When the storm comes in...

NamikazeSoudai: It had been a while since Nami had been around Keyome, he's business and leasure time had begun to not include her and at some point she just felt like unwanted luggage. So one day she was gone from his apartment, and seemingly from the world as well. She had returned to her own home, a place which none of the people really knew about except herself and from there she was cut off from the world, minus the animish mmorpg she spent hours playing and order-in that she got for food. Who knew, maybe that was why she wasn't around and wasn't actually avoiding certain people, games can be addicted and her personality is swayed easily from addictive things. Or maybe she was avoiding people, avoiding the lifestyle they brought with them and the pain that came with worrying about people. Like Kirei..Who had vanished from her life much like Nami was doing with people who were used to seeing her..She assumed though that Kirei met her end through her activities, it was a common ending to 'criminals', and she would never know where to put flowers for her grave. One day, when the game was down for hours, she decided to go outside for a change and left her apartment. She didn't transform into some sort of ugly troll nerd person, she was still quite skinny, cute, the only change was instead of the minty hair that she had before, it had dyed into a cotton candy pink. Places were boarded up and most businesses were closed, she didn't know exactly why yet..But a passerby reminded her that a tropical storm was coming. This was a common thing every year living so close to the beach-side, sure it was beautiful and a great tourist trap, but there was always hurricanes to have to worry about. She shrugged, it wouldn't be the first storm she fought with living here, it won't be her last. So she walked the city for a bit, looking for a place to get some food that wasn't closed. Although Nami hadn't been to school in forever, she still liked the style of her school uniforms to wear, give or take the agaisnt the school rules short skirt she wore with it. Also that hadn't changed for Nami, the lolipop. She must have a stockpile at her apartment in a closest, since she had none delivered to her place since she went into seclusion. She found a hot dog stand, but got the fries he was selling as well, apparently he thought sticking around would be good for business what with being the only place open selling fast food. "Good luck." He said to her, meaning trying to survive the storm. She smiled and nodded, then headed for a bench to eat her greasy food.

DarkKeyome: The music blasted in the car... to sound out the loud sounds that were within it. The Honda that looked a bit futuristic was rocking back and forth within the alley was as the loud metal music played. “ Ahhhhh!. Yeah.. right there! Haaa haaa haaaaa... fuck!” The sound of a womens voice echoed out of the car as she seemed to be riding some mans dick from within it. The male gripped the females waist as he pushed her into him harder so she could feel the full extent of his length. She turned around and he pressed her hard against the steering wheel plowing the female from the back. “ Oh man! It's coming up I can feel the ocean tide dude!” The male screamed out as he was reaching his climax. “ Yeaahhh fill me up with that salty sea water surfer boy!” The moment she said this the male came within her walls and she came as well. Her full breast pressing on the horn making the people who were walking by the alley way eye the car in questions. After 5 minutes or so they were fully dressed well almost. The male was still sucking on the females breast while she smoked a cigeratte. “ Alright big boy... that'll be 200 dollars.. I take cash. No credit cards.. “ The male looked up at the woman lapping at her breast like some hungry dog as his tongues coated her breast in the thick saliva. “... hey did you hear me?” She said ina slightly aggrivated tone. He pulled up. “ Haha.... yeah. Yeah I heard ya. How about... I pay you later on? Maybe tomorrow? And I wont tell the general public that Venetrix Flint. Wife of Thomas Flint's wife isnt a total slut...” He said smirking and sittign up pulling out the hidden camera out of the open glove compartment. “ Haha.. gotcha on cam bitch. Now... you can pay me. And I wont tell anyone about th-...” The sound of a tapping was heard on the driver side window. “... Will you please pay my wife sir? She needs the money. And she did give you a good time... you better hurry.. before she gets angry...” The surfer was in complete shock as he eyed Thomas Flint from the outside of his car. “...Too late..” She said. When the male turned her hand cannon pistol was right in his face the barrel right in between his eyes. She let off a shot right into the males skull plastering it all on the window. After 2 minutes she came out of the alley way smiling at her husband. “ Thank you sweetie. 300 for you. And 300 for me.” She said giving him the money. “ We make a good team dont we? “ He said walking out of the alley way. “ Let's try to hit 3 more before the night was over. “ She blew a kiss in his direction and got herself ready and back out into the streets. She walked over to a hotdog stand standing next to a small female. She eyed the man selling them and took one. She took the buns condamets etc etc off of the bun and began to suck on it virgiously in the mans face. He blushed and watched her do so.... She pulled her lips off of it and winked at him turning around to finish eating her food.

CarissaLina: A brush was ran furiously through blonde and black locks as Cari rushed around her apartment. Grumbling to herself she peeked in the mirror and growled. She was late. Grabbing a hairtie she simply threw the mess up into a bun and slipped her shoes on. The television was blaring on about the storm that was rolling in. She simply rolled her eyes and grabbed her bad and tapped the button waiting for the elevator. Checking her watch she let out an irritated huff of breath when finally the doors slid open. Living on the highest floor, the small compartment was empty, but that wouldn't last long. Leaning against the back wall, she waited. Three stops later, the elevator was near full, yet the door slid open once more. One of 'those' types of guys stepped into the elevator. The type that you could simply tell by the look of them that they were a complete douche. Another roll to her eyes and finally, what seemed like forever later, the doors slid open on the bottom floor. Waiting as everyone piled out, she took a step forward, glancing at her watch yet again. Though didn't it figure, she stumbled as she felt a force hit the back of her shoulder. Whirling around she glared at the guy who simply smirked at her. "Watch where your going, dick." Rolling her eyes again she turned to head outside. He stuck close behind her, for a reason unknown to her, though she refused to look back she could feel his presence. Irritated enough as it was, she moved through the city's crowd towards The Haunt. Stomach roared in protest of the day's lack of nourishment, but she refused to give in. Until a few steps later she felt nauseated. "For fucks sake." She looked around, and noting the hotdog stand, she headed over and snagged up a bag of chips, tossing some cash before turning to continue on her way, save for the fact that the guy who had been following her was now face to face with her, causing her to nearly barrell into his chest. He smirked down at her once more. Stepping around him she sat down on one of the benches, opening her chips and setting her bag next to her while she ate, ignoring the nagging summons from the club for the time being.

IzzyDaPada: I had one of my hands stuffed into one of my jacket pockets, the dessert eagel strapped to my inner thigh. It wasn't an all to pleasent day out it seemed, I had a phone pressed to my ear as I was on the phone with the KPD, I looked down at the sky then to the ground. "Yes..I wish to have someone start a missing perons case..*pause* Yes I understand its late..Nakayama Isabel..No sir I understand how busy you are..but please I need to know where Nagakura Hajime went..That's all I really need.. *Pause again* I understand Sargent..thank you for your time. Yes this is the number you can reach me if you find anything." I hug up the phone after that and slipped it into the pocket of my jacket pocket and put my other free hand into my jacket as I looked up at the sky and continued on with my endless and mindless walk. I didn't bring anyone with me, which probably was a bad idea. But I needed the space, the space to think and get this done. Part of the training I remember with Keyome the other day was to tie up loose ends. This was one loose end I needed to cut, it had been three years and it had been three years well enough and long enough. I had alot of stuff to do reguardless of time, run a business, remodeling, the geisha school. I slightly rubbed at my forhead. To take a week off and figure out what in the world happened to HIM was beyond me. It was a large leap of faith...Was he alive? Was he dead? Was he in hiding? Reguardless..I had pawned off the ring as I did with the rest of his things before I arrived where I was now, I made the loan sharkes look pitafull. His weaponry may be pawned off to Donnie...I kept nothing of him around when I started to remodel things. The villa was sold as well..I blinked a few times as I lowered my head. *Sellers remorse?* I shook my head. I wouldn't feel ANYTHING. I picked my head up. I wanted something to eat. But it seemed everything was closed, expect for a hot dog stand..I blinked a few times..*I am so out of my comfort zone with food..first Itallian food..not hot dogs..* I took in a big breath as I walked up and ordered the man handed the food over I looked at them curiously and took the plate of fries and the man looked at me. "First time eating this.." I looekd at him and nodded my head with a kind smile. "I seem to have brought my appitite..but..this food his strange heh.." I seemed to laugh nervously. The man blinked a few times then seemed to light up. "Your Isabel, Nakayama the famous Geisha!" I nodded my head polietly and smiled. "That I am sir." I knew most of the people in the upper parts of D2 knew me..but seemingly way out here? I was honestly surprised. "Well who would have thought it. You all the way out here. Well please, by all-" He had to stop and watch as kids came up and tried to steal from him and he had to yell at them and give them a good lecture. Well, I didn't want to do that to him, so I drew out the money I owed him and placed it near the cash registure and walked off with it. I took a bite of a fry and blinked. Even if it was greasy, it did have a good taste...*I will have to work this out maybe. But I was content with this for now. I went and took a seat in an empty spot somewhere off aways and looked off as I brought a fry to my mouth and sat there thinking over the things that had yet to be done...*the work...*

NamikazeSoudai: Nami looked up after her seat at the bench, observing the first person who came to buy food after her. "Tch." She rolled her eyes from the pervy woman, wondering how many times people caught her in public scratching her crotch. She was to eat another fry but the giant gust of wind came knocking a few out. "Bitch." She said to the event that unfolded, stealing her fries. She sighed slightly, protecting her basket a bit more now and eating another fry. Shortly after that another person came to get some fries, it took a moment for her to remember her appearance but..She knew this woman, someone who Keyome hung around a lot.. "Oh.." She shifted a bit, smiling when she went over to another bench instead of coming over and sitting with her. There was a few reasons why she didn't want that. One being well..Hanging around those kind of people usually lead to her getting shot at, from day one back at the club to runnning away from zombies in Old New York with Keyome..Trouble. There were other reasons as well, Nami wasn't really in the mood to pretend to be the hyper annoying kid right now that Isabel was used to of her. A third person came and got some food, yet another woman and someone who didn't look too slutty or bullet prone. Seemed he was getting good business just before doomsday hit (the storm).

