Fighting pic 2


Pallas: -As Donnie felt the wave come over him, his body almost smashed like the car he had outside. The water created tons of instant pressure on him that if the Nano Suit were made out of a weaker metal, he surely would have been a crushed soda can. The wave lifts Donnie off the ground and causes his body to twist and turn in the water. His body impacts with the floor and takes hits from items that were inside of the club. His mind was almost gone as the pressure dazed him dramatically. It is said that when faced with immense danger, time seems to slow down. That was proven true in Donnie’s eyes as he slowly saw everything that was happening to him. Feeling every little impact his body makes on something within the club. Finally, the waves push his body to impact the Office. This is where everyone had been taken to keep themselves safe from the wave. Donnie’s body was stuck on the office from the sheer force of the wave keeping him there. Then an SUV came through the water and smashed Donnie like a hammer on a nail. This would send an indentation of his body on the medal of the office for everyone inside to see. Donnie’s body then slowly turned off the office wall like a dead doll. His mind was so weak from the pressure of the wave that he didn’t even raise his body to block any incoming objects. It was a good thing that his body and Nano Suit are so durable. Finally after a few minutes of the water filling up the club, the walls of the opposite side of the club began to collapse. This send the water funneling out of the club and as the water gushed out like a leak, do did Donnie’s body. The Metal Man gets sucked out of the club like a log and begins to float around the flooded areas of District 1. Thomas had made an extreme plan but a genius plan nonetheless. Donnie’s body is made of pure metal so after the water finishes pushing him around, he slowly floats down to the ground. His body slowly lies on the streets of District One like a lifeless piece of Metal. His eyes looked up at the sky as he dozed in and out of consciousness. He thinks to himself-‘The water…looks so cool from…this angle…’-He remained alive because of the Suit itself. It has the machinery to survive in any kind of location. Being in water is nothing new to the Nano Suit and Donnie had enough life support systems to leave him down here for as long as he needed to regain his strengths. As Donnie came in and out of consciousness he simply watched the fish swim by and other pieces of District One float above him. Finally, Donnie just dozed off into a slumber while he remained down there, so he can regain his full strengths and return to his normal self.-

DarkKeyome: the storm itself had gone and left but it was still heavily flooded. The city was getting taking care of most of it due to them starting the draining process. In his black trench coat the straw hat on his head hid his features to the world. He drifted through the city on the boat rowing left and right. Two children were on the small row boat with him as he drifted down the city... both cold yet wrapped up in tight blankets. “ Wont be long now... little ones.” He said pulling them into a building a man was reaching out with a woman in his arms shedding tears of joy or what seemed like it. He rowed up to them and handed the children over to the male and the female they took the kids. “ Thank you sir... thank you. How did you know.... how did you know where our children were.” The male smiled under the straw hat. “.... They have... your energy.” He said rowing off and waving to the couple. The others within the building waved along with the couple as they said there goodbyes. He parked himself next to a building sitting down and pulling his straw hat from his head as he sighed. He stared out at the city as the sun was drifting down up into the sky... the moon decending. “ The flower of fire. Has drowned in too much water. Haha... how ironic.” He said looking at the sunset. His dark locks of hair flowed in the wind as he stared out at the horizone. He pulled out a picture of a small girl... and he sighed again. “ little...flower.” he said smiling to himself as he gazed at the photo. “.... ill meet you again... soon enough.” a rock was then sent into the back of his head hitting him dead on. “Hm..” he said turning around to face who the culprit was. A bunch of teenagers on a row boat of there own pulled up shouting and screaming at the male with sharp poles. They had pole sticking up on there row boat with a hand drawn pirates skull. “ Hahaha! Look guys got ourselves a lonely sailor!” The man stood his trench coat flapping in the wind. The young Thugs parked there row boat standing on top of the building to greet the man. About 7 of them total. “ Hey old guy...wanna give us everything you got? All your money too... we want it all... we know you gotta have something. So hand it over.” The male simply placed his straw hat back onto his head with a smile. “...what good would money do you out here...” The leader of the band of teen pirates stepped forward... he wasnt a teen at all. A grown man large in size with a muscular build standing at 6'8 A Bit taller than the man in the straw hat. “...We didnt ask you...” the pirate leader said getting into the males face with a baseball bat. “ All of that.... did we? Bitch... give us everything.... and we want your boat too..” The simply smirked tilting his head up so his demonic red eyes were seen to all. A pair of sharp canies within his mouth. “....make me... if you have the strength. “ The leader didnt hesitate he swung his back in a diagonal swing from the right... and the male was gone. “ What?! Where did he go!?” a wind would blow by and the leader would turn around to see all of his men knocked out. “ Gah!?” He said blinking at the sight. The male smirked and said. “ You shouldnt have... children.. doing your dirty work. “ The male blinked in horror dropping his bat. “ Wh-...who are you!?” The mysterious man responded with a laugh. “ Drankin....Edwards.” And with that his body appeared infront of the man with his right foot extended he sent a kick so powerful... so crushing the pirates leaders body folded around his leg and then shot out 30 feet across the water skipping it like a thrown rock until he hit a floating trash can his body then acted like a pin ball and bounced into a builing. After what seemed like 3-4 hours later... Drankin had drifted back into the District 1 area to kind of... check on what Thomas had done to Keyomes club. As he approached it on his row boat he sighed. “ Such trickery... is not meant for a warriors death.” He said standing up straight. But... something caught his eye. He saw a man iin the water only a few feet away without hesitation he'd leap down into the water and grip the metal man under his right arm. This would show just how powerfulDrankin was. Able to pick up Donnie Yun within his suit and with the water pressure easily as he sawm them both to a nearby building that was slightly above the water level. Laying the males body onto the surface of the building Drankin would roll his shoulders around place his hands over the males body... “...A Metal suit.... he's a tin man...” He said to himself... more than likely ( since Drankin assumed him human.) the Tin mans lungs would be filled with water. He channled chi into his finger tips and simply tapped at the males suit in 5 different spots along his chest quickly and then pressed his hands over Donnie Yun's mouth and tapped at the suit again and again. After the 15th tap he'd close his fist above Donnie's mouth and the water would explode from his lungs ( if he had lungs) like a gyser of water.

