Anna sneaks out.

Anna hadn’t been living with Keyome long but she was already getting use to things around the house. He had set her up on the couch for now until he could make up a nice room for her and she really enjoyed his company, he was nice and like a brother to her. The young girl was getting bored though and one night when Keyome had left her alone she decided to go out and explore for herself. He hadn’t taken her out of his house since she got their and Anna was going just a tad bit stir crazy. She would crawl off of the couch and stuff pillows under the blankets to make it look like her body somewhat, hoping Keyome wouldn’t notice or that she would even be home before her was, which wouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes he wasn’t home until it was already the afternoon. She really wished he would take her with him sometimes but then again maybe she didn’t want that. Slipping out through the living room window she would leave it cracked so that she could come back in eventually. When her felt her boots connect with the ground she was instantly walking away from the building and down the streets to explore. The city was alive and buzzing with energy and people which was somewhat of a shock to her with how late it was, assuming people were usually asleep by this time but now she guessed she was wrong. The short girl would stand out amongst the people around her because she clearly looked younger than all of them but also her body suit was glowing it’s violet light whenever she came close to someone else. As Anna passed an ally she would hear the sound of someone talking and calling out to her so she would pause and look around curious, long brown hair dancing around her body as she spun the rest of herself to face the darkness. Soon her eyes would adjust and she saw a tall figure motioning her and telling her to come over, that he had something cool to show her. Not knowing any better she would walk into the ally and be grabbed by the man who instantly covered her mouth but a small screech did manage to make it out past her pale pink lips. Violet eyes went wide as he started to drag her deeper into the ally and she struggled against him, kicking and lashing out, even biting his hand as hard as she could until she tasted blood but he didn’t stop. Where ever the man was holding her or her body was touched her black body suit would be glowing purple and if one could see her chest the odd design that stretched over it would be flashing rapidly with her racing heart.

After his little fighting session with Keyome, he felt like something was off. It wasn't like Keyome to just up and leave in a hurry like that, especially when there was a fight involved. Donnie thinks to himself-'He called me from my daily duties of doing nothing just for a five minute sparring session? How troublesome.'-Donnie made sure to give the owner his card for the repairs and gave the kids some inspiring words. After he had left that Dojo he really didn't want to go back to Yun Tower. He knew that if he did end up back at Yun Tower, he would just be searching in circles for "The Red Beast." Donnie continues to talk with himself by saying-"I wonder what that monster is doing right now...Maybe I killed is no way a beast like that is just...die..."-He decides to walk down the streets of his D-2, taking in all the sights and sounds. The sidewalks are filled with people and vendors are on the edges trying to peddle their products. One man tries to stop Donnie by saying-"Sir, I paint ya pictcha fa only nine ninty fi. Come on Sir, I need a eat too."-This actually gets Donnie to stop and he goes into his pocket. He pulls out a roll of cash and hands this person a couple hundred dollar bills. Donnie says to them-"Don't spend it all on one place ya hear? Have a safe night."-The person thanks Donnie and takes the money. Even though they will probably use that money for means other than food, he would always at least try and reach the people as best he could. He went back on the path of the sidewalk with his hands in his suit pockets. It seemed as if time was beginning to fly by right past him. His eyes were on the sidewalk as the sounds of the city flooded his mind. All these people just buzzing around, minding their own. He looks up for a moment and sees a woman hailing down a taxi. And just as she was getting into the cab, some asshole cuts her off and gets into the cab. Then the car just rides off as if nothing was wrong with that scene. Donnie stopped walking and watched this all happen. Was this the truth of the city he was trying to protect? Was the effort he put into it worth the outcome? People will always do what they think is best for them and not other people. He sighs at that thought because someone who is considered a "Superhero" for the city shouldn't be thinking that. Luckily the woman did hail down a cab soon after but I am sure that ruined the day she had so far. He continues to walk down the sidewalk and his ears come up on something odd. He closes his eyes to get his "Mental Image" which projects the sound like a sonar that creates an image of any nearby area. The sound of a man’s voice echoes through pipes and helps create the picture of what is happening in a nearby alleyway. Donnie shakes his head and walks down into that direction. When the little girl is being dragged away, he reaches the alleyway. He begins to slowly walk down the Alley as he takes his glasses off.-"I'd let the girl go if I were you..."-He then begins to scan the area with his cybernetic eyes and sees the heat beat of the person who is holding the little girl. Then he is shocked to see the inners of the little girl....and to see… that she’s mechanical!? Donnie raises a brow at this and thinks to himself-'Must be one of Thomas Flint's cydroids. This guy really has the worst luck haha.'-Donnie then continues walking down the alleyway, getting closer and closer to the man; still giving him the chance to hand her over.-

