The lovers plan...

Thomas and Venetrix were sitting in his lab. She seemed rather annoyed and frustrated clearly by the look on her face.” Thomas.... please. For the love of god... I don’t wanna listen to this fucking song anymore-” “When you try your best but you don't succeed When you get what you want but not what you need When you feel so tired but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse “ Venetrix face palmed and sighed. Within the Lab... Thomas was monitoring the sewers. Even going out of his way to keep a close eye on the City Drainage system within Kasaihana city. The Storm was going through the eye right now. And it'd be over In about another 3 hours or so. “....Hm... So Venetrix do you understand the plan?” He said to her as Frank Oceans 'we all try' began to play. He stood eating the apple in his right hand as he looked out of the window in his Lab eyeing the massive drainer that was the size of 200 football fields and then some. “ That Drainer... is the ultimate Natural Disaster causer. Did you know that the Yakuza Funded it back when the City was first made. You know that thing has so much power... to generate Kasaiahana city... and Africa together. It's extremely powerful. By holding and keeping the Drainer locked down. The water within the city wont leave and... it'll simply Stack with the upcoming wave of water. Flooding out the city and leaving everyone within Kasaihana city... to Drown. Flooding the city completely.” Thomas began to laugh as he looked out at the Drainer. “...Now.. we simply wait for our play mates.... to make it to the party.” ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  A head of my men I was running slowly as we approached a wide open space within the sewers. It was expanded and stretched out by the size of 2 football fields. I Stopped placing my right hand up in a fist as I made everyone hault behind me. Slowly... my eyes scanning left to right I’d look around for any clues. That's when I heard it... the sound of a marching platoon... running through the sewer lines. “...Hold your positions...” I said out to Alex making them wait more. “ Give me a Grenade.” I said to the female. She nodded and handed me one of the Grenades on her side. I gripped the object and stared out at the tunnel as the men started to show a bit. I took off running full speed to a latter... my speed had... doubled? I thought about a Cheetah as I moved... and my body excelled as I moved. Odd... was the event with the Tribal women.... real then? I saw the platoon of Titan force soldiers come out of the opposite tunnel on the other side. About 350 in all. But my men were hiding and clearly we were out numbered by another 200 men or so from the other side. The leader of the unit turned to his men. “ Alright. We don’t see any Kagemaru soldiers... everyone.. Keep your heads up. And look out for an-” BOOOMMM! The sound quaked the massive explosion rocked the platoon of men as I launched the grenade down on there position. That killed about 15 of them. I leaped from current spot 20 feet from the air pulling the light machine gun from my side and firing down at the men from the air. “ LETS GOOO!” Alex Screamed as all of my men came out from there hiding spots like something you'd see outta Vietnam. Guerrilla warfare is what they call it....

Into the Fray of battle!

IzzyDaPada: I had slipped into my pocket to grab the bullets for the shot gun. The barrel itself could hold 4 rounds, 2 in each barrel. So I loaded it up ahead of time, I followed behind the troop of people, but never to close I’d run into them. Somehow Hajime’s voice came into my head, and it seemed to be the nagging voice, *What are you doing Isabel? You know you’re the weakest link. Turn around. Go back, let these other people do the work. They’ll protect the city.* I had to shake my head a bit. It was the self doubt giving existence, I had to laugh to myself at the self doubt seemed to be so incorrect now, yet I thought to myself..*Like how you would protect me. Right, we need to band together to defeat this threat.* And like that. The doubt was erased, for now. I didn’t look behind me to see if anyone was following me, I probably should, *BOOOOMMMM!* I had to stop when I heard that. I locked the shot gun so the bullets were ready. When I approached it seemed they were already engaging in a fight. So I decided to take a position close to it, but away from it, kneeling down on my left knee. I took aim bringing the gun up under my arm, my left hand holding the barrel, my right hand on the trigger. I took in a breath and steadied myself. *Daiki: Remember Miss, look down the barrel, not everywhere else. Daichi: That’s right Miss. Like that, now look for your target and..* “Fire…” With that, I looked on to one of the enemy soldiers since I knew who not to fire at. I pulled the trigger and *BANG* The back fire of the gun made me shift my weight but I took aim at the enemy soldiers torso/chest area, it was too big of a weapon to aim for the head, but with a shot gun, it was a fatal to the chest…the major organs lied…if one was damaged, it lead to internal bleeding, possibly death. “Precisely..” As the bullets sailed through the air, it met its target in the torso, causing the enemy soldier to be sent back and land on his backside holding at the now bleeding wound blinking. “What the..the hell.” He seemed to be so surprised and caught off guard by the bullets, when he looked around he finally noticed me and blinked. I looked blankly at him as he just laid back on the ground staring at the sewer ceiling. “One down…some odd hundred to go Nakayama..” I took aim again but it seemed to even get a aim on anyone else, it would cause harm, that’s it. I stood up and got closer as I leaned against one of the tunnels corners and took cover there and started to weave out men from there, *BANB, ZING* “AHHH!!!” Reloading after two shots from my position. *You are leaving yourself opened every two shots…not smart* It was always a thought after the second shot was fired. NamikazeSoudai: Nami was humming and walking..Still not quite at the realization point of what was happening.. It was when they were grabbing weapons and she bumped into someone that she realized something was off. "What's going on?" She asked one person. "Sewer gators? Old New York?!" She gasped, grabbing a RPG and falling back from it's lengthy size. Someone told her though that it was troops from some faction or another, she didn't really understand too well, and after she got back up..She replaced her large grenade launching weapon for a assault rifle with a ranged scope on it.. But she didn't go out into the battlefield or where the majority of it was, instead she went down another path, maybe she could find some place to sit and shoot, making sure her friends or her friend's friends were staying alive by using the gone like a sniper rifle. "I must have not been paying attention to everything.." She said to herself, now being abandoned by everyone else except herself and a few mag clips. "I better not die before i get to play that quest in my game.." She found a place to hang out at which only gave her a 45 degree view point of the commotion going on, but it was likely people wouldn't see her as well.. She then picked a target and designated him target practice, to make sure the aim on the weapon was good and her skills were still suitable. First..A shoot went off hitting the man in the shoulder with a large bullet, not quite sniper but no m1911 pistol bullet either, he was down in agonizing pain. Then she tried hitting his other shoulder, but the aim was a little off and hit his neck, well he was dead.. But her aiming practice wasn't done yet, she took aim again and got the other shoulder now of the dead man..Finally she decided to aim for the nose, not the eyes or the mouth, but dead on the nose. From her angle it wouldn't drive down into him but, when she fired and watched his nose dissappear from his head, she was convinced she could do well in her role as support. AlessandraSkar: 'It's dark as fuck in here.' Kaori thought to herself as she ran through the sewer, her arms pumping back and forth on either side of her as she breathed steadily in and out through her nose. 'I hate the dark.' It wasn't that she was afraid of it, but the darkness was opportunity for any foe to make their attack and she wouldn't be able to see them coming. The dark made her feel vulnerable Her eyes darted left and right despite not being able to see much, feeling as though some giant, mutated crocodile thing was going to just pop out of absolutely nowhere, drag her down into the water and no one would ever hear from her again. Thank goodness the liquid filth beneath her feet was so shallow. The pit-pattering sounds of her feet in the sewer water echoed all over the rounded walls of the sewer as her legs hauled ass through the dark tunnel. 'Fantastic. I'm going to smell like dog shit while I'm kicking the crap out of that Flint bastard. Oh, how serious he's going to take me!' She came to a halt when she heard voices, her feet freezing in place so abruptly that it caused her to skid forward a bit. She stared straight ahead at the darkness as if the source of the voice was going to appear, squinting as the voice came to recognition. It was a man's voice. Keyome's to be exact. Which meant that she was getting closer and closer to the squad. She took off again, only having to run a few more paces before she started to see lights dancing around in the darkness, moving about the walls, ceiling and floor of the sewer. Thank goodness those men were armed with flashlights and what not, probably attached to their weapons. Kaori kept running, getting closer and closer toward them until – BOOM! A sudden explosion quite literally rocked the sewer, causing Kaori's footing to slightly falter. She stumbled sideways against the wall and hit her shoulder hard, ignoring the pain that shot through her arm as she spotted a bright light flash up ahead. It was automatically gathered that someone had thrown some kind of explosive, a grenade most likely. “LET'S GOOO!” A female voice shouted after that and all the men were coming up out of the woodwork like assassins moving quickly as if to...attack. But who or what exactly were they attacking? Certainly not a giant sewer croc! Reaching behind her, she grabbed the M-16 from her back and spun it around on its strap to sit in front of her, holding it securely in both hands as she approached the commotion. She lifted her eyes in time to see a series of pipes running along the left wall of the sewer, using the superhuman strength in her legs to launch her straight toward it. Holding the firearm in one hand, she used the other to grab onto the pipe and clung to the rest of the wall with the traction on the bottoms of her boots. She was about eight or nine feet off of the ground now, looking past the running soldiers at another horde that numbered to well over 300 men. Her eyes widened, knowing that there were only 120 on the “good guy” side. 'Oh, this is gonna be fun.' She said in her mind, holding on tightly to the pipe while she leaned sideways and aimed the M-16 forward. Any normal human being wouldn't have been able to aim and fire such a heavy, rapid fire weapon with one hand and STEADILY, at that, but it was obvious to the stunned soldiers beneath her wondering how in the hell she'd gotten nine feet off the ground, that she was not an ordinary human being. She pulled the trigger and opened fire, bullets spraying through the air in rapid succession toward the Titan Force soldiers up ahead. About ten of them were shot down in one straight line, dropping one by one like flies. Kaori closed one eye to get better aim, squinting a bit as the recoil threatened to break her aim and in response to the unexpected brightness of the sparks shooting out of the muzzle. After firing a few more rounds, she pushed forward off of the wall and leaped through the air clean over a few of the soldiers beneath her. As she sailed, she moved her other hand to grip the magazine, firing down into the sea of enemy soldiers from her position off the ground. 'I bet these guys can't even do that.' She thought to herself with a sideways smirk. Until one of the soldiers suddenly sprang into the air like a jack-in-the-box – no – higher than a jack in the box, reaching the same altitude that Kaori was practically flying. “Shit.” She managed to say just before a giant metal arm came crashing into her chest and throat, the powerful and unexpected clothes-line fight move knocking her through the air in a series of backflips that she couldn't control. Seconds later, she hit the ground hard on her back, sewer water splashing all over her. “God-fucking-damnit!” She shouted in response to the awful smell, looking up in time to see the soldier that had clothes-lined her out the sky descending toward her with weapons aimed. Hell, as heavy as he looked, he didn't need to shoot her. All he needed was to land on her with those boots and she'd be knocked out cold for a good while. she was going to let that happen. She tucked and rolled forward a split second before the thing landed, jumping to her feet and spinning around, she swung the M-16 at the back of its head. The combination of the nearly invisible speed and the superhuman strength that was put into the swing sent the soldier's head flying clean off of his shoulders like an awful splurching sound, sending blood shooting out of what remained of his neck. “That was for clothes-lining me in my fucking windpipe, bitch!” She growled at it, shoving her heel into its back and sending it flying forward before turning around and racing toward the rest of the battle.