Pallas: -His body remained in the same spot just plastered on the street of District One. Then as he was on the ground still unconscious, his body was lifted up by some older looking gentleman. His Nano Suit would release some bubbles into the water which was the Co2 that Donnie had released from his breathing for hours. When the Nano Suit exited the water, it would drip like a towel full of water but still shine against the sunlight. At this time, Donnie was still in his unconscious state to regain his mind. After taking a blow of probably 100 tons of water pressure, a man needs his sleep. When the older gentleman went to put his hand over the mouth portion of the Nano Suit Helmet, Donnie’s suit would react like an impulse. The blue lights begin to shine again as his left hand springs up to catch the gentleman’s hand by the wrist. The speed he moved at was amazing for just a reflex movement. (If allowed) Donnie’s eyes slowly begin to open and see the visual that is now in front of him. His senses and the heads up display of the Nano Suit were returning to his sight. To the gentleman’s eyes it would be the same because the Helmet blocks him from seeing Donnie’s actual face. That is when Donnie slowly releases the man’s hand and retracts the helmet back into the chest plate of the suit. It slowly liquefies as if it was being put back into his skin but instead just lowers itself down to the chest plate and hardens underneath. Donnie leans up to be sitting next to the gentleman and he says to him-“Wow, you must be a pretty tough bad ass to go down there and lift me up hahaha. Thanks brotha.”-Donnie did not know that this man was like a Chi Version of Adam so it was something amazing to see a regular older gentleman do. Donnie weighed almost 600lbs in that thing but it would feel a lot lighter when in the water. As Donnie sits there and looks up into the sky, he asks the man-“So what brought you out here? And hoe exactly did you know where I was? Hahaha. I’m not usually one who is easy to track. Cyborgs don’t usually get caught up haha.”-He then put his hand out like a hand shake motion and said-“The names Donnie Yun. Nice to meet ya haha.”-

DarkKeyome: Drankin stood up seeing that the male had regained consciousness without his help. “” He looked at him, and then the Club Lahana building. * He must have been in there.* He thought to himself as he crossed his arms. “ I Am...Edwards.” He said simply going by his last name. “ ...It is also nice to meet you.” He had a stern sound in his voice. Powerful and strong is the symbol he'd give. “ I have a question. Of my own.” He said walking away by 4 feet before turning around to look at the male again. “...Just exactly... are you wearing.” He said crossing his arms as he eyed the male in his attire. An Iron suit maybe? What could he possibly need for something like that. “ An Armour casing perhaps? Hm... a fine piece of Armour indeed. But a True warrior. Relies on there flesh as there Armour. “ He coughed a bit.

Pallas: -Donnie looks up at Edwards then back down at his hand as it wasn’t shaken. He shrugs and doesn’t think much of it. Donnie stood up and stretched his back out as the sun began to shine down on him. He thought to himself-‘Looks like the storm finally let up some. Crazy ass night…’-He looked at Edwards and raised a brow at his curiosity towards the Nano Suit. It wasn’t rare to find someone who liked the Nano Suit and wanted to know exactly what it was. But as always, Donnie never shares the secrets of the Nano Suit. When the man brought up Iron being the basis of the Nano Suit, Donnie smiled a bit and said-“Sure is haha. Iron.”-He knew to keep the important details about himself and that Nano Suit a secret. But there is something that the city already knew about him that he could share to Edwards without spilling any large secrets. Donnie’s body slowly began to burst out with wires as they slowly moved around his entire body and re-entered his skin. Then the metal of his body slowly turns to a liquid form and returns back into his skin. The process had taken a short three seconds as his Second Skin takes the form of a set of Swim Trunks. He cracks his neck back and forth and looks at the man. He then says to him-“You’re right…A true warrior fights with his flesh. Then I guess it’s a good thing that Suit is apart of my flesh hahaha.”-He smiled at Edwards having not the slightest idea of who this man really is. It was a good thing that Donnie always took precaution for any situation and not to easily give secrets away. He looked down and saw Club Lahana underneath all that water and he thought to himself-‘I hope Keyome was able to get everyone out in time. I have to admit…Isa did look pretty brave taking control like that…Maybe she isn’t a spoiled and rich Geisha after all…(Luv ya Izzy<3 XDD)’-Donnie then looked at Edwards and said-“Hey man, I wanna thank you for bringing me back up here but I got some people I have to go save hahaha.”-He then puts his hand out again in the hopes that Drankin with shake his hand this time. It wasn’t often for Donnie to make any kind of deal twice for anyone. But for going out of his way to bring his metal body back up to the surface, he felt like some kind of kind gesture should be brought out.-