DarkKeyome: She was done taunting the hot-dog selles men when she saw the other women approach. Her eyes gazing over there bodies she a word was never spoken. She finally licked her lips of any remains of food. “ My my.... lots of girls around here today tying to stuff there faces with fatty foods. My my... what has society came too..” She walked infront of the females making sure to get all of there attentions. The winds began to pick up as the storm approached but Venetrix began to pretend like she didnt know it exsisted. “ My Names Venetrix. You proabbly know my husband... Thomas Flint. Very famous man... he invented the Cydroids you know... the female bots that are made as house maids and hospital help? Did you know that he modled all of there bodies after me? Do you blame him?” She said snickering as she walked around the group of girls. “...So which one of you ladies know of any good clubs around here? I... feel like dancing...” she said sliding her hands down her hips... in a smooth fashion. Showing her cruves off. Closing her eyes as she felt her body down. “...But..” She said opening her eyes once her hands met with her breast. “... I dont want to goto that shit-stain club Lahana ran by that fuck-tard Kagemaru clan... I fucking hate Yakuza..” she said flipping her hair. “..So... yea what that being said. Any of you girls wants to accompany me and show me where I can have a good time huh?” she said puttting her right hand on her hip as she smirked that devious smirk.

NamikazeSoudai: "Whos Thomas Flint?" Nami had to ask, she didn't keep up with modern this news that, not too much anyway. Nontheless, the woman was annoying, and as to just..Sway her to leave her alone. Out came a M1911 from her purse, resting in her lap just to show that she had such a thing with her. Unlike Isa, who had lost interest in her fries, Nami wanted to keep interest in hers, the man used a nice seasoning for his fries which she would kill for the recipe. Isa walked by, in which Nami hid her weapon briefly, barely any words were shared which was a shame. She wanted to know what she had discovered about Keyome since shes been gone from him, maybe share in some experiences then break a bottle of vodka over her head for some reason, probably because she thought she saw a monster on her head from the drunkeness.. "You should really be inside miss..uh.." She didn't forget her name, but she wanted to pretend like she did, the woman seemed like the kind that disliked not being the center of attention. "Storms coming after all.."

Into the spiders web...

NamikazeSoudai: After the commotion at the district 2 concert area had died down and Nami got a second helping of her french fries she went back to the bench to sit down and was a smiling happy girl. But soon her fries begun to get wet, and soon after that her container of fries begun to fill with water ruining her food. She looked back at the man who sold her the food to pout to but he was gone..Gone in a hurry too, with his fries still boiling in their oils and even the cash register left open and emptied quickly leaving small amount behind. It made her shrugged with curiousity and stand up walking over to the stand. There was a radio there left on, she could barely hear it over the wind that was blowing like hell right now. "Storm..Huge..Get in doors..Massive wave!!" The person on the radio said. Nami looked over to the beach side, like she should have been paying attention to for a long ass time. "OoO." Instead of..Seeing the giant wave that was coming towards the city like she should of. She was instead focused on the long haired muscle men and a few women with equal muscles wielding surfboards. She had always wanted to try surfboarding, but with her busy schdule training to kill people, eating lolipops, oh and her fear of tentacle rape, being lost at sea, and jellyfish stings she never got around to it. NOW she looked up, her mouth gapping open as a flash of lightning revealed the large wave that was coming for the city, even making her lolipop fall out of her mouth which was a rarely done thing. Okay so it wasn't drowning city kind of size but if she stood where she was when it came it would drown her as it was likely to take a few lives with it if not her own. Those people out there must be crazy! "Hey! Your Crazy!!" She decided to shout out, but with the noise of the radio screaming bloody murder, the wind, the rain, and the roar of the incoming wave there was no way those doomed people could hear her. She had to leave here, dropping the water filled container that once housed her fries to the ground and sprinting off. She was no where close to her apartment, which would be up a few stairs and dry by the end of this, and nearly all the freaking buildings were boarded up tight that even rpgs would struggle to get into. Then like a sign from god she saw the light, the light from the distant club Lahana. As she neared it, instead of saying thanks to the almighty, the wave hit. And with that it seemed like the whole storm finally started to really crash down, knocking over things, breaking windows, flooding the city. She managed to get inside of the club before hell rained down, immediatly her thoughts were.. "I need a drink.." As she walked towards the bar she noticed her surroundings and realized how fortunate she was that this place was still open. They did some major additions to the place, bullet proof glass windows made for hurricane proof glass windows as well. Sure some water would manage to make it's way in, but considering the location of the club it wasn't at risk of being overrun from the wave. She got to the bar and jumped onto the other side many she did all those months ago to avoid bullets. But she was not worried at the moment, rather going for one of the nice looking bottles..
DarkKeyome: I had been practicing on my Guitar matching up trying to play the guitar lines from Devil may cry 3 song called 'Devils never die' I strummed on the electric as the storm progressed but I wasnt worried about it. In fact it didn’t bother me at all. After Danchou hit this place 3 years ago I wasnt going to take any chances for god sakes I even installed this place with battle ready bots not to mention my men were staioned all around here now. I was more of a Military than a Yakuza. During the middle of my practicing I turned to see the female storm into my establishment and to my suprise... I could catch that overly sugared coated scent anywhere. “Yo. Nami.” I said nodding at the female as she made her way in. The First wave hit hard and it actually caused the club to shake but it stayed locked down not moving ready for the full blows of what ever the hell this hurricane would throw at it. I caught myself and stood back up straight frowning at the ceiling as if I were frowning at god. I cocked my head to the right allowing a loud POP to quake throughout the area. “ I was wondering when I was gonna become Noah's Ark.” I said sitting down on the bar and watching her come in. If others wanted to come in here for shelter i'd be more than happy to let them stay here until the hurricane was over and done with.
LightFang: -Ryuzakii would be walking along the streets of Kasaihana during the troublesome downpour. He would be making his way home as he tightened the pull strings on his heather grey hoodie that he was wearing under his black denim jacket. His boots were sloshing in the puddles that filled the sidewalks with every step splashing more and more water on his damp pair of jeans. He lowered his head a little so as to evade the wind hitting him in the face, and the pelting of rain that surely would follow. He had heard the reports of an approaching hurricane and was on his way home trying to hurry down the side roads and a few short-cuts he picked up from his days on the streets. "Ok... its a straight shot down this road now if i could get down there i may make it..." He muttered to himself. He leaned his body forward and headed off in a sprint knowing he shouldn't run in rain, but if he didn't get inside in time it wouldn't matter. His eyes would be too focused to realise the massive wave on its way toward where he was, as it aproached from his blind side. He would just be sprinting past Club Lahana when the wave came past the row of buildings he was at. At that moment Ryuzakii would look up and see the wave as he was certain to be washed away by it. "Awe Shit..." Was all he could say just before he was sweeped away. A burely black man in an even blacker shirt had managed to grip the back of Ryuzakii's jacket collar and pull him inside Club Lahana just in time to escape the wave. "Damn kid you were that close to not existing" The man said before leaning in close, "Listen while your in here tell everyone your 18 you could prolly pull that off. If ya dont and you get caught by another bouncer, well then good luck with the storm. If it happens you do get caught tell em you forgot you ID and that you know me, Ma names Tyrone and I'll vouch for ya so ya don't gotta go out there till the storms over." Ryuzakii just nodded and said, "Name's Ryuzakii, call me Ryu if that kind of situation comes up." He then stepped back and slinked away into the club noticing the mass ammount of people at first. The place was packed. Prolly because of the storm. He made his way over to an empty booth and slid his way around into it looking out over the club. A waitress walked over asking if he wanted anything. "Not right now, just taking a rest. Thank ya though." He tried to play it off like he actually belonged here at the club hoping no one would take notice and kick him back out into that storm. Ryuzakii sat back in the booth and scanned the crowd trying to see if he could recognise any familliar faces. He started to daze off closing his eyes and bobing his head to the music hoping this ordeal would go by quick.-