Anna was struggling her hardest to get out of the man’s grip but she didn’t feel strong enough. Tears were slipping from her eyes and she was wishing she had never left the house and that she was still safe and asleep on the couch. She wished Keyome was here to save her like he was when he woke her up. When someone else came into the alley with them and started to struggle harder, fear welling up inside of her like a hurricane as she was afraid this other man was only going to hurt her as well. Violet eyes were searching for something to help her escape or some way to get out of this man’s nasty hold. He smelled funny too now that she thought about it, it was starting to make her sick to her stomach. She bit down harder on the man’s hand which had blood dripping down it and dropping onto the cement ground beneath them. Some of it had dripped along her suit too which was really starting to make her skin crawl. She hated blood, it made her woozy and dizzy and the smell, mixed with the man’s was making her choke back her dinner. When the other man told him to let her go the guy stopped and looked up, finally noticing his presence as he went stone still for a moment before pulling out a knife and pressing it into her neck but not to where she would bleed herself. “Look man, I dun wanna do this but if you dun just turn yourself ‘round we ganna have a problem here… This ain’t none of your business either.” The man’s voice was gruff and sounded off; maybe he had had too much to drink? Anna went completely still against the man, whimpering against his bloody hand as she just desperately wanted to make it out of this situation alive. She was so stupid! Wide eyes would look up to the other man and plead for his help as her body started to tremble against her captors.

-He saw the man take out a knife and Donnie uses his time to snakingly put his right hand on the handle of one of his black Desert Eagles. He never really needed to use guns anymore because of his new found abilities but it was never bad to always have some around. He calculated the man’s muscle mass and stability with his Cybernetic eye. He smirked a bit and saw how slow and disoriented this man is. But what was really on his mind was why this cydroid was crying. He thought to himself-'Since when did Droids every cry?...Something isn't right here...Time to handle this fucker and find out what is really going on with this girl."-Donnie says to the man-"You have until 3...."-The man with the knife then says-"Did ya hear what I said fucker!?"-Donnie:"1...2..."-The man yells out again-"I'll kill her! I swear I will!"-Then Donnie said under his breathe-"3..."-He then lifted the Black Desert Eagle from its holster that is on his belt and lifts the gun up to the man. Without a seconds hesitation he fires one shot, causing an echo throughout the alley. With Donnie's enhanced strength and durability, the weapon causes no recoil as it sends the bullet flying towards the man. The bullet flies across the alley and drills itself right in between the eyes of the man who was holding the Cydroid. The man’s head tilts back from the impact and causes his body to slowly fall backwards. Blood would splatter al across the alleyway when the body hits the ground as the man had died on impact. A small trail of smoke floats through the air off the barrel of the gun seconds after the shot was made. People who were on the sidewalk ran in fear thinking that some gang violence just took place. This marks the first time that Donnie had helped a citizen while in his normal clothes and not as The Armored Warrior. After the man had been presumed dead, Donnie puts the weapon back into its holster and slowly walks over to the Cydroid. His eyes scan the Cydroid thoroughly as he tries to find the owner of this bot. But a giant "Unknown database" keeps coming upon his screenings. What was this droid? The gunshot would have attracted other cronies if this man was part of something bigger than himself or maybe even alert the KPD so he had to act rather swiftly with this droid. When he gets a few away from the droid, he squats down and asks-"You okay?"-Donnie is not a man of many words and it always seemed to work for him. Short, sweet, and to the point is his motto. He remains squatted down and waits to hear a response from the droid.-

