Drankin ( AKuma)

2058040-red hulk

Adam ( Red Hulk)


Demons of the trade...

Pallas: -*About twenty minutes after Adam walked into the stall* Adam slowly zips up his pants while facing the woman as she is slouched down on the toilet with his frothy white semen coming out of her. The energy of her life had almost been drained from her body. He laughs while looking at her. He then says to her-"Maybe now you will learn to treat others with respect and not joke on them haha."-The woman has tears rolling down her face with the thought of having to face the reality of what just happened in here. Adam continues to laugh at the woman and how she looks while exiting the stall. He almost didn't even notice it but in the corner of his eye, he sees a note and reads it outloud to himself-"Meet at Old Harlem. Titan Force."-Adam rips the note off the stall and thinks to himself-"The fuck is this shit?"-Adam shrugs it off a bit and with a smirk on his face, he says-"Why the hell not."-and walks out of the bathroom. He would exit the club in a quick haste to answer the request made by some stranger. It did seem like a fun endevour to see who left the note. It was like an intense game of tag. He isn't that far from the gate so he decides to walk over to the Gate that leads to Old New York. He walks over to the machine that scans the Yakuza Tattoo that lets people into Old New York and digs around in his pocket. He then pulls out a square pice of skin that was from a low-ranked Yakuza member. Adam kept it in a small plastic bag to keep longer than he probably should have. He then places the skin under the scanner as it says -"Scan Complete"-The door begins to slowly open and reveal the bright white light of the Gate. Adam smiles a bit and slowly walks through it as his body is sent flying through materialized air to Old New York. When he reaches the other side, he dusts off his suit and looks around at the carnage that is Old New York. The sunlight beams through all the holes of the destroyed buildings and it even creates an orange sky. Adam slowly begins to make his walk through Old Manhatten when he comes across a huge crater in the center of the island. He says to himself-"Oh yeah...Donnie Yun decided to blow this place to kingdom come. Forgot all about that."-Adam then slowly bends his knees and his eyes begin to slowly turn bright red. He then leaps into the air as he roars across the sky like a missile. The Crater is a few miles wide and Adam soars over it like it was nothing. After hopping over the crater, he lands ontop of a building that overlooks the rest of the city. By this point, he would jst jump the rest of the way. He reaches Harlem within a few minutes and lands on one of the apartment complex's that Harlem is filled with. He then leans against one of the old remaining water towers and says to himself-"How am I suppost to find someone in a shitty place like this? haha"-

DarkKeyome: “ Because I was going to come to you...” The long black cape of a trench coat flapped in the wind as the man in all black stood on a building only 20 meters away. The long gallon hat hung over the mans eyes and mostly his face. Giving him a almost... demonic feel to him. “...Adam... That is your name.” The man leaped from the building only 10 feet from the man. As his body soared to the earth you could see his massive form. His powerful muscles stretched across his body as if he were a titan of some sort. As he landed... the trench coat layed across the scarred earth... “...My Boss...” He said as he rose to his full 6'5 height. “...Thomas Flint... has taken quite... the intrest in you..” He said cracking his neck and then his back. At this state he towered over the male... “ My name... is Drankin Edwards...” He titled his head to the right allowing his eyes to be seen within the shadow that the hat would give. His teeth were pearly white and the light beard on his face only showed that he was in his light 30's. “... Thomas Flint. Leader of the Titan Force... wants you. To join us in our plan... we know of you. And only know a sample of the ability that you have. “ Drankin tossed the hat to the side letting it drift into the air. The mans raven black hair flowed in the wind as he eyed the small man. “ You were the Experiment that Danchou Zetsubou... worked so dearly on... just for him to die. Foolish man. But im getting besides the point. “ The man tilted his head to the left eyeing the Smaller man like a beast from hell... simply hell bent on tearing someone limb from limb. “.... So... Adam... join us. Because... if you dont. I have been given orders... to make waste of you..” He said smiling showing his canines... if a Chi practioner werer present they'd see the demonic boar wrapping itself around the male as he smirked.

