Meeting a new Hero

·         AlessandraSkar: Standing against the wall in an alley behind Club Lahana, Kaori Gin Masumoto raised her burning cigarette to her plush pink lips, took in a long drag, and exhaled it with a deep sigh. Satisfaction rolled over her as the thick, white cloud of smoke surrounded her whole head, completely blocking her face from sight until the cool night breeze blew it away. On either side of her, a few ruffians and street thugs were having casual conversations, some looking over in her direction with dirty gazes that she could read all too well. 'Don't even think about it. I'll rip your fucking balls off.' She thought silently as her mixed blue and green eyes flickered over to meet such gazes, simply rolling them in annoyance when one of the guys whistled at her. She peeled herself from the brick wall and turned to head back into the night club through the back door, dumping her cigarette into a trashcan beside the door once she was inside. The music and lights flooded her senses as they had been doing so earlier and she found herself bobbing her head up and down almost subconsciously as she walked behind the bar. “My shifts up, guys. I'm heading out.” She stated carelessly as she passed by her co-workers – one male and one female bartender who waved goodbye to her in response. She didn't bother with a goodbye, however. She wasn't very good at goodbyes. Someone had taught her that a long time ago. Someone she really cared about. She took a deep breath as she grabbed a bottle of Smirnoff from behind the counter that she'd been saving for the end of her shift, leaving through the front exit of the club. Her red Suzuki was parked out front. She popped the cap off of her Smirnoff bottle, took a swig, and swung one leg over the two-wheeled vehicle, settling herself comfortably onto the seat. Keying the ignition, she kicked up the sidestand with the heel of her black, leather combat boots, gripped one handle bar tightly with one hand and took off onto the main road. On this side of Kasaihana where cops were the absolute lousiest, underpaid sons of guns, Kaori could definitely get away with speeding down the road like her own safety and the safety of others didn't matter. Within a time span of about 30 seconds, the bike accelerated to a speed of 120mph, which was dangerous to drive with one hand on the bars and the other hand holding a bottle of alcohol. But, as usual, Kaori couldn't give less of a shit about the law than she already did. Zig-zagging her way through moving traffic, she tipped her head back and finished the rest of the Smirnoff, carelessly tossing the bottle over her shoulder without even looking back to see where it was going. A second later, she heard the sound of glass shattering, followed by the screeching of tires, loud screams, and then a loud crash. “Oopsies.” She muttered under her breath, not having to take a glance to know that she'd just caused a car accident with a single bottle of alcohol. She reached her apartment complex within a matter of minutes, parking the Suzuki in front of her building and killing the engine. She lifted her left leg over the bike behind her, tossing her keys up and down in her palm as she then made her way up a flight of stairs to the second floor where her apartment was. She was just flipping her keys over between her fingers in preparation to unlock the front door, when it suddenly swung open without warning, causing her to suck in a breath and nearly stumble backwards with a start. “You're back, Masumoto-chan!” A cheery, female voice exclaimed from the doorway and Kaori simply sighed and rolled her eyes in response. It'd been many, many days since the tournament took place. She didn't win unfortunately, and her fight with that Keyome guy had put her in the hospital for a couple of days to recoop from several injuries. When the hospital finally released her, they sent something called a Cydroid GTS 21, which was basically a cyborg-like creation with the characteristics of both a human and a robot. The purpose of the Cydroid is to serve and protect the patient from any further harm over the course of several months, just to ensure that injuries and other issues have truly healed. This one just happened to be a feminine bot that was given a cheery school girl personality and there was nothing on the planet that could annoy Kaori more. “Why are you still here, Iara?” Kaori asked lowly while entering her apartment. The scent of oatmeal raisin cookies immediately wafted into her nostrils from the kitchen, causing her to frown. “And what the hell were you doing?” The Cydroid known as Iara or Cydroid Model 316 giggled as she shut the door and went skipping passed Kaori to get to the kitchen before her. Her little white, mechanical hands pulled open the oven and revealed an entire pan of freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies, about a dozen in all. Kaori simply stood there in the doorway of the kitchen, blinking her eyes repeatedly. “According to my programming,” Iara pulled the pan out of the oven and set it on the stove, fanning her mechanical hand over the cookies to clear the smoke. “I'm here to protect you from acquiring any further injuries and provide various services such as cooking, cleaning, laundry--” “Yeah, yeah. You're like a goddamn house maid with guns attached to your arms. I get that already.” Kaori rudely cut her off, taking a cookie off of the pan and helping herself to a bite. “I just don't know how many times I have to tell you and those goddamn doctors that I don't need protection from a robot who's only half my height.” Iara giggled again as she made her way over to the refrigerator and looked around inside for a carton of milk. “My size has nothing to do with my strengths, Masumoto-chan. I am still built with internal weaponry that can be summoned at any desired moment. Can you do that, Masumoto-chan?” Iara tilted her head with that childish grin of hers, her dark gray hair falling over her the bare part of her shoulders where she appeared to have a human's skin complexion, but the skin itself was made entirely of metal. Kaori turned to face her, frowning deeply. “I don't need built-in lasers, kid. I have these guns right here.” She balled her hands into tight fists and lifted them up in front of her as if she was about to box someone. “Don't you forget it.” Iara giggled again as she skipped over to the cabinet and pulled out a glass, pouring the milk into it and holding it out to Kaori. “For you, Masumoto-chan. It's full of calcium for strong, healthy bones which you're going to need if we both want to find that hidden laboratory we researched. Speaking of which, I've preserved the important data in my cybernet storage capacity for you to access at any time.” Kaori nodded once and took the glass of milk from Iara's mechanical hand, leaning back against the stove top as she took a sip. It tasted a bit odd seeing as how she'd had an entire bottle of Smirnoff just minutes before and the taste still lingered in her mouth a bit. “Located in Old New York, right?” Kaori asked just to be sure she had the information right. Iara nodded her head, the high-pitched buzzing of the mechanisms in her neck audibly heard. “Precisely, Masumoto-chan. But you never told me why we are going to find this place.” Kaori went silent for a moment, using the back of her hand to wipe the trail of milk off of her upper lip. “There are really bad men in there, Iara.” She answered softly, looking off into the distance. “Bad men who think they're gods. Who think they can just abuse the field of science for their own sick pleasure.” Iara blinked at that, her head tilting. “I don't believe I know what you mean, Masumoto-chan.” She frowned slightly. Kaori simply turned toward the stove, lowering her head as she rested her palms against the warm surface. Her hair had grown far past her shoulders since the last time she'd cut it weeks before the tournament, and now the wavy, sea green tresses collapsed beautifully against either side of her face, blocking the little Cydroid from seeing any emotion on Kaori's tired features. Her eyes fell shut and almost immediately, she was seeing those despicable images of her procedures, hearing those voices, seeing those faces, feeling the pain that she could never forget. “And I have to punish them before they end up hurting more people...than just me.” She whispered those last words as her eyes fluttered back open slowly. “Iara, set your GPS tracker for Old New York. We need to get this over with as quickly as possible. It's not the safest trip we're about to make.” Iara's eyes seemed to widen and go blank as her internal computer functions began processing the requested information. “According to the data I'm receiving, you have to have special permission in order to step foot into Old New York. A barcode of some kind. I'm seeing that only certain people have access to it.” Kaori tapped her nails against the stove top. She knew that this was where her criminal mind was going to have to take over, and she was going to let it work its magic with no holds barred. 'That's right.' She thought silently to herself. 'Because its not a place you can just open a door and walk into. It's literally across another dimension...some shit like that...' Her gaze flickered about for a moment, before she turned to face the Cydroid. “We're going to find that gate. And we're going to find a way to get in. You just focus on getting me in the right direction. Understood?” She ordered, then marched off to her bedroom to get dressed for the trip.