IzzyDaPada: The rain to seem to come down in buckets I had my hands covering my eyes as I tried to make my way through the streets. I was already in a huff as I felt my skirt already soaked began to take weight from the rain. My jacket and shirt for that other matter, was another story. “So was not prepared!” I didn’t know where I was heading I just ran, everything was closed and boarded up it seemed. Till I spotted a place opened and well opened that was a surprise. I just went for it as the rain was becoming blinding, the wind blowing my hair about but it was already soaked completely. Running for the door I quickly grabbed for the door and pulled it open and ran inside. I seemed to shake a bit as I looked around, I blinked away the rain that had been in my eyes, then realized where I was. “Oh my..” I was in Club Lahana. Last I remember this place, it still had caution tape over it, and seemingly in bad shape. But apparently it wasn’t in bad shape at all. I strung my hair out a bit as I pulled it up into a bun and made it so it would stay up being well, it was wet already. I entered into the club slowly seeing who else was in the club. The way I entered, I wanted to make sure I didn’t look so, stand outish in my wet attire, so hard to do so. Spotting, a few people already in the club…Shelter in Club Lahana then? Keyome was on the bar, I wondered if he got my text? That text was out of a comfort zone, I didn’t have to admit, then there was Nami, who was behind the bar. Well, in times of stress, suppose drinking is something to pass the time. I brushed at my wet clothing a bit as I approached, I simply looked like a wet dog as I let out a cough a bit. I gave a smile to them. “Fancy meeting you fine people here.” Best way to meet talk approach someone.

Pallas: -It had been time after the little get together that Donnie had at his house; his life had taken a complete 180. Keyome was supposed to be the one taking care of this nine year old Cydroid that he found in Old New York. But it somehow turned on him and now he is taking care of the Cydroid as if it were his own daughter. The sky had begun to rain on the windshield of his 72’ Dodge Challenger as the three of them (Donnie, Anna, and Kaori) were on their way to grab some grocery’s for tonight’s dinner. Donnie did not mind having the little Cydroid as a house guest; Anna’s personality was the kind that can turn the hardest of men into melted goop. The warning that Keyome had given him was also on his mind ever since the day he was told. Thomas Flint…apparently is not the man to be fucked with. Of course when the warning was told, Donnie had to act confident in front of someone he used to call an enemy. But in his mind, he did have to agree with Keyome. But what he also wondered about this Flint guy was that he had not tried to come after him. Keyome did say that Flint may try something, but is he going for a “Best for last” approach? Or is it that Donnie is not a trouble to him? Or maybe Flint had already tried to attack him already. Dr. Wright was never a person Donnie had looked deeper into since he had killed him. But it could be that Flint sent Wright to kill Donnie. A thousand possibilities and thoughts pass through Donnie’s head as they make their way to the grocery store. They made it all the way to District 1, an odd place to go to for groceries but Donnie lied a specific Mexican style store that resided in this district. By now the rain had begun to come down harder and harder. This caught Donnie’s attention. He then used his cybernetic mind to get into the Weather Channel Radio so he could find out what was going on. The voice of a man comes through and says-“Large winds are coming in from the west and making its way to the eastern side of Japan. We advise anyone who is outside to take shelter in any building they are close to. KasaiHana will feel the worst of this Hurricane as the first waves seem to be hitting the City already.”-Donnie looks at Kaori and then at Anna while thinking to himself-“Shit…we’ll never make it back home in time.”-That is when he noticed something in front of his windshield. It was a giant wave coming right for them.-“shit…”-Donnie then quickly hops out of the car while forging his Repulser Gauntlets around his hands. The wires wrap around his hands and create a *CLANK* sound as they latch to his skin. Then the Vibranium liquefies around his hands and harden into the mold of his gauntlets. This only takes a second to complete and with that he raises his right hand and creates a Plasma Energy shield from sidewalk to sidewalk just to contain the wave. The impact of the water hitting the shield makes a loud *CRASH* sound as it pushes Donnie a few inches back from where he stood. He looked into the car and yelled out to the two girls-“Go through that door! Hurry!”-Donnie then used his free hand to point to a nearby door next to where the car had been stopped. This was the best bet to at least escape this wave that had come towards them. And when it looked like situations couldn’t get worse, behind them was another wave coming to them. Donnie raises his left hand and shoots out another Plasma Energy shield from sidewalk to sidewalk to contain this wave. Veins began to pop out of his arms like a body builder as the pressure of holding the waves got a lot stronger. He would wait for the two girls to get into the building before he was willing to let this water come through. He looked at his car and said to himself-“Ain’t this a bitch. This car was fucking vintage!”-He grew angry at the fact that his car probably won’t survive this hurricane. If the girls had gone inside, Donnie would look at both waves of water and say-“Time to be fast.”-He then looked at the door and released both Plasma Energy shields. He then ran towards the door and slid over the hood of his car just to get to the door. When he got to the door, he quickly shut it behind him just as the waves collided and practically smashed the car like a soda can. Now it was time to see where exactly they were holding it off until the hurricane storm ended. He and the two girls walked into what looked to be a club. But it seemed familiar to him. When he finally remembered, he said out loud-“Holy shit! Club Lahana! Hahahaha.”-When he saw that everyone was at the bar, he quickly slid over the counter just as he did the first time he was at this club. He says to Isa and Keyome-“Hey you two haha. Small world! You don’t mind if we kick It here do ya Keyo? I can always keep the lights on for ya if they go out.”-And that was funny because it’s true. Donnie’s body can act as a generator for the club if the electrical system does wear out. He saw another person there with Isa but he did not know her so he went on with what he came back here for.-“ahh here it is.”-He grabs a bottle of scotch, drops a hundred on the counter, and hops back over to return to his two girls.-“You two going to be ok here? Hahaha.”-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori stared worriedly out of her window at how heavy the rain was pouring, her attention constantly moving up to the sky which seemed to be growing darker and darker by the second. “Looks like a pretty bad storm is coming.” She stated just to be informative and hopefully to make the others cautious. “Hopefully everyone knows what we're looking for in the grocery store. Right guys?” She looked at Donnie and little Anna in the back seat, giving the child a reassuring smile just in case the storm was frightening her. Surprisingly, she thought it would be fun to have the kid around on the grocery shopping trip. It would be....a different experience. “I think I know what kinds of cupcakes I should bake for you tonight. Once I find all of the ingredients.” She said with a soft laugh. “Do you like red velvet?” A second after she asked the question, a clap of thunder crackled loudly across the sky causing Kaori to tense up with a start. Her head snapped around to look out of the window before she noticed that Donnie had looked at her out of the corner of her eye. The winds were howling loudly and she could literally feel it slapping up against the car as if it was just going to lift it through the air at any given second. “It looks pretty bad out here. Do you think we should just head to my place since it's the closest?” Another clap of thunder nearly deafened all three of them and that was when she turned her head and saw it. A massive wave headed through the streets coming straight toward them. She could hear its vicious roar as it crashed against buildings, swallowed up cars, swept away almost anything in its path. “We gotta go.” She said after swallowing down the dry lump that'd formed in her throat. “We gotta go now!” Before she could even move, Donnie was already out of the car. “Donnie, what're you doing!” She shouted after him, all but jumping across his seat to grab him, but then saw that he was transforming his arm into some kind of weapon. 'Oh, please don't get hurt being the hero, Donnie.' She thought to herself as she stared at the arm for a second, realizing that he had come up with some sort of idea within those few seconds that it took to realize that they were all in trouble. She turned over and kicked her foot toward her own door, her superhuman strength easily sending the door flying from the hinges as she jumped out and ran a few steps to the back door. She jammed her hands into the side of the door, closed her hand around whatever clump of metal she'd managed to get a hold of, and gave it a hard yank, tearing it clean off and sending it flying onto the sidewalk. “Come on, Anna!” She shouted frantically to the little girl in the back seat, reaching out to grab her hand. If she let Kaori grab her, Kaori would pull her out of the car and run for the grocery store fast, but not so fast that the little girl couldn't keep up. “Hurry!” She heard Donnie shout, looking back at him as she ran for the grocery store doors. “Donnie, let it go!” She shouted back just as they got to the door and shoved them open with her shoulder. Just as she fell into the store along with Anna (if she had gone with her), she glanced up in time to see Donnie rushing in as well. Then looked past time, her eyes widening in absolute shock as the waves came crashing in where they would have been. “Holy shit!” She panted. “We almost ended up like that car! Is everyone alright?” She picked herself up and looked down at herself, realizing that the rain had soaked her from head to toe. “Brilliant...” She muttered under her breath, ringing her hair out onto the floor. “I hope we're safe in here.” She added, looking around at the inside of the store.

