish Ms. Nakayama luck. I am a big fan." Daichi nodded his head as the person walked away. I approached the door as Daiki followed behind me. I had offered a smile to those that had gathered to watch us off. *This is real*. We exited the boat meeting a sea of people, paparazzi and reporters they seemed to ask alot of questions. "Ms. Nakayama! Ms. Nakayama! What do you aim to gain from this tornament?"/"Is Nakayama Corps able to affored for you to be here?" Me and the twins simply ignored the onslot of questions. I didn't have to answer them..right? We finaly made it into the area and took our positions in the arena. The roar of people touching my ear. It was deefing to me and it was entoxicating to me, but I took in a breath and let it out. The announcer had me going until he landed on me with his shouting encouragments into the micraphone. *""FOr all you shoppers out in the audience....this next fighter is for you. You may know her by the clothes that she makes. Or the hearts that she breaks. LADIES AND GENTELMAN! GIVE IT UP! TO THE GEISHA! AND HER TEAM! IIISSSSSSABEL!THE DEATH FLOWER! NNAKKAYAMMMAA!!!!!!!!!"* I had to laugh and smile as I heard the roar of the crowed seemed to shake me. I offered a large warm smile to the crowed as I waved to them all. As I started to hear..chanting? *Nakayama! Nakayama! Nakayama!* Daichi and Daiki had grins plastered on their faces as they both said at the same time. "This is new."/"No..duh.." Was all I could say as I waved to the cheering crowed then resumed my place inbetween the twins.

Let's get ready to Rumbblleeee!!!!

Pallas: -The fighters would soon pile out of the arena. They lead to an area that leads off five different paths. Donnie and his team go down the first path and make their way down.(Its up to you all to choose what path you will take. This is just so that way the fighters will be split up and sent to roar the forests.) Donnie and his team walks to the edge of the path as the fog sets in. Donnie says-"They really went all out of this didnt they? hahaha"-And once everyone was ready and in position the spectators would wait in suspence for the tournament to start. After a few minutes the sceen infront of the arena would show the map of the area. All the fighters in the tournament are spread out across the board to make sure that fights can happen anywhere. When everyone is set the referee yells out through a universal microphone-"BEGGGINNNN!"-Fireworks would go offf into the sky as the tournament has now started.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu walked into the forrest, taking the path to the far right. He’d hope not to run into Deadshot out here, as he wanted to at least win the tournament and make it to the finals. All that training, and if he failed so early? Disgraceful. Simply disgracefull. Tetsu walked thorugh the forrest and rambled to himself. “5 medallions huh? Alright, anaylsis. In the weilderness. No gadgets except the watch,which I’ll avoid using. Also, I’ve no clue who or what is on this island……Well, might as well face it head on.” Tetsu looked around, at the trees. They were big, and studrdy, with big branches that looked heavy enough to support weight. Tetsu would step back a few feet from a tree, and then run full speed at it, and start to slighty wall run up it, clearing at least 6 ft, which was just barely enough to lacth onto a branch. Once lacthed, Tetsu would begin using his upper body strength, and parkur skills to navigate through the tree tops, with silence and ease, as with his skills only a trained fighter would pick up on him, but within reason. Tetsu could outdo someone on his level with enough chi and the right tatic.

Yule: Asami would follow behind Tetsu, a few meters back. She was only there to help him in case a gun or something was pulled on him. Otherwise she was to not do anything. This was her own choice as she followed. If he got hurt she would also be able to help him get all patched up. She held the back pack on her back tightly and put the midsection strap together. This would allow her to use her hands if she needed to, which could possibly happen in these conditions. Her mind was all about Tetsu, she was worried about him and hoped that he would do well. She also hoped she could help him if he truly needed that help, but she assumed he wouldn’t really, considering who he was and what he could do.

HyonekoHyuuga: HyonekoHyuuga : Neko walked down the path of Deadshot. I know of Deadshot... he would be a threat definatly and i'd need to save up for someone around his level but the others were fair game. It sucked that i couldn't have my virus pumping through my veins. But...oh well it made me lighter not being wieghed down by my natural armour. The trees here were big and sturdy but they were spaced out, ambush kind of scene. Hmmm best place would be the trees. I jogged over to two trees somewhat close together and jumped Parkur style up into the branches and started making my way to the tower. my bet was there would be alot of fights on the fringes and those who survived would head in, i'd wait there to smack down the ones that came with nice gifts of medallions. i wasn't about to fight every jack ass that crossed my path. i'll get what i need and haul it to the tower.

IzzyDaPada: Being lead to paths, 5 of them. I took my options into consideration. Everyone headed off for the first path. Daichi and Daiki looked at each other. "Follow the leader?"/"More like, follow the toughest person. Take him down." I shook my head. "Well we need 5. That's all that counts. Or, attempt to, that is." The twins let out a groan. Acknowledging that they agreeded with me. "" I would point in one of the random directions which had been..San..3. "We go this way." The boys shook their heads. "Hey letting the gods decide is a good decision!" Piviting off we headed in the direction of Path three. Where it headed, we let it surprise us. What greated us as we made our way down the path was a large feild. The boys snicked at me. "The gods were not in our favor were they." I forwned"Deffinitly not.." I replied simply.

Pallas: -As the tournament began he can hear the sounds of other people already getting into fights. The fog was heavy in the area they are in. Hunter looks around and says-"So what are we going to do Boss Man?"-Donnie scuffed a bit and then said-"We will walk down the path we came."-Zero looked at him with a raise brow under his mask and said-"Why the hell are we going back? Shouldn't we go for those medals?"-Donnie laughed and said-"The medals will be collected by the weaklings. They will think they can win...and that is when we crush them. But we go back this way...."-he takes a sniff into the air as he says-"Yakuza...."-Hunter and Zero look at eachother and wonder what Donnie meant by that. Maybe there was a Yakuza member down the path? They slowly make their way down the path as the tournament goes on around them. They are probably the only group here that could careless about what ends up going on. As they get a small ten feet away, a small asian fellow comes jumping out of the trees yelling-"YAHHHHHHHHHH!"- Donnie rols his eyes and rips the esophagus out of the mans throat before he even reaches the ground. DOnnie then says-"Grab that losers medal."-Then an announcers voice would echo through the whole forest-"Ladies and Gentleman! There is our first kill of the tournament! What power this Deadshot has to rip someones throat out without barely even trying! What a fighter!"-This causes the three men to laugh a bit and continue going down the path they are on.-

HyonekoHyuuga: Neko head the announcement of the first death of the game. " Ha! seems someone got in deadshot's way....though it's one of those small fry bashing at each other down there, way too quick to be anyone important." I thought to myself i should go look at the plant life around us, maybe find some fruit to eat while i whatch the other fighters drop like flies. besides who knows how long this tournament would last? Hours or maybe even days? I'll bet on a few days so finding some food and clean water will be a plus. So using the parkur skills i had i made my way around the general area till i came across apple tree in china? either i was out of it from the boat ride over or they planted this specifically for making the different terrains of this tournament. though i wouldn't complain, I picked a few and carried them back to an arching tree that i had made into my look out post due to it's exellent veiw around but good cover for myself.

