-It was the next day after the little run in Donnie had with a Cydroid. It was a rather interesting outcome to say the least. Donnie had taken her to his home on the outskirts of D-2 where he owned a Villa and the forest lands around it. It is 7:30 in the AM and Donnie’s Alarm Clock that is in his mind begins to go off. His eyes slowly begin to open as he lay there in his Memory Foam mattress and silk blankets. Upon waking up, he slowly sits up on the edge of his bed and cracks his neck. He uses his mind to activate the speaker systems in his room and it begins to play his music. Per usual the radio begins to play Island Radio. This gets his body to start moving slightly in a rhythm as he was starting to really wake up. When the music plays he gets up and walks into the bathroom. He gets the daily duties out of the way; things like brushing his teeth, combing that badass Mohawk of his, and putting on deodorant. Not being human anymore has actually taken away perspiration and the deodorant is no need. He just uses it to make his daily routine just part of the norm. After he had finished this he thinks to himself-‘What should I wear today? Hmmm.’-Finally he figures just to wear something casual. His second skin begins to create a mold around his body and creates the look of clothing. The red second skin begins to turn black as a silk black button up appears on his upper body, un-buttoned of course. Then the mold creates a pair of black cargo jeans to go along with the shirt and create a pair of Jordan shoes to complete the outfit.-“Almost done.”-The second skin appears over his eyes and makes the mold of a pair of Ray-Ban classes. When this was all done it looked like he had spent hours working this outfit together but in reality, just a few seconds. After this was all done he began to walk downstairs where he had the guest bedroom. He slowly walks inside to make sure that his new guest isn’t woken up. As he walks inside he sees her body sprawled across the bed with the blankets barely covering her. He had given her some clothes to wear, even though they did not fit her at all. He gave her a pair of pajama pants that were Kaori’s but even they would probably be big on her. And for the shits and giggles, he gave her the shirt that was made during the GMAF. A large LARGE black shirt that had “Kick Trees and Fuck Bitches” written in bright white color. This made him laugh a bit and he exited the room. He made his way over to the kitchen where Alfred was already there waiting for him. Alfred looked at Donnie with those orange colored eyes and said-“Good morning sir…You know, usually when you bring a girl home they are…a lot older and a lot less clothed. Where did you pick this one up?”-Donnie laughs a bit and replies with-“She’s someone who needed help haha. That’s all. She won’t be living in that room. It’s just for tonight. Don’t melt your circuit boards over it alright haha. Now help me get breakfast going.”-Alfred nodded and proceeded to do as instructed.

Anna had passed out the moment after Donnie had put her to bed, curling up in the sheets but by the end of the morning most of them had fallen off as she sprawled out in seemingly awkward position but it felt comfortable to her. Her hair spread out around her like a giant fan and the clothes on her body were too big, especially the t-shirt which was more like a dress for her. She didn’t even wake up when he snuck into the room she was so out of it, only rolling over once while he was still in there. After a while though she would start to wake up when she smelled food and once it really hit her senses she would be completely awake. She would slowly stretch before crawling out of bed and into the bathroom, taking care of things and trying to make her hair smooth down with one of the brushes. Anna looked down at what she was wearing and red it for the first time with a puzzled face at the last part… She would have to ask Donnie about that. The small girl would walk out of her room and followed the smell of food until she was peeking in the doorway of the kitchen and watching Donnie and then…robot cook. It was an interesting sight and it made her giggle a little. She would realize she gave herself away from the sound and would step fully into the room afterwards. “What does ‘Bitches’ mean?” She asked while it was fresh on her mind. Keyome already told her what ‘fuck’ meant but she hadn’t asked about bitches yet. Which she guessed she should have seeing he said that word a lot too…

-When the Cydroid walks in, Donnie is forced to smile at the image she makes with that long shirt on her. He then looks to Alfred who is actually surprised that his appearance had not scared her. It’s not every day that a bright purple and yellow Nano Bot comes and cooks you breakfast. ( Alfred had cooked some pancakes and eggs for everyone with some bacon on the side. As he set up the girl’s plate he made the Pancake Smiley Face just to add some humor to her breakfast. Alfred walked over to the table and set the plates down. Afterword he walked over to the Cydroid and said-“Pleasure to meet you little one. My name is Alfred.”-His body stood even bigger than Donnie’s by a whole two feet. Donnie grabs two glasses that are filled with orange juice and sits them down at the table. He walks over and lifts the girl over his head and down onto one of the chairs as if she was his daughter.-“Come on, it’s breakfast time haha.”-Donnie would then sit down in the chair with his food already set up and said-“Thanks Alfred haha.”-Donnie begins to eat and tries to avoid the question that the girl had asked him. But for shits and giggles he chose to answer it anyways.-“Ya see…bitch means….well…In truthful terms it means Female Dog.”-Donnie was never one to create up a lie. I mean it wasn’t like he was going to tell her that bitch meant pie (Keyo <.<). But at least this way, if she ever did say it…at least she would be right about its meaning. He begins to eat his food with the silverware that was already pre-placed there and said-“Yeah so you should go up to Keyome next time you see him and say ‘Sup Bitch, How’s that arm?’ If you do that, you can always come and hang out with me hahaha.”-Alfred stood behind Donnie as he always does and waits for them to finish. I wonder how today is going to go.-

Anna had seen enough scary things in the past week so the giant robot really wasn’t that scary to her. She would look up at him and smile brightly. “Pleasure to meet you too, Alfred. I’m Anna.” She said and looked him over. “You’re very pretty. Purple is my favorite color.” She smiled more when Donnie came over and lifted her up, wrapping her arms around him to get him a hug before she was put down in the chair to sit.  “Mmm… It looks delicious… I’m starving! Thank you Alfred!” She would chime in after Donnie did and began to eat as well. It was as yummy as it smelled and looked. She thought the smiley face was pretty cute and started with the eyes to eat. She had found out with in the fast week she really liked eggs, no matter how they were cooked. She listened to his explanation to her words and she nodded her head slowly as she thought about it. “Keyome’s a female? I mean… I’ve heard him call himself a dog but I didn’t know he was a girl too… I mean he walks around without a shirt on all the time…” Anna shook her head slowly and continued to eat. “Wait… Then why does the shirt say ‘Kick trees and Pie dogs?” Oh she was so confused, why would anyone throw pies at dogs? That was a waste of something wonderfully sweet. “Oh and how did you sleep?” Anna quickly followed up with that question, not wanting to be rude and keep asking to many random questions… She would take a drink of the orange juice and smile a little more. She liked orange juice a lot too. Keyome had given her apple juice once but she just didn’t like it as much as orange juice for some reason.

-They would take the time to eat the food and enjoy good conversation. Donnie laughed at everything that Anna said because it was cute coming from a small child. And then that’s when it hit him. He was forgetting the fact that she is not a small child. He was just having breakfast with one of the most advanced Cydroid’s ever created. Donnie’s laughs soon turned to a straight face as these thoughts left his mind. He quickly ate the food and Alfred grabbed the plate. Alfred had the personality of a cybernetic human but he refused to give him the look and actions of one. That goes against everything he believes in with technology. If technology were a religion, creating human cyborgs would be right up there in the Ten Commandments. Alfred knew something was bothering Donnie and it was a good thing they were both cyborgs because they can speak to each other through thought. Alfred asks Donnie-‘Are you alright Sir?’-Donnie then looked at Anna and replied with-‘We…We can’t have her here anymore.’-Alfred: ’Why not Sir? She seems like one of the greatest kids of all time.’ Donnie:’ That’s just it Al…she isn’t a human.’-Alfred is so shocked by hearing that, that he drops the plate he was holding. He looks at the two of them and says-“Oh don’t mind me. Just silly me haha.”-Alfred proceeds to pick up the dropped items and talks to Donnie through the mind-‘How do you know?’-In which Donnie would reply-‘I did an internal scan of her body last night when I was trying to match the heartbeats and it showed me all of her internal workings…Alfred….she’s a Cydroid.’-Alfred almost flips a bitch but keeps his cool…barely. He continues to talking to Donnie through the mind by saying-‘Why the hell did you bring a Cydroid here!? I thought we were against those kinds of robotics!?’-And Donnie slowly looks down and says to him-‘We are…’-And that is when Alfred could hear the sadness in the voice of Donnie. See Donnie is the kind of person who will stand by his beliefs, even if he doesn’t want to. And right now his beliefs are telling him that he is practically having breakfast with a demon. Alfred walks into the kitchen and begins working on cleaning the dishes that Donnie gave him. Then Donnie looks up at the Cydroid and says-“I think…I think it’s time we took you back to Keyome…”-

Anna enjoyed talking to Donnie and was finished with her food around the same time he was but when Alfred dropped the plate he was carrying she looked up at him curiously. “If you’re sure… I’ll take my own plate though.” She murmured and slipped out of the chair she was sitting in, grabbing her glass and plate off the table. She froze when she heard Donnie’s words though and stared down at the ground for a moment. She blinked her eyes fast a few times but nodded her head. “O-Ok-Okay…” She murmured softly, she was having fun and didn’t really want to leave but she couldn’t really ask to stay either… Keyome may be worried about her. She had to think like that anyway. Anna drug her feet over to the sink and leaned up on her tip toes to put her plate and glass inside before walking over to the doorway. “I’ll need my body suit if you had the time to clean it?” She asked but didn’t look up, not trusting her face at the moment. The small girl would walk off to the guest room to wait for her suit so that she could change. Anna would walk in and make her bed before crawling on top of the covers and sitting in the middle of it cross legged. Her fingers would fiddle in her lap and start to mess with the ends of her shirt, she really liked it. It made her giggle for some reason especially since it was so big on her, it kinda looked funny but the words made her laugh even if they were odd ones. She would start to fiddle with her hair after a bit and wished she had something to tie it back with so that it wasn’t in her way. Maybe she should ask Keyome to take her to get it cut… Anna sighed and tried to distract herself with random thoughts while she waited.