" Im not weak!"

LightFang: -Ryuzakii stuck close following behind the platoon behind Keyo. His mind was still filled with concerning thoughts as he walked along behind the groups. He was going over thoughts of what he would do if a fight broke out. Most the time with bullies he acted like it was nothing let them come at him full force then just would step aside watching them fall on their face. This was different though, This was life or death. A battle with weaponry sure to bring back casualties. Ryuzakii wondered if when the fight broke out maybe he would just run away realising he made a mistake, or would he take charge and play calm like he normally did. His mind wasn't clear and this wasn't something Ryuzakii was used to. He still had the thoughts of his parents deaths in his mind as well as the possibla death of the only person that actualy helped him in this city. "No... Not possible, hes alive i know it.", Ryuzakii said in his head. He started to kind of calm down when the thoughts drifted back to Keyo's words...WEAK......Ryuzakii's face grew scorm as this angered him again....WEAK..... "Im not...".....WEAK... At that moment the grenades explosion would go off with a loud *BANG* in the adjacent area. "I'M NOT WEAK...." Ryuzakii would rush into the frey with the rest of the soldiers from Keyos platoon. He drew up the two G18 pistols from the holsters and held them ready. It was like a wave hit over Ryuzakii (Ha.. puns <.<) when the fighting started. He didn't exacly know why but off instinct he was in the fight now and not doing to bad at that. He had started off the fight by firing two shots from the glocks toward a Titan-Force soldier that was standing out in front of most the others. One shot completely wiffed by him and hit a guy behind him in the leg, The other was precisly placed hitting the guy in the head, killing him instantly. This was Ryuzakii's first direct kill ever. He took aim at the next guy firing both guns at his chest hoping for a major organ like a heart or lung. Ryuzakii mearly blinked and the man had managed to weave between the two bullets and was now in his face. Ryuzakii flinched just before a fist crashed into his gut. The man was sure to continue to beat on Ryuzakii, but luckily on of the Soldiers from Keyos platoon jumped in throwing his gun into the other mans head and drawing his attention away from Ryuzakii. He took this as a moment and jumped back up to his feet placing the gunn in his right hand at the titan force soldiers chest. Due to his intelect he was certain it was placed with the barrell at the opening of the ribs right in front of the man's heart. Ryuzakii grinned and said," Dodge this." As he fired the bullet into the soldiers body, knowing it peirced his heart as the man fell to the floor and pooling blood out around him. Ryuzakii would then ready himself again trying to make sure he doesn't get caught off gaurd again."Ok.. so their fast, noted." He said making a mental note of that man's speed asuming the others were just the same.- XxDensukexX: Tetsu would continue floating in the air, waitng for anything to happen. He saw Keyome and listened to his expalnaition of what was going on. Tetsu had recorded it on his watch for future reference, and would promptly continue listening until Keyome singaled a stoping point. Tetsu would hault In mid air,and hover lower over to the corner, where his peak human hearing heard marching in the distance. The enemy soilders must be making their moves….”Well now, looks like it begins then doesn’t it….” Tetsu thought, as he pulled his second trench blade from his belt, and bit it between his teeth, keeping the other one in the position he had it in before, his left hand. He held his gun, and his knife at the ready and when Keyome threw the grenade, the hell broke loose indeed. The woman shouted “LETS GOOO!” Tetsu then zoomed ahead, and saw the militia of men. hIs mental prowess looking each one over. The same ones as the ones he had fought in asami’s office. Tetsu’s eyes widened,and then he raised his pistol. He began “Z-Targeting” each enenmy, (legend of Zelda reference) and he would hold the gun accordingly, and begin taping mutilple soilders in on aireal spot, each soilder he shot recived a massive piercing wound in their chest, on on the opposite side of their hearts, a non vital area but the paint would cuase instant knock out. Tetsu would start to circle the crowd of enimies, doing his part by reloading as quickly as he let off rounds, at these soilders. Being in the air was a great advantage, but sadly like a game of call of duty, after a 25 men hit streak, 5 men leaped in the air to catch tetsu and bring him down to the ground. Tetsu expected this however, and pushed air out of his boots, with enough force to lift all 5 men and fly up to the nearest wall, baging all of the men against it and shaking them. Tetsu would rebound off of the wall and leap. As he leaped backwards, the world would seem to slow down . The war so to speak would move in slow motion. Tetsu would kick his leg forward not only to add to his flipping momentum but to force one of his ammo clips out of his sock. In mid fip, tetsu released the old cartridge and let the new one slip inside. Once he had it loaded, he would land on the ground, amongst the horde. Enemys wouls swarm but gunfire from Keyomes militia would handle some of them, and tetsu captilized by caping off a few more of the men with the tranq, until he was cought off guard with a choke hold, and a griping one at that. Once applied one of the soilders would approach tetsu and begin kicking him in the stomach, repeatedly at least throwing five kicks a minute…..very skilled karate. However between kicks tetsu would harden his abs, to reduce impact even though he couldn’t stop the shocking sensation, and once the moment of timing was right, tetsu would raise his own two legs, and catch the enemy soilders leg, with his own to, and then push his right leg forward while pulling his left leg backwards, this motion would snap the enemys leg, out of socket completely disorienting him. As for the choke, tetsu would use his superior strength and not only break the hold, but take the man holding him by his arms and apply a hard twist, to them. This would twist his once dominant attackers arms (note tetsu did this while the attacker was behind them) to go lip, and as two more soilders approached, tetsu would hold on to his assailants arms, and kick off of the two men who had come his way, using the momentum to flip his own body over behind the man who was in his arm lock. The result of tetsu’s landing would not only snap and destroy the joint connecting his arms, but cuase him to twist and flail in the opposite direction of tetsu. Tetsu was then onslgoughted by three men, simultainously and in defense he began channeling chi. One man threw a sright left hook that tetsu deflected by throwing up his right palm. The other man threw a straight right boot, which tetsu countered with his own right boot, pushing him away. The third attacker however, had managed to cut tetsu on the cheek. Tetsu would step back and take his power fist stance, only to approach the man who cut him and throw 16 blows that would ascend from his abdomen to the last 4 hits of the blow all landing on the man’s helmet, cracking it, and with a leaping superman punch would send cutting man flying 10 feet away. The man coming from behind whom tetsu had booted would yell as he was coming….stupid mistake as tetsu with his keen reflexes, would reach for a cryopellt In his belt, and then turn around, and cut a split, falling down completely. Not only did he avoid the man’s punch, but he threw the pellet and the mans steped in calf, due to his type of punch. As the man tried to get free, tetsu would stand up once again, only to deiliver a swift side kick to the male, which cuase him to fall over, but leaving his leg in place, his calf would remain straight….while the rest of his leg bend sideways as did his body, which would make a very loud “CRACK” on impact of hitting the ground. Chi charged, Tetsu would look at the men srounding him, and charge his fist with chi. He would then plunge his fist down into the murkey ground, and unleash his ability known as “Quake” which forces tetsu’s chi into a knetic energy that disrupts solid structues and cracks them, with this tetsu forced his chi to spread around him in a 7 foot diameter circle, that cuased the sourrounding men to pop up 15 feet in the air, and land else where around the area, so falling bodies would be a given by this time. Tetsu,who now had space and breathing room, sitill with knife in mouth, and now with gun and second knife in hand would begin running back into the fray capping people left and right, gaining only seconds between times to reload. He thought about what Donnie said and how him and others lived for battle….and tetsu didn’t deny it. He couldn’t. In some sick sinical way….he was having the time of his life.