Pallas: -As they got closer to the scent that Donnie was following, he felt it go away from his general direction.-"Running away are we?"-Donnie looked at Zero and then to Hunter and says-"Don't wait up for me"-Zero and Hunter looked at eachother and knew what DOnnie was going to do. Zero said to Donnie-"Ok Boss Man, we will go try and find some low lifes and take their medals away from them. Seeing is how we will need fifteen of those little fuckers to get through to the finals haha."-Donnie then began to take a few seteps forward. Zero and Hunter disappeared into the fog as they go to do their own thing while Donnie takes a huge breathe in. His sensory abilities even more powerful than before. These months of training for the tournament were not all wasted on just gaining power, but honing in on the skills that can make catching his prey that much more easier to find. As he lets the air out of his nose he says to himself-"A woman..."-"The Other Guy" then says-"Oh Oh Oh! Lemme have some fun with her before we Kll her! Come on! You didnt let me have fun with the girl on the boat! Gimme this one! Unless its the same girll....Is it?"-DOnnie shook his head and said-"No...scents different."-Donnie then bent down like a squating position as he focused his energy into his legs. He then thrusts his legs upward and took a giant leap into the air. He is following the scent that is being given off by the womans body like a wolf does for its prey. As he leaps through the air this would cause a lot of the fighters in the field to look up at him in shock and awe. If Hyo isn't paying attention to detail, she will not see him coming. His body would come down almost like a sniper bullet to the tree she is perched in. His right hand makes a fist as he thrusts it forward in an atempt to clock her one on the face. If sucessful both of their bodies would crash into the floor and cause the tree to crater into the ground. The impact would sound through the forest and even cause the dirt to shoot up into the air. If not successful then Donnie would impact his body into the tree and cause the same effect of destruction.-

HyonekoHyuuga: Hyo's martial training had prepared her for something like this, as her sixth sense felt somthing coming in fast. i leaped away to a few trees ahead with one push. whatching as Deadshot came crashing down on the spot she had been before. " Fuck, i would have be the first on is hunt but i don't want to deal with him at the moment." i sprang ahead 3 trees at a time through the forrest. As i thought to my self, how the hell did he find me? hmmm well there's only one way she could think of: scent. she hadn't spoken since getting out to the forrest and they started out on oppisite sides of the arena. ha!, luck seemed to be on my side as i spotted a shallow river, admittedly not the best over cover but if i got the mud on it would cut him off on tracking me..least for abit. Leaping down with a big splash i began to swimmaking sure to scoop the bottom mud out and onto me as i swam, it washed some off but it was changing my scent. though the problem was now i'd have to find somewhere near the river to hide till this blew oveer so i just kept swimming.

24 hours later....

IzzyDaPada: ( Pallas-Densu-Keyo-Me? si si? )

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would be parkuring thorugh the trees, with Asami at his side. She could keep up with him pretty well, but he still remained pretty proficient in the art more so than her. As they traveled, Tetsu’s cheek would be grazed by a sharp object. He’d put his hand out for Asami to stop, and he would stop as well to look around. He felt on the cut now sitting in his check. “Kunai…..onyx metal. Recently sharpened.” Tetsu couldn’t detect them off the bat. Of course not they’re ninjas. Asami didn’t look worried in the least however. Tetsu quickly shut his eyes, and opened his mind, using his chi like a sonar. Everything was black in his mind, and then got visuals of their chi like structures and saw each location of the ninjas. There were…….6. 6 of them, so quickly? It’ not like they were the only ones in the forrest. “Asami, wait up here. I wanna test myself a bit.” As reluctant as she was, she elected to keep his stuff, and stayed in the tree tops. Tetsu landed on the ground with a firm “THUD” sound, and looked straight at the ground. “ I do not speak your language If you have one. But surely you know of combat when it’s presented to you.” Tetsu spoke firmly, as he walked around, and picked up a stick. He eyed it down for a second. It was about 3 inches. Balsa wood, pretty sturdy. He broke a piece off effortlessly, and then put it between his index finger and his thumb, in a mannor as if he was about to flick something, in which he was. He’d calculate the trajectory, force, and velocity needed to make the shot either fatal or harmful. Of course he choose the non fatal shot, and gently poured it into his finger tips, again keeping every bit of the chi in his body instead of giving off an aura. Once the pouring was done Tetsu flicked a piece of the stick and shot it forward at 78mph, kluanking a ninja dead in his shoulder, and dislocating it on impact, even knocking him back a little bit. Once one of theirs was damaged, the other 5 appeared. Each with a katana, and what looked to be holsters for shurieken. Tetsu did not have any weapons on him, but was failry confident in his ability to handle himself. He then took a stance in the same fashion as ryu’s, and calmly stated “Nothing personal”.

DarkKeyome: On the boat that I had drifted on the engine was finally starting to die out. Luckily enough I was pulling into the shore of the island. I sat criss cross apple sauce on the small boat. My eyes closed... in a meditative state. I raised my hands and began to concentrate focusing my chi around my body. Still sitting down...i thrusted my right fist out punching the air infront of me. A rift in the water exploded out. I sent another punch this time with my opposite hand. Another explosive rift brewing up into the air and ripping through the waves. I really had mastered those techniques in that small of a time period.... I didnt think anything like that was truly possible. As I stood... saw a group of men and women at a camp fire near the shore. One of the men in the group, big guy pointed out to my boat. I was wearing a black shirt that was cut off on the sleeves. To everyone else i'd seem like any normal guy due to my arms being upgraded to the point that they look completely human now. I stepped off of the boat slowly. “ Ahhhh who the fuck is that!? You some kinda drifter?!” “ No no no see he's coming to the tournament doesnt he look like a fighter to you?” “ Ahhh this guys a chump look at him. Hahah trying to sneak his way in here. Hey guy, take your ass back to 8 mile! * gets smacked in the back of the head* Tch what!? “ “ Why would you bring 8 mile into this...” “ It seemed like a good idea...” I had already attempted to walk past them. None of them had a medallion to collect. Hell I knew this tournaments system down to the T. fighting them wouldn’t get me anywhere. “ Hey you dip shit! Dont you walk past us like that! “ I stopped in my tracks. “ YEAAH YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! DIP....SHIT..” I looked over my shoulder. “ Your all cowards clumping up in order to protect your own sorry asses. Why dont you go back to your orgy's and your ghetto ass fish fry’s out here..” I said starting to walk forward once again, oh but of course they wouldn’t allow me to do something like that. One of the men throw a rock at my head which hit me dead on it hurt but I didn’t move. Slowly I turned back around to catch the 2nd rock that was sent out at me. I crushed it in my hand and they gasped. “ AHH WHAT THE FUCK!? YOUR HAND ISNT EVEN BLEEDING!?” 1...2...3.....8 of them I mis counted earlier. “ Haaa lets kill this pretty boy punk ass...” said the female of the group. She took a step forward and so did the 7 of the other men. Most of em were well shaped set one bigger dude but even so he was stocky. Ironically all of them were bald. They charged... and I stood in my one spot. As they came into distance I simply turned to them. And sighed getting down into a Karate stance I moved my hand up Concentrating my Hadou into my hands as my hair began to stand up the sand of the beach exploded from my current standing spot in a 5 foot radius. My eyes focused on the group running towards me. All I did... was send one single punch with my left hand.... they were of 1 foot from me then VWOOOOSSHHHH!! The ground cracked and exploded upwards in a powerful burst of air as the mens body flew back into the water skidding on the surface of the water like a rock of some sort skipping though the water. Slowly my eyes lowered back over to the ring leader... the woman of the group. “.... you have 20 seconds before I get mad...” I said to her. She didn’t hesitate and before I knew it she was hauling ass into the wilderness of the Forrest. I sighed and turned my back on the situation and I two made myself go father within the woods. As a result... I had saw a man getting ready to combat some guys and weird jump suits... and wait.. is that Asami there?