Pallas: -Adam watched as the man snuck up on him. Though his body never moved from his leaning position against the water tower. His eyes would be shut and his head leaning down as if he were in a sleeping pose. But he was listening to everything that was said. He was not taking the conversation seriously at up...that is..until Adam was brought up. Upon hearing the name that was given to him by Danchou and those fucking scientists, his head slowly rises up to look at the man. The bright red eyes of Adam, staring into the other mans eyes just as evil. The size difference between the two was nothing to Adam. Because Adam knows that in this game...he always ends up the giant. Then this man comes to offer him....a job? Adam thinks to himself-"The fuck is this? Who does this guy think I am?"-Adam slowly walks off the water tower as a wind begins to form around him. Even with his small 5'10 body he did not fear this man. He felt no fear...not anymore. He walke over to Drankin and stops, only a two feet away from eachother. His eyes glare into Drankin's as if hell itself was in those eyes. He then begins to say-"Listen her bub. I was already an expirement for one man....I'll be damned if I just let someone else try and make me their fucking test toy...And the name is Chris...Chris Micheals...not...Adam..."-Adam then begins to walk away as the trip out here has seemed to be nothing but a waste of time. With his back to the man Adam begins to say-"And if you try to waste of me.. I'd like to say one thing..."-Then his voice turns very deep and almost demonic of sorts-"Give it your best fucking shot..."-

DarkKeyome: The chilling smirk that broke upon Drankins face would scare 100 million kids if they bore on it longer enough. “....Hahaha...” He nodded his head and put both of his hands behind his back as he watched the man turn. “... Then. Dont take this personally...” The male took a deep breathe... raising both of hands above his head as he got down into a Muy Thai stance. The Satsui no hadou flourished around his body in such a powerful form of demonic energy. He took a deep breathe. His muscles pulling... tightening prepping themselves up for what he was about to do.. the ground around him shook as he exhaled the breathe. “....Chi...” He said to himself as he eyed the man. “ Someone like you... would never know anything of this. Your just a Puny man... “ He pulled his arms back and he waited until the man walked off getting a full distance of 10 feet away. Drankin formed his hands as if he was getting ready to fire a Hadouken. His face quickly branched into a serious expression... then.. he released it. There were cars that were around them lined up on the dead roads of Old new york. Once he released the held in chi all 30 of the cars along the road would suddenly be blowed back with a powerful intensity that caused all the buildings that were around Adam and Drankin to the ground crimbling swiftly into a dusty mess of rubble they all fell. Now... there were no buildings around the men simply there distance. You See Drankin didnt attack him directly... he would never hit a man when his back is turned. “... I could crush you... now turn around and face me... you flithly lab rat...” His trench coat flapped in the air as he stood back up to his feet eyeing the man from a distance. The cloudy dust making it hard for them to see each other.

Demons of Rage...

Pallas: -Adam began to walk away feeling like this person would attack him either way. But then Adam could feel the intensity and power coming off this man. It was great. Adam smirked a bit with his back still facing the man. And once again, this man made a comment about his size. Even if the first time wasn't with words, he could see it in his eyes when the conversation first started. This sent the anger flowing through his body. It was just another person who judged a book by its cover. Just as the women did back at the bar. And just as he had to teach them a lesson, it was time to teach this Drankin one as well. When the blast is sent from Drankin's hands, Adam stops walking. He stops and looks around at the destruction that was made from his attack. After all the buildings had come down, Adam slowly turns around with his eyes burning bright red fire. With a smirk on his face, he tilts his head to the left like some crazy person, and said to Drankin-"Interesting that you say that drinkin....There is something you should know though."-Adam then begins to flex his muscles as the transfomration begins. His suit begins to rip up as his muscle mass begins to greatly expand. His skin begins to slowly turn bright red-"ROAOOAAARRRRR!"-He releases a loud war cry as his transformation comes to an almost completion. He then raises his now two large red fists and smashes them into the ground five times. This causes a large 7.9 earthquake with enough force to rip cracks into the floor. When the transformation becomes complete, Adam would now tower over the once giant that is Drankin. His eight foot body and wide muscle massed body stands ten feet away from Drankin. Adam then says to Drankin-"Never judge a book by it's cover!"-Adam then thrusts his left hand into the ground as it causes a 9.8 earthquake that almost breaks the rictor scale. This sends a large crack through the ground as it aims to knock Drankin off his feet. If the earthquake wasn't enough to do so, the crack in the Earth would be a second chance attack. The crack would reach Drankins feet within 1.2 secodns of the fist hitting the Earth. Adam would then use this time to charge at Drankin at an amazing speed of 180mph. Adam is not mad enough to move at his regular speeds and is only as strong as his anger. Within a second, Adam reaches the ten feet mark and would attempt to smash Drankin on the chest with his huge fist. He swings his right fist from the bottom left and swings it up to the topright of his body. In doing this, he attempts to send Drankin's body flying backwards like a golf ball. The amount of pressure in this punch is enough to break diamonds, let alone bones of any kind. If the attack is unsuccessful, Adam will react accordingly. If the attack is a success, Adam would look at Drankin as he flies through the air and says-"You're going to wish you never came to fight me..."-

