Drankin ( Fist of the North star)

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Tetsu Post Time Skip

Stalking the prey...

Yule: Asami would be in her office and working on some lab testing reports. She would still be in her business outfit of the day because she had been at the lab all day working with some gasses. Asami’s gas mask hung from her belt since she hadn’t changed yet. She was also going to head down to the buildings lab to do some more research. She had been working on an experimental gas most of the week. Asami got up and walked around her desk to go to the filing cabinets. She pulled out some papers and then sat back down on her desk. After about ten minutes she grabbed a few more papers and decided to head back down the lab to work with the gases. She grabbed her safety goggles and held them in her hand. “Well back down to the lab I go.” Asami checked her belt again for her mask even though she felt the weight. She really didn’t want to go down to the basement and then have to come all the back to the top floor to get her mask. Asami grabbed the blank sheets of computer paper and a few pencils and headed out the door and to the elevator. Asami went to the basement and walked down the halls to the lab. Once she was there she started to how some of the gases reacted together under a fume hood. She still had her goggles and gasmask on incase anything were to come out from under the fume hood. Asami was deep into her work five minutes later.

DarkKeyome: The beastily man... watched her from afar. ( XDD please click it) “...Haha... such an easy... pray...” He said as he licked his lips watching her from afar. His hell red eyes focusing on her body as his cape like trench coat flapped in the wind. He clenched his fist. “...Sensei... I am not strong enough. To be my own man yet..” He said to himself as he watched the woman enter inside of the lab from only 6 builidings away about half a mile. “... “ The traffic was light enough but people still romaed through the city. He croched down... channling the chi within his body before he leaped high into air by 15 feet as he pulled his body back to do a back-flip he'd land on his right knee running full speed the wind making the trench coat once again appear as a cape. After stalking the female he crouched down low. Gripping some form of a walky talkey. “... Line yoursleves around the building. Close out all the permeditors. Make sure... she doesnt get out. While I get in. “ A loud CHIKK was heard then a “ Yes sir. Roger that sir.” Drankin stood again the large cowboyish hat draping over his facial features. He lunged himself off of the building again and gripped a rail slipping himself right into the building like a some kind of feeline. His body lingered around the building until he walked to the balcony area. He looked down.. seeing the female working on whatever she was working on. His men had snuck there way into the building as well. All of them ran next to him never making any kind of sounds. On there helmet the Japanese for 'Titan' was on there helmets. Full body mask on there faces. Tehre bodies were also incased with a powerful metal that was made from the same type of material made for battle Jet's. ( how they look.) “...Such a beautiful... young lady. “ Drankin said as he leaped off of the railing. Drifting himself down to the female so when he landed he was simply 3 feet away from her the mans powerful force would knock back all the euipment and other tools she had on the table as he landed before her. His massive body towered over her head. “... I wonder why settle with that... dead beat cop..” As his he extended his right hand... over 20 red dots would litter the girls body. “If you so as move... they will shoot you down into nothing...”he said as his right hand lashed out in attempt to lift the girl in the air with his right hand. Attempting to strangle her into unconsciousness. “....Now... call for that boyfriend of yours... hahaha..” his laugh was so chilling... he sounded like the devil himself.

Yule: Asami would feel a strange ominous feeling. Then when she felt the pointers on her she realized it wasn’t just a feeling, it was real. She would then hear his voice while he grabbed at her throat. Asami would channel chi to her esophagus to keep it open as much as she could. She spoke through her gas mask. “And why would you need to talk to him?” Asami would have her hands at her side and would react quickly, reaching behind her for the needles she kept on her belt at all times. She grabbed on and popped the cap off silently. She glanced around the room at the men who had guns pointed at her. “All this security to bring in one little girl, seems kind of overkill huh?” She would channel chi into her arm to give her speed and power as she swung her arm forward and into the underside of the man’s arm, if this worked it would only take maybe a minute to get through his body and to his brain. Just in case she would attempt to wrap her legs around him and pull herself closer. She channeled chi into her arms and legs to have more power to bear hug onto the guy. Those shooters would have to shoot him to get to her if her plan worked.

DarkKeyome: The girl spoke... and he responded. “ It's simply busniess... Nothing more. Im a solider I do what I am told..” And as he was getting ready to speak out again. A shot was fired. One of the men from behind him shot out towards the females arm exactly 3 seconds of observation of her arm. Making note that she had been holding it in that position for some time. The man who had been watchin quickly aimed his gun the moment he saw that it had been there long enough and after he saw her move in attempt to stab the male with something. He retailed on instict almost to protect his commanding officer.They all had highly enhanced FAMUS's. Yet the man made sure to miss on purpose. The bullet grazed the females upper shoulder more than likely. ( It was state that if she moved even just a bit she'd be shot.) As the bullet it'd even go so far as to nip Drankins jacket. If the bullet hit her.. it'd send her arm through an enticing numbing process making her stop in mid stab a bullet travels at the speed of 350 mph typically reaching the girls arm before she could do what she wanted too was highly and likely. If Connected he'd see the dropped weapon that she had hit the ground due to her arm losing its use after the shot was made. Drankin would look back at his man that did the shooting.. His eyes peered out at him. He looked at the man on the right of the one that had just fired his weapon at the girl and nodded his head. The solider he nodded too simply nodded back and aimed his weapon right at the shooter blowing his brains right out. . “...Foolish man.... does he not know I can handle myself... now... where was I... call that boyfriend of yours...before... I get angry!” He'd lift his arm up with the female in his grip high above his head and push her body into the lab table and through it with a chok slamming motion. He'd pull his arm up again and attempt to slam it into the table over and over again.

Yule: Asami would grimace as her arm was shot and then reach with her left hand into her other pouch and hold the gas canister in her hand. She’d press the trigger quickly and it would diffuse throughout the room. Anyone who wasn’t wearing a gas mask would be out in less than two minutes. Just to be sure she hand enough she quickly did three canisters at one time. She didn’t know how these gases would act together but she hoped it didn’t kill her. Even while doing this if Asami got shot in her left arm she was just going to push through that pain and keep the triggers pulled. It was after all one of the only things she could do at this point. After seeing the man get shot in the head, she was a little worried. Obviously this guy was strong enough to get clipped with a few bullets and he was obviously ruthless by shooting his comrade. When the man started to slam her into the lab bench Asami gritted her teeth. “How am I supposed to call if you won’t let me go Dumbass?!” Asami would attempt to throw some chi enforced kicks at the man while he threw her against the lab benches multiple times.