Pallas: -As he and Kaito walked through the forest, they hear the snappings of trees. Kaito looks at Donnie and asks-"Do you hear that?"-And Donnie looked into the area where the sound was coming from. His ears picked up the sound about a hundred yards back. And he knew exactly what the sound is. It isn't's bone. Donnie looks down to the kid and says-"I don't think we will like what we see when we walk over there."-They both could have walked around the sound or take another direction, but where is the fun in that? As they walked closer and closer, the sound of bone breaking coming in louder and louder. Then as they get a clear image of what the sound is, it caused both of them to stop in their tracks. Infront of them was a six foot five hundred pound gorilla. He was chomping into the stomach of an unlucky fighter. Kaito's eyes were so wide they looked like they were going to pop out of his head. Then he says-"A fuckin Gorilla.."-Donnie smirks a bit and then says to him-"Don't worry Kaito, I will grab the medal for you."-The Gorilla hears their voices and it looks up at Donnie and growls. The huge fists of the gorilla pounding into the floor as he looks at Donnie. This causes Donnie to laugh as he walks over to the Gorilla's area. He cracks his knuckles as the Gorilla and Donnie circle around eachother, sizing eachother up. Even animals know how to fight. And Gorillas are no bitches. Donnie stops walking and puts both hands together like a praying formation. Then he focuses the Super Soldier Serum to circulate around his body. Soon after the Serum moves through his veins smoothly, he says to "The Other Guy"-"Let's show them our new Stage One."-TOG:"OH hell yeah Donnie. Time to fuck a monkey up! hahaha STage One it is!"-Finally after the agreed level of power is picked Donnie's hands become surrounded by a blue aura. His eyes begin to glow through the mask as his Overall Ability begins to skyrocket. Two Months ago this is the Stage that Donnie had fought Keyome in. He has worked hard these last two months to make sure that it is better this time around. His Muscles begin to vein up as the power within him bursts out into Stage One. He then smacks his knuckles together and as this happens a huge gust of wind leaves his body as it pushes the grass,trees, dirt, etc. in his surrounds back like as if hurricane winds just came by. This only being a small burst with no damage effect at all. The Gorilla then roars loudly as anyone in the Forest could hear it. It beats on his chest and charges towards Donnie. DOnnie quickly uses his amazing speed and charges for the monster head on. The Gorilla takes a left swing trying to crush the body of Donnie. But one of Donnie's newly trained abilities just ike his hearing and sense of smell, is his eyes. This is not to be compared to slowing time down, but when he is fresh or in Higher Stages he has the ability to see things coming towards him in a slowed motion. This adds on to the fact of his speed, they come together and make this ability. So as the fist comes down, Donnie leaps up onto the arm like if it was just another piece of floor. Then he leaps up at the Gorillas face and with a roar of his own, he slashes his hand across the face of the Gorilla. The blue aura around his hands giving the attack a deeper and more intense cut. Donnie lands on the floor with one hand on the ground and one in the air as he looks at the Gorillas face. Blood is trickling down from the Gorillas face as it roars in pain. The Announcer of the tourney says to the people-"WOW! Can you believe it!?!? DeadShot is taking on one of the Predators of the Tournament BY HIMSELF! Let's see where this takes us!"-All the fans are roaring for him now. Donnie then charges at the Gorilla with lightning like speed as the Gorilla is distracted with its gash. DOnnie meets the Gorilla at the hips as he tries to wrap his arms around the Gorillas hips for a Double Leg Takedown. But instead hepushes the Gorilla backward like a frieght train. Finally they come to a stop because the Gorillas back hits a large builder, causing it to break into two pieces. Then Donnie goes for the hail mary. His arms grab onto the fur of the Gorilla as he begins to lift it into the air.-"AHHHH!!!!!!"-DOnnie lifts the beast into the air like a Double Leg Takedown and slams the Gorilla into the floor. This causes a loud BANGING sound that can eacho through the forest. The Announcer then updates the People-"CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! DeadShot is so strong that he just SLAMMED A GORILLA! What else can this guy do!?!?"-As the Gorilla lay on its back, slightly dazed, Donnie wastes no time. He leaps up and wraps his legs around the throat of the Gorilla. Not trying to choke him, but to keep his position straight so he can Ground and Pound. He begins to throw a punch at the Gorilla when out of nowhere....another Gorilla punches Donnie in the chest with it's huge fist. This causes Donnie to fly back off the Gorilla and slide across the dirt. Donnie shakes his head slightly and looks up to see two of those beasts now.-"Shit...this just got a little bit harder."-The announcers voice comes up again-"Looks like things are about to change as two gorillas! Thats right...TWO GORILLAS! are fighting a ONE Deadshot. How will this turn out for the One Man Wrecking Crew!?"-Donnie gets up and dusts himalef off and says-"AIn't nothing changed....these stupid monkeys are about to be killed..."-Donnie gets into his fighting stance that he has come to love after the training he had undertaken.( After getting into his stance, he shuts out all the noise. A great way to focus energy ais to cut out all the nonsense that surrounds you. The fans cheers soon begin to dwindle away in Donnie's mind. The image of all the forest outside of the immediate area begins to disapear. All that remains is the two beasts that stand before him. After this is done, Donnie says to Kaito-"See if you can keep up..."-He then launches himself foward in a run towards the gorillas. His speed so fast that even the cameras that are watching him cannot stay up to par. Because of his slowing eye sight, he can move at impossible speeds and still maintain control. To the mastery trained eye, this would be amzing to see. Donnie takes maybe two or three steps when he puts his left foot on a piece of the boulder that had broken in two earlier as he lifts his body into the air. His body focused on the gorilla that he had already injured. As he comes down he has his right hand up and swings it down to the top of the Gorillas crainium. The cracking sound would be the only thing heard as the Gorilla slowly falls to the floor. Donnie's body still not seen to the naked eye as he is still running around the area. Then he comes to a stop infront of the other Gorilla and says-"Monkey see Monkey do right? So you should just go and die now..."-The Gorilla roars at the top of its lungs and thrusts its right hand at DOnnie, aiming to take his head off. Donnie slowly raises his right hand to meet the fist. And as the punch looks like it will hit, Donnie's right palm takes the full force of the impact. As the palm of his hand and the fist of the Gorilla meet a small pulse effect would crack into the ground as the pressure of the attack is too much for the area to keep hold. And on the impact, the gorillas hand would break into hundreds of pieces leading all the way up its arm. It then screamed out in pain, almost as loud as its confident roar just a few seconds ago. Donnie then grabs the arm of the gorilla with both hands and says-"I don't think you will be needing this anymore."-SOon after, he rips the broken arm off the Gorillas body with one swift motion. The fans would gasp in total horror as they watch the bld gush out of the poor gorillas body. Donnie then says-"You know Mr.Gorilla...You remind me of Mr.Tasanagi. Instead of giving back the arm like I did for him...Im just gunna beat you senseless with it."-And almost immediatley after saying this, he swings the gorillas arm like a baseball bat and smacks the left side of the gorillas face with it. This causes the Gorillas body to shift back a few feet as it becomes dazed.-"Ohhh looks like a homerun!"-Donnie taunts the defenless animal and continues his beating. He smacks the gorilla a few more times before he finally comes to finish it. The gorillas face now bloody and bruised from the attacks. DOnnie jumps up without much effort and clinches his left hand on the dome of the Gorillas head. Its weakened body not even able to fight back at this moment. The blue aura around his hand would be the last thing the Gorilla sees. Donnie focuses his energy into his hand and squeezes. The Gorillas head would pop like a champagne cork and spread blood, bone, and brain everywhere. Some of the fans in the stands throw up at the sight while Kaito hides behind a plant thats bigger than him. Donnie then stands up, tries to clean himself off, and then turns to the mangled body of the unfortunate fighter. He walks over and grabs the medal that is covered in the fighters blood and hands it Kaito-" you have three..."-Kiato of course takes it and asks-"Are you ok Donnie?"-And of course, DOnnie nods and motions for them both to kep on walking as the blue aura and glow of his eyes fade away.-"I'm going to be just fine Kaito."- They then continue walking and search for more medals.-