Anna whimpered as the man didn’t let go of her even when the stranger pulled out a gun and aimed at them. Suddenly she was scared of losing her life from both of the men. What if the man drunken one just slit her throat? What if this stranger shot and missed and hit her? She would end up in a hospital or dead like a random murder victim… She started to cry harder but made sure not to tremble with that sharp blade against her neck, it was enough motives to keep her body perfectly still and thankfully it was listening to her. The pulsing flashes over her heart were picking up from the mixture of fears and sadness. She wanted Keyome so bad right now; he would be able to get her out alive. Watery violet eyes closed as the man started to count down, her long dark lashes making the tears fall directly down her pale cheeks and across the man’s hand which would mix tears with his blood in random patterns across his skin. She heard the man scream back at the other and then the mumbled three, which made her, take a deep breath. The pulses slowing down on her suit with in the second she did and the second later she heard the shot rang out and it hurt her ears terribly. A few seconds later she felt the weight around her drop off and the knife soon made a clinking noise on the ground.  Her brows knitted with confusion and soon she dared to open her eyes and look down only to see the man’s feet were not in a standing position anymore. She didn’t dare look behind her knowing she would probably get sick from the sight of it as her whole body finally started to shake and she cried even harder with relief and happiness. Her arms wrapped around herself tightly and then she saw the man sitting, er, squatting in front of her and asking if she was ok. She stared at him for a moment the tears still running before she leaned into his arms and hugged him tight, her arm sliding around his neck while her whole body shook harder. “Thank you.” She whimpered into his ear, her voice cracking as she continued to cry hard but she was doing her best not to sob or wail. Big girls didn’t cry like that, even in terrible situations like this. Anna wasn’t worried about if this man could hurt her too, she was too busy thinking about him saving her from a fate she couldn’t even imagine. She did not even want to try to imagine what that crazy, drunk man was going to do to her. She was so thankful this guy had come along though.

-As the cydroid hugs him, his confusion only gets worse. Not only was this the first time anyone had really "hugged" him, it was weird to see it coming from a bot. He did not know what to do for a moment. He thought to himself-'Why is a cydroid acting like a human? Something isn't right...'-But as he hears the bot actually cry and shed tears, he can only see her as a little girl. Whether or not he was going to go Sherlock Holmes on this and investigate, he couldn't help but want to help this poor bot get back to whoever owned it. He places his left hand on the girls back and lifted his body up to stand straight. He helps the droid wrap it's legs around his hip as if he were carrying a small child up to bed from a long day of play. He says to the girl as her small tiny body looks even smaller wrapped around his gigantic statue of a body-"Do not worry young one. I will find your owner and take you back to them safe and sound haha."-If she was looking at him, he would have a reassuring smile on his face to make her feel safe. At this point he reaches the end of the alleyway to see that there is nobody on the streets. He thinks to himself-'Must have scared everyone away with that gun shot.'-It was at that moment his mind picks up on the police radio scanners with his cybernetic mind. A woman doing dispatch says-"All cars in position, take him down!"-And when the order was given; three cop cars, two S.W.A.T. trucks, and probably a dozen cops all pop out from the corners of the streets to block Donnie at the alleyway. Within a few seconds, Donnie would have almost fifty guns pointed at him. He grunted a bit as he knew this would only scare the girl even more. That is also when the leader of this ambush says through a loudspeaker-"Mr.Yun, you are being arrested for the murder of a civilian and kidnapping."-Donnie thinks to himself-'Damn fools! I'm fucking helping this Cydroid!'-Donnie would then slowly put the girl down on the floor and move a few feet away from her to make sure she wouldn't be in the line of fire in-case this thing goes south. Donnie then looks down at his left hand and says to all the KPD officers-"No offense to you men in blue...but if you don't let me walk out of here and return this girl to her will not walk out of here alive..."-That is when his left arm begins to forge into his special shield. The wires wrap around his arm while the Vibranium and Carbonadium take the shape of the Shield. Within a second there is a red and black four foot shield latched onto the forearm of Donnie's left arm. He then waited to see how the KPD will react. Will this go south or will they back up?-

Anna would move with him as he went to stand but her arms didn’t let go of their grip around his shoulders, she was too scared of being left alone and was ever more thankful when he held her against him. She would lock her ankles together the best she could seeing as she really was small compared to the giant man carrying her but thankfully she wasn’t too small. She lays her head against his shoulder and closes her eyes as she slowly starts to stop shaking. Anna seems to be calming down, the light pulsing of her lines showing that her heart rate was going back to normal. The tears were still lightly flowing though more from the shock of everything that had just happened. She did look up at him when he spoke though and her tears slowly stopped as she saw that smile, and couldn’t help but give him one back. It was a smile, shy smile but a smile none the less. Her eyes would still hold some fear as she glanced back at the shadows around them, making sure not to look at the dead body, looking at the darkness like it was going to jump out and eat her now. She knew she would never come back into an alley ever again. This was a nightmare worse than the ones she had had in her pod. She did find some of his words confusing. “Owner?” She questioned him aloud as he carried her back out of the alley but seconds later they were surrounded by people, all dressed up in blue. She hated that color. But when she noticed all of the guns her violet eyes went wide and she let out a loud whimper, clinging to him ever tighter. When he put her on the ground she didn’t like it and went to move back to him though instead of gripping his side she would stand behind him. She may have been shaken up but having guns pointed at her wasn’t something she liked and as a huge shield suddenly came out of the guys arm her eyes went wide. “Wow…” She whispered to herself before peeking out at the men again to see if they were still holding the guns. Why did they think she was being kidnapped? He had saved her not hurt her… These people are idiots. Complete and utter idiots. They didn’t see what had happened, why should they accuse him of something he didn’t do? That wasn’t fair!