MelianMay: Anna was happily staring out her window into the rain, it was such a pretty sight and she was really starting to like the look of it. The way the sky grew dark in the middle of the day and the patterns the rain made on the windows when the drops finally fell. She really liked the bright flashes of light in the sky too, they looked like giant zig-zags that were cutting the cut apart. Something about the look scared her but also excited her at the same time, it put some kind of energy humming through her, or so it felt like. When Kaori turned around to talk to her about what kind of cupcakes she wanted to make, Anna’s eyes went wide. “I’ve never tried those before! They sound delicious! I can’t wait! Can I help make them?” Anna was now a bundle of wound of energy. She liked the thought of learning how to cook and she really, really liked sweet things. Kaori was a nice lady too, and really pretty. She had come to like her in the little time she gotten to know her but that wasn’t too much of a shock with how easy it was to make an impression on the nine year old girl. When Yuh stopped the car suddenly though she couldn’t understand why until she watched him leap out of it and go towards what seemed to be… a wave? What was a wave doing in the middle of the city? She didn’t have much time to think as he was suddenly yelling at her and Kaori to get out of the car and into the building they were near. Violet eyes went even wider as she saw Kaori kick her door off of the car and then rip the back door off of her side. Anna was already unbuckling herself as this all happened and would take Kaori’s hand when offered and soon she was being tugged to the stage door that Donnie had pointed for them to go through. The whole time her body suit was flashing bright and purple with her fear, the hand that was being held by Kaori pulsing even harder than the rest of her bodies lines. As they went through the door, Anna wouldn’t let go of Kaori’s hand while they waited for Donnie to come crashing through and slam the door shut behind them. Anna and Kaori would follow behind Donnie even though the both of them were still pretty freaked out about what had happened in the first place. Anna was close to tears but after the incident with Keyome she hadn’t cried once after that long night. She put on a brave face even now as they two girls followed him into what… Yuh called a club. Anna looked around curiously and then paled a little more when she realized Keyome was here. Even if she was now getting to see Isa again too. She really didn’t want to be near Keyome after everything, she was still all the things he said. Pushing closer to Kaori’s side and practically hiding behind her as the two of them took them into the club. She would watch as Yuh got something and seemed really happy to be around the others. Looking up at Kaori she would ask her in a slightly shaky voice. “What’s a club?”
XxDensukexX: Tetsu would walk thru the downpour of the coming storm. It was definitely going to be a heavy one indeed, news report said it was going to be a doosey of one. The streets were getting flooded, and the water level was starting to rise signifigantly. The rain was a torental tempest indeed. Not to mention a giant tidal wave had hit not to long ago, bu tetsu just grappled to the nearest rooftop, and waded it out until the water leveled down a good bit. Of course he’d be soaked but eh while everyone else was running into buildings and structures, Tetsu actually walked casually down the street, whistling to himself. “Raindrops keep falling on my head. Do-do do, but that doesn’t’ mean my eyes won’t soon be turning red. Crying’s not for me. Cause. I’m never going to stop the rain by complaining..” Tetsu, was quite soaked, but didn’t really mind it, wearing his hoodie to cover up, his new black shirt, wearing his grey pants to match. For a cop, Tetsu certainly didn’t dress the part by anymeans. He’d not been in this down pour for nothing however, as He was walking to meet Asami at Club Lahana. It was a pretty good spot he’d heard. She wanted to ry something different for once, and tetsu said sure. Also they might have his favorite wine, which the thought of it made him lick his lips. Unbeknownst to him, he looked like a blatant idoit walking in the rain and singing, but he honestly couldn’t help it. Call it nature. He arrived at the entrance of the club, and entered. Upon entering a couple of heads turned to look at him. It’s no secret this is a Yakuza hotspot, and it’s also no secret that tetsu’s a cop. Tetsu would look both ways before proceeding down past the lobby. He didn’t really know anyone, but he did see some familer faces in the crowd. Twords the bar would appear to be Donnie, and Keyome, and some woman He’d never seen. Tetsu wasn’t exactly social, but he had grown a bit. He’d make his way twords the bar area, and lean over the counter. “Yeah, you got any grape wine? Preferably 5 bottles of it, I really don’t want to have to keep calling you over.” The bartender raised an eye at Tetsu “Arnt you a little young to be drinking? Get bent loser” The barkeep walked away, and tetsu slammed his head on the desk with an unusually loud “THUMP” followed by a low growled “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Tetsu sat and wallowed at his failed attempts of getting a drink and thought to himself. “Asamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hurry uuuuuuuuup”

NamikazeSoudai: Nami was surprised to see Keyome, forgetting he had connections to this place, surprise-er to see Isa for the second time tonight..or today, with the darkness of the storm it was hard to tell the time of day without a watch. "Oh hello." She greeted them both, having figured the place would be quiet and abandoned by damn if a invasion of zombies could clear out these people, still dancing and partying just Nami hadn't noticed them when she first came in, probably with some hearing lost then. "While im back here miss Isa, do you want anything?" She asked kindly, the bartender was away in the backroom talking to his wife or daughter telling her that he was safe here and the giant wave did not kill him. She herself had helped herself to a bottle of rum flavored with coconut, it was a easy drink to mix and loved usually. She exaimined Isa briefly, having remembered her different for some reason, maybe with glasses the last time she saw her besides today? In fact looking back at Keyome he too looked different..Hairy..Black-er maybe.. She smiled, wondering how their lives had been since her absence. More refugees started to pour in to avoid death, no one she recalled though. Though except for Isa and Keyome she didn't really know too many people which was good, probably better not to have too many criminal friends, especially if so and so whos your friend turns out to be the enemy of another friend..Then your caught in the middle.

The Devils fiddle...

DarkKeyome: Pulling the guitar over my shoulder I looked over at Isabelle who had managed to make It in on time... then Donnie and Kaori... and little Anna. Not to mention Tetsu Ryoji and Asami as well... Some Kid stomred in here that Tyrone got out of the clear man its a suprise they all didnt get caught at the door. “ A Back up generator would be a good idea.” I said to Donnie even though I had one, hell that one could go out too for all I know. I saw him as he placed the money on the bar and I hopped down from on the right side of the bar. I yawned and pulled the towel over my shoulder. “ Guess im playing bar-tender tonight.” I said looking out at the people who made there way in. I looked over at one of the TV's seeing the news channel talk about how most of the city was getting flooded but not to the point where it'd be too destructional. “ Ahh... they'll just drain it out.” I looked over at Nami who was already going for the booze. “ Oh ok... no Hey Keyome.... go missing for weeks and the first thing you do is go for alchohal huh!” I threw a towel at her head and quickly replaced it with another. “ Isabel.” I said turning to look at the female who walked over to us. “ So.. I uh. Got your text message...” I said looking ovet at her. “ And uh.... I mean. If your still up for that drink. We could have it now. Sounds good...? I just gotta take care of a few things.”  I said winking at her before turning my head over. My eyes shot over to see Tetsu getting angry at one of my men for not giving him the drinks he asked for. I gripped the bottles required and said. “ Ryoji... Catch... Drop em you still pay for em. “ I tossed the drinks at the males head each like there were throwing knives all of em soaring to hit Tetsu right in the back of the head at 50 mph. After the bottles were thrown I began to tune my guitar up a bit. Ever since... that night with those women... I felt different... like... I dont know. Me and Okami were one... instead of two different people. I was a in a more cherry mood... a demonic cheery mood for sure... it made me feel... good. “ Yo guys lets do it how we practiced.” I said to the guys who had came in here about four hours ago. I walked onto the middle platform of the club. I nodded my head and turned my head to the people who were now within the club as I looked behind me the men came over bringing there instruments. The mic I had connected and hooked up came from the ceiling as I gripped it. “ Testing... testing 1,2,3...?” I looked around seeing everyone could hear me as all attention was on us. ( Clearly anyone that knew keyome could see this obvious change.) “ Alright...i know. That this storm... well. Kinda sucks. But these guys here... are actually from the concert. I talked to em earlier and to entertain you all were gonna play a few songs for you guys. Im Keyome Tasanagi. And these.... are the Hidden Flower bombs of Hyrule.... 1 2 3 GO! (” I said as I quickly began to play the guitar. All the other guys going along perfectly. The Lead singer Harold was singing, seeing as tehre lead Guitar man was drunk off his ass they asked me to do it after I showed em what I could do. I then began to back Harold up on the lyrics on the mike that I was on. When the song began to slow down Harold and his sister Haroldine sung beautifuly... then we all began to sing together. After a few more minutes the song were over. And the small crowd within the club clapped and the platform we were on rose as we started to do the 2nd song. And after additonal 20 minutes we were now taking request. The crowd infront of us shouting as I screamed the lyrics to the song. ( “ YEAH BITCH YEAH BITCH  CALL ME STEVE-O! IM A WILD BOY! AGGHHH!!” I jumpped into the stands and they began to crowd surf me around the club. I... was having the time of my life. My shirt off and I was drunk off my ass. The Lightining would randomly strike the building causing a flicking effect around the club as everyone danced. I felt like the devil playing on his fiddle for his demons.