XxDensukexX: The ninja rushed Tetsu simultaneously. Surprising, since this rarely works in any scenario but I guess they have to be coordinated in some way. The blades would all come towards Tetsu’s midsection. The blades from afar would seem to make contact, but in actuality this was an after image, left by Tetsu after channeling chi into his feet using one of his trademark foot techniques “Hadoukyaku”. Tetsu rarely got to use it, but was a master at the technique itself. It works by channeling chi into he soles of the feet, and flicking the ankles in the desired direction. The chi then seeps out of the body, leaving an “imprint” of the user’s image in that space, making someone believe, that they have struck or can still see Tetsu. This however is false, as the moment the image is created, tetsu’s moving at a breakneck speed. Not just any speed, but a speed that can only be achieved by using chi in general. Once Tetsu used the move, the ninja’s were dumbfounded, and looked around feverishly. Tetsu would then reaper, behind one of the ninjas and strike a downward elbow to his neck, slicing his brain stem, and permanently paralyzing him. Once tetsu’s position was found out, then then proceeded to do battle with the ninjas accordingly, as he did not want to over use his chi, even though he had plenty to spare for the time being. Tetsu’s reflexes, seem to have grown, as with the flick of his ankles, he was dodging sword strikes effortlessly. He’d take a swift cut to the arm, while trying to dodge one of them, and then take a close call cut to the neck. As good as Tetsu was, it was still one against 5. Tetsu dodged the last sword strike coming for him, in a matrix like fashion and proceeded to flip back wards five feet. Once his flip was complete, Tetsu used his 90% brain power, and set mental “lock on” points on his enemies (basicly if you had to picture it think z-targeting from Zelda). Once these points were made, Tetsu rushed in, running at his peak speed of 28mph, and attacking in the following matter: Flying knew to the head of ninja one, Descending spinning axe kick to the shoulder/collar bone of ninja two, gut buster hey maker thorwn at 50mph at ninja three, loss of breath, and instant force K.O, spinning back elbow the nose of ninja four, instant K.O, fractured skull, and finally, a raging clotheline to the neck of ninja five, cuasing him to flip 4 feet in the air, in which Tetsu would calculate the velocity of his ascension, spin, and fall, and then at the moment the ninja would simply flip to the ground Tetsu would pour chi into his lower arm, and the blade of his hand and chop the ninja in his gut, forcing his kentic energy throughout his body cuasing not only external damage, but collateral damage to his entire torso thanks to the usage of chi. This however could be considered overkill since the ninja was K.O’d at the clothesline. Once the last ninja fell to the ground Tetsu would blow the hair out of his eyes, and speak. “These guys are trained pretty well. I shouldn’t have taken them lightly. Asami lets go. We’re walking for now. They’ll expect us to be tree jumping.” Tetsu looked back to see if they had any medals. Suprisingly they did, meaning they must have found it acceptilbe to travel in a pack and probably gathered a few. Tetsu collected them and handed them to Asami. “These are the back ups. I haven’t collected 5 as far as we know okay?” Tetsu smiles “Lets go.”

DarkKeyome: A low clap could be heard as I approached the make and my hair hanging over my face. “ "ああ素敵な1は私はあなたを覚えていますあなたのその男は怒ってクレイジーパルクールのスキルを持つ、右か?" ("Ahh nice one. I remember you. Your that guy with the mad crazy Parkour skills, right?" )” I had put my hands behind my back as I approached him a bit further trying my best not to step on any of the unconscious or dead Shinobi on the ground. “ 私はあなたに手にそれを得た、それが印象的でした。あなたは、私が参照してくださいいくつかのメダルを得た。あなたは、迅速な作業.....そんな忍の束を取り出して...ハ...本当に印象的な厥。たぶん....あなたは、ハァッ影丸としての仕事を得ることができる...?麻美こんにちは。 ( I gotta hand it to you, that was impressive. You got a few medals i see. You work quick..... Taking out a bunch of Shinobi like that... Ha... thats really impressive. Maybe.... you could get a Job as a Kagemaru huh....? Hello Asami. )I saw the look on the girls face.... As if she were clinging to him.... I cant explain it. Her chi... was.. clinging onto him. How was I even able to tell this. Tch.... oh well. Her personal life is her own but this guy had something I wanted. “ ああしかし、とにかく、私たちは世間話をカットしてみましょう。私にあなたのメダルを与える....と私はあなたの廃棄をしないように約束し....私たちは、規則的な方法でこれをやってみましょう ( Ah but anyways let us cut the small talk. Give me your medals.... And i promise not to make waste of you.... Let us do this in a orderly manner...) “My voicecame out deep when I spoke in my parents native language. My arms resting behind my back as I waited for him to respond to me... my eyes focused on his own like a beast.