DarkKeyome: Drankins eyes widned in the horrific shock to see that... his armour... went back into his body as if he... he werent human. He simply blinked for a few moments before he knew it the male had turned around to send his hand out in an attempt to shake hands. Drankin tited his head up. “....Intriging...” he said taking the males hand in a firm hand shake. “...People to save. It's what i've been doing all night...” He squatted down and put his hands into the water. “...Hurricane Katrina. In 2005 rocked New Orelands pretty hard. Some conspiracies... say that the government planned it. But tha'td be nonsince....” He stood turning to the male. “... or maybe it wasnt?” He said smiling. “... With the tech in these days. Who's to say that crafting something that could produce such natural disasters did not exisit... Thomas Flint had found a way...” he said the mans name. “... Thomas Flint. Is the Devil... funny like someone like myself would refer to someone as anything monsterous when I am... a monster in my own right.” Drankin turned to ask the man a very important question. “...Donnie Yun... right?” He said crossing his arms. “ Before you go...” He closed his eyes. “ What is... power to you. This is a question that I have been meaning to know. For quite sometime... but I have not found the answer as of yet.”

Pallas: -The man’s handshake was strong and firm. This brought a smile to Donnie’s face as he thought this was a peaceful and positive meeting. Then his smile slowly faded away as Edwards began talking about something that happened a century before this time. It stood out to him like a re warning light. Why would anyone bring up the fact that the government could do something like this? This man was already a stand out because of being able to lift his metal body out of the water as if it were nothing. Not Donnie began to get suspicious. Then the situation completely changed when Edwards brought up Thomas Flint. “Thoman Flint found a way…”-Those words echoed around Donnie’s mind like a bullet to the head. He had already known that Thomas caused this storm because of the recording he has of that whole conversation. He knew there were other people in the room because of some woman's laugh. He wished he could have got a video recording but when under a trance you can only ask for so much from the technology. He had put two and two together about why this Edwards guy was so odd to him. If he knew who Thomas Flint was he could have been any guy who watched the news about the Cydroids. But to also know that Flint is the one to cause the storm or even know that Flint has the ability to cause storms…means that this guy personally knows him. Donnie walked next to Edwards, placing his feet on the edge of the building where Edwards was putting his hands in the water and says-“Power…well it depends on the person. You can be the strongest person in the world but not have power. Power is the ability to use the weapons you have in your disposal to make a difference. You can have strength, speed, durability, you name it…and not make a dent in this world. Flint…he has a lot of power unfortunately. The power to control even the strongest of fighters. Maybe that’s why he has you…”-Donnie then turned to face Edward’s body while making a bold assumption. But it is what Donnie felt was the truth. A man who can go down to the bottom of this new Ocean like place, pick Donnie up, and act as if it was nothing…had to be strong. Donnie backed away from Edwards to get at least five feet away from him and began his Chi Scanner. (If Keyo lets me) The scanner goes off the charts. This man’s Chi breaks the scale that Keyo once held as the highest. Donnie smirked at the realization on who this man really is. Donnie’s anger began to rise as he looked at the man who tried to aid in his death but now save him. He now understands how Keyome felt when he allowed him to live back at the KPD Station. There was nothing worse than knowing that you should be dead but got saved by the person who was trying to kill you. But then he remembered that he no longer fights for his own genuine pleasure of murder and glory. In a way, even if it is just for a short moment, he has a family to look after. He looks at Edwards hard and says-“Power is the ability to bring change into this world. Thomas has the power to change this world…And I…I have the power to stop him!”-Donnie’s hands then shot out wire as it quickly wrapped around his hands. At the same time, wire began to wrap around his legs. This formed the Repulser Gauntlets and Boot portion of the Nano Suit armor. The Vibranium and Carbonadium quickly hardened in the mold and Donnie pointed his left index finger at Edwards. He then said to him-“You may have the strength to rip an entire City apart…but you lack the power to be your own man. You helped me and I thanked you for it. Now I will give you one…I may not have been the purest of souls in this City but I fight for the things I believe in. I bet you are just a henchman who does what he is ordered to do. No matter how bad the order is…Like watching me die…but instead you come help me. So there are two options on the table…At one point in this war it will come down to your squad VS The Big Three…You’re a cool guy I won’t deny that…but we can have it out right here, stand and fight. Because I won’t let you or your boss come and hurt my friends…or…we can have it out down the road…but either way…our time will come…Edwards…”-Donnie then lowered his finger and waited to hear this man’s response. A bold statement coming out of Donnie but after the events that just took place, his anger is ready to be unleashed. So what was going to happen next?-