Conflicted morals...

NamikazeSoudai: '' They had discovered her hiding spot after a while, and her rain of bullets came down as the troops approached. Damn there had been so many, just pouring into the sewers fresh from the storm outside soaking wet and blazing there weapons as quickly as they could see no ally troops in front of them tearing up the walls with scraps and punctures of there bullets wishing to hit flesh of the enemy. There was a growing color in the sewer that was red, on the walls, in the water, on dead and living flesh, trained or not it was likely that the events of the sewer massacre would linger in the survivor's minds for months to come.. Now she was out of bullets with the sound of the clicking her rifle was making, worse, her shoulder was bleeding from a shot to it, her red blood coating her right arm. She didn't want to seem brave, but truly because of the adderline of the whole thing she hadn't noticed she was shot until shortly after it had happened. "D-Dammit.." She mumbled, backing away from her empty assault rifle and removing a knife from her purse and another lolipop, tossing the stick of the one from her mouth to the ground and resupplying her mouth with sugar. Nami smiled a little bit, her favorite flavor cherry, it seemed fitting somehow. Nami was filthy now, of course walking around in the sewers helped with that outcome, but the sweat from the heat of the gun constantly being used and her own blood as well as the blood of a few soldiers that got close enough to splatter their ruby colors onto her clothes before dieing. She retreated back up agaisnt the wall and decided to play an old trick..Dead. As the sound of the troops approuching got louder she had a few seconds to practice her pretend dead. She got the posture down good, and the bonus of actually being at risk of dieing from her wound/blood lost played to the role good too. But she was probably overdoing it with her tongue hanging out from her mouth like roadkill. "Where'd the shooter go?" One asked of the two other that were in the room. "Hey look a little kid. She must have been in the sewers when this all started..Well the shooter probably ran down here.." They were looking in the direction that the ones who didn't go to fight went..She hadn't realized she was the last line of defense for the escape route, maybe the troops had found another way in other than the original way which made her the last..Either way she knew what she had to do. She jumped onto one of the men's backs with her knife into the back of his neck. He screamed alerting the others of what had happened while she gripped the man's weapon in his hands and opened fired on one of the two that wasn't dead. They decided to do the same, firing and hitting into their comrades perishing body. Nami got hit again in the other shoulder, this time she felt it, the pain screaming throughout her body. Before it became too unbearable, and after the other one was dead, she fell from his body and used her knife to throw it into the third's head who was coming at her with a pistol. "What was that?!... It came from over there!!..." Nami sighed lightly, sitting up a bit from the ground where she had ended up after her knife toss, exhausted, and wipping her eyes only to smear her blood onto her face. She painfully stood, gathering up the dead's grenades and aiming at the entrance way to this section of the sewers..She pulled the pins on all of them and gave it a toss. 'Clank, clank, BOOOMMM!!' Rather than have them follow the escapees, better to take down the room.. She went over to the wall and slumped down agaisnt it, taking out her lolipop, exaimining it, then simply gripping it in her hand, waiting..

IzzyDaPada: I had been pinned in the sewer channel tunnel with the gun shots ringing at where I was. *ZING CRACK ZING CRACK* It made me hunch a bit as I pressed my back into the wall praying that the way didn’t seem to give way completely and my back was exposed. *Simple fear Nakayama simple fear..Your being fired at. You’re not traditionalizing with yourself. Stay calm.” I took in a breath as I turned my head a bit to get a look at how many were firing at me *ZING, CRACK!* I pulled quickly away from the wall. “Okay..not doing that again.” I exchanged guns this time, for the dessert eagel…*BANG, EARTH SHAKING.* “What was that!” It fell quit as they were all caught off guard with the explosion….*I wonder who did that…no time to think!” I pulled out a small magazine for the gun and clipped it in and loaded it my pulling the top of the gun back and hearing the satisfying *CLICK, SNAP!* of the gun. While they were all looking off, I quickly leaned around the wall and started to fire, I didn’t care where I aimed, as long as I fired, messy firing but who cared….Well some cared. If you missed targets and hit the wrong people, you could get into a lot of trouble with the wrong side. *BANG BANG BANG* I pulled the trigger of the gun ten times. And out of those 10 rounds I fired I heard three cries of pain, I didn’t care to look to see who got shot. The cries was all that mattered at this point. *ZING, CRACK!* Letting out a seemingly high pitched womanly squeak, I pulled back into the sewer channel tunnel and pressed myself into the wall. Well that made it assume they didn’t want to stop… I slipped the small back into the holster that was on my thigh. And reached for the shot gun that was resting next to me when I heard a voice next to me that made my heart sink…. “ we have here…a little flower lost her way…Maybe we should guide you and help you.. Back to Thomas…” Ha..ha..ha…oops… I shifted my look back and saw a pair of booted feet… a shinny pair of booted feet. I looked up at the man, *Nice clothing, doesn’t look like you have a day’s worth of fighting….* I had to think to myself with a very, polite smile as I still had my back pressed against the wall, there was a gun pointed at my head… *That’s a pretty gun…though..” I raised myself to my feet with my back pressed against the wall, shot gun in hand… “Did your mother ever teach you not to point guns at woman..?” The man smirked at me, and tilted his head, he reached out and pulled the gun to load it. *That answers any and every question I had.* “My mother taught me to-“ He probably didn’t expect the gun to the crotch, while he was getting the gun ready, and talking to me, I quickly swung the end of the gun out and aimed at his crotch, which was well….well obviously put out there with his posture of *I am man, see me stand.* The man doubled over with a shocked look on his face and blinked. “The fuck…you little…” I offered a smile as I pointed the gun at his head…”Little flowers knows how to fight along and die like the rest of them..” He looked up at me, and with a dark look on my face…apparently he didn’t like that answer as his hand sprang out and grabbed the gun and yanked it from me and threw it away…*Uhm….Plan B….would be nice…..* I offered a sheepish smile. “Heh…” He offered an evil smile. “You know. Your mother should have taught you never to hit a girl..its not the right thing to do..even if that girl pointed a gun at know that right?” Wait, am I talking my way out of this man hitting me? Oh, wait, I am. *Inward, awkward laugh* The, as I am looking at him, the high ranking officer, looked at me. Looking me over. *Please don’t think I’m weak, Please don’t think I’m weak. I do have another gun…please don’t touch me…please don’t touch me…* I had to keep repeating over and over to myself. “Well…seeing as you are a very pretty face in a very seemingly blood bathed place….I have to get you back for hurting me..OF course…” I blinked…*Right..I am not a prostitute….* He started to walk towards me as I only had to take a step and be pressed up against a wall, with a sheepish smile on my face….still. He had one of his hands above my head and one on his hip. “How do you think I could repay you.” I had to think of a way to grab the gun off my thigh…oh the things you do for war…The things you have to do for self preservation…I looked away from him, as a mocked smile appeared on his face. As he leaned forward, *…the fly in the spiders web…* That’s all I needed as I slide my hand onto my thigh and reached for the gun that was in the I grabbed it, luckily…somehow I didn’t lock it, I slipped it from my thigh, and pressed it into is stomach… as he didn’t expect it he tilted his head with a surprised look on his face….Yet, I had a blank look on mine. “Never trust any beautiful innocent face. Because you never know which flower is poisonous to the touch…” And with that, I pulled the trigger on the gun to let off a few rounds into his stomach. He looked at me with a blank look and expression..”Your..his…daughter….” I looked at him and frowned. “What..who’s? Wait a minute..what?” The man fell back into the channel of water that was behind him and well….that didn’t answer my questions at all….I frowned….”Who’s daughter…what?”