DarkKeyome: As he slammed her over and over into the table. ( Since she didnt state which slam was interrupted and I didnt either. But she stated that the slams were made I could put X amount on it.) After the 10th slam the females back and spine would more than likely be dismemebered. Beaten and almost destoryed. He coughed and smelt the gas... yet he took no mind to it. Luckily his men had mask on that could filter the stench that would usually knock them out. He held her more than likely broken and beate body into the air. “ Hahaha... your right...” He said catching whiff of a gas again. He slung her into the wall on the other side of the room into a cabinent of glass with vials in it etc etc. The glass would more than likely tear her skin up around her back and legs around her arms etc etc. He pulled his cellphone from his pocket and tossed it to her feet. By now he had his hand over his mouth coughing. “...Call him...” He said eyeing her. The men on the outside of the building stood at the front door of the building with there weapons to a point ready for her to come through. 2 other men sat in sniping postions just in case Tetsu was seen. Or if Asami managed to escape. 3 other man sat at the back door also on the ready. The men on the outside with sniper rifles could easily pick her off if she tried to leave out of any of the windows. “...what... is this smell..” He said holding his temple getting light headed.

Yule: After the fourth slam Asami would let her chi flow to her back to hold her spine together. She knew if she didn’t it would be broken in no time. After being slammed the tenth time Asami was thrown across the room. She smirked when he commented on the smell in the room. She could see the effects taking place. After a couple more minutes he would be out. She caught the phone thrown at her and looked at it. Her left arm was pinned between the wall and herself. Asami reached into the pouch on her belt containing the gas and felt for canister that had the box of matches taped to it. She pulled it out, holding it in front of her grabbing a match and holding it to the box, her finger on the trigger, and then stated firmly. “You guys make any moves I will blow this room sky high and you are all going to die. I’ll take you all to hell before you take me. And trust me this will blow the whole building, causing all your friends that are most likely guarding the outside to tiny little meaty chunks. Where for you guys, you’ll be nothing but ash. So make your choice.” She said quickly and then struck the match, it had a long stick on it and it was burning. “You either let me out or you all die, along with your little leader.” Asami glanced around the room if anyone would shoot her, her finger would pull the trigger and create a flame torch of sorts that would reach out a good fifteen feet due to the pressure of the canister.

DarkKeyome: The smokey vision due to her gas it made it hard to see... but if she looked closely. She could see.... a demonic figure within the smoke. His once black hair was now a long drapping white. He had made his bones spike sending holes all throughout his body causing the gas that travled through his lungs to leave out of it as if it were a simple breathe of exhaled air from his pores. By the time she was done talking she hadnt even realized that all of 19 of Drankins men were all lined up next to the male with there guns at the ready. “ A gas... clever. But... not clever enough.” Drankin would be in his Oni state momentarily as he allowed the gas to leave his body. “...You... foolish girl... you think that can destroy me...? if you light that match not only will you die for no reason... but think about all you've accomplished... you'd kill yourself. And then... I wouldnt need to bring Tetsu here.. you'd be doing my job for me. “ He said chuckling. “...DO it... light the match. Light the match you foolish child and destory Tetsu Ryoji for me...” Drankin said in the Demonic state yet he had full control.

Yule: Asami let the match burn. She realized he was right. She didn’t want to admit it but he was. If she died It would only cause harm to Tetsu. Asami put the canister down and glare at the man who had turned to his oni form. “Fine…” Asami picked up the phone and dialed Tetsu’s number. He wasn’t there so she left a message. “Hey Babe, it’s Asami. If you could call back, this number, as soon as possible that would be awesome. There seems to be a little problem. Also who the hell did you mess with? If we get through this…I’m so kicking your ass.” Asami closed the phone and then slid it across the floor to the man. “So what now? We wait? You climb a tower and hold me in your fist like a giant ape?” Asami would stop her chi flow and then grimace. Her body was sore and she felt the damage from being slammed into a lab bench ten times. Her nerve woke and she bit the inside of her lip. Slowly Asami ran her hand through her hair and looked up at the man. “Don’t I at least get the pleasure of knowing my captors name?” She smirked as she kept a calm look on her face.

Coming to the rescue...

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would recive a call on his watch during his meeting with Donnie, but he didn’t pay it any mind as he was having a good time actually. Tetsu would be walking back around district 2 on portal still, and decide to check his voice messeges. He’d heard Asami asking if he could come over, and who tetsu had been messing with. “huh?” Tetsu thought. She rarely says things like that witout some kind of purpose, but it seemed weird. “Who are you messing with. If we get through this…I’m kicking your ass”. With the fry from futrurama troll face as his expression tetsu thought “Don’t know if a call for help…..or if she’s pregnant..” Tetsu decided not to waste time regardless, and to go ahead and rush twords her lab in the chitori clan building. Running at 60mph, Tetsu would then shoot his grappling hook and begin “web swinging his way there, and reach the place in at least 10 minutes. It would have been fine, if tetsu didn’t try pulling aerial manouvers on the way there to look cool, but eh. Tetsu didn’t know the urgency of the situation. Once he arrived at the building he’d go ahead and line zip his way up to the window, and was shocked at the sight. He saw a tall muscular man standing infront of Asami who so happened to be backed in a corner, and what looked to be 19 men armed holding her hostage. Tetsu’s eyes wided in rage. This played exactly into what he and Donnie had talked about: putting those closest to him in danger. Tetsu would waste no time swinig thorugh the window feet first, and landing in a crouching position, with his hands tucked behind his back, right near his vibrainium shuriken, asking “What the hell is going on here!? And what are you doing to Asami?!?!”