DarkKeyome: ( Haha back ground battle music FTW He smirked hearing how the man addressed himself to me with my right arm I had pulled my trench coat from my body I turned to the man fully crossing my arms. “... If you wish to fight...” I said turning my head to the male. “.... then a fight. You shall receive. “ Drankin couldnt turn down a good bout no matter what. “ Show me... what you can do. Tin man.” He said taking a full 6 feet back from the male. He channeled his chi into his body and as he stepped out onto the water... he'd be walking on it. “....So your body im assuming... is a weapon?” Drankin said turning to eye the man fully. His massive form...he was the exact same height as Donnie Yun. “... Hm. So am I...” Drakin crossed his arms and he pulled out a picture of a child once again. Gripping the photo tighter as he got deeper into thought about what exactly he was about to do. “....This time. I will fight for myself...” Drankin said as he kissed the photo “.... I cant die... not until... I see my little flower again...” He said placing the photo into his back pocket. .”...Now... SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO!” As he screamed a loud BOOMM! Would quake around his body causing the buildings ina 2.5 miles range to crumble all of the crashing into the water clearing out the area around them. So it'd look like a ocean with buildings around them. “.... i'll show you... power Yun..” He said getting down in his Unorthodox stance as the Chi from his body began to soar from his body in discharges of lightning. ( When Dark Hadou users are harnesssing there Chi into a focused point discharges of lightning will exert from there body. Plus with his Ostokenosis  technique he'd be able to use lighting.)

Pallas: -As the man spoke and took of his Trench coat, Donnie cracked his neck slowly from the left and to the right. Donnie’s eyes focused onto Edwards’s body as they were in a constant scan formation. All the little details about his physical body are being monitored from this point on. “.... then a fight. You shall receive.”-Donnie smirked a bit and said-“So be it…”-But he did pick up on what Edward said about some little flow he needs to see. Donnie caught the kiss he gave the picture and he thought to himself-‘I wonder who the picture is of.’-Donnie watched as Edwards then gave a small sample of what his Chi is capable of doing. Donnie wasn’t really shocked by the power this man holds. The Chi Scouter rating was off the charts for this man so he would only expect something of this magnitude. Donnie then stretches his legs about shoulder width apart. He then puts his fists under his shoulder and says-“A weapon?...No Edward….I’m a One Man fucking Army!”-He then activates the battle portion of his Pada Virus as his Gauntlets light up at the Palm Blasters and a gust of wind is pushed from his body that completely levels everything around them from up to 100 yards. The water around them digs in like if it was The Red Sea and parts away from the building. Donnie’s power then caused a surge of electricity to flow around his body like a cloak. A few seconds after that, the water crashes back into the building they stood on and that causes some of it to rise up above the building and splash all around them. Donnie scanned his body and activated the S.M.A.R.T. like technology that searches for weak points of his body. Nothing can be seen right now but throughout the fight things can be picked up on. Donnie then pointed both palms at Edwards, one hand at his head and the other at his belly. Donnie then fired two energy blasts from the palm blasters that shoot at Edward coming in at a 110mph. These were used as visual and physical diversion tactics. If they hit, they would indeed cause damage to Edward’s body but not change the gameplan of attack. (On a side note to Drankin’s hardened skin. If his bones are what harden, would his skin still be burnt by the blast itself?)As the blasts were fired, Donnie began to move. He leaped from his left foot and charged at Edward. He made sure to keep his body hidden behind the bright light of the two plasma energy blasts. When his body reached where Edward is Donnie thrusts his right fist forward in a Superman Punch technique. If this attack was successful, the power behind the punch could potentially send Edward’s body staggering back. But whether it hit or missed, Donnie continued with the combination. After the Right handed Superman Punch he turns his body around and throws a Spinning Back Fist with his left hand. And while he does that, he also throws his right elbow to hit Edward on the chin. The elbow would strike first in the turn and then the Spinning Back Fist. This was making a normal Muay Thai attack into his own special remedy. Donnie would do this spin with lighting speeds as it conjures up enough energy to strike the buildings Lightning Rod.(Since they are on the ceiling, it would make sense) After the spin, Donnie would end up with his left foot forward and his right foot a few inches behind him. That is when Donnie finishes the combination with a thunderous blow. Donnie activates the thrusters in the right Repulser Boot and thrusts his knee in an attempt to smash his hardened skin into the jaw of Edward’s face. The thrusts would add a ton of pressure to the attack and send his leg up at speeds of 220mph. After these attacks, Edward would feel light headed and dizzy from these strong blows to the head. The Knee to the jaw has enough power in the attack to possibly send Edward’s body flying into the water. The Leaping Knee would send Donnie a few inches into the air as he comes down and lands in his Muay That stance. He then bounces around just waiting for Edward to come after him.-