Tetsu would be sitting down, in his chair at home, reflecting over some of the events that took place a while ago. Asami was safe….that’s what was important. Tetsu woluld be on the roof of the apartment complex, leaning over the edge, and thiking about his fight with the mysterious man. “The big red thing Donnie mentioned. This demon boar. Is all of this connected? And…….what does Tanaban have to do with anything? Gaaaah police work would’ve been easier by all means….” Tetsu sighs, and gets a call on his radio, which he took means to frequence on his S.M.A.R.T tech watch. He hears an S.O.S . A woman’s voice appears “All units, Proceed to take down Donnie Yun, I repeat Donnie Yun, suspect accused of Kidnapping and Murder.” Tetsu raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Don’t tell me he went Deadshot again….Nah. He’s chaged in general but…tch. So much for sleep.” Tetsu slid his coat back on, not bothering with an undershirt, he simply wore his favorite hoodie: Grey with black sleeves. His cloth black gloves responded to his movments as he leaped the ledge of the building, and his light bule baggy jeans fluttered in the air. Once his hand left the edge, Tetsu quickly claped his converses together, and began jet streaming his way twords the location of the scene. Using the GPS on his watch, he’ could quickly reach the area in 5 minutes tops, before anything serous went down. No sight seeing needed this time around. Tetsu had no doubt Donnie could handle himself, hell he killed kpd for no apparent reasoning other than his own. Guy flips pretty hard when he wants to….all in all this situation can be and should be avoided. Donnie’s right about one thing: the KPD RARELY think things through. Should Tetsu arrive he’d simply hop down before anyone, and walk into the scene calmly, taking a tone he rarely took. A demanding tone. “Okay okay, everyone calm their genitals….” Tetsu spoke as he would walk through the crowd of cops, and take his place infront of Donnie, who’d already seemed prepared with a giant shield at hand. “Whats going on? Why in the world are their two swat teams here, a mass of officers, and-“ tetsu would look back to see Donnie, and some innocent looking girl.” And a little girl…” “Commader Ryoji! We got word of a gunshot in the area, and Mr.Yun is the prime suspect! He-“ “Puase” Tetsu held his hand up. “Is there any proof besides reasonable doubt, and situational coincidence. Yes I’m aware of the dead body, but how can we be certain that the cityes hero, the Armored Warrior, is the culprit? Did you ask him? Did you ask the little girl, for god SAKES guys! This is why Briggs, is disappointed in D2 kpd…” Tetsu would shake his head, as the officers looked embarrassed of their own negligence. One officer spoke up “Where were you during the call huh! Just cuase your second in command doesn’t’ mean-“ Tetsu glared at the officer talking and said sharply “Do not…finish…..that sentence.” The officer, swallowed hard and with resentment, stoped talking. “Looke everyone just go home. Noththings going on, leave it to me I’ll investigate it myself. Any objections? You can meet me in the KPD dojo tomorrow for martial arts training if not, please proceed with my first order.” The officers would slowly start to recede, and fade, getting back into their cars, and leaving the scene. As the chaos died down, tetsu would turn to Donnie and the little girl. “Alright man. Tell me you have an explanation, because I’m gonna catch SO much hell form the higher ups for that stunt…” Tetsu’s serious demeanor faded almost as quickly as it came, once he asked this question as he then had a nervous smile on his face, laughing a bit at the trouble he’d be in.