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would sit up looking over the dancefloor. Alot of people were dancing even though so much travesty was going on outside. He could hardly believe it. His eyes drifted lazily up from the dance floor to the bar area he noticed that Donnie was in here as well. He wondered if he was here just for a drink or if he was seeking shelter from the storm aswell. Half his mind wanted him to go over and talk to him but the other half held him back. He noticed Donnie was sitting next to some guy that he looked like he was talking to and figured he prolly didn't wanna be disturbed by a young kid like Ryuzakii. He averted his attention to all the other patrons of the bar and noticed a few were ordering drinks and cigarettes and even a few ordering a meal. Heh it may be their last if those windows dont hold up. He thought to himself, " I should order something. One of those could be nice i guess." He waved over at the waitress and she came bouncing over a bit to energeticly. She asked Ryuzakii what he wanted from her and he replied, " Could i get a Rib-Eye steak over here, medium-rare with a loaded baked potato, and um... Yea a pack of the clubs cigarettes if ya dont mind." The waitress wrote down the order then closed her book and looked down at Ryuzakii with a conserned look in her face, " Sir could i see an ID." "Why would you need to see that?" Ryuzakii snidely said back. She said, "Well the cigarettes of course, you need to be 18 to order that." "Well ma'am, This is Club Lahana correct?" "Thats correct sir..." "And don't you need to be 18 to enter this Club?" "I believe so...." The waitress said now turning her face away to hide how she realised she messed up. " Then wouldn't you think i was 18 already based on the fact that I am sitting here infront of you in a club that requires you be 18 or older?", Ryuzakii said crossing his arms. "Im terribly sorry sir, I wont question you again." "Good now then those cigarettes and could i get one of those fancy Club Lahana Zippo Lighters?" The waitress would turn off to fill his order calling back, "Right away sir." Ryuzakii leaned back in his booth and waited for his meal to arrive as he continued to scan the room for familiar faces. He saw the waitress reappear from the back door of the bar and saw her carrying a tray of dishes, obviously headed to another table. However, as she passed by she dropped on his table the fresh pack of cigarettes and his new zippo and slid them over to him. she didn't speak a word but continued to walk by delivering the food she had to the next table over. He took up the package of cigarettes and peeled the plastic wrap off it tossing it aside and then he pulled out one of the "death sticks" from the carton and brought it to his lips. He held it there as he lifted the zippo flipping it open and it lighting on its own. He brought the flame closer to the cigarette lighting the end of it and he dropped the lighter on the table as he took in a slow drag. He gripped the cigarette pulling it away from him as he coughed once from the wierd feeling it gave him then brought it back to his lips holding it in his mouth as he scanned the croud a bit more.-

IzzyDaPada: It seemed that Club Lahana was the shelter to the storm.. This was interesting to say the least. Seeming as Donnie, Kaori and little Anna appeared shortly after me. I offered Nami a smile and nodded my head. She asked me if I wanted anything…I had to think on that for a minute. “A water..though..I could just go outside if I wanted water.” I laughed a bit and smiled. “But… A vodka martini please.” Looking to Keyome as he was taking in as everyone else was coming in, Donnie mentioned it was a small world I had to nod my head and smile, it was a small world.. A very small world. Keyome acknowledged that he did get my text. I had a smile on my face because, that made my evening now, I didn’t know if he would have gotten it or not.. “No problem Mr. Tasanagi. I will enjoy my martini.” Which, with that he winked at me. Any other time, I wouldn’t have reacted, to him I had to blush a bit. With that exchange he went off to do his “things.” Something was off about him, I could tell. I went and leaned against the bar table face watching him enjoy himself. Something flickered crossed my mind, in the information that was given to me yesterday I had a far off look on my face. Do I dear tell him? No I couldn’t tell him, he looked like he was enjoying himself…I will tell him later when it seemed important. I took a seat at the bar to make it look like I was comfortable, seeing as I didn’t want to walk off on Nami, that would be rude.

Pallas: -When they all got inside of the club he was surprised to see that he knew a lot of these people. He saw Tetsu come in and Donnie gives him a friendly nod. He quickly opened up his bottle of scotch and takes a quick swig.-“haha Irony. Drinking a fancy drink, but out of the bottle like a beer. Hahaha.”-Upon hearing the question that Anna Banana asked Kaori, Donnie almost coughed up his drink from laughing. He then said to Kaori-“Good luck with that one babe. Hahaha.”- That was when Keyome decided to play rock star up onto of the stage. Donnie quickly glanced over with the most dumbfounded face. He had to rub his eyes to make sure what he was seeing was true. He then says-“When the fuck did Keyome get guitar lessons let alone a damn band? Hahaha.”-But it did seem odd, the way Keyome was acting. Just a day ago this was a man who brought a threat of some man who could destroy everything and bring genocide. Now today, he is crowd surfing and acting like there isn’t a care in the world. Donnie slowly takes a drink of his scotch and he just observes. If it smells funny, looks funny, and acts funny…usually something funny is going on. His eyes zoom in on Keyome as Donnie begins to scan him for any differences from yesterday. He uses his Chi Scouter portion of the scanning’s to get a closer look at Keyome. (If it isn’t meta-gaming. I don’t really have a deep understanding of Chi but if the becoming one with your Oni(Azuma) makes you stronger, it would show in his chi signature right?) Donnie notices a slight change in Keyome’s Chi. It brings him to wonder, what has happened in these last 12 hours or so. But seeing is how the last time he was at Club Lahana…it got shot to bits, he would want to try and keep the piece for tonight. It does bring back memories though. Danchou was one crazy motherfucker to do what he did to this place. When the lights flicker a bit he laughs. He thinks to himself-‘Shit…looks like I might actually have to power this place up hahaha.’-He scratches the back of his neck and walks over to a spot next to the bar. He looks down at the stairs and he flashes back to the night he was here at Club Lahana. *FIRST NIGHT OF CLUB LAHANA* A man bumps into Donnie after trying to flee the sniper gunshot that Hajime fired upon Neko.-“I’m sorry.”-The man apologizes for bumping into Donnie. That is when Donnie turns around and pops that man with a bullet from his Golden Desert-Eagle. The bullet snapped the man’s spine in half like paper. Then he flashes forward to his conversation with Asami. *BACK IN REALITY* Donnie cringes at remembering the fact that he might have had a relationship with Asami. He thinks to himself-‘Thank God that never happened hahaha. How things would be different. Pretty sure I’d be in jail for murder one hahahaha!’-Donnie would burst out laughing at his own joke and look completely stupid to people around him. He then realized how stupid her looked and pulled it back together. But the thought was so funny that he almost lost it again. He takes a drink of his scotch and tries to forget how funny that was to him. Afterword, he surveys the room to see what everyone else was doing.-