·         PallasPallas : -After the battle against Dr. Wright, Donnie had been knocked out on the sandy shores of Old New York. His suit pretty banged up from the blasts. After an hour or so of lying there, he slowly comes too. He slowly raises his right hand and retracts the helmet into the chestplate of his suit. The mushroom cloud still over the skies of Old New York, only getting bigger. Donnie slowly tries to stand up but does not have the strength to do so. He looks into the sky and says to himself-"Am I...going to die here?"-It would almost look as if it were going to happen. Then a shadow is seen over his body. His eyes barely make out the image as he thinks to himself-'Theres no way Wright lived through that blast."'-Then the shadow comes closer and reveals the body of a man. An older looking gentleman but has a suprisingly buffer exterior than you would regularly see with older men. ( The man looks at Donnie and says-"Shit son, you look like hell."-The man then went into a pocket of his and grabbed what looked to be a remote. He clicks a few buttons and then a gerney like figure rolls over to them. The old man uses all his strength to just roll Donnie onto the machine as he was a fourth of a ton in that suit. Donnie slowly comes in and out of consiousness as the old man rolls him into what looks to be another abandoned building. Suprisinly it was still standing after such a blast. DOnnie was confused as to why this building was able to be up after everything that had happened. Finally, they come to a stop when they reach what looks to be a medical room. Donnie says to the old man-"What are you doing to me?"- The old man then says-"I'm saving your life."-Donnie looked at his wounds and wondered why the Super Serum wasn't healing him at all. What had happened to him? The old man sticks a needle in DOnnie's arm and takes blood out for testing. Donnie thought to himself-'How was the needle able to get through my skin? What is going on here?'-The old man puts the blood sample under a microscope and says-"Look at this."-He then projects the image of DOnnie's blood and this causes Donnie's eyes to open widely. He said out loud-"Its...It's gone."-The Super Serum that was traveling through his veins for the ast two years have been removed from his body. But how could this have happened? This question would have to be answered later as the old man was moving on to the next thing. Donnie was slowly dying and needed something quick to repair his body. The old man grabs a large needle from his lab area and tells DOnnie-"Now I am going to inject you with a modified techno-organic virus to save your life."-When Donnie is injected with this virus, this causes his body and the armor to fuse together, allowing him to store the inner layers of the Nano Suit armor in the hollows of his bones as well as control it through direct brain impulses. The Nanotech inside of the injection flow through his body as he becomes one with Armor. The old man says to Donnie-"This injection will link you and the armor together. You will become one with this weapon."-As the injection is made, it sends DOnnie into a world of pain as he screams out in pain. As this happene he asked the old man-"Who the hell are you? And how do you even know of this kind of technology?..."-The Old Man then said-"You aren't the first person to try and make a Armor Suit young man. I have tried as well."-DOnnie's eyes opened wide as the pain was enough to knock him out again. The old man put his hand on Donnie's chest and then walked out of the room. What was going to happen next?-

·         AlessandraSkar: The Suzuki was speeding through the streets well over a hundred miles an hour once again and this time, Kaori didn't have a bottle of alcohol in her hand to make the drive more interesting. A lit cigarette tucked between two soft pink lips was enough for her, however, along with the feeling of the wind blowing through her long, sea green hair. She was dressed in her favorite off-the-shoulder black sweaters which fit loosely over her upper body. Below that, a pair of high-waisted denim shorts worn over printed fishnets fit tightly around her legs and backside. Though it would have been snazzy to stick her feet into a pair of heels, she had to keep in mind that this little mission of hers wasn't going to be a walk down the runway. So she kept the footwear simple and wore her black combats instead, although the thought of ruining them lingered in her mind. About three feet above her, the Cydroid maneuvered through the air with the aid of a pair of built-in metallic wings that used high-thrust repulsors to project flight so it looked like streaks of blue light were trailing behind her small frame. “We're coming up on our next turn, Masumoto-chan.” She reminded Kaori as they neared a busy intersection. Kaori's eyes darted left and right as she monitored the flow of traffic, the lights from nearby cars and billboards glaring across the lenses of her Raybans. She quickly leaned her body to the left which was the direction where Iara had told her to go, the Suzuki leaning with her as it made the turn. “We're gonna make a little detour, if you don't mind.” Kaori replied after the motorcycle was back on a straight path. “Where are we going?” Iara asked from above, her arms lined with her sides as she weaved through the air in a slight zig-zagging pattern. Without answering her, Kaori made a right turn and pulled up into a mechanic's garage. The engine roared loudly within the walls of the garage as slightly started auto specialists looked up at her with frowned expressions. Kaori stomped her right foot to the ground as she jerked on the handle bars, causing the Suzuki to spin in the spot where she stopped it with a loud screech. “Kuro, she's got guns!” Someone shouted and Kaori didn't wait a single second to react, reaching toward her hips and snatching out both pistols that were holstered there, aiming them straight ahead where the four men were currently working on a wrecked SUV. “Calm your tits, grease monkey.” She said in a low, demanding tone. “If the four of you punks cooperate with me, no one has to die here tonight.” Floating above her, Iara looked around worriedly. “Um...Masumoto-chan? You didn't tell me about this phase of the plan.” She spoke in a fearful tone. “Shut up.” Kaori growled, keeping her eyes on the four men. “I'm looking for someone who works here. They call him Le'Beau.” The four men held their hands up at the sight of the loaded pistols aimed at them, two out of the four visibly shaking in fear. “We know who he is.” One of them answered. “But why do you have to point the guns at us? We can just go get him for you.” Kaori let her eyes examine each man before her. They were all middle-aged and dressed in dirty, ragged jeans and undershirts like a couple of ruffians. “Well, that's easy.” She began and the clicking of the guards were heard after her voice. “Because I don't need you boys leaving out of here to tell folks about our little encounter.” And with that, she opened fire, planting several bullets through the heads of each man. Iara squealed as blood spurted from their skulls and they landed one on top of the other in a pile of dead flesh, blood quickly pooling beneath them. “Le'Beau!” Kaori shouted for the entire garage to hear. “Did you hear that, Le'Beau!? You're next if you don't get out here, you son of a bitch!” Her eyebrows lifted when she then heard the sound of slow clapping, glancing over her shoulder in time to see a tall, male figure literally emerge from a corner of the large room, appearing out of the shadow that had been hiding him throughout the entire show. He was rather thin and lanky, pale as if he'd never seen a speck of sunlight, and his thin black hair had grown down to his shoulders. “I should've known you'd never get over that violent streak of yours.” He spoke in a tone of amusement as he dared to stroll toward the bike. Kaori swung herself off of the Suzuki and turned to face him, pointing both pistols at his forehead. “I need to get into Old New York.” Kaori cut straight to the chase. “And you're the only person I can think of who can get me access into a place like that.” Le'Beau turned his head to spit a wad of brownish liquid onto the floor before tilting his head to give Kaori a smirk. “Y'know,” He chuckled darkly. “You're kinda cute when you get all bossy. Makes me get these naughty images of you in my head.” Kaori rolled her eyes at him. “Le'Beau, cut the bull shit before I blow your fucking brains out, okay?” She snarled at him in total disgust. Le'Beau chuckled again. “Then how will you get the bar code to get inside Old New York, darling?” He cooed, reaching out to pinch one of her cheeks. “I'll tell you a little of that gorgeous skin of yours and we can talk about that illegal stuff later. How's that sound?” Kaori dropped her left arm to aim at his foot and pulled the trigger. A loud bang followed by Le'Beau's cry of agony echoed through the garage, causing Iara to put her hands over her mouth. “Your mouth has gotten your dumbass into a lot of trouble over the years, Le'Beau.” She growled at him, aiming both weapons at the top of his head now while he was sitting on the floor, holding his bleeding foot. “Now, spare me the dirty talk and give me the bar codes...whatever the hell it is that I need. Hurry the hell up!” Le'Beau lifted his head to look at her, his face twisted into a furious expression. “It's not like a code you find stamped on a goddamn milk carton, you psychotic--” Kaori shoved the gun against his skull before he could finish that sentence, which probably would have upset her to the point of killing him if he'd continued. “Then what is it? Tell me!” She demanded. “Fine, fine!” Le'Beau grunted loudly as the metal barrel practically dug into his head. “It's a tattoo that only the Yakuza have on their arms!” Kaori's eyes widened at that. “What!?” She raised her voice even louder than it already was. “Well, how the fuck am I supposed to get that?!” At that, Le'Beau expression melted from its mixture of pain and anger to a look of amusement. “Well since you came all the way out here guns blazing, I won't let your time and energy go to waste.” He began to stand, stumbling a bit on his bloody foot, grunting in pain as he kept his mischievous smirk. “I can get you into Old New York.” He said once he was at his full height which was well over six feet, tilting his head sideways as he gazed down at Kaori, daring to gently stroke her cheek with the backs of his knuckles. “But there will be a pretty price to pay, my dear.”

·         Pallas: -After an hour os so of being unconsious, Donnie slowly wakes back up. His body no longer in pain. He sees that he is still wearing his GangBuster Nano Suit and notices that some of the pieces are ripped off from the blast. Donnie gets up from the table and walks around the room. It looks like a hospital room, no different then the ones in kasaiHana. He opens the door that the old man walked into and looks inside the next room. This room was suprising to see as it was just a normal living room. Just a couch, a tv, some lamps, and windows. It was shocking to go from a hospital setting and BAM! a living room. When he looks around, the old man is not seen. The tv is on a static channel that is just showing white noise. After a few moments, the old man walks into the rom from another door and says to Donnie-"So you are finally awake aye. That's good to see that the Pada Virus is well within your system."-Donnie moves his arms around like a stretch and asks-"What exactly did you do to me?"-The Old man sits down on his couch and begins to explain what the Pada Virus is.-"Back in the end of the war, I created the Pada Virus. It was a virus that send thousands of Nano-machines inside of your body. Not like the shitty versions you see today in KasaiHana. These Nano-Machines were perfect. What they turn you into a cyborg. Not like the sense of bleep bloop Im a robot kind of cyborg...but a perfect being. A machine in the body of a human. But you are something special. See I have been watching you for some time. You have inspired me to get back to working. To make the perfect Pada Virus. And your fight with that man in the other Suit gave me the perfect opportunity to do this. Your body could only go so far with the NanoSuit technology. But you are the perfect human. Your suit is now apart of your body. You can put the suit you are wearing back into your body as if it were nothing. You can do endless things with the NanoSuit now. Alls you need is the training to do so."-He stands up and says to Donnie-"Use your mind right now to put the suit back into your skin."-Donnie then focuses his mind and visualizes the suit folding up and going back into his body as if it were just a second skin to him. Then he slowly opens his eyes to see that what he visualized actually happened. He only had his regular training clothes underneath his armor and the old man said-"You will have to wear normal clothes fom now on everytime you ut the Suit on. But once you get the hang of will wonder how you ever lived life without this virus."-