IzzyDaPada: The twins and I had taken path 3. It had big a large feild with tall grasses everywhere. I had found a spot to lay in amongst the grass as the boys kept watch. It had been the perfect placce to hide. As everything seemed to blend in. I would frown as I heard voices approach. "That girl went this way didn't see? With those tall japanese looking wankers.." The twins let out a low grunt lowering themselves to the ground. It sounded like a group of the group laughed I flipped over slightly not to cause the grass to give my position. "Haha! Yea. We wonder if that geisha is really what she says she is. Bet she is a virgin." They snickered. And I started to feel sick to my stomach. *Why does that always get drawn into the conversation when ever they talk about me? Why can't they simply talk about me beign a Yakuza!* I stayed lowered to the ground. "But then again. She seemed really tough looking in that short outfit."/"Nah bruah. Its some type of joke." I tried to push myself to the ground as much as possible, I heard the the footsteps approach me. *oh..god..damnit.* Was all I could say. As I looked up I spotted one coming my way. SO my thought wassssssss. As I shifted my body I quickly stuck out my hand grabing onto what was ever infront of me and tugging at it as hard as I could what ever it was. It was heavy. "Da fuck!" And a loud THUD. And then more "The hell man! Your suck a fucking clutz!"/"What were you step!"/"Something grabed me bruah!" I shot up from the grass with a look on my face that could kill, Daichi and Daiki appeared as well with looks that they were ready to tear these men apart. "Such foul language for such men."/"Oh shit its her!"/"Yes, its me."/"Fucking a, that bitch was hiding in the grass."/"Yes I was. Smart move wasn't it? I thought it was pretty bright myself." They all looked at me like, they had seen a ghost. But they quickly reovered. "Your going down bitch!" I frowed a bit as I took a defencive stance and looked at them with a stern look. "I'm waiting?" They all ran at me screaming death threates, profanity. But I was ready. So I simply did what I knew best, defend myself. Daichi and Daiki and myself took on the group. It was a group of guys like I expected, but it was only three..large men. Dear god. As the first came running at me, I watched his moves he wanted to come straight at me with a foward attack. But he was putting all his weight forward. So at the last minute I shifted quickly so that when I stepped out of the way, he went flying past me and stumbled and fell onto his face, he scrambled up to his feet with a frown and a let an annoyed sound. "Bitch sit still." I arched an eyebrown at him. "One simply doesn't SIT still." He ran at me again, this time I ran at him. As I ran at him I was pulling my arm back. As he came towards me. I swung my arm infront of me aiming for his face. I put all my force into the punch when I aimed at the man's face. But the man dodged it by stepping side ways and sending countered by sending his large balled fist into my gut as I let out a disgruntled oumf, draming over a bit over his arm as I grambed his arm for support. But I had a sudden thought with this. I would use my weight since we were close qurters to push him over. Pressing my feet into the ground I shoved my shoulder into his chest, it caught him off guard and shifted his weight and made him adjust himself. I took this to my advantage as I twisted my body upwards and brought my elbow up and connected it to his face, mainly his nose. Hearing the satisfying CRACK of his nose breaking I'm assuming. The man stumbled back holding his face. "You god damn bitch. That was my nose!" He was holding his nose mainly as it was gushing blood. I offered him a small humble smile. "I hope you didn't expect an apology." He looked at me with a frown. "Oumf!"/"Ugh!" That time we were exchanging blows I didn't think about Daichi and Daiki had taken care of their men. As I was left with mine. Daichi and Daiki bent down and snatched the medals off the bodies as they walked up to me. I was still staring the man down as he had his nose covered with one hand. He was shifting in his shirt for something then..pulled out a gun. I blinked as I took in a breath looking him over. "Your a smart little bitch huh? You think your so smart!" He pointed it at me, I kept calm as I looked at him. I hadn't noticed that, with a gun pointed at me, it sent a spark of drive in me, a will to win. The boys looked at me with shock. They stepped back as they saw something change, like a very dim glow of white.."You see that..right Daiki?"/"I..was about to ask the same thing.." I heard them exchange words but it didn't matter to me now. The gun infront of me did. The man threatening me mattered. With that, I pivited off my foot and ran at him, the man blinked at me as if he couldn't keep up with my speed. He tried to follow me by taking aim with the gun. I shifted my position by useing my foot and pushed off to the right but apparently He didn't now I changed as he pointed the off to the left and shot at whatever he saw there. But looked to his right at me. "What the fuck are you!"/"Wouldn't you like to know?" I sent out my arm and aimed at his head as I got close enough and punched him in the skull with all my energy. The THUNK on the head would make the man blink and look at me. 'How the.." I sent my elbow into his face to knock him backwards as he fell down and looked at the sky staring. I walked up to him as he blinked up at the sky, I looked at the gun that was in his hand, he looked at me now. "What..are you." I looked down at him. I honestly didn't know what he was talking about. I leaned down and took the medal from him his front as he passed out. I shifted away as Daichi and Daiki and finished what I couldn't. SNAP/THUP. The man didn't let out any sound as one of the boys finished him. They both looked at me and blinked. "Ma'am?"/"I don't know..I don't know." We headed off into another part so it didn't seem suspicious..we needed to move. Thats all I know.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu listened to the man know as Keyome’s native tongue. He’d process it, and then reply simply. “Ah standard Japanese. I wouldn’t figure you the type for formalities Mr.Tsanagi.” Tetsu turned to face Keyome, and noticed right away his dark presence……no, no his presence….his chi….is so violently dark, and yet….calm. Like it was once a raging sea, and became a still water pond. Tetsu thought to himself “Is this the same chi as two months ago? It’s different. Controlled in a sense. Interesting. I wonder what training he did….I’ll ask him if I get the chance.” After a brief thought Tetsu began to speak again. “Well Keyome, I’d like to give you my medals but unfortunately I cannot. There’s someone I have to deal with here. I’m sure you know deadshot.” Tetsu sighed, and continued talking. “I have some questions. A black birdie told me about the meeting between you three, and I’d like to know if you have any information on him, and the recent surge of Tank activity. Though you’ve been out of commission, for a while I’d like to enlist your assistance, but I get the feeling…..your not going to outright talk to me are you…Keyome.” Tetsu called him by his first name instead of addressing him with the “Mr.” prefix, as a sign that he considered them on equal footing. Although Keyome’s status far outweighed Tetsu’s own, he considered himself his equal on a person to person level. On a level of skill however, was to be determined. “I’ll decline your offer as a Kagemaru if you don’t mind. I am KPD you know. My real concern is weather we can be mutual allies Keyome.” Tetsu would stretch out his hand for a hand shake, keeping his guard on point. He’d never met Keyome as a person, so he wasn’t exactly trustworthy of the mans mental psyche which Tetsu has seen twice now. Tetsu also wondered about Keyome’s arms, and how they seemed normal again. He wanted to make a joke about Keyome’s nubby nubs, but refrained from doing so.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu’s facial expression would grow more serious as he looked at Keyome prepare for battle. Tetsu thought to himself “Damn….this guy is truly thick headed….and yet. I cant help but admire him.” Tetsu pulled back his hand, and took a few steps back. He then takes a stance, that is free formed. He placed his hands close to him but left space for manuverabiltiy, and crouced his body a lil low to prevent hits In his mid section. He then looked Keyome in the eyes, and spread his feet apart slightly and kept momentum by bouncing slightly. (basicly ryu from street fighter’s stance). “Your as stubborn as they come. Fine. If I win, at least co operate with me”. Tetsu stood firm, and studied keyome’s muscles early on, eyeing him over, watching for any subtle movment he might make.

IzzyDaPada: We had made good time to distance ourself from the dead bodies. We had made it to the edge of the area but.."Damn bitch you killed our boss!"/"What th-" Was all I could say before we got jumped..So the rest were split up..There were four men, two to both Daichi and Daiki. The boys were fighting them off as best as they could. But then there were three men infront of me. I didn't have enough time to reac as the two men jumped out of the grass like they were prowling tigers on pray. Pushing themselves ontop of me and to cause me to fall to the ground causing me to fall back on the ground with a lound oumf! I shifted my glance between both the men that held me down as I shifted my back and forth and kicked my legs wildly out and around. "You will pay horribly for that..Geisha of Wakaisha!" I had to grin at that. "You read up. I'm so glad your cultured. Are you going to cheat again?" I have such a big mouth for the one being pinned down under two men while a third hovers over me. "You talk so big. For such a small woman. Being pinned by two men."/"You read my mind." The third man finaly got the guts to shut me up by kicking me in the stomach as I let out a muffled noise. *Ouch..* They let out a low snicker. "Now. We are going to ruin you for good. Geisha." As he spoke he would take out a elongated knife, something along the lines of a from one of his hidden pockets I blinked. *When did they allow guns and knifes in this bloody tornament!* I wiggled fiercly under the grip of these men with a frown. *I will be damned if I become the damn damnzell indistress again!*

Guest_RunawayNazj: Smiles evily as John jumps off the boat in complete motives to win the tourney as he ran keeping the only weapon he kept during the voyage, A throwing knife, as he ran through the harbor and straight through the forest as he looked around for his victim. He slowely looks around and sees another competor wandering around the forest. John went up into a tree and waited til a competor comes close as he says inside his mind "lets wait and see who else is on here."

DarkKeyome: I smirked and didn’t even bother to answer him. I pivoted off my right foot and my body darted to the right, then the left, then the right, then the left,right, then the left, then the right, then the left right, then the left, then the right, then the left, I did this over and over as I traveled over to him. By now my body was moving in a blur to anyone who was watching me. A simply boxing method that confused enemies as to what hand they were getting ready to use. I had stopped when I was in the left lean of my maneuver. And came around from the lean with a powerful left straight punch at his chest with an explosive force that would knock him back by 3 feet that would make his chest cringe in pain slightly. My fist only was out for the time period of 1.4 seconds making it a swift punch, then I sent a right hook aiming towards the males stomach area with enough force that would cause him to cringe over in a bending over type of manner. If the hit was connected I would have twisted my body swiftly as I sent a low right leg at his own feet but my feet were aiming to connect into his leg simply brushed by his kick in a quick blurring speed. What he wasn’t expecting with the kick more than likely is me using my Chi to create the force blow that could knock him right off of his feet. Due to him never seeing something like this it would more than likely connect, knocking him into the air in a upward cartwheel motion only 2 feet in the air, if it connected I would use the fact that he was in mid air to boot him in the gut with an explosive force to knock him back by 8 feet this time using the same force Hadou method but using the explosive component that Dr.Hideo taught me. If my boot connected then it would force him back and his shirt more than likely would burst, ripping into shreds instantly after said kick was made. It would cause him to give him a puking sensation feeling in his gut.