DarkKeyome: Drankin watched... with a smirk on his face as he saw the mans body morph into the hellish muscle demon. “ Ha ha ha... adorable...” Fear never struck him. “ A brute you have become. So... you do have vaule..” He launged his trench coat to the side as he watched the male pummel the ground the first time. It wasnt enough to budge the man... his body being one with nature.. he stayed solid to the ground. He tilted his head up and cracked his kuncles getting down into a fighting stance. The Chi flourshing through his body in rapid waves. “...You are similar to me... yet you only know blind rage...” He said watching as the male pummled the ground to send his 9.8 earthquakes. The cracks ripped through the ground yet lucikly none were broke under him since they'd stop right infront of him. ( since it wasnt stated the distance that the cracks travled.) As the Monsterous creature ran over to Drankin with the fercious speed he stayed stradiy after wobbling a bit from the last earthquake. His eyes focused he stayed calm un moving... flowing.. like water. The Moment the beast went to punch him.. he channled his Chi into his chest area only having 1.2 seconds to do this. The moment he channled just the right amount of chi into his chest his bones densed to an incredible rate completely abosrbing the impact of the punch it only knocked him back by 3 inches. The air went still.... BOOMMM!!!! the ground behind Drankin errupted with a powerful force due to the aftershock of the punch. It caused a massive crator to explode with a loud sonic boom. Drankin looked up at the monsterous being with his fist extended out. To the human eye. Drankin had stepped to the right after letting the fist sit on his chest for 1 second. After said step he he formed his fingers into points. His middle finger extended out with his pointer finger lined up with it. Stright up and to the point. It would appear that he simply sent out 1 strike to the mans neck, when in reality. He used the same method similar to Keyomes Thunderous strike technique. Allowing him to ulitmately send 10 strikes out into that area while it appeared as one. The place that he atttmpted to strike has arteries that are large and serve as the brain's main blood supplier located on the front of the neck which are known as the carotid arteries on either sides of the windpipe, and right behind the jugular veins.. By Striking down on the carotid arteries you can cause someone to get light headed in 2 or 3 seconds and pass out in 6 to 10. With the applied pressure of Chi, the distance in which they were in. And the Chi which was applied to said strike it could easily render exhausted due to the sudden strike leaving him pretty vaulnerable due to the rushing blood pressure that went straight to his head after the move was made making him dizzy enough for the rest of the blows to make a possibl hit.. After said moves were made. Drankin would Push back landing on a car door. Pushing himself into a full back flip so that the car door would fly right into the males head with the crushing speed of 120 mph with enough force to push him further to unconsciousness. If the car door hit or not Drankin would already be on his feet running full speed to the male and sending a knee right knee followed up with a straight punch that also in reality seemed to be 1 strike but easily had the equivalence of 10. A Chi Practitioner could see these blows easily. Each blow would seen a thunderous quake throughout Adams body that. The 7th punch out of the 10 thrown with his illusionary strike would have knocked him back by 20 feet into a pile of rubble so the 3 strikes more than likely wouldnt connect anyways. Drankin would stand up straight... the Dark Hadou flourishing off of his body as he waited for the best to stand.

Unlimited power...