DarkKeyome: “ I’m doing nothing to this female...” He looked up at the female who was now tied up ( if yule allows it. >.<) She was still badly wounded from there little scuffle. “ I simply... used her to bait you in here Ryoji. “ Drankin pulled himself in-front of the male crossing his arms. Pacing around. All of his men had there guns at the ready. “.... I tell you what. So I can know that I wont be bored to death... why don’t you play with my men... show him men the power of the Titan force.” He said walking off getting a bit of distance from the group. The men all stepped forward putting there guns over there shoulders as they got down into there Karate stances. They clicked the buttons on there bodies and all of them hard elteric surges that flourished off there bodies. “ Huya!” they all screamed getting down into there satances. “...Oh be careful.. if you touch them... you'll be struck with 200 proton charge that'll... hurt like hell... haha... entertain me...” He said crossing his arms and smirking at the boy as all of the 19 men began to close in on him. 'Lets see... if he has any use..' he said in his mind.

Yule: Asami would glance up after the glass was broken. She was pretty tired from taking her beating. When she saw Tetsu she perked up a little bit. Asami wished she could have gotten up and helped but since she was tied up it would have made it hard. She watched as the men all got into karate stances. “Tetsu! Kick those mother fucker’s asses!” Asami tried to get herself untied but it was no use. “So you think it’s cool to have 19 guys gang up on one person? Yeah you are a real man.” Asami mumbled to the huge guy. She was pissed right now and she wanted to get at the guy.

Never backing down...

XxDensukexX: Tetsu couldn’t pay attention to anything the mysterious man was going on aobut. He was only focused on Asami who looked hurt. She had nothing but courage in her eyes, just waiting for me to finish the job. I looked around as he said something about his men. The men then began putting their guns over their shoulders and getting into traditional karate stances. Tetsu would quickly take his on Power Fist stance, charing chi, and watch the nine teen men, until he saw electric charges pulsate from their bodies. “What the hell?!” One of them charaged at tetsu, and as tetsu implied an elbow block he was electrocuted blatantly, and would be ambushed from the side, by another one of the men, with a swift kick to the jaw. Tetsu would roll a few feet over, and be greeted with an oncoming axe kick aimed straight for his shoulder. Tetsu would quickly employ a cross block, but again take another electrical charge and be uppercutted twords the ceiling, and then fall back down. Tetsu in a daze, would luckily look up, to see one of the men trying to stomp his head in. Tetsu quickly reacted, by rolling to his left, getting up, and hopping over the desk present, and would kick the desk twords 3 of the men, cuasing them to trip over and fall down face forward breaking their visors. Two men would attack tetsu from his left and his right. Tetsu quickly reacted by weaving the first blow, backwards and weaving the right blow forwards, and then would hop into the leather office chair pushing himself backwards in a sitting possistion, moving. One of the men of course would stop him, but this was Tetsu’s hope, as it gave him enough time to snacth the armbars of the chair off their henges, and begin beating the man that stoped him, with the arm bars. He’d deiliver a swift, 12 blows to the mans body, starting from the shins, all the way up to the neck, and then wap the man in the side of the head, to knock him out. The soilders would stop for a moment, to see how he did this, but would notice one key thing: The armbars of the chairs, had rubber isnolation. Tetsu spit some blood on the floor, and then moved to the center of the room as the men circled him, elecricty crackling in the air. Seventeen left. One soilder made a move, and uppercuted tetsu in his rib cage, shocking him, but tetsu quickly responded, by striking the man in the back of his neck, immobilizing him. Two more men attacked Tetsu, with electro kicks, but tetsu would slap both of the blows out of the way using the arm bars, and with expert percsions would dive low, and klonk the back knees of both of the men, and ocne they droped tetsu would rear his arms forward, and then draw them backwards completely flipping the men forward, immobilizing them as well. One man cought tetsu off guard, as once tetsu got up the soilder greeted him with a three piece boxing combo, and finished with a kick that knocked tetsu twords another window, the impact cracking it. The man would attempt to knock tetsu out of the window, but fail as tetsu side steped it,and using the armbars would thrust the man out of the window, cuasing him to fall outwards. Tetsu was pretty sure that armor would prevent any true injurey, but he wanted to save Asami at all cost….Once the soilder was thrown out the windo tetsu would be ambushed with a chocke hold from behind. Tetsu would elbow this man a conscecutive 6 times, being sure to crack all three of his ribs, and then side kick him through asami’s office door. Hopefully she’ll forgive him for that….Tetus would then flick both of his wrist, and extend two lines of vibrainium tiatainium grapple wire, pericing through two of the men’s shoulders and retracting to lock themselves in place, as tetsu pulled backwards, and flinged them out the window as well. He’d preform this again on two more opposing men on his opposite side as well, to dispatch of them. And then there was one…..He’d stayed behind the crowd to fight until the end. Tetsu threw the armbars down, and looked at him. “…..It was your gun that fired, and cuased that flesh would on Asami wasn’t it…..I can smell the gunpowder and residu…..” Tetsu put his arms up in a jeet kun do stance as chi flourished from his body in a blue flash. The last soilder said nothing as he charged at tetsu. He threw a two right jabs, a left, jab, followed by two round house kicks and a jumping sright kick. Tetsu would weave the punches effortlessly, as for the left jab he would emply an elbow block, tankning the shocking effect, and wincing in pain but continuing on to counter the two roundhouse kicks by weaving backwards and ducking forwards. When the jumping front kick came however….Tetsu would squat down, and with his fist reared and tucked at his side, he would use the chi he’d channeling since the beginning of the bout, and pour it into his right fist. Once the jump kick began to descend from mid air, tetsu would thrust not only his right fist, but his entire body and being upwards and deiliver a shoryuken type upper cut to the jaw of this last soilder, the effect of this not only sent a giant gust of wind throughout the room that blew our the ramining windows, leveled the furniture, and blew the office doors off their hinges, but tetsu’s blue chi enfused fist, was glowing violently as it send the man skyrocketing through the very roof of the foundation. The man’s peak height would have to have been at least 25 feet in the air from the full force of the uppercut, and as tetsu would make his decent and land, he would stand up and look at drankin, still hovering ove his girlfriend who had been cheering him on from the get go. Tetsu had noting but righteous fury his eys and tone as he spit out sommore blood and began to speak. “You know, I’ve been approached by some pretty odd things, but military gunsman with full body tasers is a new one…Tell me would you and some odd looking rocker guy have something in common possibly?.” Tetsu was trying to make connections to what’s been going on but weather he got a reply or not he’d continue talking. “and why me? What makes me special form anyone else? Theres plenty of other people you could be attacking in this city, big shots. Not some lowly cop and his girlfriend..”