A Sad Princess

IzzyDaPada: Sitting crossed legged in the back of the Rolls Royce phantom, I was looking out the window as the trees went by… I blinked a few times…*There are a lot of trees…no houses…He must like living by himself..* It was more a thought of realization to myself then a thought. I had a phone pressed to my ear as I was on the phone with the KPD. "Yes..I wish to have someone start a missing persons case..*pause* Yes I understand its late…yes I understand its three years..What was that sir?..Nakayama Isabel.. No sir I understand how busy you are..but please I need to know where Nagakura Hajime went..That's all I really need.. *Pause again* I understand Sargent. Thank you for your time. Yes this is the number you can reach me if you find anything." I hug up the phone after that and put the phone in the center consul of the car and put my hands in my lap as the seemingly less drive to Donnie Yun’s house went on and on. Daichi was driving, as Daiki had headphones in. It seemed they didn’t catch the last bit of that conversation. Some would ask, why are you going to see Donnie Yun, why call the KPD, why look for Hajime now? Well.. Part of the training I remember with Keyome what seemed like forever ago was to tie up loose ends. These was one loose end I needed to tie up, it had been three years since I had last seen Hajime and it had been three years well enough and long enough. I had alot of stuff to do regardless of time, run a business, remodeling, the geisha school. I slightly rubbed at my forehead. To take a week off and figure out what in the world happened to HIM was beyond me. It was a large leap of faith...Was he alive? Was he dead? Was he in hiding? Regardless… I had pawned off the ring as I did with the rest of his things before I arrived where I was now, I made the loan sharks look pitiful. His weaponry may be pawned off to Donnie... Which were in my trunk, every last bit of it. If Donnie could use it. Then I be rid of HIS stuff. I kept nothing of him around when I started to remodel things. The villa was sold as well..I blinked a few times as I lowered my head. *Sellers remorse?* I shook my head. I wouldn't feel ANYTHING. I picked my head up. But also why I was visiting Donnie Yun was because I had caught wind through of the passing of two of his men. Men I had known that worked for him when he was Deadshot.. I looked out the window resting my elbow on the car door’s rest. I remembered one of his men saving me, and helping me back to my part of District. “Miss?” I was pulled out of my thoughts when Daichi spoke first. I looked up and shifted myself a bit. “Yes?” Daichi looked into the rear view mirror to look at me. “We are there.”/”Alright pull up.” Daichi nodded and pulled up to the intercom and rolled down his window reached out and buzzed and waited to see if the gates would open.

-After he said what he said, the Cydroid walked into the guest room. He felt bad that he hurt the little ones feelings. But he shook his head and had to force himself to remember that it was just a Cydroid. Alfred kept to himself and washed the dishes knowing that Donnie was bummed out about having to send the Cydroid home. Donnie sat there on the table thinking to himself-‘A robot that looks like a human….I am against…but then what category am I under…A human who became a cyborg….How am I any different from her?...Gah! Sometimes my beliefs can be a real burden on me.’-Alfred finishes up the dishes and makes his way over to Donnie and asks-“What are you going to do Sir?”-Donnie sits there quietly for a moment thinking about what exactly he was going to do. Finally he opens his mouth and says-“I think…I want her to-“-And before he finishes his sentence, a buzzing sound begins to ring in his head. (Trollolol) He uses his mind to connect to the outside gate lock and the camera shows an image of Isa and her two lackies. Donnie laughs a bit and says-“I wonder what she could want. Maybe I should be sassy and make a big dal about her being on my side of D-2. Hahaha.”-Donnie opens the gate and begins to make his way to the front door. Alfred wonders where Donnie is going and follows him out. They wait by the pool area where a path from the gate leads you to the house and around the pool. Donnie and Alfred stand next to each other and wait for the arrival of Isa and her two men. This day just keeps getting more and more interesting.-

AlessandraSkar: 'It's been a while since I've seen him. A few days to be exact...' Kaori Gin Masumoto thought to herself with a deep sigh as she stood in front of her bedroom window, leaning forward against the window sill as she watched cars drive by and citizens walk up and down the sidewalks. There was no denying the fact that she missed Donnie with every fiber of her being anytime that he wasn't around. Separating herself from him for even a moment was like separating yin from yang, it left her feeling like a part of her had gone with him. She slowly lifted her hand to touch her chest where her heart beat steadily, a soft smile creeping onto her features as she thought about that amazing man. She missed the way he looked at her with those deep black eyes of his, despite their lack of intriguing color, they still made her feel fluttery inside, which was a feeling she never thought any man could give her. She missed his smile, his laugh, his voice, his scent, his warmth, his very touch and slowly, but surely, she knew it was going to drive her insane. She pushed the window up to allow a cool breeze into the room, closing her eyes as she inhaled the morning air. It was nothing close to fresh, thanks to all the pollution looming over District 1 thicker than a storm cloud, but it was...the smell of home, she supposed. The sound of movement coming from somewhere in the apartment interrupted her train of thought and she knew it had to be Iara – her Cydroid – messing with something again. Grumbling quietly, Kaori grabbed her bathrobe off the back of the bedroom door, slung it on, and walked out into the hall, immediately halting when the scent of brown sugar oatmeal filled her nostrils. “Iara.” She called, continuing down the hall and through the apartment until she reached the kitchen where, just as she suspected, Iara's busy hands were preparing breakfast on the stove. Kaori simply leaned sideways against the doorway and shook her head with a sigh, smiling when she realized that she was actually quite grateful to have the little piece of technology around at times. It meant she didn't have to be up at the crack of dawn just to prepare herself some food for the day, but she had to keep it in mind not to take advantage of that. Technology could tire itself out just like a human, especially while working for someone like Kaori. “Good morning, Masumoto-chan!” The little Cydroid practically chirped, her big gray eyes lighting up with excitement the second she saw Kaori, stirring up a steaming pot of oatmeal. “Did you have a good night's rest?” Kaori laughed softly as she walked forward toward the stove. The Cydroid had been in the apartment long enough for her to get used to her harmless antics and appreciate them. “After knockin' back a couple cans of Brewski, of course I did.” She answered. Iara bounced happily on her toes, her joints making robotic humming noises as she did so. Then turned and walked toward the table with the pot of oatmeal. Kaori followed her with her eyes, surprised to see that a bowl, a spoon, and a glass of orange juice had already been set out on the table for her. 'How nice.' She thought to herself as she walked toward it and took a seat. “You were dreaming about that Donnie guy last night, weren't you?” Iara asked as she poured the oatmeal into the bowl. Kaori's eyes widened slightly as she looked at her. “Excuse me?” She asked back. “I mean, that's who I thought you were dreaming about.” Iara said, walking back to the stove to set the pot down, smiling cheerfully. “I heard you say his name about three times and it came out all funny-like.” She covered her lips with the tips of her robotic fingers as she giggled softly, waiting for Kaori's response. Kaori felt her right eye twitch violently, her arms literally itching with the urge to pick up the bowl of oatmeal and hurl it at Iara's face. “Were you listening through the fucking door or something?!” She wondered, digging her nails into the table on either side of the oatmeal bowl. Iara looked guilty for a moment, and then shrugged with a nervous laugh. “I just wanted to make sure you were alright in there, Masumoto-chan. I mean you sounded like you were--” “I got the point!” Kaori quickly cut her off, and then calmed herself down with a deep sigh. She knew Iara meant no harm. She was programmed strictly to protect and serve Kaori, not hurt her or play little tricks on her, even though she was the most clueless robotic creation she had ever met. “I still slept well. I was drunk for fuck's sake.” She scooped up a spoonful of oatmeal and grumpily shoved it into her mouth, and that was when it hit her. She'd forgotten that the oatmeal was fresh off the stove and was still smoking like a chimney. Her face went beat red as her eyes shot wide open. A split second later, anyone walking past the apartment complex would have been able to hear her screaming at the top of her lungs as the oatmeal practically scorched her tongue.

IzzyDaPada: Pulling onto the property as they were buzzed in that belonged to Donnie Yun, I looked around and took in a breath. “What do I say to him..I’m sorry for your loss? I never really knew him..but he saved my life back when the Russian Armada were in town. And I owe it to him..Oh yeah by the way here are some guns. Please don’t look at the insignia.” The boys kept quiet as Daiki looked at me. “You just be honest with him…But the insignia. You can’t do anything about really…” I shook my head thinking to myself. *If that was easy. But it’s something that needed to be done.* We pulled up to the desired location of drop off. Daichi pulled up to the front, and path so that, apparently I was able to step out. But of course, they slipped out of the car. Making their way around the car, one opening the door as the other stood on guard as I slipped out of the car. Stepping away from the car, Daiki closed the car and continued our walk towards the gates and threw them to approach Donnie. I gave him a polite professional smile. “You have a lovely home Mr. Yun. I pictured it more… on the higher tech end.” Daichi and Daiki looked at each other, then back at Donnie as they were still weary of the man… something came to their minds as they looked at Donnie as they thought of the man that had brought their boss home some time ago. They both frowned as they looked at each other again as the realization came to them and then looked down at me then back to Donnie. *That’s right…* “But I didn’t stop by on a free whimp..I’m here a personal… Visit. And a business visit as well.”

Pallas: -As the three of them walk out, Donnie and Alfred make their way over to meet them. Donnie and Alfred’s body are so big as a combined pair that they create a shadow over the three guests. Donnie looks at the two bodyguards of hers as he never liked them. Alfred keeps to himself as he always does. That bright Purple and Yellow decal I am sure just adds to the seriousness of the situation. Donnie got into a little cocky like pose and said sarcastically-“Man, this must be a real important visit to get the Queen of Geisha territory down to the likes of little criminal side of D-2. I hope nobody tried to steal your car on the way here.”-Donnie had never had an exact fondness for Isa because of the fact that she kept her people secluded from his. Having a big giant metal wall put in the middle of D-2 as if they were setting a border for two countries. And because she never came and interacting with this side of D-2, a lot of people in Yakuza got to thinking that she believes herself better than us on the non-Geisha side of D-2. As long as that large metal wall existed, there may have been in a wall blocking any friendship between these two. Donnie looked over at Alfred and then back to Isa and said-“Well you might as well come on in since you made the trip on out here.”-Donnie and Alfred turned around and made their way to the patio where Donnie pointed for her and her cronies to sit down. That is when Donnie told Alfred-“Hey can you go check on Anna for me?”-Alfred looks at Donnie and says in a sarcastic tone-“You mean check on the Cydroid…”-Which causes Donnie to reply with-“Could you just do it for me please?”-Alfred huffs a bit and makes his way over to the guest bedroom. Donnie waits for Isa and her men to sit down and then he would sit in a chair of his own. He then asks-“So what brought you all the way out here from your protective Great Wall?”-*ALFREDS POINT OF VIEW* He opens the door that leads into the guest bedroom and sees the small Cydroid sitting in the center of the bed looking rather frazzled. Alfred shuts the door behind him and his big purple body blocks the door way inadvertently. He then looks at the bot child and asks-“Is there anything you need? Donnie would like me to check up on you and make sure you are ok after what he said.”-Alfred was not one to put judgment on someone but it is built into his design to not want robotic humans just as it is in Donnie’s. But unlike Donnie, he cannot change the way he feels towards something that is programmed into him. So for once in his creation, he actually doesn’t like something.-

Anna looked up as she heard the door opening and was a little disappointed when it was Alfred but she still smiled at him softly as he came in and blocked the door. “I need my body suit… It was bloody last night so I think Yuh had it washed or something…” She murmured softly and looked back down at her lap. “I don’t really want to go… I enjoy his company but it’s not really my choice… I should be happy enough that he saved my life and gave me a place to stay while Meanie face tries and finds Keyome so I can go home...” She trailed off before looking back at Alfred with sad but smiling eyes. “Breakfast was really yummy. I wish I could cook like that…” She hummed and combed through her hair with her fingers in a nervous tandem. “Did… I upset him, Alfred?” Anna looked back up at him curiously, wondering why he wanted her gone so suddenly. Their conversation had been going well and then he had just slowly grown silent. The small child didn’t understand it one bit. He seemed to like her enough… Didn’t he? He didn’t force her to go with Tetsu or just leave her on the street. Anna sighed deeply and put her hands back into her lap so she would stop fidgeting so much. 