DarkKeyome: Drankins eyes focused on the male he too cocking his neck to the right. He stayed still his eyes focusing on Donnie Yun's body. “...He has no chi I can read. This may make things difficult..” Drankin said as he watched the male attempt his first attack. Two exerts of power were fired at Drankin at fercious speeds. His eyes focused reaming still the whole time. The Bandages around his hands hid his badily damaged hands from over his years as a fighter. He'd dense the bone structure within his hands Using his Ostokinosis to thicken his bones to the equavilance of a highly enforced metal baseball bat. In a swiping motion he'd knock both blast boy, In a quick right left chop. Applying a high amount of focused chi into his hands he'd easily cut the Energy blast in half. What he wasnt counting on was the superman punch that was sent out into Drankins chest. He ate the punch though only staggering back by 3 feet. Though the punch indeed hurt him to some extent. Quickly He ducked back wards dodging the first elbow spinning strike. The Ducking Manuever allowed him to come back up and as he did Donnie was Coming in with his spinning back fist with his Left hand? ( Seeing you said the right one was with the elbow right bro? ) As the spinning back fist came in he'd throw both of his arms up to block the attack. As the back hand connected into Drankins arms a powerful sonic boom quaked the air and caused a wave of air to explode from around them making the water itself explode outward from there current postilion. Drankin using the short time frame that Donnie had turned his back on him for the spinning back hit and due to him blocking it. It'd leave his back exposed. Exactly 2.5 seconds ( the blink of an eye) that his back was exposed to Drankin he took advantage of it. He thrusted his right hand out with 3 quick punches that were really 30 in all. Each punch would leave a powerful quaking pain through out Donnie Yun's body. He had channled his Chi into these hits each punch would leave a Dent inside of Donnie Yun's body. ( Assuming that he'd still dent in his 'human' form?)   Once the punches were over Drankin would would send a uppercut to the back of Donnie Yun's head with his right hand. But he missed... on purpose. The Force behind the strike alone would feel like a wrecking ball had struck Donnie Yun in the back and knocked him 10 feet into the air. If he was knocked into the air and was drifting down to the water. Within his last 5 seconds of falling Drankin would already be In the spot where he intended to crash into the water with his left hand cocked back and waiting as Donnie would fall from the sky. And once he was in his 6 feet of Drankin he'd launch his fist into the air aiming it right for Donnie Yun's stomach in a Shoyuken type uppercut. The punch itself wouldnt fire Donnie into the air simply leave him resting atop of Drankins fist. But no time was wasted exactly 2.5 seconds after The uppercut was thrown Drankin pulled his arm back and began to send an onslaught of punches and kicks towards donnie Yun's body. 10 punches with his left hand, 12 with his right. 4 knee's with his right knee that is, and then 8 kicks with his right leg. Each one of those blows would leave Denting pressure towads Donnie Yun skin. Each attack having enough power that I’d knock his circuitry all over the place with ease making it hard for him to fully function. ( Once again within 2.5 seconds.)

Pallas: -Feeling confident in his abilities the sonic boom impact only adds to his thrill of the fight. What he wasn’t expecting was an attack like the one that Edward had thrown at his back. The first punch makes contact and the Nano Machines quickly go to work. Even in the short time frame of these attacks, his Pada Virus works to an excellence that they can even get a defense going on these punches. The first punch(Which is 10 punches) make contact with his skin and cause a sharp pain to jolt through his body. Being in his normal form, he takes impacts like a human would but his Enhanced Durability gives his an amazing defense and creates a harder skin for his protection. The impact is one of the hardest his normal skin has had to take in a while. But in a way, Adam’s punch back in the Suit shop has given his skin a preparation for this kind of attack. The Pada virus quickly goes to work and releases the Vibranium hardness onto the skin, going into certain designated spots. His skin around his back quickly turns light grey(Vibranium), focusing on the areas of impact. The second and third punches(All twenty) make impact against the Vibranium Metal Skin which absorb a lot of the impact. But he still feels the effects of the punches to a distinct level because of the first punch making a clean impact. And while his body is still facing away from Edward, he takes the impact of the force uppercut. His body is sent flying into the air. Donnie slowly turns his body to where he is facing Edward. Donnie then saw the uppercut being thrown up in the attempt to hit him. He uses his Cybernetic Eyes to predict the trajectory of the attack and calculates that he is aiming for the stomach. That is when The Pada Virus completely covers his body in Vibranium, looking like Gajeel from Fairy Tail. The impact of the fist crashes into Donnie’s Vibranium Skin as it creates an Echo Sonic Boom around the whole place. Donnie felt that impact but the Vibranium takes a lot of the blow. Donnie deliberately let this happen so he could get a perfect shot off. When the impact of the arm hit his stomach, Donnie quickly latched onto Edward’s arm with his fists. To Edward this would look more like a reflex rather than an actual plan of attack. Then in a quick flash of light, Donnie fires two Energy Blasts from his Palm Blasters at Point Blank Range. This attack would be right on Edward’s arm and shows no warning of it ever coming. Because of the sheer point blank range, even Donnie is affected by this attack. The explosion caused from the impact sends both bodies flying in the opposite directions Donnie flips back in the air with expert precession as he wasn’t done yet. Using his Chi Scanner to keep Edward’s body located on his Eye Screens, he raises his right hand and fires one more Plasma Blast in the aim to hit Edward dead center on the chest. It was that extra OOMF! To hopefully put away this man in expert fashion. Donnie noticed that he was about to hit the water so he quickly activates the boots thrusters and flies across the sky to find a place to stand. He flies to the building they originally started on which is only a few feet away from where they were at the water’s edge. Donnie lands back on the roof of the building and quickly activates his Chi Finder to try and locate the whereabouts where Edward was after the explosions.-