·         AlessandraSkar: Kaori's lips pursed tightly together in anger and frustration, rather surprised that the fucking sewer lizard had the nerve to name a deal with her while she had two loaded, smoking guns pressed against his skull with the power to paint his bloody guts all over the damned walls of the garage. “Fine.” She at last released a deep sigh and took a step back, flipping her pistols over her index fingers once before shoving them back into their holsters. He must have been so calm because either he knew he could worm his way out of this situation or get her exactly what she wanted. Either way, he was one brave soul and a tough man to take a bullet to the foot and still stand like he ran the turf. “What kinda price are you naming here, Le'Beau?” Kaori had a cautious eye on him as she asked the question. Having known this man since they were both young teenagers, she knew he was the one who always had the most creative tricks up his sleeve. The other street kids would call him Loki because of his sneaky and mischievous ways. He simply lowered his head with a brief chortle, deciding to wave away the question. “In due time, darling. In due time.” He answered simply. Kaori narrowed her eyes at him, making sure she kept her right hand on its designated weapon just in case. If he named a price that she wasn't willing to pay, she was going to kill him on the spot. Or just beat him within an inch of his life. Yeah, that usually worked. Le'Beau turned his back on her, another bold move on his part, and walked off toward the back of the shop. Kaori gave a head gesture toward Iara before following him. “Protect the entrance. This garage is ours. Understand?” She'd whispered to the Cydroid. They walked over to a large table in the back of the garage where several tools, manuals, papers, and other items were strewn in a muddle all over the steel surface. Le'Beau fished through the items on the table, moving things around in rapid motions before locating what appeared to be a small, black flash light. He turned to face Kaori after finding the flash light, lifting his left hand and turning it so that his wrist was exposed between the both of them. “I am the only one who has ever stolen a bar code for the gates.” He hissed proudly as he held the flash light over his wrist without clicking it on. “A micro-cam enabled me to snap a picture of the arm of a Yakuza while he was trying to unlock the gates himself and I got in rather easily with a high-definition zooming feature. With that photo now imprinted with the micro-cams storage, I came all the way back here and copied the image onto my own skin with a specialized invisible ink that can only be view with this infrared light.” With that, he pressed a small button on the back of the flash light and aimed the small, greenish beam at his wrist. Kaori's eyes widened as she spotted the glowing, greenish ink on Le'Beau's skin, but it was hard to make out the shape since the shop's ceiling lights were on above them. “Le'Beau,” She spoke just barely above a whisper. “You fucking demon, how did you get this?” Her brows furrowed deeply as her head snapped up to look at him. “Do you realize how much trouble you'd be in if a Yakuza were to find out that you stole this from them? You'd be sent to six different countries in six different body bags when they're done with you, dipshit.” Le'Beau only laughed softly. “Oh, but that lurking sense of danger is what thrills me to no end, Kaori. You of all people should know how that feels.” He grinned down at her, a brow arching to add onto that menacing look of his. Kaori took a step back. “'re right about that.” She nodded once with a sigh. “But how do I know the scanner's gonna read invisible ink?” Le'Beau clicked off the flash light and tossed it over his shoulder onto the table behind him. “Because it worked when I actually tried it.” He stated. “Now, what you probably DIDN'T know was the amount of intricate technology I had to steal and refurbish in order to print the exact and PRECISE copy of the bar code onto my skin. Perhaps, I shouldn't reveal that much information until I'm ready to use it on you. Don't won't hurt too bad. You'll only scream in agony for...just a few minutes.” Kaori snarled at him again, then glanced over her shoulder at Iara who waved at her all the way from the garage door. “I'll tell ya what, slinky.” She started, her fingers coiling around the handle of the pistol strapped to her right thigh. Le'Beau was able to spot her movements right when she was doing them, but his body couldn't react in time before she suddenly whipped the firearm clean out into the open and aimed for his shoulder. BANG! His entire body seemed to freeze and a split second later, the sound of something dropping to the floor was heard. They both looked down at the exact same time, only to spot Le'Beau's severed limb lying beside his foot. Le'Beau's breath was shuddering in absolute shock as he lifted his gaze back up at Kaori who was smirking deviously at him. “What did those gangbangers use to call you, Le'Beau?” She arched a brow at him, strutting up to him seductively as she twirled her pistol around her index finger. “Was it Loki? The God of Mischief and Lies?” By then, she was in his face, tracing the tip of her nail along his jaw line, then pushing it up to close his gaping mouth. “Well,” She chuckled darkly as if to mock him. “I don't see any gods around here. Do you?” Le'Beau was simply staring down at her, his eyes and mouth twitching as veins bulged along the sides of his neck and face as if at any given moment, he would explode like an atomic bomb. He was as still as a statue with minor muscle twitches here and there, but Kaori quickly put an end to that, lifting the drawn pistol up between their close bodies and pressing the tip of the barrel directly under his chin. “I'll see you in darling.” She whispered before pulling the trigger. “Oh my!” Iara seemed to gasp as she watched Le'beau's head explode into a mess of blood and gore, his headless body collapsing into a lifeless heap a second later. “Iara, let's move!” Kaori bent down to grab the arm, pivoting on her heel and running for her Suzuki. Along the way she turned her head and saw about three large propane tanks sitting near the SUV where the four dead men were once working. She jumped onto the motorcycle, aimed her pistol at the tanks and fired. The very second the bullets touched tank one: BOOM! Kaori sped the Suzuki out of the garage and Iara propelled herself into the air with her repulsor wings just as the entire place went up in roaring flames, both moving bodies traveling at about 165mph. 'Next stop...Old New York.' Kaori thought to herself as she clipped her cigarette between two fingers and removed it from between her lips to exhale a cloud of smoke, tucking it back in to take another drag.

·         Pallas: -DOnnie listens to what the old man is saying and then asks him-"So you were an important person during the war?"-The Old Man then replies by saying-"Yes I was. And I would have been a success in KasaiHana, but I chose to stay here in Old New York because...Nevermind that. So we should discuss ways for you to properly use the Suit technology now that it is linked with you as one. You are the Suit now. Things you can do when only in the suit can now be done with your normal person."-Donnie asks-"That would be just the technology portion of it right? haha I won't be firing missiles out of my fingertips anytime soon will I? haha"-The Old Man laughs and then says-"No Son, you will be able to do things on a machine level. You will connect into communications systems such as satellites, phones, and computers through your own mind. The entire NanoSuit operating system is now within your body. Soon we may be able to unlock new things for this system."-Donnie likes the idea of always having the Suit on himself. It saves time from having to always take it on and off with outside machinery. But then Donnie asks-"Am I more vulnerable when outside the suit? I used to always have the Super Serum to back me up...but now I won't have that."The Old Man then explains the perks he will have with this Pada Virus.-"Yes you have lost a lot because of the Nuclear Explosion. The radiation from your Plasma Blasts were enough to completely shatter the Gamma radiation within the Super SOldier serum within you. Because of that, the serum washed out of your system like a sickness. But...this new system may be just as good to your normal self. Being that you are a machine, you can do things that others cannot. You move swifter and faster more than a Peak Human. Your strength is at a Peak Human level. In a simple sense of everything...lets say a normal fighter is a level 1 on the fighting food chain. Then a Peak human is a level 2. A SUper Soldier is a level 4. Your Cybernetic being is between the Peak Human and Super Soldier at a solid level 3. You may not be as unstoppable as you once were, but now you will always have your strongest weapon at your disposal."-Donnie thinks about everything that has happened to him in this short time and has to thank the old man. Even if he loses his Super SOldier abilties, if he walked out of Old New York with nothing...he would have been the weakest of all the chairman. Something like that would have been taken advantage of by the other chairman. But now he can at least know that he is still the top gun. DOnnie raises his hand and thanks the old man.-"I'd be a deadman if it wasn't for your Pada Virus."-The old man shakes DOnnie's hand and says-"The names Osiris Grissum."-Both men smile at each other and then Donnie asks-"Will I be seeing you again?"-Osiris replies with-"Of course. If you ever want to learn more about that Pada Virus and hopefully expand it for the better haha. Come visit me from time to time and I will probably have something new for ya hahaha."-DOnnie laughs with him and says-"I'll be sure to come by more often then haha. See ya Osiris."-The two then part ways as DOnnie makes his way out of the abandoned building that is Osiris' home.-