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would hear his name called, but only to look up, and be hit in the face with a random bottle making a loud “Clank!” noise. “GAAAAH- hey my wine! Thanks keyo!” Tetsu poped the cork, and began to sip on it feverishly, and placing the bottle down by his side, and looking at the roaming crowd around him. He was not a heavy drinker, and got tipsy a little easy. Tetsu looked around, and began walking through out the crowd, scoping it for any sign of Asami at all. At least he had his wine. He’d continue walking through, as the music started to pump and they began carrying keyo on the wave of people’s hand. As tetsu passed by, he’d pour some wine on keyo’s hair as his body passed the top of his own. It was kinda fun to let loose for a night. Tetsu would nod to the music, bopping his head to it, and mouthing the lyrics out loud,so he didn’t seem like a complete loner, although a guy I soaking wet clothes, with a bottle in his hand would probably blend In here sadly. He’d then come across an incredibly young man, smoking on a cancer stick, in the boths of the club. Tetsu took a second to look around, as he didn’t even know he’d walked this far into the place, unless he was already to tipsy to even keep composure. Even then he’d take another sip of his brew, and approach the kid, as he does recall him from antoher time. He’d then slouch into the seat, infront of the kid….ryu was his name Tetsu recalled. Once slouched in a semi drunken stupor, tetsu would speak awfuly loud, and brash at him. “Hey! Your that kid that was at yun corp! hahaha!....How old are you? Hic-UP” Tetsu wiped his mouth a bit. He may be intoxicated but he wanted to keep his posture at least.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori took a moment to look around the club again (hardy har har) and her eyes slightly narrowed in irritation when she realized that it was Lahana. “Great way to take a night off.” She said to herself, then suddenly felt a small body press up against her. 'Hm?' She looked down and saw that it was only Anna, frowning slightly when she saw the nervous look on the child's face. 'Oh yes...of course.' She thought with the urge to laugh, but held back. 'We just brought a nine-year-old girl into a club.' Smiling, Kaori bent down to Anna's level just as the little girl asked, “What's a club?” At this, Kaori couldn't help but chuckle a little bit, looking up at Donnie who definitely would have had some kind of witty answer for her. “It's a place where grown folks like to hang out and have fun. Kind of like a playground.” She explained in the best way that she could for Anna to understand. Seconds after she answered the question, she could hear the people inside the club cheering and shouting and chanting for some reason and not soon after, she realized that music was blasting from the center of the club. She rose up to her full height and looked in the direction where the music and screaming was coming from, hearing an annoying, yet familiar voice fill the club. 'Only in Lahana...' She thought to herself with a slight shake of her head. She'd been working at the renowned spot since the day it was rebuilt after being destroyed by causes unknown to her. And during her employment as a bartender at Lahana, she'd been witness to the strangest people in all of Kasaihana. She'd seen the rich, the poor, the big, bad and ugly...mostly Yakuza, but that was a different story. She squinted her eyes a bit to see where all the commotion was coming from, but they winded up returning to normal size when she saw that it was that Keyome guy that showed up at Donnie's house to deliver some news. “What...the hell...” She said in a sarcastic tone, spotting movement in her peripheral vision. It was Donnie walking off to the bar. Nice. “Hey, Don, while you're enjoying your 'guy time', I'm gonna go find me and Anna somewhere to relax and dry off. Maybe order some food.” She had to shout above all the music and screaming. The lights flickered on and off for a second, making her look around a bit worriedly. 'Shit, what if this storm kills the power? There's no telling what could happen in here when the lights go out.' She thought to herself. And as if on cue, she just happened to glance sideways in time to see two people dancing together. The woman who was rather thick and dressed in the shortest dress she found in her closet was bent over shaking her ass on the man's crotch while they both waved bottles of white liquor in the air. Kaori's eyes went wide for a second. 'Oh shit...' “So, Anna!” She said quickly, moving on the other side of the little girl so her body could block the sight of the dancing drunkards. “Do you like sushi?” She forced an awkward smile on her face, then noticed an available spot a little ways near the bar. “Hey, let's go sit over there and order up some sushi, okay?” She suggested, already nudging Anna in that direction with her knees in order to move away from the drunkards as quickly as possible before she saw anything.
Guest_ATrueKiller: -He walked in observing the crowed of people in side he was new but not so much as he could tell the people where drinking and he thought, People get drunk pass out and so ended the fun so he just decided when he walked in that he would stay away from the drinks. He was also thinking of his tong if he got drunk it would slip besides he was not old enough to drink any way so with his left hand on his Katana he begun to fidget as he found a place to sit and watch the others trying to stay out of sight as much as possible. Once seated he placed his scaberd with the sword inside still across his lap and his ran his fingers along the design of the pommel causing a sad look to grow on his face slightly as he remembered his master but decided not to think on it too much as his mind begun to wander he lost himself in thought not paying attention to though around him any more even though he knew it was unwise he just wanted to be in his own little world at the moment as he thought about leaving already after only being there two minutes as he closed his eye to relax listening to the people around him as he begun to reflect on his past lessons for some reason this always put him at ease but again he could not hold the concentration as he then opened his eyes thinking of how he had not said a word to anybody but then thought it was better he didn’t and closed his eyes again.-

MelianMay: Anna had been watching Yuh for now until Kaori had dropped down to talk to her which was nice with all the loud sounds and people around her, it was really odd for her. “Like when kids go to the playground…” She murmured to herself thinking about that for a bit. “There were are the giant slides and swings? Wouldn’t an adult playground be bigger than a kids playground?” She asked curiously looking around at all of the people and trying to figure out where all the equipment would be. She didn’t see a slide or anything, this was a pretty suck playground but then again all the people seemed really happy. They seemed to be dancing too even though it was kind weird looking and they were waaaay too close to one another. Was this how adults danced? Anna had just started to look at the strange way this one woman seemed to be moving when Kaori started to nudge her away with her knees and she went as she was told. “I’ve never had sushi before. Is it yummy?” She asked curiously her mind easily distracted as Kaori lead her over some seats by the huge counter in the room. When they got to the bar she would climb up on one of the stools near the other free one that she assumed Kaori was going to sit on. Anna started thinking a little bit. “Kaori… I’m thirsty… Can I have some of what Yuh-san was drinking?” She looked up at her curiously. Whatever Yuh probably drank was amazing tasted and she already knew he was good at choosing drinks from the orange juice they had had for breakfast. Mmm. Anna spaced out a little bit as all the lights and sounds were getting to her but she definitely was still hungry and her stomach would make itself know with a loud growl. Her body suit would eventually start flashing to the beat of the music like a strobe light, her suit going a little haywire with all the bodies around Anna and the loud frequencies.
Guest_Keizumai: he walk in the club strapped with two dessert eagle's and a sword straped to his back he looks around and see that this place must be pretty popluar he continue's to make his way to the far end of the bar and he takes at seat at the far end of the bar lookin around watching the drunken people party and past out all over the place and then thought to him self as he saw a women past by i got to come here more often. he then asked the bartender for a bottle of tequila and continues to watch the fun.

NamikazeSoudai: After fetching Isa's vodka martini and sensing she had business to attend to, Nami went over to her own booth with the bottle of rum, a glas, and a 2 liter of Dr. Mr. It seemed alright to ride out doomsday here inside the club while Hurricane Nazi was going on outside. She wasn't quite sure why it was named that, or if it was actually named that at all, but their city called it that and often times they didn't care about the outside world.. She sighed lightly, watching Keyome play with his band, sratching her arm..Wishing she was back at her apartment on her computer playing the mmorpg Black in the Cold Hell, a anime-ish game which is giggly to google..b.i.t.c.h. and have it come up with their game website. It was a pretty fun game, with 30 character classes, 15 races, and a bunch of animal companions. Her character was a gnome dancer, a type of bard class..She is also an alchemist as her second class, which makes her able to craft treats online. When you skipped school and got paid monthly if your doing your job or not..She could log a lot of time doing nonsense like that. She was just on the verge of level 220 and about to go into a cave that hosted dragons and..and it hit her how nerdy it all was. "Oi..I need girl friends.." She mumbled to herself, making her a drink of the two liquids she brought over to her table and looking back out at the party as the lights seemed to flicker with the music, though unintentionally. "Oh look at that little girl.." She smiled, finally someone smaller than herself(?) It was a nice change of things to see..Maybe she should offer her a lolipop..Though her mother (Kaori, assumed mom) probably wouldn't like some stranger just coming up offering her candy and all. "I wonder what kind of dragon was in that cave.." Her mind started to go back to that just as the doors flew open from a strong gust letting in the breeze and a bit of water.

The barrier...