Pallas: -As they caught up to the targets, the scent became blurred.-"Shit, it can be any one of them."-He closed his eyes and began to focus his mind in the attempt to close in on the scent to the accurate person. Kaito sat and watched, keeping his face behind a large plant leaf. Then he points his finger at a woman being attacked-"Donnie look!"-The Donnie part being quiet enough for the others not to hear but loud enough to break Donnie out of his transit state. Donnie's Achilles heel always being the protect of women. No matter how evil he felt he was, he could not fight that protecting side of him. He says to Kaito-"Stay here and watch my back ok haha."-He then uses his amazing speed to run towards the people attacking the woman. As the man drew the knife, Donnie puts his hand over the mans mouth and says-"Suck on this bud..."-He then focuses his Super SOldier energy into his hand as he squeezes. The head of the man pops like a champagne cork. This move quickly becoming DOnnie's new favorite kill strike. The head completley explodes and sends blood, brain, and bone flying into the air. It almost looked like a fourth of July firework. The other two men drew their blades and threw them at DOnnie. Donnie quickly reacts by bending backwards like the matrix. Both blades begin to fly past him. Then he uses his speed again to spin around and actually catch the blades. He then stands up while his mask inserts all the fear into the men. He then says-"Children should never play with knives."-He then tossed the blades back at the men without much effort. Even in just tossing, the blades reach about 78mph and launch into the chests of the two attackers. He saw the other two men in their fights but he realy didn't care much for them. He walked around and put his hand out to help the woman up. He had not taken a look at her yet as he looked over at Kaito. He slowly turns his head back to take a look at her.....silence....-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would stand firm, and watch keyome’s movements like a hawk. This should be highly confusing, however, Tetsu was not “peak human” if all of his body wernt trained to its fullest. His brain capacity is 90% for god sakes, paired with his inhuman reflexes made this maneuver silly child’s play. Keyome moved like a boxer, which Tetsu studied the style for a month and understood it’s ins and outs just as quick. Making this even easier to counter, however Tetsu needed to “test” keyomes hitting capacity for it was the only way Tetsu would know how far he could take this battle. When the Keyome threw the punch, Tetsu allowed it to connect, and was sent flying back a good three feet. Impressive. Tetsu calculated the impact of force and the psi of the punch once he received it. A testament to his mental prowess. The blow indeed made his chest cringe, but not enough to slow down his reaction time, which was enough to dodge point blank pistol fire. Everything slowed down for Tetsu as keyome’s right hook darted for tetsu’s stomach. Over the course of two months Tetsu learned that making fewer movements in combat exchanges could conserve energy and increase effectiveness, so instead of wildly dodging it, Tetsu simply pivoted 2 feet to the right, avoiding the distance of the punch completely, but keeping in proper striking range. Tetsu while in this range would reply with what was known as “the one inch punch” which is a maneuver invented by Bruce lee where the fighter only using his arm and hip muscles to create a punch with minimum distance and maximum force. Though tetsu’s fist was not exactly one inch away, this punch can be variegated to use different for closing gaps in close combat quarters. . At this distance (should the punch connect) it would be enough to cause a sharp ripple throughout Keyome’s left side, and rib cage, enough maximized force to knock him back 5 feet. Should the one inch punch connect successfully Tetsu would waste no time dashing at Keyome, at 20mph, near his peak speed in a stirght bee line motion, once he got with in striking distance of Keyome, he would pivot again to the right, taking the opposite way of being expected which people would assume Tetsu would switch up direction, but in this case he did not. Once pivoted he would send a right knee strike at 30mph half of his maximum hit speed, at the same area he hit Keyome in before, his right side. This strike should it connect would only add to the pain Tetsu would inflict earlier (should that blow have connected) and finish up with a spnning back elbow to Keyome’s skull, in which Tetsu would spin to his left to preform, keeping half of his movment speed momentum going. Should this hit connect, it would cuase Keyome to be slightly lightheaded and stumble forward at least 3 feet. Not enough to quit however, but to get the poit across that Tetsu wasn’t kidding around anymore.

CastielCaoin: Yuuta Would be standing behind his Miss as he walked onto the boat on the bay, smelling the moist air as memories of his one and only boat ride to the prison was playing out in his head. His coat wrapped around his shoulders and his weapons were gone for this time being as this was a tournament. Three days had passed as the boat rocked over the water and caused him to lock himself in a room as he thought to himself. He ate his meals and kept to himself only coming out to make sure his Boss was safe, without her, he’s without a job and a friend. He would sit in that tiny room waiting to dock till he passed out and sent the time past easy. When he awoke he would walk off the boat and listen to a person announce the rules and what would happen in this tournament. As he was usered away from his Boss he told himself that he would keep her for last, or atleast that was his plan, he would allow her to know eventually but being he was the older of all the members of this fighting group he had more experience about some of this stuff. He received a medallion piece and placed it on the inside of his coat and he looked into the forest ahead of him as he would begin to walk around its permimeter. He had expierences like this in his senseis tournaments where he would fight his friends for the honor of first student.

IzzyDaPada: I had been to busy fighting the men ontop of me to watch the scene unfold but it seemed to go by quickly..Untill I noticed that there wasn't people holding me down..and..there wasn't the pressure of a sharpe blade on my body. I took in a breath, letting it out slowly as I rested back on the ground closing my eyes. I opened my eyes to look at the hand assuming it was one of the twins..*huh?* I would reach out to take the hand assuming it was one of the twins. "Thank you for the assistance bo-"/"Uh..Ma'am..we are over here." The twins had finished their fray by killing the men in a violent and ruthful way..and taking the medals..Walking over as Dead Shot was offering his hand. I blinked and looked up to see the owner of the hand was Dead Shot. I stared dead at the masked figure infront of me. As the weight of the dog tag around my neck seemed to weigh heavily on my neck of the reminder of Keyome and him wishing me luck. Dead Shot was the one that tore Keyome's arm off in such a violent way back at the KPD station 2 or so months ago..It seemed like the silence carried on. And the dog tag continued to weigh more and more against my chest as I pulled myself up quickly and take a stance looking at him on the deffencive side. Not knowing what he would aim to do next. "I should say thank you for saving me. So..thank you.."

DarkKeyome: I saw as he was coming in with the 1inch punch. Nice... tch.. the blow connected knocking me backing the distance in which he was aiming for. I went flying back only to kicking in the ribs once again. Took the kick and it made me cringe. This guy fast! Ah but as his elbow was coming down to the top of my head, simply noticed the muscle movement within his body as he readied himself to deliver the strike giving me the 1.2 time from to move out of the way and do my next maneuver which also resided within the 1.2 time frame. This guy was odd... and something was different about him. But even if he was a bit weried. In order to counter this would mean that he was changing in his thought process... I saw the move coming the moment his arm began to come upwards. About .10 milliseconds before he did it. I moved my body to the right in a side step spinning motion only to rise back up with my own right knee in the man's gut on his right side. Ahhh but I had brought my elbow up as well the right one, it was aiming for his chest, a Muy Thai Technique this was. A powerful one at the. If the knee connected it would cause him to go flying back by the heighten speed of 45 mph and 10 feet back into a tree that was right behind us. Also... if the knee struck more than likely so did the elbow. Due to the distance and Tetsu being in mid attack I didnt see escape likely, but anyways forget just flying into one tree.... Two actually. If the knee was successful I would have gotten down into a stance once again waiting for him to come back... if he was alive anyways. The knee that I sent out was powerful with only 10% of Chi used for said hit. My ribs were killing me... I think he may have microfratured one two of them but luckily nothing was broken. I got back into my stance and began to chanel my Chi within my body as I waited for the male to show face once again.

