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Donnie Yun

Brief Intro 

It had been a few days since his last training session with Alfred. Donnie had been working on some new things for the Pada Virus, slowly getting used to the new enhancements. He had been spending a lot of time in preparing for the best training he can get. One cannot get better with minimal training. Donnie had created an entire floors worth of the white training room now. He called it "The Nano Chamber." It had become a very complex training facility for Donnie to test every aspect of the Nano Suit. Today is the day for Donnie to test out his new toys that he had been working on for the past few days.

Introducing, The Nano Chamber 

Donnie and Alfred slowly walk into the elevator from the penthouse office; Alfred asks-"Sir, where are we going? I thought you said we were going to train?"-Donnie has a smirk on his face, waiting to show the surprise. He says to Alfred while he pushes the bottom for a floor directly below them-"You'll see Al."- 

The elevator then goes down one floor but do not open. Above the buttons that chose what floor to go to, a small handprint scanner comes out. This shocks Alfred a bit but Donnie acts as if it was a regular thing. The scanner begins to scan the hand print of Donnie and Alfred asks-"Have you been planning something sir?"-Donnie nods his head and replies with-"Yes, and you are going to love it."-The scanner recognizes Donnie's hand print and opens up the elevator doors. When they open, they would reveal a pure white room that looked like a void of nothingness. Alfred and Donnie walk out of the elevator, taking a few steps into the room. The elevator doors shut behind them and Alfred asks-"wow sir haha. What is this place?"- Donnie walks out in front of Alfred with his arms out wide and says-"This is our new training area. This place will be our new work out zone. The entire floor acts as an image projector. A virtual reality if you will. We can create any fighting zone to adapt too. If you want to fight in the middle of D2...."-Donnie pauses a moment to work the Nano Chamber with his mind and the pure white room begins to change in front of their very eyes. Buildings rise up from the ground and the projective of the entire city fills the room. Even people are created to make the scene more realistic. Donnie and Alfred stand in the middle of a busy D2 street and Donnie says-"we can fight wherever our minds can take us. The chamber even has a random setting. This setting allows the room to change at random times. Adapt and overcome right haha."-people begin to honk at the two men in the street while Alfred takes it all in. It was the first time he had been out in a public setting, like a person. He looks at Donnie and says-"this is amazing. Will it always just be me and you in here?"-Donnie uses his mind to return the place back to normal as the image of the city slowly disappears like a dream. Donnie then opens three doors electronically and says-"For now it is me and you, but soon..."-Donnie then uses his mind to send an assembly line of Nano bots out of the three doors. They looked very generic and have no visual attributes to them. ( they are attached to a metal device because they are currently inactive. Donnie points to them and says-"These Nano bots will one day be the things WE fight against. They can take on the body of anything. If we are in Old New York, they can turn into the mutated beasts. Or we can turn them into a bunch of rage monsters like Adam haha. Though they won't be able to hold the exact abilities that he has haha. They are made of iron and a special alloy that allows them to take the body of certain images we give them. These things will give us the training we need to handle things of the real world."-Alfred listens to what Donnie says and is amazed by everything he has created. But he asks-"why do you use "us" and "we" as if I am a partner in your crime fighting endeavors? I thought I was just your training partner?"-Donnie nods at what Alfred says and replies with-"That is true. But Al, after my fight with Adam I now knows what needs to be done. I can't protect this city all on my own. Tetsu does what he can but I can see that this job may not be what he really wants. (This is before their meeting at Yun Tower) Al, I'm going to need you out there with me if I run into something I can't handle on my own."-Alfred nods and understands what Donnie is saying. Alfred then says-"Then let’s get to work."

Speed is everything 

Donnie sets up an arena similar to what the gladiators used back in the roman days ad says-"Let us fight in the arena! For all of Rome! Haha."-The created images of people in old roman clothing roar at the sight of the two men. They both get into their fighting stances and get ready to go. What is different this time around, Donnie is not fighting in his Nano Suit. What did he have up his sleeve? Alfred starts of the fight by throwing overhand lefts and rights. Donnie grows more and more each time he fights. His speed has become more of his best trait rather than just an enhanced ability. He slides through each punch without raising a hand. He moves his body from the left to the right, weaving through with perfect technique. Donnie then focuses his Pada Virus to forge the two Repulser Palm Gauntlets onto his fists. This takes only two seconds to forge the gauntlets. Once this is finished, Donnie weaves through an overhand right by sliding to the left. Donnie then jumps into the air a few feet and thrusts his left fist into the face of Alfred. The fans go wild at the shot and now the fight is getting intense.