IzzyDaPadaIzzyDaPada Whisper: I had to blink a few times, what he said did kind of throw me off. But, I regained myself. Though, I did catch that, his cocky attitude did protrude through his stance. But keeping in mind what I came over with. “Of course Mr. Yun. I wouldn’t want to waste your valuable time. *Laugh* But if my car was stolen I would go and find it myself.” I had to think of what he meant by his statement…..then again. If anyone was in D2…they could see the wall. But they never truly understood the wall. As I didn’t create the massive wall. I inherited the wall. As he lead the way to the patio, then pointed at us to sit down. The twins stepped behind me as a took a seat across where Donnie would sit. The twins behind me, I shifted my kimono as I crossed my legs and crossed my arms in my lap. “I think we have a misunderstanding with each other Mr. Yun.. But first.. In the trunk of my car..” I paused for a moment to think over what I wanted to say. I looked at my hand where the paused ring would have been. Then looked back up to where Donnie was. “In the trunk in my car are amounts of guns. From hand guns, to automatics. To a few special made guns. They were my ex-fiancé’s weapons. As I do know the your clan, Soramaru, is the weapons, and technology. I thought it would be best in your possession. You are free to change them..use them for whatever means you wish.” With that said I looked to the twins and they nodded their heads and headed off to unload the guns. That gave me time to think over what I wanted to say, about his men. I took in a breath as a put my hands together in my lap. “Also..I came here to wish my condolences for your loss of your men..” I looked him in the eyes this time. “This is not coming from one Chairmen to another. This is one person to another.. *eyes lower* Some time a year ago, when you were still Deadshot.. one of your men saved me from the KPD scum..and..He brought me back to Kamishichiken…He was still welcomed to come back to Kamishichiken.. as he did save me and I never really got to repay him, or even get his name..” I didn’t know if I should have looked up or not. It was not a chairmen thing to do. Lower their eyes to another. But part of me had sunken to admitting this to Donnie, one of his men saving ME…How he would react to this admission. But I willed myself to look up, and show the sincerity that came from my words.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori opened the front door of her apartment and walked out into the empty hallway. She was showered and fully dressed now, smelling like the sweet Sakura blossom bodywash she had used to bathe. A long-sleeved navy blue and gray striped crop top covered her upper body from her chest up to her neck, leaving her flat, well-toned stomach exposed, along with the stars tattooed along her side. Below that, a pair of high-waisted shorts hugged the curves of her hips and gave her backside a nice lift. Of course, she stuffed her feet into her treasured combats and fastened her treasured dragon necklace around her neck. Anyone paying close attention would notice that the peculiar piece of jewelry matched the dragon tattooed to her right leg in bold, black ink. She combed her fingers through her long, sea green hair which had grown dramatically since she cut it short for the tournament that took place a long time ago. She had to admit that the new length was a bit annoying at times, but she knew for a fact that she was rocking the look just as well as the first one. “Would you like for me to straighten up the house while you are away, Masumoto-chan?” Iara asked after literally popping up behind her, startling her a bit. Kaori went stiff to avoid jumping in front of the little Cydroid, making an impatient facial expression since she was still facing the hallway. She turned and bent down to pat Iara's head, a sideways grin lifting one corner of her mouth. “Don't worry about it, hun.” She answered. “Just stay out of trouble, okay? I'm just going to go visit a good friend of mine.” At that, Iara once again did one of her childish giggles. “You mean Donnie Yun?” She asked. Kaori narrowed her eyes with a sideways pout, then rose to her full height, sweeping one side of her hair behind her gaged ear. All she could do was laugh softly. “Yes, Iara. I mean Donnie Yun.” She said with a soft sigh. Iara bounced happily on her toes. “Are you going to tell him about your dream?” She continued to giggle. It was as if she was teasing Kaori, but she had no idea that she was. She was truly a curious little bot. Kaori froze, glaring at her once again as blood seemed to turn her face beat red. “No!” She growled between clenched teeth. “Erase that from your memory!” Iara saluted her. “Yes, ma'am.” Kaori turned and grabbed the doorknob. “Don't leave the house...or I WILL fuck you up.” She said before stepping out and pulling the door shut behind her. She left the complex and hopped onto her red Suzuki Hayabusa which was parked out in the lot, starting it up with a fingerprint scanner located on the control panel. She backed out of the parking space, revved up the engine and took off through the streets. As usual, the speeding laws and the current traffic didn't bother her as she sped through cars at about 100mph, enjoying the feeling of the breeze blowing through her long, sea green hair. “Pull up previous destinations.” She spoke to the computer built into the motorcycle and in response, a holographic display of a map appeared on the small windshield. It showed the address to her job along with a GPS directory, several other addresses appeared beneath that. She glanced down at the screen and lifted her index finger to press on one particular address, the address to Donnie's villa. “Now calculating route.” The monotone, male voice of the computer system spoke as a map complete with highlighted directions appeared on the holographic display. “Let's get this show on the road, shall we?” Kaori smirked as she switched on her radio. “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva blasted from the speakers as the Suzuki continued its speedy journey through the streets and Kaori couldn't help but bang her head, thrust her rocker signs into the air and sing along to her favorite music genre.

Pallas: -Alfred listened to the Cydroid speak as if it were human and he remained perfectly still. She actually seemed to have emotion and to actually feel. It was odd for him to actually see. Alfred remains perfectly still making sure not to act towards her as he would a person. It was just a bot talking to another bot. But he couldn’t help but keep the secret to himself. Even though he knew that her existence was against their cause, Alfred knew that Donnie would be beyond pissed if he spilt the beans to this Cydroid what it really is. So Alfred looks at her and says-“Well if you are fine, I will be on my way. Donnie is tending to some work related business and should not be disturbed for the moment. I am sure he will want to come in here and want to break words with you. Good day.”-And with that, he left the room. He completely ignored any of her questions and comments. Even the one that actually thanked him for a good breakfast. Ignoring her probably hurt more than just talking to her, but what was he going to do? If he had talked to her further, he probably would have slipped up and told her the truth of what she is. When he leaves the room he tilts his head down in a sigh and then makes his way over to the others. His large purple and yellow body is seen all the way from the house as he stops when he gets behind Donnie. It was rather funny actually. The two chairman had their helpers that best represented their Clans; Isa with her two men who act perfect to her cause and Alfred who was a walking Nano Battle Droid who best represents the technology clan of Soramaru. Donnie was listening to what Isa had to say it the weapons part didn’t bother him. He thought to himself-‘So she just came to hand me some guns that are probably outdated and just something for me to have….coolio haha. More fun for me.’-His attentions were almost drawn away from her. That is until she started talking about Zero and Hunter. “Also..I came here to wish my condolences for your loss of your men..” Oh when she said that, Donnie damn near almost lost it. If glares could kill people, the one Donnie’s eyes made sure would be one to do just that. He looked straight out of an anime with that look. If he didn’t have those black glasses, her cronies might have thought he was going to jump over this table and attack Isa like an animal. Donnie never liked when people talked about the people he cared for. But then Isa goes on to talk about how one of his team actually saved her from some dirty KPD. And immediately he knew who it was.*DONNIE FLASHESBACK TO THE UNIT BAD BLOOD HIDEOUT WHERE ZERO AND DONNIE ARE AT THE TABLE KNOCKING BACK SHOTS. THIS IS AFTER ZERO SAVED ISA, ONLY A FEW HOURS LATER.* Zero takes a shot of vodka and says to Donnie-“You fucka drink that shit!”-Donnie then knocks back a shot of his own. They both laugh together as if they didn’t have a care in the world. Keep in mind that during this time, Donnie was Public Enemy number 1 in KasaiHana. Donnie looks at Zero and asks-“Hey fucker, what took ya so long ta get back to da car today?”-Zero then bursts out laughing and lays his head on the table with the bottle of vodka in his hand. He replies to Donnie by saying-“Mannnnnnnn, I met this gorgeous girl…Like…GORGEOUS bruh..hahaha. She was runnin from da po-po right and I was like na-uh son you aint getting this girl. No sirrrieee.”-Donnie then smacks Zero on the back of the head and says while laughing-“Well did ya get the bitches numba bruh!?”-That’s when Zero shoots his head up, points his finger at Donnie and says-“Hey! She was a nice lady! Pffffft. HAHAHAHA!...but no…I forgets to get it hahaha!...”-Donnie bursts out laughing again and says-“Awww bruh you lame as fuck! HAHAHA!”-Zero leans on his elbow drunk out of his mind and says-“Nah son, she…she was like a 11 out of 10. Yo if I ever see her again….Imma ask her out. You put that in your pipe and smoke it! PFFFFT!!”-They both then burst out laughing and continued to drink together as brothers. Just one of many memories that Donnie has with Zero….A Brother lost….but not forgotten.*DONNIE RETURNS TO REALITY* He looks at Isa with an expressionless face as she just finished talking. He says to her with a calm tone-“His name…”-He looks at the two men and then back to Isa as if saying his name was a difficult mission to do.-“His name….was Zero…”-

Alfred listened to the Cydroid speak as if it were human and he remained perfectly still. She actually seemed to have emotion and to actually feel. It was odd for him to actually see. Alfred remains perfectly still making sure not to act towards her as he would a person. It was just a bot talking to another bot. But he couldn’t help but keep the secret to himself. Even though he knew that her existence was against their cause, Alfred knew that Donnie would be beyond pissed if he spilt the beans to this Cydroid what it really is. So Alfred looks at her and says-“Well if you are fine, I will be on my way. Donnie is tending to some work related business and should not be disturbed for the moment. I am sure he will want to come in here and want to break words with you. Good day.”-And with that, he left the room. He completely ignored any of her questions and comments. Even the one that actually thanked him for a good breakfast. Ignoring her probably hurt more than just talking to her, but what was he going to do? If he had talked to her further, he probably would have slipped up and told her the truth of what she is.

Anna was a little confused when he said he would be on his way and so she assumed he didn’t know where her body suit was. When she heard the rest of his words though she just nodded her head as the door closed behind him she would let the tears finally fall. It felt like both of them were suddenly… so frigid with her. She hated it. Slipping under the covers and laying her head down on the pillow Anna would curl into a ball and pull the covers just up under her nose. Staring at the wall as she let the tears slide down her cheeks a few sobs break out. She wanted Keyome, he wouldn’t go cold to her ever, at least she hoped not but he always seemed to have emotion and speak what was on his mind. Even if it was a lie or two. Anna wouldn’t stay on those thoughts too long though, it wasn’t fair to compare Yuh and Keyome because they were so different… And thinking about Keyome only made her wish he was here so she could get out of Yuh’s hair and stop being a burden. The small child did wonder what kind of business it was… She didn’t really know much about Yuh which made her a little more sad. Would she get to know more about him? Or would today be the last day she got to see him?