Gods meet again

·         XxDensukexX: Tetsu’s growth has come quite the long way. He’s been with hideo for only a full week and already has plenty to show for it, including a new technique, and style he developed known as “Power Fist”. In principle its similar to Jeet Kun Do or mixed martial arts in general, but has noted sequences, and ways of doing things. Hideo aslo thought Tetsu the “Power Fist” in general, his new favorite attack move. Tetsu packed his things, and placed his clothes in his bag. He then suited up in the gravity suit, and commanded that the Dark God armor encase his body, in which it did, and he would then step outside. Hideo told tetsu he had a good bye gift for him, but he wasn’t exactly sure what it may have been. Tetsu fluffed his hair out, he never really tailored to it anyway, and yet it still looked good on him. Tetsu’s body was in shape as usual, and he felt better than ever. He stepped outside to see hideo with his hands behind his back. Tetsu bowed and with his bag on his back, and his helmet tucked under his arm, he said “Thank you Master Hideo. This power….is exactly what I needed. I now understand my place in this vast world….as strange as it is.” Hideo nodded, and proclaimed “You’ve just obtained this power, but with your intelligence you could master it even quicker than I did young tetsu. Take these as a gift of gratitude.” Hideo pulls his hands from behind his back and reveals a pair of Trench Blades. The trench blades shine in the desert sunlight with a bright bright gleam shimmering off of them.” They’re Trench blades specificly tailored to your style of fighting. In case you come in contact with someone who has a bladed weapon you won’t be at a disadvantage. This is Adamantium. TRUE Adamantium. Very potent, but knowing who your father is, you should already know the properties. I don’t have much to give but…….I feel as though, giving these to you is the right thing to do.” Tetsu grabs hold of the blades, and grasp them tightly, slipping his fingers thorught he holes to see if they fit. Perfectly. They fit just right, and tetsu could feel the combinations that could blossom from these things. He bowed once more to hideo, saying “Thank you. I must go. And fuffill what I’m supposed to. I’ll bring you more Adamantium and a sample of Ragnainium, so we can begin work on the project as we discussed.” Hideo nods, and begins leveitating, crossing his legs in mid air. “Go. Leave this desert. And keep my location a secret.” Tetsu noded, and placed the Dark God helmet on his head. The systems were acting as they were supposed to and tetsu looked to the sky. He then squatted, as the air released from his boots, and then boosted off sright into the sky, and with a thunderous boom, dashed forward moving at Mach 2 this time. He wanted to get back to the city as soon as possible, and see his father and Asami. He did disappear for a while. Hopefully things couldn’t change that much in one week could they?

·         Pallas: -After leaving Osiris' house, Donnie walks outside to see that the mushroom cloud that was created by his Plasma blasts had begun to come down. It was shocking to see so much power behind an attack that a mushroom cloud of that magnitude was made. He looks down at the skin of his hands and also cannot believe that he is now linked to his Suit. The Perfect Weapon is now apart of him. He takes a deep breathe and focuses his energy and uses the Nanomachines to call his NanoSuit out. The grey metal slowly comes out from his skin and comes together to make the Perfect Weapon. His face brightens and he smiles as he watches the Suit form up around his body. The bright blue lights shine bright from within the Suit to show that it is 100% active and he is beyond excited by it.-"I am going to love having this haha."-He then activates the Plasma Power in his palms and boots to lift himslef into the sky. After he lifts himself about one hundred feet into the air, he activates the thrusters and moves towards the direction of the Main Gate of Old New York as he was ready to head back home. As he flies through the air, he sees all the destruction and mayhem that his fight causes and is half and half about all of it. He loves that he has the power to do things like this, but he is also worried about people trying to replicate such a power. If someone got this kind of weapon and wanted to use it for the wrong reasons, everything might go wrong. What if this fight had happened in District 2? Or District 1? How many people would hae died by the blasts? All these things pass through his mind and he grows more protective of this kind of power. His body flies through the skies when it picks up another signal from another flying craft. He thinks to himself-'Might as well try to see if I got the hang of this thing.'-He focuses his mind to this flying craft and tries to hack into the suit and use it to communicate with whoever is inside the craft.(Not trying to hack into your suit and take over it. He actually doesn't know that it is even you. Just trying to use his Hacking abilities to get into a P.A. system of the suit so the two can communicate.)-If the hacking was successful, Donnie would say into the P.A. system of the flying craft and say-"Hello random person who is flying in Old New York."-A simple greeting just to see if this person would say something back. Not knowing that the person inside the suit is someone he has already come to know and respect. Which is rather funny.-

·         XxDensukexX: Tetsu would continue his flight and think back on an explosion he had heard, prior earlier today. He paid it no attention however, as he was more so focused on getting his training together before he even thought to leave Hideos place. He figured since it’s Kasihana City, anything is more than likely explanible. However flying over Old New York tetsu sees the mushroom shaped cloud looming over the city. This was quite odd, as not to much technology in Kasihana city has this potential power at all to any means. A thing to investigate?.....Nah. Only if it came up to be in tetsu’s to do list, but it would probably be best if he memorized it for later. While flying Tetsu recives a notice from the suit, of an attempted hacking from an unidentified air craft. Tetsu didn’t know who’d actually attempt to hack into suit for anyreason, but after a breif pause, tetsu spoke a voice command. “Identify type” with this, the S.M.A.R.T tech helmet identified it was a simple voice gretting, or an attempt to communicate. Tetsu was weary, but decided to humor the person. “Allow communication.” With this command tetsu opened up his voice link only, but modified it so it wasn’t recognizable, giving it a deeper tone. Once the system took nessceary precuations, tetsu then stoped In mid flight, and listened to the person speak. Tetsu’s boots would emit a sublte hovering sound as he looked like he was praticly standing in mid air,as the sun gleamed off of his jet black armor. The voice sounded dead point familer. Tetsu recongnized it, but it seemed lighter than usual and not as menacing. Using his on point memory of all things, tetsu spoke with a surprise, keeping his voice disgused. “Your attempting to hack an unknown suit, eh Donnie? Some people like to keep their identities secret you know.” Should this voice link reach, it should be noted tetsu is simply attempting to bannor with Donnie, and not pesterize. Tetsu couldn’t reveal who he was, unless he wanted to let the world know he was the vilgilantie who’s comeback has yet to take place.

·         PallasPallas : -Upon hearing the responce to his greeting, Donnie laughs a bit. He says to himself-'Everyone's gotta be a secret now-a-days haha.'-He slows his Suit down to a stop as he points his boots and palms to the ground to keep his body levitating in the air. He then runs the mini-map on his screen to widen out so he gets a better view as to where this person is. He said he was in a suit so the only name that popped up in his mind was "Dark God." He notices that the voice is not the same as it was back when they had the Big Three meeting and he can only guess that the voice he is hearing now is just a front to keep his identity secret. He uses his mind that is now linked to the suit and sends an order to Alfred who is still active in the other electronics of his personal electronics. He says to Alfred through the mind-'Hey Al, it seems my friend here is using a voice changer to keep himself a secret. You mind de-crypting this message for me and then sending it back to me. I don't want to put this guys name on the sid of a billboard haha just want to be Sherlock Holmes and de-code the mystery that is "The Dark God" haha."-Alfed complies and takes the responce of what The Dark God says and begins to crack through the Voice Blocker as Donnie sends a reply back to The Dark God.-"I know how fun secrets can be. But it's so much more fun in finding out those secrets haha."-He then begins to go fishing for information.-"You know we missed you at the tournament. We could have used "The Dark God" in that final battle against Tanaban."-He would hope that his statement hooks him in to give up some info while Alfred words on breaking the Voice Blocker and showing the real voice behind "The Dark God." After the reply is sent to The Dark God suit, DOnnie begins to fly into the direction of The Dark God. They weren't that far apart and he figures that a visit seems like fun. Besides, it's always fun to show off new toys. While he flies towards The Dark God he tries to put a face to the name but can't seem to find anyone fitting enough for the body. He shrugs it off and focuses on flying to his destination and wait for Alfred to finish.-

·         XxDensukexX: Tetsu looked at Donnie as he talked. Tetsu had used the voice changer but then received a communicom from this father not a moment after. Ochigi put it on a private line, using a hot link between his satellite and tetsu’s helmet, and proceeded to speak. “Tetsu what are you doing? Your aware that your talking causally to someone who has tech equal to or superior to our own. And a voice changer?.......are you in the fifth grade? I can decode that with my eyes closed what are you doing son?! Anyone with basic tech knowledge can configure your voice reading.” Tetsu sighed. “Honestly? It’s just Donnie. Whats the worst that could happen if so happened to find out. Truthfully I was going to put the suit up for the future anyway.” Tetsu used his scanner to see if he could at least identify the suits workings. He couldn’t. The match poped up error. “Well now, looks like I’m not the only one with technology off the map.” Tetsu remarked to himself. “Our tech was erased from government records. By yours truly of course” Ochigi smirked on camera. “Anyway it’s been a week, how was your training with hideo?” Tetsu raised an eyebrow. “You know dad the fact that you can listen in on my convos is kind of creepy……” Tetsu shook his head, it would be notable that his body language would give away that he was indeed communicating with somebody, but in a comical way. “Look dad, I’ll just come clean about the whole thing. Besides. I’ll ask him a favor.” After communicating with his father, he then re opened the link with Donnie. “Being secretive is apart of a heros duty at times. But sadly it’s a burden. I can’t bare anymore.” Tetsu placed his hands on the helmet, continuing to use the voice changer. “Tell no one. I’m sure you understand the burden I bare, but if do squell, it’s not like I can prevent that, but for an old ally…” Tetsu removed the helmet and let his hair fluffy out. He then tucked his helmet underneath his left armpit and spoke once more. “I think you could give me the benefit of the doubt hahaha!” He’d scratch the back of his head in a goku type fashion, revealing his normal voice and all with quite the goofy smile on his face. He’d seen Donnie’s transformation of T.V. He’d seemed like a calmer and nicer person in general, however Tetsu hoped he wouldn’t regret this situation.