DarkKeyome: He began to clap his hands as he looked over at the male. “...Impressive... impressive indeed. A bit slow.... I would have been done in twice the time. But... impressive in any way.” He said nodding his head. “ If you really want to know... I'm stricky here due to mission purposes. You seemed to piss off my boss. And with that... he wants me to bring you in. Dead.. or alive. “ He said looking over at the men. “.... You seem to be a threat to him. He has even went out of his way to get information on your father... you remember.... when he was attacked. “ Drankin stood from the wall and began to crack his back as he looked over at the boy. “ You seem to show promise... let us see your worth” He said getting down in his stance the Shaolin kung fu style. His Chi began to course around his body as his muscles began to stretch and tense. He pulled his arms up and as he did the ground around them would shake like the day he fought Adam. He exhaled.... and he did... a light tremor of an earth quake would shake the ground around them. Any Chi Practioner would see the over flowing red aura that channled around his body. He stomped the ground slowly pulling his arms infront of him into the Shaolin Monkey style... Slowly preforming the moves and the ground began to shake again as he warmed up. One more style transition and he was in his Normal unorthdox stance. “...Now...Come... Tetsu Ryoji!...” He said to the boy... releasing a small porportion of his chi that he had channled ( not all) when he shouted making the walls within the building to expand a bit out.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu watched as the man claped his hands together in some kind of appluadment. Tetsu would keep his eyes immenently focused on the man as he spoke in a dark and depressing tone of voice. He spoke of his boss wanting him dead or alive. But who? Who is this mystery man that wanted tetsu’s life and being? The man didn’t say. Tetsu’s eyes widend a bit as he mentioned information on his father. Who would have the intelligence to dig up on him? Those files were supposed to be secured and eradicated….This really got tetsu interested in who this boss of his was. He had to be indeed something serious. The mans noticing of tetsu’s power would only become more eminent when he got down into a kung fu stance, and his brimming red chi began shaking the room. Tetsu kept his balance through the whole ordeal, as this man stood and began his kung fu poses, more than likely shaolin in origin. Once he shouted at tetsu to come forth the walls seemed to shake and expand, as he did. Tetsu looked at him and gritted thorugh his teeth, and took his Power Fist stance, spreading his fist, and simply flashing his aura. This other man may have had the chi to fluant all day, but Tetsu preferred to keep his contained and harnessed. Tetsu would then respond by dashing forward, at a breakneck 3 second pace, with a cocked back right fist, aimed for the males lower chin i.e his mandible, should this fist connect it would rock his entire head, shooting it backawards, should this connect or miss tetsu would follow up by attempting to grab the male by his collar and bring him down to bash his skull into tetsu’s own, cuasing a headbutt of great impact. This hit wouldn’t daze tetsu for he was aiming his forhead at the opponents bridge of his nose, cuasing him more pain than himself. Should the head butt connect, tetsu would keep hold of the males collar and then roll his body weight backwards, while tucking his right foot into the males gut, and once the backwards motion had been completed, it would end up in a judo type flip, where tetsu would use his right foot to push the male across the room and attempt to throw him clear 5 feet across the room. If the throw would be susscful (depending on if the combo was successful) Tetsu would quickly sit up, and rip the wires off of Asami, freeing her from her restriction allowing her to move again.

DarkKeyome: Drankin readied himself when he saw the boy show a small glimpse of his Chi in a flash of some sort. He slid his legs apart bracing himself for the boys onslaught though his speed proved to be a bit more than Drankin was expecting. The first strike connected hitting the male right in the chin hard enough that it caused his head to jerk back in its awkward motion. But Tetsu would find that hitting the male head on would more than likely cause a shock wave of pain throughout his body. Tetsu had struck a part of Drankins body where the bone was the thickest but no matter the hit connected. Though when he gripped his collar. Drankin swiftly counterd by throwing up his right arm with only a few moments to react. When tetsu threw his head forward for the head but his forearm was met with the boy instead. Due to tetsu throwing his head full on in attempt to headbutt Drankin this manuever possibly could not be avoided. And with that the force of impact which was the effect after tetsu's head onto Drankins right forarm would cause him to stagger back Where the large man would make himself onto the offensive. ( if the blow connected.)As Tetsu would fall back Drankin put his right foot forward placing it inbetween Tetsu's leg and sent a quick right palm into Tetsu's shoulder rocking him to the right just a bit still in his state of dizzyness and after the blow. He folded both of his fist to the point his middle pointer finger was extended out just a bit from the others using a slight bit of Ostokenosis he modled the bones in his fist into a much thicker plate on the equavilane of a weak brand of Adamantium. Plus with his finger out and his bones densed. The middle finger would almost apply as a small dagger when he began to attack. Each strike if he attacked like this would leave deep gashes within the oppoenets body. With a rushing burst of speed... an onslaught of swift punches were sent into the boys torso. So quick that to the un trained Chi eyes they'd simply see Drankin throw 5 swift punches when in reality he threw 50. This move was called the Dim Mak, made from an Ancient Chinese Martial arts style. ( Click to see the move in effect.) All of the punches happening in such a fast time frame that with Tetsu's staggering body due to him blanetly throwing his head into Drankins forearm would leave him almost helpless. Each punch would have bone crushing effects with the strength that Drankin applied within each punch and stabbing sensations slicing tetsu's skin when ever his fist met the same area of attack twice. More than likely due to the hit to the fore-arm would this would cause the whole attack sequence to go under way. After the 50 or so punches he would end it with a powerful Right palm thrust into the males chest with enough force to knock him through a few walls within the establishment making him crash into the lobby area where Drankin would follow behind, stepping through all 4 walls that tetsu would crash through cracking his knuckles along the way.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu’s intended attack would indeed fall askew, when he felt his head connect with drankins harder than usual elbow. Also added to the fact, that Tetsu had a strange feeling in his right arm from impacting with Drankin’s chin, a subtle pain, nothing but an attack wound. Tetsu would ineed be slightly dazed from his missed head butt and stagger backwards, only for a bit however. Tetsu was indeed dazed and would need to shock himself back to reality, however Drankin seems to have done this for him, by palming tetsu in his shoulder, which would rock Tetsu in his right direction, but also due to stoped momentum and an open time frame on how long tetsu would be dazed (since one was never stated between attacks) Tetsu would turn around, in enough of a time frame to see Drankin preparing some kind of attack. In what little defense timing he had, tetsu would place his right foot back, and keep his left foot forward, bracing himself and avoiding a complete step in manouver, for what appeared to be more shaolin kung fu, . Tetsu’s chi sight, would indeed allow him to track the punches, but intercepting the punches was the problem. Every punch had the trajectory to be aimed at Tetsu’s torso, which was easy to tell at best. The speed at which the blows were coming, wasn’t to fast for tetsu to block, and so he attempted to intercept one blow, however it was unusually painful as it would seem the opponents body structure was denser than most and it could be inferred this is so. Tetsu couldn’t simultaneously block every punch, and ended up attempting a cross block maneuver after blocking the first blow, over his chest to nullify and numb some of the pain that he felt. Drankin would then go for a solid palm thrust aimed directly at Tetsu’s chest area, but thanks to the block upholding, with precise timing Tetsu was able to hold his arms in front of his chest but still take the force of the hit, being sent flying though…..3…..4. 4 walls of the building, luckily crashing into yet another office, flying over the desk, and landing inside of a black leather chair. Though the pain of the four walls was indeed staggering, the material of the chair was a bit numbing to it. Tetsu groaned, as for a second he was not sure what happened there. He was rushed completely, simply because he rushed in completely. Tetsu slapped his own face, twice as Drankin appeared to be walking towards him through the wall’s holes. Tetsu then stood up, and popped his back a coulple of times. If this was the gmafs he would’ve been in more trouble for the back problems he had then. Tetsu would then feel a slight numbing sensation in his forearms, thus deducing: what ever method the man used, it was one to either strengthen blows, or hardening something on his body. Either way it was something tetsu never encountered, and he would not assume unless he was sure. Tetsu would wait in front of the desk, and begin flourishing his body with chi, keeping it on an internal level, charging, and holding it. It became clear, that they were both chi users, and that he couldn’t rush in. This guy was no amateur. Tetsu would stand, and take his ready pose, i.e his Power Fist stance, and speak, all while holding his guard of course. “One more.” Tetsu would say. What his opponent wouldn’t know, is that as his speech took place, Tetsu quickly self induced an adrenaline rush in his own body, pumping his heart rate faster, and enhancing his reflex speed to it’s peak, he would surely be ready for another attack on his body should it be made catchable.