The Super cop

XxDensukexX: “CRACK!” Would be the sound made, once tetsu was done bending the enemy soilders arm over his head, cracking it out of place completely by means. Tetsu would pant slowly, as he weaved the next electricly charged left jab thrown at his head, and retaliated by grabing the assailants arm with his right hand and throwing him to a crow of other enemy men. Tetsu was showing no signs of fatigue yet stamina wise, but he was indeed taking some hits of epic proportion, and two soldiers snuck him from behind, stabbing him in the shoulders with combat knives. If it wasn’t for the fact that tetsu had enhanced his muscular structure with chi, the blades would have pierced all the way thorough but instead, they would peirce thorugh, but only a few centimeters thick. Tetsu would wince at the feeling but then quickly enact his foot technique, twisting his ankle, and leaving behind an after image leaving the two men stunned. Only to reappear behind behind the man at the right, and deiliver a jumping spin kick, directly to his temple, k.o’ing him on impact and then rushing the other man that stabbed him in his shoulder. With the knives still protruding from his shoulders, he would begin to punch the male with repeated once inch punches, channeling all of the kentic energy from the movements of his legs into the force of his fist, allowing him to punch as hard as he could. Tetsu would punch this man 20 times in rapid succession and even when two more men tried to come at him with their guns, tetsu’s reflexes were so keen, RIGHT before both of the men pulled the triggers, tetsu had grabbed the guns by their barrels, and pushed one infront of him horizontal, and the other one behind him horizant, cuasing the two men to shoot each other in the thorats, and even after that quick half second motion, tetsu would land in 20 more punches, breaking the man’s defenseive barriers, and cracking every front rib he had avalible, and with a swift motion, tetsu would leap up, leveling his body infront of the males, and drop kick the already battered male, using his kentic Inner Ki Strike, not only sending the impact of the kick to his whole body and not just his chest, but also the men he was crashed into were sadly effected by the kentic transfer of force, cuasing all of the ten men that were slammed into by this battered male opponent to feel the effects of tetsu’s kick as well. After sucsessfully landing the kick, tetsu would look around and see that numbers were dwindling on both sides. Tetsu would look deep into himself, and use the method of “Burst” to tap into that same energy he entered in one day prior to training. The Hadou kussei…..Tetsu would “Burst” in a raging blitz of speed, with winds that could be felt throughout the battle field. With his Z-targeting like relexes, Tetsu would run around the field deilivering punches, and knock out blows to individual men, even attempting to be shot a coulpe of times and only be grazed by a few bullets in this burst mode. After consecutively speed blitzing 20 more men, with cracked skulls and broken limbs now, Tetsu would Raise his fist in the Air, his fist eminiating with an almost white aurotic glow, and he would then slam his fist into the ground, using the Quake technique on a bigger scale. This time his radious being increased to a 12 foot radiouus around him, as the ground beneath them not only sunk inwards but would appear to pop back up as the men were all hit with the concussive kentic force, and sent flipping and flying into the ceiling, even more men would begin to rain down from the ceiling. Tetsu would sigh, and twirl out one of his Adamantium trench blades, and redarw his pistol, and begin hoping off the top of enemy soilders heads, and speed sniping people in the neck with his peak human like precision and skill. His actions were in no way secreitive, but tetsu was not trying to show off. In the heat of battle tetsu was at his most perfect state of mind and comfort zone, as he continued to shoot, and cut achilies heels, for set periods of time. Soilder after Soilder fell to the Supercop…

The Demon...

DarkKeyome: “ HHUUYYAA!!” I weaved a punch coming in from one of the soliders by tucking my body swiftly to the right of the mans intended blow, in a ZIP like motion I moved and then retaliated with a 3 pieces combo, 2 to his chest then ending it with an uppercut sending the mans body into the air by 6 feet. Two men both came from around me, on the left and right side. Both spinning in a 360 motion with Katana like blades, I leaned back matrix style and came back up. The swung again this time aiming for my back. I thrusted my body backwards doing a full back flip so that there blades would each other as they Decapitated themselves. I landed on my feet and pulled the Light Machine gun from my back as I began to fire out as I fell back to the ground. Within the 5 seconds fall I had fired and ripped up like 6 guys. The moment I landed one of the Titan-Force soldiers were coming down with an axe kick to my head. Swiftly out of nowhere Alex Arrived and blocked the soldiers kick with a kick of her own. She'd then proceed in clothes-lineing the man making him cut a full flip as he was airborne i'd leap into the air and catch him in my right hand by the throat. “ HUYAA!” I shouted as I used my Push blast technique and forced him into the ground after pulling his body back fully. The airbourne choke slam would cause a crator to cause beneathe my hands as he died on imapct to the ground. I was in a hand stand postion with my hand on his throat as I saw one of the soliders throw a gernade my way. “ Tch!” I spun my legs in a break dancing motion knocking the gernade around between my legs into finally kicking it back towards the sender killing 15 more guys with the imapct. I landed on my feet and began to sprint firing off at the men with ease, shot here, shot there. When I turned around one of the bigger soliders had some kind of Sledge hammer. As he sent the weapon into my right rib cage it'd knock me back by12 feet with an electrical burst of somesort. The hell was that!? I landed on my right knee and he was right above me coming down with the weapon again. I simply rolled to the right the moment the weapon came into contact into the ground and quickly caught my self onto his right side. I pulled my left arm back and the 5 foot blade from my right arm would appear forcing my right arm to show for the first time in a year. The Dark Adamantium blade showed as I prounced onto the 6'7 soliders back. The electric current from his body sent itself through my body. But due to all my shock training.( See Keyomes training in Ark 3) this was nothing to me. I Pulled my left arm around his head to secure it then drove my right hand blade right through his head. I Pulled my arm up and ripped his head clean off. “ HAHAHAHAAHAHAH! SO WEAK!” The exctacy was over- bearing. “ Hahahaahah!” I ran full speed at a man with my blade out as he sent shot after shot at me. I Took two of the bullets head on. One of em hitting me in the shoulder. “ HAHAHA IS THAT IT?!!?” my eyes began to turn into a red demonic color once I came into close range with the male. BOOOMM! The air exploded the moment I stopped due to me running at the fierce speed. Quickly using the Demonic Chi of Oni I began to move my body in, in-human speeds slicing the enemy solider up. When I pulled my arm back... his body bursted with blood. ( pieces of his body falling to the ground like dice-pieces. I sheated the blade back into my arm as I turned to the men who were charging at me. “...60...” I said as I cocked my neck. The moment I did I saw my men run up to my side. I put my hand out. And shook my head turning my head back over to the charging men. “...Hadou... Bakuhatsu!” My body was engulfed into my red Chi to a practitioner of course all 10 of men were knocked back and with a blinding and inhuman speed. I was gone. And appeared behind all 60 of the men. All of the Enemy solider had stopped in place twitching... And then VWOOOSSHHH! The after images of my body would flitter across the enemy soldiers randomly. Showing me punching, kicking, uppercutting, side kicking, round house kicking, hooking people in the faces, a series of Martial arts blows. Then the after images dispersed. This was due to me moving faster than the human, un trained eye could percive. “....” I stood the blood littering my body. “.... My eyes looked around at the reaminig men around me. Only 15 left all of them equipped with blades. I cocked my head to the right. “ T-Tch!? He's some kind of... of.. fucking demon!” One of the Titan-Force solider said. “... ha... ha.. no... I’m just your everyday...” I turned to the men getting down into a Karate stance. “..Everyday Yakuza.” They all charged at me at once with there blades extended I simply lifted my body into the air with a spiral flip pulling out the two pistols I had hidden within my flak, the desert egales and began to dump out on all 15 of the men as I flipped into the air dodging there blades. When I landed on the ground 6 feet away. I had drfited down onto my right knee, all of the enemy soldiers drifting to the ground like flies as I stood up laughing. “ Hahah... hahaha... is that... IS THAT ALL... THOMAS!?!?” I said shouting out into the air. “ Hahahahaahh! IS THIS ALL YOU HAVE TO OFFER TO ME! GIVE ME A FIGHT! HAHAHAAHAH!”

Hereeessssss Johnnny! I mean... Zetsui!