·         Pallas: -Alfred quickly responded to him as he flew closer to where The Dark God was floating.-"Sir, here is the de-cryption from the first message."-Alfred sends the file to Donnie and he re-plays it in the system of his mind. He laughs a bit as the voice sounds very familiar to him. The funny thing about finding out who The Dark God is that DOnnie always got close to putting the pieces together, just never got that final puzzle piece to put on the board. Maybe now will be the last piece. After listening to the first recording he recieves a new message from The Dark God. As he heard this message he body came to a slow stop as he gets about five feet away from him. His palms and boots point towards the floor to keep himself in the sky, just as they did before. He looks at The Dark God as he takes the helmet off. He was actually relieved to see that it was Tetsu. It causes him to laugh a bit under the mask he was wearing. He thinks to himself-'At least it is someone who I already know.'-As a sign of good faith towards the boy, he retracts his helmet back into the chestplate of his Suit. He smiles at Tetsu as it was like the GMAF all over again, this time with suits that allow them to float in the sky. He then listens to what Tetsu says after he removes the helmet and then replies with.-"Ahhh no worries kid. I think we are past the point of telling secrets to the people. Besides being hidden behind a mask is only fun for so long."-He looked at Tetsu and raises a brow at the fact that he has to hold his helmet when he takes it off. To give the conversation a more lightful and freindly feel to it he asks sarcasticly-"Isn't having to hold your helmet annoying? Why not just have it retract into your Upperbody like the cool kids do? hahaha"-And depending on how Tetsu reacts the conversation can keep going on a friendly level. Donnie would then come to ask-"So what brings you out here to Old New York. After that fight I just had...I kind of didn't expect to see anyone else out here hahaha. Let alone a person that is alive haha."-He then waits to see what Tetsu has to say in responce to the question as they both remain floating in the air.

·         XxDensukexX: Tetsu laughed right along with Donnie, as he continued to carry on pleasant conversation. Tetsu shook his head, as he listened and watched Donnie’s helmet retract into his chest plate. Very slick technology, he really is a technical genius. Felt good to have someone else around who understood mechatronics. “Well uh heh heh I usually do everything manually in the suit. It’s been a while since I’ve dawned it though, got to keep in check. Though I’ve been working on some much needed upgrades with some kind of aid. I’ll make a note for an auto helm” Tetsu nodded with a grin, and then took a bit more of a serious tone as Donnie asked him what he was doing out here. He listens and hears about a fight Donnie had. Was this mushroom cloud a result of his scuffle? One could infer, and he does have the tech and prowess to pull it off, by the looks of this suit. Tetsu knew he couldn’t reveal Dr.Hideo location, and luckily he was a pretty far ways away from it, so it would seem as if Tetsu was just in this general area. Good luck it looks like it. “I was actually out doing some solo training. Making sure I hit a good new height for my police work. Things might get serious again if we meet someone like Taliban again and well to prevent that I needed to get stronger. Just some harmless training.” Tetsu looked around. “I’m guessing you had a movie moment? Big action scene, judging by the giant marks and broken buildings.”

·         Pallas: -He listens to what Tetsu says about being out here for training and Donnie went along with it. But he also wondered by he would be all the way out here just for harmless training. Seems like a long way to go just to get a work out. But this is one of those times for having a secret is worth keeping. So Donnie doesn't go into that category any further than what Tetsu was going to tell him. He then laughs at the mention of Tanaban's name. He quickly replies to Tetsu by saying-"Trust me kid. Tanaban wouldn't stand a chance against this suit. He was the lucky one to have this little scuffle at the GMAF where weapons weren't allowed."-Then when tetsu mentions his fight, he looks over at the dying mushroom cloud in the distance. He smirks a bit and says to Tetsu-"Yeah..."-He remembers all that happene to even cause the fight....Zero...Hunter....everything. This causes his smirk to slowly fade away as he looks at the mushroom cloud. He then turns back to Tetsu and says-"Just a small portion of what this bad boy is capable of doing....Just goes to show that the suit is not meant to be fucked with hahaha."-DOnnie ends that portion of the convo with a joke so that way it can return to a friendly atmosphere. DOnnie would have to have to talk about something sad in the reunion. He then asks-"So how are things with you and Asami? I take it she isn't sleeping as much as she did at the GMAF? haha"-He is referring to the times when they encountered eachother and Asami was knocked out like a lightbulb. He then waits to hear a responce from Tetsu, still floating in the air.-

·         XxDensukexX: Tetsu listened , and studied the males face. It grew somber for a minute as if referring to a deep sadness of sorts. Strange. Tetsu didn’t wanna investigate or ask anymore questions as the mood felt somber, and grew stale. He listened to Donnie brag about his suit. From the looks of it he had plenty to brag about in the first place. As soon as he mentioned Asami, tetsu’s face droped in terror. “ASAMI! OH SHIT! GOD IT’S BEEN A WEEK! UH! UM! LISTEN MAN, YOU’VE GOT MY COM LINK NUMBER, SO HIT ME UP I GOTTA JET!” and with tha scream tetsu blasted off, moving mach three twords his apartment building, so he could go home and face the music like a real man.

·         Pallas: -After seeing Tetsu fly off to go see Asami, DOnnie thought about Kaori. He had wished their relationship had gone further past the GMAF but hey, you can't control everything. Donnie slwly brings the helmet portion back over his face and begins to fly back towards the gate back to KasaiHana. He moved at a slower speed then Tetsu so the awkaward situation of saying bye and then heading into the same direction doesn't happen. While he flies towards the gate, he thinks about how close he thought Kaori and he had become.-"Aww cut it out DOnnie. Quit being such a woman about it."-After thinking that to himself, he focuses on flying back to the gate. It wouldn't take him to long to get their and when he does he sees that it is actually in progress. He says to himself-"Who could be using the Gate? It can't be Tetsu could it? Why would he be coming back in?"-He is forced to wait until the person inside the gate passes through before he can use it himself.-