DarkKeyome: ( Fight music ftw) Drankin smirked as he saw the boy recover from the blows successfully. A flash back of his younger brother played within his mind as he saw the boy stand up. And ready himself again for another onlsaught the spunk was adirmarble to the old warrior. He gave the boy a thumbs up“ Good...” He said getting down into a different stance. This one seemed to be a freestyle stance due to it having no orgin. He watched the boy. “ You are the Egale. I can tell by your Aura that you are calm natured. And your soul is pure. Yet you attack like any of the other killers. You are the Egale.... you remind me.... of.. Zetsui. And my Brother Kata.” He said smirking and getting down in a stance as the chi began to pour from his person again. “ Now... face me! Show me your strength! And no holding back..RYYOOJIII!!” He shouted as his body shifted over to the male in a blur alomost. It was basiclly like he took one step... and his body was gone and just like that.... he was under tetsu. In the blink of an eye. As he kicked came up with the upper cut. It'd flash him back from when he was sparring with his younger brother on the island for a brief moment. The uppercut was with his right hand that was aimed for his chin. As he sent the uppercut out he would have twisted his form and sent out a kick into the males ribs in a 360 motion attempting to knock him into the desk further. or... so one would assume. If the kick was blocked or dodged, he would have landed on his feet hooked his arms around the males neck and sent an knee into the boys stomach. if the kick didnt connect. Once hooked into the clinch he would began a powerful sequence of uppercuts over and over into the boys stomach with his overly dense muscle structure that with every knee it felt like a bowling ball made of steel to the gut. After the 5th strike he would have attempted to put his right foot behind Tetsu's leg making it so his right leg was between both of Tetsu's legs, fires a elbow into tetsu's throat with his left hand and buckle his leg so tetsu legs would bends backwards awakwrdly where he'd then send a palming uppercut, which would knock the male airbourne then boot him as he sent his body flipping through yet anotehr wall so they ended up at the front entrance.

XxDensukexX: Tetsu thought for a moment listening to the man speak. “Zetsui? And who’s Kata?” Tetsu couldn’t afford to listen, though he did appreciate the eagle complement. As The man yelled, Tetsu held his composure and continued charging his chi accordingly. The male opponent did however rush over to Tetsu in what would appear to be a blur to some regular people but Tetsu was far from regular. The male would arrive in terribley close with an uppercut aiming twords tetsu’s chin, but with his adrenaline already pumping….his reflex factor was at such a high heat, not even a bullet would be able to hit him, let alone this fist as Tetsu applied one of the many principles of power fist: Stop Hits and Kicks. This is the process in which one instead of simply blocking an attack, would “intercept” the hit or counter it instead of a full on block, this shaves seconds off of a blocking maneuver and leaves a time frame able to be captilized on during the exchange of blows. By applying this combination, taking advatages of his bullet fast relexes, and sniper like percisoion in combat, to attack tetsu, one must move to tetsu, and with this it allowed tetsu to not only back step the uppercut by a mere inch, allowing it to miss his chin by the same distance, but he would quickly react by lifting his right knee swiftly into the males jaw, though it did send a slight pain, any principle of physics would suggest that anything could be worn down with enough force applied. With the positioning of the two men, the opponents fist would be above tetsu’s being and at some point his jaw would be in the perfect position, the time frame being in exactly two seconds of this counter. Should this counter flow through accordingly, which due to the quickness, speed, and time frame of the counter make it near undodigible, anything is possible however, the male opponent would be thrown into the air, exactly 6 feet from his original position, placing his knee’s at tetsu’s head height. Once the male hit the height designated tetsu would send what seemed to be a punch to the males abodomen, this however was a feint by all means, as at the males angle in the air (assuming the counter went thru which more than likely it would) he would mainly notice the arm movement, but not the subltely thrown leg sweep using the “relaxation technique” in power fist, which focuses on making movements without giving sure fire signs on what movement was going to be made, by keeping all of the muscles in a relaxed position and only tenseing them when an attack was initiaed. The leg sweep would have more than enough force to turn the males body at a ninety degree angle and leave a stinging sensation in his lower leg, forcing his body to be straight infront of Tetsu’s in an horizontal straight line in mid air, which would put the males abdomen at tetsu’s chest area in position. Should this be successful (again, in mid air, there is little maneuverability) tetsu would at a blurring speed use the slight of hand chi technique with the chi he’d been charging since recovering from the hit, to give himself what appeared to be multiple hands, moving in multiple directions, that would appear to be: a punch aiming for the chest, a jab aiming for the jaw, a chop aiming for the neck, and piercing hand aimed for the left thigh. All these movements made by the chi technique would only disquise the downward chi enfused chop, aimed at the opponents mid section. Thanks to the chi technique, and tetsu’s own physical hand to hand speed, not only would his hand be a blur when and should it make impact, but using the Muteki No Ken to a degree would cuase the opponents body (should this process follow through, again airborne) to not only crash through the floor, and three floors after wards, but would also cuase great strain to the muscles located on the opponents left side (as reading over it, one could see this is the logical point of aim) of their midsection. If this counter attack follows through, Tetsu would begin charging chi yet again, incase of any usage that may be needed for a counter attack. He’d then look down at the holes, to see if he could see the males body when it made impact with the ground 4 floors below.