XxDensukexX: Zetsui would walk out during the ensuing chaos of Keyome’s milita. The war effort had started to dye down very slowly enter the battle field, walking in his long black trench coat fluttering at each pulse of his pulsating chi enery. He’d see them all. Keyome’s forces, and Flints forces battling each other for control of this sector of the sewers. He saw all of the warriors fighting valiantly, even the ones who wernt ment for fighting in the first place. It was apparent they were trying to onslaught the headquarters eh? Tch. Zetsui shook his head, and entered the fray of battle, keeping a simple walk. Their were bullets flying every which way twords everyone including zetsui himself. Zetsu however seemed to be a walking invisible shield as the bullets attempted to hit him, they would fling away after getting within certain ranges of him, with loud pinging noises. Zetsui was actually slashing so fast, it would appear as if his hands never left the handles of his swords, as the last of the battle began to die down. Some of keyome’s lackeys tried to attack Zetsui, but he simply walked through them as their bodys began falling in large chunks and piles of masses. Blood would begin to form a trickling pathway behind zetsui, as he would simply keep walking with his arm resting on his swords at his hip, while soilders around him die of violent slash marks and decapitations.The tid of battle turned it would appear. Keyome and his rag tag team had made it through after all. “HAHAHAHAHA! Well LOOKIE here!” Zetsui points at Keyome directly. “Scooby and the gang made it out alive after all! And with a few soidlers to spare? I’m impressed actually” Zetsui would hawk up a lugi and then spit it to the side. He’d take his left hand, the hand which wasn’t resting on the sword handles, and scrath his chi hair with it gruffly. His backpack was pitch black, though quite spacious. One could wonder what exactly a man like this would need with a bookbag, when he already had three swords. One on his left, and two on his right, all katana’s. “So, I suppose you know that like…you and your gang can’t go any farther right? Bosses orders I’m afraid. Told me to make this as difficult as possible for you guys. Ahhh” Zetsui let out a loud “BUUUUUURP! Woo, that one was gnarly.” He’d then draw two of the swords, using his right hand, and with his left hand he would place the handle of the blade between his teet, so it would be jetting out from his face, towards the right. All the while holding the other two swords down by his sides. The blades wouls seemingly shine vibrantly as if reacting to his energy discharge, and as Zetsui drew his blades, one would see his weired autumn colored eyes, begin to circulate. As if the irises were turning and reading. This was due to Zetsui’s Omnigan which was an mechanical implant inside of his eyes, which gave him every vision mode possible, and allowed him to read body strucutes, x-ray them, and even see chi levels,to which he did see a few. “ooooooh Keyome..They told me you were a member of the Satsui no Hadou family….I wanna see it….I wanna see your oni….So I can consume it….like I did my own!” Zetsui’s very aura started to emit from his body. The aura was so fierce in prescence a seemingliy odd demonic shriek could be heard as it flared. It glowed a jet black, as if darkness had swept the area. Zetsui would corss is arms, the blades in his hand now verticaly aligned in comaparison to the horizontal blade in his mouth. “Come on!!!” Zetsui would rlease both of his arms, swinging them apart from each other, and relasing a sharpened black wave of chi energy, moving at a close to instantaneous speed. The wave is pure energy, and regardless of distance would reach the intended gang with in a 1.2 and a half second time frame, making it almost impossible to dodge. This wave is pure kentic energy so if someone should attempt to block with a simple metal shield or simply a material item, the energy would continue to travel thru, cutting the intended defense along the way, and still slicing everyone it would be intended to.

Pallas: -Donnie had been flying for a few minutes, originally headed back in the direction of Club Lahana. But as he flew in that direction, he noticed that his Plasma Energy systems were depleting, rather rapidly. He looked at the marker in the corner of his head sights and it read-“40% Plasma Energy Hold”-He had lost a good amount of Plasma Energy from his discharges of it from the fighting and the energy shields from earlier in the day. Donnie flies through District One and finds an area that seems to have a good number of buildings still up. Donnie slowly flies to the roof of one building, looking around and counting the number of building. There was seven tower like buildings around him, eight making the one he is on right now. He scanned the buildings to make sure there is even energy to salvage out of the generators and any electrical equipment in the building. The scanners show that the buildings do possess the proper energy sources to fuel the recharge. Donnie finds a rather comfortable spot on the center of the rooftop. He then gets down into a meditation like pose. ( Once he was seated with his legs crossed in the right fashion he would recall the weapons that are out, back into his body. The two Repulser Arms slowly lose their molds and return back inside of his skin and nervous system. The Repulser Boots slowly lose their molds and return back inside of Donnie’s skin and nervous system. Everything about the Pada Virus returns back into its natural form, leaving Donnie natural on the rooftop. He puts his hands together as if he were holding a ball, and then took in a deep breathe. ( His body then began to charge up the energy from the buildings surrounding him. The energy gathered would be unseen to the naked eye, even for Chi users. The only way to witness such an event would be with Inferred scanners, due to the energy showing a sign of heat. The energy slowly begins to gather in between his hands. The energy swirls around in his hand and creates reaction. With enough energy entered, the reaction creates a small yellow ball of energy. Without the help of his Reactor system back at Yun Corp, the amount of energy he brings back into his body depend on the time he takes to charge. Obviously, the longer he stays there in his position the more energy he will absorb. While he sat there, his eyes would be shut and his mind focused on the nothingness. How long will Donnie remain here?-

NamikazeSoudai: She cough, splurting blood down onto her chest which was a combination of spitting and drooling. This made her giggle for some reason, the commotion that was the battlefield elsewhere was shaking the walls and making pieces of stone and what-not drop from the top and chip from the walls. It must have been one hell of a scene up there, and here she was dieing underneath, her story over.. "Nii-sama.." She mumbled randomly, looking out at the three closest bodies to her, and thinking about the ones she mowed down with her assault rifle earlier, probably failing in comparison to how many Keyome had taken down. She recalled the time where they were playing video games and trying hard to beat one another, probably one of the fewest times Keyome ever got to act his age. This decision to take down the wall sealing the enemy off, it was probably one of the few times she acted like a adult. She coughed up more blood, moving her hand up to cover her mouth and realizing.. "Uh-no..Wheres my lolipop?" She mumbled, feeling around for it but not able to find it on the ground around her. She didn't cry from the pain, cry for the grewsome life taking she did earlier, but now tears were forming in her eyes for not being able to find her loli. She moved to stand but her vision blurred, moving was making her wound bleed more.. she slipped unable to stand back up, banging agaisnt the wall a bit. It seemed like the proper time to reminance about the past, her mind kept going to when Kirei promised her she would always be protected by her and then it was comforting to hear those words and she knew she shouldn't be angry at Kirei for her situation now considering it was her situation to stay behind and play cammando but she couldn't help but think if she had been here things would have been differently. "Im just going to close eyes for a little.." She closed her eyes before she finished her sentence. At least in her dreams, she won't lose her lolipop.

DarkKeyome: ( BATTLE MUSSICC)I Smirked feeling the mans Dark Energy flow as he walked in. “ Hahah... Show me.. then..” I got down into my stance feeling my own Dark Hadou Rise chuckling to myself. My eyes turning to a hell red. A Lightning discharge began to emitt from my body... which ultimately shocked me. I eyed it for a brief moment but quickly looked back at the man who made his way down. “ Hahaha... “ I couldnt see his arms fully but I did see them move in blurrs even though im sure the untrained eye wouldn’t see it. He began to mow down my soliders and I simply watched. Once he stood in his spot and began to talk more I saw the black whipping energy that was ripping its way to me. I simply threw my fist out in a rapid succession. “ Hahahahahha!” As I continued to punch the force behind every in-human punch began to gather up kinetic force more and more and then with one more last straight punch I released the Chi and it exploded outward in a wave of it's own. The red Chi and the Black Chi Colliding with one one another that would ultimately stop his process. “ Show me then!” I said as my hair began to stand up on my head as I got down into a sprinters stance and was running full speed at him with a speed I didnt know that I had. Once I came into range of him. I appeared infront of him with my right hand cocked a dark chilling smirk on my face. “ Hahahaha HUMORRR MEE!!!” ( Anyone could see the change in keyomes behavior. This is due to his little thing with the tribal women and him having the full bond with Okami. ) he thrusted his right fist forward now only being 2 feet from the male. His arm was already cocked back he sent out the punch towards his face and then his body would disperse into another after image blur and instead he'd be on his right side aiming with his right hand cocked back towards the mans jaw with such a monstrous force that if the punch connected he'd be knocked back by 6 feet into the wall on the other side. Even the force alone would knock him back if he missed. If the punch was even dodged on the right side. Then the men would then began to go blow for blow. ( If you allowed it.) Every time Zetsui slashed out. Keyomes Arms would counter by making his forearm connect into the blade. The loud CLANG, CLANG, CLANG CLANG would echo as the clashing continued. Sparks flying off with each hit.