Pallas: -He listens to what Isa says and watches the two men bring the duffle bags from the car. He was going to respond to what Isa said but something caught his hearing. Because of his Cybernetic system body, he picks up on things a lot better. Similar to what his Super Soldier Serum did to enhance his Sensory abilities. He picked up the slight sounds of sniffles and crying. He knew who it was. His face slowly turns to a saddened face knowing that Anna must be crying over what he had said. He looked at Isa and said-“I know this seems very unprofessional but could you excuse me for a moment.”-He then stands up and Alfred looks at Donnie and says-“You aren’t doing what I think you are doing?”-Donnie looks at Alfred and says-“Yes…I am.”-But before he walks away he digs into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. He grabs a picture and hands it to Isa. It was a picture of him and Zero when they were in their younger days. Back when the world was a much simpler days.(18 years old) He says to Isa-“Here…a face to the name.”-He then walks off to the guest bedroom door. He slowly opens the door and walks inside to see Anna crying her eyes out like she had just seen someone die. Even for a Cydroid, Donnie couldn’t help but feel for her. When he walks into the room he says to Anna in a calm and comforting voice-“heyyy there kiddo. What’s with the waterworks?”-

IzzyDaPadaIzzyDaPada Whisper: I offered him a smile and nodded my head. “Of course, this is your home Mr. Yun.” Looking between the two, I knew one was a man..but…who was the other? I’d have to get curious later on. Looking back to Donnie, I took the offered picture and looked at it. Eyeing the one known as Zero as I looked at the picture. I mumbled out softly. “A name to the face huh.” Daichi and Daiki looked at me with a frown. “Miss?” I took in a breath. Why cry? It’s so silly, I never knew him personally. Yet I held back a ping in my heart because I never truly got to know the person in this picture. I looked up with a soft smile. “Don’t mind me.” The twins frowned more, I simply blinked. “We warned you.” I gave them a look and shook my head. “It played out as fate wanted it. Don’t continue to remind me. I want to continue with life. And maybe start a friendship and work relationship with Mr. Yun. Simple.” They boys nodded as they looked over to where Donnie walked off to. As I did too, I hoped I didn’t intrude on something.

Anna looked up at he walked into the room and only started crying harder. She pulled the blankets around her tightly and whimpered. “You went all icy on me… I don’t even know what I did to upset Yuh…” She started to wipe at her eyes to try and stop the tears but it wasn’t working and she started to shake harder. “Yuh just wanting me to leave so suddenly when I thought we were having a nice talk and everything… I know I’m probably just a burden but I didn’t think I was that much of a problem to have me around…” Anna sniffed and wiped at her nose with the back of her hand. “And Alfred became all cold too so I really thought I must’ve done something wrong to upset the both of you to make you want to get me out of here… I don’t want to say good bye yet, Yuh!” She cried harder and curled tightly into a ball. She liked Yuh and wanted to get to know him more, he was her Super Hero after all. It really hurt that he wanted her gone so suddenly. Anna wished she knew what she had done to upset him so much…

AlessandraSkar: At last, after crossing the border between District 1 and District 2, Kaori swung her Suzuki Hayabusa into the driveway in front of Donnie's villa, frowning slightly when she saw a vehicle that she didn't recognize. 'He must be having company.' She thought to herself as she eyed the car, figuring that it definitely belonged to someone with money. Killing the engine of her motorcycle, she carefully swung herself off and combed her fingers through her hair. The wind had damn near snatched her curls out and left the sea green strands a disheveled mess, but Kaori wouldn't let something as simple as a breeze ruin her good looks. She bent over to look at herself in one of the rearview mirrors, making faces at her reflection until standing back up with a soft laugh. All she had to do was flick her hair back and it returned back to its previous neatened state, tumbling past her shoulders in pretty waves. Then walked toward the gate that blocked her from getting into the house easily. 'Shit...' Kaori thought to herself as she stared at the electronic lock on the gate. 'It takes a fucking password, doesn't it?' She turned to the side as she tapped her index finger against her chin in thought, her eyes moving about as she tried her hardest to remember the password Donnie had used to open the gate. “Aha!” She snapped her fingers the second she remembered, then turned to face the lock. “Big booty bitches.” She said out loud, hearing a beep of confirmation before the gate began to open before her. She quickly slipped through before the gate could open all the way and was soon hearing multiple voices coming from the pool yard. 'Hmm...' She thought curiously as she moved back against the exterior of the house, creeping against it silently until she was close enough to the corner to hear what was going on at Donnie's favorite little socializing spot. There were about three male voices, only one recognizable as Donnie's, and then an added female voice. Kaori's eyes narrowed slightly, but she wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. She slowly leaned closer and closer to the edge of the corner, one eye steadily peering around the wall to see what was going on. She could make out several figures, but without both eyes on the group, it wasn't all that easy to distinguish who they were. 'I can't believe I'm actually considering waiting until this business is done.' She thought silently herself. 'Usually, I'm the one to crash the party.' She flattened herself back against the wall, looking straight ahead after it looked like one of the people had turned their heads, holding her breath in order to stay as silent as possible.

Pallas: -When he sees her cry it almost makes him break down into little pieces. He, Donnie Yun, The Bringer of Blood, The Grim Reaper, and the list go on and on. A man who prides himself on not needing anyone is not melting at the sight of a Cydroid’s tears. He walks over and sits on the edge of the bed next to Anna and says-“Heyyy I’m not upset with you…it’s the exact opposite.”-He slowly begins to pull down the covers so her eyes peak out.-“See Anna, sometimes The Knight who comes and saves the little Princess has some other battles he needs to go and take care of. And Alfred, he wasn’t being cold…he was just saddened by the fact that we have to go save other little princesses like you. Because you are our favorite of all time haha.”-He slowly begins to pull the covers down more so her whole face can show.-“I wanna give ya something Anna.”-Donnie quickly puts his right hand behind his back and begins to forge one of his Vibranium weapons. Slowly out of the palm of his hand, a bright red and black cell phone looking device comes out. After it was forged and fully operational he puts it in front of Anna and says-“This is like a phone. It’s not for you to call everyone though haha. See you press this button”-He points at the button on the bottom of the screen and continues talking-“And once you click this button the phone will immediately send a signal to me. So whenever you need help or just want someone to hang out with haha…”-And before he continues with his sentence, he puts his hand on Anna’s head to clear her hair from her face. He then says-“You can always call on your ‘Yuh’”-

She would watch him sit on the edge of her bed and when he started to talk her eyes widened slowly.  She stopped shaking and paid full attention to him. She started to smile a little when he called her a Princess and even said that she was his favorite Princess… When he pulled the covers down past her neck she would slowly sit up so that they could be on a more even level. “I guess I can understand that that… Really? What is it?” She asked curiously as he started to pull her out of that sad mood. When he handed her the odd looking cellphone she would pick it up gently after he had told her how it worked. She had a bright smile on her face by the time he was talking and she sprang into his arms, hugging him tightly and nuzzling his cheek. “I’m so happy, Yuh-san.” She smiled and hugged him as tight as she could, which would probably look pretty funny seeing she was still wearing his extra big clothes.

Angry Women And Bad Language 

IzzyDaPada: I fiddled with the image a bit spacing out a bit. Daichi and Daiki looked at each other and shrugged. When they turned away from me and looked around the lay of the land. “We are going to lock up the car Miss.” I nodded my head acknowledging them. As they walked back to the car they glanced over to one portion of the house and offered a smile….a mischievous only the twin could give smile. “Ma’am who is hiding. The business between Miss. Nakayama and Mr. Yun is over and good to see you again.” Daiki was the first to speak. It caused me to turn around, *What in the world?* Daichi was the next to speak with a kinder, mischievous smile. “By the way, good fight back in the GMAF Tournament, Mr. Yun has a great woman in hand.” They both gave her a polite bow, I stood up from my chair as I walked over with blinking. As they both spoke to her. “Good day Ma’am.” Then they walked away as they kept in a small laugh. As they made it to the car the twins looked at each either and blinked. Daichi spoke first. “You realize that woman is going to kill us. Then Isabel will kill us.” Daiki looked up at the sky and smiled big. “That will be the day we retire then brother. That be the day.” Daichi shook his head. “She is going to kill us. They both are going to kill us both.” They both looked at each other and laughed. I approached where the twins went by and blinked spotting someone else..Names were seeming to be fleeting. “ I must apologize for them. I am so sorry. Please forgive their behavior. But as they said, my business with Mr. Yun is over.” I held the image of Donnie and Zero in my hand but I was more curious as to when the woman had gotten here…how long was she standing there… much did she hear? Did she hear about what Zero did for me? Then just as it hit me. GMAF Tournament? This was Donnie’s girlfriend! *Oh goodness……I’m so going to murder those two…*

AlessandraSkar: Kaori's eyes widened slightly when the two men walked around the corner, lifting a brow as she looked them both up and down. Ma'am who is hiding? She replayed the given title in her head. Hiding? Pfft...Kaori never hid. She was only playing spy. She straightened herself and rounded her shoulders back in order to play off the surprise of being caught, clearing her throat softly. “Ma'am, the business between Miss Nakayama and Mr. Yun is over and good to see you again.” The two men spoke, causing Kaori to frown slightly. She couldn't recall ever seeing these men, but somehow they recognized her from somewhere. Hopefully not on the news for something insane. And then it was revealed: “By the way, good fight back in the GMAF Tournament, Mr. Yun has a great woman in hand.” At that, Kaori's entire body went stiff and her right eye began to twitch slightly as they bowed to her like old English gentlemen and walked away. She could hear them holding back laughter, feel her blood rushing to her face as her automatic assumption was that they'd taken a shot at her or something. She didn't know whether or not they were making a note toward the fact that she'd lost to some git named Keyome or – seeing as how they mentioned Donnie – they were making a reference to her getting pounded mercilessly through a tree in the forest. Her body turned slowly to face both men as they neared the gate, hands balling into fists as she felt anger rising in her. 'Did they just...take a shot at me?' She thought to herself as her teeth clenched together. 'Oh, I'm so gonna paint this pool yard in their bloo--' Her thoughts were interrupted when another figure approached, Kaori's head turning to look at her. Thank goodness she'd apologized, otherwise Kaori would have tied all three of them together in pretzel formation and would've enjoyed the sounds of their agonized screams. Her muscles loosened as she turned to face the woman, looking curiously at her. She was pretty and tall, and there was no telling what she was doing at Donnie's villa. Hopefully nothing funny... “It's fine.” Kaori forced a smile onto her face. “I get comments about the tournament all the time, so I'm pretty much used to it.” That was a lie, because she knew full and well that she was ready to kill anyone who mentioned the damn GMAF. She glanced down at the picture the woman was holding and saw Donnie with a man she didn't recognize. Her eyes narrowed slightly, then lifted back up to meet the woman's gaze. “I'm assuming you're a friend of Donnie's?” She asked, her head tilting slightly.