DarkKeyome: The attack Was made and to Drankins surprise he was knocked off of his feet drifting into the air and twisting slightly. Tetsu's attack sequence was impressive to say the least. He blinked not knowing exactly how to react yet a smile was on his face. Tetsu... was showing him his worth. After the strike was made and he was sent through the several floors. The groaning laughter slithered its way throughout the area as he drifted down. His left side exploding with the enticing pain yet he didnt have time to react. His back smashed into the concrete ground of a lower level basement like area. The large stones and chunks of wood began to drift down and ontop of him. He laid on the ground the debris falling onto his body covering him completely. laying there completely submerged some would even assumed he was dead. Yet... a Dark red Aura would began to seap around through the cracks of debris as he lay dormant underneath it for maybe 30 seconds. The Escalating Chi level pressure would fill the area. The long red seeps of Chi flourishing slowly out of the small openings of the debree...

XxDensukexX: Tetsu could feel this man’s chi as he feel down those four floors. Tetsu had no remorse for a man who would attack another man’s loved ones, let alone his woman. Tetsu continue charging his chi, raidiating it thru his body, and then seeping it into his muscles to enhance his durability, and attack strength. Once this was done, he’d begin charging It once again and talking do his opponent, pretty confident he could hear him. “You know, the way we fight I;m sure we’ve both got the saaaaaame problem. Living in a world, full of people we sometimes have to hold back on to be any good. Trying not to break something….or someone with the power we posess. Don’t you ever wish……that you could be normal?....who am I kidding..people like us can’t ever be that. Which is why we find something to fight for…..slaves to battle is all we are, but we at least need a purpose, or we can’t go on for ever….we must beilive in…something..” Tetsu walked to the window, and flurrished his chi and the wind from it busted the windows in the room. He was using his chi in such an expertly efficient mannor, it was astounding. His resolve to make up for the pain that was caused to Asami. “I don’t want to fight you anymore…Just leave me and her alone.” Tetsu, felt a pulse from the oppoents growing chi. Keeping his own in check, he quickly hoped on the ledge of the broken window, and then leaped from the building he was in, clear to the building accros from him, which had to be well over 20 feet maybe more… Tetsu would land on a fresh rooftop, and take the Power Fist stance, spreading his legs a good distance, and keeping calm movement in his stance, and await his opponents return, as he could feel and omninous air sourrounding the place. Tetsu’s body enhanced to a more durable degree, he kept charging chi, incase of a counter or an opportunity at a strike, should one be given.