Pallas: -He helped the woman up but was shocked to se exactly who it was he was helping. For Unit Bad Blood, this was the second time that Isa has been saved by the enemy. Upon seeing the medals that are left, a count of seven medals...Donnie says to her-"I shall be taking these three medals. I killed them so they are mine."-He picks them up and puts one around his neck with the other one he had collected and the two in his pocket. The two are for Kaito. He knows that he is in a triangle as her boys come behind him. A three on one could happen. Donnie ooks at Isa and says-"So what do you think we should do now? Geisha..."-Kaito began to worry as the three people were surrounding him. Even though he had just met Donnie, a brothership was made. And Donnie knew this. If it were any other time, Donnie would have already begun to attack the Geisha and her men...but he was no longer fighting because he wanted people dead. He made a romise to this young boy that he was going to keep. Meanwhile, Hunter and Zero were actually close by. They haven't been doing much since the tournament started but now would be a good time for them to start making some noise(figure of speech not actual noise XD).-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would be making his elbow attack but then notice keyo’s time framed to shift, and was making rapid movements. Ahh he dodged……well now, didn’t see that coming at all. The hit connected to tetsu’s back causing a wincing sensational pain, that numbed the spot a good bit. Tetsu would then grit through his teeth, as the elbow came down to his chest. He too was attacking the same spots multiple times for added effect and impact. Good strategy, he’s definitely a fighter at heart, that’s for sure. Tetsu would be sent flying through not only one, but two trees, his back taking the full force of keyome’s blows and the trees. Once he hit the tree with a loud “THOOM” he would slide down and fall to his but, sitting there. Tetsu would sit there for exactly one minute, and then exhale slowly, and sigh to himself, as he then got up, and dusted himself off. “Ah man….your arms have to be made of some pretty hard stuff.” Tetsu stretched in place, giving himself a self analysis, but keeping at the ready just incase. Tetsu bent back and winced at the pain for a moment. He would then lean to the side, and pop his back a bit to ease the pain. It was actually keyome’s automated fist that gave him an edge, as these blows wouldn’t do as much damage to tetsu’s superior body structure. Once Tetsu was done stretching, he’d continue talking. “Your good, I’ll give you that much.” Tetsu walked twords him but stoped 5 feet way from Keyome. “It’ll take a little bit more than that though. I really do want this info from you, and I’ll fight as hard as I have to to obtain it. Lets continue as planned” Tetsu would respectfully take his stance once again. The whole time he was talking,he’d be alert to any interuptions made by Keyome possibly attacking, as he was sure Keyome would be smart not to since he expeirneced tetsu’s reflexes first hand. Once done talking, Tetsu would resume the stance he took in the beginning, and eye Keyome down, waiting for his next move. That blow he threw……there was definitely chi contained within it for sure. It could be felt through the flow of tetsu’s own chi. Tetsu hasn’t used his chi just yet, as he still has his physical peak to rely upon for the time being.

CastielCaoin: As he wandered he would reach the forest edge and he kept his eye open for generally straight branches. His main fighting style was better with a staff or short Bo’s so he would just have to make them. As he got closer to the forest edge he would notice about 5 mins after walking around the perimeter that there was two near perfect half staff sized sticks as he went over and made sure the wood wasn’t rotted out. Once he determined the weight to be just right he would spin them in his hand and begin to walk again, trying to get a foot in this competition but being he was in jail just recently he hadn’t had the time to practice and he was quiet rusty. He wasn’t expecting to get far like his look on life but he would try to at least help his boss win.

IzzyDaPada: "It's fair game sir.." As he went and took the medals..Daichi and Daiki frowned as they approached. *So what do you think we should do now? Geisha...* I thought about this for a moment as I felt the tention increase, but then I nodded my head to the boys as they walked back to my side. "Well..I suppose it would work in both our favors if we call a truce? Seeming as..I have now been saved twice now by you..meaning..another men in a mask.." I remembered a man in the mask that saved me months and months ago. I looked at Dead shot with a serious look. "Though, that is your choice if you take it or not"

DarkKeyome: I reamined in my spot making sure not to move. I watched as he got up and a frown appeared on my face. “ Your playing a dangerous game man.... besides this is a tournament.... why arent you more focused on getting the money huh? Doesn’t that matter to you...? “ I said staying in my position. Simply waiting. I was still doing what I stated I was doing before my eyes focused on the male as he got back into his stance. “ Either your crazy..... or you got a lot of heart. Either way... this shit isnt a game. Its serious.... Dead-shot... isnt even of my main concerns right now believe it or not....” I spat on the ground. “ Tell me..Officer. Im sure you were around when the Russians invaded Kasaihana city almost 5-6 months ago no?.... alright so Dead-shot has been blowing up KPD building striking fear. Or so he says..... he's not even the worst thing. Are you Familiar with the Armada? The terrorist agency that are from the very lands that were standing on right now... WHY.... do you think I went out of my way. To make sure that the GMAF was here? In china... the land of the Armada? Do you think those guys are gone? Did you know there's a female gang acting like Shinobi assassins.... hell they tried to kill me too. That kind of training.... cant be from any gang nor unit in KHC it was organized. Military formed. This tournament was held here.... so I could see just what the fucks going on here...... The Armada.... are in my city... and I need to know why.” I narrowed my eyes on the male. “ Now give me your metals.... so I can get to the finals and shut whatever the fuck there planning... down...”

Pallas: -He too felt the tenion beginning to rise. "The Other Guys" voice comes up inside Donnie's head saying-"Kill um...jus kill um all and then take their medals. Come on Donnie....DO IT!"- Donnie then looked at Isa seriously and clinched his right hand into a fist.-"A Truce?"- He didn't really think that a truce would be a good idea since he was still trying to kill all of them. But something was diferent...he wasn't feeling like he wanted to kill her per say. Even the statement of finding out that either Zero or Hunter saved her...didn't bother him. But a truce? It was silent for awhile now. And the silence was finally broken by Kaito.-"Donnie...lets go. We have more medals to find."-He shut his eyes because of the fact that he just said his real name but he looked at Isa and said-"Ok kid...let's go."- He then begins to walk back over to Kaito and hands him the medals-"That's all five for you. Now let's go get me three haha."-Then as he walked away, he raised his hand, signaling a mutual gain for the both of them. She was in the clear in his book.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu ramiained in his stance as he saw Keyome doing, and listened to his words. Though they were harsh, he was indeed revealing valuble information, Tetsu would be sure to memorize and save for later when he could report back and tell the commaning officer briggs. He talked about the armada. Of course Tetsu knew of them. It’s not as if they were a secret, and if they were the city and the KPD included have a terrible way of hiding it by all means. Tetsu spoke “Ah the armada. I’ve heard of them, and only had one run in with them while on the Force. Not exactly easy, but I did make it out alive. It’d have been different if I had my s-“ Tetsu stoped himself and sighed. “I’m quite familer with them but digging info up on them is not easy when your working for an organization that won’t tell you much of anything when your of lower rank.” Tetsu cracked his neck. “Had I known your plan was to come here, I would’ve greatly assisted you in all mannors. It seems we’re not that far apart from purpose. However…” Tetsu paused for a minute. And spoke again. “I don’t need the money for this tournament. You seem to have perceptive abilities. I don’t need the money at all, trust me. If you knew who I or my father was you’d understand. But enough of personal afairs. You can’t have my medals, for I must…..fight Deadshot. To be honest, I beilive he’s a double standard, and actually plays a huge role in some of the destruction that is cuase in the city. I find it funny how The Dark God beats tanks on a regular, but when do you ever see Deadshot hurt a tank hm? Exactly. But obviously, I can’t reach you through speech, so I’ll say it again: If I win this little bout, you have to aid me in figuring out who deadshot is, and get to the bottom of this conspiracy. It’s all connected in some way, and weather you beilive it or not Keyome, you’re a key figure in it all.” Tetsu’s stance became firm once again, as keyome’s stubbornness egged him a bit, but it wouldn’t show through his strong demeanor.” You want my medals? Hm? Come get them if you can. You beat me, they’re all yours. I can easily get more.” Tetsu stood at the ready