DarkKeyome: After the punch was made and the powerful sonic boom was made. Drankin wasnt prepared for the male to do his next course of action. He had latched onto Drankins Arms and fired off two blast from within the palm of both of his hands. Drankin was defensless mentally and the blast went through. Yet the very moment that it happaned large Discharges of Bone would fire outward from Drankins arms in spike aiming right into the opening of where the energy coming from. Due to heat that was made on Drankins body. And it would seem that when ever Plasma energy was fired towards Drakin his body gave off an elergic reaction causing it to set off His Ostokinonis. The spikes within his arm did not break through Donnies arms fully due to the heat of his blast ( this was just for information purposes.) He proabbly wouldnt even notice the bones forcing themselves within blaster openings for the slight moment that it happened seeming that they caused no intentional threat. Drankins body skidded across the water roughly  to the point that he flipped and tucked  onto the water roughly. Drankin eyes quickly saw the last blast being fired at him as he finally caught himself. “ ...” He eyed it from a distance and with only 3 seconds to react he channled his Chi into his arms and used the same Technique That seemed to be Keyome Tasanagi's Signature move. At more powerful levels, Ones Chi or Hadou has the ability to create a telekinetic impulse via the power put into it, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air-not unlike the blast of an archaic 'pipe bomb'-that would impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even (particularly in the case of fragile materials such as ceramics) shatter it into pieces. The greater the user's Chi ability control, the larger the pressure differential, and thus the stronger the effect and the heavier the target. With practice, a skilled Chi user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketed wave instead of a focused impulse. Truly gifted practitioners could generate a concussive blast that would radiate from them for dozens of meters in all directions, detonating with the Hadou of a conventional explosive. The user is able to form compressed explosions as a striaght punch of pressureized air to be projected out or thrown. When the highly moving pressurizd air comes into contact with a target, the air is released with force, from sudden gusts to hurricane force winds. With training, the user could be able to detonate the bombs at will or have several orbit the user.. this only works if the user is far away from there target by  50 feet or more. The longer the feet the faster and more potent of explsion radius. The Fact Keyome and Drankin had the same Sensei in such things is the reason why he'd be able to do what he was getting ready to do. Forcing his chi from within his arms the very moment the blast came in range with his chest he'd catch it with some form force like sphere around it. “.... What is this...” He said attempting to contain the power within the force field ball. “....” Within the force field ball he began to exert his Dark hadou into the energy seaping it into it completely as the ball ( assuming it was green or something light in color) Was now turning into a red demonic chime of hell red. Lightning began to flourish around the energy ball. (“.... hahaha... This... this is indeed... true..power... Donnie Yun!” Drankin said as his excitement began to get the best of him. The idea that struck him was a stupid one. But... he knew he could do it. The Energy wall was now showing a remenant of his Dark Hadou in human eyes. To those that could see it, it would be everyone. Even Donnie Yun could literally see his Hadou as he pushed it into the becon of energy that Donnie had fired at him. Forcing his bodies bones down into a very flemsey material he'd manipulate them to the point they'd become something similar to a sponge. “...HHHAA!!”  He shouted and then pressed his hands down onto the Sphere of once plasma energy that was now chi. The water around his body exploded the moment his hands pressed together... and the Plasma energy that was still remenant within the ball of energy caused a radiation like effect within his body.( His Skeleton from within his body would glow a dark red. He forced his hands back extended out and the buildings behind him would shatter and explode him when a powerful red wave of energy left his hands and wipped out the buildings behind him. “hhhaaa....” He said standing up straight his head danging his eyes were glowing a hell red as he looked up at Donnie Yun.  “ Is this... how you feel all the time... such.... such awsome...power...” He took in a deep breathe and lifted his right hand and lightning began to chime around his body as he liifted his hand into the air. “.......Show me...... The gates of hell then.” His right hand that he brought up aimed at Donnie Yun would then form a Orb that swirrled into a ball of dark red hadou. He smirked and Fired it towards the male and it came out as a Beam of Pure Demonic Energy due to the Fact that Drankin had so much to spare this would come easy. ( Basiclly it looked like a Kamahamaha) The blast Travled over to Donnie Yun during the time frame of 4.5 seconds. The water around it would split similar to Noah's Ark as it travled over to the male with the tremendous power. Enough power to take out half of the city. If Donnie Tried to absorb this energy his body would malfunction and possibly explode due to the Dark Hadou being such a high factor within the once Plasma blast. “NO ONE... WILL DEFEAT ME! NOT UNTILL I SEE ME DAUGHTER AGAIN....HAHAHAHAHAAAAA C'MON DONNNIIEE YUNNNNN!!!!!!” He shouted as he applied more Hadou into the blast as he fired it towards the man. It double in size now being the size of (gohans blast when he destoryed cell.) If it connected into his body it'd have such a powerful impact on his body that'd possibly knock the male back out into a sleep for 6 hours. The expand rate was of 3 miles out.