The Smooth Criminal

·         DarkKeyome: I walked into the bar... my head low. My hands in my pockets... as usual I was wearing a suit of some sort. I had Ray bans on, hanging over my eyes hiding my dark eyes from the masses of people. I could feel the 'Evil' within this place... it empowered me. As I walked in I could see the men look at me all of them wearing black leather jackets. They looked at me like they wanted to kill me. It was silent..... I cocked my head up... and I heard people whispering... I turned to the side opening my jacket all you heard was the hard. CLICK CLAK. From everyone’s guns readying themselves at me.... I stopped once again... and pulled the coin from inside pocket... and flicked it over to the other side of the room into a juke box with ease as it fell into it. Playing. ( walked through them as if they didn’t exist. Most of em were tanks I had seen there type before. After two hours... I was pretty much drunk. I never got to do this anymore... hell I wasnt supposed to im only 20. I’m not even old enough to drink yet. I pulled the Sneer noff to my lips taking the alcohol beverage in with two gulps. I looked over my shoulder to see a man holding a girl by her wrist. He was a pimp of some sort... I could tell by his attire. He jerked the girl up screaming in her face kind of a muscular dude. Honestly he was about as big as Donnie boy... Christ. The fuck kinda roids were these Tanks on. “ YOU STUPID WHORE!? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY!” He slung her into a glass table making her hit her ribs before she hit the ground. Slowly the large bald headed man walked over to her in his leather suit to beat her down some more. We were in his territory clearly no one even tried to stop em. “ HEY....” As I turned around my head was low and I know he couldnt see my eyes. I stepped into the center the bar and was surrounded by at least 45 guys. The guy I had yelled out pointed his pistol at me from the part of the bar he was currently standing with the girl in his grip. “ Who the fuck do you think you are huh!? I’m Leeroy Bulletstain! Ill blow your damn brain matter all over the place.. but no no no.. I'll let my boys get your punk ass...” I had taken off my shirt by now clearly in my overalls and dress pants with my tank top on. “...Hitting girls... is for pussies..” I said cracking my knuckles... I wobbled left to right and put my hands in a boxing position. They came in closer... my vision blurred yet I didn’t care. Hard old school hip hop blared with an intensity throughout the bar... which ultimately caused me to grow the lust to fight.( “.....Come on...” I said as they charged at me I began to lash out punches left and right knocking men out with one hit, striking them in the head... in the throat etc etc. I turned around to see two guys with chains one of them slung the weapon at my head, I leaned my head back dodging the hit by weaving to to the right, at the same time I caught the chain jerking him over to me with my right arm turning my body around in a 360 motion and kicking him in the face with my left leg once the man got into my distance. After 20 more seconds a great majority of the men were knocked out... or worse. I leaned left to right drunk as hell and angry. “.... “ I turned to my right and eyed the male holding the girl by gun point terrified at this point. “ H-How did you take them out so easily!” I slung my shades from my face and allowed the Tank to see my face. “ My name is...” “ K-KEYOME TASANAGI!?” the man dropped the girl pushing her away from him as if he had seen the devil himself. “...You... are the plague... you... are apart of the filth that makes this city sick.... I shall cleanse you..” The rap music only grew louder... as I approached him I smirked... the evil and corruption that was so high in this area fulled me with so much strength... so much... I wanted him to see just how much hate I had within me for people like him. As I walked to him the male fell over chairs etc etc... He pointed his gun at me aiming it high screaming for his life... the bar was empty now just me and him and the female. I smirked starting to laugh in my drunk state. “ L-leave me alone! D'ahhh! Fuck you man! Fuck youuuuuu!!” He began to fire the bullets at me... but due to his scared state he missed every-time. I walked to the male and gripped him by his neck after getting close to him holding him high into the air... strangling him.. watching the life from his eyes leave I began to laugh... it pleased me to see filth die... IT ALWAYS EXCITED ME... HAHAHAHAH! * POWWW!!*.... The sound echoed in the club... and just like that. I felt my adrenaline rush again... I turned around.. to see the same woman he was beating the shit out of... with a smoking 45 in her hand. She was shaking heavily with the large pistol in her hand. “ P-Please..! don’t kill him... “ She was sobbing... “ Please... please don’t kill my brother please...” She said to me... the tears streamed heavily down her face... I turned looking at the male in my grip who I was about to kill... I didn’t understand... I just.. I dropped him letting him gasp for air... stepping past the woman... I simply looked at her. “.... “ I turned to the male and then back at her again. “... Society... you want him to continue to beat you... then fine. Pray he doesn’t kill you.” I said stepping over the knocked out bodies around the bar. As I walked out... I hadn’t even noticed the deep wound that sat in my back from the gun shot... until I passed out in an alley that is..

Getting the work done

·         LightFang: -Ryuzakii would wake up late in the afternoon, he had never slept so well before. At least not that he can remember. He sits up in the nice satin sheet bed and looks around. He rolls off of the bed falling into the floor completely in shock by what he found here. He was in a red satin bed in the middle of an eccentric looking room. He drifted his eyes over the room. There was a large window taking up most of one wall and on the far wall was a big plasma screen TV. Ryuzakii rushed out of this room and was greeted with another. This one was much better than the previous one. There was a Large kitchen area with a breakfast bar over by the door that seemed to be the exit and on the other side was a huge living area with an even bigger TV and a gaming station. In between these two was a billiard table all set up ready to play. It was at this time Ryuzakii’s memory caught up with him and he remembered why he was hear. “Oh yea Donnie put me up at this place... Man that was shocking…” Ryuzakii laughed it off for the most part and then went to take a shower followed by getting dressed. He put on the same jeans he wore previously, some black boots, a grey t shirt, and then threw on a black leather jacket over it. He realized he should probably get down to Yun Corp and get started on the Spartan project but something compelled him to stay. He was kind of hungry and felt like indulging this feeling.-

·         LightFang: -Ryuzakii would walk over to the phone sitting on a table infront of the plain white setional and pick it up along with a card next to it. The card read "Room Services Orders" and gave a list of automated services that would be charged to you room that you would have to pay off at the time of check out. He dialed the number on the phone and selected number 3. This number dialed for the pizza service he was then promted and asked what kind of pizza. He selected 2 for pepperoni and was asked how many he wanted. Ryuzakii paused a moment wondering which he should pick. He finally settled on just getting two so he dialed two. The automated system said someone would be up shortly. Ryuzakii flipped on the television and flicked around to see what was on. The TV roared as it cycled threw channels, "and hear goes james lining up the putt.... and oh just missed it." *click* Ryuzakii flipped the channel to the gaming channel just as there was aknock on the door. He went and answered it to recieve his pizzas. He took them inside and layed them out on the table infront of the sectional and picked up the game controler. He set up a new game and played on the console for a few hours taking a slice of pizza every now and then. He was certainly living every teenagers fantasy. He had just made it to the last chapter of this game and was in mid fight with the final boss when at that moment the lights went out. "AH, a powersurge at this time. no fair..." The power came back on quickly but it didn't matter Ryuzakii's save game was long gone now.-

·         LightFang: -With the sudden dissapointment of losing all the progress he just mad in that game Ryuzakii figured it was probably about time to get to work. He would turn off the television and box up the remaining pizza. He would throw it in the fridge and move on downto the lobby. The receptionist would call out to him saying " Have a nice day today Mr. Yun." He would snidely call back, "Names Nagara..get used to it." He would walk out the front door and head down the street toward the Yun Corp office building. Ryuzakii would enter the front door of this building and walk past the receptionist who tried to ask him where he was going just before he pulled out a pass card he got from Donnie. He walked down the hall way till he found the doorway he was looking for. One that had a sign on it saying "The Spartan Project". He entered this room and was greeted by a bunch of white coats turning around to face him in a quite confused manner. One spoke out to him asking why he was here "This is a closed opperation no one without proper authority is allowed to enter, now ill have to ask you to leave." Ryuzakii calmly replied with, "Oh, is that so. Well then" He showed the man his card from Donnie that clearly stated he was now completely in charge of The Spartan Project. "If i could have everyone's attention. My name is Ryuzakii Nagara, and I am now the one and only man in charge of this project. As of now you all work for me as dictated by Donnie Yun himself. If there are any complaints please file them in our complaints box." Ryuzakii pointed over to a paper shredder as he looked over his new team that he had been given to work with. "Now then, You." He pointed at one man out of the crowd. "Tell me of the progress we have made." Ryuzakii turned to walk off with this man as he was given all the details about the current progress.-

·         LightFang: -Ryuzakii was a bit astounded to find out that the only progress made so far was a boby suit to wear underneath the actual armor. He walked over to the work table with the man looked over the bodysuit. It was a silver in color, iron meshlite suit layed out on a white table with a couple white coats around it adding what looked like sensor strips to it. "What is that for?" The man replied "Those are the nuero sensors the suit itself will be quite heave so these will be used to make it feel lighter and easier to move around in." (Ryuzakii)"Ah i see.. and where is the actual armor" (The man)" Well it hasn't actually been made yet.." (Ryuzakii)"Then how can you know how to calibrate those strips? Listen up everyone what i want everyone to do is stop what they are working on a start formutlating the actual body armor for this suit. We need a base so we know how heavy it is before we calibrate neuro sensors." Ryuzakii then grabbed up a greyish coat that went down to the middle of his calfs and pulled up some goggles and began to draw out the scemadics for a power supply. As he worked a couple white coats would all come up to him and show him each piece of the singular armor as it was made. One man showed him the backs protective plating and he stopped him. "Alright your working on the back plate eh. I want you to get your team and move them over here where i am. I'll be right back." Ryuzakii walked off over to the team that was working on the boots and grabbed them up. "You guys come with me." He brought them all back to the tabe he had been working att and showed them his design. "This is a thermal powered fusion reactor. Yes its fairly small but its only ment to power the suit. Now you guys have finished working on the boots so i want you guys to start working on this microfusion reactor. Now you guys on the back plate. This power supply is going to be stored in the back it needs to be able to openly connect to the body suit and also needs a thicker layer of protection, like the head its one of the most vital points of the entire suit. You guys got that, I need these two groups working closely together." With that Ryuzakii went off to inspect the boots more thouroughly they weren't poorly made but they seemed almost rushed. Well he was rushing them he needed this done so the rest of the suit could be started on. He tried putting his foot in noting how hard it was then decided he may need to have an easier way to do this.-

·         LightFang: -Ryuzakii looked over his shoulder at the 2 teams he put in charge of the power supply. They were working together closely as he had hoped, except for one who looked like he was bad mouthing Ryu. "I don't know why your all listening to this kid, he's like what fourteen?" The man said as Ryuzakii walked over and tapped him. "You come with me." He went over to the other groups and grabed one man from each he now had a group of 5 people including himself. "Ok you guys are going to all work with me on an idea im formulating. This suit will be excruciatingly hard to put on if each piece is one solid unit correct. I say we need to break them down into a few peices that can latch together." He showed these men the armor boot that was made and asked each of them to put it on. After they all failing to get their foor inside they all agreed it would need to be revised. Ryuzakii took out a black marker and drew a line down the inner and outer side to the ankle the drew one over the top of the foot and another down around the back of it. "I think these could be the dimensions we are looking for." Everyone nodded except the one man who still had doubts about a kid running this project. "I don't care what you say your still just a kid what could you know about cyber mechanics." He said. Ryuzakii returned with, "I know enough on how to draw out a working microfusion reactor, and a neuro helmet that i showed Donnie before he gave me this job. Now if you dont like it there is the door, take it and dont come back. Your choice." The man got angry and stormed off for the door throwing his coat on the floor. "By the way, I'm sixteen, not fourteen, and my ears aint bad either..." The man slammed the door behind him as he exited the building to never be seen again. Ryuzakii looked up at the rest of his remaining team. "I figured he would leave, now the rest of you we may have to stay here over night to do this for each peice of armor as its finished. Excluding the chestplate and back plate since they will need additional care when being made." Everyone nodded agreeing that they could stay late but after midnight Ryuzakii was the last one left there. He spent the entire night working on the legs armor plating seperating the boot shin guards and thigh high greaves.-

Love connection all over again?