Pallas: -As the punch is made, he feels the chi within the mans body because of the hardness his body has become. This causes his anger to rise and in his anger rises his power. But what suprises him the most is the 10 punches that did make contact with him. Adam feels the lightheadedness from the hit, but this only lasts for the short moment. Adam's transformed skin has the ability to take bullets and even missiles and still come out the other end with minor to no scrathes. So the punches with enhanced Chi would be felt by Adam but to a minor extent. Secondly, Adam's body has the inner system that allows himself to adapt and overcome attacks that effect his senses. Through time if Chi effects keep getting used on him, the possibility of growing an immunity towards these attacks may come true. After the ten punches make their contact the Super Hard skin of Adam's already begins to go to work on making that vulnerable area better and stronger, to fix whatever mistakes were there to allow such a hit to get through. Adam would get full senses back to his mind and body when Drankin begins doing his backflip. One disadvantage to Adam's angered stage is that he shows no sign of knowing an actual strategy to fights. He will just beat the opponent senseless until the opponent cannot fight back anymore. So when opportunities open up, he takes them. When Drankin goes into his backflip, Adam would trust his fists downward in the attempt to smash Drankn's body against the very door he was trying to grab. The fists would come down at a whopping 220mph as his anger level has risen since the beginning of the fight and would be nothing but a blur to the naked eye. Adam's body would give no sign of being at normality just to show that Drankin's plan of attack seemed to be working. And with the position that Drankin is in, the attack would be most likely be a suprising hit. The attack would cause Drankin's fac to smash into the metal door and his back to be crushed under the giant fists of Adam. And because of the sheer power, speed, and point blank distance of said attack; it would be almost instant at .5 milliseconds. This attack alone could cause some serious fatal injuries to the human body but it was not over yet. Within a second or two after the fists come down, Adam would aim to grab Drankin's body with his left hand, generally grabbing him around the chest area with the arms inside of the fist. With the first attack causing some serious pain, preparing to defend a second attack could be futile. After grabbing Drankin's body, Adam would jump high into the air while clinching the body in his hands; adding more and more pressure in the hopes of breaking the bones of the body. Once the leap took them to about 300 yards, Adam would thrust his hand forward like a baseball player and send Drankins body into the ground like a bullet. The strength behind the throw would send Drankin's body moving at a blinding rate of 330mph. After the throw, Adam's body would come back down to the ground and cause cracks to form around his body. Adam then said with his adrenaline umping through his body like a drug-"We are nothing of the same..."-Adam then began to slowly make his way towards Drankin to see if the job needed to be finished.-

DarkKeyome: The monsters powerful strike indeed blasted Drankin to the ground into the car door. Leaving him in a daze. A powerful strain on his body that the hit left. It caused him to shake his head as he was soon scooped up into the males arms with his left arm. Before Drankin knew it he was thrusted into the air with the male. His body still ringing from the pain but he quickly got composure after feeling the crushing pressure of the monster crushing his bones yet they simply micro-fractured due to Drankins powerful body structure and overly powered durability these attacks hurt like hell but it was not enough to destroy him.. Once they reached there highest peak... Drankin saw the creatures aim as his body was shifted into the air like a baseball. The moment he thrusted his arm down to throw Drankin into the ground. The last 2 seconds after the throw... he would have use his right arm to lash out at Drankins throwing arm with his left hand. In that very moment. He used his technique that he trained himself when he was a child. The same technique that he used before that allowed him to be on the defensive with him taking that punch from the beast which would have ultimately killed any normal man. Osteokinetic Combat... The ability to infuse bone with their physical combat allowing them to have most of the applications of Ferrokinetic Combat such as making weapons, armor, and etc. He's even able to apply a small amount electricity as well to said attacks. ( See Drankins Bio on the wiki) The ability to manipulate any bone, they of their protrude/sheath bones as weapons or use as a shield, generate instantaneous layers of bones under skin, even replace/repair bones that have been used or broken. It even gives the ability to project an infinite amount of bones from body, with density changing abilities to be as hard as diamonds or as flexible and light as bamboo. Increasing the density within his bones he'd force the bone in his arms to explode through the palm of his arm and right through the monsters arm that he meant to throw him with. Drankins bones came out of his arm like a blade of some sort. Ripping through the Beast arm like butter. ( Since he hasn’t encountered something of this magnitude yet. Like it was stated in previous post. His skin would have the 'Skin memory' to fight or properly know how to defend said bone attack.) The bone itself wrapped around the beast arm within the inside traveling all the way its up massive arm and wrapping itself around the shoulder of the arm he attempted to Drankin him with. The Bone would travel through the Monsters body latching onto the Beast bones and becoming one... “ Hahahaha... I'll show you power...” The bones would then expand all ripping out of the creatures arms in large pikes traveling all the way through his arm within 2 seconds as they all gashed and plunged there way in deep. Each pike would rip through the beast arm like it was nothing. From the shoulder to the neck a large Pike would travel through Exploding out his neck area with the height of 4 feet. By Now it'd travel through to his spine getting ready to end his life. Gravity would take place as I instead began to sling my arm that was connected with his arm rapidly as we travled to the earth. After the 3rd spin.. I timed it just right that I slung his body into the ground and due to all of this happening within 3 seconds there'd virtually be no way of stopping it more than likely. The ground would explode from a 3.5 mile radius. The shock-waves within the ground would knock down multiple buildings in the area leaving a dust cloud that foamed over for another four miles. If the smash was succesfull... then i'd be standing on the best chest my bones still interlocked with his own. “ Now Now.... Adam... do you feel that sensation in the back of your head.... feeling like your body is getting ready to combust... Im tapping at your skull... can you feel that..?”Drankin twitched his right finger and with there arms connected to one another Adam would more than likely feel the powerful pressure of sensation as he felt his skull cringe ever so often when he twitched his finger. Ready to cave his brain in completely. “.... I see now you grow in power as you grow in strength... like me. Yet... you fight blindly. With no tactic. And until you learn to channel this anger into soemthing... you will always be weaker than me. “ Drankin could kill him at anymoment at this point. “ Ripping me from your body right now... or even snapping my arm monster... may cause your spine to break... killing you completely....” Drankin said in a gruff voice... if Adam looked up all he could see was Drankins bright red eyes even though the dust clouded the area so heavily.”...Now... lets retalk on that deal... shall we...?”