Pallas: -As the small Cydroid child jumped up and hugged him, he laughed a bit. It was just as before when she hugged him the first time. He took a moment to actually realize that he was getting a genuine hug from someone and he places his large hand on the Cydroid’s back to hug her. Then he heard her call him “Yuh” again and just like every time before, he laughs. It was also funny to realize that every girl he had grown a fondness towards in the recent times have never called him by his actual name. Yuh is the new little name for him used by Anna and Kaori of course calls him a variety of different names. Hercules seems to be the one he enjoys hearing the most. He wished she would just move into this huge Villa with him but he didn’t want to rush it. They were still in the process of getting to know each other, but they both know the love is there. He began to wonder if they would ever have little ones like Anna running around these hallways. He said to himself-‘Dude it is way too early to be having that kind of thought….shut it down hahaha’-He then pulled back she hug he was giving Anna and asks-“So who’s ready to come back outside? It’s a beautiful day and I’m sure you don’t want to spend it shacked up in here all alone hahaha. You can hang out with some guests of mind. Donnie would then put his arms out as if he were going to pick her up. But he would leave that choice up to her if she wanted to come outside or stay in here. If she had chosen to jump into his arms like the first few times, he would pick her up and realize that this had become a regular thing of sorts. He begun to enjoy holding little Anna around as if she was part of the family. He would then open the door to walk outside. He immediately noticed that everyone had moves positions. And then he saw her. His face would have turned red at the sight of Kaori if he wasn’t a metal machine. He holds Anna close in his arms and walked outside. The first thing he would say is-“Well well well, if that isn’t the most beautiful girl in Kasaihani coming to my home haha.”-He then looks down at Anna and says-“Except for you Princess haha.”-He continued to walk towards everyone and not really paying a mind to the odd fact that he was holding a nine year old child in his arms. He’d look at Kaori and lean down for a kiss to greet her hoping that she would kiss him back. He then said to everyone-“So it looks like a party at my Villa today or what? Hahaha”-Let the awkwardness begin.-

Anna nuzzled close to Yuh as he hugged her back, she was so happy he wasn’t mad or upset with her.  She sighed contently in his arms before smiling more when he said they should go outside and that it was beautiful. She hadn’t gotten the chance to really explore Yuh’s house so it would definitely be an exciting thing to do today. Anna would put the cell phone of sorts down on the bed so that she wouldn’t lose it outside and then she would move back into his arms and wrap her own around his neck just like before, clearly already comfortable with the way he would carry her around. It was nice and made her feel protected. He was a giant Super Hero after all; he could save her from anything. When they walked outside and she saw all the other people he had outside her violet eyes would go with wide. He sure had a lot of guests today, four by her count unless there were more wondering around. Now she could understand why he had been so busy earlier and it eased her fears even more. As she saw the two other girls she couldn’t help but press a little closer to Yuh, growing shy. Especially when he called one of the girls the prettiest in the entire city. Anna almost interjected feeling a little hurt by that but when he followed up and said she was just as pretty it made her blush. She thought she was pretty but to have someone else think so too? That really made her happy on the inside. “They really are pretty…” She would whisper to herself as her attention went back to both of the women instead of just the one that Yuh had been speaking too. Yuh was right, there were a lot of Princesses in this city. When they got to the woman Yuh seemed to really like and as he moved in for a kiss Anna would just hold onto him but leaned back a little so that she wouldn’t be in the way of the two of them.

IzzyDaPada: I offered her a small smile than glanced at where the twins here laughing and locking the car. I had to remember to tie them from the balcony later on from their toes as training later. I looked back to the woman as I offered her another apologetic look. *Oh god...this woman looks ready to kill* Noticing that she looked down at my hand with the image of Zero and Donnie, it looked awkward still out, I was lucky enough to be wearing my kimono as the kimono sleeves had pockets to easily stash small items. so I slipped the picture I into the long sleeve of my kimono. “Not exactly..Hopeful business partners in the near future. But again..I do apologize on their behalf...They meant no disrespect. We don’t know the outcome of the match…They were complimenting you on the fact you did well.” Shifting to hear Donnie’s return, I stepped aside so that he could address his girlfriend. I averted my eyes when they kissed. It was awkward and well awkward to watch people kiss. But when they stepped back a bit, what..well more of who Donnie had in his arms caught my eyes. She seemed very young, so she was in her child stages of life still. Donnie spoke again so I gave him a smile as I gave the young girl a smile as well. “Seems you are the popular man Mr. Yun…”

AlessandraSkar: Kaori didn't have to take her eyes away from the woman's as she slipped the picture into her kimono sleeve, as if she wasn't comfortable with it being seen. 'What's there to hide, lady?' She asked in her mind as she continued to listen to her speak. “Like I said before,” She finally replied, her eyes shifting toward the two men who were locking up the car. “I'm pretty used to the comments. So no hard feelings. And, uh, good luck on the business partnership. Whatever business that may be.” She said this calmly and collectively, but in her mind, 'I'm still gonna slash those pretty tires.' Before she could speak further, a familiar voice came from somewhere in the pool yard. Kaori's smile was no longer forced as she turned her head in time to see Donnie making his way toward her. Her green eyes sparkled like she was watching an angel approach her from heaven, lifting her hands to touch that massive chest of his. “What up, Hercules!” She greeted as she stood on her tiptoes to return his kiss, restraining herself from going all out with it seeing as though there were others around. She laughed at his party joke as she let her lips move about an inch away from his. “If there's gonna be a party here, it ends with you and me.” She said in a teasing voice that only Donnie could hear. And that was when movement suddenly caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Freezing slightly, Kaori's head did a slow turn until she saw what appeared to be a child in Donnie's arm. Wait...a child?!?! She stared at the child in silence for a few seconds, then looked at Donnie, back to the child, then again at Donnie. Her mind had gone completely blank for those few seconds that it took the look between those two. She then took a step away from him, looked at the child again, then Donnie, then the woman with the picture. Within that instant, her mind began to put things together like a puzzle. There was a pretty woman at the villa...with a picture of Donnie. Then there was Donnie.....with a eight to nine-year-old girl!!! She blinked a few times in shock, and it was quite obvious what her conclusion was. 'Okay, calm down, Kaori. Just calm down and try not to take this whole thing for what it looks like.' Her inner voice spoke as she just took a deep breath. Her gaze sharpened like daggers as she looked between Donnie and the woman, having to muster up nearly everything in her to keep from slaughtering all three of them for whatever form of betrayal this was. “Alright...” She spoke calmly through clenched teeth, her face turning more and more red by the second. “In exactly FIVE seconds....someone needs to explain to me what the fuck is going on here. Or else there's gonna be five bodies floating in that pool over there.”

Pallas: -Donnie looked at Isa and said-“Well when you’re as cool as I am, people want to come see you hahaha.”-Then when he heard what Kaori said, he had to hold back a laugh. He loved how angry she gets. He lifted Anna up a bit in his arm to make her more comfy and he says to Kaori-“Calm those nips babe haha. Isa here just came by to drop off a little gift for me…and no the gift isn’t the kid haha.”-He pointed to the duffle bags full of weapons that belonged to Hajime and said-“She brought me some new toys to play with. That’s why Isa is here at the Villa today haha.”-He left out the part where Isa and him had a small brief discussion about Zero. Kaori never had the privilege to meet Donnie’s brother before his untimely death so there was no need to bring it up again. He then looks at Anna and explains why she is here at the house.-“This little princess right here was out all by herself last night and got into a little trouble with some hobo in an alleyway. I couldn’t let her be taken so I went in and put a nice .45 piece of lead in between his eyes and took this princess home. She was too afraid to go with Tetsu or maybe it was because she just didn’t like the guy hahaha, so I brought her here. Would you let a little girl be stranded in the cold all by herself? I don’t think you would. Besides, she has been nothing but an enjoyment to have around, right Alfred?”-That is when Alfreds large eight foot Nano Battle Body scruffs a bit and says sarcastically-“Nothing but a pleasure Sir.”- ( Alfred was feeling even more salty about Anna even now that Donnie was showing her off as a little girl. His programing was telling him to spill the beans about what Anna really is, but he doesn’t do it. No matter what his programming tells him, he is a bot for Donnie; and a loyal one at that. If Donnie didn’t want something to be shared then the world will never know of it. This is why Alfred said what he said and nothing more to add on about it. Donnie smirks a bit at Alfred knowing why he said it in a sarcastic tone. He then looked at Kaori and said-“Oh and babe, she is wearing one of your pajama bottoms. I couldn’t exactly give her one of mine so I gave her yours haha. I hope you don’t mind.”-He then leans in and whispers to her-“It’s not like you wear any when we are in bed anyways haha.”-He then playfully gives her a kiss before leaning back up to face everyone. He then speaks again-“So will we be partying together Isa? Or are you leaving now that business has been taken care of?”-

Anna would smile back at the woman in the pretty dress; now that she looked closer it was really beautiful. She would have to ask where the lady had gotten it; she wanted one of herself now. Anna looked down at her own oversized clothes and couldn’t help a small pout, they weren’t nearly as cool or nice as everyone else’s and she suddenly really wished Alfred or Yuh had brought her the suit so she could change before coming out. The pj bottoms weren’t so bad because they clearly belonged to a woman and fit her shape somewhat better but were still too tall for her and to wide. Anna didn’t really have any curves to her shape. She did like the shirt too, even if the words were kind of odd. “Kick trees and Fuck Bitches” Was something odd to put on a shirt but it was like a dress on her and went down to her knees and elbows. It was even bigger than the one Keyome had given her to wear the day he had woken her up but then again, he was smaller than Yuh so that wasn’t much of a shock.  When the women reacted with anger though Anna couldn’t help but cling to Donnie tightly, worried that she had caused some of the trouble or that the woman would try to hurt her. Though when Yuh started to explain everything she relaxed and nodded her head along with his words, her long brown hair bouncing around her body with the motion. Violet eyes would turn to Yuh and smile up at him brightly. “Yuh-san is my Super Hero. He’s so awesome… And yes, Testu is a big fat meanie face…” She grumbled and pouted a little, clearly not liking the guy what so ever.  She would lean out of the way again when Yuh moved closer to Kaori and she didn’t try to listen to what he was saying, knowing it wasn’t for her ears most likely. When Yuh asked if… Isa, that was her name, was going to stay for the party Anna turned her attention to her as well. Her face fell a little. “Please will you stay, Isa-san? I’ve never met a princess before…” Anna asked her tone going sad as well, she really wanted to know where Isa had gotten  such a pretty dress. And from the way Yuh and the other girl kept kissing she had a feeling staying in Yuh’s arms wasn’t going to be a good idea.  Besides he probably wanted to hug the other lady too and Anna didn’t want to stop him from that. They seemed to really like each other and she had noticed how Yuh had light more when he saw her. She liked seeing him happy like that.