Pallas: -He stops in his tracks and Kaito looks up at him wondering why they stopped. DOnnie looked down at the boy and then turns back around to Isa. He slowly made his way back as he went on another one of his mind raping rants.-"Nobody cared what I did till I put on the mask(BANE REFERENCE YEAH!)....But my question to you is....Why do you even want to know? What do you have to gain from knowing who I really am? What does anyone have to gain by it?...Everyone seems to have moved on well without the presence of a false idol. It's been almost half a year since my death..."-By now he has walked close enough to Isa that the two boys are probably thinking that he will strike down on her. Then Donnie uts his hand on his mask. He clicks the botton that releases the mask as a cloud of smoke forms around his head. Then he slowly lowers his hand as the mask is in hand. The mask becomes visible and the smoke begins to clear. Then it is revealed. A fair white skin, slightly tanned, no scars, no blemishes, bright blue eyes, a perfect white smile....Nothing like Donnie Yun. Then his real voice comes out.-"Do I really Donnie?"-

IzzyDaPada: I watched Dead Shot repeat my word *truce.* I nodded my head to back up the word. I shifted to find where the boy called out. *"Donnie..lets go. We have more medals to find."* I blinked. Then thought it over a bit.. *Wait..Donnie died..Huh..WHAT* This person that was infront of me, as he walked away he gave me a signal in his book, as a mutual gain. I had to ask I was confused. "Wait..Dead Sh- Donnie. You are supposed to be dead. Aren't you?" The twins looked at me like I was mad to ask a question like that to him, who could easily turn around and probably kill me. But I had to absolutly know. "If you faked..your own death. Why did you do it?" Best way to ever know anything, ask as many questions as possible, until all your questions are answered. Expecially about this Donnie a mask. Daichi and Daiki approached up behind me and frowned, Daichi lowered his voice as he spoke. "Ma'am these men are probably not here to answer the whys.."/"Nor are they here to save you again..One masked man saved you..this supposedly dead Donnie saved you..It's twice already.." I waved them off as I wanted my answers.

DarkKeyome: I shook my head as I felt the Chi finally build up. He had given me the time that I needed. “...I cant help you. I dont want anyone getting hurt because of me. So...... stay out of my way..” I clenched my fist and spread my legs out. “ Haaaaa..” I said with a light frown on my face as the ground began to shake around me just a bit. Pieces of the earth floating up into the air as my chi began to concentrate within one area of my body. My right arm showed face again.... the black Adamantium color appeared over my arm before the human structure of it vanished once I had all of my chi Channled into the fist of my arm. Thanks to it being a real arm... it was easier to push Chi through it for some reason. I had been charging my Chi since I knocked him back into the tree. ( which I hated noted on.) “NI!” I said simply thrusting my right fist forward in a Karate straight punch type of matter. It waited for a second. Due to Tetsu never seeing this before he'd simply think that I was punching the air. I had been channling my chi within my body as well... making sure that none of it slipped from my grasp as I focused hard to build it up. Even talking to him to distract him long enough for what I needed to do. After 1.5 seconds after the fist was sent out the ground between him and I suddenly bursted and erupted from the ground in a wide arch and right behind it was a explosive force that floowed out behind it. It had spread out for the range of 10 feet out due to the Chi I had built up. Once I thrusted my hand out and the blow was travling to the boy with a fercious speed. It made its way to him in a 1.0 time frame. The force it self would have just enough force to cut all air from the boys body long enough as it pushed him back 20 feet back into trees and all. Once the punch was thrown and more than likely so was tetsu. I wouldnt find the rest of his medals over his knocked out body sadily i'd only come across one...... Tch... crafty bastard proabbly hid em during the bout. ( if the hit was connected anyways) if I was successful I would have made my way through the forrest further.... “ I work alone...” I said to him as I made my way through the woods. But I would have given him 1 clue. In the group I wrote. ' Yun corp' letting him have his silly chase with Dead-shot..... my investigation was just starting.

CastielCaoin: As he was making his staves, he happened to come onto an enemy camp and he seems to have spotted him. Yelling was heard as they called out to people to announce another’s presence in the forest. He frowned and sighed as he would begin to walk words the group of 12 people as they would run for anything they could use as a weapon. As he got closer he hit a trail which he stayed on so he could use the near level ground for stability beneath his feet. He would sigh and look to each one as they came, his heart beginning to race as the time around him would seem to slow down even though it wasn’t his mind was just able to comprehend certain scenarios with speed. His body became tense as his forearms got hard from flexed muscles around the sticks. With two running at him first he would spin the hard wood sticks in his hand and raise it blocking the punch from one of the men and the kick from the other man with his other hand, with a swift movement he lowered his body closer to the ground with a wide stance and swung his make shift weapons in a side to side swipe, slamming them into the rib cage of both of the men and immediately raising his body in the process of the second hit to hit across the jaw, causing the men to spin from the impact and lie unconscious. Two more men would come at him and his body would shift and begin to work in a group of five, using their own weight against them, he would drop his sticks and begin to use force and balance making two of them hit each other as he turned and kicked the third in the jaw, knocking him out cold. With one quick swipe, he swung his leg under one of the men knocking him down and slamming an open palm on the mans Adams apple causing it to burst and killing the man and the final man in front of him would swing, making Yuuta stumble back a few steps and with a second swing, he caught the man’s hand. The man would use his other hand to punch across and cause his arms to cross as all he had to do was apply pressure to the top arm, down, causing the fulcrum of the arm to flip the man and he then dropped down doing the same to the next one. He looked to the rest of them and watched them run off to find reinforcements as he looked around beginning to raid they’re camp for food. He needed the food in case he was out here a while. As he walked off the trail to the edge of the forest again, making his way along the outside. His thoughts were wondering why there were so many people here and why he had to kill two men if it wasn’t needed, the last thing he wanted was to go back to jail but he assumed this is what his new life had come to.

IzzyDaPada: I watched as Donnie stopped in his tracks. As he turned around and walked back towards me. Even if I couldn't see his face, I could tell he was about to tell me alot of what his situation. Like he was just venting it. But who I am to judge of what is venting, and what is not? I couldn't judge this man infront of me for how he felt towards humanity. Though I did have a choice in the opinion on what it did mean to me."I have heard of your name, and a pretty good history to you. I know what you are capable of..*pause and unconciously grabs the dog tag* But What I have to gain? Is knowledge. That is all I seek..Donnie..Dead Shot. Which ever name so so choose to be. That is your free choice. You had a chance to kill me.." And I needed to bring this up as well. "As did your other man I would assume..he had the chance to kill me when the Russians and the Armanda came into the city." I looked him in the eyes. Well, better then looking at a mask if this was going to be the last look. "There are benifits to a mutual truce..You never know when you may need a friend..Donnie Yunn.." And I left it at that. If it sparked an blood vessil, or he would agree.

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