" Im dead... Arent I?"

NamikazeSoudai: She was dancing in a field of lolipops of all colors and all sizes, all sexualities too, boy and girl were latched to a lolipop sticking from a lolitree or rolling around in one of the waving fields of loligrass. She was being greeted as some sort of queen or princess, her outfits was made of a hard golden candy shell with a lolicrown uptop her head. She was happy, her people were happy, and the lolipops provided all the pleasure they desired.. But out from the forest came a alluring bright white light, it was sweeping over the fields of candy, blanketing the world quickly in nothing but it's bland white color. It was frightening but oddly..beckoning too. She found herself naked like the day she was born, engulfed in the white light and with nothing happening except now she was floating whereas she had been standing before..Gravity meant nothing here. A part of her wanted to call out, but more of her wanted to stay quiet and just..float in this endless void, to let her mind think of nothing for nothing was important anymore. She couldn't even tell now if she was breathing, or looking, was the light when her eyes were closed white as well or had she just been staring into the void for..forever. How long had it been? Not even a minute or hours upon hours, it didn't matter here..Even if she wanted to know.. Then like the world she left coming back to her in a explosion of memories and knowledge it suddenly clicked in her head. "Im dead..Aren't I?" There was a pause before a reply, like they were so used to being quiet for so long. "You are in the between." A voice, all voices, the voice said, she couldn't explain it how it sounded..Just it was one, and many. "What happens next?" She had to ask, she wasn't afraid to die..If anything she was afraid to live with the pain she knew before. Here that was gone, here she felt no remorse for actions or affection towards people with worry of not recieving affection back. In fact here..Those people she knew were fleeing memories. THEN..She heard screaming, the world rushing back to her, ripping her from the white void, milisecond through her dream world, when she opened her eyes she wanted to scream out but couldn't.. Not with the oxygen tube that was down her throat..She was in a hospital, with no memory before waking up there. Seemed shortly after she fell asleep back in the sewers, a emergency rescue team moved into the area believing at first that they were seeking injured from the storm and finding instead injuries and deaths from a battle. She was working her way back to sleep, hearing bits and parts of someone speaking to another person. "You find out who she is?" "There was only one contact in her cellphone, says it's her brother (nii-sama=Keyome)." She smiled a little, although she had no memory of such a person, it was nice to know she had family, then fell back to sleep.

XxDensukexX: Zetsui would watch as his blast was countered by his own. “Impressive….his oni influence is different from my own. The chi collided and sent a chilling wind through the air, as if two dead men were entering the room and sucking the life right out of it. The male known as Keyome would run towards him at an impressive speed but sadly…Zetsui’s Omnigan would appear to make Keyome move in slow motion. It was not actually Keyome moving slow but Zetsui’s cybernetic eyes processing Keyome’s speed, mass, weight, and height at such an advanced rate, by the time Keyome had approached Zetsui, he would have more than enough time to raise his vibrainium blade, and have Keyome clash with it causing a loud “CLANG”. Zetsui’s eyes were near unescapable as keyome’s seemingly fast movement would be tracked thanks to Zetsui’s extended peripheral vision, and his abilty to trace chi in general. That’s when Zetsui would emit a low growl, and begin throwing slashes at Keyome, while Keyome proceeded to throw punches and blows right back at him. Zetsui would put on the pressure during combat, while being so skilled, in mid combat exchange he would draw his second sword made of Adamantium and press the button on the handle of it and cuase the blade to vibrate, increasing it’s sharpness and giving it the “chainsaw” effect meaning it would vibrate to cut the same spot over and over, until a clean cut was made. “HAHHAHAHA!!!!!! KEEP IT COMING TASANAGI!!!!!” Zetsui would begin, to throw 4 jabs with his right handed Adamantium katana using the vibrating blade, all of which would have the sharpness to peirce whatever armor Keyome would be wearing like butter, and he would go as far as to spin his sword in keyome’s direction with his vibrainium blade, allowing some of keyome’s hits to bounce of the absorbant metal while attempting to slice Keyome accros the face 3 times in rapid fencer like sucession and even whilst doing so still managing to multi task in competing with keyome in an exchange of blows between the two. Zetsui’s chi would begin to flourish wildly as lightning sparks (if they were both emiting them) woulw begin to form around the two fighters in a collage of black and red sparks. The negative energy in the room would be apparent to all who were watching including the group of people with Keyome.

DarkKeyome: Keyome, lashed off to the right dodging but his stomach area was lashed and pierced with the swift jabs. He clenched his teeth and pressed into the blade making sure that it latched into his skin on the 4th and final jab. As the other blade got ready to slash him across the face he'd use his left arm throwing it into the air so it'd blocks the strikes to his face. Zetsui's blade still sitting with the right side of keyomes stomach it'd be inside of his appendix. Keyome pulled to the right allowing the blade to rip from his side with a clean body jerking/ twisting motion. The blood would explode from his body due to the hard rip. He had literally sacrficed himself for the attack making sure to take the full intended blow. As he spun out the blood would spew from his body causing him to burst out in laughter dispite the pain. “ Hahahaahh!” His right leg extended as he spun he'd pull chi into his right leg so that when it connected onto Zetsui's body he'd be knocked by 10 feet leaving him with a good distance now. Keyomes arms rested onto his side holding the blooded wound before he looked up at him with a smirk. “ Is that all... Hahaha...”

" Just GOOOOO!!"

XxDensukexX: Zetsui would be impressed at Keyome’s durability, his stabs making their intended impact. Keyome had also taken Zetsui’s blade right into the area right where his appendix would be. Keyome’s next move would seem suicide as he literally allowed the blade to rip clean through his flesh, as he stepped to the side, and spun around laughing? Heh….”Sick Fuck!...heheheh!” Zetsui would think to himself as Keyome then motioned to extend his right leg would connected into Zetsui’s midsection. The force of this kick would have knocked Zetsui back a good bit, but Zetsui’s peak human body would enable him to brace his feet straight to the ground, allowing him the ultimate leverage over Keyome’s forceful kick, causing him not to move even an inch. Since keyome’s kick didn’t have a time frame, Zetsui would then smirk, and attempt to take his dual swords and slice keyome’s leg that was still extended twords. Should this attack hit, Keyome would have a huge gash on the front of his right leg, prohibiting mobility in that one leg, since this was done in a 2.3 second time frame, Zetsui would then dash, to the left of Keyome at such a quick pace, his leg would still be coming down from the kick by the time Zetsui had taken his backside and aimed his vibrainium blade in his left hand to swing straight for Keyome’s neck. The blade would seep through esily but in the nick of time, of all people a brown haired boy had punched at Zetsui’s blade, seeming to have a trenchblade of sorts. This blade Zetsui is using is vibrainium so the steel used to block his sword had to be strong indeed……the balde would literally stop at Keyome’s cheek, as the brown haired boy pushed against Zetsui’s blade. The brown haired boy spoke “Keyome! Snap out of it, and get the rest of these guys out of here! Get to Thomas I placed a tracer in your hair! No time to insult me just GOOOOO!” “Tch!” Zetsui and the brown haired boy would begin to move away from Keyome trading blows with The brown haired boy consistently.

DarkKeyome: I lifted my head in a slight glimpse of disquist. “ ...Stepping into my fight..” I was getting ready to show him and that freak a thing or two when Alex pulled at my arm. Her eyes boring out at me, tightly her grip pulled out on my arm. She looked up and down at my body before her expression softned. “...Tasanagi... whas happening to you...” My red eyes bore at her as I breathed heavily... this battle had fuled my hunger for fighting. Maybe Tanaban was right... maybe he knew how much of a monster I truly, and really am. I sighed and shook my head seeing that she was indeed right. My head turned over to Ryoji, slowly boaring him and the other man. “ Fine Ryoji. But if you die... then thats your own fault.” I said turning my back on him. I began to count the remander of my men that I had left...about 75. “... As for the last of you... I need you all t-” “ Please! Mr. Tasanagi! we... we cant go any further... we have kids! Families!This is.. this is insane! What are we even fighting for, this isnt what you promised!” The boy pulled his helmet off. Reveling it to be Nat, the man who ran his own Dojo Within District 2 that me and Donnie Yun had sparred in just a few weeks back. Or maybe it was a month ago? (, Click to see Link.). I blinked and my eyes boar out at him. “... What are you saying Nat. I gave you aJob. This is what you wanted. Dont you become weak now.” Nat began to shed tears infront of me, and the rest of the squad. “ Keyome... please! Im no killer! This isnt meant for me! I just want to go home... to my kids! To my family! I just want.... I just want to see my family! And train my kids! I ju-” the loud crack of gun fire was sent throughout the room as a shot was met right in between Nat's eyes. ( His head jerked back and his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he fell to his knees and then fell over on his side. I was standing... with the desert egale up, and the barrol smoking out of the end of it. “.... Then you are weak. And you are an insect..” My eyes boar out on the dead body as it dropped hitting the ground and the pool of blood around it began to form. “...This goes for anyone, and everyone! This world.... has no room for the weak. The weak...are insects. Insects...waiting to be crushed...” Alex looked at me in shock, tears running down her face. “ Ke-...Keyome how could you!” I looked at her with remorse in my eyes, yet my heart stayed cold.”...Alex. I have lived in a world... where everything was taken from me. Family, friends, my life. People trying to kill me at every moment. I am a lot of things because of this... Crazy, Evil, Sadistic, a murderer. But I know. I am not one thing..” I turned picking up a rifle on the ground and turning back at her and the rest of my crew. “ And thats weak..” Slowly I began to turn. “ Lets move..” I said running down the tunnel, my crew of men following behind me in a slow rhythm of stomping combat boots on the stone ground.