(( It goes good with it IMO I was laughing and the storm ragged on.. me? Laughing? Hahah having fun? Me? I was running all over the place popping bottles and getting drunk off my ass. This... this wasnt even like me... whats...wrong with me? I dont know... but I like it... I dont ever want it to stop! “ DRINKS FREE ALL NIIGGHTT!!” I said shouting out at the crowd... how many hours had it been now? What was going on? Was the storm over? Every where I turned... girls kissing girls... boys  kissing dudes. Coulpes laughing and joking. Having an awsome time. Clearly drunk i'd run full speed behind Nami while her attention was else where. Attempting to scoop her up in my right arm and holding a bottle of cyroc in my free arm and pouring it down into her mouth before putting her down and pouring it over her head. “ YEAHHH! HAHAHAAHAH” I said laughing after putting her down. Some girls started a soul train line and I was break dancing down the middle of it. I smiled the red blotch of excitement pour across my face to know end. I didnt.... want it to end... Another strike of lightning hit the building as the Dub step rocked the club. On the stage again I was smiling as hard as I could. “ WHEN I SAY KAGE. YALL SAY MARU. KAGE!-MARU!-KAGE!-MARU!” We shouted back and forth within my mind me and Okami were laughing with one another.... I know what this was.... this was the High... the high from us being one being. “ Okami..... how long will this last? “ The demonic spirit sighed and eyed me with a hardy laugh. “ Keyome... this happiness... is your own. It doesn’t matter... just... let it ride for tonight.” I nodded at the creature returning back to reality. I had arm wrestled a guy.... 3 guys at once and won. I even drunk outta Keg upside down. I had been dancing... singing and jumping my ass off. “ VIDDEEOO KILLED THE RADIOOO STARRR..!!” After what seemed like a hour or so... I was literally drunk off my ass. “ Hehehe... Keyomeeeeee wake uppp Keyommeeee...” This midget girl said to me drawing pictures all along my face with a black marker. I simply laid there... “ Noooo... 5 more minutes mom...” I don’t care people can judge me how they want... I needed this. “ All I need now... is some TLC... and I’d be..A-O-FUCKING-K....” I said chugging down another bottle of Cyroc. My chest was on fire but I ignored it.... soon enough I was laying down upside down on the bar.... blinking. “...I’m so drunk... right now... immmm... so drunk... right nowww...” I said laughing a bit... the room was spinning...  but... I didn’t care... I looked around... people were starting to pass out. Dropping like flies... guess that free drinks thing wasnt a good idea. Some guy was walking around with a lamp shade one... some slippers... and a pair of boxers. “... well then. That's nice.” Thats when I sqwented my eyes... seeing what seemed like Thomas Flint... “... Thomas...” I said looking up in my drunk state... I blinked... and attempted to look forward but I fell hitting the ground... I pulled myself up... in the corner of the room... all I saw was the tall male... in a black trench coat a bright shine of blue and green in both of his eyes. His voice was muzzled... and it sounded toned out and deep... demonic almost. “... A spider... trapped in my web... hahaha...” He said out to me... I slapped my face... and he was gone. I sqwented my eyes... and before I knew it... I collided with my face hard enough to see that...he was still gone... the water was pouring into the facility... and thats when I noticed... that... that... the fucker... the fucker did all of this to get all of us in one place! I coughed and rubbed my eyes again. “ Wait... I... I don’t drink...” I cocked my hand back as I could and with all the force I could muster i'd smash myself in the face knocking myself over the bar... when I hit the ground the once flashing lights of the club were gone... it was dense... and cold... dark even.... every one who had came in were still in here... Nami, Donnie... Anna, Tetsu, That one kid... Kaori, Isabelle... but they were all standing in there current spot.... not moving... there eyes a hallowed out white. As if... as if they were in a trance. “.... What.... what... the fuck..!?” I said rubbing my face again. At the top of the club on a rail... Drankin... Thomas Flint, some other guy with blades, and Venetrix were all in black trench coats laughing... I rubbed my eyes and they were gone again. And now were at a window at the top part of the club. “ Hahah... like my trick Keyome...?” “ What are you doing!?” I shouted out at the man. “... Haha... I hope... you all can swim... Tasanagi...” It hit me like a sack of bricks! Tch! Got Dammit! “ The moment... all of your friends came into this place... they were put under my manipulations...i waited until the water levels were so high... that it'd kill you all after that door was enforced with too much pressure. “ Got Damn you Thomas!” I shouted out the man. “ Hahah... i'll just get rid of you once.” I shook my head and shouted again. “ Noooooo! Some of these people dont have anything to do with this damn you THOMAS!” The door from the entrance cracked and water began to pour itself in. Along with the main people I mentioned an additional 20 people were in here with us. “....Killing these people along with the rest of you... are tottally worth it. “ His Helicopter appeared and him and his men all aboard it. The door began to crack further... the water already starting to go up to peoples Ankles. “ Tch! No!” I thought back.... when I left Donnies home... thats it! When I left his home! I didnt make it back home! I passed out... thats when I was placed under his fucking manipulations he must have waited for me! Those women.... they.... they werent even real!? Were they real!?what the fucks real anymore!? “ GAHHHH!!! EVERYONE STOP FUCKING AROUND.... AND WAKE.... UPPPP!” As the door cracked further. “ WAKE... UPPP!!!!!” I shouted to the top of my lungs and run as quickly as I could seeing that fucking Thomas only woke me up on purpose. “ You bastard!.... i'll kill you... i'll fucking kill you!” I placed Nami's body onto my shoulder. Anna's body onto my back. And Tetsu's body onto my back carrying them up to the highest part of the club away from the water. Not having much time left... I placed Donnie, Kaori, and Isa all together in a line of some sorts on one of my couches.” Forgive me...” I said taking a deep breathe and with a powerful slug in each of there faces it should have been enough to knock them out of the trance. “ WAKE UP!” I said to them if the punches were sucessful.

LightFang: -Ryuzakii noticed the man from Donnie's office the other day approach him as he finished a short drag of his new cigarettes. He could tell by the slurred tongues of Tetsu's speach that he was becomeing intoxicated. He noted the wine bottle to confirm this. He addressed his question to him first asking him if he was too young to be smoking and replied, " Aren't you to young to drink.." He turned away from tetsu and took a long drag of his cigarette and then it hit him. He started coughing roughly hacking up flem as he hunched over the table and dropped the cigarette into a nearby ash tray. He looked up a Tetsu and said," Sorry about that taking it up as a new habit, anyway can i help you with anything Tetsu?" He called him by name remembering it from when Donnie introduced them the other day. He looked up at the man who wasnt much older than him by the looks of it. He studied the mans face noting his eyes were a bit more flush then a normal persons. Tetsu sure seemed to get drunk quicker then most people. Maybe this could be a good opportunity to get some information about himself out of him. Ryuzakii brought the cigarette back up to his lips and waited for tetsu to answer him.-

" I believe you now...."

Pallas: -Even though Kaori called it ‘guy time’ he was really just doing some recon about something that can be a potential threat to him. If Keyome was buffing himself up then maybe this Thomas Flint guy is the real deal. He then looked over to see that his prodigy Ryu was sitting in a personal booth alone…with a drunk..Tetsu…Donnie face palms hard at the image of that and thinks to himself-‘This kid…’-He then takes a glance at Isa who is hanging out with some other child? Or tiny adult? One of the two. But on a closer glance, she did look kind of familiar. He scratched at his Mohawk about it but then shrugged it off. That is when he noticed that his girls had wondered off to a table near the bar. Donnie began to walk over to them and sat down next to Kaori. When he sat down he had just got to the part of their conversation where Kaori now has to explain why this was an adult playground. He laughs a bit under his breathe and thinks to himself-‘Once again, I thank god for something haha. Thank you for not having her ask me these questions hahaha.’- He then looked at Kaori with that sarcastic face that says-“Well she is waiting for your answer.”-As the hours passed they all enjoyed a good time. Donnie tried his best to keep the naughtiness of the club away from Anna. Even if they were in a hurricane he was trying to at least be somewhat responsible with her. That is when everything came to a blur. Donnie’s mind went blank. His Cybernetic Systems went into an almost shut down. Donnie’s body was trying to fight against the mind games of Thomas Flint. Donnie’s mind would be completely blank. His mind would show nothing but a blank void. Then Donnie’s mind would bring up the alert saying-“System Restart.”-Donnie was best protected against mind manipulations in his Nano Suit but his defense against mind games is up to par when in his normal state. When being infiltrated his mind will pick up on these things and re-boot his systems. But because of his lack of protection, this process takes longer. Keyome would walk over to Donnie as that punch comes for him. Right as the fist was coming for his head, Donnie’s left hand would rise from his side and catch Keyome’s fist. (And at that moment this song began to play Donnie’s head slowly rose up to face Keyome and Donnie said-“Good day sunshine.”-Donnie then activated his Second skin as his body slowly turns red and black. Then wires shoot out of his back and wrap around his entire body as he still holds onto Keyome’s fist. Then the Vibranium and Carbonadium liquid quickly covers his body and hardens to form the Nano Suit. All in all this only takes three seconds to complete. Donnie then says to Keyome in his voice which is slightly more robotic when the suit is on-“I know what happened…I believe you now.”-He was referring to the fact that he underestimated this Thomas Flint character beforehand. But if someone has the abilities to do what he did tonight, was not to be fucked with. Donnie then walked over to where the door was giving way. Even in his tranced state his technology recorded the conversation that Keyome and Thomas had. Donnie was angered at the fact that this man tried to kill them all in one quick shot. But this wasn’t the time to just go chasing after him, he had to do something he never thought he would do in his life. He stood in front of the doorway looking at it as the water seeped through. He then said to Keyome as his eyes never left the door.-“Promise me…that if I don’t come out of here…you will take care of Kaori and Anna…”-As he said that, his palms began to light up as they began to change up. The door began to crack a bit more as the door looked to be giving way. Donnie looked down at his palms and then slid his right foot back to give himself a stronger base. He then said to Keyome-“Get these people out of here…I can hold this wall of water off you guys for as long as you need…just get everyone out of here…”-The wall then began to lean inward almost ready to give in. Donnie looked at Keyome and then back at the door as he raised his palms up to the door and said-“If this is the last time we ever face eye to eye…just know, I never really hated you…in another life…we could have been brothers…See ya in Hell Tasanagi.”-The wall then gave in as a titalwave of water came rushing inward. Donnie’s palme burst with a release of Plasma Energy to create a large shield across the entire room. The pressure of the massive body of water crashing into the energy shield causes Donnie’s body to slide back a few feet. But Donnie’s sheer strength in the Nano Suit held him up against this large ocean coming into the shield. Donnie would yell out to Keyome-“Get these fucking people out of here Keyome!”-Donnie kept his hands out as this mass of water easily weighed over some tons. And it continued to just pile on from the outside as it got heavier and heavier. Donnie’s suit was doing its job to an amazing scale. He thinks to himself-“Anna…Kaori…I do this for you….and yes even for you…Tasanagi.”-He then takes a step forward as he tries to push the water back out of the building. His Energy Shield battled against the heavy ocean that flowed into him as it took all his strength just to take a few steps. His screen began to show the Energy Shields defense was steadily decreasing. He thought to himself-“Dammit…willpower…this shield will exist as long…as I WILL IT TOO!”-The shield then got a surge of strength as his willpower gave it even more power to hold back this attack. By now Keyome should have gotten the bunch of them out of here and into a safe location away from the area. Donnie thought to himself-“Ok Donnie…you’ve gotten out from worse than this…let’s have a miracle.”-Donnie then retracted the shield as it quickly came back into his palms. The giant wave came crashing down on hip. His body quickly got engulfed in the wave as it spun him around in the water like a ragdoll. His body collided with object in the lower floors of the club. Tons of pressure had come down on his Nano Suit body as the water quickly fills up the lower levels of the club. Donnie’s body slowly disappeared in the giant amount of water. The water also brings down parts of the wall as a pure nature destruction washes over Club Lahana. Has The Armored Warrior been lost?-