IzzyDaPada: I gave her a nod and a small smile. As Donnie spoke I couldn’t help but give him a smile and a laugh. “It is what Hostesses do Mr. Yun, I should indulge you in the geisha arts some time. Of course it would just be dance, music and conversation.” But that was cut short as the woman was about to pop a blood vessel. This caused me to blink, rather uncomfortably. Luckily Donnie saved all the details and cut to the chase. I had to keep from blushing personally. I never had a sexual relation with a man, even Hajime, who was supposed to be my fiancé. He didn’t. Well you get the point. So a 9 year old wouldn’t have come from me. By all means, looking back to Donnie as he explained everything to her as I let out a breath as he explained a bit, but avoided the part about Zero. * So will we be partying together Isa? Or are you leaving now that business has been taken care of?* I was about to answer when the little one in Donnie’s arms spoke up. * Please will you stay, Isa-san? I’ve never met a princess before…* I had to giggle a bit to myself. I wasn’t a princess by all means. But I gave a simple nod of my head. “I am not a princess by all means. But if you do not mind, I wouldn’t mind staying for a visit.” I gave the girl a small smile. Isa-San? I haven’t been called that before. It was rather cute to be honest.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori listened while Donnie explained everything, frowning slightly when he got to the part of finding the little girl in an alley somewhere. 'The hell was this little girl doing running around in an alley?' She asked herself in her mind, continuing to glance back and forth between the three before her. A small breath of relief escaped her lungs and loosened her chest now that everything was cleared up. She saw that Donnie had been laughing and smiling through the entire story, which meant that she shouldn't have been worried in the first place. She felt a tad bit embarrassed for jumping to conclusions like that, so her only response was to laugh as well. A somewhat awkward laugh that left her cheeks burning a hot red. She looked at the child as she added her comment about Donnie being her super hero, thinking to herself with a smirk, 'He's my super hero, too. In more ways than one.' She almost chuckled at herself as she nearly got shivers from that, allowing Donnie to kiss her again although, just a second ago, she was nearly on the verge of ripping his lips off his face. She glanced at the woman known as Isa as Donnie asked her a question, hearing the child's plea for her to stay while waiting on the answer. When she agreed to stay for a visit, Kaori nodded once and looked at Donnie. “Well then,” She said after clearing her throat. “I'll admit I was wrong for jumping to conclusions. I definitely wasn't expecting any of that.” Her gaze flickered over to Isa, thankful that the woman hadn't been trying to pull any foolishness with her Hercules, and held out a hand to shake. “The name's Kaori.” She introduced herself in that non-formal street accent of hers. “You'll have to excuse my anger. I often react before I think about what's going on.” If the woman shook her hand, she would then turn to the child and try shaking her hand as well. “And aren't you just the cutest little thing.” She said with an attempt to tickle her chin with her index finger. “So!” She then exclaimed to the general audience. “If there's gonna be a party at the villa, I'm mixing drinks. And Donnie,” She flashed a mischievous grin toward the large man, batting her lashes at him. “You already know what I have planned for you.” She winked at him, thinking to herself, 'I am going to get him sooooo fucking drunk.'

DarkKeyome: My arms cocked back a loud sonic boom would quake the area as I traveled over to my designated area. The Home of Donnie Yun. Last night the altercation with Drankin and Thomas left me on edge... I knew that he was going to go after Asami that’s how I was able to stop them from succeeding them from destroying Tetsu Ryoji... as much as my pride hates it... I need him and Donnie to defeat these guys. And besides... if they went after Tetsu already. There’s only a matter of time before he goes after Donnie Yun. And I should at least warn the guy before Thomas kills him.....Donnies hard to kill. Trust me I’ve tried... but this guy. This guy’s something else.... I spun my body to the right and then hit the air hitting a mach. Due to my Push blast Chi technique I was able to fire my body through the sky as if I had a jet pack or something. Honestly... it was kinda cool I can’t even lie. I've never been into superheroes.... I thought they were over-rated. All my heroes were gangsters... murders... martial artist. Warriors. But I don’t know... I feel kind of like a super hero lately... As I came in distance with Yun's house I pulled myself into a back flip and retracted my wings into my back. After tucking my legs in I simply drifted into what looked like a pool area. The speed from the high dive caused the water within the pool to explode in a THOOOMM! The water splashing up violently before it all crashed back in... I waited a few seconds and slowly I pulled myself out of the water. Shirtless to start my pants were soaked I wasn’t wearing shoes... I lost on em on the trip here. My hair hung over my eyes due to the water holding it down... the stupid water got my pants heavy so they slid down a bit below my waist line was out. I shook my head and rubbed the back of my neck. My tattoo’s would seem darker due to me getting them redone last week as well... but out of all the cosmetics... my eyes were the only thing that had changed drastically. The once golden brown had morphed into a shimmering gold. I noticed this after me and Okami ( Keyomes Oni) Made the deal to put our differences aside... I’m not sure as to what it means yet. “ Ahh... man... that kind of hurt my back..” I said popping my back by twisting.

Pallas: -Seeing that everyone who was at the house is now planning to stay, he says to everyone-“Well let’s take this get together inside so we don’t burn up in the sun. Unless we all plan to go swimming in the pool”-Donnie then uses his cybernetic mind to activate the Jacuzzi as lights begin to change the water color. It seemed like today would be a peaceful day for once. Donnie also made sure all security measures will still up and running. You can never be too careful in a place like this. Donnie realizes he is still holding Anna and that she is still in her Pjs.-“Oh lordie we should get you out of these clothes.”-He slowly puts Anna down on the ground and asks Alfred-“Hey Al, can you take Anna to the wash room and grab her little rubber suit she wears haha?”-Alfred nods his head and turns his large robotic body with his eyes on the little girl. Alfred then says to Anna-“Come.”-in a stern voice as he makes his way down to the washroom which is in the hallway of the house. As he leads her down the hallway they pass the large Black Vibranium door that leads into Donnie’s basement which would probably catch the child’s eye. He then opens a door that leads into the washroom and he quickly grabs her black and violet colored skin suit. It was drying and because of the rubber fibers in the suit it was very warm and stretchy. He hands it to the Cydroid and says-“Here you go. You can change in here if you’d like.”-He then walks out of the room and back towards where Donnie and the others were. At that time, Donnie walked to Kaori who thought that making drinks was a good idea. He puts his hands on her hips and says-“Babe, we have a lil nine year old hanging around with us tonight hahaha. Do you really think getting drunk is the best thing for you to do?”-He looks over at Isa and asks-“You don’t drink do you? Do Geishas drink? I don’t know much about your people.”-After asking that he looks back at Kaori and says-“I kind of like having a kid around. Hahaha.”-He was kind of hinting that maybe their relationship could be on that level someday. To him, he thought they were already there, but he cannot look into her mind and know what she is thinking. For all he knows she is just there for sex again. With all the sexual innuendoes in front of Anna and Isa made him have those thoughts of maybe to her things were just physical. But his overthinking always did get the best of him at times like this. So instead of worrying about things further, he tries to just enjoy a peaceful moment for once. No one is here trying to kill him or trying to get something from him…just a good moment. Suddenly an alert came up on his Mind  Screen ( basically has the Suit Vision at all times) It was showing a projectile coming down from the sky aimed directly towards the pool. It would not have alarmed him if the reading knew what was coming towards him but there was no sign of technology to latch onto. This got Donnie into a defensive mode. As the body crashed into the pool, the first thing he thought was missile. But there was no explosion so he threw that idea to the side. He wanted to waste no time in preparing for a possible battle so he began to forge his right arm into one of his Vibranium Weapons. Wires quickly wrap around his right arm causing a few latching noises. Then the Vibranium metal flows over the arm like a liquid and makes the mold of an Arm Cannon. Within a second, the molding would be complete and Donnie points his arm at the pool as if he were going to fire. ( When the water began to return back into the pool and on the ground, the image of a body slowly appears. He then sees that it was just Keyome and he slowly points the weapon down. He says sarcastically-“Oh…It’s just you…False alarm everyone hahaha.”-He then slowly retracts the weapon back into his body as if it were nothing and say to Keyome-“You know, you could have just knocked right?...What brings you to my Villa?”

Anna looked a little confused when Isa said she wasn’t a princess and her brows furrowed. “But… You’re pretty enough to be a Princess… And your dress is amazing…” She murmured and trailed off, violet eyes still filled with confusion. Yuh had said that he had to save other Princesses too so she assumed that these two women were Princesses but was she wrong? Well… They didn’t look like they needed saving but neither had she felt that way about herself when she snuck out of Keyome’s house. When the other women shook Isa’s hand and then held out her hand for Anna, the small girl would take her hand and shake it back like she had seen Isa do. Anna’s hands were soft and small compared to Kaori’s and she would smile back at the woman brightly. “I’m Anna. It’s nice to meet you, Kao-san.” Anna said cheerfully. She was glad both women were going to stay and that everything seemed to be taking a turn for the better from a few moments ago. Anna would lightly move to the ground as Yuh placed her down on it, her feet adjusting to the cold feeling of the ground beneath her before she looked up at Alfred. Finally! She could get her body suit back now. Though when he told her to follow in such a stern voice her head hung slightly and she trotted after him like a beaten puppy. She really didn’t know what Alfred seemed so harsh towards her. He had been so nice when she met him that morning at breakfast, what had happened? As they walked through the house Anna would notice a door that lead to somewhere… It looked really interesting and she was almost tempted to stop and open it not but with Alfred around she doubted he would let her get away with something like that so she followed behind him with a small sigh. When they finally got to the washroom and he handed her, her suit she would jump up and down with joy and hold it to her chest. She really had missed it. On one of her jumps though her foot landed funny on the extra-long legs in her pj bottoms and she almost fell over but caught herself against the wall. She would brush it off as nothing and waved as Alfred walked back down the hall, assuming he was going back to where the others were.  Slipping into the wash room she would take off the pj bottoms and shirt before slipping into her suit and zipping it back up with a slid of her finger.  She would keep the feet of her suit just to form around her own instead of it shifting into her normal boots. Anna hummed happily and started to walk back out to where the others were, stopping once more to look at the mysterious door but she had a feeling someone would notice her gone if she went exploring. By the time she got back to the entrance to outside she would see a figure standing by the pool that was dripping wet. Stepping outside and getting a better look she would realize it was Keyome. Violet eyes went wide with glee and in a heartbeat she pushed off with her left foot, running at full speed right at Keyo. She was a violet blur against the background of the rest of Yuh’s  backyard and in an instant she would leap at Keyome and go to wrap her arms around him tightly. “Keyome! I missed you sooooo much!” She would hug him tightly and nuzzle her head into his chest, her body suit pulsing it’s violet color where she touched him. “I promise I’m never sneaking out again!” She added quickly, hoping he wasn’t mad that she had left in the first place but she was more just over joyed to see him again and that he was doing well. “Oh! And how’s the arm doing, Bitch?” She looked up at him curiously, remembering to ask the question Yuh had told her to the next time she saw Keyome and this was that next time.  Oh Anna was growing so hyper now, she was just so damn happy.