Donnie was ready to tear this entire group to pieces when the shield is in his hand. But his attentions go back to the child when she goes behind his leg. He thought to himself-'Damn bot is trying to get herself killed...'-He waited to see how the KPD would react and luckily the moment was salvaged by none other than...Tetsu. Donnie sees him before the officers and wonders if he is there to help or if he might be the one who is behind this plan. But his question is quickly answered by how Tetsu handles his KPD brethren. Donnie smirks a bit at how Tetsu handles the loudmouthed cop because it was rather funny to him. He then watches as all the cops slowly begin to leave with their tails between their legs. Looks like hell won't be breaking loose tonight. That is when Tetsu comes over to Donnie and asks for an explanation. Donnie laughs a bit and says to Tetsu-"Oh you know me...nothing like killin me some KPD when I'm bored hahaha. Nah, this girl here was getting attacked by some asshole in the alley right here...and well, I handled it haha. Now this little one can't seem to keep away from me hahaha."-Now realizing that he has a giant four foot rectangular shield hanging off the edge of his forearm, he begins to recall it back into his body. The metals slowly mold back to the arm and the wires slowly return back to the second skin inside of his body. The process had become a lot swifter and smoother the more he worked with it. Pretty soon the metal forges can possibly become an instant thing. When the process is finished, Donnie looks at Tetsu and asks-"I can't seem to find any data on her or her owner. You think you could help me out on that?"-He looks back down to the girl and gives her another reassuring smile as this night was filled with things that a small child should never have to see. And now she is safe and hanging out with KasaiHana's favorite Superheroes. I guess that is a positive to all the negatives to the night. Maybe it can be turned around after all.-

Anna watched as some man parted the crowd around him and came to stand in front of everyone in the space between the men in blue and herself and her savoir. It was an interesting transaction though she didn’t really understand what was going on or some of the things said. Oh she would have more questions for people later by the time this night was over, she was sure of it. Anna just kind of tuned the man out and pressed a little closer to… Yun. Yeah that was what the person who spoke really loud had called him. She would have to ask to make sure later but at the moment that wasn’t a very important thought. Her eyes gently looked over everyone as they started to go away and soon it was just the three of them left on the street. Anna didn’t know how the other guy got it to happen but he did and she was thankful, all the guns were really starting to scare her. Were all those tools really necessary? She didn’t know.  When the other man came over and started to ask what had happened she was wondering if he didn’t believe them either, so when Yun was done talking to would poke out a little more from behind him and add. “He saved me. He’s a hero, not someone a gun should be pointed!” Anna would shrink back a little bit after she had spoken out though, somewhat worried that she might have said the wrong thing. But her face was still set like she believed her words to be the truth because they were to her. She would hear the word owner again and looked up at Yun with a confused expression even to his comforting smile. “I don’t have an owner… What are you even talking about?” She asked him, violet eyes completely dazed in confusion as her hands reached up to push her hair out of her face so that she could see  him better… Everyone was so tall compared to her that she had a feeling tipping her head back was something she would need to get use too. She was tired too, it was getting to be a long night and all of the stressful moments a little bit ago were starting to wear her down. A small yawn would escape her lips and her left hand moved up to rub her eyes for a moment before shaking herself and trying not to look as tired as she felt.

Tetsu shook his head, and sighed at the killing of KPD joke. In some sick senical way it was hilarious, but all in all it led to some pretty depressing shit. Dead people, Keyo’s arm coming off…..A small snicker would escape Tetsu’s mouth as he thought about that joke Donnie made when he did tear off Keyome’s arm, but enough with Tetsu’s sick humor, he listened to Donnie’s question and responded accordingly. “Any data on her huh….hmm.” Tetsu closed his eyes, and tried to read the little girls chi aura, but she had none. Just Like Donnie….this meant only one thing. She’s not human, but mechanical. Tetsu opened his eyes once again and proceeded to speak. “Well….for one, we can narrow out any connection to quote unquote “parents”. This girl isn’t human by any means, like you. She doesn’t have any chi meaning she isn’t a sentient life form. So, she must have some type of tracking technology, that allows someone to keep track of her ware about. What model or type she is, I can’t say, but I do know all machines, regardless of power or mechanics, have failsafe. Yet if you of all people couldn’t find any data on her…..” Tetsu paused, and placed his hand beneath his chin thinking about it. “then I’d hack the KPD files if I were you, see if you can dig there. I would but you’d take less time with your connections to multiple satellites, to my one.” Tetsu looked stunned as the little head poked up from behind n spoke. Tetsu thought to himself “D’AWWWWWWW! SO CUUTE!” He continued listening, as the little girl said she didn’t have an owner. Tetsu looked puzzled. Surely she had to remember something. “Do you not recall anything about where you’ve been up to this point little one?” Tetsu would address the girl in a calming tone, to show good faith. He only wanted to aid in the situation, not to make it any kind of worse.