Ending strikes...

Pallas: -As Adam tries to throw Drankin, he sees that he tries an attack of his own. Adam would have no time to react to the said attack but it would not go exactly as Drankin had planned.(The bones are stated to go AS high as diamonds but because you also stated how low in strength they can go, a specific amount of durability in the bone attack is left unknown. Though you did type that they are high densed, high can be anything like a strong metal. And even though Adam does have a "Skin memory" ability his skin can take strengths that match up to other attacks. So for all we know, the bone attack at the unknown level it is at can be just as weak or as strong as something Adam has already come into contact with.) WHen the bones come into contact with Adam's skin he takes them as he would a titanium metal and uses his amazing skin to almost shatter the bones on impact as they try to break through the skin.(Taking the attack) Once this happened the bones would not latch onto Adam's body like Drankin had planned and his body would crash into the ground ten feet away from Adam because of the throw still happening. This would also cause Adam's body to land on the ground as previously stated in the previous post. Adam would grow even angrier at the fact that he has not put this guy away yet. This causes his muscles to grow about three inches more all around as his body height reaches a 8'3 giant. Finally, Adam says to Drankin-"Time to end this..."-Adam then begins to focus his energy like nothing ever before. Just like Donnie has the Super Soldier ability to focus his own energy into certain limbs to create stronger attacks, Adam holds the same power. His bright red eyes begin to glow as the ground begins to shake around them. All in all this would take about 4 seconds of preparation time. The veins of his body would pop out violently as his adrenaline began to skyrocket and send his power skyrocketing with it. Finally, Adam focuses the extra energy into his fists and slams his hands into the ground as hard as he could giving a loud-"ROAAARRRR!!!!"-as he did this.( In doing this, the ground would immediately create a ripple effect of spikes from within the Earth's crust. Within a complete 100 yard radius around his body, giant razor sharp spikes made out of the Earth's crust pop up from the ground. These spikes are made out of the Earth's crust but with the speed and velocity of their popping out could pierce into the sharpest of metals (Ie. Iron, Titanium, and Steel) They would aim to pierce into the skin of Drankin's body. After the attack takes place, the spikes would permanantly remain in the positions they were in and not retract back into the ground. Adam waits until all the spikes have come up before he stands back up with his adrenaline still pumping through his skin. He then sniffs around to try and pick up the scent of the man. In this stage he is very beast like not even in just his looks. He does this to not lose the position of his opponent. Just in case this was not a finished fight.-