I offered Nami a smile as she got my drink. “Thank you..Nami.” I took the glass and brought it to my lips and took a sip. The liquid was sour on the way down. Ohhhhh goodness it was sour but it tasted good on the way down. Time seemed to fly by, I was on my…3rd  or was it my 4th vodka martini….I lost track. It just seemed to go by in a blur. What was going on? I downed my……..who the hell cared? I downed my drink and finally decided to get up and dance with a complete stranger. Something in the back of my mind would buzz. Surely couldn’t have been the drinks already? Wow, I do not have a Geisha’s iron guy. *hahahaha I need more to drinkkk* everyone was having their fun, doing whatever they were doing. I was dancing my time away. Living, breathing, no cares in the world. Not knowing that I was put under a mind manipulation. Nothing was real. All of this wasn’t real. Hahahahaha but everything was fun here. Who the hell cared! *JOLT OF PAIN to the face* I jumped up with a shudder at….what the hell being hit? “What the god’s green earth was that for?!” It came out of my mouth without me even thinking. GOD that hurt! I shot up off the couch and looked around. *SPLASH, SPLASH SPLASH* I looked down and saw the water as I blinked and looked around in a haze. My head felt hallow….what….what was going on? I looked to Keyome first, something echoed in my head that occurred earlier two days ago. That a Thomas Flint would go after Donnie first? Then...just before this, I had to look all around me, my glance fell upon Donnie shouting at Keyome to get everyone out, he was holding back a large amount of water from coming into the building. It caused me to blink a few times. I thought we were safe in here? I tried to speak calmly to Keyome my eyes still hazy from whatever I was put under. “Keyome…Lets do what Donnie says… we need to get the people out of here…and now…” My glance looked over to Donnie. Something dragged at my heart…It was a personal struggle to watch people give up their lives but they wanted to protect those precious to them. I looked at Keyome and gave him a push. “Let’s go! Donnie’s sacrifice won’t be for anything!” If anyone looked at me, they could see a slight change, a determination now. That I would be DAMNED to let this be my grave, I waved my hand in front of those few people who were conscious and told them where to go, they nodded, but those who were unable to move due to being under some type of spell I snapped my fingers as I looked them over. The able bodied people took those unable to do things for themselves and helped each other out. It was unseeable (spelling? ) to the naked eye. But those trained to see it were able to see the change around me. The very air around me seemed to take on a tint of white color, but faintly. I was unaware to this, I made sure that everyone got to their desired location, which was the bunker within the club that was located in the office of the club. Once everyone was safe I made sure everyone was sitting comfortably. Head checked…20 people. I nodded my head. I quickly ran out to see if I had missed anyone else, Anna and Nami were in the room with those able to help. The only people not in the room yet was….Keyome, Donnie, Kaori and myself. I partially sprinted down from the office and down the steps, skipping three at a time. Until I reached Keyome taking his arm, “Come on, everyone is in the room..we need to get in there now.” By this time hopefully Kaori was awake; I looked to determination and urgency written all over my face. “Kaori, Anna is in the room. We need to get in there now. And I mean right now. Please.” It seeped through my words of how important it was we needed to move, and move now. I looked up to Keyome again and if he knew the importance in this, he’d listen. I looked over to Donnie now as I finally shouted at him. “Don’t you die on us too! It wouldn’t be fair after all! You are a self proclaimed flying super-man after all!” I gave him a smart ass smile I’d hope it give him the incentive to stay alive., I had already taken Zero’s death, personal. To lose Donnie after revealing that Zero was the one that saved me, I couldn’t  forgive myself if we just left him to deal with the waves. But, it was his choice. Like a wise person told me…You can lead a horse to water. But you can’t make the horse drink the water. (HAHAHA water…drink…you think we have enough :3 ) If they listened to me. I would lead them to the bunker that was in the office, of course I knew where the bunker was (lol << >> ) Hajime was so proud of this club, of his Kagemaru background, he showed me little secrets. Being this was one, I knew where to go. Leading them into the bunker where the 20 plus Anna and Nami were. I turned and went to close the door and turned the wheel quickly, the mechanism spinning then locking into place. As I tightened it into place. Could call it a miracle that the door was locked when it did, the crash of the wave rattled and shook the building. **CRASH!!** The building shook everyone seemed to scream and hold onto one another as the lights flickered ***CRASH, SPLASH CRASH!!*** I had turned around and pressed my back against the door and lowered my head trying to keep positive thoughts in my head. The lights flickered, turned off for a few minutes then turned back on. Everyone in the room seemed to be filled with panic one way or another, but I stared at the floor waiting for the sound of calmness to settle again.

DarlKeyome: That Ryu Kid I had him over my shoudler when Donnie spoke out to me and my face went pale.... I knew what he'd try to do... “....No... Dont you.. tch... Dont you go trying to pla-” He'd shout at me to move... Isabel shouting at me to c'mon... Donnie knew... that no matter how many times he does things to his body... something like this could ultimately kill him with this much pressure. How can ones ego go so far... to they'd put there lives in danger... or maybe this is what he meant. When he told me back in the GMAF... that he was fighting for something. Other than himself. “ GOT DAMMIT! DOES YOUR EGO HAVE NO BOUNDS!? YOUR REALLY ABOUT TO OFF YOURSELF IN SOME ATTEMPT TO SAVE EVERYONEE DONT BE A HERO! IT'S NOT WORTH IT WHY EVEN DO IT! WE DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS WE CAN ALL MAKE IT BACK NOW WHY ARE YOU DOING THIISS!?!?” The walls cracked and before I knew it, it began to flood in from the sides... All this strength. And im still helpless... still not able to protect everyone. He reminded me of Haji. That day when He protected those he could with me... when Danchou shot this place up. He played hero too... everyone got to be a hero! I glanced over at Isa.. she called him Superman...Superman huh... I heaved the boy onto my shoulder. “ Fine!... GOT DAMMIT FINE!” I pulled him along now running along with Isabel and the others as we all ran to the bunkers... how the hell did she know where it was...i'd kill Haji if he were here right now. After we were all in... I sat down in the corner of the room like I did before sliding my fingers through my hair as I listened to the waves finally cave in and take the place over. “...Strength. Power. It all means Nothing in the end...” I sighed and placed the cigeratte into my mouth lighting it and making sure to exhale out my nose. “.... Thomas... i'll kill you for this.... ill kill you...” I said to myself as I closed my eyes. My hands slid down to my side... and thats when I opened my eyes. I had the paw print that the tribal women had left upon my body.. so that was real... but. Ahhhh.. whatever. It doesnt matter now anymore. “ Everyone...” I said standing to my feet and looking over everyone. “ Please... dont panic The storm will be over soon no doubt... and the city will be drained... just relax chill till its over...” I said still trying to be a leader. I looked out of the window in the bunker staring out at the night sky as the winds raged on. “.... Superman huh...”

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