·         AlessandraSkar: 'The light won't go away! I....I can't see a damn thing. Iara....where is Iara?' Kaori's inner voice echoed around in her mind and for a few seconds that actually felt like forever, all she saw was the white light that engulfed her. Her entire body felt weightless, like it was floating. Floating through time, floating through space, floating through...limbo. 'It feels like my body parts are everywhere...' She thought to herself once again, wanting to move her mouth and actually say it out loud just to see if she was still alive, but her lips were frozen. She was like a vagrant cloud in the wind, moving through an empty, white void. And then, a sound like a burst of harsh wind met her ears followed by the sound of her own loud gasp as suddenly, the white became a storm of colors surrounding her. The picture that was once an empty white tunnel of swirling matter turned into something else entirely. Kaori could feel her eyes moving and shifting on there own as the colors became clearer and clearer. “Masumoto-chan!” It was Iara's voice. It instantly set her off. Causing her to frown and clench her teeth together. It was nice to be able to feel her face again after those few seconds of floating through nothing but an empty void, her mouth able to open again as she was just about to start screaming at the frantic Cydroid for continuously calling her name. But before she could, the picture became high-definition all around her. She saw buildings...very, VERY old buildings. The very designs dated themselves back to perhaps the year 2012 where vehicles weren't even able to fly yet. They were destroyed and worn down to their foundations. Most of them anyway. The sky above them was dark, eerie, a collage of dark colors that made the area look more polluted than it probably already was. And the ground below was littered with a ton of...wait a minute....Kaori's eyes widened when she realized that the ground was located about five feet below her. She had materialized into the old city in midair and now gravity was grabbing at her, pulling her down to the ground hard. She hit nothing but debris, sharp corners of uprooted and broken cement blocks jabbing into her flesh as she landed on her stomach. “God....damnit!” She shouted in pain. “Masumoto-chan, are you alright?” Iara had materialized long before her, which was strange, seeing as though she'd gone through the gate first. She descended to the ground smoothly next to Kaori, gently gripping her arm to help her to her feet. Just as Kaori had gotten to her hands and knees, Iara paused, her head lifting as if becoming alerted to something. “Masumoto-chan, you may be surprised at this, but I am picking up on radio frequencies and it sounds like someone is close by.” Iara's repulsors launched her up into the air at about ten feet. She floated there as she brought her finger to her ear as if to press a button, hearing static noises that registered back as communication with nearby technology. Very powerful, unknown technology. “Hello? This is Cydroid 316 calling in from 30 degrees latitude and 40 long. If someone is out there, please say--” Kaori's eyes widened when she realized what Iara was doing and she didn't need repulsor wings to launch her ten feet into the air in time to grab Iara's foot before she was able to finish her radio call. “You fucking idiot!” She strained a shout between gritted teeth as she easily used her strength to drag Iara back down to the ground. She wrapped one arm around the Cydroid's neck and used the other to cover her mouth, ignoring the struggle as she held her firmly in place. They had rolled behind a large, broken down car that looked to be hundreds of years old, hoping that it was enough to hide them from anything lurking around in the abandoned city. “Are you TRYING to get us killed, metalhead?!” She strained a whisper. “On top of the fact that we're not even supposed to BE here, there's no telling what kinds of sick, mutated creatures are running around waiting to feast on living flesh and fresh blood! What we need to do is figure out exactly where that damned lab is...sneak through the shit hole, bust in, fuck shit up once and for all, and then leave. Understood?” Iara simply nodded in obedience. “I'm sorry, Masumoto-chan, but I was hoping that whoever was out there would be a living being who knows where the lab is. Would you like for me to pull it back up from my database?” Kaori sighed. “You go ahead and do that, Iara. Meanwhile, I'm going to go scan the premis--” Just before she could finish, the car that they were hiding behind suddenly shifted and lifted into the air with a loud, metal groan. Kaori and Iara screamed in harmony as they rolled forward and flipped around to see what was happening. Kaori's eyes went wide when she saw that the car had been lifted by some sort of grotesque, mutated monstrocity who was holding the car above its head with both hands in preparation to slam it down on the both of them. “What the fuck is that?!” She exclaimed, fumbling for her pistols which were thankfully holstered to her legs. “Iara, transform your arm into some kinda flame-thrower and kill it with FIRE!” It was a command that Iara couldn't complete and she just about panicked, shaking her head side to side as she curled her hands up to her mouth. “My central storage capacity seems to be overriding, Masumoto-chan!” She replied in a frantic voice. The mutant creature roared loud enough for the whole damn block to hear, causing Kaori to flinch against the deafening volume. By then, she already had her guns drawn, laying on her back as she opened fire on the beastly creature. “I don't even know what the fuck that means!” She shouted above the loud popping sounds of the bullets being launched into the creature. And to her surprise, it wasn't going down. “Fuck!” She swore loudly, and the next thing she knew, the mutant threw the car. Only seconds would pass before both Kaori and Iara were crushed and they both knew that, Iara screaming loudly and grabbing onto Kaori for dear life while she froze in absolute fear and astonishment, her teeth clenching together as she watched the car descend toward them.

·         Pallas: -The light within the Gate slowly disappears but no one seems to come out of the gate. He says to himself-"Hmmm I must have just missed whoever used the gate. Maybe it was just Tetsu leaving."-He begins to make his way towards the gate door to activate his departure when he hears the roars of what sounds to be a mutated human that is effected by the biological warfare of the war. He smirks under the mask and says-"The freaks really do come out at night."-Then his body stands straight up at the sound of gun-fire.-"WHo the fuck is here now?"-He knows that Tetsu never uses guns as far as he knows so this person is an unknown. ANd to be here at night is just plain stupid so he knows that this person is either a teenager who thinks he is a good enough hacker to try and come to Old New York, or someone with a death wish. Either way, DOnnie goes to check it out. Donnie saw the vehicle being thrown and he quickly sprung into action. The car would come to a complete hault in the air as he catches the front end and wraps his arms around the hood section of the car. ( He then slowly lowers the car down to the ground and says to the lady and the robot inside-"Don't worry you two. Donnie Yun is on the case."-He shows no sign of taking this problem seriously due to his confidence in the Nano Suit power. He even shows his sarcasticness by using his Extremly Loud P.A. system to start playing Robot Rock by Daft Punk( He says to the mutated creature-"Come on big boy. Play with me for awhile."-Then as the music plays, DOnnie's movements are made to match the musics beat. The mutant thrusts his arm down and DOnnie simply slides to the left like a street dancer to go along with the beat. He then spins around on his hands like a break dancer and smashes his left leg into the arm of the Mutant. The sheer power in his kick causes the mutants hand to shatter. The monster roars out in pain as DOnnie spins down to a pose like the girl from titanic("Paint me like one of your french girls Mr.Monster"- The monster quickly tries to stomp his foot into DOnnie with amazing force. DOnnie quickly spind backwards and lands on his feet as the foot crashes into the floor and causes a small quake. Donnie then uses his thrusters to send his right knee into the bottom portion of the monsters jaw. This causes the monsters head and body to fall backwards like a ton of bricks. Donnie then taunts the monster as he gets into a boxing stance and says-"OHHHH and down goes Mayweather! The referee is counting it....1....2....3"-The monster slowly gets back up as the song reaches the end of its tune. The monster gets back to his feet as the mutated blood comes out of his mouth. DOnnie says-"aww looks like the fun is over. Time to send you to hell."-DOnnie points both blasters at the monster and fires two large PLasma SHots at the beast. The impact would cause the mutated monster to blow up like a balloon and send blood, bone, and guts everywhere around them. Smoke would come out of the Hand Blasters as DOnnie slowly put his arms down. He then began to walk towards the people he just saved. The closer he got, the more he got a closer look at the woman. He thought to himself-'Is that....Is that Kaori!?"-