DarkKeyome: Drankins attack had failed which seemed... almost impproable yet no matter. His bones shattered quickly which caused him to faulter abit in amazement on how strong this creature truly was. To have the ability to defend something that was never encountered with within a 2 second time frame also while lacking the common knowledge on said attack was simply atonishing and having a 1 on intellgence on said form at that. As Drankins body was thrown to the ground in the powerful crash a large crator formed around his body which made the male cough a bit. He shook his head slowly standing to his feet as he whipped the blood from his bottom lip... “ Ok then...” He popped his back slowly turning to see the creature sit there for a piercing four seconds seeming to channeling power of some sort within himself yet Drankin didnt know this. The males eyes narrowed.. and with only 2 seconds to spare before Adam did his attack which would have ended him ulimately... he released it. The Oni... the Demonic boar that he had such a powerful pact with. His skin immediately turned into a hell red.. and his bones began to even create spikes and sharp talons from his skin even from his face. His hair turned a snow white with red tips and his muscle structure expanded as well he even grew horns on the top of his head. As he watched the beast slam his fist into the ground finally... the powerful spikes that ripped through the ground covered the area all around the beast yet.. the sound of powerful smashing echoed throughout the area only shortly after the attack was made. The moment the beast slammed his fist down Drankin was running full speed at the beast. Punching his way through each and every spike that appeared infront of him before he punched through the last one exploding from the trenches of the spikes in a superman punch from the beast right side. The punch of this attack was so powerful... that the ground around him... errupted into a large crack as he ran towards with his fist extended. The sound of a Sonic boom was errupting well... even the air that was around his right fist that was extended out had a powerful density to the point that if it was causing the air to swirll around it almost having a black hole effect. Drankin was extremly powerful and even more so when like this. He'd be able to pulverize or turn anything to dust using only physical strength. Able to do so with only one strike. With this ability, he'd be able to go toe-to-toe and even surpass the strongest of beings with nothing but the raw force of their physical blows. Any level of weight the user needs to lift is irrelevant as their body can emit force that can repel an object of any mass. With this ability, the user can almost destory anything with their fists alone, destorying tanks, tossing tanks, catching missles, doing feats that are on an impossible scale of power. With his fist extended he moved over to creature in a time frame of 2.3 seconds. Virtually in the blink of an eye. If the punch were to connect It would simply knock the beast back by 12 feet into his own spikes as Drankin landed on his feet in his transformed state.

Pallas: -Not expecting the opponent to have such a form, Adam takes the full force of the attack. The force of the attack breaks deep into his body. It also sends his body flying backwards like a ragdoll as he breaks through his own spikes like a rock through paper. By the end of the attack, Adam remains lying on his back still in his angered state as he was almost unconsious. As the anger slowly begins to fade from his body, the angered state slowly fades away. This causes him to return to his normal form. His body getting smaller and smaller. Finally, when the transformation ends; Adam would lay on the ground fully unconsious with a mark on his chest to show the impact of the fist. This fight was over.-


DarkKeyome: The male slowly walked over to finish the job. His hands hovering over Adams body. “...Nothing...personal..” He said getting ready to send the final blow when. “...Drankin...” The man perked up. Looking behind his shoulder to see a man in his 50's. Or 60's? “....Hideo...” The Demonic form of Drankin said as he turned to eye the man fully. “...Ah. So you are able to control yourself when you are this way now.... but look at you. Still playing someones lap-dog. Will anything ever change..?” The words struck the males heart. Causing a saddening expression to burn across his face. “ No Sensei... it will never change. I am a weapon of war nothing more. Nothing else.” Hideo approached him further with both hands behind his back. “ This man. Is not himself... Even though he is corrupt.. and I can feel it fuming from his body. He is not... demented. He was made this way. Much like you.” Drankin blinked. Eyeing the elderly man. “...Stop fighting for yourself. And fight for a cause...” The old man said to his old pupil as he walked off. Drankin eyed the unconscious man and bowed. “.... Next time. We will fight to the Death... like today as well. Though.... I will fight on my own terms...” He said walking away to leave the man alive.... The sound of a apple crunching in the air echoed throughout the area as Thomas Flint and his wife both walked towards the male only 2 minutes after Hideo and Drnakin left. “...Hunnie.. he told us no... and Drankin didnt kill him.. is he betraying us?” Said Venntirx as she eyed the mans body. “ Perhpars.” Said thomas eatting his apple non-chalantly. “ Get me some more apples on the way home will you beautiful?”He said slapping his wife on the ass. She laughed shaking her head “ Alright then. Let's go home. Daddies going to make some new toys....” He said laughing as him and his wife walked off. With the apple in hand it crumbled into sand...

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