IzzyDaPada: So much had been going on the punch to my mental stability right now, making it so my head wasn't fully in the game. *His..daughter...who's...what.." I had a tight grip on the gun when I finally decided to push off the wall and stop staring at the sewer channel water running away. I turned the corner and at that moment, I saw Keyome shoot a man square in the eyes. It caused me to jump then it a shiver was sent up my spine, something in me stirred at this action *Keyome...* , but I held tightly onto the gun as I approached the man now resting on the ground....I knelt in front of him as I arranged him correctly with his hands together on his chest, and his eyes closed. *What am I...doing?* I had to ask myself when I placed my hand on the man's chest. "Rest with whatever god you believe in..." I pushed up from the ground and looked to where Keyome and his men were...*What is going on with you Keyome..* I stepped around the body and headed off in that direction, all the while the man's words fluttering through my head. *His daughter..* The man on the ground that probably had a family and kids somewhere in the city.. If someone asked me before, if I would have felt this way about anything, I would have told them no. My reasoning, I am a Yakuza chairwoman...a Geisha. We don't involve ourselves with other's problems. But I knew since that day in the hotel...I knew I couldn't change what was happening. Happening around me, within myself. But, I had to stay focused. In order not to get one's self killed, they have to keep their minds clear and focused and keep it on the task at hand. I locked a magazine into the dessert eagel...I didn't think about it tell I loaded the smaller gun, that I had lost the shot gun. *Shit...* I did lose the gun, well, one can always improvise their actions. What was Keyome's plan of action when he made it to this lab? I let out a sigh and quickly rushed passed those few reaming soldiers that were left. "Hey how did you get here!"/"What the hell!?" I caught up with Keyome letting out a breath as I looked at him with a serious look on my face. "I said you work alone. But you know, you are the one with the plan to get in. Enlighten me to your plan.." I had to keep calm, not let it show I saw him kill the man, even though it pulled at the strings of someplace inside of me (hearts strings maybe? Not in a romantic way of course) , I noticed the different features on him, his eyes the most stand outish features..*Is this the Dark Hadou he spoke of...when its actually being used...?* I never had a reference to what Light was compared too…so…this was a new experience to me. But, I hoped he would talk to me, not shrug me off. Tell me what he plans to do, because he does have people following behind him, by free will.. Team work was needed, just like back in the GMAF tournament. But who am I to even say team work? I was the one who got kidnapped by the Dictator Tanaban, made into a doll for his amusement. So really….It was just a way for communication to be created if at all. Because to run into a place blind, is probably a great way to plan out your own suicide if someone really did think about it.

Getting hot on the trail...

Pallas: -It had been a few hours now since he had begun his charging. His body had remained perfectly still throughout this whole time, acting as if nothing was happening within the outside world. His eyes remained shut, feeling the winds brush against his cheek. The sun began to reach its end as it slowly made its descent down, creating a beautiful sunset. The sky had become a mixture of yellow and red from the suns descent and the hurricane practically no longer in the area of Kasaihana. A cold wind brushed against his body, it had almost become night. And it was at that moment that Donnie’s eyes slowly arose from their shut position. His systems reached a full recharge now with the hours of sitting there. The glowing orb within his hands had given him more than enough energy to continue on with the day of battles. Little did he know that below his feet was a warzone in the sewers. Donnie stands up from his seated position as the wind blows his Mohawk to the side, ever so gracefully. He overlooks the entire destructed District One. Miles of Crater and mushroom cloud, water still covering the city as if District One was its ocean, and buildings that looked just about ready to crumble to the ground. He looked at the entire place with the thought of maybe being the only one alive, besides the incapacitated Edwards.-“What if I am the only one left in District One? That’d suck…”-Donnie then noticed that he was still in his natural attire. He had loved being naked but it is probably time to get some clothes on. Donnie re-awakens his second skin as a golden skin like suit comes out of his body. It then slowly flows down his body to make the mold of his desired outfit. The golden skin molds a pair of black boots, laced up to the top to keep his feet in place. Then a pair of black fighting pants form, Donnie having that feeling that the fighting is not yet over for the day. And as always, a pair of black arm guards for his fighting. Donnie was preparing to take on the entire world if it was called upon him. Donnie activates the Boot thrusters and Palm Thrusters in his body to slowly begin to rise up into the sky. Donnie looked down into the water to find Club Lahana again. His scanners go crazy to find any sign of life within the club. But the more he searched, the less he found. He switched his scanners to focus on sonar like scanning system that creates an image of anything around technology. As long as the office still had power, Donnie received the image of what the office looks like. He then noticed a hole within the metal of the office. He raises a brow at the finding of it and wonders what happened in that room. But as he surveyed it more, he noticed that the metal was blown inward.-“Looks like something Tasanagi would have planned…”-Donnie then turns his body to face the Club and flies down towards Lahana. Donnie flies down at the water at 220mph. When he gets a few feet away from the water, his Pada Virus comes out again. The golden liquid flows around his chin and nose area to forge a mask. The mask is made to give Donnie oxygen while he is underwater. His body enters the water like a torpedo as the thrusters create a trail of bubbles behind him. When he gets down to the locked door of the office, he stops the thrusters and floats in the water. He places his left hand next to the locking mechanism and quickly hacks into the office. Donnie knows that when he opens the door, that a huge gush of water will be following him. He quickly opens the door to where his body just barely fits through. When he gets inside of the office, the water quickly follows him. With his left hand on the handle of the door, he slowly tries to shut the door. After about ten seconds of battling the gush of water, the door finally shuts. When he turns around, he sees nothing but an empty room where his friends were supposed to be. But he quickly jumps through the hole that was created from an outside force in the hopes to find his friends. He expected the worst…that maybe Thomas had still gotten to them. But if that was the case, then Donnie was going to fight to get them back. He looked at the ground, the footprints were practically destroyed by the water that gushed through the door but he was still able to pick something up with his scanners. He noticed that two paths were laid out; he could only choose one to follow. Donnie looked at the footprints on the floor that led into one direction and it seems that most of the people went this way. So he chose to follow that route. (The battle route) He quickly ran down the route, moving at 120mph almost effortlessly. He comes to an abrupt stop as he looks around to see nothing but dead bodies around him. They all looked like soldiers. Two different uniforms quickly informed him that it was a firefight in here. This was a sad thing to say, but seeing this brought him hope. If a fight broke out here, he knew his friends would at least use this time to escape their kidnappers. But again, little did he know about what was really happening here. He slowly began to walk forward, he just looks at all the chaos that was caused in this fight. Then one body catches his eye. He jogs over to this body, he moved like a blur; even in doing this small task. He squatted down and placed his hand on the man. It was the dojo owner he had met not too long ago. His eyes slowly shut as he asked to himself-“What the hell were you doing here man?...”-That is when he got back to work. He saw the bullet hole between his eyes and he slowly put his right hand over the wound. He then uses his magnetic systems in the palm blasters and pulled the bullet out of the man’s head. Donnie caught the bullet in between his middle finger and index finger. He then said to the man-“Let me go return this to the owner..”-The first thing he noticed about the gunshot wound was that it was close range. The shooter is still alive. Donnie then began to run down the path which inevitably is the path all of his friends are traveling down.-