-Donnie listened to what the Tetsu said and immediately facepalmed. He thought to himself-‘ He knows I am a cyborg and yet he thinks I did not catch that she was a Cydroid…I wonder about this kid sometimes haha.’-Afterword he walked over to Tetsu and put his mouth close to Tetsu’s ear to whisper just for him to hear.-“Bruh, I knew she was a Cydroid…What was bothering me is that she isn’t on the CYdroid Mainframe….she is just a random. But what’s even weirder than that is….she believes herself a human. That is why I didn’t call her a “bot” when you came. I’d hate to be the one who takes her innocence away…good goin Tetsu haha.”-He then backs away from Tetsu and focuses his attentions on the CYdroid again. He squats down as he did before back in the alley and asks-“How you feelin little one? Can you do me and my friend here a favor and tell us where you are from? We can help you get back to whoever you stay with so you can rest up.”-He then waits to hear a response from the little girl but while he waits, he goes fishing for information. Using his cybernetic eyes he looks beneath the skin of this Cydroid in the hopes of finding something valuable for them. As he scanned her body he could not find anything significant that would link herself with the Cydroids of KasaiHana. She was different then all the rest. This was a puzzling mystery for all of us.-

Anna listened to the weird man talk like she wasn’t even there and she was starting to get irritated. What’s with calling her a bot and ignoring her? She was standing /right/ there and she knew she was in plain sight; it wasn’t like she was invisible. When he finally turned his attention to her and asked her if she remembered where she came from that was the last straw. She wasn’t stupid, why wouldn’t she know where she came from? It’s not like that guy hit her on the head when he tried to drag her down that alley. Her arms crossed over her chest and she glared at him before turning on her heel so hard that her hair spun with her like a cape of brown chocolate being thrown over her shoulder. “I don’t like you. Just because I have a glowing suit and you don’t doesn’t mean I’m a robot. You’re a jealous big meanie face.” She spoke with an irritated child fury and went silent afterwards. She was clearly pissed off and by the way her suit started to beat in an irritated tone she clearly wasn’t going to speak another word to him.  She turned her head to look to Yun when he came over and squatted down again, turning herself just slightly so that she can look at him a little easier without making her neck practically break.  She softened just a little and another yawned slipped out. “I’m tired and bloody, Yuh…” She murmured, mixing up what she thought she heard as his name. “I live with Keyome, he found me and saved me. He’s probably still not home though, he leaves a night a lot… I got bored and that’s the reason I went out to explore… I thought it might be fun out here if he’s always gone at night…” She murmured softly before letting out another big yawn. “I don’t like meanie face though and I don’t want to go anywhere with him.” Anna muttered softly, still being rather stubborn for a worn down kid.

Tetsu waited for an answer but then noticed the child’s strange ranting motion, as she turned and exclaimed calling him a meanie face? Tetsu paused for a moment, before holding in a laugh doing his best not to let it escape, but more than likely failing. For such a little machine, she mood swings harder than Asami when she’s on the rag, and I haven’t gotten her favorite bento box by this. Donnie seems to be the only one able to talk to the child, and as their conversation ensued, Tetsu overheard something about Keyome. Huh. If any of this strange stuff was going on, of course Keyome would have something to do with it. The guy’s a walking death trap for crying out loud. Tetsu held in his laugh as she called him meanie face, and said she didn’t want to accompany him anywhere. “Awh! So cute.” Tetsu flashed an innocent smile of sorts. Even though she was a bot, she was obviously still little, and influential at best. “If anything, you don’t have to like me, to accept my help. And if anything, I regretfully might have to talk to……Keyome again.” Tetsu sighed and hung his head, and began to scratch the back of it. “Well Donnie, the obvious has been stated, we need to go see Keyome. Or rather, I’ll go, and you can practice your baby sitting skills heh heh” Tetsu laughed a little bit. For a smart guy, tetsu could be quite inconsiderate towards children, as he never had much interaction with them. “I think I’ll make a call, and head there in the morning. No…..” Tetsu would look at his watch, and begin using the satellite, to trace phone number lines, with the running name “Tasnagi, Keyome”. As elusive as he is, one government satellite is enough to find a phone number. With a loud beep, the number would be found and placed in Tetsu’s contact list. With a glance at the night sky, Tetsu would click his heels together, and begin to rise in the air. “Keep me posted on her progress, and whatnot. I’ll tell you what I get from Keyome. Later Donnie. Buh bye little onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne” Tetsu would wiggle his fingers waving goodbye at the little driod, and fly away, leaving a burst of wind that would knock over some trash cans, and the near by dead corpse, cuasing it to flail around a little bit. Tetsu would be heading back to his apartment to get some sleep. The upcoming events of tomorrow could prove quite interesting.