The Egale and The Wolf

DarkKeyome: “ On the Contray...” The sound of a loud Apple crucnhing would be heard from behind a air condinontiong fan unit on the building tetsu was on. The male known as Thomas Flint stepped out of his hiding place in a long black trench coat and a tie and dress shirt behind it. He eyed the boy with a light smirk on his face. “ I would have to admit... you are extremly powerful for a boy your age. I had caculated that you'd be dead already. But look at you still standing. You remind me.... of your mother.“ Thomas said clearing his throat.” But yes.... You and Drakin are nothing alike...” Thomas flint said tossing the apple to the side. “ Drakin.... Edwards. Is a monster... want to know why Tetsu..?” He said stepping closer to boy but stopping once he got within12 feet. “.... He has a big... bad monster inside of him. Just like that Tasanagi boy. Hahahah.... like something right out of a horror movie.” He said pressing the tip of his glasses up and onto his face. “ You know. I directed horror movies for years. Quite intresting career to take up if I say so myself.” Thomas flint clapped his hands and with it. 20 more men ran up on the ready armed with weapons. All aimed at the boy by lazer point. Thomas smiled. “ Famus rifles. With heat seeking projectery bullets. I made them myself. For... freaks like you.. I am Thomas Flint. But you can call me.... Mr. Titan.” Drakin was now on the ledge of the building... he watched Thomas make his entrance... Tetsu didnt even know he was behind him. ( if he ever turned around to look at Thomas.) “ Thomas... why are you intervening...” “ Because you have grown soft. You did not capture Adam... and then you let him live.... You did not Kill Tasanagi. And your not even trying to kill this boy. You see this with that pitiful honor system that you live by. But when your fucking with my money such things dont exisit. Stand down Drankin. And I wont have these men kill you.” Drankin lifted his head and simply smirked. “ Your a fool.. if you think i'll comply to something like that...” Thomas Flint crossed his arms. “ Oh? Is that so..?” His eyes began to glow a bright green in his left eye, and blue in the other as he did... the color in Drankin's eyes became hollowed out white. “ Good... now that were on even grounds...” The Mind Controlled Drankin stood perfectly still... in a zombie like state. Thomas began to speak. “ Tetsu. Killed your brother... and he is the reason why your parents disowned you. You are nothing. And always will be nothing Drankin. You need me. Your weak without me. Now.... Kill him...” Within Drankins mind... he saw Tetsu killing his brother. And Being the reason as to why his parents hate him.... it enraged him. When his eyes returned... they were hellish red and his skin started to Darken to the color Red as well, his hair draping down to the white color that it did before. “...........AGGGHHHh!!!!” He shouted out as his Chi errupted from his body it'd knock anyone that wasnt over the weight limit of 400 lbs back by 4 feet. He continued to scream as Thomas made that... his reality... “ RYOJI........ ILL KILL YOUUUUU!!!” He said as he became more feral like... more demon. Thomas men all formed a tight line and held Thomas so he wouldnt fall.” Hahahah.... Drankin... yes. My favorite puppet!” The building they were standing on began to crack loudly as the male screamed. He leaped back into the air doing a full back flip landing on the edge of the builiding. “ ILL.... KILLLL YOUUU!!” He pushed his arms back and began to channel his chi into the palms of his hands as he put them outforward. The area around his hands chimed into a dark red and then returend to its orginally color. “ DIIEEE!!!!!!!! “ As his anger grew so did his power.... realistcly. If Drankin would have realsed this Technique then it would have caused everyones body to combust on sheer force impact alone. But... “ SHUUTT THE FUUCK UPP!!!” A loud sonic boom was heard then... almost instantly.... a young male appeared... to be wearing a superman hoodie.. the hoodie on his head you couldnt see his face. He had appeared with his right fist forward and his body extended literally 2.5 seconds before the blast was released. He sent out a punch the moment he appeared, sending it crashing into Drankins jaw with so much force that even in His Oni state it caused his body to twitch and then the aftershock came. Drankins body jotled and was flung out into the building on the right of them crashing all the way through it. The young boy landed and quickly sent himself into a back flip so when he finally landed he'd be right next to Tetsu. The moment his feet touched the ground his hood fell down. “..... Dont fuck with Tetsu.... “ The moon light glimmered off of his face showing who the mystery man was... His golden eyes staring out at Thomas and His men... “.... Keyome.... Tasanagi...” Thomas said standing up straight pressing his glasses onto his nose. “ Your just..... full of surprises arent you..”

XxDensukexX: Tetsu would be baffeled by a voice behind him. A strange yet suvay cool voice coming from behind him, and the sound of a crunching apple. Tetsu turned around only to see this man, in a trench coat with dress clothes on. He was so casual about his approach tetsu didn’t quite know weather to be on guard, or just to be in awe. Tetsu kept up his guard, and enhanced chi body, looking at Thomas, until he said something about reminding him of his mother. Tetsu snapped for a second, and yelled. “What about my mother?! Tell me what you know!” Tetsu’s question would be ignored, as Thomas went on to talk about his career in directing horror films, and as interesting as this was, he continued to listen to this man’s absurd rant. Drankin Edwards is the name of the man tetsu was fighting. He’s a monster? His chi could imply that but Tetsu wasn’t quite sure just how deep this rabit hole goes. He also mentioned Tasanagi. Meaning he must be mentioning their Hadou features similarities. And that he knew Keyome. Just who was this man? Suddenly men with guns appeared, and all pointed lasers at Tetsu, which put tetsu even more on guard than before. The type of gun described was unheard of by any means. The man introduced himself finally as Thomas Flint or “Mr.Titan” tch. What a noob name for a super villan. Looks like his opponent known as Drankin stood up as well, and began talking with Mr.Titan. “So he does have a boss…and this is him…” Tetsu made these connections in his mind but was limited to movement as he didn’t want to get lit up to hell by all of these guns on his tale. As drankin’s demeanor chaged for a seoncd, Tetsu did catch thomas’ eyes glow two different colors. Weather this was connected or not Thomas started spouting none sense about tetsu, which seemed to cuase Drankin to go apeshit, and unleash some sort of demonic form. “Ugh!!!...” Everyone was baffeled, and tetsu barely managed to keep his ground through the sheer transformation that is Drankins. As Drankin looked like he was preparing for some finale of an attack, Tetsu was about to channel all of his chi into his being to try and take the attack, but then a loud “BOOM” was accompanied, by A man in a superman hoodie, who had knocked Drankin a very good distance awy, at least a mile in distance. The man would then rebound and land next to tetsu, and with his hood removed, he would reveal to be Keyome Tasanagi. After Keyome and Thoma’s exchanged words, Tetsu, held his position, and began to speak to Keyome “Fancy meeting you under these circumstances. I’m guessing you know what the hells going on here Keyome?” Tetsu glared at Thomas, with certain animocity. “Thomas was it? Could you be as so kind as to tell me why your here, and why you’ve been cuasing me hell for the past weeks? I’m guessing that one lame rockstar junkie and Mr.pms over there knocked unconscious are your doings too am I right? Or is this the part where you make some witty retort and play on my intelligence or something.” Tetsu’s mind raced. Did this Thomas character know who was behind his mothers death? And just what did he want with Tetsu specifcly? And why’s Keyome here? So many questions..But Tetsu kept his stance relaxed. He had a plan, but it would take a minute, and a diversion to enact, and with that Tetsu continued charging chi in his being. By now his body was brimming with it as it gathered in one place. To a chi user, tetsu’s body would start to emit a feint bright blue glow.