LightFang: -The fire within Ryuzakii began to die down as the fighting seemed to slow down. He returned to where he was behind most of the platoon. " Not many remaining... but were doing better then them." He said looking down at all the dead Titan force soldiers. His head jerked around to the front of the group as a loud BANG went off. He would catch a glimpse of a man falling to the ground with Keyo standing behind him and the barrel of his gun smoking. "What the hell.." He would say to himself, " Wasn't that one of you own soldiers..." He would notice everyone was now on the move behind Keyo. He would start off behind them and look back catching Tetsu in his sight. He turned back continuing to follow Keyo. Some how he could feel Tetsu wanted to continue that on his own.-

DarkKeyome: I looked over at Isabel. Yet the feral state that I was in. Was making it hard for me to be nice, or sincerce. My voice came out harsh... my skin was darkening as well. I even felt the canines within my mouth sharpen. ( This is the Oni's Embrace perk of Keyomes. “... The Plan. Is to rush in, and kill any... and everything... No Survivor's... Thomas Flint will be expecting this... but as for my next move..” I smirked as my head lowered. “... He wont see this shit coming... 10 miles away... haha... Hahahahahah!” I bursted out laughing. “.. I really wish... you would have not come. To See me like this... to see me in this way...But, this is Strength is it not?” I looked ahead of me in mid jog, it didnt even sound like I was losing breathe. “ The ability to fight all through the pain, and remain strong. Remain standing dispite the odds against you...Haha... Ahh.. Isabel... let me ask you a question..” I turned my head to the female she could see the demonic aspects of my face if she looked hard enough. “... Have you ever seen the Devil before?” I said with a light chuckle. Not to long after that was asked we made our way to what seemed to be a glass door that was hidden by bricks horribly. I cocked my head to the right and looked over my shoulder. “...Alex. Place the C-4 here...” She kept her head down..her eyes focused down onto the ground as she nodded. She placed the explosives on the wall ordering everyone to back up. And we did with my arms crossed I watched her do it. 5 minutes later the explosion went off when were a good enough distance away. We'd rush in. within the lab it was almost bigger than a fucking mall. Rooms of Human exterminations. My right arm would let out a loud CHIIKKK.. “...Chaff readings... there hiding this place with frequencies... tch no wonder it's been hidden so long.” It had a futuristic look to it. Small robotics moving around the room. On the far left of the lab was a Cydroids Manufacturing spot. On the left of that ws a high line of Cydroids all stacked up like clothing on a railing rack that went up to the ceiling. “...Haaa... “ I shook my head. “ Everyone... go in, destory anybody that works here. I dont care who they are..” ( Be creative on how what you find in the rooms. There are over 50 rooms, meaning over 50 labs. Up to you what you find in this place so be creative :D, what someone finds from this point will determine what happens. You could find a damn Gundum in here for all I care haha.))

IzzyDaPada: I shifted my glance as as I heard him talk, and noticed the change more, it caused me to blink a bit but I gained control and listened to his plan...Rush in, kill survivors. Some how, I wasn't surprised that the plan was to kill everyone. Yet Thomas Flint was epxecting what, everything? How does this man expect everything at every turn, what does he do, sit at every video screen that is hooked to every video camera in the city like some cerial killer, or stalker then the killer. I noticed he had lowered his head then burst out was a laugh that sent a chill down my spin a bit. *.. I really wish... you would have not come. To See me like this... to see me in this way...But, this is Strength is it not?* I had to think on this a bit. But then looked at him to finaly answer. "It may be your wish for me not to be here. To see you like this. It is strenght. It is the real you. Yet, I will be at your side regardless if you asked me to or not." Jogging up to keep up with him, he talked about the ability to fight through pain and remain strong. Remain standing against the odds that were stacked against ones self, *Haha..Ahh.. Isabel.. let me ask you a question..* It caught my attention as I looked at him, the way he turned gave him the look of a demon staring at its pray. *..Have you ever seen the Devil before?" Like that, even with him standing infront of me, the way he was, and with that question. I did give him the honest answer. "No I have not." I tilted my head to give off confidence though inside, I felt how some days I thought what I felt towards those of evil sinners on the streets back on the streets of kasaihana, I always thought they were the devils. But now, I saw them as misguided people...looking for their sheperds in life, someone to guild them, help them when they think on one else could. Upon the approach to a glass door, he asked for *Alex* I stepped back a good distance away when he asked for the C-4, that was a powerfull explosive. *KAA-BOOMMMMBBBBBB* Like that the door was open, well, gone in a sense, everyone was rushing in, I let them go first, then I followed in with my gun loaded and ready.. It was outstanding..futuristic looking building....droids...I blinked...*What is this...Star Wars?* Keyome gave orders for everyone to destory anyboy, that works here. I gave Keyome a look. "Becareful Keyome..." I looked at him one more at him, if I heard anything at all, I headed off in a direction, there were so many rooms.. So I took a far off hall and headed down the hall with my gun pulled up to my chest. As I stalked down the hall slowly, it was quiet for my own liking right now..Any door I passed I looked in. It seemed it was labs, work spaces.

DId you Miss me?

Pallas: -As he jogged down the pathway he thought about all that had happened. Was he wasting his time by trying to constantly protect everyone? Was putting his body through all this hell worth the outcome? As these thoughts past through his mind, he was blindsided by an explosion within the distance. He stopped in his tracks and said out loud-“I’m getting real tired of all the fucking suprises…”-He then began running over to where the explosion took place. When he gets close to the blast zone area that is when he sees Keyome with a few of his men walk through the hole. He also takes a slight glance to see that Isa is along with him. That means those two were safe…but where was everyone else at? As he got closer and closer, the bodies soon disappeared inside of the hole. Within the next few seconds, Donnie reaches the blast hole. He kept himself hidden and just listened what was said by him to his soldiers, and to Isa. After she had gone down some other hallway, Donnie decided to make his way through the hole in the wall. Upon entering the lab area, he was not in a shock. Being in a place with high-technology is nothing new to him. What caught his eye most was the Cydroids. Nothing but lifeless machines created to look like and act like humans. Seeing that many of them brought a foul taste to his mouth. And remembering that he continues to hold Anna as if she is a small child makes it all the worse. A man who goes against everything he stands for because of the personality she holds. If he were to ever tell her what she really is, would he keep her around? That is a question he constantly asks himself the more she tags along with him or Kaori. With all these thoughts flowing through his head, he finally raises his right hand as a blue light forms on his palm. Then a bright blue Plasma Beam fires out of his hand and heading towards the direction of the racks of Cydroids. The beam itself woulf pass inches away from Keyome’s head just to joke with the man. The beam impacts the Cydroids and causes the entire rack of them to blow into pieces. The explosion causes a strong wind to spread to the room which causes his Mohawk to move across his face all badass like. He then says to Keyome-“Did ya miss me tasanagi?”-Then he releases a cocky chuckle at the meeting with his Yakuza brethren.-

LightFang: -Ryuzakii would keep behind the group of people once they came to a stop. He could see the explosives being placed and knew what was happening. We had reached the target and once the c4 went off we all charged into the room through the smoke. He took three steps into the room and drew back looking around. "Wow, this place is huge..." He looked around at the wall and floors. It had a cold feel to it. He now saw a familiar face run in aswell. "Donnie Yun... I knew he couldnt die so easily.." He smirked then turned back to the task at hand.A surge was building within Ryuzakii again as the order was gave. "Go in destroy everyone." Ryuzakii took off running down the hallways he was followed by a couple soldiers ( only 2). He reached back and grabbed the Submachine gun he had taken from the box or armoments. He flipped up the red dot sight and lit up the lasor. When he reached a door way at the end of this corridor he kicked the door open. He looked into the room as about 20 or 30 men and women wearing lab coats were pulled away from there work. They were now looking in terror at the boy armed with all these weapons and the two soldiers that barged in. They seemed to have been working on producing a car that could fly through the air. Ryuzakii liked the idea but saddly they all needed to die now ending this project. He pulled up the machine gun and aimed it at the man who stood closest to him. He poured a couple shots into him then spoke out. " Ok now, the rest of you got three options. First one, take your own life. Second one form a line and wait to be killed. And lastly, you can try your luck with the two men gaurding the door." After he said that the two men opened fire on anyone that aproached the door. Some of the people picked up drills and rotor saws, drilling threw their temples and cutting their own heads off. The others tried to put up a struggle toward the end and Ryuzakii along with the other two soldiers slaughtered them all within the room. The blood from the bodies started pooling into the floor and some on the tables and walls. It covered a bit of the plans and diagrams. Ryuzakii thought,"some of this could be salvagable and used as a Yun Corp production.." He grabbed a document of a brief synopsis on the current make of the structure for these cars and stuffed it into his pocket and walking back out the door. The two soldiers followed him out into the hallway. "Ok now which way."-

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