-When he sees and listens to how the Cydroid reacts causes Donnie to laugh a bit. She sure did have the attitude of a little girl down to a T. But maybe this was a good thing. But the more Donnie looked at this girl…the more he felt resentment about calling it a “girl.” He was the one person who made a legit stand against the CYdroid bots looking human…and now he meets one that actually thinks it is one. This is exactly what his stand is against. He is left with a decision…To help the thing he was against people creating or aid it as if it were a little girl. It was rather tough for him to do. The decision might have been easier to make if she didn’t completely shut out Tetsu. So in a way he knew if he left her now, she would be on her own. And if she was on her own then maybe something he had saved her from…could just happen again. While he was thinking about this, Tetsu was going on about his own conversation with the Cydroid. And the fact that Keyome’s name got brought up is rather interesting. It always has to be Keyome who is involved with these affairs. He thinks to himself-‘This guy gets half of his body blown up, limbs ripped off, and he finds some special Cydroid…What the fuck does this guy do with his free time!?’-But he does remember that he and Keyome have kind of fixed their broken brotherhood. Maybe it was a good time to re-establish the business portion of their friendship. When Tetsu tries to fly away, Donnie quickly puts his right hand out and grabs Tetsu by the ankle like a ninja who catches a fly with chopsticks. The air pressure that came off of his feet blow into Donnie and causes his glasses to fly off but he stands un-moved. He then pulls Tetsu back down and says-“Sorry Kid…But I can handle Keyome a lot better than you can I think haha. Besides, he owes me one anyways for helping him out earlier.”-He turns around and begins to walk back towards Yun Tower and says-“Take care of her until Keyome or myself call you. I’m sure you will know what to do since you are close to the same age….maturity wise hahaha.”-His body would then slowly begin to fade away into the city lights, leaving Tetsu on his own with the little bot.-

Anna huffed again when Tetsu called her cute and just ignored him otherwise but when he said she didn’t have to like to him accept his help she sent a glare of fury at him. “Yes. I do, actually. Meanie face’s are trust worthy people. So your ‘help’ could get me killed.” She growled a little before looking away from him again. She completely ignored his talking so that he was pretty much having a conversation with himself about what they had talked about.  “Good riddance.” She muttered when Tetsu said he was going to leave. She didn’t notice Yun grabbing Tetsu but she did see his glasses fall and she bent down to pick them up, brushing the dirt off of them carefully. When she heard him start to speak she looked up from her crouched position and tears instantly sprung to her eyes. He was going to leave her with that… that idiot? She hated him, she didn’t like Tetsu what so ever.  And she would be left alone with him for who knows /how/ long? Tears streamed down her cheeks now, she didn’t like this at all. It wasn’t fair, she said she wouldn’t go anywhere with Tetsu.  Anna clutched his glasses to her chest and in a split second her decision was made, pushing off with her left foot she was instantly gone from Tetsu’s side and running after Donnie. She was fast and that was one thing she always had to herself, her speed. Anna was nothing but a violet blur against her surrounds until she caught up to Donnie within seconds. She grabbed his hand with her free one, slamming her feet against the concrete to try and make him stop moving and look at her. “Please… Please don’t leave me all alone! I won’t follow him. I’d rather sit next to that dead body all night!” Her violet eyes were streaming tears again and even though they were watery they were still begging him to take her with him. She didn’t want to be left alone again, she hated it. She hated being alone it reminded her too much of being asleep and she hated that even more than she did being alone.  “Please… You’re my super hero… Super hero’s aren’t supposed to make people sad right?” She couldn’t watch his face anymore and hung her head though she still had her hand wrapped around a few of his fingers, he was huge after all she couldn’t fit her whole hand around his. It reminded her how small she was compared to the rest of the people around her. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and hitting the ground or running onto her suit. She started to tremble a little bit, praying he wouldn’t send her back to the big meanie face.