DarkKeyome: Thomas tottally ignored Tetsu. Smirking as he rubbed the back of his neck. “ Tetsu... He wants you dead for the fact that Me, You, and Donnie Yun put a stop to him and Tanaban's plot. “ Keyome took a step forward and pointed out at Thomas. “ This guy wants to start a Genoicide.... and eridicate the human race... and rebuild it in his own image... him and Tanaban were close... last places they need to hit.... is Kasaihana city.... MaruMaru city.... and then. Africa.... in New Egypt... Seeing that there world strongest places now...” As Keyome spoke Thomas began to clap his hands smirking to himself. “...Condraduations. You've got us.... allll figured out.” He said smiling in a mocking a tone. “ Tanaban had successed with his plans... He conqured China.. It's his Job to Take over Kasahana city. It was orginally Tanaban's job...... Thomas was simply the supplier... But. When we killed Tanaban... things changed. in Marumaru city and New Egypt there should be some sadistic ruler trying to take over there as well...” Thomas simply blinked playing with his finger nails pretending to be disintrested in the converation. “ Yes yes. Your right, and your right again. Your pretty smart for a Yakuza... guess your all not fucking idoits.”The sound of heavy breathing could be heard as Drankin was now back onto the building still in a feral like state he cocked his neck to the right... and the ground around him began to rise. Keyome turned looking out at him a frown appearing on his face. “ I've killed you twice already.... just die damn you..” Thomas took a step back and allowed himself to fall off the building laughing to himself as his men jummped behind him. “ Hahahah... it doesnt matter what you fools know! Drankin will kill you both! You cannot stop me... hahahahahah!” he yelled oout as his body travled to the ground he landed on his feet like a cat and to pick him up was an SUV that seemed to be armoured down to the T. “.... Tch! He's getting away! “ Keyome said as he began to run after him but stopped when he realized it was pointless. He sighed and swiftly turned back around to stand next to Tetsu getting his self into the Thunderous boxing stance. “.... You know. If we fight this guy head on. He's going to kill us both right..” Keyome spread his legs out and his own Chi began to emit from his body as he got himself ready. “ …..I'll kill... you both then!” He said beating on his chest like a gorilla of some sort.

Tetsu noted that he was being ignored. He wanted to charge Thomas, and ask him for every answer he needed but he instead held back, as Keyome began to speak to him and explain just who Thomas was and just what was going on in this seemingly dreadfull situation. This. Everything going on was world wide, and not just inside of Kasihana city, but all of these other places to boot. So china is theres….now they want mar maru city, and new Egypt? What don’t these people want! Genocide?! Extinction?! These guys are some sick fucks….and to think this all started because we defeated a dictator….saved lives only to cost more of them in the end. Thomas said his last words, before Drankin stood back up on the edge of the building with rage in his eyes. His bones protruded from his body, and his skin glew bright red. “What……what is that!?” Tetsu’s eyes widened as he’d never seen something like this before, so demonic. “Is that the same man???” “it’s an oni…Picture what I did at the GMAF’s….times 20” Keyome took his stance, which was similar to a boxing stance of sorts. Tetsu remained in his stance but then stood up straight with his legs apart, holding his right fist, with his left hand. “Keyome….Cover for me.” Keyome looked at tetsu with a raised eyebrow, but then could see the Tetsu focusing his chi into a focal point: his fist. Keyome agreed, and proceeded to rip his hoodie off in usual Yakuza fashion, revealing his tatoo’s and screaming as he ran at Drankin, red chi circling his body. “ROUND 2 MUTHAFUCKAAAAAAA!!!!” Keyome did stunningly well charging Drankin upfront and using his boxing style to literaaly deiliver haymaker after haymaker alternating arms, against Drankin’s skull. Loud “PING” noises could be heard from each impact, but Drankin was no ametuer, and blocked the last fist after taking 20 blows, and then lifted Keyome in the air by his arm and slammed him down into the ground, face first. “Kaaa!” was the sound made by keyo once he hit the ground. Drankin would then kick Keyome accrose the rooftop, but as keyome’s body flew thru the air, Drankin would be right beside him, throwing elbows, and knee’s into keyome’s stomach and back, as he was still flying in a beeline twords the other side of the roof. Keyome however was no slouch as he quickly rebound rolled,and began dodging blows of enhanced bone blows and knees. Drankin even went as far as to project his own bones through out the ground, and make them appear under Keyome. Keyome dodged a few of them, but then smashed the last one that came twords him by smashing it with his fist point, blank, and then turning it into a wheering spin kick deilivered to Drankins chest, and it actually made him stumble about 4 feet back. Keyome then landed, and yelled “Tetsu!!!!” Tetsu’s body was glowing an almost whiteish blue, as his chi was emanating brightly around his body, and all began to pour itself into his fist. “this feeling I felt this morning! This…..this is it!!” Tetsu’s eyes began to glow a bright blue, and he poured it all into his right hand and reared his fist back wards, his body glowing witht his new found aura (refer to the Hadou kussei on the wiki) “GOOOO!!!” Tetsu screamed as he readied himself, to move but waited for Keyome to move first. Keyome took the initiative, charing so much chi into his right metallic arm, it started to glow a vibrant orange from being superheated to a degree, and by channeling air out of the back of his elbow, a large sonic boom would emit from his position and  propel him forward in a bullet like fashion. Every inch Keyome travled, the ground benath his very being would ripple in a path of two, as he charged Drakin “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!” Keyome screamed. At the exact same moment of Keyome’s actions, Tetsu looked up with his brighted blue eyes, and as the weight of his chi increased, the gournd beneath his feet sunk in from sheer force, and tetsu would literally vanish from sight of anyone, or thing that may be watching, only to have  him and Keyome appear infront of Drakin at the same time and distance. Keyome’s Tatic ( Trust me, you’ll understand better if you click the link v.v) and Tetsu’s tatic ( start at 1:30 for the full effect) together colliding into Drankins midsection. The two men pushed their power into their fist, and with a loud “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!Z” A louder than usual sonic boom eruption was heard, the very roof top under them shattered in the quake of their force, and  Drakin’s body was sent hurtleling 30 miles, away, moving over the speed of sound, and crashing through 20 building structures along the way. As the two had finished defeating their foe, they both sat down on the rooftop, looking at the damaged they’d cuased. “Well you can handle the fee’s mr. Supercop” Keyome patted tetsu on the shoulder and then stood up. Tetsu looked up at him “Wait are you leaving? I’ve got questions about things. We need to work together in order to fix whats going on. This isn’t just about you you kn-“ Keyome spread his wings, forming them out of dark chi energy as the feathers drifted off of them, and the moon light cast a shadow in their creveses. “You can esily  contact me, I know you have the means…Seek me out. We’ll talk then. For now, tend to Asami and get outta here..” Keyome then flew off into the night, heading directly twords the moon. He looked like some kind of angel wraped in darkness. Tetsu stood up and watched him for a second. “Well….at least he didn’t punch me this time.” Tetsu would hop back over to the building Asami was in. The cops would be here soon, and there would be a lot of explaining to do.

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