Pallas: -Donnie watched Edwards as the small amount of Plasma Energy was being tampered with. The origin of Plasma Energy is that it is a close remnant of Pure Energy, but used in the way Edward’s is using it in can be poisonous to his body. The Plasma itself has more radiation than one of the original nuclear bombs. That is why Donnie is forced to always have it contained within himself. Donnie smirked as he watched Edward’s do the impossible. He thought to himself-‘That’s one crazy son of a bitch.’-When Edward’s asked if this was a kind of power he felt all the time, Donnie was forced to laugh a bit. He said under his breathe knowing that the question was probably rhetorical-“That’s just a small sample.”-Donnie raised a brow as it looked like Edward’s was going to prepare some kind of attack with the condensed energy he just took from Donnie’s original attack. While Donnie was standing there waiting for what was coming, The Nano Machines within his body quickly got to work on repairing his body. His Vibranium Metal skin had taken a beating and without him actually knowing, the bone effect on his Plasma Blasters. The Pada Virus quickly used this time to repair the vital parts of his body. The Pada Virus quickly recognizes the effects on the Palm Blasters to be the most vital portion that needs repairs and they quickly go to work on repairing the system for it. As that happened, Donnie finally realized what was coming his way.-“This guy is a fucking nut job!”-Donnie quickly backflips to stand on the lightning rod as if he were Thor. His body quickly absorbed the buildings electric power. The Lightning Rod quickly began to pulsate with electric static as it went up to Donnie’s body. The power in his body quickly began to grow past what he has done so far in this fight. The building itself was quickly drained of whatever electrical energy it had and completely shut down. Donnie’s smirk began almost devious now as his body felt like a lightning rod itself. Donnie looked at Edwards just waiting for it. He flipped down from the lightning rod and ended up on the edge of the building with his arms spread apart and his legs spread apart. His body was now surging with electrical energy and a bright yellow flame like aura around him. ( It was odd to see but so much electrical energy can produce this aura around his body which was rather amazing to see. As he charged an attack of his own, Donnie’s arms began to Forge a new weapon system. His entire arm began to turn grey and then BOOM! His arms spiked out and the Repulsar Gauntlets turned into Repulsar Arms. ( The arms of Donnie Yun were completely Vibranium with a skeletal inside of Carbonadium. He used the Repulsar arms to add an offensive power and a defensive durability to hold as long as he needed too. That is when Donnie put his hands together and readied his next attack. When his hands came together, a bright yellow ball formed in the center from the Plasma Blasters. And at that moment, the hands would come together and re-forge into a Super Weapon. Both hands became one weapon as 18 Plasma Blasters formed around the wrists. (Bleeding_Edge_Armor_multi-blast.jpg) Donnie has a huge smirk on his face as the blast from Edwards was now headed right for him. (4.5 seconds left.) Donnie braced himself and finally yelled out-“SUPER!...EXTREMIS!.....FIREEEEEEE!”-And at that last word, all 18 of the Plasma Blasters shot out the largest blast of Plasma Energy ever in the history of The Nano Technology. (DragonBallZ_Gogeta_s_x100_BigBang_Kamehameha_Wallpaper_3to0n-1-.jpg) The once yellow ball fired out as a Blue colored energy blast. The sheer size of this attack was nothing compared to the power that was inside of this blast. The Two blasts would make contact in the center space between the two men and create a huge sonic boom. The water in the center would now be complexly separate like the Red Sea as Donnie tried to overpower the blast from Edward’s. The blasts are almost equal in size but it comes down to who can hold the most energy. With a small amount of Plasma Energy working as a poison within Edward’s body, it could come to be his downfall. The more energy he exerts from his body, the quicker the poisons travel through his systems. To his mind, he would not know what exactly could be effecting him because of the fact that he has never felt this kind of over radiation. If the poisons within his body or if Donnie’s Super Extremis Fire is overpowering Edward’s, the blast would completely blow through Edward’s and cause a massive explosion. The Extremis Fire back in Old New York had enough energy to create a small Mushroom cloud. The Super Extremis Fire would create a Mushroom cloud almost doubled in size and cause a tidal wave of water to lift from the blast zone. With the combined blasts hitting Edward’s body, Donnie would believe that he killed this man. But the effects can be different to someone like Edward’s. It was a good thing that District 1 had become a new section of the ocean, because had this happened in the city…lives would have been lost. If the Super Extremis Fire does not yet overpower the attack from Edward’s, both blasts would clash head on.-