Tetsu would let out a ‘whoa!’ as Donnie grabed him by his leg, and stoped his momentum. Tetsu figured the guy could do so, seeing as how he kicked trees like soccer balls, but couldn’t help but wonder why he was even stoped in the first place. He then landed infront Donnie, only to hear that he was going to left with the little android girl. Tetsu’s face droped in an anime like fasion “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!!?” Luckily, the little girl decided to step up, and stop Donnie from walking away. Tetsu could see how she had the strongest connection to Donnie, and indeed care for him……to which Tetsu could give two less shits, as he was out of that uncomfert zone. While she pleaded with Donnie, Tetsu charged chi into his being, and smirked as he then clicked his boots together, and flew max speed at Mach 1 through the nearest building so he could quickly escape the situation, before Donnie decided to intervined,but since a little girl driod was holding on to him, he wouldn’t want to her her by using his advanced tech to catch Tetsu, so he figured he was clear for take off, and with that Tetsu jeat streamed into the city lights, heading on home. He was tired and knew what had to be done in this situation. It’s time to find Keyome and get some answers on not just this girl, but whats been going on in this town in general. Comicly as Tetsu took off, he screamed at the top of his lungs “Happy Babysittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!”

-As he walked away he began to wonder how he was going to get in touch with Keyome again. Then he remembered that he has his number and says-“Well this job is easy haha.”-He slowly begins to look down at the concrete floor and wonder how something like that bot can exist in this world. Maybe his stand against human-life robots should be stronger and more of a priority for him. He realizes he left his glasses but is already far enough to not really care. He could always just buy another pair. He looked around and saw the streets beginning to fill up again. These were all the people who were going to work for the morning. Donnie thinks to himself-‘Man, I didn’t realize how late it was…I should really head back home.’-He stopped walking and was preparing to have the Repulsar Palms and Boots come out so he can fly back home. But before he can, he is grabbed by the hand. He quickly looks to see what is touching him and it is that damned Cydroid again. When she talked about Tetsu, he thought to himself-‘Man, this girl sure does rely on first impressions hahaha. Poor Tetsu. Haha.’- But those tears…those tears tore him apart from the inside out like a knife on butter. It was as if all his macho manliness kind of just melted away into a teddy bear. He smiled a bit and squatted down to be close to her height. He then cupped her cheeks with his hands and used his thumbs to wipe the tears away. He spoke while he did this-“Hey now, no need to cry. Meanie face isn’t all that bad haha.”-He sees how badly she wants to go with him and finally chooses to take her with him instead of Tetsu. He puts his hands on her hips and lifts her up to carry her just as he did back in the alley. He makes sure that her arms are secure around his neck and he uses his left arm to hold her up like a seat. He’d then use his right hand to rub her back to try and get her to stop crying. He then says to her-“Come on kid, let’s go find a nice bed for you to sleep in.”-After saying that, he begins to walk into the direction of Yun Tower. He uses his Mind Interface to call Alfred’s A.I. and says-“Hey Al, if you could send The Judge out here to my location that’d be great.”-Alfred quickly responded to the call and put his A.I. machinery into the 69’ GTO Judge that was sitting in the parking space at Yun Tower. Alfred was on his way to where Donnie was walking. Now all Donnie has to do is wait for the car to come before he can take this Cydroid home. He thinks to himself-‘I never wanted to be a father and now I’m here taking care of a damn Bot haha. Irony at its best I guess…She’s not that bad I guess either…’-

Anna looked up at Yun as he cupped her cheeks and started to wipe away her tears, trying to take deep breaths so that she could calm down. “Yes h-he is…” She hiccupped in the middle of her sentence as she was trying not to sob in front of him. She clearly was always going to find Tetsu a meanie face unless he did something to prove himself otherwise.  When he lifted her up and held her she would instantly wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around him like earlier. Anna nuzzled her face into his shoulder as her tears started to die down and she held onto him tight. She was happy he was taking her with him and her suit showed that as the frantic flashing had gown back down to a normal, warm glow. Her smile grew as he rubbed her back and she snuggled closer to his chest though she would pull back for a moment and unfold his glasses, putting them back on his face with a bright smile. “All better.” She said cheerily and wrapped her arms back around his neck and held onto him again. “Bed sounds nice…” She murmured softly and closed her eyes. A small yawn was heard from her as it was well into the night and way past her bed time. 

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