·         AlessandraSkar: Kaori didn't want to see her death coming, so she quickly shut her eyes and turned her head away, hoping that the car would just crush her in a quick and painless fashion, though she doubted that it was going to take her one single second to die. But then, the unthinkable happened. Iara's head snapped up from being buried in Kaori's side as she pointed to something headed toward them. “Masumoto-chan, look!” She shouted, pointing to the large, metal figure. Kaori's eyes flew open when she realized that she wasn't dead, her breath catching in her throat when she saw what appeared to be a metal man holding the car up in the air by the hood. She'd heard the sound of metal connecting with metal, but didn't know what it was until she saw with her own eyes that the car had somehow been caught in midair. 'Holy shit...that was so close!' She thought to herself as the metal man set the car down on the ground, thinking to herself, 'Pfft. Well fuck this guy, I got so scared I forgot I can throw a car, too.' And within the next passing moment, both Kaori and Iara couldn't help but watch in stunned silence as the metal man quite literally kicked the shit out of the mutant monster with such minimal efforts, making little witty remarks here and there during the fight. The metal man finally blew the monster's head off, sending blood and gore raining in all directions. The man then turned to her and Iara and started walking towards them. The fight had driven them a few feet away, which gave Kaori time to collect herself and stand to her feet very slowly. There was one thing that she noticed while the metal man was fighting the mutant and making his funny remarks. It was the fact that...his voice sounded really familiar. Kaori narrowed her eyes at the tall being as he made his way toward her and Iara. She would have raised her pistols a long time ago and probably planted a few bullets through that metal face of his, but for some reason, something in her was telling her not to do it. He'd saved them, after all, but that didn't mean anything usually. Except for this time. She didn't even bother with an insult or a smart comment, instead she stood still as he approached, replaying his voice over and over again in her head. “Uh...thanks.” She spoke softly. Though she wished she was the one to whoop that mutant's ass to hell and back, but every victory couldn't be hers. “Way to go!” Iara suddenly exclaimed with a fist pump, laughing cheerfully as she skipped up to the metal man and started bouncing up and down on her tiptoes in front of him. “You totally kicked that monster's butt, Mister! I got the whole thing recorded in my built in surveill—” Kaori reached out and grabbed the top of Iara's head, tempted to crush that metal skull of hers as she simply dragged her back to her side. Iara groaned in embarrassment when she realized that she'd displeased her master, bringing her hands to her mouth again. “Sorry, Masumoto-chan. It's just that, well he looks so cool!” Kaori patted her on the head with forced gentleness, the signal for her to just stop talking. Then, getting a stern expression with the approaching man, she straightened up to play off how afraid she was of dying just now and took a deep breath. “You might be right, Iara.” She replied audibly enough for the man to hear her. “But I would like to see the face of my knight in shining armor.” She looked him up and down suspiciously with that request, letting the statement hang in the air.

·         Pallas: -He laughs at how the robot acts towards him. It was rather funny to see just how much emotion a robot can have. Then his laughing slowly goes away as Kaori slowly brings the robot back. Then he raises a brow at Kaori's question. He thinks to himself-'I guess she didn't hear me when I said my name.'-He says to her-"I know we only hooked up the one time, But I never thought I’d be forgotten so fast."-He then slowly retracts the helmet into his chest plate as one by one, the helmet slowly folds in. This would reveal his face to her almost exactly the same as it was during the GMAF. He then says to her-"Nice to see you again....Kaori..."-with a smirky smile on his face. He was having mixed emotions about seeing her again. It had been so long since the GMAF that he felt like what they had was just a weekend fling. She never came to see him after the invite he gave her. She just fell off the face of the map. So he was both happy to see her and slightly angry at the same time. He doesn't know whether to kiss her or to smack her in the face with the same energy blast he gave the Monster a few seconds ago. Guess we will only find out as the conversation progresses.-

·         AlessandraSkar: Kaori's stern expression turned into one of surprise when the helmet retracted away from the man's face, revealing those prominent features that she had missed seeing for the past few weeks or so. It felt like something had been fired at her heart and for a second, she couldn't breathe. 'Oh, my God...I think I'm gonna faint.' She thought to herself as she just stood there for a few seconds, then spoke in a soft voice, “Donnie? Donnie Yun?” Well, of course it was. No one else on this planet would show up in the nick of time to save her like that except for the man who was racing around in her mind since the morning she woke up in a hospital back home in District 1. “'s nice to see you too.” Her right eye got the urge to twitch, but she held her composure. Somehow. She didn't exactly know to respond. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't entirely happy to see her. He was probably infuriated with her for disappearing on him, but it wasn't like it was entirely her fault. It seemed like an eternity of intense silence hung between the two after Kaori made her reply and she could feel emotions rising within her. Good emotions. Happy emotions. She didn't care what he was thinking at that moment. The joy was hitting her now and she was ready to show it. Her lips began to lift into a smile and at the same time, there was guilt and regret in her eyes. Without warning, she jumped forward and could have nearly knocked the 6”4 giant over with how hard her body collided with his. Arms wrapping around his neck tightly, she held onto him like her life depended on it, pulling him down slightly to meet her height. “Donnie, I'm so sorry!” She breathed. “I didn't...I didn't mean to disappear. I promise you I didn't. You have no idea how restless I've been without...” She stopped herself midsentence, realizing that she was...showing emotions and feelings?!? She just stared off in the distance over Donnie's shoulder, oblivious to how tightly she was holding him. Her next words came out in a whisper as she thought about what they meant and felt the grip they had on her heart strings. “Without you.”

·         Pallas: -He noticed the slight twitch in her eyes and he thought to himself-'Is she mad to see me? Even after I just saved her and her little robo-friend.'-He then widens his eyes in shock as her body comes crashing into his. He is forced to take a step back from the impact but keeps his body tall. He then wraps his left arm around her hips as it was big enough in the suit of armor to reach around her back easily. All the anger he had towards her disappearance just faded away like the mushroom cloud that had been in the sky all day. He heard what she had to say and it almost sent his heart bursting out of his metal chest. Could it be that what he wanted after the GMAF could come true after all? That he may be able to live a life with a woman and maybe a family one day. Maybe. He then looks down into her eyes and taking in the moment. He flashes back to the first time he held her like this back at the opening rounds of the GMAF. Even though the tournament had only been a weekend in time, but for him and his growing affection for was a lifetime. He looks at her and says-"I don't care about your disappearing...I just want you again."-After all the loss he had these past few days...all the hell he has been through...all the blood, sweat, and tears....he knew in his heart that Kaori would sow his heart back together. He thinks to himself-'Is is what Zero would want me to do...To live my life.'-He says to Kaori-"I just want you to come home with me...I know I said this at the GMAF...but I won't give up on it."-Then the moment is interrupted as the groans of monsters in the distance become clear to their ears. It has seemed that they have wondered into Old New York when the moon is bright and shining. This is a very dangerous place to be at night, even for Donnie. Thousands of mutated monsters and zombie like creatures can pop out at any moment if they don't play their cards correctly. Donnie uses his mind to hack into the Gate system as the bright white light forms in the middle of the doorway. He softly places his metal hand onto hers and asks-"Will you come with me?"-He then waits to hear her response as the groans get louder and louder. If she says yes, they will go into the gate and head back to KasaiHana....If not, then he will exit the Gate area without her.-

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's oceanic blue and green eyes sparkled as they stared up into his, listening to his words that – after so long – sounded like music to her ears. She could tell just by his tone that he meant every word and she would nod her head after every phrase, a sweet smile crossing her features....until he asked her to leave with him, to go home with him. It was as if someone had shattered a glass behind her head, causing her eyes to slightly widen, her lips to part as if she was finding an answer but the words wouldn't come out. She was frozen against him, just looking up into his eyes in silence, thinking, contemplating. At any other time, she would have answered yes in a heart beat, but she couldn't forget that she had a reason for being in the most dangerous part of the world. And speaking of which, she could hear the groans and other inhuman noises of Lord-knows-what sorts of creatures were approaching the scent of living flesh and blood. The wind stirred throughout the abandoned city, causing individual strands of her sea green hair to blow across her face. When she glanced over Donnie's shoulder, she could see movement, shadows, hear more noises approaching and knew that she had little time to make her decision, but her hands were still itching to get her revenge. Itching to find that damn lab and destroy those men for making her the freak of nature that she was and had been for years. She returned her gaze to Donnie's, her breathing pattern was different because she was having one hell of an inner battle with herself. She hadn't seen Donnie in forever and now he was here before her, holding her, connecting with her. How could she let that go? But on the other hand, the lab was somewhere nearby underground, calling out to her, her insatiable thirst for revenge was swelling in her chest and the opportunity to take it was perhaps just a few miles away. Behind her, Iara the Cydroid still had her little, metallic fists balled up in front of her lips, her eyes wide with anticipation as she herself was waiting for Kaori's answer. It was like she was watching a soap opera and at any given moment, she was going to burst under the suspense. “Donnie...” Kaori said in a whispered voice, once again glancing over his shoulder to see large mutant creatures climbing over debris and stacks of abandoned vehicles in the distance. Thank goodness they weren't charging. “I wanna go with you.” She nodded quickly as another smile spread across her face. “I...I'm not letting you go again. There's no way. I won't disappear on you again...ever.” Her gaze once again flickered over his shoulder to see the creatures nearing still, then back to Donnie to await his response. She hoped to see happiness in him like she did when she first submitted to him at the tournament.

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