Being The Machine

The fighting had once again taken hours of time to get to a point where both fighters were feeling effects. Donnie has chosen not to use the full effects of the Nano Suit. By this time, pieces of the arena have been blown away from the Plasma Blasts from both fighters. Donnie is on one knee with his left hand on the floor. What stands out is that now Donnie is using the abilities of the Pada Virus to create a red and black rectangular shield on his left arm. It was shaped like a gladiators shield but it was made out of the Nano Suit Vibranium. It was a large four feet and a great defense ability to use when in the normal form. ($(KGrHqZ,!hgE7k4SFmbTBPRcoeNG3Q~~60_35.JPG) his training clothes were a bit tattered and his lip a bit bloody. He had taken some big hits from Alfred. The fans roared at the spectacle of what they were watching. Donnie was using his enhancements perfectly to a new level. He slowly stands up to his feet with the shield linked to his arm and says to Alfred-"It's like dejavu. You have gotten better. Looks like you are getting used to that body pretty fast haha."-Alfred laughs a bit and says-"I have to keep up with you somehow haha."- Alfred then points both hands together and fires a Double Plasma Blast at Donnie. Donnie reacts by placing the large shield in front of his body. The impact causes Donnie to spin around in the air and land on his chest.-"OOF!"- Donnie looks up at Alfred with a crazy smile as the shield begins to retract back into his body. While this happens, he slowly stands back up while the Pada Virus begins to wrap around his body. His second skin begins to form around his entire body like a bodysuit, skintight, with a black and red mix. The carbonadium portion of his body forges what looks like shin guards and arm guards. The Vibranium is what makes this body suit that is Donnie's second skin. By the time he stands up, the suit is complete. The palm blasters stand out as this piece of the suit is the most important. Donnie then puts his right palm out next to his hip as the plasma energy begins to forge something. Alfred's body gets prepared for anything but this new tactic was something even he didn't see coming. A bright white and blue light begins to omit from his plasma blasters. Finally the Plasma Energy forges an Energy Hammer. Alfred's cyborg eyes would break if he could widen them. He then says-"What the fuck is tha-UGHHH!"-And before he would finish his sentence. Donnie lands a hit. Donnie had made a throwing motion with his hammer and the energy expands to larger the hammer like a rubber band and smacks into Alfred's chest. ( this sends Alfred flying backwards like a ragdoll as he lands into the wall of the arena. Donnie laughs a bit and calls the hammer back to his hand and spins it around in his fingers-"How do you like the new toy, Al?"

Your Best Friend, Is a Machine

Alfred slowly comes out of the wall, causing some of the rock to come down with it. He brushes the dirt off of his armor and asks-“When did you get that?”-Donnie swings the Energy Hammer around a bit as if it were a real object and say-“I have been working on this for a while now. I was never able to get it down to a base until after my fight with Adam. You can do this too with training.”-Alfred tilts his metal head a bit and asks-“How can I create weapons out of nothing?”-Donnie points the hammer at Alfred like as if he was a teacher and says with a sarcastic smile on his face-“ahh you are looking at it all wrong my friend. This isn’t just nothing. This is energy. You understand the Plasma Energy in your suit, yes?”-Alfred nods then Donnie continues-“You may understand the basis of it but I have looked deeper on its uses. I can create an energy shield and energy blasts from the Plasma Energy and even run the Nano Suit…but now that the Pada Virus has made the suit and I one, Plasma Energy has become something more to me. The regular Nano Suits would not be able to do this because the Plasma Energy is given the job of having to keep the suit running at all times. But now, now it is a weapon perfect for my second skin. Just like creating an energy shield, my mind uses the plasma energy within me to actually create energy based weapons.”-Alfred looks down at his Palm Blasters and wonders how he could use this if he is just a Nano Suit himself. He then looks up at Donnie and asks-“How can I use this if I am just a cyborg?”-Donnie laughs a bit and slowly begins to walk over to where Alfred is, but keeping his distance as the fight was still happening. He then says-“You aren’t just any ole cyborg, Alfred. You are my personal design. We are close to the same being. Your body is in no need of a human to run the suit, just as I no longer need. So yes, the plasma energy helps run your suit but not as hard or as much as it normally would in the Nano Suit. You meet the line in the middle between completion and unavailability. Only time will tell if you are capable or not. I say we call it a day here haha. We have killed many hours in here already. We can come back in here whenever we need too. Come on Al.”-Donnie then put his second skin form back inside of his body and returned himself to his normal state. Alfred nodded, still trying to take in all that he learned about this new weapon. It was a full day and a lot to have to take in. Will these two come together and be a tag team for KasaiHana? Only time will tell. 

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