-The two blasts meet directly in the middle of both men causing a huge sonic boom. The winds around the entire area begin to spin at a violent speed. It was as if a vortex of cutting air was forming around both men’s bodies. The mixture of red and blue energy swirls together in the middle, causing lightning energy to strike around the center point. Power of this magnitude have never been seen before. Donnie’s Super Extremis Fire just gushed out of his Plasma Blasters, flooding with pure energy. Drankin’s hands looked to be steady and unbreakable. The sheer power of each fighter began to create weather anomalies in the skies above them. The clouds begin to swiftly vortex together as if they were completely re-shaping the eye of the hurricane. Lightning dances across the sky, creating a hellish thunder to echo throughout the entire City. It was like something out of a movie. Both men grunted with all their might, both ready to give it to their last breathes. Drankin’s body slowly began to feel the effects of the poisons running through his veins. The longer he held the Energy Blast, the more venom entered his body. He had been able to convert the Plasma Energy into a new energy to fit alongside his chi, but the overpowering radiation is begins to cut his senses. Donnie’s blast began to slowly make its way closer to Drankin’s body. The bright blue blast of Donnie’s was inching its way over to the target. Drankin’s vision began to blur from the poisons affecting him. He slowly fell to one knee as he put all he had into that energy blast. He was still giving it his all to hold back Donnie’s blast. Then he remembered what his main goal is. He remembered the picture he held in his back pocket and who exactly was on it. Drankin’s eyes began to burn bright gold as the thought of defeat coming his way. His strength began to skyrocket with the willpower to continue breaking his old barriers. His body slowly rose again. His hair began to turn platinum white and spikes shot out of his arms and back. His size had grown by so much. Donnie saw this happening and thought to himself-“Shit! How the fuck is this guy still standing!?”-Donnie kept pushing his blast closer and closer to Drankin but it seemed something was different about him. Drankin looked at the blast coming towards him and yelled out-“I WILL NOT LOSE TO YOUU!”-He then released a large amount of Chi into the energy Blast he created as it caused his blast to grow even larger. The bright red beam began to overpower Donnie’s blast as it almost flies back towards Donnie. Donnie’s eyes widen as the power of Drankin’s Chi begins to slowly push Donnie back on his heels. Donnie’s body slowly dragged on the ceiling of the building as he could not understand what brought this change to Drankin’s body. But Donnie was determined to be the victor in this fight. He was not ready to give up. Donnie shut his eyes and focused The Pada Virus to activate the Metal Exoskeleton of his normal form to activate. The blast was not making its way closer to Donnie as it looked like defeat for The Armored Warrior. But just as all hope was lost, the Vibranium Skin formed around his body. The lightning that was dancing it’s way around the sky was the hope for Donnie’s victory. Donnie thought to himself-“COME ON YOU SON OF A BITCH!”- And it was at that moment that a bolt of lightning struck down onto the body of Donnie. The jolt of lightning surge through his Cybernetic Systems as he roared out in pain.-“AHHHHHHH!”-The lightning travelled through his body and charging up his systems like never before. Within that .0001 of a second, his systems had completely repacked into a power never like before. The blast had come inches to hitting Donnie and that is when the tide finally turned. Just as all the blue looked to disappear from sight, it happened. Donnie’s Palm Blasters released the Super Extremis Fire yet again. Once it fired out of the blasters, the entire City shook in fear. A bright blue orb the size of a football field formed at the edge of his palms, pushing the Dark Red blast with ease. Then the Blue blast fired out like a cannon, stretching miles wide. The energy flew at an amazing speed as white lightning energy travelled on the outside of the blast. Drankin tried with all his might to overpower Donnie but the strength in the Lightning Enhanced fighter overpowered him. The blue energy blast impacted with Drankin’s body and caused a nuclear like explosion. *BOOOM!* The explosion had been so large that it completely pushed the water that was in District One back into the ocean. Tidal waves of magnitudes that broke the scales flooded back into the ocean while the two fighters bodies flew through the air. Donnie’s body felt the impact of the blast which sent him into the 25th floor of a building that stood almost miles away from the blast zone. Drankin’s body was at the center of impact and he felt the full force of his own attack and Donnie’s. It was as if his body had been sent through the inside of a nuclear bomb. The bright white light shined in his eyes showing pure nothingness. So much power was put into these two blasts that the explosion didn’t shoot his body out, but left it right where he stood. The explosion completely blew anything within miles of it back into ash and rubble. After minutes of pure destruction, Drankin’s body fell to the dirt. The blast had put this part of District One into a crater of dirt and rubble. His body had fallen into the center of it all. His body had returned to its normal form after all the chaos. He was only breathing because of his bone abilities. When the impact was made, his bones his reflexed themselves to strengthen his body as strong as it could to with stand this attack. Even with that power, he still became incapacitated from Donnie’s power. Donnie slowly arose from the building floor he crashed into to see the destruction he and Drankin had caused. In the attempt to make sure the job had been finished, he quickly activated his Repulser Boots to fly back to the impact zone. While Drankin laid on the ground, with his remaining strength he pulled the picture from his pocket, it had been slightly scorched from the blast but his daughter’s body and face still visible. He says to himself-“I…will not…die…before I see you…”-That is when Donnie returned to the scene where he saw Drankin laying there, almost lifeless. Drankin’s eyes were almost gone from this world as they looked at Donnie. Drankin then said to him-“You come to finish the job?”-Donnie smirked at Drankin seeing that victory had been obtained. He then kneels down to place his right hand on the man’s back and said-“You helped me once…only fair I repay you for it.”-Donnie’s hand then lit up as he used his Pada Virus abilities to help give Drankin enough vitality to help with his wounds. Since he is the only one who can actually control and re-arrange Plasma Energy without feeling the venoms from it, he sucks the poison from Drankin’s body like a vacuum and helps keep the man alive. Donnie then looked at the picture Drankin had in his hand. His Cybernetic Eyes scanned the picture for any matches of that person. Before the fight had started, Drankin talked about revisiting with his daughter. Sometimes curiosity leads you down roads you wish you didn’t go down. The scanners picked up a match as the face of Isa popped up on his screens. All Donnie could say to himself was-“Oh no…Isa…”-Donnie looked down at Drankin as the procedure had rendered him unconscious. What did this mean? Who was this man, really? Donnie decided that he was going to take this new intel and keep it to himself. He did not have all the answers to go and play Sherlock Holmes and after putting this guy through hell, maybe playing detective may not be the best idea. Donnie stands up and flies off into the sky as he makes his way back to Club Lahana. ...

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