IzzyDaPadaIzzyDaPada Whisper: I offered the girl a smile “Well thank you. And it’s a Kimono..I make them. Maybe you could get someone to come let you come visit and you can come visit one of my shops in town.” Looking to Kaori, as she is named, she had explained what was going on her head, which I could understand, it happened to the beset of us. So as one respectful woman to another, I took her hand and shook her hand. I offered her a small smile and a nod. “It’s all alright.” I pulled my hand away as she turned towards the small child. “I drink, but normally it’s on business, and is whatever the business partner or customer wants. But I drink on my own time.” Watching, the large robot named Alfred taking Anna to get her cloths. I blinked a few times, I was about to ask Donnie something when I heard the loud THOOM sound I quickly shifted my glance to where I saw the pool basically explode I blinked a few times. *…..only in Kasaihana…* As I thought that Donnie was the first to react and, *Did his arm just change into a weapon? Oh my god his arm changed into a weapon. Only in KasaiHana* Keyome pulled himself out of the pool. Which caused me to blink a few more times, than look away, hiding the rising blush that was about to come to my face. His shirt and low wasted pants was a big cause of my distraction apparently. I looked back now to see Donnie approach Keyome and exchange words, then….Anna, in a blur run and now hang onto Keyome I had to blink to myself and wonder what in the world just happened. She was just in the she..was..hugging Keyome. *What…in the world…* I stared at the paring now, wondering what exactly was going on. I looked to Kaori with a weary smile on my face. “I would like to take one of those drinks your making. What exactly are you making.” Apparently I missed something or I got slipped something in my lunch from the hotel I just came from…because the girl moved way to fast to be human. Maybe she was another Chi user like Keyome? That explains everything! Chi users! Rational explanation. Very rational.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori playfully pouted at Donnie's question about whether or not getting drunk in front of a nine year old girl was a good idea. She was tempted to tell him that she had her first drink of alcohol when she was nine, but that was a story for another time. She simply laughed and shook her head. “Alright, alright.” She finally came to agree. “But can I at least have a sip of champagne?” She kept her eyes on him while he asked the Geisha woman if she drank or not, playfully wiggling her hips while Donnie's hands were still on her. He then returned his gaze to her and said with a laugh, “I kind of like having a kid around.” She didn't know why, but that struck something in her. She continued to smile, although her mind began to race once she heard those words. 'So he's going to keep her?' She asked herself with her inner voice. Then another thought dawned on her. What if he wanted children of his own? With her? Was there relationship even near that level yet? Her smile softened a bit as she thought about it...her and Donnie running up and down the villa chasing little destructive offspring for hours and hours. She shook the thoughts out of her mind when she realized that they were slightly scaring her. “I bet she's a little bundle of joy.” She said. That was when she noticed something in the reflection on one of the glass walls in the distance behind Donnie. Something flying through the air at first, then dropping. Her eyes went wide with a gasp as the object landed in the pool from seemingly nowhere, causing all the water to jump high into the air and then come splashing back down with a loud noise. Her instincts went off instantly, telling her that the villa was in some form of danger. She'd gotten rather used to surprise attacks since the GMAF, so getting defensive was an automatic reaction. She turned to face the pool as Donnie's arm was transforming into some kind of weapon as a result of his own automated defensive reaction, bringing both hands up to pop her knuckles. “Looks like we have a party crasher.” She spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, then began to walk toward the pool with bold, threatening strides. “Who wants to watch me pummel this son of a bitch into the--” Just then, the male figure popped out of the pool before she could fully approach, causing her to halt in her tracks. Even with his hair hanging in front of his face, she could still recognize him as the boy she fought against during the tournament....and lost! “You...” She spoke just barely above a whisper as her hands lowered by her sides. “What on earth are you doing h--” Before she could finish the question, a violet blur went whooshing past her, all but tackling the boy right back into the pool. It was little Anna. Obviously they knew each other. “How's the arm doing, bitch!” She said to Keyome, causing Kaori's eyes to widen in shock as she looked back at Donnie, staring at him as if to say, 'What did she just say?!' She held her hands up with a shrug as she backed up to her previous spot just in time to hear Isa's question. “Um....want a Blue Devil or something?” She asked back, still taken aback by the nine-year-old's language.

Serious Conversations

DarkKeyome: “False Alarm...? Tch... でたらめ “ I looked around the area and was about to speak when I felt the pain in my back... tch... this flying thing is hard to get used too. “ Ahhh... look Donnie..” I said standing up straight. “ Your in Danger... and you need to be on guard... at all times..” Black feathers drifted onto the ground around us... they were mine and had just now hit the ground. Heh.. I looked down at them and sighed. I guess im a freak now too. “ Look man... Theres a man... that goes by the name of Thomas flint... He was the leader of the Anti-Terrorist Agnecy's for Kasaihana city. To put it in a simple way... He's gone rogue... and he now has a internatiol world-wide plan to erdicate the human race... along with some friends of his.... he needs to kill me. You. And Tetsu... so far he's failed at killing me... but I dont know how long thats going to last... I think he would have killed Tetsu if I hadnt arrived.... Just... becareful. This isnt a game. And he'll go after..... those you care about... if you know what I mean..” My head turned over to Kaori... “...He went after Tetsu's girl... He'd more than likely.... go after yours too... That's.... all I wanted to tell you.” I nodded at him and looked back out at the sky in the opposiste direction. I only had a small bit of Chi left.... but I could maybe make the trip back to District 2... then i'd take the bus back home.. I Concentrated the Chi...pushing.... harder... harder to expand the wings from my back. But... they never showed face. I was getting ready to ask Donnie to give me a ride back to the city when I was attacked by something that my eyes didn’t allow me to catch sight of until the last moments. It latched into my neck my right arm was cocked back ready to deal a death blow when I realized who it was... The little girl that I found in the pod in old new york...? What... snuck out? Before I even questioned the young girl I looked over at the other two females. A light smile on my face as I rubbed the back of my neck. Isabel, and Kaori. Hahaha. I hadn't seen her since the tournament.“ Haha.... Hey uh..... K-Mori was it? Im horrible with names. Hahah... uh... no hard feelings about the tournament right? “ I said doing my awkward goku laugh. I laughed a few moments and stopped to glance over at Isabel who had shot a glance at me and quickly looked away. I blinked in response to this... But quickly my attention was back onto the young figure that was so wrapped around my neck.“ Anna... what are you doing he-..” As I was asking the question........ she asked me about my arm... and then she called me a bitch... “ ….................................... * crickets*................................” My left eye began to twitch ferciously.... “...Donnie.................................ill........kill.... YOUUU!!!!!!!” My head grew 5 times the size of my body as my eyes turned into a snow white almost popping out of my head. “ WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING HER HUH!?!?!?!?” My tongue came out of my mouth as a long slithering snake as I screamed out at the male, my body turning to that of a chibi of some sort. “ YOU...... YOUR THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD HAVE TAUGHT HER TO SAY THAT SHIT! YOU BASTARD!” I coughed..... taking a deep breathe and catching my cool. “Ok..... ok.... im cool....................... * eye twitches*.....Anna.... dont say things like that... That's a bad word...”

Pallas: -He was ready to greet Keyome like he normally would but he is interrupted by Anna. She was fast for a little Cydroid. His Cybernetic eyes kept up with her perfectly and even calculated the moving speed and frictional impact she has when she hits Keyome. That’s like trying to catch a baseball at a professional pitchers speed. He laughed a bit already knowing that little Anna had a liking towards Keyome. He was the guy who indeed found her as she so eloquently put it. But what has caught his attention more was how angry Kaori was being today. Maybe it was the fact that HE no longer is an angry person that causes him to finally see how her personality works. When they are alone she is the sweetest person in the world. But in hearing her words about the Keyome before he came to sight, Donnie thought to himself-‘Fuck, Kaori can’t you go five minutes without raging at somebody? Fuckin A, next thing you know she’s gunna rage at Anna or something.’-When Donnie puts away his Arm Cannon back into his skin, he can’t help but look at Kaori and wonder. Then he said-“Yeah, you can have some Champagne if it will calm you down…”-He then turns his back and begins to walk away…that is until Keyome decided to drop a bomb of a threat coming his way. Donnie slowly turned back around to Face Keyome as if they were the only two people there. The wind brushed under their feet as Keyome talked about some guy…Thomas Flint. He thought to himself-‘If he’s had trouble trying to kill Keyome…he won’t ever be able to kill me…’- Donnie’s face turns from a happy and peaceful to just dark and emotionless at the thought of a fight coming his way. He had become so much stronger since the GMAF that he did not have any doubt in his abilities. His eyes glared up at Keyome as he began to scan his body. Chi was a hard thing to get a hold of but he is able to get a number of chi that is within someone. It is still in its prototype stage but it can prove use if done properly. He scans Keyome’s body through every test his eyes can allow. He thought to himself-‘He’s pretty serious if he is coming all the way out here on damn near empty…’-Donnie glares down at Keyome and says-“Thank you for the warning…but I am fine. If anything comes down to a fight I know Alfred and I can handle it…Besides…You’re still alive so I am sure this person isn’t too hard to kill…And if he ever came after Kaori…Hmph…that’d be the day Nice Donnie exits the building and WW4 starts…”-He turns back around and begins to make his way over to the Kitchen where Alfred was preparing lunch for the entire group. Donnie then says to Keyome-“You might as well stay here…not like you would make it home on your own anyways…Rest your widdle body here.”-Donnie then smirks to himself as his attitude drastically changed after hearing the news of a new person to fight. He makes his way over to Alfred and begins talking about the discussion they had back in The Nano Chamber.-

Anna kept a hold of Keyome the whole time and when he was about to ask her about why she was there and she was going to explain but all of the sudden he started yelling and screaming. She buried her face against his chest and whimpered softly, almost tearing up as he was yelling right over her head. When he finally calmed down and told her that she had used a bad word her violet eyes went wide. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know Keyome! I swear! Yuh-san gave me a shirt that said “Kick Trees and Fuck Bitches… and well you told me what Fuck meant so I asked him what bitch meant and then he told me I should say that… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” She started to tear up, worried that she had hurt his feelings but she really couldn’t tell with how calm he had gotten all of the sudden. She would let go of Keyome seeing he hadn’t returned her hug and it was a little awkward just hanging from him so she lightly dropped to her feet and took a few steps. Her head hung slightly and she couldn’t look him in the eye. She wish she would have known it was a bad word or else she wouldn’t have used it in front of so many people. Her face lit up with her embarrassment and she was on the verge of crying embarrassed tears as well. Oh she was such a cry baby.

IzzyDaPada: I thought about what Kaori offered. “What’s in it? Sounds interesting just by the name..” As I was about to go and help Kaori with the drinks, seems the men were discussing business so that was my queue to leave and go help Kaori. But apparently when Anna addressed Keyome about his arms..and dropped…bitch? Oh my…well. That certainly wouldn’t make any father happy at all. But queue the father freaking out as I thought. Keyome first threatened Donnie…Well, it was mealy a monkey see, monkey do scenario. But looking at how things went down I took in a breath then let it out. I stepped away from where I was and walked calmly over to where Anna was as I knelt in front of her and gave her a smile. “Hey now..It’s know now not to say those words okay? He will calm down after a bit, okay? No need for tears to blot that beautiful face of yours.” I reached into my sleeve and drew out one of my handkerchiefs if she allowed me too, I would reach out and dabbed at her eyes. I’d offer her a warm smile and brush of her hair back behind her ear then stand back up to my 5’7 height and looked at Keyome with a look of *we will need to talk later* sort of look, as a hint. Then looked back to Donnie and the others then back down to Anna, hopefully that helped. I wasn’t prepared for mothering but. I felt bad she was literally in ear short of Keyome’s yelling.

AlessandraSkar: Kaori arched an eyebrow at the man, so caught off guard by the fact that Keyome had gotten her name wrong that she didn't even hear Isa speaking to her. K-Mori? Really? Was her name even that hard to remember? It was almost like he'd insulted her by calling her fat or something. She saw how awkward and nervous he was acting, not the same Keyome that she met at the tournament who was willing to do anything in his power to shatter every bone in her body. 'This guy put me in a fucking hospital for three days...and he has the nerve to ask me about hard feelings?' She thought to herself as she looked him up and down. Her face was blank due to the fact that a nine-year-old girl had just used extremely foul language from absolutely nowhere, but as she listened to this Keyome guy, her eyes began to narrow and her expression grew rather stern. It wasn't long before he realized what Anna had said to him and winded up going on a complete rampage. Her eyes widened in shock as his head grew five times its normal size and he started screaming at Donnie at the top of his lungs. She could literally feel the wind of his words blowing her hair back like hurricane winds, causing her to squint her eyes up a bit. Blinking several times, she glanced toward Donnie and saw that the relaxed and happy expression that once rested on his face had suddenly melted into a rather dark one. 'Hanh?' Her inner voice spoke as a look of concern twinkled in her green eyes. “Thank you for the warning…but I am fine. If anything comes down to a fight I know Alfred and I can handle it…Besides…You’re still alive so I am sure this person isn’t too hard to kill…And if he ever came after Kaori…Hmph…that’d be the day Nice Donnie exits the building and WW4 starts…” He responded to Keyome's warning message, which in turn, pulled at something within Kaori's heart. She couldn't help but stare at him, as if she was looking into his soul or something, and the reason was evident. She'd never met a man who was so willing to protect her with everything he had. Neither her fathers would have even spoken those words for her, so one could only imagine how much hearing that meant to her. Of course, there was that part of her that was convinced that she didn't need his protection and that she could defend herself against this Thomas Flint sumbitch all on her own. However, this Thomas Flint had already had a faceoff with Keyome, the man who defeated her in the tournament. Obviously, she needed to build herself up to the strength she had before the tournament just in case she were to have a run-in with Thomas Flint. Besides, she discovered that she truly enjoyed the feeling of safety and security Donnie gave her. It was like he really was her super hero. She watched him as he turned and headed inside the villa once he was done making his last comments to Keyome, looking around at everyone before following him. He was talking to Alfred by the time she reached him, coming up behind him quietly and gently touching the arm that was once a forged weapon straight from within his body. “Donnie?” She spoke quietly, then peered around his massive frame to look at Alfred, smiling politely. “Oh, sorry, Al. I don't mean to interrupt or anything. I just wanted to have a short word with him. Is that alright?” She asked with a nod of her head, glancing back toward the other guests whom she knew she would be occupying shortly.

DarkKeyome: “...Donnie... this isnt a game...” I said walking to him and sending my arm out in a slashing motion. “.... It isnt a game... at all. Dont fuck around with this guy.... this shit. Is bigger then all of us. Do you hear what im saying to you!? A Genocide.... a Genocide man..... We grew up... in the slums.... this shit. This shit is beyond us! And this guy.... this guy wants to kill us! Wants to kill all of us! Do you understand that! The fact im still alive... is because ive been fighting... ive been playing it smart.... Look he's went after Tetsu... and your next....And I dont give a damn... how many got damn bucket of bolts you have donnie.... “ I had pointed at Alfred if he ever came back up.” It” I said and took a step forward towards him. “ Hear me out.... im more than sure... that with your Tech... this place is proabbly more than rigged up... your a got damn machine yourself... but this isnt the same ball game Donnie... it's much more than that.” I sighed and shook my head. “...My widdle body huh...” I said eyeing the back of his head. Even on a low amount of Chi... I could erdicate this place if I wanted too... Tch... “ I see... your ego hasnt changed...” I looked down at Anna again.... and then back at Isabel“... Dont baby her...” I said looking over at the child. “...If she cries then she's weak. Let her toughed up... this world has no room for crybabies anyways... stop that crying.” I said crossing my arms. My eyes shot back over to Isabel and I sighed. “ I've got to get home... too many things to do... than to have idle chit chat with all of you. Excuse me for my abrutness... I have busniess.... to attend to.” I took a deep breathe and closed my eyes... as I began to speak to the very parasite that fed on my being. “...Okami...” The once chained demon rose to his feet as he eyed me. “ Hm..?” I sighed and crossed my arms. “ Need to borrow some Chi again keyome...” He said sighing himself. I simply nodded. “ Why dont you learn to use your own Chi for once... stead of relying on me all the time... fine fine..” Okami said to me... and he was kind of right. When I opened my eyes... my chi had risen far its normal capacity level. My eyes florushing a bright red as I lifted my head. My wings exploded from my back extending from there full length. I crouched low to the ground as the wind swirrled around me as the chi around me began to tamper with the airs pressure and then. VWOOOOSSHH!! My body had taken off into the air with a powerful gust of wind about the time Kaori had turned to follow behind Donnie. I took off into the air reaching about 50 feet high and simply drifted in a spiraling motion before my body suddenly jolted with a powerful sonic boom Swiftly traveling back to District 2.... I got someone I need to see...

Pallas: -Donnie was walking towards Alfred when Keyome decided to rant on about how this guy is different than anything they have ever faced before. But it wasn’t bothering him. It was when Keyome began to joke on him being a “Bucket of bolts” and that he can “eradicate this whole place if he wanted too” dug under his skin. No matter how many times they have clashed it just seems like Keyome and Donnie will never be able to mix. You would think that after what happened at the GMAF they would be able to come together as friends. But I guess in the end, opposites just sometimes don’t attract. Business till the end, that’s all this relationship looks to be. After the rant ended about Donnie, Keyome went on to insult the girl for merely crying. That is what boiled his blood. He did not want to make a scene at his own home because if a fight between these two broke out, all hell would break loose. Donnie wouldn’t want to destroy his own house just to teach Keyome some manners. After Keyome flies off, Donnie stops before getting to Alfred. He knows that after what Keyome just said to Anna, those waterworks were going to be coming. He jogs over to Anna and squats down just as he did in the alleyway. He would look into her violet eyes and say-“Don’t mind that Big Meanie. He’s just mad cause he gets no lovin from anyone hahaha. Remember what Isa said, princesses’ don’t cry ok?”-He then pats her on the head and returns to his first goal, speaking to Alfred. He looks at Alfred and says-“This is where I am going to need ya pal. You are my wingman in any war that breaks out. Ride or die, we go out as a team.”-Donnie put his fist out for Alfred to knuckle pound him and Alfred did just that. The two made the world’s strongest team in Donnie’s eyes. Would these two Nano Soldiers be enough to subdue the Thomas Flint that Keyome warned about? Alfred began to speak for a moment but is interrupted by Kaori who came to speak with Donnie. Donnie slowly turned around and saw Kaori and he smiled at her. Alfred responded to what Kaori had said by saying-“Sure thing Ma’am…Donnie, just come find me when you are done. I’ll be in the basement getting a head start on The Others.”-Donnie nods his head and understands the new project that Alfred is talking about. After he watched Alfred’s body disappear into the basement, Donnie thought to himself-‘Looks like I will have to be in The Nano Chamber a lot more now…’- Donnie then looks at Kaori and asks-“What cha need babe?”-

Anna would blush a little more as Isabel came over and tried to cheer her up. The small child just nodded her head a little as the woman spoke to her and tried to calm her tears, it was working somewhat. She would close her eyes as the woman dotted away her tears and she tried to take deep breaths to calm herself down but when she heard Keyome’s words a fresh batch came pouring down her cheeks. She was a cry baby. She was weak. She hated both of them but to hear it from Keyome? It really hurt. Anna barely noticed when Yuh came over until he starts to talk and she glances up at him through her eye lashes, too embarrassed to fully look him in the eyes. Her eyes closed when he touched her head and she nodded her head and wiped her eyes once holding back the rest of the tears. “I need to use the restroom…” Anna murmured and quickly walked back into the house, not with the speed she had used earlier to hug Keyome but with a normal brisk pace for a human. She wasn’t going to let anyone else see her cry, it was childish. She couldn’t believe she had just done that, Keyome was right on so many levels that it made her embarrassed all over again. Walking into the guest room Anna would go into the bathroom and lock herself inside. Splashing cold water on her face and then hot water before sitting down in front of the counter and pulling her knees to her chest. She hadn’t been awake long but now she was measuring the weights of being awake and being asleep. Being asleep was lonely and cold but being awake was extremely difficult. She had almost been murdered or something in an alley, cried like a two year old a whole night, and then some the next day. And used words she shouldn’t have. She wasn’t strong and she couldn’t fly like Keyome… She was going to ask him to teach her things eventually but she guessed asking how to fight like had was out now… Anna sighed and closed her eyes putting her forehead to her knees and taking deep breaths. She wished she could grow up. She wasn’t crying anymore, at least she wasn’t trying too even if a few slipped out here and there. Princesses didn’t cry. That’s what Yuh had said anyway, well she wanted to be a princess but she wanted to be strong too. If only she knew how to do that too. Why was everything so confusing?

IzzyDaPada: I looked between Donnie, Keyome then back down to Anna. *Don’t baby her..If she cries then she’s weak. Let her toughen up…this world has no room for crybabies..* I had to think on this a bit. We all had our perceptions of the world. But I looked down at Anna again and gave her a small smile. “Oh..” Reaching into her kimono pocket she was about to pull out her cell phone as Daiki rushed back to where everyone was with a stern look. “Ma’am, there seems to be a problem.” I looked at him with a frown. “Possibly its someone else’s fault correct?” He offered me a sheepish smile this time, I shook my head as he came closer with a message. Snatching it from his hand I looked it over and frowned. “You think they can’t function..” Daiki shrugged a bit. I looked up from the piece of paper and offered Donnie a small smile. “Please excuse calls back at the for front..but if you wish to visit Kamishichiken. Give me a ring...the doors are always opened. Thank you for your hospitality... Please tell Anna I apologize about what happened…she shouldn’t have to cry at all…” Daiki pulled out a piece of paper he had stuffed in one of his pockets as I took out a pen and scribbled on the piece of paper the number to easily reach me. I held out the piece of paper out, if he took it then I would give him a respectful bow then take my leave. The talk between me and Daiki on the way to the car would be about the situation. Car doors would be heard opening then closing, car engine ignited and drove off. With that, I was on my way back to D-2…. I was also in need to talk to Keyome. But that would have to wait.. “Ma’am?” I looked to Daiki as he had opened the laptop and was looking over accounts and I frowned. “Do I wish to know?” He shook his head. I let out a sigh.. This was going to be a long drive back to D-2, back to Kamishichiken….

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